Dog cat Stories - 67


She is a exotic cat who loves to play fetch and cuddle with me she loves to sleep and she watches tv with me she deserves to win because she is my world and I love her I hope you do too
He loves to pose and he loves to cuddle. He is super sweet. He is a goldador.
Felix is the biggest cuddle bug on earth, and is known for his head tilt. He loves to drop his toy mice in his water bowl so we finding them swimming there in the morning😂
Precious is my best friend . I got her 3 years ago and ever since then she’s been a miracle . She is trained and loves peanut butter bars :)! She’s an angel ! ❤️
Mr. Lemieux
Hi there! My name is Mr. Lemieux (named after Mario and have my daddy to thank for that), but my fur-friends call me Mr. Le-meow!
Oliver is a very lovable cat. He loves to play with other cat. Hes very adventurous and loves to explore so he likes being outside
Bella is a 2-year-old yorkipoo. She is an 8-pound ball of energy. Her favorite thing to do is stand at the window and bark at people and then come cuddle with mama. She is the sweetest little girl❤️❤️
Harmony is just an all around lover of anything she can get into as you see in the picture. She loves to play and hide on you.
Hi, I’m Rhett! I like long walks to my food bowl, chasing Gatorade lids, dancing in the lamp light, and long naps on my tower. Vote for me because my mom says I’m cute and smart.
Hi! I'm Grrr, a sassy lady who loves naps, snacks, and cuddles. I'm independent and free-spirited and always ready to give my humans some snuggles 🥰
Crazy Gracie !! That's what my mom calls me, but I'm really very loving! It took me a while to trust, you see, I was a feral girl who decided to give the house life a try. It worked out pretty great. I even gained some fur-family and we all get along pretty good, as long as they understand that I need my personal space at times.
She is a all around affectionate cat who loves attention, the sun and being in the company of her caretakers. She is also a very devoted cat.
Bella is quite the chatterbox and no feather duster can stand up to her. They are her enemy.
Bear loves his kitty sister Bella and anytime you call his name he will come expecting pets
The only female cat in the world named Melvin 😂. When she was found I was told she was a boy and months later when I found out that wasn’t the case I decided to keep her name. She loves to twerk when she’s excited, loves to snuggle, and thinks she’s a bird in that she loves to sit on your shoulder lol.
Binx is a very lovable cat. He likes to play with anything that moves and his best friend is our black lab Sammy. They sleep, play and even eat with each other. Binx is my 9 year old daughters cat and he will meet her after school at the door and jump into her arms, purring so loud! He loves his mommy!
Chuey is a long hair pug & we think Pomeranian please correct me if I’m wrong he’s 9 months old sweet & playful loves Dutch bros puppucinos & going to dog parks & traveling Oregon with his owners , he’s definitely a head turner & people always love him
Scraps is a 1 1/2 year old Maine Coon kitten who loves belly scratches and sleep!
Queen Dash is a lovable 8month old puppy rescued on Christmas Eve. We call her our Christmas Miracle she loves chew toys Chasing balls and hanging out with her boy.
Roxas is a shy boy, he likes to sleep and fight with his brother Moose! He loves to cuddle and stretch his whole body aross your legs. When he is stretching he LOVES when you pat his bum and usually he'll roll over for some tummy rubs!
Luna is such a doll, so lovely, yet majestic. She is the biggest sweetheart, and just loves to cuddle! Everyone who meets her ends up loving her & wanting to take her! Thanks for coming to my page hooman, please give me a vote, I’d kindly appreciate it! ^.^
She is the most loving friendly dog ! She stops and talks. To everyone she meets and gives them all kisses !
Finn is 9mths old, he loves to eat and sleep! He’s a big fella and is so sweet! He just sits there and let’s our younger kitty climb all over him!
She a bit of a sand pup and a load of a magnet for sand burrs. She’s an amazing Emotional Support Animal and a loving friend.
Moose loves snuggling, eating treats and getting sooo many pets! He's plays fetch and knows how to give paw and sit on command! He is also so photogenic with mom having the best shots to show, he could probably be a pet model! Moose lives by one rule and one rule ONLY, MOVE YOUR FEET LOSE YOUR SEAT!
Sully is a playful, energetic, almost 9 month old puppy. He loves all kinds of toys and really loves to be outside! When he’s not running around outside or playing with his toys, you can find him sleeping on the couch! His favorite treat is sweet potato fries, but he would pretty much eat anything presented to him!
Hi! My name is Sushi and I love treats, toes, and my little sister, Wasabi.
Logan is a husky puppy growin up in the Big Easy! He's super sweet, smart, and extremely goofy. He loves water and often runs in the rain or catches water in the shower. He's always playing! Mostly bugging his older sisters or zooming around the yard. Follow his adventures on Instagram! @logannolahusky
I’m a rambunctious kitten with to much time on my paws. I love to chase that little red dot but can never seem to catch it. And despite the fact that their enclosed I spend all my time trying to figure out how to play with my lizard friends! :)
Jack is trying to raise money to put into an emergency vet fund for the rescue kitties we take care of and for a colony we take care of. You never know when an emergency will hit with special needs kitties or colony cats, so it would be nice to have an emergency fund for them. Jack was rescued in mid September from a feral colony. He has to have one of his eyes removed and he was also diagnosed with Delayed Gastric Emptying. He also has an enlarged liver. Jack is a very sweet lovable goofy boy!! Thank you so much for voting for Jack!!
Robin is 6 year old rescue, she came from a home in which she was crated most hours of the day and did not receive proper love and care. She also had aggression problems, and various health issues. She's extremely smart and after a ton of training has overcome many behavioral problems. After a few years of TLC she is living her best life! Robin is a very energetic, photogenic, adorable lil min pin! She's super dramatic and wild but also loves to cuddle and is always looking for attention. Robin always wants to be the center of attention and often shows off with tricks. There's never a dull moment when Robin is around!
Lil' Girl
Lil Girl is a sweet Polydactyl (multi-toed ) kitty. She was disabled from birth, but that doesn't slow her down ! She loves car rides and giving kisses ! She helps her mom find local rescues to help with donations of food, supplies and much needed funds !! So, please vote for Lil' Girl so she can help other kitties that have not been so lucky.
I love helping mommy! I even tried to paint🤣
Moose is an 11 month old puppy, he has been through 3 umbilical hernia surgery’s but luckily he is doing better now!!!!
Zoro is a curious, playful, sweet 6 month old rescue kitten who loves to get all of his toys stuck under the fridge, watch birds through the window, and cat nap right next to his mama!
Chanel Rose Gregg
Chanel is a joyful, loving and fun fur baby. She loves her backyard runs, treats and loving from the family. She loves to play with her toys and take naps. Chanel's favorite clothes to wear is her dresses. Best part of her day is when she can have her meals. Baths are always fun and messy!
This spunky kitty loves crafting with mommy. She enjoys playing games on my iPad and catnip.
Zara is a Lilac Point Siamese rescue! She is sweet, friendly and loves to play with her family!
Sweet as a muffin!! Muffin is ornery girl. She loves knocking over water bottles and glasses. She loves to get to play with her kitty lasers and get temptations cat treats. We just got a new puppy Kluey and she enjoys hiding from her a lot.
Kulfi the fluffy doodle has the warmest heart and belly. Her name means icecream and she likes to be treated like a princess which is what she deserves and gets from her loving family. She is always in the mood for cuddles and the dog park.
Hello, my name is Flare. I love to play with my laser light and lounge around. I love head and belly rubs. ❤️❤️ I am a picky eater and a little scary, so don’t chase me!!! 🙀😻😿🐈‍⬛ I also love to break up all the blinds in the house to look out the window!!! 🪟
Buzz is an energetic kitten who loves to play, eat a lot and be around his family at all times 😻
Midnight love singing happy birthday
Rocky is a working Service dog in Training. He likes to retrieve with his toys and meet up with his canine buddies in his off time at the apartmenbt complex where we live.
Salmon a.k.a sammy, is a 7 month old calico / main coon kitten. She likes to play with her toys, sit for treats, and cuddle with her puppy bff Bear! 💘
Milo is a Snowshoe rescue with a sweet and sassy personality! He loves being around his family and exploring his back garden!