Toys a sassy gal
My name is Chloe mae, I love morning snuggles and all human food and sneak some when someone isn’t looking; I am super chatty and love talking to my humans if they aren’t holding me. Hope all of you love my fluffy tail and large round blue eyes :)
Ollie is a 2yr old orange tabby! He’s obsessed with going outside and yelling at everyone he sees, Acts as if he doesn’t like anyone but behind closed doors he is the sweetest chubby boy!
Hello, this is Jackson he is about 1 years old! He is very energetic. He’s a crazy boy who loves to cuddle and thinks he’s a lap dog.
Sullivan loves to play outside and chase deer!
Panda is my 15 year old heart-nosed rescue. She is deaf, toothless and the best cuddler! Blessed to have found each other. 🖤
Hi ,my name is Chanelle. I was given up by my first owner because she fell very ill. I was sent to an animal shelter in Montreal/Quebec called SPCA.. It was there I found my forever home with my new mom.. I knew right there how much she loves me..I get to go for walks, I learned new tricks, I get to smell all the beautiful flowers in her garden.. I get treats & yummy food I also get to meet my mommies friends.. I can’t leave out all the attention I get from her ,all the hugs & kisses & she brushes my beautiful fur , bathes me & trims my nails..I love my new mommy & I give snuggle kisses to show her how much I love her & I follow my mommy around the house because I have to make sure I protect her..😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 Thankyou for reading my wonderful story! Love Chanelle 😻😻😻😻
Bella is 1 years old. She loves to run around making noises. She will follow you around and rub up on your legs as a way of showing her love
Kuro was a lockdown baby. And with that loves his owners very much. He enjoys watching birds out the window, climbing in his tower and following his owners to sit with and protect them.
Sir Spoony
Sir Spoony likes sleep, his treats and to play with the neighbor puppy 🐶🐾🥰
Ernie is a sweet dafty who loves playing with his cat sister Mabel and updating his Ernstagram…
Mabel is our little darling pants - she lives to torment her dog brother Ernie but really, she likes nothing more than snuggling up to him at night!
13 week, Cane Corso, registered Service Animal in Training, lovable, smart, and bringing so much Joy to our family
Sassy fits her name to a T. She Is 15 years old and loves her some belly rubs!
Mingmei is a cute little pug puppy. Her name is in Chinese, and it means "bright and beautiful girl". She is a smart puppy, and very.. VERY. playful.
My name is Snowdrop I am 2 years old. I lovee to play hide and seek with my mommy and I even enjoy attacking my dad's legs when he walks by me. My 5 ft cat tower is where I spend most of my days but I sure love to cuddle my parents also. I'm so happy to be in this contest, and love love love to take pictures!! Vote for me!
She love to play She love outside She like being loved
He’s a sweet boy. He’s the nicest Chihuahua I’ve ever met. He’s actually part wiener dog and part Chihuahua. He’s a Chiweenie.
Oreo is sweet, loving, loves to cuddle, loves playing with her puff ball toys, she’s a little chunky girl.
Sweetest Girl
Shiro is a soft kittie, warm kittie little ball of fur! Happy kittie, sleepy kittie pur, pur, pur! I SORRY TO INFORM EVERYONE SHIRO HAS PASSED AWAY! 😭
I’m Apollo I’m my daddy’s shadow!! I love chips and adventures. My dad calls me a hungry hippo
Hi my name is Bagheera. I am a miniature panther. My hobbies include playing fetch, eating everything I see, and wrestling with my brother.
Mr Fuzzy
Fuzzy is very sweet, and calm. He spends most of his time grooming his fur. He enjoys playing with his carrot kicker toy. 💕
Zeus is a husky x presa canario, he is really goofy and never fails to make me laugh. Zeus is also training to be my service animal, he is really loving and also alert and helpful, and my best friend.
Ollie is a beautiful cat that was previously a stray whenever i adopted him. He has always had a bad leg which causes him to limp and he is on painkillers for life but he still runs about like he is a kitten. He is the most loving cat and purrs even when the vet cuts his claws.
Roxy is very silly and out going . 💘 she makes Oreo seem like a ole lady compared to herself always getting into something and being silly 😂💘
She is miss princess 👑 she’s very laid back and loves to give kisses and cuddles . 💘
Bear 🐻 is the most loving girl ever !! Her and her sister from another mister (Fury)play for hours doing kitty kat things chasing lizards 🦎 just love her ❤️
Willow is sweet and spunky litte girl. She loves her big sister prissy who is also a boxer. Help us out! You can vote 10 times a day!
Mambo likes to carry his blankie with him wherever he goes.
Little eddy has such a character loves being cuddled and exploring his favourite thing is chasing leaves in the wind and being with his humans
Kota likes to play with her rope and be with her mommy all the time
8 month old Chihuahua x yorkie female
Gizmo is the sweetest cat. He loves to sleepand play with cat nip socks. He loves to play fetch with little bouncy balls. He is a little bashful at first but once he gets to know you he won't leave you alone.
Coup is a special kitty. His facial expressions are so cute. Coup loves playing fetch. I throw one of his toys and he'll bring it back.
Winnie is wild , she likes to jump and hop about , and scream , Winnie is a very happy puppy to be around
Chico is my baby boy. He has lived with me since he was a puppy 9 years old. Smartest dog, has a huge volcabulary of words that he knows the meaning of. He is a creature of habit. He requires constant eye contact. I cook for him everyday, so he really does have me trained ❤️‍🩹 well. I need him as much as he needs me. Pure 💕 love it
She is not just a cat she is family.
Blaze is the wild child. She enjoys a good hunt and she always has to beat up on her brothers.
Toby is definitely a lover not a fighter, he's the sweetest cat you'll ever meet and his little sister blaze always beats him in wrestling.
Loves cuddles, hates cats 🤣
hope is a vary sensitive dog she weary of men but she coming alone great over coming her fears she smart and is vary lovable
Shes so silly and fun she loves to frog hunt catch them and toss them vote for poopsy shes very smart and soo cute too
Rebel is the most gentle dog,he loves being outside, swimming and cuddles. pure soul
baby kiwi the cutest
My name is Monty and I am 18 weeks old. My hooman is my mum, I stay with her constantly and enjoy lots of kisses and cuddles from her. I love playing, walks, socialising and sleeping in my hoomans bed.