Dog cat Stories - 81


Pickle is a pit boxer mix that we adopted in March! We have been so lucky to have found him and now he’s a spoiled spoiled boy! We don’t know what we would do without him! He loves cuddling and suckling on his blanket and stuffed animals and chasing after balls but sticks are his favorite!
Clark is 14 weeks old and very smart.
Kody is our 17 1/2 fur baby who has recently been promoted to big brother! He is stubborn, loving, smart, and brings so much joy and toddler like antics to our lives every day.
Watsit is a little ginger and white tabby kitten, he is super cuddly and loves treats, every vote we get, gives Watsit a treat! ❤
Beautiful hammy called Cookie, Also this is an old picture we have upgraded her cage. :)
✪Red is a border collie pup, he is only 21 weeks old and his TikTok is Red.The.BorderCollie
The laziest dog you’ll ever meet. She loves to get comfy with her tiny human!!
Amber loves her postman ...she is such a loving girl. Getting home from work she enjoys a tickle tummy, her princess bed (occasionally steals bears), kisses/locks our cats - and protects us. She looks after us when we are poorly. Nurse amber to the rescue
Bear is a mixture of a chihuahua and Jack Russell. He was very prem when born so won't grow much more..he has heaps of energy and lots of admirers. He obviously thinks he is bigger than he is which makes us all laugh. He really is a handsome boy
Im sweet, im wild open loves to play and cuddle and i love sleeping with my two sisters
Milo is a 14 week old boy who absolutely loves cuddling, napping and chasing your toes/legs or anything that moves 😍
Zoe is a loving beautiful cat. She always wants to play fetch with her mouse or cuddle up to you. She is a 3 year old rescue, found in an abandoned building she was all skin and bones when she was rescued. She sure is loved!
Mr Darcy
Mr Darcy is a rescue, who came to us 8 years ago. He’s mostly a very gentle and dignified gentleman, but he has a sense of humour ! He can bark when excited. He has his own Facebook page if you want to see how funny he is it’s Mr Darcy Samoyed.
I’ve only had this sweet baby doll for two weeks and she’s already stolen my heart !
Ashes just loves attention, if your not paying attention she will get your attention
What’s not to love about this adorable boy of mine , sheer perfection!
Gyspy has a huge personality , she is a rescue we got at 2 weeks old bottle fed her and nursed her back to health to the beatiful and loving cat she is today.
Calli is a spicey foster fail Calico. After four months in the shelter we fell for this crazy lady.
My handsome guy had him Since he was a pup he is now 1yr an 3 months, he loves walks and ice cubes haha he’s the sweetest he’s also a momma boy. Always happy and very playful. I couldn’t imagine life without him. 💕
Mia is as sweet as she looks.
Luna is a very sweet Aussiedoodle. She loves to smile at everyone she meets <3
Big dumb snuggy baby 💕
Raven is the sweetest and most cuddly cat. Loves belly rubs and foot rubs.
"No home is complete without the pitter patter of kitty feet."
This gorgeous boy loves snuggles in bed with his mum and lazing around in the sun . 😻
Oreo loves to bug her brothers and sisters 💕
Nova is a beautiful 8 week old labrador. Things that she likes best are cuddly toys, yummy food and lots of cuddles 😍
She loves her cuddles & kisses Loves jumping about & knows she is cute!!
She’s is so cute
Scooby has been with me since he was three months old, and him and I have spent the whole quarantine bonding, climbing the mountains, swimming, hiking, city walks, doggie play dates, and lazy days in bed. He’s my best friend and my whole world!! He’s going through his service training which has helped me tremendously already. He’s the biggest goof.
Anakin is a ham of all hams. Loves everyone but if you have food he’s your #1 man! There are very few treats that he won’t inhale without a second thought. My first born, my first love, my best friend, and my chonk. 💜 Anyone who meets him is instantly swooned.
Whiskers is the most energetic playful lil boy ever. His favorite pastime is biting fingers and toes and jumping at the dog when he’s not nappin in the cutest form ever
Frankie is a fun loving stray turned home body. She is very vocal and loves to play hide and seek!
Buddy gives the best cuddles he is so needy but his cute little face makes you melt
Little Lady Freya
Im the trouble maker out of us three, so don't turn your back on me. I love to lounge around all day especially on my mum or near my siblings.
Although Bella has lost her eyesight and hearing at 16 years old, she still runs around like a puppy.
Ned is a 7 month old spaniel who is obsessed with socks.
Taz is a crazy 7 year old yorkie. She loves to play with her ball and anything squeaky
Buddy is a 3 month old sheepadoodle He's funny, clever, loves people, and is a good companion.
I love kisses, socks/slippers/crocs and tug a war with daddy. My favourite treat is cheese, any cheese, i love it all ❤ I hate puddles, baths actually anything to do with water
Maizy is a happy girl. She is part Corgy and dalmatian. She was abused as a puppy and has been adopted. We didnt save her, she saves us. We love our wild girl
Hi guys! My name is daxx. Sometimes my hoomans call me “daxxaroni”. I’m a Catahoula leopard dog, living in beautiful Colorado. I’m in training to become an ESA dog so I can go to work at my mommy’s job, to help kids and teenagers. I love to play fetch, chew on sticks, sometimes a shoe but I’m learning. I love cookies, chew chews and squeeky toys. I have an older brother and 2 sisters, we live on a small ranch with goats and other cool animals and I love it! But my most favorite is to go adventuring with my mommas. That’s right I got two mommas! 🌈 And soon I’ll be a big brother to a tiny baby boy hooman. Behind our home is lots and lots of land to explore, to collect fossils and all kinds of rad items. I get to roam and see the world! I hope to bring smiles to anyone that comes across my pictures.
Binx was adopted by me and my husband October 18th 2020. The most affectionate little kitten you will ever meet. He was adopted to be an emotional support animal for myself. Oh boy he is trying his hardest and doing such a good job. <3
Brody is a 13 week old Wirehaired pointing griffon. He love to go on walks thru the woods, his favorite toy is a water bottle, he is the sweetest pup ever!
Spaulding taught himself to play piano..he hasnt learned any songs yet but he's having fun.