Dakota is leaning very well she is only approximately 8 weeks old and already knows some commands like sit / bed / no / stay and she definitely knows what food means she’s a energetic little girl and is very vocal what she wants she’s one to watch!!
Bonnie is a black and half grey kitten with cute orange eyes. Bonnie is super fast kitten who loves to run around all over the place as she loves her siblings and loves to have cuddles.
Sassy is very nosey,Sassy and the Dog are best friends,
Like a dog, comes when you rustle anything thinking it's a treat
She's so smart, sweet, energetic, and full of life. She loves giving hugs.
Saffi loves gazing at her Cat Tv watching the mice picking up their food and running inside their holes. She is a bubble of emotions and cuddles, loves to sit on laps and purr.
Terry The Terror
Terry is a playful and loving dog.
Bella is 7 yrs old and the Queen of the house.
Thor is the sweetest cat ive ever had. The photo hes snuggling with is my son who passed away 2 years ago, he still loves on his photos.
Shonu is a ragdoll. This little man is adorable. He is 4 years old. I believe he has an inner human soul! His personality is so strong and unmatched. He loves attention, cuddles, constant love…AND RANDOM BOXES. Will happily follow you about everywhere. He can sense when you’re upset and never fails to make me smile. He loves kneading dough/making biscuits😂. Vote for shonu, my handsome boy🤍
Momo is a talkative little man, he loves anything box shaped that he can fit inside, chicken treat sticks, chasing little balls of tinfoil (instead of his toys) taking in the morning air and being cute. His favourite thing to do is receive cuddles and lots of attention!
We've never known a cat with so much personality and with so many different facial expressions! He loves to get into all sorts of mischief and never likes to be too far away from us. He will follow us around like a puppy demanding snacks and cuddles. We couldn't imagine our lives without our fluffy little man. You should vote for Monty because not only is he the cutest ragdoll in the world, he is also the most playful cat ever and has loads of little nicknames, like Moo! Even at 6 years old he still loves to go full kitten mode and, with his little facial expressions, it is as if he can talk to us! Dr Moo-Little.
Stanley is a beautiful 10 week old Bengal kitten and he is absolutely gorgeous! He loves playing with his favourite mouse toy and climbing to the top of his enormous cat tree!
Lottie is a 13 year old Russian Blue and is the most gentle cat you will ever meet! She loves sleeping in any spot of sunshine she can find and she always makes time to cuddle her devoted owners.
Korin has been by my side for the last 3 years, since working in a friend's house and him claiming me as his 😂 He's adorable, but a total oddball
Money had a rough start in his young life but luckily we found eachother through a local pet rescue in January He loves all things dog ❤ He
Candy is a 10 month old pomeranian shih tzu mix. She is such a playful puppy with the cutest ears and personality. She's a lil shy at first but once she knows you she's all fun. She loves her snowman and belly rubs.
Rotten baby who sleeps under covers in her daddy's lap sits pretty begging for food loves her sister and fur brother rosco
TWIST DABBY is a “rescue” from non responsible pet owner! She’s a “twisty cat” which is medically radial hypoplasia, she still gets around almost normally but she can’t go outside!! She loves sleeping on her back or with her head hanging off the side of what she’s laying on!!!!
Nila is the most amazing cat a person can have ! She’s the sweetest most loving animal ever ! She LOVES everyone & Loves to cuddle and get belly pets ! She’s a blessing & the best cat a girl could have !!
Shes a wild child at heart, but always loves to cuddle at the end of the day.
Sparky is my rescue poodle that I got 10 year’s ago on Father’s Day. I had 2 miniature poodles before him until they passed. I called the local humane society to inquire about a poodle. I’m allergic to fur. They said they don’t typically get poodles. I asked to leave my contact information on the off chance that I might get lucky. I had been looking for so very long. This was THE DAY BEFORE!! He was 5 and was being surrendered because the couple was older and couldn’t care for him any longer. I was able to get him from the previous owners at the facility. I am his 3rd home, I have NO IDEA why! He is AMAZING! He has saved my life several times by waking me up when my blood sugar was too low. I am a type II diabetic. I am also on disability for Bipolar I with severe panic and anxiety as well as PTSD and bipolar depression. He is such a good emotional support animal also with no formal training. He is so loving and has such a connection with me. As I do with him! Everyone loves him and even people who don’t care for dogs like him! I love him so much and would love to have him as a service dog. There is so much I could say about him but to sum it up, GOD sent him to me and me to him. I didn’t even care if he had been a male or female when I got the call about him. My mom, youngest daughter and I left so fast (the facility was an hour away) we didn’t even know what he looked like until we were halfway there. It didn’t matter. I knew I loved him already and the connection was instant. He ran straight to my arms and that’s where he stays most of the time now. This is DEFINITELY his forever home.
King of the toilet paper. Boots is a goofy cat. Loved our massage gun. Spends his nights hunting & sleeps in the house all day.
Marshmallow loves to play outside with his younger brother toasted he loves to go on car rides he’s a loving dog and he make everyone happy
🐈 wendy! Birthday June 28th Age 7 Years old Zodiac Cancer ♋ Likes to play and snuggle
She is a beautiful cat that protects our other pets.
The worst guard dog ever! She loves everyone and everything and there's not a single mean bone in her body. A true love bug.
Yoko-Ono is a people person at heart. She loves pets, attention, donuts and anything beef or cheese flavored. Her favorite thing to do is ride in the car and go places where people pet her and give her attention. The beach is one of her favorite spots! She also loves to play get the hand.
Oakley Mae
Oakley is a playful 4 month old puppy, She loves playing tug of war and running around and Loves giving kisses and so Lovable
Sasha is a pit lab mix and super playful! She loves to cuddle her dad and play tug of war with her tiny human. Her favored thing to do is hog her parents king size bed or the couch.
She loves to chase the red laser light pen around
She loves to cuddle and she can eat treats with her paws
My name is Jackson, I am the most sweet & sensitive dog you will ever meet. I love to go on walks & car rides and I love baths.
Hey- I’m Snickers. I’m a calico and I like long naps, going outside to chase chipmunks and birds and of course, playing with string. I’m very smart. I can communicate. And my coat looks like a snickers bar! Vote for me!
Crazy chocolate lab...he chose me and I'm so glad he did! My heart dog❤
He's a beautiful white spunky cat with one blue eye and one green eye! ❤️
Donnie's a talk talk talker who ❤️"s his tail pulled, going outside on his leash and bugging big brother Jake.
While he may not “always land on all 4’s” Weston is the most snuggley cat EVER. He wraps his paws tight around my neck and buries his head in my shoulder while being carried around like a baby. 🥰 #wessysnugs
Mr. Jake
He's a State Farm Agent but refuses to wear the red shirt or kakis.... He's a laid back, cool cat who ❤️'s cereal.
Lucky is better at fetch than most dogs! He will talk back if you talk to him. He likes to play when everyone is sleeping. He is a big lovable family member!
Gemini Money
Hi my name is Gemini Money and I love to cuddle, sleep and eat. I love to protect my mommy from ruffling trees, bags and all unknown objects that look sketchy 😁. Playing is my all time favorite exercise lol but I need all my handsome rest to get up the next day and do it all over again.
Willow is a Husky, Rottweiler, German Shepard mix💛 she loves being outside, mostly in the snow! Loves eating just like her parents 😁 and will sleep anytime anywhere!
Jackson is a bernedoodle loves to take a bath and do tricks!