Dog cat Stories - 6


She is absolutely the sweetest kitten. Super playful, and caring. Reeces also definitely loves to sleep! She loves having the whole bed to herself but also loves invading personal space when she wants to cuddle. (:
Roxy loves to growl and run...she loves her fluffy white tummy rubbed. Sweetest kitty ever!
Hi my name is Bandit! I am a chihuahua Italian greyhound mix and I LOVE doing zoomies in my backyard! I also love treat and kisses!
Ninja loves cuddling and playing with his people.
Wondo Chris
Wondo is a very playful and joyful boy. He loves his football and playing with his bestfriend named Charlie, a while lab. Wondo always has a smile on his face and will always make you laugh!
Enzo is a rambunctious ball of fluff who loves his life and everyone in it. 🥰 Enzo loves to steal slippers, disagree with you, wrestle and snuggle. 🐾💜
Meet Merlot he’s a Male, F1 standard goldendoodle, weighing 75lbs and only 1 years old. The sweetest, smartest, most energetic dog. He loves apples, swimming, taking pictures and long walks.
Ruby is 2 years old from Glasgow, Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 She is the most friendly and loving dog with a very cheeky personality🥰 Ruby loves nothing more than going walkies to meet other dogs and hoomans and also playing with all her faveourite toys. Vote for Rubs🐾🐾💕💕👑👑
Roo is a energetic dog that loves tennis balls and plush toys the most! She also loves to run and loves other dogs
Hi I’m Stella I love squeak toys and I stuffer from a hair disease but it dose get in the way of me having fun.I’m 5 years old and my b day is on April 18
Missy And Boots
Hi! Its me, Missy! My mommy and daddy rescued me from an animal shelter when I was just 9 weeks old, after another family decided to take my back to the shelter. They said I had "too much eNeRgY", what does that even mean?!?! When I came home I had a new best friend waiting for me, his name is Boots! In our spare time Boots and I like to knock over vases, climb book shelves, and wake mommy and daddy up in the middle of the night for snacks! Anyway, it would be absolutely PURR-fect if you would vote for us! Xoxo, Missy and Boots
Henry loves to cuddle, he is also very active in long walks and kayaking. Anything out doors and he gets excited. He loves a good snow fall, and chases leaves blowing in the fall. He is scared of shadows and things he doesnt recognize. He is kind and loving and completes our family
Logan is a very attentive cat. He watches every move and everything you do, just like a child learning. He pays so much attention. He is very VERY energetic, loves his mice toys and has a fetish with plastic bags that he brings to us and we roll up and tie into a ball to throw for his love for playing fetch! Very gentle and loving cat. One of a kind!
Meet Mason! He loves wearing bandanas, Starbucks puppucino, and vintage shopping!
Jackson was found in a field by my neighbor who asked if I could take him in. He was only probably about 8 weeks old at the time and I had 11 other cats but I did it anyway. He has a :-) cat face on the back of his head which is in one of the pictures and it is the cutest little thing to see. He is a shy boy at first but he's very loving. He's extremely vocal and loves to give me kisses on my forehead. His brother by another mother Milo took care of him and helped raise him and they are best buddies. He asks for treats by grabbing the kitchen doorway and hugging it in a pole dancers position. He loves my beagle.
Bentlee is Great Boy, he listen’s to commands sit, out & who is there. He loves food & treats. He loves when people visit due to the attention he receives.
Teddy is a loving cuddly dog, he won’t go anywhere without his babies (teddies) Teddy is most known for looking like the Star Wars ewoks🧸
Stanley is very playful and loves his toys and playing peek a boo
Abu is super playful and very smart! He currently know 6 tricks and is working on a 7th. He loves lap cuddles, face scratches, and sitting on mama’s shoulder around the house.
She is a dear pet. So dainty and cuddly. Her flat little face is just too cute and she loves to play with toys and chase her friend Greyson. As she is jumping for stick and string she makes these cute little grunts because of her extreme flat face. She is loved.
Gertie Petrone
Gertie is the bestest big sister, she enjoys shredding paper towels and digging to China in the backyard when she isn’t busy being a 60 pound love bug lapdog.
Betty Boo Boo
This is Betty Boo Boo, a cheeky little girl loves watching Manchester United with her Daddy! I think she likes to watch the ball. She loves snuggles and likes to sit on my chest and purr really loud. She’s obsessed with technology, forever walking on my laptop when I’m trying to work, scrolls on my iPad when sitting in front of it....she even managed to set an alarm on my phone for 7am daily. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣( Probably wants feeding at that time) She has just discovered the outdoors but I watch every move as she’s still a baby. Loves to hide on the stairs waiting to pounce ( she thinks we can’t see her 😝) I absolutely ADORE her and can’t imagine life without her....if I won any prize money I’d put it towards securing the garden as I can’t relax when she shoots off out every time the door opens....she’s a bullet of fluff and a bundle of Joy! My baby boo boo forever love 😸🥰😂
Hi this is Nachito he is a super loyal dog he loves his bone 🦴 he haves two cat 🐈 brothers which he loves❣️So much thought they are annoying and steal his bed. I think every dog is ✨PERFECT✨ And they all deserve to win so please help me to get this angel 👼🐶 to win with as many votes you can‼️‼️
Rupp loves to play ball, eat ice cubes, and watch movies! He’s the biggest goofball and the best friend a person can ever have. He loves his family and is terrified of the vacuum!
Donner Skimbleshanks Duke
When I’m not snoozing, I like to watch the shadows of leaves on the curtain or have a grouse or two, maybe a pheasant or a quail, or a game hen... It’s been said that I am the cutest kitten in all the land, not that I would ever think such a thing myself, of course... but it has been said about me.
I call him Brusum Toosum he's a beautiful Siamese cat with a great personality. He is very dear to me says he has gotten me through tough Parts in my life. You can see it in his eyes endurance that we have had to take. I believe Bruce is the most beautiful, eccentric, and special cat I have ever known. One of a kind.
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Pip is a goofy guy. He was unexpected when he arrived given the shelter told us his mother was fixed but it’s been incredible to watch him grow. He loves to snuggle but also love his alone time which he spends in meditation
Smudge is a beautiful loving, loyal dog, the thing she enjoys to do the most is going for long walks in fields 🐾
Ralphys a 4 month old Bull Mastiff x Neo Mastiff. He is a hypo little bugger only when he’s not Sleeping or eating which is barley ever 🤣 he Absolutely loves other people and other animals, he loves to swim, he loves to annoy everybody and everything. He expects a cuddle every time he wakes up in the morning he crys at the end of the bed until we pick him up and cuddle him. He is just your typical little adorable annoying 4 month old pup 😀
Caleb was rescued in 2014. A feisty little thing weighing in at just 10lbs. He loves to play fetch and eat all the snacks!
Jax is a Korean Jindo and Pomeranian mix. He was brought the the USA from South Korea after being adopted by a military member who was stationed there. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet!
Jett is a fun loving GSP. She will be a year old at the end of Feb. she loves to play with other dogs at daycare. They say she is the friendliest dog there. She also is a cuddle bug. She loves her humans. She has a beautiful heart on her side when she sits. She loves everything she gets in her bark box.
Paisley amd Noodle are best friends who are a week apart in age. They love to play and cuddle with eachother. Paisley especially loves to sleep with a pillow under her head.
Apollo is a dragon li kitten who loves to play and cuddle. He plays with the puppies and other kittens and is as friendly as can be! He never fails to let us know what he needs! My little Greek god Apollo!
Callie is a very rambunctious little girl! She loves to run and play and wants to try to make everyone around her happy. She loves to play fetch and to get her friends to chase her all around and is always ready for another play session.
Remington aka Remi is a Chiweenie! She sits pretty, fetches, plays in the snow and loves her brother Dewey. She’s been with us since she was able to leave her mom. My best friend picked her out of the litter of pups her dog had. She’s a cuddle bug and talks so you better be listening. She will talk until you understand what she is saying. She’s our girl and we love her so ♥️
Dewey Decimal Duffer Or Triple D
Dewey is a rescue! He was found in the country and had been thrown from a car. He was taken to a local veterinarians office and she worked on Dew for a month to get him up and running for survival. He’s a charmer for sure. He does not like it when his sister Remi goes outside with their dad and he doesn’t go. He sits by the door crying for them to return. As you can see from his pictures, his personality is larger than life. Curious, persistent, a true hunter and lovable! That’s our boy Dew, Dew Dew or Triple D💙
Diasy is mischievous and loves to play. She enjoys watching TV, eating and sleeping. She doesnt like noise or being alone.
Delilah is a 3 year old cat that I rescued from a shelter. They told me she was abused in her last home so I make sure to spoil her like crazy! She loves pets and playing with her favorite toy rope.
Cashew is a little floof ball going through a bit of an identity crisis. She thinks she’s a cat - loves pouncing on leaves and chasing string my things.
Martin was born on MLK weekend, thus his name. He’s five weeks now. His mom is a Yorkie that was dumped by the side of the road. She was so skinny and matted with fleas and worms, we were not sure if she was pregnant or already had her puppies. Martin made a surprise appearance 2 weeks after we rescued her. Unfortunately, Martin’s other sibling did not make it due to mamma’s poor health condition.
Roxy is a tri-pod toy poodle from Carolina Poodle Rescue. She let’s nothing get in her way of loving life and looking cute. Her tail is always wagging and she always finds a human to help her get where she wants to be.
Cali is now 10 weeks old, she loves playing with socks, climbing and cuddles
Winston is a very loving, and very good baby boy. He loves to play hide and seek, chase me, monsters, dinosaurs, catch, and more. Winston has a beautiful personality and loving nature. He loves to wear sweaters, mommy made sweaters that is. He even picks which one he wants to wear each day.