Our Old Man Cat.. he is wise, he likes his naps and he takes good pictures. Mr. Marley.
She is so smart and so fun loving. She loves to smile as you can see from the photo. Her most favorite thing is getting belly rubs and giving mommy kisses. She also loves car rides with her granny.
Charles!! Our big boy that loves to give hugs!! He’s such a lover, and with a face like that.. how could you not love him back?!
Kiana… such a proper kitty, a good listener.. and a good arguer! Yes, she can be mouthy but in the cutest way possible!
Cami! With her sweet lil’ toe thumbs! Always smiling and such a sweet meow to say “hello!”
dayja is an 12 month old pocket bully who i got from the pound in millersville and they told me she was abused and neglected very severly with urine burns puncher holes on her chestand of course filthy.
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae is the baby of the family here. She’s a wild and crazy gal. She goes almost 24 hours a day but when she stops she stops she’s a really good girl and she’s the sweetest baby girl. She loves to give her mommom kisses.
Our sweet lil’ fluff!
She loves cuddles and has a hour of crazy zoomies around the house running in and out of all the rooms crashing and banging into everything Jess was the runt of the litter so we kept her to give her all the love she needs
Gryff is a sweet, vibrant chihuahua mix. Named after only the best Hogwart house, he exemplifies each of the core Gryffindor characteristics. He loves to go to the dog park and make friends. His zoomies are simply the best, but no worries, he can snuggle up and sleep for hours with you as well.
Bushwaker is a pug he is 13years and 9months old still has health issues is still here with us 😺
Chip never leaves his little girls side. He does everything with her. He cries loudy when she leaves.
Casey is an 11-month old mini Aussie 🩵 she loves playing fetch, getting the zoomies at the beach, & giving kisses 🥰
This old lady is katie doggy! She loves being out in the sun, treats, snuggled up in her bed and always by your side 💗
BellaRose is a 10 1/2 month old baby. She loves everyone and loves snuggles, she's absolutely the best baby. She's Lab/great Dane mix. Her first birthday will be May 22. We rescued her from our local humane society. In November after loosing our other two from old age. Please vote, it would mean the world to our baby girl.
Perry is a sweet, loving, shy little dog he was a rescue. He had been abused prior to me rescuing him so that has left him some scars but I’ve had him now since 2015 and he seems to be coming along after all this time he plays with his brothers and sister, and he likes to sleep.
This cheeky boy is Charlie, he’s a 2 year old collie. He loves going for walks, cuddles, playing with his bubbles and swimming 🫶🏻vote for Charlie so we can show him just how much of a gorgeous boy he is💗
Stormi is a mini Aussie here in Washington state. She loves going for walks, running the obstacle course at the park, spa days and meeting new people! She loves to cuddle with us and watch a good movie 🍿🐶
Mango is the love of my life. He’s got such a happy attitude and a love of life. He likes to chase his brother and sisters. He’s 1 1/2 years old. And he keeps me young.
Klaus Michael
Found Klaus Michael under my neighbors home in Indiana. He had been crying for several days and my other cat Biscuit kept meowing and trying to get me and Klaus attention. Biscuit saved klaus
Biscuit Wayne
Biscuit Wayne has a remarkable story that I hold very dear to my heart. There was a lady when I lived in California that was taking care of a liter and the momma cat of where Bwayne came from. Long story shorter, the guy who originally got him dumped him in a bush down the street from where he resided. I go to the store and need I mention a couple days before my dad passed away. I hear him cry in a bush. I snatch him up and brought him back home with me and he has been my companion ever since. His middle name was my dads middle name. I like to think my dad brought him into my life
Kallie loves to run and play with her little brother. She love the laser light and man does she like to eat!!! 🙌
Mei is a humorous silly cat. She is super playful but can be a cuddle bug when she wants to <3 her favourite thing to do is wind up the whole household, especially in the early morning hours :) but she is loved nevertheless
Well he's my child an loves going for a ride in the car he has social anxiety but we are working on that .
Minnie is just four months old. Loving little Cavapoo who loves her snuggles ❤️ oldest dog Guinness adores her. She loves to bunny hop her way round the garden and play with our other dog with the rope chew toy. Has a very cheeky side though, loves to take and run of with socks and takes you ages to catch her around the garden x
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget definitely lived up to his orange cat reputation. ALL he wants to do is eat! If he isn’t eating he’s sleeping or cleaning his puppy brother. They were born on the same day so they have grown up together. He also might think he’s a dog 🤷🏼‍♀️
Buddy Lee
ShihPoo 12 weeks old! I love to play
Buzz definitely lives up to his name! He has a lot of energy and loves playing with his kitty brother born on the same day as him! If they aren’t playing they are snuggling. If the kitty is gone, he’s got his favorite stuffed animal with him at all times!
Mya loves all of Gods creatures and tries to be friends with every cat,bird, squirrel or fish that she meets, and she loves children.
My beautiful baby sora 😍 as pure as his blue eyes
Dee Dee
Dee Dee is the sweetest girl ever! She’s very cuddly and especially loves cuddling her big human sister. She’s very protective of her! I got the pleasure of seeing this girl be born on thanksgiving in 2020!
Stormy is a very loving German Shepherd and she loves her belly rubs and to play ball. She enjoys car rides and is a nice travel partner.
Toby is a loving fluffy clearance puppy! Turning two in June, he loves; zoomies, dentastix, grandparents, fetch and snuggles! Give the fluffy boy a vote 💕
Tinkerbell super cute! 5 years old, 3 kg. Love to sleepy and snore... Like a princess of course. Not a fussy eater at all and she loves her wardrobe full of clothes. ♥️
Shilo is a very sweet fun loving dog. She loves cuddles and eating food.
He is so short and fluffy he looks like a mop.
Kevin is a rescue, he is a cuddle bug, he has a huge personality, he loves car rides, and going on walks❤️
his name fits his personality he really is a little rascal! 🐱 🐾
Hi, Im Amira! 💙
miniature short haired dachshund🤎
He’s cute ! He like to trip us up for food often trips his dad up or tries he like to dry feet when stepping out out the shower he just loves wet feet what can I say haha he s a very sweet loving boy we adore him
Rex is the biggest snuggle bug and loves to play with all his toys 🤍 And defiantly has to be the center of attention at all times.
Jack Dawson
My name is Jack I was named after my mommy’s favorite movie and she would always make sure I have enough room in her float. I love to play with my sissy bean and go to the park. I love bones and digging in the dirt. I am an overall good boy🤍
Eleven is very affectionate and playful. She loves her big brothers, chasing them around the house play fighting. She also loves her bunny sisters, playing with them and climbing on top of them!
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Hazel Kate
Hazel is a sweet kitty, she doesn’t like men very much but she will be cuddly with anyone- she’s kid freindly