Dog cat Stories - 81


Playful lovable and sweet
Pepper Ann
Pepper Ann is an amazingly beautiful and intelligent Border Aussie. She is very athletic, and energetic. Her favorite activity is to spin as fast as she can after i say "Ready, Set, Go!" She can jump over our heads, and she is the most loving and protective dog I've ever had!
Callie is a 2 year old chihuahua that loves to be play and hang out with our other dogs. She was rescued from a shelter at 8 weeks
Chappie is a great 😊 dog and enjoys long walks outside and laying in his mama’s lap. Very sweet and friendly and loves everyone
General is a momma's boy we almost lost him to parvo he bounce back and he loves the cool air and ice cream
She's a water baby love's baths and playing in her pool
She's a little sweet heart and love's to play
He looks like a teddy bear when he's asleep
Remy is a 16 week old rescued kitten who was all alone when found. He’s now thriving and living his best life. He enjoys playing with our dogs tail, diving into bowls of buffalo chicken dip, and playing with the toilet paper in the bathroom.
Simba, as his name says, has the heart of a king, he loves to explore the world, he is very small but he is tenacious and when he wants something he gets it, this house was never the same again after his arrival he changed our lives for the better
Miss Tuffsy
An independent yet talkative and loving kitty..she doesn’t have a tail😻 her mouth is checkered and she’s got a bright pink nose. If she’s not the worlds cutest cat, she is definitely Oregon’s 😻
he likes to play with his duck, and likes to sleep a lot.
Hi this is Storm, he's a really laidback and chill cat. Storm is very protective but loving at the same. Please vote for him we’d really appreciate it 🫂
Hazel has filled a hole in the heart of our family after losing our 13 year old girl. She is super energetic, loves to eat, and can take a nap anywhere. She enjoys climbing her cat tree and tormenting her canine siblings. She is quite vocal and bossy and will get right in your face and tell you about it if you are not paying attention to her. Another favorite activity is attacking anything she can find. She is silly and sweet and keeps us well entertained.
Bailey had a very rough start in life. She was found on my front porch and she was less than two weeks old. Her I was damaged now it's healed but a different color. She's very playful despite her our ships. She loves to steal things and hide them. And because she was so tiny when I got her and I was bottle feeding her she was on the table. And now that she's growing she still thinks that she can be on the table LOL. Are most of the time we let her. She's just so darn cute she loves to get into the bird's cage and laying there as she loves to play attack the other cats and dogs she seems to be Fearless! She is just an all-around Love Of Our Lives and a welcome addition to all of our fur babies.
Mia likes catnip, making bird noises at birds and playing with her older sister
Nala is half Bengal, she likes to pull faces, sleep and enjoys head kisses!
Hi my name is Daisey and I love to play with my mommy and daddy I love to chew on my dads work boots when he is not looking I love to sleep right on top of my mommy's head even though when I grow up I'm gonna be to big to lay on her head
Ruby is a 3 year old Chiweenie that we rescued. She was found on the side of the road in a box injured in Texas and made her way to a rescue in New York where we picked her up and have given her an amazing, loving home. She likes to cuddle under the covers and play with her brother Boomer who is a lab/golden and a proud service dog to Ruby's human dad. She completes our family perfectly! Please vote for her!!❤
Miko is a 4 month old Pomsky. He enjoys walks, chewing anything he can and relaxing in the pool.
Shes about 10months very energetic and playful loves her family and very good gaurd dog and support dog. Shes very loveable i mean look at that smile 😁
Keeps us moving. Fierce. Longest legs ever. Best friend is Toby who’s also here as a contestant.
Snugglesaurus. Best friends with Penny. Rescue dog.
Luna’s radar ear (right ear) runs her life! She loves to chase bugs and give hugs. Her favorite human is her dad.
Murphy-Josephine is a 6 week old silver dapple dachshund. She’s full of spunk, and hops all over the place. She’s the sweetest little bean you’ll ever come across, just look at those eyes!
Jett is a very fun loving energetic dog. Loves to play with her toys and most of all her sister Sadie and all her friends at daycare
Oso is a sweet boy.he is playful. Loves hugs his favorite food is chicken his favorite toy is a tennis ball he also loves his little friends the guinea pigs
He's a serious paper shredder .Howler,loves going bye bye ,is super funny and chews on everything.
Shes black and white window seeker she loves toys and loves mommys oxygen tubing she bites the tubes and i have to constantly get new tubing to stay breathing but i can never be mad at her shes my baby girl. My daughter sexy socksy lol please
She loves attention and cuddles.talks alot and gets along with anything...but she spends all of her time with her brother.they are inseparable
Gray is a sweet boy who loves attention ...But loves his sister the most.They spend every second together ...
Balboa is my miracle baby. A couple months before he turned a year old we almost lost Balboa to Parvo. We almost lost him. But then he got better. Balboa loves to play curl up on the couch with his momma and loves to play with his brother, mom and dad. Balboa is very high spirited, very loving, awesome guard dog and has been my emotional support dog. Balboa loves to eat and sleep and snuggle. Rocky and Balboa are brothers and are my babies.
He loves the grass so he can roll around. Normally he hated water but couldn't resist laying in the creek!
Bella is a shitzu mixed with yorkie shes 12 pounds and loves to dress up.. Very playful. And a total diva❤
Star is another beautiful subject to photograph. Zoom in on her eyes - so striking!
This is Misfit. She was my best friend. She made everything less lonely. January 28th. I lost my best friend. She was 12. I still find some days still so hard.
I got Ash after the loss of my beloved Cat passed. Months of mourning my son had a lady walk into his work asking if he knew anyone who would like a kitten. I agreed to look at her. Well i brought her home. We have birthdays a week apart. And she used to sleep around my neck. Now she sleeps next to the cuddle clone i had made that looks like my beloved Misfit.
He is 5 years old born deaf but still he fully enjoys his life he is very good mouse catcher.He love treats and know how to get his cuddle when he want
Max is a 4 year old Gerberian shepsky who always liked to be on a run. He loves walks and car rides. He currently is going to training to get better with other dogs. He loves belly rubs and is a cuddle bug. He now know a few commands like sit, down, left and right paw, sit pretty, up, spin, bow, head down, high five, stay, wait and come. He is really smart and learns pretty fast. I have had him since he was 9 weeks old. The moment I saw him I knew he would be my best friend. I love spending as much time I can with him and I also love spoiling my baby.
Very affectionate, loves a cuddle , quite shy and timid , loves bedtime .
Milo is a 5 month old dog, who is really always full of energy. He always carry’s his stuffed duck, who he loves a lot
He’s a big funny guy who enjoys cuddles and night racing😂.
hi my name is Razo and I love playing in sawdust . And I enjoy playing with my other furry friends. And most all I love my mommy.
Nugget is 67% Great Pyrenees and 17% Australian Cattle Dog, he was rescued under a house in North Georgia, with his 6 brothers and sisters, 6 half brothers, mother, aunt and grandmother. He absolutely loves playing in the rain and in puddles, he is super smart, knows the basic commands, sit, stay, lay down and come, working on rolling over, he has been an amazing addition to our family.
Gunner is the most affectionate lovable pup! At 13 weeks old he is a cuddle bug, loves pats, and especially yummy treats ☺️ vote for this super happy puppo!
Frankie is a total clown and a huge love bug. Obsessed with his Frisbee and loves any kind of fetch. Loves his brother and sisters
Rex is an Alapaha Blue Bloodline Bulldog. He’s unique, playful, and loves to talk.