milo loves food
Meow Meow
Meow meow is a very energetic and talented cat.
Luna is a fantastic big sister to Milly, she loves the garden and lots of kisses and cuddles. Unfortunately Luna was poorly treated as a puppy and she is now in her forever loving home. She will never be mistreated again.
Milly is a very determined little baby girl, she loves her new big sister Luna. She loves cuddles and playing with all her toys but her dummy toy is her favorite.
Bentley was previously a stray on the streets of San Diego weighing less than 40 pounds!We found Bentley at the shelter and my Boyfriend and I fell in love with him.Bentley is the sweetest most loving boy who loves to play and be curious!Bentley loves to run and play and come home to dinner and cuddles❤️
Just a cute little boy, who loves cuddles
He i very silly, loves to play cuddle. And he sits and working lay down.he love to play with his kitty brother.
My cat Oshie is a fun cat likes to play with our two dogs. He enjoys watching the birds fly by the windows.
Luna adopted me a true dog lover but she persuaded me to to take her in she has changed my life !!!❤️
Chewy us judt a ball of fun
Garfield is only 9 weeks old and loves playing and lots of noses kisses and cuddles.
Fun loving Cocker Spaniel Yorkie Poo mix!! Loves messing with her big sisters Bella & sunny! Full of energy. Favorite words are TREAT TREAT! Loves daddy but simply adores mommy! Never a dull moment with this sweet baby
I’m no sugar I’m all SPICE! I am the craziest wacky cat there is. I’m only 8 months old and I love to fight my sister( dog). I like to lounge wherever I can get comfy and watch for an opportunity to attack a foot, hand, or anything that moves honestly. I get the zoomies and end up knocking everything down in my patch but I’ll give my dads all the love once they clean up my mess!
Simba is a beautiful German Spitz, he loves cuddles, long beach and forest walks and eating lots of treats 🐶
Cloudy is a very active girl. She loves to run and bounce off the walls. Her favorite activity is playing with her toys on the stairs, sliding down the stairs after them.
Hello, My name is Chester and I am the chunkiest old man. I love to eat and sleep and scream my lungs out when the food bowl is empty and let’s not forget about them wonderful butt scratches!
Jayb is the most playful and cheeky baby in the whole world, he is also very cuddly and loving in the evening when he is a sleepy boy. He loves the sunshine and playing with other doggies and people! He is a very bubbly little boy and always happy to meet new friends! ❤️
Kita is the most loving and caring animal I’ve ever met! LOVES to go on long walks and hikes or just prance around the yard. Then snuggle up on her bed for the rest of the day. Let’s also not forget about them human eyes 👀
Tiny is 18 and was the runt of her litter. She is a whole 5lbs. She has been my special girl since she was born and is always at my side. She is the smallest in the house but she is the one who runs the house.
Bella And Midnight
They are sisters about 3 years old and very loveable and playful. Love to pose for the camera
Tilly is a beautiful spaniel. Loves her tennis balls and full of attention. Tilly is a brilliant character and she's a soft girl ❤️🐕
Nova is the most happiest 4 year old. She loves to snuggle and play with her brothers(cats) and sister(dog) constantly!
Billie is a snuggly kitty who loves affection and talking to her mumma 💕
Bobbie loves dreamies and chasing the local foxes, even though she’s the smallest cat on the road!
You can hold her like a baby. Those big blue eyes wink as she gazes into yours.
Rupert is the most sweetest, funniest ,nuttiest Frenchie, who melts everyone's hearts ♥️
IYKYK Cleo is was a spunky & absolutely full of personality. There was seriously never a dull moment when she was around 💜
She was the only silver kitty of the litter.. and shes just blossoming in beauty and confidence as the days go on. She'll love you. She'll stay with you. And shell protect you.. even despite her being like 10 years old in human years. What an absolute designer kitty born from Mama Baby who is the original don of our household.
Sushi is a rescue baby, he's a very distinguished gentleman who loves nothing more than sleeping on the windowsill and eating his favourite foods. He loves chicken and lamb but ironically for a cat named after fish, he dislikes it and won't eat it out of sheer stubborness.
Tucker is the sweetest cat. He loves stretching out and being lazy.
Karma is an amazing cat and she is such a lover. She will come up to you and rub her face against yours to show her affection. She is the sister of Mystic! They absolutely love eachother. Karma enjoys being outside and bird watching she also likes to eat and play with grass 😆. She is a silly girl full of character! She would appreciate and be so grateful for your vote!
Mystic is the sweetest girl with a side of sass (Tortietude). She wants attention and love 24/7 and if you are not giving it to her she will let you know with her talking like meows 😆. She loves taking pictures for her mama and looking all pretty. She loves being outside and enjoys bird watching and bug catching! She would really appreciate your vote. 💕
Blitz lived in a gutter in Arizona until 4 months. He is one of the smartest I have ever had!
Bess is named after her mums old dog from childhood because they look very alike. She lives in Leicester and likes to lick people.
Austrian shepard Good playful dog .His eyes is so pretty and a sweet dog .Wants to sit right near you .
Fergi is named after Sir Alex Ferguson because his dad loves Manchester United, he lives in Swindon and has many allergies and has seizures but he has a very lovely family of humans that love him lots.
Angelica loves to play and hunt, she likes fighting with her sister Rue.
Rue is a sweet cat who likes to sleep and play at night.
Playing and walking on beach
Jupiter aka jupy , is my big baby. Nothing but love and beauty radiates from her
Moonpie is a feisty but all loving kitty who obviously loves the camera
Rescue dog from Masidonia, dug up the entire garden and slides himssld around the floor trying to catch flies
Nim Nim
A ball of sunshine and tickling beanie weenies
Blue Berrymuffin Torres-rivera
Who doesn’t love a pup in uniform?! My baby boy is a beautiful mix of Cane Corso and Pitbull, and he's full of energy! But let me tell you, when it's nap time, he knows how to really relax. What I love most about him is his affectionate nature; he's always up for a cuddle session and never fails to bring a smile to my face. Whether he's playing around or curled up beside me, he's truly the best companion I could ask for!