Dog cat Stories - 78


Trouper is a 15 month old male Jack Russell Terrier. The breeder contacted me and told me that if I did not take him she would have to put him to sleep due to CH. I immediately contacted a friend to see if she could help me rescue him. She thankfully did. She was able to help me with what he’s needs would be and I immediately fell in love with him. He is the sweetest puppy ever.
Fiercely playful with energy for days. It doesnt matter if you're big or small, Bubba is always ready to play.
Milo is the gentle giant in our household, and often finds himself running from the cat. He is a cuddle bug and will let everyone know he’s in a good mood with a big goofy smile.
All the money that will be raised from this contest will go to immigration cases😇 This is my mommy's Bella account if to want to see her :) Copy and Past
MJay was Born April 15, 2019 He was very small and has a lot of stomach issues that come back a now and again that goes away over time, because of these issues the first 6 months of his life where terrible he didn’t grow at all. At first MJay wasn’t close with his owner but he attached himself to him and they both grew to love each other, MJay surviving a abusive area and moved on into a better place for him. He lived with his best friend and Biological Uncle Lyo who ended up passing away Christmas of 2019. They where attached at hip and MJay grew into a great depression once Lyo has passed, And ended up being for the better for him. MJay gained weight and eventually grew to be a normal cat size. He’s Almost 2 years old now and currently lives with his adopted son named Bean, His Adopted Dad (Me), His grandma(MyMom) and Aunt(MySister). Bean and MJay are almost as attacked as Lyo and MJay where. You can see a lot of his Uncle in him. He’s sweet sensitive and loving. He cares and will comfort you when you’re upset and never wants to leave your side. He hates most people especially strangers and just ignores them. He can get angry very easily and will freak out and attack, mainly making funny noises and using his claws to attacking things or- people but it’s not to harm them just a warning to back off. He likes to play tag and plays fetch sometimes. He LOVES belly rubs and paw messages. He likes to eat raw carrots, rice and will be murderous over some meat 😆🧡!!
she is a verry animated dog and loyal a happy dog
Oh hi! My name is Aspen. I’m 4 years old, and I love green beans. Actually, any healthy veggies and fruits that my mom gives me. I live with my ma in Florida and we have lots of adventures. My favorites things are: sticking my head out the window when we drive, flinging mini tennis balls in the air and chasing them, and going anywhere that I’ll get lots of love and attention.
Barnaby loves to lay in the sun and has the prettiest coat. He is a scaredy cat but the sweetest kitty ever.
He loves to be dressed bc he gets cold easy and love to cuddle and sit in chair with his dad so he can watch out the window.
Hi, i’m Baxter! I am a 4 month old australian cattle dog. I love playing with my brother 🐶, riding in the car, and hanging out with my humans.
Nahla helps with depression. She enjoys talking, cuddling, always being there. Sleeps in her crib and never leaves my side. Times are really hard I don’t know what I’d do without my little girl by my side
Hi, i’m Brutus! I am a border collie/lab mix. I love playing with my brother 🐶, going on walks, snuggling with my humans, and playing with all of my toys! I really love going camping, going to the store, and riding in the car!
Spencer is gentle, funny and a wonderful companion , he enjoys chewing bones and sitting on your head while you watch tv !!!!
I am fun and loving, I also loves kids. I love to do back flips when i see my food. I love my brother, Bruno. We play all day in the garden, we love to chase bunny’s. Please look at my other photos!!
Harley, while is no longer with us. His spirit lives in us all forever and his kind hearted nature will linger with me forever
Bella is a German Shepherd her son is Bruno and they both love to ruff play:) This is Buno's link if you want to see him:) Copy and Past
Hello my name is Milo and I am a standard poodle. I’m full of energy and love to go on adventures such as going on car rides, the dog park, traveling, and hiking with my parents. I love my monthly bark box and I love to meet new friends. 🐩
Wild, sassy... but there is always time for snuggles 🥰
Oliver is a friendly Cavapoo. He enjoys greeting people by walking on his back legs, playing tug and and cuddles!
Willow is very energetic and loves to counter surf and chew up all of her toys!
chanel loves to play ball and enjoys being close to her humans she is very lovable and loves to cuddle
Hendrix is a pure bred doberman. Who loves nothing more than going for a long walk then back on the sofa for a cuddle and a nap. He loves to play and often doesn’t realise how big he is. Once you meet him you instantly fall in love with him. He really is the dog version of the BFG 🥰❤️
Millie is full of energy and happiness. She is always doing zoomies up and down the hallways, she jumps up to hug everyone when she’s excited to see them, and she is so funny. Millie is a great dog & best friend 🧡
This is Finnley! Shes a 9 month old tortoiseshell cat. She's the sweetest most bubbly and wild kitty but won't hesitate to curl up on your lap and give you cuddles after a long day of playing with her toys❤
Cali is so loving and a very happy girl.she wants all the attention on her always.
Axel is a CH kitten who absolutely adores love and cuddles. He whines when he is not around someone or being held. He gives kisses back and wobbles to you if you aren’t close enough to him!
Callie is an extremely loyal, smart and gentle dog. She loves going on hikes, playing ball or frisbee, and training. She is always looking for a job to do. Callie helped me become a dog trainer and I couldn't be more grateful for her. Callie is loved by everyone she meets and she is my world. I love every moment spent with her, from our late night cuddles to our spontaneous adventures. Im a huge believer in "no dogs left at home" and Callie comes with me everywhere she possibly can. Our bond is incredible and my goal is to help other pet parents create relationship with their dog and educate them on the importance of getting dogs out and working their minds! Future plans with Callie include; visiting as many mountains, waterfalls, beaches, ect. that we can, helping as many dogs as we can through training and donations, and entering agility, competitive heeling and dock diving competitions together!
Snowball is a friendly and kind cat who loves nothing more than attention
Is is totally gentle, friendly and adorable. He loves people and dogs and he is not dominant. The best day for him is when he can run behind his ball 🏀😍PS: Unfortunately, he also likes our toilet paper 🧻😂
The most loveable and excitable dog! Rescued in 2018 from a shelter he absolutely hated, he now will never leave your side!! 🥰
The derpiest dog around! He loves broccoli with all of his heart. He going bonkers for fresh snow! Sleeps on his back and snores like a chainsaw! Flynn is a rescue dog from Pittsburgh, PA and was taken from a dog fighting ring. He has spent the past year learning how to be a normal dog and he’s finally getting around to a new training program. He has major separation anxiety and leash reactivity issues. The money that we could win will go straight back into him and his training!❤️
Izzy is a little cutie! Such a loving warm personality! Loves cuddles and thinks she is a human :)
He sits when you say “sit”, “give me a paw.” Very trainable. He’s the best cat!!!
Barney is a Lovely bichon frise / shih tzu . He is such a little cute character, full of life and energy .He loves to play ball and eat my socks and bringing sticks in from the garden , loves all dogs , loves life and very cheeky, often takes my clothes out of the washing machine when I’m not about , very good communicator when he wants a walk , lastest is managing to get his lead off the coat hook and places it on the floor in front of me , nothing like hinting of course and lovable.He is 2 years old
Willow is a mobility and scent Service dog. She is a humgarian Vizsla and is very special. Those who know her call her "Pink Dragon Willow". She already is very successful in her assistance work and will be in training for another year (and for the rest of her working career). Willow is a sweet spirited dog who loves EVERYONE. She works for a cause (🎀) (breast cancer and bone cancer) and if she wins it will go towards her training and care! 🎀🐉🦮
Rocky loves laying in the sunshine. He will move as the sun moves to make sure he’s in the best spot to soak up all the light. He loves pets and man oh msn does he love to cuddle. He is the sweetest boy and i couldn’t imagine life without him.
Theodore is a very special boy with special needs. He has problems with scratching himself due to mysterious medical issues we are working hard to find the cause of. He wears a cone most of the time and has pretty rainbow nail caps called soft paws to prevent him from hurting himself. He’s currently a foster but we love him very much and hope to adopt him soon. Theo is very sweet and silly boy. His favorite things are belly pets and birds. His hobbies include watching tv, playing with his favorite wand toy, falling off the bed, and being absolutely adorable all the time. Half of the proceeds will be going to Billy the Kidden rescue and the rest towards pet supplies 💗 Vote for Theo !
I am a 10 month old Catahoula Lab mix with Heterochromia which means I have 2 different color eyes!
Bijoux Fights For Mihaita Sma
Hi, I am the sweetest litlle doggie, I play outside on sun and foggy, I love to sleep, to walk and eat, My mum considers me so sweet. Please help me win this contest, Any amount won in this competition will be donated to a special cause, to a boy called Mihaita, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy! So please help Bijoux win and Mihaita can have a chance to grow up 🙏🏻 #MihaitainvingeSMA. Mihaita needs the most expensive treatment in the whole world to save his life: ZolgenSMA its costs are over 2100000€! So here we are participating in this competition to donate all the potential earnings to Mihaita’s piggy bank! Thank you, And I kiss you.
Winston is the biggest love bug you’ll ever meet! He’s full of snuggles and kisses, and loves to curl up in bed with his humans!
Cece is a spunky girl with big, beautiful eyes and lots of snuggles to give! She loves playing with her brother, Winston chasing him around the house.
Max is a sweet boy, full of energy and such love. Max loves the outdoors, playing ball and long walks.
Pete is a Scottish West Highland Terrier with a little sniffer that doesn't stop! He's personable and is my little velcro dog and follows me around the house! He is a little love bug
Shes a ery lovable dog ,loves to cuddle under the covers,and loves to catch her stuffed animals and bring it back,loves paying w other dogs!