My sweet blind girl, Navi! She loves running water, pets, and purring as loud as possible.
Pippa is a 17 week old Sprocker Spaniel puppy. She is full of energy, love and cuddles. She is excellent with my 2 littlegirls and oliver the cat. She loves sticks, leaves and feathers. She is getting used to the water and enjoys a shower!
Penelope aka Penny Aka Miss P. Is the sweetest kitty girl around. She’s best friends with her Brother Leo! Love getting pets and will paw your hand if you finish before she’s done. Vote for me as cutest kitty!
Leo loves his brother! They have slept together since he was a kitten, he is 9 months old now.
Leo is 7 years old but acts like he’s still 2. Sweetest boy around but on his terms! Might get a baby nibble from him when he’s not feeling your “vibe”. Biggest mommas boy on the block!
Pearl's favorite toy is an old shoelace
Sassy lives up to her name she's smart, sweet and a lil sassy, she loves dogs not so much other cats. She only likes cat food and absolutely hates human food. She loves on all our visitors.
Oscars birthday is 3/15/23 and he just found his brand new home today 5/18/23. He loves his new daddy Cody and his best friend 5yo Phoenix. Her page is on Little Miss Beauty Contest, shes actually #2 in that 5-14year old contest currently please vote for her by going to link below 👇👇👇 Oscar loves his new blue fishy on a string and has the most adorable BIG jumps for the littlest kee. He is a super sweet slight wittle tint of orange and is cute as hell also cuter when cuddling up with baby purrs on your chest 🫶🙏💖💝💗😻🥹💙🩵💚
Django Leonidas
Django Leonidas is a super smart and loving German Shepherd who came from a line of show dogs on his birth father’s side. He is 120 pounds, loves going for walks, and playing tug of war and Wrestlemania. His favorite food is spinach and cheese omelets and he loves taking showers. 😂
This is my sweet handsome boy legacy loves to cuddle an play ball.
Lux Craft
Lux was rescued in November at age 12 weeks from being trapped in a car engine infront of Michael’s Craft Store. He hitched a ride on the spare tire of an SUV. The lady who owned the SUV, recognized him from seeing him in her neighborhood. He was separated from his birth mom very early and was malnourished. With love and care from us and the rest of our rescue pack of 3 other cats and 3 dogs, he grew to be very big and learned how to eat properly and care for himself. He has been thriving, he’s very smart, and he’s very happy. Lux is a mix of Tabby, Maine Coon, and Bengal. ❤️
Hi, my name is Bug but my humans call me (Buggy). No I’m not a pest! But I love to mess with my humans. I spend all day making biscuits on mom, Talk about overworked and underpaid! Oh and if my twin sister tells you otherwise I let her win our wrestle wars!
Well she’s definitely something different she doesn’t think she’s a dog she thinks everybody wants to be her friend and oh boy when somebody comes up on her and is not so friendly, she does not know what to think. She just loves everyone. She’s always so happy and everything is such a game to her and her favorite thing in the world to do is be in the water. She has been nothing but constantly soaked since summer has started.
She is always full of surprizes and she snorts like a baby pig and she always is showing love to me
Hi, my name is Melba! I just celebrated my 14th birthday on Mother’s Day. My favorite hobbies include teaching my little sisters (the kittens) all about birds and the outdoors. I also love taking long walks in the park, with my mommy of course!
Hi, my name is Lulu! I just celebrated my first birthday and learned that scratching on the walls is frowned upon by my humans, Oops! I like to spend my days sunbathing and wrestling with my twin sister. I always win of course! Oh and who knew that the toilet isn’t a drinking fountain!!
Hi! My name is Arthur but my mom calls me Artie. I just celebrated my first birthday. I’m still full of that kitten energy but I have already learned so much! I enjoy my laser toys, chasing mice on cat TV, and playing with my brother who looks just like me but is many years older. He teaches me everything I know!
She has a huge yard to play in and already has her bushes that she claimed as her territory. She loves talking to the birds before she chases them, and of course any and all insects.🪰 She is beyond loved and spoiled, and she definitely knows it.😹 She is even getting way bigger than her older sister Journey Bugs. Her tail is so fluffy & definitely something to reckon with.. it's so long, you could dust the whole house with that thing.😹 Most of all she loves her early morning basking in the Meowshine with her sister & relaxing with us while I sip on my usual morning coffee.☕️🌞 Journey has been showing her the ropes & being the best big sister possible.❤️ This sweet kitty has brought so much more love and joy into my life and everyone that meets her. She is so smart & so full of life.💯 She doesnt even know it but she really did help me out emotionally during some tough times, something I definitely couldn't prepared for, but she just knew my heart, and that it needed extra purrs & healing.🌱💔 They are true healers, they know when we are hurting. They love and comfort us without question and unconditionally. I'm a grateful cat mom and that she choose me to be her mama.🐈‍⬛️💕
Barry is my 11 week old Cane Corso, he loves playing with other dogs, his squeaky toys and love a big cuddle.
Buffy the Animal Slayer, she loves stalking her prey. She catches Birds, Ground squirrels, Moes and Mice. She likes to follow Human around in the yard and likes to sunbath.
Selina Thumbalina
She’s fun, funny and loving little nut. She had so much energy. She is so sweet and loves belly rubs.
She has extra paws. She loves her treats and her Daddy!!
Loves his toy mice and giving snuggles!
Blaze is extremely active like most Labs are, she likes to retrieve no matter the weather. We live in Pa. where you never know what the weather is going to do and Blaze is ready everyday no matter...rain or shine. She goes everywhere with that Chuck-it ball in her mouth, she even falls asleep with it in her mouth from time to time, Too Funny. She is smart, loyal, she loves to cuddle, and she always aims to please...she is a true pleasure to be around. Just a Good Girl!!!
Dahlia is a 3 year old Tortoiseshell that has a lust for discovery and the cutest facial expressions you’ll ever see! Would love for everyone to observe her cuteness too! “Thank you for your votes 😋♥️” -Dahlia
Goose is the sweetest, most loveable cat on this planet. He'd lick anyone to death with his sandpaper tongue.
Jäger is such a big teddy bear. He has a heart like no other. He loves other animals and is such a gentle giant. He absolutely loves my 10 month old daughter. He is a one of a kind dog.
Nacho is the most cuddliest boy you will ever meet! He is quite social and loves everybody. Also, how can you not love this chonk? 😻
Axel is our 11 week old Belgium malinois cross German Shepherd. He loves playing with his squeaky toys and gives lots of kisses.
Hey Boy
Hey Boy and Hey Girl brother and sister
Pattendale cross jack, fun loving 3 month old ♥️🐶
Miso And Tofu
Miso and his brother Tofu are two sweet cuddly boys who love nothing more than eating food, causing Chaos and curling up with their tall housemates.
Heart and sock stealer, wiggliest spaniel bum in the world 💕🐾🐶
Betty Boyd
Betty is an amazing fur baby. She is one of my best friends now that she is retired. Betty started her life out being a show dog for a little time. It was her first job. She went through all the training, groomed everyday, learned to strut her stuff and comands. Her efferts paid off and she won best bitch. Then she decided she wanted to leave the dog show scene to have a litter of babies. she thought it was time to be a mom even though her boss didnt think so. She suprised her everyone with her pregnancy and had 3 beautiful baby girls. She raised her babies up right and turned out to be as sweet as her. While raising her daughters Betty thought about what she wanted next. So now, unable to return to the dog shows she decided 1 litter was enough and wanted to retire completely. So, after thinking about what was next for her. she went into the direction of settling down with a family that lives out in the country. Away from the hustle and bussle of the show dog life style. Where she can just be a dog. she thought being Showered with love, attention, fun, and adventure, lazy days was just what she was wating for. She just wanted to be her own dog. Betty has been a country girl for 3 years. She is a beautiful companion and a great snuggler. She looks out for me, her human mom everyday. She always wants to make sure im happy and smiling as i, we do for her.
She is a very happy dog she loves to play tug of war and attacks feet she is very active and loves to run she also loves her food we sometimes sneak in some table scraps as treats and she just loves it overall she’s living her best life
She's spoiled and crazy loves to play with her favorite toy, she has night crazys she's very sweet and lovable
Mabel is 6 months old and is the heart of the family. She enjoys treats and any toy with a bell. Would love to buy her a lifetime supply of balls if we got lucky enough!
She is a grumpy old lady who loves to lay out in the yard and sun bathe
Mando is half chihuahua, half we don't know what. I adopted him on March 30th. He quickly became best friends with my adopted cat, Eddie. The two are nearly inseparable. Vote for Mando and show him some love!
Stella is a 1 year old chocolate lab. She is the sweetest girl who is always happy, especially when she is outside with a ball. All she wants is to be close to you and get all of the lovings from everyone!
Luna is a super friendly, loves nothing more than to snuggle up with the family & enjoy some fuss! she enjoys bird watching from the garage roof, unfortunately for her she’s not managed to get as close to one as she would like to! 😂 she’s very laid back & a delight to live with 😊
She loves getting head rubs and getting petted and laying on your lap
When i don't say bye to him when i go to work he cries he loves getting his cookies at night before bed
Lil Boy
Lil boy loves to wake me up every morning around 6 am by licking my lips. He also loves to watch the birds and go out every evening. I love my lil boy!
Candy cat is my sons kitty, she’s such cute little ball of fur but has a sassy attitude😅
Hi my name comes from my mommy’s favorite anime.❤️I love chick-Fila nuggets and the sauce when mommy not looking. My daddy likes to buy me toys a lot but I always end up like the wrapper it comes In so that counts right?Also I hate the outside i think Im better off in my home:)
Sky will be 7months old next week! She is the most beautiful bengal I have ever seen and fell in love instantly! She is the most mischievous little madam, loves adventuring out in the wild climbing trees and terrorising her big sissy!😻