Loves to be on your lap and give you lovings and loves bitting me on the chin and cuddles
Lola is very energetic. Loves people and her toys.
Max is a great part of the family! He luvs going for car rides long walks in the woods luvs going to the ocean or just hanging out in the yard. Max is very loyal and protective of our family. I will act like I'm going to touch my son by reaching my arm out in the air far away and he looks at me and growls to say don't even think about it. Max allows me to cut his nails give him a haircut a bath and blow dry him then he runs around the house about 30 mph very excited lol He's genuinely a fantastic guy. If he doesn't know you he will sit at my feet and just look at you letting you know he's watching. He's very protective and loving ❤️ He'd be alright if i have someone a ride he didn't know but he will mark at you once you shut the car door. He's my buddy and goes everywhere I go.
He loves to give kisses and he has that look you just got to love
My cat is patient and follows me everywhere around the house. He likes to sleep with me and loves me very much
I rescued him from Van Texas after he survived a tornado called Texas Twister. He was even a movie star on NAT GEO WILD. Twister loved his tummy rubs!! Sadly I lost my best buddy in December of 2022😢😢😢😢
Winston is the most talkative, cuddly and feral cat in existence. He’s not actual feral but sometimes he acts as though he is. He loves his laser pointer and chittering at it like he would the birds. He likes to stalk people when he hears voices outside and pushes his head through the mini blinds. He has different levels of meows from cute little chirps to long winded meowls just so you’ll get up and look at him in the hallway. He also loves to watch the water in the tub faucet shoot out and he’s a hardcore cuddler. He also has the longest whiskers I’ve ever seen on a cat! This little man is such a little character and we absolutely love him!
He three months ago and he love playing with his ball. He I join go car rides with us he very sweet puppy.
Coco is an Australian Shepherd rescue from South Carolina, She's 14 years young and still a big bundle of energy and loves playing with multiple toys at once. She absolutely adores her people and loves being around us 24/7. She is very much a 4 legged kid and goes everywhere with us. Life just would not be the same without her.
Heyy my names chuckles i get miss judge a lot by the way i look witch isnt very nice all i want is to love an be loved sadly a lot of my breeds been abadond or killed im one of the lucky ones by haveing the mum i have that stands for me its not my breed its the bad kinda owners that abandon or kill us that make us that way an thats y im here to suport my breed an my mamma for standing for mee .... i love snuggles with my mum i be raise by 5 cats so i think im a cat really so any chance i get il try fit on mums lap for nap times i get super happy when i get given yummy bones i do a happy dance befor eating it hopefuly if i winn mummy will buy me the biggest good boi bone (dribbles ) i love everythinggg i also help mum recycle buy riping all the boxs we get to fit in the recycle box 📦 mums my world an im hers im the reson she wakes up every moring by keepin her on her toes
Dozer is all white other than a few brown patches. His body and head consist of extra droopy skin which falls into folds on top of each other a long with a furrowed brow, squished in nose and an undershot jaw with hanging chops on either side. He is dignified and beyond stubborn but dependable and predictable
Baby Boy
baby boy loves to put his feet in the air and does a little dance.he has been apart of our family for 11 years
keaau is such a lover and mostly a good boy but hey all men can be brats sometimes
Jax is 3 yrs old and her nature is running around the house,climbing the cat tower.her eyes are green with a beautiful coat that we love.its all about out babby.
She is the sweetest smartest girl with lots of love to give.i am lucky to have her in my life.She is my daughter
She is beautiful, kind and sassy
She is so sweet and behaves so good.. She was a rescue.
Mavis And June
They are the most loving and caring dogs ever this picture is the two of them snuggling the day after we got home from the hospital with our new baby they are so much in love with him and such good big fur sisters and helpers to comfort momma
Turtle is his own hero. He loves his parents but likes to interact more like a dog than a cat. He barks more than he meows, he plays fetch and lays on his Dad's work clothes when he's gets out of the shower and goes to get his favorite chicken toy as an offering so he won't leave for work... He owns the house and is afraid of nothing!
Thin Mint And Snickerdoodle
Thin Mint is my sassy princes that loves rough belly rubs and loves to chew on my crocs. Snickerdoodle is my shy baby that has the cutest meow and the big motor on her. They both love to sun bathe and birdwatch all day long and play with their favorite toys which is the colorful springs that always end up under the couch.
Romeo is 10 months old he is a right charmer and a ladies man he loves snuggles, kisses and belly rubs he also loves sleeping next to you when your watching tv. He is sometimes shy and hides his face He also a cheeky chappy loves his biscuits. He is also a very proud father of 6 adorable kittens. I will put pics up for people to see his adorable offspring. Hope my boy and his offspring get your votes.
I just lost my moogie boy to cancer! I miss my boy so much! 💔😔
She is very affectionate and playful , loves company and is very outgoing !
Gabby-yorkshi Terr
She loves to eat and she like 👍 to be petted ., and to be loved 🥰
Alvin is a forever kitten. He is 7 years old and he has bearly grown. He loves cuddles and just chills most of the time. He also loves cat nip.
Chasing lizards
Zaza loves being outside. She also loves being cuddled. Her love for treats is immense she would do anything for them.
Me-Mow is a very crazy kitten, she loves to play and chase her tail, she’s trained to sit and jump. She loves listening to music and running around, she enjoys short walks outside on her leash and is very friendly and playful
hi my name is pebbles and i am a little ball full of energy and cuteness ! i cannot be alone i need to always be with my humans or i get sad. i am very spoiled and love to cuddle and play 🧶🐱🧡
Dutchess is half poodle half shih tzu. She's very lovable and is always eager to meet people. She very playful and loves playing with her stuff animals. She's the Princess of the house.
Freya loves her new haircut! He smile says it all! 😊
Misty is a special cat..she walked up to my right after i had to put my doggy down..its like it was meant to be. She never left my side..very mellow and lovable cat..i wouldnt know what to do without her compassion for me
He's going to be nine in July he's my tomcat and he's indoor outdoor cat and he loves his parents
Elwood got his name from the movie The Blues Brothers movie he's 12 years old and still plays like a kitten he loves to play with bird feathers as his toys and he's loves to eat fresh from the branches he's a great lover and cuddler my best friend always
Shes a sweetie. Love's to play out doors and shes full of energy.the best dog ever.
She is my sweet old lady🤭 she is 19 years old and has lived a very long and happy life. She has not been in great health this past year and is struggling recently so I do not know how much longer she will be around and wanted others to experience her cuteness overload.
Nala is a 3 year old cat. She is very rare and has one blue eye and one green eye. She is the sweetest cat anyone could ever meet and always puts a smile onto everyone’s face. Nala was rescued from the streets when she was around 1 year old and she has been with us since. Nala has many siblings as well that have also been rescued from situations similar to her and also situations even worse. If Nala was to win this contest she would like to help other unfortunate animals get to live an amazing life just like her.
Likes finding a comfortable place to sleep. Which he does effortlessly...he snorers..loudly...he's very loving and will follow me around the home..he's even walked too the shop with me...
Melman is so sassy curvy, distinguished gentleman and would love votes
Wookie is a talkative little dude who loves to play and drive his older sister crazy wanting to play all the time
Named after the tweety pie feline,my Sylvester is just as eccentric!He's a rescue cat who cant meow,is a classy tuxedo gent who wakes me at 3am to rub his tummy and likes chasing his tail and bits of string along with his best buddy Nutmeg.In this classic pic he is cooling himself down on a hot day after being outside and rolling on the ground to sunbathe.Never a dull moment.
Leah absolutely loves to snuggle. She's very vocal and likes to bark at the birds . She'll ride anywhere in the car and loves treats. Great at the groomers and just an all around best friend who gives lots of love and kisses
Mr. Skees
Greetings from Mr. Skees❤️ Mr. Skees is nine years old, I adopted him when he was two years old from Brighteyes sanctuary in Montana. He was very timid, rather skittish, shy boy that came from a house of spousal abuse. As you can see, he is extremely spoiled, sleeps with his mama, and pretty much does what he wants and gets what he wants. He loves to sit in the bay window and on his cat tree, teases visitors that they may be able to pet him.
Buddy, I call him Budders, was my neighbors cat, when she passed away a year and a half ago, I adopted Buddy. He’s 12 years old, his previous owner had him declawed and let him outside and eventually he was hurt and lost his left hind leg. But this does not deter his quality of life at all, you should see my tripod, run for toys, food, lounge in his and Mr. Skees’s Catio, jump and romp around and wrestle with his brother. He is a one big tease, he’s my big lover boy😽