Ash is 7 months old, he is a quirky cat that loves to play. He love sleeping on my chest and he wakes me up every morning with kisses on my nose.
Tigger is only 5 months old! He gives kisses and loves getting kisses back (he will bump his head against my chin for me to kiss him.) Loves to snuggle! AND enjoys to go outside where he will play all day if he could!
Besheba is a ragamuffin who is 9 years old she loves to play with balls And her catnip mice. She loves to be pampered and loved on. She gets told that she's the princess and that she is beautiful everyday. We got her from the neighbor next door who was abusing her. She was just 9 weeks old when we took her in and she was so abused that we thought she wasnt going to make it, but she is now 9 and one of our precious family members
My name is Kong. I love my cap and I am now 9 weeks old. Don’t you think I’m cute. Please vote for me. I love to play and bit fingers at the moment, but I am teething 🤣 I would love to get some votes. Could you help me with that ❤️❤️
Loves scratches under the chin. Still looks like a kitten even though shes 11 years old. Always wants to be close to her mommy. Sleeps on my pillow every night
Midnight Marie
She has no eyes but you would never know! She has the best life!
Emmie Lou
Emmie is the silliest and sweetest pup! She was a rescue dog that we think was abused on a ranch early in her life, she came to us at 4 and has completely changed our lives. At six she had a spinal cord injury that left her back legs completely paralyzed, but we went through a year of physical therapy and she slowly got some function back in her legs. She walked again with just a slight limp and even ended up being able to go on shorter hikes and backpacking trips with us again. She just keeps getting sweeter with time. Emmies favorite things are chasing squirrels, camping with her family, and sleeping right in between mom and dad, sometimes even under the covers.
Annabelle loves everyone, playing fetch, and watching tv. Her favorite show is first 48.
She is 2 years old. She’s very loving and gives the best cuddles. She’s my best friend and loves to play fetch.
Bleu is 4 months old , he loves to play with his mouse toy . He loves to cuddle and he purrs all the time loves to eat . He loves people and other kittys
Cosmo is 4 months old and is already the most loving & playful little boy! He loves cuddles and chin scratches, and feathers are his favourite thing to play with 🥰
A Sweet Angel, heaven sent by her Big Brother Tabby, Archie, who crossed the rainbow bridge very unexpectedly. She’s a well behaved, adventurous little lady, who loves to sleep on my pillows right next to me!
Jasper is 12 weeks old, hes such a cuddle monster and is the sweetest boy 🥰
Such a good girl,!! Loves digging up the garden.!! But well behaved otherwise. Loves meeting other dogs and people.
He's actually a British longhair, He is 9weeks old and the sweetest little boy I've ever known. He loves to play with everything n anything 💙.
She likes toys the most. She will shake her head when she's playing with her toys or she grabbed a toy and use her paw to play with her other toy. She likes attention and she'll make sure you give her attention. She's is 18 months. Each month i spolied her i can't help it if makes her happy then I'll continue too. Vote for Bailey please. She's so cute.
Such a sweet loving pooch always loves his snuggles and always has smile on his face 😁
Cooper likes watching TV ,while taking it easy on the sofa or in bed since he is officially a OAP .Hey may be 15 years you but that doesn't stop him having fun down the woods which he adores exploring 🐕
She is a very sweet and cuddle loving girl, she was with me everyday for years so she gets attitude if she is ever left by herself. She really loves being social with everyone and always has a smile on her face
Panko is our brand new kitten! He loves playing with shoes, hanging out in the shower, and attacking our feet as we walk by. He has already been such a light in my life and is loved by everyone who meets him.
Bagheera Chadwick Smith 1 years old (August 12, 2021) Nicknames are Lil B, GearBear, Mommy's little dumb dumb 💙 Baby boy is not your normal baby, he is mentally challenged and was a stray when I found him less than half a pound. He is partially deaf and partially blind, anytime you call his name he looks the other direction. His favorite things are chin rubs and head rubs. He enjoys having conversations with people and his favorite word is no. He enjoys car rides and watching TV and his favorite thing to do is Stare into space. Lol 😆🤣😆😆 please vote and get this little guy out there 💙💙💙💙
Athena Nicole Isabella Marie Smith. She is 1 years old (December 2, 2020) She is loving and caring yet stubborn. Athena's favorite things are q-tips, tape, and being spoiled by mama. Athena is a total mommy's girl 💖 Athena is very smart, most people say you cannot train a cat but this baby girl knows how to open doors, knows the numbers one, two, and three, she fully understands commands. She is an awesome emotional support and a wonderful daughter
This beautiful baby is Luie who is currently in Cyprus waiting for his new home in the UK. Beautiful baby who is the most loving soul despite having one of the hardest starts.
She’s a bullmastiff puppy mix, she loves meeting new people, she loves the water & playing with her sister Nadia. She’s 3 months old (and a few weeks)
Freya Kay Bowyer
Freya is our almost 4 month old rescue kitten she’s got beautiful orange and blue eyes loves to play with her 15 yes 15 Pom Pom balls and eat pizza and ranch with mom n dad she has to sleep with her arms crossed and won’t go to bed without goodnight kisses she’s a cuddle bug and loves all her toys and mostly loves her 4 legged cat brother and chasing him around
shes sweet loving hyper always wants to play with dog ropes and play tug of war she loves to give kisses and tries to talk to you in dog language she loves dog treats she loves walks and loves to cuddle in bed with you she is my precious jewel and irreplaceable she is loving very playful
35 pound 7 month old pocket bully. Rubble loves everyone and everything. The sweetest baby around!
This is butters he loves playing with his brother bandit and his sister Nira!
Sage is a lovable, adorable, peaceful cat ever. Sage loves to take photos, eat treats, and play with all kinds of balls.
This is cali boo I got her in may amd adopted her from pet smart she is very playful and loves sitting in the bathroom sink and loves playing with her brother milo
This is milo I got him in august and adopted him he is very sweet and loves his sister cali! He’s very playful and loves to sit in the window all day
This is Teddy a 5 month old german Shepard/Rottweiler he really loves to play with his teddys and run around hes got so much energy he keeps me on mi toes
Diesel is a 14 year old Labrador retriever who loves everyone he meets! He is an amazing cuddle bug and he is the cutest thing! Thanks for helping diesel with your vote!❤️
Napping is his past time. He really enjoys being outside the most. However don’t let this yard kitty fool you. His highness requires his finest indoor bed when it’s time to rest.
kora is the sweetest girl with the biggest belly— and she loves watching and chasing the birds on the balcony!
Scout has the cutest personality. He is very vocal, especially when you have been gone a little while. If dogs could talk it would be Scout. Scout found me after I had put my boxer down a few months before. He was dirty,skinny and being mistreated by liter mates and his owners. Scout came home with me the day he found me. I'm thankful to have him and love him to pieces.
**Im ONLY able to vote 10 daily** I want to thank everyone that is truthful with Exchanging votes 🥰 I couldn’t do this without you 🥺🥰❤️
Nyx is a Flame Point Siamese and she is the perfect amount of cross-eyed. She is leash trained and a nap champ!
Zeus likes to throw and chase his toys. Yes, he throws his toys! But when’s he’s sleepy from playing, he falls asleep just about anywhere. Zeus likes lots love and attention. I am his human 😀
Kira looooooooves to bark lol. When we’re in the car, I always roll down the window so she can bark out into the open, instead of the little car space I have. And my mom says that when we come to visit(she lives at the bottom of a hill), she can hear us coming before she sees us 😂
Lion loves to play fetch. He goes on walk's and runs with me. He is a very playful cat. He loves everyone he meets
Klaus is a sweet fat turkey boy! Weighing 16lbs He was born in 2020, crazy year crazy cat. He’s alpha kitty, he will let it be known he is alpha kitty! He likes to wrestle, chase & jump on other cats, he’s a big bully boy. He is scared of turtles, brooms, & cucumbers.
Zappa loves everyone especially his new baby brother Frankie! Zappa is a year and a half old and a baby himself. He’s so energetic and friendly with his mutt blend of Pitbull, Lab, Coonhound, Pyrinese, And Boxer. He is an adorable floppy eared best friend and has quite a lovable social personality. Everyone who meets Zappa sighs an awe and just falls in love with him!
7 week old cuddle bug. Loves to hop around playing with new kitty family and snuggle up on his humans chest!
Luna loves to play with anything and everything 😂 She’s a ball of energy, loves her zoomies, gets spoiled with toys and treats, and unlimited amount of snuggles!
Bugatti Boo Boo
Hi I’m Bugatti I’m a 12 week old frenchie I love to bite my moms ears and play with the big dogs I also hate clothes and walkin.
Tigger showed up to my house as a kitten. He was covered in fleas and ticks, now he is the happiest cat ever and loved sooo much!!