Dog cat Stories - 59


Mojo & Pink are twins but, also are my best friends
Momma Lily was rescued from a trailer park after months of attempting to catch her. I gained her trust and finally I was able to pick her up and bring her to safety just 2 weeks before giving birth to 2 healthy beautiful babies!🙏🏻 She’s the best momma and the sweetest, most affectionate gal full of purrs😻
He has the biggest heart and he loves to be cuddled and carried and rocked to sleep. Hes a sweetheart😚
Teddy Bear
Teddy is a two year old boxer bulldog mix. He loves to play. His favorite thing in the world is socks and he will fight you for a stuffed animal. He loves to snuggle and has the best personality. He will take over the bed and take your pillows!
This is demon, his birthday is 9/11/2017. He was a lovable dog who cuddled our whole family but was mostly my sons dog and he made sure the rest of us knew it. Demon was taken from us way too soon by a driver speeding down our road. Please vote for our baby and show my 13 year old son who lost his best friend some love for his furbaby
Monroe is a 10 week old Pomeranian. He’s the sweetest little boy. He is a true blessing for his momma.
Shes only 27weeks old here and loves to snuggle up with you.sweet girl.loves to play and jump.
Hi, I’m Zoey and turning 4 years old(human years) in November! I’m a Toy Yorkie Poodle, with silky golden/white hair! I’m super friendly and love belly rubs! Definitely a cuddler and spoiled by my Mother. Please, vote, vote, vote for me! 🐶💕
Royal Peanut
Royal Peanut is a bow-tie loving, rambunctious little buddy with lots of love in his heart (but not for cats).
Maze is a 3 month old bundle of joy, she is a rescue pup who is a basset hound mix . She enjoys going to the dog park and running around with all the other dogs, she loves to stop and say hi to everyone she sees, she enjoys nap time and she also loves playing with all of her toys! She would very much appreciate it if she won so she can get endless treats and toys and much more!
Shinoda is a Doxiepoo (Dachshund maltipoo mix) he is 2 years old and is a Halloween baby, he’s a cuddly little sweetheart and he loves everyone
Miss Violet came into our lives in January 2021. 2020 was a rough year with our kids losing both grandmothers and our pomeranian Lucy. She's a sweet lil ball of fur. We hope you like her too.
Stormy Ren
Stormy Ren is a pug who loves to play with her stuffed duck named Duckie Momo and she loves her pupperoni treats❣️She is 8 months old and full of love ❤️ Stormy says vote for her and she will keep smiling for you 🥰
Vader is a 3 year old pug who loves to watch StarWars, eat beef jerky and play with his Llama. Vader says vote for him and join his empire❣️
She loves to Watch TV and barks at all animals. She is smart and independent. She is the Alpha!
Aurora is an adorable dalmadoodle puppy that likes to escape from her whelping box and find someone to hold her.
I definitely live up to my name. I am part Maine Coon and part Siamese. I guess it’s the Siamese. Give me cheese and I’ll love you forever though.
I live up to my name, always up for a cuddle no matter what. I am also leash trained!
Dependable and loyal, I’m always up for a good cuddle.
Stubborn yet playful, I’ll run you around until you’re exhausted, but I’ll still be up and ready to go!
Gunnar loves to chase squirrels,cats and anything that runs! He has TONS of Energy and very protective of his Family!
Xander is the best boy, he loves being a model for pictures (sometimes- he REALLY loves the treats he gets after posing). His favorite game is tug of war and fetch, but most of all he loves cuddles and kisses!
Forest is a little Chihuahua that has already brought so much joy cant wait to see what adventures we have
Boris is extremely athletic and loves to rub his fur on a nice pair of black pants. If you’re wearing nice black dress clothes, don’t worry he’ll add some white for you.
Male cocker spaniel who loves to be outside and play with toys.
Penny is a Jack Russell terrier mixed with chihuahua. She loves to chase birds, ducks, cars, and basically anything she sees. She also loves to cuddle plus she is a service dog she is a emotional support dog. She loves going on car rides
Willow is extremely hyper for a Saint-Bernard and has the most beautiful eyes. She gives hugs on command or whenever she wants and is an all around loveable puppy who just wants more and more affection.
I have had Treble since he was one week old after his mother abandoned him. I bottle fed him until he was old enough to enjoy real food and he has been a loved member of our family ever since.
Daisy is a fun spirited, friendly, and protective little dog. She loves her family and taking long walks. Daisy also loves chicken and mango! 🍗 🥭
Fetch!!! Out of all her toys she loves these colored plastic springs and bats them around the house. And she will bring them in her mouth to me to throw and play fetch!
Hello everyone I’m love to cuddle and play with my siblings but because I’m so tiny I have to be careful. Wait until I grow up. 😝
This is Ms Maizy. Maizy loves playing with her toys and chasing balls and leaves around the yard. She also loves long walks, car rides and meeting new friends.
Lililuna is an American dingo who’s almost 6 years old! She’s super active vey friendly loves attention loves cuddles prefers the lake over the beach!
Hazel Grace
Hazel is a very smart dog,she loves the outside and playing with her brother Perry!!!
Huck is a sweet pup who loves to play with his cat brother Finn.
Bella is our feisty 6 month old domestic long hair her favourite hobbies include running up and down the stairs at 3 in the morning and chasing literally anything that moves (R.I.P our guests toes). We love her dearly 🥰
big beautiful blue eyes with a gentle cuddly yet crazy personality to match
Munchkin loves her family. She loves to play and bark!
Pepper small but has the heart ♥️ of a Lion he is fearless and loves to chase people down the sidewalk 😬yes he’s one of those dogs🥰but he means no harm ...😇
Pepe Morin loves to jump the backyard fence and roam the neighbor hood...he’s sweet and cute...
Walnut is a gorgeous Irishdoodle who’s as cuddly as he is active! He’ll do anything for peanut butter and a frisbee!
Albert is great with the grandkids and is their protector. He loves to smile at you when he up side down.
Toby is a 5 year old Special Needs Miniature Pincher
Pandora is the smartest dog ive ever had ,and shes defiantly the cutest puppy on the planet.
Alfie loves long walks to anywhere with water. He loves playing football with jis owners (he is mini Ronaldo!!) He is very protective and a very clever boy!
Tom was adopted nearly 5 years ago and is loving his life. He is a cute and sweet boy who loves cuddles and naps. His favourite flavoured wet food is with duck and pheasant. Tom even plays fetch with toys and treats.
Romanian street dog turned couch potato!