Dog cat Stories - 72


Luna loves to run, play frisbee, and going on hikes
Wynter is a fun loving shih tzu she’s full of energy and loves going for walks.
Kai is the most loving puppy ever but don’t let the face fool you, any person he comes across is his personal chew toy, watch your ankles!
Sola enjoys wrestling with his older brother, Nova. Sitting in an open window and meowing at all the neighbors and napping with mom!
Love my crazy ball of energy haha! The most recent trick he is doing is chasing a ball of paper and bringing it back! He loves to play fetch like a dog and go for walks outside exploring everything in sight.
Max is a sweet marshmallow dog who loves to cuddle
Aspen is the biggest sock bandit you will ever meet. If she gets a sock in her mouth.....good luck getting it back!!!!🤣
Duke is a bouncy pup who loves splashing in waterfalls. Think the smile says it all!! He also makes the best blanket for his best pal Flynn!!!
Nibbles is the smartest Poodle in the world. He loves to play and jump. He loves everyone 💕. He is a fast runner. He loves to help Mommy.
Cooper is a blue tic daschund 🐾 he loves to play with his toys ,and loves to play with his brother & sisters. Loves going camping & going for long walks !!
Tido is known colloquially as the "Kibble King." His eyes look like cinnamon sunsets and he charms everyone he meets. Tido favors the "demi-sploot" with one leg under and one leg out. He is the silliest squeege ever!
Falcon loves chasing bugs and jumping high !
Bodhi is the best boy in the world! Loves walks, treats, his humans and to nap in the sun!
Athena is named due to her strength and perseverance. She was found as a 5 day old kitten alone and meowing. I bottle fed her and fostered her until i realized she was the one. Now we cuddle all day every day.
Lily is a goofy, fun loving loyal baby girl. She had a rough start, but is as strong as ever. She will do ANYTHING for a ball.
Simba is a quarantine kitty who is turning 1 year old this week! He is a wild soul who loves to play with his deer friends, but he also has a big heart and enjoys cuddling with his humans.
Cloud was a rescue cat. A few weeks after I got her the shelter she was in got shut down due to abuse of animals. We saved her just in time. She is a beautiful cat!
MAisie was a stray I was feeding. She just had to come and live with me. She is about 1 yr old.
Sushi is the law around our house, making sure everything is in order and running smoothly. Loving her space she is content just sitting under the birds cage listening to the chirps!
Ronald Weasley
Ronald Weasley was adopted from Central Valley Rescue Railroad in January of 2021. Oh my goodness, best decision of our lives! He LOVES to play, and hasn't met another doggy he doesn't love! Ron enjoys his adventures with mommy and daddy, such as his beach and camping trips. It's a toss up between who his favorite is: mommy or daddy (but let's be real, his a big mama's boy)!
Hi I’m Bandit! I’m a chill dude who likes to sit in anyone’s lap who is willing. I’m not very vocal but I am a big licker! You can find me out in the sun hanging out with my best friend Lamb Chop or stealing peoples hearts with my puppy eyes. I hope you will consider voting for me!
Teddy is a pomeranian mix. He loves to cuddle and loves playing with his friend Tater. They play outside in the grass and love the sun. Teddy is also my Emotional Support Animal. He helps with my PTSD , anxiety and depression. Teddy's favorite thing to do at the end of the day is wait for me to go to bed so he can snuggle next to me all night.
Fifi loves to play and sleep. She is only 2lbs! She also loves to dress up and look cute!
Very soft hearted hasnt met a stranger yet. Very spunky and full of energy. He loves his ball. Hes an american bull/pitt
Lumi is the most outgoing cat I’ve ever had. She loves bubbles and lasers and she loves going outside with me. She loves to steal all my hair ties and earrings and hide them for later. She always wakes me up every morning simply just to say hello and meow in my face and rub on me. Shes also SO SO beautiful, I almost cant take it sometimes.
Indy Sue
Indy sue is a rescue dog. He will be 4 years old this year. He is well trained loves to sit and lay down. Goes outside with me with no leash. Indy is very smart and a major cuddler. Loves to play and takes walks.
Poe will be 2 years old this month. He is so loving and caring. He's like a curious panther. Always playful and adventurous. I rescued him from my grandparents place. He was just a baby. He loves to play and cuddle.
His such a gentleman, he loves kisses, he loves taking a walk and protects me.❤️
She’s cute but she’s crazy!
3 month old little Anne. She loves tuna and fish and she loves playing around the house-plants. She is friendly but quite and always interested in what you are doing.Very young little lady and growing up very fast.
you vote for her because she is a queen, obv. a beautiful, elegant, evil, mean, spunky, fast, adventurous, gorgeous, sleek, long-mained, bright-eyed, sweet, gentle, territorial, predatory, loving, cuddly, starving, spoiled queen. she will lose her mind if you don't feed her tuna in water at least twice a day. brand is not of issue - just solid white tuna or albacore tuna in water. she hates our shopping delivery people because they can't seem to get it right. meka likes to plop her furry stank behind in my grill when i'm asleep and then her butt hair begins to suffocate me. she flat out refuses to use her litter box if it isn't perfectly clean and she will verbally express her disgust immediately and concurrently until i jump. she apparently likes buttered instant grits quite a bit - figured this out recently. she is ridiculous about her love of temptations treats, but all cats are. speaking of ridiculous, she acts a squirmy rollin' fool when i bring out the catnip jar - she sits and waits for me to sprinkle it over her face and head then goes to town on the carpet. it's quite the spectacle. then she catches some cattitude, every time, after her catnip play. is this normal? she loves loves loves to be outside all day roaming free and she's pretty peeved about the fact that at our new place, she has to wear a leash and harness. that could attest for half of my scars.... but i freaking love her even though she doesn't reciprocate those emotions. anyhoo, vote for her please. her tuna habits really are costing me a small fortune.
Pineapple is a playful 5 month old kitty. He enjoys playing ball with the kids, smelling flowers and relaxing in the window.
Jilly is a 16 year old cat. She loves it when you rub her cheek and instead of meowing she goes "brrrr"
I love people, but dont give me attention or ill hide, I want to be the one to give you attention.
This little lady is a live wire always playing, she loves sleeping in her little “fort” made of pillows. But my favourite thing about her is she is always there to give loves to everyone with a cheeky grin on her face
Storm is a border collie Australian shepherd mix who LOVES to cuddle and get belly rubs! He is so smart and just started his first training session! He enjoys long walks and hiking adventures!
Finn is the sweetest, and cutest little boy ever! When I found him I knew that we were meant to be together and he is now my emotinal support pup! He loves playing chase and he loves to go to the beach. This picture of from his first visit to South Haven Michigan! Please vote for my sweet baby boy! And his friend Enzo!
Dr. Fauci is a sweet, generous pandemic pup that encourages social distancing and warns about too many pups slobbering in the same bowl. Let’s wait for herd immunity frens!
Avery is a 6 month english bulldog. She literally loves everything and everyone she meets. And also tries to eat anything she finds. Her favorite snacks are blueberries and bananas, and het favorite toy is an empty waterball. Avery also knowd the commands of sit, spin, shake, and high five. She is still working on stay and drop it, but her excitement for things always gets the best of it.
Toby is our first rescue pup and our first ever dog. He loves all other dogs and food.
Lingo is so caring and lovable. He loves being around us and giving us cuddles ❤️
Our little pogo is such a sweetheart and has recently joined our family ❤️
Rusty is such a crazy dog!! He’s loves everyone he sees and wants everyone to pet & show him love! He’s just the cutest :) not a day goes by where he doesn’t love spending hours and hours outside
Koda is a bordoodle (border collie/poodle mix). He loves doing tricks, talking, playing fetch, and giving his mom attitude when he doesnt get his way hehe
Rudolph St. James
Rudy is biracial a mixture of my dog Dior and my brother's dog Sweet. They were total opposites Dior was a full breed Shih tzu and Sweet was full breed red Pitbull. Guess which was the male and which the female. Can you imagine my little Shih Tzu Dior was the male and big red Pit bull Sweet the female. But loved each other dearly and to their union 8 puppies were born. Rudolph "Rudy" was the runt of the literand the one I chose to keep. He has been my baby ever since.
We got Kiki when she was just 6 weeks old she is the most cuddly cat I’ve ever seen, she likes sharing my food, her best friends is my other cat sparkles and two tortious nemo and dori, she is very playful but never says no to a cuddle 🥰