I’m Poppy, a four year old rescue. I love chasing flies, laying outside and purring! 🐾
Dukers is absolutely adorable he has learned to talk like my husky and it’s the cutest thing ever he looks up to the big guys so much
Maximus is my side kick I move he moves literally he is very protective and very lovable I call him my Gentle Giant
The most beautiful, well mannered cat who loves walks and travelling.
Aires loves to talk and he’s very obnoxious about it he also loves to bite booties to get your full attention lol
Hello ! Im Levi. I love when my mom buys me toys! This is my new piggie 😊
Loves soaking in the sun ☀️
Winston (or Winnie) is a little pug who thinks he is a parrot and loves sitting on any human’s shoulder
Charlie is the greatest dog, he is so friendly and loves tovplay with other dogs. His favorite activities are going to the river he loves to swim. And he can chase a tennis ball all day long. He is so wonderful he has definatly changed my life in so many ways, hes perfect in my eyes!!!
Leia is very friendly cat and playful. Still getting around well even at an old age. She always cuddle with me and goes everywhere I go at home. Only stays inside.
Cuddle. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. (Also loves to play.)
Oliver loves any kind of people food. Here he is with his very own KFC chicken thigh.
Loves cuddling and playing with her son Phish.
Leo; Full name Ilio (Hawaiian for dog) Loves to play with his toys and sister. Trained very quickly and is very food motivated. He is rambunctious but as sweet as can be. Loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses. He has now learned that he is cute and can use his puppy dog eyes and cute sweet face to get just about anything he wants. ... Oh! And he smiles when he's excited/in trouble.
Hello my Name is Remi , I am a 1 year old Golden Retriever I enjoy playing outside and snuggles with my mama.. oh and tacos❤️😂
Luna línea to sit on her box 📦 and play with her bouncy ball ⚽️ she always put her self up side down for us to rub her belly
Rae is the most cuddly loving cat you’ve ever met. She is my rock!
Hunley loves all people, lots of kisses, and every food group. He specializes in cuddles and puppuccinos.
Hello my name is Pico!! I am a 4 month old German Shepherd mix. I am fun, sweet, always eager to learn and ready to meet new friends!!!! Have a good day
Mochi Rules the house and takes his stuffed cat everywhere!
Zeus is spoiled rotten, he is a Domestic Long Hair but I couldn't find an option for that. He enjoys playing with his catnip toys, he dosen't like to cuddle as much as a nice pat on the head, bht dont pet him too much or hell spend a solid hour cleaning himself. He definitely has a spunky little additude on him. He enjoys walking around our home like he owns the place. Hes a very sweet, handsome, and gentle boy.
Lover boy Mambo loves people and loves giving wet kisses and likes wearing underwear 😂.
Zira loves belly rubs and snuggles.
Boots is the most loving and caring cat ever. My son has autism and boots is my sons best friend and makes my sons live easier on him. Since pre K to 11th grade boots gets my son up for school and boots waits at the door for him to come home. And almost everyday that boots isnt around my son he well cry until boots is next to my son.
Oliver was found in a field, small and scared and now is the most loving little boy that you would ever meet. He loves to nap and cuddle and he even plays fetch!
Wittle is ready to go! He's an extremely social kitty who loves to throw his toys around and play. He's also a best friend if there ever was one. You can't help but smile at his quirkiness. Just look at his face.. He's got a smile all his own!
My baby girl, a stray I rescued when we lived in Pennsylvania still she is absolutely one of a kind lol... She begs at the table for ppl food, doesn't matter what it is lol... She has such a wonderful personality I love it
My little Charlie is a Himalayan female cat, very cuddly and playful, always looking for affection, the sweetest cat in the world.. i love her so much so adorable 💓
Maxine is the sweetest girl. She loves to snuggle. Her favorite thing is to give kisses.
Rosco loves to play with his sqeezy toys, loves to cuddle and give kisses, and loves to play outside!
She’s a service dog for separation anxiety, she loves swimming,and she still thinks she’s a lap dog
Snuggle bug, Hunter, momma's boy. What he likes the most is to take my glasses off at night time before bed. And shower time. He likes me to hold him on my shoulder like a baby as he falls asleep .
Suzzy is a three month old German Sheppard mix. Very sweet very smart girl. She was rescued from a neighboring town.
Betty is the queen 👑 of the house. She loves hogging the bed . Stealing pillows and socks. Her favorite thing to do is jump on me when I am asleep and attack my hair. She loves to snuggle up under the blanket with me and she loves TikTok videos.
Uthred named after the last kingdom. Is a big lover of food. Food and food. He likes to sleep in his blanket and suckle on his blanket till he passes out. His favorite thing is to sleep.
Ellie loves to explore outside, trips to Starbucks, and spending time with her friends and family!
Hi my name is Cash. I am a Miniature Goldendoodle, soon to be 3 years old. I love toys, running around outside, pup cups, and naps are my favorite.
Buddy is a happy care free Guy. Who loves to walk his human. He loves going for rides in the truck and do his job at the farm. He is a step dad to 6 cats who he loves. And his favorite thing to do is bring home lost baby Skunks who he insists sleep in his bed.
Sigi, she loves to play with baby toys! She takes off with tiny human toys far more than cat toys. She loves to rough house with her Cat Momma Freya and her Human Momma’s feet. So energetic and beautifully unique! She is slowly gaining a following on TikTok. We love her dearly 💕
She climbed up in the tree and feel asleep it was to cute not to get a photo of I have never seen a cat sleep in a tree before
Hi everyone! My name is Copper. I am a 19 week old Fox Red Lab. I love chewing on toys, meeting new people, and my mom and dad. I’m ALWAYS full of energy. I’m so smart; I can sit, shake, stay, go to my cage, lay down, get a toy, and give kisses.
Hi I'm Bruce. !! I'm a very photogenic kitty with a smart out-going personality. Im very handsome and charming so thats a plus. !! ❤️
Kota is a crazy cat. His favorite things are cardboard boxes and empty paper towel rolls. He is such a character and we love him so much!
She loves to catch flys and she makes little piggy noises when she eats her treats. She is a bit older now but still cute as a button! We love our Sushi!
Insta influencer, cat nap king, and adventure cat being known as the Colorado hiking cat… it’s TOASTY!
He is the most loving cat you will meet ! He loves to play and when your feeling sad he will snuggle up with you! He cuddles you when your sleeping and he will make sure your good ! He loves his food. He has a good personality all throughput his body anytime he walks up to you he just wants some pets
Im a female kitty, my name is Robi. I love my people family. I picked them. I like to play with milk rings. Vote for me. Meowww
Acer is 4yrs old, He loves to give cuddles, rub his face against yours, so soft you never wanna stop petting and rubbing his belly. Very playful too, loves to roll around with his mousey, attacks the bed covers to get your hand or foot. He is the best boy and deserves all the votes🐱😻💚