Dog cat Stories - 7


Zero loves to give everyone hugs and play with his toys!
Odie was left at the animal shelters door in a crate with his brother Garfield, unfortunately Garfield passed away 3 hours later. Both were underweight and suffering from an upper respiratory infection, he was just a few weeks old so he was brought to my home to foster and bottle feeding, the first 24hr were touch and go but he pulled through and won my heart he was a foster fail and i adopted him he lives healthy and happily with his furry sister and 3 furry brothers and his human baby sister. He loves glitter balls and absolutely refuses to share them while running around the house growling with them in his mouth.
Rocky is a chonker who loves his treats. He enjoys taking naps in the sun and getting booty scratches
Kali Grace
She is princess Kali Grace! She is a Calico mix and she is so lovable!
Rocky is just like a little puppy!! He follows you everywhere wants to be with his sisters (dogs). He is extremely talkative, especially when he is hangry!! 😂
We rescued Molly just 2 days ago. She is so sweet. She is good around the kids and cats and had already been such a blessing. We look forward to spoiling her. She a real beauty too!
10 months old. Loves snuggles. Hates mornings.
Piper is 8 weeks old and very playful! Besides that Piper loves to cuddle with her feline pal venom and absolutely loves peanut butter!! 🥜 ❤️
He is the best to cuddle with but i never get the chance cuz as you can see she got the
Rivi is a 7 year old dog and we love him so much he hasnt been a better dog
Little Man
Little Man is a stud. I rescued him about 5 years ago and he has been my boy ever since. He loves to get new toys and we call them his babies. Though eventually he desyroys his baby and needs a new one. He gets so excited when he does get one though. He loves treats, going for rides, visits from friends and family, because of course they came to see only him, and he loves his brother Boomer and sisters, Fiona and Suka. We would not be the same with out him. He has such a personality, he smiles when happy, pouts and gets angry, which is really cute. He thinks he's the neighborhood watch dog and believes himself to be quite tough, and he is. He had a horrible fight and we almost lost him, though 22 stitches and red light therapy, which he loved, saved his life. He knew when we were going and was excited to see his Vet crew. The only dog I know happy to visit the vets office. Im blessed to still have him and hope you vote for my boy, my PIC! 💕
Hi!! My name is Chico My nicknames are chiquitito, enano, bubby and handsome man. ** Proceed with caution I love giving kisses when I first meet someone ** I am an adventure doggie! I love hikes and trails, When mommy says “Let’s get in the back” I know we are going somewhere fun. I Sowwy I go a little bananas when I see or hear the word bubbles but it’s so much fun! Swimming is now my jam and I love to collect my pile of sticks! Did you say dental chews? Oh man oh man oh man I’m dancing! Did I tell you I am bilingual too? I can show you all my tricks 😋 I LOVE COWS!!! Mommy takes me to our friends house so we can play. I like wearing clothes it makes me feel fancy as the handsome man I am. I love meeting new friends and I hope you like me too!!
Cheeky gorgeous girl
JJ is very behaved and listens very well. He is loved very much by his parents me and his dad Josh Davis. He is spoiled to a tea,but that’s okay because he is our baby boy and we wouldn’t trade him for the world so everyone plz vote for JJ.
Diamond Girl
This site is bullshit it is advertised as a contest and what world is a contest self indulged where are you can vote for yourself and ignore all the other participants the site should be banned for false advertisement on the reason put a profile on here is because I thought it was a true site behold it is just BS it order to say give me your money and I’ll give you a lottery ticket or a voucher to win if you get in the top number to win you are probly buying votes jest like the us government does to get the president they want not the one the citizens want #bannkingpet but if you are that person f you and do it the rite way I have been on here for over a month and not once has somebody voted for this profile too many self-centered eagle testicle pieces of Pooh on here but if you are not then this is diamond girl third generation of my combination and she love anythang involving ball 🏀 she eat’s dreams and sweats ball funny rite but it’s so true she is a realy great girl I call her my ggd that means great grand daughter have a great day and thanks for reading this and checking out her profile if you vote for me 10 times a day I will come to your profile and do the same on your profile let start #sharethelove
Dax is the best dog EVER!!. He's always well behaved and never gives me any trouble. EVERYONE should have a bull mastiff. He's really lazy unless he sees good then he gets up to play so he can get a bite. And he hates opossums! All you have to do is say the word and he goes crazy, also one of the only times he gets up to do something. I love him with all my heart and he is my service dog, but getting to old and about ready to retire.
Bugsy is the most lovable softest cuddly kitty and Is Getting Bigger every day. He is sensitive and very smart. He likes to go places and loves to watch everything around him. I was blessed when he came Into my life!!!
Shadow is my fiesty yet playful fur baby, loves my lap, and knows what im thinking just by looking at me. She came at a time in my life when i needed love 💞
Black Magic
She was a rescue her mother left her she was the runt of the litter there's one side effect from that she's cross-eyed I want to add something I was reading online about this man was ranting and raving about how this contest is fake and how everybody says their cat was a rescue now this cat I brought her in my home you could see by the picture her fur was so matted with mud that I actually had to cut pieces of fur out of her I had to clean her with baby wipes she had an upper respiratory infection I didn't have the money for a vet I gave her antibiotics that were in my house I was sneaking them in her food and from her being outside she would eat like every meal was her last meal so I snuck her antibiotics in tuna and mackerel and I actually tasted it to see if she could taste it and even though she could taste those medicines she was that hungry that she still ate that food this contest is not fake
Everyone meet Gizmo (Mogwai)! She is a spunky, energetic, 5month old cuddle bug. She was the runt of the litter and she came to our family with her older brother, Salem! Her favorite past time is snuggling with our 3 year old Saint Bernard, Korra❤️
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar was an abandoned kitten we found out on the side of the road in front of our property about 5 miles from town. We were supposed to get him healthy and find him a home but he was so little at only 5 weeks old so we kept him and them couldn’t re home him he became a part of our family. He loves outside, treats, and talking my ear off! We love Mr Cheddar and he will always have a place to call home!
Awwww shades gone up well did she do before fantastic how can she not she’s a beauty and changing her beautiful markings are coming on now..i reckon with all your help again we can do better so vote it’s a shit day nowt to do so every time you look at Facebook hit a vote make someone smile 😊 for a change hahahaha
Jodie-Venus is the sweetest girl, chatty, and very loving. She is shy of strangers. She has a cheeky side and her favourite foods are prawns and shredded ham.
I am a rescue ragdoll who chose my mummy by running up to her from the rescue home, when I would normally shy away from people. I was a scared little girl but mummy gave me lots of love and now I’m her shadow and never leave her side. I like lots of cuddles and go for walks on the farm with my Hooman mummy.
She loves to stick her tongue out at you
Hello! This is Luna Bee! She’s a petite Thai Siamese cat that loves getting attention and is definitely the diva of the house!
Nova is a loving little fluff ball, born on 14th July and brought home at 6 weeks old with his brother Jupiter. He loves to sleep ALOT! And will do anything for his favourite treats. When he’s not sleeping he loves to play fight with his brother and toys 🧸 Follow on Instagram for more and to watch them grow @Supernova.The.Kitty
Simba is 5 weeks old he draws every one's eyes because of his small Body and cute face he loves to play and he is very obedient for his age
Hi, I'm Neko! I'm very friendly and love to play! I was the runt of the litter and no one wanted me, until my human parents came along.
Hi, Im Toby. Im mostly an outdoor cat but always come inside to sleep with my human-mom on the bed. I love curling around her feet.
Oreo is 3 1/2yrs old a micro Bully. A mix of bull dog and pit bull. He is ver unique and loveable. He loves to take baths and eat. He recently became a big brother and enjoys every bit of his sister.
Millie loves her froggy toy, peanut butter and long walks !
Mia is such a friendly little girl with her very own special personality. She is a snuggle bug. Whenever I’m sad she just makes my day by being funny she’s not like other cats at all.
This is loki🐶 He is a rescue from Alabama and a Shar pei/ Staffordshire mix and now currently lives in Wisconsin. He is gonna be 4 in November and he loves the cold I am always the one freezing. Not more then he loves bones though, this man takes weeks to rip open a stuffed animal but demolishes a bone in 15 min… I had to learn the hard way to put chicken bones in a seperate bag and throw them out right away. This handsome man always loves to snuggle and loves his belly rubs. One thing he hates….raccoons🦝
Baby Quinn
Baby Quinn is a funny, busy, michevious cat. Always in to everything! And so funny the way she always has to be sitting on SOMETHING (book, laptop, keyboard, mail, the tiniest scrap of paper)!
Lulu Belle
My Lu took over a year to be comfortable enough to lay in my lap after we adopted her. She's a little bit snobby and only does things like wanting pets or belly rubs when SHE wants them. She says "more" when she's getting pets!
This sweet baby loves to play and give kisses. She makes us laugh when she gets the zoomies and follows her dad around everywhere, always sitting/laying on his feet.
Midnight loves to chase after his tail super fast. He likes to think he can take my older. (Much bigger) cat down but he is always on the bottom of that play.
You’ll never find another puppy who loves socializing as much as Nugget does! He may be small but he has the energy to play all day long while stealing your heart along the way. With a sassy little attitude he loves to explore and adventure while getting all the attention from everyone he passes along the way!
Crazy husky puppy. Loves to run around, play in the mud, swimming and cuddles when I's sleepy at end of the day.
Ziggy Stardust is my snaggle-toothed love monster. He enjoys spooning, treats and going to mom’s work (I work at a doggie daycare so he gets to play with all his friends). He dislikes when mom tries to go anywhere without him, when mom pays attention to other dogs instead of him and when he has to wait any amount of time for a snack.
Hi! My name is Oakley. I love having the zoomies and being sassy!
Tiger Bear
Hi my name is Tiger Bear (or Purr Butt) 😸 I am an 8 year old Orange Tabby! My favorite thing in the world is food- tuna, crunchy treats, and anything my mama is eating! Belly rubs are the BEST. I like to play with my fish, my mouse, hunt moths, and talk to birds. People say Im like a dog because I am very friendly, and can sit on command! Cuddles, crunchies, and snuggles is the way to my heart. Your votes mean a lot to me! Thank you! ♡
Murphy is a momma’s boy who loves love and his sister Winnie! He enjoys taking naps and cuttin’ the cheese while snoring right next to his parents. Murphy is a sweet boy who likes walks unless it’s raining, then it’s a nope from him.
Who turned on the light?
Winnie is hearing impaired, but that doesn’t stop her from living her best life ever with her brother Murphy! She is the sweetest babe who loves her momma and papa so much! Winnie loves to chase leaves and go for walks as often as she can.
Keats is a fiery ball of energy who loves to run and play. He’s also a cuddle bug who gives kisses and wags to everyone he meets. He loves spending all of his time with his mama, and is overjoyed to be a lap dog even when she’s working! Vote for this ode to Keats!