Loyal and loving with all ages, loves being with people, but also loves playing ball
King is an 8 Month old American Bully he loves to play with his rope and he loves to cuddle, vote for king because he’s the Goodest of boys!
Thunder is a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Looks quite intimidating but is a gentle giant who loves scratches, cuddles, kisses, long walks and adores kids!
Cassey loves helping people if they're upset. She will always try to make them feel better no matter who they are, even total strangers! She is my rock and sticks to me like glue when my fibromyalgia pain or my mental health is bad 🥰 Her favorite things are food & playing. She is the most intelligent, dippy dog I have ever owned 😆 I would 100% be lost without her 🥰
Loves playing fetch and strangely washing her feet!!
This sweetheart is a little shy but loves to cuddle and purr. We adopted him with his brother Galaxy when they were 3 months old. Now they are 6 months.
Rolo is a beagle, as crazy as they come. He is the most loving boy ever🥰when he’s not eating his favourite thing to do is take naps on the couch wrapped up in a blanket😍you will never find another rolo
Willow is her name. We got her at a very young age. She is a kitty was some extra needs. She’s got an overbite and her gums are turning black. She’s very scared to be held but definitely loves to be cuddled when she opens up to you. She doesn’t like loud noises either. They spook her. Willow is an AMAZING KITTY who has been through a lot in her tiny little life. She’s super soft and will cure anyones bad day!
She is a funny little cat.
Hi I’m Bear, I’m an 8 month old red chow chow. I love cheese and going on adventures 🐻
Hi,my name is Shadow .I love cuddles and my food and nice and warm house 🦋 i love everyone that loves me 🦋 lets be friends 💙
Our fur baby Charlie loves playing with anything she can chase. She loves cuddling, holding hands with her paw and sleeping like a baby next to us. She’s an absolute angel!!
Taffy loves his toys. Loves doing zoomed around the house. He loves his sleep and lots of cuddles and has a feisty side too. He is very sensitive and will always know if I’m sad and give lots of love. He’s a small bundle of joy and very cute. ❤️❤️
Blush is the most cutest funniest cat
Jett is a 10 week old cockerspaniel he loves his weekly puppy playvgroup and spends his days out in the garden with the kids. Loves ciddles and slippers
Dexter is a loving & energetic little pup. He is a 4 month old, mini Australian Shepherd. He loves to play hide & seek and run outside. He is incredibly friendly and loves to greet everyone with his famous butt wiggles 😍
Luna is a rambunctious little baby. My husband rescued her after she was thrown from a moving vehicle. She was badly hurt but we nursed her back to health. Her favorite thing to do is paw at your arm for pets and cuddle with her brother Loki.
Luna is the sweetest and most beautiful little lab you will ever see, she loves long walks and big cuddles! Luna is 10 months and still growing! She’s the best little pup (but I might be a little bias).
We rescued Monk as a kitten and he’s a most vocal and wildest dude. 2 years ago he was hit by a car and had to undergo £5000 worth of surgery which included wiring his jaw temporarily and putting a rod in his leg. Since making a full recovery, none of that has stopped him from going on adventures of catching birds and mice !
Prince is full of character. He loves fresh beef and is super fussy about food. He loves following his mummy around.
He is crafty, dopey and very energetic as being kitten of 11weeks. very loving and shows alot of affection. He is a nebulung breed and is so cute lol
She was rescued by a animal shelter in Poland because her previous owners left her in the road, we then adopted her from the animal shelter. She is now 10 years old and always makes us happy because she always wants to play around.
Lucky is a cocker spaniel, he has been my best friend through all my bad days! He’s got such a unique personality and definitely will put a smile on your face 😅 He’s very loving and boy do he like toy and mine and my partners shoes 😅 He’s actually called da boy most days because well you can guess he’s da boy 😅 he loves everyone and will try anything to grab your attention even if it’s him trying to tear the wall paper 😅 But this is lucky. hope you love him as much as we do ❤️
Millie was a stray from Cyprus and we took her in and she’s never been happier she has the best personality a puppy could have she loves playing with chew toys and our other dogs
Missy loves jumping off furniture and running around and creating a lot off mayhem!! She also loves cuddles 🥰☺, is super sociable and loves all people!
Pippa is a 17 week old Sprocker Spaniel puppy. She is full of energy, love and cuddles. She is excellent with my 2 littlegirls and oliver the cat. She loves sticks, leaves and feathers. She is getting used to the water and enjoys a shower!
Happiest little chap, that struts his stuff when he walks. He adores children and we all call him Happy feet as he taps alot.. whenever he sees someone
Mittens is Flo’s little girl! She’s incredible sweet but extremely mischievous! Loves chasing flies and any kind of food!
Flo is the loveliest cat you could meet, She is Mittens mum and is a great one at that! She loves a cat yoghurt and a cuddle!
Crazy lovable animal she likes cuddling and also loves her bed and her cuddle bear.
Ronnie is such a loving and placid boy and he adores my daughter and gives her hugs all the time, very cute 💜. When he comes home from being out he likes to tell us all about his travels lol. He is such a character and so soft just like a teddy bear and he loves the camera x
Ziva is a our big little puppy, she loves cuddles and play time and is also in training to be a medical alert dog. Her favourite treat flavour is beef.
Cheeky chappy, full of mischief and energy. Loves socks and pinching everyone’s. Clever and inquisitive.
Im a lover. I love long cuddles. I love to bury myself under covers and get all snuggly warm. My favorite things include sleeping and eating. My favorite treats are Temptations and catnip
Crystal is a love playful joyful kitty cat she loves cuddles and treats n play time she is my little baby :)
King Ralph
Ralph is truly a king, he even has his own thrown. This man is very energetic and loves to hunt, sometimes he hunts your toes while he waits under the bed. He loves to talk, he is the loudest cat I’ve ever had and he will just keep meowing until he gets what he wants.
Henry&George Brothers who will be 2 in a few weeks, who cannot live without eachother
Little One
She plays all day, and chases birds threw the window! , and she loves to get dizzy with laser light
Loving staffy cross, bouncy loves everyone
Riley is a 2 year old dachshund/ border collie who loves walks, playing outside with his girlfriend Stella, snuggling with his Mimi and Papa, talking to his Gigi and most importantly being with his best friend Billy! His favorite foods are sweet potatoes, green beans, chicken and orange sherbet push-ups.
Teddy is a loving boy who loves chasing after hair bobbles and bringing them back 😅he adores belly rubs and just having attention 😊
Maximus is a very mischievous little boy. One special thing about him is he has 26 toes! 7 on each front foot and 6 on each back foot. He knows how to use them too! If you look at his head he also has an M in his beautiful markings! He’s the cutest little thing ever and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity of rescuing him. I’m One lucky kitten Mum 🐾🐈‍⬛
Lockie loves play time, loves been out in the fields playing with his brother luciano.. hes a cheeky chappy
Luciano is the most loving dog, loves a cuddle and love been at the beach and in the sea