Dog cat Stories - 68


Ruggs- named after #1 Raiders draft pick Henry Ruggs III... is 6 months old and uses his "come hither" eyes to win over everyone. He enjoys naps by the fire, racing cars that drive by and having the"zoomies."
Buddy is a lovable big boy of 4 years of age on february 2oth...he has many faces lol...he hears someone coming to the door before they get to it ...hes spoiled rotten and he loves his treats.
She loves car rides and loves to play fetch.
Ruger loves treats and nap time! Is he Batman? A panda? Nah, he is the most handsome little Rugester ever! Thanks for voting for him!!! 😻
I love to play & run around! I love all toys but my favorite is a ball or a stick! I love cuddles & to swim! But most of all I love my mom!
Woof, My name is Mina 🐾I usually don’t have any other hobby beside sleep, eat, argue with my sister and oh ohh of course annoy my human mom.
Lulu Torres
Love to eat an play
Shadow loves balls, any type of balls. She loves making TikToks. She’s very photogenic. Her favorite people are mom & dad. Her best friend is my brothers German Shepherd Lucy!
Arlo likes to ride in the car and on my shoulders. He knows how to roll dow windows so have to window lock... He says moma forever when i leave he is a great cat.
Thumper loves to keep you on your toes! He’s a cuddle buddy and a fighter. Please vote for our sweet boy!
She is very friendly with everyone but kids more. She loves playing with my other chihuahua. He is 10pounds and she is only 5 pounds but she is the agreesive one when playing. Sleeps with me right under my neck
Rodimus is pictured with his daughter Canela. He is a blue ribbon generational brindle and white Olde English Bulldogge, and is our gentle giant. He loves car rides, playing fetch, visiting family and having playdates; but most of all he loves snuggles and is in complete denial of his size as he thinks that he is a mini lap dog with his favorite humans.
5 month pup who is full of energy and loves to take pictures!
Jazz c’est un chien merveilleux et fidèle! Mon compagnon de sport ! Une bonne race de chien vraiment!
The little 8 month old kitten with the heart shaped nose! I found this little cutie in a decrepit barn in PA. She was so little, undernourished, and was sick. She now is at a healthy weight and still has the same savage appetite! Stellaluna is named after the 1993 children's book about a little lost black bat and also Sailor Moon's cat guide. Despite her black fur, she has quickly become my little light of my life. Vote for this cutie!
She’s fun loving loves to play peek a boo with her big sister. Mommie mentions the word “Eat” and I come Running. I’m Samurai the Warrior
Archie is the most loving and wackiest cat I have ever known! He loves to be with you and if he’s not you will always find him sat somewhere in the funniest of positions!
Cleo is mommy dog she puts the other dogs in check if they do something wrong. She is very vocal but everything else is when she wants to do something very stubborn. Her favorite thing is when you say food her ears go up.
Max is a doberman mix boxer he has blue skin he loves to play play with ropes and walk and will walk himself. He also will talk to his owner and walks on command. His favorite thing is to eat and to pull everything off the bed run around house with it in his mouth and those are blankets
Riley And Sheldon
Riley is a pocket pit. He lives to play he thinks is playtime all the time never wants to stop. His favorite thing to do is on on walks. Him and Sheldon or inseparable they go everywhere with each other if ones not around the other crys. Sheldon is a Maltese his favorite thing is to run and hop
Big Buddy
Big Buddy is a Bullmassif mix pit he likes to walk himself very playful. When you tell him to sit he moves backwards the comes forward and sits down he also gives a paw. His favorite thing is eating and being outside
Bronx Maxwell
Meet Bronx! Fun lovable Pup that sees himself as a Fashion Icon. He also loves playing with his toys and giving out kisses and foot massages!
2 years old. Loves cuddles and cheese 😊😂
Diamond is a Lab mix Pit. She loves to chance things and likes to go look in the bird house. Diamond likes to go on long walks and tries to catch fish when we walk down by the water. But her favorite thing is to eat and go around trying to see if she can get the left over scraps from my other dogs.
She is a sweet little girl very energetic n loveable dog awesome puppies she only one yrs old
Toby is my little buddy, he has been my best friend for more than half my life! My mom had taken me to a poodle breeder when I was 8 years old and I picked him out. He looks like a teddy bear and he loves to snuggle. There’s nothing he loves more than treats though! (Besides me and his little sister kiwi the kitty of course)😋
Mr. Berry Dingles
Berry is super sweet and loves to cuddle and smother. He loves going outside and is a good boy. He always stays in his yard and comes when his mom calls him home. Hes also quite the gentleman. He lets the other cats eat before he does. He gets along well with other cats even the strange ones his mom sometimes brings home.
Kiwi was adopted in September 2019 as a kitten and she is the most loving silly fun cat. She sometimes thinks she’s a dog. She constantly plays fetch, better than her big bro Toby (an actual dog) ever did! She loves snuggling and playing. She really loves going outside and basking in the sun as well☀️
Dude is the kindest, fluffiest, and most loving cat I’ve ever known! He loves to cuddle, flop on the floor, and roll around. His meow sounds like a high-pitched trill, like if you combined a dolphin with Chewbacca. He is a regal fluff!
Bigtime is such a good boy! Biggie is a big love bug! He’s just the Big!
Meet Roxy Poxy, always full of energy and ready to play. Chews everything she can find, loves socks especially. Loves treats and walks. Only 6 months old and about 32 lbs. Loves cuddling only when she wants too.
hi i’m bear and i’m a golden retriever pup, i’m 3 months old and love going for walks! my favourite toy is a squeaky giraffe and i love cuddles and kisses!
She loves to play with everyone
Fergie is a old cat so he doesn’t have a lot of energy but he loves to cuddle and to steal our food.
Marley is a 9 and a half year old husky x American bulldog. She loves walks along the beach, sunbathing and tummy tickles but isn’t quite sure about her little brother ted just yet :)
Ted is a 7 week old whippet x lurcher x poodle who loves cuddles, his toy snake and and his big sister Marley :)
Luna And Sawyer
Luna is our 10 year old mixed breed rescue (foster failure), who was very depressed after the loss of her "brother" Harley a year ago... Then our daughter adopted Sawyer(pictured here laying on top of her) and she's so much happier now😊
She loves to play with her toys
Salem Saberhagen
Mr. Saberhagen is a very playful and fun cat. He was born on a Friday the 13th, which to much it seems like bad luck but to me its the bestest of luck. He love his sushi and taco toys and his family
Allen loves people especially his humans, playing in snow, and chewing on things!!
Sadie Martin
My name is Sadie I am 7 years old. I love my mommy. Love playing with Drake my human brother lol. I have serious melt downs when my mommy leaves me
Tiger is a very hilarious beautiful boy at night he will meow as loud as he can and run up and down the stairs and if you lock him him a room he will yell at you and he tells you no when you tell him something he is a friendly cat he doesn't like other dogs though but my dog him and my dog have been friends for 5 years they always play and make messes together lol...
If you couldn’t tell, Bean absolutely loves blankets. He will snuggle up in any blanket he can find
Mando is a Rescue Kitten who was adopted at the beginning of the Pandemic. Mando loves to play Fetch. He is running his new home now and loves his new home.
Hi there! My name is Bella and I am a 4 years young German Shepard living in sunny Tampa Florida. My favorite thing to do is run around outside with my bat and chase flashlights and shadows in the house, it’s kind of an obsession of mine! Vote for me and I’ll vote for you! :)
Dexter is a lab test rescue boy! He spent the first 3 years of his life being tested on in a facility. We rescued him and he was able to feel the grass beneath his feet for the first time on his 3rd birthday.
Chocolate loves to lay around and loves to chew on bones