Wee charli boy is a funny wee boy, lived all his life with a heart murmur, but nothing stops this funny wee man. Ps humans are not his favorite, he MIGHT let you pet him, there again good chance he will not but boy he makes us laugh 🤪🤗🤗
Miss Molly will sleep with whatever facial expressions required to keep her baby sister Dolly away even if its a rude one by poking her tongue out at her 🤣
Dolly is the baby sister of Miss Molly also featured in the competition. Dlly loves the garden chasing the butterflies 🦋 and bees but never catches any. Dolly loves her cuddles and will cry for one. Shevis my baby 💕🩷
I'm Rhea the Destroyer. My mom adopted me from a really neglected home. I was a baby kitty full of parasites and mites and my mom was afraid I wouldn't make it since I was the tiniest thing she saw. Since then I've grown big and strong and love love love chowing on moms cables. I also love hissing at my brother and sometimes at the vet...she smells funny. Otherwise I like playing fetch and licking moms face in the morning and giving her kisses overall. Vote please I'm cute !
Sir London Wolf
I'm a Lover a Talker and I Love playing!
Astro is only a kitten. He’s very playful and mischievous at the same time, we need votes to get him a bigger space to play in.
Carmen is a very outgoing and vocal cat!! He is gregarious and super intelligent. He loves to be the center of attention!!!
Hi everyone. I'm Buddha the asshole and before mom found me and gave me a forever home I was living with a man that rehomed me because he moved to another country and didn't want to bring me along 💔 Now I am loved and spoiled by my mom and sister. I love howling at 4 am for food and love throwing things off the dresser. But my favourite thing is to throw all the litter out when I take a shit. Please vote for me I'm a distinguished gentleman ready to entertain. 😼
Bodie loves goin for rides in the truck and loves going to the dog walking track. He also loves laying next to his mama wherever she is...
Sirllondon Wolf
Food ,I love my food!!!
Nutter Adams
He likes chasing flys and hunting for mice
Teddy is 4 months old multipoo still a little baby Loves the beach meeting other families with there dogs and running after his ball then to finish his day a little paddle.
Loves a slow walk with maybe an ice cream at the end. Once hes had a good hour he will snore very loadly for the rest of the day. Favourite things are cuddles with mum and rolling in dirt.
We call him Mickey because he has a Mickey Mouse patch on his side , at night time he likes to cuddle up in bed and he loves to play a lot , he is always out and about playing with other cats and he always wakes us up and stupid o’clock in the morning for food he loves his food
Marley is a little fire cracker he loves to play ball and if he could would play ball 24 a day. He loves his mummy and gets upset if he can’t see her. Marley is the friend everyone should have. Cute, always happy, sticks by your side and will never let you down. 🥰
Oreo was the runt of the litter. This little black and white rebel is full of silliness and energy. He's outgrown his siblings and is quite tall for being the runt. His full time job is bird watching and wrestling with his hooman dad. Oreo likes to watch the news and is up to date on his daily broadcasts. Oreo also likes to snooze on top of his dad's legs so the he cannot move. When bored, you can catch Oreo chasing his own tail and playing ninja by jumping from bed to bed and then superman soaring across the room. Vote for this busy boy. ❤️ The king of the house, Oreo Maraj.
Majors a fun,loving family dog who loves me and my daughters. He loves running around non stop and playing whether with a ball or rolling around with us. He also loves chilling with us and isso soppy when recieving love. He is gorgeous inside and out and is loved with all our heart ❤️.
Pickle is the most innocent, kind cat ever she is very lazy and her only hobby’s are shedding fur on my duvet when I really don’t want her to. She lives with he niece Sweet Pea and sister Peach.
This is Flint just after his operation for a cruciate ligament and displaced knee cap love him so much
Archie is so friendly he gets very excited meeting new friends, he sits at the back garden looking at my neighbours door thats where his best pal stays hes human called john
Shes a rescue who we adopted. She was agressive at first but after continous and gentle neutering, she is now the most loving and sweetest cat who has changed my life for the better.
Poppy is a beautiful rescue dog that had a terrible life, she escaped her abuser and ran 68 miles away to Sheffield where inwas lucky enough to become her mama.
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is a very VERY playful cat she is obsessed with her mum Peach and aunty Pickle. She loves to sleep on the washing machine or roam around the garden (and the neighbours gardens to) looking for her brother Kimchi who lives a few houses down 🎀🎀
New Zealand Huntaway
A very laid back boy friendly loves kids loves any treats but fussy with his food he is a mummy's boy and like velcro to me he is a very loved and spoilt boy and he just loves it xx
She is a crazy energetic tootsie with a wildddddd attitude. If you can’t see here in the picture she’s thinks she’s queen of the world as in our house . Also very smart knows how to play fetch and the most part annoy her brother and 2 sisters❣️
Penny is the one on the left and the silver tabby Mickey she treats him as if it her son. He is younger she loves him so much
Angel came to me when she was only 8 weeks old. She is so adorable, loving and very cute. She loves to play and her favourite game is hide and seek.We love her so much and can't imagine our lives without her.
Hello everyone. My name's Danté. I am 12 years old and I love to dress up in my cowboy costume. I shadow my dad everywhere and demand fusses and food round the clock. I also enjoy stealing my sisters food and singing the songs of my people throughout the night. Mum says I'm a cheeky boy and that I snore loudly. Thanks for the support. Mum says that any winnings will go to spoiling me and my sister with new toys and sweeties.
Millie loves to give you kisses.. and loves to play fetch. She also has some great goal keeper skills..
I took in a stray cat and 2 days later she gave birth to 3 babies, my youngest daughter named and is keeping Mary. Mary now is just over a week old
She likes going for rides going to the river for a walk and loves her daddy
Hello my name is Korra. Before mom and dad adopted me. I was a mother and homeless nomad. The animal shelter found happy homes for my children. I decided to fight my way to mom’s lap one day and she took me home on Christmas Day. Since then being the queen of the house is not easy. Countless time spent sleeping. The amount of times I complain my food isn’t done the right way. Regardless my aunt makes sure I’m pampered and my parents gave me a happy home I love them very much.
This is Jess, when she misbehaves her name is Jessica Simpson
Kiki is our newest member if the family she is only 10 weeks old verry small bit very energetic we all love her
Duggie is mostly an outside cat but he comes in most of the rime we love this ginger cat
My dog gizmo was resqued from another family and we have all learnt to love care about him
She likes to have her belly rubbed. She is very hyper.
Bella is 6 months old cocker spaniel, she loves cuddling up to you watching her favourite Disney movies but also loves playing and going crazy with you and loves her walks and all her toys
Lilly is my little 12 year old chihuahua but she don’t look her age , Lilly loves being pampered and going for long walks and given the chance to would also join you in the bath 🌸🩷
Beaker is a crazy 2 year old Collie, who is also very poorly. He doesn't let this stop him though and lives life to the full. He is extremely friendly and will lay on the floor when he sees people or dogs, to ensure he gets some attention...he knows how to work it!!
Teddy is the most beautiful, kind, loving dog I’ve ever met of had! He loves to go on a long walkies and burn his spaniel energy out. He play with toys all day long, especially his ball.
A very mischievous 1 year old cat with gorgeous golden eyes.
This is a smooooth cat. He’s very mellow and does the funniest things. Has some awesome sleeping positions that crack me up!🤦‍♀️🤭😎❤️
Hi my name is Roger. I am a sausage and I love my family. Especially my young people. My favourite things are flowers, stones and cheese!
Sugar Bear
We just found out Sugar Bear has kidney disease!!! So we are trying to make the beat of the little time she has left!!!❤️❤️❤️