Kobe enjoys almost anything and everything. But his favorite thing to eat are his Salmon treats. He speaks to everyone when he enters the room. And loves to take baths.
Maximus Tot Andrew Mitchell is the name i love to attack my mommys face (: im only 8 weeks old and weight almost 2 lbs i might be a dwarf cat my mom keeps saying! Idk what that means but I love it lol
Pretzel is a golden retriever puppy who LOVES people, she also loves cuddling with her brother simon, a 3 year old cat!
Zena is a sweet yorkie that is very protective of her momma. She attacks every dandelion she sees and makes sure to look and see if i was watching when she did it.
Maverick is so kind hearted. If you r sad, he is sad. If you r happy, he is happy. Also he jumps really high and while up in the air he wiggles!
He’s a sweet, loving 24lb Tabby! Punk is a rescue, we found him at about 8 weeks and have lived him since. He will only eat can food that has gravy!
Dahlia is a bullboxer mix. She is the sweetest girl! She’s always trying to cuddle with our cats (even if they aren’t huge fans of her, haha). She’s also such a smart pup - she knows so many tricks (stand, spin, & whisper are some of our favorites)!
Buddy is very playful cute and fluffy He likes to climb
Bellatissima Garnett Smith
Bellatissima is a tabby cross Bengal, ultra fluffy, and ultra sassy! An absolute daddy’s girl that gets fed top side beef when ever she looks cute (all the time)! She opened her bakery up Friday 21st of January 2022! Hobbies include: napping, purring, making bread, loafing on the window sill, and playing with the plants!
Slick is a goofball and loves to smile. He’s a happy boy who loves you.
I was saved from being a bait dog. Im super sweet, loving, and smart. I love playing fetch, and i love kids. Cuddles are my favorite thing 💙 Im full blooded American Staffordshire, AKC. I love to play, cuddle, and sleep.
Penelope loves her treats and playing with her tether ball. She sleeps in my lap alot and is very affectionate. Shes a lil sassy sometimes too 😊
Babie Girl
Babie Girl is going to be 18 years old and she loves to take long walks in her stroller, she raised on people food, she still can run circles around me and she is also my medical support animal
I like to bird watch, curl up on beds and go for long walks.
Luca is a 6month old kitten who is very energetic. Luca loves to play and loves cuddles. He also loves his treats very much but nothing more than Tuna.
He is a rescue cat and he is 20 years old!🥰 So vote for him he is really old☹
ROSCOE is a very smart 11 year old male. He loves to be outside looking for trouble.
Hi I am Bubba and I am a bit naughty at times but otherwise absolutely adorable. I love to cuddle and play. Join me for some adventures. Love you all x
Cuteness overload!!!!
Hi my name is Pablo and I am absolutely adorable ! Join me for some adventures and let’s get voting! Pablo will give you “high five” for a vote ✋🏼
she is my crazy baby going to be 2 in august and she loves to be outside
Niña is a very loving dog that hates seeing humans sad. She'll try to win your heart by stealing your attention... like running away with your phone.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane, aka MJ, is a 12 year old calico. Don't let her cuteness fool you tho, she is also a VERY feisty little old lady kitty. She had a rough start to life, so she's been spoiled rotten with love and treats ever since. She's not just my fur baby, she's also my best little buddy and my emotional support kitty, and I'd be lost without her! 😻 Vote for MJ!
Mary Jane
Mary Jane, aka MJ, is a 12 year old calico. Don't let her cuteness fool you tho, she is also a VERY feisty little old lady kitty. She had a rough start to life, so she's been spoiled rotten with love and treats ever since. She's not just my fur baby, she's also my best little buddy and my emotional support kitty, and I'd be lost without her! 😻 Vote for MJ!
Abi was rescued after her whole family was eaten by coyotes. She gets frightened when going outside due to her old living conditions. Now she's an inside cat that loves to pose for pictures.
The cutest little cuddle bug that puts a smile on everyone's face. X
Lynard Skynard
Lynard is such a happy dog, and that smile proves it! He loves to chase his bouy just about as much as he loves his human. Hes such a good boy.
We found Renji as a newborn kitten outside all alone and took him inside, bottle fed him, and have had the best cat ever since. He's a house cat who follows me around like my shadow, snuggles with me whenever I'm in bed, and plays fetch with his toys! He is named after a favorite anime character and for the markings on his head.
Rukia is a Pit/Lab/Boxer mix. She is named after an anime character. She is an oversized lap dog who runs fast and loves playing fetch.The bigger the stick, the happier she is to chew on it.
This is Zoe! She is a young cat that loves to sun bathe & play with her other feline pals! She loves her toys especially. Zoe is a very affectionate cat, she loves all attention on herself, treats are also one of her favorites!
our nova is so sweet and cute!! She loves to go on walks- or just be outside in general, loves to cuddle( very needy), eat treats, super energetic- but loves her naps! she loves car rides to go get pup cups!
A call from a member of public saved this Special Eye Boy. He was about 16wks old, eating from bins. Cats Protection intervened & thankfully caught him. They noticed a red “blob” over his eye, unfortunately the vet couldn’t save it & were unsure if it would be safe for him to be an outdoor cat. He was VERY timid an so so so scared. It’s taken a very long time for him to trust humans (apparently it was children being cruel with objects!). I have let him be in control of his environment and 4 years later he’s still a bit skittish & definitely does not like children. He has a safe space to hide in my bedroom, but boy oh boy he has become such a character!! He makes me smile EVERY day with his funny antics and is very vocal!! He loves sleeping in the crook of my knees and wakes me by tapping my face 🥰. I’ve had a catio built with tree trunks, branches & lots and lots of toys so he can get plenty of fresh air!! I’m so blessed Seb came into my life. We are good therapy for each other 😻😻😻
Rocky loves to run & play & take car rides ! He is great with other animals & loves children too !!
Khole is a fun and loving energetic sassy she loves to held and messaged
Winnie is a year old Cocker Spaniel who is my wonderful ESA and working on becoming a service dog!
Noah is the most loving, affectionate tabby/Bengal mix. He loves heights, hide and seek. Very playful.
Named after my mother that passed march 23rd rosie was born on my moms birthday!
Wilson is as cat as cat gets! He loves any kind of food, chasing bugs, and climbing trees. His favorite toy is his monkey. He will throw it around the yard and chase it for hours!
Chester is 14 years old. He loves treats, ice cream, and belly rubs. His favorite toy is his tie dye string!
He is a sweet boy who defends his humans an is wild and living his best life with all his neighborhood human friends an us
Sugar Baby
We got SUGAR BABY at a dog kennel, adoption agency in Heber springs ar. As u can see he loves the water n being outdoors. I think u should VOTE for sugar baby because he survived the kennel 3 times n he’s a very good n lovable dog too be around. SO VOTE FOR SUGAR BABY !!
Snowball is a one-of-a-kind cat. He loves to be around everyone. If people come to visit, he runs up to them and sniffs them and licks them. He is very nice to his brother and sister. He also loves to play with his food. He bats his kernels around the whole house and runs after them. He loves to talk to us and knead his blanket. If we are not by him, he calls for us to come be with him. He also loves to people watch. He perches himself on top of the chair in the front room window and people watches for hours. He also loves to be on high places. We have his bed on top of the dining room table, and he constantly loves to sleep on the table and lounge on the table while we eat. He is very well-behaved and doesn’t try to eat any of our food. He also loves to lay on his back and have his legs and front paws up in the air. He always makes us laugh because he loves to wake his mama up every morning by jumping on her chest and licking her nose. If he doesn’t get to do that, he looks lost for the rest of the day. He loves to greet his mother when she comes home from work. He also loves to visit his grandparents. When they come over, he loves to visit with them and sit on top of the couch they are sitting on. Sometimes he likes to put his head and paws on their shoulders. Snowball is not only pretty on the outside, but also on the inside, and we feel he is a worthy nominee for this contest.
Max is loving, love to play with anyone. He loves watching animal program.
Cooper is very sweet loving energetic , he loves to cuddle and loves to be around anyone.
Rip is the most loving, playful, & friendly dog. He enjoys anything outside. From ball in the backyard to chasing birds on the island. He swims like a fish & loves chasing bugs.
Peanut is my baby he is SPOILED ROTTEN, but u know all dogs are lol just a little bit he is 2 years old and his birthday is November 10 2020 I got he right before covid hit when I got him he was 8 weeks old when took him home (it was a hour and a half drive but we got home and then he was pretty scared but when had him for a day or so and he didn't feel good so we had to take him to the vet then later figure out that he had parvo it was one of the hardest time for me But my strong puppy got through it and is now stronger then ever.
I’m the sweetest boy who can’t stand to be apart from my people. I just have so much love to give ❤️