Maya is a daddy's girl, just like her human sister. They say having a dog is like having another child. Maya's just as rambunctious as a 2 year old child. She enjoys running, eating, cuddling her humans, chewing everything, and playing with everyone.
One of the most adorable, bubbly and affectionate dogs you’ll meet💓 He let’s everyone know he’s there by barking or jumping up and down when we arrive at the door😂
Hi my name is Minnie Lou! I am just shy of 3 months and I am FULL of spunk such a tiny body! My favorite thing to do is play with ALL my toys all at once! Such as scattering them all over mommy’s house! Ellie is my big sister and she is my best friend and favorite kitty to play with! She helps keep me clean too and always plays hide n’ seek with me! Although, I’m still learning the seeking part without getting distracted by every toy I pass!
Oscar is a big boy who is shy and sweet. He is rambunctious once he’s comfortable with you, and he will chase a laser pointer all around!
Mr.Jingles is a chill, friendly, lazy house cat who loves everyone and attention.
I am the fluffiest German shepherd you’ll ever see! I love playing fetch with tennis balls, and playing in the snow!
Red loves his human mommy and daddy. He also thinks he can boss is around by barking at us to let us know to go faster for whatever it is he is wanting.
Katie was a feral Cat. As you can see from her left ear ( ear clipped after spade by agency ) she had been captured and spade. After spade she was given to a local farmer whom made a barn cat out of her. Her job was to keep the barn free of mice. Katie would run away when she seen anyone . I started leaving cat food out for Katie and she finally allowed me to pet her. Katie and I became friends and we have been family for 3 years. The farmer gave me Katiecat. Katie did not have a name the farmer just called her D—- cat. So I Knew this little cat and I was meant to be together. I named her Katie before she ever became mine. So Katie now has a nice home , good food, regular vet care and cannot get enough loving petting. She definitely is a Princess.
Mavis loves to play with the water from the bathroom sink faucet. She also loves to get loves but only if she is the only other cat in the room.
He is an amazing dog! He has been thru many moves with my son! He loves car rides and being the center of attention!
Hi my name is Draco! other wise known as mister. I just turned 3 years old on march 3rd. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mom and take up the whole bed. I love treats and playing outside with my dad. My parents take the best care of me as my old owner didn’t. My dad rescued me from hill side spca shelter in pine grove! I am so happy that i no longer have to be with my other owner! My mom and dad would be so happy if you voted for me :)
Guiness is almost 3 and loves hiding under the blankets and play time with her brother.
Winnie is almost 3 and loves his mama and nap time.
She is a very shy but loveable cat, she serves as a service cat for my 19 year old son with Asperger's
Louis is a cuddlebug that loces to nestle himself in my lap, or as close to me as possible. He loves crinkly toys and eating!
Diamond-baby Dee
Diamond can be a bit shy around new people, but sure loves her moms. She does look almost like a German shepherd/corgi mix but that’s all cutee mutt . Would’nt have her any other way. Really laid back and loves her 20,000 blankets. As for outfits this girls got it all! Gucci’d to the paw, she can be a bit of a brat but 🤷‍♀️ we like her like that. She’ll dance for treats and knows all her commands.. if there’s not a squirrel around..that is. She loves hiking well… as far as those little legs get her. How can you PASS UP THAT FACE!! And those little legs GAWD😍😍
Blaze is a sweetheart! He loves people and cats! He smiles a lot from ear to ear! He’s the best dog ever and very smart! 💙
Luna is such a sweet girl with such a sweet smile
She lives to play and please ppl
Hi my name is pippa and i am 8yrs old, i love snuggles with my mummy and love to play ball and rope tug, my mummy adopted me when i was 6 months old and i am very pleased that she did as i am very happy and would never want that to change :)
My friend's son found him living underneath the dumpster. They tried to find his owners, no one ever clamed him, so we decided to adopt him. He was trained in everything. He the most sweetes pup. He loves his mommy and Daddy!
Hobbes is four years old. He has a brother named Calvin. He adores his cat tree and loves to sleep under a blanket. He is calm but knows how to let out his inner kitten. He enjoys chewing on things that make crinkle noises.
Luna is 2 years old. Don’t let her sweet little face fool you-she’s crazy! She’s the mischievous one in the house and particularly loves to open all the kitchen cupboards. She’s also a keen snuggler though.
Salem is 2 and a half years old. He’s super chilled out, very, very affectionate and loves his treats! His favourite thing to do is curl up under the covers with me in bed.
Manhattan is a German Shepherd / Husky mix. She is 4 months old and is the sweetest little puppy!
Dabi is a spitfire that loves cuddles and meows when he eats because he’s so excited
Kilala is a sweet 14 year old indoor calico cat that loves to eat she lay on her cat tower on sunny days and looks at all the outside activity but hate the cold weather.
Iggy loves to be carried like a baby!
Dexter is a rambunctious little guy with a personality that will charm the pants off anyone! He loves carrots, adventures in the woods, fishing with his mommy, camping, watching Live PD on A&E, rolling around in warm laundry from the dryer, cuddling, snuggling, and of course doing tricks! He is 6lbs and super tiny but has a heart of a Lion!💕🐾
She is very sweat girl. She has a few tricks but who can say no to that face
Shes the sweetest lil cat youre ever going to meet. She loves drinking water from the faucet and loves bath time
Hes a angle in devil clothing
Nova Raine
Nova is full of energy. She loves to play all day with her siblings when she’s not napping. Rain, shine or snow (especially snow) she loves to be outside. She gives the best cuddles and is protective over everyone she loves. She’s the sweetest pup, and we couldn’t love her more ❤️
He has ad a rough beginning, but has overcome many problems and is doing great!
Izzy is a smart and loving little girl. She is the one who kept me going through dark time of being homless after loosing my house to my Ex and going through a bad divorce. She is the one who brough me happiness amd made me smile and fedl alive through it all. She saved my life by helping me not give up. Izzy is my baby and I cant imagine my life without her.
kiki is one of a kind! she enjoys eating hairties, shitting on the floor, and fighting our other cat, sal!! 🐱❤️
I’m Lolita 🐱 I love going out & about, exploring the world! I was born in Paris 🇫🇷 Now I live in London🇬🇧
Everywhere we go she makes people smile 😊 she’s our best friend and so loyal, if there’s ever any tears she’ll be there by your side to look after you ❤️ oh and not forgetting if you want rid of your food she’ll always be there to help you out 😋
Kaiser is my best friend and he is always by my side. He is just an amazing companion
He is a rescue cat all the way from eygpt and likes to wake me up at 5am for food and scritches. He is cuddly and loves a hot water bottle. He’s a spoilt kitty!
Onyx is a black Great Dane and he loves to play with other dogs! His favorite food is anything sweet and he loves to sleep on decorations.
Emy was just a kitten when we found her. She has grown into a little terror. lol. She just has started talking when u speak to her. It had taken her 6 months to actually snuggle a bit. She just adores our male cat. She cries at him when he is away from her.
Benji is a mix breed between a pocket american bully and king charles cavalier. He is the most loving and cuddly dog I have ever met. He simply loves going out and running on grass and fetching rocks. He is truly a family dog and will never fail to show you how much he loves you ❤️
She used to be very shy. Now u can speak to her or make a cat sound like she does and she just talks up a storm. She had become very playful after she turned 5 years old She had officially adopted one of us as her human literally. She meets at the baby gate every morning and follows you around until time to leave. Loves to cuddle on the couch and has a weird purr
Jack is holding a flower
Grayclaw suffered an injury almost 2 years ago that resulted in him loosing one of his back legs. Since then, he has become very sweet and gentle and loves to snuggle.
Shadow is a 25lb Main Coon mix that grew up with my German Shepherd so he thinks he is a dog. He will scratch at the door to go outside and does the same to come in. He’s also the sweetest cat ever!