Dog cat Stories - 64


Hi, my name is dusky my mom is my best friend ever! I love the water and love spending time with my mom and dad nothing is better than going out on the boat and having a blast at the sand bar ! 🤍 please vote for me !
This is my Schatzi, she loves to lay in shopping bags. Even plays with them, while growling. Now she does not growl like cat when she plays. Her growl is something different. Plus she just loves to be brushed with a toilet brush (one not used in toilet of course). She has been my world since I lost her big Smokey last year. She loves being the center of attention now. She has the sweetest disposition, very different from other Siamese I have had. The lady I got her from says she is Siamese/Ragdoll. So she has the looks of Siamese with the disposition of a Ragdoll. The sweetest kitty I have ever had. So her name fits her perfectly cause Schatzi is German for darling, sweetheart, precious, or treasure. And that is she.
Grayson is 8 weeks old and a loving and snuggly little baby
We call him snaggle tooth. He is 15 years old with addisons. He can’t jump but is not in pain
Cali is a very playful kitty. She loves playing with her toys and munching on her wet food. She loves cuddles and giving kisses.
Harvey Two Face
Harvey is a beautiful gemini chimera! Spoiled rotten and she knows it!
Balto is a Siberian Husky, wolf mix. He loves his chew bones and the lake. He is a mommas boys. He stays by my side unless I’m at work. Balto is a very loyal companion and hardly ever gets into trouble. Way to smart for his own good. If Balto wins he will get a new doggy bed and more chew bones.
Enjoys sleeping and chasing around our dog. Can be very sassy but also incredibly sweet. Big chonky boy
Bobbi is 6 months. She loves to play! She loves to cuddle. She’s very sweet and loving. She loves to play and cuddle next to her brother Koba, he’s a chocolate lab.
The most laziest but most photogenic cat i own. Hes a lonely boy but boy does he meow all the time !!
Bubbles loves playing by his self with his bouncey balls. He is so clever he knows his name so well and he LOVES to play fetch with his balls (he even brings them back to you to throw for him)
Buster is a 3 year old tabby he loves to dress up. He is a very grumpy old man that would love to have your vote. #voteforbuster
Cloudberry was a adopted as a companion for Kiela. The two bonded quite well as kittens and became the best of friends. Cloudberry has a mothering (fathering) type personality that came out while we were fostering a pair of cats for a friend and even more so when Atreyu came to live with us. Once Atreyu came to us, Cloudberry took Atreyu under his wing and took care of him and cared for him as if Atreyu was his own child. The two built a very strong bond. Cloudberry is a very athletic cat and has been able to jump great distances and heights. He loves his cat super highway that was built specifically for him.
Atreyu came to me as a severely injured kitten who was brave enough to ask a friend for help when he needed it. As soon as he met me, he instantly bonded with me and has forever since been a "Momma's Boy." He is quite the talker and will roam around the meowing. He loves to antagonize his older siblings and even tries to imitates his older brother, who he has a very close bond with. He loves his back scratched and will keep coming back for more scratches if you stop scratching him. He loves walking all over his favorite human.
Bob is a very spunky cat, I call him my squeaky toy, every time he jumps he makes a new sound😂 his favorite things are feet, he loves to jump on my feet.
Don’t let this cutie’s looks deceive you, he’s CRAZY!
Kiela was a rescue found on the side of the road as a tiny kitten. She was taken in and cared for by me and has flourished into a beautiful long haired kitty. She loves to snuggle up the her brothers and her humans when she isn't playing, chasing or grooming her brothers. Being the oldest, she likes to lead the boys to trouble and watch them be the ones to get into trouble. She also likes to help her humans with projects around the house.
Hi I'm Luna-Boots, I'm 11 weeks old. I am very playful and love following my humans around the house, I love to explore and can be found hiding in many places like the sock drawer or snuggled on my humans bed.
Just a good boy always looking for love and treats
Ziggy is 11yrs old very shy but so lovable and snuggle his owner recently passed and he came to live with us
Mr. Moon
Mr. Moon is 5 months old! He is a mischievous little one! He loves to purr and play with his fur friends, Kaluah And pelusa (small dogs). His favorite toy is any of my sisters shoes!😂 Thank you for voting for Mr Moon!🌙🐾🖤
Bullseye wasn’t very well when he was a baby. This means he will stay tiny and adorable for the rest of his life. He is so playful, loving and talkative! He walks around with his favourite peter rabbit toy in his mouth and loves to sit outside on the grass and watch the birds fly past. He is the cutest little creature I’ve ever seen!
Snowball loves to cuddle and play with strings. 🥰😇😻 part of my heart forever ♥ 🥰😘♥️
Ralph was the runt of the litter weighed about a pound and was rescued from being dropped off in the woods. He's a hopper full of energy and loves fish. Very intelligent, house trained at 1 month.
Snowball showed up about weeks ago as a stray and took up to my 5 yr old son. My son michael is 5 and has autism, he used to have multiple meltdowns everyday. This cat showed up and will not let my son out of his sight and follows him everywhere in the yard. Since snowball showed up he has had 0 meltdowns. Snowball is a angel and changed our lives especially our sons.
Lunala is my foster fail baby. I've had her since she was 2 weeks. With her I've seen a different side of cats. She is very protective and loyal. Loves her brothers and sisters. Her favorite thing is sitting in the window and watching the birds. Her favorite toy is a stuffed bird. At night she picks it up and walks around the bed yowling. Then she gets up in bed between hubby and I, with 'her baby' and lays down.
Cheeky little boy! Loves his cuddles and all the attention! 💓
Chloe is the “chatty” one. She talks all day long and I swear she would come out with full English accent if she had the correct vocal cords. She tells you when it’s meal time, water bowl needs changed, when she wants to go to bed and she won’t let up talking til you understand what she’s talking about 😂
Milo is the like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead. He’s the most loving and cute dog then he’s a Tasmanian devil the next. Very active and fiercely loyal. Such a character
We adopted Raven a few years ago when her ears were the biggest thing on her. She looked like a little bat. She loves belly pets, begging, and laying about all over people
Oreo is the most loveliest cat i’ve ever had. He is so loving and always wants attention, there’s not a moment in the day where he don’t want to be by my side. He has so much love for his brother (as you can see in one of the pics i’ve added). He is just the sweetest boy and has such a character attached to him
Luna is so energetic and great, loving family pet! She loves to eat! She will bug you non stop just for cuddles.
Bundy Lovat
He's a really sweet guy and was found hanging under my van.
Little tortoiseshell, my little girl who loves naps and loves to chase her toys around the room
Im super spunky, love to cuddle and I'm always in to something. I can sit for my treats and i enjoy watching tv!!
Rex is the cutest puppy who just loves having snuggles 🥰
She has a little beard 🥰
Hello my name is carter i was adopted by my mommies they give me every toy they see in the store. I love to play with my carrot kicker🥕.I love to play chase with my momma I love to go on long car rides and walks. Im very Talkative give me some cat milk and ill be your best friend :)
Reese is a beautiful calico who loves to eat non stop, play with her favorite mouse, sunbath in windows and cuddle with her momma 😻
He is the most awesome kitty ever!!!! Plays fetch,follows me everywhere , carries plastic cups up and down the stairs thru out the house!! Even carried his metal food cup upstairs and and always leaves them on my bed! I wake up and there will be toys on me!! He talks to me all the time!!! He just melts my heart and everyone thats around him!!!
Salem love's being playful! Standing on his back legs alot, hiding straws in the house and loves cuddling stuff animals (:
Mabel is a very talkative little kitty, she is the most placid little thing however she has a sinister alter ego called Diego Salamanca who sells good quality catnip (not the rubbish you buy in pet shops) Diego has links via his uncle Rodrigues to the Cattel.. their currency is Dreamies but only the cheese ones, don’t try and fob him of with other flavours otherwise he’ll get all Hissy and Spitty in your face!!
My name is Trax I’m a purebred Catahoula Leopard Dog. My best friend is my new baby brother and I love to run and play with all of my toy piggies! I fought Parvo as a puppy my moms says I’m the toughest guy out there💪🏼 Parvo stunted my growth but I’m still a pretty big boy!
Penny is a sweet girl that we took in when she was dumped at a friends house, when she was just a puppy. She is sweet, happy outgoing and loving. She loves playing with the kids. We love her so much.
Angel is a 3 year old female who lives with her cat brother and sister and 2 sister dogs . She is known as posh cat because of her personality.
Tilly is a fun loving, adventurous dog who loves as much attention as she can get!! She is 1 year old and has a 3 year old brother who she loves to bother. You should vote for Tilly because she's the cutest ugly dog ever🐶
Joy-joy its adorable that’s why is Joy-joy( double the joy)
Oscar is 6 1/2 weeks old! Adorable and loves cuddles!