She’s a very curios cat. She knows how to open cabinets and likes to take a look inside.
Maverick is a very energetic dog. He loves all squeaky toys
Tupac is energetic, loving, he doesn’t like to be alone, loves play time and snuggles 🥰
Sweet and spunky
Mr. Toddlez
Well he loved everybody in our complex he is the top cat on the block loves to catch mice and very good at it walks people down the block make sure they're safe I'm just loves everybody
Max is 11 week old German shepherd he loves playing with my other dog and loves chewing
Daisy is a loving Bernese Mountain dog who “ran out of ink”. She enjoys spending her time working as a pet therapy dog at nursing homes and with special needs adults and children. You can see more at her instagram! @cypheranddaisytheberners
Cypher is a calm and sweet Bernese mountain dog that loves going to work with his mom at nursing homes and with special needs kids and adults. You can see his adventures on his instagram! @cypheranddaisytheberners
Camo has the best personality. He is major snuggler and loves attention.
Lola is a 6 month old ragdoll, she is a very mischievous little girl, loves playing with her toy mouse, and swinging from our curtains 🫣. She loves her dreamies any flavour.
Ruben is an almost 1 year old Sprocker Spaniel who loves to play ball and chew things he shouldn’t😂 his favourite things are also taking up his dads spot in the bed, pretending he is too tired to move off the couch, or bounding around in the forest, there’s no inbetween😂
Nina is rescue dog from NC whom i got when she was 6 months old and now is 16.5 years old. She loves to lay in the sun and-bake.She loves riding on the boat she is the first one ready for a ride . Still runs around like a puppy ❤️❤️❤️
She is so sweet so loving so understanding she do help me out and keep me going and on my toes she is my sweetheart i would be lost without her she is my babe
Casper has blue eyes, very loving, he is currently over 150 lbs. still growing.
Hazel is a 4 year old rescue dog who loves to play..and is a big luv bug
Venti Johnson
Venti is an only child! He loves to snuggle up with a laptop. He plays fetch with hair ties! And has recently mastered catching lizards!
This is tiger he is a wonderful male cat who falls you around basically like a dog who likes your company who's just sits around and looks like you is interested in whatever you're doing it don't matter what it is he's not picky about eating now he is a bird catcher but that's the cat I love him he's very good cat I mean very very good cat he's a great companion vote for him
This is spooky she's at my niece's little cat she is the sweetest skinless little calm animal everything have been going on around her she never even jumped up or does nothing she just lays there she's so calm and gentle to let you brush her and pretty much anything you need to do to her she just let you she will she's a lap Kitty she loves the outside laying on her back she's got a little half and half little face it makes her unique she's sweet as she can be both for her
Sissy is about at 19 years old she's been with me all this time through everything she's been a faithful little companion she's my oldest cat she is a fireball she plays you run she does everything just like a regular young cat would I love her she's really cute little face she's a little short cat and small body but she can sip around like a little rocket vote for her thank you
Chico is our family’s protector! Nothing and no one gets passed him. His bark definitely sounds bigger than the 31 lbs that he weighs. He loves a new bone 🍖as much as possible!! Chico loves to travel and play fetch with his favorite toys. He is fun loving once he gets to know you❤️🦮
Mattie is a 2 year old Tortus kitty. I have had her since she was a Kitten. She is very loveable to me. But very skittish of strangers
Delia loves her walks and going to the beach! She is a super happy pup! 😁
Davy is an old fella. Lately just been a couch potato and getting lots of love and treats! He is the bestest boy ever! 😁
Sister is feisty girl. She loves her own space and gives affection only on her terms. Sister loves playing with her brother Rambo. Her favorite place to lay is on the back of the couch so she can look through the blinds. (She’s the nosy neighbor)
This cat is a girly girl she is the sweetest little animal she will look at me an give me the lovie Golden eye blinks that makes my day an brings a smile to my face every time I love her so an her fur just glows like a halo around her she is beautiful please vote for her
Elvis is a kitten and he is obsessed with string!! (And dreamies)... He also loves feet under the quilt and velour bedding. We could not ask for a better addition to our family.
A gentle giant freeloader no more.
Peep is the most loving cat ever. Very talkative too.
Lucifer sure fits his name. Can be very loving but also likes to be boss man.
Wittens was an abandoned stray cat we took in 4 yrs ago. He loves people and is very loving
He acts like a big baby. Loves to be on your lap, being outside, and he really likes car rides.Hes a chihuahua, pikanese, and terror mix. He LOVES to sleep 💓. He is 4 yrs old and likes to be all in your business when you're doing something.😂
Odie is a grey dapple dachshund. He’s full of energy, loves running in the grass and an absolute great cuddle buddy! He’s very much a ladies man , catches everyone’s attention 😉 he’s still only a pup but he’s a very quick learner , couldn’t ask for a better companion ❤️
Gigi is a little darling my daughter has taught him to sit for a treat and he absolutely loves home made blueberry and kitten milk ice creams.
Stanley the manly is the biggest mamas boy you will ever seen, not only in size but genuine love! His favorite thing to do is going on walks and rolling around in the grass!
He brings me mousies and loves lots of pets!
Ash is a Maine coon mix he’s very smart silly and serious at the same time he’s not like a normal he was able to warn mommy when her heart was acting up and knows all the signs to look out for when it happens again
I have a voice recording of her saying mama and she loves to hug and play hide and seek and loves to play with her turtle she wants her daddy to put it on the ceiling fan and she whines til we turn it on and it falls
Ponyo is a Scottish Straight and just cant help stealing hearts💕 Her favorite thing to do is listen for someone walking down the stairs to run and surprise you with the cutest pounce attack🥰
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea has a heart of gold and absolutely adores everyone.💛
Tanzi loves to be in the sun! Just look at that happy smile! 😁 My lil girl is such a cutie please help her with your vote.
Hi i am Socks, i am 9 weeks old and i love to chase my own shadow and chase my tail. I like playing with my toy mice, creep up on them and pounce on them. Please vote for me because im just the cutest! Thank you.
Loves her human siblings as well as her 2 cats, and food! Loves messing with chunky cat and taking naps after biting everyone
Adam was saved from the shelter. He loves chin scratches and also knows how to sit and shake.
Young at heart, old lady loves laying on that thing she's not supposed to and definitely in that box
Mittens is my 2 year old kitty.He got his names bc he has 2 extra thumbs and it looks like he’s wearing mittens.He’s super fluffy and loving.Always rubs on you and kisses you.
Rudi is a bouncy 10 week old pup, she really is the sweetest baby. She is loving, clever and so playful. She loves her food and her naps. She’s just the most perfect girl, how could you not Vote for her
Koda was the runt of the litter he was quiet and kinda bullied by his brothers and sisters , that’s what made me choose him . I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old , my daughter has the mother ! He is now not Quite a year old and is a hulk he stands just a little under waist high amd weighs about 65 pounds er so . He has outgrown his siblings by leaps and bounds ! No more picking on him .