Dog cat Stories - 7


This is Chippy! Super fun fluff ball!! He loves chasing his human siblings around and snuggling. He's super clumsy and hops like a bunny 💙
Hi my name is chico i love my belly scratch and im very annoying when i bark lol. I dont like to be disturb when i sleep i also eat alot. 🐕🐶
Banshee Boo
Banshee Boo is a squirrel chasing happy girl who only knows how to kiss, zoom around and wag her nubb! She wants to be your friend!
Mojo is 6 months old he's a very smart little boy. Loves to play with his toys and his brother & sister. Loves his mommy, love give me kisses play with my hair and cuddle. He's a rescue dog but feels he's the one doing all the rescuing.
King Kilo
If Airbud and Scooby-Doo had a social club "Kiki" would definitely be in it haha. He loves hanging out the front window on rides and his level of understanding and loving on strangers are enough to make anyone scared of dogs fall in love and admiration. P.S. Squeaky toys and long hugs are his top two faves 😊
Ted is a very happy boy, And if he won he would enjoy his winnings by buying himself a big memory foam bed and a lovely winter jacket to protect his curls. Ted enjoys a stroll along the beach and daily trips to the school to meet his friends and their mammy and daddys share treats with us! I love my life and I am so very happy ... Hello!!!
Hello I am Bella I love to get my dog friend Bailey food and I am fast and funny I am one of the sweetest dogs in the world.
Gianni Versace
Gianni loves to look at every bird out of the window and loves to sleep on soft blankets all day
Sweet Pea
Sweet pea is actually a stray in my neighborhood but she is a new mama dog and is super sweet and loving. She loves homemade dog food, butt scratches, and attention. I just figured I would put this sweet girl in this contest to let her get a little love and maybe even find her a forever home!
Tater Tot
Hi! I am Tater Tot but my humans call me Tots! I am 12 weeks old and new to the PNW. I love chewing on all things my humans say no to, long walks, and other fluffs!
This is Nala, an 13 week old Cane Corso. My bby loves playing with all her supersized toys, and she also loves chewing on everyone’s hands and toes. Don’t let her fool you though, she might look feisty but this pretty girl will nap anytime!
Hey everyone my name is Zoey.! I love to be outside and play all the time. I love my squeaky toys, they are super fun even at 2am.! I take naps a lot as you can see in my pictures, I’m also really cute and could use your vote too.! I’m a super spoiled puppy, my mom lets me get away with everything and then there’s dad but I get out of that with giving him some cuddles and loving on him. I’m really sweet and nice, I just want attention and lovins. All of the kids love me and I love them, they’re so much fun to play with too.!
He is the sweetest Mix breed i have ever had! He is mixed with Husky and pitbull and he listens so well.
He was the only one to survive out of a litter of 12 so his name says it all.
Holly loves boating while always wearing her “shark” life jacket!
Killian Micah is intelligent and loving. His breed is a blue lacy. The only aggressive about him is when he is giving love and kisses.Hes extremely friendly and social
Icy is a feline Persian cat. She’s super sweet, cute and lovely. Icy loves to play with chipmunk and birds. She’s a good girl and deserves the best 🏆
This is buttons he is 6 months old, loves to play fetch and playing in the snow. Buttons loves cuddles and is a good boy!
Luna is an English Bulldog who is currently 14 weeks old! She loves to play outside, munch on fingers and toes, and sleep.
🔷️🔷️🔷️Replacing BUTTER RIP.🔷️🔷️ Sweetest Beagle you'll ever meet. He's Ellie Mae's Ride or Die Buddy & has supported her on 37 Diabetic w/Pancreatitis Vet trips.
Maddie The Blind Kitty
Maddie is a very sweet Blind, Deaf, FIV+ kitten with no teeth, who was brought to a high- kill shelter in a box with severe eye infections and rotten teeth, She got her eyes and teeth surgically removed, But after months of waiting for a home they realized that she would never get adopted due to her differences... so she was put on a list to Be euthanized. But an amazing shelter (Kaleys place) stepped in, and saved her life, thanks to that shelter, she now has a loving home with us! She is very affectionate, and loving. She gets around the house perfectly... you wouldn’t even notice she is blind! If we win, we will Donate the money to an emergency vet fund for special needs animals (just like her!) she is the best thing that ever happened to us and we are forever thankful for her ❤️ Please follow her on Instagram as Maddie_Blindkitten! She would love to have some likes and follows from her fans!
He is a very sassy with an attitude cat I always say that he is a sweet and sour patch! Cause he can be a sweet cat one minute and a sassy cat the next one!
A great companion who wants to make sure you are admired.
He is an adorable sweet cat he lost one eye last year, but even like that he still very sweet boy!
Bullet lovess to play chase and share his love with anyone! Real big cuddler💕
Hi my name is Gibby! I’m almost 2 years old... which is 24 in cat years! I love “playing” (attacking) my twin brother Milo ;), chasing strings & cuddling up with my dad any chance I get.
Hi I’m Milo, I was adopted by my furever family only a short while ago. I love to play with my toy mice! Play fetch, and run all over my house. My favorite thing to do is get pet and my favorite snack is probably Temptation Treats!
Rex is a German shepherd, boxer, beagle mix. He is about 10 years old and is a big boy. Rex translates to king and that is truly what he is.
Fovvy is on the smaller side for a Maine Coon and was one of three other "rescue kitten kittens." She really does live up to the intelligent and responsive reputation that her breed possess.' She will run across the other side of the room when summoned, lifts her paw when you tell her to lift (or just do it on her own free will! lol), follows you around the house, she enjoys cuddling up next to you just relaxing and watching a movie or tv, and bringing out this loyal fun-loving furr baby companion personality shine!
This is Fidget aka Fidgey. He is my foster kitten that I brought home for Christmas and ended up deciding to adopt him into my home. ❤️ He is about 8 months old but is very special, he was born with a liver shunt. It can be surgically corrected but its an expensive procedure. He's being maintained by medication and has begun to grow into his skin! He's a spunky, little trouble maker but loves to cuddle with mom or dad when he's done terrorizing his brothers. He hopes you vote for him!! 😊
She loves skeaky toys and playing fetch. Shes a cuddle bug and dosnt understand personal space.
She is a 9 year old sassy miss thang. After walks she loves to go for a dip in the pool qns then asks why her paws need to be dried.
DaVinci has been to Disney World with us and can say “I love you”
Bob And Bowie
Bob and Bowie and brothers who love each other and their black lab brother very much.
Lily is a loyal, playful, and friendly dog who is BFFs with our cats, She thinks they are her Babies!!! She is a rescue dog from Scotland, (That is over 3,000 miles from here, in Texas) her favorite holiday is Easter... we make homemade Easter dog cookies for her every year! She will always stick by your side... and she will also Be your best friend! She loves everyone she meets... including children, other dogs and especially cats! Her favorite hobbies are playing, grooming, and snuggling with our cats. She truly is the sweetest dog anyone could ask for... we love her so much, and she also loves us ❤️❤️❤️
Chloe is a Sealed Brindle Boxer puppy. She loves to play with her toys and cuddle! She also enjoys terrorizing the cat!
My name is Rogue and I love chewing on my moms slippers
Iniko means "born during troubled times"... I thought it was a fitting name with everything thats going on in the world. Despite the meaning of her name, Iniko is full of love, playfulness, and laughs! She loves water! If i allowed it, it would be her pass time for sure!!...and BUBBLES!! She is an incredibly spoiled puppy whos a goof! You are sure to get her attention and full cooperation with the word "COOKIE"
Pumpkin Marie Tellerday
Pumpkin is my sweet baby girl and she loves playing with her toys and straws
Harley is a Pug and Beagle mix. He loves to go outside, cuddle with his owner, and most importantly, he absolutely loves food! He will eat anything and everything 😂
Rudy is a cuddly and affectionate kitty who somehow never gets into trouble. She is sweet and loves meeting new people. The only time you hear her meow is when she wants a kiss!
about 8 months old, my polydactyl baby has a total of 26 toes ! his hobbies include playing with the toilet and knocking down anything he can 😘he’s my lover boy though.