Bellatrix or Bella for short loves tarot, playing fetch and her furry dog friend lucky.
3 months, she found her forever home
My name is Rudeus, or Rudy for short. I love chicken and rabbit and I love to pounce on my mama and daddy when they walk by my. When mama gets dressed for work, I’m always hopping on her coat tails to bring me with her!
I’m a tuxedo kitty with a lot of Sass😜 I Love spending my days sleeping in boxes and bags😻, I hide under the rug when I’m getting told off for being a lil naughty 🥺I love my mummy&daddy lots, mummy gives me lots of cuddles and kisses and my daddy lives in Sweden but he gives me kisses through the phone🥺. I love to swing from curtains, I surprised everyone when I came home I was a girl and one day I woke up and was suddenly a boy🥺 I was love just as much. I just love attention so give me your votes for all the nose kisses in the world🐾🐈‍⬛💕
Doodle And Bill Bill
Hi it’s doodle here these squirrels are mewing me crazy!! 🐈‍⬛But my treats are coming I has too goo 💜😊🐾
He has the biggest personality, and is fighting to beat FIP. We are almost considered cured and we couldn’t be more excited! He loves to go outside so much he’ll try to follow us out!
Cash is an amazing dog he came into my life an saved me from not feeling loved. If I’m sad he makes me happy he loves playing in the creek an he loves giving big hugs. He likes playing with his friends an family an he loves too eat veggies so if your down an sad just give Cash a call he will take all your worries away.
Halle is a very loving girl, she is however camera shy and will close her eyes when its picture time. Thats just part of her goofiness
Toast loves playing with his favourite bottle cap and cries when it is taken away!
Butter is the silliest dog there is! He loves to run and play with other dogs and humans alike. Some of his favorite activities is learning new tricks, fetch, and snuggling with his family.
Oliver was a twin. His brother didnt make it. This boy is the most loveable caring compassionate and kind kitty. He puts his paw up to tell you to pick him up. He wants to be carried like a baby.
Koda is a catahoula leopard dog. He is very energetic and loves everyone he meets!
He's an absolute loveable idiot! He has to be touching me at all times, even if it's just a paw. He is scared of pretty much anything except me and likes to be groomed by his sister but refuses to groom her back because he is selfish. He also likes to fall asleep with his face in an empty mug. Everyone falls in love him for his stupidity and gorgeous looks.
Eevee is an adorable, energetic kitten who loves cuddles and playing. Her favorite toys are empty tissue boxes and her crustacean. She is the therapy kitten we didn’t know we needed. ❤️
Sir Charles Wigglebutt
He's one very curious fella and has the greatest personality. He loves all people, all animals and is very much like a child. He knows just how to turn on the charm when he wants something. He loves playing catch with his ball at the beach and playing in the water. He loves car rides (anywhere). He's just a big, needy lover and always wants to be close. He loves the camera. When the phone comes out, he starts turning up the cuteness level even more. Here he's just posing to appease me since I woke him up to take this photo. He's something special. Everywhere we go, people always ask to pet him and he just spreads the love to everyone in need. His purpose in life is to simply spread love to others, make them smile and melt in his cuteness. It's a job that comes so effortlessly and he's happy when other people show happiness. Pictures alone show his personality and love of the camera.
Milo is the best dog friend you could ever ask for, he’s funny, loving and a very cuddly dog! He loves running around and being mischievous but he’s almost the most gentle and loving springers anyone could ask for! He loves playing with all his dog toys and doing tricks to earn treats! he’s very smart and knows exactly what he’s doing
Nova love to be outside searching through as much as she possibly can.
Sky is fighting with giardia past 5 months. Sky tried to make everyone around happy even when he isn’t feeling well
Benji is a gentle giant, he can literally play all day just give him a toy and he’s good to go lol
Hunter is three and half months old..the most gorgeous little fella so loving and gentle and a bouncy chap.heloves soft cuddlytoys and naps .
Roxii is the sweetest pup, she LOVES pets & hot dogs. Once you start ti pet her there’s no stopping lol She will cling to you all day, the perfect lap dog.
Emjay is an 11 year old tripawed. Don’t let her three legs fool you. She will sneak up and take your food before you even realize what is happening. She will also find any way possible to cuddle up next to you. And if your stop petting her or giving her attention she will lick you to death.
Mylo Costello
Yo, I'm Mylo and i am 1 years old. I like chasing Mice and recently moved on to sheep. That was a short lived hobbie as i found it difficult to bring my gift in through the catflap. Im popular and recently took over as top Gaffa in the neighbourhood as the old one was all mouth, contantly chatting bubbles and his ego was writing cheques his body couldnt cash. Im currently single and playing the field. I have been on Tinder for 6 months without a sniff so i thought i'd try my luck here. Im 1ft with a mscular physic, im mixed race with blue eyes. Not looking for long-term relationships, Just Fun and, i don"t mind if you"re already comitted..i can keep it under my furr .
Milo is a 9 week old Alaskan malamute x husky x collie. Milo loves to do training with his owners, and he also loves his toys especially anything he can play tugawar with and his toys with noises.. let’s not forget our shoes.. especially sliders
puff is four weeks old. she was abandoned and all her siblings and mom didn’t make it. she had to be bottle fed for a while. but little puff is starting to wobble around and play with my other cats and started eating regular food.
I pressed dog instead if cat
her name is dallas she’s four months old she loves to sleep and cuddle and she loves to play and eat she’s the sweetest thing ever.
Lucca is a rescue. I found her on the side of the road, her mother had been hit by a car. And when I brought her home the first thing she did was start boxing with her now big bro and best bud Rebel. The 2 of them remind me of milo and otis. Shes is the sweetest baby in the world. And loves loves loves Cat TV on YouTube. She will watch it until she falls asleep.
Rebel lives up to his name. Hes rambunctious and Hilarious. His favorite thing to do is hog the bed and play with his little sis Lucca the 3 month kitten i found. His favorite toy is any stick he can find in our backyard. And my favorite thing he does is when he gets excited and that tail gets to wagging his whole entire body wags with it. I love my baby
Slater is an adorable little kitty full of energy. he loves to play with his older brother and get all the cuddles and good treats.
Pippa is a cheeky little madam who loves going on walks with her daddy and playing fetch, she is very friendly and does not like to be left on her own ❤️
She is a mischievous jackapoo, very inquisitive and cheeky.
Arlo is my little fur baby. He is so mellow and happy always. He is a little monster though being a pump he is into all sorts. His fav thing is my scrunchy for my hair and he loves ice cubes.
Snoopy loves anything that is a baby. He is such a cuddle bug and loves to squeak his toys.
Lara is a rescue dog from Belarus, she’s a mixed breed of 15 different breeds
Lola’s biggest passions in life are snacks and string, she spends her day watching birds from our living room and bringing string down to the kitchen for us to play with when we get home. She’s a big fan of tuna but hates prawns! Lola also loves a box so we made her a big fort which she jumps in and out of when we play or she can hide in and leap out to bite our ankles when she’s feeling mischievous!
Meer was rescued when she was 4 weeks old. Looked after her and even my Birman Poppy helped to keep her warm when she lays next to her. Now she nearly 2 years old. She has been absolutely beautiful girl and her orange eyes brows stand out more now. Lol Please vote for her.
Bukayo is Half Ragdoll and Half Maincoon. He is only 6months old and full of personalities. He’s a very affectionate kitten and loves his cuddles.
Simba is a crazy little kitten, he is scared of the Hoover and broom and enjoys sleeping at the top of the curtain pole
Sheba is ...... Always busy sniffing out adventure!
Moji is the "attention grabber love on me" kind of cat. Pet him once and he will love you forever.
Bella was a kind sweetheart that is no longer with us but is always in our hearts. She was a "love on you til your heart melts" kind of cat.
Cupcake is 1 of 3 I have. He is the oldest out of all of them. He is a cuddling lover kind of cat.
Blanche is a pomeranian who loves to bark. I call her Little Miss Barker. She is funny and affectionate and is jealous of my chihuahua Stella when she sits on my lap. She loves to eat beef treats and carrots. She will sit on my lap and stare at me hoping for a treat. I named her Blance and my chihuahua Stella after Blanche and Stella from the movie Streetcar Named Desire.
Milo is 5 months old and loves his horsy friends down at my stables
Nugget Sister
Hi this is Nugget Sister, one of the best doggo in the US