Indie is my best friend and the sweetest, goofiest girl there is. She never fails to make me smile every single day
Kali is my split face beauty! She loves to play and loves cuddles!! Her sister Luna is beside her in the pic. Luna loves food and playing n cuddles too! They're both so full of spunk and adorableness!!
I. Love to. Play and destroy everything i can reach my favorite thing is to meaw at 3 in the morning to play i have a teddy i carry everywhere with me
Bella loves to give kisses and high 5's. She is a snuggle bunny and you can always tell if she was naughty.
Little loves going outside and watching birds, climbing the trees, and laying in the sun. he is a rescue and is a very adventurous kiddy🥰.
Leo is a very sweet cat ! He loves to be involved in everything your doing and always is ready for snuggles and cuddles !
Minnie with her sister Olive.
Whiskey is a small but mighty Persian cat that comes from a background of champion cats he is very sweet and loves everyone. And he loves to play with his cat toys.
Tarzan is a beautiful Himalayan/Persian who is very intelligent, and independent.Tarzan loves to sleep on his cat tree and when he’s not sleeping he plays with his brother and sister.
Lunatic nickname is Luna she is a lovable sweet girl an loves to play. We rescued her when she was about 6 months old. She now is our family an has a loving home.
Dallas is 2 and is so good. and he has a great, stubborn personality. He loves to play and loves cuddles and kisses. This is him on his 2nd birthday
Luna tuna~ The greatest nickname in the world Luna thinks! She has never had tuna but her human family loves it!(plus it rhymes) she is very loyal and kind! Luna tuna is a cutie! She loves salmon dog treats, And playing fetch with sticks!
Valen is named thusly because he was born on Valentine's Day. He is a smooth talker and as sweet as chocolate.
Bernie is the most lovable being on the planet. Named after my grandpa who he shares the same birthday with. Bernie loves being held like a baby and gives people kisses.
Sasha loves to sleep she will sleep anywhere she also has a fiesty side
Khloe Bear is a fun loving Dog has a personality that is Sassy she is going to be 10 years old this year but she has been my best friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without her My baby Girl 4-Ever
Alfie is a fun and super loving little chap!
He loves cuddles climbing to the top of the curtains has the tiniest meow hes cheeky but adorable to.
Fern loves splashing around in any water she can find. She’s the sweetest girl but cuddles are not her favorite
Margie passed away from kidney cancer about 1.5 years ago. She was a loving girl who use to stand on my lap and put her arms around my neck and give hugs and lick my face. My wife and I miss her dearly
Dog aka kitty kitty, looks like a cat acts like a dog. Enjoys hunting and cheese🤣
Riley is a rescue kitty that found himself part of our family. Filled with energy and orneryness.
Prudence loves to snuggle and love on her mom. Anyone else she is not interested in. She is very vocal and it sure to tell you what she wants. Her personality is all sass ❤️
Luna was a stray from Oldham and was brought to our local cattery, we wanted to home a cat so we had to bring her home! Shes brought nothing but smiles to our house, a fun loving cat who is amazing with children! 😍🥰
Im a chunky cat, with thick thighs. I love food, love sweaty gym clothes and well, adore food. I think I’m the most beautiful girl who always pouts and look like I’m wearing lipstick!
Nash is the beautiful pomsky that i have always dreamed on having as my best friend. He loves his mom and dad and hates when they leave him for work. He loves to play with all his puppy friends and give all the kisses you could ever want (even some you don't want). He's the sweetest boy!
She is very hyper, she was rescued, she loves everything and everyone.
Cream loves her adventures and making other friends. She is a very friendly animal who makes friends quickly.
Buster was a loving dog that passed away not too long ago due to cancer , may my baby rest in peace
I feel sleepy because I am a hard worker ❤️🤣
Peaches is a very loving and playful cat. She loves to snuggle and is an adventurer.
He is one family of eight puppies, he is very sweet and cuddly and he loves everyone who scratches his face and snuggles his mom is lily and
He's my ESA, Service/Companion Animal. Who knew that when we rescued him from coyotes 2 years ago that he'd be such a blessing!
Dotty ( Dotty Doodles) is an 8 week old tabby kitten, who loves cuddles with her mum and dad, treats and playing with her tunnel!
He waits for me every day after work to fall asleep in my arms after a good tummy rub😍.
Chester is a one year old dachshund who loves to play and make holes in the garden (which now looks like a golf course). He loves to pull all the blankets and dogs bed into the lounge and doesn’t let anyone else touch them. Chester also loves helping grandad do his gardening and bringing in the parsnips and carrots with the roots attached
Smudge And Sky
Both beautiful bond between them unrel
Smudge i sa lovable cat taps people on nose when wants attention enjoys playing with his brother
I love sleeping all day long ❤️
Teddy will like you if you vote for him
Georgie is a calico cat she loves her dreamies ,and looking out the window watching the world go by
This little munchkin loves chasing bubbles and collect sticks. Very protective over his humans and loves a good fuss.
Macadamia is a rescue pup from Cyprus. He arrived only 2 wks ago and is doing really well. We love him and will spoil him.
She loves her chihuahua mommy, playing Frisbee, cuddles, chicken, and her bones,couldn't ask for a more smarter sympathetic puppy 🐶
Boots is a very playful curious cat who plays fetch regularly! He brings you the post and has worked out how to tip the cat feeder so he gets extra food 😂
Avalon is a ragdoll with a heart of gold. He will patiently wait for you to wake up in the morning and then come over for a hug 🤗 he is a very timid but playful cat and likes being as close to you as possible.
Trouble is a youngster that has lot's of energy loves to play with her older brother. Trouble had a ruff start meaning her pregnant mom was abandoned in an orange grove in FL that has lots of predators. Luckily for Troubles mom she chose to go to a home of an animal lover, but the big dogs don't like kitties. The home owner took in Troubles mom then Trouble and her siblings were born. The home owner couldn't keep everyone so her sister which is a veterinarian brought the family with her back home to South Carolina. When I first saw Trouble at work I knew she was special so once she was old enough she came home with me. When Trouble was born she was all black but had a tan front paw now she is developing torti colors and changing daily. She is such a beautiful girl.