Beautiful boy who loves his momma and daddy so much he wount leave us alone 💕
She loves to play alot she's so silly she loves dressing up in cute cat clothes
Purrbert is the sweetest girl literally ever! She’s 5 months old and she loves to play with her mouse toys. She loves cuddles and treats and she would really love to win this contest 😍
Orion is a silly and high energy rescue from Puerto Rico! He loves to do zoomies anywhere he goes and play with all his dog friends! He also loves to get snuggles and lots of belly rubs, especially on rainy or snowy days 😁
He’s a friendly dog
Abby was adopted from a retired breeder. She was severely neglected and had many medical issues when I got her. She almost died and is a miracle baby. She’s now 6 years old and still weighs only 6 pounds as a runt. I adopted her sister with her, which mothers her constantly. They are partners in crime 😂. As a kitten she was so afraid of people that it took me a full year to gain her trust. Surprisingly, as small as she was she still was able to bloody my nose by smacking me many times as a kitten. 😂. However, with much love she finally came around. Now she’s is the most loving cat. She sleeps with me, and stays by my side every moment of my work day at home. She deserves this beauty award for as much as she went thru with her neglectful situation, having to eat plastic, cardboard, and sleep on nothing but hardwood floors as a baby without her mommy. She wanted nothing but love and to be able to trust humans. She’s overcome so much and is now a SUPERSTAR ⭐️
She’s a beautiful cat with a great personality. She will walk up to you and start purring before you touch or pet her. Her favorite part of the day is chasing lizards.
is a very mischievous cat like the bath water sometime gets into shower chases silver balls and plays with the fish loads loves climbing up anything she can sleep in bed next to myself and get pawed in morning for food,loves the bath and shower,thinks she is a rabbit at times loves lettice got my paws out for a vote if passing,
Punkin is a "One of a Kind", 4 year old Male Orange Tabby. He loves to greet me as I walk through the door with a Head Butt or two and rub his face against the bill of my hat. Oh and how excited he gets to stand under the shower water. We have a great bond as he has been with me since two months old.
Groot is most loveable dog there is. There isnt a hunan out there that he doesn't want pets and rubs from.
Marshmallow is very loving and loves to play with his two dads! His favorite activity is cuddling with his dads and chasing his laser around the house!
Cash meowside 💪😹
Lola Mahoney
Lola was once a stray who we brought home from Spain. Lola is the perfect addition to our family; the most affectionate and appreciate cat ever 😍
Sara is obsessed with her toy hamster😂 She is very gentle, like a little princess. She is very curious and cute 🥰
Storm is like every bit of his name. He is something fierce but beautiful. He is also a big mommas boy and is extremely loyal.
He loves to play with his toys especially his toy bird
Gracie is my angel. She just turned 10 and has been with me through everything. She was my first cat and inspired me to work at an animal shelter. Since we came into eachothers lives she has picked up 2 sisters, a brother, and a daddy.
Thor is a German shepherd husky mix. He is 10 months old pup who still has room to grow and lots more fun to play! Thor loves playing with his brother Cooper. He also loves to cuddle and chew up all of his and coopers toys! Now hit the vote button!
Teak is our newest member to the family he loves running around outside and taking naps on our porch!
Onyx is a lynx point Siamese kitten. He loves to sleep. We adopted him February 16th.
Cooper is a mixed breed, springer spaniel boxer. He is 11 years old and still moves like he’s a puppy. Cooper is the most lovable dog that anyone will every meet and that a guarantee. He also loves his duck toys the most. Now hit the vote button!
Spike loves loves loves playing with other dogs, so much so that he frequently breaks down the fence to play with the neighbor dog. He is a 63lbs of muscle and love.
Spikey is a rescue from Cyprus living in the UK. He has lost sight in one eye and got a broken jaw after being beaten up back there 😢. Although he cannot move his mouth, that doesn’t stop him from licking every drop of his favourite food - that we mash! Spikey loves cat milk, sleeping in the sun by the window and jumping on our feet in the morning 💕
Koda Kai
Energetic lovable furball 😏
Theodore who also goes by Dory, loves popcorn but only if it has butter. He also loves squeaky toys and chasing down squirrels!
He’s a ham that never spoils, the floofy of floof, lazy as Garfield but likes mondays
Riley is my first baby. He was my husbands dog first. Loves to go hiking, kayaking, fishing, car rides and loves to play ball! He is a dog model for House Of Furbaby! He is very photogenic as long as he gets treats later. He is the best big brother to my daughter!
Nala is a sweet 8 year old cat that loves boxes and cuddles!
Zoey is a fun and loving pup. She loves to be outdoors and loves to be in your lap 24/7
He’s 8 years old and has 3 brothers and one Sister I’m only accepting advanced votes and returning advanced votes at this time
Bear is our 4 year old doggo who loves to get out and explore! No matter where we go Bear is right there with us! He is our big baby 💕
Angel Baby
Angel was born with a heart murmur in the vessel which ended up closing before it was able to be fixed. She has a reverse PDA with about a 5 year life span.
Casper is an indoor cat that absolutely adores socks - since he's not an outdoor cat he doesn't bring me mice or birds but he screams when he finds a sock until I come look and see his sock and tell him what a good boy he is
Juno is a border collie/lab mix who loves cuddles with mom and loves to play outside and dig. She’s 8 months old and soooo much fun! She’s my best friend please vote ♥️
Dottie And Oreo
Oreo is German sheperd blue healer and Chihuahua mix she is 9 yrs old she is m6 big baby she loves to cuddle all the time she loves going outside and playing she is well loved here
Francis is such a silly sweet girl. She was found in a field abandoned at 2 days old. She had some medical issues but she’s a fighter! ❤️
Bruno likes to go for long walks and loves meeting people.
Stanley is a 11 month old puppy that loves playing with his friends at daycare and taking naps with his mom!
She passed away two before Christmas this would be awesome thing for and her sister
Luna loves to play and cuddle!!! But don’t let her cute face fool you she is definitely a crazy wild puppy when she wants to be!
Hello lovely people, I’m Koshi and I’m 8months old. I answer to everything but my name, I don’t like it when people touch my feet but I love kisses and belly rubs. Sometimes when my mum is sleeping, I like to jump on her from the window ledge! I know she hates it, but I’m gonna keep doing it anyway. I’m an indoor cat but I love the garden! If I were a human, I think I’d be a little boy called Jack from the 20’s.. I just give off those vibes. Don’t you agree?
Tails loves to play fetch with her little orange ball. She's a 2 year old chunker who loves her treats and wet food.❤️ She's a Princess 👑
Baby kitty likes lots of cuddles
Princess Shadow
Good morning now feed me!!🐈❤️
U heard of jack in box this is bella in box. She is my silly 2 year old white calico. She like playing w her toys and when we play w her. She also likes to play fetch. She also carries her string toy around and will bring it to u. She brings it to bathroom when i get out shower. She also likes to snuggle up close and personal on my neck. She wakes me up tp roll over . she is very purry.
Donavon Cooler
When Donavon Cooler wants pet he put his bumm in your face🤗💖
Loves pasta and cuddles!