Pumpkin is a fun dog she loves trainers to chew not old ones hasto be a new pair. She alllways likes to window watch and have the biggest barks and farts
Maggie Mae
Maggie is a great lil girl! She likes to drink water from the sink and eat human snacks. Very spoiled 6 months old..
My Princeton mommy’s love, we adopted this baby in Oct of 2020 he was left on a pouch alone. Now he lives in a loving home and so spoiled. He loves playing with all his toys and boy does he have toys, loves going for long walks and walks near the lake and park, This little boy loves laying on his chair looking out the window watching everything and everyone walking by, he loves sleeping on mommy’s lap, loves walking on daddy. Princeton loves going for car rides he speaks (barks) at daddy letting him know he wants to go for a ride. Loves his chicken and everything mommy and daddy eat. He’s a very happy spoiled baby. Mommy’s baby.
Mia loves her two human siblings and loves to sleep! Is a super cuddler and a good listener lol
We rescued Bonnie from a field in the middle of nowhere on a subzero night in January. On the same day, our 9 day old baby goat Millie, lost her twin sister. This was their first meeting and our assurance that Bonnie was sent to us!
Maltese/shih tzu Bobbie is a lovely cuddly girl. She loves to chase a ball and throw her toy newspaper around, but her favourite is cuddles on the sofa!
He’s the sweetest, cutest, funniest cat with bubbly dog behaviour.
Fifi is a 3 year old rescue Chiweenie with an addictive personality with lots of love for everyone.
This is snow she is 9 years old. She is more of a puppy now then she was when she was a puppy lol. She loves her daddy and loves her sisters. She is not like other her same breed she doesnt bark much amd kinda keeps to herself unless she wants your attention then she lets you knownthat she does.
This is felix. He earned his name which means happy and fortunate in latin. He was a rescue after he fell almost 20 feet into hydrolic fluid and oil at my husbands job. We brought him home cleaned him up. After several baths to get oil off and lots of care considering he was only around maybe 4 weeks old when we got him he is doing great now. He loves playing and definetly loves his momma (me lol). He is definetly your typical kitten now full of energy loves to play and loves attention.
Eleanor is youngest girl, she’s very sweet and very vocal, it’s almost like she’s having a conversation with you, she’s going to be a mamma in 2 weeks as she’s currently pregnant with her first litter☺️ Already showing signs of being a brilliant mummy
Missy is a lil character, she loves to snuggle her face into you for a cuddle, and she loves getting under the bed sheets at night with you to go to sleep, she’s a very affectionate dog, who even does tricks for her treats ☺️
This is lucky. He definetly earned his name we rescued him after he fell from a 12 foot ceiling and he was lucky enough to not be injured. He was only about 5 werks old when we got him and very skittish as he was born at my husbands job. He now loves to play and loves getting attention.
Very protective.
Mortimer is a very active boy , he absolutely loves playing football with a treat on the kitchen floor. He's very loving has the loudest purr and definitely loves the ladies. The sweetest little boy, just adorable.
nico loves to play with his toys
Potter is a funny fun cat who loves too be the Center of attention
The Squad
Like true siblings, 1 second it’s a WWE match, to Besties that can’t sleep w/out each other.
This is Brutis or Booty as we call him. He’s special needs in every way possible. Loves being up your ass, eating you food before you and showers. He’s definitely an interesting dog. His best friend is a rabbit, yes you read that right a rabbit. He’s loving and sometimes smart, but he’s also my bestfriend and has helped me through my darkest.
Canelo is a Chihuahua mix. He is such a sweet and good boy. He loves watching tv and is such a goof ball. He knows how to turn a frown into a smile. This lovable Mexican hotdog brings so much joy!
Boris was a stray we rescued during lockdown. He loves golf balls , steals hair bobbles and enjoys chewing empty toilet roll tubes. He can be found chewing cat mint in the garden or drinking water from a watering can. He’s mental and playful. He has brought so much joy to us and we couldn’t love him more.
Moose is a 165Lb goofball that I rescued from a Facebook post. He loves water and running. He thinks he’s still a lapdog and that’s okay because He gives the best cuddles 😂🤙🏻
Pippin loves eating, sleeping and following his mummy around. He also loves to cry for attention at 4am every day. He demands cuddles or he won’t stop. He is also very clumsy and he prefers climbing instead of jumping like your ordinary cat. Pippin is a very anxious cat but he is learning how to overcome and face his biggest fears (big shoes and meeting new cats). He’s the weirdest, sweetest, most affectionate cat ever.
I adopted Daisy around 9 months ago. She’s settled in well, she enjoys cheese dreamies, stealing pencils and tummy rubs. She’s a loyal companion while I do my work - I call her my admin assistant as she enjoys sitting by my printer/scanner and will sometimes put her head in the tray to investigate too!
Kodas a 4 mth old puppy full of energy n life . Loves meeting new ppl & dogs.
Hendrix is a Bengal x Russian Blue. He loves to talk and gives kisses on command. His favourite toy is a feathery turkey.
Aura is a very special cat. She is only 9 months old and is of Bengal/Himalayan breed. She’s absolutely adorable and very adventurous. I’ve never in my life seen a cat like her before. She loves strokies and has so much energy she loves to play; her favourite games & hide and seek and chase. A vote for Aura would mean everything to her as she is the cutest little cat ever 🐱
Big Jorge
Big Jorge can’t meow. He likes to go to park & walk in the woods with his owner. He’s a great listener & a good follower. A perfect companion cat. Jorge’s favorite toy is usually any shoot of long grass. I’ve tried other things, but nothing excites him like destroying a piece of wheat or sweet grass. He’s also been known to instantly annihilate other cat toys. His favorite treat is milk. He was once notorious for the unwanted slurping & spilling of cereal, tea, etc. in search of that milk. He spends most of his time in the yard with his owner. His best friend is a smaller orange tabby named Garfield. They share a house, eat together, & even work together chasing off the neighborhood cats. Big Jorge loves grooming himself, & sometimes Garfield, as well. He also loves cuddles & being a lap cat, even tho he’s far too big.
I am a rescue and my human parents love me
Polar Bear
Polar bear loves to be outside and is the most FRIENDLY kitty in the world ❤️
Miss Paisley was the runt of the litter and wasn’t expected to make it but she did! She is very determined. So very playful and gentle when she’s playing. She loves classic love songs and will fall asleep every time I play one. She loves Andy Gibb! She’s very loyal and easy going. She pulled me out of my depression the moment I saw her. She won’t leave my side. ~Paisley Ann Fannin is what I named her 🖤
Cloud is a stinker, he has a foot fetish as he will slide sideways across the floor to nibble on your toes. He is a Siamese mix, he is as soft as velvet and he is demanding, you can’t read the paper he will lay on top of it because he wants attention. You can’t type on your keyboard as he will lay in that as well. He loves to use in boxes and bags and waits patiently for someone to walk past him and he will attack, we call him thug cat because if something is put on any of his special spots he will knock it over and if light enough he will hide it. Cloud always brings a smile as you can’t help but laugh and wonder what he is up to, he is beautiful and has a fun personality
Law is always smiling:) He loves to do zoomies around the house. Loves to be cuddled and his belly rubbed!!
Lola was in a horrible position before I rescued her. She was locked in a cage, no attention given to her and 5 families gave up on her. I had to earn her trust, she never knew love until she came to me. We rescued each other. She now knows this is her home, my bed is her bed, my chair is her chair. She loves car rides, loves to snuggle and play as she is attached to my hip as we go everywhere together. She takes her treats like a lady, she now knows commands and she is the most loving sweet little girl. Her life started off rough, now she is spoiled with love. I’m lucky Lola chose me to be her human as I can’t imagine life without her.
Ziggy suffers from a serious FOMO condition, he always has to know what you’re up too at all times, he hates a closed door, always has to be on the other side!
Hes a homebody with severe anxiety. He may not be pink, but he is most definitely Courage The Cowardly dog who was saved for a kill shelter :)
Duma is not in contest -please leave messages regarding limited votes and advance requests on my page for
Buddy is a very Energetic Sweet Boy, He is very expressive. And loves to roll his eyes when he disagrees with you. He loves all animals and brings home baby Skunk's that need his love and Dog food . He is a gaurd and companion. Most of all he loves his walks and going for a ride to get his chicken strips.
@cleoat55 on Instagram!!! 😻
Nahla is a special girl and loves everyone, especially her brother Harley. If company comes and does not say hi to her right away she will howl at her loudest tone until they say hello and gives the sweetest hugs and smiles
Uthred loves to set on anyone's shoulder and be held like a baby. He likes to talk. And what he likes most of all is to take my glasses that means it's his bed time and time to snuggle
Red is a 16 yr old baby and thinks she is mama to her 2 chi siblings. She tolerates being dressed up and loves her picture taken
Pringle is very sweet and loving and likes to play and be loved on and loves to snuggle
Harley loves to be by his sister Nahlas side. He is. very playful and loving to everyone that gives him attention.
Pixie is the most amazing animal I have ever had. She's a little weird but that's what's so great about her. She like to play with a toy I got her that looks like a banana, drink out of the sink, and going outside. She will drink out of her water bowl but she prefers the sink. Weird right? But I love her more than anything and she is absolutely amazing and extremely affectionate.
Pepper Loves All people and all Dogs. He has the kindest heart but he's also a big jokester! ☺️
Leo loves to play and eat. He loves his Mom and Dad.
Dewey is a middle-aged, ginger haired ladies man that can easily pound 5-6 Coors Lights in a row. He’s going into a grad program at Oregon State with a major in criminal justice studies and a minor in party rocking. He enjoys listening to Soulja Boy and occasionally Mitski during the holidays. He convinced me to enter him into this contest because he thought this was the equivalent of like a Tinder for cats and all he wants is a girlfriend to watch the Cars saga and maybe rent a Lambo with, just for like a weekend though because he spent most of his money on glitter glue and fancy cat shoes.