Dog cat Stories - 60


Maggie a lazy couch potato enjoys sitting on the couch and loves to bark at the TV when she sees animals.
Opal and her little brother Owen love hanging around in the window watching strangers. Opal loves sitting in the window and following her little brother around.
Rosie is incredibly sweet and loving. Always ready to play fetch and give you all the cuddles.
Trixie loves to play with her tiny humans! She loves her cats too! Shes a bit of a foodie which explains why she’s a little chubby! She’s 9 in august but still Acts like a puppy. Hobbies include : playing fetch, swimming , baths , jumping on a trampoline.
Homer loves to go for walks, play with his friends and chew on hooves. He enjoys meeting horses and cows and discovering new things!
Simon loves to cuddle, run around and play with his toys, and give kisses.
Gigi Snow
Gigi Snow is a 12 week old white pug. She loves to eat, cuddle, and play.
Pugsly loves playing with his brother Max and messing with his two sisters who are cats. His favorite thing in the whole world is other dogs. He’s very naughty most of the time but he sometimes knows how to be a good boy. 🤗. We love him dearly!!
Tyson James
My name is Tyson and i love to dance with my mom, play football and nature!
Minnie is a sweet, energetic baby that loves to be chased!
Meep! I’m baby Freyja and I’m learning how to pounce.
Gibby was a rescue who in turn rescued me. After my precious cat Selah passed away in my arms on my birthday last year of feline chronic kidney disease I was utterly devestated. Then one day I happened to be scrolling through a free pets in Maine facebook page an noticed that Gibby and his brother had been on there for a while. After closer inspection this pair had not been adopted because the previous owner wanted them to go away together and Gibby had a cleft lip therefore, would be adopters continued to pass them by. I saw the beauty and the spunk in him and knew I had to have him. Within a day Gibby (and his brother) became apart of our family. Gibby is the sweetest most loving baby I know and I thank God I got the honor to become his mum.
Boba is 8 months old. She loves to be outside all the time, loves people, she’s super sweet and playful dog. She’s an amazing dog. She helped me with my mental health so much ❤️ She loves to chew on her toys 🧸 and she so good catching balls ⚽️ She’s knows how to do four tricks. Whenever I have guest in my house Boba always greets them with so much excitement and joy❤️ She’s well trained🤍 and a really patient girl
Hi! My name is Ranger, I love to cuddle and splash around in the water!
Boo Lefou
Boo Lefou is a little sweetheart that has stolen our hearts! We rescued him almost 5 years ago. He started life as a very sick puppy who we almost lost due to his severe neglect and illness. But he was a real fighter and with a lot of love and TLC, he has grown into a healthy and happy boy!
Hank is 15 month old pug from Northern Ontario Who loves the outdoors, walk in the woods , swim in the lake His favourite things are spending time with daddy in the truck ,going on rides and FOOD lol 😆
Aurora is a 6 year old Alaskan Malamute! She is ball of energy and pure joy! You’ll never catch her without a smile on her face! She loves to go to the barn, and go on trail rides! She loves her best friends Karl and Bounce. Her favorite treat is frozen peanut butter🤍
My beautiful rescue cat, loves to sleep on my back, help me at work by treading all over my laptop and frequently tries to pinch my dinner
Peek A Boo
Peek A Boo aka little shit is a 6 month old kitten. He is full of Energy love and fun to have as part of my family. He is very spoiled with lots of toys love and affection.He likes to get his pictures taken and he will pose for me any chance he gets for a picture.
Rosie is quite a naughty cat and never listens to anyone lol, she dont like to be picked up, but loves other cats
Tilly is a very playfull cat and loves playing with other cats.
Fenton is a 10 year old male tabby, loves exploring new places, always eating, and loves to be by his sons jasper's side.
Jasper is a very shy, quiet cat, loves to be by his dads side and follow him everywhere ❤
Hi I’m Laila I am a Shih Tzu mixed with a Pekingese. I am ten years old and love to cuddle and give kisses all day long. I can be alittle cranky especially towards other dogs stealing my attention!
Nola is a brown glitter coat Bengal kitten
Cookie is a rambunctious little boy who likes his cuddles from mama and loves to steal his brother's treats! Cookie is a loving and sweet cat who cant leave his humans sides after all he was raised in quarantine. Hes still a baby tho and lovs to rub on any human in his path. His main goal is to get attention even if its not good attention. He enjoys making trouble too whether it's sneaking treats by eating open a bag or ts meowing at all times of the night to let his humans know hes still here, hes always up to something. But his humans love him and call him the goodest bean.
Koya is an Aussiedoodle, she loves to play with other doggies and would eat all day if she could! Pretty high energy and loves a good cuddle🥺🤌🏽
Prince was a stray that we took in. It's more like he adopted us. He is loving, but sassy. We thought he was a female, since he was neutered when we found him and named him Princess Peach. When we discovered that he was male we had to change his name to Prince. He's now the cat formerly known as Princess.
Finn is a young , very loving and loyal boy . He loves spending time with his sister out on long walks . He has a huge fascination for toys
Loving, friendly and playful. He loves to run around, and play with all of his toys 😍
Kash is an energetic pup that loves his time at the dog park chasing his ball! He is a fiercely protective momma's boy and loves kids, his grandparents and his feline sister, Klaire. Kash has several quirks that make him one of a kind - for instance, when he needs to catch his breath at the dog park, he literally stands on his ball (sometimes with both feet - there is a picture in his profile) even when he is the only dog there! He is a funny, goofy boy that bring so much joy to my life!
Jackson loves to ride on his golf cart and playing
Abandoned in a Barn near Glade, Kansas. Big sweet girl with an even bigger ❤️
Princess Fiona
Sassy little Diva with major Tortitude & a Love of Snuggles 🥰
Yum Yum
She’s a special kitty who we ended up needing her more than she needed us
She’s a mamas girl n doesn’t let me out of her site. Fun loving n very protective. If she doesn’t like u neither do I.
She’s my fatty patty very loveable n the most sweetest dog who’s very well behaved n very truly loved by everyone who meets her.
Hi my name is Doris. I was born in Bulgaria and was found on the street as a puppy. Some kind humans adopted me and I now live in the UK with my new family. I love water (the muddier the better) , being silly, playing with my cat and rat friend, and watching David Attenborough shows 🤣
Sammy loves to play fetch and will even bring the ball back
Bruno is a 1 year old, American bulldog cross Japanese akita. He is a big baby who absolutely loves cuddles and other dogs. He loves to play and go on walkies. He is the perfect dog. He is my best friend and I think he is the best boy. Please vote for my bruno 💕
She is a Paralyzed ray of sunshine ☀️ Loves belly rubs and Back scratches. she does love to play and be a normal dog like those around her
He is a rescue Chocolate Point Siamese - he was frightened of his own shadow and he now loves to play which is something he has never done before - he can't get enough play. He is the sweetest little furry boy ever.
Hi my names levi and when I drink water it falls out of my hole.... sometimes when I chew on this I’m not supposed to it gets stuck. The joys of having a cleft lip❤️
He’s an odd fellow Loves to talk all day long. More human then cat hahah
This little man is 12 years old. He’s a rat terrier loves to dress up! He’s my bestfriend very loyal! He’s lived quite the life, from heartaches and losses to becoming a fly ball champ Name it he’s seen it all. he loves and protects the ones he loves He’s 7 pounds of joy that can always put a smile on my face and that’s Irreplaceable to me
I love to be kept warm by climbing down my mummy’s jumpers or sleeping under the duvet. I lick their faces to make sure they’re always clean!
Leo is a beautifully natured dog he likes nothing more that sleeping, zoomies and cuddles oh and sausages:) he’s stolen my heart.