Hello. I’m bells. ❤️ I enjoy running really fast around the table and chasing my older brother. He plays tug with me and so does my mommy (that’s my favorite game). I just gained a little sister and I love her already. We play a lot and it’s loads of fun.
Naps all day, cuddles all night 💕
Hi, I’m Mikazuchi, from one my daddy’s favorite anime, but you can call me Mika. I love to sleep and play with my sister Bells. I love being ourside in the grass and tugging with toys.
Hello guys! My name is nelli. A few things about me if I love the beach, working on the farm with my dad and of course TREATS!!!
Duke Hunter Goad
Duke is a 4 yrs n is a mixed breed n he luvs 2 ride all u have 2 say it once n he's ready 2 ride. Duke is his Daddy's side-kick. Luvs his treats n all above his wild thing. No matter what he shows off when someone comes 2 visit.
Zeus is my service animal. He alerts when I'm about to have a seizure and he can help alleviate them. He has placed himself in danger multiple times to get me help. He also calms my schizoaffective symptoms and soothes my PTSD. Zeus is my best friend, my only angel. Without him, I'd be lost.
Daisy Mae
Hi there! My name is Daisy Mae. In my free time (whenever I’m not napping) I love to play with my toys and chase rabbits in my yard. My mom spoils me every month with a bark box that I love oh so much, those toys are so much fun🤪
Sugar Baby
We rescued her from a bad home almost 3 years ago she went from scared and shy to one big bundle of joy and love and she is so gentle and loves babies animal or human.
Barney’s mom was a stray that started to come around and she had babies. Unfortunately Barney’s mom passed away shortly after, and now we are the proud parents to him and his 4 siblings! They bring us so much joy! He is purrrrfect!!!
Riot loves boxes! He loves to sit on paper. He loves cuddles with mom and being the center of attention.
He's an old cat who loves his mom.
He's a feisty 3 year old that loves to torment his foster father.
He's a 2 year old baby.we rescued him from outside.
Sweet 2 year old rescued from outside as a baby.
After my dad passed away, Skittles came to live with us. She adopted my husband even though I’m the one who wanted to keep her. She loves her catnip mouse and eating. She looks like a round bowling ball with her short legs and no tail. We love her.
Zella is a beautiful female Maine coon mix. She is just over a year old and weighs in at a healthy 13.2 lbs! She is so smart and recognizes multiple words and phrases. Her kitty best friend is “Boots”, but we all know her daddy is her favorite ❤️
He's a very loving one year old.He loves being loved.
Dexter a love bug at that . He’s a mainecoon with double paws . Always needs to be around me . He’s most definitely a cuddling monster, if I’m sitting on the couch he crawls in between my legs and falls asleep in my crotch with his head on my thigh .
Pico De Gato
My nickname is MoMo and I will do anything for treats. Anything.
Gizmo loves his cat tree, very playful, loves to cuddle, and learn new tricks
He's a loveable cat,
Lady Maren
Lady Mae is the sweetest, silliest girl who thinks she's the size of a Pomeranian!
I am brand new and the apple of my human sisters' eyes!!
Luella is 10 weeks old and is a precious cutie. She loves buckets and toys.
Hotbox is a spunky 8 years young cat! He loves exploring outdoors and sleeping on the couch. He loves cuddles and food😊
Honestly no dog like him spoiled and gets his own way, loves rolling on his back over prawns and grapes and basically things suspicious 😂just don’t shake the leader or your stuck 😬😂
Morris was the only kitten to survive from his litter. And he is blind in one eye. I'm going to make him an eye patch, and he is to be my pirate kitty. He is 2 weeks old and in his short life span, I've thought over half of those days he would not make it, but he has. He is a fighter if anything.
He is just a sweet adorable kitten. He loves to cuddle and be babied. He is super smart. He can be hilarous like i ask him do you want the birds when looking out the window. He will run to the door and jump up to try and open it.
Jr Harrison
He likes to pick up rocks and bring them back to you to throw them. So he can bark at the rock and then bring it back again and do the same thing all over again.
Boomer is 3 years old and he loves his pizza! His obsession is PIZZA 🤭💙 but also his treats but as i call then "Cookies" 🤭💙💙 How could you not vote for him?
Marcus is a crazy cat! He loves to run around and get in everyone's business, but when he's tired he'll snuggle with any stuffies you give him!!
Lucky is loving cat loved her food and liked go threw shopping bags when you go shopping and yes lucky have one ear due she taken ill when was kitten dont stop her been doing anything liked normal stuff liked cats.....
Hi my name is Tigger. My dad calls me Tig. I love my sister Nala. I like playing with balls & my favorite thing in the whole world is when my dad gives me catnip!
i rescued Ruby from a shelter almost a year ago! she loves head pets and food. shes not the brightest dog but her cuteness makes up for it.
barnabie is tiny, a year old and barely 5 lbs. he has a wonky face due to being inbred (they were strays) but now hes here safe and sound. hes very skittish but loves his octopus toy and pets.
She is a cutie. She likes to go on walks and sleep in her little doggie bed. She is 12 years old.
Whitey is a 7 month old Double Merle Aussie. He is deaf and mostly blind. A little of his back story: I found him and 5 of his siblings on a dirt road by my house last October. I homed the other 5 and kept him. He loves tennis balls and anything he can shred and destroy. He is the sweetest 💗
Samy is just the sweetest, most cuddly, squishy faced kitty. He loves to snuggle and is very gentle. He's 10 months old.
We rescued Bayley, when she was 5 months, she settled in quickly, she loves her walks, and she loves to play with the ball, she has so much energy, she is our little pocket rocket ❤️
Rip is a Deaf 7 month old Catahula! He goes to doggy daycare everyday where he plays with his friends. He knows all the basic signs in sign language and he loves learning everyday !
nala is an easter baby loves running around love her kisses, wants to be on my desk all time when I’m eating she has to be in face haha getting all the attention
Dixie is a goofy little girl who is 7 months old and came to me as a 21st bday present she’s such a loving girl
Luna is a baby cocker spaniel, 4 months old ❤️ she loves squeaky toys and eating bell pepper, and climbing on the couch when her dad isn’t looking ☺️ (smart girl!)
Nala is a 1 year old pug who is very adventurous yet so adorable. Please vote for her, with the money I would buy all my dogs treats and new toys!
Walter is a crazy baby, he loves to run around and play with his bestie ruby, he also loves food and walks he loves his humans and cat friends
A year and a half year old hes a giant goffball and lovely to cause mischief.
Pepper grew up spending her days with me in a dementia care home, bringing joy to the residents