Mocha LOVES treats, she also loves attacking your feet as you're walking by. Mocha actually has a instagram! She can be a very kind and loving kitty. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old.
Buster Beans
Buster’s favorite things are food and pets! He is the most lovable dog ever and will do anything for a treat!
Baby G
My name is Baby G but don't let it fool you, I'm a big boy. I love to play fetch and pick on my kitty sister's. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my owners and give kisses. I will be 1yr old on September 21st.
Tiabeanie is a rescue puppy from Greece! She has a heart of gold and loves to play with all of her toys, so none get left out. She loves meeting new friends (human and dog) and will always ask for belly rubs. She’s the bestest friend you could ask for with the most beautiful smile and her heart full of joy and love.
Coco is a 14 year old Siamese and Black Cat mix. Coco is an extremely unique kitty, he is super talkative and smart.
Skippy Jon Jones
Skippy Jon Jones is a 15 year old Siamese and Himalayan mix. Skippy is my soulmate kitty. He is the biggest cuddle bug ever, he loves he be held and cuddled.
Captain Barbossa
Captain Barbossa is 1 year old Maine Coon and Tabby mix! He loves to watch all the birds outside and play hide and seek. Any toys with catnip are is absolute favorite!
Ryder is a top-tier snuggler, avid squirrel chaser, and stick-finding extraordinaire. She also loves cheese, hiking, and naps in the sun!
Hutch is an over excited friendly boy who loves everyone he meets! He loves belly rubs and big cuddles.
Franny is a sassy 7-year-old Bengal cat who loves to watch birds and tell her mom what to do.
Willow is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet! She loves cuddles and playing with her brothers and sisters.
Tivali is 2 years old and was a pandemic pet ( abandoned shortly after things opened up). She loves her dad's work hat, cat grass and hunting geckos in the window. She's a spoiled princess and she knows it
Chaos is 14 weeks old. His favorite thing is digging holes with his sister Rainy.
Pumpkin Spice
She’s a little feisty, but a loving kitten! She’s about 8 weeks old and enjoys play time! She loves stuffed animals, and anything that will move! 🤣 She also loves her MOMMY, who spoils her rotten! 🫶🏻🫶🏻
she loves to play, whether with us or throwing her toy to play catch on her own. She is the biggest cuddler and will always confort you on low days. Sometimes she thinks she’s a cat.. she loves milk and cheese and likes to walk along the top of the couch. She has such a large personality but is truly mans best friend!
Hi my name is Tiggs. I’m 12 years old and love being the streets neighbourhood watch. I check in daily and make sure everyone is safe…. Hey if I get a treat or two in the process then I won’t say no 🤣
Link was a 4-5 week old feral kitten when my daughter found him in the parking lot at her work. He has been with our family ever since and he is firmly attached to me. He’s my little shadow.
Fern is a huge ball of love. He loves to go for smol walks outside. He enjoys ice cubes in his water bowl and chin scratches. He will take down any fly presented to him and then eat it. Fern has the sweetest most gentle meow around! He’d love your vote (-:
Ezekiel James “Zeke” is a mix of black lab and Great Dane. He is the best friend a person could have. Zeke enjoys long games of “bouncy ball” playing in the water hose, and going “bye-bye” on car rides to the store, etc. I thank God for this dog every day. ❤️
She has a very bubbly and weird personality and loves absolutely everyone!
Holly is an amazingly intelligent and talented young pup. She’s due to celebrate her birthday this month and will be very excited to see her first doggy birthday cake!! Holly is the kindest dog you would love to meet. Her temperament is calm and loving and she’s made a fab addition to the family. She loves camping and wild swimming and fun days on the beach!
Gucci Pinky
Gucci Pinky is a sweet and smart puppy, she’s only 5 months old and is extremely fast and smart. Gucci loves playing, treats and cuddles. She also loves going on car rides with the family.
Chance is a two year old Flame Point Siamese. He’s got the funniest, most loving little personality. He loves to be with his best friends (sister Millie-cat, sisters Pearl and Poppy-dogs) and enjoys playing fetch. He has been pure joy since the day I adopted him.
Octavia likes to act like a human and she loves attention and people
playful husky lab mix 🥰 definitely loves his food & toys 🫶🏻
Bertie is a lively character who loves exploring. He likes nothing better than playing (tormenting 😆) his big brother Cody.
This adorable beast was born to one our porch cats. He is a very easily startled boy, and a great lap warmer
Jack is a beast!! He is a 1 yr old Newfie mix weighing 100lbs(more to go) he loves to eat anything that can fit in his mouth and never runs out of energy
Chips is our fat and fluffy princess. No house is a home without a well fed cat.
Indy is a mini Australian shepherd. He loves going on walks, treats, food, relaxing, and playing outside. Hes sort of a guard dog because he always barks at strangers when they come to our door, but surprisingly he doesnt when we're in public
Freddie is a huge fan of gardening, redecorating the house, changing the aroma of the kitchen spontaneously and playing the ‘nibble game’ when you least expect it. He is a big fan of flip flops, squeaky toys and big sticks - his big brown eyes give him licence to immunity from pretty much anything ! Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy voting
Ted is a well trained and loving companion. Great cuddle buddy!
Whiskey was born on our back porch to a stray. He was born just when we got Bella. He thinks he is a dog. I refer to him as species fluid. Great cat!
Punkin has become my unofficial nurse since hurting my knee. She has been checking on me regularly. She is also my familiar
Wreck-it Ralph is 11 weeks old and loving life. He loves having an adventure through the bushes in the garden, picking up every bit of bark he can find and chasing leaves blowing in the wind. He is also the goodest boy at doing come and sit 🥹
ace is a 14 pound Norwegian forest cat! He loves sleeping, being outside and running around with the other cats.
Hi my name is Obsidian but my family calls me Obi 🐈‍⬛🖤. I am only a kitten that loves to play allllll day,😼 I love to run to all the different rooms before going to sleep, sit in the bathtub(no I do not mind the water 🤣) and being in the porch looking at the big wide world. But out of everything I love saying hi to mom and dad when they come home from work 🖤🐈‍⬛
Storm is a really friendly dog , she loves to sleep and loves to relax
Axel is 11 months old, he’s super friendly likes cuddles and talking to his bird friend.. he’s the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet
Harley is a people person, she loves giving kisses and really friendly!!!!!!
Theodore loves when you rub his ears! He loves to cuddles. He is also thinks “man of the house” so he meow at me a lot likes to tell me what to do! 😂. Theodore hates storms specially thunderstorms he always hides under my blankets. The one picture of him under the blanket that was him under the blanket and all seen was his paw sticking out.
Elvis has a very sweet and layed back soul! He is very protective of our family, but so gentle with the puppies, and the Poodles he lives with! He is also my emotional support dog,.
Candy Rae
Candy Rae is a chocolate point Siamese , she is very affectionate and will demand a cuddle even if I am busy she forces me to stop what I am doing and give cuddles 🥰
Bertie is the cheekiest little boy! He has a big voice and everytime he comes in the house he cries out for us to find where we are. He loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa and kisses from his human mummy! 🧡
Very loveable Affectionate Loves to cuddle Love to give kisses
I'm Arnie! I like chewing shoes and shoelaces and making friends with other doggys 🐕
Dexter is our 4 month old rescue kitten. He brings joy to our family because he is so happy, active and cute!
Scout knocks anything he can off the table so his dog brother can get it. He also loves to takes naps!