Dog cat Stories - 77


Angel is my 13 yr old chihuahua. Loves to cuddle and sleep on my pillow. She wrestles with her stuffed bears and loves food.
a german shepard/husky mix, affectionately referred to ask “the queen” or “queen greta” by friends! she loves long walks, car rides, and sitting on the couch.
Corn Bae
corn bae has had one visit to the vet because he woulndnt stop talking in british. he has a history of chain smoking and has a addiction to beef. also i know he has been sneaking out at night to see a lover and frankly, i dont think shes a good influince. or he becasue corn bae is bi.
Luna is high energy, fun, and extra loving! She will crawl up and cuddle when your sitting watching tv! She is the sweetest most talkative little thing, and always come running at dinner time! Naps on her back in the sunshine, loves to sit outside and watch the ducks swim in the pound out back. She is overall the best decision we made!
Ziggy is 2 and a half years old. He loves blankies, cuddles and walks at any time!
Punkin is the smartest and sweetest girl in my world.
I like sleep! And to play in the dark! I suit my name a little too well at times. I am only a puppy and still learning about the world.
Cinnamon is a very fun and playful cat, she loves to cuddle and play all day long. She’s definitely a one of a kind. That is why I think she should win.
ranger is 7 years old , he is a very cuddly dog , he loves to be around everyone and all he ever does is give endless amount of love ! he is the best friend you have ever wanted (:
Always begging for attention.
She’s a rescue,she came from an abusive back ground but she’s beautiful and so friendly she’s a very loved girl more like a human than most if she wins the money will be going to rspca
Charlee is very lovable likes to be held and LOVES his frisbee. I was Charlee's third and forever home when he was 9 months old. He was afraid of little people and would hide when they were around so he was passed around until I found him. At age 60 I no longer have little people in my home so he is very happy and content, he loves me as mush as I love him. To the moon and back! He is so sweet, cute and lovable ,and makes friends everywhere we go and of course he goes where I go or I don't go.
Ragnar likes to play all day . He loves cuddles with mommy and daddy and sleep in his cat scratching post.
Freddy Girl
Freddy girl short for Fredericka loves to snuggle, climb her cat tower and put her head in the corner while she’s napping, and she chase her laser pointer. 😻
Hi I’m Mocha!! I love to snuggle and eat treats.
diesel is a very entertaining dog
Pete loves to go swimming and going for walks he also loves camping
Saved as a puppy
Angel is so sweet and adorable. She is going to be 1 year old on March 9th. She lovessss belly rubs, cuddles, chewing on bones, and swimming!
He has to have a booboos. His name means gift from God
I call her onny... she is so pretty and she knows it
Vote for him cause he’s super smart and talented and cute
He is the sweetest little boy. He makes a Great Emotional support animal. He loves popcorn and loves to wake mommy and daddy up just to come cuddle in the our room. He also can almost open up a door.
He is quite unusual cat not really affectionate likes his own company loves being outdoors but he is so cute 🥰 xx
She loves to snuggle she meows 24 7 as she misses our dog wee soul stubborn and good at ignoring you lol x
Mila Moo
Mila is a very beautiful and unique little lady! We entered this competition for fun and are blown away by all the love and support! Please keep voting for her, she deserves to come as high as she possibly can ☺️
She is a 4 month old beautiful Bengal baby! She is so energetic and makes me laugh constantly. If she’s not chewing cardboard she’s perched 8 feet up on her tree. She will use the money for cat toys and a new cat wheel 😁
He's a little troublemaker but is a cutie who loves snuggles. Any prize money won will be donated to Putting BSL to Sleep UK
Poppy is the HBIC. She enjoys lounging around, chasing lizards, and looking down her nose at us civilians. Poppy is a queen and she knows it. She always has a “let them eat cake” kind of expression on her face. She is also the love of her mama’s life❤️
Hi Guys my names Ebony my hoomans call me ‘Ebs’ for short I’m only just 2 years old. I LOVE to sleep and paw my hoomans for attention all the TIME! Head massages are my fave they send me to doggy heaven. I’ll admit I’ve very spoilt as the only furbaby so they better not get another furry thing to steal my limelight ☮️🐶✌🏼
Buster is a Toy Shi-Pom {25 percent Shihtzu-75 percent Pomeranian} Everywhere we go Buster gets approached to pose for pictures with passersby Buster was potty trained his 1st week home - Buster has learned to play ball {fetch}, sit, stay, lay and chill. Buster has already overcome any fear to fireworks and thunder. Buster LOVES to give kisses and is a real people puppy. Buster enjoys swimming and boating, taking walks {runs}, visiting dog parks and dog beach, having his belly scratched and just loves everyone to love him.
My name is Lexie but my family calls me Dooty. I love hiking, balls, and squirrels.
Maple is a lab x collie x staffie 😍she is 8 and a half and is still basically a puppy. Loads of energy even after having her leg operation a year ago ! You could never tell she is nearly 9 ! We have had maple since she was 5 months old and we rescued her from dogs trust in harefield :)
Puckly is our sweet little demon kitty. She was supposed to be mine, but fell in love with my Fiancé. She only wants to be held when she wants to be held. If you try holding her when she doesn't want to be held, she growls. Hence her nickname, Growl Monster! She's the princess of this house and is spoiled. We would love to spoil her more and this is exactly what we would do if she wins this contest. :)
Hi my name is Kona! I’m a little over a year old and I absolutely love to play! I love to play with my frisbee and squeaky toys! I also enjoy playing in pools and water bowls! After long days of playing, I love ending my day by cuddling up with my mom in bed and and falling asleep!
Hi my name is Dk! I love chewing on my toys and I love treats. I love chasing after birds and other dogs. I am a smart puppy. I am a strong puppy. When I get bigger I want to compete in The Westminster Dog Show and AKC National Championship. Wish me luck!!
Roo is possibly the most laid back collie pup ever (touch wood). Even though he loves agility, and more importantly toys, he is very happy to take a snooze. His other favourite thing to do is put his paw on my hand when trying to write my dissertation (he proceeds to grumble at me if I don’t give him attention).
Bandit is a funny hyper cat who loves to play with his tennis balls or his gym and enjoys playing with his auntie patchie. He also enjoys cuddles and loves to watch bambi with his mum and dad. He is such a playful cat who is my baby boy♥️♥️♥️
Lilly Crumpet
She was the runt of her litter and weighed only 2.6kg at 9 months, she’s not the cuddliest kitten but she’s never away from me. She eats everything, if I leave my food guarantee she will be walking off with a fried egg in her mouth if that’s what’s available. She likes popcorn and although her brother is twice her weight doesn’t hesitate to try and play fight him daily. She’s a bundle of cuteness with a side of devil 😈
Hi my name is Lola. My family rescued me from the Humane Society five years ago. I love cuddles, just don't pick me up!!! I love kids, and am probably one of the few cats around that will run towards a crying baby.
Ziggy is a 3 month old puppy with a lot of energy and appetite! He loves to chase his big brother and play tug.. He has tons of toys but his favorite ones are the ugly blue dog and the $1 rope.. 😩
meet bean, more human than dog. loves his momma, dad, sis val and bark box🥺💗🦋
Marvel is a gorgeous pomsky (husky x Pomeranian). He weights 10.9 kg and is the most mischievous, cheeky pup you’ll ever meet! He LOVES to chew (even mummy’s skirting boards) and adored making new doggy friends 🐶
Trigger is the most handsome, beach loving sprocker spaniel ever. He loves puddles, cuddles and sausages. He lives next door to his best friend (a cocker spaniel) called Rodney! Vote for Trigger! He’s hoping to win so he can afford to take his family on a Jolly boys outing 😀