Hi everyone I’m Haper! I am half golden retriever and half German shepherd. I will be turning 1 very soon. I love my humans so much! I am a playful goofy girl!
Walter is a straight haired loveable cockapoo! Walter is our first puppy and we absolute love him to bits. He is so loyal friendly funny and very loveable. He loves Puppuccinos and gets the cream all over his face. He also has his own insta page @walterwareham 🐾
Born a few days ago do we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet
She's a Bossy little thing that loves to chew,fetch and cuddle.
Hayden is 4years old shes so smart and loves to swim. She loves going on rides in the car and for walks. She is on of the smartest dogs I have ever owned or met. She knows how to sit, jump, shake, lay down, knows how to climb ladders. Shes so funny climbing ladders to get in the poor and even tried to climb up when I was on my roof. Her personality shines!
Gus Gus
Gus Gus is nothing but a gentle, loving baby. He loves his treats and naps….and when he wakes up he lets you know with his unique meow that he’s there and ready for some lovins!
Bonkers loves to sleep under the covers but mostly loves playing in the water dish spilling it all over my kitchen floor he drinks from the bathroom sink while he sits in it he also has a good temperament towards my blind daughter He also loves chewing on my hair
He adores taking pictures and helps comforts his siblings during thunderstorms. He loves cuddles, treats, and playing with his little brother, Cheeto.
14 week old cheeky chops likes to chase her sisters round the garden, Dottie is all ready to celebrate the Queens jubliee in style.❤️
Hi Everyone, my name is bear and im about 7 weeks and 7lbs. I love to cuddle, play with my toys and of course my treats. Im learning new things each day. Im still a bit shy and clumsy but I sure do love people and other pets. I love to be outside and wherever mommy goes. Please vote for me . . Thanks 💙🐾
I love opening drawers to find my treats, pushing the flush in the toilet to see the water run and chasing sticky notes, literally the best game!
Shes the sweetest baby girl..who loves to lay on your lap and snuggle
Shes a sweet girl who loves to give kisses and play ball
Shes a sweet baby! Loves outside and loves wearing clothes
Scarlett Rose is the sweetest, lovable rescue pup! She makes our day so much brighter each morning we wake up to her. Giving her a furever home has made our home complete. 💕🐾
I love cuddle, car ride, kids, and make people happy when they sad,
Favourite word is Cheese 🧀
Luna loves to dress up with her sister! Luna is a sweet girl.! We are very Lucky!!
I love to run, play tug of war and fetch
Mr. Nelson loves to hold things in his mouth. I thought this was hilarious!! Mr. Nelso taught his brother ans sister to play with plastic. They love milk jugs! Please vote for mr. Nelson. He is sooo cool!🥰🤣😉
Hi, my name is Miller! I love chicken flavored training treats, my mom feeds me lots of those. I also love playing in the mud with my big brother… he digs so much faster than me…. I love chasing leaves but I can never catch those dirty buggers.. I also enjoy long walks and even longer naps. Vote for me so my mom can get me a puppy camera so I can get all the treats while she’s at work
He loves his fishy toy and putting hair ties and little mice in his water// sink. He is actually my emotional service animal, he is great. He absolutely loves his vest, everytime I put it on him he's ready at the door to go out. He is basically attached to me at the hip, he sleeps under the blanket next to me or between my legs. He loves car rides and adventuring. Everytime I put his harness on him he goes and stands at the door. 💕 He loves being held, he's my Angel ☺️
Bruno is a half breed husky heeler mix he is full of life and energy and loves to give love and play.
Tripp is amazing.. he loves to play with his toys and zoomies all through our yard. He’s truly a blessing to me and my kids
Apollo is an all white, blue eyed, attention loving Siberian Husky!💙
Finchy Boy
Purrs loud, and loves to be loved on, such a sweet lover boy!
Loves love, toys and butt scratches.
Sweet, spunky and so loving!
She is amazing has no fear she will tackle anything she is 9 months old a kitten of 5 from her mum which i bottle fed the whole 5 for 5wks due to mum becoming ill she was the runt of the litter but so glad i kept her she is my world, her mum and my 2 she is very special so small but the heart of a lion she is a tuxedo but never had a cat that doesnt bite or scratch you but she has never done any such a good loving nature and who.says bottle feeding shouldnt be done her siblings have all turned out the same and commend me for what i have done they are an amazing bunch would do it all again if i had to 24/7 for 5wks was hard work but paid off defo
Hi, I’m banjo. I was rescued from a place in North Dakota. I love all toys and would rather play with them than people. My mom is my favorite person and I’m always by her side.
Myrtle loves to cuddle with her hoomans and run outside!
Lylo Alexander Carson Wisenhower
Lylo is the most handsomest good boy in the world. He loves giving hugs and carrying on intense conversations. He truly is the best "meatloaf" EVER ❤️
Hello my name is Oliver, I am 9 years old but that doesnt stop my puppy energy. I love chasing squirrels and barking at the mailman. In my free time you will find my sunbathing on the back of moms couch or snuggled up next to mom while she reads. My favorite treat is penut butter on anything. Please vote for me!
Loves begging for his Nom Noms!
Means friend in Native American. He is treat motivated and loves cuddles ❤️
My name is Marlin. I love all the belly rubs and sleeping with my owners. I’m only 2&1/2 years old and had a rough start but found my perfect family. I love getting the zoomies and playing with my toys. But my favorite thing is laying in between my hoomans and getting the belly rubs. My parents think I’m a big ham.
Zippy zappy Zoey! Most adorable lovable smart pup!! I'm one a kind kind a lil gal!🐾❤️After losing 2 of my greatest Furbabies last year within 3 months of each other.. this lil girl saved me.. she was only 2 days old when i picked her out, or should i say she picked me out! ... Zoey brings such life to me once again...🐾🥰
Bear is a purebred German Rottweiler. He loves to play with his sister of another breed and cuddling with mom. He loves to make new friends.
Echo is a 2 year old Border Collie/English Bulldog(that's what I was told but she looks like she has St Bernard in her so I don't know for sure). I got her around 5 weeks old, skinny and TERRIFIED! She was being giving away in the walmart parking lot for free, no way was I letting her become a bait dog(sadly getting popular in my area). I was planning on getting her healthy then finding her the right home but quickly realized she was home! She is so awesome with my 5 year old and 10 month old! She absolutely loves to with the play ball, frisbee, whatever toy she can get ahold of! She's so super smart and just the best!
A large goofball who loves nothing more than spending time with her people
Eevee is almost 1 I've had her since she was born she's half tortishell x tuxedo , amazing nature, named after the Pokémon , loves to chase after toys and mouse's and being high up the cat trees
Kira is a silver pure breed Bengal she is only 8 weeks old , she's very loving and loves to just sit and fit anywhere 🤣
An old man living his best life. Has the best nap spots around and still has enough kick left for leisurely walks and the occasional zoom trough the yard. Would give just about anything for chicken
She is from my local animal shelter
I love to chew.
Eat, sleep, Eat and sleep again
Aristotle behave like a dog and enjoys Marmite