Birdie Francis
Birdie is a sweet baby that loves to play and go for car rides. She loves snuggles and treats too!
Dylan is a mongrel taken from a shelter. He has undergone a big transformation and has turned from a sad pooch into a happy creature. Such a dog has more love and devotion for people. Adopt don't buy.
Miley is queen of the couch. 😉
Lucy is crazy, spunky & just shy of being 8 years old. 😊
Luna Bell
I rescued Luna Bell at 3 weeks old. The owner didn’t want her because she is white and ugly. Her loss my gain.❤️ Luna is only 8 weeks old now and doing amazing. She is so smart and gets along with the rest of my pack. We thins she is beautiful and so thankful to have her.
Hi, I’m Finley the Traveling Golden. I travel all over the United States with my Pawents and human brother and sister! I love snacks, mud and playing outside💙
He is such a baby loves all on all the kids . Has to cuddle to sleep
One of the kittens from the litter my cat give birth to. His was truely beautiful.
Fella is always happy and loves looking out the window at birds.
Zayn love to play and run around like a crazy boy! He loves treats and long walks to his bed.
Drake is 5 months old, he is a HUGE lover of kids! Absolutely loves to hit momma in the face when he don’t get what he wants and he loves to throw his toy duck around the room & sit like a human:) P.S- the water is his best friend;)
Luna is a 7 month old domestic shorthair cat I adopted from our local pet store. Her and her brothers and father had lost their home due to unforseen circumstances and I couldn’t adopt all of them but I did give Luna a great home with great people around her to give her love!
Hamilton is a rambunctious kitty! He loves wrappers, tissues, and knocking down decor! He likes cat toys too ;) He is 1 year old and a crazy fluffball!
She’s a good puppy she is a brindle
Truly loves to nap, play in the snow and cuddle with her parents
Hi, I’m Winnie. 😊 I’m a 4 month old Frenchie puppy with a bunch of energy and love to give. I love all people of all ages and every animal I encounter, I love giving kisses and cuddles, and I’ll be your best friend if you give me belly rubs. ❤️
Stella loves to play and cuddle especially with her siblings💜 she’s super sweet
Bruno is an amazing dog he loves his chicken pirate squeaky toy,he loves to go to parks,he loves to cuddle with his mama and daddy humans.He is very intelligent. He is the baby of the house, he is the Boss !!! His favorite treat is bacon,
She loves to carry her little raccoon toy around the house and super energetic she loves people and get exited when she sees someone !! 💗🥰
I was born in the covid-19 pandemic! I am one of the middle children in my pet family! My mom loves to tell me I can’t eat her socks and to be nice to my littler sister Fiona!
Bear was the runt of an accidental litter, and picked his mom within seconds of seeing her! She still has a little scar from where his little puppy claws scratched her new tattoo when he wriggled into her arms right away, and she was just smitten. Bear is an incredibly sweet and goofy basset/terrier mix, and he thinks everyone is his best friend as soon as he sees them! His favorite treats are any kind of fish treat, and his favorite toys are his once stuffed elephant and incredibly loud squeaky balls. His favorite tricks are whisper and speak, and he knows the command for “quiet” but somehow only knows it in Italian. He’s just the sweetest, most fun loving boy!
Princess Fiona
I’m 12 weeks old! I am the baby of my pet family with 2 older brothers and a older sister! My mom likes to call me FiFi, squirt and squishy and I love to terrorize my siblings by taking their toys and acting tough
Pumpkin loves sleeping and snuggling with his brother the bloodhound. He is 6 years old and 36# he loves watching TV and he will steal your pizza. He loves car rides and he has traveled to South Dakota from Oregon and back to Oregon.
Gizmo is a pretty cool cat. He rides around in a stroller and goes along with ne on my kayak. We go on lots of adventures. He even has a Facebook page. Gizmo The Adventure Kitty
I'm just a big ol' baby that loves taking naps and his mama 💙
Boti was a beautiful stray that came into my work. My immediate thought was: “How’s this beautiful boy a stray?” He was adopted out but returned a few weeks later :( they claimed he was not adapting but they adopted a kitten a few days before bringing him back. Boticelli is a FIV positive adult, it is already hard to adopt adults out as it is. My boy needed the chance to thrive and I took him home to foster him, he then became my foster fail. Best decision ever!
Salem is my sweet, Disney-loving, popsicle-licking, snuggly rescue. She loves everyone! She spends every night watching a new Disney movie, cuddling with me, her Daddy, and kitten brothers, and playing with her favorite stuffed lamb. She can be found eating rotisserie chicken, enjoying a nice bubble bath, and helping Mommy do her schoolwork. We LOVE this Sweet Baby (her nickname) ❤️
My mom didn’t pick me, I picked her. I used to live on the streets and one day I jumped in my moms car and she took me home. I made her a first time cat mom. My nickname is moose or orange ball of sunshine (O.B.O.S)
Otis is the sweetest little mamas boy out there. He enjoys cuddles in bed and going for walks around the park. At 8 weeks old he is phenomenal on the leash and always attracts people to come pet him. He is a good boy
I am almost 3 and I love to chase bugs and make biscuits on my mom. I can play fetch and I love treats. I love to snuggle and purr.
Winston is a Maltese mix poodle, he is 6 months old. Winston is full of energy and loves to eat carrots. He’s a smart boy who can sit and lay on his back when he wants a treat. He loves to go for car rides and stick his head out the window.
Bruce Wayne
Me. Bruce Wayne loves to play outside with his trusty companion Sasha and his tiny human Dante. He loves squeaker toys and roaming the house in the dark of night. He loves to eat and knows exactly when dinner time is ever night. He has survived parvo and saved his dad when another dog tried to attack them while they were on a walk.
Crouton is blind with some mild neurological issues. He loves rotisserie chicken, letting his mouth hang open, and cuddles.
Weeko grabs everyone’s attention with her brilliant blue eyes and unique markings. She has never failed to bring a smile to our faces. Weeko had a rough start at birth; she and her siblings almost did not make it. After we lost our dog to cancer, we were blessed with Weeko. She was a rescue dog, but she really rescued us.
Linkin Bark
I love the beach, I love the water, and I love my at home fireplace <3
My name is Ginger I'm 5 years old. I like getting treats n alots of love from mom n dad.
Luka was rescued from a kill shelter where he was going to be euthanized but then I adopted him and he now lives his best life, going on trips, has a brother and gets spoiled with everything I find on tiktok. Luka loves to nap, he takes naps as if he were to work a 9-5 job and he just got off of work!
Not This One
Sasha is super fluffy, smart and loving she thinks she the dog 🤣 loves to play outside and ignore mom during the day
Dakota has a great/funny personality, she thinks that she is a huge dog (Great Dane) in a tiny dog’s body (chiweenie). She runs super fast for her size, she is still a puppy and she is going to learn to be an Emotional Support dog for her mommy (me). Her main picture of her was when she was less then 2.5 months old. I love to snuggle up to my mommy and sometimes my one ear sticks up while the other lays down. When I am being funny my mommy laughs at how funny I can be. Me and mommy are each other’s best friends. My mommy had another Chiweenie before me that she had to put down back in 2018 and two years later I was born in October 2020 and I was my mommy’s 30th birthday present November 2020. Here are some examples of funny things I do to make mommy laugh. I bark at my mommy’s cows, I hide behind my grandma’s deep freezer that doesn’t fit against the wall and I start barking but nobody can find me until they follow the sound of my barking, barking at my daddy, when I look like I am hoping like a rabbit outside, when I walk with my mommy and I am far away mommy looks behind her doesn’t seen me then mommy looks all around then finally looks by her feet, when I am riding in the car with mommy while she is driving I lay behind the middle of her back, sometimes I get on my mommy’s shoulders and sit on them like I am a cat or bird. I love taking naps with my two other sisters and mom. I also love my human sister too.
Leo loves to play fetch he’s very protective over our family n is a good guard dog. He loves to chew up shoes n toys He loves to eat always beggin for food he likes to run on his runner line n sun bath outside
Mouthy is just that, mouthy. She is a sassy little furball with a heart of gold. She is cuddly, adorable. Loves her treats, and staring aimlessly out the window, she loves to have zoomie fests anywhere from 3-5AM most mornings. She's mellow, well behaved and snuggles with just about anyone. She loves to go with me on car rides and despises baths!! LOL. She is roughly 10 years old and loves life to fullest! She sleeps a lot, and everywhere including my lap! She sits on my leg like a perfect little statue and she watches me play my games and TV shows with me, and she loves to watch the cursor on my computer... It's adorable!
lucifer takes after his name! he’s a wild child but the sweetest fur baby🐾🐾he loves outdoors and making people laugh
Henry is a Flamepoint Birman and also the king of the house. He loves sitting in the sun, teasing his brother a Jack Russell. Talks a lot and acts like a dog and loves to be loved on
Loving pup who loves causing mischief with his brother
Garfield is NOT allowed lasagna. The real Garfield is just fine with broccoli, instead.