Gary was adopted from the streets, now he wears sweaters.
Moose is a Great Dane / Pitbull Terrier mix. Moose loves all things living, often found helping his grandma get out/put away the chickens everyday; as well as assisting with collecting their eggs. Moose thinks all things smaller than himself is his babies. Foster kittens, guinea pigs, rats, babies. They’re Moose’s. Moose may not be a very good guard dog despite his size, but he sure tries.
Ruffles is 2 years old he's orange and white with orange eyes. I rescued him and gave him a forever home with my family along with his stepsister Frost who is also registered here in the contest. Ruffles loves to head butt me and reaches out to touch me with his adorable & lovable 💖
Fearless Faith and a total love bug 🥰🥰🥰
polydactyl On both front paws. Runt of little but sweet as can be but she can be a devils angel too…🥰
Sparky is a frenchie just living his life and showing his personality! he loves hanging out with his human and power naps! Follow his journey on IG sparky_thefrenchie
Sweetie loves cuddles, playing with her squeaky toys & annoying her cat brother Bear 🤍
He's a mama's boy. Always has to sleep on my lap or in my arms. Sometimes he sleeps with his tongue sticking out too. He's the cutest little lovebug.
Eleanor is named after the '67 Ford Mustang in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds. And she definitely lives up to her name, she is always on the go!
Evie is a sassy little girl with the sweetest heart. She loves cuddles, playing with her toys, and is very talkative!
Apollo is the best bad decision I’ve made in a long time. He is little but lacks a lot of attitude. He will chew his way into your heart with that face. It’s hard to tell him no. ❤️
Mallee is a 9 year old pitty! She loves treats…. And treats… she saved my life more ways than one and love her so much! She’s the best!
Sylvee is such a loving girl. Always brings a smile to me, so funny! 💗
Abby is a very sweet and energetic little girl. She loves going for walks with her mom and making new friends.
Nismo really just loves to be included in everything we do. He is always down to tag long on a roadtrip or go camping. Anywhere we are he wants to be too.
She’s super friendly but a little skiddish until she gets to know you but is the biggest sweetheart and extremely smart she loves chasing lasers and eating bread for some reason😂
Rusty loves attention he has a very unique pattern on the side of his body looking like a love heart, he loves to adventure outside.
Pigeon is our beautiful female mink ragdoll which means she is not only rare, but she has a gorgeous violet hue to her long silky coat. She is fond of boxes and loves to loaf around
Max is the most in your face nosiest need to know everything boy ever. If he’s not involved nothing matters what he says goes and we just are all here in his world
Hudson is a mysterious cavoodle and loves adventures. He loves his siblings (hailey dog, and 2 guinea pigs, he is very loving and loves to meet new and people
She’s the smartest cat I’ve ever had! She gives hugs, have fives, kisses on nose, and listens so well with small commands like come here and stay and when she’s doing something she’s not supposed to all you gotta say is cloverrrr and clap twice lol :) she is also part Siamese but idk what she’s mixed with
Lennie is a Great Pyrenees Shepard mix who is full of energy from sun up to sun down. Don’t blink because you never know where he is going to be.
He’s such a supportive cat for my sick husband always with him no matter what
Pretty Girl
She was born in a barn alongside the Colorado river in Laughlin, Nevada. I got her at six weeks old, and she's been by my side since. She's like a moving piece of art, so elegant. But there's always that air of mischief in her that makes her want to get into things so curious and adorable. She's definitely got my heart and I've had many animals.
She is my angel sent from God ...I lost my husband of 18 yrs suddenly just after getting her and I just don't think I would be here right now without her! She sleeps with me, checks on me and kisses me when I need to smile. I thank God for her everyday! She is almost a year old ...her gotcha day is on 7/5/23 and during this past year I am constantly amazed at her personality and zest for life! She is always right there front in center to make me smile or to just listen to me talk about things....what a blessing she is!
Handsome with bad attitude. Likes to play keep away. And loves sleeping in my curves. Great watch dog & has a cat friend named Cleo.
“Blusie” Blu is the coolest, chill, fun, nice, and very laid back kitten ever! Absolutely loves humans esp. the ones that live in his kingdom! He greets everyone who walks through the door and then rolls over on his back for belly rubs. He will even bring over a toy for anyone who wants to engage in playtime or being tagged by him.
Loves to stick his head in my shopping cuz he knows I always get him something. Also loves to drop that said something in the bath or sit on your feet when you’re using the toilet or cooking dinner. Oh and he loves sharing a steak with his daddy!
She has a great personality. And loves my other Cat and my dog a lot. She cuddles with both of them.
Ralph’s a sprocker spaniel, anyone that knows him knows he’s a crazy, loveable little boy, enjoys a good bum scratch and loves playing ball. He loves everyone no matter who they are and always loves to say hello to anybody he can X
Pawsha is born from 22 toed pixie bobcat and Norwegian forest he was the biggest one of the liter of 5.hes vocal and everything and extremely smart.
Liberty Lee Dixon
I retired from my job at Ft. Bragg at the same time they changed the name to Ft. Liberty. So, I named her Liberty and her middle name comes from Ft. Lee.
Taz is the bestest boy, and he gives the best lovings! He loves the nip and likes to show off his extra thumbs!
Hiiii my name is zues and im a 1 year old male tri coloured English bull terrier most people are scared of me but its just how i look i would never hurts any one i love to play and explore but most of all i love treats and my brush i have my family who love me n i love them ♥️
I rescued socks almost 2 years ago from the field beside my house. Somebody just dropped her off and I started taking care of her. She’s so sweet. She let me rub her belly.
Draco is a furry lovable kitten. He loves to play
Paisley is so gentle and loving. Loves to cuddle, play and acts like the boss. Yes she is the Boss!
Gus loves to be at home with his Dad, ride in the car (although he’d rather drive) and chase bunnies in the yard. He’ll do just about anything for a treat. Actually…scratch that. He’ll absolutely do anything for a treat!
Enzo And Luna
Enzo is the white/flame-point and Luna is the gray/tabby. They are brother and sister who are completely inseparable. 🥹🥰😻
She loves attention, and food. She will probably eat just about anything you give her. She's full of energy and enjoys running around. She'll even give you a big smile when you walk in the door.
Reggie is a sweet Pomsky. He likes walks and absolutely loves pet. His favorite treat is Yak Cheese chew bones
Sweetheart who absolutely loves feather stick toys, chasing lazer lights and cuddling up to her human mom. But still has her own independent tortie attitude.
up to mischief as per usual😂
She is a friendly little princess! She loves to give kisses, she is very playful and travels quite frequently! :)
My loving girl, she loves the camera 😆
He is now a 1 and a half year old Pit Bull/Rottweiler mix and doesn't really require too much correction to get him to listen 😊. He loves being outdoors, snuggling with the family (especially the kids lol) and to squeak his squeaky toy non-stop 😂. He has such a big ❤️ and just loves to love 😊. Couldn't ask for a more well behaved, loveable pup ❤️.
Minky wearing funky glasses
Loves attention in any way 😂 especially from her momma 🖤 Lilly also loves to sleep everywhere and anywhere