Vote for goose! He’s cute, adorable, and loves cuddles. He is 5 months old.
Kash is one yrs old. Kas is great listener and loves for us to shop for him and bring bags home lol He loves to eat, play and chew on rawhides. He is such a happy dog. He loves to make you happy. He loves to wear new clothes, harness and his leashes. He will definitely feel some type of way if you take it off. He will pick it up and bring it to you so you can put it back on. Funny lil doggie I thought I would never love another dog after I put the first one down but Kash was sent from Heaven.
Goliath is a big goofy, loving boy who needs my daughter as his emotional support human! Definetely a lover, not a fighter!
Me Amour
Me Amour is a partner in kayak angling tournaments all over the US. He is my loving emotional boy. He hates it when I catch Northern. He’s so scared, he will jump out an pull the yak, myself, anchor and all!!! Lol! Savannah’s love water. ❤️
meko loves to cuddle and sit outside in the sun!!
Gracie loves to go on walks, play with her human sisters, eat and sleep lol! Shes very spoiled! Loves to play with hair ties we throw them and off she goes!
Renesmee loves to jump and climb around the house. She also love a good nap with her blanket after a long day of playing
Mig is such a blessing to my other Savannah, and my family! He’s not afraid of a thing, other than the vacuum! Lol
Luna is 5 month's old likes to play... alot, loves treats and sleeping
Chester likes to go absolutely crazy and bounce of walls then will flop down into many hours of sleep. Absolutely loves food any type especially Katnip. Loves nothing more to hang upside down and fall asleep will his belly hanging out
Storm loves playing with her purrari toy, she loves sleeping in awkward positions and loves being smoothed before bed
Hi , I'm mickey and I love to be held by my mommy . I love to play and sleep . I also love to have my back scratched , it makes me so happy
Misty And Lana
Misty and Lana are rescues that came all they way from Mississippi and Alabama! They now live a amazing life exploring the mountains and lakes of the Adirondacks!
Chepa is our little chunky bundle of joy
Chapo was adopted as a rescue from the Humane Society. He absolutely loves his new home. Chapo is a very active puppy, love children, playing in the yard with his frisbee, ball, & in his pool. He is a very upbeat and happy dog after everything he has been through. Chapo has adapted well to his new home and loves to cuddle and join in all activities as a new family member.
Hi, My name is Günther. I am 6 years old! I love wearing bowties that my daddy hand crafted for me. I love cuddles and bugging my daddy all the time! I very sweet but also very vicious 😂 ❤️ Cat rules 🤘🏼
Pluto was a foster of mine that I ended up falling in love with in 2019 when he was a little over a year old. His former owner passed away so we ended up with Mr. Pluto. Pluto and I are inseparable. We are always together and he is my pup and I am his human!! Pluto and I will vote for you and your pup if you vote for him!!!! Thank You 😊
Kitty is 8 weeks old and the cutest little girl
Target is a antolian shepherd and great Pyrenees she loves her sister will aka a cat
Sprite is an absolute menace who loves causing trouble but also loves a cuddle with mum and making biscuits on fluffy jumpers 🐱
He loves to play and cuddle
Sweetest boy going loves his snuggles with his mama and favourite treat is DREAMIES
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan is 8 months old and is beginning training to be a service dog. His favorite toy is a tennis ball and will even throw it back to you if he can’t quite reach you. He currently knows touch ( which is a foundation trick for one of his future tasks), sit, down, and go bathroom. He is currently learning bring it, which is a retrieval task.
Spyro is a very cheeky boy and often get carried away with playing but when he decides it's cuddle time has the loudest purr going for such a small boy he was the only baby in the litter so never had to move house
Rambunctious tornado of energy
Lovable and my best friend
On old dog but still young at heart.
Dottie is very talkative and her favourite gift to bring us is the bath plug.
Penny’s favourite thing to do is sleep.
Berry is a very special Cat in my family,she likes to sleep on my lap she likes to play a lot i Also rescued her, Thanks for reading this!
Eddie is our cane corso cross xxl bully. He looks like butter wouldnt melt in his mouth BUT he is a little so and so. He mithers our senior dog and barks for attention. He loves cuddles and as you can see is a little poser when it comes to photos. He gets zoomies regularly and likes to get me up with the birds on a morning. But despite his mischevious side we both love him to pieces. He is very intellegent and enjoys his training
Gizmo loves to snuggle in a warm blanket with his rabbit (teddy) and watch Lady and the Tramp. His favourite part of the day is when it’s time to go outside, which includes making new friends, picking up sticks to drag and playing fetch with his favourite ball. <3 (Yes, he’s named after the Gremlin as he looked like one when he was a baby)
Meow! My name is Pippin. I like scratching, sleeping and eating! I will bite you if you touch my belly😈
Marley is a lovable cat. She loves to make biscuits. Marley loves to cuddle with you when watching TV. Marley was adopted. She has blended well in our family. She is dearly loved.
Hi I’m Karma an xl bully! Currently I love going out on walks while my brother rides his scooter! My favourite part is getting mommy tangled in my lead 👩‍👦🦮
I saved this sweet kitty off of a busy street during rush hour, 82nd street..hence her name:).
Rio Grand
Rio is from Texas! She was only two weeks old when I found her on vacation there. She was trapped in between fencing & covered in fleas back in may. Since then she has made her way back to her permanent home here in Michigan. She is a feisty girl with a BIG Tex attitude.
Just a friendly reminder that an exchange means I vote for you and you vote for me!!! IT DOES NOT MEAN I DO ALL THE VOTING!!!I have availability on Pageant Dogand LullaPanda.I have availability on Pageant Dog and Little Miss Beauty!!! Zoey is a Boxer/Pitbull mix. She was born November 28, 2020. She is full of life and super sweet. She is 1 of 18 dogs that I have taken in. Most were abused but Zoey was one of the lucky ones. Your votes are appreciated and any winnings are used to provide for all of my rescues.
Levi just recently became a part of our family he loves attention and likes to cuddle, he likes to play with his brother Merlin but hates to go out in the rain!!!!!
Bertie is a 10 week old English springer spaniel whom brings so much joy with his playful character and loves a pose for the camera 📸
My friends call me Queso!, cuz they say I’m cheezie!
Reggie is a very sweet loving dog 🐶 no trouble at all and I just want to give him the best
Meet my best friend, Nero. Having suffered with depression four years ago, Nero really has saved me. At 4pm every day he comes along and wet noses me to say, let’s go upstairs and have a nap together; and everyday I follow him up the stairs and we settle down for a nap. He’s a big (very big) softie and loves a fuss. To me, he is the most perfect of cats :)
Waylon is the funniest dog I’ve ever met. He lives for chasing his ball and for pleasing his mom and dad. He is such a good boy and gives the best hugs and kisses. He is a natural when it comes to guarding the property( except when he wants you to throw the ball ). He would be a great ambassador for so please vote for him.