Gidget loves his mama! He also loves play time with his sisters! He is very sweet and his favorite treat is Christmas cookies!
September loves to play with kids, adults and her crinkle toys which are stuffed animals. She has a special one she thinks is her baby. Also very humorous personality. She will take her chew bones and hide them, so FoxyRoxy which is her Mom, will not get them. September loves to go for walks and plays tug a war with people and other dogs.
Sabrina And Opal
Sabrina loves fuzzy socks and slippers. She is mischievous and chases her sister Opal around the house. Sabrina has a huge collection of toys that she plays fetch with.
Delilah is a rescue and survivor of a rare and painful feline gum disease- Stomatitis, or Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis (FCGS). After her diagnosis in December of 2021, she had her full mouth teeth extraction surgery to save her life. It was a success, and Delilah has been living her best life as a toothless ginger tabby kitty!
A former stray who adopted us!! Lost his back right leg after an accident 😪 Still, he always wants to be near his Mum (me!) #SoftOldCodger!! 🤣 He is such a diva and attention seeker though 🐱🤣🥰 and we love him so much!! ❤️ 💕 💗
Duke is a loveable 4 month old Rottweiler! He absolutely loves attention and people in general 💙
Diamond is a calico kitten that loves attention and naps! She loves to play with toys and hang out on someones shoulders.
We adopted her at 2 months old and was less then 2 lbs . She is over a year old now and weighs 14 lbs . She is my world and I Love her with all my heart . Her favorite thing to do is lay by our sliding door and look outside and she always falls asleep because she is there so long 💜
She very lovable shy cat she love to looking out the window hiding in closets running around playing
Oreo loves cuddle and fights she loves lay on my chest and purr away she just the most loveable little kitten
Gypsy loves her belly to be rubbed and her nails painted
Sasha is a an AussieDoodle She is a very smart and sweet girl. She loves to have her picture taken.
Ava Phoenix
Ava Phoenix is new to the family, but she loves to play with her brothers and sisters! Ava loves her toys and loves to be spoiled by anyone that meets her.
My high energy pup is my bff!
Cici Mae
I got Cici Mae when she was 8 weeks old to help manage depression, after daughter went missing. She has been the one that I depend on. Cici loves everyone and makes friends easily with humans and dogs, as long as people don't mind the kisses. Cici enjoys walks, fetch, tug of war and being with my granddaughter. Cici has garnished herself my granddaughters protector. Cici likes to think that she's grown but still loves to suckle on her blanket.
Hennessey is a ghost merle aussie that is full of energy!! Loves attention.
She loves to play catch and has tons of toys .she even plays with and sleeps by her live toy our cat .....they are perfect buddies and have been when we first brought her home,oh yes we can't forget those healthy dog treats. Shes my joy every day !
Simba Garfield Nermal
Simba (middle), Garfield (right), Nermal (left)
Sofie is a 3yr old Main Coon who absolutely loves my attention she also loves to chases her sisters and she loves visiting her cousins next door. She sits and gives me paw for her treats.
Nikkie is definitely one of i kind she sits and gives paw for treats!if someone she dont know comes in my home she'll guard me and growl.
Latte travels all around Australia!! She loves rolling in dirty and is super cuddly💗💗
Taruk is a sweet snuggle bug loves skating across the tile floor and loves playing fetch
He loves broccoli, what else can I say.
Tiger is a year and a half old. I bottle fed him since he was 2 weeks old. He and i are friends. I do love my cat...
Hi I’m Ziggy. I am a Cockapoo puppy. I am 10 weeks old and love my new forever home. My favourite things are… chasing my giraffe toy, eating treats and snuggling in front of the tv.
Bushchur loves car rides.. He is 13 years young in human years & is still as spunky as ever. He's truly my best friend. He doesn't get to adventure as much as he used to But, he lights up when It's time to go to the park. ❤️
Floki is one special dog, he has the most outgoing personality. He loves to talk to you, even when it’s talking back. Floki loves to snuggle and take naps with his mom. Even though he drags his butt on every surface, I wouldn’t trade this boy for the world.
I’m Bella the French bulldog I am 7 months old and I love to play all day long, I love pictures and love attention😌
Nemo may be small, but sure has the affection of a great Dane! He loves dressing up and being with mom. His attitude shows when it's pj time and ready for bed, only if he doesn't get the snuggles when he wants them
Remmy is a rescue, we've only had her home for a week and she's still getting used to being loved and having room to run, instead of being in the shelter.This is my new brother, Winchester. Don't mind his look of annoyance, She knows that he loves her
Scribbles believes if you have something, it's hers to be shared with, regardless the painful claws. She loves to sleep on my chest any chance she gets and wants to play all the time. At least until nap time again
She is a clown she gets so excited to see her daddy she smiles big! Very small petite scotty love her to pieces She looks sooo cute shaggy
Winchester A.k.a. Winnie
Winchester loves his human mommy! But misses his late brother greatly! He loves to be be up on mom's lap and gets very excited when dad gets home from work. He hides under the blankets during thunderstorms and loves to play with his big tennis ball. He gives high fives when you say friends to him and just wants to be reassured that he's loved .
Lives for attention! sits pretty and melts my heart.
Milo is a sweet and loving puppy who loves belly rubs.
Peaches love to look out the window and likes her closets and doing her zoomies she be over protective she very shy sometimes she very lovable
Drake is 9 months old, he is a HUGE lover of kids! Absolutely loves to hit momma in the face when he don’t get what he wants and he loves to throw his toy duck around the room!
Simba is king of our family! Fun, loving, cuddable and very needy of attention! Everywhere we take Simba, turns heads because of his good looks and charm
Suggie lives for food she was begging with the sad puppy face in the picture She's also a excellent mouser she has the best nose on a dog that I've ever seen. So instead of searching for drugs when I tell her to search she searches for mice and when she finds a hit she'll sit there and scratch and whine cuz she knows there's a mouse there.
Momo loves to go outside and eat the grass and the bushes and play with his dogs. Then his little entitled fat butt comes inside and thinks he's allowed on my bed when I pull the squirt bottle he lays down And plays innocent. When you're upset he knows and comes and makes you pet him run heads with him and gives kisses and hugs.
Jaxxson's favorite thing is the frisbee he will play all day everyday. He lives for Frisbee he eats with it throws it next to the food bowls so the other dogs don't steal it. Then he carries it to bed and sleeps on it. 😅
Earl Grey
Earl grey is definitely a momas boy… always in my face giving kisses!
Charlie was born on Christmas Eve and she truly was a gift! She is almost 4 now and still brings immeasurable joy to my life and to the lives of everyone she meets. Charlie is smart, adventurous, goofy, gentle, and curious. Her favorite toy, or “babies” as we call them, is her “lamby,” but my dirty clothes are hands down her favorite things to carry around the house ❤️
Hi everyone! My name is Gordie and I am a five month old blue heeler puppy. I love eating the flys in my moms house, digging holes in her backyard, chomping ankles, and terrorizing my brother Kylo. I’m like a sour patch kid, first I’m sour then I’m sweet.
Tap love's to play basketball and watch games on TV
She’s the cutest
Yoky is a 2 year old Chiweenie and be has just been the most playful and Sweet, Cute lovable puppy of the house and he is just amazing and helps whenever I feel down, He is amazing💗
Kevin is a huge love bug who loves to play. Kevin has never met a stranger, loves all people and dogs. Kevin loves treats and belly rubs and his best buddy Roger.