Dog cat Stories - 53


Freckles was the best dog I ever own. She loved everyone. All she ever wanted in life was the be loved fed and to have her butt scratched! She went to rainbow Bridge on 08/27/2021. I loved her to pieces and I want everyone to see how beautiful she is!
Mila is a bubbly over friendly female french bulldog that is loved by everyone from family members to strangers.
Brutus loves bully sticks he is really cute and really nice and he knows how to sit and paw and he is really smart
I am full of energy and have lot's of love to give💕
Luna is an indoor/outdoor cat, and although very smol she is fully-grown. But don't let her size fool you, she's highly intelligent with strong instincts, making for a cat with a very powerful aura.
Button loves having lots of attention and hugs. Button can also become a bit feisty if someone try’s to touch her food or toys. But she also has a very big heart, as she can tell when I’m is feeling upset, and will try and give me hugs to make me feel better. Button also loves sleeping next to me or one of the other cats, as well as having her night time hugs and fusses, before she gets comfy to go off to sleep. 🐱❤️❤️
Millie is 11 years old, her favourite things to do are play, have treats, lay in the sun, have cuddles, watch the birds and to be brushed. Millie is a really happy and loving cat that always puts a smile on my face no matter how i'm feeling.
Miley is 9 years old and is a very vocal cat who loves her food, sleep and treats. She loves to wake me up early every morning by jumping on my bed, climbing on me and meowing in my face till i get up and feed her, she really likes to talk to you.
Miss sadie is a community stray that loves just certain people. She jas actually took up with my family and has blessed us with having her babies at our house. We put a dog door in just for her. Sadie is about 5 years old and is known for being the dollar general dog. Everyone that is regular customers knows that her favorite thing to buy her is slim jims. Her barbies are a week old now and already spunky like she is.
Cleo is a fun loving teacup yorkie whom loves to play, love and cuddle with everyone
Katucha is a sweet girl. She's 18 months old. She gets along with her cat siblings. She doesn't really like being picked up but does love to be petted and and twirls her body all over to get more love. She is certainly a love bug!
Junior, was my best friend he went everywhere with me. He liked to help me when I was driving the tractor on the ranch
Dexter is a teacup Yorkie from Brazil whom loves to cuddle and be with friends
Dempsey is new in our home and he has big brother Jasper with who he plays and bite's in the big fluffy neck, plays non stop little happy soul. 🤩😍
Shadow adopted us about 4 years ago while living in Italy. He is full of energy and loves bread.
Charlie and his brother adopted us. He was fierce at first but has turned into a loving lap cat and loves his cuddle time every morning.
Bat Dog Slick
Loves Chew toys, car rides, and long walks at the parks.
Vote for me if you think I’m a cutie! WE ❤️EXCHANGING VOTES so don’t be shy!
Zeus loves to ride in the semi with his daddy and eat slim jims as a snack!
Hes a character just like a human, he loves to play with his toys and enjoys sleeping with us humans.
My name is ETA. I am a spunky and full of life 3 month old Rottweiler/German Shepard Mix. I know I will be a big dog one day, so I act like I am now. I really enjoy playing with my mom and dancing with her - Loco is my favorite song. I really like it when my mom gives me🥕 , 🍎 , when we are training (it’s tiring after we break and play). I also love dinner time (who doesn’t like dinner time ☺️), my mom sneaks a special treat in for me…every time I pass the sit and wait test. (She doesn’t know this, but I do it better at night, because the nighttime treats are the tastiest.) I am currently getting used to my brother, and when I am not playing with him, I enjoy playing with froggy and my teething bones - these teeth are really annoying sometimes. *Before I forget, I am really starting to get the hang of grass on my paws. I didn’t like it at first. But now, it’s not to bad.
Kilo is 4yrs old and is a fun loving curious dog that has to be the center of attention always. He’s a big baby that is scared of his own shadow. He enjoys car rides to see what’s going on in the outside world.
Miss Shay is queen diva of the house.we call her our alarm system of the house since she is very vocal. She enjoys playing with her other furry family at our house . She loves to go on car trips but is a bit shy to the outside world
Gigi is an older cat that’s been around the block a time or two. She loves to rest in her car house near the window and sun bath while catching a cat nap or two. She is 10yrs old and loves to do her daily martial arts around the walls of the house, flipping and jumping in the air.
Yes that's her in the pic and she is named after Phoebe Buffay from Friends. Her full name is Phoebe Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock x ❤️ x
Cookie Patricia Johnson
Cookie and I were separated for 6 weeks in July 2017 following a major collision we were in. Posts I made went viral. Finally, a local news station interviewed me. The sister of the woman caring for Cookie saw the broadcast that evening, and we were reunited. Houston is the 3rd largest city in the country, so the odds were against us. Our story is MIRACULOUS.
lily is the best baker you’ll ever meet. The biscuits are immaculate
Summer is the latest addition to our family, she is a joy to be around even when she is causing mayhem and her lively personality has brought my animal shy dog out of his shell, Summer drinks from a glass and sleeps on whoever she likes. I'm in love with her 😍 #livingherbest9lives
Gigi Parisi
She loves her Aussie cousin Lady they love to play together. Gigi is friendly and likes to play with her toys she loves playing fetch with the chuck it ball and going on walks she is good with other dogs. Gigi loves her new Aussie baby sister Georgia and loves her mommy,Uncle,Grandma,Grandpa.
Georgia Parisi
She loves her Aussie big sister Gigi and playing with toys and eating and loves her mommy,Uncle,Grandma,Grandpa, and Aussie cousin Lady.
Mr. Matteo
Mr. Matteo is a Malti-Poo mixed with rabbit and squirrel. He literally hops around and waits on the corner for passerbyers (other dogs, adults, kids) as he is the most friendly lil furry guy you ever did meet.
Is Scooby Doo
Olaf is trying to raise some money to support Kira a 3 year old who desperately needs a kidneys transplant. All the money will go straight to the charity, it would be amazing if you would like to help Olaf to fight for little Kira❤️
Meenoo turns 14 on 9/8/21.
Hi, I’m a tripod cat but that doesn’t slow me down. I like to sleep and wrestle with my sister Lucy 😂
Little One
She is a sweetheart shes such a lovebug shes cares for the other cats i have like there her own she loves to make noises at the birds and squirls she love her cat house and love any toy u give her shes a joy to have around shes my princess
Lilo has taken a bit to gain her confidence since I rescued her when she was 2-3 years old. In those years since, she has blossomed into an outspoken, sassy queen. She has a mean side eye, but gives the best cuddles ever.
This is Bella and her rescue kitty Sofie
I is Snips, I love paper, laces and standing on my human Daddys shoulders. I am a little nervous around other humans than my own. I also really like playing with my sister's Dax a husky and Ratchet and Gizmo who are ferrets.
Hillbilly Willie
Hillbilly Willie is the peoples cat! He plays with everybody and has a personality like none other!! Abandoned in the southeastern ky mountains in freezing snow, he was rescued by my aunt....we picked him up on Thanksgiving and brought him to the Savannah sun!! He's been a southern gentleman ever since! His favorite food is Rabbit and his favorite toy is his rag Llama. He also love walks on the leash or in his carriage! 💖
Lacey is the absolute best dog! She loves her mini tire and her squeaky squirrel toys. She wants to be friends with everyone and would do anything for a belly rub! She is super smart, always lets us know when she needs to go outside or if it's literally 1 min past dinner time. She's very good about not getting into the garbage or anything but her weakness is pizza and if you leave it out... she will take a slice!
Lucy is a gun rights advocate and a full breed Texan. Yee haw!
Hello! My name is Pepper, I'm 1 year old and I've been loving my life at home with my mom ever since she brought me home! I love chicken, training and learning tricks with her, going on walks outside, and cuddling. I can jump really high and my mom says I'm great at making biscuts! I love making new friends, human or not!
Cheddar loves to take a bath and play in the tub. He is the biggest cuddle buddy ❤️
Paisley is the sweetest girl ever! She is so playful and loves to go on bike rides. She is half boxer, half lab. She has to know what we are doing at ALL times. Yes that includes looking in the shower. She loves to swim, she’s friends with cows and goats in our neighborhood. She is the love our lives!
Snowy loves to cuddle and has so much personality .
Little baby Taters doesnt know much about life but she knows that she loves her Big Brother Ham, and she loves to sleep on her mom's face when she isn't running around and causing a ruckus.