Chase is hilarious! He sleeps above you with his legs wrapped around you. He loves to give you the evil eye lol boy does he make everyone laugh
Cali loves to spend her days outside (after we tried to keep her in and she wouldn't stop meowing and sneaking out so we gave in). She sneezes a lot and the fresh air actually helps her a lot. She's super cuddly when inside, especially during the winter. She loves warm things and places, and used to love snuggling up with her best friend Oreo before she sadly passed. Cali now spends even more time outside enjoying life at it's fullest.
Luna loves to play. She was found outside one night and needed help. The frist night she just wanted to cuddle. Second night she came out of her shell and she is fun to be around loves to sit on feet and take a ride on them. She is playful.
Im 6 months old and full of vinegar. Can be a sweetheart when I want to! I really enjoy riding in cars with my head out now.
Pumpkin is a fiesty little calico cat with a heart on her foot🖤. She's shared so much character, loving and cuteness with us already. She is very loved and spoilt by her family 😍🐈🤗🥰
Skitty is the chillest cat, which leads us to believe she's half ragdoll. She will sleep in any and every position and doesn't care. She's kinda dumb but very cute so it's okay. She loves to climb high but is pretty graceful so she doesn't knock everything over. She also got herself stuck in the ceiling once and nobody knows how.
Phoebe is our 9 week old kitten who loves lots of hugs and play time. All she does is sleeps all day as she it so tiny and has random moments of madness around the house. Her favourite toy is a lazer pen. 😻
She is extremely playful and loves cuddles!
Misty escaped a house fire when she was 5 years old and we adopted her into our home. She is a vocal cat who loves cuddles and tummy tickles! She likes exploring outside but demands validation and attention upon her return!
Daisy loves play time and snuggles. She is truly the sweetest girl. She is 3 months old 🤍
As much as they say that black cats are bad luck , I promise you this one comes with good luck 😅❤️
Vixen is an 11 year olf german shepard chihuahua mix. She loves to wear her sweaters, pajamas and halloween costumes. She's an old lady, but srill full of so much enegry ❤️
He's the life of the party. He wants all the attention on him at all times. He loves his squeaky toys and likes to chase the cats around and drive them crazy. He enjoys laying on the back of the couch looking outside. He hates having his nails clipped and teeth brushed. He's a bed hog. He loves to give kisses. ❤️
everyone who meets pit bulls automatically say pit bulls are dangerous but trust me if you ever met bolt you’ll think he’s the sweetest PIE ☺️
Cooper is a grumpy old man who also loves attention, on his terms. He belonged to my parents for the first half of his life, then after my Mom passed my Dad had to move and couldn't take Cooper with him. He's been running our house ever since.
He's the sweetest and most loving cat I know. He gives the best night time cuddles. He loves to run and play outside and climb trees. He really likes chasing bubbles and grasshoppers. Sometimes he sneaks off to the neighbors house to get a quick snack when he's outside before returning to his favorite spot on top of the patio table to sunbathe. We love our fluffy Loki.
Buddy can be the most affectionate cat then the next minute hes attacks, but we love him and hes little ways.
My beautiful baby girl is a Jackahuahua who is mischievous,fun and very loving. Love's having her tummy rubbed at any time, day or night. She's my whole world 🥰
So willow is 8 weeks old, she is a pleasure to have around shes funny and loves hiding in her toy bag shes very girly and loves to pick her paw up and do a royal wave, shes very affectionate and loves to purr her little head off, she sleeps all night like a good girl, and she follows me around the house shes getting used to her two big cat sisters please give willow a chance she truly is perfection xx
My newly adopted Maine Coon kitten, he is such a zoomer that sometimes drives me crazy. He's 13 weeks and is already a handsome boy. He loves to sleep with people and will purr you to sleep. Though he is young there is already so much character to him and sharing him with people is always a pleasure with how friendly he is. My Fluff Ball!
Titus is THE most amazing dog I have ever owned. The bond that I have with him is almost human like! He is amazing with ANY and ALL kids, and I would trust him with their lives, as well as my own. When he is ready to play, he hops almost like a gazelle, and he loves to ruin my windows!!
Oreo loves to lay on his back. He also enjoys playing with our Guinea pig, nutmeg.
Doja Kat
Doja Kat blessed us with her presence about a year ago, and traveled all the way from North Carolina to be with us here in New York. She works hard making her biscuits every day and treats herself to a size squeezable treat from time to time. She’s so rich she has her own “3 story home” in our living room as well as a “studio apartment” in another room. She loves going back and forth between the two, but will always make pit stops for some hair ties, her most favorite toy in the world
Bob loves cuddles, she sleeps a lot and is very vocal when shes hungry, she is adorable
Luna is a massive love bug who loves nothing more than meeting new people and getting attention.
Luna is a polydactyl and our Halloween kitty.
Faline is very inquisitive, sweet and mischievous. She loves and playing hide and seek and her favorite toy is her sparkly cat wand.
Luffy loves to jump in my lap while I enjoy my morning coffee. He’s a mommas boy and loves ear scratches.
A sweet loving cat who loves cuddles
He loves playing and sleeping and is partial to a sausage 🌭
13 week old kitten with a little elfie ear 😍
Gucci is a 1year old lilac Merle British Bulldog cross Dachshund she can be a naughty little puppy at times but her beautiful blue eyes melt your heart❤️
Gravy is her own person typical cat
Ralphy is 10 week old..he was abandoned at the side of the road ..we fell in love with him and we have had him for 2week ..he’s a proper little character!! Very playful
Poppy is 12 years old and loves a cuddle, she is a very well behaved dog she loves to go on long walks and especially likes going to the beach or playing in any water trying to catch fishes she even thinks there is fish in puddles and tries to catch them
Benjamin is such a playful puppy. He absolutely loves the water and he takes his stuffed duck everywhere with him. He loves to take off with everyone's flip flops.
Boogie is the family pet for sure. He loves everyone and thrives on attention. He is quite an amazing little guy and we adore him.
Luna Da Tuna
Luna is the absolute sweetest cat I’ve ever met, like ever. Loves to cuddle, always joins us at the dinner table at his own spot, lovessssss food, and he’s very very vocal!!
Loves people & going for walks. So playful & loves to relax in the evening by curling up against me 😍
Quincy has extra toes and only loves to cuddle when you're about to get up. She loves to use her extra toes to make lots of bread.
Colby Jack
This is little cheese. It hasn't been his turn for the orange cat braincell for a long time. His eyes are souless and he siphons endless energy from the abyss. I rarely see him sleep. He likes orange things and loves to sleep where he blends in. If you peel carrots within a mile of him he will know and he will spawn from the shadows to try to catch the carrot peels so he can play with them. Anything is a toy to him but he especially loves stealing oranges from the fruit basket and batting them around like a ball.
Molly is a Wire Haired Minature Dachshund with wild boar colouring. At 4 months old She has already mastered sit, stay, paw and lie down. This is Her first trip to Alnmouth beach and was astounded by the texture if the sand. There was much to sniff! Diffing up stone, playing with seaweed and being friendlt with the other bigger dogs. Shes very intelligent and loves nothing but cinema night sitting with her parents with some puppy popcorn. Cant imagine life without her now. She's such a drwam to look after.
She’s unique from her two blue eyes and her absolutely adorable markings. Most of all she’s as sweet as ever !!❤️
Lenny (nickname Lemon) loves the color green, turtles, and watching birds from his turtle bed in the window. He's half Maine coon and a super sweet mama's boy. He spends most of his day sleeping in the window or playing with his little brother, Colby Jack.
Luna is an adorable dapple sausage. She loves cuddles, zoomies, chewing everything and taking long naps.
Honey is as sassy as she is cute. She is a feral cat and her instincts come out quite often. Which can be hilarious! She is prim and proper and typical, and then she gets you. Hahaha she's a feisty little girl. She came to me when her owner died. When I got her her name was Ugly I changed it to Honey because she was soo sweet.
Elvis is a rescue kitten and very mischievous little fella.
We adopted him from the shelter it’s true when they say .. they chose whom they love . He choose us and we are extremely happy couldn’t ask for a smarter , sweetest boy