Sangria is the sweetest most affectionate pitbull. She loves her human brothers who are 6 and 3, loves her feline sisters and will do anything for a lick of peanut butter!
Baby is the sweetest cat you will ever meet! He loves to snuggle and play with his wand toy. He just recently had to have surgery on his hip so vote for Baby to cheer on his recovery!!
He is very cute :) he deserves a win !
We just got lily to have a friend for our other cat! She is almost a year old and loves to cuddle in her bed or on our lap. She is quiet, and shy but when she gets to know you she is a sweetheart.
Luke is such a sweet boy. He saved us from depression and anxiety in our household. He is very playful, and lovesss to eat!! He is almost 3 years old and loves to cuddle and cover his face !
Bella is a very sweet baby girl, she comes with mama where ever she goes, she even has a carriage. Bella loves to go to the beach and play with her puppy friends bella loves to be meet new people. Bella sings, dances she has a very unique lil personally. Bella is a mama to four baby pups as well 💗
Hi my name emerald I’m a sweet baby boy I love to run around out side and play. I give high fives and handshakes I am a big spoiled baby. Please vote for me.
Peno Grigio Piccione
He is a 13 year old angel with the personality of a person, The best baby boy anyone could ask for!!!!
My brother Pablo and I come from A feral cat, I was a little more social than Pabi but mommy broke Pabi of his shy streak now he’s cuddly with her too! I love waking up mom with kisses and grooming her chin even when she gets mad at 3:30 am and nudges me off. She spoils me with wet food 24/7 and cat nip.
Pie loves to lay on her back, she is a sweet girl
Fergie is a lovely older German shepherd, my parents bred shepherds, two Black and Tans. One day when I was 9, the second liter her wonderful mother Lucy birthed her, a solid black shepherd, for the first time So of course we had to keep her and she was my birthday present. She is my best friend, she loves walks and butt rubs. Sadly both her parents passed away, fuzzy our first dog had what we think was a heart attack, he died quickly and randomly, her mother Lucy sadly had a tumor removed, then a year later breast cancer had destroyed her into body, giving her hypoglycemia and lots of seizures. Poor Fergie has seen too much for a dog, she got very depressed after that and put on weight but she now has a puppy friend named Nikki who annoys the crap out of her but keeps her happy and going.
Anastasia is a 2 year old calico kitty. She loves vanilla ice cream and naps by the fire place. She’s definitely a perfect angel.
Ella And Elsa
Ella and Elsa are sisters. We got them a few months apart. They truly love each other.
Benji is a 10 week old Beagle, with the most gentle soul and sleepy eyes. He also loves howling at leaves and wind.
Cassie aka Cass Cass is the most loving golden doodle on the planet. She is the biggest sweetheart and will do anything to make people feel comfortable. She is gentle and loves to cuddle!
He hates the rain but loves to swim
Maximus is a 12 week old Rottweiler puppy. He loves sleeping, playing with shoes and for some reason red solo cups! He is so friendly and always has a big smile on his face :)
Dove (the gray kitty) is 7 months old, loves to cuddle and be held like a human baby! She also likes to do parkour across the living room at 3 am 😂
We got Millie as a rescue from Battersea 7 months ago, She is aged between 8-9 yrs old as they don’t know for sure. She is the most loveable girl, with e great personality, she loves to talk to you through her groaning and howling
Dexter may be small in size but love to run in the New forest and enjoys agility and heel work to music
Utah has to have his belly rubbed every night to fall asleep. He loves to be center of attention. He loves to take the insoles out of all our shoes!
Lilly scrams my head every night so I get to wake up with one huge dreadlock 🙈
Luca is a crazy kitten who was rescued from the streets of Spain! He loves his food, and toys, and especially loves his tunnel!
Maeve is a cheeky and hectic 17 week old pup. She loves to nuzzle on her fav teddy’s nose and spends most of her day in her ball pit 💓💓
max is a 13 yr old lab husky mix. Born on HALLOWEEN day October 31st he is a HALLOWEEN baby. He has such the sweeties Disposition and really acts like such a old man. He is such a good.big brother to his doggie brother cooper . And he has a cat brother and sister mia and milo and he is just the sweetheart to them. HE LOVES HIS MOMMY AND DADDY AND 2 BIG BROTHER HUMANS. VOTE FOR.MAX TODAY LETS MAX HIM #1 IN NEW JERSEY .🥰🥰🥰
Rocco is a 1 year old Fawn French Bulldog puppy. His favourite toy to play with is his “Rocco the Racoon” teddy. He loves kisses and cuddles from children and enjoys running with around with them. He also loves being cuddled whilst he sleeps
Buddy loves long walks and going to the dog park and he loves his toys
Lillie Mae Trujillo
Lillie Mae has become such an asset to our household and is very protective of us and our home. She loves to play and tries to herd her cat brothers, which is pretty comical. She even learned to pick veggies from the garden and eat them.
Owen is a sweet boy! He loves playing with his little humans and playing ball! His favorite toy is a squeaky toy stuff animal. He will smile to greet guests and will do the Army crawl for giggles! He loves to jump into the pool with his tiny humans and chase pool toys too!
Molly And Gus
The pups love to snuggle and eat treats! They enjoy visiting the dog park and playing in the water
Lord Albitraus Of Squishington
Albitraus A.K.A Lord Squishington is a half bengal, special lil boy with buggerance written all over his face. His mum was found in a bin bag pregnant with him and his siblings and no one wanted him but me and my husband. A lively lil boy who likes to run riot at stupid o clock in the morning. Please vote for Squish, he needs to start paying his rent in this flat so he can stop scrounging off his mum and dad 😂
Whiskey is a very hyper pitbull who loves to go on walks and play tug-a-war. She is very loving wouldnt hurt a fly.
Jojo holds a very special place in my heart! I adopted her as a 9week old puppy when I was going through an extremely tough time in my life. She was my gift and what made me smile on days that I just felt like falling apart! Her favorite place to be is on blanket between my legs ❤️ She loves to play tug with any stuffed animal! Her weakness is little babies ❤️ She loves them more than anything else and will come running to their aid with any little cry! I love JoJo more than words!
Charleigh Mae
Charleigh is my sweet, lovable girl! She always has to greet with a kiss or two or three or ten ;) Her absolute favorite activity is having me toss her little tennis balls down the hallway for her to either catch or chase and then dribble back! :) Charleigh's best friends are her sister JoJo (dog) and brother Monty (black cat) ❤️
He is the sweetest cat ever! If you say his name he starts rubbing on the walls or you, whatever is nearby. He’s so full of love. He loves to play fetch! He will bring me a toy and wait for me to throw it and then fetches and repeats lol!
hi im gaby and im a girl please vote for me im verry sweet kind and i 5yrsd
Lola is British Blue cross Maine Coon. Lola loves cuddles and playtime.
New baby kitten. She loves hands, cuddles and has the cutest meows
This little bundle of joy has filled our hearts. He loves naps, playing with his big brother Levi, and eating! Such a good baby boy.
Levi is the most lovable pup ever. He loves going for rides. He loves to swim and play fetch. He really loves his family! He's a bit spoiled, but it's well deserved!
I love laying on the bed and giving loveys
Hi I’m Ryder. I’m an 11 almost 12 week old boxer pup. I love rough housing with my fur cousin Koda. Sunbathing is my favorite. I also love to play tug of war. I’m very friendly & love to give lots & lots of kisses.
Olivia is a very shy cat. But dont get fooled because she's also the sassiest lil mama. She loves belly rubs and salmon treats. Olivia knows how to high five too.
Jaffee is the sweetest cat ever. You can do whatever woth him, and he won't be bothered at all. He'll always come back to you for some loving. He also loves to play fetch eith his daddy.
Lillith is a very well reserved kitty. She loves to snuggle up with her brother Hades, and she doesn't get left out when it comes to fun.
Yato enjoys having an exceptional case of the zoomies and overall being an incredibly lovable goofball. He’s snuggly when you’re sad and even when you just want to be left alone to sleep. He’s very affectionate. Yato is basically a dog trapped in a cats body. He plays fetch and brings toys that he lovingly drops in his water bowl or the toilet before dropping his prize on my laptop screen or- my lap! Plus he has a built in mustache. How can you not love him already?
Jericho is a smart boy that has learned so many tricks and he is only 8 weeks old. He will kiss you til you won’t let him anymore and he is a good boy that loves his toys and knows so much at such a young age. He is a golden retriever/sheltie mix!