Dog cat Stories - 56


I am a spunky 7month old that loves to pick on my fur brother Binx! I am always in to something but love being calming and snuggling with mom when she comes home from work!
Miss Boo
Miss Boo loves the camera and her toys. She is my very best friend❤️
Hi! I’m Odee! I love treats, going on walks, and taking naps with my mama. I’m almost one years old, and still growing big and strong! Please vote for me so my mama can buy me all my favorite snacks!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
My 15th Months old English Cream Golden Retriever. A very Energetic dog who loves to play all the time.
He is my daughters best friend: who won’t leave her side since she was born on 7/1/19! He will be 13 on 4/11!!!!! That’s why we got sassie just in a rare case my first baby doesn’t want to be pop anymore! Xox
Mr. Frank
Mr. Frank (aka Frankie Blue Eyes) is a grumpy 12 yr old kitty that is spoiled beyond measure. His favorite thing in the whole world is plastic. He loves to chew it (especially when we tell him no), play with it, and sleep with it. He can be aloof and he is very wary of new people. Once you have his trust though, he will jump on your lap multiple times a day. He’s very quiet and only meows when he wants a treat (he has a designated spot in the kitchen he will go to where he asks politely). Mr Frank is always bleppin’ and just living his best life.
Sassy!! But loves her brother taz who will be 13 years old on 4/11 🤩 and she loves wearing out kids while taz naps!
Remy loves car rides, nature walks, and cuddling!
Lupa loves the cold, swimming, and running around!
Spade loves long walks, rolling around on her back, and chewing on sticks
Diesel is a Pug/Boston Terrier he prefers summer to winter but likes whenever the sun is out he enjoys playing in his pool in the backyard and chasing his volleyball around he hopes you vote for him because he will give sweet puppy kisses if you do 🥰🥰
Iris is a 6-month-old Siberian Husky. She is a very loving and energetic puppy. She loves to play outdoors, especially in the snow!
Duke is a 3 month old pit who is a energetic lovable purebred pitbull, he loves to meet new people and loves to play and also to receive any type of affection all he does is eat, sleep, and bring your spirits up when you’re feeling down
Born August 2020 unexpectedly from a queen found and rescued from a gumtree listing ❤️
Meet Daisy! She is a 6 month old Bassett Hound.. she loves naps, belly rubs, treats and to play with her toys. At night she watches blue planet or animal planet to go to sleep. Her best friend is a stuffed dog named Hazel. She is a huge cuddler. She sometimes snores haha. She love to give kisses. She love kids! On sundays we go to the dog park to see her friends! She chews up mail haha. But shes working on that.🐕✉ she loves to go for walks in the evening. Daisy is a really cool pup!
Bleu loves to play ball for hours at a time and loves unlimited treats. Please vote for him because he’s the cutest!
Rafiki is a gentle giant, the fluffiest boy in the world. He loves cuddles and stealing my kitchen sponges 🧽
Casper is such a dad he loves taking care of kittens and teaching them the ways of the world. He’s also been my support animal for four years now. He’s helped me so much with my ptsd
Melo Rashaad
Melo is a Puppy Poochon who loves frozen blueberries and diced apples 🍏 He’s super friendly and goes to visit everyone in the neighborhood during his daily walks! He’s recently learned the command “sit” and how to spin on his hind legs! 🐾
Luna is a beautiful one year old pure bred Australian Shepherd. She love to run around and play and the can never get enough play time
Dotty is a retired Greyhound. She is a sweet girl. Loves to eat🍴
Cali is a beautiful 10 week old Shar Pei who is so soft and lovable. Shes still new to my home but she is already so attached to me! Im one proud dog mommas
Bella is a boisterous, outdoor loving, gorgeous staffordshire bull terrier who is 2 years old. She can jump about 6ft and cries when you leave a room. But she is the best friend ive always wanted. Bella has skin allergies which are treated with immunotherapy. She is allergic to dust mites, pollen etc. But we wouldnt have her any other way
Hey al! This is my husky pup Macchiato or Machi for short. She’s a super energetic and is the sweetest pup you’ll meet! ☺️
Mushu Rogers
He is so sweet and loving at the same time naughty at 8months old this kitty has brought my family so much joy and laughter
Tougher than a bull and sweeter than honey <3 she loves peanut butter and is smarter than a 5th grader! Poor baby has arthritis
Miah loves playing dress up and ,loves cuddling and loves going on car rides
Freddy Aka Freddybear
I cannot think of any dog, no offense, who deserves to win more than my FreddyBear! He has been through so much in his 17 months on this earth & is still facing some troubles ahead. Please read his story & vote for my boy! Freddy was a rescue from a puppy mill. I adopted him Feb 15, 2020, right before the world shut down. I adopted him with a broken leg from a foster who threw him down staird, ear mites, a yeast infection in his ears & kennel cough. But he instantly became part of our family & our hearts. He is my lovey big baby boy. 3 weeks ago he was neutered & got a severe scrotal hematoma from the surgery. He has been on alot of medications since then & is facing another surgery. Even when he couldnt walk well from the pain, had trouble urinating & was on Fetanyl pain patches, he always smiled. He always made sure to show me love & affection when i just wanted to show that to him. He is the most beautiful, most special labradoodle I know. Please Vote for him!
She is super soft and fluffy. She loves to lay on her back. She smells like fabric softener.
Maisie is a energetic loving kitten. Who does the funniest things. She is little sister to Milo.
Loves going out...likes his soft toys..and loves football
My cheeky little monkey 🍌
hello I'm Sky I like to conquer all people with these wonderful blue eyes like the sky and my parents gave me this fabulous name I'm a little naughty I can't stand still, I run everything and my favorite season is winter I like to play on snow and take my parents for a sleigh ride🍗❄️🛷
Rescue puppy came over from ireland after being abused and beaten. Most loyal and cuddle dog ever
Hi I'm Sasa I'm not very loving because this is my way of being I have my moments of love for my parents I sleep on my mother's pillow and I play all day I really like paper cubes😌😂😻😽😽😽
Mako is very rambunctious. She loves to play with cords and take care of her two mommies at home ❤️
Patsy Baby
Patsy baby started living with us after one of my patients had a stroke. She spent the first 2 weeks hiding on top of the kitchen cupboards and fridge. But she is very lovey with us now!!!
Sweetest Dog, loves babies and people of all ages Adopted from Chattanooga Humane Educational society 7/19❤️
Zander is an almost 2 yr old american pit who loves car rides. He is training to become a helper dog for the quadropedic that he live with.
Mr. Meeseeks
I'm Mr. Meeseeks, Vote for Me!
Diesel is a cuddle bug that loves his brother and sister he thinks hes bigger then what he is