Stevie was my saving grace. Got him when he was 8 and it was fate. Hes snores like a train and gets groomed with ball in his mouth but hes a funny onion.
Peppa Vonbeaverhouzen
Peppa was found in an abandoned house where squatters had been living. She and her 9 litter mates were left in 2 crates. She’s a Taurus , poodle, rat terrier, chihuahua, dachshund, pug mix that likes to play like a cat with her front paws. She can’t do a thing with her hair!!
Bear is a loving loyal family dog who loves big outdoor walks and cuddles with his family.
Clementine Joy
Clementine Joy loves playing fetch with her plush, tiger-striped toy mouse. She also gets frustrated because she can't get to the flies trapped between the panes of glass in our windows.
As you can see from the photo prada does love her sleep 🤣 She loves playing all day long, running, eating and like before loves to sleep 😆 She loves everyone and everything ❤️
this is mitsy. she is quite an old cat and she is toothless, she is the sweetest cat you’d ever meet and we want to treat her 🥰
Hugo is a lovable 9 month old puppy,,, yes thats right 9 month he is huge!! He may look scary to some but he hasnt got a bad bone in his body! Hugo loves to be off the lead darting off over the sand dunes and hiding from me. He also loves his creature comforts and loves a good snuggle!
Cheeba is the most playful cat ever. He bites to show love. Not hard enough to hurt though. He also loves to eat, but never eats human food, only cat food and treats... This pic is when I first brought him home, he jus turned 3 few weeks ago...
Snowy loves to play and run around with my other 5 cats so gorgeous when she gives me bottle tops and sits and cries until i come pick it up and throw it
Hes a very cheeky boy! Loves his cuddles but also loves getting up to no good!
Ragnar's favourite thing is zoomies and big cuddles as well as chasing suspected snakes and killing random objects.
Olive is a curious little girl who loves everything. From chasing her tail, shadows and her laser. She loves snuggles, belly rubs and is such a goofy personality.
she loves her coat blowing in the wind
She stays in the shadows
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley loves 3am parkour and stalking and ripping up paper 😍 good boy behaviour 10/10
Gizmo is a PomChi. He is 6 years old. He loves being outside and plays chase with his rope toy. He loves attention from anyone! Dad is his favorite person! ❤️
Bella likes to have her own space so no one can disturb her she is very layed back and loves her fuss and loves her chin being scratched.
Milo loves playfighting with the other cat and will go wild in the morning for his food. He sits at the door at 7:00 in morning meowing demanding me and my partner to get up and feed him and if we don’t get up he gets louder and louder and very frustrated he is a lovely cat and loves playing with us he is a very funny character.
Toe Beans Maguire
My name is Toe Beans but everyone calls me Beans and Biscuit Boy. I have a tiny face but a BIG heart. I love attention and rolling around on my back and showing everyone my little toe beans. 🐾
Karma And Sister
cuddle bugs with big personalities
Duke is a very playful dog loves his cuddles and loves barking at cars every time he goes out. He’s friendly and loves his food and is gone within 5 minutes he loves play fighting and will never stop winding the cats up.
Daryl Dixie Dixon
Despite being named after a zombie killer, he'd rather sleep than defend anyone! Currently waiting patiently for his 7th birthday...
Peter is a loving cat who admires his 10 year old mother phoebe and she loves him deeply too peter has admired phoebe scince the day she was born he used to jump in her crib and lay with her phoebe loves peter: she plays with him she feeds him and has kept him alive these days he is 20 years old now and peter used to have a twin sister who sadly died in 2020 that changed phoebe and peters world phoebe was devastated and used to cry alot about it and still does nowerdays but they decided to move on and sill enjoy life togather
Sir Bad Bendy Booh Cologinal
Bendy is so not a cat, he barks and he gobbles like a turkey. He drinks with his paws and loves to eat my food whenever i'm eating. Bendy also loves to take silly photos
She loves to be outside. She's a turtle hunter. She's also a rescue.
Ffion was thrown out of moving vehicle into a bush. She had recently given birth. She was scared of everything and in a really bad way. It took time, but she turned into the funniest most loving character that you could ever want in your life. This pic is one of her many strange sitting positions!
Bruno is 10 months old, very hyper healthy active pup! Loves to go on walks and steal people’s socks lol, he loves a good piece of chicken and cucumber
Luna is an emotional support pet for me and my 5 year old. She has done so much to help my youngest also grow in social and emotional skills. There’s so much this small animal does for us 🖤
Thomas is a one year old tabby who is very inquisitive and affectionate. He loves Tuna and all treats :) Thanks for voting.
Vote boo boo ❤️ I got him at 4 weeks old. I bottle fed him until he was comfortable with solid food ❤️ he is now my emotional support animal and I wouldn’t change him for the world.
My name is Geraldine but you can call me Geri. I was born in a shelter in 2018 as my mum was rescued after being abandoned while pregnant. My siblings and my mum were adopted very quickly and I stayed in the shelter til my hooman took me home with her a month before my second birthday. I love playing all day, chatting about life with my hooman, scaring my hooman by jumping out of nowhere, treats, naps and cuddles. Please vote for meeee 🧡
She loves to play fetch and she wont drink water unless its from a fountain and...she is completely white with green eyes that are cock-eyed
Ragnar is an almost 2 year old mastador, he loves water and playing fetch. When at home, he is a big goofball that just sleeps for most of the day.
Emma came to us from a not so good background and she HATED attention. Now she follows us around and talks to us constantly and loves a good snuggle while making biscuits!
She's sweet playful but also a protector to my kids she's been there for then since day one. We love her🐄
Francesca (also known as Frankie) is little cat with a big personality. She will cuddle with you until she’s ready to play fetch!
The cutest mini dachshund 🫶🏻
Lucky is a miniature chihuahua and is 11 years old!! He’s a very small dog but has the biggest personality <3
Gina is a very sensitive cat. As a rescue cat, he can get a little nervous around strangers. However, once he gets to know you he loves getting stroked and cuddled.
Simba is a lovely caring Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, he is a very excited puppy and loves everyone, he even made friends with a cat which is adorable. Simba loves playing and running around in the fields.
Cheeto is a loving sweet and sometimes sassy cat. He likes to cuddle up on laps and watch TV and play hide and seek at times he loves to eat just about anything so it is nearly impossible to eat without him begging for food or trying to open the door with his paw where we keep his cat food lol he loves to chase laser lights and goes crazy for toy mice and he loves to cuddle with his little duck seen in the picture
Rambo is a zushion breed he’s a loving family pet who loves cuddles
Loves to have his photo taken, he is a bit of a poser.
Coco is a cuddly yet rambunctious little kitty, she lives with us in our caravan and loves to go on adventures on her lead and harness or stay at home and have cat naps and treats. Please vote for Coco as she is the cutest cat Ive ever seen! (but I may be biased 🤣)
Cellie is such a hyperactive, photogenic kitten. She loves to play fetch with springs, hair ties, and bottle caps. She loves to get her workout on with her cat wheel. She is truthfully a bundle of joy!