This is a female I typed the wrong name it is miracle she tried so hard to get away when I was trying to catch but because the eye infection made her blind couldn’t run from me she is a wonderful cat and her spirit as a kitten is what makes her such a loving cat now
Paulie Walnuts
Paulie walnuts loves long walks on the beach as shes a beach babe and playing fetch, but when shes indoors herself and her sidekick mittens the cat enjoy play fighting. She loves laying beneath the piano and listening to the smashing pumpkins or guns and roses beings played on it as it mellows her out and she falls straight to sleep
Mittens is a very loving calico cat, she loves nothing more than play fighting with her best friend paulie walnuts her female dog companion
9 months old- loves pouncing on his mouse toy and loves his cat tunnel.
Bella likes her toys. and playing with other dogs. She has loads of energy and so loving.
Kimba loves walks, playing in water and belly rubs. He is a bundle of goofy love
Oliver is the sweetheart. He loves nothing more than having a cuddle when your in the middle of gaming!
Poppy is a very cheeky pup. She is 8 months old. She is a bundle of joy! She enjoys stealing socks and shoes!
Hi, my name is Diesel. I am a 3 year old Doberdoof. My hobbies include trying to chew everything, playing with toys, stealing shoes and invading personal space.
She will be 3 in October, likes to talk all the time, very goofy,full of energy, loves to go on long walks, and she is a big teddy bear!!
Rya is a loud and silly boy, always keeping us and our neighbours entertained.
Memphis is a handsome old boy who loves nothing more than a good cuddle under a blanket with his favourite people
Agh ! Not another bath !? 😶
Peppa is Lilys daughter who loves to nap and cuddle up with us. She is always up for a good snuggle and show her LOVE.
He loves going out he has the right name and he gives big bear hugs, he also loves everyone and every dog
Crusoe loves the beach, chasing his ball and just chilling out with his human family
Sawyer was an amazing Cat. He was very friendly, loved Sunbathing, and enjoyed playing Fetch. He did not like Catnip, being alone, and Dogs. He was an Indoor Cat and he was found by a Dumpster. He was my sweet boy always sleeping with me and was the first to welcome me home after my 5 months in the Hospital. He just recently passed away at the age of 2 years old unexpectedly, part of me went with him, and I was wanting to make him a profile in remembrance.
Franky is such a loving little man. Loves walks and children. Loves to play chasings. Sometimes he thinks he's bigger than he is and trys to take on the big puppies. 😂
Mikey has a cute smile! His bottom right canine goes up over his lip. It is a crooked smile, however cute!
Randall is the sweetest of all sweet boys. He was saved from being a feral cat to the indoor sweet life. He's got the tiniest lil squeak of a meow but it speaks volumes. He loves to play catch with his favorite mouse toy. Loves watching birds and squirrels in his favorite window and on my phone as well when they aren't in good view from the windows. He's a lil spunky dude that loves to inspect his hooman's food/drinks by sticking his snout right in it (hence one of the pictures in his collection). He's a great cuddler and loves to wake ya up with a purring headbutt. He's also got a special lil hook tail that makes it catch on random things sometimes, which adds to his specialness. And he absolutely loves his belly rubs.
Sir Donald
Sir Donald is a diva in its truest form, playing and eating is what life is all about.
'My name is Birdy..wanna play?' She is scary but oh so cute n so so tiny
Acorn is a ginger gentleman that loves to play with his brother's, roll in the dirt and a whole lot of head bopping.
He is a year old. He weights over 100lbs. Loves to ride in car with his head out the sunroof
Scout was literally “born in a barn”. We picked him up from a farm were he was living with a bunch of dairy cows. He has been the most loving dog from the first day and greets everyone with crazy love whenever they enter the room no matter how long they’ve been gone and he’s sooo cute. We hit the lottery with this one.
Butch is a chill chihuahua. Large for his breed but so full of love. When he was a pup i didnt have a ball then so i would crumple up a dollar into a ball and play fetch. Little did i know that was teaching him to fetch money. He kept bringing me $20s and $10 and more. I wondered where he was getting them from. Turns out any time someone dropped or put money down he would fetch and bring to me....should have taken him to the bank,lol
Peeka is a very energenic, protective and lovable chiweenie. She loves hopping instead of running after seeing a rabbit for the first time when she was a puppy. She is all personality and nobody can stop her. Very determined and smart, she plays a big part in our family since we adopted her.
Einstein is very loving and a bed hog. Lol. Loves to play in the water. Like his namesake, he is very smart.
Ronan loves to play with anything that squeaks loves his walks and loves his mommy
Mreti loves cuddling and hopping around like a tiny bunny!
Hi I am Hank! I am an AKC Golden Retriever. I am very sweet and love people.
Hi! I’m Arya the AussieDoodle puppy. I was named after Arya in game of thrones. I am very soft and cuddly, and I love attention.
The friendliest little menace of Montreal. Loves to eat, sleep and long walks at the park 💁‍♀️
Red is a 5 year old AKC red poodle, he is a very sweet boy, and loves to hang out with the kids so he can get lots of attention. He has a lot of super cute puppies and is an amazing Dad. He is very goofy boy!
Vera Dax Toto
Our sweet baby is shy, on her time we are waiting for her to allow us to get closer. We adopted her from Catsbury Park. We are perfect fit for each other!
My name is Rocky and I will soon be 5 months old! I love to herd anything that runs, especially my two bother kitties and two brother humans! I’m the sweetest little man and love to kiss!
She just loves her momma. Anytime I get up out of my chair she jumps up and takes over my chair. If I ask her to get down she will nestle down and meow back letting me know she's not getting down, she's not going anywhere!!! She will nuzzle her face in the back of the chair thinking she is hiding. She's stubborn but absolutely adorable ❤️
Kona’s a full blood husky who loves all the attention! If she’s not begging you to play fetch she’s begging you to take a nap 🤣 she loves to smack your phone out of your hand if you don’t give her enough attention and then give you the biggest puppy eyes like she did nothing wrong 😌
Ralph was adopted from a county pound . He was a feral kitten when we adopted him 13 years ago. He is super chill. Loves to cuddle and play. ❤️❤️
WHERE DO I BEGIN…. Oh Morgan , how you have changed our entire world in more ways then one! Your energy your love and personality are just the start. Your brother just loves you to bits and loves beating you up and playing with you and we’ll just about everything that is you miss. He hates you when you don’t play or want some much needed space but misses you as soon as you go to bed! And we’ll I just couldn’t have gotten so damn lucky you are the most amazing girl and bestie friend
Buddy was born on Vhristmas Day, and at the time I wasn't really needing a puppy, i was just helping my friend with the labor process. Over time Buddy just always stuck by my side no matter what. Now he's my little Buddy with a BIG personality.
Sissy is a lovable fur baby! She loves to cuddle with the kiddos, sleep, and run around with the zoomies!
Umm… so Patrick isn’t actually a cat he just deserves the loveeee!!! Patrick is my hermit crab he’s my big baby and I just want him to be appreciated because lots of people think he’s mean and scary but he wouldn’t hurt a fly 🐚
Callie is my tortie outdoor cat. I recently moved last August and this baby happened to be living in the yard, she wasn’t friendly but I was determined to pet her. Every day I would sit with her outside till one day she let me pet her and pick her up. since then I’ve been taking care of her she’s my best friend and she made moving to a new place not so bad. Every day after school I’m outside with her sitting on a chair or playing with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion to spend my days with she’s sweet and fun. I’m taking photography class and took this photo of her in a tree playing with string hope you like it !
Since the day Wallie was brought home (6 yrs ago) he has always been a mamas boy and is always up for adventures that his mama takes him on. Even if that means taking 100s of photos to get that 1 perfect shot.
Dutchess is rescue that was adopted over 10yrs ago. She doesnt let the fact she has had 4 surgeries to remove cancer from letting her brothers know she is still queen bee.