Dog cat Stories - 70


She is a sweet little girl very energetic n loveable dog awesome puppies she only one yrs old
Toby is my little buddy, he has been my best friend for more than half my life! My mom had taken me to a poodle breeder when I was 8 years old and I picked him out. He looks like a teddy bear and he loves to snuggle. There’s nothing he loves more than treats though! (Besides me and his little sister kiwi the kitty of course)😋
Mr. Berry Dingles
Berry is super sweet and loves to cuddle and smother. He loves going outside and is a good boy. He always stays in his yard and comes when his mom calls him home. Hes also quite the gentleman. He lets the other cats eat before he does. He gets along well with other cats even the strange ones his mom sometimes brings home.
Kiwi was adopted in September 2019 as a kitten and she is the most loving silly fun cat. She sometimes thinks she’s a dog. She constantly plays fetch, better than her big bro Toby (an actual dog) ever did! She loves snuggling and playing. She really loves going outside and basking in the sun as well☀️
Dude is the kindest, fluffiest, and most loving cat I’ve ever known! He loves to cuddle, flop on the floor, and roll around. His meow sounds like a high-pitched trill, like if you combined a dolphin with Chewbacca. He is a regal fluff!
Bigtime is such a good boy! Biggie is a big love bug! He’s just the Big!
Meet Roxy Poxy, always full of energy and ready to play. Chews everything she can find, loves socks especially. Loves treats and walks. Only 6 months old and about 32 lbs. Loves cuddling only when she wants too.
hi i’m bear and i’m a golden retriever pup, i’m 3 months old and love going for walks! my favourite toy is a squeaky giraffe and i love cuddles and kisses!
She loves to play with everyone
Fergie is a old cat so he doesn’t have a lot of energy but he loves to cuddle and to steal our food.
Marley is a 9 and a half year old husky x American bulldog. She loves walks along the beach, sunbathing and tummy tickles but isn’t quite sure about her little brother ted just yet :)
Ted is a 7 week old whippet x lurcher x poodle who loves cuddles, his toy snake and and his big sister Marley :)
Luna And Sawyer
Luna is our 10 year old mixed breed rescue (foster failure), who was very depressed after the loss of her "brother" Harley a year ago... Then our daughter adopted Sawyer(pictured here laying on top of her) and she's so much happier now😊
She loves to play with her toys
Salem Saberhagen
Mr. Saberhagen is a very playful and fun cat. He was born on a Friday the 13th, which to much it seems like bad luck but to me its the bestest of luck. He love his sushi and taco toys and his family
Allen loves people especially his humans, playing in snow, and chewing on things!!
Sadie Martin
My name is Sadie I am 7 years old. I love my mommy. Love playing with Drake my human brother lol. I have serious melt downs when my mommy leaves me
Tiger is a very hilarious beautiful boy at night he will meow as loud as he can and run up and down the stairs and if you lock him him a room he will yell at you and he tells you no when you tell him something he is a friendly cat he doesn't like other dogs though but my dog him and my dog have been friends for 5 years they always play and make messes together lol...
If you couldn’t tell, Bean absolutely loves blankets. He will snuggle up in any blanket he can find
Mando is a Rescue Kitten who was adopted at the beginning of the Pandemic. Mando loves to play Fetch. He is running his new home now and loves his new home.
Hi there! My name is Bella and I am a 4 years young German Shepard living in sunny Tampa Florida. My favorite thing to do is run around outside with my bat and chase flashlights and shadows in the house, it’s kind of an obsession of mine! Vote for me and I’ll vote for you! :)
Dexter is a lab test rescue boy! He spent the first 3 years of his life being tested on in a facility. We rescued him and he was able to feel the grass beneath his feet for the first time on his 3rd birthday.
Chocolate loves to lay around and loves to chew on bones
Luci loves to give kisses!! Her favorite toy is the frisbee. She is learning her commands in German and doing very well!
I am named after the place my humans got engaged, I am a cuddly calico who likes causing mischief
Cool dog go zoom
She’s very loud and has an interesting meow... wakes me up in the morning by sitting in front of my face and staring at me until I get up, then yells at me to open the curtains so she can sit in the sun!
Little Beagle princess with a strong personality...Little devil.. :)
Linda Lou is a havashu and is just as sweet as she looks💕 She is a princess in a house full of boys. 👑 She loves to eat apples 🍎and snuggle with her humans💕🐶 She got her first haircut this week✂️
Layla loves cuddles and to chill out 💜
Ziggy loves doing zoomies and barking at us all 🤣💜
Mae Mae
Meet Mae Mae! She is a two year old adopted tortoise shell kitty! She is super sweet and loves to play! She is VERY shy since her rescue but she appreciates her new life so much! I wanted to share her beauty with you all! 💕
Tatty And Gizmo
Tatty and Gizmo are 9 week old kittens They are sisters who are inseparable
She’s a teddy bear, monkey & cub all in one.
Ginger Bear
His nickname is ginge! He’s a very playful kitten but sadly when he was born we found out he was deaf, his mum neglected him so we looked After him and now he’s the most snuggly and cuddly little guy 🧡
Mouse loves to play with her stuffed animals, she’s currently suffering from a brain tumor and needs money for her surgery, so any penny could help!
She’s feisty and love to act like she’s a dog!! Lol
Bella is a mans bestfriend. She is great with kids at her young age. Bath time is her favorite, along with playing with her buddies at the dog par
Coco Chanel
Coco chanel is full of spunk, loves to mess with the other cats in the house, always keeps us on our toes whether she’s hiding during a nap or she’s jumping off ledges, she’s the sweetest little girl who loves to snuggle and WILL try and eat your food!
Molly is lovable we rescued her very sweet 9 years old
One of a kind, so caring, friendly, such a loving family pet 🤍🥰🐾
Hi! My name is Favi I am named after Fivio Foreign. I am a 5 month old frenchie. I love to play with cat toys and run around in the snow!
Baby Tigger
Baby Tigger is a chocolate marble Bengal. She is currently only 8 weeks old, and our adoption day is 2/28. We receive many updated photos and videos and we can hardly wait to bring home this affectionate little bundle of cuteness!
Baby Kitty
Baby Kitty has been through a lot in her life. She was found in a woman's backyard, brought inside, moved to the home of a rescue organization representative, moved to a foster home, and finally found her furever home with my boyfriend & I in Hermosa Beach. She loves to play on her big kitty tree, and chase anything that rolls! She was very scared at first, but has come a long way with some love, patience and consistency.
Bean is a simple chaotic cat. He’ll make trouble for no reason but fun and his own affection. He lives with his adoptive Cat Dad, his adoptive Human dad., Human Aunt, Human grandma.
Trouper is a 15 month old male Jack Russell Terrier. The breeder contacted me and told me that if I did not take him she would have to put him to sleep due to CH. I immediately contacted a friend to see if she could help me rescue him. She thankfully did. She was able to help me with what he’s needs would be and I immediately fell in love with him. He is the sweetest puppy ever.