Benji loves to travel, eat yummy foods, and soak in the sun. He’s quite the stunner and loves the attention (and food) people give him. Kind of a shy soul but not once you know him! He has a cute smile!!! When he’s serious, his snaggle tooth comes out and he’s even cuter haha
Playboys name is really Sidney he is my friends cat who I am watching over for 4 months and he is handsome full of life also btw he is 10 months and HUGE, HIS OAWS ARE HUGE . HE IS 6 CELL PHONES LONG . I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM. Iam hoping he lets me keep him .I had already lost an angel I can't loose another. He loves to play he loves to follow me everywhere and yeah he is nosy and he is a good thief lol but what ever he wants I will give it to him.
I had Lilly when she was two weeks old . She has been with me for 14 years . She is my angel my best friend and my body guard she is not scared. She loves her cat nip cigars ball with bells she loves me . And I love her . She is not the friendliest can't around she picks and chooses her friends wisely, I am horned to be her best friend.
Fergie was a special cat , she is passed away since March 19 2022 she was two years old. She was full of life sweet angel with lots of love. I had rescued her from the street at 3 months . She was dragging her back legs .I had thought she got hit by a car , turns out she just needed food bed love , hugs ,and lots of attention.she got it all from me for two years . She was sick and fast and I still grieve but she will always be my cutest angel .
Diesel enjoys ranger rides, loves to eat peanut butter and he loves to be the most handsome dog ever
He started out as my foster 3 years later, he is my therapy baby!
Very energetic, loves to be outside and there is never a sad day with her.
He loves tbe outside, loves to run threw the flowers and love love loves his kids.
Maverick was found on the side of the road & picked up by my son. He has added years to our Senior dog & is still a pup. He loves to hike & play in the water.
Rory loves to play with toys and go on walks, her absolute favorite thing is playing in the snow!
Raven has a outgoing personality she is 11 years old and act s much younger living her life to the fullest loves attention and 🤗 cuddles
Miss Chloe is sassy! Thinks she can put her little brother chopper in his place when he's going crazy running from one end of house to the other ! They pretend they don't like each other but truth is they love each other she eats out of the big bowel chopper eats out of the little bowel!
He is half Shepard/ Alaskan husky one blue greenish eye other eye is brown Likes AND LOTTTTTS of peanut butter to try control his older sister Chloe! He likes to talk talk and talk!
We got Dexter at 5 months old from a neglectful house where he spent his days living in his own mess in a kennel. We have spent the last few years working with him and his anxiety and now he is able to stay home without a muzzle! (he is too scared of kennels) he is such a big baby and loves his kids as well as his kitties! We are now working on recall and leash walking! He is a very smart boy but still such a doofus😂 he loves the snow in winter and playing the water all other seasons! He is currently helping me through my loss of two of my babies, Kurama and Chewie, and has kept me moving towards a better future!
This is Lilah girl! She is the sweetest baby, and gives the best hugs ever. She is our most faithful protector, and loves her family with her whole heart. Lilah loves being lazy, going “bye-bye” and playing outside with her kids. She is one of the greatest editions to my family! Show Lilah some love!
Yankee is my cat from the shelter and he loves sleeping on his cat tower
He is born on fourth of July he is 12 years old loves attention very lovable and sweet guy❤️
Wrigley loves being held and I love holding him
A whole lot of love and a loud purr!
Piper is very playful, she loves to play hide and seek, loves to watch the birds and squirrels and she absolutely loves her treats!!
Willow Mae
Willow is a Goldador (golden retriever, lab mix). She loves cuddles and is the prettiest girl ever. Named after my moms favorite tree, the weeping willow!
Trump is the best kid ever,,, if he had thumbs he would drive a car lol,,, he high fives,, shakes ,, tell him to grab a specific toy he will come back with it ,,, most of all hes a republican,, loves his country.
He likes to smile when he meets new people and won’t go anywhere without his favorite toy.
Teddy Centala
Ted loves to play fetch with a puff ball and sitting on the porch every morning to talk to the birds.
Mazy Gray
Mazy is a 3 month old blue Merle mini Australian shepherd. She loves to play with her tennis ball. Just at 10 weeks she learned to sit, lay down and paw. She loves the outdoors or just to be lazy with her mama or daddy. She loves to follow her mama around the house. Mazy is a sweet girl and loves all people!
Vinnie Pie is not only the cutest cat ever but also the sweetest!! Please vote!
Simon is a 3 legged cat he was found trapped in a fence with his leg caught at only a few months old... His l leg got infected and had to be removed.. he will be 6 in may
Bella is a lovey girl who loves attention and wants to be pet all day. She the sweetest lap cat and loves fuzzy balls to play with
Loves ropes
Nismo is a half British short hair and half Scottish fold. He loves chicken and playing with the faucet.
Lily is a 3 year King cavalier. She loves to snuggle with me and loves to be outdoors. She loves to play with toys as they were her babies. The day walk is her favorite past time .
Hi, my name is Vienna! I am a 7 month old kitten, just a baby! I am the newest member to my family (got the greatest Christmas present ever… a home!) My hobbies include playing with my sibilings, Copper and Aria, and playing with my sparkle pom balls!
Magnus is a crazy cat who loves to sit on the window and talk to birds. He also loves going outside and riding in his stroller.
Hi everyone! I’m Aria, I’m a two year old domestic shorthair. I’m everything sugar, spice, and anything but nice. I’m small, fiesty, and only cuddle on my terms. Recently, I got diagnosed with a condition called Feline Hyperesthesia, or FHS. This condition causes these episodes where I attack my own tail and back legs because my brain makes me think that something else is attacking me when that’s not the case. I’m currently on medication to suppress my symptoms but sadly this is a condition I will live with as it isn’t curable, we can only treat with medication. My mom is working hard to make me the most comfortable I can and I know that with her help, I will continue to live the best life ever! 💕
My mom is my best friend. I LOVE to snuggle and I LOVE the outdoors. While my mom is my best friend I definitely consider myself a daddy’s boy. On a daily basis you can find me napping and wishing it was summer time so I can go to the lake!
Hi everyone! I’m Copper! I’m a two year old female orange tabby and my people found me wandering outside their apartment and took me in! Life is good and I couldn’t have picked a better family to live with. My hobbies includes sleeping & making the best biscuits!
Azi is a Maine girl through and through. Even at 11 yrs, she enjoys all the best Maine has to offer, no matter the season! Azi has been by my side since the day I got her. She is never shy to show off her goofy personality and unwavering devotion.
Bella is almost 2! She is a rescue! She loves her dad and loves to annoy him! She is our crazy small playful cuddly cute kitty!
If you’re wondering why you can’t see her breed, well because she’s one of a kind! Leah is a chubby, puppy eyed, sweet, heavy breathing, cuddly BEAGADOR. She is a black lab beagle mix and she is our “baby dog” and 7 years old! She is her daddy’s baby!
She is a spunky, cute, cuddly, snoring, and always sleeping 16 year old shih tzu She loves her daddy, and is treated like the queen of the house!
Nancy is super naughty n playful and always ready for anything exciting.5.5 months old
Hi my name is Kiwi! I was a stray cat for awhile and then got fostered for a couple months then got adopted by my amazing family! I love snuggling with my family and playing with them! I am very wild and love to be outside! I love to run around my house! Please take a second and vote for me if you can :)
This is Mowgli baby! He is the sweetest little kitty ever. He loves his mom and dad, especially his big brother (even though brother is mean to him sometimes.) He loves long snuggles and all of his toys, but especially brother Milo’s toys. He has the most gentle soul. Show Mowgli some love!
This is Milo boy! He is a mischievous kitty who loves to play crazy and have fun. He loves his stuffie Frank, an alligator. He tolerates his baby brother Mowgli, and hates being caught loving on him. He is the bestest laser chaser and bath time buddy. Show Milo some love!
Halloween is a very sweet boy he’s super playful his favorite toy is actually a bowling ball! He pushes it around with his nose and chases it
Marshmallow likes to play with his tail daily until he becomes dizzy and plops to the floor.
He loves to chase squirrels he cant catch. He loves to play with his toy mice. He runs and slides on the floor in yhe kitchen chasing them. He loves to lay on the refrigerator or his "loft" on top of our cabinets. He is my antidepressant everyday. Please vote for Romeo