Dog cat Stories - 77


Fluffy is a one year old Yorky, Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mixed! She is the youngest child of my two other dogs.
Teddy is extremely adorable with human grey eyes, and he is extremely loving & playful.
I’m such a happy guy I purr so loud my dad says I sound like a truck. My best friend is my sister Millie(doggo) My favorite thing to do is put my toys in my water bowl.
Hes very loyal, very spoiled and likes to hunt, loving,he knows when mommy dont feel good
Pumpkin likes new people more than anything including her parents. Second place takes the sibling cat who became Pumpkin's obsession since the day 1
Hello this is zuko a rescue from Miami 🥰 he’s the sweetest boy ever ! Has so many siblings and he’s gentle with evrything 🥰
Fun fact- I have a total of 11 toes on my two front paws, I love to eat bread (I even go to the extent of taking the entire loaf). My favorite pastime is soaking up the sun.
Gracie was taken away from her mom at 4 weeks, besides what im teaching her she has had to raise herself, she is so entertaining & she makes me laugh constantly. My husband & i really do love her to death. She is so unique 😍💖💕
Snowie is a beautiful,loving cat an also a mummy to her baby!! Shes funny and loves to play...shes like a the queen of cats 🐈 😻
Check out my animal page on Facebook "Richardsonspaws" see all the pics and videos of this cute boy and his other furry siblings! Then come back here an give us a vote because he's so dang smart and cute!
Hey, my names milo I’m a pitt bull mix and I’m 7 years old and starting to get some grays. Sometimes I try and think I’m mixed with Dalmatian Because of my chest spots but that’s just a theory. But hey vote for me cause I’m cute and friendly.
Willy loves everyone! Especially kids! He hates it when they leave. He makes us laugh daily! He has a favorite toy, a stuffed cat which is named "Miss Kitty". He has many toys, but it's Miss Kitty he gets when he is happy and content, or when he goes to bed. He has had her since he was a puppy. Willy's favorite treat's are Greenies. He also sits and watches t.v.. , especially when a football game is on, he will sit next to "papa" and watch the game! lol ..its so funny and weird! We love our Willy! And you would too !
Both sisters are unique in their own way! Extremely smart, very funny, listens very well, they were very easy to potty train and they are just amazing dogs. Definitely didn’t understand how I was living without a standard poodle for so long! I 💜 my girls and you would too!💜💜💜
This crazy boy is full of energy and cuddles! He LOVES attention from his hooman especially kisses and cradling
This sassy girl is still the sweetest of all! Every morning she’ll surprise you by cuddling you waiting for you to wake up for food.
This beautiful girl is the most affectionate and easy going fur baby! I love her personality!!!
He likes to play... drinking from the toilet,sleeping and jumping on laps,meowing,sleeping on people and eating.loves being petted and scratched.And is a total scaredy cat with unfamiliar objects...
Egypt is a full breed English bulldog who is so full of personality! Bright eyes and very smart. She can be a bit bossy and pushy at times 🤣 and a little hardheaded but you can’t help but love all of her! Nothing like a happy healthy puppy with a smile 😊
Periwinkle (Peri for short) is a kind, cuddly kitten. She is extremely vocal, especially around meal times. Although she is very curious and adventurous, her favorite place to be is curled up in her favorite human’s lap at the end of the day.
Gigi is our new baby! This little one keeps us busy and loves to just hang out and sun bath. Gigi has so much personality! She is a gorgeous an almost 4 month old Bengal. We love her so much and we look forward to watching her grow.
Zoey is 9 months old. She is crazy about playing with feet and hands. She loves her stuffed hedgehog. When she’s not sleeping, she’s chasing Mommy and Daddy all over the house. She loves sleeping in bed with them.
Penny Coleman
Penny plays ball day and night. She sleeps with her ball. Me and my wife only have one child and that’s penny. Penny is my service dog I depend on penny to protect me, keep me claim. Penny is everything to our family we love her so much GOD sent penny to us, we are a family now thank you LORD for our baby girl penny.
Sadie is very shy but she loves to run around at night and keeps you up😂. She has such a great relationship with her son Talledega, those two are inseparable.
Pixiegirl is the sweetest, loving girl . With her silly antics and her silent bark on command .
Runticus Maximus Eugene
The cat so full of personality that he needs three names. His hobbies include runt fishing, trying to sneak his bag of treats in the middle of the night and being sassy. The ultimate family cat well kinda he loves his mom and the kids and loves to give me a hard time.
Rescue loves attention and dirt digging unfortunately
Levi is a rescue from Utah and is a Silver Lab Loves to cuddle and steal hearts
Black Widow
She is a talker! She wants to constantly snuggle and love on you along with making sure you get a few cleaning licks here and there. She is. Oddball and like to chomp on plastic including phones if it’s in her way of getting to you or holding your attention! Love to sleep right next to us or on top of us but always wants to touch us.
I am adorable, I love to sleep and play 20 hours of my day. I love my brother Wolfgang and play with him all day, we chase each other. I love bubbly bathes 😻
If you have Sheba wet food, this is always Happy’s reaction! He will not stop talking until he’s fed or given lots of affection.
Hey my name is Brody and I a ball retrieving crazy boy and absolutely love my days I can chill in the pool. What more could I ask for?!?
Mugsy is a sweet boy who loves his belly rubbed.
Oscar was orphaned as a newborn. We took him in at only a couple days old. After round the clock bottle feedings and lots of TLC he is now striving and learning how to cat! We couldn’t be prouder.
He is a rescue who is the sweetest baby ! He loves to cuddle his mom and his cat brother
Kippy has been through it all with me! She’s my little side kick. Always following me around, sitting next to me, & greeting me at the door when I come home ❤️ She’s got the cutest little face, prettiest eyes, & most laid back personality ever for a cat!
Scooby is very active and loves to play. He gives everyone kisses all the time. He is a very well behaved dog
Miss Daisy loves to play ball! she’s super fast!
Bella, is sweet and sassy she loves sleeping Love's playing with her brother and she loves too eat lasagna Mexican cornbread tacos and she loves to cuddle.
Odin is such a ham!! He loves to play with his brother Apollo, but mostly Odin loves to cuddle
Anakin is just as fiesty as His name sake Darth Vader!!! He loves attention and Commands it!! He is full of sweetness
Mimi loves to play catch with toy mice. She is an amazing kitty. She has so much affection within her and a witty personality. So happy she’s adopted us! Love everything about her!
Apollo is the sweetest pit ever! He loves to cuddle and gives kisses. Not only is he a very pretty dog he's very smart too.
Tiger is the sweetest girl. She loves to lay on me, and she has no teeth. She is a rescue, so we don’t know why, but she is healthy, and always has her little tongue poking out. 😻😋
I adopted this handsome boy 2 years ago! He is the most loving, sweetest, most talkative cat ever. He always has something to say 🤣. He loves belly rubs and treats. He’s gotten a little lazy in his older years lol. He follows me everywhere and just talks to me about any and everything. He constantly gives me kisses and loves to be held like a baby from time to time. He deserves your votes because he is one of a kind.
Palmee-Bean is a very New York style cat. Very straightforward and tends to play tough. He is very particular about his space but loves to be in the presence of humans. Palmee loves to watch his fellow bird friends and children in the neighborhood out his window. He isn’t too much of a fan of catnip but loves to play every chance he gets. He will make sure to meet me at the door when I come home. He has found his vocal cords and have learned to express them lately. He loves his snacks and wet food. Our new game we play is hide-n-seek. Palmee will continue to showcase his New York State of demeanor in Detroit.
Cardigan is a Lynx Point Siamese (Tabby/ Siamese mix; for those who do not know). I adopted her in March of this year. She’s full of personality; loves playing fetch and chase the laser.. really she is entertained by the slightest things. She loves to sit underneath our skylights to sunbathe. She loves whipped cream, every time the fridge opens she runs over to it and stares at us like “can I have some whipped cream please” 🤣. She hates to be picked up or kissed on her forehead, but loves to cuddle and be petted. I think you should vote for her because she is just the sweetest most adorable cat ever.
Camo is the most lovable lover♡.. he is russian blue,tuxedo& bengal so hes the coolest mix..& can u say FUN!
Big Jeans
Big Jeans loves to cuddle and play all day long he's a huge sweet heart and very clumsy to his new favorite thing to do is play fetch which is the first for me lol