Dog cat Stories - 72


Bogis Bentley
Bogis is a 2 year old Chiweenie. His hobbies include playing, taunting his other dog and 3 cat friends and making his mommy’s heart implode on a regular basis.
Uno is a loving pup who loves to run around with his other doggy aunts and uncles and he likes to play with his ball and cuddle
Bami is a very sweet smart girl. Loves to play with empty water bottles and chase her ball around rhe house. And she loves to give kisses.
Lola is a rescue terrier mix that loves belly rubs, naps and of course lots of cookies! She is very intelligent and knows commands in English and ASL.
Leo is a mamas boy who love his cuddles
HI guys!!! Ollie is the sweetest little mamas boy who went through some health issues as a baby who is now as healthy as ever❤️
Gus lOVES to sleep & play ball!
Chloe Bear
Hi I’m Chloe! Dont let the looks fool ya, I may be pretty but making a mess is my favorite pass time! My momma says I should be a toy tester because all my new “babies” are shredded up within 24 hours 😎 Humans are my favorite! They have treats and tummy scratches, yes please! I also really love the dog park because it has lots of doggy friends, like my bestie Ollie! Anyhoo, my momma keeps yelling at me for taking her phone… better go!
Bailey is a rescue. He is so sweet compassionate kind. He is more like a human .. He knows when you are sick or not feeling emotionally right. He will cuddle you and place his poor on your heart .. Also he loves to open doors in the house especially closet where he likes to nap🥰
Sadie is an Alaskan Husky, we adopted her 2 years ago at a Human Society event at PetSmart. She has been a super sweet girl from the day we added her to our family.
Blaze likes to cuddle, outdoors play, hunt & play in the pool.
Scout loves to play and climb inside of anything she can hide it. She also loves cuddles with dad, super soft blankets, and potato chips of any kind!!
Aly is a sweet mini cavapoo that loves to sleep and cuddle. She’s very timid but sure loves all her brothers and her sissy.
Neutron will be celebrating his 11 year adoption anniversary on Oct 6th. Neutron has a very distinct taste in music while traveling. He will let you know when he doesn't like it.
She's absolutely gorgeous
Blu is a 2 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog. She loves to go for rides in the truck with daddy. She loves to go for walks and loves to go to the doggy park. Blu LOVES to rip toys apart and take all the fluff out. She loves to play with her little sister Gemma. She will do anything for a treat. She’s notorious for making sad puppy dog faces and that usually does the trick! Blu is the most well behaved and kind hearted dog out there. She is the definition of mans best friend 💜
Doobie is a one year dog born on august 18th,2020 he loves playing outside and enjoys cuddles and he has a great personality
Scruffy loves going to my moms to play with his kitty friend who is the same age as him
Hi I’m Vinny!! I’m a 3 yr old orange tabby cat with endless energy. And boy do I love to talk once you get me going. PLUS… have you seen my toe beans???
Margot is missing a leg.. but that doesn’t stop her from running away. She tried to kick me with her nub one time, I found that hilarious. She’s also a rescue from a neglected family, the family didn’t even name her and left her outside most days. Margot does not like the outside.
Mac And Momo
Mac the black and white one he thinks he is a bouncer and momo loves his cuddles
Storm is the cutest sweetest most loving pup ever. I don’t know why her tongue appears to be blue in this photo, but she’s a pleasure and will be my best friend for many many years.
Echo is a male, 6yr old ,border collie ,recue dog and an assistance dog hes saved my life countless times 🐕
Carley has a very awesome personality. She was returned to the shelter before apparently for being too rambunctious but she fit in just fine and I’ve had her for five years so far. She’s playful and sweet, but sometimes don’t want to be bothered. She will meet you at the door like she’s a dog, and you can hear her running when you call her name or if she hears a treat bag or food being opened.
🐾❤️🦴Hi I’m Brownie! I am a loving, independent, protective, courageous dog. I DO NOT like to be bothered when I am sleeping (just like my mom). I love to play volleyball, soccor and catch. I am a true New Yorker. When I hear the ambulance sirens, I howl to the sound and I am not off key! My human friends love when I sing birthday songs (although, I only care about eating the cake). I love posing for photos and especially selfies. Did I mention that I love chasing squirrels (poor squirrels). It’s my favorite hobby! Thank you for Voting for me.🐾❤️🦴
Diesel is a XL American Bully. He’s 7 months old. He’s a happy happy baby Diesels whole body does the wingle instead of his tail.
Im draco , im 10 weeks old and love to climb curtains, chase my tail and attack every hand i see , being deaf doesnt stop me being cheeky and fun. I love cuddles with my human 💗
Miss. Clara Belle
Hello this is Miss. Clara Belle, she lives in Montana with her loving family. She believes 100% she is the Queen of the house, and demands to be treated as such. She is the oldest of her other to adopted siblings and she loves to pick on her little brother for fun. She is spoiled and is a huge daddies girl. She will soon be 10 years old, but is still very young at heart. She loves to play, cuddle, and sleep in her free time.
Sophie is a sweet 7 yr old she love playing she runs around when i run up to her and jump she loves to meet new people she is very spoiled.she love to be held all the time she is yorkie chihuahua mix she is the sweetest lil girl once you get to now her
Trinity Grace
Cuteness overload ! Trini is a bundle of cuddles and so much fun. Endless energy .
I adopted Stella and Rosa from underdog rescue, they were abandoned in a box. They are the sweetest pups and love adventures and sprinklers
Rocky is a fun loving dog. He loves to play with the other dogs. He has so much energy but he prefers to cuddle over anything.
Wobbles is very in many ways she has beat the odds she wasn’t supposed to live pass about 4months she was born with fluid on her brain and with that she has a bent spine has an enlarged heart and only one side of her nose and she is supposed to be about 3 time big then she is an her throat is smaller then what it should be and her teeth are all bad and her jaw is opposite of each other but she would never be alive if we hadn’t rescued her and family be they was left alone in the cold with no food an water I got her and brought her home when she was only about 4 days old and she was pushed aside be she was the smallest and also because she was sick but she has beat the odds
Nike is a rescue. She is the sweetest thing. She has a cherp for a meow.she has her spice when it come to play
Rocket Jett
Rocket has extremely light light blue eyes and is very sensitive to light. His meow can sound quite pitiful and he meows at you while following you around like a child. He is waiting for you to pick him up. ♡
T-Bone is an absolute lover. He will lick you to death. He loves all the attention he can get.
Kali Kay
When she talks to you, her meow sounds less like a cat and very much like a very long higher pitched whine of a child~lol ♡
Hi! My name is Daisy! I love spending time with my family and going outside. I love playing with my brothers and cousins. I love to sleep under blankets and i will bark even if i dont know what im barking at.
Hi! My name is Phlox! I was named after a Star Trek character because my dad is obsessed with Star Trek. I love getting rubs and attention from my mom, playing with my brother, sister, and cousins. I love eating food and will try to get into your plate if youre not paying attention.
Alex Karev
Hi! My name is Alex! I was named after Alex Karev from Greys Anatomy. I love getting pets but only on my terms. I love playing with my brother, sister, and cousins. I also love to sleep with my grammy.
Hi I’m Autumn, and I loveeeee to play and explore. I’m 10 weeks old and just love to run around and cuddle !
We fell in love with Gunther at the cat shelter where he had been for over two years. He just had all of his teeth removed, had a horrible skin infection and was diagnosed with feline FIV. We have other cats in our house with FIV and with his sweet, calm disposition he was such a perfect fit for our family. His health has improved tremendously and he now loves snuggling under the covers with us, laying on laps, dinner time, and batting at toys. Just saying Gunther's name brings a smile to my face.
Stevie was adopted after his previous "parents" were going to euthanize him for needing a procedure done. He was initially very shy when he first came home but after giving him the time he needed to transition and providing him with endless love and attention, he has become a playful and outgoing boy today. Stevie puts a smile on my face each and every day.
Jasmine loves the beach and other dogs . If jasmine gets the most votes all the money will be going towards her getting a sister or brother and spoiling the heck out of her !!!
Gabriella loves long walks and loves to meet new people. She’s great around kids, other people, cats, and other dogs. She will beg to give you kisses!
Boomer is a fluffy fool with a tendency of being ridiculous! He loves everything and everyone, he is just a happy boy! He’s silly and loves to chew up tennis balls instead of playing fetch with them! He rolls in mulch and steals food off the counter at home but always behave like an absolute angel in public! Don’t come too close or you’ll get lots of kisses!
Rubi is a dog that is very playful,loves people and loves toys 🧸 she is one of the most caring dogs I have ever meant in my entire life I love her 💜🥰