Belle is a sassy, super cuddly and a cheeky girl who adores people and every dog possible. Shes not afraid to play with the big boys and always the first to share her toys. She loves the outdoors and is a complete sun worshiper!
Bicky Boy
Bicky boy loves posing in the sun he's a lazy boy that loves his food
Bubbles is a lively fun and affectionate little girl who loves to play fetch just as a dog would even bringing the ball back .
My little rescue cat from Kuwait. Loves chicken and cuddles.
This is Lizzy. She likes to be brushed, play fetch, belly rubs and sleeping on a pizza box I left out by accident once. She's a rescue and she brings joy and love to our household
Luna is the most craziest kitten you will ever meet but an absolute heart of pure gold. She LOVES her lap cuddles and chinny pinny tickles but equally loves doing laps of my house consistently before doing something silly like hitting her head 🥴 please vote my baby girl Luna 🌙🫶
I found Stella tied to a park bench while walking my dog Domino. It was 11:30 at night with nobody around. She was barking at me and looked like she wanted to attack so I brought Domino home and came back with water and treats. Then I had to sit with her for about 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours and then finally gained her trust. She called down the treats drink some of the water and then hopped in my lap and started kissing me. This dog has a few issues but we are working just straighten those out. She hates being away from me and will not leave my side when I am home. I really hope whoever tired of the park bench and walked away, abandoning my beautiful girl gets what they have coming to them. I don't think I will ever be able to understand this...
Adopted at 13 after being found on the street, our sweet girl enjoys snuggling up on our bed and snoozing the day away.
Nala was rescued at 6 weeks old after we found her on her own in the woods. She is the craziest lady you'll ever meet and seems to have no off switch. Her favourite thing is to play fetch and she could do this all day, every day.
Our fun loving little kitten, Lola. Found in the engine of our car so we just had to take this little angel in! She is just the sweetest and loves attention and lots of cuddles
Totan is a Romanian rescue, found on the streets at only a few days old. We adopted him and brought him home. At only 18months he is the most relaxed boy and does nothing but eat, sleep and poop. He loves nothing more than cuddles in bed.
Cooper is just over 1 year old and loves long walk that include a stream for a little paddle, Cooper also likes lazy days having cuddles and sleeping on the sofa ❤️
Willow aka Willow Bean. She is the auntie of our cat squad. Quite the bossy boots to others but to her human family she is the most sweet, gentle calm and paitent girl. Favourite activites would be sitting on the garden wall watching birds and bees fly by. Chasing down any moths in the long grass. Getting pats and snugs from neighbours and kids. She will always be there to watch the kids like a proper auntie, she will always let me know when they need me. Willow is such a reliable, trusting companion. Alongside her sister Stormi they are both perfect in their own special way. Please vote for my willow, willow bean, beanie girl!
Stormi is an established Duchess. She enjoys leisurely walks and hunting. Favourite food would have to be a tasty mouse or rabbit, caught by herself of course. Stomri may look intimidating, but she is quite the loving family companion. She is gentle, acts like a proper little lady. Stormi is a mother of 6, her sister is willow. If there was an apocalypse I know Stomri would be right there by by side hunting and keeping me safe. We have daily nature walks and she listens for my calls, she is not your typical house cat. Long LIVE Stormi Lou!
Lexi waiting patiently for dinner with her best friend cookie
Biscuit And Dodger
These 2 love cuddles with me and each other , they live with their mum and 2 younger sisters , and their adoptive Dad our border collie dog
Elvis is the best boy! He loves cuddles, but equally I usually annoy him to much! Lol. He is my best friend 💗
Bug or as my daughter calls her buggly is a cute little silly girl. My husband like to call her our crayon eater of the family. She loves to steal chicken nuggets off of your plate and eat them right infront of you. She’s a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle and give love. She’s just the sweetest little thing she’ll be 3 this year!
Lucy or lucifer as we call her is exactly what she sounds like. She’s a mischievous little kitty with a big heart she’s such a sweet cat and loves to snuggle up and make biscuits! She’s extremely playful with her sisters and lovess people!
A cheeky, lovely 8 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi
It's just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn't it?
Tilly is a beautiful 1 year 7 month old chocolate roan show cocker spaniel. Who loves everything ❤️. Especially having her photograph taken. She loves meeting new people and dogs and always wants a big cuddle.
I’m Dobby ! A cross between a long haired jack Russel & a Yorkshire Terrier. I’m 1 years old and like to run around and crack up. 🥳
Bobbie loves to relax with her family and is at her happiest when she has a box of chicken nuggets to enjoy!
Anima Nera
This is Anima Nera ... his name is italian and translates to black soul. He his named after a song from my favorite band, the song was released when we got him and fit perfectly. He actually chose us as his humans. His previous owner wasnt to bothered about him and he used to invite himself in even though we had a dog and cockatoo at the time. He is the most chilled loveable and social cat and loves laying on his back and looking at rhe world upsidedown. He is around 5 years old now.
A mummy cat looks after the other cats. Loving girl love cuddles but loves food the most. Vote for me so I csn have even more food
Snoopy is a kind and gentle 1 year old who looks after his mummy and gets along with all cats in the neighborhood. His best friend is the kitten next door and his mummy, who he needs cuddles with every morning
Lilo is a long haired frenchie rescue, we got her at 10 weeks old in April 2023, after the breeder had threatened to drown her and her sisters. Since living with us, she has thrived, she loves playing with her big brother Blue and her human friends 😋.
Sasuke is goofy, he runs around the house all crazy like a true shinobi. He's great at using his chidori.
Chase is a 4 year old huskita . Huskyxakita. He prefers to be outside and loves the cold.
This is Tilly. She has overcome pancreatitis and is thriving in life. She’s such a character and loves cuddles and kisses.
Mr Tinks
Mr Tinks loves to laze about and is very intelligent and always comes to his name.
Oscar is our rescue cat, he is 3yrs old. He loves cuddles and enjoys playing by pouncing on you from behind things. He is so loving.
Pepsi has sadly just crossed the rainbow bridge but she was an amazing girl. Sweet and loving as well as a moody little sod. She loved being outside and hunting her prey. Always used to joke that her stare could steal your soul 🤣 Fly high Pepsi ❤️
Luna belonged to a friend of mine. She got out of his place when somebody broke in. Palo alto, ca police could have just returned her, they knew where her owner lived, but decided to take her to the pound. My friend didnt have enough money to get her out (they wanted about $500) but i found her on petfinder with adoption fees waived. Picked her up that day, and she fit right in with her new brother and sister right away.
Winston is spanieldor
Dexter is an 8 month old Cavapoo who loves playing ball with his brother and sister and is also very mischievous ❤️
Grym is a sweet and lovable Maine Coon kitten, the runt of his litter at 14wks old and only 2lbs! He makes up for his size with his cuddles and spiciness. Loves his rides in the car and hanging out with his people!
Ty Ty is 2 Years Old ! He loves his Bones && Outside !
Mochi just turned 2 on the 8th of August, she's very energetic and loving, she actively love on our dog, I've also been raising her since she was a new born kitten
Bailey is my mum Diabetic alert dog and friendlydog .Bailey don't like bike and kids running.Bailey is gundog he like to run in get rabbit and birds.Bailey live with to cats.He like to go in the car all the time
Cleo is super shy but very lovable. She loves attention and loves belly rubs which isn’t common in most cats.
Coraline is very lovable and purrs very loudly. She brings me gifts and meows very loud. She has a very unique personality.
Liliana La Gata
I found her as a little baby on the sidewalk screaming out for help. I scooped her up and brought her home with me and she's been by my side ever since. She's the most romantic partner I've ever had.
Charlotte is very inquisitive. She is super sweet and loves to be in the middle of things. She loves being on the counter top in the kitchen watching while I am cooking. Charlotte loves her snacks and bird watching.
George is a big snuggle bug. He loves his food and watching cats on the tv. His favourite place to snooze is either on the sofa or on my lap. For fun he likes to play catch with hair bobbles.
Skittles is a Tortie, and she's a very hyper and outrageous kitty! She loves to run up and down the hallway playing with her bouncy ball and her fuzzy little ball. Her mood is whatever she wants...whether it be watching tv with her human Mom or simply snoozing the day away on the blue comfy chair.... She's around 5 and a half years old, but don't let that fool you into thinking that she's calm...because she has TORTITUDE!! Skittles's definitely loves snuggles, but only on her terms!! She's one of a kind kitty!!