Baby Blue
She was one of my fosters,but I loved her like one of my own,she got adopted but I wish we would of kept her
Max is 4 months old . He is chihuahua pomeranian mixed dachshund. Max is very loving protective and playful! He loves kids and dog treats.
She a sweet baby that loves her fam an she can be the devil’s child at times
Leo Vegas
Leo is my purpose in life he is not only my service companion he is my savior! He is a 9 month old CC 3/30/22
Scout Mckenna
My very first Grandpuppy. This is My Sons dog. He is only six weeks old. He is My pride and joy.
Intelligent, loving, confident, the boss,
Lovable, attention seeking, mischievous cat
hi my vame is missy i like to cuddle with my mommy and i love having my mommy play with me and my toys she throws them and i chace them to give back to my mommy
Willow is a mischievous loving baby girl. Who loves to eat socks and all your food
Ralph Hiker And Creek
Three of the very best friends. Go out on adventures and play all the time.
Jasper is the sweetest boy! He loves his family. And loves a good party!!
Roscoe is the cutest rescue and loves car rides!
Hank is a rescue, saved from the streets after his previous owner abandoned him. When I gave him his permanent home, he was losing his fur and was famished. He had become so accustomed to sleeping on asphalt, he wouldn't even sleep in the soft bed with a blanket I had for him. That was 1 year and 9 months ago. He is loved, healthy, happy and safe.
Bella is a sweet cat she loves to play with her toys in the mornings she is frisky she loves to look out
Sailor little does she know, but she is my little life saver.
Amigo is my support animal and my best friend he rlly is an amazing dog, I rescued him from the spca, he was abused had broken ribs an was scared of people, now he’s in an amazing home an is loved every single day, not only did I save him he saved me❤️
Ari is 9 years old. She is a loyal and loving companion, has superior litter etiquette, and has soft pink toe beans!
My name is Si but everyone calls me bud or buddy boy. I’m almost 9 years old and going strong. I had mild face paralysis last year but my parents took me to the vet and I feel so much better. I am also comforted by my two siblings Mualana (Labradane) and Lila (Boxer). I play with toys and sticks but they don’t last very long with me cause I like to tear things to pieces. Please help me win so I can get more toys
Blue was a rescue. We've had him for 2 months. He loves to sleep on us and play with his toys. He's just learning that he finally has a loving home
My favorite thing to say is "love you" because i know it comes with treats and cuddles. I also enjoy wearing my rainboots and jacket to jump in every puddle.
Avablu has the kidest soul. She can look at you & somehow you know what shes feeling. The eyes are truly a window to her soul.
She loves to run and wrestle with her fur brother Beau. Enjoys splashing in her kiddie pool, playing in the dirt, and fetching tennis balls. Her favorite thing is giving mom and dad all the kisses! And BOY does she have an attitude. She sits in corners and pouts when she has gotten in trouble.
Scarlet is a very active playful fun loving Kitty. She has her moods which most calico’s do one minute she can be giving you kisses and then in the next moment she is trying to bite your cheek. She loves her toy springs and her mouse ball. She spends most of her days sleeping in her favorite spots in her favorite weird positions which look so uncomfortable. She spends the rest of the time when she is awake playing and bird watching out the windows. She is also a great fly catcher. We definitely love her. ❤️❤️
Hi my name is Arlo!! I’m a 9 month old Highlander Lynx Kitty! I’m named after a Pokémon Go Trainer.☺️I am very playful, I’m loving, and love to watch my sibling reptiles move in their cages! 🦎 I love to eat and sleep all day! I’m a unique breed mixed between a Jungle Curl and a Desert Lynx!! Could I get a vote PLEASE!!😸😸😸
Lukasz is a pit mix rescue. He was seized in a dog fighting sting in Dallas Texas when he was a few weeks old. His mom and siblings were flown to Michigan and adopted out.
The name is Eevee 9 month old Highlander Lynx Kitty! I’m named after a Pokémon.☺️I am very playful, loving, and I love to watch my sibling reptiles move in their cages! 🦎 I am a unique breed mixed between a Jungle Curl and a Desert Lynx!! Could I get a vote PLEASE!!😸😸😸
Oliver just turned a year old he likes playing fetch, chasing balls and cuddling
Church and his sister were both abandoned around 5 weeks of age. I adopted Church right at 8 weeks old. He is totally my creepy little sunshine. One unique thing he does is chirp or twill instead of meowing.
Angel was the only kitten in her litter. My son named her Angel because he said god saved her.
Indi is an amazing , loving , playful member of our family ,she’s an indoor cat. indi loves to play , throw & bring back cable ties or rolled up paper balls & drops them at your feet , she also likes to play hide & Seek where you chase her up & down the stairs & hide then she chases you down the stairs vice Versa. I know sounds unbelievable but like I say she is one of a kind. indi also understands the words no , look , kiss & more. Indi helps me with my anxiety & she knows instantly when I’m having a down day ..indi is not just a cat she is a special part of our family …she makes each day special !!
Charlie’s nickname is Chocolate Thunder! He’s smart, happy and the best friend anyone could ask for!
Willow is so cute to look at but she has a very sassy personality. She loves being groomed and told she looks beautiful 😍 she is 12 years old now and still loves to play. She is the princess of the house and she knows it. Please vote for my beautiful girl.x
Tiff is seven weeks old, and quickly getting bigger. I fell in love with his blue eyes instantly. He loves playing with his sister and is doing great with potty training!
Serenity is a 3 month old black Labrador retriever puppy who enjoys playing in her water bowl, playing with her bigger brother Shiloh and spending time with her mommy.
She is very mischievious. She love to dig in my purse and steal it's contents.
Hi, my name is Rusty! I’m a 10 year old RedNose Pit mixed with Boston Terrier!
John Diggle
John Diggle was rescued from a home of over 300 cats. We got him when he was a little over 6wks old. He loves to play fetch and is called my cat-dog, by his human dad. Very cranky at times but also a snuggle bun as well!
Loves chasing bunnies and squirrels...or just barking at them, favorite word is "outside"
Ocean is a very energetic kitty who loves to make you run if you wanna catch her, she has such a big personality and loves her some human food, if your not watching your food she will quickly snatch something off your plate lol!
Kallie is very sweet an tender. She loves to be right up under me and giving love. She’s very smart and beautiful :)
Honey is such a sweet and loving puppy who loves to play with her toys. She also loves to get into any and everything! She has such a silly personality and will give you a high five if you tap her paw. Honey Faye is a diva and definitely knows it. A bacon flavored treat will definitely draw her attention in a heartbeat!
Winter is a very silly girl! She loves to have conversations with you, and she is a cuddle bug 💝
Jake Loves people, loves toys, and loves to play with other dogs!
Giovani is a Beagle Aussie mix. He is loyal to a T and learns new things fast. Plays you cant see me when other dogs come down the streets and prefer to sniff overplay. He is saved from a mill that I had closed down and is my absolute world. He also loves repping tags for hope on his collar.