Little is an FIP survivor. She had a rough start at life, but she's proven to be a fighter. Her lasting Neuro from FIP has resulted in a curly tail. We just love her.
Lucifer is a BIG guy that loves snuggles and sneakily stealing food when no one is looking.
Roxanne is a chipoo and is 3 months old. She loves cuddling and playing.
This is Peeper's dog sister, Shasta. She is a rescue. She hopes that Peepers can gain some people to help her get some votes. Won't you help her, please?! 🤞Even by a vote a day. They are free! 💙🐈🤗
Kiko likes to play mouse for cats on her ipad, she loves climbing and playing outside, and she really really loves seaweed snacks!! ♡♡
Sako is very vocal, cuddly and kind. He luvs his moist treats and playtime
Boo actually found me. I was outside when i heard her meowing. She came right up to me. I picked her up and sat outside thinking maybe she'd ran away. She was sooo tiny but clean so i figured she belonged to someone. I posted her on numerous sites but no one claimed her. So I did! She's sweet, affectionate, silly and loving. I don't know what I would do without her!
Bugsy likes to play and chase his brother Murphy who is a 3 year old cat. He loves to snuggle. He is very sweet and lovable and love to chase after toys.
Sugarpie Honey Bun
Sugarpie honeybun was named after the song , she likes lots of treats and cuddles , when she was a kitten she used to climb on the mop and let me twirl her around while she was on it , she also thinks she's a dog
Sammy loves cuddles and being around his people. His favorite toy is the blue mouse and the scratching post is where he hangs out most.
Pepper is 17 and full of life she’s my best friend. She loves her walks and her tuna
ZIGGY loves his snuggles and head scratches. Might look cute but this is one serious killing machine. Loves biting toes and has a few tipples of nip a week
Our newest family member She’s so playful and gives lots of kisses
We call Prissy the Cow Cat because our her black and white colors, she looks like a cow...
Lakota the King of the Kayak! I'm a 11 week old Brittany and i thrive best when I am being a little monster!
My birthday is April 8th 2010 I am possibly Khao Manee Breed. Mommy says I am the most lovable trusting fur baby. I am also demanding when I want to eat or want cuddles. I snuggle under Mommy's arms at night. Angel was an abandoned 1yr old kitty that I found in 2011, she had been bitten on the neck by an unknown animal. she had no collar, no microchip... my daughter and I fell in love with her and made her a part of the family with our other cat. Angel is little sister of Cupid, big sister of Hope-Nugget and Elsa Mae
Dezzi is a quirky little guy and he's VERY talkative. He was found as a baby all alone outside a pharmacy in Puerto Rico and now he's living his best life!
Gizmo is the sweetest cat ever. He loves everything except plastic bags. He loves going on walks and being with his family. Gizmo will cheer you up and comfort you whenever you are feeling down.
Maya loves to play catch & takes walks on her leash
Princess is her name and it fits her personality. She is a deer head Chihuahua and is 4.5 yrs old. Her fur color is fawn. She's stubborn and loves everything her way. She has a favorite toy Hedwick the owl. Shes very hyper and vocial. She absolutely loves attention and her favorite thing in this world is blankets.
Bigboy loves getting attention .his favorite things are to are rolling over looking cute ofcourse and loves to bring mom presents from the yard.
She is 2 years old she border colile and she loved her family and her dog friends!
Hi guys! My name is Griz, I’m a 5 year old full of energy black lab. I love begging for treats and chasing birds and catching goldfish out of the pond. It would make me happy if you can vote for me 🐶
Onyx is a mama’s boy & not afraid to show it!💕 He loves to play fetch & drag his fish on a string toy to you when he’s ready to play. (I often wake up with them in the bed with me) 😂 Onyx loves to talk & is a very good boy 😸
Bo is a 18 year old siamese mix. She was rescued. She is still active and loving life!!!
She s little but she definitely lives up to her name lol
He loves cuddling and playing with our other cat sal he is about 5 months old and is a huge lover
Hi I’m Aspen! I love playing with my toys, going for walks, and playing with my friends!
This is LOKI named after the GOD OF MISCHIEF 🥰 he is very Lovable but also lives up to his name lol 😆 please vote for my LOKI MY BEAUTIFUL BOY!!😍
Hershey is an adorable, playful puppy, who loves to be rewarded with a dog treat.
3 yr blue deer head Chihuahua. Smiles when he's happy. Loves cuddles and his parents. Enjoys car rides and pupachinnos.
Precious is a 4 month old apple head chihuahua weenie dog mix. She is very lovable and playful.
Elwood is a special kitten. He loves to play fetch and scratch at the door. We often say he is more a dog then a cat. He loves people food and carry things around in his mouth.
Hi my name is Sunny! But sometimes my mamma calls me Lou. I was rescued in the middle of a storm one night behind a grocery store. I was abandoned with my brothers and sisters and taken to an orphanage for kitties like me! I've had this funny eye since I was rescued, but it doesn't bother me. I can see just fine! When my mamma saw my picture she knew I was meant to be with her and my new family. I love to cuddle with my human mom and sister. I like meeting new friends, and I can also say hello! I've listened to my family say that word so much that I can mimic it almost perfectly now😊 Oh one more thing, I'm kinda picky about my water. I only drink it out of a human cup.
Little Dude
Little Dude was a Férial kitten when we got him. He is not a tamed sweet cat waits for my husband to get home from work In mornings sits at the window waiting on him. He loves his treats
Parker is a very affectionate active puppy. He loves stealing our socks & slippers to play with!! Parker is very spoiled and loves to be treated like a baby!!
She’s a sweet pup and loves water and to play🙂
What I like most is to go to the gym, I love to keep my muscles tone and my body in great shape, even tho I have short legs I can run really fast and I can also sit up on my bum and resemble the meerkat, my personality is like no other dog I've seen, I love you, kiss you and let's not forget I like to bark at anything I see move outside.
Freddie is a cuddly 15 month old boy who loves playing with his toys and doing tricks
Ollie loves to cuddle, zoom around everywhere, play with his sloth and pepper toys, and eating.
Simba is such a sweet boy he so playful with his siblings. He loves to play with his toys and wrestle with his sister Nala he loves kisses from his mom and my children to spoil him. He loves to eat and will take your food right off the plate if you don't watch him I love him to pieces
Crypto is a silly kitten who just turned 9 weeks old. He loves to play with his toys and jump as far as he can. He has a lovely soul and his Bestfriend is a Great Dane mastiff mix. Please vote crypto ❤️❤️
Hi I am Molly! I am an Australian Shepherd and Lab mix from West Gardiner, Maine. My favorite thing to do is run! I love to play with stuffies and crinkle toys. I love kids and just about all humans. I love to give my humans love and kisses. I am a very good listener and am almost never on a leash. I love to spend time with my daddy at the firehouse, I like to think I am their department firehouse dog! I know several tricks including, speak, sit, down, and paw. I am very smart and know how to use my voice to tell my humans what I want or need. I hope you will give me a vote, if you do thank you so much!
Ollie may look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but he has a devil moments often.
Teddy is a very cuddly kitty. He likes to play with toys and his best friend is my son. 🥰
Hazel is spoiled she's a mommy girl when mommy around no other fur baby can be around cause she will hit them, other wise she's loves to sit on couch and watch the birds outside and watch tv before bed. She loves to play hide and seek too
Datas Cat from star trek. If this wins I don't want money. I want the money to go to Saint judes children's hospital.