I got Boo on halloween! She is the sweetest kitty EVER! Has the craziest personality and loves my attention and toys with bells :)
Myli so special, shes very intelligent, funny and so loving. She loves playing catch sleeping in my bed and meeting new people.
Loves her piggy’s and enjoy lazy morning and lots of cuddles 🥰
Freddie is a hyper pup who loves to play with other dogs. He day consists of having the zoomies and eating. He loves a cuddle !
This is Molly! She loves zooming around the house chasing her brother Bentley (Yorkie) around, she loves her toy wand, and she demands all the love and attention. She would love to win. Vote for me! 🩷😻🐾
He is a very energetic dog. He loves his toys and his treats and he loves to be outside
Simba is a wild boy, always playing and getting himself into trouble. Simba is a cuddle bug and sleeps with his tongue out.
Cozmo is a very active old man at the rightful age of 16 he also goes by Momo. He loves his family and is always down for car rides. Picture was taken at the square of York Pennsylvania for their new years celebration 2023
Doja is a dopey little sweetheart, when it comes to falling in toilets or being trapped in bags she knows what she’s doing. Doja has had some hardships as when she was a kitten a fox tried to eat her but she came out stronger. Doja had kittens but they sadly passed away. Doja is now 3 years old and is the most loving special companion anyone could ask for.
Jinxxx Pixxx Sixxx
Jinxxx is the father born 5/5/2020, pixxx and sixxx are his baby girls born 4/12/2022.
Hey, I’m Zeus! (or Zeus man as mom and dad like to call me!) I love all treats my parents give me, but I especially love play time with my stuffy and ropes and sticks!!! If it’s a nice warm day, you’ll catch me in my big boy pool! My favorite words are “treat” “outside” & “dads home!” I LOVE my kitty bestfriends and cuddle with them as much as possible 🥰fun fact, I love to bite my lips to look goofy a lot 🐶 if the cameras out you already know I’m posing! everyone I meet seems to love me instantly, which the feelings are mutual!
Crazy Kenny is what we call him. Kenny likes to be mister independent and the king of his house.
Luna is very loving playful and loves to cuddle she runs around with her best friend nova who is my cat
My Simba what a girl! She loves a fuss but only her terms, simba is a big fan of jumping on my back for indication of me to give her some treats.
Haven passed in november 2019, a star ❤️
TinkerBelle will be turning 6 this year! She loves cuddling and lounging in the sun when her brother let's her!
Zeusy loves his ice creams and walks down the beach l, he’s a golden Rottweiler x Staffordshire bill terrier.
He likes to be out and run
Loves me baby ruby doo i love you
Sushi enjoys spending his day playing with his favourite toy mouse eating and sleeping
Mocha is a goofy American Pitbull Boxer mix with a lot of energy! She loves to bask in the sunlight and go on long walks in the spring time. When Mocha is excited, she does a silly run around the yard that we call her zoomies!
Rocco is the newest addition to our family and we love him so much already! His beautiful blue eyes and his gorgeous colour really make this frenchie so special and he is such an affectionate puppy already!
Pippa loves giving kisses she loves her warm milk whenever anyone is making a drink. She is very playful and loves hide and seek
Cutest craziest pup
Nala is a sweet GSD who’s only been stateside for a couple months! She loves throwing herself onto fresh grass, is terrified of cardboard boxes and is currently working really hard in her Intermediate training class🥰
Loves to play with her tin foil balls and roll around getting her belly rubbed. Loves chilling on the porch on sunny days :)
Loves her feather toys. Very energetic. Attention seeker. If you aren't paying attention to her she will let you know :)
Beep Boop
I call her my kitty dog, she loves water and jumping in the bathtub if you are showering, she loves children and loves to fetch the balls from my son’s NERF gun. She’s super sassy and I love her meow, not much of a meow more like a a squeaky toy 😂
Kash Royce
My baby boy Kash is one of the most loving puppies you will come across 💕🥰 he loves steak and chicken ❤️
Stella is a very active very energetic dog, she starts her day by waking up and laying in the sun barking at any and everything. Stella has a unique personality she loves being shown love an lots of it she’s very jealous when you love on her big sister in front of her.
My dog Lola love her walk she and loving x care and always like to sleep on my bed for kiss and Cuddles then go sleep and love her food and nice to over dog 🐶
Otis is a good boy. He loves long runs at the dog park, puppuccino, opening packages. He is a super fast runner, the fastest actually. He loves his treats and his humans. He is the bestest boy ever.
Cayley is a sweet and loving baby. She loves to play fetch, and sleep in the bed with me. She also loves to go on car rides. She gets along with my other fur babies! She is a absolute sweetheart with brains and beauty!!
Lola is a beautiful dog she is the most loving dog she likes to run on the fields and love her company
John John
He loves to sit outside on our deck and soak up the sun, and when he wants out he will meow at the door.
Cosmo is an 11 week old sweetheart.
Hi name is roxy, im a 13 week old rottweiler! I love to chase my tail and play with my llama teddy. I really like putting holes in my new families shoes too
Champ is 5 months old, and is very loveable. He loves to play, go for rides in the car, and loves to just hang with me. He is helping me to get through 2 big losses in my life.
Dakota loves to play with her human siblings. She also loves to train for duck hunts with her dad.
I adopted Duke and he is a 1-year-old black lab who loves to play and go on adventures. I feel like I saved them and you live in a great happy life
Theo is very mischievous he likes attention and can play up with an audience he would lie and be scratched all day loves chicken
Jimmy P
Hes named after Jimmy Page because he likes to strum my guitar with his wagging tail every morning at 3am to get us up for work. Hes my body guard at work, and my bestie when were home. This little man is so loving, funny, crafty, and can be a total @#@&, and he lives his family life and mega long walks. He adores all the Grandchildren, and gets upset when its time to go home.
I’m 11 weeks old, I love slippers, ripping up newspapers and being with my humans. Not keen on baths or being told ‘down’ but I have recently learnt to climb the stairs and do ‘sit’ really well especially if you give me treats.
Zane Grey
Zane Grey is a hybrid of Labrador and Siberian Husky. He weighs in at 92 pounds and loves me and my grandchildren. Loves Baby shark song and dances when you sing the theme. Loves chasing birds flying high in the sky and throws balls for my other dog so he can jump in my lap while they chase the ball. He will steal my seat every chance he gets and opens doors for me.
Smokie is our 5 year old grey tabby British shorthair cat who we rescued has a 3 month old kitten from Blackpool. Smokie enjoys being outdoors hunting for mice over the fields that our behind our house, he often brings us back “ little, often still alive gifts - mice - that he hunted and caught over the fields ! He also enjoys playing with and chasing after light up cat balls that we throw for him !
Stitch is a 22 weeks old pointador (pointer and Labrador cross) he is very hyperactive and loves to cuddle