He's a gentle giant that lives for bear hugs and kisses! He will do them on his own! He's such a sweet baby! Our first set of huskies first son!
He is a full blood american bulldog weighs 160lbs and is 5 yrs old he luvs to go on walks at the lake r at the trails and luvs car rides
Azula loves her babies & pig ears! She is full of energy & loves to cuddle.
He is a very happy dog that loves car rides and playing with his traffic cone and rope.
My sweet Honey is 4 years old. She has been threw it let me tell you: Rescued, Attacked twice by another dog and had both ALCs replaced. But still the happiest dog you will meet! She love to go on car rides!
Lola is 8 months, she very sweet
She’s a beauty to see with her black hair that fades into a chocolate color. She’s quite but fierce.
Bella was found under our deck after her mother was hit by a car. She is a sweet baby that snores at night❤️
Remy isy attack cat. When my abusive ex stalked me and broke in, it was her that saved me.
A ball of energy and has the biggest motor. Hes fearless and takes on his sister, Remy, with out thinking twice
Jupiter is a fun & spicy cat. He is so cuddly & special 🥰🥰
Hi I’m sunny I love eating everything and running in the backyard but most of all I love napping
I'm Leo, the funniest cat in the world 😃
Lola was rescued from Oklahoma 11 months ago, and has been loving her time as a city girl in Chicago! Her smile is infectious to anyone in her path, and she loves people and other pups alike. As a Bassador (Basset Hound/Lab mix), she is extremely loyal, smart, and loves to sleep! Although her legs may be small, her big heart makes it easy to fall in love. As a volunteer at her shelter, I knew the minute I met her she was coming home and have been blessed with every moment! One vote is one step closer to donating to PAWS Chicago and helping another pet find its forever home!
She is super sweet and super sassy. She loves window watching, snuggling and conquering new heights (literally). She likes to play in boxes and play with her wands.
Jarvis Cocker-poo loves his brother Geoffrey and enjoys meeting people and eating poo 🙈
Sage Aldy
Sage is an American 🇺🇸 Shorthair beautiful 😻 baby. She loves playing with her toys, bird watching and going to lake camper on weekends. She loves to eat, sleep 💤 and watch cartoons. Sage’s dislikes is her parents having leave for work or when company comes over lol 😂 she’s not very social.
Lily loves to play fetch she also loves to help her mom with her kittens and she loves to cuddle 🥰
Scooter is a 3 year old Presa Canaro. He is extra extra special because he is so friendly and lovable. Presa’s are usually known to be guard dogs but since he is always surrounded by people and other animals since a little baby- his love and affection for everyone is beyond anything you can imagine. He is our 180 lb teddy bear💕
Simba loves to find hide in the coziest spots! He's very playful but he also loves to cuddle!
Zoey is very loveable she loves to play an snuggle..... She is a very fast learner.. her fav snack is tuna...
Barley is a 6 year old Labrador who loves food, muddy puddles and chasing squirrels
This is Jasper he was found on the side of the road and almost hit by a car when he was 6 weeks old but he is safe, love , heathy and he is 1 year and 2 months old now
My handsome boy Mylo loves to play and make new friends whenever he can! He loves his runs, puddles, and lots of cuddles!
Hello I’m Lincoln I’m a new bundle of joy who loves to play in the water and has the sweetest personality
Hi, I’m Chai I bite my moms toes in the morning when I’m hungry 😼I also randomly get the zoomies and bounce off my dog brother onto the wall just to be dead asleep a few seconds later 😺
This is Bella she is a rescue she was very badly mistreated before I rescued her now she is happy healthy loved and spoiled rotten
Henry is a semi feral/ stray who rescued me during the COVID shutdown. At that time he was very timid and scared of his own shadow. He has since turned into a very sweet and affectionate cat.
Our Bodacious Mr. BODIE is growing sooo fast. At 2months old at adoption he weighed 7.5 lbs. Now at 7 months old he is 50 lbs. And counting! Bodie is an Explorer. This particular excursion to our Cactus garden ended rather abruptly! He is SUPER energetic, clumsy but oh so sweet and hilarious! He is a rescue from Bullhead City shelter but we make our home by the Colorado River on the California side.
Petey loves to sleep, ride in the truck and eat treats. He doesn't like to be too far from his Mama and will do anything to get to her. She's not too fond of being away from him either.
Moose trying to be the next Easter bunny.
The cutest little thing with a big personality✨ also, my parents call me Crazy for a reason, cause I come up wih the most silly things when I’m bored🤭
Domino is the sweetest little kitten we can imagine. Every morning as soon as he sees us, we are greeted with a full on meowing conversation. When I get home from work in the evening, he is so happy to see me that he becomes my little shadow and tells me all about his day.
Storm is 6 months old, loves to run wild around the forest and play fetch! 🐕
Tater Elisabeth
She loves to look out the window, lick bubble wrap and cuddle up to our baseboards.
Molly is a 9 month old beautiful Golden she's sweet loving and smart. She thinks shes a lap dog and loves to play catch 24/7. As you can see she just graduated from her puppy class her big smile says it all.
Deja Vu
I’m an American bully puppy! My favourite thing ever is eating my food! Lots of little walks and playing with my older Siberian husky brother!
Sammy Cannon Sargent
Sammy is an english bulldog given to me by my best friend. He is a barker and i am pretty sure he tells me he loves me. He loves laying in mud puddles, anything to do with water and playing with his brother.
Mr Alan Tumnus
Mr Tumnus aka Mr T he loves to play fetch. He is a very loving cat but can be clumsy. He loves his treats and knows that when I go to work he will get some. He is my best friend and The cutest, craziest cat that just loves to play.
she likes to look at herself in mirrors she worries when I am sad or sick, she asks for cookies once or twice a day she likes to play hide-and-seek with me and I look for her
Hi, I'm Rolo, a tiny Jack Russell with a BIG personality!
He's a 5 week old im fostering was hand reared has a burst eardrum so his head tilts to one side runs around with a ball in his mouth.
Chippy is a mischievous, loving boy. His favourite things include morning cuddles where he likes to lick and nibble your nose, playing hide and seek and carrying his favourite toy ducky around the house this him.
Hazel loves to nap and play.. she loves her big brother Milo too
Theia loves cuddles, kisses, play time. Her absolute favorite thing is Sheba wet food snacks. She has so much to say for such a little cat. She has a big attitude and big personality. Shower her with love and she’ll show you nothing but love and loyalty
Lilly is a rebel rescues peeing and pooping everywhere even after years of potty training she is a my way or the high way type of female she loves food she’s very shy and nervous due to bad people but with a lot of love she’s turned into a sweet hearted girl
Tiffy is a little baby she’s loves tummy rubs and just relaxing all day she’s vocal if she sees anything she doesn’t like or agree with or if her tummy is not full enough to her standards.
Fonzi is a old soul smart and wise but also always moody and hungry he loves to bark he likes be notice knows he’s there