Lola is the most lovable, playful and sassiest pup. She loves being outdoors and loves her treats even more
Hello everybody. My name is Snow! I am a female mix breed cat and 2 years old with blue eyes. I am very loving and I love cuddling. Have a great day everyone and kind regards to all fur mommies and daddies.
Nalu is a very loyal cat with a 100% dog-like personality.
Pepper is a three-legged rescue cat from Crete. Now living in the UK, enjoying cuddles, belly rubs, and biting as a form of affection
Max loves a photoshoot. He is very sweet and fluffy, a 3 month old cavapoochon.
Hi I'm teddy and I'm a pomeranian i like to play with toys and i love treats and loves to go on walks loves to run on the beach and go to the park to swing in the swings my favourite hobbie is barking.
Timmy loves playing with every ball under the sun. Timmy loves children and animals all animals and thinks there all his friends and must play with him. Timmy loves love cuddles and attention. Timmy is so nosey and a very good gaurd dog. Timmys fetish is toes and feet and smelly socks. Timmy also loves his monkey 🐒 thats his mate .Timmy hasn't got a nasty bone in him and is just like having your very own live teddy. Timmy also thinks hes a bit of a celebrity as every where he goes every one stops to say hi.
Chi is the smartest cat I've ever known, he shows his love for his family every day with so much affection, he likes to hunt and brings me loads of presents I don't like them but he still brings them, he has a big personality and we love him so much❤️
He is more of a human than a cat, he has only ever been around me and my hubby. He will talk to his dad like a human. He is very sweet, loving and kind also very shy around anyone new. He also has beautiful blue eyes. He's our baby boy Bubbas....
Poppy is loyal and she loves to play, very sweet ❤️ love to be next to her person Loves icecream ,
Getting on in years though, young at heart. He likes to people watch and go on walks. Just dont sneeze round him...he takes it quite offensively.
Crumpet came to me as a boy at 3 months old, 3 vet visits later we find out crumpet is a girl, she is really sassy and has the full on tortoiseshell attachude 🐈
Toker Mann
Toker Mann is ornery, but sweet. He takes alot off his best friends (my dogs), but when enough, he reminds them he is the boss of the house. He loves playing ball, chasing laser light, playing with the dogs and bugs (omg bugs), When he sees a bug he has a one track mind.
He is a mommy's boy follows me around all day.
Carla is a sweetheart. My emotional support baby. She loves playing with the fishing pole with feathers on it that I swung all around. She has a little pink fish she loves. She's great with my grandkids and is esp close to one grandson. She sleeps between my legs snuggled up close against me.
He is a she shes 15 years old my baby and best buddy
Echo is 4yrs old .. he has 2 cat sister's Keena and Kasinda .. and plus now a little sister .. Artic Georgina.. he loves his toys .. plus he loves playing in water and going for long walks
His name is Spooky, but we call him Fabio because he is a Diva. He loves to be groomed and pampered. When we are combing him and stop, he puts his paw out and tries to grab the comb so he can do it himself
Artic Georgina
Artic Georgina is now 6 months old .. Artic has so much character already .. she absolutely loves her big brother Echo and sisters keena and kasinda
Simba is an escape artist from robbing the pet store out of all the catnip. He has a sidekick who is a sock monkey Jagger. He never sleeps, while his owner is sleeping he is plotting.
Daisy is an independent lady with a lot of sweet and a little sass 💗 She doesn’t have the typical “tortie-tude”! She loves her treats, scratching posts, cardboard boxes and is a certified bag lady
Star is 3 months adopted and about 5 years old. She has no teeth at all. Loves bananas 🍌 A very good girl ❤️ Sleeps next to me all night 🌙 😴
Stella is a fun, spunky little puppy. She is husky mixed with lab. She has lovely blue eyes that will melt your heart at frist sight. She is a very loving dog to people and pets. She is a eye catcher for her eyes and lovable personality.
Tater is a playful dog, she loves kids and other animals. She has her own personality and loves to cuddle. Tater is new to our family and the kids really enjoy her. She also likes to run around with our rabbit from Time to time.
We adopted Basil recently. When we got her we were told she was a stray so we promised to give her a safe home. She loves to people watch and to get attention anywhere she goes.
My name is Izzy I'm a pugese cross ,I love walkies and lots of cuddles.
The black cat is bandit, the other is Red both males. Fun, always getting into something and they love to play together
Cali is very intelligent and loves to be loved on she loves her treats and she has a bit of an attitude when she doesnt get her way 🤣
Lupin the huggiest dog ever known to man,so terrifyingly vicious looking!!! Grrrrr!!
Daphne is a goofy girl who loves to play and be a spaz when it’s time to play. When it’s time for bed she turns into a snuggle bug that likes to curl up under the covers!
Loop N Roag
As puppies they were so snuggly together
This is Ella. She loves toys.
Uno is the heart and soul of the neighborhood, with a bark that melts hearts and a tail that wags faster than the speed of light. He's a connoisseur of belly rubs, a master at catching treats mid-air, and a comedian who never fails to bring a smile to everyone's face with his playful antics. Whether he's chasing squirrels or cuddling up on the couch, Uno's unconditional love and unwavering loyalty make him the top dog in everyone's hearts. Voting for Uno is like voting for joy, laughter, and endless cuddles wrapped up in a furry package. ❤️❤️
Runt of the litter who is the best hunter, loves to talk and enjoys sun bathing with her other fur sisters.
Hi i am bow a 2. Year old saluki i was rescue from munlochy dogs rescue 4 weeks ago i was found very thin and someone had shaved my love coat and nervous of anyone but my new mummy and daddy are getting me there and i am coming on ok but slowly and loving my new family and starting to play with my wee pal bree a wee Yorkshire terror looking forward for all your votes .x
Itty Bitty
Itty Bitty is the best “dog-cat” ever! Loving, playful, adventurous, a beautiful soul and my BFFF…best feline friend forever!❤️
Charlee Mae
Charlee Mae is a sweet girl who loves her cat and being with her humans
Winky is very outgoing and always lets you know what he wants. He's a mean mugging man but has the sweetest soft spot for his humans. He loves his belly and neck scratches almost as much as his cat nips at only a year and a half he's already a Giant
Nanny Marie Cook
Nanny is my best friend she's my emotional support dog which I don't think she's a dog I think she's got some human in her she's very intelligent she and I love her to death
Hey guys I'm Oli I'm a mischievous little Bengal who will always help my huuumans with a purr and snuggles you can count on me. I love to play in my tunnel and I am a foodie who mentioned food 😋 I love being round my siblings and I create the mayhem. Bye fine people meow
Causes both chaos and joy.
The sweetest beagle I know one of our babies :)
Rocky is a mix breed that i rescued from a shelter. He is the sweetest boy. Loves all his toys and is so loveable. He was originally in a Louisiana kill shelter but came to New Jersey. He was meant to be with me.
Milo, is my Luna’s only son. He is the most sweetest boy featuring one of his 3 white toe beans 😁 he takes after his mum with an elegant face ❤️
Luna is the most gentle, caring cat you could ever ask for! She will follow you wherever you go, always playful and chirpy with her dainty meow. She is beautiful with white long whiskers that make her stand out.