One word love
Such a beautiful loving cat, she loves the sun. I picked her name as emmie as her eye are like emeralds. There is so much I can say about her but one thing is she is perfect and I love her.
Callie Loves Attention,Playing With Her Favorite Toy's & Climbing Trees Along With Loving To Get Her Ear's Scratched & Belly Rub's!!! She's a Happy Girl When Laying in the Warm Sunshine!!! 🌿💞🐾💞🐾💞🐾💞🐾🌿
Bobbin is a collie cross hound she’s our family dog and we think she’s lovely
Tyson is such a character! Never fails to lighten up our day, from being cheeky and stealing hats or just coming over to kiss your face. His little smile makes everything better
My names capleton. I love my mummy, my straw toy, cuddles & music. I was rescued by my mummy when i was just 3 weeks old. I love sleeping during the day and spending time with mummy ♡
This is Humphrey. He loves demanding belly rubs and playing catch
Boo is a rescue, he came to us as a foster and we fell in-love. He is our fur-baby, and big brother to the skin-cub.
Mishou is a sweet docile boy who spent the first 3-5 years of life as a stray in Canada. Rescued and brought him home to NH in March.
Hello , I’m Pedro and I’m Rio’s brother :) I’m very affectionate, calm and introvert and I need a lot of cuddles. The other dog in the picture is my mummy Koda :)
I have had Oreo since before he opened his eyes. I rescued him from the cold, nursed him back to life and he's been a part of the family ever since. He's more than my pet, he is like one of my kids. He is very spoiled and loved by all. I'd be lost without him by my side.
Bella is a twelve year old Pitbull who is very friendly and outgoing. She loves belly rubs, bathing in the sun, long walks, and chillin on the deck with her sunglasses. Her favorite snacks are chicken, peanut butter, and cookies. Bella would like it if everyone would not put that marking of a mean Pitbull on her head because she loves everyone and loves to give kisses.
This is bruno with his little sister bailey he loves stealing socks and teddies and stealing everyones dinner
Bear is a rescue kitty. He is a very chill boy. He loves to play with his cat brother and sister.
Brooklyn is two years old and is part Chihuahua part Mini Pincher she loves playing fetch with her collection of balls that she has. One of her favorite things to do is look out the window and be the guard dog over the neighborhood. Brooklyn loves to snuggle and is always snuggling on either my lap or her dad's lap and she loves all snacks but her favorite are puppuccinos.
A cheeky clever boy with boundless energy and loves his belly rubs - he is a Sproodle - springer spaniel crossed with a poodle
She loves to snuggle wrapped around her humans arm at every opportunity! Her favourite toy is a feather in a stick
My name is Tango, I am very much a loved family Cat. I have 2 Human siblings and recently I gained a new Puppy brother..... he has over grown me in size but I still run the house as King 😀 I love to venture out into the fresh air but always home for food, and snuggles in bed with my Humans, I am very special to the family and weirdly even the oldest human refers to herself as 'Nanny' to me.
My Franki girl is a 9 month old American Staffordshire/American Red Nose Pit Bull mix. Franki loves to go on rides, play frisbee and ball. She’s a big bundle of energy and joy all in one. She loves her humans.
Tiger is a loving caring cat. She always wants cuddles & she loves her pic being taken! She also loves wearing her jumpers. When Tiger was a kitten she was poisoned and unfortunately nearly died. When we brought her home from the vets she was so grateful and she has been affectionate ever since. When I got unwell she was always by my side, the only one who stuck by me. and I love her with all my heart
She is very vocal always talking, and can open doors
Bonnie absolutely loves cuddles, she gives the best nose kisses and cannot resist a bag of dreamies!
Once a stray, found my forever home! I love exploring the greater outdoors with my pawrents. I successfully completely Clicker training, Leash training and Backpack training. Gearing up for a vacation filled with adventure 🏔️
Hi, my name is Lucky. I have just made my little families home and lives complete. I have a human brother and sister and I also have a kitty cat brother (I am still trying to understand him) I am a very good boy and I absolutely love walks and chasing a ball ❤️
Hi im toothless i was born on the 21st april 2021. i have a brother called pongo and have some other siblings too but dont live with them. I love to eat ive put on so much weight aha i love to mess about with my brother and keep my owners up at night i also love my tent and sleeping on my owners pillows i don't think she likes it tho haha please vote for me as its my birthday in a day please thank you
Hi everyone! My name is Ember. Im part pitbull and cattle dog. Im very smart! I can do tons of tricks and I love showing people. I love chewing on EVERYTHING so my mommy has to buy me new toys a lot :) Im full of energy and joy! A few of my favorite things to do is play tug of war with a ball. My mom always tells me it’s not fair but I still make her play with me. I love going for walks and being able to run as fast as I can.
Hello everyone my name is Rolo x I love to ❤️ everyone and there is nothing better than allowing my humans to tickle my belly x
Beau is nearly 2 years old and a very cute but mischievous boy, loves playing in the garden with his siblings
Honey Bee
Honey Bee was the smallest in the litter. She has surprised us all as to how big she has become. She has the biggest eyes along with the biggest heart. She loves everyone humans and dogs. Honey loves a wee bath and playing with her ball. She brings her wee baby teddy to bed and loves kisses and cuddles. She’s my world !! X
Narla has brought love in to our family we got her 6 weeks ago 2 weeks after my mum passed away we bought her.. narla helps me greive and she shows me love and snuggles in to me. She loves relaxing all day 😌
Sweet and sassy. Never a dull moment with this fluffy chunk.
Sally was a complete surprise. We went to check our PO Box and found the smallest kitten stranded next to a busy street. We caught the scared little kitten, thinking we could re-home her later… but she never left us 😇
My first family dog was an Aussie, so now I’m in LOVE with the breed! Junior is an awesome dog. He’s smart, funny, and loves to play tug of war (when he’s not herding the cats 😅)
Hi my name is mango my mum and pawpaw adopt me from the shelter back in October I love playing with my brother Poe and love snuggling with mum and pawpaw when it’s time for bed
Charlie is 2 years old, very sweet and loves to cuddle.
Kirby is my daughter’s emotional support cat. He knows when she needs him and comforts her. He is a rescue cat.
Hello everyone, I’m Rio and I am trouble maker but I love so much mummy and daddy ❤️ I like everything that I can chew including my daddy’s socks. I love sleep and going to the park to meet other people and dogs ✨❤️
4 month old chorkie (cavalier kings Charles cross Yorkshire terrier) absolutely loves cuddles and playing with feet,is very shy but is slowly coming out of her shell (thinks shes a cat tho)and 100% sure shes not gonna grow into her ears
Kerry is our beautiful rescue dog. She is so loving and loves lots of cuddles. Unfortunately she is rather partial to a muddy ditch.
Cocoa is a gorgeous chocolate Labrador retriever and she has been one in the family for about three months. She has been the one which has completed our family and is very loved inside it. She is four months old and this picture is representing her first ever time outside in the backgarden
Sandy was my late dads companion , loves snuggles and his mummy. Will fight vaccum cleaners and loves chasing his big brother Tom !
Tom is our bits and bobs dog! He has 1 blue eye and 3 legs because being a springer he has an inbuilt self destruct button! He stil loves to jump Gates and fences and chasing Tennis balls!
Lottie is loving and crazy in equal measure. She is my 8 year olds best friend and they are inseparable. Pens however are not safe on her presence!
Bell is sweet and adorable kitty she loves our daughter Layla. She loves to cuddle, we rescue her from our locol shelter.
Maui loves going camping and exploring, he likes to listen when there is food involved and is the softest dog, he likes to whinge and gets overly excited about ball, food and water play.