Waffle is a 5 month Cavapoo, he is super cheeky and loves cuddles with everybody and will lay on your feet for a belly rub💜 Waffle is also a secret sock and t-shirt stealer.. thinking mum and dad can’t see him🫣
Very loving, wants her belly scratched, loves to do stretches with her human mom, loves chasing mice and hair ties.
Sumo is a 4 yr old pit bull. He loves to eat … lol hence his name … he loves to go for walks and loves to dress up . His favorites are sweaters and dog shirts . He picks his paws up to put them on and gets the biggest smile. He loves his sister the cat Zero which we refer to them as Catdog 💯🤣🙏❤️ The 90’s cartoon on Nickelodeon… he is our family’s best friend and make everyday just that much better !!!! Loves to give kisses and snuggle . He also likes to bark at squirrels 😋
Monty is 9 week old kitten, he loves playing with toy balls and eating. When he eats he get his dinner on his face , he doesnt clean it off. Loves cuddles
Zero is a 11 month old cat who loves to play with her brother a dog sumo who is a pitbull… she loves to walk on a leash outside and loves to play with toys and catch flies. She loves to sun bath and smell flowers and playing with her best friend dog sumo and acting like catdog from the 90’s cartoon she also likes to dress up … 🤣💯🥰 !!!
Bruno is a cheeky mischevious playful and loving 5 month old cockapoo .His hobbies include eating everything in site and collecting socks !
just like the cookie, everyone loves this sweet playful ball of energy, she loves cuddles with mom and dad but watch your toes, she’s coming for them
bridget is very playful and loving kitten but recenlty fractured her leg 😔
Very good girl, loves people. She loves pets, she loves running around and playing. Part dalmatian & pointer mix
Ana is a sweet and rambunctious little lady, she loves and greets most guest. She absolutely loves to be outside and climbing trees.
Markowicz Bartholomeow
His favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp. He’s absolutely captivated by both the original and live action versions. He loves Elevenses and tries to beat us to his feeding table as if his food will get there faster.
Copper loves to run for miles and miles! His vest says it all, mama says he’s special💕 He was born on Super Bowl Sunday in 2020. Copper is a great protector, he’ll scare off even a fly.
The wife and I just adopted mittens a few weeks back now. She was born July 4, 2022 we picked her up at 6 weeks old. She is fun and energetic very spontaneous overall Very loving kitten!! Hello everybody my name is mittens and I am very very adorable/cute. Please vote for me meow 🐾🐈🐾🐈🐾
Pablo here is a 14 year old Beast! He has been my best friend, fur baby, and my soulmate all in one. He is a very conservative and independent kitty. He will give you unconditional love and warmth when he wants to.. He thinks he is king of the house and loves to trip people In the middle of the night. He is probably the most chill laid back cats I’ve ever had. Please give us a like!! 😁
I am just a rotten doggie that loves my kitty siblings. I am 11 yr old. I have mast cell cancer and have inoperable tumor on both left legs.
Lil Dill
Lil dill is a lil guy.
Gizmo is a pomchi pup who loves to play with his toys an be outside in the sun. Always full of energy
Bentley, oh the sweetest pure bred Golden Retriever you’ll come across. He loves long walks, playing with his little brother Tucker (who will be listed in the contest too!), and most of all getting spoiled by the best mom!! Vote for Benny Boo ❤️
Rufus Humphrey
Rufus Humphrey is a rescue that we feel in love with for his Spunky Spirit then just couldn't part with. He loves sun bathing and anyone who will snuggle with him.
Mickey loves life! He especially loves admiring flowers 🌸 please vote for him he's the most loving cat I've ever had or met.
Ready for rainy season ⛈️☔️
Kaylin is a seal point siamese and calico mix with 2 different color eyes she just turned 3 years old on August 23rd
She is a gorgeous she is a seal point Ragdoll she just turned 2 yers old in August 4th
Angel is a very loving dog she is getting older 12 and half she loves her fresh tomato's from the garden and she loves belly rubs and she definitely is a trooper after she had her ACL surgery. Angel has a heart of gold and loves all people
Ruger’s name fits him well he is a little pistol
I found my clover on the side of the road on my way home from family. He had either been hurt by something or left there by someone. Anyways he loves treats and hide and seek when he’s not relaxing with me or getting the zoomiez in the night.
Milo was a rescue cat found behind our local bar as a kitten. He had frostbite on his ear and needed to be nursed back to health. Milo is now a healthy 3yr old and loves to snuggle. Milo and our Black lab are best friends. Those two are inseparable. Milo is an indoor cat and gets scared being outside. He is a great mouser.
Haru is Lukey’s brother they are my babies and the love each other I don’t know what I would do for not loving them and Haru is very shy but he follows his mommy around to keep an eye on me he’s 152lbs of love and protecting me as if I were worth every bone in his body❤️♥️
Pip is a super energetic little guy. He loves his morning and evening cuddle time and going to the dog make new friends
This girl, even though she’s 15.5 years old she’s still my little beautiful girl. She recently has been having some internal problems with her liver, so we’re hoping to just get some love. She’s got way to much life yet!!
Bailey is a cheeky little boy who loves the sound of his own voice hes very caring and affectionate hates to see people crying he howls if your upset he loves to carry his toys round in his mouth and always tries pinching slippers and whatever he can get hold of he loves giving hugs and trying to pick pocket your pockets hes such a loving dog
Pickle is a lover of cheese, walks, snuggles and naps. Depending on her mood she is a sweet Pickle, spicy Pickle and salty Pickle.
Bella loves to play hide and seek under my bed she also loves to hide her biscuits in her bed and have her own little midnight feast with them! shes funny and loveable and the best little girl i could wish for shes had a horrendous start to her life having been locked in a cupboard with her siblings before i got her shes a nervous girl but fun loving and cleaver she high fives you when shes done something very good or when shes happy which is majority of the time
Kiko is a wonderful blind kitty, and love his boxes!
My forever shadow, wingman, best friend forever!
Jax, what a character! He loves chasing squirrels, favorite pastime. Loves his walks on the dock, Seward harbor. Wants to jump in the water, chase the seagulls, not sure what to think of the sea lions and otters. He loves the people attention.
Jasmine has quite the personality. Her funny antics make you laugh. She loves laying on her back, makes me think of the otters in the Seward harbor.
Frenchman love his walks and chicken. He love his sister Kitty Paris so much.
Bandit is a love💕despite serious health issues. He has quite the personality. Loves to sneak outside when door is open.
Marvin the lazy house cat 🐱 Talents : knows how to open the door 🚪 Flaws : does not know how to close the door 🚪 Not very good at catching mice 🐭 but very good at catching sleep 💤 Wants to be snoring in a chair where ever the family is.❤️🥰
Kitty Paris
Kitty Paris love her fresh catnip and crumpled receipt to play soccer with.
Chomper likes to sit in my window and watch the birds fly by, he also loves cuddles and pets. Me and my family have trained him to sit to get his treats.
The Squid
The Squid came to us as a teeny kitten, barely able to fit in my hand, from a fabulous local rescue, as a foster.  We named her Jewelee, but because of her size, being quite bedraggled and pathetic and always finding a hiding spot, we nicknamed her The Squirt.  "Anyone seen the Squirt? "  Where's the Squirt?", was frequently heard in our home. Calling her made not the slightest difference as we established early on that our little girl is 100% deaf. Not surprisingly, her foster failed and she joined our furry family. Her name morphed into The Squid and it perfectly fits our Little Ms Attitude.  Our whopping 16lb boy, Dooley and The Squid became inseparable and were always together.  When Dooley passed of an incurable heart condition, The Squid mourned him and continues to miss her best buddy. Our furry family has grown and Our Little Squid Princess (who is at least partly Khahee Manee and therefore of Royal Blood and deserving of her title) continues to reign supreme.  If The Squid wins any money, it will donated directly to Cat Rescue. Interesting factoid: The Squid has heterochromia (two different colored eyes). Humans can also have heterochromia and white, deaf cats often have different colored eyes.
Lexi is a 2 year old pomerainian sheltie that has spent her life by her owners side on the road as a companion/esa and has logged over 100000 miles in that time
Iam a 4 year old blue point Siamese cat,I love to cuddle with my owners and get treats and run and play.Iam super hyper as true to my breed and I love to talk your ear off to anyone who will listen 😺🫶🐾
He’s a crazy kitty who lives up to his name and is constantly chasing his tail😊