Dog cat Stories - 69


Evelyn, or Eve for short is a 3 year old Maine coon that has brightened our family’s life. She is the sassiest girl around but manages to melt everyone’s heart that she meets. Her hobbies include sunbathing in her favorite cat tower, going on walks with her dog brother, and planning her next escape attempt.
My Baby sniper is Aborable, loving and caring, and just a amazing dog! That you will just love to have in your presence
Princess Cocoa
She loves to play with her bunnies that she’s grown up with, and loves to eat carrots.Roxy is one of a kind, and the sweetest most loving dog.She will always want to be touching you, and will always be there when you need her.
He loves to play with his bunnies that he’s grown up with and loves carrots.Theos one of a kind and so nice and snuggly,and he’ll be there when you need him!
Pussy Wooxy
Hey there! my name is Pussy Wooxy, a Snow Tiger Siamese. I’m 6 months old and I love playing hide and seek with my mom. I know how to play fetch and I can talk with mom thanks to a sound that she taught me since I was 2 months old. I am very energetic and intelligent. Everyone who gets to know me always say “He is a dog” for the way I am. I can't sleep without sucking on my blanket. I can knock on the door when I want to wake my mom so we can play. I love foot massages and being kissed while sleeping. My mom suffered of depression during 17 years and she was losing herself but now I brought so much happiness to her life. I go everywhere with her (even when she needs privacy in the bathroom) because I cry if she’s not close to me. I can play all day long and not get tired. I’m mama’s little boy.
Poser is just one of a kind. The most laid back and loving dog ever.
I am a Lhasa Apso/Pekingese mix. I’m a little shy but I love meeting pets and hoomans. I love car rides & hikes! I floofin hate peanut butter 🤢 IG: @milo.fluffballs
Charlie is a 3 year old, Standard Poodle. He loves walks and treats. He absolutely loves and wants all the affection.
Princess Leia is a diva. She loves long walks and beach days. We recently adopted another dog and she has been a good sister showing him the ropes. She is also a daddys girl who loves to cuddle. Super smart, she knows all commands... will she listen? Depends on how she feels. 😂😍😊
I’m Sage! I like to sing. Find me on TikTok @amandaandsteven
Sir Bridgerton
Sir Birdgerton is an Old English Bulldog/ Pitbull mix. We adopted him recently and he is the sweetest most lovable little pup I've every met. He is only 1.5 yrs old but he is big and solid and he thinks he is a lap dog. He is deaf but it doesnt slow him down! He knows a little sign language and he is as playful as any puppy!😍
Wrangler loves car rides. On few occasions he has jumped in other people’s cars because of how much he loves the car. Other than that he loves snuggles and chasing squirrels.
Bourbon is an energetic, loving and goofy husky and German Shepard mix. He spends his days catching z’s on the couch and chasing rabbits in the yard. Since we live in the Midwest, he welcomes the snow and becomes a rabbit himself by hopping from one corner of the snow filled yard to the next. He’s always ready to play and greets everyone with his beautiful smile!
Killer was the runt of the litter and almost didnt make it. He has the best personality a cat could have. He also loves to give kisses
My (poodle-schnauzer mix) sweetheart rescued babydoll Sheeba and I have survived so much pain and heartache throughout our lives but together we have always stuck together and always loved eachother and we survived it all together and she knows I've saved her life and that I had sacrificed my hands and life to save her life and she knows I always love her and that I protect her with all of me!! She's my only beloved baby left and I thank God I still have her with me today!
This is my baby boy, Benji! He is a fun, loving, and caring pup! He loves his owners as much as he loves to play! He loves meeting new animals and his favorite toy is a tennis ball!
Honey is a a 6 year old pit bull. Her favorite things are to cuddle and sleep all day. She don’t like to be in the cold and loves to go for car rides.
Blossom is a four year old Calico/tiger mix. She was rescued from canton cat rescue after being found with a broken jaw and missing teeth. After all she went through being lost in the wilderness of Brockton Ma she still loves her mom Rachel and her family and her dog sister and dog brother. Her favorite things to do include, eating her food and food that isn’t hers, stealing straws out of cups, taking pens from her grandmother and most of all napping on anyone she can find!
Lunah is playful,Loving,and a cuddly and a handsome kitty who loves his treats.
Hello, My name is Nora! I am a 2 year old German Shepherd Mix.. Mom had adopted me about a year ago and been living my best life every since! When mom isn’t working i love to go on walks, hikes, playing fetch and the doggie park with my friends!
My name is Sergeant, also known as Sarge Moosehead by my two little brothers. Mainly because I hit my head on every wall turning around in the house. Im lazy. Im slow. I sleep a lot. My humans call me a "Der-man" shepherd but i have no idea why they say that. My best friend is a grumble fluff cat named Riddle, he hates me but I always love him. Despite sleeping 23 hours a day, i do LOVE to chase balls and pounce on them like a cat, i LOVE swimming and guarding my family like a hawk, and food....i love food.
Daisy is a 3 year old border collie that loves to play soccer and fetch. She loves her cat sister and dog brother and loves to play in the snow!
Chubby is a giant lap dog. Hes definitely a daddys boy!
Hi I'm Buddy! I was a stray but then I found my forever loving home with my purrents. I am sweet and cuddly and I am a daddy's boy! I love playing with strings and making my purrents happy!
Jazzy came into my family at the age of 7 months from Lakeland FL and she has grown on me and the several people close to me here in PA and everyday is an adventure with her. I couldn’t have ask for a better new year and new chapter in my life with her
Frankie is a Yorkiepoo that is almost 2 years old. He loves to play with ropes, balls and people.
Energetic pup who loves cuddles and playing in the water. 🥰😇
Rocky loves being outside(sunbathing ☀️), playing with his toys, and doing zoomies in the backyard 🐕 He loves giving hugs and kisses andddd YOU must give scratches 😂
Thaddeus is a giant cuddle bug who loves everyone :)
Maui is a handsome little boy who loves to cuddle and he loves to play with his cat nip toys and he sure loves his treats.
Nala is a talkative loving kitty. She enjoys playing with her toys and sleeping in weird places
Pinky is a really kind and loving dog and a fisty protector of the ones she loves.
Sadie is a year old. She LOVES car rides, other dog’s and people.
Hemi is a pug chihuahua mix full of personality! She’s a big dog trapped in small body! She loves her treats, going for walks, lots of pets, and cuddling.
Phoenix is the sweetest puppy you could ever have. She listens so well and loves to run and play outside ❤️
Benny is 15 and the most loving cat i ever had. He talks all day!!!
Kilo is a sweet baby that loves catching snow flurries!
He likes to play with the ball and likes to look at himself in the mirror. He is also very dramatic
Ayla is my firstborn and the love of my life. She has quite a calico attitude and she is not afraid to show it. She gets along great with her feline sister, Ella, however, her canine sister is another story. She does not spend much time out in the living room since that is where Delilah (her canine sister) hangs out, but she will get brave from time to time and come over the gate as fast as she can so she can get to me before Delilah can get to her. She doesn't understand that Delilah wants to play but maybe someday she will (mind you it has already been 2 years)... <insert eye roll> lol - she is a great cat and I am lucky to be her human mama. She does like to drink from the sink and she is very particular about the treats she will eat. If I am not giving her enough attention she endlessly meows, which can get annoying, but I wouldn't trade anything about her for the world!!!!
Pluto is such a DIVA! I never liked cats until she came along and she changed my mind about cats so fast! She’s got this spunk to her that is just amazing! Her personality is hands down the best, even though she gets into everything! No like she figured out how to open a latched on lid to her food container and it’s funny to see her do it! She cuddles like no other! What more could I ask for? Momma loves you!!
Ella was the second to join my pack in December of 2017. I adopted her from a shelter but I thought she was older than she was when I got her. She ended up being a lot younger, however, her and her feline sister Ayla get along great. It did take some time, but we got there. Ella likes to curl up under your neck at the most inopportune times and she will try to bite your nose if you do not do what she wants. She is a great cat and an awesome addition to my class.
Shannon is a Miniature Australian Shepherd that was adopted through Carolina Hearts Aussie Rescue. Her “Gotcha Day” is March 4th. Shannon loves to run, play fetch, snuggle with her mom, and eat!
Luna was brought to me as a stray and a bit too young to be away from her mom. She thrived from day one. She's now this crazy little ball of fire. Give her some love.
Chuckles is almost a year old. He is like a siberian husky more than a cat!! Loves the cold and jumps like a kangaroo!!!
Winnie is a loving cuddle dog! She is only 10 weeks old.
This is Mickey. He is the sweetest most cuddly cat ever. He loves to play with his mouse and a tiny stuffed emoji. He loves sleeping in weird places an positions. He turns 2 in April. He loves him so chikem and cat treats. Also includes baby pictures