Dog cat Stories - 80


A sweet and beautiful little girl who loves dress up and being in front of the camera. (2 years old parti yorkie)
Oakley is a ball of energy, loves treats and always down for some cuddles. He’s best friends with anyone that he meets. Oakley gives great kisses too!
Mama is a mommys girl loves cuddles and eating chicken like a human . And loves kisses
Seb is so quiet not a bit of bother He’s he is gentle , and chilled although he snores like 10 pigs 🤣
Princess Charlotte Rosemary
Princess Charlotte loves to snuggle, chase her toys, and get belly rubs. She is just a gem and we love her to bits.
Fenway is The biggest snuggle bug, He’ll be 2 in March. He is definitely my support animal , he knows what to do when sad ,mad , anything. i don’t know what i’d do without him
This is Punkin on a pumpkin. She is a service dog who alerts me when my continuous glucose monitor beeps.
Parker likes to play tug of war with his toys with our big dog and he also likes to eat treats and he likes to go for rides and he likes to go for walks and he likes to sleep with me and my husband at night he is a very good dog he is a cutie pie and I think he should be voted number one because he is a good looking dog he's a chiweenie but he's more dash hound
Bella Zanz
A beautiful kind hearted nice natured cockerpoo- lost her beautiful catto uncle this last year so feeling a bit lost -but just so loving and so cute - would do anything for any hooman or any 4 legger for that matter. Wears her heart on her paws 🐾 please vote for her!!! It would cheer her up no end to win after the loss of uncle woody (RIP best catto!)
Foxy is very playful and loving. She is full size already and will stay small🥰 we rescued her from the street she was malnourished and had an infected cut on her eye and now 5 months later she’s a beautiful, sassy and confident little kitty
Such an energetic, loving, protecting Pitbull... 5 years old and loves attention. Also loves to protect his family. Has 3 human siblings. 2 boys 1 girl who he adores, 1 other pit who we lost last year because of health, Dixie and she lived to be 21 years old in human years 💕 If you want to message me privately I’m on Facebook as Ashley Buchanan ❤️ If you are advanced voting! Please remind me when ur contest nears
the dog he's sleeping near is his best friend
Hanky is a Pitt Rotti Australian Shepard mix! He is 1 years old! He loves play dates with his bestfriends! & hiking with mom & dad! He’s a happy healthy boy & his mamas whole world💞More pictures below!
Poppy is no longer with us as she lost her battle with Renal Lymphoma about 6 months ago. She was such a kind little soul who was obsessed with freshly washed hair. I wanted to make this so people can see how stunning she was!
She is a very indoor cat and when she goes outside it is for a maximum of about 10 minutes!
He is a very outdoorsy cat and he loves to get fusses from the neighbours but not from his actual owners!
Kiesha is the last piece of our family. She has made us complete and she is so intelligent for a puppy. Very independent clean and so loving. We can't wait to watch her grow and develop. Such a character already.
Duke is almost three!! He is fighting Lyme disease at the moment, but it one strong cookie! He’s an older brother to Gizmo, and loves playing in the snow & chewing super big bones. Duke was a rescue, and got a second chance by his mama Gabby❤️
Honey Bear
Hi! My name is Honey Bear and I love warm hugs!! I love to cuddle with my mommy and play fetch with my daddy!! ❤️
Luna is a bit of a lunatic and likes causing mayhem, she’s a very loving and energetic cat we love her so much xxx
Millie And Belle
Nothing can describe the love we have for these 2 cats we love to pieces.. vote vote vote
Princess Elsa Mari'E
All i love to do is eat and sleep; I'll protect my family with pride and joy.
Hi all! My name is Chief and I am a Blue Heeler aka Australian Cattle Dog. I am currently 4 months old. My momma tells me I am a good boy, I listen so well for being such a baby still. I follow my momma everywhere, I can never leave her alone. I love to shred up my plush toys and fling the stuffing everywhere. I love to be on my mommas bed and cuddle. I also love to go to grandmas and play with my full sibling Banjo. He keeps me on my toes but he is so fun! I have a ton of energy when I go outside, and I recently discovered that I love snow! That is a little about me. I hope you all think I am adorable and vote for me!❤️❤️❤️
Dozer is 4 years old! He loves to play outside jumping in the snow is one of his favorite! He loves going to the shop with his dad! Dozer had 3 siblings and loves them very much! He loves playing with squeaky toys specially when he is super excited! Car rides are next to being his favorite! Dozer is a loving and caring dog!
Bow is such an energetic dog he loves playing in the garden going on walks exploring the outdoors wherever we are he loves everyone he’s always by your side no matter what loves being Centre of attention and always interested in what your doing.
Tilly is such a loving dog she is nearly 3 years old and a wonderful mum to three lovely litters she’s always by your side no matter what your doing she loves her treats especially chewy ones.
Hi all! I’m Pepsi but everyone who knows me calls me Poo, I don’t know why but it stuck. I am a 3 year old American Shorthair, my momma rescued me when I was about 3 months old. I was found in a wood pile along with my other 2 siblings. Ever since I got rescued I’ve been living my best life! Most of the time all I do is sleep, and when I’m not sleeping,I’m eating or cuddling my mom. I have gained quite the double chin since then, but my momma thinks it’s cute as long as I am healthy. I hope you all think I’m cute too! Please vote for me.❤️❤️❤️
Lottie is a loving, fun, energetic doggy who loves to run around outside!❤️
Hi I'm Lollipiop, My friends call me Lolly, I'm sweet like candy but a never a sucker. I love to meet people especially kids, I love the park because I get play & run with other dogs. Sometimes people see me & they don't want to play because I'm a P[itBull, It makes me sad but my mom says not to worry you still have lots of friends who love me. Thank you for stopping by.
Mr Luna
Mr Luna is a past rescue cat who was longest in the shelter but due to his very vocal personality he basically told us he wanted us to bring him home! Mr Luna just loves life now! Such a character who talks to us none stop! 💙
Stella loves to swim, harass frogs, get lots of puppy snacks & sleep. She’s the best doggo and so darn cute!
I am a cute and loving puppy! i love to cuddle and do tricks! my instagram is kanethepit__
Kuzco is very sassy and likes things his way. If you have seen the emperor’s new groove, he definitely lives up to his name.
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme is the sweetest cat you will ever meet. He loves cuddles and when you turn the water faucet on so he can bat at it.
She’s 14 and she loves to sleep
Hewo my names Dog and yes my parwants named me after what I am. I wove going fishing with my daddy. Mommy says it too cowd but it doesn’t bother me.
Summer is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, she is so loyal and goofy and would do anything for you
Simba is an absolute goofball, he loves to play and cuddle
Gemini is a sweetheart. She loves everyone and loves to beg for treats
Scout is a big teddy bear, he loves kids and is so sweet and very talkative!
Baby loves Fashion ,Sleeping And Hiding his Favorite snacks Last But Not Least Baby Loves His Lizard Brother 🥰🐶🍼 🦎
Drako is extremely smart and loving, he loves everyone and loves long walks
Nala is a cockapoo (mixed poodle and cocker spaniel) she loves, loves, loves cheese and is a very cheeky puppy!
Meow Meow
Meow Meow LOVES food. Spaghetti was his first meal he had the day we found him. The guy will eat anything. He’s always been quite the talker, occasionally even speaks English. When he’s not looking out the window from his rather large perch or enjoying an enormous bowl of kibble, Meow enjoys; terrorizing birds, sitting in the sun, belly rubs, forehead kisses, and his favorite: the red dot game. He loves people and dogs but we aren’t sure how he feels about other cats. Although he does have a cat sister, Lila(whom he doesn’t get a long with)we don’t feel it’s a fair comparison because no one else likes her either...
Marv is the friendliest corgi out there. He loves to lick doggies faces and roll over onto his back. He loves to play with his stuffed animal cow Moo Moo. He enjoys the cold and loves the snow!