Raynor is a spunky 6 year old Beagle/Foxhound. Raynor loves to travel. His favorite destination is Portland, Maine(such a dog friendly city). Raynor loves to go on walks, play with his doggie friends and be my best friend. Raynor is a survivor, he has survived 2 major emergencies in his 6 years both involving blood transfusion and emergency surgery. I believe with all my heart the power of love from all his family and friends and his will to live has helped him fight and live. I am truly blessed to have him a In my life. He has shown me nothing but love and compassion. Thank you for taking the time to vote for my best friend. All winnings he wins for any competition will always be donated to local animal rescues.
Remi is almost 3 months and loves to prance around when she knows it’s time to eat or when mom and dad give her an ice cube. She knows how to sit, lay down and give paw. She is a big fluff ball with a huge personality
She’s a little goofball! She loves to run and jump as fast as she can but when it’s time to lay down she’s a bed hog!
Alfie is a big beautiful red teddybear that doesn't comprehend how special he truly is!! Help his confidence by voting for this handsome boy!!
My name is Fefi. You may know me by my street names, lil peep or nasty girl. I have been described as an old soul in the body of a spry young pup! I just turned 3 July 6th!!
Maverick loves to play and learn new tricks!!
Brody is a playful little guy with a love for the outdoors. He loves meeting new people and pets. Loves food, toys and his big brother! When I got him he had Coccidia and man was that a nightmare he has now put on weight and looks like he should, a healthy puppers!
Sadly his mother died by getting hit by a car so I took him in at three weeks he’s currently four now he loves getting bottle-fed and is the most spoiled dog I ever had🥺
Miss Coco she is spoiled & cries till she gets what she wants. Outdoor time she shows her brothers who is in charge wrestling them in the grass. Mommys world & will remind me of her evening walks. Coco has what it takes to win. Show Coco Roo some love.
Milo Rilo sweetheart full of love. Loves sneaking a few cheetos & getting some load snores in. But playtime wrestling with his siblings& hiding the toys. Thats our Milo Rilo.
Hershel is very intelligent, loving, addicted to belly rubs, and loves attention. He also loves posing for the camera in his free time! I found baby Hershel in snowy, winter of Michigan outside my door. I fell in love with him and rescued him from being freezing❤️
Duke Duke
Hello everyone Duke is here to win. 👋 Mom & dad call me Dukee. I dont act like a dog. I talk and howl at my parents when they get home for leaving me. Backpack rides on dads bike & snacks with cuddling on the couch. Vote for me and when I win wait till you see all the tricks I can do.Woof Woof
Maisie Jane
The crown is fitting for this queen 🐝
He is very playful loves to run loves to play life loves to cuddle and pur in peoples ears Please vote for my cute baby kitty he is the perfect baby to have at home
Cooper comes to us as a rescue from Hobbs New Mexico. he’s the first dog we have had in 27 years. His favorite food is chicken and rice, favorite treat is a greeny. He dislikes food that he’s unfamiliar with. His favorite past time is running full speed through the house while jumping and leaping through the air. He loves going for walks and for car rides. He recently went into Rocky Mountain National Park and over Trail Ridge Road he loved every minute of it. But his favorite thing to do while he was in the mountains was chasing the chipmunks. We are very blessed to have this little boy he brings us so much joy every single day.
Born 11/06/21
Bailey Sue
Bailey is a 3 months old Chocolate Queensland Heeler. She loves to swim and play fetch. She also enjoys going to karaoke with us and meeting new people. She absolutely loves to cuddle and is a big sweetheart. Her unique Smokey eyes just capture your heart. Please vote for Bailey!
Luna Fea
Luna is such an amazing dog she has a big heart and she loves my husband
when we got her she had been abused and was scared of everything/everyone, now she loves everybody and shes the sweetest thing
Dozer was a bottlefed baby from four days old him and his four siblings! He’s now 8 months old and a very handsome loyal and smart boy! He loves any toy that has a squeak to it! He also is a very talented jumper I believe he is part kangaroo! He’s a very loving boy who loves to snuggle !!
Sweetheart mixed with a little bit of hurricane.
Pinky is an emotional support pup . He loves cuddles and to play with the puppies. He's not just a dog but a part of my family.
Junior is fluffy long gray haired cat, very easy going, loves outdoors and cat snacks and his family. Was rescued after born in installation under a home, has come a long way and loves the sun and kiddos
Bella is the world to our family. She love to play with her toys. Bella likes to hang with all her dog friends, and loves to cuddle, and sleep on fresh clean clothing in our laundry basket.
Callaway is the most loving, respectful dog you will ever meet. He loves to chase butterflies and eat popcorn in his past time. He loves the dog park, hoomans and his sister Shorty the Sphynx cat. Callaways favorite thing to do is go to the lake and run around and swim with the other “kids” (puppies). His favourite thing to hunt is his moms scrunchies around the house, he loves to cuddle and give hugs and most importantly wrestle his cousin Gunner the blue heeler.
Kogi was rescued off the streets of Pittsburgh. His DNA test revealed that he is the sweetest little Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, Siberian mix there could be! Fun fact: Kogi will only eat fish. He does not like poultry or beef. Pretty picky for someone who was starving to death when he was rescued!
Julian is my Emotional support dog, he enjoys rides in the van. traveling, going to dog parks, playing with his huge selection of toys, and going to the "Puppy Store" PetSmart usually however he also goes into other stores as well where they allow support animals to go. His favorite food is Salmon and loves bones. Non rawhide are his favorites. He's lovable and very friendly, and people often comment on how gorgeous he is and that they love him. He is also very loyal and protective of me. Especially when I fell down our stairs and broke my leg. He wouldn't leave my side, even once the Paramedics arrived. He is by far my favorite companion. I simply couldn't ask for a better dog than Julian.
hes a good boy.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker is my loyal little superhero. He saved my life more times than I can count. I can confirm that he's sleeping next to me as I type this. He's very lazy and could spend a whole day cuddling with me under the blankets of my bed. He is probably exhausted from webslinging in another universe.
Loki is very loving and playful, he loves going on car rides with me and getting puppy cups from Dutch Bros. He loves the outdoors and people the most! And he's obsessed with new toys he gets. He definitely my best friend.
Max spent the first year of his life being abused. Then he spent an entire year in the shelter being passed over. Then a couple months ago we fell in love. He came home with us and is learning how to relax and enjoy life
Cash is a cinnamon colored, albino Boston Terrier with a heart as big as his smile.
A puppy mill survivor! He has lifelong physical defects from being in a crate with so many other dogs for 7 years. Never walked. Never brought inside. Never even given a name. You’d never know that now, he is such a loving and trusting little guy that absolutely deserves the world and more.
Hey, This is Teddy or Mr Teddy Winkles as we like to call him. Will happily swap votes
Lola is a 13 week old sprocker spaniel! She loves going on walks and playing with her toys! Her favourite thing to eat except from puppy food is a little bit of frozen carrot! She is so loyal and loveable!
Hey, This is Princess. She is a demanding and noisy cat, who likes to get her own way
Baileys is a 5 year old pure breed shih tzu. She loves getting and giving cuddles and kisses. Miss Bailey’s may have an attitude, she likes taking back when you tell her to do something.
Alaska or Laska as we call her is a alaskan malemute/husky mix. She loves to talk, you can sit and talk with her for hours.
Mook is a husky/Wolf mix. He’s a big baby and thinks he only weighs 10lbs.
Hope is funny when she sees a spider , she is more frightened than the spider 🙂
Abby is 4 yrs old & has a temper you don’t mess with. She loves to play & get loving from anyone that will love on her. She also does what we call the belly shuffle. She lays on the floor & rocks backwards & forwards. She is special.
This baby was rescue brought to me extremely ill but he bounced back to be the sweetest, loving, crazy little boy. He loves his cat daddy (my hubbie) so much that he follows him everywhere. He puts on his cool Hawaiian shirt to help Me feed the feral cat colony where we live. We love him & if we win part of the proceeds will go to feed, trap and fix the feral cat colony where will live.
Nightwing here is named after the hero because of his gray(son) color. I named him myself. He weighs roughly 10 pounds and loves to just lay around. But if you pull out the laser pointer, he'll be the first to pounce! He is always hungry and doesn't like to be rubbed on too much. He loves little paw rubs or head scratches, though.
Nightshade is my little moody ball of "bad luck." Her and I are one in the same. Both of us are perfect for the fall season! She doesn't like men, human or cat, likes to have her space, but everyone needs a little cuddles sometimes. Nightshade approves of my resembling tattoo of her. ♡
Woof 🐾 I am 〽️undo 🐶! I am a Merle English Bulldog. I love to play for short periods of time and go on quick walks!😊 I am naturally a lazy guy & can’t bare the heat very long. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up on moms lap and nap 😴. My owners would love to share my rolls with you 😇🥰
Diamond Dasha Grace
Hi my name is Dasha I am very friendly and love to snuggle with my family and i love to smile! It would mean the world to me if you could help my grandson BOAZ and I win the contest!!