Hello my name is Jace, I enjoy playing tug of war and chasing my soccer ball around the yard but my most favorite toy is a sock my human mom made me with a rattle in it , im such a cuddle bug and have a stuffed bunny that i have to have when im napping . I am my human moms best friend
Ralph is a big softie and total mummies boy! He loves treats and sleeping on the pillow next to his mum at night. He is a big brother to a little human, who he loves dearly and Blake loves his furry brother very much.
Harley is bullmastiff/boxer Loves to have his tongue hangin it most of time - big snuggle lap dog.
He loves to play with friend Luca and when hes not playing hes cuddling with mom
Noodles Alfredo Joseph
This little peanut came to us from Take Paws Rescue in New Orleans. From the moment he arrived, he became the center of everything. He enjoys being pampered and spoiled by his parents, eating special meals prepared by his Daddy, visiting Grandma and playing ball for hours in his backyard. He goes to daycare twice a week and has became The Capo di Tuti of his little daycare crew. He loves to play with his pup friends and has a girlfriend named Miss Minnie, who happens to be a Great Dane. When he is not out on adventures with his Mommy and Daddy, he loves napping on his bed, getting belly rubs and cuddling.
Hello! My name is Penny; aka Miss P. I love spending my days playing, sleeping and being adorable!
Kash is an ESA. He is the sweetest pitbull we’ve ever come across 💕 he loves time outside, running around and rolling in the grass. He’s great with kids and love cuddles too 😊 truly the bestest friend 🤎
Max is the most loving dog loves his chicken and walks and plenty of kisses
Hi! Im Tua, a high energetic fun loving Pyrador. My favorite thing to do is ride in the car with all the windows down. I love people but I won’t hesitate to protect my mom. If I can find a way to get into something I will (and I usually do).
Cash And Jet
Brother and sister!
Zahara is a 1 year old micro exotic bully. She’s a very goofy doggy and loves her 1 year old bestfriend baby Felix. Zahara loves walks and running around. She’s the sweetest dog that loves all people and other pets!
Ellie is a 2 yr old Shorkie. She is a little love bug. She is a terrific big sister to her little sister Tiny. She is a true joy.
Wild kitten with a heart of gold. Loves to have zoomies 23/7 and play with wrappers. Adopted after being found in a dogs mouth.
Hufflepuff may only be 3 months old but he has the attitude of a teenager! He only like me when it’s food time or when I’m leaving and he wants to go. Though he’s the first to whine to me when I get home. His long beautiful coat it high priority in his world. He spends more time grooming himself than playing
Sid is 8 weeks 1 day old. He has just learnt to sit today. He has lots of toys but prefers to play with the dustpan and brush and the washing line. He is the goodest boy and when he grows up he wants to be a prime-minister and ban all hoovers forever.
Godric is a small but mighty protector of His house. He only gives his time to those he seems worthy and loves to attack and climb everything he can. At 3 months old, he’s definitely going to keep me on my toes.
Brody is very active. He loves his toys esp his ball. He has a champion stride and loves to ne center of attention.
He loves to cheese
Ruby is a high energy girl who loves life! This sweet girl enjoys riding shotgun, swimming, playing at the park and hiking! Instagram & tiktok: muddy_mutts_adventure
Logan is the Sweetest Boy Loves his Toys and was recently diagnosed with Arthritis.
Coco is a senior girl who has bounced from home to home her whole life before being dumped at a local shelter. She is finally in her furever home and couldn't be happier!
Rocket is a pretty great distinguished little gentleman. Originally picked up by the APL as part of an abandoned feral litter. He had all sorts of health conditions, but you’d never know it! He’s made an amazing recovery and has been thriving ever since! His three favorite past times are playing fetch, begging for hooman food and tormenting his brother!
No matter what my owner does I refuse to chew my food I just swallow it whole 🥴
Scrapper is a very loving kitty. He was a rescue cat. Loves to hang out in scrap cars around the yard. When we first got him we had a senior cat Tutu. When Tutu passed we told scrapper he would have take Tutu s place as the cuddle cat , he has filled that position with lots of love and devotion. We can call him with a dog whistle and comes a running.
He's loves to play, loves a good fuss, amazing loyal dog, loves playing fetch
Ernie is very clever and mischievous. He don’t like walking and is very lazy. When I cook chicken he sits and waits by the oven and watches it cook.
Jojo is a chill puppy who loves cuddling, playing, and going outside.
Izzy is goofy and loves playing. She loves everyone!
Tiny is a very active 3 month old Shorkie. She loves to terrorize her 2 year old sister Ellie.
Sven is such a special boy. He came into my life a day before my birthday. We found him outside on a cold December night when he was just a kitten. Ever since then he has brought us so much joy. He knows how to play fetch, sit, shake, high five, knuckles, and wave. He also will talk to you and has a bow tie for every holiday ❤️
We rescued Marshall from a very abusive home and made sure to give him so much love ❤️. He loves to play, cuddle 🥰 and protect. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without him 💕
Morgan is a 10 year old fabulous feline. She was adopted 6 years ago and is a diabetic! She gets insulin twice a day and is my love bug!!
My Leo burrito is what we call him, what can I say he’s a wild boy so funny keeps my son very entertained! And he’s extremely loving such a cuddle bug
I was named from the song " Her Name Is Alice" from the Alice in Wonderland Song, for my human was told i was a girl. Surprise I'm not! But i already knew my name. So now im named for the band Alice N Chains for they got their name from Alice in Wonderland. I love catching birds and putting them under my humans bed and leaving mice at her door. But her chickens are my friends, so i stalk them and they chase me. My best friend is my dog Penny and also my dog Kita. I love to be very demanding, cuddling, jumping off the back of the couch onto my dogs, and being out doors. My brother Asher lives next door so i like to sit in his window and visit him as well.
TankBoy is a goofy doofy pocket pittie who believes he is still a puppy that can fit in your lap. Snuggles and scritches are life and playing in the water is the best way to play!
Neveyah thinks she’s an actual baby and wants to be carried around everywhere!
Sugar loves to spend her time playing with her sister Spice and sleeping on her cat tree.
Simba is a hero cat. Simba once saved my family by waking me up during a gas leak in the house! Simba is very smart and curious. He can mimic some human words to ask for what he wants. He's very patient and loving.
Sadie is 6 months. She adores making a mess out of her littler cat, loves talking back, and her scratching post. Her bed and favorite hideout is a small drawer in the bathroom vanity. She’s cuddly and demands attention when not given willingly.
She loves to play with sticks. When she is outside running and she gets up to speed she starts jumping like a little deer. She loves cuddles and tug of war.
Loves a nice relaxing sit in the sink 🥸
He is absolutely a loving hound wants all the attention you can give and loves any kind of food period he loves to eat more then sleep and that’s all he does. Loves to ride and tree coons!
Shelbie is 8 1/2 weeks old and loves to play and has learned how to jump( my little jumping bean) loves hanging around her mom by helping her do chores around the house.
Brian is 11 years young but acts like he’s 2 lol, he loves running about chasing his toys. He also loves chicken and got used to Kentucky in lock down. Now he thinks every takeaway is chic chic lol 💕🐈‍⬛💕
Angel Wildfire
Shes very loving and a cuddle bug she loves kisses and she loves her mom very much
Rosies an adorable dog who loves balls and everyones attention
Please vote for My layla Bear Is still a puppy 🐶 she is (border collie and Pitt mixed )she very loving and very smart 🥰 she loves to shake hands very clingy and also energetic 💕