Dog cat Stories - 67


Jameson Ray
He likes to get under the covers and jump out to scare everyone. He runs through the house doing 90 to nothing, will bring you the brush because he absolutely loves being brushed. His best friend is my little chihuahua Jasmine Renee, those two are like peanut butter and jelly! And they play and play. They are always together.
He likes to sleep with me and chase squirrels they taunt him . His favorite time is keeping watch and letting me know what go on out side
She likes beens pizza & plenty of cat treats
She likes to be loved and play .she is a mother cat and protect her babies
She asks me questions every time I pass by, very dramatic intonation "murrr????"
She was such a sweet girl and i found a pic of her and i thought it was cute she was a special kitten she was born with just a nub tail and she turned a year old and got out and got hit
Odin is 7 weeks old. He loves to play with his toys and climb and run about with his Brothers and Sisters! He is sweet natured, so loving and calm, loves cuddles, the camera and sleeping. Beautiful inside and out!
Cosmo was abandoned by his mom at 3weeks old.He’s super sweet and loves to cuddle.He will grab your hand wrap it around him & give you kisses
Gucci is sweet & playful with anyone who gives him attention.He loves water and will even peep at you in the shower lol sometimes he thinks he’s a dog & carries shoes in his mouth around the house
Hi, I’m a Black and Tan Pomeranian. Everyone thinks I’m always mad or whatevaa 🐶
Penny is very sweet and loves her car rides she knows when Mom puts on her shoes and grabs the keys she's at the door and ready to go she also loves babies and when they start to cry she looks at the adults like are you going to help it LOL
Botti helps me navigate my emotional and physical life ,he motivate me every single days even when things are in the down side ,as soon as i step home I feel happy looking at his pretty face I would like to reward him with too many toys & healthy foods would you guys wanna join BOTTI Joey 🐶
Jasper Is such a special cat. Jasper was originally a stray cat who was in very bad condition when he came into our garden . We welcomed him into our home within time and he now happily lives with us and enjoys eating as much as he wants.Unfortunately Jaspers health has continued to go down hill. Jasper was diagnosed with a heart condition and overactive thyroid which requires daily medication. Any winnings won will go towards his vet bill. I appreciate anyone who helps by voting! Thankyou x
He loves so big!
Orion is a German Shepherd, Lab, Chow Chow, American Staffordshire, and Coonhound mix. When I rescued him from his previous living situation the “owner” of his mom didn’t even know he existed…she was gonna drown his whole litter in a lake..he was infested with worms, fleas, and ticks, and he had a double ear infection…but now 2 years later he’s a healthy, happy, neutered, fully vaccinated, momma’s boy whom I love with all my heart.
Harvee Leighton
Harvee Leighton was our 50lb Redbone Coonhound and Beagle mix. He was a quick learner and could open doors. He loved his tennis ball, he would actually lay on his back and hold the ball with both paws. He learned how to sit, stay, shake and roll over in one day. He loved following his nose on hikes and was a great swimmer. We lost our Harvee 6/18/2017 he was 8yrs and eight days when he passed after suffering from seizures over 4 years. He was the best dog. We love and miss him so much.
Lady Business
Mustache cat!!
Little Bear
Little bear loves to be outside she's a very adventurous, shes cute, happy, loyal.
Just a lil baby girl, likes to play, and explore her new world 💜
Marleigh is a rescue kitten that absolutely stole my heart. She is sweet, loving, playful and gorgeous!
Lucie loves playing with her toys, eating snacks and taking walks as well as going on road trips.
Rue (nickname lovingly Squish) is my sweet little therapy dog for my chronic migraines. She can alert me before a migraine begins. And comfort me in the midst of an attack. Rue loves to nap and cuddle. Bath time is her favorite. And she loves car rides in her special seat with mom! Rue has made my life so much more fun and made dealing with my illness so much more manageable.
Princess is only 15weeks old and very spunky. Her best friend is a kitten so things are starting to rub off on each other. She eats like a dog but plays like a cat. She will not let the bigger dogs push her around. She loves all hugs and kisses too
Rocco is a teacup Pomeranian with blue/green eyes.
Oreo is my emotional support dog. She is literally the sweetest. She loves my kids. And they love her. Shes always sleeping on us.
Kylo is a part siemese and tabby 2 yr old. He loves playing fetch, getting scritches and wrestling with his brother Diesel.
Diesel is part tabby part siamese 2 year old, who loves to play with his string which he is wearing as a collar in this picture. He also loves to sleep on high places and play in boxes. Also loves wrestling with his brother Kylo.
Merlin loves cuddles especially in winter time. If he gets cold he will snuggle under a thin blanket to get warm. He also sits and take treats very gently and will soon show people which is his cupboard by head butting it till he gets a treat.
Milo is actually a British Longhair & Ragdoll mix, he enjoys lying belly up and eating food. He also prides himself on being the king of destruction. 👑
Nala The Cat
nala is 2 years old and the sweetest string bean you’ll ever meet!!
She likes eating anything and everything!! Trying to keep her healthy, but she weighs in at 17.5 lbs.
Athena is a 6 month old Pitsky (pit, husky mix) she is sassy and super smart and growing way too fast. My favorite thing about her is how clumsy she is. She literally trips all over her own 4 feet.
Gizmo was born blind in one eye and rescued from living in an abandoned school bus. We adopted him during quarantine and he loves having a family. He gets upset when you take his collar off because he remembers we gave it to him as soon as we adopted him. He likes to go for car rides with his seatbelt on and the seat warmer to snuggle up on.
He is a ball of joy, he has a "killer" smile and 11 years of wits and tricks, he'll steal your heart with his black marble eyes.
Luna developed vitiligo at 6 months old with a unique marking of the “moon” to resemble her name 🖤🌙 (pictures to show below)
He's a fun loving little cat, he’s so curious I can’t even explain it. He loves to play and sleep.
Dunkin is a mommas boy for sure! From the day he chose to me 14 years ago to now he is always by my side.
Zelda is our grandfur. Her mom moved out and could not take her. Zelda is a bit shy at first but if she likes you, she will nibble you🥰