Thackery Binx
Binx is truly regal and personifies the character he’s named after by being the best cat that possibly was a boy in another life time.
Sweet and full of energy
Seven like to eat up all his toys and be destructive
Hope’s the best bean there is :)
She is very protective, enjoys the outdoors, doesn't like dogs but acts like a guard dog sometimes growls at the neighbors.
Simba was mostly an outdoor cat, he loved to hunt and leave us presents at the door, very loveable and sadly missed so very much
She loves to cuddle, play in the bathroom sink with the water, also loves to talk to you and beg for treats. Picks up the wand toy with her paw and meows for you to play with her
He's my ESA SERVICE Companion Animal. Who would have known that when we rescued him from coyotes 2 years ago that he'd turn out to be such a blessing!
Bambi is a rescue from a hoarder. She chose me when she was about 12 weeks old. Iv had her now over 12 1/2yrs. She was just diagnosed w/severe heart&lung issues. Vets gave her months. She’s responding well to meds so I have hope for longer. She’s my whole world. She literally has the best life. She goes everywhere w/me, gets any bed/blanket toy she wants. Anything. I feel like I’m losing my world. This pic was taken on her birthday yrs ago. It’s one of my favorites. It was an awesome day. That duck was one of her gifts. I think she deserves to win something before she leaves me. I want to keep spoiling her with some more things. Like another new bed,toys,her favorite treats. Anything she wants❤️
Nikita is a beautiful Himalayan with crystal blue eyes and soft fluffy fur. He’s a sweetheart who loves attention and treats!
My baby girl older cat she's my world
Loves to play outside, snuggle at bedtime, and thinks he is “king” of the house lol.
Teddy is a very active boy and lives to play ball. Always happy and a all around good guy. Teddy loves people and can always put a smile on your face.
He’s a sweet 4 month old puppy he loves his mom and he’s the cutest dog you have ever seen
Artie beats to his own drum! Definitely thinks hes a big dog! I think thats because of his big brother Bruce! But hes super smart at his new little life! Just had his 1st spa day! Groomers couldnt believe how smart an well behaved he was! A total love bug an snuggles right up to you under the covers at night! He is the perfect addition to my little family!!!
Bruce is amazingly smart. He lives to please. He knows how to make you smile or laugh an tries hard to keep it going. Super sweet! He knows some sign language an is on command for just about anything! He is the the best baby ever! Loves his little brother Artie to pieces. That is HIS puppy! We are just allowed to enjoy him! Lol....
Mia is a super funny dog. She runs and rams into a wall sometimes and then she continues running.
Levi was living in a barn for a few weeks of his life, this was at my grandparents home. His mom was killed by something along with 3 of his siblings, he was the "runt" of his litter. After we dicided to take him home he very quickly opened up. He began playing with our other cat Steve who unfortunately passed a few months ago. He would mess with his tail and they would play around. Now he has some interesting favorite things, including his favorite toy which is a small fuzzy ball he carries around, and a stuffed tiger he sleeps with. He loves to eat lettuce and ice-cream, and sleep with me.
Playful, loving, plays peek a boo and fetch, very vocal
October is my world, having mental illness she has been my life line she has saved me without her even understanding she has given me a reason to keep going when I didn’t want to. I love her endlessly. Vote for my girl so I can get her some new trees and stuff 💜
Tinkerbell love's going to PetSmart and love's playing with her 🪀🧸 toy's
Lola is my wild child. She looks for trouble around every courner. She loves hair ties and a lazer pointer
Loki is a fun hyper 11 month old baby her favourite things are running after birds and destroying fluffy toys but nothing can beat the night time cuddles of her being a silly billy.
My name is Puddin. Im a one of a kind floof ball.
8 week old chihuahua cross bichon frisée super relaxed but very mischievous fits into our family perfectly
Amari Cooper
She speaks for herself ❤️
Reese is a one year old he's a loving dog, he loves to go outside to play and walk..Reese loves to be pet all the time he's such a sweet boy..
This is The Mighty Quinn, w/ Scarlet and Piper . All brother and sisters.
Maverick is our 13 week old frenchie. He loves to cuddle and play fetch, he has mastered basic commands and gives lots and lots of kisses. He’s filled a hole in my heart I didn’t realise was there. Spoilt rotten with lots of toys, fuss and praise he definitely rules the roost 🥰
Mochi is the sweetest little kitten you will ever meet, so much so we named her after the japanese icecream dessert 😋 She loves cuddles, treats and sleeping in the sunshine 🌞
Chester is a 7 month old Exotic Shorthair kitten! He’s silly and loves to play! But is just as much a cuddle bug who loves snuggling with and being around his family. He acts like a puppy, following us around and greeting us at the door each day. He is truly a special cat!
Cash is a gentle soul who’s favorite thing to do is play tug and snuggle. He loves taking hikes to watch the river turtles and will do practically anything for a treat!
chico is now 10 months old! he has the feistyness and boldness of a chiuauahua, the cuddliness and loving of a pomeranian, hes sassy and a real livewire! vote for chico!
Mabel is our 13 week old Frenchie pup. She is cheeky, sassy, funny, loving & very smart, having already mastered the sit, lay down, paw & speak commands. She loves to meet other doggies and visits the cafes in our town, where she gets plenty of fuss. She has bought some much needed life & laughter into our home after losing our precious Staffy Bo at the beginning of January.
Hi!!! Thanks for coming!! I am a dog that loves flowers. I also love to cuddle with my Human.
Chester was a rescue kitten back in 2013. He lives with his two sisters, Bailey and Scarlett. He loves eeekkking at birds outside and eating as much food as he can. He favorite hobby is taking naps and biting my ankles. 3 years ago he was featured on News 5 for smiling at the camera just as he is doing here. He is a sofisticated gentleman and would love your vote! 😻🐾
Winston is a cheeky chappy who is a total cuddle monster 💕 and loves his picture taken- such a little poser!
Cookies was a free puppy, he is sweet but loves to chew up toys and his bones.
My little man
Mitzi is a sweet puppy who is 4 months old. She’s very energetic at most times, but when she’s tired she loves to cuddle up in my bed with her stuffed teddy bear 🧸.
Teddy is a Maltese and shih Tzu Cross, he is a lovable and caring pet. Loves to play with squeeky balls and make lots of nice when we are chilling. Loves to do zoomies too. His favourite time is when outside, really loves grabbing twigs/small branches and playing with them. Teddy's fave food is boiled chicken. Teddy is such a joy and helps comfort me when I'm at my worst. I'm a long time kidney patient and been on all dialysis, Teddy makes my illness so much more bearable to cope with.
Pepper/peppa is shy at first, but she'll warm up to you and cuddle forever!
Squeak sadly passed away recently but she was a loving girl loved her food always, and loved a good fuss but not to much she was stunning in every way xx
Max Is A 3 Year Old Tabby Who Loves To Talk To The Birds
Pepe loves snuggling up with us and our 1 year old cat (new adopted dad) he likes to sit like a meerkat and jumps around like a bunny, loves belly rubs and being cheeky and playful, he’s a ragdoll/ Burmese kitten of 3 months😻❤️
Rocket LOVES to play fetch. Rocket also loves to play chase. He loves treats and is the SWEETEST cat you will ever meet. He is shy so it takes him a minute to warm up but once he does he will come to the sound of your voice.