Chloe has the highest pitched meow I've ever heard it is so cute. When she wants under the blankets she pats the top of my head like she is petting me. The most kind hearted and cat. Every night she will lay on my chest to give her a facial massage. She will lay there with her eyes closed until Im done, then gets up, and walks off.
Carlos is 10 yrs old, he has a cleft lip and 7 toes. Never misses a meal or treats and uses his paws like hands! He has a very unique personality. He definitely cuddles and gives more kisses with age!🥰 We love him!!!
Cassie she’s cute a d adorable.
cat surprise x x x every day "new" x x new adventure x x vote doll thank you for every single vote best regards thank you
Niko is a 1 year old American bully who gets on your nerves on purpose but you can’t stay mad at that face and the puppy eyes he gives
I rescued Nala from our local Dallas General. She fit right in with us ❤️
Phoenix was found in the middle of the road with cars driving over top of him. He was 4 weeks old. He loves our Pit Bill, she is everything to him.
Phatty is a blue nose pit bull & she’s the only one in her litter who came out this fawn beautiful color 🥰
Smokie loves his little brother as they were both rescues.He enjoys house hunting, cat toys, running around being a indoor cat.He likes bossing his younger brother around and always looks to be the center of affection
Simba is a orange tabby that was rescued from a high rise with his brother. He enjoys belly rubs , kitty massages,the occasional romps with is older brother around the house and food.
Layla has such a fun and outgoing personality, she is the sweetest girl! What she loves most are cuddles❤️
Whisky Whiskers
When I first saw him posted on Facebook free to a good home, I had to have him. He's my first cat to ever own so needless to say we had a lot to learn, lol! His personality is absolutely amazing. Every morning he greets me ready to go outside while I get ready for work. He's always back waiting at the door ready to come back inside as I'm leaving. He gets a little attitude if he doesn't get his way. Whisky Whiskers has brought so much joy and laughter to our home.
Her name is dog!! She actually act like one!!
Bella is a super cuddler and loves to give kisses. She loves to play with her toys and snuggle with her big sister. She is a very sweet little girl!!!
My name is sabrina and i am 4 months old. I love attacking feet and eating meat.
Kira is a very active crazy cat that loves cuddles but also loves to destroy everything in the house.
Takeshi is an energetic, protective, lovable baby💓 he loves chicken, barking, & his human dad💓
Mr. Tom
Mr. Tom has a disability that he doesn’t let hold him back. He’s missing part of his bottom jaw from an unknown injury prior to finding his forever home with us. He is living his best life every day. He’s the sweetest boy ever. He loves long naps, catnip, and most of all his momma. He is the the most intelligent, loving, appreciative fur baby I’ve ever seen. He brings joy to everyone he meets.
Onyx enjoys eating, sleeping, bullying his sister malachite, and stealing my socks.
Mal enjoys attacking her brother, onyx, and loves to eat food and steal socks.
She is a red nose pit bull who has seizures and a lot of other medical problems. She still enjoys playing and having fun.
Rooney enjoys to eat and knows exactly what the fridge door opening sounds like. She’s stubborn and she is also part pug and beagle.
Miley And Boo
Best friends, attached at the hip always. Miley and boo are sisters who were born in May 2022 to a litter of 5. They both have such different personalities that blend together perfectly to form the most special bond.
Spazz can eat 24 hours a day if you let him but he’s so loveable .He talks a lot, I sometimes think he’s human
He loves to attack his own tail and body slam his cousin!
Nali has a mind of her own, and an unhealthy love for tennis balls! Rescued at 1 1/2 from a trailer park she’s been my partner in crime ever since :)
Mitzy has such a huge personality, she is so loving and sweet, she loves to play with her favourite toys, her two tigers and her bally, and when she's not playing she's snuggled up having lots of loves and kisses 🥰🥰
Bonsai Yumi
Bonsai was rescued, the only living kitten out of litter, mom could not be found. He was raised since he was 2 days old.He is very loving.
She my mimi the mimi of papi william and she is the cutes no matter what the poll say
A very happy playfull puppy who has an amazing temperament
He loves his little baby brother &, stealing his binkie. He comes to his name, loves cuddling with his hooomans. He’s obsessed with feet and runs around the house like a crazy man.
loves cheese and lunchables and long walks on the beach
I like to de stuff my stuffys, and grandma lap time. I love to get zoomies right before bed time. If anyone has an open lap I am sure to be laying on it❤️
I love to play and make new friends I also love to cuddle I’m a blue nose pit/yorkie mix
Kingsley is a loving, fun, playful and extremely vocal furball. Loves to chase rabbits 🐇
Moona Ray
Moon is a little over a year old, she is very playful and loves cuddling. She is very talkative always has something to say and very lovable.
Simba is very outgoing and playful. He loves it when I'm sleeping so he can run and jump up and down on and off the bed. And he loves jumping over me and playing with my hair when I'm sleeping.
Ollie is the silkiest, most affectionate and loyal cat you’ll ever meet. He is often mistaken for a dog because of the way he greets you at the door, follows you around, and must be touching you at all times
9 year old calico who loves to sleep and cuddle with her owners, and loves to play with her little sister August.
Oliver was found in a box left next to a dumpster and was rescued just as the trash man came to pick up the trash! Despite his hard start to life he’s now a spoiled boi who loves treats and cuddles with his human!
Hello everyone, my name is Hugo (Boss). I'm a 4 month maine coon living rent free in Dorset. I'm not your most usual bundle of floof being 29 inches long at 3 months old and with my excessive growth i'm going to really enjoy throwing my weight around the house. I currently love sleeping a lot and making as much noise as possible while i make zoomies around the house causing all the chaos possible. I'm currently learning to walk with my parents so i can become an adventurous free walking moewing physcho but so far i prefer to play with my harness rather than wear it so i'd say that's going fantastic. My usual daily routine is to wake my parents up at 6am for food by climbing on them during sleeping times. And then i'll walk all over the flowers in the garden while i take my morning plant feeder. Then i'll begin my morning zoomies and meows and take a midday nap. Followed by some more food and then more meowing. More zoomies and more plant feeding.
Herculeez was a funny kind of pup. He had a very big personality that he would force u to love once u got to know him. He fell in love with my lil' momas dog (which was the leader of the territory & wasnt scared to let u know who was boss). It took her a while to finally accept Herculeez, and eventually she gave him a little le-way to claim some of her territory. In the end she protected him and i believe was comforting him the night they died when our house caught fire...💔 they unfortunately did not make it out and later where found curled up together under my side of the bed😭. So i know that she grew to live him and was comforting him from being scared that night.....R.I.P. Herculeez my brave boy! Forever in our hearts💔💝💔 1/28/2016
Piper is a mini Australian Shepherd! She is the sweetest, goofiest, most loyal little dog. She makes me smile everyday. She’s always down for an adventure or just cuddling the day away. She’s my greatest friend and the best partner to explore with.
Cinnamon is my sweet Cinnabon as I call her. She loves to be on her cat tree and stare at you and meow at you until you give her pets or food. One of the most loving kitties you could ever meet.
MoonKnight is a mischievous yet cuddly kitten, suitable for his April Fool’s birthday🤣. He loves going on nature trails and taking a splash in the streams to cool off along the trails. He is also obsessed with Churus and will try to grab it out of your hand as you open it!