Cooper is the goodest boy who loves his Dreamies more than anything in the world! Has a catnip addiction….therapy beckons!
Loving cuddly border collie pup. Loves to play tug and play fight with his older sister. Hobbies include eating and sleeping.....lots!
Mako loves to cuddle. When he wakes up each morning he rolls over onto his back and and rubs his eyes with the back of his paws. He’s very smart and and enjoys playing with other dogs. His favorite thing to do is trying to get you to chase him to take his toy away.
Beano is a human , as mad as that sounds , he knows when we are happy , sad and comforts us , he watches our every move with pure love in his eyes and he has in fact earned the name “therapy cat”
Ryley was my 10 year old Chihuahua who sadly passed away in February💔 he was the cutest most cuddly baby
Shes a snuggly lap cat. She mostly likes to eat and nap and snuggle constantly. Wherever i am in the house you can garentee Salem is next to or on top of my purring happily. We first purchased her sister, but the woman could no longer look after her so we got her too for free. So glad we did. I work from home so she always keeps me company and in line. She likes nothing more than to sit on any work and role about in the cutest way. I hardly ever get work done. I love her too much ❤️
Sooty was adopted at 1 year from the cats protection home. He stood out in his crowd in the kennels! Glaring at me qith those big eyes and following me each time i moved. He loves to please...but more so he loves being pleased. With his back being scratched and his belly being rubbed....anyone would think hes a dog! He follows me from room to room and will lie on my chest at night or quite simply snuggle up beside me...and with a fur coat like his im sure to stay warm!...
Tuttie as we normally call her was thought at first to be a boy. Hence the name but upon vet inspection is now a girl. She likes climbing on the bars from my bed to the wardrobe at night and sleeping on my shoulder. She's very snuggly and has never bitten. Shes also small. A forever tiny cat due to issues with breed. She'll be a forever kitten. Her favourite toy is a twiling butterly and her favourite snack cheesey cat nibbles. I love her so much 🩵😊
This 3 pound spitfire thinks she is 10 foot tall and bulletproof.
Big furry flump who loves attention
Soft caring girl who loves a hair bobble
Cuddle crumpet with a loud purr and sharp claws.
@ImKevinTheCat is a loving little monster. He joined our family as a pretty kitten called Missy - a few weeks later Missy became a Mister 🙈 and KEVIN became our stunning little gentleman 💖
My Maisie moo❤️ a little troublemaker as all beagles can be, very cheeky and mischievous, but you can’t help but love her for it. She loves snuggling on the sofa, her ball, and her zoomies🐶
Scribbles is a fat funny cat that loves to sleep. Follow us on his Instagram account 🤟
Ange loves a box 📦.
Belle is almost 3 years old, she is a pure white short hair domsetic cat. She loves exploring the garden and watching the tadpoles in the pond. At the end of the day Belle loves snuggling up to me whilst watching movies together.
Dave is a one year old chonky Siberian cross, he enjoys long walks to the fridge, horseback riding, cotton buds and playing fetch with anything you're willing to throw. I'm pretty sure he'll always be a toddler.
Here's Timone. He loves snuggling on his blanket with me and curling up in bed. He's lovable, sociable and follows me round the house like a shadow. My little prince.
Puppy loves to watch TV and she has to lay in her basket first 😆😆
Dom is a French Bulldog puppy. He has a cute squishy face, bat ears and piggy snorts. He loves his yoga positions, as you can see from his photo. Dom is Loyal, playful, affectionate and great company. Please vote for Dom. 🐶 💙
Paddy is 6 months old. Love swimming and doggy day care. Full of energy and loves to make sure he’s got Hooman contact at all times. He’s a good boy and hasn’t chewed any of mummy’s furniture 👍
Hera is the definition of sugar spice and everything nice ☺
Becky, named after the singer Becky Hill 🐶 Loves her walks, hopping about and chewing on Sebastian the lobster 🦞
Vincent Van Dogge
Meet Vincent Van Dogge, Olde English Bulldogge. Vin is nearly 3 & the funniest boy, I think he thinks he's hooman 😂 He's the cuddliest, most expressive, loving, needy, handsome boy 💙
Love to play! Very photogenic! Loves most to give hugs and cuddle!
Cute, curious, cuddly
Kaspar was rescued when he was 1 and he’s now 11! He loves food, cuddles and playing with his favourite rug. He is the most gorgeous and amazing boy.
Benji was adopted by us 2 years ago, my nans dog, when she passed away we took him in. Sadly a few weeks ago he went to join nan. Such a quirky little character and we all loved him dearly
Wedge is a rescue cat, we rescued him when he was a kitten. Wedge loves to play and hunt, he has a different bed each week and is a fussy eater but he is also very affectionate and loves cuddles.
Milo is a Malshipoo who has the best temperament hes gentle and kind and loves to chase birds. ❤️ Milo suffers from separation anxiety and is stuck to all of us like glue 😍 we wouldn't have him any other way.
Lucky is a rescued kitten about 2 weeks old when I found him. He actually found me. He heard me watering the yard and he meowed until I found him. He was the only kitty that was left out of his 2 siblings that were killed from a dog. I rescued him before the dog got to him as well. I fell in love with him. He loves to play hide and sneak, watch birds through the windows and screen doors on the yard. He likes to sit on the counter when I am in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes. He’s a sweet boy but can be rough. I love my little furball.
Wheats has a personality unlike anything ive ever seen. He doesn't like other people but is a lover of his family (us)He has been my best friend since the day i got him. His favorite toys are cat springs from and Penelope is his best buddy ♡
She's just a funny little girl. She is curious about everything. She loves to hide in boxes and catch flies. She has an obsession with sinks. She also makes a really funny face if something smells bad.
Saturn is a hyper kitty who always enjoys being loved! She joined this contest to show her sassy self!
Gemma loves playing fetch, something she wants to do all day. She also likes to play with Jax, our kitten. Gemma opens the door to go outside and opens it to come back in, trying to teach her to close the door lol
She's the sweetest kitty ever,she loves to play,she loves to cuddle ❤️
Penelope is absolutely precious. Her favorite thing to play with is a straw lol. She loves to give lovins but not so much being held. Wheats is her best friend ♡
Goose, is a very playful and has a lot of attitude. She meows all the time and will 'talk' with us. Unfortunately, she lost her dad. My husband in decemeber and she misses him so much as do i. But having her here makes things a little easier. Vote for Goose :D
Draxel was a pet for my sister and brother I instantly fell in love and they didn’t have the time to train him as he is 4mo old. He was then known as Axel and given to another home after begging for this angel.. a week later this blessing showed up at my door and he will be by myside forever. He loves his best friend kitty cat T-Rex and has made many family members through his life already.. to love on him for the rest of his fuzzy blanket burying days.
Jinpa is a hyper active and clever boy ever . He never gets tired and he knows what he wants . He is the king of our house . He likes playing chasing game cause he’s a runner he’s a track star .
Stevie was my saving grace. Got him when he was 8 and it was fate. Hes snores like a train and gets groomed with ball in his mouth but hes a funny onion.
Peppa Vonbeaverhouzen
Peppa was found in an abandoned house where squatters had been living. She and her 9 litter mates were left in 2 crates. She’s a Taurus , poodle, rat terrier, chihuahua, dachshund, pug mix that likes to play like a cat with her front paws. She can’t do a thing with her hair!!
Bear is a loving loyal family dog who loves big outdoor walks and cuddles with his family.
Clementine Joy
Clementine Joy loves playing fetch with her plush, tiger-striped toy mouse. She also gets frustrated because she can't get to the flies trapped between the panes of glass in our windows.
As you can see from the photo prada does love her sleep 🤣 She loves playing all day long, running, eating and like before loves to sleep 😆 She loves everyone and everything ❤️
this is mitsy. she is quite an old cat and she is toothless, she is the sweetest cat you’d ever meet and we want to treat her 🥰