A fighter for sure! Found inside our truck motor. Crusty and infected eyes, fleas and tiny as can be she crossed our path for better! We didn’t save her, she saved us! Named after Kimiko from Amazon prime’s “The Boys”
We found out Kush dislikes Pate and loves Cuts…. My bf says he’s not a Paté faté he’s a cuts $lut 😂
Slim is a very special kitty. He loves hopping around with his pet bunny rabbits and just can’t resist smiling for the camera such a happy kitty :-)
Ruger is the sweetest, most friendly boy out there. He loves all people and all animals — his best pal is a cat! Marvin the moose is his favorite stuffy since day one & if you’re feeling down, Ruger will be the first to come and give you cuddles.
Nico is a very sweet tabby cat. He loves hugs, snuggles, and watching bird videos.
Thor is a Norwegian forest cat who is very loving and loves his tummy being rubbed. He is definitely a morning cat lol
Jax is about 2 years old, he loves cheese and he has the custest eyes. He likss to play fetch with his pizza toy as well. :)
Henry was rescued at 8 weeks old. He loves his possum squeek toy, and playing with his sister Ginger.
My’Lo is a very loving Cat. He is the perfect cuddle buddy but gives you your space when needed. He love to sit on the Balcony, wondering how to get the squirrels. My’Lo is a very energetic cat that loves his Food and to take great worry free naps! His favorite thing to play with is plastic bags and and thing that dangles! 🥰🥰🥰
Gussy boy loves to swim, run, ride in the car with the windows Down, loves riding in the side by side. Gussy boy is a crazy little boy. Loves cuddles with mom and dad. Gussy boy loves peanut butter/ banana treats. He also loves ice cream. He loves taken pictures, also loves playing with kids. 🥰💙
Hi everyone! Bailee is a 9 month old puggle. Bailee’s hobbies include: •Eating ice cream •Car rides •Watching sprint car racing •Riding in her stroller •Playing with her siblings *If we win we want to donate some money to a local animal shelter!*
Lola loves going outside supervised, rolling in the grass/dirt. Her favorite hobby is eating treats and laying in the sun. She’s very friendly loves scratches on the head and her little sister Luna
My name is Garbage and i love chipotle burrito bowls, feathers and snakes. I am also a fatty.
My name is bentley & i love enchiladas, stealing underwear and sucking on the corners of any blanket!
My name is Hades and i will steal food out of your hands and swallow your socks whole!
Enzo is now 5 months old! He is a chihuahua/husky mix. He is a very happy boy that can play fetch for hours. He loves a good snuggle once in a while too.
My sweet baby boy is 14 and absolutely loves cuddles, sunbathing and baby carrots!
Dax is a soulful little guy. Big hearted and charming.
Ruby June
She is deaf and knows some sign language
Sushi (or Sushi Margeret Cat) is a rescue. She was a runt found abandoned and now she is thriving. Her favorite activities are sleeping on her dad's chest, eating, and watching youtube videos about the game "Stray". She is aprx. 5 months old. Even though she is the sweetest kitty, she dislikes feet. Especially, if they are under blankets!
Paco is a laid back and chill kinda guy. He loves chasing the squirrels and playing with his puppy brother Tito. Down time he loves napping and soaking in the 🌞 sun.
Max is my BB boy and my first cat i love him so much
Our new members of the family
Beerus is the definition of orange cats he funny,wild and a sweetheart sometimes
Salem was found abandoned on the side of a busy road. She was skin and bones when we found her. She got healthy very quickly with us. She’s very sweet and loving. Energetic, and spontaneous Salem loves to climb trees and roll in her cat nip and play with her toys. She even goes out in the yard to potty with our miniature dachshund. They are best friends.
Mouse Mouse
Mr. Mouse is a weird cat. He loves jalapeno cheese, hot sauce, crackers and easy cheese in the can. He loves to play with the laser and shoving his nose up mine
Adopted a 4 years ago, Jack is a 10 year old Chow Chow/German Shepherd mix. His personality is starting to come out the more he gets used to his new home. Playful, smart, affectionate to a fault(he's a hug monster).
Boomer is a 2 year old rottie pit mix. Love people playing ball. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old.
Chaos absolutely LOVES motorcycles! She knows when her Uncle and Grandpa stop by, just by the sounds of their motorcycles. She has a leather motorcycle jacket that she literally whines for me to put it on her. Her favorite toy is a stuffed eagle riding .... You guessed it, a motorcycle!
Custer is an 11 week English Setter/Golden Retriever who lost his mama at birth. He started his life in Custer, SD and is traveling the country in an RV. He loves everything and everyone.
Diego has a great personality. And he speaks his mind. Diego loves to play with his ball and stuffed monkey. He's loves to give good hugs and sleep under the covers.
Bellatrix loves climbing in my purse and eating CATuccinos 😋 if shes not found climbing on our fridge shes trying to make a nest in your hair. She will not grow anymore! Shes a little love muffin.
Yoda is a 8 year old ginger male. Very noisy and loving. He likes to sleep and watch the world from a window.
Chewiw is a 1 year old domestic shorthair. He is very loving and loves a cuddle but he is veey heavy footed so hes no ninja lol.
Shylo loves to talk... he speaks his mind very well.walk away from him and u hear him for he has a personality like no of a kind for sure.
Remington Steel
Remington Steel is a lover boy! He loves to cuddle and purr himself to sleep.
Sweetest beagle boy you ever did meet! ❤️
She a lil weird. Also goes by Kyle
My name is Sammy (or Sam Boy, Sausage, Samwich, Pudding and Baby Boy). I am so cheeky but my beautiful blue eyes get me out of the mischief I make. My favourite things are my catnip mole, feathers and my red ball. You will often find me sat under your feet as, in our house we have a saying, “we go as a family or not at all” and I take that to the extreme. I’m always on high alert when my mum needs the toilet so fulfil my duty of protecting her by following her there EVERYTIME she goes haha. Anyway, I’m a true angel and very loved. Hope you like my pictures 🐾
Doug is the cutest maniac I’ve ever met. His personality is very large and is a huge lover. Makes sense in why he’s a lover he was born with to spots in the shape of hearts!
Gordita is a 6 week old kitten that likes to be curious of her surroundings.
I’m Earl. I sometimes get called ‘Early birdie’ because I wake up at 4.30am to play and eat and won’t stop until I get attention. I have two big brothers, Fred and Perry, who tolerate me.
Hunter And Anya
Hunter and Anya are rescue cats, my babies love to sleep on top of me, and play fight each other.
Mochi is my sister emotional support cat he is very chubby he will stand on this 2 feet for a snack
Hello everyone I am Willow, I'm only six weeks old and I have had to struggle with my momma not wanting anything to do with me, but thankfully I have a new mammy and daddy who are taking care of me. My mammy always puts her pet lip on when I run to play with my daddy, I like nibbling on his toes when he has grey socks on and run to the door when he comes home from work🥰, it's fun and I love falling asleep on his back, it's so comfy and he can't move when I'm on his back because I'm too cute to disturb😋, and my mammy can have her bed all to herself and relax. I really hope you can vote for me and maybe if I win we could share some catnip.😻😻🥰❤️