Willow has a whole lot of energy and a whole lot of personality. Everyday is full of laughter and love.
Roxxeigh Is 1yrs old, Loves To Be Outside, Doggie Ice Cream, Ice Cubes, Going On Walks, Being With Mama & Going On Car Rides.! Also Spoiled!!!!
Florian is our little puppy. He loves to cuddle. Spends a lot of time running around the garden or snoring on the sofa. This photo was when he woke up 😂
Take is a very lovable dog and he is very taken to his master , if daddy needs him he will instantly stop and aid to him.
Harlow is a Chocolate Labradoodle. He is 3mths old today!! He loves any person be sees. Loves to pick on his cat brothers. Harlow loves treats and is learning so much everyday!!!
Scamp is a rescue dog. He loves playing for hours on end and loves everyone. His favourite toys are a Caterpillar and a beef flavoured ball. I'm sure he thinks he is a horse the way he jumps over the conservatory step there's not a dull moment when Scamp is around.
Most adorable jumpy boy you’ll ever meet
Hi! I’m Oliver and I’m very sweet and loving as you can see. I also protect my hooman at all cost. I love morning kisses and when I take a bath I close my eyes. My favorite toy is a mini purple troll with green hair.
Hi! I’m Olivia and I’m very energetic!! I love to give sloppy kisses and will always show my love towards you. I enjoy treats and my favorite toy is a duck.
This is Moana,she was found as a stray in June and was only 1-2 months old and needed a lot of help, now she is growing beautifully and her favorite thing to do is smile and eat food
Stormy Winters
She’s a spunky,funny, affectionate little girl. Loves to play hide and seek. You never know when the storm is coming through!
Luna is 5 years old, she enjoys nothing more than a long fuss and a brush session, everyone she meets is always greeted with a little purr and a cuddle
Hope is 5 months old! My coworker found her underneath her porch . i adpoted her she was only 10 days old when we found her. I took very good loving care for this little baby . now shes in such a happy home well tooken care of and very much loved. She loves to play and cuddle 💜
Roscose is 1 years old! I got him when he was 3 weeks old. Hes a very playful loving but crazy dog🤣 hes special
This is dexter 💜 my sweet boy love to cuddle and play
Bellla Is A very special dog! I adopted her 5 years ago. She was in a very bad place and she vame along way to be this very sweet loving dog!💜
Russell really likes his favorite Úrsula toy. In his spare time, he loves running around at the dog park with his friends. Ball is life for him lol…so is stick..and anything on the ground. He will be the most dedicated wilderness explorer who will help you cross any street!
I love sleeping, eating of course and a sometimes playful moment with my little sister Belle, if she is lucky. My family means the world to me and I love to lay between them for pets and cuddles. I'm friendly but yet old and wise, so I choose my peeps I get close to. That is all, back to my food.
I am a sweet, playful and an annoying little sister to my big sister Ariel but I love her and my family. I love giving cuddles, eating and playing more than sleeping. I love playing with the lazer pointer with my big Bro Brayden. I'll be anyones friend if you want to play and hang out.
Kyle Michael
Kyle loves to catch his fishes, play hide n seek in his favorite jungle gym… He’s a loving, has his own personality.. He’s mainecoon who came to our furever home when we lost my husband and daughters dad he’s since brought lots of comfort, laughter and became my best friend! Love you Kyle
Sammy is a loving, gentle, sweet dog who loves cuddles and playing with his crazy little sister Bella
Willow is a 16 week old puppy who has had a hard start in life. she is absolutely amazing in every way however she has been diagnosed with a rare genetic urinary disorder that requires thousands of pounds to attempt to fix. Voting for willow is extremely appreciated & could massively help improve her quality of life. Willow loves to play ball, eat any food she can get her paws on, she especially loves water & bathtime with bubbles is one of her favourite indoor activities (she goes crazy for it) Please follow us on TikTok… @ willow040522
Bella is a very cheeky, funny dog who always has energy to play, and loves her big brother Sam
My names Yoda may the force be with you! I enjoy running after a laser that just randomly shows up throughout the day. I eat like every minute of my life. The love of my life is mom but I love cuddling with dad more. I also have step siblings. One being a German Shepard named Athena and a poodle mix named Lucy. I also love being the kings of the house cause I do what I want! But enough about me . Don’t forget to vote for your favorite cat .
She is the sweetest little dog you have ever met she is a Maltese Yorkie about 8 years old very smart my little girl says thank you to everybody for voting but we need a few more she says hurry and vote
Freckles has been like a support cat after the death of my son she follows me around and never lets me out of her sight she loves to play witb the other cats that visit our garden everyday and is the most loving cat
Vesper is 11 weeks old and works on his acrobatic skills daily. He is very good at climbing the curtains and has recently mastered wall climbing. He loves a morning snuggle and trying to eat people food.
Hi I’m Luna. My mummy rescued me and now I am in my forever home. I love Zoomies at 3am and love sleeping in my hammock
Professional cuddle seeker and napper with a love for exploring and play time.
Pepper is a super cute affectionate little thing. She lives with her mum and dad and brother. She has the cutest meow ever! Pepper loves to jump and play ,her favourite thing is our cat tree and her sushi toy.
Cat has a lot of energy, and is best friends with his dog brother.
this little man is a balinese cross spinx . he is the most lazy kitten who will sleep anywere. with the most chilled out personality and loudest purr.
😻 Meow, my name is Shadow, Born on 9/3/22😻 I am the newest addition to my human family, whom all loves me so very much😻 Born in the heart of Hawaii🏝😻 Please vote for me -Thank you 😻😻😻😻 Xoxoxoxo-Meow-Meow-Meow-xoxoxoX
The weirdest cat you’ll ever meet. But also the sweetest, cuddliest little boy. Everyone should meet Monkey.
Blaze is a beautiful girl..she loves walks and playing in the garden
Lilliie is a half bengal she isx12 weeks old she is such a triller
Rudy And Robin And Rex
Rex is the most big cuddly teddy bear and he loves his little sisters rudy and robin thay play all the time and he even shares his treats with them after thay had theres mlets mt heart and rudy she is shy but loves to play with her toys robin is fearless even thow she os small brave 💖
Billy is a 6 year old puppy dog who loves walkies and dentist sticks. He’s a very cuddly baby and loves cuddles with the cat.
Dave is just 9 weeks old and has settled with us so quickly. He’s mischievous yet very snuggly and purrs like a tractor 🥰
He LOVES visitors 👱‍♀️to pet him💖😽and photo shootings 📸😽💖👏👏
Pip is a very unique fur baby she has two different coloured eyes one blue one green she’s so loving
Noah is the most loving cat I have ever known! He sleeps on the end of our bed and each morning when I get up, he runs to get in the shower with me! He sits there waiting for me. He’s the best!
He’s a quirky Big Boy who loves to greet everyone 🥰
Tiva which is short for Sativa, was adopted 6 years ago when she was a kitten. She was the only cat for almost 3 years till she got a little sister, Meatloaf. Tiva loves her meaties as well as real meat. She loves banana, avocado, eggs, and tuna. Sometimes she tries to fight me for a bowl of cereal.
Cookie is a 5 year old lilac British Shorthair! He always looks like he’s judging us but he’s the most patient and loving cat! He puts up with being dressed up for Instagram and taken for walks in his pet buggy! His favourite game is cat chase up and down the house! Please give him a like/vote 💕
Ash Sanford
Ash was born with a tilted crooked neck, she’s goofy but lovable, she’ll scream at you when her bowls empty and she frequently makes pig noises, she loves her job at the biscuit factory and her Fanny pack full of catnip. She’s a simple cat with big dreams of someday opening her own biscuit factory. She’s derpy, kinda dumb, sweet and all out crazy but everyone loves her
Bella was found with her two brothers living in a backyard. She’s the first cat we fell in love with and adopted into our family. She loves naps under the covers, sunbathing, catnip toys, and attacking feet.