Dog cat Stories - 8


Delilah was the third to join my pack and she is 2 1/2. I have had her since I rescued her when she was around 5 months. She has big dog syndrome and will bark your ear off lol the cutest things she does is she stands on her back legs and moves her front legs up and down quickly like she is begging for something (she is doing this in the one picture on her profile). She also runs her head into my lips to get kisses. In her free time, she likes to take naps and torment her feline sisters. She is a unique combination of breeds. I did a DNA test on her and it came back as American Eskimo Dog, Australian Cattle Dog, Beagle, Chihuahua, Great Pyrenees, and Mixed. The one that was the lowest detected was Chihuahua and that is what she looks like to me the most. She is around 10 pounds and she does have rear dewclaws which are only typically found in large breeds, so it makes sense, but it is still strange and unique. She is a whopping 10 pounds of sass and adorableness and I love her so much!!
Mr. Maple loves toys, bringing said toys to his avian brother, and laying on the couch with his momma. He’s 4 years old and a rescue that was returned multiple times until finding his fur-ever home.
Sassi Pup
Come on sis, I'm a big girl lets wrestle.
Mouse is very brave deaf boy
Punky is very shy and very loving: love to kiss your lips very early in the morning
Willow like to eat from other cats' bowls and sleep on the other cats' beds
Ozzy just discovered cat tv on YouTube and "asks" to watch it every morning now. He goes to the tv and sits in front of it until I turn it on to the birdy channel and he watches for 20-30 minutes. It's adorable
Jax is 7 months old from New Jersey! His favorite toys are springs, catnip, balls, and feathers. Jax pretty much loves everything. He loves to go for rides in the car, walks on the leash and in his stroller. Jax is very adventurous and loves to be apart of everything. He loves playing dress up. Check out all his pictures below!
he is playful puppy who loves belly rubs and enjoys going on runs!
Khaleesi loves to play in the snow, but most of all eat all she can! She loves to play with her older sister and pester her every chance she gets!
Leo is an adorable fun loving cat who is full of energy, loves to play and cuddle and brings joy to everyone!
Axle loves treats, cuddles, and all of his toys. He's the sweetest boy ever ❤️
This is Hubie aka Hubinator, Hubasco, Hubis, my handsome is spoiled rotten. He loves to chew hair and loves to climb on ledges.
Gwynn is super sweet. She loves to cuddle and always wants to be by your side. She loves to make new friends, dogs or people! She’s also very energetic, and will go for a hike or a walk on the beach with you any day! Her favorite toy is her beaver, which she will squeak forever.
We saved Tigger from some students that had to leave their shared accommodation.. he was scared and smelled really bad.. Tigger is so comical, he sits, rolls over and fetches. We are wrapped around his little white paws x
Tucker is a puppy just shy from one years old. I was fortunate enough to adopt him about five months ago, after countless of bad homes in the first five months of his life. We are doing our best to make him the happiest pup and let him enjoy all the things that he loves doing. He loves kids ,playing at the beach and long hikes. This money will help pay for his many medical bills.
Tuffy Luv
Tuffy Luv is turning 17 and he’s a luv bug . He’s been with me 17 years coming up . When daddy comes home he’s all about treats .
Knight joined our family of 5 last year at 3 weeks old. He’s brought so much joy to our home. He is loved by all who meet him. Knight loves to take walks, lay in the sun, run in the backyard, play with his toys and play catch. The kids are always greeted by him waiting anxiously at the door after school.
Rosie is sweet, loveable and playful. She loves to talk and have conversations with you.
He loves his mom the most! He follows me around and talks to me all the time!
One word...PISTOL! She's wild, sweet & everything in between. Most of all, she's cute as a whip!
We got Puma a few years ago and she's always been an energetic furball! She loves running around, treats and playing with almost anything including other cats. This adorable baby loves everyone and she's a quick learner, too!
Chippy is a social butterfly. He loves to make new furry and hooman friends everywhere he goes!
Cocoa is a dachshund beagle mix! She loves to play with her dog food, she loves Sleeping, ice cream and carrots!
Angel is part calico and tabby. She is a loving cat. She is a cat that likes to be inside away from other pets. If i win i will donate it to animal shelters.
Theodore loves to gallop around with sticks and leaves. He enjoys doing zoomies in the grass And runs figure 8s like they are going out of style. He lifts his paw when he is feeling curious, happy, or playful and he smiles when he is having fun. His favorite good is chicken and bully sticks. He loves getting his teeth brushed and his belly rubbed. He is the best boy!
Aky is a smart and playful doggy! He can understand everything I say to him and he is always in the mood to play. His favourite toy is a ball, which he sleeps with. Every time I tell him to bring me the ball, he knows exactly what I am asking for and he gets the ball from wherever it is, knowing precisely where to go. The money from this contest will go towards a charity case, for a baby boy in need of $2.1 million for ZolgenSMA treatment! So please vote for my beautiful Aky, in order to help Alex, the boy in need!
Missy May
Missy may is such a sweetheart . She loves running and playing . She also enjoys her cuddles. She has the prettiest smile :)
Stormie Roo
Stormie she is Such a sweet Puppy and she is about 7 or 8 months old. We call her Stormie, Stormie Roo or Baby Roo. She is a super Cuddle bug and will give you a actual Hug and Lots of kisses. She is a very curious puppy And sometimes gets into mischief haha. She loves her Stuff Duck and being a Baby n Cry baby for her Mama. Stormie Roo can not have People food yet and loves play Fight with her Two front Paws and Fight/Pick on her Sister Nala who is a chihuahua/Mini Pin . Stormie Loves to sleep right next to you under the blankets in a little ball too She is Our Sweet Baby 💜
Moana Valenica
Moana is a character, she loves to run and play, she also loves food and loves to make sure she gets her food. She is a very vocal kitty when you leave the house and likes to take baths 🙂
Squibs Mcgiblets
Why you should vote Squibs He is very vocal, He likes catnip, monopoly and his favorite food is pizza!! He is a rescue pet and if he wins, the money will be donated to our local animal shelter!!
Molly is the sweetest puppers. She loves giving high fives and fist bumps.
Penny is a blue heeler/ Australian cattle dog. She is super lovey and playful. She is 12 weeks old as of right now. She is super soft and everyone who sees her falls in love with her.
my son found him at taco bell parking lot four years ago he was six weeks old and covered with fleas. We cleaned him up and he has been with us ever since, he is a spunky goofball and we love him very much.
Kylo is a rag doll Scottish fold mix. He was born with a birth defect, but doesn’t let that stop him from being adorable and playing with his brother Parker.
Cuddly corg lovin’ cuddles, hikes, and all kinds of nummy snackies! I love heart-nose boops and playing fetch especially if you hab the treats!
Rescued on boxing day 2013. The most loving funny girl. She loves to watch movies and go on long walks through the woods and playing with her tennis ball💗
She love play with her toys and eating and sleep. She alway think when people come over there here to see her. If we win the money will go to vet bills and to help r local pets.
Jax is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and hang out in the bed on momma's desk while she's working. He loves to eat and play with his brother Opie and give his momma head massages when she's watching TV. Jax also thinks it's hilarious to hide behind corners and jump out as people, and his brother, walk by.
Benno loves to play he loves people and he’s a good spirited brave little guy
Bella is a loving, fun, and always up for photos! She loves to be in the middle of everything and loves to get attention from everyone!
Opie is still a baby. He loves to snuggle and suck the pads on his paws. He's constantly purring and his favorite time of the day is when he gets to eat. He and his brother, Jax, love to hang out in the bed on Mom's desk while she's working.
Tootsie is a lover! She is a mama’s girl who is always by myside. She loves to protect her family and give unconditional love! She loves to play and snuggle.
Zara is very loving and playful. She’ll cuddle with you and give you kisses. She can also be a bit mischievous zooming around the room every night and knocking down my pens/notecards off the nightstand.
Willow is as sweet as they come. She loves to play and snuggle. She is a fast learner. I also call her my little nugget. She is a yorkie pit bull mix.
Tiny is a little feisty girl but will melt your heart. She has Cerebellar Hypoplasia but it doesn’t slow her down. She was the smallest by quite a bit and was the last to learn to walk and run around. Now she is unstoppable and doesn’t let anyone bully her around. She is proving everyone who didn’t believe in her and her siblings wrong everyday!
Max is a very cute but sassy pup and loves food and treats also learns tricks fast and loves his toys especially Edgar the hedgehog he is there when your sick and will take care of you and bark if someone’s near your bedroom door he loves toys and doing outside he loves playing with kids and other dogs