2.5 months young! A little shy but she lovesss getting pets
Loki is, true to his namesake, full of mischief. He loves to attack all our plants and any bugs, flies or creepy crawlies he can get his paws on. Which does come in handy and almost makes up for him not paying rent 😂 Aside from his rambunctious side, he is a very sweet boy. He loves a cuddle with mummy and daddy, especially in the mornings…at 6am….he’s only ensuring we get to work on time so we can continue to fund his lavish lifestyle 😝 can hardly blame him tbh.
Hope is a very loving baby, she loves to run play get cuddles & give kisses,,, She loves her Cat Brothers & Sisters,Her favorite toy is her baby doll & pink stuffed bear. A vote for Hope is a vote that is very much appreciated 💖!!
Bandit was the smallest pup in his litter! He had many health problems as a puppy and said he had no more than two years to live. Bandit is now 13! He enjoys everyday walks, water and tons of cuddles!
Sebastian is the normal rambunctious type of pup. Weighing in at 40.4 pounds; he is all puppy and full of play. Hes not big on barking but prefers to observe from a distance. He is 4 months old and will soon grow into his huge paws. He is pretty chill for a giant schnauzer pup and would love your vote! Pup says "Ruff" as a thank you to all who reads this.
Is 1 years old, 100% Siberian husky, he loves playing fetch, long walks, but most of all he loves talking mess!
Buddys breed is a mix with Bernese and Pyrenees. He love to sing and sleep outside in the shade, he is brown and white and is a big cuddle buddy!
Sushi is a sassy queen. She loves cuddles on her terms and will only accept my chest as her resting spot. She is full of mischief and magic. We love our Sushi girl and she sleeps in the funniest positions.
Smudge is a beautiful sweet boy. He loves cuddles and is the gentlest funniest kitty ever. He likes to attack our feet and he adorss belly rubs!
Morgan was rescued from a storage location where he was abandoned without food nor water. When we rented a storage he came to us and broke our hearts. He was so dirty and weak. We just opened our truck door and he got in. Later we heard that the administrator of the storage location had traps to get him and get rid of him. Now he is a happy cat, so grateful that we gave him a bath without any problem. We love our little creature. Our dear Morgan
Silas is a sweet puppy cat with a personality to die for. He likes to go on walks and even walk the kids to the bus. After his morning walk he likes to curl up on his pillow to nap.
hi im angel, this is me with my best friend in the world! im 12 days older than him.. and im so greatful because him and his mum rescued me when i was abandoned on my own! i love to play and be the boss of the house. im super spoiled love to collect sticks - the bigger the better! i also love to sleep....👀❤️
Einstein is a loving little boy always wanting cuddles and loves to play chase with his toy springs.
Hi I'm Fred, I think I'm around 6 years old but I am a rescue so I'll never really know regardless I still deel like a young kitten. I have no eyes no teeth and no brain cells and so therefore not a worry in the world. Even though I have no eyes I still like to run around the house at 3 AM like I have 20/20 vision. And having no teeth never stops me from trying to eat everything I touch.
Marble is a dog in cat form and the most friendly and inquisitive creature I know. She is the neighbourhood celebrity and has been in more houses than our local estate agent. She loves sitting anywhere high up and accompanying the local children on their walk to school 😻
Willow is a Blue Healer and she’s playful and sweet she’s funny she loves her family a lot ❤️
Huntress is my late husband's companion. The hospital even allowed her to visit him the day before he passed. We both miss him terribly, but I'm keeping my promise to him to take the best care of her. She is spoiled rotten.
Casey is a curious little lady that doesn’t have time for bs. She loves her laser pen, catnip treats and passive aggressively knocking all things off her surfaces. Notice how the whales tail in the photo is broken 🤣. She hates water, quick moving air and Mondays but survives these tribulations by howling for pets and cuddles.
Faelynn loves to climb as high as she can and run around with her toys, fox and duck in her mouth. Each day, she wakes us up with a brrup! Faelynn is not quite 12 weeks old but has a big loving and friendly character and calm demeanour. Beautiful inside and out.
In a world full of chaos, my black cat Suco brings peace, love and harmony.
Cookie is daddy to 4 little ones he was an excellent father he spent much of his time looking after them Although he won’t be having any more due to him been neutered Cookie is also my assistance dog and he is so intelligent and he totally looks after me
Chunky is a sweet guy who loves to play! His favorite toy is a catnip mousey! Chunky had a rough start to life but he’s grown into a big beautiful boy and we love him more than anything!
Paulie And Lucky
Hi im paulie and lucky we are brothers. Paulie like to climb on my human back and eat my human food. Lucky is playful, and like to chase my siblings.
Diego is very feisty, always is trying to chase flies but never manages to get them! He loves interacting with other animals and humans. He has a favorite blanket, which is the only way he’ll sleep!
Saydee May Brinkley
She’s a sweet girl, even though she’s leery on strangers.
Shes my shadow, loves to play and sometimes likes to push my buttons
He is 3 yrs old the sweetest boy he wakes you up every morning jumping on your belly and says good morning I guess (lol). He will put a smile on your face in a instant he's so adorable and funny.
juno loves to lie in the sun with his belly up, he loves a chin scratch and he loves his food.
Ollie is my hip baby. Found crying under a car this very cold windy day she was covered in grease .I believe she was caught and rode in an engine of a car. But she was trying to get warm in the engine which always leads to death. I saw this kitten so cold and crying I couldn't leave her. I gave her pets every time I walked past her and now she grabs you with both hands when I go by so she gets her petting each time. Shes the most beautiful baby inside and out. My baby girl.
Sasha was a dumped cat never shown love or affection and didn't know how to play. she had kittens in the bushes in front of my house . I used her kittens to get her into the garage ,started taking care of them, and got them spayed neutered shots. Etc. she would hiss as swat for the first 6 mos until I used tuna, and she warned up really fast. She is so very loving , tame, and playful even. just the sweetest girl and deserves the best. I'm trying find her and her babies (now just over a year ) the best indoor homes . She is stunning so beautiful . I have to keep them in my bedroom separate from my mom's cats for health reasons .
Boo is a very special girl who cheers everyone up when they feel down! ❤️
Ivy is a very cheeky girl! She loves playing with sticks and stones! She also is a cuddle monster at bed time ❤️
Marianne is a rescue that was going to be sent to the pound after her owner went I to the hospital. She has the cutest sounding meow . Reminds me of Burt and Ernie (burt specifically ). She flips on her head and does headstands when she wants attention. She loves to model for me for photos. So greatful to have her in my life.
Ivy is a crazy, food obsessed, and cuddly bengal kitty at the age of 10 months! She loves to climb walls, play with stuffed elephants, and irritate her big sister, Lily. Ivy has a crazy, playful side, but she is one of the softest and most cuddly kitties you will ever meet.
Charlie is naughty! 😈 loves harassing his sisters, barking at you when you bring him out and loves to be the center of attention! Show him some love 💕
She loves pinecones, harassing her siblings, playing with stuffed animals, her favorite thing to do is cuddle mom and dad, the best girl ever!
Keoshi is a mix of many herding breeds, Australian shepherd, miniature American shepherd, border collie, and Australian kelpie! She’s got a big personality and alot of love to give, she’s scared of new people but starts to love them after the first ten minutes of meeting and gets the zoomies when you blow in her face! She’s seriously the goofiest girl you’ll ever meet!! ❤️
Rebel is our 6 month old puppy. He loves kids, cuddles and giving high fives. He likes when his human brothers and sisters chase him and he loves his walks
Lilo is an outgoing 9 year old cat who loves to talk and play. She is energetic, and loving.
She is real friendly and outgoing
Emma is tiny in size, but huge in spunk and personality. She thinks she’s bigger and tougher than all of her brothers and sisters even though she’s half their size. Always a joy ❤️
Bently is less then 4bs. He was born with swimmers pup. He learned to walk run and bark. So sweet bent bent
Mollie is a 10 month old kitten. She has an amazing personality. Loves cuddles and fuss. Waits for me when i get home from going out. I also have her brother aswell from the same litter. Would be lost without them both
Harry is a Romanian street dog. He is the most laid back dog I have ever owned. Harry loves to climb mountains and long forest walks
Bobby is named after a man called Bobby Firmino who plays for Liverpool. He loves eating too, especially ham
Mo is named after Mo Salah, he also has the transformer logo on his forehead so it was tough decision between rippersnapper, Megatron, and Mo