Bowie is very sweet and loves kids! He barks at nothing sometimes as small dogs do lol, he thinks he’s a cat and sleeps on the cat tower along side our two cats. :) We saved him from a bad situation where he wasn’t being cared for properly. Now he gets all the love in the world from our family and his cat sisters!!
The sweetest girl in the world.
i am doing advanced votes for return to my contest on 8th August please leave a message on my wall if you would like advanced votes.Thanks x
Hi guys! I’m maple I LOVE meeting new people and giving kisses but mom says kisses aren’t normally the first thing I should do when I meet someone.. Oh well I still do it though! I love chasing my toys as well, actually did I just hear a squeak? I think so I got to go.. catch you guys later!
Daisy Bean
Daisy is a medium, long haired dachshund. She loves to run around outside! She also likes to dig up my yard. She enjoys going for walks and riding on the quad. She also loves to play with other dogs no matter the size. She also loves the snow hops around in it like crazy.
Raven is a very crazy girl. She loves to play fetch and meow at her mother for wet food at 5 pm. She is the best girl.
Big O
Big O loves to wear sweaters!
Apollo loves car trips at night and loves giving cuddles all the time.
Oakley is a Mini Aussie. He loves his kids & running with his pack
Chonky Cat
Chonky cat is the cutest cat in the world I tell him everyday! He likes to snuggle with everyone and likes to lounge around in his blue chair. He likes meowing to get milk everytime I'm eating my cereal, loves to sunbathe in the sun. He was rescued by my husband after being abandoned in a farmhouse basement. Now he's loved by all of us. Chonky cat for the win!!! 💞❤️❤️
Photo bomb 😂
Oliver was saved as a kitten during a storm. He loves to give us hugs when we come home and he loves to play with his Crinkle flower. He’s our little rotten boy!
Maple is very sweet and loves pancakes!!!!
Saffron is a high-energy, 15-week old Chocolate Lab pup that loves to play with Mom, Dad, and her cat brother and sister. If only she had a puppy friend to play with... 🤔
Journey is a 6 year old Aussie!! Follow her Instagram! @journeythegoggledoggo
Proud Boy
Rescued from a dairy farm, he hates milk & likes Steam Punk, also a rescue. She is a tiny, feisty cat & does not put up with any of his crap. Not so proud after trip to vet. Grow oats for your cats!
Queen B
The B stands for Bougie. She has to be told everyday that she has long pretty eyelashes. She's so bougie!
Han is a one year old tuxedo tabby who loves plastic springs, playing in the sink, and chasing bugs, but hates oven mits!
This is storm, she is only 9 weeks old. She is the cutest Russian blue with a lovely grey coat and white chest and paws. She loves climbing and getting up to mischief.
Poppy may be the prettiest but she sure is sassy. often knocking on the neighbours patio doors to have a snoop, cuddle and afternoon snooze in their house. I inherited poppy from my Grandma, she’s the funniest little character with a lot of sass 💁🏽‍♀️
Bramley (Bram bram) is my big fat ginger rescue cat. There’s nothing this soft boy wouldn’t eat and the belly says it all. The dog and Bramley are often swapping dishes. He’s so sweet, we call him the Cog (the cat that thinks he’s a dog) he does sit, up with paws and lie down for treats. He will do anything for food and loves a good belly rub ❤️
Florrie comes to work with me daily assisting in taught practical lessons for further education and higher education such as vet nursing, animal management, animal science and zoo biology. Florrie is the biggest advocate for supporting students mental health with lots of cuddles, kisses and countryside walks 🐶 ❤️
Chani was saved from Hurricane Harvey flood waters at 3 weeks old. She has grown into a most beautiful dog. Since we have had her she gets very small when children are around, she loves to play with our grandchildren. She lost her front leg to cancer but she never missed a beat. She continues to give us love and companionship. I just have to keep her out of my garden, she loves vegetables especially bell peppers.
Mochi is the sweetest baby! She is very in tune with her humans emotions and will comfort you when you're sad. She loves food, and lasers. Her favorite place to rest is atop her tower because she reigns over all.
Guapo is always overly excited to see people. loves to play outside. he enjoys terrorizing his sister. Also loves tearing up the house. Has to be up his moms butt all day everyday. very protective over his family. overall he’s just a really good boy.
Prada is an adorable rescue with a very spicy attitude, she loves cuddles, treats and so much more ❤️
Gus isn’t a dog, he identifies as a mountain goat & loves nothing more than some parkour especially over his mums noggin. He loves a Yak chew & really enjoys stepping on his brothers goolies for fun. He loves a cuddle & destroying headphones but only when you’re wearing them.
Oscar lives Christmas time, especially helping everyone open their presents.
Daisy loves to play with you with her toys she likes walks
Big Michael
Big Michael is the so lovable, but also quite independent. He loves to nap on our bed but also up high on his perch watching the birds. He loves his food and cuddles (when he chooses), and he has a loud miaow. A good little egg 🥚
Ed is named after Ed Sheeran, as you can probably guess why! He is a lovable cat, and went off for a 5 day stroll last year which gave us a scare! But we found him in a garage and he gave us all the love in the world when we found him! He’s a big fan of a dreamie!❤️
So KiKi, the kitty of the house and wanna be yoga instructor doesn’t have a care in the world. She insists on parking her fluff right in the middle of whatever we are doing.
Hi my name is Hazel I love hugs and kiss and i likes meeting new people and new dogs. I am my mom spoiled princess!!! My mom saved me from the mean people at the pound and I love her so much for it!!! P.S. I am a corgi and a lab mixed… THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME😊🥰
Loki Ad Catness
Loki and catness are two very different kitties. Loki (the orange one) loves to run around and bring us presents but she is also a cuddle bug if you're sitting down she's in your lap and catness is very chill and laid back she's more of a touch me when she wants to be touched cat LOL but they love each other and love to play with each other along with our dog Lucy as you can see in the picture they love to snuggle, and their catnip😊
Leo is a siberian forest and although only 4 months old, he’s almost as big as a standard house cat. His favourite toys are an orange mouse and yellow spring that we have to retrieve from under the sofa 1000x a day. Leo has been with us for 9 weeks and instantly settled into his new home - I now couldn’t imagine life without him. Leo is our favourite kitty, I hope he’s yours too!
hi my moms call me ookey dookis and they think i’m a puppy kitty. i ran away from home a week ago but maybe if i win this i’ll come back :)
This is Harley.. She’s got beautiful bright blue eyes, and is so so so sweet! She loves cuddles and treats. She loves having everyone’s attention!!
She is tiny kitty but not a kitten.she dont like being picked up but she sure does love me petting her..shes a very picky cat..she drinks water with her paw
I got Boo on halloween! She is the sweetest kitty EVER! Has the craziest personality and loves my attention and toys with bells :)
Myli so special, shes very intelligent, funny and so loving. She loves playing catch sleeping in my bed and meeting new people.
Luna is the definition of attitude. She does not take no for an answer and demands a treat everytime I’m in the kitchen. She may be rude but she’ll give love when she feels like it. Luna is a short hair tortoiseshell.She is also an indigenous kitty so she is super deadly.
Loves her piggy’s and enjoy lazy morning and lots of cuddles 🥰
Freddie is a hyper pup who loves to play with other dogs. He day consists of having the zoomies and eating. He loves a cuddle !
This is Molly! She loves zooming around the house chasing her brother Bentley (Yorkie) around, she loves her toy wand, and she demands all the love and attention. She would love to win. Vote for me! 🩷😻🐾
He is a very energetic dog. He loves his toys and his treats and he loves to be outside
Simba is a wild boy, always playing and getting himself into trouble. Simba is a cuddle bug and sleeps with his tongue out.