Peggy is a badass, she wears her heart on her sleeve then will claw the shit out of you! She loves like no other and loves the outdoors.
Bingo is a playful puppy who loves keeping his family on their toes!
the sweetest man
Teddy Sanchez
Teddy loves to play and cuddle, he is like a little teddy bear soft and cuddly.
My cat’s name is Mulan. She is such sweet cat. She don’t like strange people. She is outside. She sit on the window and she watch me while wash dishes in kitchen room. She accept let my 3 years old son pet her. She love kid.
Bentley is a family loving dog, she enjoys being in nature and surrounded by her dog friends!
Athena, or "Peanut" as I like to call her, is my psychiatric service animal 🐕‍🦺! She's just 4 months now but will grow to be quite large! Her favorite thing in this world is ice cubes!
Sylvie is my wild child, very rambunctious and always keeping the other cats active with her constant teasing. LOVES kippers and tuna. Only wants to cuddle in the morning, in the bathroom, around my feet. Is an incurable cat nip fiend... seriously, we've done all twelve steps, it's hopeless. She prefers men even though she was born and spent the first few months of her life in my lap, but will howl for me to come out of the bedroom in the mornings because she needs her feet cuddles.
Chloe is very playful, smart, lovable dog. She loves taking walks and playing with her favorite toys. At bedtime she has to sleep with her blanket and squeaky toy.
Skittles is a cuddle bug. When she’s not cuddling with her mommy, she’s having the time of her life running around outside. Her favorite toy is a rope that’s three times her size, but she doesn’t mind. She’s more than happy to do tricks, as long as you give her a treat😉
Follow my instragram at Olithegoof ✨ Float like a butterfly 🦋 Sting like a bee 🐝 I am Oli 🐶
Cooper is a lover! He just wants to cuddle all 5 lbs with you and a blanket. He enjoys soaking up the sun and chasing a squeaker ball.
Lu Lu
Lu lu is a very playful 2 yr old tabby cat...she loves playing with her laser light and her favirote twins!!!
Sugar Ray
Sug was adopted by us last fall after a rescue saved his life! He was set to be euthanized but got rescued just in time!!! He is now our best friend, and we are so lucky to have found him!! Quickly becoming the best dog we’ve ever had!!! Sug has a tooth that sticks out all the time, so most of the time his tongue hangs out. He is the silliest dog I have ever met. He’s extremely happy and always smiling at us. I think he knows he has found his FOREVER home!!! We love you Suggie!!
This is Smokey, his favorite thing in the world is loves 😍❤️ He will follow me everywhere I go. He's so rotten as you can tell lol. It was very hard to choose a picture. Please vote for my baby. He also loves to get loves and licks from his cat brother.
Delilah loves having the kids chase her though the yard and playing with her mom! She was the runt of the litter and absolutely stole my heart
Willow loves napping
Taz’s name is from Tazmanian Devil (cartoon) he definitely is a wild kitten and always on the go and a terrorizer. He’s extremely playful.
This is Stormy, he loves being a buthead and definitely loves going outside. His favorite things to do are eating and sleeping. And bullying his brother (playing around) we always call him our handsome man lol. P.S. He acts like a rich kitty 🤣❤️❤️😍😍
Mello, is one of most Mello laid back dogs there can be. He’s super friendly and laid back, he is a big cuddle bug and a big ol baby!
Garfield has the perfect name from the old school cartoon most of us love and enjoy. He’s a big fat love bug. He’s lazy as heck and loves people!
Ms. Calyspo, often called Callie Cal, is an independent diva, but she's a secret lovebug. As long as she's under a blanket, hidden from the eyes of others, she'll sit purring on your lap until it's time to chase whatever she first lays her eyes on.
This my service dog and best friend he is my side kick and goes every where with me im so happy for him
Dipper is a goofy cat. This is him as a kitten. He is the second runt of his litter and is a bit bigger than his sister Mabel. Dipper enjoys destroying toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls while his parents sleep. Dipper has made mom think there was a ghost three times since she’s had him, as she’s found cabinets and drawers open. Dipper likes to steal a sip of whatever you’re drinking when you aren’t looking, his favorite is your ice water. His favorite toys are simply trash, he would much rather have the packaging it came in than the toy itself. Here he’s seen with one of his few acceptions the chameleon. Dippers obsession with chewing on feet have gotten him in trouble numerous times and has earned him the nickname Toe Goblin.
She loves to cuddle. She has been with me for 3 years. Got her cuz i was depressed and lonely.
He absolutely loves being outside. He is a 20lb cat of pure muscle. (He really is just big for no reason 🤣) but don’t let his “evil eye” and his size and his very sharp claws get you scared. He is just the absolute sweetest love bug to have around. He loves curling under the blankets with you and will nudge you in the back of the knees when it’s bed time (yes he was upset we were outside without him. The absolute look of utter betrayal 🤣) 🥰🖤
This is Mabel’s kitten picture! She loves sitting on the balcony and watching the birds. Mabel drags in sticks from my planter outside by the mouthful so she always has a stick to play with. She is the smallest runt of the litter and after a year still appears to be a kitten to everyone who meets her. Mabel spends her days cuddling up with her brother Dipper while he forcefully cleans her.
She’s a black cat (a miniature at that🥰) and out of everything around her, she chose this spot 🤣 (A “spooky” cat?- A Goosebumps book?) She will just absolutely scream until you pick her up 🖤🥰
Nemo loves to play with his daddy.. he is sweet unless he is hungry. Then he is acting like he is starving.. he loves to play with random paper balls.
Jasper is a 12 month old dapple, miniature dachshund! He loves peanut butter, bananas, and of course milk bones. He loves cuddles especially when he has been bad (he chews on everything) but who could stay mad at a face like that?
Hoosier Whiskey Mary
They are all strays and i brought them in and they are my lil furfamily .mary was pregnant when i found her in Indiana. She gave birth to 4 babies and they were sets of twins .Hoosier was found in a feild in Indiana when some one droped off and left her there 🐾🐾 we moved to Florida and they are all still with us they are looking at a Lizard lol
We found Dusty in a car engine bay. He it the most lovable creature. His favorite toy is his fish on a pole. And he loves cuddling his brother. He is our cross eyed little bug!
Nala is a people person, he loves laying on your lap while you’re on the couch or cuddling next to you in bed. He’s a also a great alarm clock, at 5 in the morning he will cry in the hallway if any bedroom doors are shut! All in all he’s a great cat with a quirky personality!
Belle is a 12 year old Black Lab, and shes been in our family for all 12 of those years! She loves peaunt butter, belly rubs, but most importantly, her people!
Hiiii I’m Benji! I love to play, and hate when mama makes me go to bed. My favorite snack is peanut butter, and I love kisses and cuddles! Ma lets me play with socks but her hair is off limits. when I grow up I want to be a professional howler.
Maizie is approximately 3 years old and came to us from the streets! She is still learning to love but we know we love her more than anything!
Teddy Cookie
Very hyper, very energetic with eyebrows on fleek. Always loves to play. When excited he pees. Loves to bite his own tail and goes in circles. Loves treats!!
Sadie is an English Lab who loves her treats, belly rubs, and her people! She also loves her senior sister Belle who is 12 years old! She is the sweetest puppy and loves everyone!
Rip loves to camp and he’s in his element in the tip of the thumb of Michigan here!
just a sassy, silly girl❤️
Capelli Corte
Capelli was a pregnant stray that friends of mine that live in indiana took in until she had her babies. After all the babies were adopted they delivered capelli to me 800 miles away. She is queen of the castle(she thinks) no one can enter the house without petting her or acknowledging her.
My dog’s name Butch. I get him since when he was two months old puppy. He is 7 years old now. He is friendly sweet dog. He is good with my cat. He is a service dog. He with me all time. He sit the door and he look at me and he wait for me. He need go outside potty. I follow him walk in dinner room. I feed him some dog food and water. Someone knock the door and he barks at the door because I am deaf. I know him bark at door. He hate bath and vet.
He likes to sleep in my lap
Nala is my other dorky cat. She acts more like a dog sometimes, and she's best friends with Luna. She loves to play with anything, and she doesn't know the word space she loves to open the bathroom door if I take too long
Bowie is very sweet and loves kids! He barks at nothing sometimes as small dogs do lol, he thinks he’s a cat and sleeps on the cat tower along side our two cats. :) We saved him from a bad situation where he wasn’t being cared for properly. Now he gets all the love in the world from our family and his cat sisters!!
The sweetest girl in the world.
Hi guys! I’m maple I LOVE meeting new people and giving kisses but mom says kisses aren’t normally the first thing I should do when I meet someone.. Oh well I still do it though! I love chasing my toys as well, actually did I just hear a squeak? I think so I got to go.. catch you guys later!