Tippy is a great boy! He loves to help with my deaf disabled. He mostly goes outside and inside. His birthday is April 1st, he is 9 years old.
She loves hugs and pets ! ❤️
She loves to play with her toys and cuddle with them❤️
Sarge Comandante
Sarge is a 3 year old street dog rescued from Mexico through the non-profit organization Street Dog Hero's based out of Bend, Oregon. He found his furever home with us this past November and has become one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our family is complete with him!
She loves to cuddle, wake you up all through the night wanting in and out and she also loves to climb on everything. Her favorite spot to sleep is under my bed. She also likes boxes and plastic bags, weird.
Mister is the most loving cat on earth. He’s so playful and likes to cuddle.
She’s my spoiled princess and loves to play with her sister
Hunter is a 2 year old German Shepherd. He is lovable, he loves to play fetch. He likes people more than other dogs. He is very vocal, he will let you know when his water bowl is empty and if it’s dinner time.
Morty is so loving. Always with the kisses and snuggles. He likes to play doggie basketball, chase his tail, and watch tv. We love him so much, he is the best dog ever!❤️
Hi! My brother is Roo. He is pretty cool but I dont like to share the goldfish.
Cooper loves to play with his toy duck! He absolutely loves to run around and go for walks on the levee. He is just a puppy but soon enough he will be big enough to go in the pool as well :) He is the best pupper anyone could ask for.
Has no idea how beautiful she is! Calm, cool, collected. Lover of her family 😻
He’s energetic loving cat who loves to play and eat.
Trouble with a capital T !!Meet Fury she’s got the EYE OF A TIGER 🐅 craziest cat on the planet SO CURIOUS and very majestic she thinks she’s BOSS around here for sure ..her amd her sister Bear love to take photo shoots and chase lizards 🦎…just love her ❤️
Hi this is pearl she is 5 years old. She is a morkie. She is very playful and loves people. She likes food and trying to run out of the house to see who's all She will let you know when someone is close by and we are in "danger" for sure. But would pee herself if something crazy really happened. 😆
Baldomero is a lovely cat he likes kissing, he is very very soft, gentle, talk a lot; he likes to play with soft plastic balls
At 4 months old, she is extremely smart and sassy. She loves other dogs and loves to play.
Connor, even though he's 20 months old, he acts alot older. Being a rescue kitten, has made him very protective of his human, does enjoy belly rubs and naps. Chases toy cars and toy trains while at play.
Luke is a great cuddle buddy, he settles in for a snuggle every night as soon as I lie down. He loves to drink directly out of the faucet and demands we turn the water on by giving us just one meow.
Scout is sweet and the most loving little boy. He loves to zoom around the room and play with his little brother. Scout has so much energy and loves to do tricks for treats. Whenever he hears someone come over he is so excited and wants a ton of cuddles and love. I hope you think he is as cute and sweet as I do.
Han is a sweet kitty with a LOUD purr. You hear him enter a room before you see him. He loves to follow the dog around, purring along the way, trying to get his love and attention!
Boo is an American Eskimo. He’s about 4 years old and is super friendly. He loves playing with his toys and bossing his dad around
fun loving enjertic likes to go for walks enjoys baced dog biscuits
Sexy Sox
He is The Godfather of the Siamese mafia. He loves pizza and French fries and walks on a leash and has no fear of dogs… he is a tough boy 💙
Marcus is my creamsicle kitty 🧡 he’s named after Marcus Mariota and he has fetched ear plugs since he was a baby. Very protective of his mama.
Busted him out of the kitty lock up in Fresno, CA. He’s big & fluffy but has a little girlie meow. He loves up on all of my visitors and is very sweet & loving ♥️
Nico is my Fresno gangbanger kitty. I found him as a tiny stray kitten and took him in. He INSISTS on being indoor/outdoor and is a good mouser 💙
Very soft & sweet and LOVES his night time belly rubs. Never hissed or scratches but hates car rides & yells like Judas Priest in the car.
This is my big boy . his name is sugar . he loves playing with children hide and seek . hes such a sweet big boy and very protective over his family .
I'm really the best dog in this house. I have the ears to prove it. Nothing gets passed me. I bark but have a hard time howling
Coconut is a Manx, we rescued her from Detroit where she was living under an abandoned house. She loves feathered toys, chasing leaves from the window and catnip to relax!
Hi I’m pearl I’m a 1 yr old Brussels griffin mix with Pekingese. And yes I do bark a lot and I’m the boss of my house. My favorite thing to do is to be held by my mommy I’m really spoiled. My mom also works at Starbucks so I love when she brings me pup cups home. I also love playing with all my toys and I do have a lot of them. And last but not least I love getting belly rubs it my most favorite thing in the world.
She enjoys the outdoors, Sun tanning, and loves her treats..
Nylah Mae
She loves to play with sticks. Loves running like a nut in the yard. Her back has angel wings in her pattern so I call her my angel 😇
Ace loves to chew on anything his mouth can get a hold off. He follows everyone around.
Teddy is the sweeetest dog ever
Ranger loves car rides. He loves Chick-fil-A. He is a mommas boy. He has been my service dog since he was three months old. He loves his family, his bones, toys and most of all he loves to snuggle and cuddle with with momma and daddy.
I’m a 3 months old. I’m lovable, energetic playful puppy. I am a service dog for mommy. I love car rides and watching tv with my mommy.
Hi, I’m Charlie. I love to play and I love to cuddle. On my spare time I like browsing on Amazon.
Gunnar is a very friendly dog! Still acts like he’s a puppy even though he’s only 2. He loves the word ducks! You say that word and he wants to go visit his friends in the back yard.
Bella Ann
Bella Ann is a cute girl who is between 7 yrs and 10 years old. She is from Kitty Connection Kitty Adoption and she is big sister to THACKERY John Binx Bella’s name means Beautiful in Italian
Thackery John Binx
THACKERY John Binx is a kitten. He is black and white. His first and second last name is from the movie “Hocus Pocus” and his middle name is his dads first name He is a lovable lil kitten with lots of spunk
Journey is a stray cat that climbed in the hood of my car in the dead of winter. I decided to keep I wanted to give him a warm home. He shows me daily why I needed to save him. He sits and waits for me to come home from work. He greets me with lots of purrs and stomach rubs. He love love playing with his stuff animals that I gave him on Valentine’s. He flips them up in the air, he hugs them, lay with them and hides them from time to time. He’s just the cutest, curious, bundle of joy.
She LOVES food and LOVES to cuddle