Bean is my little rescue kitty! We have had her for 3.5 years and shes about 8..we think. We recently found out she has a heart problem but she still loves to sit on the arm of the chair with me…and beg for snacks❤️…unfortunately, since making this post, our Bean passed away on 8/9/22…her poor little heart couldn’t take anymore and she has crossed that rainbow bridge. We miss her terribly 💔
He is my didekick. The best boy anyone could want. So smart. Shakes your hand. Goes just about everywhere with me. My support dog. Loves everyone. Protects his mom by sitting next to me if he feels danger.
Ollie loves chewing bones and playing with his siblings!
Simba is a beautiful cat who loves attention and cuddles. He’s also known as Dimba because of how silly he is sometimes!
Cha Siu Bao
Mr. Bao is a big fan of napping and chin scritches. He is a sweet and special boy with a thunderous purr!
Chester is a miniature Jack Russell, also know as Chezzy. He loves going on walks however is a couch potato, he loves to cuddle and play with his toy hot dog :)
Tiny was born the runt of his litter and picked on by his siblings, though that doesn’t stop him. He is the most lovable cat. He loves to cuddle and stay close to his human.
I love to sleep and play!!!
Winston Churchill
Winston is so lovable, loves going for walks and giving kisses
Rex is my 5yr shitzu/lab mix . He is the sweetest love bug.
Milo is a very loveable pup! He loves all things mischief, from socks to crocs! Not only has this little one got two different coloured eyes, but his colouring is unlike any other! A vote would make this miniature dachshund bark louder than ever! Thank you 😇
We adopted Max from the humane society when he was around 5 months. When we adopted him we found out he’s a purebred Belgian terveran. He’s such a sweetheart who loves cuddles! His favorite thing to do is play ball and wrestle his older brother.
Gus is a 1 year old Goldendoodle, more Golden than Poodle! He loves opening his bark box every month! Each toy is his new favorite! He loves to run, swim in the river, and cuddle up for naps!
we just adopted Dakota on Monday 8/22! she is the most playful and loving little girl. if we win, we want to use her winnings on upcoming vet bills, as she and her sister were the only two from their litter to survive parvo. she is so strong and deserves all the toys and treats.
He loves to play with his toys and give kisses!!
Marlee is a 1 year old mixed breed dog! She is extremely sweet and gentle she also isn’t afraid of being her Energetic spunky self! Her absolute favorite toys are balls! She loves the ones that have a squeaky toy inside! She can literally fall asleep anywhere! She has three siblings (Dogs) which Rosie is her favorite chew toy of all, they are truly best friends! Her favorite humans are her moms!
Kleo is kind, loving, brave, intelligent girl and very playful with dogs and humans.
Miss Hazel is a 4-year-old love, who was adopted from the animal shelter, she loves her picture taken she loves her carrots her teddy bears and to play she is the best dog ever
Maximus Decimus
Max loves kisses, people and other dogs. He loves all living things and enjoys playing soccer! He loves playing all types of ball. Enjoys playing with his frisbee.
Great looking at 13 weeks old very gentle and exceptionally purry
Soft and so gentle
We found our bayliegh girl in Mississippi on the side of the road with her sister. We put a post out about both of them hoping they would found a perfect home, but we decided to keep her. She has the sweetest personality every, very gentle with everyone and everything. She has formed a very strong relationship with me. She loves the water, she loves playing fetch, and loves car rides.💗 she looks like a otter in the water so when she decides to swim I call her otter.😂🤍
"Little One" Lio is very shy, a very sweet boy. He has been thru a long recovery from a major absess and his hair is now starting to grow back in the area where he was treated. Lio is beautiful, cuddly and precious. He has adapted very well and loves attention.
Cat Ballou
Cat Ballou was dropped off as a tiny kitten ,She Is my barn cat ,She is a great mouser.And loves everyone.
Sora is a female calico main coon mix and she absolutely loves her waking up her humans in the morning on the dot! She also loves her nightly walks and loves just watching her humans!
Mr Clint
Hes playful, loving and a good boy. Hes got a one of a kind personality and shows it off everyday. He loves spah trips and his favorite sloth and sheep toys. He snores right with the best of them!
Full name: Paige Olivia Snyder Paige is Pug Hybrid; a Mix between a Pug, Jack Russell Terrier, and Chihuahua. She is 1 yr and 8 mos old. She can be a crazy hyper little thing, but also the perfect snuggle buddy. She loves to run around and play outside, play with her best friend/boyfriend (backyard neighbor) Bear (a golden doodle), dig holes and burry pieces of her bones lol 😂 She also loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy when taking naps or sleeping in the bed at night. She has such a cute and big personality and always keeps you entertained and happy. Such a spoiled little pup, living her best life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My little princess. My baby Paige! 🤗💕😍
Mylo Casper
Mylo Casper is one of a kind he likes to watch videos and jump around like a kangaroo he is super fast and loves to have fun.
Cheeky 18 week old puppy, loves attention, cuddles and chewing everything 🤣 she settled with us from day one and very well behaved ☺️ she loves exploring and meeting new people and such a joy to have around ❤️ She has been with us for 6weeks now and she is our baby....along with our bearded dragon, leopard gecko, crested gecko, 2 species of tortoise, 2 adult African land snails and their 272 babies 🤣
Bentley came to me in June, @8 months old from a Amish puppy mill not being able to walk much or jump due to severe Angular Limb s, he has started his 1st leg surgery in July and will do the 2 nd leg in Oct he's in a brace 9 weeks each leg,,.then this puppy will run like the wind .his smile says it all he's happy to be loved & free vote for Bentley all winnings go to help his medical
Buster is a 2 month old cockapoo, he loves chew toys and so far has learnt his name plus how to sit and lie down🐶 we are working on more training 🤞🏼Loves spending time with his rabbit brother, our 10 month lop ear rabbit 🐰
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie love’s chasing squirrels or her ball She is my constant companion.She was a rescue at a small shelter Still on mother with 2 brothers She picked me and rest is history.Loves to sit in my lap Great snuggler
As funny as he is cute, Ralph never fails to make me smile.
Freya may be entered in the contest but is not particularly participating. No voting for me and i dont care to be voted for. This contest makes me feel discouraged. I spent more money on votes than i actually recieved as a prize. The contest is really a waste of time. Sorry everyone.
Will exchange votes ... Without Brutus, I would not be alive today. Brutus has been clinging to my side like glue ever since I rescued him from the streets almost 4 years ago. I don't know how to give him back with my life because he stood by me. He loves to cuddle and, despite his size, he considers himself a lap dog. He enjoys playing with his squeaky toys, riding in the car, taking walks, and, of course, cuddling up next to me Find me on FB if you have any questions Crystal Maus I'm also on pupvote if you want to exchange there ...
Oreo was brought into this world many years ago. She will always have a special place in my heart. She was my second ever cat i owned. One time she got outside and was lost for days that was the saddest its ever been for me Until she returned home safe and sound.
Shadows favorite thing since birth is napping. He is still my very sweet boy. He is the nicest friend you could ever have and very loyal.
Dude wasn’t in this world long. But when he was he was the most loving and playful cat you would ever have met. He will forever be in my Heart. ❤️
My sweet boy, passed away months ago. It would be amazing to win this in memory of him. He will forever be missed.
Ash is a sweet and energetic little girl. I haven’t had her for long but its felt like years. She is extremely smart for being so little
Princess is not the stereotypical chihuahua. She likes to sleep and loves being with her owner. She gets super exited to see her owner she even pees a little
Faith is 12 years old she is my sidekick always with me even more now that she’s going blind but she’s still my buddy
Cookie Crumb
She loves attention, Shes the most living, sweet girl ever, definitely her daddys girl!
She is a sweet 4 month old baby girl. She is full is spankyness and life. She will come up to you and not give you a choice to cuddle as she rubs all over your face and body into she finally settles down on your lap and falls asleep.
Sunny looks so cute because he wanted to go for a car ride. Car rides are his favorite thing in the entire world!
He is quiet a character.
Taking a break
Ozzie is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He loves to play and cuddle.