Hello this is hulk he is four and a half months old and he is so cute even tho he’s the same size as my oldest dog he kind funny caring and so playfull he such a loving dog he deserves to win
Lazy days in the box!
Sitka lost her mom a week after she was born and went in to foster care until she was 12 weeks old until she was adopted. She loves her brother and her cat friends in the house.
Madame roxy the rotbull loves sticks runs and hates water
He likes to run around at the dog park and take long walks … and of course he loves cuddles … look at him who wouldn’t want to cuddle with him
Reggie is a cheeky chappy and loves playing with his brother Loki.
Nina was adopted after being found outside as a stray. She was named after a friend who recently passed & has brought so much joy during a difficult time in my life. She loves to cuddle, hunt her mouse toys, and burrow underneath blankets for an afternoon nap!
Beau is beautiful inside and out
Princess Aurora
Princess Aurora loves to curl up on my lap during the day and she loves to play to with her stuffed toy mouse. She also loves a cheese flavoured crisp/chip.
Loki was too little to leave his mummy and was soo poorly, but with 2 hourly syringe milk feeds he is now thriving and such a little character!
Rab the lab…..9week old handsome little guy. He’s the goodest boy 💙
Cassie is a black labrador who loves children and plays alot she os 6 years old and awaits adventures everyday cassie was going to the pound but we saved her and she was so happy and we will love her foreverr
MyLady is very energetic and lovely kitten. We have recently adopted her and are blessed to have her.
Koa is a cheeky kitten who loves her big dog brother winston. She loves the outdoors and lots of treats! She was the runt of her litter but has grown just as well as her brothers and sisters ❤️
Queen Zoe-may
I’m Zoe may, but I would really prefer it if you call me your ladyness! It makes me feel appreciated and proper. My mummy smothers me with kisses everyday! It’s so annoying! If you think that I’m like a lady comment ‘stop embarrassing mummy kisses!’ ❤️
Baby Boy
He loves to play outside and enjoys lot's of loving spoiled rotten and on most day's a good fur baby he is the sweetest rescue and has come a long way
Luna is a silly, sweet girl. She enjoys laying with her momma, playing with her sisters and belly rubs. She loves getting attention as much as giving it. Luna was a rescue cat, she was abandoned at 4 weeks, but has foubd a loving home with us, she is now happy and healthy. She loves treats and sleeping
She loves to play with her fish on a string, she also plays fetch! And loves playing with her human baby sister 🩷
Rocky is a rescue, he's an indoor cat due to being so anxious. But I have started introducing outside to him, so that he can still explore where he is safe and knows that he is okay. Rocky loves his mum and follows her everywhere.
A princess who had a rough start in life but now adores cuddles and loves playing fetch
Pepsi is a zesty kitty , she loves playing outside and cuddling in bed :)
Zelda is a very playful kitty , feisty and sassy, she loves getting her photo took and she loves her stretchy toy the joker :))
Bonnie is around 9 years old and still super playful. She's full of mischief, love and is the owner of the fluffiest belly. Don't be fooled though, that belly is a very enticing trap!
Peter is 20 years old! He is in very good health for his age. He loves nothing more than a snuggle with his human-mother (Phoebe, aged 10). It is adorable how he has taken to her and adores her since she was born. Peter doesn't venture far now, only outside into the back garden for the loo, or to sunbathe on the shed roof in the summer! Peter's twin sister used to live with us too, but we lost her almost 3 years ago. We also have a 6 year old, female black labrador, who Peter gets on well with.
Figaro a rescue cat that despite his start in life. Most loving cat, accepting of cuddles as much as I want when I want. Always a happy playful cat guaranteed to make you smile with his humor even when you don't feel like smiling
Gump loves to floof around and bat her mittens until she gets overwhelmed with love and cuddles and pets, she will just sit on by a window with it open staring into the outside while her fluffy hair blows in the wind.
Chichi is a loving ball of fire.. She is 1yr old and is sooo smart
Riot is a very fun loving dog he loves to play tug of war with his puppies
Loki is a mischievous boy who had a rough first 4 months to his life. He lived a cold and cruel life as a puppy on the streets of Bosnia. Now living his best life with his new mum and dad, this 6 month old boy has a new lease of life! He loves running along the beach, visiting his puppy friends and chewing his dads slippers. He’s such a loved boy x
She is the funniest little thing and has such a princess personality. Makes me smile everyday
I ONLY PUT WILLOW IN CONTEST FOR ACHIEVEMENTS❣️❣️❣️❣️ IM NOT OFFICIALLY DOING CONTEST RIGHT NOW ❣️❣️❣️. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞LIKE HER PAGE ✔️PLEASE TAG YOUR PROFILE TO MY PAGE AND TELL ME WHO ALL IS VOTING FOR YOU AND POST DAILY THE DATE ALONG WITH TOTAL VOTES FOR THAT DAY🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🐾🐾🐾 PLEASE BE HONEST AND STAY TRUE TO OUR DAILY AGREEMENT 🤝💯🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 Willow is a very sweet girl. She loves to play and she is very funny and goofy. She always makes sure her buddy Winston (Winston is a 14 year old mini dachshund) is ok. Willow loves everyone she meets and always shows a goofy funny pose.
She is very smart and loves her siblings. She always gives high fives(paws)(fours). Luna is a Tortico
Banjo Beans
Full of beans… welcome to banjo beans! Loves to run wild, eat sticks, eat our house and loves a cuddle and a movie with a few treats! Beautiful dog, he is my best friend. Huffs a lot when I chat a lot! But he is just incredible with everyone… little ones, big ones… and dogs/ cats/ horses he adores. One in a million. I was very lucky ❤️
Gypsy leigh aka baby or babba. X bengal. Sleeps on my chest. Very loving and always sits with my husband tony and i. Very inquisitive. Likes to carry her teddy around and a Christmas bauble. So loving.
Blue is our 12 year old Labrador who we rescued at approx. 12 months old..... but his exact date of birth is unknown. He is a very loving dog, but he recently lost his step sister, Zara the Dalmatian, who he used to love cuddling up to, but unfortunately he has started with a bit of separation anxiety, until my sister bought him his orange teddy, which he loves and carries everywhere with him. He has lots of love and energy, although he is starting to show his age and slow down a bit
Talula, or Lula, is a cheeky, fun loving kitten. There is never a dull moment to be had when Lula is involved.
Tyson gives paw when offering him treats, he absolutely adores playing with tinsel Pom poms and loves to sleep under the duvets with his owner, he also checks up on you in your sleep and is the most loving cat ever. He’s always the first thing to greet you in the house, he trots himself down stairs when u enter the house, he is a very outgoing and energetic cat
Sam is a 3 year old springer who loves nothing more than walks on the beach. He has lots of energy and is currently living the dream on the farm. Sam always greets people with one of his favourite toys and a happy tail. He’s the bestest boy and definitely deserves a vote
She loves outdoors. And treats. She's 9 weeks old
Winkle is a feisty girl who in joys committing war crimes
Pyper is a 8 month old kitten who is very smart, plays catch and very mischievous
Bandit is one of the cutest in grand junction iowa . Lol Our cutie bandit is a pomeranian. Hes good therapy . Loves us and loves treats and food ,attention,loves to hangout with mommy outside ,he puts up with his furbaby siblings well ,loves to sleep with us. Loves to sleep by his daddys feet. Hes a keeper for sure 💖
cute little kitty cat… completed our family. Very adventures and brave. ragdollxbritishshorthair kitten ❤️🐈‍⬛🐈
Willow is a 6 month old mini dachshund. She likes to play go for walks an rides. She also likes to cuddle. Willow likes to go shopping (especially to Walmart to see her bff Virginia). She is also my support dog
Venom keeps us on our toes!!! Lol. Hes a handsome man ,ohernery, loves doing window patrol , i think hes the cat cop here in grand junction iowa lol . Loves treats and to eat and be VOCAL Lol at times.very soft ... Never a dull moment with venom !!!! Plz vote for this handsome gorgeous eyed cat 💖 thx 💖
Zazu is my first baby dog,i saw him born in that date i siad we are gonna be together, he is one of of beautiful thing happened to me.
Luna Tuna
Luna is a very loving but sassy girl. In her 7 years she’s been a momma to 5 babies and she loves on the whole community. Every morning she leaves our front door to make her rounds checking on all her humans in different locations. She is so protective and loving.. Her best friend is my 5 yr old niece whom she has protected since birth.