Hey I’m Jasper! I am a very smart but very cheeky boy! I love to talk A LOT to everyone and get lots of attention! I really enjoy my outdoor adventures and travelling with my meowmy! I can do some cool tricks like sit, paw, high five, sit up etc I love my zoomies and playing with my nice toys or my dog sister Xena and I absolutely ADORE cuddles and rough pets. I sing my meowmy to sleep most nights although she usually doesn’t sleep for some reason, I guess my voice isn’t soothing enough😹
Miss Scarlett loves to hike and play all day and assist me on my day to day activities she is also trained to help me Cope with my seizures she is so kind and love able with a big heart
Prince is a fluffy Persian cat with a name to fit his personality. He loves to lounge in the sun, nap all day and cuddle at night! He’s a little bit of a food snob when it comes to food brands but will never say no to Chicken!
Titty loves food cuddles and to sleep on my back
MY PITTYFUL PUPPY Jazzy was saved by daddy jumping in front of a 18 wheeler. We have trained her to be my service dog. She thinks she is a lil lap pup.
Chloe is the sweetest big girl you’ll ever meet. She’s vocal when she wants pets and loves food so much she just has to drool 🤤 if she could say one thing it would be “hold me!”
Rocky is a spunky 3 month old pure bred German Shepherd. He loves his tug a war toys the best....he likes belly rubs...playing in the grass...chewing on crunchy sounding things....chicken/rice/pumpkin combos....he already knows how to play Fetch....he loves his Mama and Daddy and he loves people who want to scratch his belly.
Jade is a sweet baby, she loves to play and cuddle. She’s a very kind and gentle dog and strongly apart of our family💯🥰
Nugget loves the spotlight, which makes him automatically charming to those he meets for the first time because he wants all eyes on him. He loves to sleep and eat. He’s super loving & caring, adopting him was the best choice we’ve ever made ❤️
Ziggy stardust and Ozzy both love boxes!
I’m Snori! I’m a certified “snausage dog”! I’ll always help with the left overs and make sure there is nothing on your face.
Rorschach loves olives and hummus, but hates seafood and meat. He loves little tinsel pompoms and will fetch them and play with them. He is my Emotional Support Pet, I have a chronic disease and he's amazing.
Hey! I’m Freya and I love to hunt bugs with my cat sister Daisy! My other hobbies include going to work with mom, protecting the house, and cuddles.
My name is Daisy! I love to hunt bugs around the house as well as watch the birds out the window. I try to help mom garden and help dad work, but I end up playing with my siblings.
It’s me, Charlie. When I’m not asleep in some hidden area I’ll be in the window sun bathing or waiting for food.
Kasper likes to jump and hop around, much like a bunny would. Perhaps in his past life he was in fact a white bunny. I will forever be grateful for his antics.
Hey there! I’m BaLoo and I love to show off my bone and taking naps! You can always find me in a pile of pillows!
Simba is the most lovable cat. Loves kisses and likes to be near by our side always.
Meow! Im Anakin! I LOVE cold icy water from a glass cup, bird watching and cuddling in my human sister’s crib.
6 month old ball of energy. We never have a dull moment. He is truly GODsent coming to a 5 year old who has allergies to everything else. Now if I can get him to stop jumping us and unsuspecting
I’m Bowser! I love food, cuddling with my brother, and taking long naps on my owners bed❤️ I am a tuxedo kitty ready to steal the hearts of many and those that meet me say I’m quite handsome😉 My hobbies include napping, eating, playing in my tunnel, cardboard house , and showing my owner a lot of love!! Now time to go nap!😝
She loves to go outside with my dogs. She’s a cat dog.
Catty Ulsh
She loves to play fetch, with her cat toys. She is very very affectionate when she wants to be.. she acts just like a dog, she begs for food when I'm cooking and has to know what your doing and be involved in it.
Meow, hello, hi my name is Wednesday. I am black cat but i am very lucky to have my human :) As you can see I love to eat. It's one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy playing with my string! My human is always losing her hair ties when i come around, because they become MINE!! At night I get the zoomies, but when I'm ready to lay down I climb up on my human and fall fast asleep. Vote for meow.
Meow, my name is KitKat. I am a calico. My most favorite things to do are playing fetch ( yes I know I'm a cat and plays fetch) with my little ball my human got me and play with the laser light that I just cant seem to catch! That light keeps me in shape and ONE DAY I will get it for good!! I also love to sit in the window and play with all the bugs on the otherside of it. If only i could learn how to open that window, hmmmm. Karen is my sister and she's also on her to vote for. Vote for us , meow 🐱
Hi everyone, meow, my name is Karen. I am a long haired black and white cat with fur as soft as cotton. I enjoy just laying around and looking beautiful. When my human isn't looking I like to get in her sock drawer and get me a pair out to play with. Please vote for me , meow!!
Hello, I’m, Gunther! I have constant zoomies and I’m super fast. I love to play. I rarely sleep because I’m scared I will miss out on something super cool. I give lots of cuddles as long as you’re not scared of my love growls. Please vote for me so mom and dad can get me some more toys that I can destroy.🐾
Burrito is one of our elder dogs but she's one of the sweetest dogs, she loves to bark until you pet her or show her attention she definitely gets her point across, loves her white Sox blanket or her royal canine blanket to sleep on every night, she also likes scrambled eggs, chicken, and white rice 🙂
My name is, Moose (A 100 lb lap dog). I love to lay on top of mom and dad and chew on my toys. 🦴 I hate walks, but love being outside for a short time if I have a big bowl of water. Please vote for me! 🐾
Gizmo loves to play with her toys, she loves her belly rubs, along with her chicken treats, she loves to cuddle up right next to you when u sleep thats the only way she will sleep by the way ☺️
Ellie is a very hyper puppy. She loves to play fetch. She loves to cuddle with mom and dad. Ellie is a mixed breed of a pit and a pompsky she is just the funniest puppy ever.
Loki meaning God of Mischief, well he's definitely that, loves to bat things around and chase after them, climb on any and everything he can if the opportunity rises, also loves belly rubs and loves giving lots of kisses. Oh let's not forget he loveeeessss chicken ☺️
Lady Sara
Lady Sara owns up to her name, she's definitely quite the lady, she's very independent but loves to be pet and cuddle with you, she's a one on one type of gal.
Batman is a very mild, relaxed Maine coon mix that absolutely loves looking out the window and watching trucks drive by, he loves to sit in bed with my husband all day if he could, and enjoys sitting in the bathtub (without any water)
Serenity loves to play fetch, sleep in her kitty condo, bathe in the bathroom sink and cuddle at night time with my son
Polo is the sweetest boy, he loves to run and do front flips on your head. He loves swimming and chasing squirrels. He loves his two older siblings and he enjoys chasing them around the house. His tail wags are deadly and his toxic trait is trying to lick your face after licking his butt.
She is almost a year old and is just a spitfire. She is off the wall CRAZY but then the most loveable and needs to be with you at ALL times lol
Hello. Juicyboosey is a Chihuahua/Shitzu mix. She was born January 11, 2022. I picked her out of a liter of 4 girls, 3 black and white and then there was her. She has a black line on he back, from her neck to the tip of her tail. She is really in a class of her own. She is spunky, talks back, likes to have the last word and ni bles on my ear when shes excited. She is a bundle of joy and i believe the demon spawn all in one. LOL. She is a blessing to have her in my life.
Gunner loves anything to do with water, treats, and being outside! He is just shy of 1 year. I would definitely say he is a “soul dog”. He loves his blankey, and getting ear scratches the most!
MinnieMoo loves all people and animals. She enjoys nature shows and doing tricks. She knows 20 commands and will even balance a treat on her head until told she can have it. She not only gives kisses but also loves giving hugs. She is a rescue from Arkansas and lives in a Michigan. Our goal for her is for her to become a service dog for children and the elderly once she has matured beyond the hyper puppy stage.
He is a very sweet lovable cat and loves to cuddle 🥰
My family and I adopted miss lucy December 2020. Our sassy girl went through alot from heartworm and stomach worms to having to get fixed in the first couple months we had her🥺. She is now healthy and living her bestest life in her forever home!
Bear is a beautiful male cat who loves to sleep by feet