Daisy is a social butterfly. She greets and nuzzles everyone and will talk back to you when you say her name. Her favorite place is the top of the couch or the cat tree so she can gaze out the windows.
Minnie is a crazy affectionate little old lady who's constantly in purring mode. She's 15 years old and I've had her since the day she was born. The neediness in her is overwhelming... if you stop petting her, she will paw at you until you continue to pet her once again.
27 pounds of heaven! I LOVE to spend time with my Alvaro. He bailed me out of jail(shelter), almost 5 years ago! I loooooveeeee to eat, eat, eat, and sleep! I only play with toy mice! Please, vote for me! MEOW!
He’s so spoiled. Only child (cat). Has 3 boys in the house to hang out with. He loves attention but too much he will tell you by smacking you or biting you. He loves to roll in dirt, can open cupboards to get snacks and loves when someone says good morning to him. He’s the king of our house.
Sissy thinks she’s going to pass out from lack of treats about 17 times per day. To avoid this, we’ve installed a treat dispensing machine so we can remotely keep her from becoming mentally emanciated.
Pearl is a sweet lovable soul. she loves with all her heart and whenever you're feeling down or sad she's always there to pick you up. Pearl is a loyal cat and enjoys hunting, purring, and cuddles.
Reggie has moved out over the rainbow bridge, but her eyes could win anyones heart.
This chonky boi loves sleeping, eating, and nibbling on his brother. If he isn't doing one of those things, he is yelling at the top of his lungs. It's a wonderful sound to hear.
This is Blanket! He got his name because he loves super soft blankets. He makes his bread, and sucks on the blanket.
Herc is our rescue baby. He was dropped off out in the country and made his way out to my moms house. Til me and my husband took him in. And now he is loved and spoilrd rotten
Biddy is very outgoing and is very loving. He loves to play with his big ole basket of toys but his most favorite is his tennis balls he loves those. He is very special and spoiled.
Leo is a playful baby. He likes to give hugs, and cuddle his spider stuffed animal.
TC is named that as she is a Tiny Cat. She loves chasing bugs and squeaking at birds. She hates kisses but loves scritches
Theodore Cheddar Bay Biscuit (aka Theo) was a wobbly little stray I found crossing the road late one night. After taking him to the vet the next morning, he was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia which is a neurological disability that causes his motor skills to be a little off! 6 months later and he’s the happiest wobbly guy out there 🥰 He loves being a menace, biting his 3 siblings, and eating anything he can find!
Davey was found by a shelter with an injured eye that could not be saved and resulted in removal. Despite his tough name, Davey is the most sweetest, gentle and loving little fellow who has an obsession with socks. Particularly baby socks if he can get to them. The loss of his eye did not stop him from his curiosity of high places. He can often be found at the very top of the refrigerator and has no problem jumping down smoothly.
Tiddles is our rescue cat. He came from an abusive home were he was left outside the majority of his life. He makes us so proud every single day and is the sweetest little thing.
The sassy Trixie Cattel... she loves to hide things under the rug and sleep above her mummys head ❤️😻
Lady Buttons acts like the queen that she is. She lets her brothers think they control the house. She's fine with that because she has her fur-parents wrapped around her little paw.
Shadow is one of 3 cats in this house, but he likes to let everyone know he's the one in charge. He is a fan of belly rubs and treats.
Coco loves to chase after everything. He is Mr. Inspector. He hears a noise he has to see what it is. Especially toads. He love to pick them up & scare his human brother & sisters. He loves to smile & enjoys everything but hates closed doors.
my Grayson loves snuggles just as much as carrying around giant sticks that are 3x his size 🥰
Matilda is a total lap cat! She loved as a stray for at least two years, but now that she has a home, all she wants to do is cuddle all day long!
I is a purebred goodboy! I like chasing anything that moves and will always mooch your food!!😇
Jack is bouncing off the walls kinda crazy, he learns quickly and he's nonstop energy.
Wutang like his name is really chill…. Got him from a shelter and he’s simply a great cat. He loves snuggling, eating my house plants, and playing with the dog. Hope he wins because he’s great!
She is very talkative. She loves to slap her brother Coco who is older & a dog when he dont want to play. She knows how to get her own way. She is a pure Diva. She loves to get dress up all the time.
Theo is an the most energetic, loving, sweet mini golden doodle there is. He loves taking walks whether it be in the park or on the beach. He loves going to car rides and spending time with people! He is very smart and is also a picky eater!
She is the sweetest baby ever! She meows a lot therefore her nickname is Meow Meow and she’s so friendly that she will let anyone hold her ❤️
Sweetest Boy on earth!
Very affectionate !!! Loves belly rubs
Sky Aka Chu Chu
Spunk..loves to cuddle😍Lots of energy when playing ..
Hello! June is 2 years old and is playful and she can be lazy sometimes. She does wake me up in the morning while running around. But she is my baby and she is so adorable.
Champ is such a swert boy who lobes to chase squirrels or just cuddle on the couch.
Oscar loooooves to flop about outside as people walk by and give him belly rubs
Aurora will come up to me and lift up her front paws (like a child) when she wants to be picked up. She loves cuddles and playing with her toys. She also likes watching birds and squirls from the window. Her favorite treats are temptations catnip bites she is crazy over them!
This pretty little lady is the love of my life. The sweetest kindest kitty anyone could ask for.
Jasper loves to watch birbs. He always plays fetch, and hide n seek
Lulu, raised a street dog, also goes by Queenie. Lulu rom Louisiana now resides right outside of Philadelphia, where she was transported from a high-kill shelter. Her owner, Kaylah, wasn’t planning on having a pup, but it was Lulus scared demeanor and trust in Kaylah that won her over immediately. She spends her days sun bathing and her nights curled up in bed with her parents. Queenie loves her new life of luxury and is grateful for all of your votes.
This little dude started his life in Texas. He moved up to Colorado, and this is where we adopted him. He is now living his best life being the goodest boy and the cutest little toy fiend.
Nala is a beautiful 5 month old French bulldog, she loves sleeping and eating sticks, she especially loves to go for walks off her lead
Oreo Penelope
Oreo is my sweet girl. She absolutely loves to cuddle and give kisses. She loves playing with her toys and running around the house. She likes to get dressed up in her diva clothes and posing for the camera. She loves her treats any kind.
Loves belly rubs and getting my nails cut
My name is Yogi (AKA: Yogi Bear 🐻). I was born in Alaska, where I lived the first few months of my life! Me and my mommy moved back to Georgia and now my favorite past time is snuggles and chirping at all of the animals I see out the window! I went from the tiniest nugget to a big boy but my mommy loves me more every day!! 😻
Willow Grace
Fresh spa day and picture pefect pose.
Pack is a goofy 2 year old German Shepard/ black lab! He loves walks, cuddles, tilting his head, and head massages 😂❤️ He is one of the biggest babies you will ever meet and loves to be the center on attention.
Alice is 6 months old and has the loudest purr. She loves to eat, climb to the top of the closet and play with her other sisters.
I’m Pepè! I’m very vocal and love playing hide and seek! I’m a cheeky boy who loves cuddles and strokes.