Monty is a bit daft but we love him! He’s a domestic shorthair and loves everyone he meets.
Oscar is a domestic shorthair, he’s very intelligent and so beautiful (he knows it too).
Zara Mae
She's crazy and loving, and the love of my life 💗 I'm so grateful for her!
My Boy Jett Is A Black Pomeranian, The Rarest Pomeranian Breed. He is 1 year old and is stuck to my side like Velcro. I don’t know what I’d do without my fur baby!
Tinsel is a 14 year old deaf rescue. She is the sweetest girl ever and never says no to a treat! We rescued her in rough shape, with dental and skin issues as well as allergies and arthritis but you’d never know with how happy she is! She also has cancer and will unfortunately have to undergo an amputation as it can’t be removed so should she win anything, it’ll go towards her medical bills/wheelchair/prosthetic! I hope you love our honeybee as much as we do! Thank you for looking!
Winny is a huskey cross nikita who is only 13 weeks old. She is very playful and makes us all laugh
Hi my name is Luna. I am nearly 4 months old and I love cuddles, playing and my milky treats. Please vote for me 😽
A cheeky, happy go lucky pup.
My heart ❤️ She's been with me through so much for so long! I just recently lost her this year and my heart will forever be broken 💔 😔
Kylo is 6️⃣ years old, and absolutely loves his football. He loves running around in massive fields, and being outdoors. But, he also loves sleeping, and he loves watching TV! His favourite thing to eat is 🦆, and his favourite treat are strawberries 🍓
Mamacita left his owner (a neighbor) came to my house and NEVER left! His neuter was done so well i thought he was a she! Therefore, Mamacita, 😆 He never leaves my side 💖 He's just the best!
Mush is a 15week old english bulldog, hes like a bull in a china shop, but very clever. Sits, lays, and recall of lead all ready. Loves kids and other animals hes just a pure joy.
Bella was a stray, so we took her in out of the cold. It turned out she was pregnant, so now she has 5 adorable babies too. Shes an awesome mommy.
Kevin is a highly sophisticated floof with all the purrs. He loves his treaties and his brother klaus!
Winnie likes going for walks, sleeping in her mums dressing gown And her favourite toy sully the fish. She also can spell dinner and likes to lick peoples trousers lol, the cutest little bun I ever did see
Lucipurr has always been our adventurous cat out of four little furballs, he is a dad to 4 lovely kittens, two of which he gets to play with everyday, along with his other half, catsiel. About 7 months ago he had to have surgery for bladder stones, yet that didnt stop his carefree spirit AT ALL, which made it hard for mom and dad to keep him contained as to not rip his sitches. Well this also led to a needed, very expensive special cat food for him that he now can only have. Tho he does enjoy it, mom and dad do not enjoy the cost of it 😅 so this would go towards his food fund if we were to win! As you can tell by the names we love the show supernatural haha. There is never a dull moment with this guy around and we are so lucky to have him in our lives to cheer us up everyday ❤️❤️
Benny boy, is our 6 month old king! we call him our sausage cat, as hes super long! Benny is a sweet boy who loves cuddles but loves to chase our feet, and chase the poor flys outside, he loves his sister Pixie the chuhuhua, loves sneaking up and giving her a quick cat slap ❤️
Sora is a mini Aussie and he loves his owner Meagan and knows when she needs him. He is her emotional support dog for sure.
Snickers loves little walkies 🐾 and loooooong sleeps 😴
Floofy is lovable and a doesn’t know his a cat thinks his a dog!!
Leonard loves people, walks, car rides to Grandmas house, and treats. He is the goodest dog.
Orange Kitty
Stray cat that chose me to be his owner! My grandson named him orange kitty and the name just stuck! He is approx. 1 year and 3 months old. Started feeding him around December. I only got a glimpse of him at 1st. I was putting food out everyday for him. Eventually he started coming to me. I had a living area for him outdoors because of my small living space and two elderly female cats in the house. I thought maybe he was someone's pet because he appeared to be fairly healthy. No success finding an owner or anyone willing to take him in. Well after taking him to the vets and getting him all up to date on all his shots and getting him fixed. He is now mostly staying inside but still wants to go outside all the time. I am currently in the process of making arrangements to close in my deck to give more space and room for the cats. Please vote! Mama needs $$$ for the project! Orange chose me for his forever home now I have to give him a home where he can roam around freely. Thank you!
Jade Amber
Jade as she likes to be called is tbe sweetest cat ever. So friendly and very intelligent. Loves to scowl about all night and sleep all day! She climbs up the wall and jumps in tbe bedroom window when she wants to come home. Happy always and l9ves to give cuddles
I’m Skyla 3 month old French bulldog very friendly and I Love attention 🥰
Gracie, I found on the side of the road with tape around her paws and nothing but bones. She is a plothound which is not in the breeds on here. She is so sweet, and I can not go anywhere without her or she whines just like her rescue friend Gizmo. Loves to run, infacts runs like a race dog could not catch her for anything if she runs from! Spoiled rotten with toys and rides.
Ziggy is such a sweet boy he loves cuddles, playing with his ball, learning new things and having treats that he likes most of all
Dolores Estelle
Dolores Estelle is a loving gentle pug. She likes the outdoors if it is no hotter than 71degrees and no lower than 69 degrees, she would rather be pushed around in her stroller but not too fast..
Gizmo is a rescue, loves to play with Gracie my other rescue and loves to run fast. He loves the outdoors but loves to be around me at all times. I spoil him rotten with toys and bringing him on rides. If I'm not in the room he puts his feet in the water dish and makes a mess bc he loves being in the water . He also loves tummy rubs and chin scratches.
Tobias is a Jorky ( mini jack russel and yorkshire) very playful and brave. He is the best ever.
im a shy quiet boy, but loves me some good play time, i play with my buddy who also lived with us, and soccer is my favorite, i play with my kid and make the best goal keeper.
Jasper is a cavapoo which is a mixed breed between a poodle and a cavalier King Charles he LOVES cheese and chicken 🫶
Hi my name is yomii, I enjoy lickable cat treats && running , jumping and healing people. My favorite time of day is when everyone’s asleep cause they finally shut up. I just can’t wait to be king .
here to say hi, the best part about me is im a sweet boy, and people always comment about my name, but i do out eat our other 2 cat's and the 2 dog's. (babycow)
Forester is an amazing puppy who personality is amazing. I He is a lovely Funny little puppy 🐶 has also having knee surgery next week ~ hugs x
his almost a year old but still kitten size, very playful and curious out the bunch, love his cuddles and outdoor fun
Gizmo is a lover . He will befriend anyone and give you so much love . he loves cuddles and loves talking back to you with his silly barks
Lucy is a rescue! She knows tricks. Lucy likes to hide toys, treats. Loves to play all day, enjoys to chases birds outside and road trips, relaxes by the ducks near our local lake! She has the most beautiful patterns I ever seen! Gives kisses to other dogs. Shes a wonderful lovable and fearless pup!
Molly loves all her vegetables especially peas and carrots! She can smell a tin of tuna being opened from down the road! She loves cuddles and loves doing zoomies x
Tic is a very cute and lively furry friend, she is deaf but it just makes us love her even more.
Marble is very active but also a scarfy cat, hiding everytime someone opens the front door. She is so affectionate and loving.
Reggie is a lil Shih-tzu and 7 months old I'm convinced he has springs instead of legs and should have been a horse or a kangaroo ,he copy's his brother Charlie the cat by lying ontop of the sofa and people watching out the window ,loves to take his toys one by one from his toybox in the kitchen and bring them into the livingroom area but has now discovered he can trail the whole box in now to save him time ,he loves going on the school run in the mornings and loves all the attention from the parents and kids ,likes walks on the beach and playing football with his big brother Oli,Reggie is a massive Liverpool fan ! Reggie loves his mummy and loves to help her eat her Tesco honeycomb sundaes and pull her socks off and put his favourite toy (red ball)in his mummy's shoes ,loves Coldplay ,tipping point and the chase !