Dog cat Stories - 67


This is Hank. He is a German Shorthaired Pointer and Labrador Retriever mix. We simply call him a Pointador! His favorite thing is playing with his sister Ariel and greeting his people with a new toy or item everytime we come home.
Ariel is a six year old Border Collie mix rescue from our local shelter. Her favorite thing to do is eat blueberries and greet people with a big smile.
Feisty, friendly, and always ready to get into mischief! This little girl loves to play with toys of any kind, chews up everything she can, and chase the ducks!
hello my name is frekls with out an C. I am only a year old. I love going for car rides with my mommy and daddy it is so much fun. and going for walk on the beach. and playing with my mom and dad, i am a playful little one, please vote for me.
Hi, I’m Fluffyboi Arnold, I love to eat chicken and play in plastic bags and cardboard boxes! You can pet me, but don’t touch my fluffy tummy! Check out my model gallery below! 🧡
Pan Pan
Pan Pan loves to be with his mommy. Boy, when I try to leave to go into a store real quick because I took him along with me for the car of wind ride, he kept jumping in my lap numerous times not wanting me to go!!! He’s also so smart and knows by the sound of my keys and the picking up his leash, he bolts out from his bed to the door with such excitement, wagging his fluffy, Pom Pom tail, he can hardly control himself!!! I love my Pan Pan!! I hope you’ll love him too!! Pan-Pan is very articulate. He knows what the word “bed” means, the words “eat-eat”, “treats”, “outside”, “out” and much more!!
Shylo was rescued from a cat blood bank with his sisters Lizzie and Elizabeth. Shylo is the cuddliest of them all, he always wants to nuzzle right up to you for the night. Hes a big boy at 17 pounds but loves to play fetch with his favorite toy mouse.
Elizabeth was rescued from a cat blood bank along with her sister Lizzie and brother Shylo. Elizabeth is very shy and sensitive, she gets along best with quiet humans. She has the loudest purr out of her siblings and enjoys singing the opera at 3am. She also thinks that you owe her a slice of lunch meat anytime you open the fridge. She is very talkative and sweet.
crazy chihuahua who likes to play fight and run but she is a funny little one
Maggie is an older gal that loves to snuggle up with her person and enjoy quiet nights on the couch.
Lizzie was rescued along with her brother Shylo and sister Elizabeth from a cat blood bank in May 2020. She is a very loving and active cat. She loves her human brother more than anything in the world and is always ready for a snack. She loves playing and being pet
Hector will always believe he is a lap dog. He loves cuddling and playing at the lake. He is very people friendly as well as dog friendly.
Duke A Lene what an energetic boy he’s such a sweet soul and the best friend you always wanted.
vote sam if u r cool because shes cool😁😁😘
Dood is the most sweetest puppy ever. He loves to cuddle and loves his ball. Knows exactly how to put a smile on your face.
Thor is a little over a year old, he loves to love, he enjoys spending time with his hamster named squishy :) He loves car rides and turning all things white with his furballs of love
Crash loves rides in the truck, toys that squeak, sticks, puppuccinos, and giving lots of kisses.
Miss Mocha
Meet Miss Mocha. Mocha has been with us since she was just a pup that was almost 8 years ago now. Shes a sweet quiet girl with no bark im not sure she even knows how to bark lol. She loves long walks to the water & ridding in the jeep no matter how long or short the trip whe just wants to tag alone. Shes a kid dog through & through always wanting to be with "her" boys. She really is just a small lap puppy as her pictures show.
Bongo is about a 100pounds , he's a big ole baby , he funny , loving , loves to run like he's a barrel racer lol he's about a year and half , we rescued him when he was a big puppy . We saved his life cause when he came to us he had parvo. He's the happiest dog! He tries to talk to us and let us know what he's wanting! Hide
I’m Bieber and I’m a celebrity with a lot of swag and personality. Check out my pics and see for yourself ;)
Mowgli is 17 pounds, is part Main Coon part Tabby and has the BIGGEST personality. He loves to play fetch especially with q-tips. He loves people and animals alike and making new friends. He is obsessed with water and can often be found sitting in the kitchen sink. He prefers laying on his back and exposing his big belly for pets!
Piper is such a sweetheart, from day one she has been a blessing. Piper is a rescue and has overcome many challenges in life from her previous home. She’s now become a model for some pet companies.
She loves playing outside and loves people.
My Butterscotch is very special to me! I have a heart condition and He helps me stay calm and keeps me laughing everyday!!!!
biscuit is a very very active dog! she loves playing with tennis balls and playing with other dogs! 🐾
peanut also known as “thatpompeanut” on instagram, is 12 weeks! she loves going on adventures and sleeping! she may be calm but when you meet her she is a whole new puppy!
Hello there my name is Bruno I’m 2 years old I am a bit active but I love to just be cuddled up next to mama i also love puppuccinos from Starbucks I usually just go to the driver side window and wait they call me their little homie since I go there often but wait I also love love going to the doggie park and just run around of course I go to the small dog side lol but I might be tiny but I am mighty plz vote for me love Bruno ☺️
Letty also known as "Letty_fast_and_furious" is a rambunctious puppy. She is a corgi and Australian shepherd mixed. I lost my dog a year ago, and she has brought new light into my life 💜
Ares was found abandoned in a dumpster. He is a super sweet and lovable guy Ares plays fetch, will hold your hand for pets and always comes for lovin'.
Coulson loves being held like a baby. He is our special allergy kitty. He is named after Phil Coulson from Marvel.
Brody is truly a remarkable dog... He is 8 years old but looks young for his age just like his mom LOL. Very loving, smart, and loves the Camera.. Always camera ready ! Everyone that meets Brody fall in love with him. He brings his mom/dad so much joy, sometimes Brody and his mom wear matching outfits... He loves his dad so much that he waits at door for him to get off from work everyday at the same time it is the cutest thing! He loves to cuddle with his mom while watching Netflix...
Coco is 2 years old and loves to play with his toys but most of all he loved sitting in people’s laps to be pet and get all the belly rubs! He loves kids and always wants to hang out and run around with them. He also is the first to the dinning room table once food is ready XD
Halo is a giant baby who loves to cuddle despite her size! She’s the messiest lover a person could have!
Peanut is very loving she loves to climb under the covers & cuddle right up to her mama. Peanut love to take car rides and play with her sister Avia.
Gigi is the goodest girl. She was mistreated as a puppy so her anxiety challenges her everyday life, but she is still the best puppy! Loves to cuddle, give kisses, and play with her two sisters!
She is a very loving dog, she love to cuddel up right next to me. Rosie love to go for rides& walks
Beasley is a Dachshund Border collie mix She’s full of endless energy and loves to play with anything she can find. She’s got a lot of sass and loves to make her own rules. She loves adventure and baby carrots 🥕
Dwight is a little French Bulldog with a big attitude. Diagnosed With dwarfism Dwight is smaller then most frenchies but he believes he is very big and scary. He loves snuggles and “playing” with his big sister Beasley
Birdie is a feisty little Papillon who loves to play, zoom, and cuddle. She's only 4 pounds, but she thinks she's as big as all the neighbor dogs. Her favorite toys are anything small enough for her to throw or large enough to wrestle with.
Hi I’m dotty the adorable jackchi cross daschund. I love to play and give puppy dog eyes. And eat mams food
Hes a great guard dog & loves to go for adventures on foot or in the car!
I am a sweet girl, who loves to be near people. I do tend to "talk" alot, but mostly to ask you to pet me, or to say hello. I will be 11 in June, and I miss my "little" brother, Ruger, who passed away in January. He and I love to travel with our mom and dad in their camper all over the country meeting new people, and picking up new scents everywhere!
Hi my name is Bella and I am 11 weeks old! I learned how to Sit and give paw! I was rescued from Tennessee and I love my new home!
Hi my name is Otis I am a 8 week old Jack Russell puppy and enjoy chewing on my mum and dads carpet, biting them and chewing on there shoes.
Hi! My name is James and I love to show off my belly for attention. I was adopted 5 years ago and love to chase bunnies outside. Also, afternoon naps are kinda my thing.
Karen is a well fitted name for this little girl. She enjoys eating the furniture, taking the laundry out of the hamper, and dragging her human mom around by her sleeves. She is very very loved.