Winston has as been ill since he was 9 weeks old. He has a hole at the back of this throat. He has to be hand fed and given water through a syringe. Unfortunately that is the way he will always be until the day comes we have to say our goodbyes.
Simba loves being picked up a cuddled. He loves people and is so friendly!
Winnie the Poo, as she’s been affectionately called by my children, is the sweetest little pup we’ve ever owned! She loves playing in the grass and prancing around dandelions in our yard. Her favorite snack is fresh Turkey bacon, and she can never resist a good cuddle or scratch behind the ears. I will never buy another breed again. She has been a blessing to our family!
Pippin not only has a sweet face, but the sweetest personality. She loves cuddles and food, just like most of us 🫶
Coco is a Rescue dog that we rehomed on April 1st 2024. We believe she is a Labrador cross Malinois, though we will take a DNA test to find out for sure! She is a lovely girl who enjoys nothing more than playing fetch with her ball. Though full of energy, she is very gentle when interacting with us people. Though she is still new to my partner and I, we will give her the best life!
Xena was tied to a tree her whole life and then forced over into a high kill shelter down south. Another shelter in the northeast brought her and a van full of other dogs up here. I actually went to the Rescue to see a different dog, but they said they had the perfect dog for me since I had experience with special-needs animals. They opened the door, and Xena came running to me, even though there were dozens of people around I figured that it was meant to be, I’ve had her for three years now and so she is about 4 1/2 now . She is super sweet, non-aggressive, but she sure likes to protect her momma!
Taco was rescued from Bulgaria after his owner died and the family kicked him out. He nearly died in the kennels due to distemper, but despite all that neglect in the first couple years of his life he is still the most loving and affectionate boy. He makes us laugh everyday with his quirky ways & gives the best cuddles
She loves to play fetch with her toys and she is very loving
Playful, excited, bundle of joy
He is so playful and full of energy all the time he loves to hop around outside and stalk his big sister 😂 he is the sweetest lil man tho
Hugo is a very active dog he loves people and children, Hugo is a labrastaff. An absolute bundle of joy, I would definitely recommend a labrastaff to young families with children, they are proper nanny dogs, Hugo is such a good boy and he loves pleasing in being good, a very clever breed of dog to. Get voting for Hugo. X
Annie is a funny cat she loves playing Games and likes playing outside
Fat Da
Fat da is a lovely dog he like to play with the kids and like to Plays fetch all the time and cuddle
Ruby is a very busy little girl who loves snuggles; treats and stealing socks
Molly And Whisper
Molly and her sister they do everything as one you won't find one without the other
She loves to heard big balls and play with her toys
He’s got Frito feet and a stinky breath, but has the most love to give with all his kisses and snuggles 💕
Jinx is a massive ball of fluff that loves cuddles. He plays with one of his brothers but also chases his other brother and sisters much to they're distaste ( which is a funny sight to see ) He comes.up and sleeps on the bed and puts his gront legs either side of my arm and falls asleep cuddling. He's an adventurer and goes in all our neighbours garden and comes back with most of the shrubs stuck in his thick coat
Lola is a very outgoing cat and she loves to let you know when she is in she shouts hello and loves to sleep aswell
Hes a big chub that loves to be loved,as you can see he loves to unroll the toilet paper,he loves his dog sister he swats at her and chases her through the house.
Jester is a fun loving tuxedo cat who lost his back leg a year ago and still active like a kitten he loves everyone and loves to cuddle he is my lucky baby who I thought I was going to loose but he is a strong and independent boy and I love him the way he is
Bandit knocks on the window when he wants to come in. He hates carpet and does a kangaroo jump across them or will only go on the furniture. He also likes to bully me 🤣
Despite her rough begging Alice is thriving If I could describe my girl in one word it would be sassy and loving not to say she wouldn’t trade me for a can of wet food 😂
He's a very kind nice easy-going dog with a bit of a smart game flights to have fun
***Thank you all for your honest exchanges and advances! Leah and I will be taking a break for a while, but we will continue voting for your contests until they are finished!*** Leah is my oldest furbaby and she is now 14 years young! She loves to play fetch with her toy mouse and cuddle with her human mommy and daddy and her fur siblings-Stasha, Stella, and Bosco 😊
Magyever was brought into our life 3 weeks after we lost 2 pomapoos. His name is from both of them( Maggy and Eve. He has 2 very distinct hearts on each of his sides. He is 9 moths old. A schichon breed, or teddy bear.
Moo loves watching people! He is my constant companion and alerts me to all passers by! He most likes tummy rubs while he is on his heating pad. It makes him smile!
Lucy is my little dolly, she loves her cuddles , best of all she loves walking , she will walk all day, then sleep all night , loves holidays,
Freckle is my baby. I am a foster failure. She is a wonderful cat! (Aren't they all)
My cat Bagheera is a tortoiseshell cat. She has been published 22 times worldwide.
Lucky broke her leg 3 times ,3 big opperations, been 6 years now on 3 legs , shes just a little soldier, loves playing with balls , my princess,
Oliver is a rescue ferel cat! He has settled into our home nicely & enjoys resting on his cat tree while gazing out the window. When he’s really comfortable, he sticks his tongue out…Adorable!
Mandy is a beautiful Australian Shepard, great with people, and well mannered. Very loyal dog! Other photo has Lucy in it, only a year old, best buddies!
He enjoys waking up his humans early then going back to sleep. As you can see from his profile pic he loves to judge 😂 his favourite hobby is sleeping which is usually in a human bed and leaving very little space for the human. He enjoys long walks and rolling in muck which leads to a shower and sulking! Will break the sulk for food though. He enjoys a cuddle but it’s usually because he’s cold and spotted a dressing gown . He is partial to a zoomie or two but usually requires a nap after
Chico is very Vibrant and Active..Always finding something to do or play with...He is very Alert and Loves to Eat...He is Fast and Loves to sleep on a thick fur Blanket ...He is my little wild active Chico💖❤️‍🔥
Cleo enjoys sunbathing and watching birds in her backyard. She walks on her leash when she goes outside and is a fan of watching cartoons before her naps
This energetic girl loves to act like spiderman and thinks she can climb the walls! She also loves her Saturday snuggles and her treats!
He is a complete love bug
Romeo is quiet and Laid back...He loves watching others like watching tv...He loves to lay under my feet...Follows me everywhere I go ...and Always make sure I am in his View...He Loves to feel safe and protected...Sleeps like a Baby...My little sweetheart Romeo 😘
This sweet girl will respond to football and loves to cuddle with her mom and dad. She’s the most gentle thing and such a beautiful color!
Liebe is a female terrier. She loves her family & her favorite food is chicken & rice. She goes crazy when she hears the word "snack".
Peyton is the happiest most playful puppy ive ever been around.
Izzy is a soft gentle giant, loves children and dogs,has kept my depression at bay since i got her
Very loveable, loves to cuddle with me. Been my emotional baby since I went through chemo. He is very laid back and very photogenic.He is a playful puppy who loves to cuddle. He is a momma's boy but he loves his daddy too. Super friendly but very protective
Tigger Junior
This tj tigger junior hes a scotish short haired straight
Diesel is a very anxious boy, he’s a gentle giant and is scared of most things like doorways or different textures of floor sometimes out of place bins. He likes to play tug of war and chase footballs around a field
Clovey was found under a car hiding on top of the tire. I could hear her but I couldn't see her, it took 45 min to get her out and she's been the little furry joy in our life ever since.