Bandit is a much-loved class pet in my schools FFA program. She is best friends with the class potbelly pig and is scared of absolutely nothing. She loves getting pets from students all day everyday.
My name's rex and I'm a just a big doop. I enjoy watching TV and barking at other animals during moms shows, I love swimming, car rides, and rolling around on the floor. If I really like you I always try to flee bite your arm hair than my mom gets upset with me.
Penny lives to play with her toys also lives to cuddle she is a 4 month old pug penny is very funny loyal and is very energetic
Mister Mac Miller
Mister Mac Miller is a tailless cat I found outside. He is named after the rapper Mac Miller. His favorite activity is eating cardboard.
Sis was the tiniest when adopted from the Humane society in Anderson Indiana in 2012. Her mother was hit by a car but sis and her siblings were saved. She's very unique because of the tufts on her nose. Her veterinarian had never seen anything like it before. She loves to jump high! She loving and likes to cuddle but also very rambunctious, lol. She is the queen but loves her cat siblings Jillioop and GG. She loves her (human) Momma the most and if you tell Sis to say"momma" you would swear that's what she said. She's precious,just look at that face! She's also my Grankitts! Please take a minute to vote for Sis, or sissy bird, or sissy queen, is a few names her momma calls her. Thank you!
My name is April, I'm a sweet old lady. I enjoy lounging around the house and sleeping next to anyone willing to have me near them. I enjoy butt scratches, all good, car rides, and walks. I take my time outside smelling everything for so long it drives my mom crazy.
Hi! I’m Remy! I was found at 6 weeks old living under a patio at a bar! My moms took me home and now I LOVE my new life! Now ‘Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack!’
Loki is a very lovable kitten. He loves attention. He will play fetch with you as well. He would love to win
Blackjack has a serious sock fetish lol! Whether fresh from the dryer or worn all day, this kitty burrows his face in all socks!
Believe it or not, Mirage loves balloons and carrying them around the house by the string as it floats.
Bebe two years ago was living on the streets. He was sick and I took him in. He has kidney disease. He’s likes to play, lay in the sun and tell me what he wants. He brings his toys to my bed and to the wall charger when needed.
He loves to be held like a baby and also likes to play he also likes to talk to me and he huffs he also likes to sit like a human
Bagel was adopted off the streets of waycross, she is a love bug and watch out for the catnip and the wet cat can food ,loves it.
Zeta is a very sweet girl. She loves to give hugs and shes very silly. She loves to play outside but shes definitely a big baby. Love her so much
I love sleeping, I also have my crackhead moments.. I love playing with dogs and getting lots of butt scratches
My mom says I'm purrrfect! ❤
Carmel loves to play with other cat’s and she is not afraid of the dog either and she loves to sleep with us in the bed, and do not touch her wet can food.
Phoenix is very active, he loves to run, and go on walks. He also loves to play with his squeaky goose toy! He love treats and lots of snuggles ! He loves being outdoors and playing with other dogs!
His mommy is his favorite human. He loves to chase his dad he loves bananas and pineapple he love chicken and his blue bunny.. he loves showers but he is scared of rain..
Hi I’m Bailey! My mommy picked me up when I was 6 weeks old. I’m now 4 years old. I love naps, playing with my toys, hanging out with other dogs, car rides, and my mom. I like to dig toilet paper out of the trash as a side gig.
I love my mom and dad both so much,i also love my sister rabbit george. i love to go for car rides and get treats from everyone. i’m so friendly and i love to meet new friends ! i love taking walks and finding sticks along the way. My favorite thing to do is play fetch with dad 🎾
Lucy’s a rescue and she’s 10 years old. She was found in Yakima roaming the streets alone and was lucky to be scooped up by a foster family. She’s 90 pounds and love nothing more than a squeaky ball to fetch…oh… and all the foods except veggies they’re gross. She’s timid, kind, sweet, happy and just wants to be right by her momma. She’s my little piece of heaven on earth 💕
Mousse is a lover. He loves attention, hugs slobbering kisses and he screams like a girl when he's is hungry. He enjoys outdoors and always comes home wet and dirty.
Jack saved my life in many ways he's my emotional support dog when I found out I was getting him through a best friend I was so excited I was started crying he loves me he cuddles with me you should vote for him cuz he's a very sweet dog and very loving and caring
Bruiser is a sweet little boy! He loves to sleep in the bathroom sink.He likes water as in he will get in the shower with you! He is my crazy boy!
Hi I’m milo, I like to play with soccer ball’s and go for walks and play in the water and rain. Love to go for car rides and get pup cups.
Im Cleo! I’m a happy girl who always has a big smile. I love going to the lake, snuggling anyone who will snuggle me back or even the people who won’t, going for runs and then right after taking a hard nap! Because working out is tiring. but my favorite thing ever is being with my family! I would go anywhere and do anything as long as it’s with them.
I love hiking and swimming. I am definitely a goofball and love taking naps
Coco is a Marble Bangel who was abused by her breeder. She’s only 8 1/2 pounds sweetest gentlest kindest little girl you ever met. It’s taken me three years and she’s finally well. She loves everyone.
Jax is my Balinese brother. He is super vocal and will definitely express his opinion on things.
Zora has been with our family since she was born. She is fun and energetic but also super sweet and lovable. She is the Feline princess 👑 of our house.
This is Ace. She loves her mom. Ace loves swimming in the river near me. She’s one year old she was born March 2021. She really loves running around and playing with her mom.
Hes very loveable,he likes to pounce,he drinks molk with his paw lol
Daisy is a sassy, judgemental baby. She loves cuddles but is quick to give a side eye.
Major is addicted to fetch, loves cuddling and real life smiles. He is super fast, super smart and always hungry. He likes to go by Baby Mage and he farts all the time!
Rupert is a big ol’ baby! He’s smart, but man, he’ll trip you up to be picked up. He’s 23 pounds, but thinks he’s a lap cat. So he’ll lay on you without any regards to your feelings. He loves hearing about my adventures at work and he talks back to tell me about his lazy afternoons. He likes to sneak outside to roll in the dirt. Luckily, mom lets him sometimes, of course with her supervision! He’s named after Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint because he’s red and loves a good HP movie night! He’s not a fan of bananas… he makes scrunched up faces at them, but give him some chicken and he’s your best friend. Always the middle of the party and center of attention. My little RuRu is precious!
Casmo is a good big brother to his sister always making sure she is ok
Such a spoiled dog that I ever had
Kitty is a very fun loving and mischievous cat. He loves his babies. He is always sleeping or eating. His treats are his best friend. Give him a big like and help him reach the top.
I am full of energy and love! I love to go with my family in the car and I am quite the charmer at any drive through window and I always get a treat!
Ive had him since he was 3 months old! He acts like a dog😂😂 always neowin at me and waitin at the door if i leave! Hes the best❤
Junior i rescued at 4months of age from the rain and cold his family moved and left him outside to fend for himself so i rescued him brought him home so he loves me and dosent let either of us go far from one another his favorite place to lay feel secure and nap are on mamas legs or curled up next to me he sleeps with me loves his brother and sister cats terrorises them chase each other around hes very funny and all my friends end up getting attached to him even the ones who dont care for cats
Gumball is not fat he’s just chonky he has a pink and black nose and pink and black beans which his humans are obsessed with!! He loves cat nip fresh tuna had ripping his toys apart with his massive claws (he’s a big boy) and loves to be praised after he catches his toys in in the air , but our favorite thing about Gumball is he’s just a gentle soul he knows when we’re sick and down and will be by your side until you’re better . Gumball is FAMILY 💙
Stormy loves to lay in the window and soak up the sun he loves to lay on his owner (me) and cuddle very affectionate loves his mama and kitty treats so sweet and lovable couldnt have asked for a better companionhes playful and funny
Ryder is a playful sweet boy who loves to cuddle!
Alley is my special boy, he makes me laugh everyday.
Daisy is the sweetest girl ever! A huge teddy bear! Sometimes she forgets she is a Doberman and acts like a baby!
Hello my name is Vanessa I had a twin brother when we lived in NC but he ran away then my mom new sister moon and I moved with dad to Kansas I slept in moms lap the whole time she was driving I am 1 and a mommas girl very much children are too much energy and scare me at first as soon as mom and dad are asleep it’s time to play and go crazy I love to sit in my window during the day and watch the birds go by