Lucky is a cheeky mischievous girl full of fun and loves to get my shoes for me before walkies
Charlotte Pepper
Ms. Charlotte Pepper is a keen observer of EVERYTHING! She figures out how a toy works and THEN will play with it ..hard. She’s a lover of Rootbeer floats. My sweet girl is always camera ready. I am certain she’s an “Old Soul”with a forever kitten spirit. World Champion Mouser with a very odd but special technique to bait her pray! 😀 A sneezer many times a day. ( hence her Pepper middle name ). Deliberate in everything she does from love, play and her growth with learning about this big old world. Charlotte Pepper fills my once empty world healing my heart through the greater joy she brings to me and to everyone she meets. My World is complete ♥️
Bob is a 14 week old playable kitten who loves his toys and loves his brother
Josie is a mini Aussie with a huge personality! She loves making furry friends with most and playing with her toys.
Meet Klaus! Klaus came to the shelter with an injury to his front leg, needing it to be amputated. The moment I met Klaus I knew he had to be mine so I took him home as a foster. He ended up fitting right in and making our lives brighter. Though he is missing his front leg, it never slowed him down from being his goofy self. He loves making new friends, human and furry friends. He helps teach his fosters how to be a cat again. He truly is one of a kind!
This young cat sparkles is a male and full of love ❤️. Such a funny kitty in this picture he is upside down on my desk in the middle cubby just barely fit in there but alway wanted to be where I was not far away , he stole pens, mail, chargers anything he could carry and play with !!
Tobi is a 2 year old hava-poo, very lovable and very active dog
Fuzzy Butt
Fuzzy butt is an amazing cat he loves to play out side he is quite the dare devil fuzzy loves his lickable cat treats and loves to bird watch fuzzy Butt likes to sleep on his dads pants and loves taking baths fuzzy butt love to play around and chase your feet we raised him since he was a kitten and ever since then he had been the prince
Ellie loves her balls she loves to chase her balls for hours if you throw she will chase, she also loves her rawhide sticks and treats, is I kind of a jelly bean of her brother bear, loves to go for walks she is a real Love
Bear is a fiesty little guy who can also be very loving. He loves his rawhide sticks and treats. He will follow you anywhere and loves to cuddle
He loves to be outside chasing mice naughty boy
Tinkerbell Tink
😍 My Tink is a friendly bouncy frisky lil cat 😸She is going to be 2yrs old .. She loves playing hide and seek .. She climes up to the highest places possible very energetic lil disaster 😽& She has an older sister 😼 Skyler who she drives crazy lol 😹
She is a brindle staffy and loves her walks everyday snd she's just full of energy and fun and is 3 years old and loves to go to walks on the beach
Phoenix loves to make biscuits. Play with his catnip toys and cuddle close to you for belly rubs. Handsome boy ❤️
Simba was given to me right before Christmas. He loves being around other dogs, and loves meeting new people. He loves his toys. Especially the ones he chews to pieces.
Tah-ledo Mittens
Likes tuna, chicken, and salmon. Loves to cuddle and Loves being outside. He’s a very happy kitty.
he loves to snuggle and attack your feet in your sleep lol and he is a big mamas boy
Beefy keeps getting mistaken for Harrison ford.
Stewie loves playing and following his big brother Melo around the house. But he loves cuddles the most! 🥰
She was a tiny stray kitten we took in.. She talks constantly and purrs
Melo is a little mischievous mama's boy. Everything and anything is a toy to him. There's nothing that he loves more than playing with water and taking long naps in the sun ❤️
He likes to play with his teddy a d to share our bed
Lol Moo Moo
Lil Moo Moo is the daughter of curly Sue. She loves to rough House with her brothers and sister and her pet Rottweiler puppy. She's a very sweet and loving girl.
Adopted Dimple back in February when he was 4 months. He lovesss to play with anyone’s shoe laces and loves to go outside (of course always supervised). He’s super affectionate and friendly. Pls vote for my cute kitten dimple. 💚
Miss priss lol Cappy is going on 13 years old. This is her first contest. She was rescued from a home that kept her in a car carrier for the first 9 months of her life
She was a beautiful addition to our family, but she was sadly taken from us too early. I'm doing this in hopes to bring awareness to others and make sure to give your 4 legged friends the love they deserve. My boys would love the fact that their best friend is still touching hearts even after her passing.
Lil Moo Moo
Lil Moo Moo is the daughter of Curly Sue.
Sultan is a very calm relaxed cat he loves when it’s sunny
Brecken is a baby! Rescued as just a little puppy, she's completely fearless and loves to explore the farm she lives on. She’s onsessed with tracking rabbits and squirrels, but will also be just as happy to cuddle on the couch with her mama and big sister. She has a wild personality and is full of love
He loves his walks, he is a compassionate and empathetic dog who also loves human interaction. He has a unique stubborn attitude which makes his owner laugh often, loyal to the bone and is a good cuddler that warms the heart.
Kandy Kane
Those ears can pick up Tokyo,Japan & mars!!! She will play with one piece of her dog food for 45 mins. When all her brother & sisters are sound asleep. Very quietly,& self amused having the time of her life with tossing it up in the air, then looking excitedly to where it lands,shes hilarious,&will have my belly hurting from watching her.. the only dog out of 6 of her litter mates that survived a house fire!! She is the best dog baby sitter for her younger siblings Hand down!! Very mild mannered & laid back attitude,that differs from her breed. Extremely lovable and friendly!!!!
Her name is pronouced (Newt). She is sooo loving. She is a Shepard mix breed, as she was a rescue from our local humane society. She is 4 and half months old and smart as a whip, and of course in her raptor stage of growth.
Hoarder cat from birth, got him under 6 weeks old and Oreo is very playful & loved.
Bailey is a total mama's girl, never being far from me and preferablly always touching. She loves snuggles and going for hikes with her little sister. Going to the river to swim is her favorite summer activity, as long as she gets a cookie afterwards <3
Skye is just the sweetest little thing. Every day that I come home from work she’s at the door with the toy just waiting for me. I just know no matter how my day goes. She’s always excited to see me and it always puts a smile on my face.
Narla is a older girl who is still very much a puppy at heart who loves to do tricks especially if there’s a tree going for it and more then anything she likes to cuddle her pillow and nap on the sofa
Betsie is out grumbly, snorty loveable gremlin. She loves EVERYBODY and has no idea what personal space is! Her fave thing's to do are sleep, get lots of cuddles and run around like a lunatic at the park
Maggy is a wee mischievous bundle of joy.She loves going walks & has so much energy & runs around the garden. She's a bolognese vote for me I'm beautiful xx
Ludo loves bed!!! Hates the cold loves to sleep sleep sleep loves teddy bears
The most beautiful princess in all of the land
Introducing Leo, the most charming Tuxedo Cat you'll ever meet! He's a connoisseur of Friskies wet cat food, a master of lounging around, and a laser dot-chasing expert. Leo is not just any cat - he's the winner of The Paw Print Calendar contest that I entered him in. I adopted him on my 17th birthday, after losing my beloved tabby cat, Fifi, two and a half years earlier. Leo has brought so much joy and affection into my life - his playful personality never fails to brighten up my day. I feel grateful to have him as my loyal companion.
Colby Jack
Colby Jack likes to play fetch. Loves cat treats. Loves to cuddle.
He loves slippers and belly rubs he’s a Romanian rescue
Pippy is crossed between a few things she has bug like eyes and is the most gentle dog she try’s to eat flys but is terrified of a butterfly..
Peaco is a Siamese and is 9 yes old. He thinks he's a dog as he was brought up with a dog. He is the most gentle and placid cat IV ever known. He's my therapy.i love him so much.