Dog cat Stories - 59


Baby Blansett
Baby is quite the character. With a mind of her own and quite the jokester. She loves to play and is very nosey too. She never fails to nose around in the shopping bags I bring in looking for her surprise. She always finds what's hers and grabs it up.
Loki loves to be mischievous, Loki by name Loki by nature! He’s a big cuddly boy.
Hey I’m Buda. I’m a cute cuddly cat.
Skylar absolutely loves her squeaky toys, and car rides, and she can never get enough peanut butter! The only thing she dislikes is taking baths. But she’s always so darn cute when taking them. 🥰
She loves to jump up and bite bubbles, chase balls, and hand dad the remote when he gets home from work. She sits, stays,speaks, whispers, lays down, rolls over, shakes hands, plays dead, finds my keys for me , kisses and cuddles on command. Sometimes she talks back.......
He is the cutiest most fluffiest baby.he has a heart of gold and the sweetest personality.he love treats and cuddles with his mom.
Bella is about to be a 1 year old Goldendoodle that is always full of life. Her favorite thing is to run beside the golf cart or play ball. She loves to cuddle and will make it hard for you to get out of bed in the morning. We taught her to hit a strip of jingle bells with her paw when she needs to go outside. She has mastered it to the point of us having to remove them just to have some peace in the house. She can also heal broken hearts. She was my angel that gave me the boost I needed to get back up and keep living after I lost my dad to cancer. I needed some light to get me out of my hole and I believe God sent me Bella. The stars all fell in line perfectly and she pretty much just dropped into my lap from heaven and I had unconditional love for her💕
Meet our boy Grant 🐾 Also known as Bo, Bo-Bo, handsome Grantsome, & of course mummas baby 😉💙🐾 Grant just turned 5 yrs old! He is such a smart, playful, loving boy! He is beyond spoiled (& he knows it) 🙄😂 He loves ice cream, treats, chicken nuggets also known as 'scoobies' to him lol & new toys! He loves going for walks & playing tug of war with his ropes, playing fetch with his dad, playing in mud puddles 🙄 & any water he can get into but insists on having his leash on when he gets into the water & has to put it in his mouth when he goes to swim out deep or coming back in, almost like a security thing for him 🥰 He is a very intelligent, mouthy 😉 , dramatic at times, very sweet & loving boy & we are so blessed to have rescued him (or as I like to say, he rescued me) ❤️ & taken him in when my little brother passed away, to love him & give him the very best life we could possibly give him, just as my brother did! 💙💚 Show him some LOVE! 💙🐾💙🐾
Bubba is 10yrs.old. He runs everywhere he goes & acts like a kitten even til this day! Absolutely luvs to be groomed & have his tail stroked.
Hank is a 3-legged pomeranian who loves every single person and pet he meets!!!
Cali is a rescue, Polydactyl on all 4 paws. Got her at 8 days old and bottle fed her. She's the best cat, so loving!
Shes a full blooded red nose and blue nose pit who so loving she lets our 3 year old climb all over her pull her ears and everythings . shes such a love bug . we've put her in traning and she dose so great love to play . and loves all other dogs.
Nakita loves attention, wherever you are is where she has to be :) she had to have one eye removed due to glaucoma but she hasn’t let that stop her from anything
Lolah Polah
She’s such a purrrty lady kitten! Love her!
Max is known as Maximiliano The Husky, he loves making videos for yt and ig. He is adorable, friendly and funny.
Buddy And Steve
Buddy is a white cat I inherited from my him God daughter who had to move but Steve fell out of the tree in my front yard! My husband was approached by a lady walking her dog and asked if the cat belonged to us when my daughter came running around the corner yelling “kitty!” and then the. Lady looked at my husband who was thenholding the cat and said “ YOUR PROBLEM NOW “ and ran in the other direction leaving my husband literally holding the cat!
Hes 5 months old. Loves playing with his toys. Hes a 2 lb smart little bundle of joy.
This old man has been in the family for years he’ll never leave your side and loves to lay behind your legs he’ll keep you warm he follows everywhere you go and you can’t do anything alone when you have this big baby around
Diesel is just a bundle of energy he also is goofy he’ll sit on your lap like If hes a puppy when he don’t fit on your lap anymore he also will put his nose on yours and stare at you until you give him love
Lj-little John
LJ is the sweetest he’s a pit/boxer mix he loves cuddles and he knows a few tricks and knows what your feeling he’ll come to you and lay his head on you to make sure you’re okay
Winifred Sanderson
Hello everyone!! The name is Winifred Sanderson because I’m spooky and love all things Halloween! After all, I was born in October! I was found as a stray kitten and was given a home that unfortunately didn’t last… but then I was found in a Petsmart window by my human at a time when she needed me most! I love to snuggle her and follow her non stop! Her head is my pillow at night, and I’m her wake up alarm every morning! I’m almost 2 and still full of energy! My mom says I’m spoiled, but isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?! 💜
Hello friends! I love walks with my hoomans, long grass to jump in, and GREENIES! Can’t howl but I try my hardest 💔 I have chocolate chip paws and love to clean my face in the morning and at night with my mommy! I also LOVE the snow ❄️
She is an 8 week old, maltipoo, full of energy and very rambunctious. I was trying to cut her nails and couldnt get her to sit still so i had to come with an idea so i could work on them...
She is a beautiful Cat She is a black Calico Cat She is friendly and loves to play with her brothers and sisters She loves to be loved on.
Queen is a very sweet girl!! She loves to be at her mom and dads side and will even sit by the bathroom door when you go potty!!!
Pippin Rose
At this time, I am not able to give further advances due to a turn for the worse in my health. I am undergoing tests (scans, biopsies, and potential exploratory surgery) to determine what’s going on. Your kind regards and prayers are graciously accepted 🥰🤞🙏 Pippin Rose is taking a break but will be entering again in MARCH 2022🥰
King is our super lovable,friendly,crazy canine🥰 He’s super overprotective and loves to cuddle!!! He’s full of energy and loves to chew😂❤️
Ein likes to herd his people around and then fall asleep in the middle of the room💙 He has a beautiful blue eye and gorgeous green eye. Thanks for the votes! 🤗😍
Jack is a rescue puppy, who is fun, loving, playful, great with kids, and other dogs/cats. He loves going for walks,being petted, but above all he brings joy. He has a huge lawn and yard to run around in and 3 energetic boys that give him love, affection and all the exercise he needs as a 🐶
Hi I'm Nova and I'm a 3 month old catalhoua lepard dog mix. I'm a sweet girl who loves to play and cuddle. I love to go with mommy when she goes out working.
Betty is a 1yr old calico kitty who loves posing for the camera! You can follow her and her siblings on Instagram @bettyboo_and_friends
Hi my name is Theo, aka Mr. Sweet Face. Im 10 years old and 23 pounds. I love snuggles with anyone and i enjoy goodboy treats when im nice to my sister.
This pup done something amazing, my granddaughter lost her daddy at 9 yrs old and Blake was the only thing she wanted to hug, he is an amazing and smart pup
In this picture Magnus is high on cat nip tea his favorite thing cat nip!!! He has 2 sisters not blood related that he loves very much!! He like to wake his mom up at 12am to play. He is a love bug though
The Last Mimzie
You remember the movie The last Mimzie well she came from that amazing movie.
Hey Everyone! My name is Dollie! This is one of my favorite photos shortly after mom and dad brought me home! I became best friends with my big sister Harley, even though she definitely isn't bigger than me! I am 100% Border Collie and I love to run and chase after frisbees and balls! I am super great at puzzles, but I hate the kennel and being alone so I get to go on a lot of car rides! My favorite part about car rides is the drive thru! I always get a special treat because I make mom roll down my window so I can say hi!
Moosie Lee Ketchem
Moosie Lee loves to sing!!! Loves being photographed!! Riding on kayak at the lake! Favorite treat is sweet potatoes! A very happy loving boy who loves his family and Jesus!!!
Oreo is a playful and loving cat, who loves nothing more than to snooze in the garden and chase springs.
Naga is training to be a Medical Alert Service Dog. She is my lifeline, my best friend, and with her by my side, I feel there is nothing I can't accomplish.
Muffin Chichi Davila
Breed-Malchi 1.90 pounds She is so loveable.
every like and vote I get I will return ☺️ Evie is a very excited kitten, she absolutely adores kids and has such a great bond with my daughter. Always playing and loves cuddles and kisses. She deserves to win because she's a beautiful, crazy loving kitten. Please vote for Evie. Thank you 😊❤️ x
Blu loves friskys, snuggles, and naps. His favorite thing to do it meow at the door when he needs pats and to bite his humans when he is in a bad mood. Blu may be old but he is still feisty.
Tux/persian mix.
My name is musky! I am a rescued dog! Sadly I was beat by my previous owners when I was around 1 years old! I am 6-7 years old now and the most happiest doggy in the world thanks to my best friends!! My 2 mommies! I enjoy being goofy, begging for food, taking walks, & mostly sleeping!
The most fierce cat eyes with a strong heart. Izzy loves to play and go on adventures outside. She is never afraid to stick up for her sister Ivy and make sure she is safe. Izzy loves other cats, dogs, and people and is always mentioned as the “coolest cat”. Her and her sister are currently learning how to potty in the toilet. They are less than six months old.
The sweetest baby with the kindest eyes. Ivy loves to sleep and cuddle. She is almost six months old as well as her sister Izzy. They are best friends, do everything together, and motivate each other to reach outside each’s comfort zone. Both are currently in the process of potty training in the toilet.