Dog cat Stories - 74


Hi I'm Bubby. I like hanging out at home with my dad. I protect him when he's home and i gaurd the house when he's gone. I like to sit on the couch and watch the security monitors. I like camping and treats.
Rescued out of an abused and malnourished puppy hood, Hazel has lived with us almost 4 years and has been given enough love for 100 lifetimes since adoption :)
Brooklyn is a very playful girl. She loves toys, running around outside and wearing pretty clothes.
She’s the best fur baby ever, she loves the outdoors unless it’s raining, and most of all she loves her mama😊
Savage And Tiger
Savage acts just like a puppy. He is very mischievous and full of spunk. He protects our other cat tiger from everything. He doesnt like doors shut he goes crazy. He is named savage because of his personality and he use to climb my curtains from the floor to the very top of them. Tiger is the orange one, he is special he is blind in one eye and has bad hips. A grown man stepped on him when he was the tiniest thing and we rescued him from a bad situation. Hes very talkative and loves food and attention.
Molly has been a family Cat since kitten, shes now 10years old she’s a ball full of fluff & very heavy too!! She loves to play with filter tips sticks and runs around for as little as 2mins at night as her daily excercise! That’s when we know she wants to go out and do her toilet apart from that she stay at home and loves her sleeping! She’s loves her food as shown in pictures she’s never without! Molly is a very independent cat and she decides when she wants a stroke even thought she’s not in any way aggressive. Molly knows when a treat is coming all you’ do is open the keys cupboard & she knows what time it is she hears the keys.. she bolts her way in to the kitchen & silently meows. She’s always had a silent meow Molly. She currently suffers with sneezing fits but vet has said she’s a healthy cat! Molly is so cuddly & has such vibrant colours. GET VOTING ❤️
Noodle loves to noodle around and eat beef shreds. In her free time she sleeps and hides under furniture, she’s like an octopus that can fit in the smallest places.
Jordan loves everyone & enjoys cuddling and going on adventures with his parents, & getting the zoomiez!
Macaroni is a absolute crack head more than half of the time. He is very energetic and is constantly on the go. When he’s not a crack head he’s sleeping on his back or with the dog.
Magic is our porch cat. She loves to chase grasshoppers and has befriended the local raccoon. She is allowed to visit our downstairs restroom and jumps in the window sill when she wants to visit.
Rage steals socks and loves to cuddle. He was trained in military terminology and licks to show affection.
Castiel is a 11 week old puppy :) He likes to chew and is very loveable , He also loves car rides!
Peter Barker
Peter Barker loves cuddles, squeaky toys, and treats! He is working toward becoming a certified therapy dog!
Nova is a Mastiff/Pit Bull mix from the British Virgin Islands. Her and her two sister were left in a dumpster, and a good friend of mine involved in rescue work posted a photo of them. As soon as I saw her I knew she was our girl! She is a sweet, playful, loyal girl who listens to her mama and is so gentle with her two hooman brothers. We are thankful for her every single day!!!
Georgia is a crazy little girl. She loves to run and play. But more loves to be with her people.
Daisy came to live with her grandma after living the fraternity life. She likes long walks in the woods, kayaking( though she won’t paddle) and lounging by the pool. She also likes to turn it up at day care. She has become quite the kept canine! With the Covid restrictions, I can’t even evict her! She and her sister Stella have turned my place into a wrestling arena and love to leave their toys all over. Winning this contest will help support these two mooching pooches. Thank you for voting.
Shooter is a lover. He is always happy. He's a peacemaker.
Willow May
Willow is a very unique dog. When she's trying to be fierce and scare off others she hinds behind mommy and growls. She likes to wear t-shirts to make her feel human. She loves to pretend to be a cat and hit the wiggly doorstops with her paws. She is the most human dog I have ever met.
Alien is an Odd-Eye, White, Male Sphynx! He is a fast-growing boy, and spectacularly chaotic! Constantly running around and doing flips in the air, he loves going for walks outside and carrying around his plush avocado. Oh - and sleeping of course, with lots of cuddles and warmth! Alien also goes by a plethora of nicknames such as but not limited to, Sméagol, Gollum, Gremlin, Goblin, Potato, and Lunatic.
“Killer Tofu” will absolutely melt your heart with her antics. Such a big personality in a tiny package. She loves playing tag, hide and seek and running lightening speed. Not even a fractured leg can slow her down. Tofu loves meeting new people, as long as no one touches her best friend Lamb Chop.
Jude is the babiest of babies 🥰 He loves to play fetch, go on adventures in his bubble backpack, and he runs a bakery during his free time 😉
Very energetic always keeps you on your toes loves to play fetch with orangey the ball very vocal about her opinions on things
Bella is a lhaso apso x chihuahua she loves playing with her toys. Bella is 7 years old and has a great persoality.❤
She thinks she's a dog.
Charlie is a Staffordshire bull terrior x border collie, charlie loves going for walks and rolling on his back he has the best temperament and personality, charlie is 11 years old ❤
Bruna May
She loves Balls!!!! Also loves her stuffed pig which we call her baby ❤️
Hello everyone my name is Ace I love long walks and belly rubs 😍
She is smart , loving and caring ! With a little sassy attitude, she gets what she wants … This is my first time being a Pet parent , and she makes me love it everyday !!!
She loves playing n friendly n so huggable
Chester is our 12 year old Labradoodle and very loyal and a good teacher to Rocky
Floki is a rescue german shepherd husky mix. He loves exploring, cuddles with dad, road trips and meeting new people. His spirit and lust for life is contagious! 🤍
Penny Banks Cash
Miss Penny Banks loves to play in her water bowl, and dig up flowers in the flower pot outside. She loves playing with ber best friend Mookie, and she definitely keeps her on her toes.
Princess is a very energetic loving dog ! She is 13 weeks old . She’s a Shih Tzu mixed with a Japanese Chin dog 💕
Hi My name is Alex. I’m only 4 months.i love to play with mommy & daddy also my uncle John. I don’t like toys sometimes because its bores me but I do love treats! I eat all my food & drink my water. I love watching cartoons & movies with mommy. Cuddling between my parents is my favorite thing to do everyday. Mommy teaching me to understand Spanish like no other ordinary cat. I like traveling and being outside in the grass, I have three friends but they are dogs which is fine with me. You’ll see more pictures of me soon thanks!
2 year old Bella. Beautiful lab, best behaved doggo. Loves walks, cuddles, her toy banana Barry and going to the pub❤️
Bob was rescued at 9 months old with a fractured hip socket and severely under weight but his bright ,happy personality kept shining. He is now 10 yrs old and continues to make the best of every single day.
Winston James
Hi everybody I'm Winston James I'm a F1b doodle and i love everyone that i comes across ❤ thats even cat's lol. I love swimming, sleeping and most of all playing with squires 🤣 I'm 2 soon to be 3 yay i have a B-Day coming up 🎂🥳😊
Latte loves a capful of iced Starbucks to get his day going, cantaloupe juice and avocado for lunch, and pretending that the apartment is his own personal Indy 500 racetrack at 2 in the morning. But he loves to snuggle!! ❤️
Princess is Dollys sister. I rescued Princess from being put to sleep. She was just 7 mths old. Princess has 2 sisters Coco & cat Dolly. Raising money for bsl victims for innocent seized dogs. Princess is now 7yrs old. Half bullmastiff/Staffordshire bull terrier.
Hi I’m Phoenix, I’m 4 months old and I love playing, I like biting feet when I’m bored and when I need attention. Sometimes I bite and run off real quick because I’m naughty 😈 I love cuddles during the day and in the morning when I want my food. Sleeping in the hammock or on the PC are my favourite things. Also I love drinking water from the mini water fountain.
Aston is my adorable baby boy. He is so funny and a proper cuddle bum. Unfortunately he's fighting FIP.
Super cool, fat little black cat named Puma 🖤🐈‍⬛🐾
Bella is a very sweet dog , she does give free kisses very lovely puppy!! Has only 5 months old and very active & hiper baby dog!!😍😍😍😍adorable!!!
Opal is a fun loving, sweet and gentle girl. She loves belly rubs and hanging around the back of your neck. She really enjoys singing in the shower and she always makes sure to cuddle really close when it's bedtime so she can feel you breathing.
Coco Chanel
She is a fun loving, gorgeous puppy thats is such a huge lover of people but mostly kids
Dog Meet
Her favorite stuffed animal is a monkey that looks like her. Cuddling and attacking are her favorite things to do (beware of your feet) she likes to carry things in her mouth.
Fun loving spoiled rotten pitty!