Dog cat Stories - 66


Bit weird, likes to steal crusts. Leaves many fuff balls around the house. Likes cat crack.
Georgie was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. He came out of a neglectful situation, had anxiety and was prone to chronic hiding when we first adopted him. Now his personality has really developed he’s a confident ball of sass who loves playing fetch, going on travel adventures with meowmy, butt scritches and splashing around in his water bowl. He wants to play ALL the time and is quite purrsuasive. He spends his days attacking the broom, fetching his ball and chirping angrily at things that upset him.
Murphy is a 5 month old big boy! He LOVES the outdoors and loves meeting new people! He was rescued from a lady who tied him to a pole outside her small apartment. We believe that he was brought to us by my brother who had passed away. He is truly a blessing ❤️
Tofu is an all white, odd-eyed, polydactyl, deaf kitty! He doesn't let his deafness affect the amount of personality he has. He is a lovable, funny, sometimes destructive little boy! He loves his toys, snuggling with mommy, and picking on his big sister.
Lily loves to explore new places. Her favorite thing to do is sit on the window and look out for pretty much anything that catches her attention. Loves to cuddle with mom and dad, especially dad. Loves kisses on her head and she pretty much rules the house.
NoNo is the sweetest, most loveable dog. We received him as a rescue at approximately six months old. The original owners did not want him or his siblings and we’re chopping their heads off with an ax (yes.....with an ax). He was never trained and did not understand what the word no meant. My husband drove me nuts to come up with a name for him. I told him since all I do is tell him “no” that I was going to call him NoNo.
Chaos is a big lover boy who likes to be lazy with his owners
Cody is a four year old Bernese Mountain Dog, originally from Serbia but now living in Boston! Although he is under-sized by about 30 pounds, he makes up for it in love, snuggles, and his famous roo-ing! He is an A+ communicator and is very receptive to human emotions.
(Sorry If the pictures look weird I took them on my phone because I don’t have any pictures of her on my iPad) ms sambvca (pronounced Sam boo kuh) is a very playful dog that loves to eat she is very energetic and always wants to have fun
ben likes to play with lots of stones when ever someone comes he will instantly give them a stne ben has a half brown half blue eye with rhe other eye fully blue
If she sees you walking to the couch she runs to sit in your lap 😸
Sweetheart and loves to cuddle 😺
She is sweet and sassy
Vote for Bella!!! She Is a very fun athletic pup who love to play fetch with her ball she can run a baseball field and back in less than 2 minutes. She loves playing with her ball 🥰😍
Simba is a big love bug! He is a daddy’s boy. He loves to be rubbed and play with his toy mouse. He also likes to agitate his sister and make her mad 🤣🤣
Baby is a momma’s girl for sure! She loves laying with me when i get home from work. She gets so annoyed when her brother tries to play 😂😂😂
Mazi is very unique! She actually meows like a cat! She was the runt of her litter and the only one to survive so I bottle fed her from the time she was born! She loves treats, exploring, and is terrified of sneezes.
Clyde thinks he is an Irish wolfhound puppy and we love him for all his corks. Is birthday is the day we found him cold and needing a family.
This is King, a fluffy, stick loving, human snuggling, toy loving golden retriever. He currently lives in a large apartment with 5 roommates where he spends all of his time napping, going on walks, destroying plushies, and sun bathing on the balcony. King loves long walks through parks and nature centers. He is a very good listener (when he wants to be) so, he gets the privilege to go off leash at times! Give King a vote! ❤️
Ginny was adopted from a shelter along with her brother, Oreo. She just turned 3 years old and she loves attention, exploring the backyard and she is one of the sweetest cats you will ever meet! 💕😍 She’s competing against her two brothers, Lucky and Oreo.
This is my handsome boy Steve!!! unfortunately he is seriously ill, he has heart disease and a blood clot in his left paw causing it to be numb. He’s such a loving sweet boy you could have a conversation with him for ages! He’s the dad of the group! All our others look up to him! Today (25th March 2021) he will go to the vets at (1:00pm) and unfortunately he may not be coming home with us 😪I’ve put this post up because he deserves to be known! He is truly perfect and will always and forever be that way! I love you baby boy ❤️My sunshine ☀️ Update on my boy: Today at 1:30pm our beloved stevie left us to be with his brothers in the sky. My heart is broken I love you so much little man! You’re a good boy!💔😪
Loki is a sweet intelligent boy! He enjoys playing and cuddling with his pug brother Max. Vote for Loki 🥰
Owen is almost 5 months he loves to play with your feet and is a very active kitten he loves to cuddle and give kisses please show your support and vote for him.
Emma is a loving kitten almost 1 year she loves to cuddle and give kisses . She is a rescue and loves to talk. Please show your support and vote for her
Mia Bella
Mia Bella has two dog siblings as she dominates both of them. Queen.
Armani, or Mani as he preferred to be called is a fun loving, high energy, ball of cuddly fluff. He loves his squeekies and playing fetch. He'll even give you a high five if you ask him too!
Mia is a 3 year old Romanian Rescue dog, she had a very bad start in life, she unfortunately has ill health, but, it is all being managed, she is such a happy little girl, but, her favourite thing she loves best is digging in the garden & getting filthy, she loves short walks & her swimming pool
Huxley is extremely calm but loves to play and go for walks! He loves to cuddle and wear his dog shirts to find single ladies! He also loves to play with his big brother oliver and snuggle with him at night .Huxley would be so grateful if you would vote for him!
Milo Heade
Milo is a full breed yorkie who thinks he is human, Milo don't like eating dog food or eating out of a dog dish. Milo love to play, run and jump, He is a lil show dog, he like to show how smart he is. Milo is also a therapeutic dog, he is lovable, adorable and full of energy. Vote, Like and share.
Beau is the baby brother of the house. His siblings Einstein & Harlow keep him in line. He enjoys tipping over the betta fish tank and hiding things under mommas rugs. He often does big stretches that lead to him roll off the edge of the bed. He gives old Chevy purs and never fails to snuggle.
My beautiful girl Catherine! She’s an angel! She was the runt of her litter and never really grew! She’s always had a small but adorable face! She is very smart! She knows where I keep her treats and will meow and tap on them when she wants some. She likes to sleep under the covers so at night if I’m asleep she likes to tap me on the head until I wake up just so she can cuddle up to me! She is honestly the most beautiful girlie ever! When I come home she’ll meow and run at me, she likes to stretch her arms up as if she were a toddler to be picked up and cuddled!
Mia Bella
Mia, or as I call her, Mushy is already potty trained at only 7 weeks old. She is also the most vocal little girl ever and regularly talks back to mom a d dad.
Savannah is a kitten at just 12 weeks. She is very sweet. & playful and loves to sleep next to her brother Lynx at night with her arm over him. And also next to her human family. She loves to play and is a joy to have around.
Kiki is the real M.V.P!
Tank is an eight-week old Maltipoo that absolutely loves everyone he meets. His favorite thing to do is hang out in his puppy purse to explore new places with his mommy❤️
Peanut is a beautiful three year old model at Arthermis Clothing and is known for her dog food line at Northeast Ohio pawTree Peanuts Buffet, with her equally sexy one year old daughter dog, Skyler or Skye for short. Peanut is a momma of six beautiful pups. Peanut is also known for her photos with rescue and been involved in a kennel socialization program. This purebred show stopper loves too be a mom too much but she honestly be happier as a stay at home mom without snap shot photos and contest entering. However she loves her work. Peanuts a born breeder but this rookie mom spends most her days now with her daughter modeling doing mom and daughter shots for PawTree. She is a former hempworks daily model for CBD for pets and hemp treats at Peanuts baby bump lol. Peanut was born a breeder dog, from Elyria Ohio too parents Breeder dam Cookies and Sir Peanut owned by Ohio Licenced Breeders Amy Avertt and Kirk Burgess. Peanut is owned by The owner in Rescue at Northeast Ohio Pet Placement and Rescue Services of Lorain County, Mrs Dawn Fairbee. Dawn Fairbee is know for rep in rescue and by law enforcement as a survivor and out spoken rescuer and crime victims activist with hell of a nasty bite, and kick on bad guys. The fisty 32 year old dispatch applicant and rescue mom isn't rep known as pretty too look at but evil too the touch for nothing and force all her own too be reconciled with that no cop dare too touch her but listens right away. Shes known by her victims rights. Also nick named Mam for mom as mother bear and mammy dearest or mammy Deangelo. Peanut can do back flips in mid air and comforts people ill. Her owner plans on having her trained for an emotional therapy dog for the disabled since caught by her owner in a photo on her facebook page that Dawn Fairbee caught of Peanut, hugging her disabled aunt shortly after momma Peanut was adopted in 2019.
Sky is a 7 month old kitten. She’s a playful girl and likes to follow me everywhere around the house, she loves having cuddles. She also likes too sit next to me when I’m being ill
She is the sweetest girl ever 😍. Loves kisses and cuddle time 🥰
She is very vocal and independent. Loves to chase bugs and cuddle.
My names Oliver but I go by Ollie or sometimes Liv. I love to play and love TREATS!! I am always hyper and love attention!
Schnarf is a one of a kind cat, she communicates through love and affection(beautiful right?). She will kiss you until your lips are raw. She is a tuxedo maine coon turning 19 this year, if i could choose a word to describe her overall character it would be 'temerity'.
My name is Draco I am a 1 year old toy poodle who loves blueberries and cuddles. 🐶❤️
Roadie was adopted from HAA in Tn in 2017. He was shy and scared, but with the love of his forever family he is now one happy boy. He enjoys eating, sleeping and playing with his toys, but the thing he loves the most is spending time with his family. Who could not love that face?
Rocky Valentine
He is very loud 😂he is 3 months and loves playing in the mud
Muppy The Puppy
Muppy loves attention, he was the house pet at a veteran's nursing home for a while. When he hears kids, people talking sweet he runs over tail wagging ready to give and receive love.
Grace may look a lil’ bit grumpy, but is as happy as they come!
Thrasher the corgi! He's my best friend in the whole world & his favorite thing to do is eat snacks!