Toes enjoys sleeping, salmon Dreamies and cuddles.
Sable was adopted 7.8.2017 from a resue in San Antonio. She enjoys watching over me and challenging other dogs, especially larger ones.
Little Buddy
🥰 taking part in NOVEMBER if anyone would like to arrange advances for return to us in November just write on our wall thank you upto 60 a day advance Fundraising appeal. Trying to save Little buddy as he has oral squamous cell carcinoma we are trying to fund his treatment to share his page go to gofundme website and typing in CELITA ALCARTIO and his page Help little buddys biopsy and surgery your share could lead to a donation x please donate rather then buy him votes 10 free votes are the best we can do as i have seen many people doing deals to win. Buddy is respondingto treatment but we have a treatment cost of between 4 5k and 6k to find in order for him to have treatment. He has had 2 rounds so far and is a little fighter Please vote if buddy won it would go towards his treatment we hand reared him at 2 week old after his mamma left him and siblings. At 5 weeks he had 3 fits and was fighting fading kitten syndrome. We was told he would pass away within 30 minutes he fought for 6 hours and recovered quickly
Softest eyes known to man that will warm your heart like a wonderful winter fire, she is the Yule log in our hearts.
The biggest pillow queen and sass master. Heart of the holy diva trinity.
Cujo has been by my side since he was 3 weeks old and has been my little man since then
Mylo is a very clever boy who knows how to speak, sit, lie down and paw. He loves his late night treats and loves to wake you up to cuddles, he likes to run not walk on the lead and is always happy all the time!
Stella is a loving and crazy happy puppy. She loves to play ball and play in the sprinklers barking and running through them
Ullr Oso
He likes playing fetch and snuggling with a stuffed astronaut toy when he gets tired. He also likes to snuggle after having a really long sniff outside.
Girlie is a sweet cat who loves her Daddy and Mom. She is a rescue and I am so thankful we were the ones who saved her. She is 8 years old and knows when her Mom is not feeling well. She comes along and gives me boops and kisses to try and cheer me up. Girlie is a very faithful cat.
Elvis is my poodle-maltese mix. He cannot leave his mommy’s side for anything. He loves to walk to “the bridge”, watch the fish his family catches, and perform tricks. Some of his favorite tricks to do is jump, spin, speak, paw, high five, sit, stand, lay down, roll over, and flops over whenever you tell “BANG”. Elvis should be voted because he is the sweetest, smartest dog and loves to wake up his family in the mornings to begin the day!
~!! I do not do Advances!!~ Gabby is the most loving cat that I've ever had! She was dropped off at a shelter at just 2 days old, w/her siblings & was bottle fed.. She likes catnip, mayo, butter and ranch dressing LOL Truly, she has rescued me after losing my other cat to renal failure just days before i found her, I'm blessed by this girl. Thank you for voting for Gabby girl. ✔️I am a faithful voter
Yeti loves to show off those toe beans!!!
Hannah And Christopher
Hannah and Christopher are Brother and sister, I rescued them at 2 weeks old and they love each other, love hanging outside in the Catio
Lovey loves to play “pen”! That is, she plays fetch with a pen, but it must be a paper mate red or black pen.
Betty White
Betty White only has 3 legs but you would never know it! She lives like she has 4! She was found on the streets of Las Vegas and a friend fostered her and we couldn’t resist her ❤️
A picky eater who just loves to rest and protect his mother, my mom 😆!
Hi I’m Sydney! First of all we LOVE TO EXCHANGE VOTES SO MAKE SURE TO CHAT WITH MY MOM ABOUT THAT! Now, back to me 😻I found my forever home in February. I’m such a sweetie and love my new family. Especially my big brother Oliver. I will celebrate my first birthday on 10/1. My mom tells me everyday how handsome I am! Im full of energy, very perceptive, loving and never leave my moms side. 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you so much for your votes!! 💕
This is Rotini. She has cerebellar hypoplasia making her hard to be adopted because of her condition. But after more than 2 years being in the shelter, we adopted her. She is very shy and tries to hide, but she is slowly warming up to us. She is adorable and has a cute walk.
Spyro was a little baby kitten when we got him from the shelter. He's very energetic and can be a bit psycho sometimes. Nontheless we love him!
This is Lucy she is a 9 week old lab. She love to play and be crazy with her brother whisky. But more than anything she love to cuddle, take naps and be a couch potato!!
zohan is one year old and loves to play and cuddle! you should vote for him because he needs more treats and toys! 🤩
Smokey loves people & is one of a kind
Mika is a very sweet girl. She loves her cat brothers Waffles and Gandalf and treats them like they’re her own kids. She knows many tricks and listens very well. When it comes to greeting people she is quite silly and loves the attention. She is never shy and loves to say hello. Her favorite toy is tennis balls and favorite snack is cow ears. If she wins the we will be sure to spoil her with her favorite treats.
Charlie is a 1 1/2 year old mother of 8. She's very vocal. When she needs a break....she sunbathes on the roof of my car 😉☺️
Baby is a Sheltie rescue, and she LOVES to play in the snow. She is getting very old and very tired now though. (Why is Sheltie not in the breed list?)
Albus Dumblepaws
Albus was an abandoned kitten rescued and now living life as he should
Beethoven is a 7 month old golden retriever who is in training to be a service dog. He’s a happy pup who loves playing and being a 60 pound lap dog.
The best dog EVER!!!!
Riley is a 10 month old Australian cattle dog/chow chow mix. He enjoys chasing his tail and playing fetch at the dog park!
I love long walks and bird watching. My favorite time of day is when I’m eating.
Kit Kat
I found her in an old auction house almost dead I couldn't leave her there so I scooped her up and took her home with me... After 3 days of TLC she started gaining strength... Now she is playful and full of energy. I couldn't be more in love with an animal than I am with her... She has definitely brightened my life!!!!
Buddy N Leia
Buddy and Leia are brother and sister from different litters who I adopted a few years ago. They are almost always together causing trouble and if they arent together, one is always looking for the other. Buddy lives up to his name and is very laid back and adventurous and Leia acts like the queen...Everything is on her terms only! They love us most when we have treats (and also when I shake any bag they assume is a treat) Leia is a lap cat (again, on her terms) Buddy needs attention all the time. They are PURRfect!
Brooklyn is the sweetest baby in the world she loves to be cuddled and she loves to play Frisbee with her brother Forest
Honey Bear
Bear is a dilute calico who is 15 1/2 years young. She loves to sleep in the sun, play soccer with her foam soccer balls and sleep in one of her many cat houses. Though mostly she likes to sleep with her humans.
Peanut Butter
There is no words to describe this baby. He’s the sweetest kitten ever. He loves to play with his brother and sister. He’s very friendly and cuddly. Loves mom!
This is Jelly. He’s a spicy one! He has separation anxiety. When he doesn’t see his brother, Peanut Butter, for split second, he will meow nonstop. He likes to pick fight with his sister, Stella. He will also hiss at mom when she tried to pet him.
She is sneaky, demanding, spoiled, and having a bad hair day. She is ready for Halloween and she stays on alert. Our first line of defense.
Meet Stella, who’s getting used to her two bothers Peanut Butter and Jelly. She is the sweetest kitten who loves to cuddle and meow occasionally. Not sure how she feels about her two brothers yet.
Sky And Storm
They are so adorable and they love each other so much their favorite thing to do is cuddle a d chase eCh other
Buddy Love Martinez
This is my dog son buddy I got him for my mom to help with her depression, and anxiety, he’s a lovable, loyal dog, very protective when someone’s trynna hurt someone he’s loves or is friends with otherwise he loves to be around people and loves cuddles and kisses and I’m officially going on 6 months pregnant and he’s already got a strong bond with his soon to come sister and loves her so deeply already from tummy time cuddles to kisses he seems to never be to far from us. Hope everyone can see what a special boy he is and so much more.
Trixsey was found as puppy. She was covered in fleas and ticks. She was feral like and would scream and bite when touched. That was little over a yr qgo and she's come long way.
Frankie is an eight month old rescue from Wrightway Rescue in Morton Grove, IL, she is a Lab/Staffordshire Terrier mix and is the Sweetest girl who loves to chew, dig, splash in her pool and play frisbee! Her favorite chews are Frankly Pet Collagen bones and Benebones!! She can’t wait for snow!
Luci is my best friend. She is the sweetest cat. She sleeps in my arms every night. She loves to play and carrie’s around this webkins hamster that was mine when I was younger. Luci also has diabetes and receives insulin twice a day. She was in a diabetic crisis and in the icu for 3 days. She is doing much better now and takes her insulin shots like a champion!
Regal is the sweetest second chance success story. Coming from an unfortunate home life initially, she now lives a happy life with her new mom and dad. Regal loves to run and play herding games as well as snuggling with her parents.
Sissy is a rescue who found us when we were least expecting her cause we had just lost our male yellow lab that we had since I was pregnant with our first baby boy Brantley. He grew up with Brantley and then Brody and loved being with them and fetching. He loved duck hunting and knew when it was time to go. We were devastated when he passed. Sissy actually came from the same blood line as Hunter and had a lot of his traits. She is loving,well mannered, smart, calm, protective and loves to snuggle. She has to be touching one of us with makes me comfortable and feel safe cause she lets you know when someone pulls up or feels threatened. We joke and say if she had arms and could talk she would be a good worker and smarter than most humans.
hi im nova im 15 weeks olds i love running around the house with a toy mouse in my mouth and i also love to cuddle up with my brother
Al is one year old, but he’s battled epilepsy his whole life. We finally have a medicine combo that seems to be working and he will be seizure free (finally) for one month on the 25th of September!