Chloe was our third "foster fail". Shes a real sweetheart, loves to play fetch with hair ties. She carries them back and puts them in your hand. I adopted her because she has Neurological issues and as a kitten she would be labeled "unadoptable" and euthanized. I decided she needed love more than any thing else.
She was born a premie and survived panleukopenia. she defied the odds and now she is big girl (2yrs) with tons of spunk and energy. Audrey loves to argue with her mom because she has lots to say. She is also a very serious biscuit maker.
Teddy is a rambunctious little guy. Very playful and full of energy. Always by my side to help with anything I’m working on.
Reggie is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met! He loves belly rubs, car rides, ice cream and his favorite green ball! He’s also the best brother to Joey, a 2 year old havanese. Reggie has lots of neighborhood friends too. He also loves to be called handsome. He is my little angel dog.
Supermeowdle Sage
Sage was adopted from Tri Valley Animal Rescue almost 5months ago. She has overwhelmingly filled the void of our 16 year old kitty that passed right before we adopted Sage. In fact, Sage is absolutely purrfect!
Finn is a puppy that is full of energy. He's on the go nonstop and loves to steal his toys from his big brother. There is no shortage of laughter around him because he's constantly doing crazy things that brighten any one's day.
He loves Christmas tree, a galaxy in the eye
Lily is the funniest and cutest little puppy you’ll ever see. Everyone’s best friend.
Binx is a rescue. He found us on a Saturday morning and suckered his new mom into buying all the things! He loves a soft blanket and to lay in your lap!
Riggs is the sweetest boy! He loves any toy with a squeaker! He loves going to work with his mom a few times a week and socializing with all the people that come in her office!
Dixieann is 18 months old part poodles and part shitz . She is very smart and loves to go bye bye . She can count and she loves her big sister and her mommy and daddy . She also can roll her mommy windows down while they are out together .
Princess👸 is the QUEEN👸👑👸🏰👑👸 of sass. When she walks around she knows she's beautiful 😍
Chewy is a loving full of energy little dude who enjoys chewing on pretty much anything he can get a hold of, He loves giving kisses and cuddling his person and always seems to have a smile on his face
Annie Nicole Halliwell
She was orphaned with her brother. She is so sweet, loves attention and her cat nip, eldest of 8. Loves cuddles in bed or on your pillow.
My name is Peanut and I hang with Tesla. She's my BFF, but we don't like to show it. In fact I'm kinda a bully and I like to sock her in the face 😯 (UPDATE: She now likes to sock me in the face too 😱) Other than that, I'm a really good boy, but I must have everything you eat. I like food alot 😋. And I always like to play 🧶. Please like my page, I'm new here. Thanks 😽
Uthrid is a awesome cat he’s mostly lazy now that he’s gotten older but he does loves his treats which he will wake me up in the middle of the night lol
Vote for my big ole baby!! He’s the sweetest biggest baby you’ll ever meet. He’s 2 years old, loves to run and play fetch and go on walks! He’s the best with my step kiddo and loves everyone he meets. He spends most of his day lounging around the house, getting fat, and having the zoomies! On warm days we go to the park. He loves peanut butter and pup cups❤️
Daisy is sweet as pie. She is very playful and very loving. She likes to cuddle and run wild when she can.
Lotus is an affection cat who loves to cuddle up with her person and play with a string. She loves her big brother Sammy and always finds away to be under your feet. She is extremely playful And can make anything into a toy. Still young and still learning how much she can get away with
Dozer is an almost 2-year-old bichon frise mix with mastiff and retriever, making him a unique and charming dog. With his stunning eyes and affectionate personality, it's easy to see why he can steal anyone's heart with just a look. Dozer is a lover of belly rubs and lounging in the shade outside on a beautiful day. He enjoys playing fetch and chewing on his toys, but his favorite activity is cuddling with his family. His sweet demeanor and gentle nature make him a joy to be around, and he's sure to make any day brighter with his love and loyalty. Overall, Dozer is a lovable companion who brings joy and happiness to anyone lucky enough to know him.
Cowboy is a yokie poodle he is a sweet loving little pup to vote is he is a good an loving dog
Mia is 14 and she is so loving and loyal to her owner!
Caesar is the most lovable, handsome, kind hearted Pittie. He loves blueberries, bananas and carrots. His special talents are cuddling and giving kisses.
Daisy is a crazy miniature dachshund who thinks she’s the boss of everyone. She didn’t have the best start in life but she’s living her best one now 🤍
She is very loving and friendly
Mikey is very unique She has to sleep on my head, mind you she's 80 pounds. When she hears me waking up in the morning she comes up and lays on her side and wraps her arms around my neck. She will not let me touch my husband and she won't let my husband touch me. She is the funniest cutest thing in the world I don't know where I would be without her
Blaze is a 3 year old cavalier King Charles spaniel. He is grumpy at the best of times but his taite never stops wagging❤️
Izzy is a russian blue cross, she’s friendly, She loves belly rubs and loves her treats.
Luna is a Great Dane mastiff mix. She is super high energy loves running around the house and playing with her Brother brody ❤️
Scooby Doo
Hes adorable, loves lots of treats, camping and going for long walks, swimming and hiking. Such a kind loving,wouldn't trade him in the world..
Brody is a 4 year old black lab mix. Brody is a happy and hyper boy he loves going on car rides and playing outside with his sister ❤️
Ember is so funny she's got a great personality she's very talkative and she says mama when I'm been gone all day and gets on my shoulder and jumps on me like a squirrel and she's a character she's a very funny cat and she loves her mousey
This is Ted. A blue eye brown eye shih tzu. He is 9 months old and melts the hearts of all that meet him. He loves children and cats more than anything in the world
Lily 🐱 was adopted by us ❤️, she is approx 2-4 years old and is loving and gentle. She is a Calico / Tortoiseshell. She also has a cute little moustache 🐱
This is Nox! she is such a loving, sweet girl. she loves using the house as a obstacle course, chasing feet, sitting in the way looking pretty and sunbathing. goes absolutely wild and does anything for dreamies. she’s also super photogenic! she has such beautiful markings and a squirrel like tail. never seen on a cat before! she’s really unique with her lovely tail, beautiful markings and how small she is. she was the runt of her litter and pushed aside she was the kitty no one wanted. but to us she was the prettiest! and we love her dearly. shes very sassy and would love to have your votes so she can continue to conquer the world 🤭 thankyouu <3
Cupid's birthday is September 7th, 2004. Cupid is a lovable former stray that started showing up in my yard in August 2013 when she was 9yrs old. She became apart of the family 1 week before Friday the 13th in September 2013 :) She is a strange kitty... she loves her belly rubbed and will follow me around the house like a puppy. When she wakes up from a nap behind the couch and I'm not in the room, she will walk around the house meowing for me until I answer her :) Cupid is big sister of Angel-baby, Elsa-mae and Hope-nugget
I found ocean when he was a kitten. It was him his sister and mother that got left behind . I rescued them all and it has been awesome . Ocean is a love bug and likes to lay on my legs at night . He is also a talker. So he always lets me know what he needs.
Simba is the youngest of his litter & sure acts like it. When he wants my attention he meows like a 2 yo child saying mom. He doesn't like sharing my attention even if it's with his brother Flip.
Flip is a very loving guy. He loves to give hugs. He also knows how to pull my heartstrings by being so cute that I can not say no. 💙❤️
Although her name is pebbles we call her miss sassy pants. With the way she sits, how can we not?
Ace is a friendly and playful little dog he loves people and other dogs, he’s also very intelligent and loyal, he loves playing in water and loves the sea especially going in to get his ball a very loving dog.
He is the sweetest little guy he loves to play with his ball and he loves to cuddle with me and his papaw
Hims the sweetest boy you’ll meet , he loves his bully rubs and any attention he can get . This boy here is one of the biggest cuddle bugs I know.
He loves the toys with anything fuzzy on them and feathers, has a very special personality and can be a very sassy boy
Hello! We are part of Team Alexia/Chico and As of today, APRIL 20th 2023, we are graciously accepting Advance votes here… Our team had to start a “advance and return” type of routine for now! We Can promise to return up to 150 for contests start dates before June, 500/link for contests start dates between June-August 2023 and/or 1000/link for contests beginning September 2023, or later! Thank you all so much for all support given!!!!🤗🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕❤️❤️💕💕💕💕 Jean has been in our family since my son was born! We truly couldn’t have asked for a more loving kitty! She’s so cute and petite.. with such a HUGE personality! 😻😻😻
Our family protector but really a big BFG !!!!
Marley is a crazy, loving and sweet dog who senses health issues and emotions more than any dog i know. Please vote for him x
Hi everyone!! My name is Apollo - I’m a super fluffy boy!! I love belly rubs, walks and tons of those treats that my mom and dad give me 🥰