Dog cat Stories - 80


Baby’s name is perfect for him. He likes to be held and cuddled. He is so lovable and friendly. He has a high pitched putt, and when he wants me to wake up in the morning he will lick my hair or paw at my nose.
I rescued Junior from a barn, no momma cat. He was so tiny he could fit in my palm. I fed him with an eye dropper and he grew up to be a big fluffy lovable kitty. He likes to play with rubber bands. And he will playfully attack my leg when I walk by.
10 weeks old, black tri mini Aussie Shepard. Loves squeaky toys and putting everything in her mouth😊
Rogers my dog
5 month old Bailey loves a Sunday nap catching the sun coming in the window. She loves nothing better than a play with a ball or ripping up a toilet roll tube. Her favourite thing to steal is definitely socks 🧦
I love hunting my mousey and getting spoiled with my fav purée treats! I follow my family around and chat their ears off😸I make sure everyone hears me when I enter a room!
I'm Poppy. I am 4.5 months old and I live with mommy and daddy. I love soft blankets, shower curtains, the ice machine, and snuggling. I am tiny but feisty.
Hi! It’s Oso here, or maybe Osocute because I do hear that a lot! I love my momma and to hang out with my chewys in the grass. I also love to give kisses and meet new people! Please help win by giving me a vote 🐾
Kira is a 1 yr old labernese. Shes a very smart dog and catches on quickly to commands. She loves her family very much and cant stand to be away for too long. Very friendly and loves to play.
Carmalita is a shy loveable cat. She just turned 5 in September and loves to eat,sleep and look out the window.
Mystic is a very energetic 10mo puppy he loves squeaky toys very cuddly!! He like to wrestle and likes to stay on your heels. Hes very active and would like able to purchase him some new toys
Zeus has just turned 1 year old, he is an absolute character - his ideal play toy is currently the settee😂. His favourite treats are ice cubes but he would probably eat anything. He is super loving and always down for snuggles❤
Mumford loves to eat and watch Netflix with his mama.
Chiko is a good dog he loves to eat ice cream and loves the bech and i loves water
Fritz is a 5 month old kitten who loves cuddles and treats and his older brother felix
Sassy is a energetic German Shepard that lives up to her name and more! She also loves watching squirrels 👆🏻
Delly is a very talkative cat who loves sitting with the family at meal time. Her favorite “people” food is cheese and she will move around the house to nap in any sun that comes in through the windows. We rescued her five years ago from a barn. She loves attention and getting her head scratched. She’s very independent during the day, but always sleeps with a family member at night. She would love your vote 😻
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is a rescue. Sunday we were fishing and I kept hearing a meow. When I went toward the noise, I found a pet bed and this baby came out from behind some rocks. So he’s all mine now. He barely six weeks old. PLEASE VOTE
I’m max! I love to play fetch and cuddle with my owners! Vote for me please!
Frank may be small but his personality is big! He loves to run, hike, sniff and jump as high as he can.
Dario is a tough boy. He was found on the streets alone. Skin and bones. He loves carrots. He falls asleep on my shoulder when I rub his chest. He loves to be held.
Capone is a little over a year now. He loves to explore and go on adventures especially to the water and mountains. He is a big time momma’s boy and just loves to play but yet snuggle like crazy! He’s overall a once in a life time pup!
Chief is the smartest sweetest dog I'm so lucky to have him
This is our 3month old pit lab OPAL! She's energetic and sweet. She knows sit and learning to fetch. She's still learning her cat brother and sister are not toys and we do not chase them. 😂Loves car rides and loves to go to the softball field with mom and dad! Everyone has to say hi when they see her and she loves all the attention!She's a Mama's girl for now! Her sweet eyes and soft fur will melt your heart!💜🐾
Tangina Phalanges
Make a wish ❤
Vida is a 10 week old cloud & a screw ball (in the best way)! She loves petting people, chewing her toys, and being carried. Soon she will start her therapy dog training. If you want to see more of her, check out her Instagram @vidasamoyed Thank you for all the love ❤
Babygirl is an angel ,always sweet and good with people and other animals, she loves cats.
Hunter unfortunately passed away in June of this year. We lost him to hemolytic anemia at only 2 years old. He was the sweetest cat of all time, we used to call him a sack of potatoes :( he also suffered from some neurological issues, he appeared to be a normal kitty but he was a little bit slow mentally, and his head would bobble as he watched toys go by. I just wanted to honor how beautiful my beautiful boy was! ❤️
Not all angels have wings, some have whiskers. Shadow is a huge bird-watcher, love hearing him chirp back all day at the birds in the yard. He also likes climbing doors and somehow balancing himself at the top.
Currahee! Hi everyone I’m Winston, named after Sir Winston Churchill! I love dressing up in my WW2 Paratrooper uniform. I guess you could call me a Puppertrooper. There’s no one I look up to more than my friends of the 101st Airborne Division! I love helping my mom keep history alive and FUN to learn!!
Big dog in a small packaging. Wrong colour but more beautiful then you think because he knows it. Loves his tennis balls, collects them like a dragon and lies upon them in his bed 😂
Missy Mew
She's very sweet and loves her other two older kitties. She loves plastic bags and missy "mischievous" fits her well.🖤🖤🖤
Oscar is a cheeky curious but very loving 4 month old kitten he loves cuddles and is always up for a new challenge. His favourite food is chicken in gravy and he loves kitten milk too. His favourite toy is the squeaky mouse that he chases around the house. Oscar loves the occasional long sleep too and he loves watching ice hockey.
Hi, I’m Bear - the gentlest giant in the land! My best friend is a 7lb cat named Pinto. I love chewing on bones and cuddling with my parents! I’m a big lap doggy.
Alexander Hamilton (Alex) is just like his namesake... young, scrappy and hungry. I adopted him at 6 weeks and he is so fiesty and fun.
Madame Icy Moon Pie
Im a loner. Your find me at the top of the climbing tree. I prefer to observe then participate but i will if you intrigue me enough with a my favorite toy but be prepared to get the stare and me turning by back on you
Hes 15 and still gets around like a kitten.hes a weird cat,he lics plastic and loves to be be your shoulders,a cupboard, an empty plate. He think he is the muscle when the other cats start arguing. He could be morids the cats double. we love him so much.
Trixie is a 14 year old super happy dog. Sadly, she has cancer and will pass away in a few months but through painkillers, she’s still super happy. She never stops smiling and she’s always messing around and nonstop panting. She loves having wet dry food and her favourite treats are Bonios. Her hair is so huge and floofy, when she’s wet she turns tiny but then when she dries she poofs back up into a fur ball.
Blu is our blue eyed baby. Hes deviant and naughty. He likes to attack the mirror because he thinks there is another kitty in it 🤣. He has his crazy spurts and LOVES to get attention. He acts out sometimes when he doesnt 🤦‍♀️. He is a lover and loves everyone that comes through the door.
Yogi is an adorable puppy! He loves peanut butter and chewing on sticks and his parents fingers! He’s the most lovable puppy you will ever meet!
Samaira is 3 year old hound mix that I rescue when she was 2 months old. At that time I lost two of my dogs 4 months apart from each other. Samaira help me heal and I realize I need her more then she need me. She is silly little girl that makes you laugh and smile. She is so full unconditional love
Loki is a pomsky with an attitude out of this world. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. Loki will give the energizer bunny a run for his money with how much energy he always has. Loki's favorite things to do are, run around, jump, give kisses, rip the faces off of his stuffed toys, and sass his human mommy.
This is Zoey, she is the wildest girl. She always begs to go outside and she always brings a snack home and shows us how proud she is of her catch!
This is Ash, he’s the snuggliest dog ever! He always wants to cuddle and get as far under the blanket as he can!!
Draco is a outsdoor kinda guy, he loves to play it the dirt....more like a dog really. His favorite things are deli cut turkey, aluminum ball and his string toy. Oh and sleep he loves to sleep. He makes for a handsome model though!
Hi I’m Cairo! Im 1 & 1/2 years young! 💕
My name is Precious i am a very energetic doggo i love to be outside in the snow and i love to shake my little booty around the house😁 and cant forget i happen to be the biggest treat lover out there!😉
Fats likes to play with footballs, and LOVES when people chase her outside. She is a daddy’s girl, and knows she can get away with everything with mama!❤️