Hello I’m fez! Im a shepherd/lab mix I’m a puppy that is full of energy and love to play outside!
Jingle Jangle
Jingle jangle loves to sleep. Hes very lovable and he loves giving kisses by licking your nose. He climbs in bushes and when u walk by he like to jump out and scare you. He is very playful
My name is Rico My favorite human food unknown yet My dog food is dry and wet food Best friend mom and dad My biggest fear unknown yet Favorite thing to do play eat and sleep Favorite place to sleep next to my momma and daddy I like car rides My job giving loves
This is our rescue Buddster. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was returned already 4 times at 8 months old. He’s the sweetest little doofus you’ve ever met and instantly makes best friends wherever he goes <3
Dexter is a very silly and vocal cat! He loves to snuggle with me on the couch and sleeps next to me every night. He’s spoiled and loving. Dexter is great with dogs, as well. He has a Yorkshire Terrior best friend.
Colt Forty Five
Colt 45 is a rescue kitty rescued from the HOV lane of 45 South. We love him so much. He is a crazy kitty though that likes to sneak outside, wrestle his older kitty brother, and eat all day !
Beautiful loving little kitty that likes to talk Definitely different 🥰 She’s more human than cat ♥️
She loves to play with her mousey. Will play fetch like a dog with it even! She is not a peoples cat. Loves to be left alone and nap
Cali Girl
She is the best cat she is my best friend always there for me .
Oreo is going to be 2 on May 17th. She is Angels sister. Oreo is a rambunctious beby, she loves to bolt around or lay around and eat plants. She dosent like many but after some time she may like you. She also loves the color blue, and sushi! Thank you for all the votes in advance we appreciate them.
First thank you for taking time to vote for Angel. She helps her mommy out when she has seizures and when stressed. We appreciate all the votes we get. She loves to go outside, only can with a leash and harness.. she is a sweetheart She loves to climb She is very curious Loves toys and catnip Eats grass and plants Turned 2 on May 17 2022
Ita Bit
He is a sweet kitty 🐱 loves his treats here he is waiting patiently for them he also has 6 toes on each foot
Fluffa Roo
He is a old soul follows me like a puppy when ever I leave the room or sit at the table for dinner he waits for me and greets me at the door when I come home 🏡
This upcoming May will be Phoenix's first gotcha day as I adopted him May 9th, 2021 🧡
Bella is a 6 month old Australian Shepard that loves to play!!
Milo loves to act like a dog by playing fetch with his favorite ball, and try to eat table scraps! Dont leave the butter out, milo will devour it haha
Kit Kat
Loves to be outside or cuddling her dogs ❤️ Full of energy and with Kit Kat in the house you don’t worry about bugs. MUST come into the bed at night every night to cuddle🥰
Tilney is a Disney princess cat. She loves to pose for photos, and is pretty easily content. She doesn't like most other cats and likes most humans, even though she can be standoffish. Nee-Nee likes to stick to a schedule, and no matter where she is, she will come to let you know it's time to go to bed at 10pm. Tilney loves to curl up on your neck and...lick it. But her cuddles are worth it! She has a dainty meow that also sounds fake, it's so pretty. She loves to eat your "chicky" and is the only cat in the house who will beg for human food. Tilney has the cutest foldy ear that she got when she was a young, wild cat. She still gets the zoomies and brings her toys to bed to share.
Biggest baby you’ll ever meet! Loves to be outside playing, or even on the couch snoozing, but no matter what he needs to be touching you
Emma Lou
Emma, or Mim as we call her, is the sweetest, most gentle cat. She sleeps with her human every night and likes to eat at the dining room table (standing on a chair to eat the way people do). Mim loves treats more than anything and gets excited for her dental treats every morning and night. While she loves cuddles, she hates it when cuddles end, and will whine and growl if she's made to move. Emma gets along with all cats, but is picky about humans. She doesn't know about personal boundaries, and will eat your hair and lick your eyeball for no reason but curiosity. Emma is small (8 pounds), but meows louder than any cat you've ever met, and it's a beautiful yell!
She's a big goof ball who loves attention and will nudge you when she wants to play. She might be 4 but acts like a big puppy.
Clyde is the goofyest dog in the world and tge best dog he loves playing with hus big brother and eating biscuits 😀😀😀
Marmite is a funny character. She loves to hold hands and put her paw over your mouth when she is fed up of you talking. She loves to chase flies and loves constant cuddles and attention
She's very playful and affectionate.. lots of energy and very curious.. she's so intelligent and very sociable as well...
Snow White
snow White loves her family.
Toodles likes to drink water from the sink, knock anything and everything off the dresser. Paws at himself in the mirror, and clicks his jaw until he gets attention!!
Teddy bear has a heart of gold. He loves everyone he meets human and dogs. He is the love of my life and gives unconditional love 24/7.
Just look at that mustache!
Malibu is just over a year old. Absolutely loves being outside playing with her toys. Malibu is full of personality and loves meeting new people.
She loves to play fetch, she loves to cuddle and she loves kids.
Emma is a one room cat, we have two other cats, but she prefers to stay in our room.
Ava Lynne
Ava is 10 years old! She loves tennis balls and eating pasta!
Mateo King
Hello this is Mateo he's a very good boy. He loves to go on walks and enjoys lots of cuddles!
Hi, I'm Milo. I love my family and my brother Psy. I love playing fench.
Jessie is fun loving little soul that loves nothing more than cuddles and getting up to mischief. She loves the beach and has a great relationship with her kitty brother Albie
Winston is my rescue baby, we rescued him two years ago from a lady chaining him up to the side of her house. Now, hes a spoiled rotten house dog, hes won over everyone he comes into contact with and is rhe best fur babe!
Ginger is a beautiful tabby cat with very interesting markings. We rescued her from a Walmart parking lot when she was about 4 weeks old. She carried herself like a Queen and we treated her as such. She loved getting canned cat food in the evening and would vocalize her disdain with you if you were late with it 🙃 She would’ve been 5 this year. Unfortunately, we had to take her to the emergency vet and have her put down recently after a speeding car hit her and broke her jaw. It was horrible. But in her remembrance I wanted to share how absolutely majestic and beautiful Ginger was…..
Snoop is the happiest most loyal dog I’ve known he loves other dogs and his best mate is our cat❤️🙂
My handsome boy Cupid is a ball of energy, excitement, and full of love. He loves to play with his squeaky toys, hide and seek, and most of all loves to give kisses after a refreshing day of sunbathing. Cupid is 6 months and only getting goofier by the day. Vote for my boy 💛
Buster is an amazing family member he is loving and caring and gives lots of kisses
Quinn is very loving and is always there for you!!! Only 9 months old..
Annabelle is much like a fox! Her tail even makes her look like a fox. She loves to scare Thumbalina, my tiny inside chicken. She also loves treats and tripping Mom all over the house!
Ares is named after the Greek God of War, but his demeanor is quite the opposite! Ares was rescued from a shelter in Louisiana at approximately 8 weeks old. Ares is now 10 1/2 years old! We love to howl together as a family. His favorite songs include the theme song from The Office and Happy Birthday!
Im Stan-yee (Forrest) Wilson...I was a stray living in the cold with no one, but since my dad took me home.... I have become the most loving and needy cat you will ever met (😀). The only cat known that loves belly rubs and can have it rub for hours upon end. I do have some issues however LOL. I dont meow very good, can barely hear me, its more of a hiss. I also don't know how to retract my claws very good, and I chirp all the time for no reason, whatsoever! But, my dad loved me enough at first sight to take me in and save me. I love my dad! I wouldn't know what to do without him nor him me! :) 😻
Just so you no he is german Shepard massif. He is as he looks goofy and a million. He is 1 years old and wants to win every persons heart. He is not only my best friend he is my kids best friend. Remi loves to run, jump, bark and get into garbage( were working on that one) but he listens very well for daddy. I got remi to have my family learn compassion and we all have knocked it out of the prak.
Peanut is obviously not a cat but why not enter him its not fair just cats and dogs can enter 😉 my Peanut is the cutest thing ever and always greets us with love and affection. Hes very playful and full of energy. His favorite treat is peanut butter filled pretzel..
He loves cuddles always finding a way to get your attention
My name is Quinn. I’m 6 m/o. I love playing in the yard with my siblings. I also love ice cubes, blowing bubbles in puddles and my water bowl too.