Marley is truly one of a kind. He melts your heart with just a look. He is a super energetic pup that looks for trouble! Always on the go playing with all his housemates.
Raider is an old soul he loves to cuddle and run free! Squeaky toys don’t last long in his house!
Sweet Pea
Hes a sweet kitty whom loves to have his belly rubbed. He will be eight years old on April 27th. I would like for people to vote for him cause hes a beautiful blue eyed baby
Thorin is the most talkative cat I know! He loves to be picked up and carried like a little baby. Will always try to snatch food away from you and is certainly a mouth breather! Hates being alone and always has to follow me to the bathroom or my room. Loves looking out the window and sight seeing! He doesn’t play around with toys too much unless his brother, Vanny is then he just has to take it away from him! He certainly has a grumpy face but is such a loving boy! My sister has his brother, Vanny and my other sister has his older half-brother, Fester! So you can say that we hold a certain love for Maine Coons! Would love to see how far he goes in this competition! Please vote!! ❤️
Mr. Darcy
Wagging my tail is my favourite activity!
Lucky is 8 months and loves tummy tickles his brother and 2 sister's and playing chase and he loves night time cuddles .
Sleepy Jasper, looks cute and innocent but really he’s a naughty thief. Don’t leave any food unattended because he will eat it!
Juliette is the most vocal cat we have. She loves to play fetch with her toys.
Kenny is a beautiful tiny Pomeranian he is 15 weeks old very playful loves cuddles ! ♥️
I’m Miles! I live in Cincinnati, OH with my 3 brothers, Bo, Roo & Oakley. I love to curl up under the blankets, play ball and laying in the sun as it shines through the windows. I might be getting old but I still have lots of energy and mischief left in me. Mom often says “long live Miles”. I would love it if you voted for me, I need more bones & treats! ❤️🐾
Shiloh is a 4 month old pup,
Loves snuggles and belly rubs!
Nessa is a loving cat she is attached to me. Whenever I leave she will sit at the door and meow till I come back, if I go to the toilet she will scrape at the door and meow till I come out. She love’s attention and purrs like a train
Paisley has such a big personally. She is very funny in the fact that if she wants something she will tell you about it! She loves to sunbathe, go on boat rides and loves for people to chase her.
Fluffy is an extremely loveable, sweet, playful and smart kitty. Hes only 1 year old. Hes glued to my side when were home together. He wont leave my side. Fluffy is full of love and energy!
Staffordshire bull terriers always get a bad name.. but I beg to differ this is proof staffys are a nanny dog and the best breed and here he is showing everyone his waterfall.. and believe it or not he was scared of water 3 months ago now he finds any puddle he can..
Ghost is 11 months old 😂😂 I couldn’t blame u if u don’t believe me. He is well trained and listens most of the time loves to cuddle when goin to bed and loves everyone and everything.
Tig is the definition of a scaredy-cat he gets shook up by anything and everything (including himself). Though he is as curious as any cat and likes to run around like crazy at all hours of the day. Tig is definitely a house cat and loves to follow you around.
Goose loves to go on adventures, into the big city or out into the open countryside. He is one brave boy!
Harry is 11 months hyper lovable boy . Harry came to us at 10weeks old after the loss of our older dog zoey Harry loves his older brother ozzy his ball and frisby
Bramble is a loveable 10 month old Bullmastiff who loves an adventure as much as she loves a cuddle on the couch.
Bonnie loves going for long walks and cuddling her family!
Archie is a cheeky golden retriever, he likes to play with his cat siblings and chase leaves 🍁
I’m buddy, a happy golden retriever. I love going to the spa and relaxing in the Sun. I love walks and I love my family
This guy is Oskar and he is simply beautiful. Calm, loving and attentive. Spoiled to the Max. And loves a belly rub more than anything, except a good meal.
Blue is a XL american bulldog, he is 15months old now and looking in perfect shape but when i got blue at only 8 weeks old he was very underweight at only 3kg because the breeder didnt whelp him properly and feed him enough,blue is a very friendly giant that is raised around 5 children and his temperament is 100% even confirmed by professional trainers.
Olive Bratt
Olive is a cross between a Russian blue and a tuxedo cat. She's 6 months old. She loves to watch passers by and cannot wait to get outside once she's been neutered. She loves playing fetch with her toys and running round the house like a looney!
Chewy Snuffles Sweety
Sweety is a daddy's girl always climbing up for cuddles snuffles is like a cat climbs on back of sofa to lick daddy's hair neck and eye ball and loves to play football chewy just loves to play hide and seek and lay his head on daddy's leg to sleep
Bennie Black
This is my beloved cat, Bennie, named after the Elton John classic, 'Bennie and the Jets". I adopted him 3 years ago, he is now 10 years old and has a 1 year old little sister who he adores
This is Frankie, found in a local hospital parking lot at only 2-4 days old, all alone, Frankie was in a rough state. After a very near death experience she is fighting life back with spunk! She loves dropping rings and ponytails into the toilet and being on the counter for no reason even after i ask her not to
Socks is a very fun loving cat that I rescued back in April of 2017. Socks aka bubba is 8 years old and loves to play.
This is our beautiful blind baby, Coco.He is 3years old and the most adorable boy for us. We found him abandoned when we were on holiday in Hungary in 2020. He had only one eye when we saved him from the street. But since then unfortunately he’s lost his vision completely. He is perfectly imperfect but he will always be the most adoring furry baby for us with his two ‘sisters’ as well!😻💙
Eve is a rambunctious kitty who loves to play fetch. She loves playing as well as cuddling with her mom
LuLu is is quit the character who loves her bones and hides some in case of an emergency. She's so smart, funny, cuddly, and adorable all wrapped up into a furrball.
Chong is so sweet and shy she is a very loving cat though she loves her pets only when she decides though she will randomly come up to you and push on ur hand. She has different colored paw pads also she is so adorable
My favorite things right now are dinner time and my tennis balls! I’m a ball of energy, and my birthday is coming up!!
Cheech is such a fun loving cat she has heart shapes on her fur she is sassy and loves attention and going outside she’s definitely the queen she loves being wrapped up in a blanket
Gizzmo is the most cuddly cat she is very sweet and playful she follows me around everywhere and loves water she is chubby and loves to play her meow also sounds like a broken meow
She this a chiwheenie and she love to play and eat anything and she thinks she has to be up my butt and she a 1 year old and so friendly
This is Kitty. She enjoys lots of food, long naps, and nipping at our legs because she thinks we’re cats. (A.K.A being naughty ) We got her 4 years ago at 2 weeks old. She had no teeth, didn’t know how to use a litter tray, and was very malnourished. Safe to say, after a lot of bottle feeding, DIY, and cuddles she's as good as gold.
Chloe was our third "foster fail". Shes a real sweetheart, loves to play fetch with hair ties. She carries them back and puts them in your hand. I adopted her because she has Neurological issues and as a kitten she would be labeled "unadoptable" and euthanized. I decided she needed love more than any thing else.
She was born a premie and survived panleukopenia. she defied the odds and now she is big girl (2yrs) with tons of spunk and energy. Audrey loves to argue with her mom because she has lots to say. She is also a very serious biscuit maker.
Teddy is a rambunctious little guy. Very playful and full of energy. Always by my side to help with anything I’m working on.
Reggie is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met! He loves belly rubs, car rides, ice cream and his favorite green ball! He’s also the best brother to Joey, a 2 year old havanese. Reggie has lots of neighborhood friends too. He also loves to be called handsome. He is my little angel dog.
Supermeowdle Sage
Sage was adopted from Tri Valley Animal Rescue almost 5months ago. She has overwhelmingly filled the void of our 16 year old kitty that passed right before we adopted Sage. In fact, Sage is absolutely purrfect!
Finn is a puppy that is full of energy. He's on the go nonstop and loves to steal his toys from his big brother. There is no shortage of laughter around him because he's constantly doing crazy things that brighten any one's day.
He loves Christmas tree, a galaxy in the eye
Lily is the funniest and cutest little puppy you’ll ever see. Everyone’s best friend.