Dog cat Stories - 69


Montee is a therapy dog in training.
Hi 🐾 my name is Bowzer !! Im a 6 month old saint bernard. I love to go a drive in the car, walks in the park and i love to play with other dogs 🥰 i am just a big goofy floof x
Yuki loves to sleep and eat. He loves to keep you company as you shower, loves to stay by your feet while your cooking, loves to sit on your lap as you work. He will lay next to you no matter what your doing. His a very good companion. Will stop to play with you at all times. His a very active cat who actually loves ice lol
We have had Galen since the day he was born, primarily because we had his mother as well. Galen was my favorite kitten out of 6 from his litter since the day he was born, i knew that there was just soemthing about him that caught my eye. Indeed it was his color. I've always had a love for black and white cats. Well his color may have been the only tning that caught my eye but his heart caught mine.
Far from your ordinary dog
Trouble is a sassy floof whose favorite pastimes are 3am snuggles and eating plastic bags.
Hi I’m miracle!!😁 My dad found me at work I n a abandoned house, I was locked in a bathroom left to die,😭 I survived off of roaches for months.🪳 My life is proof that it doesn’t matter where you came from, it’s where you end up that matter. Please tell everyone to vote for me I would be so happy if I could win!!😻😻😹
Gypsey is a very special kitty I found her on the side of the ride malnourished and depressed that never made her stop living tho now she is happy and health!
He is cute, playful loves spending time bonding with his bro. But still a sweetie and snuggles with the family 😊
Chloe is the sweetest dog I have ever had she's very loveable and she behaves and listens very well she's very smart,💗
Roscoe is a happy little dog,he loves children.loves other pets he is fun.he is a deerhead Chihuahua.very rare.roscoe has a blue eye and a brown eye which makes him very unique.
Lacey is a playful, fun, cuddly cat who likes to cause mischief when you are not looking...I think it's a cat thing lol She loves boxes and paper bags the most (go figure)!
Loki is a flame point Siamese and is the sweetest cat I have ever owned. He loves to be held and will nudge your face so you can kiss the side of it. He is purring constantly with happiness. Loki says: My Human mom rescued my birth mom who was pregnant with me and 4 siblings. My human mom didn't know at the time. She planned on finding homes for all of us, but couldn't part with me and my brother Azriel. I love cuddles and treats more than anything! I am very talkative and friendly. I am quite jumpy and unsure of new things. Thank you for voting for me!
Sassy is a pomchi, she is 16 months old. Sassy is very active. She loves her plush squeaky toys. She also loves to cuddle and give kisses.
Petey was named after my baby brother who passed away 15 years ago. He's just like my brother - happy, loving, cuddling little boy. Happy to be alive and full of goodness.
Hi, my name is Crimson. My mommy and daddy adopted me when I was 6 months old along with my sister Clover because they didnt want to break us apart, she is truly my best friend. ❤ I am a BIG talker day/night all day everyday. I love to play with strings and cuddle with my favorites. I am now 2 and 1/2 yrs old and am SO happy. 😻
Cash is a yorkie maltese mix. He is full of spunk and playful. He is ultimately the boss of our bigger puppy child. He’s a great big brother and definitely mamas boy.
Great lad with cancer frfr
Kola is a rescue and she loves her food, cat hotel and her peace and quiet.
Odin was rescued with his 8 other siblings and shipped up to MA . He is now a real working dog. Odin is helping me train other dogs that need some assistance. He has made our family complete! His energetic, goofy and lovable character makes us all laugh. And he is incredibly smart and spunky too. Please vote for Odin.
Silvio aka Miss Kitties™ is a beautiful angel princess who loves her hot sauce toy, engaging in crackhead-adjacent behavior at 3 AM such as scaling the kitchen cabinets, and harassing her brother, Steve French the bearded dragon.
Sadie likes to chew on everything. Loves her toy bear. She loves her picture taken and loves people. She is in training to be a therapy dog! She loves kids + elders and always want them to feel better!
Shiloh is a corgi lab! She loves hikes and spooning! Her favorite thing is car rides with music and vanilla ice cream! She loves hugs and loves to smile!
Teddy is a beautiful 8 week old boy, his favourite thing to do is lick toes and ninja up everyone's legs! He ate his first catch today (daddy long legs) iv always disliked cats, now I'm crazy about him 🥰
Lady is a fun loving and very mischievous miniature dachshund who loves to be in nature but also loves her snuggles! Is looking for her tramp!
Chopper loves to play with his toys and other dogs. He loves bath time, you can say let’s take a bath and he runs to the tub and tries to jump in.
Gizmo is long haired chihuahua who is a laid back little dude that falls asleep on his back in the funniest way imaginable. He goes crazy for word “outside”. Has a huge personality for as a little as he is. Loves to be cuddled and his tummy tickled.
Moe is a special boy. We were so not getting another dog as we have 2. But after seeing his baby picture, I knew he was ours. He has brought such happiness. He is a wonderful addition to the family. Moe is smart and very loving. He has his favorite toy donut that he loves to play fetch with. We are so happy he came into our lives.
She loves to play and seems to never run out of energy!! She follows me everywhere!
She's a beautiful dog, super inteligent and lovely.
Munchkin is 11 months old and is a bundle of energy Most frequently called stretch armstrong because of how tall and long his legs are He will always be my baby boy tho ❤❤
Just adopted this 15 week old cutie pie! He’s so loving and unbelievably sweet!
Marble believes that his super power is batting his baby blue eye and getting whatever he wants. He keeps his lean figure by eating grass salads and epic hiking adventures. Marble loves everyone he meets and cries if someone passes by without saying hello. His motto is more smiles and more miles.
My name is Elune! I love yelling at my parents any time they set foot in the kitchen. I also enjoy chattering at lizards on the windowsill and disturbing my dad while he's on his computer. Chest and ear scratches are my favorite!
She loves to ride on the side by side, and she loves to cuddle with her mommy!
Sir Isaac Newton
Infinite cute moves
Found this little critter and his little sister Bonnie. They were under my old saddle. I waited to see if momma would come back. But i think she may have gotten hurt by something so I took them in and now they waddle everywhere and they perked up now and playful. She is sassy let me tell you.
Found this little critter and his little sister Bonnie. They were under my old saddle. I waited to see if momma would come back. But i think she may have gotten hurt by something so I took them in and now they waddle everywhere and they perked up now and playful.
Queeny May
Queeny May is 10yrs old. We call her my prescription kitty. After loosing my daughter (17yrs old) I was never the same. I felt empty and very alone. My son got married to a wonderful daughter in law. Then I lost my mom. I lived in a condo NO pets allowed. My son called me one day as I was not coping well. He tells me I need a prescription.... i was like what? Very upset he would say such a thing.... MOM!! You have been through alot and you should get a prescription from you Dr to get a cat. Long story short. 😉lol😉 My prescription kitty. She has a bond only with me and I love her so much. Queeny May 💞💕💞💕💞💕
This Baby girl loves all things play! She's learning sit, stay, and shake. When playtime is over she is a cuddle-bug and give the best husky hugs.
A friend of mine gave him to me since they couldnt keep him due to his breed. Never met such a wonderful animal that loves all animals. He even protected our horses from a mountain lion. He survided with 50 stitches later.
Duke was found by my boyfriend's father in a 20 feet drainage ditch taped up. He is now a very happy dog living the rest of life of no pain and suffering by a mean human.
Roscoe and his brother was thrown out of a moving vehicle when he was 5 months old. My friend saved them both. I took Roscoe and my daughter's sister took his brother. He plays happily with the horses.
She was abandoned when a pup with her sibblings. They all now have great homes. Including Tigger
During the Pandemic, Givenchy made us laugh, made us come together when not speaking to each other, very energetic, loves people. He knows how to cuddle, sit, shake, high-five, lay, imitate speaking, play fetch, jump high to take object from hand and loves to get his butt rub! Lol
Hi! I’m Harper, things I love….. anything food related (especially my ice cream that my mom buys for me), I love to take walks and play with my toys…and I always enjoy a good chew bone! I love to hang out in the kitchen while mom cooks… and enjoy listening to thunderstorms while I sleep 😴