Hello there! I’m Sophia, a little bit ‘bout me - my mom is a Persian while my dad is Siberian. And i look half of both (i think)! I love eating tuna and cheesy treats! I enjoy going on trips with my pawrents too!
Hi my name is Palmer! i’m very outgoing and love making new friends. i love running outside and chasing rabbits and looking for birds
I'm 1 year old. My mama got me when I was 4 weeks old. The vet bought me for $5. I'm a very smart girl. Mama didn't know what breed I was but we found out that I'm a beautiful princess. I love all my toys (Frankie's) I healed my mamas mama heart.
Complete Momma’s boy , loves watching Scooby Doo
Hi I’m Oliver! What I love most is SLEEP, like a lot of it and my cat food as you can tell😺 Help me get some “votes” I’m so FLUFFY, how can you not like me
Hi my name is Axel. I was rescued from a puppy mill. They didn't want me because I am visually & hearing impaired but I don't let that stop me! Please vote for me!
Marshall loves tearing up the house. Terrorizing his cat brother. Barking at Mom and Dad and pooping a lot.
Ziggy is a zig-zagging, toy-chasing, chitter-chattering cutie-pie-kitten! She is a three-month old polydactyl, which means she has front paws that look like mittens, and her back paws have six little toes! She is a bundle of joy and we love her to pieces.
Mr. Mozzarella
Mr. Mozzarella loves eating , sleeping and cuddling with his kids, pooping,and fighting his dog brother Marshall .
Hi I'm Buddy. I like food, and playing with my toys! Stealing socks is my favourite game 😋. I love to snuggle with my Mum and Dad...(I snore alot) I also just learnt how to swim🐾
She loves toys she likes the beach and likes going for rides loves playing with her sister Bailey she loves people
Grandpa is about 3 months old and usually does not let me take his picture without attacking my phone 🤣. He loves to fetch his favorite little green toy, like a little pup ❤️.
Benson was adopted from Every Cats dream, he LOVES q-tips, and playing with toys.
He is a handsome fella who loves to sunbathe, eat cat nip and have the occasional drool when you pet him behind the ears 🐾
Squiggy was found thrown away on a busy road. She is extremely playful, and is one tough cookie. She whispers when she meows, and will grab anything that interests her.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul! Kaspurr was adopted from Evevry Cats Dream, he loves being out in the catio, playing with toy mice, and eating!
Hi! I’m Mr.Inky And I Love Belly Rubs And Scooby Snacks 🦴
A gorgeous, mountainous specimen of a woman cat.
I love my stuffies,treats,soft blankets and pillows. Basking in the sun is my thing. I love to play,run,jump & go on hikes with my mom. I love meeting new people! Im 2.5 yrs young. Hiya! I'm bronco. Part red nose pit part boxer.
Sergeant Meowsers
Sergeant Meowsers is a Marine and combat ready.
She was born on a full 🌙 she turned 2 in august. She is super playful, sweet, and calm.. which is helpful because she is very loved by three kiddos! She is a super smart cat who is able to push open doors and turn off and on light switches. Luna is very unique!if you peek around a corner she'll stalk you lol
Playful, soft and snuggly with a princess attitude! Avocado likes to play all day, and spend time wandering the yard outside. She has a taste for the princess treatment and prefers her water to have ice cubes in it! But when it's time for a nap, no better place than to snuggle up with mum!
Sweet, food loving goofball and a big mama's boy! Zig-Zag likes to spend his day's at mum's feet, taking naps and chasing shadows. His favourite food happens to be whatever is on mum's plate!
Buddy is 13 and very active!! She loves to go on walks outside and play with catnip toys.
Stella is such a sweetheart and a loving dog 💕 she loves EVERYBODY ! Loves to play outside with her best friend (our daughter) , loves other dogs and is also amazing with them . The biggest sweetheart I've ever met ❤ she's just a little under a year old too 👶
She’s an American/English bulldog, she’s just a puppy and does AMAZING with my son! She’s such a sweet pup!
Luna Day
Sweet little girl loves to be a love bug. Lots of snuggles and kisses and loves to dress up! Im part pitbull and part australian shepard. Vote for me 💕
Daisy Mae
She is a seal point Ragdoll siamese very pretty she was only 7 months old when we got her .
Callie is a male Calico. He loves to jump out from hiding spots to scare us. He loves to snuggle up and take naps.
Hi, Im sandie. I am frenchie x Pug and am 1 years old I loves zoomies and my food I enjoy playing fetch and having a back scratch (absolutely luffs it) I also loves chicken and rice its my absolute FAV floof snack
Buddy loves to play with our other dog tio and loves to get into the trash. He’s favorite spot to lay is under his owners gaming table.
The Baby
No matter where the baby is, if the toilet flushes she’s straight there with her head in the bowl
She is a calico and seal point siamese mix with 2 different color eyes.
She’s a sweet tabby, loves to play, and climb any curtain she can find, she chases her tail and loves playing with toys 🧸
He's our rescued son for the last 5 years. He enjoys bringing wildlife home with him and lots of snuggles. He loves to sleep with his younger and teeth out... he's a character!!,😸
Rico Chrapek
Rico is a working cocker spaniel that loves to go on long walk but also like to have a cuddle. Rico is a loving dog ❤️☺️🐶
Bob is happy happy loves to play loved the outdoors and loves his cuddles 🥰
Sonny is my name, cuteness is my game. I love meeting new people, giving out kisses and cuddles, and napping on fluffy blankets! Vote for me!
This is Chloe , she is a bullmastiff & husky mix she only a couple day shy of being 3months old. She loves being outside and running with the kiddos, she is learning new thing everyday and has really brought out her husky side by learning to howl words.
Bella loves to cuddle and when we hold her, she lays flat on her back, in our arms. She also loves hair ties. Also she tries to open doors! (My husband found her in a trailer with her siblings, and we kept her, and gave the others to good homes.)
King Reggie
King Reggie is almost 2 years old. His full name is King Reginald Jackson jr. Marquez. He has a ton of energy when he is zooming around the house, he enjoys wrestling and being the boss. He Really enjoys being outside in his cat tent watching the dogs.Reggie loves life. He has no wory in the world.
Hi I’m Edward, I enjoys sitting in my tunnel or tent , I love cuddles with my mummy , tuna flavoured Dreamies are my favourite 🐱
He loves toys!
Nalla is such a lifesaver. Every morning she pounces on my head to make sure I’m up for work. She loves to play!
Eduardo is very special and smart as shown in photo most cats don't like ears being messed with but as you see he is very calm and is very lovable he is fascinated with water which cats usually don't want anything to do with!
King is an absolute lover and loves to be outside his favorite thing to do is to go to the park and meet new friends. King has medical issues but he still lives life to the fullest and he is an absolute gift
Monty is a very active Border Collie who loves days out on the beach. He loves to play fetch and loves the company of other dogs and hoomans.