Nickname is AuggieBear. He loves to play fetch with whatever toy he brings to me. He collects rocks when we’re outside and he’ll bring one and drop it next or in front of me, wanting me to throw it, if I pretend l don’t notice he’ll pick it up and drop it again, and if I still pretend I don’t see it, he’ll go collect another rock and do the same thing, over and over until I notice…by that time I’ll have 4-5 rocks lined up next to me with him sitting there staring at the rocks, then me, back to the rocks.if I throw one, no matter where or how far it goes, he won’t come back with a different rock, he’ll search and search making himself go insane while frequently looking at me and my hands so he knows for sure I threw it. OCD (literally) I had to buy him a raincoat because he enjoys sitting on the deck watching the rain come down. He loves to go anywhere his dad goes(me) if not he has severe separation anxiety. He loves playing hide and seek with me, walks, jogs, cuddles.
Nanny Plum
Nanny Plum is a rescue cat who came into our care when her previous owner couldn't cope. She is 16 years old and gives kisses. She is the friendliest cat you will ever meet 😍
Charlie Jo
She’s the sweetest dog! She loves kids! If she hears a treat bag here she comes! She has helped my anxiety so much. I love her to pieces!
She is my spoiled pretty princess and she knows it 💅
Jazzy is super shy, but the sweetest and most loving kitty around. She loves to play and explore the outdoors
Cali is such a special cat in so many ways. She has such a unique personality and is so loving. Cali is perfect in every way
Hes all bark but no bite and loves to smile like in the picture
Freya is a totally big oof her nickname is moosey moose she love to run around and chase balls and attack her brother
Salem likes to chase leaves and ride with her head out the window. Her her favorite person is her mom although her gramma always tries to be #1.
He is hyper but calm he is a cuddle e is 5 weeks
Our baby boy Xe is a corgie mix dachshund, he's the cutest Dorgie anyone has ever seen!!
Care Bear
Care Bear is a huge lovebug, he love’s attention and to play, very affectionate and always wants to be next to you, he’s a little weirdo but he’s very smart and love to learn new tricks
Cosmo is such a loving and loyal little boy, he loves kids and his dogs! He loves to eat breakfast with his human brother! His is inceprable from his twin sister!
Houdini is our tuxedo cat. Something about him is that he is our fancy gentleman. He’s respectful and proper as well as protective. Fun fact about him is that he is highly protective of my fiancé and I and will growl if he hears something outside when I’m in the house alone cleaning or so.
He loves Salmon and not necessarily Chicken?? Kind of strange but ok!??
Apollo was born April 11th, 2021. At first we believed he was going to be a solid white cat, however later he had gotten more grey striped marking on his tail and head. He even has bright blue eyes! ^^ He is a loving, funny, and exciting little creature. He play games of chase or tag of sorts, and when he runs away his tail points straight up like a lemurs. This fur baby seems to have a bit of a eye problem where his eyes shake trying to focus on something. Regardless, that don’t stop him for searching for food and I mean really search for food. He call him the demon of gluttony, “Beelzebub” because if you have food, his little hands will come up to try to grab it with both paws like a little raccoon. He is our forever boy🥰.
Brian is a Russian Maine Coon and weighs 18 lbs.
Lemmy is a sweetheart! He loves to chase feathers and watch the bunnies outside!
Kipper is the sweetest! He loves his “babies” aka stuffed toys.
Darwin is a strong, clever boy! He loves to open all the doors in the house, we had to put child locks on some of them! He loves a snuggle right up by my face, if not on it. His purr is perfect to help you sleep.
Newton is my timid boy, he was the runt of the litter but he’s thriving now! Newton loves to climb, loves to cuddle and snuggle under blankets! He snores too!
Brody can and will sing Happy Birthday. He also gives his time as soon as he senses any upset . He helped children I worked with, more than anyone could imagine
Biological brother to ember. We adopted simba about a year after we got ember, due to some complications with his home. Simba is very affectate kitty. He always wants to be around me or his dad, and loves pets and booty pats. Also, hes a chicken boy like his brother, but can tolerate other foods cause he loves food. Lol. Hes my handsome one sided mustache boy <3
I’m a cat trapped in a dad bod. I am a little clumsy, but very intelligent and protective.
Yuki is my 8year old baby girl!. I love her to death, even though she has an attitude most the time. She likes being by herself, but sometimes she'll come lay on me for cuddles. She loves playing but tires out pretty quickly.
Einstein is my best boy, he has helped me overcome agoraphobia caused by ptsd- I spent 3 years stuck in my home and then I got Einstein! He’s a funny little thing, loves to ride on the bus, playing with his cat brothers and gardening. ❤️
Ember is very unique boy. We adopted him from a friend of ours. He loves playing with his siblings, loves giving neck kisses to his dad and sitting on his shoulder. He still has his kitten voice and loves chicken wet food. Wont eat anything else.
Daisey Mae
we have always had manx cats be so they have a great attitude so Daisy Mar is her own kitty cat she’s different from what we have had in the past totally different but we do love her and don’t know what we would do without her i how we never find out. i hope we never find out i hope she lives a long long time
This is Sushi, Nori’s sister. I adopted her from shelter where she spent her whole life. She is extremely sweet very passive & loving. She never leaves my side. When she 1st came home she was terribly scared of everything. Once she got comfy here she is happy & knows she safe. Hers my lil princess 🥰
Casper os very unique. You can hear him sniffing a room away. I can always tell where he is hiding. He sleeps in very weird positions. He loves attention.
He is 3 yrs. old, very Loveable tom cat. He loves to play and will nudge at you to be petted. He loves to sleep next to you and will follow you everywhere.
Lady is my baby, she loves the attention when she's tired, she sure loves chicken, loves plastic bags cardboard boxes anything she can play in or around she's all over it. If she won the money would be buying her a window hammock and a new cat tower plus a lot of her favorite foods!! Thank you and everyone who votes for her🫶
I adopted him & his sis from the shelter when they were almost 2. They spent entire life there. He’s the most lovable cat. He’s very protective of his sis & me. He’s my lil chunk 🥰
She’s is the most beautiful loving little soul, with a Spicy side, and she loves attacking her big brother Rolo
He loves being the first one using the potty, and eating food. He can be a brat, a friend called him the "brat prince".
As i am writing this, Bear is 6 Weeks. He loves to play and is a fast learner and he was born the day after my birthday
Miller is an Australian Cattle Dog who is now 11 months old. She was rescued from the shelter and is a chewing machine! Her favorite things include bullying her 90Ib brother (who is a black lab), stealing socks, digging very large holes in the backyard, and eating as much food as possible.
Ashe is a beautiful Maine Coon who once got outside by accident. He was gone for two weeks. We were worried. He came back home very skinny.. Today he is back to a healthy weight and does not try to get out an open door.
Hi my name is Hazel I love hugs and kiss and i likes meeting new people and new dogs. I am my mom spoiled princess!!! My mom saved me from the mean people at the pound and I love her so much for it!!! P.S. I am a corgi and a lab mixed… THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME😊🥰
Hi I’m ice I’m 5 month old and I’m a pocket American bully ! I’m very friendly doggy and I love children so much ❤️
Cali is a feisty, sweet and loving cat.she loves playing with her toys and sleeping most of the day
He’s now an angel but he was sent down to me from the heavens when my grandmother had passed.
Cheez-it is a big mommas boy! He loves to sit in the window and smell the air. He knows how to sit and of course loves cheese! Cheez-its favorite type of cueez is string cheese. He loves to cuddle and make biscuits on soft blankets. He also sleeps with a little stuffed animal named george!
Rosie is an affectionate angel who supports me everyday. Couldn’t be without her. At night she paws the duvet until it’s raised so she can crawl under them and curl beside me. She’s my weighted blanket and my thunder buddy. Thank you Rosie, for bringing some sunshine to my dark days.
Levithan loves to be out side he loves the zoomies an better still loves his daytime cuddles 🥰
He likes playing with balls, lots of snacks, neck kisses and lots of fat naps
Buddy is our beautiful, quirky, street urchin from Hungary. Everyone that meets him, loves him - even people who aren't keen on dogs. He's the most perfectly friendly, bonkers boy.