Blue is our 4 month old black and white British shorthair kitten who we rescued from Blackpool. He is a very sweet little male kitten who loves playing with his doggie “brother and kitten sitter “ Oakley a 2 year old Australian kelpie dog, they play fetch together “ running after balls” thrown for them both . Blue also enjoys playing chase with Oakley our dog, running around the house chasing each other. When blue is getting up to mischief like climbing up the curtains Oakley will bark at him telling him off , his barking letting us his humans know that blue is up to mischief climbing or something !
Archie is a super energetic pup! He loves to play fetch and enjoy the sun!
He not just a cat, he's a Marmalade cat!
3 month old Pomsky. Shes very outgoing but shy. Loves to play with her ball and take naps by you feet. Show Luna some love!
Juliet is almost 5 years old! She loves to cuddle and seek birds outside!!
Bentley is my wonderful therapy dog and my very Harley riding best friend!
I adopted Seraphina after she was in and out of abusive foster homes. She’s been with me for almost 2 years and has changed dramatically. She still is quite scared of a lot but this picture shows the first time she felt comfortable enough to get this close to me. It was a beautiful moment I will cherish forever❤️
Sonny is a rambunctious little pup who loves to play with her toys and go on roadtrips. When she goes out she is the talk of the town people flock from all over to see those beautiful blue eyes and get some butt wiggles and wet kisses!
This is Ozzy, he loves to chase his big brother Monty ( a springer spaniel) when he has his random energy bursts and he’s also a big foody and sleeps a lot
He is a rescued stray who is very loving! He likes popcorn and he loves laying on his sherpa blanket! :)
This is Monty and his daily routine consists of : eat, sleep , chase lights (yes bit weird but he has a fascination of chasing light reflections 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣) and repeat. He is full of energy and loves to go on adventures.
Oakley is our 2 and a half year old Australian kelpie who we rescued from north Wales ( we traveled from West Yorkshire to wales to rescue him ). Oakley is a very loving friendly dog who is great with other dogs and with cats, he loves playing fetch and loves going for longs walks. He is very gentle and “baby sits” looks after blue our 4 month old rescued kitten watching over him making sure he doesn’t get into trouble barking at the cat when it’s climbing up the curtains and things !
Matilda is only 9 weeks old and has only been in the family since last sunday. since being here she has really settled in but she is a little s**t to say the least. she loves to play especially if she’s swinging herself in something!!
Winston loves everyone ❤️
Our little 12 week year old Labradoodle Freya. The most loyalist & clingy puppy you’ll ever meet.
Bruce or AKA tiny piglet, is the funniest, cheeky character. He has just celebrated his 2nd birthday and we are so proud of the lovely boy he is becoming.
Cocoa loves to hide under things while she sleeps
Absolute nut case none stop running round after his favourite toy mouse but so loving and affectionate wouldn't be without him our shadow
Louis is a Belgian mal x Siberian husky. He’s 15 weeks old and the baby of our family. He has helped my daughter immensely with her mental health so he will always be extra special to us
Zara is a rescue dog , she is nearly 4 and only has 3 legs , she got hit by a car and lost a back leg but it doesn't stop her she runs round like she has 4 she is a Staffy cross and she follows me everywhere. Zara loves socks and tummy rubs
A very cuddly little man, loves to sit at the back door and try to chase the birds outside. A playful soul with a soft heart
Aloy loves being inside or outside, it doesn't matter to her. What matters is what games we're going to play together.
She’s a mama girl
Banshee likes to explore the nature, has to go check on every water bit and look down every cliff. She also likes to chase birds and look out of the window loads!
Ellen was adopted from the shelter. She likes to go on walks outside, and she definitely will let you know if she’s hungry or wants your attention. Biggest couch potato (unless there is a string toy) and love bug. She gives the world’s best snuggles. Sweetest little muffin ever.
My parents say they see me everywhere because there’s a lot of dogs that look exactly like me
12 years old and she's got an attitude to match.
Ace Ventura
Ace is a special dog , he loves to play especially in the day , Together he learned to give paw , walk , sit he do a few commands and very easy to train cuz he loves to make me happy ! He is a 1yr and 3 months old and he loves to play with the cats ! And he also thinks he is a big dog and plays with friend pitbull , Ace can also get very aggressive when he needs too and he gets car sick each time we drive in cars to go to the vet . He loves chicken and he a nosey dog . His favorite toys are basketballs and squeeky and plastic bottles with thick strings to play tug of war. He get his teeth brushed and baths twice a week , with a nice bath he dries on his own so excited ! Dog great he even plays chase me and i chase back game and so much more
sadie loves to play fetch! she is the best sweetest little dog you will ever meet!!
Phantom comes from a stray cat litter. She was very passive as a kitten and refused to 'fight' for food..after finding homes for her 3 siblings, I decided to keep her and her sister. Phantom is so sweet and has grown into a loving, friendly, intelligent little diva ❤
I got fuze from Nashville Tennessee 4 years ago and she’s been the best puppy I’ve ever had loves her toys,cute,always happy ,awesome with my girls scared of the cats lol would never hurt a fly always by my side! She’s not just my dog she’s my child and my best friend!
Ruby Jane
Ruby Jane is the first girl in our family so by default she is very, very spoiled. She enjoys rough housing with her big brothers, eating, exploring and most of all, cuddles with her dad (daddy's girl 🙄) lol.
Slate was brought to us when he was almost a year old. He craves attention and is a big goofy puppy at heart. He loves everybody he meets.
Meet Dixie!! Dixie is our sweet little beagle butt. She is the most energetic and playful girl in the world! She is also the sweetest, even willing to give anyone a hug when they need it🥰
Pandora is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She is always excited to see you and will lick your face off. She thinks she is a lap dog and loves to snuggle up on the couch. Her happy place is cuddling up under blankets.
Grace was given away to a animal shelter as i was walked in. i instantly knew she was my pupmate from day one. i hope you enjoy her goofy side as much as i do❤️
Ernie loves belly rubs and Naptime! Expert at hide and seek
Jasmine is a professional grumpy pants and hates everyone but loves to be outside! Lol
Nadia is a 9 year old love bug. She loves playing with toys and going on walks! Often, she likes to just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air!
Genie is a 1 year old Domestic Shorthair who is athletic and energetic. She likes to play with her worm/feather teaser, triple chase tower, carry her toy tail around and her tunnel. I got her the day after my birthday from my best friend. Genie is also my ESA (Emotional Support Animal). She has helped me a lot and I love my fur baby. 💚
Traveling boy who loves his two fur siblings
Baruto is the most loving kitten, he will give you kisses, and rub his face on your face. He will sleep on your chest when it’s night time
I wanna help my mom add her loveable little girl indy she very amazing dog she love playing and runing around
This is Cimba! He’s very playful and really loves his baby (mouse)! Sometimes we take a visit to see his cat siblings and he enjoys them🥰he’s all in all a very good boy! And loves when he gets attention!
smokey is a wonderful beautiful cat she is so play ful and loving ❤️