Gracie is our 9 week old Pyrador. She loves being outside to run. She loves her ropes and sticks to play with.
😻Please vote for "SIMBA😻🎻HERO CAT"in the OCTOBER KP Contest. The prize will help bring cats & dogs rescued by solders to the US where they will be reunited instead of being left to try to survive, starving & sick, in a war zone. Simba's prize money will be donated to Paws of War🐈🐾🎖🇺🇸 ⭐😻⭐😻⭐😻⭐ 😻Simba is a HERO cat. Simba saved my family, waking us up during a gas leak! He meowed loudly and pawed my face until I woke up. !!🙀!! That was unusual behavior for him! We got out in time and called the fire department, thanks to Simba!😻 Simba can mimic some words to ask for food or to go out. He's a very loving cat. He likes to make biscuits while on your lap. He rubs my face with his adorable chin and purrs loudly. 😻 💬 SIMBA: "Please vote for meee! ❤️Thank meeyou!"
She love people she love pillows and blankets and toys she loves to dress up
He's my 3 legged wonder. We call him Sgt Cody Peppers! And he loves turkey slices and amazon boxes 🙂
Absolutely bonkers, will do anything for tennis balls toys and cheese from my humans
Ozzy is a bouncing playful kitten, who loves to nibble on your fingers and toes and snuggle upto you in the most weird positions!
John is family. He lays with me when I’m sick. He loves fleece blankets, makes out with them if you will. He loves cars! He will even ride around with me. He loves his kids and adores playing with hair ties. He’s pretty amazing!
Pancake was born under my Dads porch by a stray cat. We took in and also her brother. She’s set in her ways but has been a blessing and I think she’s beautiful!
Princess Zahara
Rescused at 3 months old and became my emotional support animal. I love her more everyday and you should to. She's very sweet, loveable, and kind. Loves kids and other animals. Let's vote for her so she can have her own achievement
Cheddar Biscuit
This is Cheddar, our 1 year old orange tabby. He loves to sit in our living room window and watch the birds, loves to sit in the tub after someone showers, accompanies his mom to the bathroom every chance he gets and loves to be pet until he decides he’s had enough (he likes to bite to tell you to back off😜) He’s sweet then sour, then sweet all over again and he’s made our little apartment the perfect home🧡
Baxter is a 4 year old Chihuahua Boston Terrier who loves the outdoors. He is loved by everyone in the house especially the children who are his favorite people to play with.
Sir Lancealot
Sir Lancelot is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He loves going shopping, getting treats and playing.
The scattiest little lady ever! Loving, playful and full of life. Such a treasure to share our home with her!
Luca loves treats and toys. He gets jealous easily. He loves the attention he gets from everyone.
Ziva is 6 months old and never fails to be so full of energy. She is a husky/ beagle/ catahoula mix. All around loves people, the outside, and chewing anything and everything.
Maggie loves to be by herself and snuggle any blanket she can find
Cosmo is very shy but loves to snuggle
Oakley loves to play with any toy he can find, including water bottles,
Gizmo.....aka Bupperz
Gizmo is very active playing with his very large toy collection and keeping the squirrels out of his backyard. In his down time he definitely is a lap dog and always looking for cuddles. He saved me and I saved him 💖 💖💖💖💖💖
Mokey was a foster kitty. He was living very neglected with several other cats, with drugs abuse around and smoke. He was being foster, when I first saw him I fell Inlove with his shortness.He was timid.he was about a month old when we adopt him. He loves to eat about anything, and climb. Mokey got his names cause we originally called him Smokey cause where he came from, the kids at home couldn’t pronounce it so it sounded more like mokey. He is still has a bad URI which we are tryin e erything to get it gone. He loves to cuddle. If money wins we can continue his more of his treatments. And he finally started yo purr. He’s the lil prince of the house
She a small cockerpoo and is full of life and the sweetest little girl, full of character and the happiest dog love her x
Nala was my baby she passed away but she was the most loving cat but also very sassy. She loved taking naps outside on the porch and loved treats and her nip (catnip) 🥰🥺 I miss her everyday..
He likes to eat and to be stretched
Griffin is super cuddly, loves to eat and play with his rubber band ball! Our whole family is so in love with him❤️
Hi, I'm Luna. I like to relax while watching TV shows with my owner 😃 I also nap a lot!
A cute little ball of fluff. She loves cuddles with her little Paddington Bear and enjoys tucking herself into bed for naps.
Ruffles loves to play fetch and he loves to be held and cuddled.
Hi i’m Bucky and I like to think of myself as the most cuddly, dog ever! My owners are also getting married! Please help me win this contest so I can spoil them ❤️
Ron is a majestic beast like no other. I choose to believe that if he had a voice he would sound somewhat like Morgan Freeman. Winning this competition would mean the world to him as he is running low on temptations. Without temptations he can go from Morgan Freeman to 50 Cent real fast. anyhow VOTE RON!
Ellie Rose
Ellie is the sweetest little girl ever. She grabs my hand to put under her head to sleep. And she always kisses my nose before bed.
Lilo is a sweet girl who loves cuddles and making biscuits. She's also a ferocious hunter, who always tries to drag her toys away to somewhere quiet to 'kill' them.
Stitch loves to play and is always getting into mischief. He's also a big sap for cuddles
he’s crazy, runs around like a maniac and loves people food and always wants to go outside and eat lizards here in florida
Wanda is a sweet and smart girl who loves running around with other dogs and her humans! She is well trained and can go anywhere with Mom!!
Of course my beautiful baby girl is a pit bull a breed that has had such a bad reputation for years due to irresponsible bad owners,Hennessy is the sweetest gentle soul always surrounded by young kids cats and other dogs.After loosing my last 2 fur babies Hennessy gave me a reason to live and love no matter what she puts a smile on my face and anyone she encounters she is just amazing.
Loki is a rescue that showed up on my front door with his mamma and 4 siblings. Hes so loving ,spoiled and very feisty
The Princess of the castle has everyone wrapped around her paws and loves to pose in front of a camera.
Grayson is unique little boy. He loves to go for walks on his harness, bike rides, and sample my cooking in the kitchen.
Sarge is a Lab, boxer, & American bulldog mixed he is full of energy and gets into everything he loves getting on the trampoline and chasing his sister.
Loves playing outside with his toys very active and loves eating a lot ❤️😊
Tinkerbell has the best personality, she is truly like no other. If you ever met her you’d instantly fall in love 💓
Laila's favourite thing to do is cuddle on the sofa. She’s the queen in the house and certainly knows it!
Split face Merle, with such a personality! And He comes unique so get voting😏
what can i say, aya is a sweetheart. she’s an angel 🤍
Hi, my names Tommy and I am from London! I am 9 years old and have recently been adopted by my mummys sister as she became poorly. I am the most loved cat in the world and I have settled in so well with my new family. I am a good boy who loves feathers, ear tickles and eating cat grass. My family had to hide all of the houseplants as I wanted to eat those too! I love looking at myself in the mirror, can you blame me with my handsome looks? Thank you for voting for me, you have made a middle aged kitty very happy!
Buddy is a 13 week old Dachshund mix. We adopted him from the animal shelter. He loves the outdoors but love to cuddle to when inside.
Oakley is a cute little girl She is a bedlington terrier beagle cross She loves to play jump and chew EVERYTHING Please vote for us then we can get her lots of toys and treats