Oliver is the most loving little boy who is always looking for a cuddle, he loves to zoomie around the house and chase his brothers but his favourite thing to do is have a nice cold drink out of the bathroom tap.
Sammy loves greenies and loves to get the zoomies, he also has an overbite that he uses to make people laugh.
Hello I am beans! I am left handed, enjoys hugs from everyone I meet, long days watching nature in the window with my squishmallows, and I tend to be very talkative. My favorite squishmallow is my giant frog which is also my seat, biscuit baby, and emotional support squish. My dream career when I grow up big and tall is to be a high ranking Security Guard.
Ivy is the sweetest most gentle furbaby you'll ever meet, she loves anyone and everyone. Her favorite activity is playing fetch, getting snacks or going to her furfriend Oden.
We got Tilly when she was about 12 weeks old, so have worked out roughly when her birthday is from old pictures. Most common nickname we use is probably Till, along with tilpot, and bubs. When Tilly was younger she was a big hunter and she’s often have what we called takeout, or we’d find her staring at the shoes meaning she’d lost it and we’d normally find a small rodent that needed a hand getting out the house. However, in her older years she seems to have slowed down a lot and now prefers to eat the dinner we give her. She spends most of her time now helping dad with his work and napping next to him while he’s in meetings. Her favourite treat is dreamies and dad has managed to teach her to sit with them (he is currently attempting to teach her paw but I am yet to see any progress). While we all find our pets the cutest, Tilly is definitely the cutest cat to us.
Scruff is a vey loving cat , he likes belly rubs and cuddles to agains us he is a very protective cat towards his mom and his little brother x
Her nickname is Pipers and she is spunky and a little fireball, but loves to be loved on!
Martha is the sweetest girl 🩷 she loves playing fetch 🎾 And she adores cuddles!
He is such a big baby, he follows dad(human) everywhere. Needs to be with family all day everyday. He hates the vacuum cleaner. Loves watching the the birds outside and sitting on the porch with his harness.Sonic was found under our car and taken in and has been loved ever since he is about 2 years old.
Jangle is a shelter kitty, who has a huge personality and loves being outdoors!
Ollie is lovely and wants to be friends with every dog and person he comes across. He is also a therapy dog in a homeless supported living project a makes the residents. smile. He is such a happy dog with thre biggest waggle.
Most loving beautiful baby . Love my girl x
She likes to play with her balls and gives kisses
Boo is my 4 year old Calico Tortie queen that I rescued. Boo is named after the child in Monsters Inc. because she was rescued in October and is the color of Halloween. Boo loves to play with her sister and watch the birds outside. She loves cuddles and playing with her kicking toy (she does have big rabbit feet). You should vote for Boo because she is unique in her color and personality. Please vote for my Halloween kitty!
Payton And Paisley
Payton and Paisley are 4 years old. They are mommy and daddys world! They love treats and snuggles!
Billie Sue
Billie Sue loves to chase squirrels and tease her beagle sisters! Curious is how she rolls! She loves toys and being chased! She is a very happy girl!!
Zeus And Zorro
Adopted them a few months ago. Most friendly and loving cats ever
Cleo is a rescue cat, found on the street as a kitten… she now rules the house and like her tummy rubbed on demand.
She is a very friendly girl, she’s the most loving dog I’ve ever met. She will constantly give you kisses 😘
Kovu likes catching mice and birds, after a long hard day of sleeping
Nala loves to play, go on hikes, and snug up with her little ones. Snack time is her favorite time. Its when we learn all our new tricks.
George has a job at a biscuit factory, he has just recently had a promotion to top biscuit maker
Peaches is the sweetest girl. She is so silly when it comes to her toys. She will most of the time have a toy in her mouth when she greets you at the door.
Dink Vega Jones
Dink is our rambunctious, always sniffing, chewing up makeup, digging holes in the backyard baby!!!! I wouldn’t change a thing. He is the best and most loveable 4.5lb baby.
He is a 2 year old crazy kitty. He loves to sneak attack on his brothers. Loves treats, laying on his back and getting stuck in bags.
Fangs is only 8 weeks old but already into everything. He wins the heart of everyone he meets!
Harley loved to play fetch! she is 4 years old and is very sweet.
My sweet trippie boy. He is the sweetest most cuddly cat. He loves taking a good nap and playing with his brother. He loves to go on walks and enjoy catnip.
Hi,IAM Blacky,IAM one year old,i like to play a lot,i am very playful,i like to be hide all time to be seek by my mom's,they are always looking for me but I never answer at the time,they always get crazy calling me,i am very sassy girl,so sweet and tender.I hope you like me, vote for me! 🙏🙏
Princess is a very loving, kind affectionate girl. She loves nothing more than a kiss, cuddles, a rub around her ears & of course her Dreamies. Xxxxx
Maggie is a little 3 month old kitten, who likes to sit in silly positions when she’s tired!
Milo is 3 years old with a very hyper but curious personality. He loves to play with his brothers and share his toys, he also enjoys running and chasing cars through a fence.❤️
Ruby is a funny kind of kitty she love to play with basically anything, also she’s shy around people she don’t know… she’s very loving and such a beautiful kitty she only eats Felix food and that has to be the flakes one 🤣 She also loves pulling funny faces as you can see in the photos 😻
A super mouthy boy who loves to give kisses and play with anything but a toy made for him. He's always got the zoomies. When he doesn't he's usually cozied up in his cat tree looking out the windows.
Bear is a pretty boy and knows it. He has a night routine that starts with a creamy treat and ends in a cuddle.
Pickles Vega Jones
Pickles lives when she comes from the groomers! All smile and she loves her pig tails. She supervises her brother when he is digging up the back yard, she loves chasing squirrels and giving kisses!
Rescued Hin as a 3 week old kitten. He fell into a couch frame that was in alley for the garbage
11 month old service puppy. He goes to the adult care facilities to get lots of pets and give our seniors some much needed love. He enjoys going to the dog park on his down time and he is always by mommys side.
This adorable littl kitty angel is so sweet and so talkitive she is my fur heart!
Arlo is such a loveable boy. He is so handsome and full of fun
She is 8 weeks with a cuddly temperament and a playful personality
He loves to explore and getting in to everything
Mingi is named after Ateez’s Song Mingi, he is a very sleepy yet energetic cat, he will following you from room to room and give you company, he enjoys food
Gaby went blind when she was only 5 , but she lives life to the full with our adventures. She loves her caravan holidays but when she can smell the sea and feel the sand she is at her happiest and loves to run and roll in sand especially at her favourite place St Ives
March is a fat boi who came to us as a skinny little stray baby. He loves to come inside and steal the XXL dog bed from all 3 dogs and chase lizards, squirrels, and birds outside.