Dog cat Stories - 82


Kai is my 8 month old Husky💙 Kai is a very lazy pup who LOVES food! Kai is a sweet loving dog who wants all the attention on him 24/7. His favorite thing to do besides being lazy & eating is playing with his brother (Trooper) my German Shepherd🥰
Trooper is my German Shepherd who just turned 1❤️ I got Trooper last year a little over a month after he was born. Trooper is a very active and playful pup, his favorite thing to do is play with his brother (Kai) who is my Husky! Trooper is very smart, fast, & curious! He’s also the biggest baby & cuddle bug you’ll ever meet🥰
Little Man
He's so funny, loving and so much fun. He love's to pinch my bed to sleep in or on. Alway's love's to play
Mr. Walter White
This ex street cat is now a love bug with a giant purr.
She is adorable 🐶
Alice is my mom. 🥰
Riley is a domestic Short hair who loves his food just about as much as he loves posing and terrorising his brothers.
Milkeyway, is the sweetest dog in the world kind and caring dog he loves too play with he's sister Bella and kiki and loves popcorn pizza Chinese food and of course he's treats and he loves to cuddle.
Bisse is a kitten equipped with beans and means that is ready to tackle everything and everyone! She is a brave kitty that has endured a lot and I am very proud to have her as my family!!
He loves to cuddle and when gets mad at his food bowl because its empty he will bark at it
Aber is a shy but sweet girl who loves to play.. She hates to be left at home because she enjoys the adventures.. Aber is big sister to Gucci & 5 cats.. She is a real gem 💎 to our family..
Bourbon is a super sweet, special needs kitty. He has Feline Vestibular Disease, which means he has trouble with balance, walks with a head tilt, and half of his face is mostly paralyzed. Despite this, he is the sweetest, silliest, sassiest cat ever! He is my enotional support animal, and I cannot imagine life without him!
Kelly is a Shizu/poodle mix, she is 12 years old. She's VERY spunky and so emotional. She has the best faces and personality. She loves her family and stays close always. She's very protective and a great fur baby.
Baxter is a Zuchon, he is 4 years old. He loves to be snuggled, playing with his toys and his big sister Kelly. He also has a pig sister named Priscilla who he plays with from time to time.
Roxi is the sweetest meatball you could ever find! She’s stubborn though and likes to twerk on furniture when she’s itchy. She knows basic commands, but my favorite is when I can say “Roxi where’s your toy?” and she goes straight for her bone or toys. She LOVES food lol! Who doesn’t though right? She’s really the bestest friend a girl could have!
Chance is such a good boy! He loves his blanket the most! Every night we have a routine where he can’t go to bed till I cover him up with his blanket. He knows all basic commands and will do them before you even tell him too for a treat lol! He just gets all besides himself for a treat! He loves being outside, rolling in the grass, and laying in his pool. He’s truly the bestest friend a girl could have!
Rambo is a rottie puppy who loves people. He loves to go get and give cuddles from everyone who meets him. He loves to get treats (we call them cookies) please vote for me🐶
Hi my name is Kira, I’m a very active little puppy and I love getting kisses from my mommy and daddy. ❤️
K.D. came from humble beginnings. As just a kitten, less than 5 weeks old, he was left abandoned in the walls of a building where I worked. After a struggle to pull him from a vent shaft, I brought him home, warmed him up, and he quickly became part of our family! He REALLY loves naps on furry blankets!
She loves attention, she very friendly
Gino loves cuddles and walks in the park he's got a big personality in a little fur body and lots of love to share💖
Blaze Knight
Blaze loves to play with brooms, but he loves to play with his friends much more. Blazes birthday is March 16 2021. He is just a pup. He is actually a Perro de Presa Canario and olde English Bulldog mix!
Biscuit Fezza
He love to cuddle and be all up in your business. He love to have tour full attention if not, you will here about it!
Cesar has brought joy into my life when i didn't think it was possible and has continued to do so throughout the years. He's my best guy. There's nothing i wouldn't do for my constant companion. Whether he wins or not everyday i have with him is a win for me ♡
I’m a esa and I love to play
Hotrod is about 9 in human years loving protecting dog gets along with others and most humans he is one that will lay with u and watch tv
She is a very loving protecting puppy she came from a rescue shelter
This is Baxter and he just turned 1 year old! He is a silly, sweet, crazy boy who loves to play tug of war! Baxter is one crazy boy full of energy and ready to play at any time. Although as a standard poodle he should be good at swimming he often forgets he should kick his back legs and still refuses to get out. Hope you all fall in love with Baxter as much as I have!
Mauva is one sassy fur baby… she loves doggie ice cream, belly rubs and family. Sometimes we think she forget she is 41lbs and not 14lbs. She’s the sweetest pitty ever and best buds with my 4 year old daughter.
Bella is the sweetest Shih-tzu, toy poodle mix you will ever meet! She loves cuddles, chest rubs, kisses, and meeting new people.
Negan is a rescue. He loves to give and receive love as often as possible. He loves to run fast and jump high, he loves to dance in circles on his back legs for treats, and he loves to play with his kitty brothers.
My Max Is Heroic.My Hero He literally saved My Life. He sweet loveable and very loyal
Zeus is a little guy with a big name to live up to and at 9 weeks he already is. He loves to snuggle and play with his toys.
Boomer is a very energetic dog at his age, he loves to play ball no matter the time of day. He is also a very talkative dog. As well as being a very friendly dog who would love anyone to play ball with him, greets people with his ball.
We found Ziggy when he was a few days old on the highway! I remember when it was a huge deal when he would do as much as come out from under the couch! Now, he is a happy, healthy cat, who is very hungry. He will meow for food like, 5 - 10 times a day! We don't feed him that much of course, because we can see through his phony meows. The funny thing is, he takes one bite, then says "I'm full' 😂
Dozer loves to watch birds fly in the sky so much that his head turns side to side. He absolutely loves children and gives them many (wet kisses) and he enjoys playing with his bigger siblings and loves being the baby of the family.
Sam is 16 yrs old. He has survived a fight with a raccoon, and a rattlesnake bite! He's one tough 20 lb little man!
Buddy likes to sit like a human and has a I have a finger in his mouth why you scratch his little nose. So cute
Jarvis Ellington
Currently Jarvis loves his monster and his pineapple toys,and the neighbors turtle...
Mia is the only kitten left out of her siblings. There were 5 of them and 4 sadly passed. Mia is 6 weeks old and was the runt of the litter.her mum is part calico and part maincoon. Shes turned out to be the strongest. She has just learnt to play with toys and has just realised she can see herself in the mirror. Tries to hiss but not there yet. Loves snuggles. Sits like a parrot on your shoulder. Loves her scrambled egg ( no milk or butter) and fights to try steak my mash potatoes.
Mazy is a super energetic puggle who loved cuddling and testing out food to make sure it’s not poisonous. She’s the sweetest girl I know and will never let you down.
This baker is always busy kneading and purring. He only responds to “baby” ❤️
Rudy is our newest member to our family! He likes to run off with shoes and steal his brothers’ food instead of eating his own. He likes to hop through the yard and play!
Gizzy is a Chaweenie. He loves to play and is very smart. He will observe the situation to get his toys from high places and try to get it, if he thinks he is capable. He will push my daughter to get her to her knees to jump up on her back to gets to his toys. It’s their game.when Gizzy gets left alone and we come back, he is very vocal and let’s us know about it. There has been a few times her has said “I wove you” When the momma had puppies, he took great care of them. Even got onto them when they did something wrong. He voices his opinion. Gizzy is the upmost loving little guy and loves to snuggle. When it’s time to get up, he will nose at you for your wake up call. He is very well behaved for such a young pup but he is the alpha of the group. You can always tell when he smiles. He shows great expression on his face for his different moods. You can stick your hand in his mouth and he won’t even try to bite, Gizzy has such a personality and very even tempered and his favorite toy is a glove.
Hi my name is Roscoe and I'm 3 months old! I love to follow my human parents around the house, chase lasers and play with my toys, and of course snuggle and sleep most of the day❤️😻
Rusty loves car rides going to the lake and spending time with his family.