Buddy loves to play and enjoys to chew on ropes or sticks he also loves to cuddle and is the best dog ever!!<3
Nala loves walks, cuddles, peamutt butter & meeting friends & people. Our little warrior continues to amazes us everyday❤️
Tayto is out little rescue, we have had him for 3 months and his perfect. He loves cuddles and giving kisses.
I raise her to protect my wife 24/7, even when I’m home. She’s little but has such a big heart. Love to play tug a war with her toys and sleep with them like it’s her baby too
Gunther is a very sweet long haired German Shepard who loves playing with his family!
Princess hops about and reminds us of a squirrel as she bounces around. She is very tiny with a cute little face. She is a Doll Faced Persian. We adopted her and her previous owners felt she wasn't really getting on with another Cat she lived with. Since she joined us she has settled well along Mouse the Cat and Hugo the dog.
Hugo is 7 and we have had him since he was 6 weeks old. We soon discovered he was deaf from birth.Sadly he's never heard his own bark or is call his name but I think he senses what we say and mean. He's such a loving dog and tries his best to fit in, other dogs often don't like him because of his difference.
Jimma is energetic full of life and Loves to play for hours.
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell aka Tink Tink is a very sweet kitty who loves to cuddle & love boxes as a homeless shelter 😂😂. She’s 1 year old.
Mouse is a cool easy going cat. He likes to stick his tongue out at people aswell. I have other photos of this. Mouse had a wife called Pandora, who was a white Turkish Angora, and two makes kittens once over. Sadly they both eventually died, of a heart defect. Pandora got run over. We have just adopted Princess as his new friend.
Hugo is super affectionate and loving! He’s really cute whenever I go out he will look for me around the flat then go to his bed and sleep the whole time whilst I watch him on the cameras then when he hears my keys in the lock he will come and greet me purring loudly and meowing! At bedtime he knows when the lamp is on it’s okay time but when the lamp goes off it’s settle down time and he goes to bed. He’s very cuddly and loves climbing my washing on the airer it’s his favourite thing to do!
Tiny cat has sadly passed away. She was my pretty little girl. She placed third in Tennessee last month with no bought votes.
Socks is a very loving cat who is 7 months old.He loves cheese and loves to watch the birds in the trees. He loves to sunbathe and a snuggle with his pawents.
Lilo is very caring puppy that loves to walk and play with kids! Please vote for lilo she is a beautiful puppy
This is Bobby, who is extremely confident and sassy but has a loving and caring side. He loves playing with his Best friend/Sister Nala bunny and playing fetch, he also loves to snuggle and give you kisses, he’s a beautiful and intelligent little boy😻❣️
Myla is a Turkish angora kitten! Her DOB is 18/07/2022🥹 she is the most loving kitty I’ve ever seen😩 she LOVES boxes! Balls! Anything with a bell!😌 she’s so intelligent! She can open draws she can give “kisses” and “nose to nose” she even picks her own food😝
Margaret is a pure breed German shepherd she has a playful loving protective personality but knows when your sad and will be there to make you feel better we got her after we had to put my 14 year old boy dog and people might try to say she was just a replacement but she really is her own person and she will make sure you know that
He's a puppy that has spunk and is full of life but he also likes to relax in the sun
It’s Oscar’s world🤎 Oscar is a year old! Me and my lovely gf happened to hear a little kitty inside the trash can (hint why we named him Oscar). And a year later he’s still with me. He’s a very sassy cat that loves cuddles from his family and enjoys his favorite treats!
a hyper dog who never wants to leave your side, loves a cuddle
Donut is fun good looking rear grey German shepherd he brilliant around children and other dogs and cats very good hoover when the children drop food for him and too it if he run of with my bacon sandwich the other day which made everyone laugh
My little guy is such a snuggle.bug. Free with his kisses. Always ready to sit in your lap. He loves little kids,after all they are small like him and full of mischief
Arlo just loves everyone that he sees really happy dog
Hey my name is Rocky and I’m a Selkirk Rex. I love to cuddle and play.
He is a tea cup morkies. He will be 13 years old in December. Even though he is old he still looks like a little puppy.
She is a mixed breed that is 11 months old. She has a lot of energy so she loves to run around and try to play with the other animals. She even try to play with our dog. When she settles down she loves to cuddle right on your chest. She gives me kisses on my head when I get home from work.
Ellie Mae
I'm Ellie, I'm almost 3. I'm very shy around new people, but boy do I ever love my family. I can be quite playful and mischevious. I love bringing in leaves, helicopter seeds from my catio inside to play with. I also love knocking things off counters, spilling full cups of water and having the zoomies late at night ! Recently I started anxiety meds, my personality is coming out. Turns out, I love a good snuggle. Vote for me !
Baby Girl
She is a Maine coon that is almost a year old. She is very talkative and loves to cuddle and hide her head in your arm.
Salem is the youngest of his litter and loves to snuggle! He is soft and timid…however, what he lacks in brawn he makes up for in brains! And absolute genius who can work things out in an instant!
Tatum is a pure definition of personable. She has the biggest personality I have ever seen in a feline. The most friendliest, active, cuddly and hilarious cat I have ever had!
Charlie is called Charlie because if his cheekiness! He is bold and daring, our little dare devil. Although he has a tough, brave exterior, he loves nothing more than a big snuggle at bedtime.
just a cuddly kitten ;)
Felicia aka Filly is 1 year old and a rebel. She loves to terrorise the kiddies and thinks she's Queen of the Castle. She likes being waited on hand and paw, loves a neck rub and booty scratch 🙈 She sleeps most of the day and spends the night zooming around the house like a complete lunatic 🙄 but we wouldn't have her any other way ❤️
hey! thanks for stopping by! I'm Millie, a 3-year-old doodle, and I'm a bit crazy. I love tennis balls, and basically any other type of toy! my favorite food is peanut butter, and I love giving kisses to my hooman! vote for me!!!! ps: comment a cute emoji for more pic!
Axl Rose
Axl is my soul cat, he found ME…I rescued him from my wheel well of my car at 2 months old and we have been inseparable since then. He loves to eat oranges, popcorn, and cheese :) He greets me with licks to the face. The cuddles are incredible from this kitty, you can actually feel him hugging you back with his head while your scratching him. He’s the best! Happy kitty, happy life! Our 6 year old nicknamed him pickle boy because sometimes he’s sweet and sometimes he’s not, haha!
Had him since he was 5 weeks old he is almost 2 now !
Bear loves his hammy stuffy. Always eats a puppy ring for dessert
Spike loves his family his toys
Fluubles like long walks in the sun she has an older sister called charley. Charley has a finance, he is a cunt
Shosho is my little guy. I got him from the Humane Society. He is so playful and has the cutest whine when he misses me. He is very adventurous. 💙 him!
Hi my name is Diego and I love cuddles kisses Iam very mischievous and playful My favourite food is pizza 🍕