Elton John
Elton John is a 4 month old fluffy French Bulldog. He was born blind, so he loves toys that make noise.
Loves pets, throwing this toy around for himself, and cuddling
Waffles believes he is the hungriest cat in the world. He likes to break into the cabinets and steal whatever tidbits he can.
Sammi is a playful, lovable sweet kitten, he took the place of our 20 yr old cat that passed away and I feel he has definitely made us all so happy again ❤️😻
SallyMae loves playing with her big brother. Her favorite fruit is bananas. She loves playing at the dog park and being a silly girl. She is 1 years old and is a Australian shepherd
Im super mischievous. I love to hide dads socks and underwear in the litter box, chew up moms bras, and hide my sisters underwear in my hidden spot. Underneath im super sweet and loving. I love hugs and kisses. i always give back hugs and kisses. I love camping with my family, fishing, and hiding from my big sister ❤
Rocky's favorite game is fetch! He is a very unique cat who behaves like a dog sometimes. He also loves belly rubs and makes happy chirps all day long!
Hes a fantastic pup when he's sleeping or not chewing my ears
Sky is a poser in front of the cameras and loves to show of her coat shes a stunning cat and is very loving but dont get me wrong she acts like a grumpy teen when it suits lol , love her lots tho just thought id share as she a fluffy cutie.
Shes a pitsky loves to play with her toys and snuggle up with you at bed time
4yr old miniature dachshund that we rescued about 2.5 mths ago, with a big personality, he likes bubbles, loads of cuddles, fruits and veggies, and loves to sun bathe (when it isn't raining 😄).
Mittens is 6 months old and loves playing with her brother! She enjoys being a menace and causing chaos.
Athena’s Loves to play fetch’s and run she’s very energetic and a cuddler
I saved him from death at 3 weeks old. Momma cat stopped feeding him and two other siblings. Fed them every 2 to 3 hours kitten formal with eye droppers. He was the only one that survived. He got his name at the Vets they looked into his box and said what a tiny little Nugget. He is 2 years old now . Was a in and out door cat . Went missing for 9 days then he came home with a big open wound on his tummy and a hole in his side . Vet figured he was attacked by a dog he had surgery to fix his intestines He survived. Now he is a indoor kitty only. Loves to play and run about. Wakes me up by walking on me then lays on me a licks my arm it’s time for coffee and treats for him. He’a our baby boy . Had a rough start in life. But now it’s all lovings for him.
Shiloh is almost a 4month old pomsky. She is smart, and rambunctious at times but still learning. She will sit, lay and shake. She loves to run, play and chew on things. She does love her cuddles too. She is very much loved.
Pepper is allergic to beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and eggs. Her favourite snack is celery. She goes crazy for it! She also likes to suck the ears of her cuddly wolf friend before she goes to sleep. She is hilarious in many ways and a very important member of our family.
Cooper aka Coop is 8 months old and is full of energy this photo of him was taken when he was about 4 months old, he is great with kids, and loves going on car rides and is like a kid himself going to every family get together to hangout
the sweetest bean you’ll ever meet. The most cuddly loving cat. My bestest friend for the past 2 months after i got her. She’s 4 months old and I just couldn’t ask for a sweeter more loving kitty baby
Beanie is such a sassy, sweet little baby girl. She always knows how to make me smile and pick me up when I’m down.
Bruce Lightning
Bruce Lightning traveled from Hawaii to Az where we found him at a rescue and made him our forever pet. He is a fox hound/grayhound mix. Highly energetic and Fast hence.... Lightning... I always tell him if I had 4 legs I'd be faster too! He's a true arizonian who loves swimming in pools, hiking the mountains and being lazy during our 115* weather lol He is amazing with all the kids on the block and at the soccer field. He loves car rides and takes up half the bed 🤣🤦 He made our hearts whole while making holes ..... In the backyard 🤦 Give him a like, he's worth it 🤗
Crazy little calico, loves to play fetch with her fuzzy ball, is concerned when people sneeze, and is still as soft as a kitten.
Sriracha is, of course, the crazy younger sister. She’s sporadic and absolutely ADORES her mouse toy.
Joey is a real people & dog lover his happiest when his at the dog park playing with other dogs
Deku is a lovable cat who loves food so much he screams when i walk in the door.
Hi, my name is Akila. My hobbies are chasing my tail, playing with other dogs at the dog park, catching flies, training, and annoying my mom! I may look scary but I am actually really nice and love to be pet!
Fynn is my granddog. Isn't he the cutest?
Ghost is the sweetest dog and he loves going to daycare everyday! He loves other dogs and loves all people!
Apollo is a Doberman/lab mix he is about 71/2 weeks old he’s very playful but also loves to cuddle and his little howels and barks are the cutest things ever he loves to play the pretending to yawn and then come straight for the face to give kisses and nibbles.
The picture of wally you see was the first night he met her. Hes a herding dog 100%. He will herd his toys in the back yard, loves to take shoes out there too. Hes a Tri-colored English Shepherd. Hes never met anyone he didnt like.
3 year old tuxedo cat ❤️living my best life
Rowdy Roo
I adopted him when he was just a few months old. He’s now 7 months! Love to romp & play. His new favorite thing is the bathroom sink! How could I be mad! ❤️
Belle is a little lady at times she is 7 month old loves cuddles amd loves to play
This lil animal. Has such a big heart. And an even bigger attitude. Very jealous of the others getting attention. And dont you leave the house without him. Not even walk outside cause he will start reaking havoc. I LOVE HIM ANYWAY. ❤️
My little Ronnie, the shy one at first, but now my little love sweet, loves his brother from another.
Ronnie and reggie, both now 6 mths old.. they are inseparable. Not related but so loving.
She is a rescue cat. Still very very nervous of everything Not often she lets us stroke her. But she loves it when she allows us to
Missy is actually a boy lol we didn’t know until he got older poor guy. He is very much a daddy's boy and loves his treats on time! He is sweet but grumpy when his sister Lyvia is around. 😻
Lyvia is super sweet but onery. She is all white and loves to get in the fireplace lol she's spunky and stubborn. She lovessssss plants 😉
Kimmie is a sweet little sassy diva , she loves to chirp at the birds and snuggle up on my shoulder
Valhalla is a 14 year old female German Shepherd. She is a big Sister and protector of many other animals in the household.
Murphy is as wild as he is sweet. He loves to chew on bones and shoes if he’s sneaky enough. He’s just a baby still but has such a personality. He was the best addition to our family
Bella is a 10 year old senior we rescued from a high kill local shelter. She is the funniest girl with the best personality! ❤️
Kangaroo dressed as a dog lol
Kodiak is a 3 year old yellow lab! He is currently fighting a liver infection but he is finally feeling a bit better! He loves to be outside running and playing. He also loves his furry brothers & sister/kitty siblings! ❤️
Milo is a corgi that loves people and was purchased from some Amish sisters who raise them
Coolest cat in town. Has a sister named Sissy, and a dog brother named Phil.