Dog cat Stories - 60


Hi my name is Chevy 🥰
Zeus is a 6 week old f2 pomsky who gives actually hugs with his two paws!
My name is muffin sometimes my family calls me muffy I love to play with stuffed mice and my favorite food is any human food! I also love to sit on my grandpas shoulders!
Roxie is truly a special girl! She loves her family and is extremely loyal. She loves to play ball, fetch, and meeting dog friends! She was a rescue however our family knows that Roxie really rescued us!!!! My oldest daughter was attacked by a huge dog and began fearing all dogs, Roxie built her trust and love back up.
Nikki is a sweet very spunky little girl. She loves kitties n chasing bugs. She loves to go on walks. She may be little but in her mind she's the biggest pup in the world. She's smart and wants to please you. Loves to snuggle before bed. Such a sweet little girl. 💕
My names Edgar and im the cutest roughest bad boy on the wirral! I love my three brothers and sister so much ❤
My name is Arthur iam a loveable and friendly kitten i love cuddles from my three brothers and one sister.
Shadow loves the spotlight. He is the kingpen of my daughters room. He thinks he is part dog and loves his belly rubbed
Tigger is a relentless cuddler! Loves to play by his self by throwing small toys in the air! His favorite hobby is birdwatching lmao
Merlin is such a gorgeous little boy who loves to be cuddled and loves his 3 brothers and sister
This boy is very stuck up. But loving at the same time
Shes shy girl very loving and loves to have a conversation with me when I'm taking a shower 😻
Jett is the Queen! She loves to ignore you yet she’ll go for a walk with her counterpart pup Romeo and I. She won’t stand for being left out!
Romeo is an absolute Romeo. He catches everyone’s heart!
Bella is full of fun and mischief and has brightened our home up no end
Hello this is Gizmo he is 6 months old and shears the same birthday as my son 🥰 He is crazy like anything day goes by with out it being boring with this Houdini running around he has amazing bond with my oldest son but secretly he's a mummy's boy
This is Icarus he loves long walks down the lake shore where he can attack the in coming waves. Sun bathing on nice day and full of energy and spunk he never stops, going 365.Always being a helicopter sibling to his cat btother and sister;making sure they are okay in his morning and night time routines. Along with even there midday cuddles.
He loves to cuddle and play with his Star Wars toy.
Foodie. Playful. Protector. Bailey likes to chase bubbles around and hangout with her best furfriend Emma and my daughter. Her favorite snacks are strawberries and slippers. She’s been limping for a few weeks on her right back leg, so the money would help pay for her MRI and possibly surgery.
Tartarus is a pure bred love bug. 100% Grade A cuddler. Loves long walks threw the mountains and chasing bunnies. He’s currently suffering from a skin irritation that the prize money would be used to pay down the medical bills Tartarus has accumulated in the journey to discover the case of the issue.
Vasya is a smart little girl, that is super active and thinks like a human
Mini Tia
Hi, this is Mini Tia. Or just Tia for short. She was born in April 2021. My little chihuahua. Number 2. She has an older adopted sister named jellybean. She is a very fun little fur baby. We all just love her to pieces. She gets along with everyone and every creature. Loves the neighbors ducks and chickens. And playing in their field with their horses. My son has her brother. And oh boy when he gets to stay the night, is it definitely a playoff. She used to be tormented by him. But now its the other way around lol. She is as fast a racehorse. Super speedy. A true character.
For fern, the bathtub is the purr-furred hangout spot. But the dresser drawer shall do. Fern will ‘sit’ & ‘beg’ for the right kitty treat. His favorite leisurely activity would have to be getting his ears deep cleaned by his BFF, Leo. When Fern wants to have a bite of your food, then he will have his bite and he will use his paw without hesitation to grab and put in his mouth. He also likes to push my face away when I hold him like a limp noodle baby.
When he was first born, we thought Jude was a girl. We started calling him Judy for Judge Judy because he would at us with his judge-y eyes. When he started showing male parts, we shortened it to Jude. He is a very rambunctious 8 week old kitten who has FOMO (fear of missing out). He is very curious, has to be where the action is, and is fearless!! Once he winds down from running laps around the house chasing his sister, he’s very loving and just the sweetest boy there is.
Known aliases: Leo, Tiny Smoosh, LeSmoosh, Tiné, and ‘Yuri Tomo San’. Leo’s favorite activities include licking, preferably the crease of an elbow, but will settle for just air. Spends lots of time preparing nests for himself atop piles of pillows/blankets with great care. Dramatics and gremlin noises all day every. All he asks for in life is a good game of catch humans tongue. His smoosh looks so funny before he dives in for the kill and is very very sneaky. Leo has a knack for cleaning cat ears, especially for his baby kitty, Fern. His goal is to own his own Feline Ear Grooming company after college.
Sage is a silly little misses who was rescued from a bush outside of a garden center. Sage fought hard to get rid of her worms as a kitten, and in turn has a nice house cat belly at two-years-old. Sage often goes by ‘misses lady’ and is a little shy, except when it comes to layout time in the backyard on the dog’s sun bed. Silly misses has one Orange foot and a yella belly, and she wears her white eyeliner every day. She is so so pretty, and is impressively good at search and destroy when it comes to any vermin that dares intrude her safe safe home. Sage can be found most likely perched on her tower by the biggest window in the house and enjoys being held in moms arms like a baby. Miss lady loves her midnight cuddles - she will have her cuddles. Her meow goes ‘beep beep’ and likes to knead face.
Arya loves anyone and loves to play. She’s smart and really loves her dog brother Sammy.
Snowball is a sweet and sassy cat who enjoys wet food, snuggles with his momma and daddy, and naps. He was a rescue from off the streets at 8 weeks and had a Upper Respiratory Infection and a Severe Eye Infection that led him to be mostly blind in one eye. Snowball is a mostly calm kitty, but gets wild when playing with his little sister Misty. He is a complete momma's boy that is somewhat attached to his daddy. He's super patient with kids and loves meeting new people. His favorite food is tuna and his favorite things are wet food and his momma. He may be full grown, but he still enjoys playing with teaser toys, attacking feet, and getting into empty boxes like a kitten. Snowball is a big boy full of personality!
Hi my name is Moo. I am a mutt of many different forms. I was born of a litter of 4 and I am the only one who came out with white. I LOVE my toys that I get from my barkbox and I tend not to share. I love walks and car rides the best. Please vote for me!
Meet Mocha, a very sweet and playful, 3 month old Pitbull Mastiff. Like any other puppy, she loves to cuddle and sleep either between mom and dad or her favorite place, dad’s head. Those nose to nose kisses are literally everything. She enjoys giving lots of attention to children and playing rough with bigger dogs, acting like she’s tougher than them. Even though she is in the chewing everything up stage, it is impossible to ever be mad at her. Just look at her…those beautiful blue eyes just make you fall in love instantly! But be careful, she is very hyperactive and will try to outrun you and end up making you trip while she’s running right at your feet. So please, give this adorable pup a vote.
I am 14 years old and BALL IS LIFE! I am deaf but my mom taught me sign language so I don’t miss the details of life! BALL!!
Rock And Skyy
If Rocky and Skyler win your heart over like they win ours over everyday vote❣️WE EXCHANGE VOTES too😎These two are partners in crime❣️Rocky a Golden Retriever 1 year 6m and Skyler an English Bulldog will be 6 months 9/30🐾🐶🦴🐾
Loveable and smart and enjoys country living. She is our baby and part of the family. She wont go to bed until you’ve kissed her goodnight and she gets upset if she isn't greeted by every member of the family each morning. 😊
Little Foot
He Loves to attack your feet and legs He sleeps in the weirdest places
Gunner is a handsome, lovable, goofy, wonderful guy.
Dibny is a sweet playful boy who loves food and going for long walks to smell all the smells. He loves is people and always wants to be a part of everything. He has to be the little spoon in bed, usually under the covers, and he never fails to give his people hugs and kisses whenever they come in the door.
Roadie is just starting his journey to become a well-behaved socialized dog!
Rocky loves his greenies snacks
Stinks likes to lick coffee from his daddy’s cup every morning. Stinks runs the house. We have a shitz zhu same age. Of course he is bigger. Stinks is a Maine coon mix. Loves women. Has to eat dinner first. Lovely cat.
Hey everyone i am mitsy i am 7 years old, i am a loving family dog, i am so friendly towards humans and other animals including cats, i am jist a friendly dog who loves a play with other dogs, and i love getting petted i am a big suik and love everyone x
Sophie is a Aussie doodle. She is just a puppy and she is the most energetic puppy! She is so lovable and my sons best friend ❤️
Montee is a therapy dog in training.
Hi 🐾 my name is Bowzer !! Im a 6 month old saint bernard. I love to go a drive in the car, walks in the park and i love to play with other dogs 🥰 i am just a big goofy floof x
Yuki loves to sleep and eat. He loves to keep you company as you shower, loves to stay by your feet while your cooking, loves to sit on your lap as you work. He will lay next to you no matter what your doing. His a very good companion. Will stop to play with you at all times. His a very active cat who actually loves ice lol
We have had Galen since the day he was born, primarily because we had his mother as well. Galen was my favorite kitten out of 6 from his litter since the day he was born, i knew that there was just soemthing about him that caught my eye. Indeed it was his color. I've always had a love for black and white cats. Well his color may have been the only tning that caught my eye but his heart caught mine.
Far from your ordinary dog
Trouble is a sassy floof whose favorite pastimes are 3am snuggles and eating plastic bags.
Hi I’m miracle!!😁 My dad found me at work I n a abandoned house, I was locked in a bathroom left to die,😭 I survived off of roaches for months.🪳 My life is proof that it doesn’t matter where you came from, it’s where you end up that matter. Please tell everyone to vote for me I would be so happy if I could win!!😻😻😹