Lou is precious hes 7 years old will be 8 in june .only bad thing about him he like to eat lizards .An i like my lizards .but over all you couldnt ask for a better cat
Shes 6 weeks old ,got her for my granddaughter shes 13 an in school so shes with me during the day .Shes really smart an sassy we love her ,weve only had her for a week .shes already so special to us
Arenado is an energetic, smart and independent ball of fluff that could spend all of his day chasing the ball or squirrels. He’s the friendliest pup that greets every person and dog with wags and smiles.
Coco is the 2nd youngest of 4 cats, and she loves her food and posing! You’ll usually find her sleeping at the top of the headboard or eating! She’s not the most cuddliest kitty but if she wants food be prepared for all the love and affection!
Blue is a calico cat, just under 1 year old and is absolutely crazy and makes the most funniest noises ever🤣.
Cooper is a 6 month old cockapoo that just loves to play and explore, his favourite time of the day is school pick up as he can’t wait for his mini humans to get back
Halen is a 5 month old pup, growing and learning something new every day. He loves to help his Mommy w/house chores by attacking the broom and snagging socks from the dryer. He is named after the late & great Eddie Van Halen and has been trying to learn to play the guitar with his tongue.
This is Rosie!! she’s a Pomeranian cross chihuahua, she’s very loving, loyal and loves to play even in her older age! she has a very long and soft coat. her favourite thing is me! she’s like my little shadow. and she deserves all the love
Smokey is 3 months old she's very sassy she's lovable
Churro was rescued from a puppy farm in Wales by the rescue Paws4thought #P4TGlasto He is currently waiting for BOAS surgery to help him breathe better and give him the best quality of life. For such a young pup, he’s already been through so much
He likes to dine at the table with his scrambled egg and toast
Mario And Betsy
My baby shihtzus
Sapphire, or “Saffy,” is my beautiful sassy girl who came all the way to England from Romania. She has a missing hind leg so she hops around like the happiest little tripod in the world. Saffy knows exactly how to get what she wants… especially with a mum who is willing to give her whatever she wants! Her favourite activity other than going out to explore the world is sleeping next to her mum’s warm bum at night!
Bubbles, that’s what we call her for short, she’s 2 in September 2023, we’ve had her a year July 2023, loves ham, alway wants pets, she had 2 kittens both girls (14/04/2023), we will be keeping one, she’s not a fan of change or something new (the neighbours cats (4))she’s always talking to us, she’s trusts us a lot with her babies
This is Joker!! He is almost 20 weeks old!!!! He is a micro exotic American bully!! He is the most sweetest pup you’ll meet!! Joker is coming into his own personality which is great!! He will grow up to be a monster 👿 in his size but so beautiful!!!
Pickles is a mischievous ginger maine coon, he has a slight head tilt, a cheeky personality and is bravely battling feline gastrointestinal eosinophilic sclerosing fibroplasia ❤️
Hii. This is Bowie, a Turkish Angora that we rescued from the RSPCA. He is deaf and has two different coloured eyes. 🥰 He’s 8 Years old, a huge Diva with a face to prove it and he absolutely Loves Salmon. 🐠 We love him soo soo much and couldn’t imagine life without him now! 😇 Im constantly waking up to him sat on my chest staring at me, meowing for breakfast. 😂
Cheeky little madame and so vocal
Tofu loves to sit in unusual places. Toilets, baths, cupboards, he even manages to sit behind draws! you name it, he sits there!
Ralphie was adopted from Jerry Green Dog Rescue back in November 2022. He’s a handsome chap and is most definitely full of character! You always end up smiling and laughing when you’re in his company!😄 He loves going on adventures with his favourite ball and loves to say hello to everyone, he’s very friendly🐾🥰
Scampie passed away on Friday 14th April with liver failure, we was the cutest cuddliest cat ever with a heart of gold. He slept all day and never said no to a cuddle or stroke. He was a one of a kind cat and will forever be missed
Luna Zamora
Luna is a very energetic loving cat. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch you will always catch her playing with toys and cuddling next to her favorite human my son. Luna is going on her second litter. She is the best mama Cat there is.
Hello my name is Lottie, I’m a Minature Dachshund and just love cuddles, fuss and my ball. If you have any treetos I will be your best friend!!
Celeste is a rescue kitten from our local charity. Her mum was taken into care after she became pregnant. All kittens and mum have new forever homes. Celeste is a bolshy and mischievous cat and get into he highest of places but when she's ready she gives the best cuddles
Bolt Aka Widgehead
Bolt by name Widgehead by nature. Bolt is a true whippet. He will steal your bed, your warm seat and your dinner. All eyes on Bolt. But he's a loyal dog and his best friend and little brother who he bosses about is Zuri the Rhodesian Ridgeback and a perfect pair they make
Zuri is our baby. 50kg of pure mardy. Zuri loves to cuddle up and sleep. He also loves to jump and play on the trampoline with the kids. He is our protector and looks mean but no one knows he a huge softie.
Gatita loves to sunbathe, play fetch, sing to the birds and snuggle up her humans. After a good nights sleeps she sings for breakfast, so sweet. Gatita also lives with her twin sister, named Tigrita.
This is Elliot, he’s saved my life hundreds of times over, he’s my best friend and my baby. I love him more than life itself and he deserves all the recognition in the world. He spends his days being a clingy dog-like happy boy, he wonders around a big farm but loves nothing more than curling up next to me and falling asleep.
I rescued brownie from ireland, she now has a loving home. She is such a beautiful shy dog who looks at you with her big brown eyes, and makes you melt 😍
Our beautiful boy Jax is the most affectionate loyal little soul, hes playful and keeps me on my toes thats for sure. He loves running through the grass and adores being on the beach he has his favourite teddy and likes to be centre of attention. Jax loves to be around people and like to follow me everywhere i go he loves cuddles and loves and is just an all round beautiful dog 💙
Shark or Sharkie is a rescue cat and former stray. He has only half a tail! He loves cuddles, sleeping, food and his sister Buffy.
Fydo is a cane corso mixed with Xl bully he loves other animals he loves playing with a football chaising after it. He loves big cuddles and kisses he loves exploring and big walks. He loves treats and raw meat and I won’t forget raw bones fydo is a very protective dog when it comes to me and my partner but also very gentle vote fydo 💙
Our beautiful Queen Zari loves to bask in sun and lie around allday as long as she is next to someone she is happy, she loves cuddles and being next to you and is a very fussy eater she loves steak and chicken and just wants lots of affection she is definitely the boss in our house when it comes to her humans and our other animals ❤
My Yenneffer is a F6 Savannah and she was runt of the litter nobody wanted her because how small and fragile she was but she touched my heart the moment I laid eyes on her,I adopted her gave her a new home,she turned out to be the most loving & playful cat ever ,she’s protective of all her other siblings like my chickens & plants and parrots & the other pets appreciate having her around ,she’s such a amazing character
Diablo has been raised by me from the day she was born, a very adventurous cat, who will always follow me wherever I go. You will usually find her purring and zooming about or growling to herself about something she doesn’t quite agree with, She’s currently our ships cat aboard the canal boat we live on
Bella is a playful, sociable and puppy like pooch. She loves attention and going for new adventures to discover new destinations. Please vote for my gorgeous baby! 🐶🐾
Hi I'm gizmo ❤️ I'm quite a noisy little dog as I like to bark at everything and everyone im really friend just like to make my self known really xx I love my toys and like to hide them so No1 else can take them. if I win that means I can have plenty more toys. Thank you for looking at my picture Gizmo
Milo loves to play loves a nice cuddle
Maggie is only just over a year old . She has had 5 homes in her short life. She is very complex but we will perservere as we already love her x
Sergey loves playing hide and seek and also fetching. Sergey is very sociable and love being in the car
Zaster (Disaster) i rescued from a kitty hoarding situation. She was so sick and so tiny. Zaster is very petite and has only half of her tail and can only see out of one eye. She is the best kitty girl ever and gets all the love, attention and toys i can provide ♡
We rehomed Bruno 6 months ago. When we first got him he would jut bark and bark, he didn't like people, other dogs or loud noises. he was super skinny for his size. Now he is putting weight on and a 29kg he is a big boy for a staffy. He is mixed with a Ridgeback so he has longer legs then a staffy and a bit of a bigger body but he is so happy and is always smiling now. He loves nothing more then to give you a face wash and a high five. He loves his cuddles and have lazy days in bed.
He is adorable. I have never slept the whole night since I adopted him. He loves to kiss me anytime he walks into my room; he doesn't care I am sleeping. He lays down like a spiral. I love when he does that. I have never seen any cat doing it.
He loves cuddles and his squeaky toys. His favourite is his blankie hes had since a pup.Hes a care dog whos got me through my cancer journey.A right little character who would love you whoever you are
Biggi is the most sweetest cat I’ve ever known, he loves being pampered for sure bless him and he’s a very playful cat. When he wants attention he will scream at you till he gets it. He means so much to this family
Cutest cutie in the world, named after yellowtail (hamachi) sushi and his hooman! ❤️ This cute boi loves sleeping all day, head scratches, and freeze-dried minnow treats 🐟
Almost a year old (26/04/23), Buzby is very playful, loves to play fetch with his favourite crinkle ball. Loves fuss and attention and curling up on my pillow or by my feet at night. But at other times a complete nutter who loves to have zoomies