Dog cat Stories - 70


This handsome boy it's a gentalman , a clean boy an funny one haha He loves me ❤
She like to play with her cuz and go for walks play ball and learn new commands
He likes to chew toys will not let any other pup touch them also likes spinning around in circles going to work he gets a bone for every time he comes to work.
Dexter is 11 years but still as agile and playful as a puppy. He is the smartest dope you'll ever meet. He is my heart and soul, he found me when I was lost and fixed me when I was broken.
Hulk was a rescue from our local RSPCA. When we first met he cocked his head to the side and said “woo woo”. He has a bent ear and he just looked so goofy. He is so loving and loves to sleep. His favourite show is Bluey and he loves his Kitty brother.
Nikita Aka. Nicky
Nicky loves to run . She is very active and likes a lot of attention . She loves to go bye byes in my car and loves going to Dunkin Donuts and knows when we are there. I call her the Escape Artist because every chance she get she runs away and ends up in Doggy jail. Nicky is going to be a year old on the 23rd of September and was in Doggy jail twice costing me 620.00 to reclaim her the second time . She is a hand full and loves little kids and all people. She is nosey and we'll alert.
Hi, my name is actually Louis not Luis but my mommy spelt it wrong on my profile and now she doesn't know how to change it. Oops. I have many sides; cute, vicious, playful, loving. I am a night owl and enjoy playing hide and seek. I jump out at whoever plays with me to surprise them and chirrup loudly. Scaring my mommy is a lot of fun. When I'm not scaring her I'm getting belly rubs and affection. Yes I said it! Belly rubs. Not many cats like those but I'm special. I was found with a dog as a kitten so I'm overly affectionate and have an identity crisis. I still make bread and often wake up my mommy doing so on her face. She calls me her "little masseuse" because I often give massages with my little paws. :3 UWU. Anyway, that's a little about me. Please vote for me! I'm hoping to get more votes than my whisker count. P.S. I can almost use a human toilet. ; ) and my nick names are Snookums, Baby, Squishy boy, Little Massuse, Ferocious boi, and Tiny Dancer.
Hi, im baby! I love sun bathing and playing with other cats
My real name is PD for Postage Due, but my mommy adopted me at the shelter almost two years ago and thats what the shelter started calling me so people could understand it. I have auto immune disease, so my food and medicines are expensive and we thought this would be a fun way to earn a little to help. I like to sit in the window and watch the moosies here in Alaska and sleep my days away in the sunshine on my perch. Im very demanding and just love to be loved. Im 15 years old and my picture does not do me justice because i have ice blue eyes and my mommy says im handsome.
Did you know that female orange cats are rare? That’s why my humans treat me like the queen I am.
I love cuddles but only on my terms.
I love swimming in the river!! I dive for rocks and collet them on shore! I am a very friendly and shy doggy.
Kneady Bleu Appleberry
He’s a wild thing and loves to play with Q-Tips! Specifically, the jumbo ones!
Fluffball the youngest of our four cats he enjoys long naps on his bed. And some catnip every meow and then
Hi my name is Waylon! I am an only dog and my owners love to spoil me. I have the sweetest and funniest personality. My favorite past time is licking my dad's head and sprinting around my backyard.
Samson is 8 weeks old, full of personality and loves cuddles.
Lexi is a 13 week old boarder collie. She is the sweetest little soul, and greatest blessing. She loves her two big lab brothers.
Hey everyone my name is Delilah “DeeDee” I’m an energetic and very goofy puppy who loves my oinking pig
Bandit is a handsome little rescue man who was found on the street on a -15 degree day as a kitten. He is energetic and loves to play and eat treats.
Sparkles is handicapped and never lets anything slow her down. She is an emotional support to residents and staff at the nursing home eveeyday. She is an inspiration to never let life gwt you down
Bama Girl
Bama Girl is a Deva. She will talk to you. She never barks unless she hears me coming up the steps into the house. She lets me know she hears me. She has never bit anyone or anything. She love to ride on the golf cart to get the mail and she also loves a boat ride. When we go to the lake camping she always gets excited when she sees us getting our fishing reels . She starts talking to us and telling us she wants to go. We never take her in the day time because it is to hot . We love to go out on the water in the evening to catch the sunset . She loves to sleep with someone, and always making new friends.
This is karma your space is her space! She’s a fun very vocal German Shepard who always needs attention! She loves to play ball, run through the sprinkler and most of all play with kids !
Zeus is a maincoon cat.He always watches me out the window when i leave the house and he growls when strangers come to the house cause he is protecting me!
Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear came to me has a foster litter. She had 5 sisters and 5 brother's. Yogi's mom is a Labrador/boxer and dad is a Masador. She has an Pawmazing personality and loves kisses and peanut butter smartbones .
My soft furry little ball of energy and love with the biggest feet ever. Such a perfect light butterscotch colored cuddle bug and soft as silk!
Lex is a 3yr old Great Pyrenees/Mastiff rescue; and he’s the biggest goof. He makes everyone he meets laugh and smile just by existing. He is a great protector; can sleep better than Sleeping Beauty; and can run like the Tasmania devil every blue moon. Skittles are his power pills; taste the rainbow!!
Ginger loves naps when he's indoor but when he's outdoors he loves spending his time chasing lizards.
Delilah is super shy, she is an indoor cat since she hates the outside world. She is always making sure she's clean and looking cute
The pillow under he’s Head Is pistal the 27 year old toy fox terrier 😊
Diesel looks little scary but my 17 year old toy fox terrier pushes him around lol actually diesel bugs him until he the little rat is hanging from his lip. And diesel blows it off. ❤️
Coco Chanel
Very playful loves to wake up people with kisses the most cutest tiny baby she is as small as the palm of a hand she loves to play with squishy toy run all around the house hopping like a little bunny extremely playful she brighten up anyones day i love her so much
My name is Theodore Pierre! I mostly go by Theo, I like to run around, play with leaves, and cuddle with my mom and dad! I’m a fawn French bulldog and I love to eat!
Gemma is a Cane Corso mix. At the moment she is chewing everything! (She’s teething really bad) She LOVES treats! Gemma loves to play with her big sister. She loves to snuggle and give kisses!
Ford is a 2 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees mix! Ford absolutely ADORES other animals and love his mama 🐾 he was only 3 1/2 weeks old when he found his forever home & he is just the most loving, fun & sweet little guy who still thinks he’s puppy size 🤩🤍
Ralphie is a jackapoo. He such a sweetheart and very spoiled! He loves car rides, mcdonalds and arbys drive-thru because he knows he is getting something along with a icewater! He loves going to the dog park! If you say the word his ears instantly perk and head cocks and tails is a waggin! If were going there he gets so excited when he realizes where we are going and start crying and going nuts lol. He loves his evening walks and playing in the backyard. He is also dog dad. I have a cat and everytime she has kittens he guards them and with his life and wont let noone get near them. He is a joy to have around and hes definately our baby!
Hi Friends! My name is Sadie. My best friends are my sister lassie whose a collie and my brother Nova the cat. I enjoy swimming, eating bugs and rides to the pet store.
Hunter Mckenzie
Hunter is the most funniest dog ever and really intelligent well trained pup he knows his tricks his manners and is so kind and loving has me laughing all the time hes 1 in a million my wee buddy loves to chill watch tv with me plays games with my girl like chases and loves to dig and hide his toys for us to find 💗 going to be a big brother to his human baby sister due jan 2022😊 please vote for my huskita boy
My nick name is Posey, I am life and a mommy’s boy! I sleep with my mommy every night cause I love to snuggle.
I am 4 months old. Hyper and energetic is me at my best! But I am so cute and loveable at the same time. Vote for me!
Meet Aries a St Bernard who is a loving, smart, giant, cuddle bug. He enjoys weekend hikes, playing tag with his dad and slobbering all over mommy while trying to climb in her chair to cuddle.
Hide your daughters hide your wives, Daniel’s on the loose and ready to ruin some lives! Just kidding, although Daniel is known for being a rascal, he’s got a heart of gold. I hail from the Windy City where my parents adopted me. While the politics and weather might be windy here, I’m as stable and loyal as they come. I love cuddling with my parents, chasing after birds, meowing at the back door, curling up with a good book, and occasionally a nice glass of catnip. I’m as friendly as they come and ready to take on the world!
Sophie Sinclair
This is Sophie, an adorable Pomsky. Her eyes are different colors and she is super playful!
Freds first love is his frisby and he gets birdy for ducks! Also, he has quite the beard! #Drahathaar