Khaleesi is one of the most loving cats ever!! My fiancé and I got her in October!! I call her a plethora of names such as girl cat, cowgirl, chicken little, wee wee, and pearl cat. She is a pretty vocal girl and definitely lets me know when she is hungry (or sees the bottom of her food bowl).
Say Cheese! Not a very photogenic kitty but makes up for it in much personality. Is a little trash gremlin that frequently enjoys knocking over bins and has been found sleeping there more than once😬😬 otherwise, he is also very partial to lap cuddles and being little spoon to his older sister.
Hello. My name is Rascal and yes I am a rascal too. I was born on March 13 2023.. Being a puppy, I am very adorable, but still like to nibble on everything. My favorite times include my pa taking me on walks, playing ball, and going to the doggie park to run and jump in the pool with my friends. I am so spoiled that ma and pa gives me doggie ice cream in the morning and a spoon full of special food at night. (Fridgerated chicken dog food) It gets mixed in with my hard food.
Prince is a nine year old lilac Siamese cat that loves going outside on a harness and leash!
Boo should have been named "Tasmanian Devil" or Taz for short. She is full of energy and she loves to run in our fenced area. She bites at my ankles if I try to go out the door. She turned 1 year old April 6. She may be a little Taz, but she is mine.
Freeway is a ballmlf energy and is the Greatest Blessing . His favorite toynis his Lamb ŵhich is Lambie!
Bentley is one of the smartest and fun loving Cavapoos there is. He loves playing with his stuffed Cavalier pup and gets the zoomies running back and forth in our backyard!!
He’s a toybob cat with a clipped tail, and a clipped ear walks like a bulldog.
Likes me hates everybody who isn’t me (very kind but shy around others)
Jinx is a two year old Husky/Keeshond Mix. She loves going everywhere with me and is ready for any adventure. She’s quite picky when it comes to food and requires the most boujee options. She expects princess treatment at all times(as she should). Her favorite toy is her kong squeaky balls.
Scout is the loudest purrer around! His favorite toys are spring toys and he loves playing fetch with them. Scout's shift at the biscuit factory never ends and he's always getting into trouble!
She loves playing with her dog Queenie, a deer Chihuahua. She's 4 years old and is sweet and affectionate
Likes to play with bouncy balls and Likes cuddles and is girl cailico
Sprocket is the most laid back, sweetest, most well behaved frenchie. He Loves cuddling, toys, and his human brother and sister. Don’t let his stance fool you, he’s a teddy bear!
She is a very good dog and very loving.she is like a member of the family.she loves dog food and treats.also sitting on our lap.even though she is heavy.and she loves going outside.and sleeping on our bed at night.she loves going for rides in the vehicle
Callie is a calico cat.i got her from my daughter when Callie was just a kitten.she loves laying on my lap and being petted . also loves cat food and treats.she likes looking out the screen door.and she likes laying on the window sill.
Mr. Hobbes
Mr. Hobbes is our rescue baby from Rose's Rescue. He is a sweet baby who loves snuggles!
Meet Finley, a 14-month old corgi with dreams bigger than his stature. Ears that flop like miniature wind socks and a nub that wags with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader on caffeine, Finny rules over his domain with boundless energy. With an undeniable love of playing fetch and staging his next sock heist. No ball or sock is safe from his relentless pursuit. He is a loyal friend, a fearless adventurer, and the undisputed champion of cuddles that bring smiles, laughter, and love to his humans!
Charlie is almost five month old pup that loves to explore and learn. She is a snuggle bug, is a super dog... She loves to play and sleep.. Oh yes and to chew anything she can find..
Taco is a very loyal pet.he loves going out side to play.also he loves dog treats.he is like a member of the family.he also loves sitting on our lap and getting petted and belly rubs.taco is so spoiled that he sleeps on the bed at night.i hope you will vote for him
Cake and her brother Ice Cream were found by me on my birthday (May 2nd) in the woods of Southampton MA. They were dumped in the woods with their siblings and mom. They were left to die or be eaten by wildlife. They have the best personalities and have been a great addition to our home.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream and his sister Cake were found by me on my birthday (May 2nd) in the woods of Southampton MA. They were dumped in the woods with their siblings and mom. They were left to die or be eaten by wildlife. They have the best personalities and have been a great addition to our home.
Marlo Man
He loves to dress up he loves to hang out he loves to play ball he loves to torture his grandma he loves his mom and his sisters and eat cat poop and dog poop but he's a cool dog
Oso and I grew together, I got him when I was 9. He’s an old man now, he has no teeth and likes to eat wet food only. He likes to take sunbaths, eat, sleep and repeat.
Zena, or as I call her; Birdy is a Mohave Bob. Likes car rides and napping.
Einhorn is 5 months old and loves living in the desert! He loves to explore and dig holes to hide his favorite toys in! His name is German for unicorn and he's got the sassy attitude to go with it!
Loves hanging out in the garden on his zipline, & a real chatterbox!
Where to start with my baby Mave. I adopted her from the local shelter last year, where she picked me as her owner. She has been the child I've never had, my little lovebug and my headache. She loves being loved and I'm pretty sure she would go everywhere with me if she was able to. I look forward to many years ahead with my fur child
Luna is very mischievous and sneaky which lead to chaos but is to cute to be mad at
Drove 1300 miles one way to take this one to Yellowstone National Park. I think he liked it.
Chewy loves attention and is extremely needy. He is prone to flopping like a fish in excitement and drooling
Warm,cuddley,happy, lovering. ❤️
Lady love's to take walks and run around the yard
Very cute, cuddly, playful and naughty at times and adventurous but also well behaved. A mix of everything. The funniest thing is when she tried to imitate the sound of a bird when one flew over her.
Loves to play with my grandson and he loves it to. He likes to be carried around and snuggle.sometimes he spends his time hunting mice.
Chandler has a wonderful sense of playfulness and curiosity. Chandler’s hobbies are playing hide-and-seek, bird watching, napping and playing with ice.
A rescue pup that is hyper and thinks he is a cat some times
Poppy is loyal and she loves to play, very sweet ❤️ love to be next to her person Loves icecream ,
10 weeks old
Finn was adopted from a local shelter. He is 9 years young with a sweet powdered sugar face. He loves his lambchop, ice cubes, and hanging out the window of the car!
Hi, my name is princess. I love to play toys and I love catnip. I’m very sassy and cute. Please vote for me. and I’m a Tico cat
Besides being beautiful, she is a wonderful pet. Love to be petted and loves lap time. She will be 12 years old this August. Has maintained her beauty, like the Queen she is.💕💕💕
Jace's favorite thing to do is chase rc cars, he will run after the cars and swim after the boats for hours! He also loves playing soccer and sitting on moms lap (thinks he's a lap dog)
Lila likes her dad more than anything, she waits for him everyday and sleeps with him every night. Her favorite activity is running outside with her squirrel friends and watching her dog chase the ball!
Mittens is a very lovable cat that likes belly rubs n cuddles she is skittish around new people but it doesn’t take her long at all to warm up to u. She’s 4 years old n a big baby. She’s got abt 5 different colors on her two of them being different shades of grey. She likes smaller dogs as long as they take there time with her bigger dogs it takes her longer to warm up to but she doesn’t mind them as long as they’re patient n keep there distance at first.
This is raja she’s gonna be 5 months old she’s kind of a psycho but I still love her 😂🤷‍♀️ she likes just abt any kind of human food even spicy ones which I try to keep from her but sometimes it’s impossible when she wants something she’s relentless. She loves cuddles n dogs especially my sisters 87 pound St. Bernard n chow mix she loves his cuddles which is kinda weird but cute. She’ll also sit on the side of the shower n watch me I think it’s cuz it’s warm n she likes to be near me all the time.
He loves treats and attention all the time birthdate may 5 2019
She is the most loving cat you will ever meet! She is so goofy you can’t help but lover her even more!