Paul is the most awesome kitty he loves bejng lazy and enjoys play time! He is my sweet boy!
She’s a three year old calico, from a litter of two kittens. A big bundle of fluff but a gentle giant. She loves playing with her toys.
Frankie Jo
He is a gentle giant and he actually says "Hello", he is my service cat that makes me smile everyday 🥰❤🐾
Hi I am Oliver and I’m new here! I am 8 weeks old and such a playful puppy! My parents nicked named me piggy cause I love to eat! I am learning new tricks and loving my new home.
KitKat enjoys going outside,having nighttime zoomies, playing with her mom, and sleeping with her dad!
Kitty is our beautiful girl that we got 3yrs ago. She is a very active 8yr old. She loves to spend time on the patio, chasing & bringing us her toys. Here in this photo was her down time, recovering from an afternoon of running around.
She is very vocal and sassy!
Lox is approximately 16 weeks old.... He is a Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier that loves any toys that squeak!!! He is super smart and knows some basic commands "Sit", "Stay", "Down"..... He loves his Puppacino's from Dunkin Donuts too.....
The Kittens
These are the kittens! (Aka the last litter) there are 3 little babys! They're names are goggles,mr.minnie mouse and chanilky! (Pronounced sha nilky) Chanilky was named after my angel kitten who passed away, her name was milky.
Yoda is my baby he is crazy loveable and loves boxes he is one of a kind... He loves slim jims cuddles and trying to get outside
Elbow is 10 years old princess who loves tuna water, watching rabbits and flashing his belly. Elbow has half a tail and two white toes.
Freckles is a 6 month old American xl bully cross staffy. She is so cuddly and loving but she has the speed and the excitable side and has her mad hour where she runs around likes lunatic. She covers herself up under the covers and won't go to sleep till she is properly covered and comfy which is really cute. She loves her walks with Bulzeye and playing with him. Her personality is full of energy love and she just perfect in every way.
Biscuit Boy
Hi, I'm Biscuit Boy and I was the runt of the litter. I'm almost a Big Boy now, I'm 9 months old. I love to drive my mom crazy as I chase her with my toys. I love to swim, play, and eat carrots. My favorite thing to do is be with my mama. She always gives me what I want! Please vote for me! Thank you.
She is amazing. Loves people. Loves kids. Loves her family. Loves a water hose. Squirrels = Life. She has a cat that shes adores when he isnt beating her up. Just kidding. She loves that part too. She also enjoys watching Lucky Dog while cuddling with her fur siblings and lazy afternoons in the hammock with mom.
Bulzeye is a 5 month old American xl bully. He is just a bfd he loves trying to fit on your lap to go to sleep. He goes out everyday with freckles. When he is playing he is so big and clumsy and jumps like a kangaroo he is so funny and his personality is just the best
Candy is a sweet heart. I adopted her when she was around 2 and is now around 13. She only has 3 legs, she was like that when I adopted her.
Gizzy is a fun little fella he likes to lay like a baby in your arms and have his belly rubbed. He also is quite a talker he has a lot to say about everything! Very playful affectionate guy!
Simba is the sweetest one year old! He loves his greenies treats and is a total cuddle bug!! He’s a precious little soul!! Send him a vote! He thanks you!🐈😊
Lila is our new little baby! We found her at two weeks old and nurses her back to health. Unfortunately she recently had to have her left eye removed but she is a fighter! She loves to cuddle and play! She is a character that’s for sure!
Bailey is the funniest and friendliest cat you’ll ever meet! We always say he’d greet a robber at the door and say “Come in, let me show you where the good stuff is”! He’ll talk your ear off and cuddle and purr in your ear! He’s 11 but act like he’s still a kitten!
Very sweet little boy with a big heart and character. Loves his squeaky tennis balls, chicken treats , walkies and his mummy and his patterdale terrier brother
Just look at the handsome face, because he's so handsome we named him after Rip on Yellowstone!
She’s the most sweetest cat possible
Garfield was abandoned by two previous owners. He has now found his forever home and is loving every minute of it! He is trying to help raise funds for a good cause.
Frankie would always come running when we got home. He loved to snuggle and had no concept of personal space.
Oddie is such a good boy. Always there to listen if you have a problem.
He’s a big old baby and loves to cuddle and give kisses
I was rescued by SPCA from an abusive household and adopted by the strange lady in the profile pic. I love making new friends, trying to steal all my moms food, and going on adventures. Water and the trash truck terrify me but I love burying myself in bushes.
Sadie Sue
I love to chew everything 🤩
Little Luna loves her some treats. She’s 4 year old, tortious shell coat, and she definitely carry’s the attitude. Couldn’t ask for a better kitty friend. The picture is my backround on my phone. Love my little kitty.
Maizie is a spunky kitten who loves attention and seafood wet food.
Cookie And Chip
Cookie and Chip are twins 3.5 months old , they are my sons little fur friends , my child has additional needs and they help keep him calm and are very protective over him especially at night time .
Meeko is my fur baby who I adopted three years ago. He is the silliest cat, and loves toy mice with catnip in them. He also loves the irresistible cat temptation treats as well as human food, he gets a scrap or two every once in a while lol. He got his name because he reminded me of the raccoon off of Pocahontas named Meeko with his fluffy tail.
hi im nya im only 4 weeks old my owner saved me from being drowned i love to play and chace paper balls and love my cuddles
He’s very smart and protects his mama❤️.
He's so cute and adorable he's a lil fire ball he's funny and happy and just love's to play and run around so please vote for Bear..
Ollie is a rescue who absolutely loves playing outside and cuddling with his mommy and daddy! Ollie has a best friend Archie (golden retriever) who teaches him lots and plays with him! Ollie gets to go to work with his daddy everyday and enjoys visiting all of the residents at the assisted living. He enjoys car rides, ranger rides, and swimming in water!
iggy, a shiz tuz/terrier mix, recently turned 8 yrs old, he loves going bye-bye, & definitely an inside baby, but also an outdoor kid, loves to explore and chase wildlife. hes a people person loves kids and human interaction....simply my best friend !
Moose (AKA Moomoo) loves boating, digging holes in the yard and his toys! He’s a goofy but sweet boy and loves to cuddle.
Romy is a playful boy who likes to get up to mischief. He is a loving pup & gives the best cuddles! 🐾
Hey, I’m Ally and I’m a Miniature Dachshund from the UK. I like drinking tea, barking the national anthem and indulging in a jam sandwich or two… just kidding. I am British but I’m not a tea drinker, I much prefer Adele and my favourite snack is cheese. My mom said 1 vote = boop of the snoot…
Loves large bags, trying to steal people food, sleeping for hours on end, taking large smelly dumps, story time, wearing human clothing, licking, and cat chattering
Diesel loves training in the back garden.
Ariat is a 9 month old bully mixed with pit and bloodhound ❤️He’s going through his teething and chewing and biting stage right now but he’s the most sweetest thing ever I love him so much bc of him I got out of a lot of bad situations I am great full for him he was born December 4th of 2021 ❤️❤️
Snoopy is a beagle shes lovable she loves to play in the mud and with her ball and other dogs
Dash was born to working parents, he loves fun outdoors and playing with his toys.
Hi, my name is Albus and my pawrents named me after Albus Dumbledore. I have just turned 1 years old but I’m still super tiny. My favourite things are belly rubs, treats and cuddles.