Sydney is a 5 year old Chihuahua pug mix
Rubi Rose
Rubi Rose is a 4 Month Old Chihuahua/ Dachshund. I was Blessed with her on My Bday this year and She came into my life at the perfect timing after losing my other dog a few months previous. She has been such a joy to my life and family. She is so energetic, always putting a smile on her face and has welcomed herself into the family with my other family dogs as well. She loves playing with Roscoe and Niko and chewing on any toy with sounds she can find. Vote for My Newest Addition My lil Diva Rubi Rose! She has so much personality and catch her somewhere prancing with her one leg/paw up and one ear folded down just loading you with nothing but cuteness overload!
Quinny is a barn cat and loves to sleep all day and play all night!!!
Marshmellow loves cuddles. When her brother gets in trouble she loves to join with him! Shes such a sweetheart! Loves everyone !!
Huxley is a small tuxedo boy with a BIG personality. He was originally in foster care after being born and was not expected to survive due to several abnormalities as well as neglect from his feline mother. Huxley beat the odds and thrived under his human foster mother's care and she adopted him as she couldn't bear to say good bye. He shows his appreciation each day by bringing her "offerings" of his favorite toys, which she often wakes up to!
Mia Rednose
Mia is a very playful dog that loves attention and chasing cats
Goose is a fun loving cuddly kitten. Born on the farm and loves to play ❤️
Milo loves to play fetch... yes fetch, he even brings it back to you, when he is bored at night while everyones sleeping he likes to nibble on our noses to make sure we our up to give him attention! Hes sweet (sometimes) and silly!
Jingle-San “Jingle Son” / The Karate Cat Was born October, 3rd 2008 Passed Away September, 3rd 2022 I had him ever since I was 8 he was one the coolest cats you could ever be around would come to you if u called him he loved to be held he was one the most lovable cats I ever had. We recently had to put him down because of a stroke but he will forever live on in my heart and memories❤️
Ozzy is a very friendly fat male cat. He loves to run and play specially with his toy mouse . He loves car rides and to show affection
Lady Tessa Marie
Lady Tessa Marie is between 10 to 11 months. She was a rescue cat. She loves biting, tearing up anything of mine, and eating is her hobby. I would not trade her for anything.
Sheldon is a little stinker. He really loves to cuddle. He likes to play with everything.
From a sleepy pup to a hyper running hunter . She’ll tire you out , she’ll come and give you warm snuggle , but watch your snacks she’ll ask but if she didn’t recive she’ll get it herself
Olivia was a rescue. She was found in a cage on a bike path. Now she has 3 doggy brothers and all the love in the world. She loves to play and doesnt like nap time at all. Vote for Livvy ❤😺
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin is one of our 4 daughters, she is feisty and loves to play tag with her momma!
Alu loves to meow especially at 3am, he’s a snuggly boy and mostly meows purely for attention
A very handsome nice boy who loves to get in the bath with mommy.
Taz is my baby boy. He likes to play with toys that don’t belong to him. He likes to snuggle his mama. He has separation anxiety so he gets to go on lots of trips. He loves the beach but is scared of the ocean. He likes to bother out other dogs and he hates baths and any vegetables.
Otis is a little pure white baby that we rescued at 4 weeks old from a lady that didn’t want him because he’s deaf (which is what makes him so special) Otis is harness trained and loves travelling, especially on the train where you will usually find him asleep with his mouth wide open! As you can see below. Otis has stolen our hearts and the hearts of pretty much everyone he’s ever met, he is the sweetest funniest angel we have ever met 🤍
Lacey is a sweet/snobby lady! She loves snuggles....on her terms!
Xion is a sweet kitty who will walk right up to me and ask to be picked up by standing on her hind legs and stretching up to me.
Pickle is a rescue baby! Loves snuggles and all the love!💕 not a year old yet so he’s just a little guy! but has lots of energy!
Buddy loves to play and enjoys to chew on ropes or sticks he also loves his family very much !
My baby boy Halo is a half bengal/british short hair cat and he is a year old. As you can probably tell from his photo, he is the cheekiest little monkey and he loves to climb and eat. He is unbelievably loving and affectionate. I love my boy with all my heart. He's the sweetest little man. Please vote for my little cutie. ♥️
Lola is a rescue dog from abroad, she is still learning how to trust humans but has made huge progress in the time she’s been adopted.
Our little teacup pup 💞. He loves the spotlight and will do just about anything to catch your eye including jumping in your bin of blankets 😇🥰
My name is Roxxii I’m 16 weeks old I love playing with my squeaky toys, running around, and treats.
She’s the smartest and sweetest pup💕
benji is a fun loving part of our family he loves walks and loves playing in the park with his ball , hes very friendly and very protective , he loves his toys and treats he can be such a comedian so funny hes small but big fun and love and also laughs cheers people up hes my bestie love him so much a bundle of joy 🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
Cleo is the sweetest cat who just wants to cuddle all day!
Maisie loves her 3am zoomies!
Colby is such a silly boy who will sit and meow at a door until someone opens it for him!
Penny loves rolling on her back for belly rubs and cuddling with her stuffed kitty!
Elvis is such a sweet boy who loves giving hugs and kisses!
He likes love and Dr. Pepper
Rufus is so outgoing & energetic. He is more like an emotional support animal & can always tell when something is wrong with his mommy. He is the most sweetest & cuddly cat. He loves water, he loves going for walks on his leash. He loves his mommy & daddy.
My handsom boy.
Taco loves plastic bags, he will get in them even when there is still stuff in them. He’s very shy but loves attention when he is used to you.
Maxie is an ornery Maine Coon/Manx baby that loves to get into trouble.
Kölsch is a sweet cuddly 2 year old who loves to play. She loves to climb up high on dressers, doors, and the Christmas tree during Christmas time.
Zeus loves to show you his belly any chance he gets. He loves to cuddle with his dad at night before going to bed. And he loves laying in baskets!
She loves to play with my other kittens and she is a total sweetheart. Her thing is that when you talk to her, she will meow back and have a full convo.
I love my daughter Taylor rose the best cat ever yes loves to cuddle and then I get home from work she wants a hug and kisses
Dapper the Don, First of His Name, Human in Dog Form, King of His Castle, Breaker of Chains (literally), and Friend to All.
Gus is a blue mitted lynx Ragdoll with the most beautiful nature! Don’t trust the blue eyes though… He will steal your socks first chance he gets, even if you’re wearing them!
He is a spunky, fiesty, family loving pup!! He has a favorite stuffy his kid human gave him when he came home, and it happens to be a llama lol. He loves to give you lots and lots of kisses and definitely loves to snuggle up. His favorite past time is sleeping or following him mom human around the house lol.
She loves to play and once when I was looking away decided to steal a pancake from me. Yes a real pancake. She was running down the hallway with it dangling behind her. It was adorable!