Dog cat Stories - 75


Miley loves snoozing on the sofa on her back. She loves chasing balls and chewing her favourite toy - Mr Giraffe 🦒
I adopted Susy at 5 months old from a shelter and she has had a tough road so far! She loves her "human" sisters and follows me l around everywhere waiting for me to hold her like a baby. She goes crazy for feathers and loves playtime!
Bella is a small Siamese with a short tail, bright blue eyes and a talkative voice! She loves to cuddle up on your neck and always sleeps by my head. She waits at the door for me and talks to me constantly!
Skye is our little handsome baby! We adopted him from the RSPCA when he was 12 weeks old after he had been neglected and was found in a horrible condition. He has since grown and is almost 8 months old weighing a whopping 3.9kg already!! He’s an absolute sweetheart who is always requesting cuddles and love ❤️ With his amazing journey I hope we can aspire more people to give needing animals a home and #adoptdontshop! ❤️
Bee is 9 years old. She has been with me for 2 months. She brings me her toys while meowing. She likes to be tucked into bed. My favorite sound is the pitter patter of her feet chasing toys.
Obi loves to play around and he loves his cheese treats :)
Icy loves to sleep with her sister Bella on the circle sofa we have in the living room :)
Bella was adopted in 2019 and she loves to eat salmon treats :)
Milo had a rocky start in the beginning but cashed in on the kitty lotto and couldnt have it any better. Milo loves taking his daily naps, chasing "the red dot", playing with his adopted sisters, drinking water from the faucet, and never misses a meal. He is very vocal and will let you know if he wants something. He loves attention and responds to: Milo, meatloaf, and Mymo❤
Angel is a 8 week old border collie puppy who loves cuddles and playtime! She’s very energetic and loves to bounce around. She loves her human siblings💗
Bailey Bubbles
Bailey Bubbles is 8 weeks old , she is the missing piece of our lovely family
Dually loves to eat bones and run around. He will shake your hand, hug, talk to you and kiss you! ( he loves to give mommy kisses) He shakes his butt like crazy and will almost knock you down with his big booty! Dually loves to cuddle and thinks hes a lap dog.
Banner is a floofy mini goldendoodle who loves attention for any hooman. He has the cute wiggles to say hello and gives kisses to anyone he meets! This little teddy bear is so snuggly and hops around supporting his Hoosiers in football and basketball!
Master of giving off mixed signals. Taught him how to sit on command his next trick will be using a toilet. He loves sleeping with me and attacking my feet under the covers any chance he gets. Favourite toys are balls and his dreamie penguin.
Scraps Aka Scrappy Doodle
Scraps is an extremely lovable little soul, he argues with a big magpie every morning then patrols the garden knowing he’s saved everyone yet again then demands affection all day as his reward. He likes to bury bones behind the sofa cushions and steal toilet rolls
In the beginning Calypso was a stray from Tx where I met and took her in as she was the sweetest little girl I had ever met. She now loves being an indoor cat with short walks outside and snuggles with other cats and dogs. Her favorite perch at home is a box attached to my upper wall where she can scare me when it’s dark with a short chirp hello. Her favorite toys are remotes and phones. She is the greatest thing in my life and she knows it and uses that knowledge to get many treats.
Zeus is the most loving, crazy, little boy ever! He loves to play with his rope and loves playing with his dachshund sisters! He’s super loving and sweet. His favorite thing to do is eat moms hair and nap with dad!
Zoey loves to be with her girl. Her girl loves zoey because zoey is a great babysitter for her babies. Zoey loves to do anything with her 5 year old human and even tries to join her in the bath.
Hey there my names Tea!! I am a mischievous tom cat with a love for all toys, curtains, blinds, shoes and oh yes... A BIGG Christmas tree 😉😉
He goes by Ru and he's the biggest dork and goofball I've ever met lol He has tons of energy and never gets tired. One thing you can always count on him for is making you smile even when your having a bad day. He's the best friend a girl could ask for.
Maverick is a sweet loving little pup. Loves to play tug of war and cuddle up in your lap.
Mia is the newest addition to our family. We call her mini cat. She is so cute and sweet.
She loves her treats. Very clever cat, she has learned to lay down when i say to get treats. Loves laying under her cozy blanket and running around the room like crazy.
Carl's mother was rescued from a backyard breeder while pregnant with Carl and his siblings. He adopted me in October when he weighed all of 1.05 pounds. Now, at 6 months old, he weighs about 1 lb 10 oz and is expected to mature at 2 lb 5 oz. Don't let his tiny size fool you! Carl is the sweetest pup with a huge heart and brings joy to all he meets! ❤
Oh my goodness. I didn’t think anything could have as much energy as this pup can! It’s always go go go! Zoomies all the time!
He’s a love bug. All he wants to do is be friends so he’ll go out and find you things to bring so you will like him. He’s amazing
Such an energetic and loving pup. My true best friend. Sticks by my side and is always ready for cuddles!
she loves her fur siblings and will sleep with them
She is just under a year old munchkin cat doing her meerkat thing
Ellenoir is the most spunky 14 year old rescue pup you’ll ever meet. She loves to take in all the smells in the great outdoors.
Jax and his 6 siblings were found homeless in Mexico as puppies. Luckly an amazing organization took them in and we adopted him a couple months later. His favorite activities are kissing, cuddling, and eating.
The amazing StanLee is the most playful, fun loving pup you’ll meet. He loves to play in the snow no matter the temperature (and eat it too).
Mya is a loveable great dane. She loves to play out in the snow ❄️ and she also loves to cuddle up and take naps.
Winter is a 4 year old, deaf boxer! Shes very talkative and energetic and she loves napping in the sun, chewing on her bones, and playing tug of war! She is also the dorkiest dog I’ve ever had😂
we rescued lucy from off the side of the interstate , someone had just dropped her off when she was only a few weeks old. Now she has a loving family who will never abandon her whatsoever and she knows she is loved by the best people ! she loves to run and sit in the sun , she even will tan with you (:!
Pip came to us as a feral farm kitten, took a year to gain her trust but she now loves nothing more than a cuddle.
Duke is a 6 month old Newfie who loves all the snuggles 🥰 He’s been loving all the snow & enjoys going to work with dad!
Nala is a sweet 5 month old kitten. I think she might be a bengal cat! Please vote for her, she means so much to me. Nala will have an Instagram coming soon!
This fun and loving pup is up for any adventure! Loves his big family. Will chew and love your slippers till they become his.
My boy is going on 7. I rescued him from the pound when he was 6 months old. He is the Meet and Greet dog in my building. He gets along with all dogs and some cats. I take him everywhere I can.