Lady thinks she is human, and sometimes I think so too!
Cheeky little chappy only nearly 9weeks old gets upto mischief
A handsome rescue cat who loves snuggles, naps and treats!
Hi! I’m Wilbur and I’m three months old. I love snuggling in everyone’s lap, playing with my pet wolf, and eating flowers! I love my mom unconditionally and she’s my bestest friend in the whole world. I love to roll around in grass and play tag!
Hi my name is kobe im 10 months and full of life! I have a personality like no other dog! I may also be a little sassy talking back to my mom ! But its okay because they love me so much
Jim Wetzel
Jim came straight out of a barn, and now is a loving, energetic house cat. He does escape outside from time to time to explore and catch bugs. He’s the kind of cat that will change you from a dog person to cat 😸
Curry loves his sister Zeenah and brother Oliver. He sits on command and loves cuddling with his daddy
So proud of Stan today at 13 weeks old he spent 3 hours on his own, he had the run of the house, so I expected to come back to a bomb site. He went to the toilet on his puppy pads and the house was all intact. He is a lovely little boy with bags of personality
Albert loves to love and can’t get enough chin rubs. He likes to sit on the arm of the settee, facing the lamp. Although he is 8, he is very much like a kitten still and lives to dart around the house randomly.
Blue loves his treats and spending time with his girl sage
George loves his food. He has a fetish for rubber - bands, cables etc. He is very sociable. He likes to greet you at the door, follows you to the toilet and often falls asleep on your feet.
Wesley is 5! He likes Running, swimming, jumping, sniffing, eating, lounging, playing, and attention!
Arizona is 6 months old, loves to take naps, Scratching and Clawing, and Daily Playtime!
Teegan is 5 years old, loves to take naps, Scratching and Clawing, and Daily Playtime!
Bella likes to play with her toys and my little girl they love each. She likes cuddles ❤
Hi! My names Rocket 🚀 i love to run around and play! i love playing tug a war, i love cuddles and especially kisses!
This is daisy and her son river. That dolly was rivers favourite comfort toy never a day he would forget it.
A sweet but sassy girl who loves snuggles with her mama!
Lexi is 18 years old, she is a brindle boxer greyhound mix, loves all the attention and affection!
The sweetest girl who loves/demands belly rubs and talking to her humans all the time!
Pua is an almost 1 year old english bulldog. she loves to lounge around the house or she loves going to the park.
He is a talker and says mama and cuddles like this with his human!
Dusty is a gorgeous boy and he knows it. He is an amazing hunter and loves to climb trees. He loves food above all else.
Duke is so amazing, we foster cats and kittens and he loves them. He helps us getvthem used to dogs!
Beautiful cuddle bug that loves nothing more than lots hugs and everyone's food!
Lily is a 7 year old Ragdoll mix. She is the only fur baby in our household so she is very spoiled and takes full advantage of it! Lily is not a fan of the daytime and loves to hang out with us on the porch at night. She’s very vocal and also knows commands such as “sit” and “lay”. Our girl is very loving & loyal. She loves posing for pictures!
The chattiest, chonkiest kitten that loves to play fetch & take baths.
Bella is a rare female ginger tabby, only 20% of ginger tabbies are female so we like to think she’s a little special… in her own way! She’s a little sass pot but isn’t afraid to use her left paw hook to bat you away, she’s recently gone through a tough time health wise so we would like to get your vote! All votes are return! 💞💞
UPDATE: SO THIS LIL LUCKY GUY HAS REALLY BLOSSOMED!!! HALF HIS BURNED EAR FELL OFF BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS CLIPPED [ALMOST LOL 🤣] HES ALWAYS PLAYING AND RUNNING AROUND CHASING MY SON 🤣💕💖 WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH OUR GOAL IS TO NOW PLAY AND HAVE FUN MAYBE WIN SOME 💰 FOR KITTY TOYS&TREATS OR MOMMYS BILLS 👋 BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL STORY I POSTED FOR GEORGE Hey guys! So originally i started this by enrolling my son in the BIDIBOO contest but a few days ago my mother rescued a baby kitten who had been burned on his ear, mouth ,and paws either due to the heat or someone elses cruelty 😔 so now our goal is to win to help pay for this lil angels vet
Introducing my fiesty feline friend!! She loves playing and eating snacks!
Harley Dent, out little two face loves talking up a storm. She loves being around her people and getting all the pets!
My name is Roscoe I’m 2year old and I love getting my pictures done with my daddy and mom and I love to play and get cuddles 🥰 I’m very sweet boy to anyone that like to get kisses
We call her ricochet because she’s so fast.
Milo is the smallest in his litter of 6 but he has a personality that everyone recognizes. I cant take him anywhere without him getting stopped by people! He is super sweet and he not only loves people but he loves all dogs too! He is fiesty like his mommy but he has a big heart!
Ms. Beazy
Int'l Cat of Love 🖤🤍🖤. Spreading love, peace, and kindness everywhere. Easy going, fun to work and play with, patient, and likes to pose for the camera. Loves "toona", hiding in tunnels, chasing tennis balls, and trolling mice. Former alleycat scared of storms! Follow on Twitter, @beazycat.
George likes to sit on paper and play in bags. Although he tries hard he can’t catch flies very well!
Penny came to us as a tiny, scared kitten and quickly etched a spot into our hearts. She is playful and fun, loves to ride in the car and play fetch, and follows you around like a dog. She loves everybody! Please help us out and vote for our sweet Penny!
Remy is a Catahoula. He loves long walks in nature and smelling the flowers. Belly rubs rule for him! We can’t resist those eyes.❤️
Rocket's favorite activities include hunting bugs that sneak into the house and bothering his sister.
Nallie Taylor
Hi, My name is Nallie Taylor I just turned 1 year old on September 5. I love to play hide and seek in every box I find, big and small. I love laser chasing, especially when it runs up the walls. Though I don’t care for baths, I do love splashing in the water of Mommy’s baths. I’m also quite the artist as I walk through mommy’s paints and sit on each of her pictures. While most days I play and play, I never miss a good cuddle during Mommy’s book and candle time. Thanks for stopping in to visit, be sure to come back and see me again soon, I like visitors!!
Belita is the smallest of 7 siblings but the mightiest. Always the first one to start wrestling matches, and loves chasing her older brothers.
Cheers to the cutest cat in the UK.
Loki is a curious, snoozy and very vocal cat. Food and snuggling obsessed and we think she’s the best.
My name is Henry and I am 1 years old. I love to play outdoors and have lots of cuddles with my humans 🐈‍⬛ I love to collect feathers and have a nap on my favourite cushion next to the window so I can watch the birds 🐦
She is named after Legolas from lord of the rings and also because she limped for a few days as a kitty and we thought she would be leg-less!
Cujo is a sweetheart if you don’t count his name! He is a rare mixed breed, his mama was a full breed red healer and his dad was a chihuahua and weenier dog mix!
Dunkin is a pure bred golden retriever puppy that loves other people and dogs! His favorite toys are the squeaky ones and he loves chewing on leaves! Dunkin knows how to sit, give paw, lay down, and speak!
Fatty is unintelligent but he makes up for it with his big, fat heart