Dog cat Stories - 79


Hi 🥰 My name is Mishu and I am almost 2 years old, very friendly and love to play with the foxes. My mom entered me in the contest to help David by raising some money for his treatment which unfortunately is very expensive. If you would like to help us please vote for me, I will really appreciate 💙 Thank you❤
Just a loveable pup finding her way in the world. "If it can be reached, it will be sniffed"
Alfie known as "little orange kitty" is best at finding the most inconspicuous places to sleep. Alfie is unique in every way & the best at putting a smile on everyones face.
Schmoo is an incredibly friendly cat. She loves people and will love on anyone who comes to the house. She loves cuddling her mama, playing with her toys, and destroying any sort of blinds obstructing her view of the great outdoors.
This sweet boy is pretty sick🥺 he is the sweetest dog and he is the smartest dog I know. He can even take off your socks!!❤️ He is amazing and LOVESSS meat🤣
I’m turbo! Just living the life! Follow me on IG @TURBO_SHB
Hello hooomans! my name is Cooper :) i’m a 3 year old pure bred Golden Retriever that is full of energy and lots of love to give! I LOVE car rides (especially to the beach and park!). my favorite toys are my rubber ball, and my pet dragon named Ord. i’m extremely loyal, and love lots of cuddles and kisses. But my most favorite thing to do of all is spend time with my mom and dad :) check out more photos of me below!
Puppy is my best friend and the love of my life .. She loves to play with her toys and run
She is a very sweet, and lovable dog. She will turn your bad day into a great day!
Arlo loves to be lazy but he also is very spunky! He loves to eat and keep his momma on her toes 😬 he also has the cutest underbite 😍
Lola bunny is a super sweet cuddly girl who loves to burrow & chew on bones💕
Scarlett behaves more like a puppy. She greets me at the door when I’m home from work, is super vocal and loves walking on her leash outdoors. She loves her little (big) brother. Aussie shepherd Logan ❤️
Fee was trained like a dog, she comes when you call her and she will run into her cardboard teepee when asked to.
Cookie is our new best friend in our house. He is as sweet as he is cute. He is a young 6 months and curious about everything! We love our Cookie Dough!
Aurora Rose J
Aurora is the most cuddly kitten you'll ever meet! She loves to play all day and gives kisses on demand! She loves "Pounce Moist Sea Flavor" treats, her cat nip scratcher, and her favorite little pink and gray mouse. I think Aurora deserves your vote because she is the purrfect fur friend, as she can turn any bad day into the best one ever!
Dallas is the sweetest, most expressive animal ever. She is a princess and loves to sunbathe and stick her head under the blankets because her nose is always cold.
Kendrick just turned a year old. He’s our charming bad boy who’s super loving, affectionate, and vocal. He’s a ball of energy that loves to explore.
Cesar loves snuggling, jumping, chasing balls and giving hugs. He goes crazy for bacon treats and shakes hands with everyone he meets.
This is Tuck! Tuck is a 13 year old Maine Coon cat who is more love able than any cat you could ever meet. She loves to sleep and cuddle. She also love treats and catnip 🥰
This is sushi! Sushi is a 3 month old purebred Siamese kitten who loves to play with toys and catnip:) Sushi is very vocal and energetic but when she’s tired she’ll lay right on your chest and fall asleep❤️
Radar is a rescue from Oklahoma. He was suppose to be a German Shepherd but turns out he is a imposter. Radar doesn’t bark much he howls. Radar loves all people and all dogs.
Hi, Im Simba. I love to nap all day and cuddle with mom. Vote for me please.
I adopted Betty and her brother from my sibling who saved them from the outdoors when they were only a few weeks old. She use to be very skiddish but is now such a lover. She loves to cuddle, she talks a lot and loves to climb on top of doors. She is very adventurous
Jasper Milo
Likes being on his 6 foot high cat tree love to play with his brother and 2 sisters he is a bit of a trouble maker loves to eat popcorn and chips are his favorite snacks
Finley was born on St. Patrick’s Day 2020. It was love at first sight when I brought him home at 8 weeks. He is full of energy and loves to learn new challenges. He graduated from his AKC puppy class in November and is now enjoying different classes including agility! His favorite toy is his green squeaky ball and he loves to play catch. He is quite the little lover boy and loves snuggling with his mommy and daddy and also his big boxer brother JJ. He is quite inquisitive about most everything. He loves to run and jump and play. He leaps like a deer! He’s my total joy and best friend. He just turned 1 this March and is turning into quite the little man 🥰
Buttercup is full of life and energy. Loves anything squeaky. And puppy food with chicken is her favorite. Not a fan of bath time but loves to be told she’s beautiful. Tummy rubs are her favorite.
Very loving, energized, and then crashes :)
Arfur is a jug - he is very playful and loves our family life. He loves going on daily walks and playing with the kids then coming home and relaxing
My name is Charlotte, and I am a mini pot belly pig! My Instagram is Charlottethepigg and you can follow me on there!
Bertie is a lovely little lad. He is 1 year old on the 23/03. He loves boxes and snuggles by the radiator and chasing ball down the stairs
Bailey is a 1 year old ragdoll who is very playful and mischievous! She enjoys playing fetch and having lots of cuddles
Tuxedo is a ball player! He will grip any size ball with his teeth and carry it. He wants to play ball 24-7. He takes a ball with him everywhere, even to bed. He is ready at any second for anyone to throw it. He never gets tired of playing ball.
Piper is always busy and on the move. Piper has a personality that can be calm then go to crazy at the drop of a biscuit! She loves her humans very much, and never turns down a cuddle ❤ Pipe is is super smart and always curious which can lead to lots of fun and mischief❣
I’m a redbone coonhound who likes to rip apart my toys, go for car rides and walks and get on the scent trails of every animal possible.
Clarice is an entertainer. She loves to play with her toys, balls of yarn, my spools and thread and an excellent mouser. Her favorite spot to sleep is a wooden salad bowl. Clarice is loveable and appreciates love in return. She welcomes all into her home.
Oreo is a very energetic cat that loves to cuddle. He is very dog friendly and enjoys being loved on. You can't find a bigger cuddler than him!
buau loves playing with other dogs, loves to take long car ride, and play with his toys! his best friend is a cat, they could play all day long❤️
Mocha is a 3.5 month old full bred German Shepherd with green/grey eyes. He has never dying energy and loves to chase and be chased.
He is the most funniest and playful pup there is !!!! He loves all his toys and chew bones!!!
Shadow loves cuddles on the sofa, very friendly affectionate cat.
Olly is a boisterous outgoing cat!! He may look grumpy like an old man but he's so loving and affectionate!!
Nova is a very cuddly playful little pup she’s smaller for her age which just adds to her cuteness she loves a snuggle up on the sofa with a cosey blanket, she is 12weeks old and full of mischief. She loves to go on walks to the school with the children. She loves being held and cuddled she’s just a small baby really everyone who sees her falls in love she’s just adorable
I like to play soccer and nap!
Angel Louise Johnson
Angel is a fun loving dog. She enjoys snuggles a belly rubs She has her funny moments lining toys up and throwing all at once down the stairs!! She can be your best friend
My name is muffin sometimes my family calls me muffy I love to play with stuffed mice and my favorite food is any human food
She is a 10 year old Rottweiler and I love her so please vote for her! Tia!
eevee is a 10 month old kitten that’s full of love & joy. she’s got a wild side to her but she’s also the cuddliest kitten you could ever meet <3 she’s what keeps me motivated on a day to day basis.