My name is Socks! My new mommy and daddy just brought me home a little while ago! I’m a super lovey and cuddly kitten. My favorite thing (so far) is playing with my mommy’s hair (I like to bite it). I was a good baby in the car to my first vet trip today! My older brother and sister are still unsure about me, but I already love them and want to play with the big kitties! Please vote for me!
Winnie is a chocolate and white Boston terrier. Winnie may be small but surly has a big sassy personality 💕 Winnie loves to cuddle with her momma and is super playful! Winnie adores being outside and running off all her rambunctious energy 🐾
Hi I am Ziggy! I have been on the local news. I went missing and returned home. I do not leave mom's side. I love to steal my sister, Gucci's food. I also love catnip! Vote for me pleassee!
Hey I am Gucci! I love my heating pad, naps, and think I am a princess. My mom loves me so much. I am an emotional support cat. I also am the alarm clock in the morning for everyone in the house. Vote for me puurrrrlleeasee.
She is very loving and intelligent
Loves his ears being stroked, eating, and looking after his greenhouse.
Hello this is Ace he is one year old Boston terrier Pomeranian husky mix. He likes to run around the yard and play with his toys.
Lena is a very happy pup! She is always running around and bringing joy to everyone. She’s my best friend! My number one! She’s very caring and loving!
Bella is a happy go lucky dog who loves to snuggle and go to Grandma's to see her sister cocoa. She joined our family at 6 months when we rescued her.
I got zinc from an old friend a few months ago and he is the light of my life! He is 3 years old, very playful and very spoiled. I am almost never home because of work but when i do get home, he is right by the door waiting for his kisses, pets and food. He loves to sit on my shoulders as i walk around, loves to cuddle, loves to play and loves to nap with me!
Smokey is a wold one but she loves the kidos she will sit snd play on the floor with my 8 month old all without scratching him.
Nilla is a a very vocal kitten! She loves to chase you around the house and cuddle! She has a pretty crazy side to her to! She knows how to open doors!
Timmy Bukowy
Hi everyone my name is timmy🐈💗 i like getting out in the World and meeting new friends and fubaby friends i love nature and beaches and to be with my family im a protector of my brother and sister i can be sweet and gentle yet strong and fierce, i like my fancy feast and if you dont talk much thats ok i love to chat im one of a kind🐈 my cat mom has showed me the meaning of a true warrior cat king i dream of being a star and then wake up and walk my path like the boss kitty i am💗 yours truly timmy the Cat🐈😊🐈🐈🐈
Luke is a 4 moth old Boston Terrior
Frida is our little 8 months old kitten. She is an angel and always wants to play. Every night and morning she wants kisses and cuddles..she is absolutely stunning
Delila is 8 weeks old and partially blind she is only able to see via one eye, she is a very sweet loving Persian kitten
Lexi is my service dog I am full time in a wheelchair and have a lot of physical problems but she helped me with those physical and emotional support
Hey this is Bea, or Beatrix. Shes a spunky little girl that is a year old. She enjoys a good box to play in. Just about anything will make her happy. she came from a farm and this is all new for her. She loves her brother mal and playing with him like shes a dog. She loves her daddies scratches. Shes the perfect little girl.
Cute little 8 month baby. Sas queen. Very affectinate and loves getting into mischief
This crazy little pup has the biggest heart! Such a friendly and kind soul. She is a mad dog at heart always getting the zoomies and throwing tantrums if she doesnt get her way. Diva!!
Found Graycie in the woods
Callie is 8 weeks old, and we only brought her home 2 days ago, as soon as i saw her i fell in love with her, she has beautiful markings, and gorgeous eyes, she is just a wee stunner.
She's so playful and sweet, purrs everytime you touch her. Checkout some of her other pics. Thank you
Hi am Loki 👋🏼 I am 9 weeks old. I love to sleep and play with my brothers 💙 Who doesn't love a cute puppy, right? 😍💙
Hi I’m atlas I’m a strange kitty I love sleeping with mommy and eating marshmallows and I love to play outside mommy says I’m the cutest baby she’s seen
The most precious penny there is, with such a funny caring personality.
this is binx. he is the cuddliest cat i have ever encountered. he’s full of personality and always lets you know he loves you. constant purrs and chatter from this lil boy 🤍
Loki is a loving and playing pup, he loves to hop around in the grass, and play with his tail. He’s a cuddle bug and grunts when he’s happy. He’s my silly lil puppy.
Mocha is our newest girl, she is roughly 10 weeks. 50% Husky, 25% Bernese Mountain Dog, and 25% Rough Collie. She is very vocal, and loves to argue to get her point acrossed. Those beautiful blue eyes are what drew me to her the most. She is such a joy.
She Is very loveable and loves to cuddle. She has a funny sense of humor and loves everybody wether It's a stranger or a new dog to play with. If she sees someone she will sit and wait for them to get out of their vehicle or walk by her to talk to her and pet her. She loves Everybody!
Hello this is Shadow. He is a 9 year old registered German Shephered. Shadow loves snow, water and toy's. He is always by myside and he also loves to bark at anyone knocking on the door. He isnt big on giving kisses but he will lay right beside you all day.
He has more energy than most puppies and keeps going and going and going!! He also likes to carry a blanket or large stuffed animal around with him.
He’s very adventurous, playful, loves to cuddle with my two dogs and myself on our small bed and is always meowing or purring. He is so easy and calm in new scary situations. He’s always been like this all of his life!!
The most goodest girl there is
Loving caring sweet dog
We call her our black panther. She is our hunter
She a young kitty some one left her outside she is now adjusting to being in doors
He likes to bite your shoes if you come home late!
Moose is a fire station pup! He goes to work with his mommy every day third day and enjoys hanging out by the fire truck.
Whiskey is a 1 year old sassy kitty who loves her window seat, cat nip treats, laser pointers and sleeping on her daddy’s lap🥰
this is polo he loves to have his belly rub and loves to run and play with his best friend he loves to sit on his butt and look out the window in the 18 wheeler he loves to give kisses he loves to cuddle with his momma and watch over her to make sure no one misses with her
Murphy is an Australian Shepard/ Australian cattle dog mix. He is 9 weeks old and loves to go on walks. He’s a very happy and active pup
The worlds, fattest, chunky but who loves belly rubs and bottled water
Otis is our perfect adopted baby! He is the most cuddly boy and will keep you in bed for hours so he can get some love! He also loves walks outside, but he's a big boy, so about 20 minutes and he's ready to go back inside for more cuddles!!
Gracie may be small in size but her attitude makes up for it. She is a mommas girl, but when her dad is around she loves watching what he is doing like she is learning to help him. She loves all the attention she can get. She is lucky to have such a easy going sister like BOB.
Poof was 6 weeks old weighting 6 pds when we found him. He was in rough shape, but we fixed h all up and he now weights 55 pds.