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Hi! I’m pumpkin! I love going on walks and car rides with my parents! I will bring you my toys when I wanna play with you and I love dinner time!! I cuddle all day and watch cat tv with my bro stormy he loves that show but I like the real thing!!
Hi! I’m stormy, I also go by bolt. I like to chill and watch cat tv I love that show it’s my favorite I get lost sometimes all call out to my parents I love to cuddle with my bro Pumpkin
Lego is quiet and is super tiny. She sleeps in bed with my under the blankets with her head on the pillow.
Missis Goldie
Missis Goldie enjoys her car rides to Petco with her Cat Daddy. She also enjoys taunting her sister Cat Daphne in her spare time.
Chevelle And Nova
These cute little sisters are always talking and chirping. If one can't find the other they cry until they find them. They love snuggling their people and each other. Always purring. And apparently we really like wrestling in the litter and making a big ole mess for mom to clean up.
Thunder And Orion
Thunder and Orion were both born on the 2nd may 2020 in november they both contracted respiratory infections both was really poorly thankfully they both made a full recovery they are never apart they sleep together eat together and love playing together they both bring so much joy to my life i wouldnt swap them for anything.
Bella is a 12 year old Maine coon/Russian blue mix female! She loves watching birds, sitting on comfy chairs and ruling the house!
Violet is a sweet and cuddly love bug. She’s a water rescue dog so she loves the water, hiding and finding things with me, and carrying things around.
Maxy loves the beach the trails and his coats n vests he a wee star ⭐️ puppy
Rambo doesn't know he is a big boy, he sits on the windsil at home and on your knee for cuddles, he is very loving and thinks everyone want to be his freind!!
Tessa Janine
Tessa is a happy 1½ year old Huskador. Her favorite things to do are talking -back, going to the dog park and leaves! She loves leaves 🍃 She has a rare trait called heterochromia (2 different colored eyes). She's very energetic and strong, hyper and extremely intelligent.
Loves to follow her foster brother around and play all day long.
Chase is 3 years old he is my oldest of all he is German Shepherd and Husky mix he is a big baby and he has one brother and one sister they love to play with each other he's very talkative
Lily likes to stare out the window at the stray cats and scale walls inside the house.... She also enjoys chewing on plastic bags and drinking from the toilet
Oliver is almost 4 and he is the craziest cat I know! His personality is the best! He loves to steal socks any chance he gets. He has a whole collection hidden somewhere so i am losing "pairs" quickly!
Rocky is a rescue puppy someone threw him over when he was only 6 weeks old she's neat parvo and he is two years old and he loves to play he is a big boy he is Golden Retriever and beagle mixed is ambitious and very curious we have one brother and one sister
Coco loves Chewing on wood, loves eating and tears up ropes like it nothing. He also snores loud
Sky is 16 months old she is Australian and golden retriever mixed she's very lovable and very ambitious she has two brothers that she loves to play with
Frankie is a very expressive cat lol, just look at the faces he makes 😂. He is wild, crazy, sweet, goofy, and independent all wrapped up into one. Hide your sponges, tinfoil, and q-tips because Frankie will take them. He enjoys looking out the window, eating his cat grass, and being a little shit. He also likes watching cat tv when the real birds and squirrels aren’t in view from the window.
Milo is the buddy i needed. His constant love for affection and wanting to be everywhere i am is wonderful. Very spunky with a big personality
Kyro is 2.5 years old, and loves getting into trouble. He loves bothering his cat siblings, but loves all humans.
He is special needs and he just have a surgery. He was found when he was two week old and needed to be bottled feed
Odin loves string and loves to cuddle and boops his head on you for pets. He loves my son and is basically his shadow
Elsa was born healthy on 13th June 2015 she had both her eyes intact then at 4 months I noticed something strange with her left eye after taking her to the vets for check it out we was referred to an animal hospital where she was diagnosed with an ulcer deep within the cornea and sadly was told she would lose her eye when I went to pick her up they had good news for me they managed save her eye but after check up 2 days later I was informed the surgery to repair it had been a failure so therefore had to leave her for 4 days in the care of the animal hospital to eventually remove her eye. Elsa is now 7 years old and such a beautiful little thing and nothing stops her living a perfectly happy life even with 1 eye she's such an inspiration and pleasure for any animal lover to have her in their lives xx
Georgie aka curious George is 1year old he is a very sweet, loving boy. His favorite past time is bird watching
A gentle lil monster. A lover but watch out he can turn on you. 🧟‍♂️🖤 Loves his treats and playing fetch. Likes his naps but watch out when he is awake he is full of energy and ready to play and zoom around the house. Always wants to be center of attention and will greet you at the door. A dominant boy. Likes the water and will jump in the shower with you. Nicknames Frankie, Franken, Frankie butt.
He loves to watch tv and play hide and seek with me!
Kitty loves nothing more than head butting you whilst getting fusses.
Shady Magrady
Fiercely loyal .. loves to watch for stray cats!! Helps carry groceries into the house … we love her❤️
My sweet Leelou enjoys taking naps in the sun, catching grass hoppers and treats lol!!
She is a crazy little fluff ball.
Milo is an energetic beagle/jack russel terrier mix. He is super playfully and loving and loves to meet new people. 💓 His favorite thing to do is play fetch and cuddle.
Atlas is a comedian who makes you laugh daily. He is also a snuggle bug who sleeps on your face! Atlas loves belly rubs and playing fetch and chasing his 9 year old furry brother.
Ruger is a black lab and pointer mix. He is a fun energetic boy. He loves hes new little brother and is never to far away from him.
Max Dole
Max is 5 years of age he's my soulmate
This pretty girl loves her mom and playing with her siblings. Obsessed with drinking water from the faucet and very vocal.
Rain is a 7 week old beautiful little girl who has 2 husky sibli gs thunder and storm she has 2 kittie smoky and sunflower.. she loves stealing shoes and slippers
Bobcat was rescued as a kitten by a lake cliff drop off with his two brothers
Rusty is a sweet 8 year old boy who loves to lounge around! Named after my favorite childhood book series warrior cats
Lloydie is a chihuahua cross Jack russle hes a very cute boy who is also the devil 🤣 hes my rock my wold Hes so funny amd crazy he makes you laugh even when you dont want to 💙
kai is a very fun and energetic kitten. he loves to have fun and loves to play!
Loves playing with toys and her sister cat, and loves long walks.
Samson was found abandoned around 6weeks old. His is part pit and part boxer. He is a straight cuddle bug
Michael Sheldon Myers Clayton
Mikey is my emotional support animal who is basically my child. I treat him as if he is human and he knows it. He does tricks like sit, shake, speak, and lay down. Loves cuddles and saying mama.
Goblin King Jarreth
Hi my name is Goblin King and I love to play fetch with mommy. I was rescued from the streets and my mommy loves me very much. I have tons of energy and love to sing the song of my people at night. My favorite time of day has to be waking mom up for cuddles before she leaves for work. Please vote for me as I am pretty darn adorable. Thanks for all!!
My name is Arcadian Sunset. I have been trained to be a PTSD dog for my mom. I love getting to go everywhere with her. My mom was threatened at gun point just as I came into the world. I am proud to help her when people overwhelm her with loud noises and fast movements. I love my mom and dad every day. My favorite treat my dad gets for me are vianna sausages... He has always given me snackies when I do especially well making sure mom is safe.
Cas is a big baby, who is the most meek and loving cat you can ask for.