Dog cat Stories - 61


Bentley is a rare gem: a calm jack russell. He is sweet, gentle, and cuddly. Every once in a while, he’ll get a burst of energy and run through a field or wrestle with his little sister, Kavya.
Colt loves to meet new people and animals!! He is very sensitive and has separation anxiety!! We are still working on potty training but he knows all his commands!! He is a snuggle bug with a huge personality!!
I love snuggles with my daddys, i love my food and turned 10 on 1st September i live with my sister we was found at some bins when kittens and our daddys saved us.
Sugar is a rescue dog we found online she was in Cleveland which is a 3 hour drive from home! My husband our 2 boys and i picked up and drove doan there to meet this beautiful girl. We instantly fell in love and signed her adotion papers. We had to wait 3 days to bring her home so we drove there and back 1 more time to bring her home which made 12 hours worth of driving in 1 week just to get her! She loves to snuggle with her brothers and loves to go bye bye
Bentley is a Pomchi (Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix). He is currently 10 weeks old and is such a bundle of love and has brought so much joy to my life and my home in such a short period of time. The cutest thing about Mr B (Bentley) is that he always has his little tongue stuck out. He loves his toys and definitely loves to chew. The little monster already chewed up his new bed.
Sweet, brave Sylvester--the star of our household. He has so much personality and is so smart, it's hard to believe someone threw him out on the side of the highway. We love you Sylvie...
He looks like a Marvin, doesn’t he? I wasn’t sure at first when his dad brought him home at the age of two. He was super shy at first but soon realized he’d found his forever home and really came out of his shell. His favorite thing ever would be belly rubs! He’s always smiling and wants nothing but snuggles and walkies. His dad passed away earlier this year so it’s just us now. Us and his kitty brother, Colbishin. It’s comforting knowing they have each other to keep company while I’m at work. Catching the two of them snuggling is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m a bit biased though, as most of us are when it comes to our fur kids. 💕
The most loving best friend anyone could ever ask for!!!
This weirdo likes to sleep on dirty laundry, the bathroom floor, and near his litter box😂 He is OBSESSED with the bath. Every time I start to fill the tub he comes running to stare at the water. This guy is the most talkative guy I know! He says: mama, hello, and Mac! 🤣 He’s a total beast with very big paws to continue to grow into. He’s a snuggle baby after he’s done playing and growling at his toys. He’s a weirdo, but he’s our weirdo 🥰
Recently joined our family. Sweet little lady who loves a fuss
Hello! This is Bonni 😊 She is a pretty 5 month ragdoll kitten. We live in Scotland in the Shetland islands, and her name is Bonni. Bonni is a Scottish name pronounced bon-ee which means Pretty or Beautiful. Bonni is playful and fun, she loves to chase the interactive bird toy and feathers. She is my best friend and even comes to the beach with me! I have plenty photos of her running about on our nice Scottish beaches. Bonni has lovely piercing blue eyes, and when she wakes up from her nap she has sleepy, dopey eyes! Haha Bless her. She also has cute tuffty hair bits on her ears which gives her character. She's such a loving wee (scottish word - small) babe who brings such much joy to our home.
Wilson is a sweet little boy. He follows me around everywhere. He was given to me when he was 5 weeks old, underweight along with his brother who we sadly lost. He loves balls, dreamies and chasing flys
DenDen’s parents, Yoda and Ewok, are both completely hairless, so it was quite the surprise when him and his brother popped out fuzzy! Dennis is a snuggle addict. He is in love with loving and we are powerless to just how baby he is. He’s got the sweetest, highest pitch mew in the world that almost sounds like a little peep! He loves to be held, to snuggle with his big brother Charlie, and to play fight with his twin brother Mac!
My gargoyle.
the breed is not there his a kelple/handerway
Littleman is a angel sent from heaven, he is my saviour. He loves to round up the cows.
Little Bit
Little bit has such a strong personality, not scared of anything . She had a tough start in life. She is a survivor.
Snoop Catt
its the mf c a double t
Mochi is an ex-orphan, rescued kitten, was found in the street if Tijuana at 4 weeks old. He was cold, dehydrated and nearly dead but kept fighting for his life.
Kitty is the sweetest most cuddly kitten. He's 6 weeks old and has the softest fur. I can't wait until he is fully grown
Dodge is a PARVO survivor. He loves to go on walks to the barn to see all the animals and go to school to meet new people.
Daisy May Turner
Daisy May is my Baby she loves clothes loves to cuddle and is so smart loves to do tricks rolls over. Trys to dog talk and has personality so big she funny sweet and silly. She was born on Christmas.
Enzo is a gentle giant filled with so much love for his people, who love and adore him. He loves to run and play and relax at night by watching tv with his mom.
Smiley is a sweet boy who loves to lay down on the floor completely flat, which is very schnauzer of him! He also enjoys playing with his toys and licking everyone he meets. He is just 9 weeks and is already learning new tricks!
Rescued my baby boy Andre 5 years ago, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made! Andre is my fur ball weighing in at 18lbs! He loves cuddling with me and petting (on his own terms of course). He loves to wake me up at 4am scratching at my door to let him in.
Bella is not only a beautiful girl, she's willing to speak her mind.
He loves his fish, food, and scratches
Peanut loves to run around, sun bathe, and roll around like a goof ball! My dad witnessed Peanut get tossed on the side of the road by her previous owner.. so we decided to take her in. I was 10 when we found her so of course, like any other 10 year old, I named her Peanut.
Princess is just short of being a queen ... she is so playful but also loves ❤ to cuddle ... she's the best combination of sweet and sassy ... Please vote for my be a u tiful face ... thank you 😊 😺😻❤
Benita is a happy, loving little girl, who loves people, to cuddle, and my flip flops.
Simba is like a king overseeing the other cats he's calm lovable and loves to lay in weird places around the house ..king need his crown 🌟👑
When Bailey was rescued he was covered in cement & 1/2 of his tail was missing. He has the best furrever home now! They told me he is 4 but he acts more like & has the energy of a kitten! He's also FIV positive.
our gorgeous girl went missing for over 3 years when we had our son (shown) we think the crying made her venture a bit further and she subsequently got lost she was found via microchip over 3 years later approx 3 miles away it was incredible to have her back but we were worried about the noise in the house being an issue again we had also taken in another cat, so we now had 3 inc her 4 its very important to keep them in for as long as you can, because she went missing again within 3 weeks of having her home (other cats not allowing her in) we have been so extremely lucky that she was found a year later (microchip) we kept her in for 6 weeks and shes very very content the bond she shares with our son is incredible! such a beautiful cat and to watch how all the cats get on and how much she adores our son and her adores her is beautiful! but we worried that the noise of a now 5 year old
Butters loves his mom and dad ! His favorite treats are temptations(but only shrimp flavor), and temptation squeeze treats(also only shrimp flavor).
My crazy luna loves to play and eat and run and cuddle in the morning and howling her favorite toy is an old tire.
I love my big lap baby she loves hiking and swimming but hates baths and loves kitty's even though not all love her
Vote for Dusty 💕 This little sassy girl who is always ready for a photoshoot.
Ollie is a 1 and a Half year old tabby! He’s extremely playful and super talkative! If I receive any rewards I would like to use it to get the Poor boy neutered!
My 4 month old baby Oreo loves to play, eat and snuggle up for naps. She’s the sweetest cat ever 🥰 who lovesss to be loved on 😌.
Pippa loves new friends, furry and human. She crawls under the fence to hang with the neighbors when they’re out. She just turned one and loves her two big brothers and her puppy cousin. Cuddles are her favorite.
Gizmo may is the sweetest big sister. She even carries around her own stuffy. Gizmo is four years old almost. Help gizzy bee meet her goal!
Kenna is a 9 year young Rottweiler, she is an emotion support companion. She is loyal and loving and the most playful even though she gets tired she will still want to lay on you.. 🤍
Meghan Love Tracey
Meghan is tiny long coat Chihuahua, she is only 40cm, but she very strong and not a grumpy girl, she prooved that size doesn't matter ;) vote Meghan and then I'll vote back uoir contestant
Zahra is a small petite boxer at only 45 pounds. She loves doing tricks and is so eager to please. She has an amazing beautiful soul. She’s beautiful inside and out. She loves playing with her brother Knox and getting all the attention.
Little Girl
I'm the Princess in my house just ask my momma ....i have a brother but i Rule our vote for Me I'm The Purfect Choice
My best friends are sticks. ALL sticks are mine!!!
Im very sweet boy just ask my momma....i have a sister but I'm my mommas for me I'm Purfect
Nerkiss is the sweetest chow chow puppy. He loves kisses and hugs from everyone.