Touya is a loving and very playful boy. He loves to cuddle especially with his nightmare before Christmas blanket.
Luke is the sweetest boy. He loves playing fetch with mom and loves running at the park with dad. Always up for a snack or cuddle. Who couldn’t love that sweet face?
Rosie is a 2 year old Frenchie - Terrier who is very energetic, clever and fun, she loves her walks in the woods, treats and toys
Butter Cup
She loves to cuddle she loves her pacifier and baby blanket she only weighs 1.6 pounds even though tiny she is full if energy and spunk she is very fisty and loves to give kisses please vote for her..
Princess Peach
I'm 9 months old. I love Tasty Sticks and climbing up mummy's curtains!!!
Carrot has only 3 legs. She was rescued from the streets at around 3 months old. She has a broke twisted from leg and we saved her , got her leg removed and now she is all better.
Eating good food is his best hobby lol, he’s so so curious, friendly and sweet but he always finishes by doing wherever he wants, he’s our BOSS!! 🤪
Little Blu
Little Zeke
Little baby Adira we rescued her
My baby Boo-boo my best friend
Sara is my world . Sara is very sweet yet shy. She will be ten years old in August of this year
Solo was rescued at 2 days old
Panther passed away about 5 years ago
Rascal Lezcano
Rascal is 8 months old. He is a rescued stray who showed up under my parent window on 6 acres of property. He loves his new 5 year old brother Jake and he loves to make biscuits in his mom's lap. He also loves to chase lizards on the porch. Rascal sports a beautiful very fluffy tail.
Linus is so handsome. He is so unique. He likes to come sit in your lap when he wants to, but you can’t hold him, kiss him or touch him. Everything has to be done according to his own terms. He even wait for his food in a post different than the other 2 cats I have. We bring the food to him, he does not go to the food. We love him so 🥰
Ellie Mae
I love too play with my sister Alue and my human nephews Kj and Arden.
Athena loves cuddling under the covers, and playing with her best friend. She is shy around new people, but has a big personality.
Willow is almost 4 years old and loves bones, snuggles, and sniffing! Her little nose takes her everywhere! She is also a big fan of boat rides!
He loves food , cuddles an loves all the attention
Mokey is such a sweetheart and loves to make new friends with everyone who will stop and greet her. She broke her elbow at 4 1/2 months and keeping her from running her zoomies has been a real challenge!
A very hyper boy who loves eating ice
He is very cuddly and loving. He likes to steal socks and will only drink water from a glass in the sink. He is a bit spoiled. He also meows when he wants to go outside and has no idea about personal space!
We just got this wild young thing in December. We adopted her out of a shelter the day before they were going to put her down. She’s our wild one, she likes to climb up trees, play with her toys and drive her fur siblings crazy. She’s just the sweetest dog ever though.
Pixie is our sweet 8 year old princess 👑. She loves her bones, hanging out with her teenage human daughter and her two housemates Brody and Chloe. Her favorite thing to do is sneak her bones outside and hide them.
Cute English Bulldog and she has a twin named PeterParker!
She loves playing with toys and riding around with her dad and and looking for squirrels
⭐ star is a very beautiful girl...
Hi, I'm Marley, a Lab mix! I love playing tag with my adopted sister, Bella, in our big yard! I have LOTS of energy, but that's okay because it keeps my parents on their toes! I enjoy playing and snuggling with my stuffed animals ALL the time. My favorite thing is giving everyone I meet lots of kisses because everyone needs some puppy love, duh!
Chance got her name becuz it was by " chance " that i happened to be where i was the day i heard her desperate cries .. i called to the sound and out jumped this girl ( 2 weeks old ) straight into my hands . She was hungry , sick and dying so i tucked her in my shirt and took her home with me and to the vet as soon as they opened .. it was the day before Thanksgiving when i found her.. and ive been so thankful to have her as a part of my life .. shes the sweetest and most protective kitty ive ever met in my life , she always has to be in my lap or following my feet ( but prefers to be on my chest where i carried her everywhere with me )and i will cherish her as long as possible ( p.s i also agreed to take on another rescue 6 week kitty just hours prior to finding Chance ( i named her Charleigh )
Do i get my treat now?
Leela is a beautiful goofy tuxedo american short hair she full of laughs and is an amazing companion
Scooby Jr
We rescue him at 10 days old, he's very smart and cute specially when he eats 😄 He really enjoys treats and walks on the beach ⛱️ But once he's watching cartoons nobody can touch the remote 🙄
Hi, my name is Bella and I'm a German Shepherd mix. I LOVE going on runs, playing with my furry friends, and going on adventures with my parents! Car rides are one of my favorite activities for sure, but chasing squirrels beats a car ride any day!!
Stella is a sweet puppy, loves playing with my kids, she is so loved.
Akikta loves to talk play fetch,and he tattle tales on people.Akikta love being outside and loves water.
Mikko is a silly lil boston terrier puppy full of puppy energy. He enjoys munching on cheese balls whenever they fall to the ground, stealing moms socks, and playing chase with bigger dogs.
Sassy, classy, hates being woke up gives the evil eye. She cuddles all night, loves sleeping under the covers!
He loves playing with his toys he loves his red dot and he loves his mamma!
Padmé is the sweetest girl I’ve ever known. She loves her people and her BFF (my cat) so much.
He is a cousin to the Main Coon Family. He is 5 weighs in at 30 pounds. He will come and get u if he smells smoke/ burnt pizza, and cry and run back and fourth to the door. He also saved his brother and sister who one is a peekapoo (dog) and the other a tuxedo (cat) when the door got left open and they got outside he circled them and cried until I noticed. He baby bro Theo (dog) was only 3 months old. Got Buddy from the shelter after he had been transferred from 3 other shelters. Best decision ever made.
Gabby is the most loving cat that I've ever had, she would crawl inside my skin if she could she's obsessed with affection towards me, but fears everyone else. She was dropped off at a shelter at just 2 days old, with her siblings and was bottle fed by a foster Mom. I honestly think she's imprinted me and only me lol. Truly, she has rescued me after losing my other cat to renal failure just days before i found Gabby. She's been my emotional support baby since I rescued her in 2014. I pray daily that she isn't so scared of everything.
Milo is 8 months old, he’s super fluffy, loves cuddling and hanging out with our pet fish
Finn is the most funny, loving, and smartest boy! He loves to play and watch Tom and Jerry! He is almost 2 years old and 80 pounds full of Love ❤️
We adopted Feather 2 weeks ago and we love having her in our family 😻