Damon was dumped as a kitten, I found him in a skip, he was feral when I rescued him but now he's the most loving cat I've had, he really is a lap cat and appreciates the love and care he receives
Maggie is a German shepherd cross Labrador who loves lots and lots of cuddles
Badger loves to smile
Scooby is a fun playful pupper who loves talking with a lil howl & cuddles right up on my hip under the blankie!! 🐕‍🦺🐾
Lola is a loving fluffabutter big fur ball that loves laying in sun spots on her back, she loves talking while looking up in your eyes & is just so soft & cuddly! 🐈😻
Bronson loves to play ball and he also loves food and going out in the var
Very friendly, always wants to play, runs around the house barking at everyone for attention, loves chewing on socks, slippers and shoe laces,but very stubborn and always looking for food and loves hugs.
Toby is a sweet meowmy's boy who loves to play and my CCTV. He loves a treat and a gentle soul. He never left my side when I was happy pill. A very curious chubby cat but never a destroyer.
Sherlock is a loving boy and enjoys snuggling and playing with his 3 brothers. He also enjoys bathing in the sun and sleeping in his cat tree.
Loki is a 1 year old cheeky chappy that is a massive snuggle monster but loves a long walk and can play all day. He loves the beach the rocks are his fave and loves his best friend our bunny rabbit cottontail :)
This is my sweet angel Harriett. She is the most laid back docile cat I have ever had. Her favorite place is our bed or on one of our laps. She loves to play with her brother and sister. Her favorite show is looking out the window at the birds or watching our chinchilla. We have always called her our calendar kitty because of how gorgeous we think she is and we hope you think the same!!
Hi, I’m Loki, named after the God of Mischief! I love to play and fight with my beautiful sister at home and really love my cardboard tube above any expensive gifts that have been bought for me!
Beautiful and gentle. Nearly 16 and been battling cancer for 3 years. She is a fighter, and the love of my life.
Bookitty is a very unique cat....loves her loving at her convenience... and is def the queen of the house....even talks to her convenience 😊
Casper is a rescue cat. Sadly he was found in the middle of the city centre during the week before Christmas. Abandoned in his carrier on top of some recycling bins in the rain, a kind passer by stopped to take him to the nearest vet. I was fortunate to see him in January at my local rescue centre and I couldn’t resist him. He is very affectionate and is learning to enjoy life in a garden as well as on a comfy stool by a radiator. In February I had an accident which has resulted in many weeks recovering at home. Casper has been the very best companion as I have been getting better. I am certain this is because I have such a wonderful 4 legged friend. We have rescued each other.
Indy was placed in foster care as she didnt have a momma. I have been taking care of her since she was 3 weeks old. She is an amazing loving kitten. ❤️
Hi I’m Oakley or as my mom calls me princess 👑🤍 I love playing tug of war with my parents. My mom and dad just adopted my older little sister Tilly, she’s a cat. I love her already. 🫶 I know how to sit, shake, and lie down. I’m about 8 months old and i’m so rambunctious. That’s all. 🤍👑
My name is Peanut. I’m a miniature dachshund and I am 3 months old. I like chilling with my parents and playing with my flamingo. I give the best hugs.
Roxy is almost 5 months. She is the sweetest pup ever. Loves her two big human brothers and absolutely loves the water. She is just so beautiful inside and out xx
Liono will try and climb up your leg when he needs a cuddle he does this every night.
Zoey is a sassy love bug and a mama bear through and through. She had a tough first few years of her life, she was used for breeding then dumped. She is living life to the fullest now, and loves parenting a human toddler.
Luka is a huge snuggle bug who loves nothing more than snuggling with his favorite people. He was a foster fail and is so happy to just be alive every day.
Wilma is a sprinter and jumper, she loves to chase bugs in the garden and climb up high. She is still a little kitty, so comes back in for cuddles when its dark.
Aizlee was a wonderful sweetheart who was adopted as a senior. She has sadly passed away after a long life. She was a beautiful cat and I want to share her loveliness with others.
Monster is quite the character. He can be the most sweetest thing to jump out of his skin the next min over his shadow. There is never a dull moment with monster.
Jade is 2 years old and extremely sweet and smart, She is a people dog for sure, Loves taking walks and playing outside with her ball, She loves sitting at the front door watching the neighbors outside , She’s my shadow for sure
Bear is very spunky when she is full of energy but she also has a teenage cattitude. She loves her stripper pole “cat scratcher” she’s well behaved for just a baby 🩷
Mr. Roman was a shelter kitty. He is the most loving and chill cat. He LOVES people, especially when they give him treats! Always wants to be a part of what you’re doing and will always accept your love!
Hiiiiii, my name is Seven and im 10 weeks old 🎉 my name is Seven as I have an amazing 7 in white on my brown back so my momma and dad decided it was fate and named me Seven:) I am fun mischievous but loving too, I love my 20 month old human sister she’s my best bud and always feeds me her favourite treats even share an ice cream :) I love my chews and toys and also going out exploring now I’ve had my jabs, and I am starting ringcraft too soon to try and enter at crufts that’s the big dream ❤️ Anyway please vote for me I’m super excited to hopefully win however the taking part is also so so great xx thankyou love Seven ❤️
So intelligent and friendly absolutely adorable full of on-going energy.
Effe was abandoned as a kitten. She has many personalities but does appear to likes having her photo taken. She's just our girl.
Baby Girl
Baby Girl is so very sweet! I’ve only had her for 2 days now. I found her in a shelter and she is sick. She has an upper respiratory infection and she’s very malnourished. You can see her ribs and hip bone. If I were to win something I’d be taking her straight to the vet to get the help she’s needs.
Very lovable loves hugs and rides, playing ball. Loves the outdoors. Fun, loves his family and treats 🥰very good boy. Gorgeous with beautiful amber eyes 😍
Loves to sleep with me, protective, loves all treats and snacks. Good Boy ❤️ Doesn't miss a beat in anything!
Yoyo loves a treat and never fails to let me know when he thinks he deserves one
Frankie is a cat who is a 12 year old cat who loves to sleep
Poppy loves her squeaky snake her stuffed rabbit everybody and everything
Entertaining. Tropper in all weather 💜 Loves being outside, long cat naps, love bug.
Patrick is the most cheekiest dog ever but he is also so loving. His nickname is also Patrica
Jaxson is two years old. He loves riding in the car. He goes everywhere with me. He hears keys and hes up and at the door. He is a picky eat. He loves to play and he knows when its time for a nap. He is so smart and surprises me everyday. I would be lost wothout him.
Vote for Minx in the cutest cat contest because she's more than just adorable—she's a bundle of joy with an infectious personality! With her fluffy coat, mesmerizing eyes, and playful antics, Minx can turn even the gloomiest day into a celebration of feline charm. She's the cat who greets you with gentle head bumps and purrs that could melt a heart of stone. Her charisma is undeniable, and her playful spirit is simply irresistible. Give your vote to Minx, and let's crown a cat that brings smiles and happiness to everyone she meets!
Sophie is very calm and friendly cat. She likes resting and get well with other cats.
Ranger,aka Da Bumpins is an adorable cat with all the orange cat aesthetics. He lives to run around as fast as he can and mess up perfectly set blankets. He has two brothers that he loves very much and harasses on the daily
Barnaby likes to bark at bigger dogs and loves chicken nuggets. He loves cuddles.
Princess is almost a year old and she likes to play