Martha will be a year old in August, we hand reared him from birth, but getting up every 2 hours to feed him milk was definitely worth it! He’s the sweetest most playful boy. We did think he was a girl at first hence the name Martha but when we found out he was a boy he had already learnt his name!
She's a beautiful girl with gorgeous blue eyes she loves to play all night with her friend Batman. Then she wakes me up about 3:00 in the morning knocking on my bedroom door wanting her homemade cat food. She's got many extra toes. I tell people it's more for loving. I love her so much and if you look into her beautiful blue eyes you will see she loves You. ❤️ Please give her your loving vote she needs money to go to college😁🤪 love you all.❤️👍 I'm only asking one thing from everybody who reads this please help me out with votes. The reason is the honest truth is I was living out in parking lots last year Xena and I were living in a 20-foot camper trailer. We are in debt now because we couldn't afford rent and had to get a personal loan. We're still in debt and living on a piece of property not knowing when we'll have to move on so please feel kind and vote 4 Xena. 🙏 I am still thanking God for what I have in life. Thank you 🥰
Mango loves springs (as can be seen in photo) she enjoys chasing them around the house and throwing them down the stairs.. she loves being on her lead and running around the garden chasing the flies! 🤣 She also likes to sit in the window in a morning having her daily chat with the birds!
Selena loves the outdoors! She loving new adventures and taking pictures.
Meeko is full of beans! She never stops, ive nicknamed her demon because she is so mischievous! Completely the opposite to my other cat Tink.
Tinker by name and Tinker by nature. Most loving and adorable cat! My little 4 year old tortie is simply my best friend! She helped me through the death of my dad and hasn't left my side since!
She is half blind, she was adopted like this She loves eating treats and pets under her chin and any thing thing that resembles a string
Buddy is a cute little doggy.He loves playing with his little sister Sandy and loves a cuddle and a stroke!!!!!
Tommy like forhead bump.
Merle American Xl bully
Lilo. 18 months old and currently recovering from an amputation
Rengar is 9 months old and her favorite food is packing tape because she’s really weird. She has the softest fur in the world and enjoys lounging around with her sister Yuumi!
Cezar likes play with ball
I know everyone says their kitty is one of a kind, but this sweet boy is one definitely for me. I got him when he was so little. A lot younger than he should have been, unfortunately. But he is my greatest friend. He loves to lay underneath the blankets to snuggle. He loves playing in his boxes. Moe boe loves his little brother too. He takes such good care of his brother. He has to sleep next to Tig. He loves his laser. He goes insane. He loves to play with straws. He likes to carry them around. He loves going on walks to see his little birdies. But he is a great friend. He likes to listen to people to talk. He loves when he goes to see my niece and nephew. He loves to see how excited they are to see him. He likes to roll around for them and reach out and touch them. He also loves to pet people. He likes to look at you and reach his paw out and pet your face. He is the sweetest boy. ❤️ but he does a sassy side. His vet even has a nickname for him, it’s Spicy.
Nova is a one year shit zhu very playful very loving little girl she loves to be pampered and loves everyone.
Twitty is a 4month old male kitten he’s very loving and loves to snuggle and play with his brother Conway and his siblings. He’s very sweet 💙
Conway is a 4 month old boy he loves playing with his brothers and sisters he’s very playful and very loving and likes to cuddle with his sister Nova and brother Twitty. His favorite sibling to play with is his sister Nova my 1 year old dog.
My name is Embers! I love playing with my brothers and sisters (cats, dog, and a pig), I absolutely love kids, I love the water hose, and I absolutely love my clothes! When my mom goes away for a little bit I get very sad I cry and I Cry. I know simple commands. Such as Sit, Paw, and Stand. OH and I LOVE giving kisses!
Kona is a protective, yet lovable dog!
Hi my name is Carl’s Jr (yes, like the food chain) but my hoomans call me Carl for short. My hoomans like to think I’m sassy but I like my boundaries. I like to be held like a baby and enjoy chin scritches. I have also trained my mama to give me massages by making little chitters when she rubs my sweet spot (belly, thighs and armpits).
This is Luna‘s first litter of puppies. She just had them April 4, 2023. She’s a good mom playful and as you can tell by her look, she’s very humorous.
MIDNITE IS PURE LOVE ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 ❤️
Maggie Mae
Maggie is the sweetest most friendliest dog you will ever meet she loves people especially new people shes not a yiper she is a pretty quiet dog unless u knock on the door but once u pet her shes quiet again n just wants pets n to be loved on n talked to all the time shes got great energy too.Maggie is 5 yrs.old she loves to snuggle under the blankets with mama, and loves to do her tricks for treats oh i have to mention she has a sweet tooth she loves candy n honey buns shes my junkfood puppy Lol....
Chloe is one of those super chill dogs. She loves playing outside and lounging around in her favorite recliner. Her favorite food is chicken.
She is siamese/calico. She is a rescue that i got after my 4 year old kitty passed away. She definitely has her 3 favorite people but she is spicy, sassy and sweet!
She has to sleep in the bed with her head on a pillow and the blanket over her. She loves to chase and catch her ball. Her favorite treat is Pup-Peroni
Hi! Im spooky! I love cuddling with my human. Specially sleeping ontop of my dad! I also love to watch him cook all the yummy human foods in hopes of yummy treats. At night, im an amature singer, i have a bunch of hit tracks. My platinum, is "Heyllo,ullo!" Its a 3 hr master peice.
Chicko is a 1 year old puppy. He is an emotional support animal to his mom. He is well behaved sometimes. You should vote for him because he would love you for life.
Hi my name is Jerry, I love the outdoors, i love belly rubs plus chin rubs. I like to bring my hooman presents. I will lay with my grandmas dog Tiny to protect her from all evil. I will snuggle with you if i feel like it
He’s a huge dad cat- yes he does have a cyst on his foot it’s harmless we can’t afford to get it removed rn :( he’s a huge love bug and he’s so photogenic!
My name is Stella! I am a year old and love to play. My favorite thing is for my mom to rub my stomach. I am very vocal and shy when it comes to meeting others. I am very goofy and love car rides 🐈‍⬛
Several disabilities diagnosed in the early 80's been downhill since. After trying several chemos to throw me in remission nothing was working. 1st week of January 2023 labwork was out the roof then got Peanut 3rd week of January and went to Dr April 2023 and I am in remission. She did the paperwork for him to be my emotional support animal. I have had both elbows and shoulders replaced and repairs on the right elbow and shoulder and was fixing to have again. But since getting Peanut (a rescue puppy) I'm out of the hospital bed and walking around the trailer park something I haven't been able to do since 2020. He has literally saved my life
Ash will be turning one on Memorial Day! He loves to play and carry his ball around in his mouth :) Ash is very outgoing. He loves his chicken 🐔 and watching birds🐦 In his free time, he loves playing with water ❤️
Cosmo Booboo James
Cosmo is a fun loving dog he loves to play frisbee and go after squirrels
This cat came around right after my mom died i don't know where he came from but I decided to take him in and ever since he has been a fantastic cat with a wonderful personality nothing like i had before
I'm a almost 10 month old puppy who has a gentle soul but will run off with whatever you leave on your plate :)
Leo loves all..he's a BIG cuddle buddy..thinks EVERYONE is his friend..
Lola is my 10 year old lhasa apso who loves to zoom around the house still and sleep in my bed so I can't get in it :)
I like playing with my toy bee, giving loads of kisses, sunbathing in the warm sun in the summer and snuggling under my sisters warm blanket in the winter.
She gets jealous when I play with her teddy Shnuggs
We got her from a shelter at 10 weeks old and she's 8 now, she's fighting bone cancer and beating the odds a the vet says 2 months and that was 2 months ago. She's a fighter and loves people, water, Ball and treats!
Nala is 2 years old. She's a Bengal x She's quite a active naughty cat without attitude. Very playful with the puppy
Oreo is the baby of a stray cat named mamas and she decided to let us take care of the baby’s. We are very glad she did because we all love Oreo so much. You should vote for him just because he is very cute.
This is Tiger he is 1 yr 5mo old. He the best most interesting cat, he loves to cuddle, play and get attention.
Lucille is 10 weeks old she a Frenchie x she a very loving puppy and love's to play with the cat she love have play dates once a week with her brother Negan
Miss Frosty Butt
Miss Frosty was found outside in freezing cold temps. at approximately 4 weeks old with frost bite on her ears, nose n chin n malnourished.. We didn't think she would make it BUT she's a fighter n is the sweetest little kitty! Loves to receive n give affection! N did I mention, She plays cat games on YouTube n loves water! 🥰
My names Is Ba'Lou. My mom and dad rescued/adopted me 3 years ago. I love to cuddle and belly rubs. My most favorite things to do are going on walks with my dad and playing ball. I sing with mom when we hear fire trucks going by. Mom says im a good boy because i have lots of manners. When my little human comes over he takes me on walks too, i walk right next to him to keep him safe. We get powder doughnuts if we both listen to mom. My mom and dad gave me the best life when they came for me and now were all a happy family. But i just love, love to play ball!! PLAYING BALL IS LIFE AND SO IS MY HUMAN (MY DAD)!!😁
Meela Girl
Meela Girl came to me from hurricane Ida 🥺 She had a "rough" start in life, but has adjusted nicely n is so sweet n loving and comical 🥰