Dog cat Stories - 58


Cody was a rescue who lived his whole life in a chain link kennel. He will be 8 on Valentine's Day, he has been with us 2 weeks. He's an outgoing, friendly, loving little guy who loves his toys and people! We've nicknamed him Snaggletooth because of the one cuspid (fang) tooth that sticks out when he smiles or lays on his back, he only has 8 teeth. Cody is finally learning what it's like to be in a house and spoiled! Cody likes to play fetch with humans and keep away from his new brother Bo.
Raven is stealthy and mystical. She appears out of nowhere. Always looking to play! She adores her fur Mama and likes to cuddle!
Born February 5 2021 she's so small and loveable
Elsa is 7 mths old. He is the koolest chilliest cat I have ever known. He loves playing with his puppy friend and the kids. He is very spoiled.
I am a 9 weeks old kitten that just moved in to my new home this week! I am settling in nicely and love to have lots of cuddles ❤️
Kota loves belly rubs, ice cubes, car rides, making a mess with the water bowl & making new friends. She has so much character and the biggest heart ❤️
loki is a desert lynx and is the most talkative boy you will meet he loves his head to be kissed and will bump it into your face to get what he wants. and he has the biggest blue eyes
she is as wild as she looks but a total love i got the best of both worlds in my pomsky
Zues loves people , he is such a soft dog , he loves life
Cap is a Cockerpoo and came home with us 2 days ago and she is settling in amazingly! Her favourite hobby is to pretend to pee on a pee pad and wait for us to dance around congratulating her😂
Mabel is a rescue chihuahua living her best life with her new family and her duck, chickens, cat, and dog sisters and brothers! She loves eating anything from dog treats to carrot sticks!
Hi I’m Lulu👋 I am a Miniature Pinscher from Suffolk🏡My best friend is a Bull Mastiff🐮I am defiantly the boss😏I am strong and mighty despite my size💪 I love to do zoomies, go for long walks in the forest and cuddle my mummy❤️
This is Jessie and she's the sweetest cat ever and loves nothing more than sleeping and playing all day 🐈💕
Yellow has recently joined her forever family 😻 She's such an affectionate and playful kitten! Come watch her grow...@yellow_bengalcat ..... Also, this is all just for fun, so any money won will go to charity, feel free to vote for charities in the comments below!...or if you'd rather a kitten brother or sister, you could also vote for cat breeds below!
Gandalf likes snaccs
Pandora is a cute, cuddly and friendly dog, she loves cuddles and is the most friendliest dog you will ever meet unless you try to hurt out family! She needs an operation, and this money will help cover the cost so please vote for Pandora and your good deed is done 👍🏻🙂💖🙏
Fig is 3 months old and loves fuss and cuddles 😍
He loves sleeping alot And loves treats lots he loves lots of hugs he isvery nosey looks out ofthe window and watches everyone going by
Cheffy loves his twin brother and he’s a daddy’s boy. Loves to eat and sleep.
Pebbles is my little girl. She loves playing with toys and a laser. She also spends time with her brothers but they get on her nerves after a while lol. She loves treats and takes them to a special place. She loves cuddling and she watches my phone when playing games. She’s my baby girl and I love her to bits.
Chubs is my first dog. He loves being outside and around people. He doesn’t play as much anymore but when he does it’s adorable. He is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He loves walks and going to get ice cream in the summer. His favorite time of day is when he gets treats or food. Sometimes I think treats are better than me lol. He’s my old man and I love him to bits.
Leia is full of cattitude. Feet are never safe when she is around, but she is full of love and cuddles
Lucky is a both laid back and energetic Staffordshire Terrier mix, she loves to cuddle and give kisses all the time. She enjoys to sunbathe and playing with her very energetic brother Thor (Australian-Beagle Mix). She loves squeaky lamb toys and bones to chew on. We saved her off the streets but we know she had to have been owned before with how obedient she is, she loves everyone but she definitely knows who her person is.
Lucy is an very loveable English Bulldog. She loves making new friends and snakcing on treats. She is very energetic and just LOVES making people smile. She enjoys dressing up and taking many trips. She is always full of energy. VOTE LUCY PLS 💖💞🐾 @lucy_the_bulldog on TikTok
Luna is a very energetic lab who loves to go on car rides and has the biggest smile 24/7.
Willow is a 38 pound English bulldog. She loves to play dress up, eat yummy food, and go to the park! Her favorite food is eggs 🥚. Willow has the most beautiful chocolate brown human eyes.She is also WILLOWTHEEBULLDOG on TikTok!
Nala is spunky, playful, funny, and THE SWEETEST pit bull. She will be 2 years old June 10th. She is head over heals for her 4 year old (human) brother as you can see in the pictures. They have grown up together, as we got her when she was a pup. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She has shown us life, and we are just trying to do the same for her! She is nothing less than our daughter and gets treated as a human. She is very well behaved but if she won this contest I would like to get her training in the areas she needs. However, I must say that she IS an amazing dog, and she is part of our family until death do us part!! 💕
Meow there! My name is Juniper and my story started in a little town called Kernville, CA. When I was about 10 weeks old I was rescued and taken back down to the big city known as San Diego where the sun always shines. I LOVE relaxing at the park and the occasional light hike. My favorite of all is sitting in a tree and watching the life around me. I’m a Siamese kitten mixed with 5th generation Savannah.
Hello! My name is Bentley and I am a mini Australian shepherd. I am only 8 months old and I love chewing on mommy’s stuff 🐶. I like going for a walk that turns into a run when I get off my leash. 🏃🏻But most of all I love playing with daddy. I also love when mommy gives me bath when I’m dirty.
Baileno Angelo
lgbtq dog.....he's gay asf. Serious inquiries only, Baileno is single and you know ready to mingle 😏😏😏🤚🏼
Mona Murr
Once upon a time.... MonaMurr the princess of Catyrdy Castle .
She’s the happiest, most loyal, beautiful pup to me! She’s my angel and just the sweetest dog to anyone she runs into!
Oh boy! Senshi is a clever and stubborn lil’ guy! He knows he’s not allowed on the couch but when he makes that face 🤦🏻‍♀️ How can I resist! He likes to test me but In the end he protects me and is full of kisses when he sees me sad.
Pongo loves to cuddle all day long and most definitely loves food❤️
Radar was a rescue, he is very smart and knows how to get your attention, he is very sweet and everyone just loves him.
Beebee Girl
BeeBee Girl was a rescued, she was abused and didn’t even know what a toy was and was very skinny Now she is now very loving and loves to kiss, I call her my little angel because she is such a joy to be around.
Marty is a plott hound mix. He’s a year old. He thinks he’s underdog. Can leap tall obstacles and can sniff out food a mile away. Super sweet.
Jensen is the resident Bad Boy with a heart of gold.. when he’s not creating mischief you’ll find him in his kitty condo relaxing and thinking about the next thing to get into
Roger is the best cat we've ever had. He's eternally playful, highly intelligent and the sweetest boy ever.
Lady Nikita
Lady Nikita is a mid content wolfdog, she loves playing in the mud and being goofy
Chakra is my female cat. She likes alot of love and kisses and is such an adventurous cat
I love doing my daily zoomies, barking at the neighbors, and playing with my ball.
Ponyboy loves bones, attention, & sleep!
My name is Daisy and I do not have the best history, I was born into dog fights and rescued when I was 2. When I was 2 and 1/2 my owner rescued me from the shelter. Now I live a very happy life with my Mom!😁
Hi , This is Luciana but we call her Lucy for short. Lucy is a loving & crackhead cat lol. She loves making biscuits
Bella-luna love to cuddle and loves kids and loves loves food and likes to take pictures
Alfredo Linguine
I’m chihuahua terrier, i go by Fredo for short! (unless i’m in trouble) kitties are my best friends! i love to dig and have my nose out of the window when going for car rides! vote for my handsomeness;)