Dog cat Stories - 69


Loves to run,and play!!
Love to play with my family and friends and love me
Bucky Boy
He was born October 10th a very cute puppy
Gus was born in Utah on 12/14/16 he was flown here and brought into my life on Valentines Day!! That’s when he became the love of my life!!! He loves everyone and makes me happy every day...He loves to play with his friend Harry in our yard and he loves to go everywhere with his Mom.. He is truly a Mamas boy!! But loves the kids and everyone at the ITAM too.. Everyone knows and loves him... VOTE FOR GUS!!!
Oakley plays ball constantly!! He also loves water and chasing squirrels!
Rogue loves adventure! His favorite snack is socks, and he has the biggest ears ever!
Loves attacking your feet in bed, and cuddles 🥰
❤Loves going on walks and playing with cats🐈 😍
Hi I’m Rex the Fluffy Rexosaurus! I am a happy, energetic Golden Doodle! I like tennis balls, lacrosse balls, soccer balls, and well all balls! Follow my Instagram: @rex_osauruss
Mabel very energetic, smart and loving. She also loves to Howl She is mixed with American Staffordshire Terrier and Siberian Husky. Her dad is a Staffordshire Terrier and her mother is a Siberian Husky.
Gyspy is my 4 year old dog daughter! She is a teacup chihuahua diva with a personality out of this world! I take her everywhere with me including work everyday. She loves playing with her cat friends, sun bathing, and taking long rides in the car.
Sage is a very lively kitten and bounces around the place, jumping off all counters and surfaces. She loves to cuddle up in the hood of my jumper and nuzzle into my neck. When it’s time for bed Sage happily takes herself off and gets under the duvet and goes to sleep. Sage is a right sassy lil girl and definitely has a lot of personality! Very similar to her owners and we have a lot of love for her and always will. Sage loves to be around people and often follows me everywhere I go and loves being at the same eye level as you, when I’m making myself a coffee she tends to climb up my trousers and top all the way to my shoulder just to see what I’m up too, sometimes she’s more like a parrot on my shoulder!
rosie loves walks, food & lots of sleep🥰
Apollo is a very talkative little toe biter that spends his days playing with his older husky sister and sleeping in his favorite spot pictured above!
Nakia is a sweet boy that loves to take thing that don’t belong to him, it a super fun game for him!
Simba is almost 3yrs and hes loves to play we got him from cat protection when he was 6 months old x
Loves to play ball and flirt with all the girl dogs.
Bailey always has a big smile on his face and loves everyone! He loves his night time “ice.” Just ask him!
Rosco is a 6 year old, energetic and playful Weimaraner/Retriever mix. He loves vanilla ice cream and avocado, playing with puppies and his toys, going for zoom zooms, and nap time with his cat siblings. Because of his handsome mane, his human refers to him as her “lion pup.”
Windy is a little two year old basset . My poor sweet girl was just diagnosed with epilepsy and could use some love and support .
Bleu loves helping his mumma crochet .... not very productively, playing and wiggling his butt.
Louie is a Romanian rescue dog boxer x hes my Romanian prince hes funny and get himself into all sorts of trouble louies mum hope was rescued off the streets of Romania in a really bad way and pregnant with all the care she got from balkan boxer rescue she survived and gave birth to 8 pups sadly 4 died but louie and his 2 brothers and his sister survived and now they all live in uk if louie wins the prize money is going to balken boxer rescue as without them my handsome louie wouldnt be here making my life happy 😍🐾🐾🐾💙please vote for him and help this rescue out xx
He was rescued from an abandoned owner. He was without water and food for two weeks. He’s a teddy bear full of affection and fully cared for now and happy
Mr Darcy Edward
Mr Darcy is the most handsome cat I ever did own! He is playful, elegant and majestic and especially loves sunning himself in his catio <3
Wilson Colin
Wilson Colin is a Golden Shepherd rescue from a kill shelter in Bosnia. He is the sweetest, cuddliest most loving boy ever <3
Quinton Rampage
Is he not the cutest Ragdoll kitten you ever did see? He's full of life, love and play - he especially likes cuddling up to his Golden Shepherd big brother and suckling on his human's ears <3
Chichi is a 16 year old chihuahua! She’s sassy with a sweet side.she loves cuddles and is a daddy’s girl 🐾💖! Her favorite thing’s to do is get bacon strips and nap 💤.
The happiest pup you ever did see, Likes - cheese, lettuce, sleeping & tennis balls Dislikes - getting rained on
I’m just a deaf misunderstood pitt who loves everyone. i love to run around the yard and play with balls. my favorite treat is steak!!
Choppa is a sweet, fun, and loving soul. He enjoys being outdoors and content at play with his favorite toys.
i was bron in may of 2020. i could not walk or put any weight on my back legs i could only drag my back legs around. this caring nurse adopted me and took me in. with all the love and care she gave me i am walking climbing and jumping everywhere. i love my new mommy.
This is Ace a pitbull terrier, he’s such a big baby!! He love’s meeting new people. His favorite thing to do is play with anyone interested!! He also loves cuddles and his papaw!! 🐶❤️🐾
Maverick loves chasing squirrels , exploring the Alaskan wilderness and lots of cheese
Luna is a little baby who is quite the handful. She loves waking up at 2am with her zoomies but she’s alado an amazing companion to live life with♥️💜
He likes to eat & sleep a lot & play with his siblings & soak up sun outside
Cinnamon is 1 year old. He got his name because he is so sweet. He is also quite the Talker.
Loves to play soccer...great goalie!
Rudy is a rescue from the Nashville Humane Society. Thanks to NHA and it’s amazing fostering program, Rudy found his furever home with his new mom, Emily. He loves playing with stick, going swimming in the pool, playing with his best friend Kona, and snuggling up under the covers with his mom. Thanks for the votes!!!
Mojo & Pink are twins but, also are my best friends
Momma Lily was rescued from a trailer park after months of attempting to catch her. I gained her trust and finally I was able to pick her up and bring her to safety just 2 weeks before giving birth to 2 healthy beautiful babies!🙏🏻 She’s the best momma and the sweetest, most affectionate gal full of purrs😻
He has the biggest heart and he loves to be cuddled and carried and rocked to sleep. Hes a sweetheart😚
Teddy Bear
Teddy is a two year old boxer bulldog mix. He loves to play. His favorite thing in the world is socks and he will fight you for a stuffed animal. He loves to snuggle and has the best personality. He will take over the bed and take your pillows!
This is demon, his birthday is 9/11/2017. He was a lovable dog who cuddled our whole family but was mostly my sons dog and he made sure the rest of us knew it. Demon was taken from us way too soon by a driver speeding down our road. Please vote for our baby and show my 13 year old son who lost his best friend some love for his furbaby
Monroe is a 10 week old Pomeranian. He’s the sweetest little boy. He is a true blessing for his momma.
Shes only 27weeks old here and loves to snuggle up with you.sweet girl.loves to play and jump.
Hi, I’m Zoey and turning 4 years old(human years) in November! I’m a Toy Yorkie Poodle, with silky golden/white hair! I’m super friendly and love belly rubs! Definitely a cuddler and spoiled by my Mother. Please, vote, vote, vote for me! 🐶💕
Royal Peanut
Royal Peanut is a bow-tie loving, rambunctious little buddy with lots of love in his heart (but not for cats).