Hi my name is Sissy! I’m a tabby stray with 2 different colored eyes. My favorite thing to do is snuggle up with my brother and sleep all day. Don’t let my name miss lead you I’m pretty sassy when I want to be.
Weasle Bee
Weasley also called Weasle Bee is the silliest sweetest kitty. Hes either full of energy or lazy as can be. He has no inbetween.
Marv is a little pest who love to do his own thing. However when I get home from work he loves to jump on my back and have a paw at each side on my neck and give me kitty cuddles 🥰 he is one half of a twin and they love each other very much and cannot be separated
Meeka is a Jack Russell Terrier that loves treats and snuggling under blankets. She also loves taking naps poolside in the summer and hopping through snow in the winter
Meet Kitana, she was added to the family 2 years ago when my roomate moved out and took his cat Mr. Kitty with him. Kip after being an only cat so long bonded to Mr and became depressed when he left, so thus bringing Kitana into our lives. Kiana was another rescue kitten, she is a savannah cat mix so to make it simple call her a bengal. She has a unique and unusal personality, she always finds a way to make us laugh. Adopting Kitana is something i will never second guess she is the perfect addition to our wacky family.
Kip is a 7 year old Main Coon. Kip was found badly abused as a kitten and it took him years to fully warm up to human contact. Kip is very sensitive to human emotion and anytime I am physically or emotionally hurt he is right there by my side. Kip is also a bit of a drama queen and has a very demanding attitude, but it all adds to his quirky sarcastic personality. I couldnt imagine my life without my little buddy.
Rusti is a 10 year old Saint Bernard. I adopted her with pets without partners about 10 years ago as a puppy. She is full of energy and loves her ears scratched!
Lucy aka Lulu is scared of everything and has the most adorable squeaky meow that nobody can resist.
Heidi is very loyal, she loves to play and enjoys relaxing. She loves lots of snuggles. RIP Heidi 😇
Kodiak is a AKC German Shepherd. His dad is an awarding winning show dog in Poland and now is a bomb sniffing dog. Kodiak will be trained for Search & Rescue to help aid in finding lost children or elderly. He can't wait to follow in his dad's footsteps.
Peter is a very loving 4 year old kitty. He is super playful, loves to paw his way into the bathroom if you leave the door cracked, and loves to sleep at mom and dad’s feet at the end of the bed. He loves to beg for milk when we open the fridge, and always wants cat treats. His favorite toy is a fish that rattles.
Jasmine loves to go outside. She’s mostly a baby, I don’t mean by age either. This little girl loves to cuddle 247, on top of you, under the covers or even perched on your shoulder. She doesn’t have a shy eye for anything except for mice. Silly girl. Vote Jasmine, you love her and she loves you.
Willow is a lovely, sweet natured little princess. She’s so loving and playful. She loves playing with all of her toys.. she has the softest coat which is great for those lovely cuddles.
My Paulie... My absolute best friend... 8 year old
He is a loving cat and is the cutest he needs your vote
Kallie is very adventurous, she likes to climb on all the highest of places throughout the house. You never know where Kallie will be lol 😆
Cucumber loves to play and take selfies and play with her 3fur kittys and her to fur pups she love to snuggle and give kissed
Such a little softy, loves walks and loves getting up to mischief! He's such a friendly boy who loves snuggles 💙
Our 3 Legger Nuki
Hes an old man n is so loving and gets around very well evn tho hes missing a hip/leg...
Soot is an F1 Cockapoo. Yes a cockapoo but most hoomans think shes a cocker spaniel! Soots traits include being the silent toilet roll shredder, sock and ball theif!! Soot loves any type of balls. Bouncier the better. Tennis balls are shredded on thd spot. Soot loves her cuddles with her hoomans and loves her tummy being tickled x
He's a silly sleeper, loves to play outside in the fresh fall leaves and plays with his pupper brother!
Jayjay is always by my side and just a sweet girl.
He loves cuddles loves being stroked by all the lady’s and loves he’s good
Delta is a copper and white Siberian husky with blue eyes. She loves to play with her pink squeaky tiger (which she sleeps with every night). Delta goes to work with us all the time, she rides around in the skidsteer while enjoying the nice A/C. Delta came from a kennel in north Carolina and traveled all the way to new york to be with us, we are so excited for her to see snow for the first time!
Harley is a very smart kitty. He gives hi-fives shakes paws and begs for treats. He also never forgets. You can hide a toy from him and he will temember where it was a year later!
Hi, I’m Zuko and I LOVE TO RUN. I could run for hours without stopping.
Dusty is the sweetest little boy you would ever meet. He just loves his mama & loves to play.
#notasponser, but she would be if she could! 😸
Turbo is a very active kitten! He was born on a farm and has made his way into our loving home where his best friend is a black Labrador! 🐶🐱
This is Shadow! She is the most loving and caring puss i know! She was rescued as a kitten she was very malnourished and severely underweight. Me and my partner nursed her back to health with lots of love food and treats! Shadow enjoys many things she loves to snuggle under the duvet with mum or dad and she loves to keep them safe when they are in the shower 🚿 or the bath 🛁. When Shadow is having a mad moment she will run about and climb the trees 🌳 Shadow has not lost her kitten side she still loves to play.
Isabelle Ann
This puppy was on my doorstep when I got home from work. She was obviously dropped off since I live in the country. She hates cats! Love people!!! Darling little dog
Joe is a sweet boy who loves to play, and explore the outdoors. He always comes when he's called and climbs under the covers with me when he's ready to snuggle!
Tiger était un chat sauvage au début il grondait et crachait, j'ai réussie à l'apprivoiser ... maintenant il vient sur moi lorsque j'écoute la télé !
Loki is a quiet, mischievous cat who enjoys getting into everything he shouldnt, playing with his big brother Derpy, and eating beef jerky with mom.
Merlin is a beautiful cat who loves to be on you, next to you or following you around at all times. He loves to sleep on his back and gives the best cuddles!
Gravy enjoys attacking your feet at night, sharing pot pies with his humans, and chasing ice cubes around the kitchen!
Derpy is a fun and playful tabby that enjoys snacking, playing with his little brother loki, and hanging out with mom.
Chai Tea Catte
Chai Tea Catte is the sassiest cat you will ever meet!
Sugar is deaf, but that hasn’t dampened her personality one bit. She loves to cuddle and sometimes her curiosity gets the best of her.
The cutest little foster fail you ever met!
Drogo likes to spend his days sleeping and helping momma with working from home by going in the middle of the laptop. He loves his big Dog sister Mazie. He spends lots of time playing from the top of his kitty tree.
Paula W. Sweet little girl found in empty ballpark by rescue personnel. We adopted at 9-10 weeks. Took about 2 weeks for her and Ollie to become friends!
Tucker was adopted by us when his first home could no longer care for him. He is such a little cuddle bug, but has a Napoleon complex and thinks that he can protect the house with his little 10 pound self.
Kitty is a bully to his much bigger sisters and brothers but he loves to cuddle and play all day long!
Snoopy is a rescue cat who is cheeky and playful and full of love.
We rescued this bundle of joy! He seriously played me at the animal shelter but so glad I chose him! He might be 88 pounds of muscle but he is the most lovable dog ever! He seems to always know when I need a hug! Please vote and show Duke some love!
Hi! Im Wednesday. Im 3 years old and love to steal my moms snacks. My favorite snacks are chips that I take for myself. I love going outside and exploring the grass in the yard. I hope everyone has a super great day!