Diego was a buskers dog who unfortunately died last year so I took him in. He’s 14yrs old an just loves cuddling up to u with his head on you. He loves gghlljuotiyto chase a ball but he struggles to run nowadays due to old age he gives the best cuddles tho.
Gino is a rescue dog he’s a deerhound lurcher he loves running and jumping I think he’s part kangaroo he spent 18 month in kennels and not 1 person enquired about adopting him then I came along an I truly believe it was because he wuz waiting for me to come bring him home.
Mikey escaped through a gap in the understairs cupboard and was under the floor boards for two days..we searched everywhere and all the neighbourhood. One night outside I heard a meaow and realised it was coming from and airbrick from underneath the house. I went to the understairs cupboard and called him and put treats out fir him and suddenly I saw his pink nose, it was the best thing i ever was harder fir him to get out than in but he did it! I thought he woukd not try it again but he took every chance he could to get back to his underground adventures. He is simply the sweetest, maddest, funniest and loving creation.
Hank is a very energetic guy with a firey personality. He loves exploring outside and chasing bugs. Sunbathing in the grass and dreamies are his favourite things!
Meet Dustin my loving boy. He has a human personality. I can tell what or how he is feeling just by his face and body language. He loves getting into trouble by helping himself to his treats no matter where I hide them. He protects me 24/7 loyal like a dog would be. He even sits at my feet. He loves to play and loves female kitties he’s a lover boy. Tough as nails too. He survived the woods for 4 months when he escaped. Everyone gave him up for dead. Not me! I could feel that he was still alive. We have an emotional bond. I could feel him miles away as if he needed me. I didn’t give up on finding him. After 4 months of posts, flyers and driving around I found him. Shortly after he broke his leg. Resulting in an amputation. While his leg was in a temporary cast before surgery. He carried on as if nothing was wrong. My son is my heart and soul. I wish everyone could meet him and see his personality. He can be quite demanding too when he wants something. He lets me know what he wants and when he wants it. He’s an amazing cat with everything he has went through and survived. His little heart is always filled with love for me and anyone he knows.
Simba is a very lovable tabby orange cat, he loves naps and food just like Garfield!
Adorable Snow White princess
White and chocolate brown comes to town
Lilly is the most caring and keeps me alive. She gets along with all animals. I don’t what I would do without her.
Ziggy loves nothing more than sitting on your lap, having a conversation with you through the language of meowing, and nibbling your ankles when he’s not getting attention!
Ziggy is going on 13 years old but you'd never know it cause he's all puppy. He still has the energy of a year old puppy.
Amber is a very affectionate Ragdoll💜she lives with her sister from another mister, Pippin and Gigi the pug. Her favourite things to do are, sit in the garden watching birds, watching cat TV on the iPad and playing with her toy sprout💜
Tiggy is a crazy but loving kitten, he loves his mum and hanging out in whichever room you are in
She keeps hiding
Bambam is a loving cat he loves playin with his fishing rod,and loves his treats,he fetches filter tips and returns them ,
This is Bella with her baby Tiggy. A very loving princess of a cat
Ted is a real character, quite nervous and a stubborn boy. We love him no matter what and in his own way he loves us too!
Super Duper Alfi Cooper
Cutie has achieved so much in the past two years. She once belonged to my mum but dementia has taken her to her own little world. A decision had to be made in regard to cuties welfare and I seriously couldn’t place her in a cat rescue besides it wasn’t her fault that this illness that had taken over my mum warranted her to be placed in cat rescue. So I decided that I would try and rehabilitate her to live with me. It’s been two long years of working and reassuring her that she is safe and that finally she can be the cat she once was in her younger years. Cutie is now nearly 10 years old and it has proved to be a hard road for her to walk up. But day by day scratch by scratch from hiding in the wardrobe to just coming downstairs and interacting with us she has finally allowed herself to trust us and know that we won’t hurt her forget about her and of course feed her. Cutie now allows herself to sleep at the end of my bed and finally I can hear the soft purr from her while she sleeps telling me that all the time and patience we have given her allowing her to do things at her pace is reward enough to know that she is finally content in her new home and the soft purr and snoring occasionally tells me that yes she is walking tall on that path of rehabilitation and is contented with her new life. I feel so proud of how much she has achieved and knowing that now she can relax and live her days contented and looked after and loved again.
Luna is a stunning 6 month old girl with a loving personality loves children walks ans cwtching up with her dad
Boo Boo
He is a very handsome boy. He touches my face when im sleeping, ever so gentle to wake me up. He taps me on the shoulder to get my attention. Boo Boo protected his sister cats by sitting on the roof and watching for large ferral cats who are after his sister cats, and chases them out of the yard before they get to the girls. You're my hero, Boo Boo
Felix is a loving cat with a funny personality he definitely knows what he wants. He loves to have a “cup of tea”-(milk) and will wait by his bowl until he gets it. He doesn’t like to open the cat flap so he will wait for someone to open the door for him.
King of slow blinks, Miguel loves bird watching by the window and chin scratches. His favorite toys are hair ties. He's my sunshine 🧡
Runt of the litter but no longer a kitten, just a very small tabby thats larger than life, she may be small but she eats me out of house and home.
He is a 9lbs brown shit tuz he 9 years old still thinks hes a puppy plays withhis little gray elephant 🐘 loves his treats and walks
Little Louis
I am very mellow, i love walking and am a bit of a foodie!!
He is a loving kitten who loves boxes and shopping bags. I cant put my shopping down cos he will be straight in bags. Hes so funny.
My boy Tucker. He came to me at 6 weeks old and still my best friend 12 years later. We have been through a lot together, he is always there when I am sad and knows how to make me feel better. I would be lost without this boy.
Jason loves to play especially with his favourite fish toy 🥰 loves children and is very laid back! 😻
Chanel is the sweetest, fuzziest little girl. We adore her and she adores us. Our fur baby loves treats and is a good catcher, shakes paws, and does high 5’s!! She’s 6 years old !
Luna is Lexie’s older sister. She is 9 years old, black Bombay. She is super friendly and loving. And she loves to eat.
Tinks is a mischievous girl. She's a very talkative cat, who loves having her coat brushed and snuggles up in bed.
Marley loves to meet new people and show of her white teeth
Mittens is a loving cat and always by my side
Stormy here is a big ol sweet cuddle bug and is always ready to meet new friends!
She's the perfect pug that anyone could ask for, to be part of a family that loves her. Her favorite food is cooked chicken.
Oliver Arthur And Gus
Hii, we're three brothers. Just Chillin and loving life. We're 10 weeks old and having the best time in our new forever home..currently our fave hobbie is annoying our 2 new older brothers and snuggle time nap naps😺✨️
Luna is a little staffy girl that loves sticks, car journeys, the beach and long park walks in the sunshine 🙏✨️ dislikes: rain 🌧😓
She likes to go in bed with you when you go to bed she likes to play. She has a lot of energy.
Elvis is my handsome boy he is very clever and plays fetch gives a paw and gives kisses 😘 he is a beautiful boy 🐈‍⬛
Levi likes to stare off into a dreamy world,,he loves to lay in the sun,,and roll on his back to be playful and expect tummy rubs to..levi and his human mama are very close,,best buds...
A feisty and sweet Pomchi that wants to be friends with everyone!
Boyka is still little puppy, he likes to play all day long, run and arguing if you sayin "no" for him 😅
Hiya i,m Haggis and i am originally from Cyprus. My mum and dad found me whilst they were on holiday. I was very unwell and unfortunately i had a very bad infection in both of my eyes and had to have them both removed before i flew to Scotland to live with my other 7 furry feline brothers. I love Scotland, but miss the sunshine 🤣. I really dont know that i,m blind, i have a wonderful life now, please send me a vote . Miaow Haggis
Lacey Blue
She was from a shelter with a litter mate. Funny, loving, sweet girl. Gets along with 4 other siblings and a dog.
Lexie is a Maine Coon, only 13 weeks old. She is very playful, and so loving. Lexie, loves to cuddle and be adventurous. She loves going for car rides, and loves to find new things to explore.