She's the sweetest thing ever! She has so much energy, she brings the ball back when we playing
Binx loves nothing more than basking in the sunshine or cooried up under the covers he is just such a loving little beutiful boy 💙😻
Poppy is a typical calico cat, everything she does is done on her terms and her terms only....
Reggie is a ray of sunshine that came into ours lives when we needed him most! He’s a ball of energy, always wanting to make new friends, but don’t give him your socks as you’ll never get them back l! 😆
Mila is the sweetest girl. My other cats have taken her own like she is their daughter:)
Penny loves to cuddle with her Mommy and Daddy. Penny loves playing with her friends at doggy daycare. She is fun loving, caring and well behaved.
Jimmy is our 2nd rescue cat. We chose not to change his name. As he lost his last home we didn't want him to loose his identity as well. He's a really loveable rouge. Recently he lost his left eye, but he's still our Jim.
Blue is a Clumsy cat who loves chin rubs he also goes crazy for lick licks
Forever with his best friend Bo or his favourite cuddly toy, his little penguin which he carries in his bed every day and around the house 🥹☁️💫
Willow is an absolute cuddle bug. However, she’s very protective over me. She’s a 4 year old pitbull mix. She’s a huge part of our family
She's a wonderful friend trained to be my rescue inhaler dogs. I was told she was a Blue heeler when I adopted her in Tampa bay. I believe she is a cattle dog but I'm not really sure if they are right about her breed. She had been on death row at another shelter far away. Due to a terrible storm she lost her home and her family. Her and I worked through her depression. Now she's my wonderful companion. I could fly her around the world if I wanted to. She's very good on airplanes 😊 her favorite foods well she's a dog she's happy with whatever you feed her 🤣 she even eats her squeaker toys 🤣 they usually wind up in the trash. She loves to swim and play fetch all day long. She wears me out 😵‍💫 we entered in this contest a little late so if you could find it in your heart to throw us a vote it would be much appreciated.
Teddy may be small, but he loves playing with the big dogs. Especially pinning his big brother milo haha!
Snoopy is a happy little panda pop who loves playing chase and lots of cuddles
Milo is a crazy boy, his favourite thing to do is sing very loudly. The notes are….special!
Hey my name is loki im mixed between a rottweiler and shar pei female i love cuddle walks food and treats of course and im so loved my favourite thing to do is sleep and play with my ball ❤🐕
Hi my names Enzo, I’m a 11 month old pocket bully. I’m a loving, cuddly and excited boy. I love walks with mommy and going to see my nanny. I also love playing with my XL bully brother and Frenchie sister, you can see a picture of them in my photos! woof!
She has a boy's name but she's a total queen.
Cleo ❤️
Hi I’m Vinnie 😍. I’m a bracques francais pointer with an energy battery that never runs out. My favourite thing to do is cuddles, I have to get right in the gap between my mum and dad. Although I love cuddles I’m also a bit of a teenage dirt bag rebel with tonnes of character and as a typical boy love chasing birds 😂
Teddy started life in a home frightened and living with siblings in his own urine. He was saved and now lives his best life as a king. Everyone loves his sweet but cheeky ways in the street he is famous 😍. He has a big fluffy butt and the cutest eyes. He is adorable and loves to play even at his age of 8. Please vote for Ted he would be so happy 😊
Our little Milky Moo is the sweetest little cat. She loves her food and harassing the children 😂
This is Vinnie … Vinnie Jones 🤣 you wouldn’t think it to look at him, he’s a super kind soul and loves everyone he meets. A very special dog with the biggest heart 🥰
This is shadow he’s 3 years old and such a cuddly boy. He has two deformed paws at the front where they fused together when he was born making them like pinchers which he uses to hold onto your arm and just adds to his cuteness
Skye loves kisses and cuddles, she just turned 1 and is a crazy loveable lady with so much love to give 💕
My beautiful 15 year old cheese loving creature!
Hello, my name is Haru. I was a stray kitten living on the streets until this lovely lady let me live with her in our forever home. I love sleeping in her bed eating her food and going to the bathroom together. My favourite food is chicken and I love giving my new mum presents like feathers and eggs. I also like collecting items and hiding them in my kitty bed especially spoons.
Coco was born in our home during lockdown 2020. Shes a beautiful, gentle, calm little fur ball. She gets her hyper active Zoomies early in the mornings or in the middle of the night. She loves her dreamie treats. Being so fluffy makes her so soft and perfect to snuggle up with. She joins us in the middle of our bed each evening, she’s just too adorable :)
Simit loves Tuna and chin rubs :)
She loves lots of attention and requires her favourite toy (a grey rat) to be constantly thrown so she can fetch it.
Duke is overall my favorite pet I’ve had! He’s very protective, far from wildly aggressive, loves children, love to run, & will stay all day at the beach❗️ he almost 2 yrs old, I haven’t had him since 2020 bc I’m looking for a new house right now and have nowhere to keep him with me. We’ll be back together real soon and I promis Duke that we’ll be unbelievably stuck like glue this go around. He’s my best friend, literally probably my only friend.
Scarlett is a rescue kitty. She likes vegetables, fruit, and of course kitty food. She likes a good head scratch but will also bite you if she doesn’t want to be touched.
Charlton adopted us when he was just a baby. He showed up one day and played fetch with a ball that my husband was throwing. He is a great hunter and can take down huge squirrels. He also loves food and snuggles.
Boris is about 9 months old , I've had him from 7 weeks old , his personality is very loving and playful , loves to play with your feet and try and jump up the walls as he is a indoor cat , hes just a crazy loving ball of fluff
Frodo loves to sleep all day and play all night his favourite thing is to play with feet. Hes such a good boy and plays lovely with his children hes very playfull
Hello my name is Oreo peanut butter cookie. I am a Boston terrier Chihuahua mix I am very loved. I really care for my mama I have to know where she is all the time. I love to play with toilet paper cardboard my mom and dad and the kids think is hilarious when I play with it lol. I love to cuddle and snuggle under the blankets with anyone of my family especially my mama. Oh can't forget I love cheese mixed with my dry food can't get enough of it. Yes I beg for food and I get my way sometimes I'm not spoiled by all means LOL. My mom and dad thinks I would make a good support animal because my mom has diverticulitis and I know when she don't feel good I follow her everywhere and I worry if I don't see her around. That's me in a nutshell.
Luna has the sweetest personality and she is an absolute bundle of joy! She lights up the room and has brought a lot of warmth into our lives.
Living life to the full after recently retiring from racing. A beautiful gentle blue greyhound, very laid back and loves cuddles. Winston will be training to be a therapy dog in the next few months as he very much loves people and hugs.
Prince is a sweetie pie with the loudest purr!
This is our 16 year old adorable boy Bubbles! He loves his cuddles and of course his treats!
Mika is a loveable, friendly cat who love a cuddle. She loves to be picked up like a baby and love a forehead kiss.
1 yr old Cavapoo that loves the park, cuddles and lots of treatos🐕
Azul is mix german shepherd and husky he is about 9 weeks old loves to be outside and play catch and he is happy and loved spoiled catches everyone’s eyes because of his blue eyes and dark fur
Toulouse is cute on first glance, but when you factor in his story you realise he's a miracle and he becomes a million times cuter. Toulouse was genetically born without an anus and was booked in to be euthanised just hours after he was adopted. However, emergency unprecedented surgery from an unbelievable vet allowed Toulouse a small chance in life and he is now thriving at the age of 2. You can follow his story on TikTok or Instagram by searching Nothing Toulouse.
Hi everyone, I’m Kevin but also go by Kev, down, stop, sit, calm because I am only coming up 6 months old entering the dreaded teenage stage! My favourite things to do is help with the washing by stealing socks, love eating mud and being a lab my love for food, the list can go on. Top 5 1. Peanut butter 2. Frozen carrot 3. Broccoli 4. Blueberries 5. Mud/grass. I would love for you to vote for me so I can change my 5th item of favs to a rib-eye steak medium to well! Good luck everyone!
Pepsi Cola
A 14 year old girl that just celebrated her birthday. She's been battling pancreatitis like a champ. Show love to the kitty for her amazing battle!
His very loving and playful so sweet
My pepper is a maine coon a very active kitty who loves to play in pots every chance he gets please vote for this adorable ball of fur he would really love it