Dog cat Stories - 62


Molly is a sweet 17 year old Ragdoll who has to wear clothes because of her skin allergy.
Charlee, is a baby girl! She loves to play with her toys and super loves her mam and dad! She follows us around the house all day! And sleeps in our bed all night! She is such a fun spirit and can already see her personality shining through❤️
Harley is a cross between a begal and a Jackrussel is so loving and full of energy 😊
He loves his belly rubbed and plays fetch. I think he thinks he’s a dog. He’s very protective of his family.
Hiya I’m Happy 😊 I’m moms favorite and she’s not afraid to tell everyone. I like to cuddle all the time but most of all when there’s thunder storms. I spent the first 3 years of my life in and out of shelters until I found my forever home with my people. Dad is crazy and loves to hype me up which makes mom wanna pull her hair out. I just got a new brother just a year ago and now he’s bigger than I am and he’s always trying to steal my spotlight. I love my squeaky balls so much mom bought me them in every color. She spoils me and brother all the time and dad and her gives us all the love we’ll ever need 💕
This is Honey, my beautiful 8 month Pomsky (Pomeranian X Husky). She absolutely loves making friends and giving little kisses to all humans and animals. She is the sweetest little darling and has the most loveliest of smiles and the kindest and happiest nature.
Hello my name is Zeus, I enjoy holding people’s hands, eating all the treats i can find and playing with my sisters even when they don’t wanna play. Mom says I’m a little obnoxious but she loves me anyways. I love meeting new people and I’m always excited to jump on them even though I’m too big and knock everyone over... moms working on it
Enzo was recently an outdoor kitten that was brought inside and he's totally loving his kitty cat siblings as well as getting used fo his doggy siblings! He enjoys being pampered, bathed, and blown dried to the fullest!
Hello my name is Yuna I am seven months old and my mom says I am a handfull, but in a good way. I love to run amd jump but i have manage to fracture my leg and have to be on lock down. I wish I could run and my humans are keeping me happy and giving me so much love.
Baylee is almost 1 1/2 years old and is a big furball of energy!! She enjoys spending her time with her three shihtzu siblings and four kitty siblings as well as chasing squirrels outside!
Fury is a loveable ans mischievous 4 month pomeranian, he loves dressing up and snuggling under the covers. He greets everyone with a kiss and a cuddle and is currently waitong for his lil sister duchess to join him in playtime and walks 💙💙🐶🐕
This bundle of joy is a stray cat that was brought to me needing a home. She orginally was suppose to be an outdoor cat, but winter came and she was brought in the house and never went back out. I call her my moutain lion because her body size is just so big for a cat. She has to be super close to you all the time. If i allow her she sleeps on my chest/neck to be extra close to me. She is the biggest chicken though. She will hide from everyone and usually only comes out of hiding if I am home.
Kitty is my bean field baby. I found her at a yard sale fresh out of a bean field. She was so tiny and it was love at first sight. She loves getting baths and beating up on the new puppy. She is the queen of the house. She loves to cuddle and be pet.
Cody loves to play! He also loves to cuddle.
Bella was a rescue kitty. She was living in a small motel room with her momma and 3 small babies. She was scared of everyone and everything. Now she loves to go outdoors, sleep in the sun, find the smallest box to sleep in, and wake her owners up for her morning treat.
Honestly the biggest softy ever weighing in at 6lb2 he’s a chunk and boi can you tell when he insists on climbing up to you shoulder and knits your back. He is also addicted to dreamies and him and his partner in crime mosup have no problem finding the tin and knocking it about the place till you give in and open it. Loves his coffee don’t leave any full cups around he’ll have his head in it and we’ll have a fire cracker about the house. He also has a nick name of the Egyptian prince because his face is so angular and narrow he looks so wise but he’s so thick he’s our perfect family cat
Idgy is a 8 month old Blue heeler, she is so sweet and loving with her family, she loves to swim in the ponds and go on adventures with her dog family on our property
Clyde was born with 4 legs but now has 3 due to an unfortunate accident that happened before I got him that left him with severe nerve damage to his front leg. He was just a kitten when I got him and I took the liberty of having his leg amputated so he could live a long and happy life!
Piper is a 2-3 month old kitten who we adopted last week. She sleeps most of the day but when she isn’t sleeping, man is she a hoot!! She LOVES playing with her toys, running wild around the house, and cuddling with mom and dad! She’s been such a sweet new addition to our family!
Pooh is 6 months old. He loves outside, and playing on his cat tower.
LuLu was surrendered to us by a family who’s kids brought her home without permission. But she’s our family’s first fur baby! She’s super high energy, hates the squirrels in the backyard, but loves her human sister very much.
Armani is the sweetest little girl! She loves to cuddle and she follows us around like a puppy. She loves to sun bathe in the window and play with her baby Grayson.
Cokey is the mama cat of our house and is always the one to help train and guide the other rescue babies (feline and canine) that come in to our family. She is a Queen and knows it. She loves good conversation and snuggles - on her terms, of course. She loves to be pampered and her favorite thing is dinner time.
Jax is a super soft cavapoo with a personality out of this world. He loves his HUMAN and he loves to cuddle. He has two big sisters that are yellow labs.
Belle is a 9 yr. old Blue. She likes to hunt, fish, and take long walks. Most of all she likes to eat, and be an 80 pound lap dog.
Onyx is loving cat. He loves my 19yr old son. He does zoomies around the house all the time. He's improved my quality of life, just by being there in my darkest hours. He calls me "Ma", when he wants me to open my bedroom door to let him in. He is the love of my life!
Dakota is a sweetheart with an attitude. She loves people especially kids. She loves to train and help me train other dogs. All around amazing dog.
Benny is our 6 month bundle of joy! Benny is an adventure cat and spends his days on a lead exploring forests, streets and shops. Benny comes everywhere. Benny loves the car and the beach. He also loves to dress up. He’s just the best little man I could ever wish for
She loves playing with shoe laces and cotton reels and she is very affectionate and friendly
She is my fur grand baby
Toby was recently run over and had horrible injuries. But he's overcome that and is now back to his bubbly self!
Duggie is 15 and absolutely loves barking at the postman!
Budd currently has an umbilical hernia and another surgery coming up recently... I’m entering him in this contest so we can afford his surgeries. Please vote Budd :) Budd is a very playful, defensive inside cat.
This is Baiser persuading me to throw her stick. We make her work for it by telling her to “hop”. Now we don’t even have to say it. She just starts hopping on her own!
This is Rascal, he is an 8 month old border collie. He is totally obsessed with his ball and would chase it all day if I'd let him. He is the most kind natured dog i know, he will come and put his head on you if you are feeling down and constantly wants belly rubbs. He never fails to make me laugh with all the antics he gets up too.
Mochi is a Shiba Inu/Husky mix. She is made entirely out of energy and cuddles with a massive love of ice cubes. Mochi loves squeaky toys, running, and talking.
Hi name is Miracle, I may look very innocent and sweet but I will eat all of your food and knock everything off the counters🐱
Hi my name is Nitro, I may drool the most but that’s only because I love food🐶🍔
Huey loves his humans and follows them everywhere. He is very weird and enjoys playing in the toilet and bathtub. Huey prefers playing with boxes and trash rather than his own toys. He loves to snuggle and be held.
Tonks came to us with a lot of spunk and happiness. She loves her crinkle toys! She greats us at the door every day and plays fetch.
Was born quarter of the size of siblings and vet said she wouldn’t survive she is still half the size of siblings but she’s still here and making her presents felt.
This is my kitten lilith! This picture was taken after her first bath. She was and still is such a smol bean!^^ Lilith really enjoys cuddles, watching youtube, soft blankets, and playing with our other kittens! She’s extremely affectionate and will stop at nothing for your love and affection. She’s very well behaved and an absolute sweetheart! 💜
Loui thrives on attention and even loves going to the vets for the fuss he knows he’ll receive. People always remark on his mustache when they first meet him. He loves the television and “watches” a huge range of things from Formula 1 to First Dates.
Lady Marmalade
Lady Marmalade is a sweet girl who was rescued from a bad situation and is now living in a loving home. Marmie loves to play with your toes and cuddle on cold rainy days.
This is Tigger. He is 8 months old. He loves all the attention and to chase after straws. He enjoys cuddles but, would rather run riot and have attention
This is Nala. She is 8 months old. She is very shy but, likes to come for loves and cuddles
This is Spencer. He is 3 years old. He enjoys laying around in silly positions and playing. He loves to cuddle up and watch TV with you