Kyrou loves toys and talking to you!
Lady Bella Fuentes Fernando
Lady is a good dog. She loves getting treats and belly rubs. She gets super excited when she see yous and demands lots of love. She likes to roll arounf the sand and dress up! She jumps all over me when she knows shes going for a walk.
Sweet MaxMillion is a rescue cat and in his 8 years has never found his forever home. After 16 weeks of being in his new home, he’s really found his confidence and is a great chatty character. He’s gone from hiding for hours to making every room his own with his own sleeping area in each one. He loves to chat, make his views known and loves plenty of cuddles....but on his terms 😻
He’s a giant squish ball who just loves to cuddle
Newton is the best there is at catching balls! He is a very athletic doggo that enjoys ice as a treat on warm Florida days.
Meet mittens the sweetest kitty 🐈 you'll meet 🙂
Fudge sleeps all day🐈 He loves to watch his dwarf hamster sister Bebe in her cage 💙
Although I am the size of a small horse, I still think I’m a lapdog. I love cuddles and I am saving up for physical therapy, so I don’t hurt myself too much. We are also saving up for a little brother to add to the family!
Pudgy came to me in a box when he was 1day old. Raised around dogs cats and reptiles he has a fun zest for life and doesn’t even know he is a cat! He has even taken on the role as a foster momma cat and helps us teach baby kittens how to be good cats! His best friend is a chihuahua named Seth
This is THOR!!! Favorite food: 🐟 Favorite game:😼🤺😲 Favorite movie:⚡🧔🏼 Favorite color:♥️
Coco is full of energy! She is extremely smart already, with being only 10 weeks old. She already is potty trained and knows sit, shake, lay down, jump, and working on speak!
This cat is the devil! He dislikes everyone except his momma. If his food bowl is empty he will go on a rampage and clear everything off of the counters breaking everything in his wake.
Bebe is actually a dwarf hamster but it doesn't mean you can't vote for her💙Please vote for me because don't you think you think I deserve it?
Kasper loves cuddles and kisses. He loves his little toy mouse with the long tail the most. He’s not very good with his litter tray and tends to get the litter everywhere but on the poop!
Cricket is a very spoiled little girl. She loves car rides, hanging out of the window with her doggles on. She will only drink bottled water, and most of the time she will only eat if she is fed with a spoon. She has more clothes than a small child and sleeps on a pillow between my husband and I.
Ollie And Izzy
Ollie (left) & Izzy (right) are two of the sweetest little girls. Born from the same litter, they are the only two calicos. Ollie is more chill and laid back. Loves to snuggle and play, especially with her tennis ball. Izzy is more to herself. When she wants attention, she will come to you. Her favorite toy to play with, surprisingly, is with a q-tip. She loves knocking it around on the floor. I cannot think of two more perfect cats to have gotten to raise. Love my girlies 💕 🐱
Cooper is a English setter/blue heeler mix. He is the most precious and obedient good boy. He loves to shake hands with any passerby’s and frolic in the creek on his afternoon walks through the park. He answers to Cooper, Coop Boop, Cooper Booper, or Boop. I’m so happy to be his dog mom. ❤️🐾
Whiskey Myers
Whiskey is a huge mommas boy! He loves going bye bye! Every time he hears the keys he runs to the door! He can talk and sing!
Nala is a shy girl! She was found as a stray at 2 months old, and still likes to hide around the house, cuddling with you only if you don't look at her.
Daisy new member of our little family. Does not like hugs but loves belly rubs! Loves to sleep but get her attention & she will go from 0 to 100 really quick 🤣
Archer is the craziest but fun loving pup ever. He is so daft, he just constantly wants cuddles which makes him even more adorable. Always by myside when I need him and will try every trick in the book to earn those extra treats.
Bubba is sweet and he is my best friend. He is also my service dog. Very loyal and loving.
Hermione is 7 weeks old. She loves to explore, chase her feather toy and cuddle. She is very chatty, and isn't afraid to voice her concern if she is unhappy about something.
Her name is Gigi, inspired by gianna bryant, kobe bryant’s daughter. She’s a playful kitty with a fireball personality that deserves some spotlight.
O'Connor follows me around, and when he wants to play is tells me by meowing and showing me the draw were his favorite sting toys are
Papí is a huge momma’s boy. He always has to be near me/touching me if he can. He sleeps on my pillow with me most nights and lays at my feet while I’m working. He loves to play and always has a ton of energy. He loves watching cars and people go by the house. He would stay outside all day if he could. He is the sweetest boy ❤️
12yr old Akita
8wk old newfie female
He is not a morning person at all and basically has to be dragged out of bed in the morning. He loves treats (salmon flavored is his favorite). His underbite just adds to his cuteness. He loves belly scratches and butt scratches. If he wants his butt scratches, he will press his face down to the floor and shove his booty in the air as high as he can get it. He is such a good boy ❤️
She is adorable. Gives the best cuddles..
Memphis' sister left for college in Memphis and all he got what this pillow! He is not a happy puppy!
Fudge Reuben
Fudge is 4 he is a very happy sleepy cat but sometimes surprises us by staying out two days roaming. He has slot of neighbouring cats but loves to defend his territory
Winston is the sweetest boy ever he plays fetch and loves cuddling
Hi my name is Cheshire, and I definitely live up to my mischievous name. My polydactyl paws, or “mitten” paws, give me an extra 4 toes on both my two front paws to help me get in and out of trouble!
Sunni is true sunshine in dog form. She is a dachshund/mini pinscher mix. She is so sassy, playful and so loving. Her favorite snack is peanut butter. She loves holding my hand or putting her head in it, sleeping and taking naps with her mama & sitting and standing like a human. She is the best blessing and the world wouldn’t be as fun without her. 💖
I’m Taz! I love to play fetch, eat people food, and just sleep!
Oreo is 3 years old. Has a cute beard. Loves cuddles, exploring, watching Blue Planet and getting his own way...Oh, and he dribbles.
Dennis the Menace is a goofball that loves dressing up in doll clothes & accessories. Hobbies include: shredding toilet paper, drinking water from the shower and begging for treats.
Mystie D.
Mystie is a rambunctious girl kitten who loves bags and milk treats. She also love cuddles and a bright red lazer pointer.
Zoe has been the best little co-worker to have throughout COVID. She makes me laugh and she is very loving (to me).
This is Tails he is a talented climber and as you can see very distinctive with his heart on his side
Koa Bear
Koa loves to play ball, go on hikes and take naps
Domino Diva
Hi everyone! My name is Domino Diva. I've been told I'm a very playful and nice puppy. I'd like to think I'm a world traveller since I travelled all over Europe and a bit more to reach my mommy and daddy. My daddy is my favourite person in the world. Let's be IG friends - you can check out my profile @domino.diva 🥰🐾 have an amazing day!
Rona loves rodeos, early morning visits to the dog park, ice cream and big sticks