Emma is a 2 1/2 yr old German Shepard. She loves playing ball, going on walks, and car rides. She loves her momma and loves seeing her human brothers. Emma is a goofy girl
Alvin is a enchanting kitten boy, we love him so much.
Here is Ava’s mugshot 😂😂
Hi! I’m cookies, I love to run around the house and play with my toys especially my little octopus as well as go for walks in my cat stroller with my mom! I also loveee my treats and doing zoomies around the house!
Vader is a good boy!Playful,obedient,friendly and loves to eat ice cream!
Finn was named after a shark fin, but he is anything but a shark. He is the most gentle, loving pup around! Catch Finn either swimming, sunbathing, or hanging with his 2 moms!
Binx, a handsome tuxedo cat who takes good care of his adopted brother
He makes a sound that sounds like he's shouting mum
Vax and his brother Frumpkin were abandoned on a street in Scotland with no air holes or food/water. They were found and handed to a local vet where I happily rescued them and took the boys home forever. Vax is a med after a rogue in dnd podcast Critical role and also Amazon Primes Vox Machina. He's sneaky, just like a rogue should be!
Smokey is 4 years old he is sweet and loveable but he can also be funny and silly.
Felix is a super sweet boy who is also crazy...he loves to snuggle when he feels like it.
Leah loves to nap! She’s an American pitbull terrier and she is such a cuddle bug. If she’s not looking out the window or exploring outside she’s hanging out with mom helping her write her college papers lol
Peanut loves playing with his toys hanging out on his jungle gym and loves to cuddle with his family 😍😻
Lenny is 9 weeks old and loves to run around and chase after his ball! He’s very affectionate and loves a cuddle
Clayton loves to be around people. His favorite thing is when he gets the zoomies and runs in circles.
This is Cooper, he loves big cwtches. He is sometimes lazy and loves eating whilst sitting down😂 he is scared of the rain and loud noises unless its his own verotious bark!
Mocha is a chocolate merle chihuahua that was rescued from a hoarding situation in TX. He's a sweetie that loves to cuddle and give kisses! He also has 6 toes on one of this back feet!!!
Daisy just turned 2 years old on August 4th . She is a seal point Ragdoll
Hi I’m Charlotte! I just turned 1yr old! I have a little sister Cali that I love to play with and fight everyday. I live with a wonderful little family of a mom and 2 toddlers plus my kitty sister Cali. I belong to the oldest toddler Aubree I love to give her loves and snuggles everyday and every morning before she heads off to school. I am the most loving kitty I give loves to everyone I can get to! Thank you for voting for me!
Brice is a 2 year old double xl blue nose pitbull. He is UKC and AKC registered.. his family consists of numerous show dogs. Unfortunately his dad elected to keep his big floppy ears that preventedhim from being able to be a show dog. He loves cuddles, playing with sticks, and loves to talk to get treats... he has a big brother Lokie (cat) which brice loves to play with... he also enjoys watching cartoons.. this is Brice with his new baby sister. And he's scared of
Storm Kinta
Storm is only 14weeks old,She’s got a bubbly personality,Her fravorite thing to do is play on her hanging scratcher,She loves to cuddle
Winnie is a sleepy, floofy girl who’s most important mission is to get fed all the time. She loves a cwtch! She’s nicknamed “Norman” like Norman Price because she’s mischievous and will get into any box or paper bag no matter how full it looks to us
Callie is 5 month old rescue! She loves to play with her friends at the dog park and be silly. She also is a big fan of sports and loves to watch tv.
Buster loves a cuddle hes like a polar bear loves to spend time with family
Brandy loves a cuddle always happy and ready to play she loves being out for walk
Ronnie is an Irish Setter cross Poodle, she has just turned 1. Ronnie likes to paw people in the face to show affection and she will steal anything that doesn’t belong to her
Frankie The Death Dealer
Frankie was a ex gang leader that really wanted to be a house cat. Mr.Death Dealer likes to go to casinos and strip clubs and enjoys classic salsa.
Tom Tom
He’s very sweet and loveable. He loves his treats. He’s 3 years old and is very cute. He knows what lay down, night night, eat ur food means.
Zeus likes to cuddle in the mornings and have zoomies in the day, his favourite food are chips although he can’t eat them and he loves to attack peoples feet.
One of our 3 new BSHs, Rico is a silent ninja! You think he’s somewhere then he pops up somewhere else!
Ducky was found with a bad respiratory infection at 3 weeks old after someone drop her off, she loves sucking on her blanket and cuddles.
Ralph loves guarding the house, stealing socks and swimming! When he’s a good good boy he gets treated to a ‘puppychino’ but refuses to eat any spiders to save mummies life! He often kicks daddy into the spare room because he comes first and has to say hi to everyone on walkies ❤️
Rue is a adorable cat. She loves to perch up on the cat tree, on the widow sil and chatter at the birds. She loves to be brought with attention. She will sleep with you while you sleep, she'll even cuddle your foot.
I saved Louie from a Kill shelter 7 years ago. He was covered in ring worm and has asthma. They were going to put him to sleep but I saw something in him and had to save him! He was also rescued on my birthday so I saw it as a sign. He meows hello and is the star of the party every time. He is very social and loves meeting new people. The absolute perfect boy!
Thor The Cat Of Thunder
Thor is a sweet, gentle cat, he never bites or scratches. He adores his owners and his younger sister Pixie who he likes to chase around the house. He likes watching TV especially watching action films and shows with animals such as rabbits and birds!!
Will exchange votes, no advances. We can do up to +30 a day. Votes given prior to exchange agreement will be considered a gift. Votes come from Christina Z , Timthy Z or Deni P. 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 Shadow is our "king," and he likes to call the shots. He and my son were born on the same day. He's a mama's boy who only wants cuddles from me. He enjoys eating and will eat anything lol.
Silly energetic mamas boy
Luna likes to play with rubber bands . she chews on plastic bags or anything plastic for that matter . she is a bengal so she’s very very soft ! Luna is a very beautiful cat . she’s like a white , tan-ish color & her tail is like a brown with white stripes , don’t even get me started on her eyes😊😍
Peanut has a very large personality. She’s 7 months old and the best way to describe her is sassy. She loves any toy she can destroy and dogs twice her size. She either looks beyond goofy or extremely mischievous. She is our precious peanut <3
Cinder Cheyenne Ramos
She loves riding with her momma on their HOG. (125cc buddy scooter)
Jack is a rescue who showed up on our doorstep! He follows the kids all over and loves belly rubs.
Fanci is a Maltipoo! She has 2 male puppies ready to go to their "furever" homes! She's wonderful girl that adores her family!
Bubba is 20 weeks old and his favorite toy is his extra long dachshund. (4th picture) He loves to run in the backyard and chase birds. He is a very energetic pup. His blue eyes will make you fall in love!💙
Levi is my perfect little angel. He is a pacifist and hates to hurt others so much he has even befriended the mice that sometimes get in our house. He was recently diagnosed with final stage lymphoma and is now in hospice. He has been the best perfect son, big brother and grandbaby for the last six years and his family loves him so much.
Philly is a huge mamas boy, but a even bigger foodie! He looks like he can be a old geezer but he’s barely peaking his teen years. He loves going outdoors, getting Dunkin, and hiding in my shopping carts.
Hendrix is a boxer/chocolate lab mix. He’s the sweetest boy. He loves cuddling his hoomans, his siblings, playing fetch, car rides, playing in the water and of course snacks. 😊
"Diamond Bar's Saving Grace" is everything her name implies. She has saved my sanity through several difficult periods of life. She was attacked viciously - totally unprovoked - a few years ago by a large dog. Neither my vet nor myself thought she would live through surgery but being the great survivor that she is, came through surgery with flying colors ! Gracie never left the bed - for three months - of my wonderful 93 year old mom as she peacefully slipped away last year. No dog is more deserving of your vote than is amazing Grace.
He loves sleeping and food. He also brings in sticks into the house all day. His favorite activity is too rip up toilet paper.