Soo this is my old boy Gotti! He is pushing 9 years old an he is just 1 big ol baby! He love to play tug a war an fetch on his free time an steal all the attention! 😄 he is amazing with kids an pretty much everyone! I am very proud to have him as my support dog an I’m happy to share him with all of you! 💙
She's goofy, loving and a big baby. But look at those ears 😍
Sapphire loves to watch birds on the tv and out the window. She loves going on car rides, and walks. She loves cuddles from her mommas and she loves to play with her big sister Ava 🐶
My baby strawberry is special ive had her since she was 2 months old shes 12 now spunky and plays with her catnip toys she gets these bursts of energy every once and a while and she runs around the house she sleeps next to me every night and she loves her daddy richie
Yoden is a 2.5 year old baby kitty, he loves going on longboard rides, and loves a nice relaxing evening fishing.
Beni love zoomies with his big dog energy. Deep inside he is the sweetest and playful boy.
Woody is a Woodle (wheaten terrier poodle mix). He loves to come and sit on your lap when you least expect it despite not being a lap dog in the slightest! His favorite activity is disrupting you and pawing at your hand until you give him all your love.
Bella is an adventurous puppy who loves to run around and make friends. Her favorite food is the grilled chicken on my plate and anything but her kibble! She likes to wave her paws up in the air to get your attention and sprints faster than lightning McQueen!
I am a fun loving Jackapoo puppy. I love playing with my toys, and love treats.
I’m Nova Abigail P. & my initials are NAP which happens to be one of my favorite activities! I’m a Pretty Pittie Princess that’s pawsitively spoiled. Give me food = new best friend, play with the toys with me = new best friend, give me any attention = new best friend, actually.. if you don’t give me any attention it still equals a new best friend. You’ll love me & even if you don’t, you will… eventually. I won’t give you any other choice.
Meet Sir Arthur, our little prince, he is a Ragdoll mix, loves to play and cuddle with his humans. His favorite time of the day is when mom gets dessert, he knows where to sit (usually moms shoulder) to take part in eating mom's ice cream!
Ms. Nilajane is such an affectionate dog, who loves giving love and receiving love. She likes to go riding and when someone pulls up in our driveway she thinks it is her chariot and does her best to jump in the second the door is opened.
Mr Lacy
Mr is a mischievous little man who loves food and maybe some pets if he’s feeling it. He likes to bait you with his cuteness and then he goes in for a strike! We love him dearly and love his spontaneous personality. He also loves tiki cat and won’t eat or settle for less. If we give him dry food he starts knocking over his food and other things…. We are teaching him to go for walks also and he loves the backpack.
Noodles a feisty baby who values her alone time, and yours.
Buttercups a sweet princess who values her sleep, and wont hesitate to stick her tail up at you if you don’t immediately give her chin scritches
Hello this is my beautiful little Ginny I’ve had her for a bit over 2 years now and she’s been a big part of my life even though she suffers with really bad anxiety, she still thrives on and is a little happy cat when she can be, she loves eating beans and sweetcorn I know weird right? Haha, she also loves the laser and runs up the walls to get it, she is just a wonderful and a bouncy little cat, with all the love she gives not just me but also her brother is amazing she’s so over protective of Raven (her brother) and I hope she gets the votes she deserves thank you! 🥰
Zephyra is a purring machine queen that sticks her tongue out when she is happy. She has a such goofy unique personality. She loves humaning, so don’t tell her she’s actually a cat!
Boo Boo Bear
Boo Boo is a ball of adorable. He likes laying outside on the deck for hours. Loves a good potato chip and insist on having cold water in his rainbow coffee cup. You know he’s happy when he lays on his back looking for a good tummy rub.
Dillon is a beloved rescue cat, we’re still not sure what breed he is, but he is 100% love and joy, he has added so much to our family in the three years we have had him for, he loves food (of course) and catnip toys, he loves sleeping in the shade in the garden and convincing us all he hasn’t been fed, even though he has. He loves treats and cuddles, although he is extremely shy with new people, once he warms up to you he will be sleeping on your head in no time! He lost his brother not too long ago, they came as a pair and were inseparable, but he stayed the same lovable, cuddly boy <3
Furry on the outside, sweet on the inside 🥝
Tobias actually, was a stray when we found him, got him looking nice and beautiful now, he’s a ladies man, has a big heart, loves chasing around his sisters and being a menace. Now he’s the best cuddle bug ever, he loves to get all up in your pits and lay there.
Moana is a female 5 week old kitten I rescued her and her brother at 3 weeks old. She definitely the character of the two.
She loves acting like a black panther.
Brody is 3 years old He loves spending time with his grandad and giving him lots of cuddles on the couch! He also loves to swim, Brody got to the final in DogFest 2022 Brody loves cuddles & playing with his furry friends Clemmie, Kalese, Dice & Greta
Bandit is our 13 week old husky. He’s very playful, loves attention, loves to go for runs, full of energy. He loves to cuddle.
Lillie lives her life by doing what she wants. She loves to play hide and seek and take naps on the new cubby houses Mom makes. She loves hunting and being outdoors but she knows the comfort of going to sleep in her bed.
Mushu is such a loving boy. He loves nothing more than snuggling into bed for a cuddle
Peaches And Esmé
We're like ying and yang. We like to fight but love to cuddle with each other on Grammy or grampys bed! We love a good heating blanket and we're always hungry
I'm a ball of ENERRRRRGY! I never stop. I'm always wanting to play and run! I like to swim in my water bowl and I kind of like to try and herd my family
I am a huge baby! Literally! I love my family and my baby brother the mostest
Charlie is 11 months old he likes getting into mischief and playing with his friends and he’s toys he’s very well behaved he sits and rolls over
Delilah is such a sweet little girl she loves playing with her toys she’s so gentle to other animals and humans she is 1 year and 5 months old she is a poodle cross Yorkshire terrier she loves wearing her little bows she can sit and stand on her 2 back legs she listens to everything I say
Mateo just turned 2 years old on the 12th! He loves running, and he loves his momma very very much! So much that he don’t like any other humans! He is a very special boy In mommas eyes🥹 and he likes to eat moms dirty shoes and used socks🤢
Nova is a sweet, silly girl who loves food!
Loki loves a game of fetch and brings back his favourite toy to be chucked again, he loves a belly rub and to cuddle up and go to sleep with his human big sister.
Akari is a Japanese Akita and loves nothing more than lots of cuddles followed by running around in a muddy field 😂
Chubby Wubby Cheeto
He screams really loud when hungry .very talkative n lazy
She is the boss, loves to lick peoples fingers, is super tiny and looks like a toy when she is in her new bed. Plus she is only 14 weeks old! Still just a baby. She is sooooooo adorable! 🥰💜 She absolutely adores chewing peoples fingers because she is in her teething stage but licks you after to check you're okay. She has the most amazing personality, runs around for 2 hours like a loony and then sits and cuddles on your lap, in your arms or even around your neck for a while for a sleep. She also absolutely LOVES to play football! ⚽ (She is very cute!) You can also find a few short videos of her on Youtube. The channel name is gradyplayz8. 🤗💖
Skye is partially blind 13 year old Lurcher who was rescued over a decade ago. Skye like long walks and snoozing!
Orion is the youngest of 4 fur siblings and a big brother to a human one. He is playful and energetic. Loves to cuddle all the time. He’s the one sibling that had no issues being accepted right away. But he is also one that would never accept a no. He loves to go and play in the front yard with his siblings.
Johnny Walker
Johnny is a adventure seeking weaton terrier. Always up for a game of fetch or a good tummy rub.
Joey is friendly to all his peeps. He greets everyone in the morning & showers everyone with love & attention when he knows we need it.
Mika is a beautiful energetic puppy shes now 7mths old shes so loving adorable the funniest thing about mika is she gets so excited going for walks she jumps around like a kangaroo lol shes so cute would love her to win and this is her first contest
Kili is a warrior, he is a bottle baby!! He tried to die on us at 3 weeks! He will lovingly put his tail in everything! He will knock anything you do not want knocked over, over! He is really just big derpy squish!
Stori is very friendly she love kids and she also talk to us when she mad 😂😂
This is Bruce recently adopted 💕 He is super chill , laid back , loving ,talkative, & lastly a pur machine . He LOVES scratches on his head and neck and definitely a sleepy head . I’d love to buy him a nice cat tree and some other luxury things for him he definitely deserves it absolutely love him.☺️💕my Brucy baby
Sage loves to sneak out of the house as well as sit in the window all day and watch the birds he enjoys fighting his fur siblings. He enjoys tanning in the sun and loves to play dress up!!!