Wanda is a sweet and smart girl who loves running around with other dogs and her humans! She is well trained and can go anywhere with Mom!!
Of course my beautiful baby girl is a pit bull a breed that has had such a bad reputation for years due to irresponsible bad owners,Hennessy is the sweetest gentle soul always surrounded by young kids cats and other dogs.After loosing my last 2 fur babies Hennessy gave me a reason to live and love no matter what she puts a smile on my face and anyone she encounters she is just amazing.
Loki is a rescue that showed up on my front door with his mamma and 4 siblings. Hes so loving ,spoiled and very feisty
The Princess of the castle has everyone wrapped around her paws and loves to pose in front of a camera.
Sarge is a Lab, boxer, & American bulldog mixed he is full of energy and gets into everything he loves getting on the trampoline and chasing his sister.
Loves playing outside with his toys very active and loves eating a lot ❤️😊
Tinkerbell has the best personality, she is truly like no other. If you ever met her you’d instantly fall in love 💓
Laila's favourite thing to do is cuddle on the sofa. She’s the queen in the house and certainly knows it!
Split face Merle, with such a personality! And He comes unique so get voting😏
what can i say, aya is a sweetheart. she’s an angel 🤍
Hi, my names Tommy and I am from London! I am 9 years old and have recently been adopted by my mummys sister as she became poorly. I am the most loved cat in the world and I have settled in so well with my new family. I am a good boy who loves feathers, ear tickles and eating cat grass. My family had to hide all of the houseplants as I wanted to eat those too! I love looking at myself in the mirror, can you blame me with my handsome looks? Thank you for voting for me, you have made a middle aged kitty very happy!
Buddy is a 13 week old Dachshund mix. We adopted him from the animal shelter. He loves the outdoors but love to cuddle to when inside.
Oakley is a cute little girl She is a bedlington terrier beagle cross She loves to play jump and chew EVERYTHING Please vote for us then we can get her lots of toys and treats
Mila is a crazy, loving and inquisitive fluffball. She is always looking for a cuddle but when its playtime shes sure to let you know.
Luna is my emotional support animal she is very sweet please vote for luna
Luna Grace
My Luna, AKA Boobie, is a 3 yr old Boston Terrier. She is obsessed with playing ball! Shes very vocal, does very well at tracking, very intelligent and very protective of her momma and siblings..she loves laying next to me, demanding all of my attention..when I tell her that she isnt the boss of me, she gives me the stank eye and snuffs at me! If Luna wins this contest, as with her best buddy Okie, we are donating the monies to an animal shelter in hopes of helping another fur baby find their forever home and making space for another baby to have food, shelter, and love, and hopefully a loving home as well!! Thank you for voting!! ❤🙏❤
Kash is calm, relaxing and chill. He loves taking baths.
My name is Jürgen and I love dreamies! I love watching football on the TV and I even try and join in. Our house supports Liverpool which is why I am named after the manager :)
This is Dracko. He likes to bark at things that aren't there or that his owners dont see. He likes treats and loves attention!
This is Nougat. He loves to sleep and loves to play with his brother Dracko and his toy taco! He goes by Mr. Nougat and Handsome!
Oakley Mae
Oakley Mae is a hyper 5 month old Aussie Border Collie mix puppy that brings a smile to everyone's face when they see her. Her favorite things to do are play with her toys, run laps through the house, play with other dogs and people, go for car rides, play outside, and sleep. She has definitely brought so much happiness into our lives since we got her.
Princess Mango
She never misses a never misses a meeting and finds that she has more free time now that she's not the designated office coffee person.
Otto is a 5 year old boy, who very cheeky , who and will sleep anywhere, very mischievous , a male diva, who loves going on walks with his canine brother Bono
Yoda is a spunky miniture aussiedoodle (Australian shepherd and poodle). His left eye is blue and right eye is brown. He loves watching dog tv and hanging with his cat siblings. Yoda says “vote for me, will you?”
Mr. Peanutbutter
Who’s that dog? Mr. Peanutbutter. Mr. PB loves to play, and will make fun of you any chance he gets. He also hates being told no. Mr. Peanutbutter is a Corgi-Pit mix, making him EXTRA goofy.
Lucy loves to play with bouncy balls and her feather wands. She does huge jumps through the air. She loves to be carried around and be with her family where ever they are.
Luna likes to play hide and seek in the bathroom and likes to eat lettuce don't ask me why
I love Doritos, and long naps. Forget all the toys my parents buy me, I rather play with q-tips, bottle caps, and moms hair ties!! I’m a rebel, mom says no chimney and I do it anyways leaving my paw prints everywhere 😈💕
Bono is a 13 year old, springer spaniel/ staffie cross, who still thinks he is a puppy, he is very loving a sweet boy with a very cheeky way
He is a outside cat very loveable likes to roam
Moo is a pain sometimes, but she is also the sweetest. She is snuggly when she wants to be. Her favorite thing to do is sleep and have treats given to her.
Always hungry
Loves to fetch his toy donut and to sit where he fits
Rosebud, named after one of Jerry garcia’s guitars, is just the most precious, loveable huskador I have ever had the pleasure to meet (not biased at all- really 🤣)!!!!! She is so eager to please and loyal that the only times she needs a leash is if the land we are on actually requires it. She was a timid, underweight, underloved, and unhealthy pup when my fiancé took her into his care. Now she is a healthy, confident, sweet companion our whole family appreciates!!!!!
The name says it all, we def jinxed ourselves 😂 He’s one and a half, he’s a big strong brute, as well as a big softy who loves to cuddle and get attention. The outside does not match the inside but that makes him who he is. We love him so much even though he’s a needy one 💕
She likes to cuddle ON HER OWN TIME! Likes spending quality time with her 13 year old human and lives lying next to the fireplace
A beautiful white Siamese named Molly who likes to hunt outside and cuddle inside!!
Toby is the cutest and funniest dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love him so much ❤️He is famous in the neighborhood and people come out to pet him on his walks. He has a way of making people 😃 smile. He also loves other dogs and always wants play. He is smart and has trained me to give him treats by stealing my shoe 👟 and won’t give it back until he gets the treat. 🤣 Honestly, I feel Toby is what I look forward to coming home to from work everyday. I would love to spoil him if he could win this contest. Toby is a good boy who lives in Lake in the Hills.
Romeo loves to sleep, play and try to scare me :)
Dude is 4 and a half and is a rowdy boy. He loves running but loves being lazy in his chair more.
Penny is a very smart and very playful dog. She loves to play outside and fallow her daddy around the yard. She is interested in everything we do and wants to be involved. She know all her basic commands and is learning to run an agility course i made up on the yard. She loves to play in water but hates her baths. And she loves to chew on just about anything she can find, although sticks and branches seem to be her favorite. Penny has brought so much joy into our life and we just love her so much.
Just got this cutie a couple months ago. He’s the best at cuddling and loves watching tv with the family
Crappy is a snuggler!!!!! He likes to roam the house , the back yard and enjoys the occasional light chase !!! He’s our huge 20 lb quarter domesticated linx child !!
Maui is a sweat cuddly boy. Loves to talk to mom. Loves to communicate with the family and is very vocal ! He knows so many commands and words just to get what he wants. He loves to be carried over shoulders and eating is a favorite. 😁
Urgent! This poor girl 💔 Found abandoned dog tied up on Casteton AvStella Blanca Panzarino‎ to Lost-and-Found Pets Staten Island UPDATE: Finders had no choice but to take her to MACC last night to keep her out of the storm. They could not take her into their bldg. and no one could foster and no rescues could take her. She has no chip. She is less than a year old. She is on stray hold for 72 hours. URGENT! This young female PB was found tied to a tree tonight in SI. She was left in front of 88 CONYINGHAM AVE off CASELTON AVE. Finder cannot keep her - no dogs allowed in her bldg. She appears to have been abandoned, and tied up. HOW DO YOU ABANDON A PUP....AND BEFORE A STORM?? SHE NEEDS RESCUE NOW! NO ONE WILL BE DRIVING HER ANYWHERE TOMORROW. DURING THE STORM
Koda is a year old and love squeaky toys and his dads army boot
Summer is 8 week's old she is very playful and very loveable and she sleeps with me every night