Cosmo is a very hyper husky mixed with yellow lab and golden retriever. This is where he gets his yellow colors as well as white. He’s highly energetic and loves playing outside
We’ve been the proud owners of Porky and Pie , two beautiful inside and out girl cats. They came to their fur-ever home just a month ago from a cat sanctuary due to being distressed in their previous home. They love nothing better than a fuss and a stroll around the garden Pie also loves to play the piano
Tootsie is a tortie-tabby mix! She was adopted by us 2 years ago and she’s been the best little girl!
Motley is nearly 2 and a complete nightmare for furniture but gives great cuddles 😍
We’ve been the proud owners of Porky and Pie , two beautiful inside and out girl cats. They came to their fur-ever home just a month ago from a cat sanctuary due to being distressed in their previous home. They love nothing better than a fuss and a stroll around the garden
Tilly is a sweet, adorable 2 year old cat. She has the softest and silkiest fur. She loves staring out the window at the bird feeder (which is what she was doing when most of these pictures were taken)! Check out her other pictures to see how much she LOVES treats.
Hana is a tuxedo cat all the way from Japan! She often likes to play with her onigiri (rice ball) plush, and enjoys belly rubs just like a dog!
Fun,energetic and very loving!
My name is Norman and I love my meowmy. She gives me lots of snuggles && treats. She also even gives me some spaghetti but don’t tell anyone, 🤫. I love spaghetti 😻 I enjoy spazzing out late at night when the hoomans are in bed with their eyes closed. They always yell my name though and I’m not sure why.. almost forgot to mention I am my meowmys model! She loves to photo shoot me and I love the attention. 🧡 Vote for me!!🫶🏻😻🫶🏻
Nefers is very out of the ordinary she does not hiss like most cats do she spits at you like cobra would. She chirps instead of meowing. She loves broccoli, cooked spinach, green olives, and loves bananas.
Very sassy loves her dad
Hi I’m a fun loving phyco! I love to play fetch and chase my tail every now and then cuddle 🥰
He was the only kitten that survived at birth.
She about 8 weeks old, she loves to find different things to get into. The only time you'll find her sitting around is when she's sleeping. She loves to climb your leg and loves to explore the house.
Little Socks
She growls when anyone comes near her favorite toy!
He’s a really goofy dog who loves everyone and everything! He really loves eating and going on walks with his moms
Sadie is a 17 month old pitbull terrier she is the sweetest dog and very protective of me
Lily loves cuddles with mom and bothering her big sister Luna😂
Luna is a VERY vocal kitty and loves her catnip!
My little sweetheart. Super cuddly. Very energetic. Kinda quirky 3 lb bundle of spaz! 🤣
Orio is very playful and energetic cat . Loves playing with his mice toys . And adores his toy bunny which he sleeps with .
As you can see he likes to get in those morning squats...
bubbles is always smiling :) she loves tummy rubs and her little sloth toy. she also plays chase :)
Very playful very energetic loves car rides he's my baby
Raiden loves to sit outside and watch the birds fly by. He is very playful and loves to play with his mouse. He loves his hammock by the window to watch the world all day
Molly loves cuddles and car rides. Her favorite treat is to go to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant for rice and chicken ❤️
Woo Woo Egan
Woo woo is a 15 yr old shitzu retired service animal who loves to be loved she has a personality that outshines most humans she loves a good spa day with the girls. And. Jetsetting all over america. She has a keen eye for fashon that cant be beat. Vote for woo!
Sammy is one gentle giant he is a big boy but so lovable and loves to go outside on a 70 degree day he loves the snow as well. He so gentle and lovable I love him so he also loves his cat snacks he will not stop smacking his snack bowl on the floor sometimes he will push it across the floor if mommy is taking to long lol.
Juice is a lilac colored 1 year old Olde English Bulldog. He loves to play ball, soak up the sun and snuggle.
Cosimo is the king of the house. He loves to chat and he's very affectionate. His favourite hobby is basking in the sun.
She is a silly 🙃 dog loves to give kisses 😘
Frank is our youngest cat and we're all convinced that he thinks he's a dog.
Aima is a rescue cat from Albania, we are unsure of his life beforehand but now his life is filled with cuddles, treats and catnip!
Roxy has grown some now but she definitely has her own personality she's a take charge kinda gal!!
Hi my name is Penny and I’m a cavapoo puppy. I love anything I can chew on especially fingers and toes😅 my favourite thing to do is to go to the beach and enjoy a doggy ice cream 🍦 yum!
Stevie loves walking in the garden on her lead!
This is Kenny he is the first cat I have been raising about 8 months ago I found him abandoned in a carrying case behind a pet shop he had been there for 2 days I am so glad to have him in my life right now I am a veteran and I have PTSD
Hello my name is rose I'm a blue heeler and mount ker and I love the river and snow
Chatty and sassy with the biggest yellow eyes, I will steal your socks and always like to know what you’re having for dinner, even though it’s not for me!
Kaia is the sweetest dog ever. She loves cuddles, playing with other dogs, and sleeping.
Hi everyone I’m moon. I’m my mommas pride and joy (don’t tell my sister). My mom rescued me from the backyard when I was 12 hours old. I love making biscuits especially on my mommas back.
Ella Belle
Hi everyone I’m Ella Belle but my family calls me Ella (unless you’re my grandma then she calls me bamberina). I was recently rescued from the shelter and live with my mommy and daddy. I’m rambunctious and wild. I have an older brother that’s a cat (but secretly he’s a dog). I like tug of war and playing with my big bro.
Sweet doggie loves her kitty, loves frisbee. A great protector with a huge personality.
Becky is a ball of energy, she is adventurous, and has a very beautiful and rare coat. Becky is independent and very curious about everything.
Theo loves getting in to bed and having cuddles, his is a gentle giant.
Yvie lost her front right leg due to nerve damage as a baby, but she does not let it stop her! She the most sweetest, and lovable cat you’ll ever come across and loves scratches on the head!
Juniper is the funniest little munchkin with a sassy personality. She doesnt know she's a cat and so she can't meow; instead she grunts
Jax is a blue nose pit bull, he is the most sweetest and loving dog. He gets along with every dog and loves to play! He also loves to cuddle and watch tv!