Dog cat Stories - 85


Gafy is my Newest baby. He is very loving. Loves food like no other. And gets into everything he can. My orange baby.
Gianna is mama's lil' love bug. When she's not napping, she's playing fetch like a pup or chowing down on Fancy Feast.
What's not to love about this sweet face? This picture shows her personality at it's finest!
As always, if I don’t see return votes after 2 days, I will stop voting and exchange with someone that is serious about their votes! Zoey is a Boxer/Pitbull mix. She was born November 28, 2020. She is full of life and super sweet. She is 1 of 18 dogs that I have taken in. Most were abused but Zoey was one of the lucky ones. Your votes are appreciated and any winnings are used to provide for all of my rescues.
Fuzzy Butt
He’s the sweetest bigggest love big he gives me joy through my toughest times right now.
Opal is a playful, love able, and amazing dog! He’s always happy and ready for his mommy to come home from work. He jumps around and acts like a child excited to see someone. Opal is a jack Russell mix. Opal is a male puppy about 7 months old.
Lucifer was once named Lucy when I was told he was a girl I switched his name due to the discovery he was a boy and how devilish he was. Now he is a pretty calm cat and loves his mommy very much.
Boots is a 6month calico. Her personality would best be described as fiesty, wild and cuddly. She enjoys looking at birds, playing outside and wrestling with her stuffed raccoon.
Hadley is a Dutch Shepherd. Very smart, loyal, and lives to ride the golf cart and play in the beach.
Brian Morgan Freeman Nash
Loves cuddles and playing 😍 is going in to a smart happy loveing beautiful cat so proud to spend all the time with him 😍🥰💕💕
Hi! I am Apollo! I am 11 weeks old and a rescue pup. My furever family adores me! I love playing with my human siblings,sleeping with my humans and i just love pumpkin cinnamon treats! I also really want our cats to play! I am learning more and more about this puppy life each day. Please vote for me! If we earn anything it will be used to get me more toys and treats and any extra vet care i might need. Thanks ahead of time for voting!
Lexie is so loveable, she has a very good heart, she loves playing tug a war. She's a great dog, and very smart
Rose's are red violets are blue smokey is gray and she's so cute
Graceful! Yes. That’s how I can be described. Please keep the litter box clean to be my furrriend. I like laptops and boxes, not the ‘gram’
Eat. Sleep. Pose. Repeat.
Have feet, will run. Kulfi loves to jump and run around and will no doubt keep you entertained all day long. Just be sure to share with him your omelettes.
Largo Strange
Hi! I'm Largo Strange! My favorite things to do are going swimming at the beach and chasing frisbees in the sand! Mom and Dad take me camping a lot so that I can explore and see just how big the world really is.
Charlee Mae
Charlee is the best granddog! She loves to be outside and people-watch! She loves her walks and chasing bunnies.
Blazer is such an intelligent pup! He specializes with his cuddles! He has the most amazing markings as well! Blazers dad and I agree that god left his goggles on just a little too long with the markings around his eyes! 💙
Kylo Scout
Kylo is a blessing to my daughter my mother myself we bought him after my Dad recently passed away and it's really helped my daughter he loves loves loves loves shoes but he does not tear them up when my daughter was sick he never left her side he's very special and he's absolutely beautiful and very very very sweet
Nine is a sweet but very vocal 1 year old manx. He loves to play with his continuous ball track and snuggle under the blankets at night.
Bailey is the black and white love his colours and he loves washing my other cats its so cute
Fluffitica (aka Fluffy) is 7 years old. She came to live with us when she turned 2. She was my mom's dog, but was always confined in a small apartment. We never looked back after we were asked to care for her. She is my best friend and my shadow!
We adopted Chippy after he was handed in with his brother with severe signs of neglect. Since being with us hes now able to approuch people without cowering, hes learnt how to give Paw and to play! His separation anxiety is now minimal. Hes such a good boy and we love him so much, its like hes always been with us. His weird obsession is sniff your eyeballs! 🤣
His name might scare people but he is very loving and caring. He likes to catch mice and give them rides in his mouth I hate it. But he is the cutest
Loves hair ties and talking.
I’m a rescue pup, came all the way from Alabama to my forever home! I love playing with my sister Roxy, laying on the couch, and snuggles!! i love snuggles!
George is love of my life and he and I fell in love with each other instantly. He loves to communicate by meowing and purring. He loves belly rubs.
dash is very playful and loves to go outside and play, also loves people !
Little Miss Annabelle, at 4 months old she is the definition of pyscho kitty. But, if im being honest she deserves to be. Little Miss Annabelle wasn't supposed to be our baby she was supposed to get adopted by another adoptive family but they didn't want her due to her orangey/amber halloween eyes and the stigma surrounding black cats. Belle and Beau are sibling but not litter mates, and the foster mom that had them both asked if we would open our homes up to her because otherwise she would go back to the shelter. That wasn't going to happen, we welcomed little missy into our home and our little family is now complete ❤ Belles favorite activity is perching on momma and dadda because she wants to be wherever we are❤
Zeldita is sweet and very playful! She was rescued from the local shelter a little over 1 year ago, and has been an amazing addition to our family!
Beauregard or Beau was rescued on 7/23/21, from a high kill shelter. Born in early March Beau had a rough go of it he had a whole laundry lists of health issues and looked really sad. We learned through a foster family that they had incoming kittens some of which were black kitties, black kitties are usually the first to get euthanized as there is a stigma around them. Having a soft spot for this sweet boy we gave him a furrever home, and he has forever changed our lives. Beaus favorite activity is "making biscuits" wherever hes going to lay down ❤
Ever wanted to a meet a dog that is the embodiment of Eeyore? Storm’s your girl! Sighs included, especially when dealing with her brother Titan who is much like Tigger. Who can relate?
Daisy it’s a 9 months old F1 maltipoo. Very rare, it’s a gem. She gilds our everyday life.
Jack is a heavenly gift ,after the loss of a loved one he came to us as a rescue and already had the name of our loved one who passed away it was magic. He loves the creek and car rides with all his family❤ forever Martys bestfriend
This is the bully of the house .But I love my baby
Daxton loves his family he lives with his mommy n daddy and his aunt shiver he has a happy home filled with german shepherds
She loves to be lazy and wants cuddles
Loki is a 1 year old Russian blue grey tabby with tons of personality! He loves to travel and go on vacations with us. He walks on his harness, rides in his stroller, and is a hit everywhere we go. His favorite thing to do is suck on fuzzy blankets. We rescued him when he was only 6 weeks old. Am hoping to win to build him an ultimate catio. Thanks for reading, and please consider voting for Loki!
Kobe is a resue dog..he came to live with us when he was behaved dog ive ever had...he literally does nothing wrong....he is center of our world...
Adopted, adorable addition to the family, that we can't live without.
brew loves car rides, dog parks and snuggles!
Hank was found in the middle of the road as a small puppy. I took him into my home and fell in love instantly. He enjoys sticks, tennis balls and treats.
Mango is such a loving and playful cat. Her favorite thing to do is eat snacks and play outside. She loves to cuddle and keep you warm.
Meesha is a very friendly loving dog. She is spoiled and loves cats. She loves to participate in family gatherings and holidays. She loves to play catch and basketball. She is very well trained and loves doing tricks for treats.
Bane is the biggest snuggle bug ever. Three people live in his house with him and his brother and Bane Boy makes sure he goes to each and every one of us humans to express his love to each of us individually. He is the sweetest boy ever ♥