Luna is the runt of the litter, weighing about 5 pounds. If she were a dog, I think she’d be a wiener dog. Luna likes sleeping and playing with any toy dangling from a stick so she can do flips and cartwheels :D
Her daily riutine involves chewing on moms feet and being spoiled. She loves her toys and her cat nip treats.
Xeli is a priceless baby girl she love her bunny toys and sleep
Ranger will be 5 yr old in May. He is a certified service animal. When he is not working, he is really play driven and loving to everyone.
She is my pertecter,my baby girl
She is the queen of the house, and she makes sure all other fur babies know it
She is my free spirit, my goofball
Poppy is a German shepherd poodle he likes to play and sleeps on my legs and is a loving dog once he gets to know you
He loves to snuggle and very protective he also likes his toys and he has his food when he eats
This is sky she is 3 years old she loves to play At the dog park she has two brothers and she is supper loving and very goffy 💙🥰
I adopted him from the shelter I work at,he is a special needs cat,he is a big brother to all the special needs kittens I foster
Krowley is almost a year old. He is super friendly & loving 🥰 He loves to eat & snuggle with our other fur-babies.
Blue loves playing fetch, cuddling with his mom, and chicken!
I rescued Whiskey while she was on the brink of death. At just 1.4# and 4 months old, she desperately needed vet care to continue living. Now she’s a happy, thriving kitty who loves cuddles with her momma ♥️
Hunter is just a bag of piss and vinegar! He is so awesome! He was the easiest rescue i ever did! With my eyes closed I bent down to where I heard a cat cry! Ad within seconds I felt a ball of fur in my hands! He ran straight for me! I scooped him up and was like score!!! He love his Half Tiber Wolf/ Half German Shepard brother and sister!
Brusier loves to be with his family! He’s the great family dog and loves to learn new things ♥️
Maze is celebrating her 2nd birthday!🥳
Casper is an 8 year old Husky who is such a sweet and affectionate boy. He loves to play, run, and cuddling is his most favorite!
He is a year and 6 months. Spud loves belly rubs. He loves to cuddles and play. He also loves his belly rubs. He is a baby to us and everyone who comes around. And we love him to death.
Lily is a sweet girl with sassy attitude. She’s never afraid to speak up for some treats!😋
a fat dog who loves naps// shelter dog with a happy ending💜//(princess was saved from a breeder)😁#spoiledaf
Princess is a 4 month old Old English Bulldog. She is a very hyper puppy but is loving at times. Loves to play with kids and on occasion terrorize cats.
Dr. Bob Borkenstein
A professional clothes stealer, Bob spends his days wrapped up in dirty laundry or any blankets he can get his paws on. He also enjoys burying his bones in imaginary dirt piles around the house and jumping on everything, pretending to be a cat.
Punkn saved a man from drowning. Punkns name used to be punk. After he saved a man after the mans boat capzied. I had to change his name. To punkn.🙂
Sophie loves to play with her ball and watch nature videos.
Bella is absolutely the sweetest dog ever. She loves giving kisses, loving on everyone she meets and giving shakes. She does not have a mean bone in her body.
Gino is a parti-maltipoo. He is half Maltese and half poodle. Gino loves to be outside & go for walks. His favorite thing to do is steal socks from the laundry which saves me going to the gym because chasing after him is a work out entirely 😊
I am a very playful pit/lab mix who loves my toys and dog treats. I can shake and do a few other tricks. I love my mommy who spoils me every day all day. I love the dog park, car rides and ice cream. I am 5 yrs old.
Hi my name is Duke James and I’m a 5 month old silver lab. I love ice cubes, car rides, and long walks. Vote for me to help me contribute to my mommy and daddy’s honeymoon fund.❤️🐾
Pete is a husky coyote catahoula heeler mix ..he is the brother to Bonnie Mae.. he also like to swim and run every day with his playmates at home...and the occasional howl at the train as it comes thru.....he also loves showing his pearly whites when he smiles at everyone!!!!
This kid does the most! He’s always getting into things especially when you leave the room for two seconds. He’s also bad about stealing his sisters food and sneak attacking people when they are least expecting. Wouldn’t change him for the world though. He’s such a mama’s boy.
My name is Oakley, I'm 2 yrs old and I love my tiny human who is only 3 months older than I am. I also love to play with my kitty brother, Kimber, and my little sister, Retta.
My parents rescued me❤️ i love head pets on my own terms! I’ll head but you to let you know 😻 I love to meow at my Dad in the middle of the night for pets! Something i like is my water fountain! My favorite toy is a crinkle ball or a piece of paper! My parents tell me I’m a princess so I believe them! 🖤
Lorelei was born with an open font she was not expected to live or thrive. She is now a 2 year old mini goldendoodle weighing 15lbs and completely healthy and loved! She loves to swim and play ball!
Bonnie Mae
Bonnie Mae is a husky coyote catahoula heeler mix.. she was bottled fed with 9 brothers and sisters....she loves to swim and lay in the sun and loves going to see our neighbors daily at our local community store......where she .meets and greets the community every morning.....she would love ur vote....
Angel was born sometime in May of 2009. She was rescued by us on July 4th after being set on fire and thrown u a tree she only has half a tail. Shes strictly a mommys girl
Sweetest girl who loves her walks and playing at the doggie park!
Pudge is the cutest damn pug I’m the world , so loving , fluffy and sweet ! He gives love to all who meet him!
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Loves cuddling herself while she's sleeping
Oliver is your typical old cat, he’s currently going through a midlife crisis where all he does is nap, eat, cuddle and repeat!
Saga’s such a cliché, she’s a cat who is scared of heights and has bad social anxiety. Don’t even think about car rides with this one 🙅🏻‍♀️I absolutely love her to pieces and we’re gonna be old biddies together 👵🏼 🐈
He’s so lovable and full of energy!
Sam is a country boy from a small town in Indiana. He enjoys fishing, his truck and most of all riding his horse Silver. He doesn't like the City very much because he can't see open meadows and horses but sure does enjoy shopping.
Marley is so very adorable. She knows commands and is fiercely protective of her owners despite her petite size. Anytime someone goes to shake our hands, Marley tends to bite at their sleeves LOL. She also LOVES food. She will literally eat anything. Marley hates when she doesn’t have some sort of clothing item on. She gets super sad when she doesn’t have her dress, sweater, or nightgown on 😂 Since she is our only dog, her best friends are my cats LOL. She doesn’t really get along with other dogs mainly because she isn’t ever around dogs like that. My cats are her besties 😹 I love this little baby so much 🥺❤️
This is Pup my second born four legged child😊 he is very vocal and very sweet, he loves his belly rubbed and will melt to the floor at your feet when he wants them❤️ Loves to give kisses, play with and follow his older brother Charlie🐾🐶💕
This is my almost 1 y/o four legged child Charlie! He is a very sweet and outgoing boy who loves to play and run around with other dogs and people. He is the biggest baby and will always have my heart❤️