Molly loves all her vegetables especially peas and carrots! She can smell a tin of tuna being opened from down the road! She loves cuddles and loves doing zoomies x
Tic is a very cute and lively furry friend, she is deaf but it just makes us love her even more.
Marble is very active but also a scarfy cat, hiding everytime someone opens the front door. She is so affectionate and loving.
Reggie is a lil Shih-tzu and 7 months old I'm convinced he has springs instead of legs and should have been a horse or a kangaroo ,he copy's his brother Charlie the cat by lying ontop of the sofa and people watching out the window ,loves to take his toys one by one from his toybox in the kitchen and bring them into the livingroom area but has now discovered he can trail the whole box in now to save him time ,he loves going on the school run in the mornings and loves all the attention from the parents and kids ,likes walks on the beach and playing football with his big brother Oli,Reggie is a massive Liverpool fan ! Reggie loves his mummy and loves to help her eat her Tesco honeycomb sundaes and pull her socks off and put his favourite toy (red ball)in his mummy's shoes ,loves Coldplay ,tipping point and the chase !
Lucy was looking very sorry for herself as a stray. We took her in on halloween last year. She loves going on camping trips and chasing butterflies. Now aged 10mths is coming on leaps and bounds
Winnie is an Italian greyhound cross jack Russel. She is full of energy has the stamina of the greyhound attitude of the Jack Russel. She's always happy goes mad for about half hour then loves to get under a blanket and snuggle. She's just the most lovely dog.
Crazy little cocker full of life, loves his walks, loves his toys, bring you a “trophy” normally a shoe as a greeting whenever you walk through the door. Most loyal little fur monster
No explanation needed, look at the pictures 😍 red haired beauty 👩‍🦰 🐶
Tank is a very good dog. He is lovable, energetic and loves everyone. We can't imagine our lives without him.
Bailey is crazy and is very hyper but can be cuddly when she chooses
King Louie
He loves watermelon cucumbers carrots, and his new little baby siblings! He is the best big brother any pup could ever wish for!! He lives all animals, loves to play and lay in the sun always ready for a car ride
Sasha was supposed to be my daughters cat but once she stepped into our home she became my special 3 legged friends’ support companion.
Hi, my name is lulu, I’m a cockapoo! I’m full of mischief but very well behaved. I love having cuddles and playing with my cat sister tibbles
Lou Lou is an 11 year old rescue springer cross. I’ve had her since she was 5 months old. She’s loves getting on your lap for cuddles and as you can see from her picture she loves the beach and water
Hi my name is Leia, I love cuddles, walks and treats!
Ralph - full name Ralphalamew James Loves dreamies, chicken,ME and naps in the sun HATES - anyone who is not me. Sharing his cat tower with his brothers. Brushing his teeth
sadly, Renzo has passed away.
Kiki is a fun, curious cat. She loves to lay in her cat house and also stare out of the window at the birds! She acts like she doesn't want attention sometimes, but boy does she love her attention!
Teddie is my cute but naughty shaded red puppy , he loves his teddies and me and lots of cuddles
Molly loves laying in the sunshine, walks, play fighting with her daddy and running around with her human sister!
10 year old special needs kitty, loves nothing more than exploring her garden, stealing her dog brothers bed and attaching herself to all of my dressing gowns! 🥰
Ted is a 10 year old labradoodle who still acts 10 months old! He loves belly and nose rubs, his favourite thing is to go out in the car with his head out the window! He is a bit shy at first but once he gets to know you he will love you forever ❤️
My name is Ziggy, I thrive for attention, steal people’s hats and slippers and love to flump on my mums head in the mornings
Gibby has neuro FIP started treatment on 1/16/23. He is on day 92/112 today and now is seeing a neurologist and we need to raise funds for not only his treatments, ongoing vet visits, specialist now an MRI which is a few thousand dollars. Help his with votes to win so we can have funds towards his treatment. 🙌 Also if able please donate directly to his go fund me or share his FB page. “Gibby’s FIP Journey” Thank you for supporting our warrior! 🧡💕
This is James he is currently 1 years old and he loves to be close or touching you at all times his fave hobby is biting the dressing gown string and watching birds and his fave snack is anything he can get his paws on
He’s super loving and sweet natured. When off the lead he is crazy wild and loves to do his zoomies, and splash in anything wet and muddy. He has a thing for socks and always seems to find them clean or dirty he doesn’t mind. He’s mega helpful and can round the washing up and even help me load the machine.
Spot likes playing with his kitten friend biscuit and triscuit! He enjoys long walks and playing tug of war. He likes laying in the sun and treats. He also protects his family.
Beautiful Cockapoo puppy. Loved cuddles and going for coffee with mummy 🐾
Jasper is a giant baby. He thinks he is a lap dog and loves giving slobbery kisses
Jasper likes to steal socks, eat stones and have lots of tummy tickles
A cute kitty with a lot of personality, beautiful eyes and who loves a doze 😴
Minnie, actual name Minerva Mcgonagall is a very needy cat! She follows me everywhere (even to the toilet) and is very noisy. Her favourite things to do are playing with her toy mouse and waking me up at 5AM by biting me!
Pepsi is a very loving but independent tortie who loves to go on adventures but then always snuggles up for her afternoon nap upstairs!
Loves cuddles and sleeping 😂
Hello, I’m Cosmo. I love napping, dreamies, and playing in the garden.
The photos speak for themselves he’s a Real G
We found pepper through cats protection, she had lived with a not very nice owner and had very little interaction with people. 4 months with us and she opened up into the loving cat we know. She is adventurous and runs into the fields behind the house and brings us treats. Mouse,voles,birds frogs she just likes to play we save as many as we can but sometimes its too late and its left decorated with some follage. She is vocal, loving, so playful and we play hide and seek. Loves her cuddles, daily brushes, cat nip, snuggling with us in the bed for sleep time. She is not just a cat to us she is our child and helps me with my mental health in so many ways.
She is a natural hunter who antagonizes her brother to no end but when she loves you can hear her purrs from across the room.
She's the sweetest thing ever! She has so much energy, she brings the ball back when we playing
Binx loves nothing more than basking in the sunshine or cooried up under the covers he is just such a loving little beutiful boy 💙😻
Poppy is a typical calico cat, everything she does is done on her terms and her terms only....
Reggie is a ray of sunshine that came into ours lives when we needed him most! He’s a ball of energy, always wanting to make new friends, but don’t give him your socks as you’ll never get them back l! 😆
Mila is the sweetest girl. My other cats have taken her own like she is their daughter:)
Penny loves to cuddle with her Mommy and Daddy. Penny loves playing with her friends at doggy daycare. She is fun loving, caring and well behaved.
Jimmy is our 2nd rescue cat. We chose not to change his name. As he lost his last home we didn't want him to loose his identity as well. He's a really loveable rouge. Recently he lost his left eye, but he's still our Jim.
Blue is a Clumsy cat who loves chin rubs he also goes crazy for lick licks
Forever with his best friend Bo or his favourite cuddly toy, his little penguin which he carries in his bed every day and around the house 🥹☁️💫