Dog cat Stories - 80


Ellie loves hiding in any box or bag or cabinet she can find
Loni is lovable, cuddly, sweet and the best pal in the world!
Casey is almost 6 months old! She’s a Walker Hound girl, she’s energetic, loving m, her favorite snack is carrots. She loves going to the park and playing with other pups. She is a huge people person, she loves to meet and play with others! She’s also got a huge personality, and is full of life❤️
Krueger is a 9.5 week old rottweiler puppy. He loves jumping in moms flower bed & pulling the weeds out for her! He thinks his cat brothers just love him so hes always pouncing at them even though they are bigger than him....for now that is. He enjoys cuddles on the couch & sleeping right between mom and dad all night. Krueger thinks ankles and feet are chew toys but mom and dad tell him no. He loves going on car long as he gets to lay on moms lap while shes driving.
Zola is a American shorthair cat. She is four months old, loves to run and play all day long. Her favorite things to do is watching Disney movies, sitting on the couch, taking photos and Snapchat‘s, and playing with her tail and feet
Hi all, my name is Henny. A ginger kitty who was named after cognac 😸 I just turned 4. My dada wants to build a house for me and my sister under the stairs and we want to help him! By you voting for me is a help too! Meow 🐾
Lucky is quite the character, he enjoys being outside from dusk to dawn and whines when he isnt allowed out when its raining or theres a hurricane.
Playful , energetic Loves to cuddle
Sweet and sassy
Drinking water with his paw..from a glass!!
Hobby is a over loving guy ... always sits up like a human... and isnt aware of his size... thinks hes a kitten
Obiwan Catnobi
Obi loves to play fetch with his toy mouse...throw it and he will retrieve it and bring it right back to you. He also enjoys bird and bug watching from the window, taking a snooze inside his cardboard taco truck, and being around his humans. He goes crazy for treats and will sit quietly at the cabinet door until you catch his drift.
Yogi is a sweet but sassy boy! He LOVES butterflies and boxes!!! 🦋📦✨ He is so spoiled, he thinks he’s the king of the house! 👑🤣 We adopted Yogi about a year ago, and that was the best decision of our life! We love you Yogi! ✨🦋❤️⭐️✨
Angle is a big baby! She loves her family and will try and protect them at all costs! But really- she’s a total sweet heart! We adopted Angel a few years ago, when she was still a teen… She was an abandoned and abused dog that came from Texas, she even got hit by a car! Poor baby!!! So we knew we had to adopt her. She LOVES to play in the snow in the wintertime, Please vote for Angel!✨🌸❤️⭐️
Emmy was a feral kitten that we adopted and she is full of spunk and a great poser!
Momo was found outside under a truck in the clod rain. He was about 4 weeks old. He is now 2 years old, and keeps his 2 sister kittys on their toes. He is wild and crazy, but still so sweet. Momo loves to sleep in the sunroom so he can see everything going on in the yard.
I Likes to run,play,and teaching only because I gets treats for being a good boy. Loves to give lovens, and will lay in the floor and watch tv while my family can use me for a pillow. I hate strangers getting close to my family and will let moms yorkie beat me up. Im vary gentle, and loving. I was a rescue and my family is very special to me and surprised at how gentle I am with other dogs even puppies.
Always angry 😂
Willie loves to play with toys or just run around outside. As long as he has someone’s attention or someone to play with he is the happiest dog in the whole world!! He lives his attention! He also loves his naps and snores loudly! He is such a sweet dog! He also things he is a lot smaller than he is. He gets along great with other dogs and even cats!
big, deaf, handsome snow panther.
Stax is adorable, but also a little toughy. He pushes his big sisters out of whatever bowl he wants. He has a hard time falling asleep, so i rub his paw and sing to him. Puts him right to sleep. Sorry about the other two profiles, I was having a hard time uploading his pics. Thank you!
Amber can always be found close to her favourite thing... a ball !
Hi im ollie and im a whipador. My favourite game is tug of war and i love spinning around in circles really fast. I enjoy going to the field for a run with my best friend skylar.
He loves temptation cat treats and likes to run around
Stax is adorable! And such a toughy too. He kicks his big sisters out of any bowl he wants. He has a hard time putting himself asleep, so I rub his paw and sing to him, puts him right to sleep SML❤
Pearl Jam
I am a Australian shepherd border collie mix! I love my brother Timber and don’t go anywhere without him! I love cuddles but hate feet and brushes.
I have had the pleasure of having this beautiful animal in my life since the moment he was born. He was the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen and the grew up to be the best boy ever. He is good for my soul. ☺️
Nia is now 29 weeks old and training to be a therapy dog!!! She stands almost 5ft tall on hind legs and is about 120 lbs... Her favorite things are swimming, walking trails, swimming and above all, CHILDREN!!! She is such a good girl and doing really well with her training!!! Once completely certified, she will visit children in the hospital!!! She is so excited!!!
Cuddling under my neck and having his belly rubbed while holding onto my finger oh and he has 7 fingers on the back paws and 6 onthe front i love him so much ❤❤❤❤💋💋💋😘😘😘
She loves her mom and dad. She will bring one of her toys to one of us and meow until she gets our attention and then she will bring her toy back. She loves to play fetch and attack our feet and hands. She also loves to play hide and seek and peek a boo.
Sophie is a very shy rescue kitty. She’s about 4 years old and was found under a porch with a litter of kittens. She’s been in her forever home for six months now and has made a lot of progress. She doesn’t like strangers but she loves her human ♥️
Ziggy was adopted as a tiny little kitten, full of spunk and catatude. He loves to talk to us when he is feeling lonely and wants mommy and daddy's affection and love . Ziggy is a lover but he can be a little instigator when he wants. We love this big ball of fur.
Ziggy is the sweetest boy & the BEST thing that has ever happened to us!!
Rocky is a Maltese and Yorkie mix. Loves to cuddle, play with his toys, hang out with his Maltipoo sister and protect his owner.
Lula is the sweetest puppy ever. She is 1 year old and loves treats! Her favorite color is lavender and she adores the smell of it as well! We hope you love her photos as she is very photogenic.
Great snuggler very smart great house doggiel no accicidents in house stands by door to go out. I love her so much.
He’s a loving brother. He loves to be with owners and he loves to be outside.
Pepper loves to cuddle and play- she’s extremely intelligent and understands what we are saying and reacts to conversations by “talking” back to us.
Hi I’m max! Im a giant schnauzer and my mom thinks I need a job. So here I am! I hope you like my full beard and brown eyes.
Copper knows how to sit, lie down, paw, high five and he knows bang bang. He thinks he's a lap dog even though he is 70 pounds 🤣 He is friendly and has a good heart. We love him
He’s a sweet loving little dog. He likes to play with his brother and loves the outdoors.
Bonnie is 100% a good girl friendly happy girl she loves treats and playing with her buddy west and her favorite thing of all is mommy and daddy
Dexter is a two year old rescue pitty. He had part of his hip removed after being hit by a car but he doest let it stop him from chasing his toys. Dexter’s favorite activity is sleeping. He takes nap time very seriously.
Balto’s intelligent, loving and a noble protector. Walks along the side of us on walks -sits at attention when we stop to tie our shoe. He’s a swift runner when chasing a ball and always brings it back to us placing it into our hands. Great family dog!
yumi loves to snuggle up against your legs and loves to sit on your laptop. also scratching boxes
Hello I am Jiji. I am a beautiful 5 month old girl. I like eating, jumping and playing with my sister Kiki. She is also 6 month old. 😻😻😻 I am having fun time and I hope you will like my picture 😽😽😽😻😻😻