His very friendly, very calm dog playful and his very lovely and his and everybody thinks his cute and look like a terry bear😍
He likes to eat tape and French fries. He’s a big pillowy boy and sounds like a kitten regardless of his 18 lb size. His favorite toy is bells and he plays fetch with them.
She loves plastic, gets dizzy when she plays, loves to go for rides in the car and pick on her adopted brother Tux.
Brownie is a rescued kitten. He is sweet,loving, and energetic. He always wants to play with his doggy brother Max. He thinks he has to go outside every time his doggy brother goes out to the bathroom. He will sit and meow until he gets his leash on too.
Max is an energetic 6 month old golden doodle. He loves playing with his cat brother Brownie and sometimes forgets he is a dog lol. He loves to play catch, learning new tricks, going on walks, and giving kisses.
A pure bred good boi who loves him some cuddles, new friends & Granny Smith apples🐶💛🐾
Hey y’all! This is my sweet girl, Izzy. She is 4 months old and a bundle of energy. She loves to cuddle & go for long walks around our city. Give her a vote ❤️
I’m a fresh ragamese who aims to please…. Myself.
Oatmeal is only 3 months old, and he steals the show! He is gentle and kind, and he loves to eat chicken. he loves playing in his cat tunnel, and he loves to watch cartoons. He follows his mama all around the house, and he knows two tricks-- "sit" and "beg"! So please-- Cast a Vote for The Oat !
Lacie is a Ragdoll cat and 9 years old. Lacie loves rolling around in cat nip, playing with toys and running around with your sisters Kiki and Lexi. Lacie is a very friendly cat. Lacie loves to be spoiled and acts like a diva. Lacie has the most beautiful blues eyes and fur like a cotton ball. Lacie loves to be pets and loves attention.
Pickles turns 1 in October! 🎂 He is a frenchie through and through! Pickles was born completely deaf, but that doesn’t stop him! He is so full of life, joy and naughtiness lol.. He knows 12 hand signals now and we’ll continue growing our knowledge together. Pickles is the best sidekick! A decent snuggler, and a very good pig impersonator.
Rosie Pocket Full Of Posey! The cutest chihuahua mix there is!
Stella is an adorable mini bernedoodle. She is best friends and partner-in-crime with my 7-yr. old son, her “brother!” She also has an older “cat-brother,” Wiley, who is learning to love her despite her boundless energy!!! She has one “bunny-sister” who surprisingly loves to cuddle up with this fluffy ball of fur!!!!!! We recently gained a dog “sis,” “Rosebud,” an energetic husky/lab mix. Stella fills an important place in this family’s heart and home!!!!!!
He is a Morkie. He loves being told what a good boy he is when he goes on a walk. He makes everyone smile. His favorite toy is his teddy bear. His nickname is Muppet because of the way he eats. He sticks out his tongue every time he’s relaxed.
Mister Fitch
Made with love and a whole lotta attitude. This is Mister! Loves the attention and to sing out the window. He will be laying around home with nothing but his bow tie. He is cute and cuddle but beware no tummy rubs. Zoomies around the house at 3am are my favorite past time. I like to wake my mom up when my bowl gets low by sitting in front of her face while she sleep and poke her face.
Goose is named after Goose from TopGun. He likes playing with his big sister and loves to cuddle and be loved on all the time. He wants all the attention and he is very very dramatic.
Me and my lamby against the world..
If bougie was a cat, it’d be me meow-heart! 😘
Bailey is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She looks like the famous Brodie the golden doodle. She love to play outside and she’s my emotional support dog.
Popcorn loving Mammas boy🤍
This is my sweet boy tank! He loves cuddles, and to play fetch and swim! 💙 He is half bulldog and half black Lab💙 Help give him some birthday cheers!!! Help me celebrate!🎊🎉
Willow is a goofy and playful weiner dog. She loves so play with her older brother Oakley. Her favorite food is ice and will gurgle when you pet her.
Q-tip is a 6 month old Husky Mix. He is a people person (unlike his mom 😂) and a huge cuddler. He will do anything for a fry🍟 .
I love to play and snuggle my parents but mealtime is my FAVORITE!!!
Leo is a energietic, sweet , loving snuggle bunny..:)
Ringo love to mess with his sister, she is a Golden Lab. He is very fast at running and a very sweet dog.
Sheebs is the most affectionate clingy cat I’ve ever seen. She always wants to cuddle, be held, and gives hugs with an arm around each side of your neck. She is the absolute sauciest yet sweetest cat. Huge personality.
Elton likes to climb, eat snacks, play with his toys and fight with his sister hes a great little friend and i love him very much ~~
A regular old sock-slipper thief, this little guy can be found pretending to become my shadow, which includes following me into the bathroom 🤦‍♀️. In just a week he has learnt to sit, lay down, roll over, turn on the spot, give us his paw, jump onto his back legs and fetch. Hopefully learning to drop every leaf he tries to bring home will be next!
Kali was left at 3 weeks old stuck to a rat trap. She is now healthy and happy and rules the castle that she is posing in!
Princess Lia Rayne
Princess Lia Rayne is her name but she responds best to Princess. Her name means relaxed & gentle and an abundant blessing from above. She found us and claimed us to be her family as she was outside our window in the rain crying, so I guess you can say she is a rescue blessing. She loves to play and cuddle and explore. She is such a lover too.
Luna is a sweet , loving pup. She loves to be held and is a playful dog.
Sassy little girl!! Only a year old and already the lady of the house!
Meeko showed up on my back porch after a bad rainstorm. He was sitting by the drain in a puddle meowing. He was too little to eat cat food so we had to bottle feed him for a bit and nurse him. He was almost pure white when we took him in and now he’s multicolored with beautiful blue/grey eyes. He loves his daddy and seems to tolerate the rest of us. He’s not very vocal and loves any fort or box. He knows when he’s doing something wrong because I’ll talk sternly you him and he’ll chirp back at me. He’s a strange character that makes us laugh daily!
His favourite thing to do is make biscuits on his fleece blanket before snuggling himself up at the mummy's feet, belly in the sky ❤️ His best kitty friend Leo lives next door, and they love to play together, rolling around on the pavement and running around the grass.
Hello, my name is Dash because I dash playfully throughout my house. I love belly rubs and enjoy laying out in the sun. I have 1 brother and 3 cousins. I'm full of love and love giving kisses if you allow me to. I've learned many commands from my human dad and enjoy posing for the camera.
Willow is a true beauty Queen! She is very loving! She loves to cuddle and play with her brother. She is my sweet loving girl and I am so lucky I found her 💞
He loves when someone turns on the water hose and sprays the water in the air then he trys to play with the water. He loves kids
Vesper is the sweetest boy ever! He loves to watch his squirrel friends, nap and eat ! He loves head kisses and cuddles! We adopted him / rescued him from a dumpster in Miami Florida! We are so blessed to have him!
My Shadow girl is fun loving and carefree. She loves playing with her baby cat Pee Wee. She loves watching the water drip in the shower so she can try to catch it. She's my therepy cat. She was there to help me heal when I broke my back.
Loves a fuss , purrrrs from the second he wakes up
Stella is a very shy lady, she is very vocal when it comes to play time and when she’s see me her mommy. She is surrounded by boys all the time so I’m 100% her favorite. She loves to yell at me in the morning for her food. She loves to sleep in the couch and scare me.
The black and white one , loves cuddles sitting right under your chin , constantly after something to catch or play with.
Loves looking out at the birds , stubborn little independent kitten, loves a fuss
Stella is a 6 month old German Shepard mix! She loves chewing on anything rope and rubber and loves to sleep in bed with mom at night! Walking and going for runs is one’s of Stella’s favorite things to do outside!