Dog cat Stories - 8


Astro is a big boy with an even bigger heart! He has been the best foster brother to multiple foster dogs & cats. He loves bones, naps & his momma. ❤️
Loki is a English Shepherd. He’s full of love, high energy, lots of play, and cuddles. He loves to be with his family, go on walks, play with his many toys and take long afternoon naps so he can keep growing.
Draco Emery Norton
Draco loves to take baths and play in water. Very smart playful loves being outside and exploring! And loves to eat his treats! Lol
I’m very playful and spunky on the outside but on the inside I love cuddling my mommy the most! I love to play with anything I can hit around or drag around, like balls or strings. I love the treats mommy gives me too and hope I can win so my mommy can buy me more treats and toys! Sometimes I’m a bit of a pain for mommy because I bite a lot but I’m just playing and don’t know any better, I’m almost 4 months old so I’ll learn soon that I can’t bite everything ☺️
Milo is a very friendly and fun loving cat. I adopted him four years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. He loves to cuddle and is super talkative. Milo is also very smart. He has learned how to open every single one of his treat containers, so I have to make sure they are literally locked up and put away. His favorite toy in the whole wide world is ... my hair ties. I love him so much and I can’t imagine my life without him. Follow Milo on Instagram: @MiloTheCat96
I’ve never had a cat with such a personality. She’s the most cuddly, curious & playful cat. She can’t be touched enough and just wants to be pet at all times. She loves literally everybody, even strangers. Ever since I got her, it feels like I have a toddler living in the house lmfao. She makes me laugh every single day, some of the things she does is just too much. She’s basically a dog in a cats body. Definitely one of a kind.
🐾Romeo🐾is sweet and adorable. He loves bird watching and cheese!
Look at this face….he’s a little trouble maker, likes to sit on the kitchen table but how can you stay mad at that face!!!!
Dinkdink is our little shadow. For the first couple weeks we thought he was partially blind because he would jump off of random things and not catch himself. After many vet visits turns out he just likes living life on the edge.
Kass is a bit sassy. He is actually my daughter's cat. He loved sitting at the window just watching all the other cats. He also loves waking me up at 3 a.m. Always followed my daughter around. Waited for her to come out of the restroom.
Meet Mushu, the feisty ball of joy! He was rescued with his 5 other siblings from a hoarding situation. Although his hearing isn’t the best, he still strives everyday to be the most adventurist boy.
He is the best boy!!! He loves to cuddle and his favorite treats are anything that is soft!!! He’s a happy 4 year old baby boy,and will appreciate your vote!!!!!!!
Kyla is a border collie/Aussie/Rottweiler mix who has ALL the opinions and definitely lives a golden life. She loves running around at the barn and keeping an eye on the horses! The flying duck is her favorite toy ever, and 9-10pm every night is her designated play hour.
He is super talented please vote for him.
We rescued Chance from a very scary and inhumane situation. He had been severely abused and beaten with chains and other hard objects which left scars all over his body. His tail is crooked which we feel it may have been broken during the abuse. He has a huge scar under his right front leg which opens from time to time because the skin is so thin there. He also walks with a limp on that side. He is the most loving, loyal and trusting boy in the world despite what he went through the first four years of his life. He loves other doggies and people. He loves playing with his babies (toys). You can tell he’s never had a toy in his life. He can shake hands now and sits pretty and lays down for his treats. The cutest thing about him is he is always smiling. You can tell he is such a happy boy and he thanks us everyday in his own way for rescuing him. Chance is now my Certified Companion Pet, due to the fact that I was involved in a hit and run car accident which left me in the hospital for a week. I can no longer control my body movements and have to use a walker to get around at times. He rescued me and has brought me out of depression and stays close by at all times especially when I have seizure type episodes. Without Chance I don’t know where I would be today. He is my biggest blessing in life! He is our Angel and we love him to the moon and back a million times over!!!! If we do have the blessing and privilege to win this contest it will be going towards Chances vet bills as he will need extra care due to his previous life of abuse. The remaining money will go towards a local animal shelter that has animals of all kinds to adopt. This is our greatest wish. To be able to help save other furbabies lives is what we strive for. 💙🐾 Thank you for your votes and God bless each and every one of you!
Sabrina is my sweet heart. She got caught in a car when she was 3 weeks old. She is my gorgeous lady and the queen of the house.
Hi ! My names Louis and I love to go swimming and eat my moms clothes :)
Cotton loves to try and blend in with the walls, hides his head behind things trying to hide but we can still see him. Cotton will run around with his tongue sticking out. He loves to be in contact with either my husband or myself. Very clingy.
He is such a loving boy loves his chin scratches and cuddles right up next to ya for sleeping 🥰🥰
She is a sassy little brat 💗💗
Beans just hardly turned 1 year old!! He has an OBSESSION with playing fetch I can’t ever get him to stop, and he also loves to swim. Even with it getting colder out he doesn’t want to stop swimming. He is my best friend ❤️
Gracie is tiny with a stack of tortitude! She loves bossing her fur brothers about, and blepping!
12week old addition to my mad house 🥰
A cuddly little Japanese cat living the good life! She enjoys snuggles and spending quality time with her humans
Gizmo is a flame point siamese. He is 18 years old. I recently just adopted him from the animal shelter about 3 weeks ago. He is a really gentle and really sweet.
Roc is a 5-Sport athlete, participating in Agility, Flyball, Dock Diving, Disc, & Lure Coursing! He loves to play with puppies and kids! He is fast when he plays, he’s loud when he plays, and he’s so dang cute!
This is Miss Bella, she is a 6-8 Month old Pitbull mix we rescued. Well, really she has rescued us! she’s very loving to myself and my son and very protective to my 3 year old. She’s still a baby so she’s learning but she’s the sweetest thing and she has our ❤️
Panda is full of personality and even smiles!
Hi I’m Freya, I’m a little naughty but I’m a giant momma’s boy, any time she come home I go running to the door and greet her! I loves to play with my toy fish, and step on momma’s clean stove so I can admire my little kitty prints on the glass!
Buttercup is a rescue kitty. I adopted her when my 12 year old cat lost his littermate and best friend. She saved him. ❤
Bronx is an 8 week old English Bulldog!Full of personality!And loves his rope toys!
Pooter Brown
He is named Pooter Brown for a reason. He is a stinky little guy, but he brings great joy to me and my husband’s lives.
Skylar is a playful pup full of energy and love. He loves to go for walks and visits to the park to play with his friends. He is an awesome addition to our family.
We adopted Buckeye from the local shelter a couple months after our beloved Bowen (am bull/hound, 9 yrs) went to pup heaven of tcell lymphoma. Boy were we in for a treat😂 We think he was born in the shelter and due to covid you cannot even touch the pups until you are sure you are going to adopt him. When we brought Buck outside for the first time, he was in such amazement with the world. The first time he ran through the yard it was like "wow, look at me and what i can do" Since he has figured out freedom he hops like a rabbit when hes excited. He is a big boy with all this excitement in him and incredibly smart. He is only 10 weeks old and we are excited to watch him grow and learn. Welcome to Bucks Journey!
Harrison is a picture perfect “fat cat”. Though he is not cuddly, he love being pet and has the loudest purr and meow you’ve ever heard. He loves to have any sorry of green, arugula is his favorite!
Louis was adopted as a semi-feral kitten from Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Maine (H.A.R.T. of Maine), a no-kill cat shelter, back in May 2015 and all winnings will be donated to the shelter that saved his life nearly 7 years go. He's a total goofball and can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. He comes as part of a pair (his brother's name is Harvey) and they're attached at the hip. Louis loves to eat, snuggle in mum's laundry, terrorize his fur-brother pups, yell at birds, and chew on everything he's not supposed to. He's pretty charming though, so vote for this purrfect boy and help save some Maine kitties!
Juneau is a love bug who loves lap cuddles and car rides. At 15 weeks, he is very smart boy who is already potty trained and knows how to come to his name. He’s everything anyone would look for in a pup and more!
Naya Lee
Naya loves to climb in bed with me every night and she loves the outdoors.
Im Lady, i love ❤ to snuggle in my blankey , even though im small im a great guard dog as i like to bark at everything ! 🐶 im also a big girl now I'M 1 year old . Also Mummies Princess 👸
Neva Diva
Neva loves all outdoor activities and of course, breakfast and dinner.
Murphy is an adventurous fun loving pup who has a "come on go for it" personality. Hes sure to make you smile even on your worst day!
Stormi G
Stormi G loves to play most of the day but enjoys sleeping on my lap.
Soleh loves to play all day and sleep the rest of the day.
Mittens is a beautiful female 1 year old Tuxedo cat ❤ We adopted her when she was 8 weeks old Her favourite things are going outside, running around with our rabbit Bella, cuddling up with our other cat Hooper and eating! ❤