Dog cat Stories - 82


Polar is a 3 month old, pure white Siberian Husky with sparkling blue eyes.. He is the firstborn of Matilda the Snowdog, and was given his name because he looked just like a baby polar bear as a newborn x
She loves cuddles with mama, eating all the treats, and squirrel watching. She absolutely loves playing with her favorite toy (broken fishing pole) and hates when the food dish is empty. She’s a sassy three year old with so much love and cuddles to give.
Gizmo is the perfect cat. Loves to be anywhere you are. Personality personified knows she is gorgeous. Loves birdwatching out the apartment windows. Loves story time
Trey just graduated boarding school. He was a rambunctious 10 month old Lab and now he is an enjoyable 11 month old lab that loves life and his boys.
Hello, my name is Azula! I’m 2 months old and a fire point ragdoll kitty. My mum and dad spoil me rotten with cuddles, play times, and food every day. My favourite toys include a dangly feather and a wicker ball, although I also love to go for hands and ankles!
Ruckus is a super exitable and loving pup! Hes has Champion Show bloodlines and also suffers from hip dysplasia. He is an all around a very special and incredible boy!!
Hemlo everyone! My name is Milo. I love to play with my frens. I also enjoy tug of war with my hoomans. Chimken pâté is life!
Bubba was found in a bucket of water as a baby. He was the sole survivor of his siblings. As the vet says, " He is one awesome cat!" All winnings will go to Florida cat rescue.
I’m Paco & I’m 6 years old even though I act like a puppy! I’m originally from Spain & I love people & other dogs. I like to sleep on my humans lap.
He likes to play a lot,very energetic,has lots of friends,and is very sweet!
Tallulah Jayne
Hi, I’m Tallulah Jayne...AKA Lulu. I’m a Toy Shar-Pei and will likely be about 25lbs full grown! I’m mischievous, smart, so silly and beyond sweet! I might be just a liddle wrinkle, but I keep my Hooman on her toes at all times! My Mama says I can’t control my licker, but I haven’t gotten any complaints yet!! 💕🦛💕
My sweet and sassy Dolce! She loves napping, stalking me and her treats!
Shadow was adopted at 6 months old from a very poor start in life. He started as a skinny, shy boy who was scared of people and avoided any kind of touch. 3 months on, you wouldn't know about his past as he is the cuddliest, cheekiest little monkey. If the house is quiet, he's usually up to no good. He loves exploring and his food 😂 he's my 6am alarm clock but I wouldn't change him for the world. Due to his poor start in life he is small for his age which makes him even cuter! ❤️
He’s cute and loves walkes and he is 11 years old ❤️
Chloe is 3months old and acts like she’s bigger than the older dogs
Mamacita loves cuddling and sunning
Simba is 7months old Enjoys eating playing and eating sleeping oh and did I say eating
Sammy is the most loving, chill Sweetest boy. He loves his toys and every day brings a toy upstairs to wake us up. We call them his babies.
Florence is a cheeky, intelligent half Maine coon who along with her mum and litter were rescued from a 64 cat household. She was completely afraid of everything and had no idea of what the world looked like apart from the small box room they were living in with 20 other cats. Now Florence is massively different! She’s super cheeky, smart and loves snuggles in bed! Her antics include opening draws, doors and even the child lock that we’ve had to put on the bin to stop her turning it out!
Hi I’m Dottie, I ❤️ Digging at the beach, chewing mums ugg slippers and steeling socks 🐾
This is KEKE, my pride and joy. KeKe loves to eat, play, and get neck/belly rubs. Her fav treat/snack is mozzarella string cheese. She has to ALWAYS have her Fuzzy robe or her fuzzy blankie..No exceptions 💜
Purrsephone is every bit of a talker. She loves to make conversation with mom and also play with her sister Isis. She loves to play with her laser, she comes running at the rattle of the keychain. She’s a little lover and mommy’s little turd!
Isis is a little lover. She loves to play with her little sister and take naps. She is named after the Egyptian goddess Isis. She’s my beautiful first born baby!
Luna is an 10 week old bundle of energy. She is very confident and loves cuddles.
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Moon is a lovely mischievous and adventurous one! She loves to look out the window and take daily naps! I met this baby at a Walmart parking lot. A family was giving away free kittens and she instantly caught my eye! I couldn’t say no so I brought her home with me.
Watson the Schnoodle is a sassy loveable cuddly pup who loves treats and anything cosy! He is the king of fetch and likes to speak his mind!
Pebbles is a little ball of energy! You will always catch her speeding throughout the house with her brother bam bam, or climbing in unusual areas. She loves to be held and has beautiful, vibrant eyes. She was adopted from a local rescue shelter along with her brother in October. We had originally only came for her brother; however she was the last kitten of the litter that was not adopted and she cried at us when they brought her brother out for us to take home. Needless to say, she was irresistible and we HAD to have her too and we are happy to have such sweet kittens in our home
Jumbo was taken from the shelter. He is a chill cat but make sure to keep those eyes on him. He is a sneaky escape artist!
Bam Bam
Bam bam is a chunky lil guy who LOVES to eat! He also enjoys his adventures with his sister pebbles all throughout the house. The both of them are inseparable from the time they go to sleep, even down to the time they need to use the litter box LOL. He and his sister were the last of the litter of kittens adopted fron a local rescue shelter. Although he has only been in our home for about 3 months, he is already full of personality as you can see from the photos! Please show my fuzzy lil baby some love
Rocket is 9 months old and super energetic. He always flops over for belly rubs and he loves stuffed animals, or at least destroying them lol. He loves to cuddle and he barks at EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.
I live up to my name, am always up to mischief and love to meet new people and all types of dogs, i am so loveable and enjoy cuddle time anytime i can get it with anyone, my favorite toy is my duck and i love sausages and bacon treats, i am loki and i am totally loco. I am full of energy and love walks and especially love car trips. I am a very happy doggy who loves everyone and everybody love me and my cuteness
Zeus was a foster to adopt. Sweet and clever, he is constantly up to trouble... but no one would guess with how sweet he looks.
Molly is a very quiet and happy 16 year old dog ... She is very loving and likes just hanging out
Coco likes to cuddle under the blanket with you 😻
They call me Mr. Meowgi because I talk a lot 😸
Pepe is the cutest Elf Sphynx, he is lovable, loves to cuddle and bathe. He’s a very hungry boy but exercises regularly going up and down the stairs to keep his bod up to date, he lives with his girlfriend Penelope who is 3 months older and wears the pants in the relationship, yes he’s one of those lol! He is awesome ❤️
Frankie is a sweet boy who is very mischievous, but also loves to cuddle
My cat Figaro is a 6 year old cat we got him from a run down home in Iowa and raised him from a kitten till now he is very protective and affectionate, he is also very brave he once fought a vicious cat who tried to bite by sister. He loves playing with lasers, eating food, and having fun with other cats.
Matua is a sweet little gentleman. He lives for cuddles and attention. I suspect he has ninja blood as he is stealthily silent, always. He wears a constant smile to brighten everyone’s day. He was a rescue adopted into our loving home in Oregon from California. I feel blessed to have him.
Alaster loves Christmas trees, wet food , and kisses.
Lou loves to climb his tree, play with his Blue Mouse, and eat wet food. Most of all, though, he loves cuddling with his mom.
She loves her snacks loves to chew on everything ! She loves her family and loves to play with the kids !
Olive loves to climb trees! Cuddles with her daddy, but she can also be a little shy but full of energy once you get to know this active kitty!
Loves to play, loves to pose for pictures, loves to be held
Polo is the cutest cat ever. He’s extremely sweet and lovely.
Banana loves cuddling with Mommy! Their favorite treat of all Feline Greenies! With just one shake of the box Banana comes running from miles away!
Born April 1st and it sure fits. He has everyone fooled that he is sweet, adorable and perfect. 🖤