Mollie is a rescue kitty. When i got her she was very malnourished and scared. She is now fat and happy.
Kittle is 1 of 4 puppies and the only one with color. His siblings are all black
Sky is the sweetest babe you will ever meet. She loves to snuggle and will always give you face licks. She’s a major foodie and always jumps in the fridge to steal her humans food
Vader is true to his name as he is a force to be reckoned with. He loves playing fetch and using the scratching post. He’s wild but super loving
Bambi is 11 years old and a very smart dog. She can even say " i really love you" 😁 She has brought great joy to our lives. She likes to catch soft golf balls that we hit and loves to look for lizards.
Onyx loves to wear his clothes.
My name is Oscar, I’m a very fun and playful cat. I have may different personalities, my favourite things to do are plying with my big sister Daisy and snuggling my blanket. I am totally obsessed with food and I will steal any that is left out. I also love cuddling up with my big brother Woody who is a loving cocker spaniel.
He likes to eat sleep and play with his brother he's lovable adorable to
He has all the energy in the world like any other mutt, except this mutt in particular will die on the field playing fetch🤣 loves his ball and his ball…
Diesel is the sweetest puppy ever! He loves to be cuddled and the center of attention! He’s so precious and brings so much joy to our family 💙💙💙
He is very lovable cuttable he sleeps with us every night in bed under the blankets and wakes us up all the time and he's very hyper energetic and he loves kids
I was born with a birth defect so one of my back legs doesnt work, but it doesnt alow me down when i get the zoomies running through the yard!
Tigger is a handsome fellow that I fell in loved with at three weeks , he likes attention and love to play . He enjoy getting slap around by his dad spirit as well . He is very loving when he in the mood . He watched tv and love to sleep on my lap
He likes playing with his toys bird watching seeing his grandpa and loves giving his daddy kisses
Hope is a very playful cat who absolutely loves to get her way! She loves attention and cuddles in the evening. Christmas is her favorite holiday!
Milo is the biggest baby and never leaves his mom's side. He's always there to cheer her up and brings a lot of joy to everyone he meets.
Very playfull, loves to be by your side🐾
Luna is a Maine coon Siamese mix. Loves food all and any. Loves posing for everyone to show just how gorgeous she is.
Luna loves her funcles (fun uncles), her mom and going to puppy class.
Angel is my girl! She loves her temptation snacks and she loves her scratch pad with the ball!!
Chapo will be 1 year old in November. He loves to cuddle, he loves to play, and his favorite snack is french fries🥰
Loves squirrels, long walks on the beach and tennis balls. Snuggles for days and loves her doggy brothers Axel and Maxus.
She is a mommy's girl and a very happy cat she loves to snuggle and play with her toys
Oscar is a dachshund. He’s very protective of family and his territory. His favorite foods are chicken and Weiners
Noke is a goofy, cuddly, alien trapped in the body of a cat. He chirps in lieu of meows, and won't let me go to the bathroom alone under any circumstance. I've never had a cat that needed to be so close to me at all times and I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Hes very lovable loves to purr likes to play with his best friend karma the dog, loves christmas trees, and eggs on the other dog he doesnt like...sweet all day long but dont make him mad!!!
Nova is the most gentle baby who enjoys being by her momma, being outside, car rides and playing with other dogs and kids. She also is a quick learner and loves to do tricks for a reward !
Lola is a lover. She loves to cuddle mom. She also loves to play. Everywhere she goes, she makes new friends.
She is a great dog good with kids and people
Karma Gandy
Karma is a Catahoula Leopard Dog, Blue pit mix she is certainly a unique dog more human than dog . She will be trained as a Search and Rescue dog for Human Remains, or perhaps lost elderly or children. she has a wonderful sense of scent trailing, and is very brite .She has a sensative soft side for children and cats, she likes to rough house but thats only during playtime with her brother...Jersey...otherwise she snuggles with her bff Gizmo the cat...
Havoc is a 1 1/2 year old American bully who is just the biggest bundle of joy. He loves rolling in the grass, extra snacks, and cuddles.
Jersey boy loves his momma, ......and eating,..books!!!...playing with any kids , affection , hes a Service dog to brighten the days of the young and elderly that have rhe unfortunate luck of finding themselves in a medical situation
Skyla is a very boisterous little girl shes 10 weeks old and already has a personality.she gives the best cuddles.
Bunny was adopted from the Humane Society Serving Crawford County in Bucyrus, OH in 2013. We're quickly nearing her ninth Gotcha Day. She endured a cross-country move from OH to east TX and barely made a peep along the way -- moving a couple miles across the county, though? Absolutely wouldn't shut up. She has an extra thumb on each paw and WILL swat you with it, if you pet her approximately .3 seconds too long. She says she can't use a can opener, but her little brother insists she could if she wanted to bad enough (and what cat wouldn't want to?). The tummy beckons you with its pristine white glow, but it is also a beacon of lies and generally only ends in pain. You vote for Bunny because Bunny would vote for Bunny, and why wouldn't you want to appease this glorious calico queen?
Little Bit
Little bit was a stray that ran up to my coworker, yowling to be picked up and loved. I wasn’t there that day, but my coworker took her home and I came the next day to pick her up. She is the sassiest, sweetest, cuddliest cat I have ever met. She loves to talk and tell you about yourself, plays with anything small. Hunts the here and there bugs that make it into the house and bounces around on everything. She is a huge light in my life and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!
She is a very loving puppy and smart. She loves to play with her toys and loves to run around
Luna is a sassy diva who thinks shes the only cat in the worlddd!
would be dead without kodi
He loves sleeping on your feet and being upside down
Lokum’s a really hungry cat, im convinced he’ll eat me too one day. vote so I can pay for more food lol x
Brandon was found at 8 weeks old in july 2019 in a room where with his 7 brothers and sisters and no food water litter human contact etc so hes a very timid scared and nervous young boy which i couldn't leave in foster when gibbs and oreo are perfect teachers for him and 2 brothers to help reassure him
Coco is a petite Pomeranian that’s just crazy for her fruits and veggies and is just a fun and goofy girl to have a home ❤️
gibbs was hand raised by rescue so hes a very forthright boy that is a happy go lucky lad
oreo is a rescue cat found chilling out laying in middle of a busy road no care in the world a bit of a cocky bugger at times but really is a big baby
i got given daisy at 9 months old in 2013 after millie sister mollie passed away and wanted company for millie in 2019 2 weeks after millie was put to sleep daisy was put to sleep as she was struggling to breathe due to mass next to her heart and lung.
Sir Ben
Elegance has never really been his thing
millie i was given at 12 weeks old she got me through really bad depression and anxiety due to being attacked in 2019 at 14 yrs old her organs started shutting down so she went to heaven i really miss her so much still as those really difficult years millie was there so the really close bond will never be replaced by my other cats as she was a really special cat