Dog cat Stories - 78


Tico is a pup I met when visiting Costa Rica. I couldn't leave him behind so I found a way to bring him home! He is the sweetest dog in the world and loves to dig himself dirt beds, bury treats and cuddle.
The Duke is King of Cats. He loves Chicken, Eggs and Custard. He’s like the idea of catching spiders until he gets up close and personal with one..
Molly actually sadly passed away on the 11th July 2020... but she was the most loving dog to ever walk this planet, she loved children, her favourite food was Burger King 🤪she absolutely adored my grandma and protected her a lot until she went into a care home.. Molly became very poorly in June 2020 when we found a lump on her belly which grew bigger everyday, she lost a lot of weight but she never lost herself. She will forever be in my heart but still the cutest dog ever!
Sally is a rescue Lab German Shepard mix. She brings so much joy. Whenever someone comes over, she has to show them her bone. She's silly, sweet and so loving.
My big brothers are on here to so I thought I'd join them, I think I'm cuter than them
My nickname is Piggy, since I like to snort like a piggy to talk to my humans and my favourite game is rolling around in wet mud!
Draco thinks he is a dog. He loves to run around with our dogs like he’s one of them.
Atlas is a Catahoula leopard dog. He is a very goofy and playful puppy but can be very sweet and LOVES to sleep on my chest even though he is getting to the point of being too big.
Hi my name is raj, i like to lay on my giant bed that i share with my servent. I love my food and i like to attack strings. My servent says that if i win she will use the money to get me more toys. I like toys!
Daisy is a 6 month old Sproodle. She is unique with her white tail, white chin and pink & black paws. She is so energetic & clever. She loves her cuddled, walkies and lots of treats x
Tilly is a beautiful 9 week old tabby cat, she has such a playful personality but also adores her cuddles.
I'm 2,5 years old, i was found on the countryside and i stole my owners hearts straight away. I love play, sleep very long, purring and cuddling. Vote please 😊🙏
I like tearing up shoes, playing with water bottles, and chewing rugs... but I am still told that I am adorable!
¨...anyone got any anti-teeth gloves?¨
She loves to watch her pet fish, James Pond and play fetch!
Ernie likes bones and treats 🐶 He was born on the 14th September 2019 and is a very crazy baby. He is so energetic and will always run around the house when it’s time for walkers but he secretly loves to go out. He is my best friend xx
Bjorn is adventurous and mischievous, but not malicious. He likes to be up high and have a view. He is constantly checking out new things and leads his little sister, Sigrid, who is not quite as brave. He's Mr. Steal-Your-Girl (or guy) with his handsome poses.
Dayzee is a lovely caring member of the family and my daughters best friend ❤️
Douglas Dougie Doug
Im a lazy boy really. Will loudly demand a cuddle and expect you to drop everything to rub my belly. I will awake you up every night between 2 and 4 pm to remind you to fuss me Im never too far from my sisters, and if im not there your find me in my favorite spot for a snooze
Sammy was born July 4, 2017, he was one out of 10 babies... Sammy is my ride or die buddy, I have horrible car anxiety and he really helps me stay claim.....
Lady is are little wolfwood dog that loves nothing more than playing ball and a good cuddle
Buster is a border collie he loves cuddles and nothing more than watching the world go by out of the windows
Klondike is a sweet boy! He loves being petted and naps with his grandma! He loves to play and loves to eat! Vote for Klonny!
Francy is the sweetest boy! The first night we brought him home, he layedin bed with me. He is an amazing at snuggles! He is an awesome nap buddy! Vote for Francy!
Flynn was born on St Valentine's Day this year, his mum was a rescue dog. Flynn is cute and naughty in equal measure. He loves to run & will often find a nice mucky puddle to roll in. He has a big brother Chance who was also rescued & they are best friends.
Cuddly loving and all round a little sweetheart loves little walks around our town, but will always steal the food off your plate when he gets a chance.
This is zodiac the most playful cuddly bundle of joy always wanting a snuggle couldn’t love this little kitten anymore 🥰
Alexander Charlie Damillio
Mamas best friend😍😍😍😍
Beau is a very caring loving dog he's 16 weeks old and he loves to play. Hus favorite thing is meeting new dogs and people he's new to the family and we couldn't have wished for a better pup also he's Soo cute😁 so vote for beau
Gorgeous border collie who loves cuddles and tennis balls!!! 🎾, he is excellent with his little brother bear who is a 5 week old kitten, he grooms him and protects him!.
Alani is 10 weeks old and loves watching big cats documentaries
Hi! My name is Tucker and I am an 8 week old long-haired dachshund. I love to have cuddles, give kisses and take naps. I also love to have a good old sulk when I’ve been told no. My favourite toy is my elephant but he scares me when he squeaks.
Mandy Mae
Mandy Mae, RIP, 6/21/2013, we love you baby girl!
Hi I'm Yolo, I'm part kangaroo and part parrot. I love my humans especially the little ones. I love long walks on the beach and fetching the ball for my momma at the park. I'm spoiled and loved by everyone. I'm the luckiest dog in the world!
My names Salem and as you can see from this photo my human mama took of me I just love being involved and helping her with her work, I hope she doesn’t mind me stealing her pen 🖊 🥺🐾🐾 my favourite thing to do is play with all my toys, I enjoy being waited on by my humans they love me so much, who wouldn’t!? 😝🐾🐾✨✨
He’s a gorgeous little 5 week old kitten being hand reared by me from 2 weeks old as he was abandoned by his mother and when taken to the vets they just wanted to put him down, he’s thriving so much now!
Todd loves to be outside and enjoys long long walks. He really enjoys playing with his tennis balls and really is my dad's best friend. He also likes the think he's a guard dog! But we wouldn't have him any other way
Luna was a barn cat and was abandoned when her mom was attacked by a neighbors dog in South Carolina. While on vacation I brought her and her brother back home with me to Illinois brought them to the vet to get all fixed up from fleas, worms and ear mites😔 Luna has no tail and hops around like a bunny. She now lives her best life thinking she the boss of my dog pack.
Stubborn beyond his 96 doggy years, wise beyond his 13 human. Max is the most chill, unconditionally loving creature on this planet. Weighing in at 90lbs from his high of 180lb, he says he lowered his weight class and still ready to kick some a$$. His favorite hobbies are making new human friends, ripping apart fast food burgers, and not being far from his favorite people!
Diesel is a purrfect combination of sweetness and fluff! He loves to cuddle and play! Vote for Diesel!
Onyx Rose
Onyx is a spunky little girl full of energy!
Hi ny name is Stormi and I am 3 years old. I am a playful, loveable kitty that loves to lounge around. Pleaae vote for me
Finn is a gorgeous domestic fattttt boy. Fun. Loving and always cuddling.
Buster has been a very loyal friend to my son since he was a kitten. He knows when my son is about to get home and will wait for him by the door eagerly awaiting his presence.
Lzzy Mae Smith
This is lzzy, shes very playful and when she gets really hyper she will pounce and do her little bark. Her most favorite thing to do throughout the day is roll around playing with her rope, balls and stuffies.
Hi i’m Sunny!!