Dog cat Stories - 87


We are all in this together, no matter your location, the rona-rona-rona has no discrimination. Let's stand together as one nation so we can get out of isolation! #staycation #staysafe
This is Mia, she has been in our lives for 4 weeks now and she is a crazy puppy. She has a big personality and we love her so much!
Poppy loves to play with her favourite ball, she loves treats. She loves to snuggle under blankets
We found rona in an alley in some rubbish Very skinny and dirty We have had her for a little over a month now She had a surprise for us herself.........she is expecting some fur babies any day now 🥰🥰🥰 So glad we found her and gave her the home she and her babies deserve
Hi this is Garfunkel, he is Maine coon tabby mix. He loves to play and cuddle. His favorite thing in the world is to rocked like a baby before bed.
Jackson is a cuddly fatso! He loves food and snuggles. He is a rescue cat who loves all people!
Gemma was adopted in late 2017. She loves going for walks on her leash and riding in her stroller. She is an amazing little cat. I adore her. ❤️🐾
Millie is a fresian cross welsh cob horse and she is 19 years old and loveeees eating !
Sukie is part samurai, with strong ninja climbing & jumping abilitys. Shes amaizing
Hi my name is Bella. This was my first vacation picture. I kicked mommy and daddy out of the bed.
Kaisha is 12 years old and doesn't skip a beat. She knows her colors. She loves to play fetch, frisbee, and volleyball. She is a talker. Sometimes she talks so much that we can not hear the tv. She's amazing. The best dog ever!
Doobie is a 15 year old very intelligent, friendly and happy Schnoodle. He is also very expressive and loves to voice his opinion often! He loves his mommy and his teddy bear that he's had since he was a puppy when he came to live with his mommy and human brothers. When he gets his belly full, he picks up his teddy bear and let's his mommy know it's nap time by following her around with teddy bear. He then jumps up in his bed and carefully lays on top of teddy bear with teddy nose in his mouth like he's nursing. He's always done this since he was a puppy. Doobie is a sweet little boy and also an only furbaby. He does however love other animals very much. He has a friend next door, Marley, a great Pyrenees that he loves to visit when he can. He's never feared bigger dogs. Admired them I think. He has two human brothers, both grown up and moved out that he loves very much also and loves to go visit them also. He really likes to go "bye-bye" with mommy and get buckled into his booster seat and go sight seeing.
Mia is a very energetic troublemaker but also sweet as pie (when she wants to be). She loves laying in the sun and cuddling with her big sister
Boo is 9 weeks old and very playful. She loves a cuddle and sleems ALOT. Lovely nature.
Kali is a lovely natured boy and loves attention. He will chase you upstairs to be you and doesn't like to be on his own.
When I got Oscar he was a baby and wasn't on a very good diet, we gave him the home of his dreams ♥️
Rocco is a 12 week old Bullpei and a very Cheeky Chappy. The first born of a litter of 11, with a little help by my partner, he knows what he wants and likes to toe the line and push boundaries, generally a happy dog and always happy to learn. He especially loves his walks, and annoying his dad Archie! (Also seen in one of the pictures). Rocco is a delight and a welcome addition to our family!
Lil Dude Is Paralyzed
Lil Dude just turned a Year old This Month 3weeks ago he was hit by a car no one stopped to tell me i found him clinging to life, he stayed with our family vet for two weeks before i brought him home, he is paralyzed from the waist down he has had a collapsed lung broken, ribs broken Broken Front arm & damaged to his spine as to why he cant walk.... I would love to see my BabyBoy be able to run and swim again.... He lives with 3 siblings of the litter of 12 Plus The Mama as well.... We Have a ponds he loved to swim in and chase birds, he loves Bones and sticks to chew on.... Lil Dude Was The Runt Of the Litter, This money would go to fixing my Lil Dude... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Franklin is a lovable little boy. Loves going to work. Franklin is employee of the month, every month! He loves going on car cruises and car shows. He's a busy boy, hence why he's so buff. But his very favorite thing to do is snuggle with his momma.
Machi is the baby. He runs through the halls crying and mewing until you pet him and can do a “Machi up” where he stands on his hind legs for pets. He’s a big boy that LOVES suckling his blanket.
Benji is a very loving boy who is cheeky and very playful. He is so friendly and loves giving kisses and cuddles. He always sits by the cupboard looking at you until you give him a treat, he is too cute to resist. Please vote. Thank you x
We rescued Bandit at 4 years old, he has an enormous personality and is so smart. He loves his tennis balls more than anything in the world 🎾❤️
Tui is a such a sweet girl and loves to play!
Hi, my names Benny and I’m a 3 month old Australian Shepherd! I love going on adventures with my mom and dad and chasing all of the leaves that are falling off the trees. I’m a big kisser and cuddler but I also have a lot of energy so I’m always ready to play!
He is hyper active friendly and he is one years old
Goose is a energetic, lovable goofball. She doesn't let the fact that she can't hear get in her way at all. She loves people and loves being outside!
This is Kipo! She's an American Akita crossed with a Bullmastiff. She loves playing with any other dog she finds and runs so fast her giant paws can't keep up!
Remy is a 7 month old tabby. He loves walks outside on a leash and loves his treats. Remy is a loving cat who acts just like a dog. Remy loves water so much he jumps in the shower when it’s on. He has the biggest personality there is for a kitten
When I found Mike he was under a pound, just under 5 weeks old, and had burned paws. Now he is a happy, energetic, loving kitten. Vote for Mike!
She is a character within herself. Boundless energy from playing fetch, to sleeping to just curious about life!
Loki was named after Thor's brother Loki who is the God of Mischief, and I think that title fits him so well 😂 He's a little troublemaker but he's also the sweetest little kitten you'd ever meet. He likes to attack everyones feet, but he also loves to cuddle and lick your face. His most notable feature is his beautiful blue eyes. They're so blue! I'm jealous of his eyes quite frankly lol. Thank you so much if you decide to give a vote to Loki! ♡
Garfield is full of personality! He loves receiving attention in the form of scratchs on the chin and down his back. He is a verbal cat and will let you know that he loves you with his meows and purs. He really does love his chicken and ham so much that he will actually grab you by the wrist and take the food away from you, he is a muscular cat after all.
Layla loves everyone and everything. She loves long runs on the beach, finished by belly rubs and treats!
"Girls just wanna have fun" that's what Cocoa says! This Doberman pincher is all about cuteness. She brings sunshine to her Dad and I every day since we rescued her!!!!
Sweet Jane
🐈‍⬛Sweet Jane enjoys not being kidnapped at her empty breakfast bowl and not get locked in a kittycat prison box then not going for a drive to the vet's office where she REALLY LOVES TO BE NOT DROPPED OFF FOR A DAY OF NO DENTAL SURGERY. These are a few of Jane's new FAVORITE THINGS NOT TO DO! (So, last Monday was NOT Jane's favorite day.) Last Monday: Jane just had $1000 worth of dental work today. She'd been concealing SERIOUSLY MONSTROUS PAIN for i dunno how long. I'm a HORRIBLE PERSON. 🐈‍⬛🔙Holds a PhD in Hiding From Me...I dunno where she keeps it.🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛
This is my baby girl suzie. She was found in a dumpster and was brought to the vet clinic my wife worked at.she was less than a week old. I fell in love with her. She use to sleep under my beard for comfort. Now she lays on my chest against my beard and always has to be next to me.
Princess Mia
#PrincessMiaThermopolisPrincessOfGenovia😻 was adopted; her former name was Cher (Sonny her brother went to another home.) She loves the sun, toys and sitting out on the porch. She was a great little sister to her brother Sambuca that just passed at the age of 21. We miss him terribly.
Super sweet cat! Loves everyone!
Patton love and his his family aNd his bed and his toys
Winni loves to play with his cousin shadow and winni loves car rides and loves to lay in the grass:) winni is named after winnie the pooh, winni is only 6 months old and he’s absolutely huge!! His dad is a tabby cat so he gets the bigness from his dad. Winni loves to play with his toy mice and he loves to play with his treat toy also!
Gracie is a Havanese. She loves to chase “the light” (laser pointer). She likes to be outside but also enjoys cuddling in bed with mama. Her favorite food is wet canned dog food and she will literally SHOVE me with her front paws to get up and get her some! Haha
Hi everyone! This is millie, a Lhasa apso from Swansea. She was a rescue who we adopted when she turned 7 and we fall in love with her more and more each day. Millie loves walks and especially going to the park to watch the ducks swim along.
Taylor was given to us from a friend almost 7 years ago and we don’t know her exact age but she’s around 10 years old. She is the most cuddly and loving cat ever, she loves sitting on laps and being pet and has never scratched or bitten anyone, she also has the most awkward, raspy, unnatural meow that nobody can explain.
Sweetie is only 2 years old and is extremely loving! She loves to sing and play with her mouse! She was a rescue from a local animal shelter!
Gigi is 16 years old! I rescued her from our local animal shelter! She is very smart and very loving!
She's the cutest tiger striped cat around
I play fetch ! :)