Zack is a good boy, he loves a good stroke and most of all his favourite toy Ollie the octopus, Ollie never leaves his side. Zack can be shy at first but once he knows you he will be your best friend for life.
Nala is the most loving cat ever! She loves and is very attached to her human mommy ❤️
Toby is a cheeky chap who’s 8 months old, he likes to play and chew. He is a handsome boy who loves cuddles and snuggles with his mummy and daddy and doesn’t like to be ignored otherwise he does little toe taps to get your attention.
Raven is a very happy hyper kitten that loves to play 💙
His Name Is Kc
Kat Casados,and hes just a beautiful blue eye lazy cat that loves to mess with his brother Roscoe Casados Chihuahua
Riley is a fun loving playful dog, he loves to go for hikes and mostly car rides if they involve a pupachino. Even tho he is a big dog. He’s also a big scaredy cat of humming birds. He will forever be my best friend when I’m with him ! He’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned.
Kimba is a very playful cool cat who loves his family 💙
Watson used to be CEO of Goldman Sachs but retired earlier this year.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane is the sweetest Pitbull I have ever met She is an attn hound she is a lover of bunnies' squirrels and rats lol she is just a lifesaver! She has saved me just as much as I have saved her, she was abused and since she has been with me, she has become more trusting and loving!!!
Bruno loves kids! His Favorite thing to do is go for a ride. He enjoys going to the pond to go swimming and loves an open field to run! He has the sweetest kindest heart! He is rescued from an abusive home and now he only knows love and he has a ton of love to give
She is the most annoying little devil cat who will attack your feet while you sleep or meow to get into your room and then meow to get back out 5 mins later but those little moments when she comes up to you in the morning and rubs her face over your hand or naps besides you that make it impossible to give her into trouble. (wish i was that cute!) She is such a weirdo, she fits into our family perfectly.
Maya is a cute, spunky, slightly sassy puppy. She loves her dragon squeaky toy the most, loves to play fetch/keep away, loves to shake/sit for treats. She likes to sit out on our balcony to watch people walking by or any other animal. Also she is crazy when she gets the zoomies.
Penny is a sweet baby who loves to lay on her scratching post. She has a sister juniper that she loves to sneak up on and fight. 🐱🐈
Molly is such a big baby she loves to play and run she's 1 of seven and spoiled rotten
First thank you for taking time to vote for Angel. She helps her mommy out when she has seizures and when stressed. We appreciate all the votes we get. She loves to go outside, only can with a leash and harness.. she is a sweetheart She loves to climb She is very curious Loves toys and catnip Eats grass and plants Turned 2 on May 17 2022
I’m an 18 year old feisty foster fail who has a passion for food! I bark and hop simultaneously to let my mom know when I’m hungry and my two sisters join in with me!
He is the best boy he is always on the best behavior he loves riding on the lawnmower with his dad!!
Ollie is a funny guy who loves sleeping in my daughters bed but when he wants her attention he'll lay on her while she sleeps. Ollie likes food and loves cheese. He will sit by me and we will share some cheese an crackers( i get the crackers he eats the cheese). He's playful an relaxes like a human when he lays down on his back all stretched out. Ollie loves the outdoors an exploring the yard. He' s fasinated. by the birds an squirals but dislikes the noise of the vehicals going down the street.
Ivar is a wonderful boy. He absolutely loves being cuddled and demands kisses 😂. Most of all he loves his big brother Floki, another British blue
Floki has the most amazing personality. He greets us at the door like a dog. He loves treats a bit too much 😂 but most of all he loves his little brother Ivar another British Blue
Spencer loves his toy Skunks he carriers them around the house and “mother’s “them. He is a MaMa’s boy being with her is his happy place.
milo is the sweetest dog ever!!
Oliver Colbry
He likes car rides and begging for food.
Chip is a former street cat from Zimbabwe, born to a feral mama cat in the roof of my garage. I named him ‘Chipo’ as it means ‘gift’ in the local Zimbabwean language as he was also born on my birthday! What a gift 😻 He travelled with me back to the UK and now enjoys exploring the British countryside with his mama, Spooky.
Tina is so cute and gorgeous, she loves to play and for me to chase her around.
Spooky is a beautiful long haired tuxedo cat with piercing amber eyes, a velvet nose and little white socks, but don’t be fooled by her cute looks - this semi-feral, former street cat from Zimbabwe may have swapped the feral life for the pet life but she kept the spicy attitude and now lives in the idyllic British countryside.
Hi, I’m Stardust. I’m a German Shepherdor. That’s a German Shepard Lab Mix. Mom is the German Shepard. Dad was the Lab. I love to chew on things, and sniff out interesting thing (like dead animals 🫣my human mommy makes funny noises when I bring them to her like birds) She says it’s not safe. I sit for treats and I tend to bark at the biggest dogs that walk by, but I’m quiet to new people that meet me. :)
Opal is 5 years old and is our beautiful rescue baby. She loves to play with her tail, watch the world go by from the window cill and snuggle in for cuddles at night time 💜
Clio is a rescue cat originally from Greece. Her hobbies include sun bathing and eating treats.
Chester or "Cheddar" as we like to call her is our little fur baby, she loves to cuddle with us and get pets from her baby brother 😅 If shes not sleeping in her favourite rocking chair or cuddling with us, she's running around like a bat out of hell getting waking up her cat slibling Loki and Kage.
Hi my name is Gus. I'm a domestic long hair. I was rescued from a corn field where someone dumped me. When I'm not stealing my human brothers Legos I'm usually perched up high. Where I'm usually napping in the sun.
This is Tucker! (Most commonly known as Tucker Pants) He is the most cuddly, love-driven little floof around! He is very smart and loves to show off his training in exchange for treat-o’s. He greets everyone with lots of excitement and wiggle-butt, and will make sure he gets all the lovins from everyone around.
When he was little him and his sister Tia were kleptomaniacs and would bring us clothes from our neighbours washing line! RIP Jack 💖 17/11/2009 - 21/10/2020 🐾💖
When she was little her and her brother Jack were kleptomaniacs and used to bring us neighbours clothes from their washing line!
Raider is a 5 year old wolf hybrid. He is a canine epilepsy warrior. He loves balls, going on car rides and walks with his sister Oaklynne. You can see him on TikTok @becswolfdogs. Thank you for voting!
Tabby And Warrior
Tabby and warrior are the same age and are loving brothers. They are well behaved fur babies. Warrior was a rescue animal who couldnt find a forever home. So i took him in to be tabbys brother. Warrior was the only kitten to survive his litter after his mom got hit by a car. He has a bend at his tail that shows the only damage he got. They are the most loving cats. Tabby is protective of his mom (me)and warrior loves yo cuddle whenever i lay down. 💗
Cali is a dog that I rescued almost a year ago, I got her right at two years old and she spent half of her life in an animal shelter. She was very skinny, shy and weak when I had got her. Cali has came around to be the most loving and sweet dogs I have ever met, and let’s not forget her funny personality!
Lillee is so ADORABLE & smart! She knew 9 different tricks by 10 wks old. She could open the door as soon as she could reach the handle. She loves to play keep away, and fetch and she is QUICK, LOL!
Reggie likes pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Seriously though, he loves his food and to scream at 5am to jump onto my bed, even though he knows how to jump up he expects me to move the duvet for him. Please vote for him to help fund his ever-growing mcdonalds straw collection!
Hi everyone! I’m willow. I’m a female black lab and I’m 3 years old. My favorite thing to do is go swimming, golf with dad, and chase after tennis balls. I could seriosuly swim laps ALL day. I listen so well. I can sit, shake, lay down, roll over and do anything you ask me to do. I love to play and make my humans happy 😃
Gatsby is such a squishy cloud! He loves belly rubs and biodegradable packing peanuts!
🛑🛑DO NOT VOTE FOR LOKI ..WE ARE ONLY HERE TO RETURN ADVANCES /EXCHANGES FOR MEGAN.MEGGY MOO CHOPS ... Loki is a cheeky boy ... hes my mums dog . He is a resuce dog . He is 5 yr old .
This little baby is only 3 months old and loves to play and cuddle all the time, especially with her dad after he gets home from work. She could spend the whole day just sleeping and eating if I didn’t have to do things through the day. She loves to attack her big sister too and they love to play together.
This sassy little almost 2 year old loves to play and cuddle but only when she feels like it. She is the sweetest little girl and the cutest too obviously.
My name is a mouthful so you can call me Malibu, I am an angel although mommy would disagree.
Kadath is 2 yr old male lynx point loves to do sucky sucky on a blanket and will not eat anything but dry food and gravy separately of course also is into wrestling 😊