Ozzie loves to stroll around the garden especially when it’s sunny. Ozzie is a British short hair as you can tell by the teddy bear face and bright big eyes.
Millie is just a typical springer as you can tell from her photo. She’s loves to be outside enjoying the countryside and fresh air. Enjoys playing in the garden with her favourite ball.
Joey is the sweetest and most loving cat I know. He loves to cuddle and was quick to adopt his brother Beijing into our home.
Miss Wulie
Miss Wulie loves chin scratches and head strokes. She LOVES to sleep on her favourite gnome blanket. Her favourite place to sleep is curled up behind your knees. Most of all she loves following her humans around.
Storm is a very happy puppy and he loves his walks especially when hes got his favorite ball and the chance to run throught muddly puddles then hes in his favourite zone.
Tulip loves her brother and sister cats. She loves to wrestle with everyone. She is the nicest dog in the world...
Extremely cheeky, mischievous and cute! We adore our baby cat 😺🥰❤️
Hi, my names Athena. I’m 2 years old. Shortly after my mom got me she was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer and I have never left her side! My favorite thing to do is play with my brother Hercules. When my dad danny comes home it makes me really excited and I just won’t settle down until he gives me a legitimate hug. I love to cuddle and play with my toys very much.
Rocko loves kids and out door very polite and playfull
Leo loves walks. He loves cow ears
Princess is a 3 month old kitten and she loves cuddles she was born into the family through my two cats nala and simba she’s very playful and belongs to my 5 month old daughter Noveah
Willow is one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs! She loves to cuddle all the time. She loves to be the center of attention!
Smokey And Her Babies
Mum amd babies. That proud smile makes my heart melt
Kobe loves to play ball!
When we got lucky my mom was so we got lucky its because of my aunt my mom really was attached to her it was a blessing to get lucky now shes comfortable with us. Draxel is her best pal now its just like home.
My Luna is an 18 month old Shihpoo. She is a gorgeous family dog of the kindest nature. She loves everybody and every animal. She is a superstar 🥰
Snowball my beautiful boy that I like to talk to in a French accent becuase of his oh la la moustache! Loves sneeking cuddles through the night, love laser play and can’t get enough of feathers! A home cat likes watching the birds and messing around with his brother Mistletoe. AKA snuggleball, snowsals and snowbs
Gizmo is a brave wee man who has help me and my partner though so much he is a wee angel
Joker is my best friend! I’ve had him since he was 4 months old and he is full of spunk!
We saved her...all she knew was how to have puppies..she didn't know love or what being a dog was about now she does we lover her
Summer The Wolf
Summer is a sweetheart with a big personality! Her ice blue eyes demand attention from everyone who walks by. She loves to talk, eat ice cream, and act like a prissy princess 👑🐺
Maisie is 9 weeks old & loves trying to jump in the dishwasher when it’s open.She loves cuddles & anything we’re eating!!
Clyde's my baby he saved me.i went 1892 miles to get him he servived parvo he's my baby boy
Elegantly blind, loves nothing more then a good cuddle
Taco is a rescue he's momma's baby boy loves to play in his little close basket
Dodger is a little hooman
Mr B
Mr B is a very laid back gentleman, he loves his hoomans and his best friend is one of our cats Elijah 🐾
Baby Roo
Baby Roo loves a photoshoot ♡ He loves cuddles and treats 😍
She liked to play and ate almost anything.Sadly she died on the 14th of June 2022.Rest in Peace Coco
Levi is very bubbly full of character kitten , soon to be 1 years old next month .
Smokey and her daughter floof
Floor is 1yr old. If she wins ill let you all hear her meow. Trust me you wont have heard anything like this coming out of a cat. Sometimes think she may be possesed by the devil himself when she starts meowing
Cocoa Bear Lewis
He loves to play he loves getting all the attention every where we go he loves all the treats stores and restaurants give him besides his food he loves toys and kids other animals he loves to take baths he loves to make a mess every once in a while he is very smart bright and intelligent he's up to date on all his shots he loves to ride and take walks he is my son most of all and he loves his sisters
Martha is a 7 year old blue Staffordshire bull terrier, she loves any food she can get a hold of, but her favorite are prawn crackers.
Coal is an exceptionally bright dog and loves being with me..He loves to play with other small dogs his size and he loves playing with his girl friend..He loves going to the park and going for walks..
Nala is an XL Bully who her mummy had imported from Romania as a puppy. Nala is an extremely loving and affectionate dog, sometimes overwhelmingly so who is sure to lift the mood and heighten the spirits of anyone who meets her. She is particularly playful with children and other dogs and puppies. Also very protective to those who she considers a friend or family, especially her mum. Nala’s pastimes include walks in her favourite place, the woods, chasing sticks and footballs and of course playing tug of war with primark slippers. Nala commands a very much love at first sight aura about her and her child like mannerisms and gentle nature makes a her a family member you wondered how you ever get through life before her.
I am a RSPCA rescue. I love cuddles and cat milk.
Rue loves food and will eat anything, but her fave is pizza, tacos and tuna!
This little kitten can eat. Not just kitten food, but he also loves his vegetables.
I am a shy rescue boy but I go crazy at night. My true identity is The Dark Destroyer.
I am a sassy little lady rescued from the streets of Oman. I am now very much a seasoned Geordie.
He loves to play around in the garden and loves long walks and he is a really goofy dog and so caring
Kylo Ren
Kylo has a fang missing and her lip gets stuck to her gum.. she reminds me of Elvis when he curls his lip LOL!
Blue is 1 years old he is the most lovable dog ever he loves to play and he loves walkies but what he loves the most is his treats
Squirrel has used 10 of his 9 lives, he is a battle scarred veteran Tom Cat, he is intact and has never had a single jab. He is now quite old and very deaf, much loved, he flatly refuses to die. Vote for squirrel a legend amongst cats
Luna is 2 years old she’s a loving and caring dog she loves to go on long walks and loves to run on big fields she loves cuddles and kisses but most of all she loves to sleep
This is the handsome little fella TaylorsRags Terrance, he’s a bundle of joy with supersonic energy. He’s also Neetas sons and Gliss’s brother.