Huckleberry came from a remote Alaskan village and came to us as a rescue. Every morning we wake up and have full blown conversation with him howling and grumbling at everything I say to him. He is such a gentle soul and a total cuddle bug! He has had lived a very full life filled with many Alaskan adventures!
Buster is a pedigree Staffordshire bull terrier. He is the perfect definition of a staffy. He may be 10 years old but has the energy and enthusiasm of a 2 year old. He particularly loves the beach and the wooded area where he can hang off tree branches lol
Friday is a quirky dog. She loves to chase cars and will race them from the other side of our garden fence. A true collie ahahah
Luna is a British Bulldog Cross American bulldog. She is 9 months old. She loves cuddles and playing dective games. She is fantastic with children and is a pleasure to havenas a puppy/adolescent
Yriis a 3month old Staffy Cross American bulldog. She loves all things puppy related and is fantastic with other dogs and children
Dandelion is a stumpy little orange puff ball with short legs. But don’t be fooled, she can run very fast! She loves birds, playing with toys, and cuddling with her owners. Please help us buy her lots and lots of toys and a new treehouse! She deserves it!
Jimmy loves to cuddle, he will be 15 on March 12th. He is the most loveable cat you will ever meet. he likes the toys foil toys that sound like paper.
Reggie is a 1 year old scottish fold/ragdoll. He loves cuddles and playing chase. He has a big brother called Alfie who he loves to annoy. He also sees his brother, Steve, often as my brother is his owner!
Layla What can I say about my big guy, well no one knows were he came from, he showed up one day with our German shepherd and he was the size of a cell phone, he has a remarkable seven different colors or markings, including a coon looking tail, he is my emotional support buddy and best friend, and they call him the poser as you will see in the pictures
Oliver likes to come and sit on the bed in the mornings to visit!
I believe Oscar is an obsidian/tabby. He’s always had a weird meow like a dog and he loves to play with straws. They’re his favorite of all time and he likes to be curled up with his feet laying straight towards his head. He’s a silly cat he doesn’t meow normal, but he is a sweet, loving baby and he is spoiled very much .
Tennie is such a wild child! She was a rescue kitten from a feral colony. She disappeared one day and we searched high and low for her. Unbeknownst to us, she had taken a ride in the engine of our car. She ended up on a family member's property and survived 3 days without food and water until we captured her. The conditions were rough, it was summer in Arizona and the fact that she survived the desert elements is remarkable! We removed her from under a truck and brought her home. She has been bouncing off the walls ever since. She was the 1st cat we took in, and she is a joy to have around. She goes by Teenie and Nee-Nee, and love to play "kissy me" on her cat tree. 🐈‍⬛💋
Tiger is a sweet 2 yr old and loves to chill and go for walks on his leash. Likes to play with his fishing pole and likes his treats and catnip.
Apollo is one huge personality of a cat. Hes my first cat who is just quick to make friends with whatever person or animal. His favorite pastimes are zoomies in the house, playing with the dog, and laying on his humans lap with unlimited attention. Ive had him since he was about 5 months old and he is now over a year old. Hes such the sweetest cat I have ever had.
Drama is a French Bulldog and America. Pit. She loves to swim, wear make up and play with any kind of animal. She loves children.
Mitty is 3 years old and is fun loving cat who loves toys but is feeling a little down as my brother come to visit and Mitty missing him and he also helps and support us when down
Milo is very very sweet and respectful. He loves cuddles, licking windows, and eating food. He’s so nice to other cats and makes friends easily. He shares his food with other cats. He is a cool dude who loves cuddles and will be there for you whenever you need.
Gizmo loves to play and give cuddles
Peanuts a very sweet girl and loves to play with grandbabes and loves to have her picture taken and loves chicken jerky but most of all Peanut loves her mommy
A mischevious little lad who loves to play and will occasionally curl up to cuddle with you. 💕
Sky And Shaya
Beautiful sisters who have a love hate relationship but cant sleep without each other. Extremely cuddly and protective. Knows when its time to wake up as shaya meows and sky gives you a tap on the face.
Milo came to us from a far from perfect home, given a 50% survival rate we took the chance on saving her. After weeks of intensive at home care she recovered and has been the happiest healthiest girl for well over a year and a half now
Tammy is a female Persian mix. She love churu and naps. She gets confuse often so she like to stay close to her human and common areas for her. She will stare at the wall and pretty lights. She loves tigers/lions and has a huge painting that she loves to meow at.
Odin is the coolest cat. He is my best pal. He loves to go on trips with me. He is very playful. Ive had him since he was about 7 weeks old. He is my companion for sure. He loves everyone and everyones animals too. He forces his way into everyones heart within minutes. He LOVES ice cream.
Brody is a rescue kitten from a feral colony in our neighborhood. When we rescued him he was the sweetest boy but he was very sick. Because he was born into a feral colony, he became ill with parasitic infections and was on lots of medications and special food. He spent alot of time in the kitty hospital! 5 months later--he is happy, healthy and thriving! He has a best friend named Teenie and they play all day. He goes by Brody, Buggie, Bunny, and Buggles. He is a very special guy! ❤️🐈‍⬛🐾
She is the cutest cat in the world, she is shy but once she see your chill, we chill. She likes boops on the nose(literally any object she will boop), has the softest purs, and she loves looking outside windows.
Jackie love cuddle and take naps 💗 with me she my best friend she so beautiful tabby
Miss priss
Sky loves chewing socks, she the most loving little girl we could ever have, shes a angel sent from heaven.
Feather is a foster turned adotpted...I don't dont know much about her but shes 11. She is now very much a part of Odin and I's family.
Nala is a 4 month old tabby, the most loving & playful girl, loves to play "fetch" with the ball too 😻
Oliver was a stray found roaming the streets of reading pa. We adopted him and gave him that forever home every dog needs. Oliver has become a huge part of our family in Avery aspect going as far as being an emotional support dog for me. Oliver always knows everyone’s moods and accommodates to try and make you happy at every waking moment. He’s a true best friend for life and we couldn’t imaging any day without him.
We have a cat, he likes playing with her.she isant to impressed, but it is very funny watching them play
Hi everyone! This is Ava. She is a cuddly little fluff ball
He’s is very hyper. He loves playing with his toys and big sister. He never leaves her side. He is very well trained even though he is teething so he chews on everything. He loves his owner more than anything. He is very smart and has a huge personality. Vote for our handsome boy.
Kenny must find the biggest stick on the beach and will try to bring it home !
Hi my name is timmy i have a sister sukey but im smaller than her even thou were the same age . I get into mischief but i just look at everyone so i dont get into trouble as i make them smile . But my favorite thing is to nake a mess in mammy garden by scratching the soil & getting covered in mud .
Hi my name is sukey & im so gentle & live everyone who i meet i love to play & my favorite toy is a cap from Hi im sukey & i love everyone & im very gentle . My favorite toy is a yougart carton as i play with them . I love my brother timmy even thou he bosses me around & i love my nammy & daddy . Please vote for me
Lacie Mari
We adopted her from a breeder then sold her to us with a hernia which is illegal. We bought her and paid for her surgery to get it removed. She has calcified disc so she has a hard time walking and has been paralyzed 3 times in her back legs. She is very loyal and she loves to play with her toys and little brother. She watches over my godson when he’s over and gets upset when he cries. She has been our light in the hardest times. Vote for our lovely lady.
What can I say about maximus he quite literally was and still is my hero and saviour, this cat has saved me in so many way so many times. He's gumpy (especially now he has a lil sister) but I wouldn't change him for the world, and in fact his grumpiness is something I couldn't live without now. He is also very affectionate when he choses and you have no choice but to let him do his thing, Maxy cuddles are the best. He loooves cheese spread, that is his guilty pleasure who says cats are intolerant to lactose because he certainly isn't, he only has a tiny bit anyway. I'm rambling but I could ramble about him all day.....quite simply.......I love him 😻😻😻😻😻😻
My baby girl jinx before she passed away at 18 before Christmas. She really was the cheekiest most loyal cat and my best friend. I was very blessed to have had her for so long. She is missed much
Frankie is the happiest dog ever, she loves nothing more than a run in the woods, chewing a sock or stealing some cheese. Everybody is Frankie's best friend!
Kopper is an absolute joy! She is so happy and friendly to all she meets people or other animals. She wants to play with everyone! She has been so great to my mental health and such a blessing to me and our families.
Karen is our exotic short haired Persian who lives up to her name in every way! She is full of personality and knows that she is the queen of the house! She isn’t scared of anything and tries to escape outside every chance she gets, which is why she wears an air tag😂. She loves to sleep in the sink, in bed on top of our faces and watch TV sitting on upright on her butt. She loves to snack on Cheetos, cream cheese and ice cream in addition to her kitty treats. She is the real life Garfield!