Blaze is like his own entity, his own uniquely lovable, humanlike emotional, Bluenose Blue Gentle Giant. He plays with all walks of children, cats, and extraordinary pets. Lol. He is 12½ and has lived very well socialized in a big apartment complex with me since he was 8 weeks old. He has pretty much seen & tried to sniff it all. He's kind of been a social media star on my feed although he may be unaware 😅😁 In November 2015 he was hit very hard by a truck on a busy road. He made the Siren Report with the newspaper printing that "he suffered life threatening injuries"....He is a trooper and a blessing 4Sure🙏 😇🙏 Even though All Dogs Go to Heaven, God said "Not yet Blazey Boy, your Daddy really needs you here"...😌 Blaze is truly a miracle and i couldn't have asked to for a better FurFamily member to share my life with.
Bindi is the sweetest fur baby but is very skittish because she wasn’t treated well in her past life. She was found in a dumpster and was very afraid of humans for a long time. Slowly but surely she began to let her guard down and now she is a sweetheart. She is so loved!!!!
Very playful and cuddly 8 months old. He was a rescue now very settled in his new home, vote for vote ☺️🐾
I really should have named him Newton, because he looooves testing gravity by knocking things off the counter 😂🐈‍⬛
Garfield likes to take long naps and eat his chicken and gravy. He loves snuggles 🥰. He is playful and loves his toys.
Hugo loves cuddling everyone he meets and purrs like a motor. He also enjoy sticking both of his paws in glasses of water and knocking them over.
Laila loves snuggles and playing hiding games! She is a petty cat at times which we adore!! Laila came into our lives 3 months ago and has been nothing but the most amazing furry baby!!
Kushy is the kindest, he absolutely loves treat time.
Gellybean loves going on walks outside and snuggling with his mommy.
He keeps to himself but loves tummy rubs!
Bailey is my happy baby boy. He loves playing ball. I throw and he brings it back. My boy is super smart. He also loves to just bug the hell out of his sister Qtip. Good natured pooch. Lovable
George the Reindeer.
Luvie Bug
Luvie bug weighing at 19lbs. Shes the sweetest cat loves her sister and always comes to me when I call her. She also gives the best cuddles
Very energetic loving caring the best cowboy corgi you will ever see. I love terrorizing my sister Bella and her best friend Susie. I just had my first birthday 🎂 and boy did I get spoiled. I love running and chasing my tail and destroying any toy mom and dad bring me home
Tofu aka my bubbas is a super sweet old pup! He loves sleeping on squishmallows, whipped cream, and cuddling with everyone!
This is the look I got from Seaweed when I told her to get off the table!!!
Hiii I’m pepino, my name means cucumber because I just love me some cucumber🤤they so yummy! Im only 4 months and I’m a big growing boy. I love to go to the dog park to play with my furry friends. I loves shoes mommy says it’s a not a good thing but they so fun to play with. I love me some food I can eat for hours but mommy doesn’t let me 🙄. Im a very energetic puppy who loves to swim and go on hikes pretty much anything that involves outdoors. Squirrel! I love chasing them they love it,they try to teach me how to climb the trees but they’re much faster at it!
Sage is a very playful kitten. She’s on wet food and just recently got litter box trained. She loves to play with anything and everything. Her favorite thing ever is to cuddle with mom and dad. She plays half the day and sleeps the rest. She’s very adventurous and loves to hide in bushes. She doesn’t like dogs or really any other animal at all. She loves to scare me when I come down the stairs and she loves peekaboo. Her nicknames are little monster and lady.
Hi I’m axel!! I’m a 10 year old yorkie terrier I just enjoy naps and sleeping really. I also love to eat especially my doggy ice cream that mommy gives me! I’m a just a handsome man well at least my mommy thinks 😌.
Bella is a beautiful Maine Coon Tabby mix breed house cat. She is queen bee and should be treated as such. She loves her best friend Susie and her treats. She our fluffy baby and weighs about 20lbs. Join her adventure!!!!
Sage is a happy and fun loving dog! Loves all and enjoys lazy days. She’s full of energy and support
Oliver is the most cuddly and playful kitty I’ve ever met. She’s super friendly and everything makes her happy! You can always catch her purring
My name is bullet, I have a very spirited personality. I talk back and dislike the word no. My favorite thing to do is run in the water with my brothers this is where I feel most free. I love mom and dad they are my world and I am theirs. Vote for me don’t you see me ain’t I just adorable.
Matilda is very sweet natured rescue kitty and is a champion biscuit maker!
Gilbert loves to go shopping, play outside, greet people he knows, and LOVES to play with kids!
Teddy Bear
Teddy bear just seems to have a unique look about him, he reminds me of a cartoon cat He has the biggest eyes and is simply adorable He already loves exploring!!
Enzo And Toulouse
Enzo and toulouse are two peas in a pod they love playing together, bathing each other, and sleeping together.
She likes to run through the house 24/7, she's funny, clumsy, and loving
I like playing Barbies with my sisters. I love sitting on my moms laptop while she works and at night I sleep on dads head. I’m a very happy good boy!
Meet dahlia!! She’s a tiny little kitty with a big personality. She loves to chase around (more like tear apart) her feather and worm on a string toys. Snuggles are her favorite part of the day so she can be all up in your business for the rest of the time you are awake. Dahlia is a sucker for canned food and tube treats, sometimes a French fry or two. She will show you her love and affection when you get home by chewing lovingly on your feet and shoving her head in your work boots. If you are lucky she will get the zoomies and start scaling the walls and jumping on your head from the chair next to you. My favorite thing about her is how snuggly she is and how her little teefies poke out of her mouth all the time. I hope you love my baby as much as I do!!
Hooch can shake paws with the right and left paw, and high five , he sits, stays, and lays down and even crawls across the floor like he's in the army . Hooch is a very good silver lab, We Love him so much. Hooch is 1 yr. and 6 month old. And 90 lbs. He is our family
Milo loves to cuddle and sleep, if he wants to cuddle he will meow at you until you let him. He also likes to play with our other kittens.
Cash is a 2 year old Golden Retriever who loves attention, carrying things in his mouth, people, and being around water! He is so full of excitement all day everyday and wants to share it with everyone
Nirvana is the sweetest cat, she loves to be held (only a certain way tho) and to sleep. She’s also the mother of Milo.
He’s the girls older brother! Give this lil old man some votes!
Binx “sherif” is the best sheriff around. He LOVES snacks & showing his belly. He’s cuddly but feisty. Please vote for him! Money goes to towards dental work for him.
Hello! my names Pumpkin! I love playing with my older brother(Mr.Kitty), eating lots milk treats, and watching the birds play. I’m 1 years old and have so much fun waiting to happen:)
Peaches has the best personality, he’s super talkative, he’s sweet & loving and that’s why you should vote for him!
Lila And Willow
I couldn’t pick just one from these girls. They’re sisters and are such good pups!
Garfield is a very active Cat! He loves playing with the kids. And he is very lovable ❤️
Her heart is as soft as her fur…. Dora is the sweetest kitty and her big blue eyes melt our hearts. She loves to watch birdies from the windows and will let you know when she spots them with her meow, wanting you to come join her. She is an indoor cat and is consistently bringing us gifts (her toys). She is the love our our lives.
He is a fluffy cat and every now and then he will boop you to get your attention
He’s a fun loving cat that likes attention and stays by your side
The sweetest guy there is. He only likes to cuddle and get attention.
Jaxon loves to go on car rides
Audrey is a sweet cat, loves to play, and snuggle with her dad and watch him play video games. She’s always so happy and is always smiling.