Churro is 2 months old. He is a very cuddly sweet kitten.
She is a tortoise shell. She loves to steal from your plate and she likes to give high fives.
All 4 paws are white that’s why I named her sneakers and she has the cutest gray goty under her chin. She jumps up onto our shoulders and loves to take rides up there! She also makes these raptor noises everytime she sees birds. But she is also the best snuggle purring kitty cat! She was born outside and had a very rough life for the first 4 weeks of her life. And she is the softest cat I’ve ever touched!
Teddy is just a joy to be around, lots of fun and loving .
Sweet as honey!
He loves been with me I play his cat soothing music every night and morning it relaxes him he loves watching TV hhe follows me every where
Jasper is a black smoke mainecoon cat. He likes eating, sleeping, and playing with our other cats. He’s a little energetic cat and a lovebug. He has black n Smokey gray fur and green eyes.
Jack likes to have his butter on toast in the morning before he gets his own food. Jack was rescued as a kitten from side of road in the coldest day in November. He now will only get on a persons lap if they have a soft fluffy blanket.
Caledonia Adams
He is a British short hair tuxedo cat. Loves to be held and carried like a baby. He also loves his photo taken. He is my service cat
Loves nothing more than to steal your seat after you get up and look at you like thanks for that
Hi, I'm Ariche im a stander poodle. I'm 6 months old. I love playing with my toys. I also watch Tv I know thats strange. But people like me cause of the way I look. So I hope to get your vote.
Penelope is a 9 month old bengal, she’s very cuddly and loves to get all the attention
Bowser very energetic playfull loves doing zommies and playing with my other 2 dogs gives everybody he sees a kiss
Mr. Anderson is about 11 years old and was born on a farm and had an eye problem, so he couldn't see well. he might not have survived if we hadn't taken him in . he is our baby prince, and he loves to chitter at the red dot and hunt inanimate objects .
Sweetie is very lovable dog loves cuddles and food always by my side loves ice cream
Buddy loves to play ball very active dog loves cuddles and can dance on comand very clever little dog can also sing
Ruby is 14 and still lively. She loves toys, treats and cuddles. Runs on the field and a cosy bed by the fire.
Hastings had multiple infections when born into rescue, but now fit and healthy. He is very vocal, everytime he is touched, he chirps! He will play with anything, his favourite being feathers or a spring. He is also known to cuddle my neck during an online work meeting.
It snowed here in Rotherham England and as her dinner was made I had to stand at my door shouting "Snow!" While it snowed! Snow is very calming she loves fuss on her terms as most cats do but she is normally by my side wherever I go, and she loves me as I love her.
Pebbles is the sweetest tabby. She is a rescue cat that has enriched our family, our well being and we do the same for her. Her favourite pastime is birdwatching and watching nature programmes.
Zoe Baby
She is Photogenic and Loves to play. She is very finicky and will let you cuddle only if she initiates it!! She loves chasing her older sister all over the house.
He loves going outside and loves cuddles
We got Maggie 14 years ago She is so funny and loving. Maggie was outstanding when my husband got cancer she was with him everyday cuddling and keeping him safe .She makes us laugh and loves everyone .Maggie has her favorites little balls she loves to play with.And enjoys walks
He likes to cuddle and he loves to smile. He sleeps a lot and he plays with our other cats. He will sit on your lap and try and help you do your work
She is a dream dog loves to play
Tootsie is all daddy's girl and the Queen of the house. She loves playing with her lighted ball and is exhausted when she's done, lol
Chester Big Blue
Chester is all about purring, from the minute he sees you, to his feed time, to rubbing his Chest. Chester is the boy, that is just happy all the time !
As you can see she is precious is always with me
Reign is silly. He literally sits like an old man and looks around the room. If he does not get the attention he is craving, he will smack you until he does😹
Smudgee is the 46th kitten we have rescued and he won our hearts. We had to keep him, he is Smudgee when loving, Dennis when mischievous, but I wouldn't have him any other way
He is a very playfull boy,he loves bread ties to play with
Dexter is very loving, and the best cuddle bug i could have ever asked for!!he sometimes goes by his nickname which is woodtick 😁😁
He was my savior when my husband died, unfortunately, he passed away in January, I will never forget him
Maddie Elyse
My grandson gave her to me after finding her in a sealed box at a store. She is quiet and very much a momma’s girl. She love watching the birds at the bird feeders and she loves the laser beam. I love her very much she’s cuddly and adorable
She’s the Darling Diva of the house.
Nala is a active happy kitty who loves to play. She's always exploring and scared of her own shadow.
Ringo is my rescue dog he rescued me from a dark place and saved me from ending my life I owe a lot to Ringo
Luna is 6 months old she loves napping in the day and playtime at night
A loveable playful kitten who loves getting into mischief, sleeping and eating.
Lilly is my first fur baby with my boyfriend. We got her from a friend of ours that found her beside the road and decided to take her in since my friend couldn't keep her. Best decision ever 🙂❤️
Hi I'm Seb, I’m a very nosey cat and always like to keep my eyes on my owners. I like to sleep…. A lot… so I have energy to keep up with my younger brother. I love cuddles and I’m always hungry for treats!
óskar Poska
Sadie And Nova
Both pups are rescues from Texas. They absolutely love each other as we do them.
Biscuit loves to swim, run and play in the snow. He collects rocks and brings snowballs in the house.
Beau is a Pug cross with a Staff. He is 4 years old this year. He is such a beautiful loving boy, he loves being dressed up and will happily wear sunglasses and a hat. He always shows his pure white teeth in photos and he’s the best dog I could of wished for 🩵
Rescued at 16 weeks. My whole world. ♥️
Casper is a gorgeous flame point Siamese, he’s got ocean blue eyes. He’s very vocal and I’m convinced he was a singer in his previous life. Share some love for my pawesome boy.
She is very loving shot tail her tail is only 2/3 ,likes 2 play fetch,like 2 slide down banister, she likes hide n seek and love clean laundry and green beans.