Dog cat Stories - 88


Naddi loves to play with her squeaky tennis balls, and her little cat sister.
Archer is a sweet, loving boy that enjoys life to the fullest. He loves to run as fast as he can around the yard. His favorite thing to chew on is toilet paper.... we hide it from him now, haha!
Koa is a crazy one with loads of energy. She loves playing with her cousin (golden retriever) and her favorite thing to do is eat and play tug o war!
Super sweet, plays fetch, loves belly rubs, can sit and shake for treats and love chattering at the birds outside
Hello, my name is Bane! I am a good boy and will be eight years old in August! My hobbies include prancing while on walkies, laying on mom and dad’s clean clothes, and providing mom and dad with lots of exercise letting me in and out of the house repeatedly. 🐶🐾💙
Hello! My name is Iroh and I will turn one year old on April 20th. I am a very good and protective pup and often like to save mom from drowning in the bathtub by pulling her arm out. I also love good boy snacks and think I’m a 90lb+ lap dog still. 🐾💙🐶
Blaze is a good boy he loves to run and play and be with me he love to just cuddle and be around me I’m his momma
I like to play outside and I love toys!
Kenma is an Australian Shepherd who is a shy but very sweet. He has a sister Shiba and love to play outside.
Baxter is a rescue who actually rescued me. Such a cuddle bug and as you can see very photogenic.
He loves outdoors but loves his snuggles too! Was a rescue when I got him at 6 weeks old.
He is a extremely talented model, loves to attack others for no reason, can be kind occasionally lol and he loves me 🥰
Mac loves his treats and doing a “good watch”. He’s the best pup anyone can ask for
Grizzy loves treats and licking noses 🖤🖤
Worlds sweetest pupper. He is my kids best friend and is kind and sweet to everyone he meets
Hi, my name is Tara. I am a mixed breed of rottweiler and lhasa apso. I like to eat, sleep, and travel. I enjoy roadtrips and i love going to my favorite place - Dog Park. I love people, they are my best friends. 🥰😍
Leo Our Little Puppy
Leo is a dog that has overcome so much to be here. He just turned 4yrs old, for a pup that the vets thought wouldn't live 6 months, he is an inspiration to everyone who knows him. Leo loves to raise money to help other pets in need, so let's all join him, vote and help Leo so he can paw it forward & help save some lives! Thanks everyone!
Thompson is a Spanish rescue Flamepoint Siamese! He is the nuttiest cat I have ever known! He's my blue eyed boy, and I love him!
Stitch loves to lay on the windowsill to watch his friends and take long naps
Hello, I’m Jasmine. I love food, sunbathing, back and tummy scratches, and lots of kisses!
Dylan is a 7 year old domestic long hair cat. He has a huge personality and loves food and playtime.
Dug Wigglesworth
Sir Duglas Biggly Wigglesworth’s the name but everyone calls me Dug. I like sticks, tug of war and my moms shoes.
Bonnie Chanel
Cheerful, loving puppy. Bonnie is a many character and full of Energy. She’s simply a joy.
Woodrow is a mama’s boy. He about 11 years old. I’ve had him since he was 3. He loves being lazy and sleeping with mama every night. He has been many places with me and is my ultimate best friend. He is the best cat friend you could ever have. He is the sweetest baby❤️
Elvis is a half blind, half deaf, cleftie boy who is my whole world. He’s quirky, cuddly and super in love with the world.
I’m Enzo and I’m a spunky love and sweet little guy! I love to play fetch with my brothers and bath time! ❤️
Poe is a cat with wings. Will knock over things and stare at them wondering how it happened. Attacks feet. Occasionally fluffs up all cute like. Currently sitting on fake eggs and waiting for them to hatch.
Bubba is a big baby that the size of a horse . He less then year old and loves to run and keep running for miles. He never stops eating ... He so strong but biggest lover loves to cuddle and as you can see in picture he knows how to use the pouty lip.
Luna loves to run, play frisbee, and going on hikes
Wynter is a fun loving shih tzu she’s full of energy and loves going for walks.
Kai is the most loving puppy ever but don’t let the face fool you, any person he comes across is his personal chew toy, watch your ankles!
Sola enjoys wrestling with his older brother, Nova. Sitting in an open window and meowing at all the neighbors and napping with mom!
Love my crazy ball of energy haha! The most recent trick he is doing is chasing a ball of paper and bringing it back! He loves to play fetch like a dog and go for walks outside exploring everything in sight.
Max is a sweet marshmallow dog who loves to cuddle
Aspen is the biggest sock bandit you will ever meet. If she gets a sock in her mouth.....good luck getting it back!!!!🤣
Duke is a bouncy pup who loves splashing in waterfalls. Think the smile says it all!! He also makes the best blanket for his best pal Flynn!!!
Nibbles is the smartest Poodle in the world. He loves to play and jump. He loves everyone 💕. He is a fast runner. He loves to help Mommy.
Cooper is a blue tic daschund 🐾 he loves to play with his toys ,and loves to play with his brother & sisters. Loves going camping & going for long walks !!
Tido is known colloquially as the "Kibble King." His eyes look like cinnamon sunsets and he charms everyone he meets. Tido favors the "demi-sploot" with one leg under and one leg out. He is the silliest squeege ever!
Falcon loves chasing bugs and jumping high !
Bodhi is the best boy in the world! Loves walks, treats, his humans and to nap in the sun!
Athena is named due to her strength and perseverance. She was found as a 5 day old kitten alone and meowing. I bottle fed her and fostered her until i realized she was the one. Now we cuddle all day every day.
Lily is a goofy, fun loving loyal baby girl. She had a rough start, but is as strong as ever. She will do ANYTHING for a ball.
Simba is a quarantine kitty who is turning 1 year old this week! He is a wild soul who loves to play with his deer friends, but he also has a big heart and enjoys cuddling with his humans.
Cloud was a rescue cat. A few weeks after I got her the shelter she was in got shut down due to abuse of animals. We saved her just in time. She is a beautiful cat!
MAisie was a stray I was feeding. She just had to come and live with me. She is about 1 yr old.