Diesel is a purebred Bluetick coonhound. We adopted him from a local shelter where him & his two brothers were dropped off with no explanation. Diesel loves treats, loves to chew up toys, take walks, and most of all diesel loves to lounge in the sun.
Enjoys posing for the camera, leaving cat hair everywhere, and cuddling
Mocha is a 6 year old cat. We're not quite sure what exactly she is. We rescued her one winter while someone just had her living in their garage next to a deer carcus. Vote for my sweet baby. ❤️
Beautiful panda pug, with the nicest bright blue eyes. Such a loving friendly dog who loves life xxxx
Benji was a rescue, he is the sweetest boy, just look at that adorable face! Benji loves to cuddle, he is the best addition to this family!! Benji also loves to play in the water!
Sonny is the runt of his litter but so independent and strong . Fast paws 🐾 and always ready to play . he may be tiny but has the heart of a lion
Brayson is a fun energetic,entertaining 4 month old dog. He is a berndoodle he loves to run and jump and do tricks.
Mabel is a proper little lady, loves a cuddle on the couch or a trip to the groomers, Her favourite time of day will be running wild in the fields behind our house
Junior came to us at 3 weeks old. He was a bottle fed baby. He is feisty yet loving. He likes to be the boss and our other cats just stay out of his way. We refer to him as King Junior.
Delilah is a very chatty girl, she tells me all her woes and when she's happy. She loves her toys, so much that when playing with her Human mom she will take them and run off. She loves sitting in the window and watching the active world outside, especially the birds.
Sadie doesn’t know she’s a dog, she loves dresses, bows and has to have her pillow to sleep. She has the sweetest and funniest personality I have ever witnessed an animal have. She was the perfect fit for our family
Lennie is so loving and obedient. However he does like to dig 😀 Our little gardener 🤣
Still in puppy training, he's now 14 weeks old. Definitely a handful! But I love him so so much. I lost my dog of 16 years 10 months ago & he definitely keeps me busy ❤️
This is Bella. She been with me though thick and thin. She loves cuddles and her food. Doesn’t like the rain for unknown reasons 😂 as she will put her head out and straight back in if she gets wet.
She Loves playing fetch and going to Starbucks for a pup cup!!!
biggest gentle soul ever I've met in my life. he may look intimidating but he wouldn't hurt a fly.
Stan the man, 5 months old, loves chewing everything he can get his paws on apart from our shoes which he sleeps on!
I always told myself I would never get another dog after loosing my childhood dog, well until I met freya. She stole my heart instantly. We are absolutely best mates. She goes with me practically everywhere except work( well sometimes she does. I’m a vet tech!) she is my best friend and I hope someone out there will support her and I’d relationship!
Norman is the funniest and most lovable boy! He sure knows what makes his mom and dad laugh. His favorite thing to do is open cabinets around the house and gets snacks that aren’t his! He loves all animals big and small and especially kids! He gets so excited when anyone comes over he greets them at the door with one of his pillows or giant stuffed animal. Norman is deaf but that doesn’t slow him down a bit, what he lacks in hearing he makes up for in personality!
Lando is the sweetest puppy! He loves going on a walk and loves coming home for a long nap cuddles up with us and his favourite toy
Chip got his nane from beauty and the beast he is 14 weeks old and is a very loveing little dog with a big heart.
Sky is a mix of Finnish laphund, American Eskimo, Japanese chintz and Czechoslovakian wolf dog! He is always getting attention people when out walking him.He’s a Romanian rescue dog and is 10 years old. He’s a right little character, he a very brave little dog, (he’s the size of a corgi) loves other dogs (always has impeccable manners while introducing himself to other dogs) He calms the most nervous dogs down and if a dog snaps at him he just ignores them and walks off! He loves hiding his bones then digging them up and absolutely adores snuggling up to me for his cuddles.
Hello 🐾 I’m Orlaith pronounced Orla. My name means golden princess in Gaelic/Irish. My pawrents thought it would suit me 💞 I am 9 weeks old and have been in my forever home for just 1 week 🐶
She is a one of a kind of dog.shes is such a very good girl and smart ❤ 💕 💗
Bj is a 5 month old sweet baby boy. He loves to cuddle and get into everything. His favorite things to do is play in water and see how fast he can run down the hall. Bc he loves to show off in front of people.
Irie is the biggest love bug! But don’t get it twisted, she will let you know how she’s feeling in a second! She loves to play, go on walks, meet new dogs, and take many naps… oh! And eat lots of treats.
Holly is a very sassy feline and will tell you like it is! Click Like if you Agree!
We found Lucky roaming a gas station parking lot, skinny…Omgggg was he skinny Here we are 8 later…the rest is history!!
She loves to be petted she plays kinda rough but loves her momma runt baby so very much
Khalii is our kool kitty! Our first born who is pampered beyond !! He loves to snuggle and relax on the balcony!
Dhojo is our karate kitty !!! He’s full of energy and loves to explore.
A sweet fury ball that tries to make everyone laugh.
Princess loves sleeping and terrorizing my other two cats, but she’s the sweetest to me and that’s how she got her name :)
Paisley loves chasing tennis balls, taking a nice soak in her pool, and running in the woods. She loves people and other animals, and is always making new friends. Give her an ice cube and she’ll be your best friend!
Luna girl loves playing & cuddling w momma 💕💕
Axl is a such a sweetheart! He loves everyone he meets and greets everyone with kisses and a hug if they’ll let him. He loves swimming, car rides, camping, watching cows on tv and he loves cuddling with Mama ❤️ He is super photogenic, every time he gets a groom as soon as we get home he goes in front of the fireplace and lays down until I’m ready to take his picture 😊
Ember is our little firecracker and we do think she is the custest thing ever, especially when she gets that purr going 🥹 she is only 4 months old and already so big! she loves water, sunshine and rough housing with her big sister ❤️ we love our ember 🐾
Jinx is a loving,funny, and fuzzy kitty with a lot energy!His favorite thing to do is watch baseball on TV.(Go Braves!)He followed my Dad into the garage and decided to be our kitty 🐱.He will always be our special kitty cat.
Delta is the best cat in the world. He likes his catnip snacks, and he like scratching all over the place. He loves a rub above his eyes, on his head. Overall, he is a very friendly cat.
Stella is a fiesty sweet girl who loves to play with string! She is a Covid kitty who has been a wonderful addition ❤️
Montgomery is very vocal and has no problem speaking her little kitty mind and telling you what.
Midnight is very affectionate and loves pets, people, her sister, and her puppy brother
This is Fat Thor. He is best friends with my 11 year old daughter. He is 3 years old and the best boy.
Moo Moo
My name is MooMoo and I have a major cattitude!
Kovu is an avid fish tank watcher and grasshopper catcher. He’s the sweetest kitten ever. He now weighs 20 pounds, but was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia at 6 months old in the spring. His mom loves him very much. ❤️
Molly was a rescued cat that got found in a barn she never had a home so I took her in as a stray since then I have shown her what life is and gave her lots of love she needs to win 🏆 my attitude is in it to win it if I win I will get her all the things that she could possibly have in life so her life could be better then how she lived before in my eyes what ever happeneds weather Molly wins she is still a winner I just wanted the world to know how brave and strong my little girl is
Beef loves tug of war, making his tongue into a taco, and shaking hands!
Sailor loves to jump very high and loves to give me nose rubs and cuddles vote for him because i was initially going to only adopt one kitty and after looking at that face and those eyes I could not leave him behind ❤️❤️❤️