He loves cuddles, snuggles, running around with his brother.
Lupa is the sweetest cat you will ever meet. My son passed away last year and she was my sweet comfort.
Cali is the sweetest kittie i have ever had, cali is short for Calico, its hilarious when cali gets the zoomies because we have hard wood floor so you can imagine what that looks like lol, cali would love to win so she can get one of those nice cat tower things and lots of treats.
Kobe is 3 months old and love playing outside.
I cannot participate in this because my dog's breed is not in your register
Disel is a playful little kitten he loves to play. With the money I raise from him I will use it to invest it into his shots, getting him sprayed/neutered, I will also buy him some new toys. He is such a sweet boy and deserves the world so please vote for this little man. I promise he will steal your heart <3
Riley And Allie
Riley and Allie are a brother and sister who love to play with each other and take naps together. They are both very sweet and playful.
Holly is a very funny puppy as u can see here she lives to smile and with working from home i get hugs every few hrs
Sammy is a special needs cat. We call it his shaking head syndrome because we can't remember the name. He's 16yrs old and still loves to play with his toys. He's such a sweet old boy. We love our Sammy wammy💙
My name is Tic, I am 12 years old. I love snuggles and attending any video/zoom calls. I love to talk and just be around my people
Hi my name is Bailey I am very playful and love attention I’ll cuddle with you all day if you let me I might have grumpy face but don’t be fooled I am really sweet 😘
Tag is the most lovable, handsome, doofy and energetic dog! He always has to have 2 toys in his mouth at a time, loves tennis balls and loves playing with his cat brother George, even if George doesn’t like it! 😂😊
Cocoa is a little over a year old. He loves to play and very attached to me. He has ocean blue eyes, and very demanding, very loveable and sleeps with me every night.
She loves to play with her toys at 4 month old she would do tricks for snacks and her toys she’s very affectionate loves to give kisses and hugs especially to her mommy and loves to go bye-bye in the car.
Smores it an energetic fluff ball he loves to play and cuddle. He has the zoomies like a dog. He loves to stare outside and chase lizards
He is very lovable kitten and loves to play
Nala is 6 months old and such a huge part of our family already. She is Mini Aussie and cocker spaniel. She loves to play especially with her big brother that is a pit bull border collie mix. She is a bundle of energy and we are enjoying every second.
Adopted this handsome, sweet boy a few months ago. He is very loved♥️
Kitty Lou Who here to impress and dominate. Vote for me or I’ll have the Grinch ruin your Christmas. TIA. 😂
She’s really a lap dog & thinks she’s part human. She’s laid back & loves to eat
She was watching
Violet is a miniature pug whose attitude does not match her size! She's rough and tough but mommy and daddys little princess.
Hi my name is Sir Gizmodeous the White of the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin Nuby but my friends call me Gizmo. I have other nicknames too, like “stop it” “get down” “that’s not yours” and “don’t you dare little sir” but it’s mostly my moms that call me those. I love chewing on shoes and hiding random scraps of plastic so I can chew on it loudly when the parents are trying to sleep. I also love food, sleeping, boxes, sleeping in boxes and chin scratches.
Sport’s fans! I’m a Standard (poodle), but Mom says I’m xtra! I’m doing this for my mom!🐾❤️
Maximus is a St Bernard /Mastiff mix. He’s super cuddly, and definitely a momma’s boy. He loves destroying his new toys🤣 and annoying his big dog brother Koda.
Baily is lovely dog she loves to sleep she loves to eat and she likes to be pain of in daddy's and mom's ass cute animal lovely dog she will tall when she saw her and she will force one she wants to go outside and she loves people
Tawny has a silly personality. She loves to get something of yours, like a shoe or sock, wait until you notice she has it and then play keep away.
River is 18 years old he just loves to lay in his corner and watch everything going on
Never plays too rough, she is well trained and will stop being mischevious at the snap of a finger. She’s a love bug, but not overly needy.
Max is a lovable kitty, who loves to sleep and cuddle. Loves to talk walks out back with mom and dad and look at the garden. ❤️
Atticus is my baby always happy fun loving. He is a pitty husky st. Bernard German shepherd mix. He is an awesome dog and very well also he makes a good snuggle buddy
Lyra Rue
My name is Lyra Rue, I'm 6 months old sable ferret (not a cat) and I have waardenburg syndrome which means I'm deaf! My favorite toys are cardbored tubes, But I much rather be with my mom! My favorite food is chicken wings and my least favorite food is chicken heart!
FRANK THE PLANK 🤣 he is such a funny boy! He loves playing with his human bros & sis and going in any sort of water he should have been a seal 🤦🏽‍♀️ He also loves a good blow dry after. Such a clumsy boy too hence “plank” 😆 He has so much love to give and he is a beautiful boy. 💙
“I’m beginning to doubt that the red dot can be caught.”
Oreo is a 2 year old rescue cat, the runt of a litter he is small for his age. He is full of energy, very mischevious and has no common sense. He is also very lovable, waking me up with kisses and gentle bites to tell me it's time for breakfast!
Pretzel loves short sprints through the house, swiping a single piece of shredded cheese, and cuddling.
Hi! I’m Bruce! I have the energy of a Boxer and the anxiety of a chihuahua.. I’m a rescue~I apparently “aged out” to my last owner. I really LOVE squeaky toys tho!
Hello, my name is Joseph. I’m a Maine Coon mix and was an only child until my mom brought home a dog.. now I’m seeking attention and validation from strangers on the internet
Sake, fiesty pup who never gives up! Along the journey of experiences, this pup likes to wash paws in water dish.
Jinxy is a female Tabby cat, loving, friendly, adorable, photogenic.
Bentley was adopted from a shelter. He is 10 years old and is the joy of our household. He is the most kindest, compassionate, loving, and caring dog I have ever owned. He is loyal and remains by my side in my most darkest, and sickest times. He listens and obeys at all my commands, follows my lead and stands in front of me to protect me always. He deserves to win because he has been a blessing from the heavens above in every single way. Let’s all give him your sweetest vote!!! ♥️♥️🎊🎉🎈
Wotsit is a misunderstand special cat, he’s so loving and loves getting groomed by peppa my other cat
Kilo is a Apple head Chihuahua who is a momma's boy, he loves riding in the car and going for walks ❤️
Peppa is loving and she silently judged my other two cats wotsit and Garfield but loves them like her own
Garfield loves his bandana collection, he likes climbing the most especially curtains and he’s very vocal
Marty is a new pet to me!! My husband surprised me with him for our anniversary!! I haven’t had a kitten in 16 years!! Im excited to learn all about him and teach him new things!!!
Star is the most rambunctious, adventurous, ornery, loving little kitty. She loves to sniff shoes and climb curtains and she enjoys doing a little parkour every now and again. Her big sister likes to hiss at her a lot but she doesnt care. Shes got no time for haters. All she cares about is chewing on wires and putting her butt in your face while releasing massive farts that smell like a rotting corpse and old cheese. She has no shame