Crystal is such a lovein pet , but she can give u attitude if u take no notice of her lol and she will jump on u and hit u with her paw I've had her from 8 weeks old and she's now 8 years old best companie I could ask for come 11 o'clock at nite she knows it's bed time and waits at the door to come to bed
Miley is a 4 month old cocker spaniel who loves walks and cuddles!
Neutron will be celebrating his 12 year adoption anniversary on Oct 6th. Neutron has a very distinct taste in music while traveling. He will let you know when he doesn't like it.
Teddy is the most loving cuddly boy and loves beach walks and doesnt go anywhere without his ball
Bertie lives the life of a furry potato. He naps, snores, snacks and toots. He got me through the death of my mother, and the pandemic. He loves to pop out an unexpected zoomie, but is happiest plopping his 17kg butt on your lap for a belly rub
Percy is thought to be a Maine Coon cross. I found him under a bush in my garden. He’s a little mummy’s boy, who loves his cuddles. Also his food. He loves to perform a warrior cry when it’s breakfast time. He spends his day curled up on a real bed, with a full tummy, and loves to chase his fur siblings around the house, although his chunky butt is starting to slow him down
He enjoys being mischievous and cute. Loves posing for the camera and playing tug of war with things he shouldn’t.
Coco is a chocolate and tan miniture daschund. He loves playing in the garden with the kids and chewing his human sisters dummy! He falls asleep almost anywhere and loves his treats🤗. Hes the most loving family dog 🐕
Patch is a kitten I fostered for a rescue but with his great character decided he would be to missed when rehomed so I have now adopted him and he will stay with me for life.
Luna is very active girl, she loves to play and learn new tricks. Tennis balls are her best friends.
Mylah is a shelter kitty, she is smart loves to play fetch and most of all she loves to snuggle and have her back scratched
He likes to go for walks and he loves to play and he is lazy
I’m fun loving boy who likes adventure. I like sneaking out of the house to chase chipmunks and I also like to try and find cold air returns to shimmy my way through floors. My mom calls me “sneaky Pete”. Did someone say chicken nugget’s and bread? “Hot diggity dog!” My faves!!!
She is a very energetic little kitten who wants to make friends with everything and everyone.
Milo is a 4 month old whippet who loves being the centre of all the action, is adorably cheeky and spends more than half of his time sleeping 🐾 His favourite toy is his pink 'Missy Flamingo' and his best mate is a husky called Storm. He absoluty ADORES chicken and will do anything for it! He's working on learning more tricks at homeschool, he already lnows 'sit', 'stay', 'down', 'uh-uh', 'paw', and 'wait'. He's definitely competing for the badge of most clever puppy! 🤎🤍
He loves being mischievous and cute 😍
Our 10 week old fluffy shark! Loves a belly rub, loves his alligator chew toy and is responding to sit and stay so well already!
He loves playing with his toys and cuddling his parents 💕
Stanley is a fun loving naughty pug he loves chasing squirrels sleeping and boating He is always happy to give you a big wet kiss
Lexi is a one year old Chocolate Lab x Border Collie. Her favourite things are her squeaky green ball, swimming in lakes and watching football!
Phantom is an amazing, smart, and loveable fur-baby! He loves to cuddle and gives hugs, he helps with my anxiety and is training to be my service dog. He always brightens my day and keeps me calm.
Ursula is a good kitty she likes turkey alot. She would start meowing the second we have turkey out. She is also good at using a pet bell to get our attention or when she wants food.
My baby survived 1 day shy of a month lost. When she got home she was so skinny. She loves her mama and hardly loses sight of me now❤️
Jj Boy
Jj is an amazing dog who lives pets and treats.
Britney Spears
Nebelung= loving, intelligent and mischievous
Lela is a polydactyl with an obsessive treat disorder.
Melanie Ann Marie Pickles
She loves to spoon with Mommy under the covers at night,very protective of her Mama as well. In her free time she likes to hunt the critters that come and raid our lovely garden. Also a sucker for the occasional Starburst and corner slice of pizza!
Star loves boxes, to be held, and rugs.
Milo is 9 and is a Yorkshire Terrier, minature poodle cross Loves walks, loves all other dogs Jumps into your arms whilst we are stood up when he wants a cuddle We can’t leave anything out as he is mischievous and can open just a pour anything if it’s good Just loves cuddles anyone that comes gets Milo cuddles and sometimes if he really likes you and gets a bit over excited, he might have a little accident on your lap 🤦‍♀️💙
Zander Creed Nichols
Zander Is a 7 week old cane corso puppy. He is so energetic and loves to play with his “sister” our cat MJ. He is still a baby so he also very much loves to nap most of the day, and he is the most precious thing! He is spoiled rotten and loves to cuddle with his mamas! His favorite toy is a water bottle! Yes, a water bottle, we bought tons of toys and he will play with them here and there but most of the time our crazy boy is chewing on a bottle ha! Zander comes from a champion came corso blood line, and we can’t wait to see how big and beautiful he gets! I’ve added photos from the day before was born all the way till today, hope y’all enjoy our handsome boy as much as we do!🥰
This is Luna, tic for short and she answers to it. Loves cuddles and kisses. Likes to sit in the back of our neck and wrap her body round so she is cuddling and can give kissss at the same time. She has a huge heart but likes to get into mischief 💕💕
Channse is so full of energy, she love everyone. And can’t get enough hugs and kisses.
Ajax Or Aj For Short
Ajax is the sweetest but also craziest cat I’ve ever had. He LOVES his mama and has to be up under me 24/7 🥰
Wayne loves to play with all of his toys at once and to eat salmon puree!
She loves to play fitch with bottle caps! Loves going on walks. Gives the best cuddles 🥰 When I give her any treats or wet food I’ll tell her to sit and she does! I’ve had her since she was 6 months old.
J . J.
I rescued J. J. 2 years ago in September. He was under my mobile home meowing, and when I couldn't take it any longer, I went outside and called, "kitty kitty," and he came right over to me and I tried feeding him some cat milk. I had some on hand, since my husband rescued another kitty under the ladies home next door, two weeks earlier! J. J. is a real sweety pie, and he's much loved.
Romeo likes playing with his toys in the yard, chasing his brother around, and snuggling up in blankets
He was a stray cat that showed up at our house! He is so friendly and has so much love to give to all! He has opened our hearts and has been my greatest gift! He loves the outdoors and is a great hunter! He is named after Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, so he obviously loves Christmas!
Oliver won 1st place in Dachshund Races and 1st place for Indiana last month and loves following his Mom everywhere! Follow me on Instagram @sir_oliver_longendog
Louis is a 7 year old American Bulldog who we rescued when he was 2 years old. He loves his little piggy toy that squeaks and carries it around so gently. He loves puppacinos, cuddles and dislikes car rides very much. He loves his big sister Rozzy so much!
Tigger, the baby boy that gets into everything, his favorite treat is climbing in the blinds to munch on flies and he loves getting sprayed with a water bottle. When he’s got all the bills paid you can find him sleeping away all the hard work he does in many weird ways.
Rozzylyn our Rozzy or Roz Roz is a 7 year old Patterdale Terrier & American Pitbull Terrier Mix. She was rescued at 9 months old, she loves puppacinos and car rides but is scared of noises and vacuums. She is also the biggest cuddle bug ever and loves to give kisses! She has made our lives so fun and cannot wait to make more memories with her along with her brother!
Grace Rose
Grace loves to be cuddled up with you and loves to listen to music. She’s such a friendly furry family daughter!
This is my grandmas kitty, Ayla. She is so cute. She loves chasing string and anything that moves. She will climb into anything she can fit in, and she is also a very big troublemaker 😅
Milo LOVES hugs and long pets. He enjoys long walks and chasing tennis balls! He’s the sweetest pup and has never met a stranger! His favorite toy? A stuffed lemon which he takes everywhere!