She loves sticks blocks, blocks of wood, her squeeky ball and munchi bones. She love to sleep in bed with you and watches over the grandbaby
pierre loves to play outside and play with others he loves his treats and loves others
Willow is a Belgian Tavern she definitely a beautiful pup she’s a big cuddle bug and loves everyone and everything she loves to play ball go to the dog park!
Im a curious kitty. I love to play and have my tummy rubbed, i also love to have treats.
Luna is a fun loving kitten, she loves to play with her toys but also loves to sleep.
Tiger Cat
Tiger Cat is such a cool and laid back buddy. He loves to watch movies after having some good ol nip. Tiger also loves his toys and his scratch post. To see him run up to me and my fiancé whenever we come through the door is always fun and puts a smile on our faces.
Rowdy is a blue heeler chihuahua, he loves cows and everything on a farm. He’s a working dog that goes to work at a ready mix plant every day.
Radar came to us, at 3. She is the younger sister of our first Aussie, who we tragically lost almost 6 mo ago. After her first vet visit, we found out she’s hw positive. So, we are getting her healthy.
Oliver is the most helpful cat, and loves to take up all of the whole personal space with his fluffy cuteness
This jungle book panther likes to really enjoy snacks and be lazy.
Im a a playful and loving indoor/outdoor kitty with with beautiful emerald eyes! And I was found near the engine of a car and it was a Kia car, thats how I got my name! :)
Snowy is a beautiful white persian with rare twin coloured eyes. Loves cuddles and follows me everywhere.
Sully is the biggest goofball ever. Can go from cuddle, to crack head in 30 seconds. He loves playing with the cat, except for the cat being quicker than him.
Ruger is a german shepard blue heeler mix. His favorite things to do are run around and play with his toys. He’s quite the character and even knows how to walk on his back legs very well to look around
blair is the most sweetest puppy you will ever meet she love to play with her kittens and like to take care of all her baby animals
Gizmo is a sweet boy who loves the snow, playing fetch with his toys and endless cuddles! He’s always making goofy faces and immediately falls in love with anyone he comes in contact with. Please vote for Gizmo❤️
Hello friends, my name is Puckey and I was born with a hate lip! I’m 7 weeks old and I am the most loving and playful puppy. I had five siblings but was definitely moms favorite.
Ace is a high energy, sweet boy. He loves to be outside and play with his toys.
Shiloh is a very vocal orange cat. He loves to go onto the screened porch and is always looking out the windows.
Oreo is a large cat with a large heart. He enjoys looking out the window and playing with his brothers.
Dusty is a sweetheart. He loves to sleep and enjoys looking out the windows.
Oliver is 20 months old! He’s a happy, spunky little guy who loves to go for his daily walks. He loves going in the ocean and meeting new friends!
We adopted Bojangles from Angels for Animals about 3 years ago. He had been there for several years but has found his forever home with us. He has lots of personality and is a Daddy’s boy, loves his treats, and night time snuggles. Please vote for the one and only “Bojangles “
Taco is independent off lease type dog likes to sit on your shoulder like a parrot 🦜 he likes to try to play with stray cats 🐈 🐈‍⬛ not knowing their in attack mode, he comes back after wondering off because he left the house to use bathroom likes wearing clothes but loves to sleep without his clothes he has never worn a collar
Zappa's nickname is Cuddlebug, because all he wants to do is cuddle!
Three Snaps
Three snaps has the biggest personality. He is very kind, loving and loyal. If you snap your fingers three times, he meows three times and comes running to you. Meow meow meow… in his raspy little voice. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. Go Three Snaps! You got this buddy!
So don’t judge a book by his cover. This little guy may look like just your average black cat however , he talks , plays ball for hours bringing it back to his owner and moaning until you throw it again. Very well behaved and very responsive to humans. You give this guy catnip he’s in his element. weirdly will go to the toilet the same time as humans. Like he feels he has to join in. Thankfully Not the same toilet
Elvis AKA Elbows , quite the model, only meaows when he’s outside and an expert in opening doors. To the point we’ve had to turn the door handles upside down. Loves rolling on the floor in the sunshine and loves a cuddle. On the other hand doesn’t listen to a word I say and constantly jumping out windows. The bengal in him makes him adventurous and he loves a tummy rub.
Bruno is 7 years old an loves to lay around all day an be the boss of the couch. He also loves to chase the red dot
Bentley is my precious boy!!!! He is always chattering and loves to watch the birds! He also loves dogs! He’ll rub up against our Black and Tan coon hound and loves to sleep in his bed… Bentley is my second main coon. He saved me after I lost my first one to kidney failure. I was heartbroken and Bentley came into my life. I love him so much and cannot imagine being without him!
Lucky is a 5 month old black mouth cur who loves people and other animals and he loves to swim and go to the woods. He is a mammas boy he's always by my side everywhere I go and he loves to cuddle he also loves his doggy brother he loves little kids. He is very gentle around everyone and when we go out and about he wants to meet everyone in sight
Bob is a 4 years old rescue cat, his previous name was Mr Stripey, we like to call him Bobsy now. He is very large for a tabby cat, very playful (he does some weird things with his mouth when he gets excited to play), loves his dreamies and head bobs. Please vote for Bob! ♡
Lucy she likes to cuddle, and give her paw for a treat, but she also likes her space.
Kedi loves dinner time and belly rubs. He yells a lot and has a perfect heart nose!
A well mannered beauty!
Hi I’m Macallan a 4 year old laberdoodle. I love meeting new people. I like chasing the squirrels outside. My 3 favorite belongs is my blanket, bone and rope.
Oscar is a handsome, part Maine Coon Polydactyl. Oscar was a gift from my living liver donor recipient in 2021. Oscar is very lovable and enjoys tummy rubs
This is Rosie. She is a German Shepard, 7 month old pup, she is very good with our child who is also almost 7 months old. She loves being outside and loves to play with her toys❤️ She is very well trained
Hi! I’m Collins! I just love playing with dogs twice my size, chewing on mom’s shoes, splashing in the water, and running through bushes hunting lizards! My favorite treat is my peanut butter filled Kong, and at just 3 months old, I can sit, lay down, shake, and heel (when I’m not too distracted)
CANCER strong "Echo" is a true gift from God...5 months after we got him ,I found out I have metastatic breast cancer! He has been the most amazing support, for me. He seems to know when I'm sick, struggling thru, his magic ability to make me feel so much better! He is a true Angel ❤️
Hero likes to calm his momma down when she is upset. He also loves rubber spiked squeaky toys.
A tiny cat with an attitude problem. Always trying it on with our other cat even though he is twice the size of her! Sad to say we didn’t get her from the best of places but she’s in a safe and happy home now, we got her from a person who didn’t know the slightest thing about cats and it shows she still struggles with trust but it has improved loads since we got her, shockingly her previous owner admitted to stepping of her tail and picking her up by it as if it was natural behaviour, the conditions she had to live in for the first 8 weak of her life wasn’t good either litter trays wasn’t cleaned, no bed just a small tea towel and left in a tiny cage with several other kittens. Once we asked about worming her previous owner also stated that she often got the worming solution in her eyes which broke my heart because now almost a year later in her life she is still terrified of being wormed. Despite all this we still got her and after paying at arriving home with little lady I felt a lump on her lower stomach with concerned me so we took her to the vets who stated she most likely wasn’t 8 weeks and more around 6 as well as being underweight, this ‘lump’ was an umbilical hernia most likely caused by a struggle at birth and if it wasn’t spotted sooner it could’ve been much worse, the hernia was restricting her from eating which was why she was very small and underweight, besides all of her problems we stayed with her and brought her back to full health, she got the ‘lump’ removed and is now thriving, living a healthy life. We did try and contact the breeder but I was blocked and when I tried to call from other numbers she never answered so I can only assume she knew about how badly she was treating the kittens. I wish I could’ve brought more kittens home with me that day but it is far above my budget and I can only hope they have gone to a good home and didn’t have to suffer with the same problems as lady…
Sweetpea is an older cat but she is young and playful at heart❤
Luna is a bulldog 8 months old Subborn loveable and loyal
I am a jack russel with lots of energy. I love playing with my toys but also like to snuggle with my humans!!!🐾🐾🐾🐾
Hello my name is raven im a Australian Shepherd i was born on January 27th 2022 i love to go on walks with my owners i love to play with my toys i love to go on car rides im very lovable sweet and love my cuddles ! I like to chew on everything i see in sight
Max is a husky Shepard Timberwolf mix He is the sweetest pup. He loves all animals please give us some votes!!