Henry is a rescue puppy who is all love. He loves to be carried around like a baby. Show him some love by voting for him please.
Lily Mae
Lily Mae loves to play and gets the zoomies frequently. She is a sassy pants that likes to jump on her sister and loves to play fetch with her fuzzy ball. She is so sweet and cuddly and like to sleep on top of her mommy’s head every night. After a long day at work it’s always the best part of the day to come home to Lily Mae meows and kisses.
Mika is a Toy poodle, she’s feisty and loves to play, loves her sleep and is very clever.
His name is Tiny he is 7 years old and we rescued him from the shelter where he came in with six brothers and sisters after their owner passed away, he suffers from separation anxiety and will bite your shoelaces if he thinks you are leaving him. He loves to be held and carried around everywhere like a baby. He is very loving with everyone. He loves treats and toys. He is the sweetest boy.
Ollie loves everyone and everything I’m sure he’s half human, half dog.
Oliver is obsessed with food, loves to smile for photos, and enjoys long walks on the trail. He acts like a tough guy when the doorbell rings, but will then nuzzle underneath the covers at night when his paws get to cold. Here’s to our favorite season!
Hello! Moony is 7 months old & loves to play fetch. I taught moony how to play fetch when she was about 4 months old. She’s a very crazy energetic, loving kitten❤️
MEOWW! I’m very talkative, love chin scratches, and most of all love grabbing the attention of my owner by sitting like a dog! Teehee she always talked about wanting a dog, but got me instead! So i might as well look the part 🫣
Mabel And Dipper
A cute and mischievous sibling pair, mabel (the goofster with the tongue sticking out) and dipper, the weary but attention lover will have all your attention with there games and playfulness!
Maggie likes to chase her tail! Around and around she goes!
My names Peanut and im a very calm kitty. Im almost 1 years old!! My brother is also in the picture, Panther. Im very fluffy and I get lots of hair all over mommy's clothes 🤭
We rescued Frankie 5 years ago. He was in the backyard, just standing there, so skinny and helpless. His eyes were shut, and he couldn't see. I went and picked him up and put him in a carrier, and put some eye drops in his eyes. He was very alert, and wasn't scared at all. He turned out to be a little bully! What my other 3 cats had to put up with! It rained that night, so I rescued him just in time!
Chucky Boy
Charles (Chucky Boy) is the most lovable, huggable cat-human ever!
Bella is a rambunctious 8 week old chihuahua who loves playing with her older brother. Don't take her size for granted, she's tougher then she looks! She has every one wrapped around her paw as soon as they meet her! Her hazel & gray eyes don't hurt either!
He loves to climb on my shoulders and lay there to be pet. And he likes sitting outside watching birds
She is the queen of our house🤩🤩
Olive Marie
Olive is a very unique loving dog. She shares human qualities and knows just when someone needs that extra affection. She is a big ball of loving fur. ❤️ She loves to play with her squeaker toys, go for car rides, walks and days spent at the dog park.
Asher was abandoned as a kitten and survived for almost 4 years on his own. When he asked me to be his human I couldn’t say no to that sweet face. He has his furrever home now!
WALL-E’S World 🖤 Adopted 01.01.2020. We adopted Walter from the Underdog Rescue group of Arizona. He is our spunky little monkey! 🐶 He loves adventure and the Great Outdoors! Vote for WALL-E!! 🐾
Aezor Dwight D.O.B. 08.13.2020 🐺 Aezor the Explorer Loves Water 💦 Aezor is a Shepsky mix of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. We watched him grow until we were able to adopt him from close family friends! Vote for Aezor!! 🐾
Olivia is the sweetest, loves to snuggle and bury her nose.
Callie’s a beautiful and mischievous little girl! She was found abandoned at approximately 3 weeks old and joined our family when we adopted her at 10 weeks old. She is best friends with our 10 year old Labrador, Daisy, and we just couldn’t be without her.
Tinkerbell is a Princess and a Diva. She gets more stubborn the older she gets but loves a cuddle and chicken for tea but only if served on her favourite plate. Loves mud, sniffing and killing squeaky toys.
Abbie, otherwise “Baby” is a very affectionate kitty. I’m retired; when I’m gone for short periods she’ll wait by the door on her throw rug, then happily take her nap when I return.
Beetle is a sweet little pocket pittie mix. She loves giving all people and dogs kisses and splashing in her pool.
The cutest dog you will ever know 🐾
This is tango. He is a buff tabby and my favorite photography model
Bella is extremely special and is like my therapy dog where she helps me control my anxiety. She is very caring, gently, such a character and ooohhh is extremely partial to a baked bean or 2!! xx
Alistair was found as a baby in very bad shape along with his brothers. Luckily, I found him through a local animal rescue and adopted him in November of 2021. Since then, Alistair has really come out of his shell and is a lovebug towards his humans and siblings. Alistair turned 1 on May 7th, and weighs a whopping 20 pounds, and continues to grow everyday!
Flora is 5 and half, she is GS/STAFFY cross. We got her from RSPCA derby when she was 6 months old. She loves a tennis ball and lies on sofa and bed with us. She barks at planes and helicopters that fly over and runs about garden like tasmanian devil then jumps like bambi. Shes very affectionate and loving, does nt like loud bangs or shouting.and she loves cuddles.
Eddy is 4 months… a great fly chaser and he loves cuddles but not as much as chicken!
Coco is the sweetest little thing. She’s very curious about everything and constantly getting her cute self into mischief. The best cuddles ever.
Daisy Dinks
Daisy dinks, 2 yr old springer spaniel that LOVES taking mum and dad for a walk! Daisy loves play time with her cuddly teddies and loves eating fruit and lots of treats!
Lovely, sweet and kind sometimes savage😇😇
Pretty is a loving, sassy kitty.
Franklin is 4 years old. Loves to play fetch and cuddle with anyone. Friendly with all ages and our family dog.
Ronnie And Reggie
They are their name sake always up to mischief.
Fuzzy loves to snuggle and sprint through the house at random times. He is mostly super chill and loves his treats and lives meeting new people.
Oscar crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3 years ago yesterday at the age of 18+. He was the most loving and loyal baby I ever had.
Oreo was a shelter baby that I adopted back in March. He loves canned food, cuddles, and laying in the window.
Lilly was a stray that just showed up one day 8 years ago. She’s elderly now, based on her activity level and her weight loss. She’s going deaf now. She is blind in one eye, and has an odd meow from a trauma before she came to me. She’s a unique personality, and very loving.
Sweet little baby that needed her ninny!
He's a pain in the butt and likes to try and non stop wrestle, but he's lovable sometimes lol
Ursula is very vocal! She “talks” all the time! She’s an indoor kitty who loves to sunbathe and watch the birds outside her window.
Rosebud And Delilah
Rosebud and Delilah are both purebred Labrador Retrievers. When Rosie was 3, I noticed she was getting lonely, so I adopted Delilah. Her loneliness was instantly cured! Rosebud and Delilah love to play together and are never far apart. Sometimes instead of sleeping in their separate dog houses, they will both sleep in the same one! Rosebud is the big sister and always watches over the house as the alpha dog and sort of a mother figure to Delilah. She loves to show her authority by barking at delivery drivers and my friends when they come over to “protect” us. Delilah is the big baby, no matter how old she is, she behaves like a puppy. Delilah is a big foodie and will eat at any and all times. She especially loves it when I give her treats. Rosebud and Delilah will be best friends fur-ever!
Playful and energetic yet as sweet as they come
Rainy, also known as Rainy Poo, is a 8 month old Shih-Poo. She is playful, lovable and loves to be around people. She loves attention and to get dressed is a pretty dress and hair bow. Everyone that gets a chance to meet her ends up falling in love with her personality.