Charlie has a very "I'm cute and I know it attitude" As he prances through the house
Nina is a 2 year old pit bull. She is very playful and loving, she loves getting into trouble. She loves playing with other dogs.
3years old mixed persian with a lobster hand🖖🏼, Live long and prosper.
Espurr was a neighborhood stray who just kept trying to come in our home... So of course, she lives here now.
Cat is my sons “baby”. She will follow him and wait for him by the door to come home. Adopted from the local shelter, I couldn’t say no when his face lit up for her. Literally had to drive him to his best friends house to show her off. She loves to get into places she doesn’t belong. Yes, she figured out how to get on top the pantry doors and into the walls.. lol. Don’t ask!
Chicken Aka “Brady” is the grumpiest cutest boy! He’s a big lover and his name chicken came from him making clucking sounds as a puppy! He is a Pomeranian yorkie mix, a porkie or if you will!
Patches loves to play, run and love cuddles. At only 4 weeks old. He is a very active kitty. Please vote for me!!!!
We found her the night before Thanksgiving 2021 freezing outside our house little did we know she would be out new baby.. now shes grown up and just hanging around. Shes a very smart cat ive been around cats my whole life but this one is totally different. We named her Miri because she was a miracle
Gracie Rose
Gracie is 3 and very loving, energetic and loves her walks.
Hyde is the goodest girl! She loves car rides, couch snoozin, and chasing squirrels. 🐾
Belle is the sweetest cat. She loves to be petted and will head butt you when you stop. She loves paper money and will steal it out of your purse.
Bill is a lovable 14 year old Himalayan boy that loves attention and to lay on me.
Draco loves the beach, squirrels, and his dog friends!! He loves to lay in bed with me and watch dogs on tv.
Lexy Velociraptor
1-year-old Lexy is foreman to her human from atop toilets/litterboxes, cat trees, and her buggy. She is highly food-motivated: stands on her hind legs and pulls backwards to inspect cabinets for treats and stealthily tests Mom's attention sneaking onto table for human food she shouldn't have. Her favorite game is hide in darkness in the corner and scare Mom with a loud meow like a tiny velocirapror, which is her nickname. She greets Mom everyday when returning home waiting at the door, and is clicker trained to high five. We're working currently on sit on command.
Alley loves snuggles, sun bathing, and sleeping in. 😻
MaryJane is an 8yo GSD/ Border collie mix rescue who I saved when she was a puppy! It was a rough year gaining her trust and getting her healthy. But here we are 8 years later! She loves to go everywhere with me she’s my best friend and my baby she looks tough! But in reality she’s a big ol softy that just wants to play and snuggle 🥰 she loves to go on adventures and smell the flowers 🌸
He like to play with his toys and watch out the window he a sweet kitty
diesel loves to play fetch , tug a war , swimming . over all he’s the best puppy ever ♥️
Howl likes to keep to himself mostly, but loves his “little” dog sister Margo. As you can see in his photo, he’s not a big fan of wearing a collar.
Margo is a very happy but calm Rottweiler/Lab mix. We rescued her from Tulsa Animal Welfare and we have all had a better life being with each other. She loves to lay on her back and play with her Narwhal or just snore like crazy. She also loves her 3 cat siblings.
Can convert anyone who doesn’t like cats into a cat lover within seconds🐱 Puss is 15 years old, so loving and he loves to be loved🥰❤️
My name is Kingston, I’m 7 months and I love getting into mischief! I enjoy chasing my sister sassy in the morning, watching the birds during the day and snuggling with my family at night.
This is Sheba she loves treats and naps in window! Plz vote Shebakitty!
Dosey Doe
He has a thing for straws every time someone has a drink he will take the straw out of the cup and play with it for days
Marsha is the ultimate ninja shadow stalker pup! She the CIA and the FBI of the house hold. She the best trick for treat(her) you will ever meet, from knuckle bumps to high fives she will do it as long as there's a treat involved, she holds you hostage with her fetch toy when you sit on the couch, when you sit, that's her queue, she expects and demans attention. She loves to play tug of war and if you don't play with her she will get her toy wait for you to get up and start walking, she then executes her goal and will knock at the back of your ankles with her toy until you acknowledge her!! She's the best love lick puppy you will ever meet with plenty of hugs and kisses to great you!! She sassy and classy, she won't go anywhere with out clothes on or her fur brushed out! She our ultimate puppy and we love her like family! Our baby Marsha!
Kobe enjoys almost anything and everything. But his favorite thing to eat are his Salmon treats. He speaks to everyone when he enters the room. And loves to take baths.
Maximus Tot Andrew Mitchell is the name i love to attack my mommys face (: im only 8 weeks old and weight almost 2 lbs i might be a dwarf cat my mom keeps saying! Idk what that means but I love it lol
Pretzel is a golden retriever puppy who LOVES people, she also loves cuddling with her brother simon, a 3 year old cat!
Zena is a sweet yorkie that is very protective of her momma. She attacks every dandelion she sees and makes sure to look and see if i was watching when she did it.
Maverick is so kind hearted. If you r sad, he is sad. If you r happy, he is happy. Also he jumps really high and while up in the air he wiggles!
He’s a sweet, loving 24lb Tabby! Punk is a rescue, we found him at about 8 weeks and have lived him since. He will only eat can food that has gravy!
Dahlia is a bullboxer mix. She is the sweetest girl! She’s always trying to cuddle with our cats (even if they aren’t huge fans of her, haha). She’s also such a smart pup - she knows so many tricks (stand, spin, & whisper are some of our favorites)!
Buddy is very playful cute and fluffy He likes to climb
Bellatissima Garnett Smith
Bellatissima is a tabby cross Bengal, ultra fluffy, and ultra sassy! An absolute daddy’s girl that gets fed top side beef when ever she looks cute (all the time)! She opened her bakery up Friday 21st of January 2022! Hobbies include: napping, purring, making bread, loafing on the window sill, and playing with the plants!
Slick is a goofball and loves to smile. He’s a happy boy who loves you.
I was saved from being a bait dog. Im super sweet, loving, and smart. I love playing fetch, and i love kids. Cuddles are my favorite thing 💙 Im full blooded American Staffordshire, AKC. I love to play, cuddle, and sleep.
Penelope loves her treats and playing with her tether ball. She sleeps in my lap alot and is very affectionate. Shes a lil sassy sometimes too 😊
Babie Girl
Babie Girl is going to be 18 years old and she loves to take long walks in her stroller, she raised on people food, she still can run circles around me and she is also my medical support animal
I like to bird watch, curl up on beds and go for long walks.
Luca is a 6month old kitten who is very energetic. Luca loves to play and loves cuddles. He also loves his treats very much but nothing more than Tuna.
He is a rescue cat and he is 20 years old!🥰 So vote for him he is really old☹
ROSCOE is a very smart 11 year old male. He loves to be outside looking for trouble.
Hi I am Bubba and I am a bit naughty at times but otherwise absolutely adorable. I love to cuddle and play. Join me for some adventures. Love you all x
Cuteness overload!!!!
Hi my name is Pablo and I am absolutely adorable ! Join me for some adventures and let’s get voting! Pablo will give you “high five” for a vote ✋🏼
she is my crazy baby going to be 2 in august and she loves to be outside
Niña is a very loving dog that hates seeing humans sad. She'll try to win your heart by stealing your attention... like running away with your phone.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane, aka MJ, is a 12 year old calico. Don't let her cuteness fool you tho, she is also a VERY feisty little old lady kitty. She had a rough start to life, so she's been spoiled rotten with love and treats ever since. She's not just my fur baby, she's also my best little buddy and my emotional support kitty, and I'd be lost without her! 😻 Vote for MJ!