A gentle, asthmatic soul. Brings home slugs.
Hi I'm chuy and I woof my humans. I also won't leave my blue ball alone and it has to be with me no matter what. I'm very picky and whiny. I love me some peanut butter in my little pink Kong. I love to sleep in clean warm laundry and get my fur all over so my peeps have me with them all the time.❤️🐶🐾
My name is little! I love to play with my toys, sun bathe outside and go for rides with my mommy.
Little Girl
This is my baby, her name is Little Girl. She enjoys sleeping next to me, playing with bottle caps, eating Cheezits and Ritz crackers and going ekekekekek at the birds outside.
Mila is a sweet playful girl. He favorite game is playing fetch with me. Yes, she fetches like a dog. ❤️
He likes doing the zoomies, he does a lot of tricks especially if there is treat involved 😉and a good cuddle buddy and he loves so smile at you
Joey likes to smile when he take a nap
This is Oliver. 7 months old. He's a very lovable toy poodle. Loves to play and snuggle. And who could go wrong with those teddy bear eyes?
My girl is a bulldog, lab pit mix. Two years old and the attitude to match!! 😁 She very loving but also very sassy and she loves to be vocal all times of the day!! It's her world, we're just lucky to live in it.
Sparky is a very energetic kitten he's the spark in our family. He has an amazing personality filled with energy. He's loveable and playful always. Sparky is about 6 weeks old. Sparky is a kitten rescue and is enjoying his new forever home.
Lily is a a blast of energy, very loveable and most of all a very friendly greeter. She loves making friends at the doggy park. Lily is also a dog rescue and enjoying her forever home.
Simba Nelson
Simba is full of personality! He has a Garfield appetite with a loving loyal personality. He loves the camera so getting photos and videos of him is very easy. He’s a cat but loves dogs toys so I call him my puppy.
Ralph is a cute little tabby boy who loves to jump around and chase after flies in the garden. His special move is what we call ‘Circus’ where you tap your fingers above his head and he jumps up and gives your hand a little nuzzle! He also loves the little garlic dips you get with takeaway pizzas 🍕
Star is a silver bengal, he loves going for walks outside and running around. He’s a very active and super friendly cat. He loves cuddling and showing affection
William was born to Mulder and Scully 3 years ago. He likes tomato sauce, head pets, and talking at his hooman.
Lora Stardust
Lora is a seizure-prone cat that was recently adopted out of a shelter! She is very sweet, loving, and gentle. Lora loves to play and "sing" along to Black Sabbath!
Abigail Rae
Abigail Rae aka Bo is a multipurpose service dog and Black and Tan Coonhound mix, she has saved my life. I rescued her when she was a puppy, raw bloody paws, malnourished. I saved her and she saved me. She LOVES to go outside and run, bike rides are one of her favorites!
Ava Bear
This is Ava bear, shes a silly lil puppy. She runs around and loves to play. She loves her stuffed teddy bear and never leaves it be. She likes to do park core.
Hello! My name is Ace. I love peanut butter, my brother Spade and my kitty sister mystic! My mom loves to go on walks with me and takes me for so many car rides.
Delilah is a mini bernedoodle who is as sweet as can be! She loves going for walks and cuddling with her mama! Delilah is the best dog I could ever ask for and has brought so much joy to our lives!
Nala was adopted Jan. 3! Following my Disney theme <3 she took about a week to really warm up to the new kittens but she loves them now. She plays with them some and is definitely like a momma cat with them ☺️
Figaro and Cleo (sisters) were adopted Saturday (4/15). I named them after the pets in Pinocchio <3 Figaro is more shy and her meow is more of a squeak but it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever heard!
Cleo and Figaro (sisters) were adopted on Saturday (4/15). Named after the pets in Pinocchio <3 Cleo is definitely a little pure box 🐱 she is extremely curious and sneaky 😅
Chester likes to watch birds an squirrels and take lots of naps!
Wally is 2 months old. He loves to play with all his toys. He loves to terrorize his big brother. He's so snuggly when he's sleeping.
Paris is the sweetest goofball I have ever met! She loves to play and sit on my lap. If she really likes you, shell rub up on you like a cat its so silly.
Echo is the most kind hearted soul you would ever meet. She loves people and mostly children. She loves to play and run and is just so energetic and makes your day brighter.
I like to run around with my sisters and hide spring toys all over the house I especially love to give kisses and am only a year old im so tiny I even fit under the couch!
Sheeza is a year old, she is rottweiler, lab and Bassett hound and she loves to howl.
Shes playful and loves chasing her tail. 🐈‍⬛️
King is a 2 year old rottie who loves to be spoiled. He loves outside , belly rubs , PEANUT BUTTER, toys and car rides!
He is now 18 yrs old and still loves playing with his spider. He puts his spider in his food dish like he’s trying to feed it. He loves snuggles and head booping me. He loves strawberry cake and little Debbie snack cakes. He still loves wrestling with the other 2 younger cats and is King of the castle. He is in early kidney failure but you would never know it.
My name is Neeko, I love to ride in the car, I have a bestfriend named Loyal and I love my mom
Wyatt is an Aussiedoodle who has the sweetest personality 💙
My name is Eevee I’m a 1 year old cat. Yes I’m named after the Pokémon. I love roaming my house and cuddling with my humans. Also I love hunting things. Please vote for me I’m the sweetest little girl. ❤️😊
My name is Edgar Van Halen. I’m a 2 year old shih tzu/ Yorkie mix. I’m super playful and super sweet cuddles are my favorite thing please vote for me. 😊
Ozzy is a lively pup who loves to play with his little brother Todd. He loves to be the little spoon and won’t get out of the bed in the morning without getting some cuddles first. He also loves giving his mama kisses and loves having dog breakfast at his nanas house on sundays!
Freya is the sassiest cat you’ll ever meet, she loves going for walks in her stroller and has an attitude that’s bigger than life!
Arlo is a 9 month old husky pit bull mix. He’s a real sweetheart and is currently learning some cool tricks. I have chronic debilitating migraines and Arlo is learning how to help me and support me during an attack🤍 He loves his 2 brothers and his nana most of all.
He is most definitely a cuddle bug. He is a kitten so he can be rambunctious but when he is ready to cuddle you know it.
My sleepy prince
Penelope is a total love bug, has been with me through two kids and is the best cuddled! She travels everywhere with me and is mt total shadow!
Nova loves cuddling and being the most goofy and calm dog
Suki is queen of the town. Loves sunbathing in middle of roads, following strangers into pubs, libraries and dentists. Favourite drink - tea Favourite food - dreamies and mushy peas Hates teddy the neighbours one eyes cat.
Xeb's got so much personality and knows it! He's also such a sensitive soul- when feeling down Xeb knows just how to brighten your day with kisses and play.
He is such a crybaby, Caesar likes to think of himself as a lapdog and wants plenty of cuddles