Gallagher is the crazy of the party. He may look old and scruffy but he is only 2 and a pure bred good puppy. He love his outfits, and sucking on his blankets like a binkie.
I adopted red at 1yr. Old from a guy whos wife abused him. It took a year or so to rehabilitate him to women. But he came through and has had my heart for 10 yrs. Now..
Scooby like her namesake Scooby Doo needs no introduction. Don't let her cuteness fool you and those big brown eyes will get you every time. Scooby is usually get into mischief or finding ways to steal her treats (Scooby snacks.) To make up for questionable behavior, she gives the best puppy kisses. This young pup will keep you on your toes with her excitement for life.
Fifi loves watching the birds from the window and she loves hunting spiders. In her spare time she enjoys snacking on toast and her favourite meal in the entire world is a can of fresh tuna.
henry is such a loving and wonderful fur baby. he likes going for walks, annoying mom for more treats, and getting pet as much as humanly possible. did i mention he pees in the toilet?
Very curious, playful, and kid friendly! (He is my best friend)
Miss Mia is the calmest, sweetes kitty I’ve ever known. She is full grown but still SO tiny! She loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses 😘 She’s quite the tussler with her kitty sisters. She is the Princess of our home 🏡 🥰 She has the sweetest kindest energy 💙 She loves laying in the sun by our window and she really enjoy her cat naps 💕
Fred is a 4 year old goldendoodle living on the texas gulf coast! He enjoys eating anything you accidentally drop, running on the beach, and chasing anything that he can’t get too (the squirrels). His mom is a paramedic and his dad is a firefighter/emt so often gets to spend time with his grandma that he loves very much!
Sir Charlie
Meet Charlie! Charlie is a 6-month old happy-go-lucky pup who is adored by us! This boy loves people and playtime, has the sweetest personality, and is just a bundle of pure joy! While Charlie is, in most ways, a typical puppy full of energy and love, he does have a medical condition with his kidney. Charlie choose us.
Knox Cundiff
Knox is a fun loving 2 year old boxer. He loves to play outside and get lots of cuddles. He is the sweetest boy and always has the funniest looks on his face with his tongue hanging out. He loves his treats and all of his toys. He favorite thing is to go visit the other dogs and play until he can’t no more.
She loves laying in the water 1 to either watch kids swim or she will stand in the water wait for a fish to go by and knock it up on land for me to get she is the best lifeguard dog we could ever have when she isnt doggy life garding she is fishing its adorible when she is tired of doing that she will lay out on land to dry off till its time to go home
Stubby is a fun loving cat who loves baths and laying in the sun
Freya is Maine coon and she came to our family in January 2021 from Ukraine. She is so playful and friendly.
Mittens is polydactyl(has extra toes) very playful loves to play with her sister Ozzie.
Coey is the sweetest boy. He loves going for car rides with his Mama and Papa. He loves his squeaky pig and his chewy bones. One of his favorite things to do is snuggle with his Mama. 💜
Paxton is the most loving, supportive, caring dog out there! His personality is unlike any other. He's very sociable and enjoys his walks. His favorite person happens to be his dog mom, me! He enjoys the outdoors and sunbathing on nice days. When you see him sleeping on his back, you know you have a friend for life! Please vote for my fur-baby!
Eddie is a rescue, and has fun chewing on rope toys and cloth in general. Very loving young dog.
Sweetie is 10 years old . She is a lovable cat, loves watching the wind
Leo is a self-rescue that has a huge personality. He loves his cuddle times with his brothers (and me) and has to adopt anything he can bat at as his favorite "toy". He loves to live life to the fullest.
She is a wonderful playful kitty who love to cuddle in her spare time.
He is a sweet boy who loves to lounge around all day. Its tiring being this cute!
Jack is sweet and loving..he belonged to my beloved deceased father in law but now is surrounded by my fiance and I filled with daily love and kisses! Jack loves to watch the birds from the living room window and loves running in the yard and chasing any kind of bugs..hes the cutest...You should go and vote for Jack bc he is truly loyal and amazing and has been through 1 of his biggest loses with loosing my sweet father in law and instead of us being strong for Jack, HE WAS STRONG FOR US...we think Jack is truly special and 1 of a kind
Dabs loves to play fetch and playing in his tunnels. An all around loverman..
Vinny is very sweet and loving. He loves to play and loves to sleep. I have never had a cat that is so loving.
Raven is a sweet lovable kitty. He’s almost a year old. His favorite thing to do is sleep.
Fun crazy cat with chubby cheeks. ☺️
Callie And Gypsy
They are best friends as you can see. Callie (the bigger one) is a protector while Gypsy is a big lover!
Smaug is pretty shy and an eternal baby who love to eat all the plants of its parents
Hi I’m Curella, I'm a Cane Corso and I was born January 18th of 2022. My two favorite people in the world consists of my caregivers, they like to spoil me. I’m very playful and have lots of energy to spread around to everyone. I love playing outside with all my friends as we like to chase sticks and wrestle around together, all though I got to say I love all my friends but theres this one her name is Bella, and she’s my very best friend. We love to play together, it’s so much fun. I also like to chew on everything I see; could be shoes to pinecones to maybe even garbage if I’m lucky and sneaky. For every vote I get my mom said she would give me a treat, so cool right?”
She loves to play with other dogs,very friendly and talkative.She loves to run and play tag with her humans
Coco loves to play, but mostly she loves coming over and getting her cuddles, she kisses my face and curls up next to me and even gets under the bed sheets to keep warm :) she’s a little character
Oakley is a playful pup who loves cuddles and zoomies (and all his toys)
Benny is one of the smartest and greatest dogs ever he is the most loving dog and love to go on long walks.
She is a fighter loves to run around and play great dog.
Sweet Jessamine Of Tupelo Bay
Jessamine loves to play, nap, and ride shotgun in her Daddy’s truck through the farm. She has recently discovered swimming as her new favorite hobby.
Diesel is 5 mths old and very lazy. He loves to lay around and look at you with his droopy eyes. He just melts the heart
Draxx is a free bird he loves to run and play with his friend stitch.But when he gets running there is no stopping him.He is a cuddle bug if he’s not in the middle he’s not happyand his favorite toys are the ones he can tear up😂
Phoebe loves adventures, especially going to the beach or the woods in her bubble backpack, she loves talking to pigeons and eating tiny pieces of pate on toast
Rolo is a very energetic little spit fire. She does not give the bigger dogs no slack and definitely let's them know who's boss. Rolo loves to snuggle and chew on her Rosoce.
Sheba Mae
Sheba girl is a very active sweet loving girl. She loves to chase her balls or swing my her mouth on her rope swing. Or curl up with mom for a nap. She is like my child completely depended on me to care for her, and i do my dammdest to do just that. This baby has been through so much but still has a heart so big and willing to love. She is mommy's girl❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Rosoce is now 3 years old. He loves his ball (and that includes ANYTHING shaped as a sphere, no matter the size). Rosoce is also crazy about hotdogs and lazars. If there's water around, that's where you can find Roscoe, he doesn't care if it's in the middle of Winter or a rainy day. Rosoce is not a fan of baths though... he's my weird bundle of joy. 💙
Spooky, magical lord salem of London loves to hang out with his mama dada and bro and cast spells in the dead of night. He also has his own portrait and is spoilt rotten. Likes to bask in the sun and destroy toy mice.
My message is @ignat Cosmina...I still vote and I don't have time to vote for you ... and if you want I'll send you pictures of the votes
Sweetcorn is a kind and clingy rescue cat who loves the finer things in life (steak, smoked salmon, roast chicken) but also loves to look after his little sister and let her finish his dinner.
He is the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen
Eevee is a miniature tabby rescued from an over crowded house. Unfortunately Eevee had suffered a number of health issues since having her hence why she’s smaller than the average tabby cat. She loves nothing more than napping and going to work with her dad, she’s the best assistant ever.
Hey I’m Jasper! I am a very smart but very cheeky boy! I love to talk A LOT to everyone and get lots of attention! I really enjoy my outdoor adventures and travelling with my meowmy! I can do some cool tricks like sit, paw, high five, sit up etc I love my zoomies and playing with my nice toys or my dog sister Xena and I absolutely ADORE cuddles and rough pets. I sing my meowmy to sleep most nights although she usually doesn’t sleep for some reason, I guess my voice isn’t soothing enough😹