Dog cat Stories - 83


Duke was found by my boyfriend's father in a 20 feet drainage ditch taped up. He is now a very happy dog living the rest of life of no pain and suffering by a mean human.
Roscoe and his brother was thrown out of a moving vehicle when he was 5 months old. My friend saved them both. I took Roscoe and my daughter's sister took his brother. He plays happily with the horses.
She was abandoned when a pup with her sibblings. They all now have great homes. Including Tigger
During the Pandemic, Givenchy made us laugh, made us come together when not speaking to each other, very energetic, loves people. He knows how to cuddle, sit, shake, high-five, lay, imitate speaking, play fetch, jump high to take object from hand and loves to get his butt rub! Lol
Hi! I’m Harper, things I love….. anything food related (especially my ice cream that my mom buys for me), I love to take walks and play with my toys…and I always enjoy a good chew bone! I love to hang out in the kitchen while mom cooks… and enjoy listening to thunderstorms while I sleep 😴
Genesis Zya Marie Stirling
Genesis loves cry and is very loud waking up the whole house in the morning. He is so beautiful and so happy.
She likes to chase tennis balls
He's a sweet lovey big boy.
This is Diesel, he is a big lap dog. We rescued him from someone who was not taking care of him. The poor baby was in a crate most of the time before we got him. Once he came into our home he was able to be the lazy boy he is. We love him and he is so sweet, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.
This is Daisy, she is a very needy baby. She wants you to hold her 24-7 and she loves to eat.
This is my Dixie, she is my baby. I have her paw tattooed on my wrist in the picture above. She is very sweet and doesn’t like me to leave her side. I adopted her from the humane society back in 2015. She has been my baby since day one.
Beau Beau
Beau beau is a very talented dog with all the tricks he can do hes sure to make you smile. he loves ro please people and is a social butterfly wanted to say hi to every single person he passes by. Hes a lover and his best friend is his sister bitty aka bit bit
Buster always loves to cuddle
Cheeto was a feral cat, that had limited interactions with humans. My son's cat, Molly, had passed away and Cheeto came out of the woods to my son. He asked the neighbors around and everyone said Cheeto lived in the woods there. We took him to the vet to have him checked out, there was no chip, so we adopted him. He is now our taco cat and has his own taco truck. He is a very loving cat, and will sit in your lap. He loves people. Look at that face!
Rumi is the sweetest kitty who loves playing with her butterfly toy for hours on end. She’s the most gentle soul and I’m so grateful she chose me as a parent!
The feral warrior princess who is a daddys girl at heart and loves to play.
Oden AKA Mr Meow loves to sleep. He also loves sneak attacks. Always meowing for attention. Vote for him and I’ll be sure to return the favor! 🥰
I love my big sister (Zoey). I love wrestling with her. She loves car rides, I’ll go to keep her happy but it’s not my favorite. Oh yeah, mom put zoey on duty when our human siblings comes home from school. I’m always hungry lol
I love my little brother (Huncho). I love love car rides but he doesn’t. We play all day until our human siblings comes home from school then mom put us on homework duty.
Theodore was a kitty from the shelter. He came to them with an injured eye, so now he can only see out with his left eye. It does not slow him down however he is a very lively cat with tons of personality. He is always most excited for dinner time, it's his favorite because it's wet food. He also loves it tuna flavored meat sticks, he will do anything for one. He also loves to follow you around while you are doing things and wants to be included, especially if you're cooking because he is hoping for some scraps. Yum.
Violet Rose
Swwet, sweet Violet Rose. Our anxiety baby...has to attach to mom or dads arm for comfort!
Vega Pig! Our sweet, snorting, snoring Mama piggy. Always ready to give unwanted mouth kisses, haha.
I am Bug i was rescued …I’m 1 years old. I love finding bugs and bringing them to you as a gift… my hobbies are sleeping, running, hunting, playing with Bella ,and watching tv.
I’m Bella, I was rescued… I’m 1 yrs old …I love sleeping, carrying my scarf around, watching tv, and Eating. I love playing with Bug my bestfriend… I can’t live without him!
Torretto is just a loving house cat who’s was abandoned on a farm in 2020, when we found him he had got into a fight with another cat and he had no home. We took him in and cleaned him up, when he finally warmed up to us, he knew he was forever loved, and here he is today happy as can be! Please vote for Torretto because we are all so proud of him for being with us today and surviving 🙏
Loki is our 150+lb St. Berdoodle gentle giant. He’s kind, silly and super loveable. He also rocks at assisting in his service dog capacity.
Kaylee is a 4th generation service animal. She also helps train other dogs to be service animals. She enjoys ski diving, scuba diving, dog sledding and long hikes. She is an all around extreme sports girl. She always likes to make new friends please vote for her.
I’m fat, plump and need a new kings chair provided to me from my maids. Follow me at @cobbthebasset to watch me torture them.
Lucy Bustamante
Lucy is fiesty Diva that stole our hearts. Shes hilarious and will take down a Bear lol she is a Nasty to Nice guurlll....super sweet and will kill something at the same time lol
Oso Bustamante
So smart and funny this lil guy LOVES his mamma!!
She is amazing sweet cute and loves to cuddle. Says hi to me when i get home and sleeps on my chest.
Stella Rose
Stella Rose is a name to remember, she is going to be a star. She is 6 months old today and she is funny sweet lovable and learning fast.
Poe is the bigest cat i have ever had and there have been many over the years. He is lazy and loves to be with his human. A real lover.
Sofia is a little girl that has a standard poodle for a best friend. She can play with the best of them. But she also knows all about big big lovies with mom.
Storm is an 8 month kitten. We just contacted one of my friends and picked her up, this picture was taken the morning after we brought her! As you can see she looks very comfy and happy that she’s in our home! She is every active, quite funny, and she loves to play with everyone! She follows me everywhere and meows at the bathroom when I close the door and she is very small but long! She is very smart and she loves Turkey wings!
Luna is a very tiny 2 pound toy poodle puppy! She’s very sweet and absolutely loves it when a person picks her up. She likes walking by the lake, playing with her toys, and bumping into your feet :)
She was born to model
Coco love play hid and play with her ball
Rio Avocado is a 7 month old brown Bengal Cat. He carries the glitter gene so when exposed to the sun, his fur has this shimmer that gives him a huge confidence boost. He enjoys sitting in the screened in patio, helping mum with the dishes, posing for photos, performing tricks and obedience commands to chicken thigh pieces, going on adventures with his hoomans to the river and the park, walking on a leash, sunbathing, jumping as high as he possibly can while playing with toys, catnip, and sitting on his mum’s keyboard while she is on conference calls working from home. Rio is very charismatic, sociable and talkative. He lives in the city with two black lab sisters, Coco and Luna.