Hi, I’m Charlie! I love being outdoors and being an older brother to my sister Tiffany who is a little dog. I also bring presents for my owners 😁
Let’s make some deals
Hello, I'm Jimmy please vote for me if I win I will buy lots of lick e lix 😋 follow me on Instagram @Jimmycat84
Hi I am Barney, I love going for long walks and getting extremely muddy ,i love all my hugs and cuddles , Please vote for me xx
Jax is bully cross boxer, he loves playing with his toys and getting into mischief lol though he still a baby a loads to learn
Oringy kitty who loves her cuddles and cat treats😍😍
Mango is the sweetest little guy, hes only a baby but he is so excitable and loves playing with anything he can get his hands on especially toes! He loves tuna and sitting in the window waiting for people to go past and swoon for him!
Sandy is our very loving (and very fluffy) Caucasian Shepherd. She's 1 year old and is the most beautiful, gentle giant we've ever known. She loves cuddles and her favourite toy, Monkey 🐒
rescue doggo doing her best to trust the world out there <3 insta: @wolfdogsky
Alpha loves to play and get attention, he plays with he’s bowl of food and after eating he yells for belly rubs
Hello my name is midnight i love to run and play outside i love to catch presents for my mom's. When i wanna go outside my mom knows she just has to look at me and lets me run out the door . My favorite thing is to follow my mom when she is walking to work give me treats and ill being you a gift :)
Luna Cardenas
I love playing with my best friend Leo, he’s also a French bulldog, we love going to the park and run around in our backyard ,we take rides in my mommies car and going to PetSmart with her!
Puma is 3 weeks old and was born on October 14th she loves to cuddle a lot shes very talkative loves to walk around all over the bed and most importantly she loves to look at me but also loves to sleep a lot
Jethro is a 4-month old rescue puppy from Houston, Texas, who loves to snuggle, play tug-of-war, give lots of licks, stop-drop-n-roll when playing with other dogs and he adores children!
Kobe is a handful pug he enjoys running and barking at other dogs he loves to ride on his stroller and loves to have a treat whenever possible
Coco Chanel was bought and rescued from a homeless lady. She has a sassy attitude but is the cutest little pup ever. She loves to play with our cats anytime she gets. She thinks she’s a guard dog and will protect our home by any means. She definitely brightens up any room she enters
Frankie loves cuddling with her momma and watching football with her dad. Sweetest girl ever!! 🥰
Doobie is a 15 year old very intelligent, friendly and happy Schnoodle. He is also very expressive and loves to voice his opinion often! He loves his mommy and his teddy bear that he's had since he was a puppy when he came to live with his mommy and human brothers. When he gets his belly full, he picks up his teddy bear and let's his mommy know it's nap time by following her around with teddy bear. He then jumps up in his bed and carefully lays on top of teddy bear with teddy nose in his mouth like he's nursing. He's always done this since he was a puppy. Doobie is a sweet little boy and also an only furbaby. He does however love other animals very much. He has a friend next door, Marley, a great Pyrenees that he loves to visit when he can. He's never been fearful of bigger dogs..admires them I think. He has two human brothers, both grown up and moved out that he loves very much also and loves to go visit them also. He really likes to go "bye-bye" with mommy and get buckled into his booster seat and go sight seeing.
Anthony rescued me a little over 2 years ago. When Evelyn & Karen from 3Hearts 4Paws brought him to my home it was love at first sight for Athena and I. He was so afraid of everything and only was comforted by being held like a newborn. Once Evelyn and Karen, his foster Mom, left the house Athena, his new sister furbaby who rescued me the year before, showed him around his new forever home; he immediately completed our family! When I walked back into the livingroom, this picture is how I found him, just hanging out like he owned the joint! 😆 When we hangout in the livingroom, this is what he does, just chilling watching what's going on in the neighborhood. Everyone loves this chill little guy! At night he and Athena spoon on my bed and love each other like crazy. So I would love for him to win, he's been through a lot although if he doesn't win it's ok, we had some fun and maybe someone will bring home a furbaby that needed a forever home because they read Anthony's story. Thanks for voting and reading our story❣ For more information on rescuing your next furbabie, visit in NJ
Hope is a sweet fun beautiful puppy. She’s 12 weeks old. Likes to run and play. She loves to meet new people a lot. She also loves her toys a lot too. Her favorite toy is a hamburger plush toy with a cute little smiley face on it.
Shadow loves his daddy and loves his best cat friend Bella. He loves going out with mommy and daddy and seeing everybody. He likes chasing moths and digging holes.
Sophie is the sweetest, most loving little girl ever. She loves to cuddle every morning and every night before bed.... Be careful when playing with her, she likes to get the zoomiez and go crazy haha. I hope you love sophie as much as i do, she is my baby.
Born on Valentines Day. Sweetest, loving cat Ive ever had!
she likes to stare out the window ALOT
Reggie is our funny, fluffy (and moody) rescue cat. He loves nothing more than playing fetch, chasing his favourite mouse toy up and down the stairs and when tired, brings this mouse to bed with him. He has carried this mouse with him through every home that he has lived in before his forever home with us and is very attached. He enjoys sitting in the fridge to cool himself down on hot days and potentially steal some chicken/a sausage for a snack. He is a very vocal boy who loves the sound of his own voice. Somehow his meows sound very much like a human saying 'Hello!' Sometimes he likes an occasional nibble on his parent's legs but makes up for it with snuggles in the evening.
I’m a little over a year old . I love treats and being outdoors .
Jasper is the cutest most handsome cat, he has a so many personalities and he seriously loves his box 😂
Simba is the young age of 4 and loves treats and hugs at night. He is very loving and affectionate with a great personality. He is simply adorable.
He is so sweet and playful and full of joy. I’ve had him since he was a puppy and he’s always had a joyful personality. He’s so smart!
Tabby was a stray up until she was about 8 (maybe 9) months old. She was very skittish and refused most contact until finally a break through and not a moment too soon! Just 3 weeks after being rescued from the cold she gave birth to 4 babies on Easter! ( Jax and Luna are her kids) who have all since found their new homes (2 of them stayed with her) shes terrified of new people but she knows who her humans are and loves being with them and playing! Shes really coming out of her shell! Until a new person comes to visit. 😂 her birthday is a rough estimation based on what a vet said she could be age wise.
He has a great personality. I think he thinks he's a cat, loves to lay in the bay window. Loves his kid. He likes to talk back. But he is loyal to the bone!
Luna was also born on Easter! Another surprise! She was the runt of the litter! LOVES her spring toys and the occasional cuddle. Shes super shy at first but opens up real quick!
Jax was born on Easter and was a huge surprise! He's a super cuddle buddy. Loves to play. He loves all soft things and will steal a new fuzzy blanket before you know it!
HI my names Nyla, I’m a big girl but don’t let that intimidate you I love to cuddle and talk back. I am an emotional support animal for PTSD.
He is the most loving kind gentle sleepy little boy
Orla is a 6 month old Tabby cross. She loves cuddles with her mum and dad, her toy cactus and cheese flavoured Dreamies!
Winny is a miniature piebald dachshund with a kind and funny personality..she’s loving and energetic and she’s 7 months old
Salem loves to play with the laser. She also enjoys beating up on her younger brother who is a bunny named pancakes.
Jinx likes to fetch, eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, sleep between his humans in their bed, catch flies and bugs, open cabinet doors to find his treats, bother his sister cats.
Storm is a 12 week old border collie. Storm loves cuddles and playing with balls.
I love to play with my brother and sister and annoy them like any other younger sibling
Pumpkin is a 4 year old Pomeranian. She loves barking in the window and squeaking her toy. She also enjoys going outside and for car rides.
Hi my name is Loki, I love going places with my mom and chewing everything up. I love playing with my best friend Winnie too!
Bean likes to play tug of war with his sis. He also looooves to eat ice.
Ash loves to snuggle, and hunt with her daddy. She also likes to sit still and look pretty.
Charlie Boy
He loves to watch me do the dishes and hunt for lizards