Squig is a loving cat who loves to cuddle, likes to play the fish game on YouTube.
Diva is a sassy little girl who love to talk and cuddle. Also loves to nap.
Jeff was a feral stray when he found us late in 2020, but with time, patience and reassurance he has grown to trust and to love. He now enjoys and seeks out attention and loves a scratch on his head and under his chin. We can’t imagine life without him and feel blessed that he’s joined our family!
Bubbles is a strong independant woman who also likes lots of attention and playing with tinfoil - often accidentally rolls off the bed when she gets too excited during belly scratches 🥹❤️
Indy is the clingiest Cavalier you’ll ever meet, rarely seen without her humans.
Rose loves to fall by your feet and get her belly rubbed. She is the sweetest momma cat.
Every night before bed he has fresh water,in his bowl on the dining table. Then at 7am the following morning he scratches on the wardrobe door to wake us up🐈❤️
Wufoo likes to play and jump on the trampoline with Marely he enjoys eating a lot and chasing the other dog or playing with the boys Hi, anyone want to help I would love to help
Dobby is a mischievous 8 month old Sphynx. He loves nothing more than annoying his doggy sibling Elsa. He craves human attention and is obsessed with cuddles. He is also very clumsy and definitely acts more like a dog than a cat!
bleu is a xl bully he love’s attention cuddles,sleeping,loves chasing his toys and loves everyone
He is a three legged cat who had his back two legs pinned and still loves affection, he’s survived the worst and lives the best life he can.
Sushi is so unique! She keeps us entertained trying to join in with the football and loves playing peekaboo! She curls her tail up onto her back.
Solo is very funny & likes doing tricks.
Finley is a cheeky boy, likes to get into places he shouldn’t be (dishwasher!) and playing with beef hula hoop wrappers. He’s often getting himself into trouble like opening the bin lid to get inside, getting his paw stuck when destroying the curtains and trapping his sister in the litter box 🐈‍⬛💙
Leia is very affectionate & motherly.
Wilbur is 6 years old. We adopted him in September 2022, he was very shy at first, and hid in the lounge. It is now where he plays. He loves to eat, chat away and play. But most of all, he loves to sleep.
Rocket loves to be outside! He also loves you can see. He loves to be loved on. He lays on us alot. He loves catnip treats and we also have a catnip plant he loves to nibble on. He was named after the Racoon on Guardians of the Galaxy. He was a stray kitten that we found on a hot summer day. He was maybe 8 weeks old at the time. We kept him as our own and have not ever let him go. Hes our little buddy that we love and adore. 😊 Im pretty sure he loves us too. Did I mention he has a little brother cat named Larry? Thats a whole other story but anyways hopefully you all like this pic of Rocket in a of his other favorites things....😆.
Jewels is so lovey and she loves to jump in the air to catch ponytails and she loves laying on her daddy's lap when he gets home from work
Bella is a 3 year old birman cross. She is very sweet and loves to play with her toys.
Coco is our 22 month old shih tzu who just loves watching tv on the sofa.
Bear is a chunky 6 day old kitten
Tommy is coming up 9 years old. He is blind in one eye after an accident when he was just 6 months old. It has never stopped him doing anything and he can still catch a fly and he loves my lap more than treats, he is a mammys boy
Cooper is the most loving entertaining puppy & he loves a snuggle.
Miss Black Beauty
Miss Black loves her peoples, she loves playing with her outside kitty and playing with her rope toy and tennis ball. She is my car riding buddy and the best baby dog anyone could ask for. Black Beauty is more than just a dog.... shes my best friend and therapy pet. #KGBulllies
This is our little Ronnie, he is 12 weeks old, he often turns into a piranha!! Enjoying nibbling on everything!! Ronnie has a favourite toy, it’s a little cow called Calvin. He also loves watermelon and carrots. He is a very loving pooch, showing love to everyone he meets. He has a very special place in our hearts ♥️🐶
Bertie loves cuddles, sunbathing and is friends with all the local cats. He loves lik e lix and treat sticks.
Shes a gorgeous little staffie who loves lots of cuddles and has the most beautiful blue eyes that make you fall in love with her straight away.
Birdie loves mummy snuggles
Jess is a loving and snugly cat who loves to cuddle and will cuddle all day, without moving if she could. Her favourite thing in the entire world is treats and will meow and run to her spot when she wants some and will also high five for those treats! Jess lost her sister to heart failure last year which was an emotional time but she has used that experience to flourish and become the queen of the house.
She is the best old cat ever my childhood cat
Believe it or not Buddha is a Rescue cat
Beautiful little 21 week old sprocker spaniel, wonderful temperament. Loves life and everyone.
Luna is a very playful kitten , she loves to go on walks play fetch and play with her favourite ball
My humans call me Winnie and i love to laze in the sun and take lots of naps with my brother Meeko
My humans call me Kiki and i love to swim in the bath and play fetch with my favourite mouse. I also love cuddling up with my sister Wednesday 💕
Recently adopted golden girl, slightly nervous at first but has finally settled in 😍
Austin is a Romanian mioritic shepherd and was a rescue dog. He came over at 4 months old from a kill shelter. Before the kill shelter he was found with his brothers(we kept on the family) in a carrier bag where he had rocks thrown at him so austin has trust issues but is extremely loving and adores my autistic son. His tail is always wagging (what’s left of it) and always full of energy
This is my baby Zeus at 4 weeks old! His mother was a stray cat who always came to the back door for some treats and long story short, ended up giving birth in my wardrobe to a boy and a girl! Now we have a family of three living rent free ❤️
Kai loves giving lots of cuddles and meeting new people he loves everyone he meets. He loves playing with his toys and going for walks.
My names Jess and I love kisses and cuddles, I also love puppy treats
She’s very antisocial but loves a treat. 🐱🦴
I adopted Spud as his daddy passed away. He’s a gorgeous sweet and playful boy and deserves to win this competition
She is extremely hyper, greedy and she loves to go for a walk. 🐶
Bailey in my pomeranian dog hes just over a yr old now the apple of my eye hes adoreable hes excellent never chewed anything and sleeps right through the night a fantastic family pet
She loves a treat and loves some good company 🐶
Aries is a lovely Scottish Fold kitten, just turned 9 weeks and looooooves to play with his humans parents. Also has a doggie brother and a tabby cat sister. He also enjoys napping several times a day and constantly tries to eat is sister food 😆