Dog cat Stories - 83


Crystal is a 14 year old Black Lab all the way from Japan and she might be old but she still has a puppy side of her. We loves her food and very much loves to go on walks with her favorite person. As of now Crystal has been with us from 8 weeks and is struggling with Diabetes and just beat cancer! If Crystal wins we will be able to support her until her days comes to a end with her diabetic food and her insulin. Vote Crystal!
Willie is a tiny Lil guy with a big personality... he loves to play and cuddle and is that little shadow that follows you everywhere.. he is just so lovable
Alejandro is a funny puppy with a great personality. He is a joy to me and everyone who knows him. He loves watching cartoons and eating peanut butter balls.
I’m pumba and I love food, any kind really I’m not picky, I also love being scratched and chasing the ducks in my neighborhood :)
I first got Izzy when she was 6 weeks old she was with me thru my whole pregnancy she is such a big baby she loves to play out side and to play with her baby brother she is always following me every where I go she knows some tricks and she is a good dog . She loves to dress up and wear dresses as well and most importantly she is lovable
Louie G.
Louie G. is a French Bulldog with a big personality! He loves doing somersaults in the grass, eating peanut butter, and giving kisses to everyone he meets. He thinks he’s a big dog because he loves playing with his Great Dane neighbor. His favorite game is being chased by mom and dad or being pulled along by his rope toy.
Leafpool is a majestic and beautiful member of the family. She enjoys relaxing and receiving attention. She considers herself highclass knowing she's beautiful, fluffy and soft. She is occasionally bossy she will demand love when she wants it. She's very sassy and adventurous as well as talkative loves to give you a piece of her mind. She also enjoys playing and is a big fan of catnip.
I am a good boy and like to go outside to sunbathe, and roll in the grass but my favorite thing is peanut butter
Neoptolemus AKA Neo is a 7 year old Maine coon mix with 3 LEGS! When he was about 8 months old he got out and took shelter from the cold and rain in my neighbors jeep engine... The neighbor started his vehicle and Neo got stuck in the belt when the engine started and was very lucky to have it only slice his Achilles tendon! Which is a comical play on words since in greek mythology Neoptolemus is Achilles' son! Having 3 legs has never slowed him down!
Crowfeather is an energetic and very curious member of the family. He enjoys playing as well as cuddling and watching movies. He's a big lover of mischief and walking between your legs when yourtrying to do something and he loves to play with his older brother and occasionally his older sister to. He's protective when he needs to be but mosly he's my sweet, loving, energetic little weirdo that is loved and very spoiled.
Tigerclaw is a protect and adventurous member of the family. He also loves to cuddle and enjoys playing. He loves playing with toys and his 2 younger siblings. He is the first one to greet me when i come home and he's a very good role model to his 2 younger siblings. They may not be siblings by blood but they are siblings through love, though his siblings are growing he still likes to cuddle them when he can.
Bowser is an 8 months old pure bred Doberman Pinscher with natural ears and a classic docked tail. He absolutely loves the outdoors and going to work with daddy, to doggy daycare, where he makes lots of friends! When he is not being goofy and playing he is being sweet and cuddly🥰 His best friend is an orange kitten Pyro
King aka Mr. Grumpy Pants, is full of life and mischievous! He loves to play with his brother and sister but loves a good cuddle. He brings life to our home and keeps all of us on our toes. We are very grateful to have him as parting our family!
Hi everyone! This is my baby tigger ! I chose this picture cause it shows one of his many personalities. He so playful and loving!. One of his best friends is his stuffed stingray that he’s had since he was a baby ! Oh and a rock ! He loves his rock ! Haha tigger would love if you’d vote for him, he sure loves the attention!!
Rex is such a warm soul and sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and walks are his favorite! Rex absolutely loves his treats! He is a mama’s boy and goes almost everywhere with his mom! He knows the difference between yes and no, and can do many tricks. We love him & we hope you do too! 🥰❤️
Hi I’m Lenny I am a puppy and I love to cuddle and cause mischief, woof!
This is my sweet baby Ash. He is the cuddliest kitty around and loves so, so hard. He can also be very naughty, but his cuteness makes up for that. ❤️
Fun! She loves playing ball, running around the park chasin birds, long walks in the summer...meeting new dogs along the way. Pepper loves to swim most of all!
My Franky is my cute small Shipoo! His big three is this year, and I wish he stayed as a pup. He hops a lot when he runs, and loves to go for walks. At nights he loves to snuggle right next to me. He is my friend for life.
Zeus has been a Blessing to my family. He brings us so much joy and his personality is contagious! He was a gift and has brightened up our lives, especially because we needed it the most. His looks can be deceiving but he is full of love and charm. His playful attitude and rambunctious spirit make him the best dog to be around!
Ceasar is such a loving and handsome cat! I found him and 8 other kittens abandoned in an apartment complex about 2 years ago. Their previous owner didn’t want them. 😥 I took them in and found homes for them, made sure they were well taken care of. And then all of a sudden this handsome kitty is clenched to my side, it’s safe to say we are now a team! 🤩 He loves to give you kisses on your hand and face!! Ceaser is almost 2 years old! His birthday is February 27th 🥳 He loves to play with his toys and sleeping is his favorite hobby! He has such a unique personality, he will follow you with his toy and drop it in front of you to let you know he is trying to play! He’s such a mama’s boy because he follow’s mom around everywhere she goes. Ceaser is such a one of a kind cat! Cc loves his wet food, his favorite flavor is turkey! He definitely deserves to be shown off to the world for such a unique personality and let’s not forget that adorrrrable face 🤩🤩
Golden boy, worlds sweetest pup...
Amalfi is one tough lil pup... shes a true athlete,and she walks n dances on her hind legs, very agile for a 5 pound chihuahua, loves to snuggle
My first ever chihuahu... shes do sweet and alert, the best lil watch dog ever, a heart of gold...she loves stuffed animals
Bandit L0VES kids & he L0VES all other dogs. I work at a doggie daycare facility and Bandit goes everywhere with me, including to work and to keep his watchful eye on my son as he walks up to the school doors.. he is our family's very own epitomy of "a wo/mans best friend." 💖
A sweet and beautiful little girl who loves dress up and being in front of the camera. (2 years old parti yorkie)
Oakley is a ball of energy, loves treats and always down for some cuddles. He’s best friends with anyone that he meets. Oakley gives great kisses too!
Mama is a mommys girl loves cuddles and eating chicken like a human . And loves kisses
Seb is so quiet not a bit of bother He’s he is gentle , and chilled although he snores like 10 pigs 🤣
Princess Charlotte Rosemary
Princess Charlotte loves to snuggle, chase her toys, and get belly rubs. She is just a gem and we love her to bits.
Fenway is The biggest snuggle bug, He’ll be 2 in March. He is definitely my support animal , he knows what to do when sad ,mad , anything. i don’t know what i’d do without him
This is Punkin on a pumpkin. She is a service dog who alerts me when my continuous glucose monitor beeps.
Parker likes to play tug of war with his toys with our big dog and he also likes to eat treats and he likes to go for rides and he likes to go for walks and he likes to sleep with me and my husband at night he is a very good dog he is a cutie pie and I think he should be voted number one because he is a good looking dog he's a chiweenie but he's more dash hound
Bella Zanz
A beautiful kind hearted nice natured cockerpoo- lost her beautiful catto uncle this last year so feeling a bit lost -but just so loving and so cute - would do anything for any hooman or any 4 legger for that matter. Wears her heart on her paws 🐾 please vote for her!!! It would cheer her up no end to win after the loss of uncle woody (RIP best catto!)
Foxy is very playful and loving. She is full size already and will stay small🥰 we rescued her from the street she was malnourished and had an infected cut on her eye and now 5 months later she’s a beautiful, sassy and confident little kitty
Such an energetic, loving, protecting Pitbull... 5 years old and loves attention. Also loves to protect his family. Has 3 human siblings. 2 boys 1 girl who he adores, 1 other pit who we lost last year because of health, Dixie and she lived to be 21 years old in human years 💕 If you want to message me privately I’m on Facebook as Ashley Buchanan ❤️ If you are advanced voting! Please remind me when ur contest nears
the dog he's sleeping near is his best friend
Hanky is a Pitt Rotti Australian Shepard mix! He is 1 years old! He loves play dates with his bestfriends! & hiking with mom & dad! He’s a happy healthy boy & his mamas whole world💞More pictures below!
Poppy is no longer with us as she lost her battle with Renal Lymphoma about 6 months ago. She was such a kind little soul who was obsessed with freshly washed hair. I wanted to make this so people can see how stunning she was!
She is a very indoor cat and when she goes outside it is for a maximum of about 10 minutes!
He is a very outdoorsy cat and he loves to get fusses from the neighbours but not from his actual owners!
Kiesha is the last piece of our family. She has made us complete and she is so intelligent for a puppy. Very independent clean and so loving. We can't wait to watch her grow and develop. Such a character already.