Mish is a very sweet little girl, she is forever young at heart and gets the princess treatment.
This is ginger, I call him gingey most of the time. He loves to sleep, run around and play, cuddles and is always there for you when you’re upset to try and cheer you up. Ginger definitely takes up most of his orange side as in doing crazy things and attacking my other cats out of no where 😭.
Sparkles loves her human mama very much. Sparkles will get your food if you turn your back..
I'm a 2 year old Shih Tzu, who loves my Mommy very much! I also love treats, belly rubs, Lamb Chop, and my orange, rubber ball. My tail goes crazy when I'm told I'm a "good boy."
Chloe is an 9 year old silver miniature poodle, she is so loving and has been my heart dog since day one! She goes to work with me everyday and has her own corner with a princess bed!!
She has such a unique personality and she is so soft and sweet and she loves to cuddle she is also playful. She is an all around amazing cat!! We love her so much!!
Murphy has just joined the Roberts household and is already running laps around us. She is an attention hog wanting nothing more to be curled up in the most awkward positions. Personal space is no longer allowed
Harleigh Quinn
I am my mommy's baby girl and I was obedient at three weeks old. Now I am older and I am testing my mommy.
Coco is a very good girl. She is very good at telling time and demanding what she wants from her Mommys and sister Shane.
Freddie is a very loving cat he follows me around like he my cub when hes hungry he not only eats hes food but marleys to naughty boy sooooooo have to keep watch on him why food is being eaten 🤣
This is Lexi aka lulu or lexilu. She will soon be 15 years old, she still as small as a 12mth-18mth kitty, as she has been classed as disabled by the vet . She loves sitting in the rain (weirdo), she gets a cold like a human child every winter. She is small but mighty, she rules the roost even if the other cats dont think so, until they do. She is like a second mum to Batman, she loves a cuddling up and under blankets with him. She my weigh nothing but you know she has arrived because of the almight THUD you hear as she lands. Unlike the others they make no noise until they are infront of you screaming im here hello. Lexi wasnt the cutest kitten also her and her siblings were hand reared. But then she turned out to be this gorgeous little kitty we see today.
Suger is very And loyal And special to me
He is like a dog when he was a kitten you would through him a stick and he would fetch it 🤣when he looks out the window if he doesn't like what hes seeing he would growl like a dog he loves cuddling up to you close and hes a fighter he nearly lost he's life as he had a serious blockage and kidney failure but he pulled through that and I wouldn't change him for nothing he is a lovely affectionate cuddly feline big boy thats loved very much
Batman And Lexi
Batman is the cheeky black kitty and lexinis the one he is cuddling. He does love his cheese, but he loves snuggling up to his aunty Lexi. Lexi is almost 15 and Batman is almost 4 so he doesnt misbehave withh her (he learnt quickly), unlike his mother he loves to wind up something rotten. Batman is a good cat overall, very intelligent as ive managed to teach him sit,wait and stay at the bottom of the stair door, so i dont smash my face on the step due to Batman running up the stairs between my legs.
Kenza likes to stick her tounge out for photos
Jasmine Michelle
Jasmine is a very smart girl. She listens to alot of commands. She loves her human family, she is very protective over them.
Hi, i'm henrietta, my momma has always told me i'm beautiful. I think so too! did you know some of my favorite things to do is get cuddles from mom, run around when its breezy outside, and chase my sister (although she does'nt like to play) Please vote for me.
Hello my name is ghost im very friendly with my kisses and everybodys best friend. Im a tornado of fun and sometimes i run in to the table because im a nutter i also love my food
Loves to play. Great with family cats plays with them also. Sadly he was stolen on 12-7-24 we want him returned to us please if anyone has seen him contact us we appreciate any information you can share with us on who has him.
Nova is a rescue border collie who was left outside all her life and had never been in a house, she was very nervous and unsure of a lot. She was extremely scared of loud noises and got frightened very quickly☹️ She is now the most happiest little doggo who has settled in her new home very well, she loves cuddles and loves having her own little hideout under the stairs to snuggle up in. She is used to loud noises now as mummy is always dropping something and daddy is always shouting on his games, which nova sees as an invitation and starts pawing the controller 😂 We love her very much, and thinks she super cute! Please give our gorgeous girl Nova a vote 🐾 ♥️
Tink Tink
He is the most loving kitty he is a rescue
Loki is the most fun loving kitten. He loves to play hide and seek and soccer. He’s loves watching tv with me and always has the zommies lol
He loves his sister princess . He is so smart and cuddly. Sometimes he can be shy but when you spend more time with him he will be so loving. He has a favorite stuff animal which is a sloth
Boy Boy
He is an extremely intelligent cat, loves to post up on moms shoulders,very playful and is quite the performer.
Hunni is an energetic, kind, and hilarious Shiba. She’s definitely not like your average Shiba! She’s quiet, sweet, and only goes into crack head mode when she’s either outside or it’s 3am. She has two kitty sisters, both older than her, and a kitty brother whom is younger! She loves going on walks, getting “treat treats” and “lovins”. Her nicknames include, Hunni Bunni, Hunni Nut Cheerio, Hunni Bun, Hunni backed ham, Moogie, and Monkey!
Pepper is a beautiful chantilly Tiffany Rescue cat that I got as a kitten. He’s almost 2 years old after losing three cats due to illness he is very sweet, lovable photogenic absolutely gorgeous. He does kitty yoga he chirps bird watches, but most of all he is gorgeous and sweet.
Chunky Mama
Chunky mama loves to cuddle and follow me everywhere even outside she is sooo sweet and she’s a awesome mama to her kittens she lets them eat first before she eats and she loves taking pictures as you can see lol
Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse is deaf. Her favorite things to do include playing with a laser light,watching tv. She enjoys sitting in her cat tree and bird watch. She loves to play with her other sisters and brothers. Minnie also loves playing cat games on my iPad.
Meg is a beautiful dog who the moment we bought her attracted people’s attention in the town. She is a mix between a springer spaniel and a poodle so she’s known as a “ sproodle”. Her favourite thing to do is go on walks and run around. Surprised we haven’t lost her!😂😂😂. She also loves eating food really anything. If you offer it to her she’ll take it without even thinking. I don’t think I could ever tier her out despite how long the walk is. All I can say if your dogs a bit grubby they must of had a good walk! And she’s also grubby when she comes back from a walk! I’ll see all the prestigious dogs and wonder how they are kept so clean! She also loves interacting. Seriously a 15 minute play with an other dog is equivalent to a hours walk. All I can say is she’s so lively and friendly so if you do come across this please vote for her. It would make her so happy. Thankyou and have a great morning afternoon or evening ❤️
Angel loves to play outside and go for walks. She loves her treats and waits for the mailman to come so he can giver her a treat! She’s a big love bug!
I found Brandi in a bush while driving. She was extremely little and scared. Since she came home, she is very loving. She purs even when she uses the restroom. She loves to cuddle and loves sleeping with me while laying under the blanket.
Loki is a galoopy big headed goof ball with a a large head, he is persistent and he is an affiliative dog who bonds strongly with many of his human buddies. Loki name speaks it the most because he is the god of mischief.....
Darth Simba
Darth from Star Wars and Simba from Lion King! Darth love balls and Simba love string! My cats are very mischievous, wild, and sweetest! They love human foodies sometimes!
Nori And Bibble
Nori and bibble have grown up together, we first got bibble at 8 weeks old and only a week later got nori to be his companion! Nori is a fluffy ball of cuddles and always wants attention and bibble loves exploring the outdoors untill it’s night and he will just as easily cuddle up on your lap, for years we wanted cats and now we have some (maybe get some more) thank you for reading!
Lixie is still a puppy but she knows so much already! Within a week of having her she was sitting on command , waiting for her food , spinning and even now she knows much more! She loves her big brother which are in some of the pictures and is a ball of energy and will most definitely accept cuddles off anyone!
Hello this is my dog daisy she is kind,zoompy and cute dog she loves people and ya
She is our rescue dog and she is a bundle full of energy. She loves to play and she can zoom like no other!! It’s either 100% Lucy or sound asleep Lucy!! She’s a kisser if you let her start she won’t stop she just loves to be loved.
Mr Baldwin
Mr Baldwin is funny and sweet he is strong he is persistent, he is obedient he is kind, Baldwin loves to play ball all day long .
Very calm placid and playful little boy, enjoys his walks in the park, loves the snow
Charlie is a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi, he is almost 7 months old. He loves the outdoors! He helped heal my heart after losing both my Jack Russells within 5 months of each other. He is my angel! He is a happy boy and loves everyone! He also loves to collect (but not hurt) snails 🐌
Kai is the sweetest and cutest 4 month old puppy. He enjoys playing with toys, cuddling with everyone he meets, being a couch potato, and of course running around chasing his brother Fez who is our other fur baby. He has the funniest and spunkiest personality.
Fez is a big giant teddy bear. Although he weighs 110 pounds, he’s nothing but a sweet and cuddly love bug. He LOVES car rides, getting his zoomies out with a game of fetch, and of course being a couch potato. He’s always ready to snuggle up beside my fiancé and I. And let’s just say he also has a stubborn and sassy side too that cracks us up!
Minnie has a sad story about her life she was abandoned by her owner. She is so scared when I got her. She has a big heart. This is her dream to be a role model for all the dogs like her with a sad story. She loves her big sister Annabella.
She was a abandoned by her owner so we took her in as a part of our new family with a little sister name Minnie
Nico Maze
Nico is a very affectionate he loves to give hugs n he’s very persistent about having his teeth brushed he would always follow me n bathroom every morning in stare up at me when I’d brush my teeth so I got him a puppy tooth brush w puppy tooth paste n it became a thing b4 I’d even get in the bathroom he would b sitting by sink waiting for me to brush his teeth then as he grew he would b standing up at sink waiting on me n would not leave until I brushed his teeth in this is a daily thing for him.