Pumpkin loves to sleep all day, play in his catio, try to escape the house, eat and play with his sister. He is a sweet guy who likes attention only when he wants it❤️. He will melt your heart!
She is a very cuddly kitty. One of the sweetest in fact. Her favorite activities is sunbathing and playing fetch.
We adopted Figaro at age 8. He is the sweetest Persian cat, even though he looks angry lol
Buddy does not have teeth and so sometimes he forgets to put his tongue back in his mouth.
Semi is very loving. She enjoys swimming, hunting, fishing, traveling, having her belly rubbed, and just being with her human family! She smiles if she thinks she’s in trouble. Semi’s favorite food is anything you give her but her most favorite is slim Jim’s or chicken strips (raisin cains mostly) she is sassy as can be and runs our house hold! Semi loves everybody and gentle as can be !
Jinx is a 2 year old Chaweenie and the absolute love of my life he is so fun and always willing to go for a walk or a car ride. He loves his Grandpa and his friend Kat and especially his daddy. He's ready to give ya a paw to shake or a high five anytime!! He is my best little buddy
Ritchie loves to play hard and chill even harder. He’s a gentle giant with a curious side. He loves to cuddle on his blanket, sit in the window and sun himself and watch the birds.
Trigger was stolen from his mother When he was brought to me by a neighbor he was extremely underweight. He could barely see he was extremely sick and was infected with parasites. He is now a wonderful little man he fought for his like like a champ. He's so sweet and funny. He loves to enjoy life. His favorite toys are q-tips. He love to carry them around. He will soon be a therapy cat also.
Chaunceley is a 95 lb gentle giant who thinks he’s a lap dog. He loves going to the park and meeting up with his friends. Snacks don’t stand a chance around him.
Hi my name is precious im about 12wks old i love my new family I was adopted i love my brothers and sisters i chase my 15month old brother around we have fun. I like to snuggle up next to him also for bedtime
Apollo likes to find surge protectors and press the glowing button.
Leo is a 10 month old DSH, I adopted him from my local rescue at 2 months. He loves his window so that he can watch the birds every morning.
Junior was abandoned and left for dead by his mother because he was sick. He has grown into this Handsome, funny, sensitive man cat. He is also now a certified support animal. He symbolizes the idea that all life matters. Alittle love can change things no matter how hopeless.
Xena is the best little kitty ever🐱 She has been through alot to survive. We found her on the way to school one day curled up in a little ball on the side of the road. So when we picked her up and she was still alive. When i got home from schol that day i was so happy to see a kitty in the house!🤗 She is one phyco kitty, im not gunna lie. She acts like she is a dog, when we got her she slep in the kennel with my chihuahuas, they are all besties!! She sniffs people and LOVES to go outside! Help out by voting for my awesome, funny, and really strange cat🤷‍♀️🤞😍
Casper love his bread ties love chasing them all over the house and hides them under our bed pillows lol
His name alone is cool enough to vote for (It’s not cage with a K - it’s Kah-gay)
Hi, I’m Ceaser 🤩 I love playing fetch with my toys and gazing out of the window most of the time. My favorite thing to do is follow mom around the house and taking walks in the garden just to eat the grass 😂 I just got a new little brother and he’s a pain but I’m glad I’m not the only cat anymore! My mom rescued me when I was just a newborn and has been taking care of me ever sense. All proceeds submitted will go towards Ceaser’s vet bills and medication to keep him healthy 🙏 Please take a moment to give CC a vote!! 💙🐾
Gritts loves to play and loves chacing shadows. It's so funny watching him pounce on his or anyone else shadow. He loves to get under the covers and go to bed with us. So sweet and loving. I love him so much. The best personality. So funny when he wants to play. Doesn't have a mean bone in his body
This boy right here found us. I was walking home from walmart one night grabing a few things and I heard a kitten meowing. Could'nt see him or get him to come to me. So i just kept walking. I stopped at a nother store (gas station) befor continueing to go home to grab a few more things I needed. I heard a nother meow. Like this kitten was fallowing me but I couldn't see it. So I tryed calling out to it one more time and here comes out this sweet grey silver and black tabby kitten all by its self. He came up to me finally. So I went into the store and got him some milk and a can of wet cat food. Fed it to him petted him for a little and then the next thing I knew he was fallowing me home. Now this is in the city. No houses near by. Nothing but businesses. So Iknew he couldn't belong to anyone. No collar also. When I was walking and if i got to far where i was out of his sight he meowed so bad like he was panicking. It broke my heart cause he couldn't find me. So I would stop for him to catch up. Then he'd run right up to me. He followed me all the way home into my home and has been with me ever since. He sleeps with me and will jump in the bed stand there till I pull back the cover and he will climb right in and snuggle up next to me. Lol he's also jelious if I love on our other cats. I think I belong to him. He found me that night. I love him so much.
My name is Bloom, I love going for walks, and am fascinated with spider's, have to stop and look everytime i see one. I enjoy cuddles and like sitting on laps. Oh and almost forgot, sitting in the window enjoying nature, ahhh its the best.
Leo is the sweetest boy who loves all things cuddles 🥰 He loves when Mom and Dad go shopping because we come home with his favorite toy, a plastic bag 😂
Skrappy like walks and belly rubs he talks to u and he likes to be on his hind legs and hug u
Angel loves playing with our other cat patch and she is so fun and energetic
Harley is a little over 10 years old and one of the best cats ever but he’s very mouthy
9 week old miniature dachshund who has settled right in and already has our whole hearts
This big boy loves water, sleeping, car rides and to go outside. He is also obsessed with a pizza blanket he has had since he was little. His favorite food is salmon and he loves the go-gurt tubes for cats.
Roxy Cat
Hi there! My name is Roxy but my mama has many "pet" names(pun intended) for me like "Fancy Pants Roxy Cat", "Roxy Cat", "Roxanne", "Roxy Pants", "Roximus" or my personal favorite "Mamas Little World". I have been her world for 13 years, ever since I was 6 weeks old. I enjoy brisk walks around the house, bird watching, cuddles on the couch, sleeping with my mama, and I am also a recovered catnip user. I dont like to brag but even after losing all of my hair a few times from flea allergies and my ear being a little unique over a hematoma surgery gone wrong I still believe that I am a very pretty kitty!
Daisy Mae is a 12 week old Pembroke welsh corgi. She is unbelievably smart and full of energy. She loves to play and is full of personality. Her favorite food is popsicles.
Luna loves to eat, snuggle and watch the birds all day!
Lucy is a mixed breed puppy. She loves her two cat siblings so much and is always trying to play with them. She has a very strong attachment to her stuffed monkey, she cannot sleep without monkey!
Belle is a (spoiled) princess. Her hobbies include taking long naps, eating, napping some more and wining when I don’t give her my food when she has her own. Belle has been with me since she was 2 weeks old. She is very vocal. She has an attitude like no other (but hey she’s cute so I’ll allow it) Vote for Belle!!
Meet Lacey! When she was 3-4 she was found in below zero weather. When we found her she had scars on her legs and was dripping milk, she had just recently had puppies. Her previous owners breed her and used her for a puppy mill. Now that she lives her pampered, princess life with her momma and papa she is so grateful for being rescued. She is the most spoiled little girl in the neighborhood.Her favorite thing to do is nap in her bed, with her her sister Lily. Her favorite human food is pop-corn, and she loves almonds. She loves kids and gives them big, wet kisses all the time. She is very gentle and has a big personality.
Arthur The Joker
He has one blue eye, one green. Very affectionate cat and loves cuddles
Shadow is very friendly. He loves to look out the window. When I throw his little ball he will bring it back to me. He is so cute and does tricks for treats.
Lacey Lou
Lacey Lou is a 8 month old Schnauzer. She loves car rides and snuggles and her mama!
Tucker Joe
Tucker is a 7 year old purebred Border Collie. He loves to herd, and is very protective of our children. He is a very loyal and very smart boy!
3 month old full of energy and lovable and all paws...
MayBelle is a female Tortoise Shell. She loves her dog brothers and lounging around the house being an indoor cat. She is very affectionate and loves her people!
Oakley is a Labrador Retriever, she loves to sniff all the trees and bushes on our walks and is always the culprit of missing socks!
Angel is a 13 year old cuddle bug. She may only have 1 eye, but she has never let that stop her.
Gibbons loves to snuggle his mom and dad. When he’s hungry he makes it known with his loud meows.
Thor is a 3 year old German shepherd. We got to fill a empty hole in our heart and he is great at it. This boy is the best companion a person could ask for.
Titan is a beautiful breed.. he is a pedigree Siberian Husky/ Artic Wolf and Rottweiler! He definitely is a very playful, cuddle bug puppy! Always loving to play with dogs/cats! He sure loves people!! Titian sure is a cute puppy!!
Remi Roux
My name is Remi Roux. I love playing with my car sister, Jeaux Jeaux and my human sister Rhylan. I love running around, burying my bones and playing hide and seek with Rhylan.