Dog cat Stories - 6


Jaxson is so love able he’s 5 yrs old and loves treats and going for walks!
Jane is super loving and a Huge snuggle bug. She resembles a teddy bear with all that fluff!
Murphy loves to play soccer and take lots of naps.
Kuper and Mickey are best friends. Kuper loves to moo like a cow and Mickey loves to watch TV.
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She likes food but mainly tuna is her favorite. Her favorite thing to do is sleep in the sun shine. She Is DIVA but she a very sweet cat and she loves to snuggle up while you read a book.
Must be by my human 24/7. I luv to chat, be my mamas shadow and sleeping in my condo 🏢
Shilo loves playing with friends and cuddle time. But there’s nothing he loves more then a kitten 😂 he thinks they’re his babies
Darla was a very sweet beagle with dementia, and she loved to eat and play in the snow.
He is a rescue from Puerto Rico! He is a very sweet boy basically a human. Plays fetch and he loves going outside on his leash and going to the beach
Dinah, the adventurous type who likes to hang out on dashboards and go into stores on my leash. Also- I control the robot vacuum and ride it like my steed.
She is the goofiest cat ever. She has chewed through a couple pairs of my sandals and she loves the smell of bleach so she likes to roll around on freshly bleached floors 😂. She loves to chew on anything leather and licking/grooming is her love language.
Adonis is a yorkie/beagle mix. His favorite thing to do right now is chew on mommy’s wall and play fight with the cats. His favorite food is fresh pet chicken meal. He doesn’t like clothing unfortunately but at least he likes walks.
Dexter is constantly posing and ready for the camera!
Hi, I'm Hunter. I'm a rescue from Oklahoma, but ever since I met my adopted mom & dad I've settled in just fine! I love playing in my grandparents yard and making new friends :) snuggling up and watching a movie with dad when he gets home from work is my favorite thing to do, I usually wait by the door for him all day (even if moms home)
Hi, I'm Jupiter. I love to play in boxes & hampers, but cuddling with my mom is my favorite. I'm pretty chill for being less than a year old, but that's what I get for being a lil chubby :)
Sasha is a very rare breed of cat called a Nebelung! Her fur is extremely soft and she goes through a purrdling stage which is the cutest thing because she wants nothing more than to cuddle! She was raised with a eastern grey Squirrel and believes she is one at times especially when she wants to climb on my back or up a tree or wall. lol 😆 Vote for Sasha! Thank you
Annie-Bob loves going out on adventures.
This little guy melts anyones hearts that he sees. He is definitely the king of the household and makes it known when he wants to be given attention.
Cesear Blue
Cesear is a pit bull/lab mix. He is the sweetest dog but fiercely protects his family. He loves tuffy toys and playing ball before destroying it after 30 minutes of fetch. He has visiting hours and don’t play when it comes to food.
Ollie is energetic and very loving. He is curious and loves meeting new people especially children.
She loves belly rubs, and will most definitely lick you to death. Her mom instincts kick in with her pups and the babies in our home. She loves kids.
Leo is a British short hair. He is 7 months old. Very friendly and cuddly. Hes very beautiful amber eyes 🥰
Liam is the sweetest wire haired terrier in the world. Everything about him is full of love and joy! He lives for his squeaky chicken and enjoys spending time with his best Buddy Jack, a Westie.
Honey is a 4 year old rescued Puggle 🍯
She stretches out to touch my hand when om standing up.
Hex is a fun loving, cuddly, mischievous and playful kitten who enjoys spending her days running around like a little tornado and having cuddles. She also loves playing with her toys and her favorite is her little pink mouse which she carries everywhere in her mouth, enjoys playing fetch with it and she loves bringing it into her bed to sleep next to it as well.
Parker is a sweet loving playful pup that loves his hoomans and loves to play! Squeaky toys are his favorite and he has to snuggle right between mom and dad at bed time. This spunky guy definitely has the puppy dog eyes down Pat and loveeess treats.
Xena is a absolutely amazing fur baby! She is always happy to go with where ever that may be. She is fun loving, well mannered and the sweetest girl. She loves walks, going for rides in anything including the kayak! She befriends any animal she comes across, she’s even friends with our hedgehog.
Judge is just a Good Ol’ Boy who loves water, mud and his hooman. He’s always eager to greet everyone he sees and is a true gentleman. He had a rough start in life but has been the perfect lovable dog for all of our family.
Our boy Frank was rescued from a river at 2 weeks old by his vet mum. He loves cuddles, exploring outside and enjoys snuggling up in his bed. He really is purrrfect 🐾
Daisy is our German Shepherd Husky mix. Extremely patient and loves everyone.
Snowflake is our little leaper. She randomly leaps while jumping and has come a very long way in her behavior. She is very tolerant of kids with different mindset.
Russell Loui as we sometimes call him. Here he was snuggled into himself on my daughter's bed because she was at school. Otherwise he's constantly with her.
He’s officially registered as an emotional support animal too! Boots was a shelter kitty that stole my heart. Would run up and climb all the way up my body and would lay in the hood of my jacket and put his head and front paws on my shoulder. My parrot cat. He’s learning to walk outside in a harness and howls at the door like a dog to go outside. And he loves to torment his big sister Bella.
Daisy and Chunk❤️ Inseparable 🥰🥰🥰
He gives lots of kisses loves to snore and cuddle and sleep with his daddy
Chase is a 4 year old Rescue in Austin, TX. Chase’s life started off pretty tough and he was only 17 lbs when we rescued him in 2019. Now Chase is thriving and loves life! He loves trips to the dog park and loves playing with little kids! He has more toys and outfits than we can count and he enjoys each one. We love him and hope y’all do as well!
Rubie is an amazing pug. She is very smart. One of the funny things she doses. She loves to squeak her toys to annoy her father. She will right at him and do. She also loves to watch the toliet flush. We love her like crazy.
Here is my lil guy Taz he looks young but hes getting up there he sure plays like a puppy as u can see he loves his toys n bones. He also has no teeth u sure wouldnt know it. Hes loves morning walks and sunbathing .
Perfect lil pup. People say we got lucky. He is Chill yet playful. Smart and Strong. Friendly yet Protective. He is the best lil bro for my son. We love ozzy.
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 I saved pumpkin from being put outside and I am glad I did because she is an amazing cat and A loving cat and is good with my kids, loves to cuddle with her family. Loves attention. She is very protective of her family and my kids.
Maxy is a very handsome boy. he loves to cuddle and to chew on everything he isn’t supposed to.
Kissy is a senior cat that is Junebugs father. He is a chill cat that prefers to lounge around and nap most of the time, he is a chunky boy and enjoys his food even though he is on a diet(and not happy about it!), he is definitely a lover and not a fighter. He loves kisses, hence his name.
Junebug is Kissy's son, he suffered pretty bad eye infection and upper respiratory infection,it unfortunately went untreated too long and he now has clouded eyes but can still see according to the vet and it doesnt slow hom down at all. He is Duncan's(one of my other cats) best friend and they are inseparable since i brought Duncan home. They love to play rough! And wherever one is you can be sure the other is nearby plotting what mischief they can get into.
Duncan was at the shelter for 2 years,overlooked due to his temperment and not liking other cats,he refused to allow staff or people interested in him to touch or hold him. He was almost going to be euthanized due to his agression towards staff and visitors, but one day my husband came to visit and to everyones shock he loved my husband! Allowed him to touch and hold him even cuddled him so it was determined he was coming home with us,after a very slow introduction to my other cats he became besties with Junebug a male cat close to his age,theyre now inseparable. Duncan loves boxes and peering through the shower curtain when someone is in the shower.
I’ve had Mrs. for 4 years, he is such a smart an unique cat! Mrs. love others cats an loves to eat alot he’ll actually uses the toilet if his litter isn’t clean and he will talk to ya.