Dog cat Stories - 85


Cayenne Mcgoldrick
He loves stuff animals, and he is the sweetest boy, everyone loves him. He loves his little treats, and he wants his picture taking when Im trying to take one!!! Lol
She’s the queen, she’s gentle , loyal , and my best friend xx
Sweet and loving
Saphira is a sweetheart who loves nothing more than cuddling with her humans and getting good chin pets ❤️
Chunky is a rescue street cat who has FIV but this doesn’t stop him being perfect to me. He’s been making my life happier for 7 years and I love him to pieces 🤍 Despite his angelic look he loves nothing more than trying to beat up the dog and steal everyone food, including the humans.
Molly Mae
My names Molly Mae I’m a sweetheart that loves to cuddle, play and eat treats.
Cooper is the biggest sweetheart. He gives kisses as soon as you walk in the door. He enjoys watching nature shows on tv and to snuggle up at night.
Thanos got his name from his strong fat paws, especially his right paw which lost a toe nail one day playing too rough. 😢 He absolutely loves to play, and his favorite game is Tug-A-War. Oh and The Zoomies 😭😭 he loves getting his occasional zoomies bursts throughout the day too. He’s also an ear model and specializes in showing off his huge ear that stands up straight as well as his heavier ear that flops on down all day. 🥰
This is Bruno baby!! Picture of his first time at the groomers. He is 6 month old rescue. He loves attention and belly rubs!!!
Hazel is very attached to me. She follows me around from room to room, meowing at me, and loves to be picked up and cuddled!
Bella is a typical Beagle! She's stubborn, driven by food, and loves to howl at everyone! She makes me smile or laugh every single day, and she is my best friend!
Buster is the sweetest little guy. At three months old, he was hit by a bus on 68th St and Broadway, NYC. He was brought to our former veterinarians office, where he was rehabilitated over the course of a few weeks. Soon after that, we paid a visit after the loss of another cat some months before, looking for a friend for our other cat Domino. Something about him clicked, and now he is healthy and thriving with us. He may be pretty mellow, but when a box is near, you can be sure he will check it out! He loves cuddles, and, (apparently) wrapping paper!
Milo is a mini dachshund all he wants to do is spend time with his mom, run around, lick you, and play with the other dogs. He has get to meet a dog or a person he has not liked the only downside is he sometimes gets overly excited and tinkles when meeting new people. He absolutely loves his cuddles and running around the yard with the other dogs. He is just an all around lover
This lovable loyal Cavapoo is our family's pride and joy.
Nimbus still the youngest is a brat. Wakes everyone up in the house mainly me for food.
My names Yosemite, but my parents call me Yosy. I was adopted at 2 years old. I always have a case of RBF but trust me I am very sweet and lovable. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and loud noises make me jump. I love to play with toes at the edge of the bed and make my parents hear me zoom at 3am
Duke is the sweetest little boy ever he loves to cuddle and run around play with his toys he also love to steal his big sitters toys and treats .
Hi! I am Louie an 8 month old tuxedo covid kitten and I am such a goofball! Louie makes us smile every day with his silly and outgoing personality. A typical day is tail chasing, playing with hair ties and strings, hiding inside a bag or box and chasing his sister and sidekick Gracie Lou. He is super curious, has to know what is going on in the neighborhood and who is visiting. He is not shy, always giving you a squeak, since he doesn’t know how to meow, or a loud purr that sounds like a motor. If you ignore him he will tap on your leg or hand with his little white paw to get your attention. Our handsome boy is always making us laugh the way he sits like a human and hangs like spider man from our curtains. We love him so🖤😽🤍
Dobbie loves to cuddle, play with his younger brother, go for car rides, and lay on soft blankets or any unattended laundry.
Minnie is a bundle of joy who we have had from birth as we have the mum also hen she was born she was still for 30 minutes then all of a sudden after some mouth to mouth and gentle patting she came back to life safe to say she got lucky and so did we
Otis loves to make people smile
My Best friend. She wants to be wherever I am.Plays with all kinds of dogs big or small.She lights up anyplace.
She loves her mommy and her daddy
Bindi is our spunky, full of sass, energetic and loving 6 month old pup! She is a catahoula/Aussie mix that we rescued from the local shelter. She is a great addition to our family and loves to play with her older golden retriever brother, Duke!
Finn is a ball loving, table licking, human loving, go getter! He can play ball for hours, or be out on a frozen lake with us for hours. When he snuggles he snuggles, he will go out of his way to find a pillow and lay on it!
My little Jazzy is the sweetest. She loves to snuggle, sleep in her window seat, play in boxes and she loves her tuna for a little treat.
Arlo is the sweetest boy ever! He loves everyone and every fur baby he meets! 😍He's very loyal and will follow you anywhere. He LOVES car rides. He's a cuddler! He'll wait for you by the stairs to let you know he's ready to go up to bed. 😁
Mochi is my goofy, loveable and loyal lap cat. All day long shes sleeping in my lap. She loves treats and catnip and playing with our other cat Jazzi. Shes soft like cashmere and definitely knows how to make you feel loved when you need it even when you dont want it or think you need it. She has adorable freckles on her nose and she can't turn down a soft blanket. She loves everyone she meets especially if you pay attention to her!
Aibee is our adorable sprollie, she’s 17 weeks old. This photo was the first day we got aibee we travelled all the way to Anglesey for her and she was an absolute angel! Now she’s a little monkey but she’s very very very clever and well behaved (especially when there’s treats involved). Aibee would love to win to buy a new coat, some new toys and maybe even a new bed!
Anya is 8 weeks old. She is a Great Dane. She's already showing her true colors. She loves to be around her people and play with her Boxer brother. She loves other dogs too as long as their ready for her big paws. She's very clumsy! But what can you do when your body is growing out of control! 😁 She loves giving free kisses to everyone! She's definitely a snuggler! She'll sleep on your head just to be closer to you. 😄
Riggins is a German Wirehair Pointer who lives to hunt. He loves to sniff out pheasants and other critters. He also enjoys getting dirty and doesn’t mind a little ice in his beard!
Ginger is a protective old girl. She protects me at all costs she will growl at anyone who comes near me she doesn't know. She’s a wild one but is a love bug.
Cleo is timid, loving, protective, smart, and loves to play in the snow!
Blitz is nice a d.friendly to others.and he love going for car rides
Loui the Shih Tzu, Hi I’m Loui, a dreamy little guy in a big world. Pillows and blankets to play, eat and explore is what I live for. When you see my dark brown puppy eyes you will fall “ head over paws,” for me. Sometimes all you need is a friend and I will always be here.
Lucy is a Shi Chi (Shih Tzu- Chihuahua mix) She is a year and a half old and the sweetest pup. She loves playing fetch, and visiting her pals at the dog park.
Medusa is a very playful kitty who loves to watch TV and hang out with her favorite hooman 🙃 If you like to see more of this cutie pie follow her on iG! @Medusathesiamese 🥰🥰🥰
Canelo is one very energetic and happy dog! He is a 6 month old Husky-Lab Mix. He enjoys our Wisconsin snowy weather, he loves being outside, and he enjoys the company of others as well. He is a very playful dog and a great addition to our family!
Molly is beautiful and sweet, everyone who meets her thinks so. Pictures just don't do her justice! ♥️
He’s got far too much energy and will chew just about anything😂 but when he cuddles he really cuddles 😂❤️
Silva is just a fun-loving, energetic pup! he loves chasing pine cones, sticks, and tennis balls! his favorite toys are always squeaky and he LOVES to cuddle!:D
Dusty is the cheekiest little cat there is and has such a big personality! He is very protective of our family and always loves to come and sit in the car with us whenever we leave the house. He loves his food and will cosy up to us to get what he wants (which he does) Without Dusty we would not of got through lockdown, he brings so much joy! Pleave vote for our little one thank you!
Genghis is bold, protective, goofy, energetic, and loves to make friends, even with strangers!
Bailey Coles
Bailey is happy go lucky cockapoo full of energy and fun! His personality is the kindest, gentlest, dizziest 'poo there is. We love you Bailey Boo <3
Mowgli is a funny little monkey! He loves to run around the garden playing with the other cats on the estate but when he is home he loves to be curled up in his bed next to the radiator where it’s nice and warm or curled up in bed for cuddles with mummy and daddy.
Hi my names Marco but people call me Barko because i’m such an excited puppy! If i won i would spend the money on treats and brand new toys also i would bribe my owner to take me on at least 10 walks a day ☺️♥️
Annie is a rescue from Tennessee. She loves doing tricks and has her novice trick title. She does like to hog the bed at night.