Buzz! 👩🏽‍🚀 Female Tabby. 6 months old. Loves snuggling into necks and kisses! 😻 A big fan of playing FETCH with her balls 🥎 😺😺😺
Mara is a naughty but the most beautiful Sprocker. She’s full of energy and a joy to be around.
Rosie, my 1 year old, addicted to balls!
7 yr old rescue pup! She’s cuddly and sweet (also a lap dog), but loves to play with her zebra toy and lay in the sun!
Miss Marlee
I love swimming and bugging my brother who is much older than me!! I hate to go on walk and love to bark
Bella is a very sweet baby girl, she comes with mama where ever she goes, she even has a carriage. Bella loves to go to the beach and play with her puppy friends bella loves to be meet new people. Bella sings, dances she has a very unique lil personally. Bella is a mama to four baby pups as well 💗
Scooby is my 4 month old pug.
A beautiful Maine Coon, with a whole lot of love, fluff, and playfulness.
13 week old gorgeous girl ❤️
Charley is the sweetest little soul, he absolutely LOVES cuddling and when he gets the zoomies he plays like a crazy boy. He is a purebread Ragamuffin but for some reason that was not an option for the breed. He is such an amazing boy and I am so lucky to have his sweet little face in my life. He loves his sister Bella so much, shes in one of the pictures I posted of him. <3 Much love from Charley Boi.
"Saint" Louie Houdini traveled from Houston Tx to Iowa. His mama was rescued from the streets where someone thought it was okay to just leave her. When i saw his face I had to meet this little foster to adopt. My husband asked...I should get used to him being around. Saint Louie Houdini aka Loudini can go to his little kennel at night with belly band and sweater and in a.m. come out...with nothing on his puppy butt! Its magic Mom! He already wants to be like his big brother - 4yr old Golden Retriever (Bentley). Follows him around and and is a mini me. He will dig at the bottom of his water dish when its empty to let me know...HEY I need more. He loves care rides, squeaky toys, fetching balls, stealing moms shoes and chewing on boxes.
Haribo loves a good snuggle and is a big softie. He is best friends with our dog Luna, they even sleep together.
Luna is a bag full of mischief and fun. She is loving, and she loves her best friend Haribo which is our cat of whom she snuggles up too. She is playfull, but also can be stubborn. She hates wet weather and she is a big softie.
She loves cuddling, squeaky toys, and her kitty brother and sister. She is so friendly and just wants to stop and say hi to anyone she can. Her favorite toy is her lamb, which of course has 4 squeakers in it. Send my precious baby love!! Shes a St. Benard Mastiff Black Lab mix, I wasn't given that option though. <3
Nike is the cat that has dog people saying they like cats. She’s a wild card with a very loud personality, if you talk she’ll respond. Gets in the shower, plays fetch and sits on command (with treats of course). She always knows how to make everyone around her feel like they’re at home in her house!
Hello, I’m Bibi I love tummy tickles and chin rubs My favourite treat is turkey paté😃
I raised her And her 2 siblings since birth from her mama.and her mama's from her mama from birth.and her mama since birth.There was a generation of 17 of them total.
Jake From State Farm
Not your typical chi!.. hates being held.. hates clothes...will not go in a purse...lives to play with toys that are bigger than him...oh yea.. he is a toy chihuahua. Lol
Rocky was named after Rocky Balboa because he had one black eye when he was born. He enjoys running in circles in the rain, knocking over our bathroom trash can, and jumping in our coffee table to steal dad’s soda. He hides all his stolen items in his dog bed.
Im 1 year and 11 months old ball of fur. I live with my mom ane day and sister kities. Along with my anti social aunt milo. Please vote for me!
She is a very loveable kitten,she can be very hyper at time. She loves to play with her ball.
Heeey there! My name is Echo. I love to play catch and tug-a-war. My favorite food is steak and my bestfriend is a jack russell named jack. I am 10 months old and I have ALOT of energy. I can be very stubborn & my nose gets me in a lot of trouble. I'm a very curious girl and love to be outside.
Nars is just over a year old now he's an indoor cat and loves it he's very timid he can be uncertain around multiple people but otherwise loves a good fuss and the attention he also likes voicing his opinion especially when I've been out
Ruby is almost a year old! She’s super hyper and loves attention! Her favorite toy is a tennis ball! She’s my girl ❤️ And extremely good with both my children ( almost 3 year old and 2 month old).
Boris is a year old and is completely crackers. He loves to stretch out on the bed or curl up on the corner of the stairs. Through lockdown boris has learnt to lay down and give his paw for treats. He’s a beautiful boy who is completely pampered ❤️
Koda loves doing tricks for treats, digging holes in the sand, and playing with cat toys. He’s playful and spunky during the day and sweet and cuddly at night! Everyone says he looks like a “fox”! 🦊❤️
Lyla is a smart little lady full of snuggles and lots of kisses
Jax loves hersing his bowling ball around the yard.
She loves to stick her tongue out and pouts if she cant sit in my lap
I’m a 6 month old with a rough past at three weeks I broke my pelvis falling from height but now I like rough housing with my big sister stink the tink the dog
Hi i am binky i give scatty cat a whole new meaning
Hi i am spud i am a lil snuggle bug
Meadow or Baba (nickname) is a cheeky yet lovely girlie, she loves going outdoors and exploring and always comes back for a cuddle in the evening where she’ll purr and drool to show her love back. I got Meadow when she was really young from The cat protection team, she was small, frail and frightened of everything. She soon came out of her shell the first few days we had her and now couldn’t imagine life without her. We almost lost her when she got spayed, she became really ill from being allergic to the stitches which caused her to be in the vets a couple days not knowing if she would make it through the night but she showed us that she’s a strong kitty and battled through, after that she’s been babied and spoilt but we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Toby is 5 months old. he loves running around outside and stealing mommy and daddy socks!
Wishes is a beautiful 7 year old seal point Siamese. He resides in Halifax, NS Canada with his mom and dad. Wishes is very intelligent and has been fully trained on the human toilet with no litter box in the house. He loves to sleep in the sun, get some fresh air sometimes and loves to be brushed and massaged with a hand held massager. Wishes has brought so much joy to our lives and has been a constant companion. In a lot of ways he is a lot like a dog!
One of the litter from my ragdoll! And by far the cutest thing I have ever seen!
My nickname is stinky, because I have farts that kill. Swimming, walks and playing ball are life. I have a brother who steals all the attention. Moms favorite and her version of Clifford, I love to steal dads spot in the bed when he get up so I can get snuggles.
Thea aka Fifi Thea is not your average Yorkie! She loves hot water bottles, being snuggled under blankets and pretending she's a pirate like her dad.. Thea can't bark, and is slightly deaf in one ear, she also has a few medical problems, but they just make her who she is! Her favourite food is McDonald's Cheese Burgers!!
Porter And Spencer
Porter and Spencer are 3 year old twin English Labs with spitfire personalities, begging for Rita's custard with SPRINKLES. They bring joy, make me laugh and have wonderful temperaments. They are Canine Good Citizens and Certified Therapy Dogs with Spencer driving toward becoming an Agility Athlete. Couldn't ask for a better Lab duo. Xoxo! Please vote ❎ DAILY for this handsome pair.
Jackson was our old man. He would choose a long hug over toys any day. He was super laid back and loved sleeping in the straw with all the sheep. Sadly Jackson passed away last spring from a tragic accident with another dog, miss him lots but loved every minute I had with him.
Baby’s name is perfect for him. He likes to be held and cuddled. He is so lovable and friendly. He has a high pitched putt, and when he wants me to wake up in the morning he will lick my hair or paw at my nose.
I rescued Junior from a barn, no momma cat. He was so tiny he could fit in my palm. I fed him with an eye dropper and he grew up to be a big fluffy lovable kitty. He likes to play with rubber bands. And he will playfully attack my leg when I walk by.
10 weeks old, black tri mini Aussie Shepard. Loves squeaky toys and putting everything in her mouth😊
Rogers my dog
5 month old Bailey loves a Sunday nap catching the sun coming in the window. She loves nothing better than a play with a ball or ripping up a toilet roll tube. Her favourite thing to steal is definitely socks 🧦
I love hunting my mousey and getting spoiled with my fav purée treats! I follow my family around and chat their ears off😸I make sure everyone hears me when I enter a room!
I'm Poppy. I am 4.5 months old and I live with mommy and daddy. I love soft blankets, shower curtains, the ice machine, and snuggling. I am tiny but feisty.