Hi my name is gunner smith. I am a silver sable fawn German Shepard and I was rescued with my sister (my grandma has three of my other siblings too!) I love to run and play outside! I have a purple Dino pool I love laying in!
I was born in Colorado into dire circumstances. I was abandoned at a young age and had to fend for myself. One day I wandered into an open door, and I was invited to stay. I eventually went to live in Kansas, and have been there for 6 years. Although I weigh 85 pounds, I think I am a lap dog. I love to cuddle, and I am a gentle giant. I like to visit family in Wisconsin where I go for long walks in the woods, nap on the pier, and wade along the shore. I am a lucky boy. I love my people, and I have all but forgotten those early, homeless days.
Dwight was rescued from the local SPCA Thirft Store. He loves playing with his toys, jhe's a very picky eater. Won't eat a lot of human food except canned Salmon & Tuna. When I get home he lets me know about leaving him home along. He does a couple of things that surprise me. I use a mobility scooter to get around. He likes to lay down and stretch out his full length where I am trying to park. I really have to watch when I open the refrigerator because he like to get on the bottom shelf orr if I am up walking he will lay across my path and makes me step over him. If I am getting ready to go out he will get on the scooter seat and just look at me Just recently Dwight started a new thing. We have non slamming toilet seats and when I flush he runs up and looks in to the bowl until the lid closes on his head. Then he looks around the base to try a figure out where everything went. And Dwight loves to have this tummy rub alot. I have been trying to get him to show love and not turn away when I hug him. I don'tknow what his last owner did, but he wants nothing to do with affection. He is a very good boy and when the gate falls down from the door he will go no further than the door frame. He is well trained not to go outside.
Gibson loves to run he doesn’t just run he’s fast and run through high grass . He loves the woods where he can jump leap and go fast through the trees he’s my companion and stays with me no matter what
Sparky loves all the toys and bones.. especially the ones the other dogs have! He loves to cuddle, i.e. sleep on top of us🙂 He would love to get as many votes as possible🤩
Vinnie is a rescue dog who was petrified of people but is now building in so much confidence and a real little character..a big dog in a tiny dog body. He loves chasing leaves, feathers, wrappers and bringing them home as trophies 😊
Cole loves to play and he's got such a unique personality very protective of his family and always watching out for kids.
Big Black
Big black is such a wonderful cat. He is so loving and kind has a sweet personality and also protects! But when it is time to nap he relaxes anywhere he can!
My name is Harley & I’m 4 yrs old.. I eat everything in the house including my daddy’s socks & my mamas shoes.. if they leave me alone I’ll take the pillows & blankets off their bed…
She is playful and fun loving! She loves to play and wrestle! She is adorable
Maverick is a energetic, playful, smart, and loyal puppy who loves exploring the new strange world around him
This is Willow. She's a 2 year old siberian husky. She loves to run and play with her little sister clover. She also loves snacks or to either bring her stuffed monster or pizza to you so that you can play tug of war with her. She loves all the attention and belly rubs and gets jealous when you dont pay attention to just her. It's funny because she knows when you're supposed to be home so she yells at you when you're late. She also hates the bath but has no problem swimming in the creek. She's got such a big personality and she's the biggest baby.
Sadie is a 1 year old puppy who came home with us last summer all the way from Amish country. She is a Cavapoo which is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog breeds. She is the most affectionate little girl with the sweetest soul, and she is her mom and dad’s entire world!
Gauge is a full bred akita, we drove 5 hours to pick him up!
Triplets Hemmy Blu Willow
The triplets: Hemmy, blu and willow were abandoned kittens found under a car. We rescued them and brought them home! They are inseparable and sleep on top of each other every night. They steal everyones heart that they meet!
Kitt is one of a twin, sadly his brother shadowman went missing last year so kitt has been a lone ranger since and has lost his playful spark he always searches for shadow and sits in the tree they once played in as kittens. Kitt loves to follw us on walks and thibks he is a dog. He will fetch sticks if you throw them and he likes to hide in the bushes and ambush my dogs on a walk.. playing chase is his favourite game. Kitt is quite a laid back character at home, but spends alot of time outdoors exploring. He is always looking for his next adventure and a tree to perch in. Kitt loves his food! And his favourite treat are dreamies!!! You will def get an affectionate headbutt for some of those! Please vote for my handsome boy
Jupiter-Blue is a beautiful gentle natured girl. She is 6 years old and chose us at the age of 6weeks, showering us in kisses and love. This gorgeous girl is loyal and loves nothing more than to be by your side and cuddle. She supports my children who have additional needs and is always there when they need her most. She brings comfort and smiles and is always smiling herself!😁 Jupiter-Blue is very smart, and her favorite thing to do is to dig holes! She loves playing with our kittens and is truely gorgeous inside and out! ❤ please please vote girl she deserves some recognition for her work and devotion to us.
Midnight is 13 weeks old and is quite shy until he is in his brothers company and the rebel side of him comes out to play. He is very affectionate and has just found his purr. Midnight loves a good tickle and chasing his mouse... he is a very handsome cat who carries himself with pride... please vote for this beautiful boy x
Hello my name is boo! I’m 3 years old and am full of high energy! I love to play and run around the house as fast I can, climbing and jumping in everything. My mommy likes to call me boocifer cause I can be evil at times. I love to snack and give kisses! Watching birds is my most favourite activity!
Hello my name is beatrice bear! I’m a playful, excited loving girl who just found her forever home! I love to chew my toys and run as fast as I can around the house! I love going for walks and exploring the world. I’m only 9 weeks old and still learning dog skills 😂. My favourite snacks are peanut butter and my yummy salmon training treats! Vote for me!! Thank you
Penny is a 9 year old rescue pup. She will do anything for cheese and even walk on her hind legs. She loves long sleeps versus long walks and is attached to her mommy.
Cocoa is a MinPin; even though she's small she believes she is huge, she's quite the character. She doesn't care that her sister is a British Bulldog Mix, if Leela has taken Cocoa's toy she will chase her to get it back. She's very alert, every little noise she hears in the backyard whether it birds or squirrels or any other critter, she jumps into action to patrol the area and let's me know. 😂
Hello my name is Bandit, I’m a sweet fluffy boy who loves to play and take naps on my back. I was saved from the great outdoors as a small kitten..during almost the winter seasons, I have a brother his name is Boo and a sister named Beatrice that I love very much! I do tend to have a little bit of a meowttuide as my mom calls it! I love making bread and snuggling my blanket! Vote for me!! Thank you
Hello! My mom says I’m the best boy there is. I am Service Dog and work with my Mom allowing her to have a better quality of life my providing her help with daily activities that a lot of people take for granted.
Bouncy Bella as we call her. She loves bouncing around with her favourite soft toy (the burger 🍔) we got her at only 6 weeks old after being separated from her mother at 4 weeks old. She was very underdeveloped and had bow legs due to calcium deficiency so we knew we had to rescue her before she ended up in the wrong hands!! And after only a week or so of having her she turned into the most loving, smartest, happiest pup ever 🐶🥰
Tobie is the sweetest puppy there is. He is almost 5 months old and already 50lbs! 😳 he has a heart of gold and is such a well behaved boy. He loves peanut butter bones and cuddling with his mama ❤️
he loves hugs he gives high fives very lovable loves to play catch and a very good jumper. he also gets zoomies a lot as he is almost 2. he also thinks he needs a girl friend 🤣 mama says nope 🤷
Hi! I’m Bella. I’m 14 years old! I love car rides, toys and treats. My favorite toy is Jimmy the sloth. My human spoils me as much as possible. Sleeping is my hobby when I’m not begging for a bite of my humans food. Everyone loves my snaggletooth. Nice to meet you!
I'm up for the challange mom. I'm watching them.
Ozzy is the most loving, funny, mischievous 6 month old boy.His favorite activity’s include bobbing for rocks in the water, car ride naps, chasing leaves, digging holes, eating acorns, caterpillars, really anything; and of course, playing/cuddling with his toys and people. He loves attention, and is very vocal about his frustration when he is not getting any. All around, ozzy loves everyone, he does not have a mean bone in his body, all he wants to do is make those he loves happy. By far, the sweetest boy with the goofiest personality
This is his "stop taking my picture" face.
She's such a Loving Dog !!!
Bowie is a social butterfly. He loves all of the people and all of the people love him 🤗
Sweet, sassy and cuddly...Squirrel is my baby forever.
Loves to play, especially tug of war with ropes, snuggle, and go on long walks/run.
We've had lady about a month we rescued her from Essex County animal shelter she was literally 46 lb when we rescued her she's now almost 50 plus pounds she is such a beautiful dog she has a beautiful personality she's so sweet so outgoing and what a perfect addition to our family we're so happy to have found her and to actually make her an addition to our home the first time we gave her a treat she threw it up in the air like it was the greatest thing in life like she's never received a treat it's amazing what these rescue dogs go .through and it's amazing that we can actually make her life so much better so hopefully you can help us and make her the number one dog in New Jersey cuz she deserves it.
Mr. Gray
Mr Earl had a rough start… he was left behind with his siblings and I got him and his sister to bottle feed. They are both thriving and doing amazing!!! He is a super sweet boy, loves to cuddle! Truly blessed to be his foster mommy
Romeo And Target
Romeo is a year old pitbull and Jack Russell mix he’s great with kids and other animals he’s a sweetheart. Target is a smart dog she loves animals she just plays to rough with chickens
Best Friend, protector and a well respected and very loving big older brother! Ace was once owned by previous owner that was in the NFL, now very blessed to have him as my own fur baby! He loves to play tug of war with dad, cuddles and gives endless kisses!
King Pharaoh
I love sitting under the stars with my mom, I love milk leftover from moms cereal,I love any breadcrust she don't want!I love to sneek attack bugs when she says"king its a bug!!!!" I love playing tug a war with her with my leash and bucking around like a rodeo bull when I know we going to play outside! I LOVE HOW IM ALWAYS "JUST A BABY THOUGH!"
Buu is quite literally my little hairless best friend! He is very vocal and can be found curled up on me or under my covers to keep warm 99% of the time. When he’s not keeping warm, he’s eating me out of house and home lol. He loves to dress up and climb as high as he can. He’s full of energy and the most loving little guy I’ve ever had!
She's still a pup to me she loves carrying around her water bottle and chases her 13 yr old cat brother Floyd around . She's very protective and a momma's girl for sure . She won't leave my side when I'm sick or asleep she makes sure I'm ok always! I love her so much! She's a glucose dog in training for blood sugar spikes and drops. Very very smart dog .
Ruby is an eight month old SHIHPOO and she is the most lovable caring sweet puppy I’ve ever met if Ruby wins the money we will pay for her medicine that she is supposed to take monthly while she is a puppy for Heartworms right now I am not working and the pills are kind of expensive plus other things for her the money would be spent on as such as food and her necessities.. Thank you all for your votes and God bless you all
Mia loves to be outside, drink coffee (when I'm not looking), cuddles and giving kisses!!
Frankie loves to play, swim, walk and chase a ball all day