Dog cat Stories - 64


Riley is a very special puppy to us! We drove 11 hours one way to get her so she could grow up with Rebel! She is such a loving dog and our life would be so different without her 💕
Naomi loves to play hide and seek, sitting on laps, licking her sister cats head and adoresss tummy rubs ☺️
Opie is a Sheepadoodle (old English sheep dog and poodle mix). He loves peanut butter, playing with other dogs, and chewing on sticks.
My spunky baby girl loves to cuddle next to mom and dad and push everything off tables :)
Anatoly is a foodie who loves to play! He likes paw massages and belly rubs☀️💕
She is new to your family she loves to play and chase her tail
This is Kushie. Kushie thinks shes an outdoor cat. Kushie runs through peoples legs to the backyard, just so she can roll around in the dirt and eat grass. Kushie is sassy. She knows how pretty she is and she tries to use it to get treats!
Lil Dottie
Sup!! I am Lil Dottie - a Blue Merle PomChi. I love to prance, pounce, snuggle, and hunt for dead worms and lizards and am the best girl!! Happy day to you!
His name is kuku because he alwayz so kute😂
My name is Chewie, short for Chewbacca. I love playing with my toys and going to the park.
In his old age, Kizmo likes food, naps, more food, cheek to cheek smooshes, taking up the whole bed, taking up the sofa, even more food and sleep. Put that on repeat and that's his day to day.
Oreo is a spunky little pup. He loves playing with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Babies, adults, animals, even statues. He is such a sweet little guy who absolutely craves affection. He loves kisses on his cheeks and literally BEGS for them. He will stand up and put his cheek to your face. He loves annoying his big brother, Natsu, and loves to get chased by all the other dogs at the dog park. While my mom was suffering the worst of cancer, he was there to comfort her. He would hug her (literally stand up to hug). Lay by her to make sure she was okay.
Lola is a sweet old lady. We got her two years after my first and long time dog was stolen. She was unlike him in ever way, but that’s what makes her special. She hates kisses on her cheek! She will politely push you away with her paws! She loves wearing dresses, going to Starbucks, getting attention (obviously), playing fetch, and she loves laying in between our thighs! She is a wonderful nanny for my nephew. She is so delicate and patient. Her most exciting memories were going to the Pride Parade 🏳️‍🌈 showing off her rainbow dress and being friendly to all the people that saw her come their way.
Natsu was a neglect dog who was going to be thrown out into the desert. He was this tiny puppy snatched away from his mother. When I found him, I was 14. Animals are naturally drawn to me, but there was this connection. Ever since I brought him home, he’s been my shadow, my partner in crime, my home, my soulmate. Natsu is the most loyal dog in the world and although he has severe separation anxiety, he always knows that I would never abandon him. He isn’t the friendliest or most social dog nor the bravest, but he will protect those he loves, like his little brother, Oreo. He loves his toys so much that he never stops playing! He plays all the time! Aside from playing, he loves to sing! If you start singing happy birthday or bohemian rhapsody this dog will belt out.
Mr Mittens
Mr. mittens was a cat who was never welcomed... He was tossed home to home and constantly mistreated and I welcomed. One day, my family and I learned of a cat needing a good home so we went for it... we lost our black cat six months prior and were ready for another cat. When we picked him up, we saw a lady grabbing him by the neck tossing him out of her house and cursing and kicking him. We approached her asking if she was the one giving away the cat. She proceeded to say that she was and that he was a sh&@£y cat he was and that she had no things to take with him (not even a bed or water bowl) he was scrawny, malnourished and brown when we picked him up. He was infected with parasites that caused his bowels to act up. With food, medicine, and lots of love, this cat was so happy and so beautiful. His personality is like no other! He is a sweet heart and gets along with all of his dog siblings! He’s excellent with kids and super friendly! He is the nicest cat I know and I don’t understand how somebody could’ve treated him in such a way! He loves laying in the sun, playing with his puppy dog brother, laying with the baby, eating bread, and playing with the water faucet!
Samantha was born in an animal shelter. If I don’t watch her closely enough ,as you can see from the photo, she climbs screens and will just hang there and watch the birds! :)
Timmy is the sweetest cat, but also has a feisty side! his hobbies include: eating kibble, sitting in boxes, and biting ankles.
Missy is a rescue dog so most of her background is unknown. She has TONS of energy, which led to her being adopted twice and returned twice. Missy is now is a loving home and loves to play, cuddle, and take all the attention available. Her favorite activities are making people pet her, sunbathing, and napping beside her mommy.
Mae is a cuddling, playful, and fiercely loyal dog, that enjoys hunting for chipmunks and running around the yard.
Hi ! I’m rusty,I’m a chihuahua pug mix and I often get mistaken for stuffed animal . I enjoy wearing ties and bow ties cause it makes me look like a well mannered pup , I also enjoy cuddling and sleeping on my owners chest whenever they lay down . And most of all I LOVE taking naps and getting treats
Dash is a two year old basset hound!! You can follow him on Instagram
Abbey is the love of my life. she to like's to play , go for walk's and eat sleep so she can play more. Abby is the boss of her house .
Abbey loves her daddy and can not wait for him to get home so she can go for walks . Abbey loves to sit with her daddy and get all kinds of loving . She is always playing with all of babys ( toys) she has a big basket where they live ( belong ) but she gets all of them out and puts them where she wonts them . That is when the fun starts her game starts. I put them back she takes them back where she had them not all of them but the ones she wonts .
Love giving my mama kisses! I love playing with my big brother (Hershey) and cuddling with mama for afternoon naps. Mama says I’m the best cuddler!
Chloe, 46, constantly asking when the food will be ready. Decides she has the zoomies at 3:00am. Cheez-it’s are her jam.
One eyed Willie
Lola is a rescue dog from Cyprus! She’s loving her new life as a princess in the U.K. and would love your vote! You can follow along with her adventures on Instagram @lolawolfe_
She lives to play with lots of toys . She can dance too. She is a tik tic star.
Poppy is a 6 year old and is a sprocket spaniel and very very active. Very loving. Loves hugs and kisses.
She’s the biggest , she’s the protector of all her sisters .
Lucy Lou
She loves to play with toys lots of them . She’s very smart. She can dance too.
Diamond is a 3 week old kitten very noise. But I love this little cutie.
She lives to play with little soft toys
Hi my name is Rufus I like to chew on my human parents and look at them with my floppy ear. I also like to sleep on my humans. I don't potty inside often and I'm super smart I'm little and already know sit, fetch, and come on. oh yeah I really know the word No! That's what i hear whenever I'm doing something really fun.
SHES A rescue joyful .loving life on the bay
Merida is a a 7 month old German Shepherd mix with a red coat. She's a rescue that came all the way from Arkansas. She has an issue with her one knee, so any winnings helps go to her vet bills. She loves to sit outside with her favorite squeeker toy, and cuddle up with her mommy. Don't tell her but she is also a big snorer! Lol
Holly is a fat, happy, lazy cat with lots of personality! She loves eating, sleeping and making weird noises!
Leo loves to cuddle and he is a very vocal cat!!!!
She so spoiled and she even does chores and i got her saying my name when i give her some treats
Rosie Lee
Rosie is so full of energy, acts like a puppy. She likes to meet and greet all dogs and there owners. It’s as if she is always smiling.
Royal Phoenix
Royal is a 165lb Italian mastiff who loves to play, run, and EAT! He loves other dogs and is a big baby. A little dopey but extremely smart!!!
Smokey is extremely protective and loves his life!!! Very sweet boy❤️
We say Roxie's full name is Roxie Meh TwinkleToes because she says meh rather than meow and she has twinkle toes. She was found in a calf barn so when she says meh she actually sounds like a calf and she's very good at balancing and jumping, therefore she has twinkle toes. Although she sometimes seems confused about how cats behave, Roxie is the sweetest cat any of us have ever met.
Bonnie loves people and has participated in many healing programs. A sweet and bouncy girl, she enjoys play and just hangin’ with her peeps! We have to spell around her because she knows so many words!!😊
Ashley is a sweetheart with high energy! Ashley loves running in her backyard, enjoying all of her chewy toys, and loves to play catch. Ashley is learning to catch a frisbee. Ashley says: I love to eat and drink (water).
Bronco is 12 weeks old. He loves to play especially with bigger dogs. He already knows sit, layn come and working on stay. He loves to cuddle and give kisses.
Bubba, aka "Bucket Baby", was one of my foster kittens, we fell in love and he became a "Foster Fail". He was found sealed in a bucket of water, he survived by standing on his deceased siblings. Any winnings will be donated to pay for one of my colony cats vet bills. Needed a c-section to birth 3 stillborn kittens, then a hysterectomy. Please help Bubba pay these expenses. 😞💔😿
When you look at Baxter in a picture he looks like a normal sized dog but he is part corgi part shepherd boxer and pitbull he is fun outgoing loves people loves toys everybody who meets him wanrs to take him home with them he can do anything he is just so much fun. He bring joy to everyone he meets.