Dog cat Stories - 75


Lala is a chill dog that injoys in doors
Princess, 5 months old and loves kisses/cuddles ❤️ Super sweet and adorable. She loves eating and playing. She’s pretty smart and love doing a car ride ❤️
GOOP is a love able dog and he lives carrots and fried chicken😂
Chloe is a big cuddler! She loves to play with her kicker toys, soccer balls and anything with feathers.
Very smart, loving, and happy puppy.
Booger was abandoned in a garage when his owner no longer wanted to care for him. We saved him and letting him live out the rest of his life in style. He is a part of the family and has his own spot on the couch.
He loves the park and thinks everybody needs to pet him
Lyon loves treats. Lyon is also learning new tricks. Lyon likes his toys so much .
Very spoiled, very picky, destroys atleast 5 toys a day, and very sassy
Maki likes to spread his hind legs when he sits or lays down which I think makes him look like a frog. Lol He is a very sweet boy who loves chin scratches and is a great hunter. His favorite prey is a feather.
Layla is our newest edition to our family she's very sweet and loving and loves to play and give kisses
Gucci is a highly curious, playful, super intelligent kitten. He loves playing in his tunnels and jumping. He is very persistent and talkative(especially when there is chicken involved).
Whiskers is the most sweet and loveable little guy you ever meet
Armani is 3 months old she is very active so beautiful she does the cutest facial expressions she’s such a doll
Penny’s favorite game is soccer!
Gemma And Dirk
Gemma and Dirk are both rescues and are each one year old. Gemma on the left is a Cane Corso and Dirk is a Shepherd x Rottweiler. This is just the perfect picture. All animal lovers know how hard it is to get a great pic.
Skunk Monkey
Im 6 month old kitten mixed main coon tortoiseshell, i looked like a skunk when i was born black with a white stripe running down my nose but now i got beautiful colors now i look like a little monkey face... I hang upside down and will stare at you. I think i have to be around my best friend Luna all the time even if we cant fit i must be by her. Even when she potties. Im spoiled kitten, i suckle on a blanket when going to sleep with mama. I hope my Luna wins the contest but im here to support her
He is a very lovable sweet dog. He loves playing with all of his dog toys he loves playing with other dogs and he loves to give kisses and hugs to people.
Hi my name is Gizmo, i am a tabby/main coon and im very crazy to play with by jumping and playing with my siblings which 2 are doggies and 1 is a kitty. My siblings names are FuzzyButt, Puppup but his real name is Costa, and the other sibling is Tennessee. Im very playful but my mommy says im too energetic, but i dont care because well 3 of my siblings are crazy too. I love to sleep and be lazy, but i also love to cuddle with mommy and love to play with toys.
Loki is my world. I adopted him in 2018 it was the best choice i ever made. He loves car rides. Has a best friend named jasper. Hes very protective and attached to me. Hes my baby
Koloa is a blue Merle Great Dane, shes lazy and she’s sweet she loves to lay on you but she’s on pills for her liver it’s failing. Koloa is precious and I don’t know what I’d do without her, shes mine and I’d do anything and everything for her
He loves bubble wrap!! He and my brother will do a bubble wrap dance just to hear it pop! He loves empty plastic coke bottles!! Again the loud noise it makes in his mouth!!
Prince Hairy
Prince Hairy is nothing but trouble, but is spoiled beyond belief. He was given to me half off because he wasn't runway cat show material... but I am here to prove his worth. #toouglyforrunway
He likes to dig and bury things, and shred up paper. He is really fast and energetic and loyal and smart.
Very energetic always smiling full of joy and love
Murphy is the Queen of her castle. She loves treats, naps, and rubs from her mama.
Punto de was left to us because he is deaf. He loooooves to play catch and is very hyper.
Willie is a spoiled dog, him and my cat get a long great he protects her no one bothers my cat unless they bother Willie could never ask for a better dog
Benji loves everyone. He loves going up to everyone and giving them some love. He's loving and full of energy always playing with his sister Aesira. You can spot him from a mile away he catches many peoples attention and is my street companion.
Our Penni-wise was rescued from a rain spout, she loves to play in the sink or sit in the shower with you.
She was found in my fairy garden . Adorable , cute , and energetic this norweign forest cat will warm ur heart
Jiminy Cricket
Jimmy is a wolf disguised as a Maltese. He thinks he’s bigger than his brother duke who is a Rottweiler. He goes everywhere and is very spoiled, he also has a mullet right now!
She’s sassy energetic playful
Tanna Rose
Tanna is a crazy dog always burying her treats everywhere. Like my sawdust pile. She also plays with her treats by throwing them around and barking at them like they are her friends..Though Tanna has a medical condition that prevents her from having any beef, bacon or pork protiens it throws her into seizures. So she can only have chicken, turkey or fish and vegetables.. She is 5 years old and living strong. Very smart to..
Leah Ocasio
My name is Leah, I love to play with water and give sad faces when I’m hungry. I’m very friendly and sweet!!!!!
He is a dog with an attitude. Once he warms up to you he will love and protect you for life.
Loves pets, high places, and looking out the windows. Demands pets and food when the meowing starts
Cuddles out of this world and puppy dog eyes that can get belly rubs all the time. Loves chicken, sleep, and belly rubs
Blue is a sweet lovable dog. He is so playful he is such good company.
Aesira is a beautiful guardian. She is loving but protecting when she needs to be. She is a Rottweiler Malinois Mix. She very happy and energetic, loves to play with her brother Benji and sleep next me. She knows what a pillow is for and always lays her head next to mine on the pillow.
Tiramisu is a Siamese mix who loves dogs, boxes and bags. She has beautiful blue eyes that can just melt you away!
Chop Payne
Chop Payne is always so very smart and he is so amazing and he is so sweet and he is so loving and he is so caring and he is so kind and he is so smart
Cammie Payne
My Kitty Little Baby Girl Cammie Payne is so very smart and so very amazing and so very excellent and so very loving and so very caring and Cammie Payne is always my little baby girl and she is my little Mama's Girl and she is also my most excellent nurse because she always loves to help take care of me at all times Cammie Payne actually knows how to talk exactly like people because I taught her when she was first born Cammie Payne actually knows exactly how to go Pee and Poop in the Toilet exactly like all people because I taught her right after she was first born
Pancake loves holding hands and bird watching on YouTube
River is a loving dog, he has been my best friend ever since I held him on the way home. He has a goofy side and always been there for me.
Naughty kitten, always upto mischief.. loves sitting at the window looking out and pulling the curtain down on his dads head 🤣
The most loving kitten ive ever met... loves his cuddles and even gives kisses! Playful and friendly too ❤