Dog cat Stories - 58


4 and a half month old siberian husky puppy
I love to play with my humans, and I like to relax under anything I can fit under. Also chickens are scary!
Ty is a 5 yr and 9mo old German Shepherd. He chose us 8 months ago to be his family- exactly 9months after a miscarriage (not planned nor did we realize until someone mentioned the timing to us). He loves head scritches, cuddles and long walks. He’s so intelligent he loves to communicate with his humans by using his speech buttons and herding us to what he needs. He’s the goofiest love bug you’ll ever meet.
My Super Dog Power is to smell food from miles away! I love Apples treat and anything that my hooman is eating.
Greatest guy in the world
Ghost is the most loving dog there is, he is good with kids and other animals. He is trained to be a service dog enjoys car rides and running in the park.
Lazy 9 month old xl American bully puppy!!
Bentley is our very handsome Maltipoo who loves walks in the woods and playing with his friends! We love him so much we hope you all do too. Bentley says thank you for voting 🐾
Dash is the smallest of all the puppy's, the runt. The runts always looked over because of how small they are. He loves going to the lake, playing and chewing on stuff. You should vote for Dash to show any dog big or small can do anything and all breeds or sizes should be loved the same. Thank You
Homer is facinated with squeak toys. He bats them around the house and then chases them and stomps on them over and over to hear them squeak. It always makes for hilarious vodeos. 😂
Luna is the most loving girl, full of live and very unique . Her favourite thing is playing fetch and sleeping in the most bizarre positions 🥰
Jaxon Blaine💕 He is literally my everything! Jaxon is my emotional support animal!! 🤗Jaxon loves anything that squeaks and LOVES playing with balls! loves walks and playing with people😍 show him so love!!🥰
Klohie Marie💞 She is 10 years young! She is a little bit of a weirdo who loves playing with objects like twist ties, hair ties and string but also loves to play with her shadow🤗 show her some love😍
Jazmin is so playful and loving. She loves her four new sisters, playing with them and even allowing my other Siamese to groom her❣️
At six weeks old, Bonzo is brand new in the world. Today she moved into her forever home and is settling in nicely. She is very sweet and loving and a very calm temperment.
Hi my names jasper and Im a year and 5 months! My parents rescued me from Romania, my favourite thing is belly rubs and doing ZOOMIES around the garden! We don’t know what breed I am as I was found at a month old abandoned! I love having my pictures taken, and always make sure they get my best side! ❤️🐶
Preya loves to cuddle, nuggies, and understands "dame besitos"
Our Eskipoo (American Eskimo/miniature Poodle). Daisy loves neck rubs. She wakes us every morning by pawing at our arms or shoulders. It starts off gentle but it gets stronger if you pretend you’re not awake. She’s a sweet, smart, loyal and loving pup. She brings so much joy to our hearts that we can’t imagine our life without her. Xoxo
Ruby is the queen bee of our house. You get up She takes your seat. And you better not forget her cookies in the morning. She is very sweet but You can only pet her on her terms. She is chill and loves to hang out in our porch watching the birds. She also loves sleeping in peculiar places.
Im 8 yrs old. Love laying in my persons lap. Im very ❤. Well tempered. Very friendly. Will lick your face and chew on your ears. Love attention!!!!
Pearl is the funniest cat ive ever seen. She always needs attention and meows like crazy. She keeps us laughing with her antics and goofiness.
Trinity I have had since she was a baby my daughter an so-in-law got her for me as a Christmas and birthday gift she has been with me every since she went every where with me and we doth just stay inside with each other she weighes 100lb and we just found out that she has thyroid problems so needless to say she has to lose weight but she had be my proctor and my best friend and and if it wasn’t for her I would not be here today so she has be my lifesaver too she is my life she is great
Tavis Smiley Lyle is the smartest four legged feline you'll ever want to meet!
Lily Bean
Lily Bean spends most of her day sitting at the window and chasing her older brother Tobias around the house she’s the sweetest and most playful little baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hey! Hi! Hello! Howdy! I'm Weston! I am a 2.5 year old BT. I love to jump really high! My favorite pastimes are burrowing under the covers, being chased by mom and dad, and standing directly in front of the stove when in use, which usually results in food being dripped on my head. 🍝 I have some pretty bad allergies, so I look really pink sometimes. But that's okay! I love everyone, especially corgis and huskies! 😍
Snoopy is a full blooded dachshund he loves to run, play and squeak his toys all day long.
This is Zara, a beautiful tabby kitten. She’s super cuddly and sweat. Just about 8 weeks old and going strong. She came into my family so loving along with her brother, they sure are a crazy little pair!
Buddy is a chiweenie which is half dachshund and half chihuahua. He loves the outdoors, playing tug of wore, and playing with his brother snoopy which is a full blooded dachshund.
Gafy is my Newest baby. He is very loving. Loves food like no other. And gets into everything he can. My orange baby.
Gianna is mama's lil' love bug. When she's not napping, she's playing fetch like a pup or chowing down on Fancy Feast.
What's not to love about this sweet face? This picture shows her personality at it's finest!
As always, if I don’t see return votes after 2 days, I will stop voting and exchange with someone that is serious about their votes! Zoey is a Boxer/Pitbull mix. She was born November 28, 2020. She is full of life and super sweet. She is 1 of 18 dogs that I have taken in. Most were abused but Zoey was one of the lucky ones. Your votes are appreciated and any winnings are used to provide for all of my rescues.
Fuzzy Butt
He’s the sweetest bigggest love big he gives me joy through my toughest times right now.
Opal is a playful, love able, and amazing dog! He’s always happy and ready for his mommy to come home from work. He jumps around and acts like a child excited to see someone. Opal is a jack Russell mix. Opal is a male puppy about 7 months old.
Lucifer was once named Lucy when I was told he was a girl I switched his name due to the discovery he was a boy and how devilish he was. Now he is a pretty calm cat and loves his mommy very much.
Boots is a 6month calico. Her personality would best be described as fiesty, wild and cuddly. She enjoys looking at birds, playing outside and wrestling with her stuffed raccoon.
Hadley is a Dutch Shepherd. Very smart, loyal, and lives to ride the golf cart and play in the beach.
Brian Morgan Freeman Nash
Loves cuddles and playing 😍 is going in to a smart happy loveing beautiful cat so proud to spend all the time with him 😍🥰💕💕
Hi! I am Apollo! I am 11 weeks old and a rescue pup. My furever family adores me! I love playing with my human siblings,sleeping with my humans and i just love pumpkin cinnamon treats! I also really want our cats to play! I am learning more and more about this puppy life each day. Please vote for me! If we earn anything it will be used to get me more toys and treats and any extra vet care i might need. Thanks ahead of time for voting!
Lexie is so loveable, she has a very good heart, she loves playing tug a war. She's a great dog, and very smart
Rose's are red violets are blue smokey is gray and she's so cute
Graceful! Yes. That’s how I can be described. Please keep the litter box clean to be my furrriend. I like laptops and boxes, not the ‘gram’
Eat. Sleep. Pose. Repeat.
Have feet, will run. Kulfi loves to jump and run around and will no doubt keep you entertained all day long. Just be sure to share with him your omelettes.
Largo Strange
Hi! I'm Largo Strange! My favorite things to do are going swimming at the beach and chasing frisbees in the sand! Mom and Dad take me camping a lot so that I can explore and see just how big the world really is.
Charlee Mae
Charlee is the best granddog! She loves to be outside and people-watch! She loves her walks and chasing bunnies.