Daisy has a dog personality and loves to fetch the ball. She is more lively at night. And loves her food.
Our Penney is a good guard dog. She’s popular in our mobile complex. She gives comfort to our elderly neighbor(s) who are under the weather and she’s good with toddlers and kids.
Bethany was born to a stray cat at our house, and the mother left so of course we took her in! She has opened my heart and filled our lives with so much love! She’s 4 months old and loves to play! One of her favorite games is fetch😂 She is sweet, spunky, and a little miracle! She is named after Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation!
Bobby is a 16 week old kitten, how is extremely confident and sassy but has a loving side. He loves playing with his Best friend our bunny Nala, he loves to snuggle and give you kisses, he’s a beautiful boy
Harley is a romanian rescue ,shes adorable and just wants to be loved and give love .considering her poor start in life i think shes come good .xx
Stout is the sweetest little soul who loves everyone and anything including but not limited to: cuddles, shopping carts, car rides, peanut butter, tug o war, the beach, kids, fetch, and his favorite toy lamb.
Peanut is 11 weeks old. She is a special little dog with an addictive personality, she is so cute and full of attitude. “You don’t own a Dachshund, they own you.”
Senna is all paws! She makes the best biscuits in Kentucky!🖤
This little blueberry muffin loves to try and eat plastic, his favorite thing🤗
Hi iam lolla iam 4months old and i love playing in my cst house,i love my belly bein stroked and winding up my big sister ❤️ ialso love going to sleep on my mommy i just love life xxx
She Ra
She loves cuddles and always up to mischief
Darby is an adorable big cat who loves to be loved on. He will swat at you to come rub his head. He is also a little turkey who thinks it’s funny to chase the other cats. His best friend is Izzy.
Daisy May
Hi my name is Miss Daisy May. I’m a 12 week old 2 pound rescue. I’m a very sweet girl who loves everyone and other animals. My favorite thing to do is to go on outing’s with my human sister in her cat backpack. Please help me get some votes for how beautiful I am.
Rosko is the best, you don’t have to say much cause everybody knows he’s the best. We adopted him from the shelter four years ago for 20 bucks, and it’s been the best 20$ we ever spent. he loves all things cheese and ranch, despises balloons and rain sticks.
I am a 3 month old mini goldendoodle who loves to play with my toys and learn new things daily!
Well the store tricked us this ant no cat lol
Eli is a good spirit a cat that has been alive for almost 15 years I think she deserves a vote!!!!
This is Leo! Rescued at 6 weeks old, not looked after very well but he is now 10 weeks old, thriving, full of life and he is just the most amazing kitty 🐱
Tucker The Fucker
The name says it all. 😈 The picture on the other-hand is false advertisement. 😇 He is saying sorry mom for ripping the whole roll of TP 🧻into shreds. 🙀
Maggie is a 3yr old rescue who was left to fend for herself. She is learning that living with a family and being loved are the only things she needs to make her happy.
Tom was found running in the middle of a busy roadway at around 4-5 weeks old. He was neutered at 4 months and is now a 30 pound spoiled baby.
Trixie was rescued along with her 5 other siblings from the middle of a hot desert. Since then she’s never been seperated from her borther Floquet. They do everything together. She loves to play rough with him and go on walks. She is happy doing her own thing and doesn’t ask for too much attention.
Raya is the most playful pup. She loves to chase birds, play with her toys, and her best friend Toker ( our pit bull). Her favorite place is up in the mountains chasing the squirrels.
This is our beautiful jimmy, he is a loveable and affectionate rescue cat, who loves the children as he knows when they go to school and when they come home, from very small to big kids he loves having a fuss from everyone who knows him and loves him. However today jimmy has lost his eye, but not his spirit, and nothing will stop him, and we will love him no matter what. So this will now be a treasured photo of him with his 2 eyes.
Harrison “Bubba” is the sweetest most crazy cat I’ve ever met. He loves his morning cuddles when my alarm goes off and cuddles right before bed. Other times he’s terrorizing the curtains and his cat tree 😂 best of both worlds!
We found midnight the weekend we moved into our 1st house. She was this tiny kitty. If you cry Midnight will come to you, meow and nudge you to console you.
Buttercup is a playful and loveable girl.. she likes to steal her dad's french Fry's and gives lots of kisses
This is our little bundle of cuteness, Cloudy. She is a sweet little girl who is almost 4 months old 😍. She is a lovely, curious, little kitten and we wouldn’t have her any other way. We love her to bits.
Jinji is the sweetest, funniest little guy you’ll ever meet. He loves everyone and is always down for some playtime, sometimes a little too much!
Loves people Afraid of loud noises Walks so close behind you he’s hard to see because if you turn around to look for him he turns with you
She may of been small but she was a fisty one. In April 2020 she passed over the rainbow bridge. She ruled over the fur children. May You Rest in Peace my sweet girl you are always in my heart.
Bambi is a street lady turned domesticated. Although she stays inside, she is a wild hunter in her land, ready to chase and play with her mice, monsters and birds. Her brother is her best friend, they chase each other during play times and sun bathe throughout the day. Bambi is a lady full of life, brave and curious in her playful and loving environment ❤️
Pippa is a wild free spirit, a lot like her dog Momma. She loves going on adventures and meeting new people and pooches. Pip is a sweet soul who knows when cuddles are needed- she is one special pup!
Teddy howls like a dog....
Ivy is the cutest Boarder Terrier eats carpet and pebbles. Loves having cuddles and playing in the garden
Bella sweet girl loves to ne with her family at all times and loves her naps too 💕
fifi is an energetic puppy. she loves whipped cream and watermelon. she also loves bullying her two older (cat) brothers.
Merlin is the happiest dog you will ever meet. He believes his soul purpose on earth is for everyone to pet and love him. Not only is he so lovable and snuggly, he self taught himself to recognize mental disorders and how to prevent or stop them. Everyone that’s close in his life he has a special connection with them. Speaking of special connections, he shares a very special connection with his blanket. He won’t sleep without it. Overall, he is a very good boy!
I need some more tennis balls to consistently get stuck under the sofa and probably not drop when I want it thrown. Good thing I'm cute though!
Petra is a adorable mischievous little girl she was born 24th June 2022 who loves playing with her toys also teddy's also loves her cuddles when she's tired
This is Conte. He is a goofball. He loves his food, treats, and hanging toys that he can seat at.
Stratus is my cutie pie. He’s such a sweet kitty. His favorite toys are mice that we can use to play fetch with him.
Nala is a very active 1 year old. She’s so loving.
Momma Girl
This is my momma girl she's a German shepherd husky mix she loves food an sleep but also likes too play.shes about 1 and a half months old.
Maximus was a four week old worm filled puppy rescued off the side of the road. He’s now over a year old living life and loving bananas!
I'm truly a good and pure innocent boy who just loves life even though I was just adopted a few months ago I love chewing on all the toys that I'm provided with and annoying my sister Oreo