Ozzie is so smart . And not afraid to tell us what he wants. He loves his bath time and sticks. He grew up around cats so it’s funny to watch him sometimes when he cleans himself like a cat. What a sweet boy he is.💚
Willow is a very sweet, loving, curious cat. She loves watching birds and trying to catch them in the windows. She also loves cuddles and gives lots of kisses!
Typical Siamese, always up to something, very loving but a bit of a gangster.
Marty is 10 week old Cocker Spaniel. He loves playtime food and belly rubs. He likes to watch snooker on the tv 🤣
Mavis is an amazing kitten . She will play hide and seek. She will also catch hairties when you throw them in the air. She is so smart!! She was the runt of her litter. I gave her her name because when she was a baby she looked just like Mavis the bat on Hotel Transylvania . What a cutie pie💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Mama Llama
This sweet girl is a daddies girl all the way!! She is so spoiled and full of love!!
Lil Poppa
Lil poppa is his sisters keeper, they are best friends!! He loves to pose for the camera, check him out on Instagram at @newkits0nthebl0ck
Panda is the sweetest cat you would probably ever meet but he’s also the dumbest 😂 from sticking his tail in the heater to licking outlets on the wall.
This is Neeka! she’s a loving, beautiful, playful, loyal and funny pup! she loves the sun and to play with her toys. her favourite thing is to lay in weird positions. she also has such a funny personality as you can see from her silly photos. but she’s also super photogenic. neeka is a great support, she’s so cuddly and knows when you need her to be there for you. she always really helped me so just for being a super dog, she deserves so much love and recognition! i hope you can all learn to love her too.
Blu is the cutest fat cat you will ever see! Very lazy yet fast 💨
Ally is a kitten who’s probably about a year old or 2 😃 she is very playful and cute!
Ragnar is constantly rolling around as he is clumsy but the cutest clutz ever. He’s obsessed with his water bowl and all foods. He gives kisses on command and is fearless.
Pickle is excellent at catching bugs and his favourite toy.
Fred likes to fetch hair bands and paper balls.
Most loved ginger boy in town.
Loves to stick her tongue out at me.😂
Leo is a Norweigan Forest Cat. He loves to be outside, climbing trees and exploring. 🌞
Adventurous, sweet and a complete mama’s boy! ❤️ Loves play, food, his bunny, napping and cuddles!
He's the best kindest loyal, gentle dog ever and I will put my life on him. He came from a puppy farm but we didn't know that at the time. He was so poorly so we brought him home right away, took him to the vets made him better and he's still paying us back with his playful comical ways. He sleeps in our bed every night and snuggles up to us. Just adorable.
She loves chasing squirrels, hates wind and rain and is partial to an occasional cheese snack
Yogi loves lazy days in the sun 🌞
Ford loves to spend time with his family. Most of all sharing food with his favorite little person, Madelyn! Ford loves exploring our yard, playing with his sister Gracie, and cuddling with his mama!
😻Please vote for "SIMBA😻🎻in the 🍀APRIL KP Contest. The prize will help bring cats & dogs rescued by solders to the US where they will be reunited instead of being left to try to survive, starving & sick, in a war zone. Simba's prize money will be donated to Paws of War🐈🐾🎖🇺🇸 ⭐😻⭐😻⭐😻 Simba is a HERO cat. Simba saved my family, waking us up during a gas leak! He meowed loudly and pawed my face until I woke up. !!🙀!! That was unusual behavior for him! We got out in time and called the fire department, thanks to Simba!😻 Simba can mimic some words to ask for food or to go out. He's a very loving cat. He likes to make biscuits while on your lap. He rubs my face with his adorable chin and purrs loudly. 😻 💬 SIMBA: "Please vote for meee! ❤️Thank meeyou!"
My lil guy is a sweet, affectionate and very adventurous. I’ve recently started taking him on road trips and exploring. It’s now his new favorite thing. Love my little guy Tigger
Oh Bella girl she is our devil child! Loves jerky treats and playing fetch! She’s one of a kind! Got her at a young age and so we bottle fed her for a little bit. Her personality is something else and she’s so smart. Thank you everyone!
Milo’s favourite Snack is Chicken:)
Jax is the sweetest most lovable dog I’ve ever had. He’s extremely smart, he knows lots of commands. Ball is life for Jax! ❤️🎾
Luno es un gatito muy amoroso y juguetón, y muy travieso, es el amor de mi vida 🥰
Tigrita is a beautiful placid and playful soul, she is ofter referred to as a dog. She is fiercly loyal and plays for hours, she loves to groom her humans and give back massages. Tigrita has a twin sister named Gatita.
Fred is an absolute menace but he’s the most loving and snuggly puppy 🐾
Raquel Doherty
Raquel is half Norwegian forest cat and loves chasing birds watching only fools and horses with me
Little Baby
Hello everyone my name is Little Baby,Little head, Squirm the worm,Baby boy,and on and on with the craziness..Anyway I don’t think my parents knew what to name me so I got all kinds of names.. I love playing outside and my toys that I am so smart that I will get one out of the toy box and after playing with it I put it back in the toy box before I get another one out.. I love my pacifier as well and my mommy always taught me to make sure my toys and binky are clean before putting it in my mouth so mommy showed me how to do so since I’m to small to reach the kitchen sink she just leaves a cup of water down for me strictly for me to rinse my toys off in and that is what I do all by myself bc I’m a big boy so I drop my toys in the small cup of water and rinse it off then grab it and play time is on.. I can always get my way when I sit up and beg with my puppy dog eyes and my parents fall for it every time..shhhh.. Don’t tell them please.. Anyway I’d really like to win this contest since the last two I won my mommy didn’t claim my prize in time leaving me sad.. Please watch my videos I’ll be uploading on my profile and I’ll do tricks for you as well and I can sing to😱Anyway vote for me please
Hi I’m Blue, I Came Into This World On The 14/04/2023, I’m Only Little So I Don’t Have Any Likes & Dislikes Yet, I’ve Been Told I’m Staying With My Mum And Her Human Family, I Don’t Know How To Feel Yet!!
Lola Love
Hello, my mummy named me Lola Love because she says I’m her little cupcake just like the ones that are sold at The cake&cookie shop “Lola’s” she also added Love to my name because I have a love heart print in my fur. I enjoy chasing my 8 year old brother (he’s a human) around the house, I also love curling up on his lap whilst he plays his PlayStation. My favourite food is Tuna (hmmm yummy) and I like stealing my brothers biscuits when he’s not looking (sshh it’s a secret) I have finally found my forever home after living in a bin shed with my kitten siblings as our cat mummies owner wouldn’t allow us in her home :( my new mummy met the caretaker whilst popping out to the shop and agreed to take me and help find my kitten siblings loving homes. please vote for me so I can buy a new scratching post (mummy is fed up of me scratching the furniture hehehe) sending all my thank yous in advance xxx
Astro is a one of a kind ,hes goofy and very clumsy,he will eat everything hes not suppose but he wont eat bisquits and gravy ,hes very talkative and he is a daddys boy ,never had a dog quite like him but hes our son and believe me when we became his parents well he got the right ones.
Finnegan (Finn or Finnapoo) is only a 3 1/2 month old "tiger" kitten but growing like a weed everyday! He loves to play fetch with plastic bottle rings & love bites everything. Always purring & ready for a nap on my neck... 🥰
Blue is such a handsome boy, and so loving. he loves all humans and all animals. he was saved from a kill shelter in texas, and was brought there after being found on the side of the road in a tied up trash bag with his silblings, vote for my tiny little blue boy! :)
Norbert broke both of his front legs and was found wandering the back streets of London. We rescued him from the RSPCA after he had surgery and rehabilitated. Turns out he has very strong back legs and balance now!
He might dig up the garden but I'll forgive him anything. Those eyes.
Jasper is a sweet chunky little who loves his momma
My baby daisy is a fun intelligent dog. She’s the princess of our household 💕
Leink greets everyone that comes to the house with a toy. When someone knocks, he will search his toys frantically to find just the right one each time.
Finnigan (Finny for short) is the fastest runner i have ever seen, and i have had a lot of cats. He loves food, me and his brother Harmony in that order. He likes to nap with his cheek on mine. We have pigmy rabbits in our back yard and he will bring me one, set it at my feet and I have to catch it. He sits and watches. I cant swear to it, but i think hes laughing.
Hi I’m Raja rooroo cakes I love going out to play with my friends and catching flies. My favourite snack is stealing whatever I can from the kitchen cupboards heheh and I’m partial to having a lick of a cappuccino 🐈🖤
Galaxy And Midnight
My sweet little 6 month old babies love being with each other.
Bartholomew was adopted from a shelter. When I saw her I instantly knew she was the cat for me. She's a bit of a tablet kid and loves to walk on laptops and sit in your lap while you play video games. She also is very vocal and needs someone to accompany her while she eats
This is shadow His cute face makes up for the chewing of everything in his view.