Dog cat Stories - 7


Roxy is a tri-pod toy poodle from Carolina Poodle Rescue. She let’s nothing get in her way of loving life and looking cute. Her tail is always wagging and she always finds a human to help her get where she wants to be.
Cali is now 10 weeks old, she loves playing with socks, climbing and cuddles
Winston is a very loving, and very good baby boy. He loves to play hide and seek, chase me, monsters, dinosaurs, catch, and more. Winston has a beautiful personality and loving nature. He loves to wear sweaters, mommy made sweaters that is. He even picks which one he wants to wear each day.
One word to describe me: fun. I love to play with my friends on the field and I beat everyone when im running for the ball. I love when my parents give me some of their food... ham is my favourite!!
Dottie Mae
Dottie Mae is overly sweet and just the cutest darn dog I know because she can get all the attention with her over energized personality and loving and cuddling nature but also with her beautiful and unique colors in her coat. Dottie Mae is very easy to teach tricks and has been an extremely smart dog when learning her commands. I do believe she and I have a deep connection and understands what I tell her! Dottie Mae is an all-around people dog who loves everyone and wants to play as much as possible!
Pippin will follow me everywhere.He runs to the door to greet me after work with lots of cuddles to follow. Intense play time is needed and loves attention!
Paris; my 4 legged daughter, and I, live on the beautiful Weeki Watchee River. Kyackers stop to adore her multiple times a day. Paris leaps off the dock/ boat to fly into the water after her favorite toy...all day long! She brings so many smiles and cheer to the river..shes known as the " River Mascot".
Tittie Kittie Grey
He has Pica
She loves pictures and cuddles
Buster is a happy, nosey, little ball of fun. He is loving and makes us laugh every day.
Lilo is a playful , and kind little puppy , she enjoys playing with her toys , treats , and tons of cuddles! Lilo loves the snow , love going on walks and she is such a sweet dog ! Please vote for lilo ❤️
ET was the runt he had big eyes when he was little and when you pet him and his ears pushed down he looked like an alien but he's grown into his eyes and he's quite beautiful now at over 14 or 15 lb. but let me tell you he is a handful.
Koa is our sweet Rescue pup! He loves doing zoomies in the snow, walks with his favorite walking stick and going on Car rides! He’s the biggest snuggle bug and he thinks that he’s a lap dog!
Born near The Music City of Nashville, Tennessee and raised in The Lone Star State.. "The Bluest Eyes in Texas are haunting me, tonight"
Her name is not Eclipse, I don’t know how to edit We don’t have a name for this baby yet. Still thinking :)
Luffy is the sweetest boy, He love’s cuddling and always sitting on my lap everyday. He is playful and love to shower everyday 😂. But I can’t make him shower everyday.
My name is Joplin and I love belly rubs
Theodore Aka Teddy
Teddy is a sweetheart and happy pup. Food is his weakness! He enjoys his best friend Lokys and their 4 other doggy siblings. And of course his cat brother.
Chase is an extremely tough kitty raised by 6 dogs and family of humans that love him even when he is being rambunctious 🥴
Marley is a fiesty little ball of fur. He loves cuddles with mom and dad but when it’s play time he wants non of it. His favorite toy is a taco key chain that he uses as a pillow, chew toy, and ball. He’s so loving and very vocal when it’s food time. Did I mention that he also has a foot fetish? He steals dads socks, not the clean ones either, and chews on them and hides them behind the couch so mom can’t find them and clean them. He’s very spoiled and just recently loves to go on car rides with mom and dad.
Dixie was my first rescue. I fostered her to save her life bc she had 24 hrs. After a week of pure chaos lol I went back to adopt her. I may have saved her life but in the 8 years I had her she saved mine. She was my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. I would run inside for a quickly while she sunbathed and she would open the door to come after me bc I wasn’t fast enough lol. I couldn’t go to another room for more than a second before she came to check on me. She snored like a pig and it took me forever to sleep with out her snores or my hand in her face. We were snugglers 💔. I would pull up from work and before I even got in the drive she was running out (if the kids were home without the door shut all the way lol) but I always walked into the house with a Dixie smile if she didn’t run out to greet me (see pic 4) she was my heart ❤️🐾🌈 If you have never adopted a dog it’s a must. She was the love of my life.
Katie is currently 5 years old. She is the most playful pooch ever. Katie enjoys playing, following others and smiling. She truly is our family’s princess and we couldn’t be happier to own her!
Bentley is 9 years old. He has the most gentle, loving and kind spirit. Bentley enjoys taking naps and playing with his partner, Katie (our female collie). He truly has completed me in every way. Bentley is special because he gave me my love for animals!
Cooper is my daughters dog .She got him after she moved away for college. Now she is a married mommy and cooper has a baby sister who he is in love with.Cooper sleeps right next to the crib ,fetches diapers and never leaves the babys side.Now 2 years later my daughter had another baby and Cooper is just as attentive as before playing dressup with a 2 year old ..he is still a great big brother.
I rescued Marley when he was 11 mo old, I was his 3rd & final home. Fast forward 11+yrs & in that time, he rescued me & became my volunteer, Angel, service dog. He’s had almost as many health issues as I have but Marley continues to have a sweet, loving, giving spirit. He’s helped save my life everyday in one form or another. Marley is smart, loving, kind & the best fur son ever. He loves to “love & help” anyone/everyone he meets. Marley is the love of my life & the son of my heart forever‼️🥰🦮🐾🐾❤️
Chief is a Australian shepherd, blue heeler mix! He’s 2 years young and the sweetest boy ever!
Skateboard And Potato
Skateboard (Grey) loves doing parkour off of walls and he always has a burst of enjoy. Potato or Tater (black) is really laid back and loves playing fetch!
Savara is a very silly & funny girl who Loves people & wants to know why the dog in the mirror won't come play!! 🙃
Olive is 100% Minpin 😆 She's bossy but super sweet at the same time 🙃 And clearly Very protective of her chewy!! 😂
Rooney was found wandering the streets alone at only 3 months. She was malnourished & very sick. Thankfully she was found and brought to the local animal shelter. Rooney was only meant to be a foster pet (my very first) but after only 3 days I knew I could never give her up. She now spends her days in a warm house either chasing after her favorite feather toy or curled up in one of her fuzzy blankets.
He likes to sleep with his blanket. He loves to play catch.
Zoey is one of those dogs loves to play if your chasing her for the toy. Loves playing with water chasing after the sprinkler. She loves to cuddle and keep you warm. Her best friends are humans rather make friends with people then dogs. She loves kisses and giving them. Her eyes look evil but that face says it all cuties thing. 💕
Thumper enjoys going to the Doggie Park to visit his friends then comes home and eats Butter Pecan Ice Cream
He loves to play, quick learner, and wins everyone’s heart. He is the true definition of cuteness overload
Louie is the best. He is well trained, listens, LOVES TO PLAY, loves to snuggle, loves to walk, and loves to eat. Louie is like a giant teddy bear. He will always protect you. Louie is the cutest golden doodle ever
chloe is a cavapoo. she is so loving, playful, and happy! oh and obviously cute!
Lucky is playful, sweet, lovable, crazy, fun, but most importantly the cutest little girl. Lucky is always so happy to see you and she plays with other dogs nicely.
Sophie is a 5 year old, husky/ boxer mix. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met, wonderful with children and great with other animals as well. And she absolutely loves to be the center of attention!
Sparky loves to bite on my golden retreivers tail and be dragged!!
Doc And Ernie
Doc is the calm but needy brother. He is the one to the right with the camo collar. Ernie is the energetic and goofy brother on the left with the blue collar. He loves attention to but soon he gets bored of all the attention and just try’s to make you smile. All together they are the perfect combination of fun, and loving brothers.
Apollo is 8 months old, he is trained in detection work, and working on bitework now, he loves everything you give him!
Luna is a rescue who was Terribly abused when we adopted her but that is all in her past!! You would Never know now! She is The sweetest gentle soul who is so loving!! ❤
Waylon is a hyper active dog! He loves to run and play! He also loves to give hugs and loves his belly rubbed! He is so sweet and friendly
Ginger is a spunky, sweet and goofy girl! She is very protective of her humans and she loves to play, cuddle, and do tricks for treats!