Little Luna loves her some treats. She’s 4 year old, tortious shell coat, and she definitely carry’s the attitude. Couldn’t ask for a better kitty friend. The picture is my backround on my phone. Love my little kitty.
Maizie is a spunky kitten who loves attention and seafood wet food.
Cookie And Chip
Cookie and Chip are twins 3.5 months old , they are my sons little fur friends , my child has additional needs and they help keep him calm and are very protective over him especially at night time .
Meeko is my fur baby who I adopted three years ago. He is the silliest cat, and loves toy mice with catnip in them. He also loves the irresistible cat temptation treats as well as human food, he gets a scrap or two every once in a while lol. He got his name because he reminded me of the raccoon off of Pocahontas named Meeko with his fluffy tail.
hi im nya im only 4 weeks old my owner saved me from being drowned i love to play and chace paper balls and love my cuddles
He’s very smart and protects his mama❤️.
He's so cute and adorable he's a lil fire ball he's funny and happy and just love's to play and run around so please vote for Bear..
Ollie is a rescue who absolutely loves playing outside and cuddling with his mommy and daddy! Ollie has a best friend Archie (golden retriever) who teaches him lots and plays with him! Ollie gets to go to work with his daddy everyday and enjoys visiting all of the residents at the assisted living. He enjoys car rides, ranger rides, and swimming in water!
iggy, a shiz tuz/terrier mix, recently turned 8 yrs old, he loves going bye-bye, & definitely an inside baby, but also an outdoor kid, loves to explore and chase wildlife. hes a people person loves kids and human interaction....simply my best friend !
Moose (AKA Moomoo) loves boating, digging holes in the yard and his toys! He’s a goofy but sweet boy and loves to cuddle.
Romy is a playful boy who likes to get up to mischief. He is a loving pup & gives the best cuddles! 🐾
Hey, I’m Ally and I’m a Miniature Dachshund from the UK. I like drinking tea, barking the national anthem and indulging in a jam sandwich or two… just kidding. I am British but I’m not a tea drinker, I much prefer Adele and my favourite snack is cheese. My mom said 1 vote = boop of the snoot…
Loves large bags, trying to steal people food, sleeping for hours on end, taking large smelly dumps, story time, wearing human clothing, licking, and cat chattering
Diesel loves training in the back garden.
Ariat is a 9 month old bully mixed with pit and bloodhound ❤️He’s going through his teething and chewing and biting stage right now but he’s the most sweetest thing ever I love him so much bc of him I got out of a lot of bad situations I am great full for him he was born December 4th of 2021 ❤️❤️
Snoopy is a beagle shes lovable she loves to play in the mud and with her ball and other dogs
Dash was born to working parents, he loves fun outdoors and playing with his toys.
Hi, my name is Albus and my pawrents named me after Albus Dumbledore. I have just turned 1 years old but I’m still super tiny. My favourite things are belly rubs, treats and cuddles.
Willow is a very friendly cat! She loves to look outside the window everyday! She is cuddly and loves to meet new people.
Pudsy is a chorkie. He will be 9 in November. When we had him he was 10 weeks old and was no bigger than a pepsi can. He likes attention and loves his belly being tickled. His favourite toy is a monkey.
Coco is a 14 week old pup He loves playing ball and playing with my children He likes to sleep above your head or over ur face He very snuggly and loving
Killua was named after the anime hunter x hunter & lives up to his name. He is very charismatic & energetic at all times he’ll be running around all this house no matter what time it is. He has two big sisters which he always plays with but he doesn’t hesitate to bark in their face when he’s intimidated.
King is an 8 week old AussieDoodle, hes a little ankle biter and I love him to pieces!!
Walker is the sweetest most spoiled 5 year old baby. He will love on you if youre sad and thinks every where we go he gets treats and if he doesnt he pouts!!
These are sisters Finny and Emmie. They are Scottish Straight/ Munchkin mixes. They are opposite in personality. Finny is very outgoing and has never met a stranger, Emmie is very shy and loves to play and eat. They are the most precious girls 😻❤️
Leo is a rescue dog that absolutely loves his life, he always has a smile on his face and a wag from his bushy tail
STSB (Softtail Sugarbutt) is the sweetest, floofiest, softest, non cat, cat!! She’s awkward, uncoordinated, doesn’t really know how to jump/climb like a cat, and she doesn’t really know how to meow - she just kinda squeaks, and she is purrrrfect in every way!!! She is the softest snuggle bug and loves her people - other actual cats…not so much! PS - the husband got to name her and her sister - StreetGlide!!
He loves playing in the water , his favorite activity is popping bubbles in the sun
Hazel is our constant companion. She likes Greek yoghurt and ice cubes. She loves to roll in the grass and chase flies. She is very special and has brought joy to everyone.
I’m Celeste and I’m lilac point Siamese mix (I have a purple ear!) I love to play with strings, elastics, and a stuffed pig plushie. Whenever I want attention, I bring my toys to my mom and meow at her door. I have a big personality and can sometimes be very dramatic but am a huge cuddle and nothing makes me happier than to be curled up next to my people, purring up a storm. I wake my momma up at night and try to sneak in my girls backpack to go to school with her…. But, they always catch me….! I love to play catch with my doggie sister and sometimes we share food. We share beds too and no one ever knows where to find us…!
Prince Louis
Louis is the little being I didn’t realise I needed in my life. He’s got a soft and sweet side but also can be moody and meow a lot if he doesn’t get ALL the attention. He loves watching cartoons and playing chase with his baby sister Coco. He follows us all over the house… even to the toilet haha. He loves to be close and give head nuzzles. He’s truly brought me happiness and I smile every time I see him… no matter what mood I’m in. I love my handsome boy
Zoey loves walks on the beach but is afraid to go out in the rain, loves to snuggle and watch movies and her favorite is going for a car ride to get a “pupacino” from Starbucks
Joey is so loveable and cuddly ❤️
Ranger loves everything cause he's still a puppy. He love to eat play and sleep.
Reacher love to play and loves kids. He's a great dog
Scone is a "spedcial" kitty who has Sezuires and takes meds every 8 hours. He loves to give headbutts and his favorite toy is a carpenters tape ruler. He loves the sound of it being pulled out and retracted and, playing with it. He is small framed so we call him our "forever kitten".
Ghost was a stray kitten from our neighborhood that we took in. He was severely dehydrated, his eyes were so bad they would “glue” shut every hour, and he had a pretty bad little infection brewing in his lungs. He is a CHAMP! He is now thriving and growing like crazy. His favorite meal is breakfast since it is wet food. He would eat all day if I would let him. He loves to try and act bigger than he is. He plays with our other cat and dogs.
Groot And Drax
Groot is big brother to Drax. They are 4 months apart in age, different litters, same parents and are inseparable. Each live up to their names! While Groot is the big boy, he is quiet, laid back so sweet and loves to watch over his brother. Drax, on the other hand is very loud, stubborn and loves making sure our counters, tables and any shelves within reach are cleaned off daily by either his tail, paws or teeth! We wouldn't have it any other way as they have trained us well!
She loves the paw cat laser light. She loves to sit like a human all of the time. She loves attention on her own terms.
Bandits that name and stealing love and attention is his game, He loves catnip, head-nuggies , cuddles, tuna, saying hello every once in a while he is a Maine coon/ calico mix.
This is Zeke he’s the best fur dog loves kids and very playful. Thank you for voting for him ❤️
This is Sage, and she absolutely does not think she is a cat. She prefers to eat her meals at the table, drink out of glass cups, sleep with her head on the pillow and body under the blanket, and she LOVES playing fetch with hair ties.
Nala unfortunately came from a neglectful place which the owner never gave her parasite treatment or the bare minimum care ect,there was fecaes all over the house she was hiding away from the people when they were trying to find her and another 4 cats and also her 2 siblings which I did report to the rspca. she was very shy & skinny I took her to the vets,unfortunately she had a lot of worms which I was able to treat at home luckily. the vet was absolutely disgusted with her condition as was I. she was hiding for the first week I had her , but she soon came out of her shell once I started gaining her trust and has become one of the most silliest loving kitten I have ever met , she loves playing with her sheep toy & with my other two cats and running around my bed across my face whilst I’m trying to sleep at 3am , she is absolutely obsessed with food , treats and Cat games on the tv :) I have taught her a few tricks which has made us bond so much more. I would love for her to win this as I could spoil her so much more which is what she deserves as she has come a long way!! I just want every cat to have the best life they can as we are their whole lives and they are a part of ours <33
Scooby is a rescue. Ive had him just a few months. He loves giving our cats licks & kisses. Is a foody and loves to lounge in the sun.
She's my little shadow of happiness.
Little Cuddle bug
Franklin D Herkomer
Franklin is a mischievious little kitty. He's a crosseyed spoiled brat!! He leaves his fur all over and is basically a huge butthole to everyone. The D stands for D**khead.. I always tell him that he's real lucky that he is so adorable!! Please vote for this crazy cat.. Thank you
This is Milo! He’s absolutely lovable, cuddly and just a sweet companion for when your upset or just need comforting