King Chaos
I am true to my name I like to bring happy chaos to everyones lives. Love to cuddle and play with my rope and ball
She loves sleeping and getting stroking to her stomach
Mars is my world 🌎 She is the sweetest attentive little girl! She’s a mini Aussie, border collie, blue heeler mix. She is definitely a emotional support pupper she makes life brighter and happier where ever she is 🥰
Willow is a loving cat but mischief too. When I switch the light of at night as soon as I lift the quilt she comes in for about 15 minutes for cuddles. Willow is 3 years old.
Eclipse is the sweetest little boy you could ever ask for 🥰 He’s very lovey, playful, and talkative lol. I can always count on him waking me up for breakfast in the morning
Bear is very loveing loves his toys
A very happy boy who loves going for walks with his friends and morning snuggles.
Hi there, i am Roo i love playing with my toys and my favorite is my fluffy bird, i enjoy lots of cuddles and being stroked and i love treats, i can be a little bit cheeky sometimes like jumping out on my humans when they least expect it 😊 i just love to play, i love jumping in the bags when mum comes back from shopping as i know she always gets me something yummy 😋
Gentleman Jack
Gentleman Jack was a Stray, We adopted him from the Cats Protection Charity. So, If he wins, I will donate 1/2 of the money to the Charity as a Thank you for allowing us to become his forever slaves :) Even tho we have called him "Gentleman" Jack, He is far from a Gentleman lol.. He is a pretty fiesty fella haha, He likes to be petted, But only when it suites him, He attacks anything that moves, Espc your feet.. He is tho, The most loving & affectionate cat when he wants to be, That we've had the pleasure of adopting over the past 25 years
Taz is a 5 month old friendly mixed breed puppy. He's a big, clumsy, adorable oaf who loves cuddles. His favourite activity is playing with his boy 🥰
Amo is a 9 year old female cat. She is very friendly & loves getting brushed & petted, she is very nosey especially when someone comes in the house she just has to see who it is. She loves her food especially dried chicken as a treat .
She is sweet and is an outdoor cat. Loveable
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The most lovable gentle rescue dog anyone could have ❤️❤️❤️
Gained his wings sept ‘23. Lived his best life! A true gentleman. Best “Buddy”!
Big Ted
This "Big Ted from Birkenhead" He is a clown in all ways he makes everyone smile when thy see him as he's such an adorable very friendly pooch. He loves playing with his toys and slippers are just the best thing he likes 😄 So he would love all your support in voting for him so don't forget "Big Ted from Birkenhead" 🥰
Rocky is happiest when he is chilling in the house with the fire on of course
Milo is the most playful and loving little best friend to our family. He loves cuddles wakes up up with kisses every morning! He has been with us for 5 months now and it feels like he was always supposed to be part of our family.
Meet Ginger! 🌿 A kitten who truly lives up to the ginger 'one brain cell' stereotype! As is the case with most kittens, Ginger came to us with fleas and worms - but that hasn't stopped him being the most boisterous kitten we've had! Born: 11/01/2024 (roughly) Type: Ginger tabby Likes: Chasing Sage & Parsley around the living room, then hiding under the couch when they chase him back Dislikes: BATHS! Known for: Being adventurous (half daredevil, half dumb), falling asleep in weird positions, and stealing the big cats food
An absolute sweetheart who loves belly rubs and chasing bugs
Otis was super loving full of life he fought for his life the best he could but he passed away from cancer but he made the best of it all an still continued to fight an show all the love an care.. even though he is not alive I wanted to tell his story an show how happy he was..
Max is full of personality. He thinks he is" king of the jungle"and he struts around as such. He is perched up high alot watching everything around him. He weighs about 25lbs. And he is 3 and 1/2 years old.
Meechi loves to cuddle! She’s the sweetest cat i’ve ever met.
Unfortunately we had to have this baby put down in Dec due to cancer but he was a spunky, loving little feller till the end.
She is truly a daddies baby and growls at mommy if daddy is around.
Bentley loves the outdoors, walks and snuggles! He is a maltese and yorkie mix with a big personality
She thinks she is a tough cookie but is really a cuddle bug.
We rescued this beauty 3 years ago when she was about 2 weeks old. She is the sweetest cat l have ever had!
Lily is the silliest there ever was. She likes to play lil lily games. She's gentle but big. She's about one and a half years old. She so smart. Cute most definately.
Nitenight. He is very warm hearted every morning before I feed him he gets on the rocking chair gives me a nose peck on my cheek, very friendly with his cat friends. He loves to what I call it talk to me.
She is the sweetest girl out there! She loves play with her frog and her sisters!
Cosmo the grey tuxedo! 8 months 🤍
Kitty Kitty Meow Meow
He has 7 toes on each foot he is a paridacal cat meaning more than 6 toes looks like he has on mittens he's very smart and loving cat..he gives kisses and says mama
Yondu was named after the avengers ravager, he was also born on 6/9 lol and he has a stubbed tail that is au natural!
Beano The Coffee Bean
His name is driven from his caramel and coffee-like coat which was once as white as milk but turned into a coffee colour as he matured. Fun Fact; for some reason, he has an unusual liking to smelling the shoes of everyone who dares enter his territory.
Nikita is our 18 month old Aussie Doodle who loves to get her hair brushed and made pretty. She loves playing with other fur babies and can’t give all of us enough kisses and cuddles. She is a beautiful member of our family and we absolutely adore everything about her. She’s the prettiest girl in the world!!!❤️
Penny is very energetic, loving, likes to play with her toys and likes to run.
Sissy is a sweet girl, who loves to be held and petted. She is a very clean cat and she loves to play with her springs and jingle balls. She loves to cuddle with her siblings and has a very soft purr.
Mandu is a fun loving cat who loves playing fetch. He was a barn cat when we first got him as a little kitty who loved to snick in a house. Now he’s actually inside and we love our little Mandu.
Chica is 9 years old, she is the most playful cat in the world 🌎🌍,loves to cuddle 🤗🤩 and loves to bit bag, always ready to take a photo. She is a 💯 princess cat 💕😺 👑
Ragnar is a very sweet active kitty who is named after a Viking. he loves to play with his toys and make biscuits in his bed with his fluffy blanket. He plays fetch and loves to travel with his mommy and daddy all over. He answers to his name is very vocal and loves kisses. he had his picture taken with Santa and the Easter bunny at Bass Pro shops last year.
Hi im Rocco I'm 3mths old I am a red nose and I love to chew dads stuff and not my toys lol
Bugsby Malone is the King Pen of dog’s. Always part of the clan, and boss to all.
PLEASE READ BOTTOM ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON MR.LIPS. Mr.Lips has recently become a father his wife & him have had 8 beautiful puppies even if he has not been able to see them his wife is mad at him she will not let him in the room & Colorado pup support has show their ugly face & took his license all 3,Driving/Fishing/Hunting & are treating to put a warrant for his arrest folks he’s trying very hard to be a great father & husband but that’s it just but god bless😇😇❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅. SOMETHINGS HAVE CHANGED Mr.LIPS IS ALLOWED TO SEE HIS PUPS HES A GREAT DAD,THE LOOK KN HIS FACE SAYS IT ALL ALL YOU GUY & LADYS WITH KIDS KNOW THAT LOOK HES A LITTLE UNSURE BUT GOT IT UNDER CONTROL HE ACTUALLY PLAYS WITH THEM ITS CUTE AS HECK GOD BLESS & GOOD LUCK TO ALL😇❤️🦅🇺🇸😁
Micco has the personality of a human - he mimics words and is constantly telling you what to do. He likes to sleep in in the mornings and sunbathe in the afternoon. His absolute favorite things are talking to people at the drive-thru’s (more like demanding a treat), playing in the ocean and going to the park.