Kholebee loves his Star Wars mousy and he will bring me everyone he finds in the middle of the night to bed
My Nala is the craziest, most energetic loving kitty. At about 5 months old she loves chasing her toys, climbing anything in her way, and most of all snuggling with mom to sleep every night. Vote for my sweet Nala!
Little Miss
This is Little Miss. She’s a highly opinionated but completely lovable girl. She loves to chase the red dot, play with catnip toys, and sleep. I wouldn’t trade her for a thing!
This is Kitty. He won’t answer to any other name beside Kitty…I’ve tried! He loves cuddling but is also feisty and can get an attitude. He followed me while I was out for a walk and he was determined to come home with me! He loves to eat Meow Mix treats and fighting with his brother! Vote for my beautiful baby!
Jack is a stray that I found almost 7 years ago. He LOVES fancy feast food…only to lick all the gravy off! He loves to fight with his brother but is one of the sweetest boys. He loves to cuddle and get into trouble! Vote for my big little man!
Kai is my emotional support soul fur baby. We, also, share a birthday! He HAS to walk in front of me at all times and he will sleep at the top of my head, even pet me. Kai “knows” English, Korean and French. He scoops his food into his mouth rather than eating like every other fur baby and is as attached to me as I am to him. I like to say he saved me instead of me adopting him. 💜🌷🥰
Yeon is the baby of the family! He was rescued out of a hoarder’s home in North Carolina. No one wanted to adopt him because he has a concave chest (condition the vet said would not affect him and trust me it has not!). He is the most social butterfly, loving all people and animals. He is also my contortionist! Yeon loves hugs, cuddles, playing with everything and is his older brother, Kai’s, emotional support if we need to drive in the car. He loves skating around in paper bags and hiding in boxes to play “Peek A Boo”.
Pickle is loveable, friendly and quirky making him a special part of the family. He suffers with crystals and has had a few operations for this. Has been touch and go but he's on a special diet and is doing well. He sadly lost his brother in January 2020 when he was put to sleep at just 2 years old. Pickle is my life, my baby and is spoilt rotton. He deserves everything after what he's had to go through at such a young age.
Meowdy! I’m Luna - a five year old Scottish Fold living my best life in a Michigan. My favorite things are treats, bird watching out my window and snuggin my mom 😸
Hi! I’m Willow - a five year old bug hunting, canned food loving Scottish Fold. I enjoy FRAPs, smelling faces(weird, I know) and waking my mom up in the middle up the night demanding aggressive head scritches 🤣
He’s a very funny cat! Besides when it thundered and he ran into the wall 🤣
I get the zoomies all the time!! I love jumping and doing tricks! I can play fetch with straws and I like chasing my big brother around the house! I love snuggling up under mum and dads blacket in bed❤️
I love cuddles and burying myself in my mums hair! I like when Dad lets me hunt for flys in the house! I love paw dancing on fluffy blankets❤️
We have recently adopted Lilly from the Riverdale Animal Shelter a few months ago. She is loving, crazy, sassy and is the perfect addition for our family ❤️
Chip's parents are working dogs on farm in Gloucestershire. He grew up on hay in a wooden paddock inside a stable. I guess the 1st time he saw the inside of a house was when he saw ours here in London. He's simply the best and so intelligent .... it takes him hardly any time to learn the name of a new toy or to do something special. Frisbee mad, and really good at it. Boundless energy, but at the same time the most tactile and gentle member of our small family.
I’m Mia a puuuurfect kitty. Enjoy my pictures coz I have nine lives to share with y’all 😻😻
English springer spaniel cross Siberian husky. 10 years old
My name is una I am my mommys whole world. Im spunky, loves to give kisses, loves fuzzy blankets, and anything that squeaks. I love playing with my big brother who is literally huge! I hope you vote for me so my mommy can spoil me even more.
Fraser loves kids and other dogs All he wants to do is play and sleep. He’s a lover
Deacon is a golden retriever kelpie cross. He is 10 weeks old and just adorable!
Mugsy is a very energetic boxer. He loves to run around the house and chew on everything. 9pm he is out for the night.
Pol is 11 weeks old and lives on a farm near the coast. She like chewing anything that moves or things she is not supposed to chew. She also enjoys weeing on the kitchen mat, eating drinking and the occasional zoomie.
He loves playing in paper bags. I rescued him from the vets office I work at . He is a lovable sweet boy.
Sandy is a rescue, who is very smart and loves playing with her toys, she is a great family member, who hates when i go to work. She loves learning new tricks, amd running.
Zeus is a boystrous cheeky chappy and mischievous loves to play ans torment my other cat . Hes a beauty and hes loved so much
Ophelia is my five week old kitten and she has no litter mates and so is a solo baby for her mum Beth so gets all of her undivided attention and ours! She is already very clever and every time we see her, she makes our hearts melt
Willow is a typical savannah.... Wild & fast but soppy & loving also. 9pm is happy hour for willow.... Its play time until she crashes out on her blanket
Boo Boo
Boo Boo is a sweet girl that loves to be in company always. She loves to chase any flying insect.
Pip is sweetest kitty! He loves cuddling mom and meeting new faces 🥰
A big softy shskes bum with tail and lov3s cuddles
Blue loves to go out to the back yard and see the birds and chase insects. He loves to eat and sit by the window.
We call Bruce a “porkypoo” he’s a cross between a Yorkie and a poodle whose a bit porkie so we were creative. He loves and lives life to the max- forever smiling. I thank him every day for being a kind boy.
Gus was adopted from a rescue in Pennsylvania on Sunday August 14th after the loss of our longtime family pet Miley. We immediately fell in love with Gus and his cuddly personality but he quickly became ill and needed extra attention and care with medicine and was really nursed back to care by my teenager during a trying time for our family. Gus has been an absolute lift for us all the past few weeks and I know he found us when I thought it was me that found him!
Daisy has a dog personality and loves to fetch the ball. She is more lively at night. And loves her food.
Our Penney is a good guard dog. She’s popular in our mobile complex. She gives comfort to our elderly neighbor(s) who are under the weather and she’s good with toddlers and kids.
Bethany was born to a stray cat at our house, and the mother left so of course we took her in! She has opened my heart and filled our lives with so much love! She’s 4 months old and loves to play! One of her favorite games is fetch😂 She is sweet, spunky, and a little miracle! She is named after Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation!
Bobby is a 16 week old kitten, how is extremely confident and sassy but has a loving side. He loves playing with his Best friend our bunny Nala, he loves to snuggle and give you kisses, he’s a beautiful boy
Harley is a romanian rescue ,shes adorable and just wants to be loved and give love .considering her poor start in life i think shes come good .xx
Stout is the sweetest little soul who loves everyone and anything including but not limited to: cuddles, shopping carts, car rides, peanut butter, tug o war, the beach, kids, fetch, and his favorite toy lamb.
Peanut is 11 weeks old. She is a special little dog with an addictive personality, she is so cute and full of attitude. “You don’t own a Dachshund, they own you.”
Senna is all paws! She makes the best biscuits in Kentucky!🖤
This little blueberry muffin loves to try and eat plastic, his favorite thing🤗
Hi iam lolla iam 4months old and i love playing in my cst house,i love my belly bein stroked and winding up my big sister ❤️ ialso love going to sleep on my mommy i just love life xxx
She Ra
She loves cuddles and always up to mischief
Darby is an adorable big cat who loves to be loved on. He will swat at you to come rub his head. He is also a little turkey who thinks it’s funny to chase the other cats. His best friend is Izzy.
Daisy May
Hi my name is Miss Daisy May. I’m a 12 week old 2 pound rescue. I’m a very sweet girl who loves everyone and other animals. My favorite thing to do is to go on outing’s with my human sister in her cat backpack. Please help me get some votes for how beautiful I am.
Rosko is the best, you don’t have to say much cause everybody knows he’s the best. We adopted him from the shelter four years ago for 20 bucks, and it’s been the best 20$ we ever spent. he loves all things cheese and ranch, despises balloons and rain sticks.