Dog cat Stories - 78


Reese'S Pieces
Reese's is a sweetie who has quite the personality. She loves licking things and is very playful. She loves to cuddle and knows the word "out" but chooses when to listen. She is very mischievous.
I'm Charles's 3rd owner. He sometimes struggles with being a cat. He doesnt have the ability to land on his feet. He absolutely loves attention and doesnt appreciate others getting it over him.
Cuddles is a majestic beast, as her human parents call her. She is beautiful, outgoing, sweet, cuddly (hence her name), and a fierce little bean. Meow! 🐾 Cuddles enjoys playing outside in the grass, snacking on Kitty treats, snuggling, day-time snoozing and wild shenanigans at night. Cuddles kitty 🐈 is such a smart girl and her human family and kitty siblings love her meowy much. ❤
Ash is a sweet baby who is very vocal when he wants attention. Loves to play with is brother Ember and explore. He is a polydactyl with 7 toes on his front paws and 5 on his back.
Odie is a rescue pup. They told us he would be "medium sized." He was 20lbs last July & now weighs a healthy 115lbs! His trunk needs a lot of work. The vet said it was from severe physical trauma before we rescued him. He had 2 ACL knee surgeries recently, and is at about 80% recovery. He may also need hip surgery in the future. He is a gentle giant. He loves everyone and gets along with every dog he meets. He even plays with toads and flies without hurting them. He is playful, smart, and sweet. He always sleeps with his tongue hanging out. We ❤ Odie, and want to give him his best and healthiest life!
Olive Branch is the best kitty ever in the world. She’s a big fan of all her toys, especially her favorite ball. She engages in lots of dog like behavior, and never leaves her humans side.
Henlo friens my name is Pj short for Puppy Jane im a 1 year old girl im a mix breed of husky, lab, pit bull and treewalker coonhound my birthday is Feb 9th 2020 I am very smart i loves cuddles, car rides, hiking camping, swimming and my favorite toys are my blue squeaky ball and my monkey. I steals the eyes and heart of everyone i meets. Even people who not dog people love me. They say i am welcome to their houses too im such a good girl i make everyone proud Please vote for me
Super Arlo
Arlo is a long coat Chihuahua breed, he is a handsome pretty shy boy, cry a lot and bite more harder than his brother
Adorable polydactyl baby. He has 6 toes on his front paws and 5 on his back. Loves to climb and get into trouble.
Myster was a stray that just showed up one day. He is very timid with people except for myself and a select few others. He talks to me constantly, and is the biggest baby.
My young pup Lolita is a sassy girl who loves walks,cuddles buroughing herself under the covers for naps and giving lots of love. Just love her overbite smile!
My Darth plays fetch better than any dog.He must sleep with me at night.When my mom's dogs get into it like fight over food and are going at it Darth must get between them to stop them from fighting.I bottle-fed him and have had him his whole six year life.I love him so much and I know he loves me.
A rescued cat with a lot of passion. I even know how to flush the toilet to watch the water!
Anni pronounced aun-nee is an 11 week old service dog in training who loves to go for long walks rides motorcycles with her mommy and loves horses and carousels
Jax loves water balloons and his big red ball. He enjoys running around his backyard and snuggling with his sister.
Tesla has very limited vision so she leans on her big brother Jax for help navigating the world. She loves playing in the sprinkler and bringing toys to her big brother to play tug!
Klaus is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He loves to cuddle all the time. He’s very feisty when he wants to play!
Jack loves to personally clean crumbs off the floor...this is why (vacuum is enemy#1🤣) playing fetch and romping with his dog friends at the park is Jack's favorite pass time!! Listening to classical music and the sound of rain helps Jack sleep well. Guarding his hoomans and home from threats such as stranger hoomans and squirrels is top priority!!
Mishka is the sweetest little marshmallow you’ll ever meet. Loves to knead your face and suck on your earlobe.
Hi i’m Annie like the movie. I am a Bichon Frisè x Toy poodle mix. I love my new family, they play so much with me. I also love rolling and running on the grass. I have lots of toys but playing with socks is my favorite! vote for me, Thank you 🐾
My little Stormy is an adventurous pup, who like to chase butterflies and watch tv with her Papa.
Samson is a lovable rescue who has put his troubled past behind him. Big fan of steak, bacon and pancakes - actually, all food…. do you have any food for me? Also mentors at-risk inner city cats in his free time including his little sister Lolita. A vote for me is a vote for ‘murica! Love, Samson. P.S. have you tried bacon? Bacon is great!
Lolita is a young, single career-driven woman living in lower Manhattan. She spends her free time running an underground casino with her dog brother - make sure you pay what you owe or else you get the clawsies.
A rescue that found us at 2 weeks old. Very smart and loves being around people. She enjoys throwing her toys everywhere, having 3 am zoomies, and playing fetch.
Hi, my name is Dottie. I’m really a hooman trapped in a baby doggy body but I have a real good life. I love to play with all dogs and snuggle! I’m real loveable, I love love❤️
Sammy loves her big sister Iris. Sammy was found under a house and rescued. She was a great gift for my wife. She has a lot of energy and loves to be independent.
Scrappy loves pretzels! He loves playing with kids and other dogs!
Tony loves to be outside and be with other dogs. He especially loves his sister, Whitney. They go everywhere together and can’t be separated.
Grayson listens to me and when I fall he lays beside me and meow and he has a heart on his side . He’s so fluffy and fun to cuddle with .
Chance is a happy and friendly dog ! He’s greedy and loves treats ! He just turned 1.
Stryker is a Saint Bernard, dressed like a Dalmatian, that stole a Mastiff’s outfit. His hobbies include eating and also thinking about the next time he will be eating. 10/10 is always ready for a nap.
Hi my name is Marley! My mom and dad rescued me from a barn where I had eighteen brothers and sisters. I like to steal the laundry when my mom is taking it out of the dryer. I also love to go for car rides. I am a sweet loveable boy!
sassy spunky menace baby princess
Baby boy loves his parents and will do anything for a cookie!!!!!
BOOMA Boom Boom is a force to be reckoned with. He is a natural explorer and fears nothing! He even purrs recklessly. He was saved from a kitty mill and bottle fed! He is a true gem!
George Leighton
I got George back in 2004 on Halloween day! A feed store in Bellflower, CA was doing adoptions the year I moved there when I was 19. He has been the one constant companion these past 17 years. He helped me choose my Husband and witnessed us grow our family. He was an avid hunter of lizards lol, but he has now retired to the senior life. We love our Georgie oh so much!
Amos is an Akita Wolf mix. He is the sweetest & will do anything for his pack🥰 He likes to get his zen on by enjoying the sunrises on the porch✨
Roach was a rescue at 12 years old. He had a rough life and moved from place to place. He is such a loving, playful cat and loves hanging out with his sister Luna.
Tsukki just loves to cuddle with her parents and have all the attention on her 💜
Loves chicken. Rescue dog but so lovable.
Hexa Ryn is my little love. Having her has saved my life. We both experienced a traumatic event and without her I'm not sure where I would be. She is definitely a mamas girl and she has to be by my side always. I am so blessed to have her in my life.
Queenie Lune is four months old. I adopted her a little over a month ago. She absolutely loves her big sister Hexa. They play all day and they have the cutest cuddle moments. She loves cuddling. She will burrow her way inside your shirt or she'll get right under the covers with you and purr and purr and purr. She is such a little love bug and one of the greatest joys in my life.
LucKy loves giving kisses going for rides playing with his toys which he knows them all by name so smart . Most of all he gives me so much love everyday can’t ask for more than that my little blessing . 🐾❤️
Cletus Elbert
Cletus was the runt of his litter When he was only 2 months old, it was suggested to put him down because he was encountering issues that were suspected to get worse every day. Cletus has defied all the odds and become a little miracle puppy! If you ever get the chance to meet this little fella, you will know instantly he is a fighter with an amazing heart who greatly deserves the second chance he has been given! Keep an eye out, you never know when Cletus Elbert will be passing through your town to show you his spunky skills!
this is lexi she is a sweet dog super fluffy and nice please vote!
Hrh Sir Paddington
HRH Sir Paddington came from the wild Harriman State Park. He now enjoys lounging about, playing with his siblings and fancy yum yum treats
Maya is a very playful, hyper, and lovable pup. She loves to cuddle and spend time with her family.
He loves to go on a run, Hiking ,water Playing, and protecting the ones he loves. He’s a very passionate dog.