Dog cat Stories - 61


Huey likes to sit in my recliner like a human. It's his favorite thing to do.
Louie And Stella
Stella is a German shepherd x Husky. Louie is a bichon frise x pug
Dexter is a smart and healthy boy who loves playing with his ball and knows commands like fetch, sit, walk, kneel, roll over. My favourite child
Jax is a 5 month old ball of fun! He loves cuddles and napping, his lambie toy, and peanut butter ! He has beautiful green eyes and his long hair is just starting to grow in!
Ellis loves to play with people and other dogs. Sweet and sassy!
Rainbow is a 3 month old English bulldog who is growing by the minute - although she doesn’t realise it and gets confused why she can’t fit on people’s laps anymore! She loves snuggles, chasing balls and eating anything she can get her paws on
I mean...look at how cute she is!! She lives #the_nugg_life which is her best life!
Fudge is a big part of our family..mischievous, very loving and a real character
Hi everybody. I’m Winnie and I’m an adopted 1 year old Bichon Frise! I had a tricky start in life but I’ve now found my forever family and I love them so much, woof 🐶 I love peanut butter, belly rubs and my sleepy sheep ❤️ Please vote for me so I can give my new mummy and daddy the best wedding day possible ❤️
Brynn is sweet, loving, playful, and protective of her humans when it’s important. She is the nicest dog and loves to play with people and other dogs! She does not have a mean bone in her body but she has an impressive bark. She will be two in may!
Molly Mae
We definitely didn't want a 4th doggie when Molly showed up on our lives! Now all I can say it "I don't know what I would do without this little girl"? Molly loves going on field trips with her Mom, loves playing with her siblings and is an avid camper/fishing doggie! ❤
Moxxi is a little sass who we love and adore. She loves getting belly rubs and playing with all of her toys! She also loves taking slippers and hiding bones in the couch cushions 😂
Cash is a rescue pup full of life. He’s a complete mama’s boy. He likes to nap, play with puzzle toys and play fetch.
Ted is new to the tripaw life . He lost his front right leg in October 2020. He's shown incredible strength since the day of the op and continue to live his best life 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Bella loves to pose for pictures. Each time the camera comes out, she thinks she needs to pose because she’s fairly certain we want to snap her picture.
Stark is a one year old good boy! He has no idea how big he is and like to climb into your lap for some snuggles. He loves to lay his new blanket and show it off by shaking it all around!
Bailey Mae
My girl Bailey Mae is crazy ball of energy, she always makes sure she keeps me on my toes and there is never a dull moment with her! She loves to chew EVERYTHING, and giving high fives are her fav! 💗
Benny is a rescue from TX. He came to us in Dec 2020. He is a spunky little boy who loves to snuggle, give kisses, and play with his momma, who we also rescued. He is a mix breed of Beagle, hound, and not sure what else.
Hia I’m lola nice to meet you ❤️ I have a heart on my nose and could look at you like butter wouldn’t melt ... vote for me please
Augie is a rescued puppy he was dropped on his head as a Puppy really distrust humans took 2 weeks for me to even touch him.
Keke is actually a Chiweenie, she is very sweet and loves to eat and play with her sister Sammy. Her little friend in the picture is Frankie. Keke is the black pup.
Hi my names Mando! I’m a one year old Aussiedoodle! I love to run and be active! I love my mom and dad, but I love cuddling my Mini Pig brother Freddie too! My absolute favorite thing is playing with my toy dumplings❤️
Mews is kitty who really love food 😅 He loves to play with his brothers
Mick is a special needs dog. He is completely deaf. We believe he had a seizure as puppy and his face is lopsided as a result. While being completely deaf he is the beat guard dog out there. He is everyone’s best friend and loves to play fight and play tug of war.
We adopted Virginia from my daughters college she’s the most loving cat ❤️❤️
Dalilah the manace loves shoes, sneaker she has a collection and everytime she goes to bed she has to have a shoe in her mouth! Wat can i say about Dalilah. She has the sweetest heart loves to cuddle and hug shes a big teddy bear that make your world go around 💖!!! My my Dalilah
Bobo Bocephus
Bo is almost 9. Sometimes timid he carries a squeaky bone with him for protection, his auntie calls it his 'bravery bone'. Bo has a new brother Cody for the last 2 weeks and has taken to him lovingly. He gets along great with our grandkids and loves being spoiled!
Bailey is a 7 year old calico who can fetch, sit on command, meow on command, give a fist bump, and noggin my fist w her head... coolest cat on the block
Dexter is a rescue pup from Lexington, KY now living in NH. He is obsessed with his canine brother and sister, snacks and snuggles!
Hi, I'm Henry, a 2 year old mini goldendoodle that loves making new friends and snuggling with my mom! Please vote for me!
Hazel is the sweetest bernedoodle with the best eyebrows in the game!
I picked Tigger out of a litter of 7 babies. He was the runt! I've heard in the past, their the best. He's so lovable only on his terms. He's a good cuddler when he lays on my lap. Tigger loves new toys, watch birds on TV, curious about everything. I guess hes pretty spoiled. He has a sister named Peaches. She is a tortelshell. Many attitudes. I've trained them on leash and when their not on leash he stays pretty much in my yard, unless he's distracted by a bird or squirrel. Loves to climb trees. But yeah, cats are very independent and it fits my everyday life.
Walter is the most loving puppy I’ve ever had. He’s energetic and playful but also cuddles me for hours!
Felix showed up one day on our doorstep, hissing and spitting. As time went on he slowly became more confident and eventually chose our home to settle. As his previous owners did not want him back, we decided to keep him. Felix is a naughty little kitty who loves to run around the house and knock things over, creating havoc in his wake. Despite this, we love his outgoing and cheeky personality. He also harbours amazing photogenic skills and looks wonderful in any photo he is in. We hope Felix will continue to live a fantastic life with us and continue to lounge amongst the flowers <3
Zion is so playful and full of energy he loves everyone. He is such a happy puppy and he will warm your heart. He also loves his mommy and will not let her out his sight.
Jacks is a chorkie. He's 9 weeks old. He's loves to play with his toys. He loves baths. He's definitely a water dog. He's so smart for as young as he is.
Angel is a sweetheart she loves to cuddle and play. She loves her mommy and follows her everywhere.
Miss Munch
This little princess loves her cat tree and spends her days lounging on it out on the lanai with her two adopted sister kittens.
Bailey is so sweet! He is always ready for a belly rub and will never say no to a good game of catch.
Lucy is a one year old red nose pit bull. She’s a trained emotional support animal who loves children, 24/7 cuddles, squeaky toys, and playing with her canine and feline brothers and sisters. Her favorite color is pink and she loves anything covered in sparkles or rhinestones. She enjoys running and playing in the water fountains at the park and swimming at the lake in the summer. But her favorite thing to do just about any time of the day is take naps. You just can’t help but love her, especially when she looks at you and gives you her signature goofy smile and head tilt with her unsymmetrical ears and long dangly tongue❤️
Energetics, life loving dogo, who enjoys water in any amount,but obviously-more is better! Will trade anything for great piece of wood!!😂😀🤗 And if dog decides that tree must go down - that's how it should be. Landscape manager 😎😂😁
She was a baby stray cat so I took her home. Very shy but playful if she knows you well. She likes to follow me around, a little cutie pie❤️
Sugar loves to play and gets super excited when you come in the door, even if you've only been gone 5 minutes...❤🥰
Pippa is a real adventure dog, she loves being outside. In the summer we love to paddleboard and in the winter we love to zoom around the fields and play in the snow.