He likes to eat tuna He loves watching outside
Duke loves to ride in the vehicle, he loves to avoid the baby at all cost because she pulls on him! He loves to eat and he super outdoorsy!
Blue is a 2 month old sweetheart who loves to chew and give cuddles to her owner
Hi! Im Pumpkin! I have a sister named Tomato!. I like to steal treats from mom! I LOVE salmon!! Vote for me!!
Hi! Im Yoshi! I am a Labrador, Pitbull, Bulldog mix! I like to chew on fingers. I have 2 big sisters and 2 big brothers who i love to chew on. I also have reptile siblings! My mom likes to call me chunky because my belly hangs low. Vote for me!!
Lexi is a 2 year old rescue. She enjoys spending all her time outside sunbathing with her toys. In her free time, she chooses to chase her sister- getting that exercise in, how else could she maintain that figure.
I rescued Delilah from a shelter, she was the only dog that truly wanted my attention as I live alone. I've had her for 4 months and she is so intelligent, fun, and is learning everything so quickly. I noticed after a few days some bumps on her leg bone. She was dropped off at the shelter at 7 months and it was healed. I know now she must have been taken from her litter and left in a crate 😔. Prayers for her to start having positive relationships with other dogs.
Milo was born on the streets. He was the only survivor of his litter and his mama didn’t care for him properly so we rescued him. He is loyal to the core, always waiting for us by the front door when we get home. He’s pretty chill during the day but always gets the zoomies at night. ❤️
Ollie loves to play fetch, cuddle with his mom, and live his best life ❤️ He’s a big ball of fluff and love.
Digby is a distinguished gentleman who loves naps in the sun, food, and being the centre of attention. His favourite time of year is Christmas, which he spends under the tree watching the twinkling lights.
Stripe, the most human cat you’d meet. She cuddles, has to be by your side, wags her tail like one of the dogs, and for bed she loves to be laid down on her back onto a pillow and covered with a blanket.
Hi! My name is Eddie and I like to yawn very very loudly.
Jax is a goofy, fun-loving puppy! He loves his people and will do anything for treats.
Luke is a poodle mix. He thinks he is 6 feet tall. He bosses my heelers around.
Geo was a rescue with the fullest personality. She loves to play! She is the cutest when she runs up and bats her paws at my ankles then runs away! ❤️
Jack is a 21 year old who loves his human! We stop at nothing to live a full life🌹. He is a rescue and will be loved forever!
Nala Marie
My dog is the energy of our house! her and her brother, oakland, enjoy wrestling and chasing each other. 😂 she’s a sweet and loving little puppy.. she enjoys playing tag with not only her brother, but kids as well.. it’s like a race she’s competing for, lol. she’s a loud howling girl.
Our girl is so sweet and goes with the flow, even when we take road trips for a few days. She loves to follow me around and is happy to see my son when he’s home from college. I think our girl is so beautiful and she’s loved so much!!
Hank is king of the castle, he’s fun and loving and the best cat ever!
apollo is part golden retriever mixed with Catahoula. he is a very loving & goofy dog. he loves playing outside and fetching his ball. he just turned 1 year old!
Lulu is a year old toy yorkie. She loves going on car rides and cuddling with everyone who will let her◡̈
Vote for her! She was a rescue kitten, who was born at Iowa State University. She managed to find her way to Hilton Colosseum and ended up near the motor in a van driven by some family friends. They were unable to keep her so we adopted her! She is a beautiful cat and has added joy to our household. Her travels across Iowa to her home today make her incredible! We love Farrah!
I love cuddling and laying in the sun☀️ My favorite sport is scratching my moms furniture ♥️
I named her Gemini due to her face being two different colors. Also her mommas a gemini;) Gemini loves cuddles and her older brother bailey. She loves to bask in the sun and her absolute favorite thing is chasing a laser light, i mean she loves it to so much that even when i pick up the light and the ring on it dangles and makes a sound she could be upstairs and i could be downstairs and she’ll hear it and come running.
Charlie has a very "I'm cute and I know it attitude" As he prances through the house
Nina is a 2 year old pit bull. She is very playful and loving, she loves getting into trouble. She loves playing with other dogs.
3years old mixed persian with a lobster hand🖖🏼, Live long and prosper.
Espurr was a neighborhood stray who just kept trying to come in our home... So of course, she lives here now.
Cat is my sons “baby”. She will follow him and wait for him by the door to come home. Adopted from the local shelter, I couldn’t say no when his face lit up for her. Literally had to drive him to his best friends house to show her off. She loves to get into places she doesn’t belong. Yes, she figured out how to get on top the pantry doors and into the walls.. lol. Don’t ask!
Chicken Aka “Brady” is the grumpiest cutest boy! He’s a big lover and his name chicken came from him making clucking sounds as a puppy! He is a Pomeranian yorkie mix, a porkie or if you will!
Patches loves to play, run and love cuddles. At only 4 weeks old. He is a very active kitty. Please vote for me!!!!
We found her the night before Thanksgiving 2021 freezing outside our house little did we know she would be out new baby.. now shes grown up and just hanging around. Shes a very smart cat ive been around cats my whole life but this one is totally different. We named her Miri because she was a miracle
Gracie Rose
Gracie is 3 and very loving, energetic and loves her walks.
Hyde is the goodest girl! She loves car rides, couch snoozin, and chasing squirrels. 🐾
Belle is the sweetest cat. She loves to be petted and will head butt you when you stop. She loves paper money and will steal it out of your purse.
Bill is a lovable 14 year old Himalayan boy that loves attention and to lay on me.
Draco loves the beach, squirrels, and his dog friends!! He loves to lay in bed with me and watch dogs on tv.
Alley loves snuggles, sun bathing, and sleeping in. 😻
MaryJane is an 8yo GSD/ Border collie mix rescue who I saved when she was a puppy! It was a rough year gaining her trust and getting her healthy. But here we are 8 years later! She loves to go everywhere with me she’s my best friend and my baby she looks tough! But in reality she’s a big ol softy that just wants to play and snuggle 🥰 she loves to go on adventures and smell the flowers 🌸
He like to play with his toys and watch out the window he a sweet kitty
diesel loves to play fetch , tug a war , swimming . over all he’s the best puppy ever ♥️
Howl likes to keep to himself mostly, but loves his “little” dog sister Margo. As you can see in his photo, he’s not a big fan of wearing a collar.
Margo is a very happy but calm Rottweiler/Lab mix. We rescued her from Tulsa Animal Welfare and we have all had a better life being with each other. She loves to lay on her back and play with her Narwhal or just snore like crazy. She also loves her 3 cat siblings.
Can convert anyone who doesn’t like cats into a cat lover within seconds🐱 Puss is 15 years old, so loving and he loves to be loved🥰❤️
My name is Kingston, I’m 7 months and I love getting into mischief! I enjoy chasing my sister sassy in the morning, watching the birds during the day and snuggling with my family at night.
This is Sheba she loves treats and naps in window! Plz vote Shebakitty!
Dosey Doe
He has a thing for straws every time someone has a drink he will take the straw out of the cup and play with it for days