Daisy Mae
Loves car rides and to play fetch Loves cuddles
Casper is the most attentive pet loves every member of the family but is mad as a brush all a the same time
He started life being dumped in a bin bag… now living like a king 👑 “Please vote for me” love from, Murphy 😻
Oliver is the cuddliest cat around. He loves exploring but always comes back for cuddles and kisses. He even hugs like a real little human! He must have an old soul at heart 💛
Crumbl is a two month old Dorgi (dachshund & corgi mix)who’s ready to take on the world. He’s energetic, loving, and more than playful.
Beck is a rescue dog. Before i took him in he was living on the street, infested with fleas and was filthy. He was very neglected by whoever owned him before. He’s my best friend; we literally do everything together. His favorite things are: car rides, getting pup cups, chicken nuggets, his french fry squeaky toy, napping, running around outside and visitors. Beck deserves votes because he had a rough start to life, but with a little TLC he is living his best life now.
Willow was brought to me by a friend. She was all alone in the woods, a baby. She has been with me 3 years now. She is my everthing. There are no words to describe how much i love her❤
Bruce was a stray found under a car, first picture shows him after getting him cleaned up, he was quite young when we found him around 4-7 weeks. Bruce is crazy and talkative but that’s why we love him so much!
Twinkles is a sweet little 6 month old kitty that loves to play, jump, sit on her laptop, and snooze. She’s great at hunting bugs and squeeze up treats are her favorite above all else.
Travis Barker
I am a lil punk lol I am in my puppy phase. I have learned come, sit, off, but no bite is a ruff one! I am teething so what do you expect?!?! My mom named me after Travis Barker because I had the same facial expression in my puppy mug shot as he did in one of his big event pics. I like chasing squirrels, and moth hunting at night.
Bentley was a rescue dog who was very malnourished but found his forever family, Bentley loves to cuddle, he loves lots of treats, he knows sit, stay, sweep,lay, and speak. He is also the best trained ESA dog ever, check out his tiktok: @ycram.38_
Hi, my names Elvis. I am 15 weeks old and love cuddles and play time with my two mummies and my other doggo friends, I am very energetic along side the other pups my breed. I get told I’m so bloody cute all the time, I can see why, must say I do have some gorgeous markings not to brag🤩 please vote for me❤️
Bubba is a lab sharpie mix loves all his toys walks and car rids loves everyone he meets and loves to play with his brother cat
Jack is a fun 4 month old kitten he loves to do zoomies around the house and carry toys everywhere in his mouth he love his dog brother and loves everyone he sees
Bubba is a lab sharpie mix he loves walks car rides and toys and his cat brother he will be a year told in October he loves everyone he meets
Willow is less than a year old, she was born on Christmas Day! She loves tuna, sleeping and playing with Dipper, her dog best friend! She also loves to hold hands and has her own tiktok account!
Marlo is a Shi-Chi and is 2yrs old. He is a little cuddle bug and definitely is a momma’s boy. He loves to play and go for walks. And loves to play dress up.
Mary is an absolute sweetheart! She loves to cuddle. She comforts you when your having a bad day and she loves to be petted. However, she is very shy and timid and will hide from people she doesn’t know.
Wednesday definitely lives up to her name. Just like sour patch candy, she can be sour and sweet. At the end of the day she loves to relax on her favorite spot on the couch and have her head rubbed.
Dipper loves playing with his best friend Willow, he loves playing at the beach, meeting new dog and socialising with them!
-She is a Tabby Maine coon mix- Lizzy is almost a year old. She is very friendly and is on play mode from the time she wakes up till she sleeps. And literally purrs most of the day.
Beans is now 7 months old! He is a domestic shorthair cat. His favourite things to do is wake me and my family up early in the morning by biting our feet and attacking us. He is my cheeky ginger bestie x
Loves long walks, playing with her friends, giving cuddles and kisses, agility and new adventures to go on 🐶
Hello! My name is Toby! I am a one year old british shorthair. I Loooooove to eat and also love to have cuddles with my mum! i am a very flooofy cuddly ball!
Boo Boo
Boo boo is a rescue cat she was dumped in a black bag and chucked under a bush by the side of the road when she was a tiny kitten,
My 5month old pearly is a 30mph fur ball & loves nothing more than swingin from the chandelier.She is so gentle & clever & did i say can reach speeds of 30mph ? .Her favorite treat is lickylicks & would probably sell her beautiful soul for a salmon flavoured lick lol
Floki, named after the Viking boat builder. Sassy, naught kitten who loves to pounce on innocent people's feet 👣. He's an expert fly catcher and LOVES to hunt whatever he can find! 📍East Midlands, UK 🎂 March 2022
Phil is a 4 month old rescue kitty cat who was found all alone in a park at just 4 weeks old. We tell him he is a brave boy everyday. He likes biscuits and licky licks and his favourite thing to do is meow until we give hi more biscuits!
Bobby is the most gorgeous boy. He loves to lay in the sun or chill with his brother. Bobby loves his food and treats and can hear the fridge open from wherever he is.
Buddy was a rescue cat who came to us in a very sorry state. He is the most affectionate loving cat who loves to lay with you. His favourite game is fetch with his mouse. He didn't have a great start in life but he is now loved more than anything and of course spoilt rotten.
Dotty is a sweet, loving and a gentle kitten who loves her food and playing with her human friends.
Lola loves cuddles 🥰 and playing xx
Greyson loves his cat siblings and he loves to go hunting in the woods.
Nova is the cutest, teeniest teacup chi 🖤 Only child, she’s obsessed with her Killstar dog bed and all of the Halloween toys - especially a crinkly zombie! She’s learning to play outside and socialise with other people and puppies. She’s quickly become a local model on our walks.
Favorite activities include - being cute, causing mayhem, giving kisses, snuggling with his big sister, eating anything he can find and meeting new friends at the park.
Willow is the most loving and patient dog with everyone and fantastic with our autistic son x
Ian is a very friendly, very cheeky ginger cat. He always has to be centre of attention and loves his cuddles. He and his brother Mickey like to add a bit of colour into our lives with their mischievous antics
Arissa is honestly all of our world. She means everything to us. Arissa knows how to make us feel better on a bad day. She’ll sense we’re not okay and will come and stroke herself on us to make us feel better. She knows how to make us laugh especially when it comes to rope. She loves playing with her rope. My dad will come home from work at 5am and she will always be stood outside waiting for him to come in. She loves us and we love her.
Bertie is a fun loving nearly 2 year old Shih Tzu. He loves playing with anything he shouldn’t have! He loves wearing his jumpers and snuggling up for a nap 💤 He’s independent, loveable and loyal ♥️
Teddy is 3 years old yet he acts like a stubborn old man! He is super dorky and loves to be silly at all times. Super gentle and extremely lazy every single day but he's such a sweetheart and is very loving to anything and anyone around him ❤
He’s a beautiful 7 year old Labrador. He is a sweet loving boy who loves cuddles. Shadow is a sensitive little soul, he loves his walks with his Oder brother sonny , however he doesn’t like walking on sharp grass or pebbly stones. He simply jumps over them. How cute. He loves his brother Sonny he cleans him cuddles him and looks out for him all the time. When Shadow want something he never barks he simply sits and stares at you. When he finally she you know what he wants he bounces around. He just and all round lovely boy
Charlie Valdes
Charlie is 14 years old and still kicking through! We have been there for one another ever since we were both 5. Him and i are very anxious, therefore he is my comfort dog while im his comfort person ❤ Im so grateful to have him by my side for this long. Just wanted to share some appreciation for this little old fur-baby for all he has done for me !
Bunny is a well known loved miniture dashund where ever she goes people stop and smile wanting to pet her. All the kids on her local park shout out her name when she goes for her daily walks. She has a beautiful nature. I adopted her over 3 yrs ago now. She is adorable. Shes mummys girl. I cannot go anywhere without her by my side. She is great with kids/dogs and recently our new family members 2 rabbits. She loves to play with them. Vote for bunny. You cannot miss that gorgous little face 🐶
She is a loving, smart baby!! She follows us around and knows how to open and close things! When we bring groceries home, I’ll take something out of the sack and she goes to the pantry cabinet where it belongs, the refrigerator, freezer, etc…. She thinks everyone is “her friend “, even other animals and she tries to be the “mommy” to other pets lol. Her favorite treats are ice cubes and animal crackers!!!
Had Tarzan since he was a kitten he’s 12 years old now, loves cuddles and treats, he finds a comfortable place anywhere in the house and sleeps.
Cheese is the best boy, he loves to be high on shelves and loves to play, he loves to be cuddled but on his own terms, if you try to give him cuddles when he doesn’t want it, he fights
Keanu is an adventurous kitten who likes to explore his surroundings.
Zoe is a tuxedo. Zoe favorite thing to do is eat. Zoe loves to give you kisses when she is hungry.