She is a great dog and my baby girl ❤️
She is very elegant loves the outdoors sun bathing
🐾🍦This is nilla for vanilla she is a certified goofer she never doesn’t have the zoomies her favorite toy is her Mr bear and she loves her family 🍦🐾
Bella Ooop
She is playful, smart, and loving. Even if she doesn't get voted number one, she is number one to me.
Nas is ao loving, loves to Protect me and my girls, and he helps me with my Seizures.
Affectionate loves to be petted she likes the outside playful loves chasing laser lights
-likes eating cobwebs -crinkling bags or things in general is scary -registered ankle biter -has PTSD -clingy -lives buttermilk pancakes -certified cuddler -tears up jeans -chaos cheeto
My big guy is all happiness and love. He has diabetes and asthma but that doesn't stop him from living his best life.
She is a loving little cuddle bug. She loves her big sister and taking long naps with her mommy.
Bear has the cutest thing he does on rugs…we call it the bear crawl. It’s like an army crawl he does it a lot! Bear loves cuddling and snuggling right by our hearts. He enjoys running laps outside and jumping like a bunny while he does it. Bear loves eggs and has a healthy diet. Bear gets along well with other dogs 🐩
She's 9 weeks old and a black lab and pitbull mix
Lucy is a joy to have around. Everyone just loves her. She loves to wear her PJs. She's a lap dog for sure. Who wouldn't want this little doll on their lap? I know I do. Wish I could have posted more pics. Thanks for voting.
Tiger is 25 year's old now recently gone blind , he loves to be by my side, still loves a little play and the garden just more carefully ❤️
Maki was my baby ❤️. Now Maki is my little angel 🙏💙
Niko is a very big cuddle bug when it comes to me, but hes also known as naughty niko! He is quite the awnry one when it comes to the dogs and other cats in the house lol but hes my naughty niko!
Hemmy loves playing out in the rain. She then becomes a soggy moggy lol.
Romeo is almost 5 months and is a bundle of energy! He was born in Indiana and travelled all the way to New York City to find his happy home. He loves the ball and all his chew toys and he seems to like music too as he moves his paws and twirls -- especially with rock n roll tunes! He would love to win a contest!
She is the sweetest girl and she loves her cuddles and under a blanket. And she loves to gives kisses all the time and really loves to play with her squeaker bone toy and loves a good game of fetch with it. Plus what she wants she will do anything till she gets what she wants lol. She sure has been a blessing to us and have only had her 6 months.
Tuffy was rescued as a kitten and bottle fed by his human Dad.He lives with his two litter mates and 18 other feline friends that were also rescued. He is food obsessed and very cuddly.
She loves to play with a ball and get into the mini swimming pool we have in the yard for her and Ash
Nala is a very playful and active little girl. She loves chasing balls, having a fur brushed and cuddles
Molly was the sweetest girl, she recently had babies and then passed shortly after i saw this and thought might as well let her live on, she loved playing and cuddles, she always liked to act tough but she was a softie ,she was a silly girl
Buck was adopted at the APL in Ashtabula when he was six months old. He found his forever home with two people that love him unconditionally! He absolutely loves going for a ride and stopping for a pup cup or cheeseburger. He loves all people and doesn’t hesitate to share kisses. Best part of his day is believing he’s a tiny lap dog and wants his back scratched.
Mintys a cutie, she doesnt do much apart from sneak around the house and find new spots to lay down no matter how high or tight they might be, she loves the outdoors and the sunshine
Khole is a big ole baby who loves attention but she is also very protective of her family she is a very good girl
Freddy was rescued from a pound, he has found a wonderful home, he has become so comfortable and loved
My Tito boy is a little rascal but he is amazingly kind, he has a heart of gold but will always want to play with you, Milo and Tito are father and son! They are total opposites of eachother though but i love tito , he always wants to play, cuddle, go on walkies, he will do anything and everything with you , he loves his sleep too
Aw My Milo is the bestest boy, he loves to cuddle and is a kind soul, hes not much of a player but he loves to go for walks and run around with you he knows so many good tricks too!
Marley loves to run around and play unlike most cats, hes very sweet and handsome, he sleeps on my legs at night he the cutest thing even though he can be annoying sometimes we love him
Beau is a happy playful and loving kitten. Beau loves playing happily by herself or with the family
A border collie mix that is absolutely interested in farming and helping w the chickens and ducks !! She loves to herd them to bed and keep them on line. She will even hold on gently until I can get it if one gets away from our fenced yard it’s an amazing sight!
Mr Meowy
Sweet, funny and playful, that’s Mr Meowy in a nutshell
Awee so cute 😍 she sleeps with her paws up just like the baby daddy who gave me her when she was still a baby
Finn is a 7 year old boy, lives in Coldstream BC Canada 🇨🇦. He loves water and playing balls ⚽️.
Artemis Maximus
He is a Mali-dutchi 7 weeks old my best friend and my partner through life❤️
Sandy thinks she’s a dog! She’s small but brave and is such a gentle pretty little girl 🧡
This is the last photo of charlie. Sadly she was diagnosed with lymphoma and passed away 6 weeks later. I hope shes waiting for me at the rainbow bridge
Ike is a 15 week old full pedigree bulldog with a champion bloodline. He loves his soft toys,pink piggy, bunny and ducky. He loves being outdoors watching the birds or being down the harbour watching the boats coming in, he likes to collect rocks instead of sticks 😀 He loves being snuggled especially if your wearing your big oodie he likes it so his covered and snuggled right in to you,he snores like piggy and purrs when his content. He shakes his little booty when he greets you and is a fast learner that makes our world so full of joy hence his name meaning laughter & strength.
Lily the original flower child. Lily loves flowers, cant keep a vase of fresh flowers in the home. Her and her sisters like to dabble in horticulture with Dad.
I bite people when i feel like it but im also the purrr machine!
Andrew is a indoor cat who loves to sleep in all Different rooms My son loves him he has autism And Andrew has become a loved member x
Benji loves cuddles and watching telly with me he my companion he very special to me when rescued him found out he was epileptic so I never leave his side incase has seizure unless another family member watches him for me he loves children walks and plenty of belly rubs and cuddles from everyone he meets
Hi, my name is Chappie! I will be 8 years old in April. I'm hoping I will get a birthday cake in the shape of a fish for my birthday like I did last year! I'm very goofy and like to bite and jump on my owners feet as she walks by. I really enjoy playing with sticks but my favourite are cabbage leaves and potato skins. When my owner is peeling potatoes, I like to stand next to her and try catch them before they fall into the bin, it's fun to watch them fly across the kitchen!
Ivy loves delving in the undergrowth, always on the scent of something. She loves paddling in the sea and her favourite treats are white fish jerky fingers.
Simba loves to play he is 10 months old he loves to play with his toy balls he’s got a toy drawer and helps himself to his toys which he carries in his mouth
Pepper is almost 3 , she has a spicy attitude and will sit with you but does not like to be handled. She likes her freedom and a good head rub! Pepper is petite and fast and has her bestie younger sis jaz to play with also soon to participate in the contest !!
Hermes loves to ride in his stroller