Sooty is a playful little boy who like to steal donuts when no one is looking.
Garry goblin registered name butter wouldn't melt in his mouth but he certainly lives upto his name little b******d 😉 😄
I love my dad as well as chasing squirrels!
I rescue Stormy-Blue from a breeder, she couldnt have any more babies so they wanted rid of her. I fell in love with her as soon as i saw her, she was very withdrawn, and she just looked so sad, it broke my heart. But after a few weeks she finally found her feet and started to settle in. Now her personality is shining through, shes so funny and now shes spoilt rotton. She still wont play with the 100s of toys ive bought her but she does play with my empty pepsi max bottles that i squish up for her she absolutely loves them . I love her more than anything and i couldnt be without her. Ill love her till the world ends
Oliver loves love. 💚 If you’re down to cuddle so is he. He also speaks fluent English.
Bandit is a funnyy little character who loves to run, bark and learn new tricks.
Socks loves a cuddle and hides under the duvet in the cold. She lies in the sun when its out
Phoebe is collie and a German Shepard from Romania, she and her siblings were found in a plastic bag and when we adopted her she came over on the happy bus 😊
Woody is a big boy who loves his food he will not stop eating everything and anything
Hello im Angel! Im three years old with my half breed being a chihuahua and a Beagle! I love making friends every chance i get and cuddle when I rest.
Jessie is a crazy black witches cat, in 99% sure she can teleport
Marleigh is our Beautiful 14year old labrador mixed, who sadly passed away last week. We got her when living in australia and brought her over here 7years ago. She was more like a human then a dog, so smart and so loving. She has left her paw print on our hearts and its not the same with out her.
Grace is our beautiful show cocker spaniel, who loves cuddles, food and walks. Grace will be 3yrs old next month. She is such a lovely dog and loves to come cuddle in your neck when your sleeping.
Hi my name is Olly. I am 10 years young. I was rescued by My mom and dad when I was 6 months old. I love walks on the beach, barking at cars and sleeping on my dads lap.
All i can say about stitch is that hebis loving and fluffy and knows exactly when you need a cuddle
She loves me and is loyal. My very first dog
Loving and loveable fluff ball. Everyone who meets him wants to steal him. Nothing better to wake up too than a Tanuki cuddle session.
MEOW. MEOW. He keeps on ticking. 13y old. Was hit by a vsn when he was 1, and lost his eye, broke his jaw (which led his to have only 2 teeth now). Was hit again a year later and broke his back leg in multiple places. Def a soldier. Def vocal and demanding.. but gentle and kind.
Scrappy Doo
He just the cutest , mischievous
Kaya is still a puppy, and loves her family so much already. Car rides and visting the dog park are her favorite things.
I’m a 14 year old girl who’s been through a lot lately but Ive made it and just as feisty as ever! I love my boys and especially one in particular 😉 my Favorit people are my dad, my mom and my grandma. I love walks and barking at nothing
I’m a good girl who loves hunting flies, taking over the dog bed, bird watching with my people and most importantly…. Eating!!!
Snowbell Aka Fluffy
Snowbell is a girl she is 3 months old . Matter fact the day she was born was the day my father passed away and he loved cats , him and his wife had 3 . Well I found them in my backyard while crying about my dad , and mom was no where to be found , so I took them in and fell in love !! Fluffy is all grey with dark grey ears and tail !! She has baby blue eyes !! Help me win for her and her brothers max and pumpkin thank you
Hello, I’m Gunner! Your friendly maltipoo companion! I love my owners.. especially mom. She feeds me chicken. I get anxious when they leave and don’t like being alone😓. I’m a sensitive little pup that likes to play and bark at the mail man!
Logan is a loving energetic goofball who loves to play with his fur friend Duke, loves to chase the lazer light, go on walks, going on new adventures, and is a mother hen..or more like duck to the newly hatched baby ducklings. When it’s bedtime Logan will literally drag me to bed. Please vote for this sweet boy!!
Theodore Bearenstein Burnette
He is a gift from heaven, and im pretty sure my mom sent him to me shortly after she moved into heaven......the most humanistic eyes ive ever seen and he knows it..hes smart...chill...and i coukd not imagine life with out him but honestly i dont even remember what life was like before he came into mine.....together forever!
She’s legit the sweetest kitty I’ve ever had!! She loves playing in boxes and spending time with her brother Prince.
Abby Marie
My cat Abby is a very goofy girl!! She’s always sticking out her cute tongue. I’ve had her since 2016 and she still acts like a kitten!
Prince is a very active boy! He loves playing ,specially outside. He’s always enjoyed sleeping in baskets.
He is a bad little dog..ever thang is a nono..but realy he is happy very spoiled .and he just to cute..
Princess Leia
Princess Leia is the sweetest of Blood Hounds. Her favorite activity is finding deer antlers!
This is my beautiful cat, Looney! He’s a very sensitive domestic shorthair. My baby has been at the vet for almost 5 days now. He needs your help. He’s having a crystal blockage in his urine.. he’s unable to pee causing infection. If he continues to be unable to pee he’ll need surgery! Please help me, as much as you can!!!! He’s only 6 years old.
Pepe was a feral kitty, who adopted us @ 4 months old. Now he's 9 months old, and has doubled in size! We call him our Panther! He's a Love Bug! ♥️
Nyla loves to play,so energetic,curious, adorable 😻 Nyla watches tv, intelligent,funny, chirps at lights,bugs,birds always on a hunt.
Lady May 7th, 2007 - May 10th, 2024...
Goldie Hawn
We recently went to LIFE LINE ANIMAL PROJECT in Atlanta, Georgia and saw Goldie She had just had surgery after delivering her kittens I fell in love with her “golden” eyes and personality
She is the biggest baby and has to always be touching you, she’s a basket case but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.
Balls, Bones, & Belly Rubs!
Benny Hooper
Benny Hooper (9mos old) is my name and I love people, other pets and my dad Robert! Please give me an electronic pat on the head and a compliment. We are also hoping to use any of the proceeds to help with my mother's breast cancer medical bill's. That is grandma JoAnn with Benny in a couple pictures below. Please vote!! Liking is nice but it does not count towards the overall vote. Please make sure to use the vote button. Also, hit the LIKE button too! Once Benny Hooper hits 100 "likes" we get more votes!!
Little Mama
Little Mama is the joy of our lives! She got her name from nursing some orphaned opossums. Even though she's never been a Mom she sure would of been a wonderful one. She loves everyone & everything. She is so precious. We are so lucky to have her thanks to my cousin.
Kieran is the silliest little void to exist. He hates chicken but loves to steal ramen noodles and pretzels. He loves to play Houdini and escape from closed rooms. Kieran loves to lay in the bathtub and to bird watch or play with his many many MANY toys. His big eyes are always expressing how excited he is as he takes in the world.
Ember's a sweet kitty who was rescued on Christmas Day when she was abandoned. She loves sitting by the window in Ybor City, watching roosters and chickens pass by. Voting for Ember means cheering for her happy ending after a tough start in life.
Emmie Lou
Emmie Lou was adopted from the humane society! She is the sweetest, loving little princess kitty! She purrs, and make dough on my tummy!!! So sweet…I just love her pretty lite green eyes! She loves to lay at the top or her kitty tower!!! She just makes me happy. 💚
Fat Cat
What a loveable baby! He loves kids and playing in the leaves. He gets his name from his weight And even though he lost the weight he is still our fatty. Loves sun bathing and cuddling. We just celebrated his 10th birthday!
Rollo has Epilepsy which he seems to have overcome with meds and i believe will power ,and his zest for life.. He has almost died twice and vet,s have been astonished by his courage and stamina and love of life.He loves kids and playing with his toy sheep in the garden. He has a cat called Simba who he adores. He loves out walking the most. He is called Rollo because he always rolls off the bed through the night.
Coral is cute as a button but wild as a tiger!