Dog cat Stories - 79


Maggie loves naps but most of all she loves her humans.
My name is Nash and I’m a rescue pupperoni! I live in Florida with my sister Opal. She’s blind so I lead the way most of the time. I love my mom and chasing lizards. I never seem to catch them though!
Ivy Leav
Hi! My dogs name is Ivy Leav and she’s a Harley Quinn Great Dane! If you look closely she has a heart shaped patch on her chest which I would love to believe it’s because she’s very loving and fully of life! She’s 7 months old and still growing! She’s very gentle and sweet so don’t be intimidated by her size lol! Ivy has always been my dream dog since i can remember and since i got her she’s been an amazing companion<3 She absolutely loves playing tug-a-war with her toys and going on long walks!
Spankie just turned 16 and runs around like a pup. She has the personality of a human. She has been a very special friend.
Hello. My name is Dax and I am three years old. I enjoy stealing socks and playing with my sister's, Ratchet, Gizmo and Snips. My favourite food is piggy sausages. My Humans also say I am a bit of a Diva, because I argue with them when I don't get my own way.
Hi I'm Oliver! I was 4 months old when this pic was taken...I am now 7 months old. My mom says I'm a good little boy! I give great hugs and I like to bring my mom the tv remote, her phone, her glasses...stuff like that...I like to be helpful you know! Thanks for looking at my profile!
Envy is almost six months old!! She is a very intelligent and stubborn puppy!! She loves to play and cuddle!!
Ace is the most well behaved dog!! He is so gentle with my children!! He was a rescue who was very scared.
Riley was re-homed to me. She is 14 weeks old.. loves everyone and is just an amazing pup
Draco loves to be around people and other dogs
I'm Xena and I like to take walks, with my mom, Tummy rubs and car rides.
Hi I'm Oliver! But you can call me Oli! Chicken is my favorite thing in the world other then my mommy 🦊💜 everyone says I look like a fox but I don't know what that is but it sounds yummy 🤤 I love going out to the beach and chasing birds! I just want hugs and snuggles and naps all day!
Cody is a food loving, city touring pug who also loves snuggles. He knows how to hi5 and say please!
Winnie was a farm feral and now she is a spoilt princess. She has a very quirky cheeky character and loves to play. When she gives affection and a cuddle we feel very honoured
She is a beautiful loving pup who loves to play with her brother, and is very rambunctious.. takes her treats so gentle and snuggles all the time. Still being trained to be like big brother, she’s a fast learner. Also a very beautiful girl!!!
He’s such a good boy he’s loyal, loving, and a big snuggle buddy.. He loves his balls loves treats and playing with his sister. Very well mannered and loves going on car rides
Brittni is a miniature Chinese Shar-Pei who was rescued from a puppy mill in Memphis, TN in 2016. She loves to chase squirrels and rabbits. Her favorite toy is lamb chop.
Vicious is exactly 3 weeks old. After he gets done eating he does just this. Rolls on his back and sleeps. He's my fat little rolly-polly.
Cricket was rescued from the side of the road a few years ago....she was trying to play with a cricket and thats how she got her name! She loves to sniff trails, bay, and houl at trains
Danielle is a 14.5 year old mixed breed....she still gets the zoomies and loves to sun bath or sniff around!
Hey where is my Hooman? Get that white thang offff my handsome face! NOW! IT IS COLD! And this coat, I tol u a million times Im not a dog! Hoomans nevet listden!
Teddy is a mix of crazy and sweet lol. He loves to jump on his brother's back to try to wrestle him..but of course he never wins! When he runs out of energy he loves to cuddle and wants all the attention!
My name is Ella and I’m a Great Danebull .I’m in the teething stage & I love soft toys but also like to play tug of war with my rope toy. I love belly rubs. I like being outdoors to run and pounce like a 🐱. I love attention and love to snuggle .
Skipper is a lovable pup that loves snuggles and playing fetch. He is devoted to his family. Skipper watches my son get on the school bus everyday and everyday when he hears a bus he goes running to greet him home. He is so smart and knows how to open doors and any kennel you put him in, a dog Houdini!!
Tobias is the best kitty ever! He is very loving, and he enjoys playing with his human brother and sister! He gives lot's of Lovings, and cuddles! He greets us at the door when we get home. He has to sleep on mommy every night. He is very friendly and very loved!
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie is one of four beautiful kitties that were born under our house by a feral mama cat last year. My husband and I "adopted" all five of them and now never have a dull moment at our house. He watches over his three sisters and his mama, watches for me to wake up in the mornings and then follows me around the house, sits between me and my computer keyboard to focus my attention on him rather than my work, and is curious about everything. We love all of them.
Hi! I am my 8-year-old senior lady, Harley and I am the sweetest! I was not even shy at first and warmed up very quickly. I love to go on walks and cuddle right next to you, I also really like treats and will wake up from my long naps as soon as you pick up my treat jar, I adore belly rubs. I was sadly surrendered by my owner and was taken in at a shelter (due to what my owners believe was my age), where I stayed for a whole month before my pet parents rescued me! I have such an adorable bright-eyed smile that you can't help but smile back. I am my family's sweet bundle of joy! Not only this but I also have a cute habit of smiling in her sleep! My parents refer to me as "the dog version of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" cause of how excited I was to go home from the shelter and eased into my new home so quickly!
Winter loves to dance very outgoing an loves to be rub. She is also smart an listens very well
Bogis Bentley
Bogis is a 2 year old Chiweenie. His hobbies include playing, taunting his other dog and 3 cat friends and making his mommy’s heart implode on a regular basis.
Uno is a loving pup who loves to run around with his other doggy aunts and uncles and he likes to play with his ball and cuddle
Bami is a very sweet smart girl. Loves to play with empty water bottles and chase her ball around rhe house. And she loves to give kisses.
Lola is a rescue terrier mix that loves belly rubs, naps and of course lots of cookies! She is very intelligent and knows commands in English and ASL.
Leo is a mamas boy who love his cuddles
HI guys!!! Ollie is the sweetest little mamas boy who went through some health issues as a baby who is now as healthy as ever❤️
Gus lOVES to sleep & play ball!
Chloe Bear
Hi I’m Chloe! Dont let the looks fool ya, I may be pretty but making a mess is my favorite pass time! My momma says I should be a toy tester because all my new “babies” are shredded up within 24 hours 😎 Humans are my favorite! They have treats and tummy scratches, yes please! I also really love the dog park because it has lots of doggy friends, like my bestie Ollie! Anyhoo, my momma keeps yelling at me for taking her phone… better go!
Bailey is a rescue. He is so sweet compassionate kind. He is more like a human .. He knows when you are sick or not feeling emotionally right. He will cuddle you and place his poor on your heart .. Also he loves to open doors in the house especially closet where he likes to nap🥰
Sadie is an Alaskan Husky, we adopted her 2 years ago at a Human Society event at PetSmart. She has been a super sweet girl from the day we added her to our family.
Blaze likes to cuddle, outdoors play, hunt & play in the pool.
Scout loves to play and climb inside of anything she can hide it. She also loves cuddles with dad, super soft blankets, and potato chips of any kind!!
Aly is a sweet mini cavapoo that loves to sleep and cuddle. She’s very timid but sure loves all her brothers and her sissy.
Neutron will be celebrating his 11 year adoption anniversary on Oct 6th. Neutron has a very distinct taste in music while traveling. He will let you know when he doesn't like it.
She's absolutely gorgeous
Blu is a 2 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog. She loves to go for rides in the truck with daddy. She loves to go for walks and loves to go to the doggy park. Blu LOVES to rip toys apart and take all the fluff out. She loves to play with her little sister Gemma. She will do anything for a treat. She’s notorious for making sad puppy dog faces and that usually does the trick! Blu is the most well behaved and kind hearted dog out there. She is the definition of mans best friend 💜
Doobie is a one year dog born on august 18th,2020 he loves playing outside and enjoys cuddles and he has a great personality
Scruffy loves going to my moms to play with his kitty friend who is the same age as him
Hi I’m Vinny!! I’m a 3 yr old orange tabby cat with endless energy. And boy do I love to talk once you get me going. PLUS… have you seen my toe beans???
Margot is missing a leg.. but that doesn’t stop her from running away. She tried to kick me with her nub one time, I found that hilarious. She’s also a rescue from a neglected family, the family didn’t even name her and left her outside most days. Margot does not like the outside.