Dog cat Stories - 65


I’m Murphy a toy poodle who loves taking the kids to school and riding in the car! I love my mamma unconditionally !
My name is dusse I’m a 4 month old red nose pit I love grass and cuddling with my mommy and pooping in places I’m not supposed too if I’m not at the park I’m sleeping 😊
Gemma is a lazy girl. A good time to her is laying in her cat tree watching the birds from the window.
I’m a 15-month old American Bully named Brody! I love to play with my friends at daycare and I enjoy being spoiled as well.
Ash loves eating, cuddles, playing with his brother Finn, sleeping, hunting for human fingers lol. He has the cutes little meow, he chirps when he wants to be petted. His eyes are so intensely blue, and he has the most striking markings ever ❤
I love Cuddles. And I get my way Almost All the Time ❣️😻😸. I'm 9yrs old I've been with my parents for 8.5 yrs. My Mom is my lounge chair. My Dad gives me treats whenever I want. I'm very Spoiled. My humans are my everything. I allow them to live with me.
Storm loves attention! If she isn’t busy running around with her toys, she loves to cuddle and be around pretty much everyone!
Jack is my sweet boy..He loves sun bathing, walks and playing fetch. He sleeps beside me and loves to cuddle.
Wolf loves going for walks and sneaking bites of peanut butter!
She is so loveable and playful and loves attention She sleeps with me and She is very protective place to play with her siblings and enjoys going ouside She is very talktive.
He is something else....I luv him
He bellongs to another century .He is well mannered. He will purrrr and purrrr and purrr if you just look at him. He has grace . He will stay quiet next to you and put his paw in to your hand. He will stare into your eyes and tells you everything you need to know about being saved and loved! He is a charming price and my beloved lucky charm!
Justine is our 11 year old senior cat who was rescued from the streets of Washington DC. My Mother in law adopted her from our local Pet Smart in 2010. It took a long time for her to overcome alot of fear of people, but with so much love and patience, she now knows that she is safe and very loved.
Nemesis loves everyone! Other dog, cats, people. She will be your best friend if you give a little lovins. She's also going to be a momma soon!
Thor is a 4 years old adorable gentle teddy bear!!
Azula is a 5 month old kitty who loves giving her sister baths, snuggling in bed with her parents, and playing with every toy she can find.
Loki Butterball Kitty
Loki wandered into my backyard & into my heart, where he'll always be. He loved car rides, hugs and cuddles, he was very protective, and a gentle giant.
Baby Maeby is the cutest little tortoiseshell kitten. She loves sitting in the window bird watching, chasing her sister around the apartment, and demanding pets from her parents whenever she wants. She is 5 months old
Maelee Leann Richardson
Hello world! My name Prince, I am a mini schnauzer full of personality! I love to meet new people, and I also loves tummy rubs. Some days I enjoy playing with my toys and other days I like to relax. On weekends I have training to learn new skills and tricks and also meet other dogs. I am very intelligent, handsome and obedient.
Betty loves food more than any dog you have ever met, she loves fetching tennis balls and she loves sniffing anything and everything! Another favorite way to pass time for her is getting belly rubs! 💜
Laraliz is very Sweet she lo es to take car rides and Get Dressed up
Lola is a special cat. She has a heart of gold and is trained to do tricks! She is very loving and even tells us when she needs to go outside to use the bathroom! She has different meows for what she wants, and we’ve figured out all of them. She acts more like a dog or a human that she does a cat. She is the best kitty I have ever met…so smart and sweet! I love Lola and I love our language connection. She knows when I’m sad or happy and gives me extra love and attention when I’m feeling down. She sure knows how to make me feel loved!
She's a spunky little girl who loves her wet food and belly rubs. Her favorite napping spot is my boyfriend's lap and she waits at the door for me when I get home from work.
He is the best dog ever- loyal, caring, compassionate, extremely intelligent, giving, great listener, funny and lots of fun, makes you smile and laugh when you don’t feel like it. He is calming and comical and the best friend you could ever hope for. He is my heart.
I rescued Skye when she was being give away! They needed to find her a loving home because of there schedule. She is so sweet love people and really deserves to win! She is such a love bug but can get in a little mischief. Lol
Muffin (muff) is a rescue & the most energetic cat I have ever met in my life. He LOVES to attack the feets, fetch paper balls, and steal any twist ties, hair ties, & food wrappers off the table. He thinks he is part hooman & tries to share hooman food. Sleeping spread Eagle is also his fav position to cool off from sprinting around the house. He has two small bears he has claimed his prey & bring to me as gifts. He is the love of my life, my Emotional support (as I am his), and my best friend forever.
Barry Eugene Kemp
hEllo my name is Barry 😀 I am a cHeeky boi that luvs to chAse mummy & daddy around the house & i luv them very much. My favOurite thing to do is ekekek at the biRdies, chase fishies on the big Tv & nap in the sunsHine. I luv wen mUmmy puts me on her shoulders & carries mE around. She gibs me treaties & lots of kissies 🥰 iM not scared of anything aparT from the sucky sucky machine mUmmy & daddY use to make the floOr look nice. It's tooOoo loud!
Max is very smart he is my baby. He sits shakes your hand and gives you high five.he also smiles and kisses you. Next thing i will teach him to talk.
I’m five years old! I got my name from the show (full house) I love playing with my sisters who’s a rough collie. She’s 3 years old . And my other sister she’s a German Shepherd four years old. I love going ridding and I love playing in my water bowl 😏😂 i love attention. All money will go to my Heath care fund where I have a few medical problems. I’m such a sweet big baby boy Thank you all🙏🏼 you got it dude 😎 Jesus loves you and so do I.
Nova is a very loving dog,he loves to play,go bye bye,he was given to me when he was a baby and wasnt taken care,but now hes my spoiled little guy,nova always with me and he will protect me im glad i got the chance to have him in our family.
Saylor is four months old and is a love! Shes loves to interact with people and other dogs. She loves adventures and the beach and water. She loves to play chase with kids. Shes not your normal puppy. No accidents, walks on a leash, sits shakes and is so laid back! Never nibbles only kisses. Outside is where you will find her or in my laundry basket sleeping.
Cody loves to cuddle and play! He loves to run side by side with me and sometimes even lets me win the race ;)
Hi! I’m Gunny and I’m a 3 year old Yellow Lab Mix that absolutely LOVES everyone! Sometimes my parents say, I love ppl and dogs too much, but idk how that’s possible. I love long strolls on the beach and any food you might have in your pockets.
Cleo loves to have her pup cup while we enjoy morning coffee. She loves running away with your socks and nibbling your ears when you squish her 🥰 she is 6 months old and rules the house!
Brodie was a bait dog and I rescued him and his original parents went to jail. He has learned to love again and I love him to pieces. He is my Sugarpop 🥰
My name is Lilac and I just celebrated my 1st birthday. I love watermelons, going on hikes, and playing in my new ball pit! We just moved to Columbia, SC where both my moms are veterinarians.
Cali is the sweetest most loving puppy ever. She loves to play and snuggle. She is my emotional support dog and I couldn't ask for a better best friend
Grow up to fast we love her most as kid
Pretends not to like attention but enjoys belly rubs and her toe beans being played played with. First one to come running when cat treats are brought out.
Cute but feisty girl who loves picking on her sisters the most. Spends most her time sleeping or eating when she's not pouncing at her toy mice.
Baby Fernandez
She recently had surgery, and she already wants to walk as if she 🐶 had nothing .. something she has always done is that she does not eat if we are not there with her and a ball 🥎… that is, she eats as a family ♥. I recently turned 9 years old 🙏🏻🎉🥰, my weight is 5 pounds, with very little, my mom tells me TUTUM because of how small I am, and that I am her little piece of God💖!.
🐶🥰 he is just the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned! He loves playing with my 3 daughters and loves to chase the ducks 🦆 around! He is also one of the laziest dogs 😂 loves to sleep and lay around on the couch and be fed snacks 🐶🐶💗💗
Hi i’m Brooklyn, and I love when my mom dresses me up!
He is such a sweet kitten he was found in a barn. He is loving the inside life now ❤️
Amaris is my recently adopted GSD. He is a big pup who loves to play!❤