I love to cuddle he still thinks he's a lap dog and he loves his two toys.
Ladybug Payne
For being so small she has the biggest heart and longest tongue, to share all her love ❤️
Loki is the most recent addition to the clan,we took him in after he'd been abandoned on the streets at 9months. He has settled in great ,so affectionate and mischievous,never a dull moment in this house!
Stella is the eldest of our fur babies,very much in charge! Loves her cuddles with mum
He's an affectionate loving baby boy. And he is lying on my sweater so I don't leave.
Alfie came to us at 6weeks old,he would sleep on my shoulder suckling at my ear lobe. He is nearly 2 now and still loves cuddles and kisses
Charlotte is a 2 year old tabby who is very shy and timid at first. We call her our little scaredy-cat lol
I’m just a puppy my name is Sadie and I’m 3 months old, I like to hop around like a bunny and play with kids.
Daisy Mae Mitchell
Daisy Mae Mitchell will be 2 yrs old, March 28, 2024. She is a German Shepherd Catahoula Cur mix. Under her fur, she has her black and gray spots. She back talks if she doesn't get what she wants, lol. She thinks she's a lap dog, even at 80+ lbs. She loves staying/swimming in the pond, chasing squirrels, and playing with our grandbabies. Not only does she protect us, but she protects the 4 houses next to us. Anyone can walk on our street but we or she better know you, before you step foot or drive into our yards, unless its doordash, lol. She somehow knows if doordash is expected and waits to greet them. We have had her since she was 3 weeks old, so she does try to communicate like a human. She honestly is the one that owns the house and we are just allowed to stay,lol.
Hi everybody calls me Tyson but my real name is BATMAN
Max is our Adorable 15 week old Cavoodle. He loves walks, running on the beach, zoomies, dinner time, car trips and all the attention from family and strangers. He has brought us so much joy already. Such a beautiful nature. We love him so much....
Bella is a Doll Face Persian.
Momo is only 25 days olds 🤍he sleep a lot and live cuddles all the time
Ivy is a sweet motherly cat. While she was briught home by another cat she had stuck around and is now part of the family.
Jelly is a nearly 13 year old black and white princess. She came to me as a kitten, having been rescued from awful conditions. She has the sweetest disposition, albeit demanding! We are the only girls in the house so we stick together ❤️ She has amazing intuition and knows when one of us needs some extra loving. She’s been amazing as our family has grown, and has recently nursed our eldest after some serious surgery- she didn’t leave his side while he was recovering at home. Jelly is so much more than a cat, she’s our protector and nurse 💕 and we couldn’t imagine life without her (even when she interrupts my video calls with her butt 😂).
Truly the silliest goose in the world, Goose has a great big goofy personality! He loves to run zoomies all around the yard and jumps as high as his mom’s nose! He is obsessed with his pull rings and loves to cuddle with his parents. If you want to be his bestie, just give him a little orange slice and he will love you forever!
WILLING TO EXCHANGE WITH HONEST VOTERS ON FEBRUARY 5TH. I WILL CHECK VOTES DAILY. Thank you for all votes, they are going toward the kitties and their owner's healthcare bills. Remind me about advances 2-3 days before they are due back to you please. VOTES ARE COMING FROM 2 ACCOUNTS JOYCE M AND CARISA W. IF WE ARE EXCHANGING VOTES PLEASE MAKE SURE TO POST YOUR LINK TO OUR PAGE AND BE HONEST DON'T WASTE MY TIME WHEN I DON'T WASTE YOURS. I CAN NOT VOTE WITHOUT YOUR LINK. IF YOU HAVE A TEAM VOTING PLEASE LIST WHO VOTED THAT DAY SO I KNOW VOTES ARE BEING RETURNED. WHEN YOU'RE CONTEST IS OVER PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ENTER A NEW ONE OR ARE DONE EXCHANGING PLEASE. IF MY VOTES DON'T SHOW I PROMISE I AM HONEST AND VOTE THE WHOLE 10 PLEASE LET ME KNOW KINDLY AND I WILL VOTE AGAIN IF IT ALLOWS ME Eowyn was found in the woods with her 3 sisters and 1 brother along with a veteran. Momma kitty didn't want anything to do with her babies so they were all bottle babies. She was rescued with her siblings by an adoption group and welcomed with open arms to our family with her sister, Rosie. If Eowyn wins it will be used toward her and her sisters' vet bills.
He talks alot to us & says goid morning every day when we wake up .He shakes his tail when thanking us fr cat nip or his treat. He tells my hubabd bye every mornimg when he leaves fr wrk bu .getting up on his coat & stetching up to touch his face with his .He will lay his head in my lap fr his morning petting & body rub whicj he loves. When it's time fr his brushing he runs over to the cabinet it's in & lays on the couch to b fully brushed .He is the best human cat ever.
Blink is the master of the house as you can tell by his pose ownership on the couch. He was a stray I found at my workplace and gave him a house and he made it a home. Love my little guy ❤️
Missy is loving and loves to be under the blankets all the way. She likes bubbles and she likes to help shoval snow she bites the shovel and barks.she loves walks and riding in the truck hanging her head out window. She is little but thinks she is 10feet tall.she smiles all the time
JJ is a sweet and energetic cuddle buddy who loves playing with his boucey balls and taking naps with his mom
She is 8 months old, fiercely loyal and so loving. She is fun and highly active, her favourite game is fetch, she loves playing with water and digging, she loves her snuggles and likes to curl up in Our bed to sleep. She loves the summer and loves to sunbathe. At bedtime she always tells us when it's time for her to go to bed. She is a lovely little Girl, who brings many hours of joy to us.
Luna was a barn kitten that I adopted, she's a year old. She likes her crunchies and Delectable treats.
He lives up to his name. He climbs up high. Then nearly falls off the DVD Stand. He sits on my Laptop. So that i cant use it. He gets into small gaps and loses my items down the back so i cant get at them.
Hi everyone, I’m Simba! I am almost 2 years old. I was adopted last May and have been spoiled rotten since 😽 I’m super friendly, especially if treats are involved 😉 My favorite things are zoomies, cuddling, and climbing.
Jack is a lab pug mix or a Lug he is a cuddly sweet best friend and protector of my two grandsons...hes a good boy! My daughter says hes a little derpy but i think hes perfectly cute!
Thor was an itty bitty runt half the size of his he is a gloriously large majestic tom cat befitting of his hame! Also has the most luxuriously soft fur who loves belly rubs!
Heather loves treats and cuddles and is very talkative
Faith is a girly girl...a little bit prissy but must cuddle on my shoulder at all times...she has fluff for days!
McKenna is the sweetest little princess! She's a complete cuddle-bug and loves to meet and greet other pups, kiddos and adults alike. If you come to her house for any reason, she knows you must be there to play with her and she will bring you a toy to get started. She loves to do her regular zoomies up and down the hallway, with an occasional bank turn over the great room furniture! Her favorite food is whatever I am eating at any given moment. She loves her outfits, sweaters, and outdoor coats for cold weather. She knows when something brought home will be hers to wear and squeals with joy the whole time the tags are being removed for her to wear it. She does the same with new toys! She's a complete joy, a loyal companion, loves to pose in her outfits for pictures and is sorta like having a toddler at home! Lol! She is my 4th and best dog ever! ❤️🐾💋
The name fits the tail & my love for stealing bread
He is so smart and likes to sit and observe. He enjoys the ravens flying around.
This is kitty and her bff kat
This little dude I rescued from a plz that was bad he would have never made it. I've had since he was 4 wks old. He has helped me through a lot of emotional crisis. I would do anything for little guy. He's been the best dog that I've ever had it would really be painful if something was to happen to him.
Pitsky… has brother biggie on here.. Charlie is too smart for his own good can’t not be alone cuz he’s very loving but a trouble maker lol
Pitsky… has brother on here Charlie…Biggie was the biggest of all the pups he’s such a gentle giant lol
Able is a very smart boy with tons of personality! I have had him since he was born. He is more like a dog in a cat body. He knows several tricks including paw, roll over, and speak. Able impresses everyone he meets with his smarts and unique, loving personality. He is also a very photogenic cat! I think he loves the camera as much as he loves his toys and food.
Bob is a three-legged happy boy. When he’s not getting his favorite snacks you can find him running around with his favorite toy hanging out of his mouth. He’s the best boi.
Rocky is the sweetest, funny character that I've ever seen. He's so precious and smart. I'm hoping that he'll be my son's service dog one day. We love him
Benjamin loves getting into mischief and couch snuggles.
Tacoma is a 1 year old mix breed. She is full of life and attitude. She loves to eat, snuggle and cause mischeif with her baby sister.
Tyr loves to play fetch and is a very loving dog, he loves to get up beside you and flop down and roll over onto his back! Please vote for him
Charlie is a very sweet boy who always wants attention from his mama as you can see.🥰
He loves his teddys and playing ball
Zoey is just adorable. She was found in the middle of the street, and has fought hard to be here on earth. She’s been battling FIP and is thriving. She’s our miracle baby and she continues to live up to the meaning of her name “Full of life”