I like to meet new people and act crazy! I love car rides, food, and my toys. I’m super nice even though I’ll bark at you at first! Aren’t I handsome??
Momma's Boy , Aggressive Chewer , XL American Bully . ( LIKE For LIKE ) ( VOTE For VOTE )
Loki, pup of mischief. He loves his squeaker squirrel, cuddles, and running around the yard. He is also very interested in his sisters Cheeto the bearded dragon and Chick Chick the hen and his brother Hercules the cat.
Shes a sweetheart she has a hearing impairment but never slows her down when were outside shes always where she can still see me and inside shes lounging around the house
Willow was supposed to be my emotional support but I ended up being hers 😅 she makes the best cuddle buddy and who needs a weighted blanket when you have a 100lb+ Great Dane?🖤
Daisy May
Daisy loves the outdoors we rescued her when she was 12weeks she has come a long way she was abused,trust issues,would not chew her food,had worms,if she was scared she would shake or pee she is potty trained,eats 3 times a day,has 48 toys,we go on walks almost everyday,she is now 2 years old heart healthy and mind is free.🤍🤍
Snow White
Snow White is actually a white lion dwarf rabbit she’s almost 12 weeks and she’s my pride and joy
Odyn loves chewing, running and causing all kinds of mischief
Pumpkin is a very sweet girl she loves pets just not on her tail. She doesn’t meow but makes a crackling sound. She only cuddles when she wants too. Her favorite things are chasing June bugs, treats, and cat nip.
Star knows she’s the ‘star’ of the family! She’s playful, affectionate, and spoiled. I can’t imagine her any other way!
Tilly is a sassy fireball, but loves her snuggles. She loves playing with her duck and pink elephant. Tiny but mighty.
Apollo likes to cuddle and is very talkative! He always finds the oddest places to sleep. He is super playful and smart as well. Always sits for snack time!
Petunia is a very interesting cat. She is almost like a human. She is my first cat ever and She is my world.
Hi my name is Viper I’m a pitbull/ Kingkorso mix. I love snuggles and sleeping with my mom and dad and I love to play in the water.
Hi my name is peanut and my mommy saved me from the side of the road and loves me more then the people who didn’t ♥️
Winter is my newest fur baby! She’s the youngest of my three cats. She is a push start purring machine. She’s a sill, spazzy, talkative, and squeaky girl who’s sweet as pie!
Squiggy likes to to slap you when you walk by him. He loves to give high fives. He always sits like a Buddha. Hates a bath. Loves his brother Lenny and sisters Harley and Fiona . He loves his fur dogs too. Best friend ever!
He loves to play and take long naps he is a true daddy's cat!
Willow loves to cuddle and is a big “talker”. She is really curious and a bit mischievous. She loves to play and sometimes I think she acts more like a dog then a cat.
My mommy entered my sister and I in this contest.u live to play with my sister and I love getting cuddles and love from my new mommy.
My new mommy entered my sister and I in this contest we are very shy but love playing with all of our new toys and we love to cuddle with our mommy
Amazing paralyzed girl!
Sam loves to play, hes very adventurous & curious. His favorite spot is being in the window so he can watch the birds 🐦 and squirells.
Tac Tac
Tac Tac loves the out doors, but has to be let out certain times of the day and night . He's a very confident cat and extremely secure with himself. Tac is affectionate and very loving,but also loves to try your patience at times .
Rizzo is 3 months old. I rescued him from one of my local animal shelters. He loves attention and hugs and kisses too! He loves to chew on just about everything in site! He loves to attend my son’s baseball games, where he receives ALOT of attention from many people! He likes to wear his Cubs bandana, as seen in his photo. He loves playing with all of his toys, and of course, he loves treats!
She’s 6 1/2 weeks old loves attention loves being held, loves playing around and running, her favorite chew toy is a pig.. she also loves her mama and daddy❤️
Blaze is a full blooded boxer he will be 1 in July. I never knew what I was getting into getting a boxer but he is wide opened none stop energetic boy. He is a momma boy as well
Midnight will be turning 10 years old this year! She has a tabby cat brother. She absolutely loves the outdoors and even has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is our neighbor's cat and we she is let outside she loves to go and visit him. She currently sprained her right back leg and has been sleeping a lot but overall she is an amazing cat. I love her very much!! ❤️
Drogo is a 6 month old pit bull/ boxer. He is the son of Zion. Unlike his dad he has a much more chill personality. He loves his toys but his favorite is cuddles
Zaliyah is 6 weeks old. She loves to play, cuddle and she lets me know when she needs to go outside, knows how to sit very smart little girl!
Harmony is a 5 month old American pitbull. She was found on the side of a road with a damaged leg and was 9 minutes from being euthanized at about 5 weeks old. Her guardian angel saved her where she traveled a few states to her now forever home. This sassy and spunky little girl loves to be the protector of the house and run around with her big sister. You would never know she only has 3 legs for how she moves!
Aria is a fun loving 10 month old Staffordshire mix. We rescues her from the Humane Society after she was born in foster care. She loves to snuggle with her humans and play with her little sister.
Zion is a Pitt bull/boxer. He has a great personality. He loves to play with his human siblings and other dog siblings. His favorite pass time besides sleeping is playing in the water whether it’s a sprinkler, a hose or his kiddy pool he’s a fish
Cujo is a rescue I got one year ago today. He was discovered by guys working in a recycling yard that heard crying. He was located in the remains of a couch that was processed through a crusher! To the relief of the guys who found him he appeared to have no injuries but was severely malnourished and dehydrated. They feed him and his condition improved after two weeks. None of them could keep the cat personally so I was the lucky recipient when I replied to a post on the Nextdoor app. His original name was Cat’n Crunch given how he was discovered. Since in my care he’s been neutered and gets regular checkups. He’s also as can be seen from the pictures ‘criminally cute’.
Zeus loves to jump on his dads back and hangout like a parrot. He is a very smart boy who knows how to sit when asked. His favorite thing to play with is socks 😊 He has a big appetite and is the alpha of our cat family of four 😌
Elsa Mae
My birthday is February 10, 2013. I was originally rescued from a cat hoarding situation when I was 6 months old and Pregnant. I have now found my furrever home. I love my little sister Hope-Nugget like I'm her mommy. I give her bathe her everyday, and my big sister Cupid even lets me bathe her on occasion as well. My other big sister Angel-Baby will not give me the time of day and we definitely do not see eye-to-eye. I love feathers and the laser light. Elsa is a fun-loving cat who loves giving hugs and cuddling in your lap on her terms. She came to live with us after her daddy passed away from Covid-19. Elsa has been in my life since she was 2 1/2 yrs old.
Delilah is the cutest little devil you've ever met! She loves her family and can be generally be found chewing on a tissue... or the whole box
Dexter was found in the middle of the road at 4 weeks old! We rescued him & with alot of love and patience, hes grown into a very handsome 15 lb boy! ❤️
My name is Nikoda (koda-bear) and i LOVE to play in water. I'm told im a very good girl. I love when i get the zoomies & run around the house.
Havana is a sweet 4 month old Rescue, bully/pit mix loves to cuddle, playing with all her toys and still likes to chew Daddy’s shoes!
hennessy loves to play with other dogs & is very successful at making other people happy. she loves her cuddle time && is such a great bestfriend
Stella also known as wiggle butt loves to take long car rides with her head out the window to the dog park of course. She is the absolute definition of a boxer with her very energetic and cuddly, loving personality. She’s certainly one of a kind
Sirri is my first cat! And she is awesome, full of personality and talks all day long it seems, from the time I wake up till bed she has something to say!!! She loves car rides & hunting insects!
Hi, I’m Stella! I lovvveee to swim and play fetch. And my most favorite thing in the world is snacks.
She loves to be around people. She loves to play with siblings and any one who will give her attention. Her name is Piper. Piper also likes to dig in the dirt and sleep when she can.
Ares is a beautiful Maincoon. Hes large in size but a big baby. He loves to look at the squirrels out the window and comes when you call his name. However, Ares is deadly afraid of the wicked trash bag!!!
Camden first joined my life on April fools day 2017. Since then he has been the light of every darkness. He is a mommas boy through and through. The loves hikes and swimming is his favorite, on occasion picks up little critters as presents for his mommy. For his 4th birthday we adopted 2 cats into our family which he quickly adopted as his babies. He loves basking in the sun and taking naps in his swimming pool. Sharing my number 1 with the world so everyone can see his stinky little fluff face.