Dog cat Stories - 88


He loves to go on long walks. Enjoys running. And is so goofy! He is a friendly guy who loves his daddy. :)
Riley Mae
She loves to love! But playing is also her biggest joy. She is full of spunk and sass. *:) p.s. like her momma lol
Jus a loveable pup that loves cuddles and attention
Nelly Purrtado
Nelly Purrtado is 1 year old, she was born on Christmas Eve, her favorite toy is a small piece of plastic that fell from my window, and she lives in the hometown of Sammi Sweetheart, Hazlet NJ!! can you say ICONIQUE
One of the sweetest little kittens ever had she's got a great personality very playful very cuddly she will just come up to you climb up your chest give you kisses
I’m one cheeky black beauty who is known as king 👑 Nero, and I want to take over the world 🌎 and run it with my Feline Family 😹😹😹
My name is Lilly! I love cuddles and sleeping on beds!
Male, 1/5 years.
This is Sandie! She’s our lovable, chaotic beagle. She loves to eat our socks and she’ll be straight at your plate the second you sit down. But we love her a lot, she’s the sweetest girl with a lot of love to give
Our big fluffy nugget just turned 1 year old, is very playful & loving, and weighs in at 80-ish pounds. He was adopted on National Pet Day and we love him SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! His breed is White Swiss Shepard, which is not recognized widely in the US just yet. Also known as a Berger Blanc Suisse.
I am a cute lovable dog. I love giving kisses and hugs. Most of all i am glad my mommy chose me over other dogs.
Sebastian Nicolai El-nachar
This is our King Sebastian. I purchased him from PetSmart and the poor thing has severe anxiety. Literally everything scares him but we go out of our way to make sure he feels safe, and secure in everything we do. He is such a love giver. All day cuddles, all day love from this one. He rules the house and that’s okay 💙 that’s what we wanted when we bought him!
Cleo is a 6 month old boxer lab mix, but we swear she is part pig because she grunts and oinks like one! She is loving and sweet but can get crazy with her sister Margo! Vote for my sweet silly baby
Logan is a cheeky and playful cockapoo who loves to cause mischief and go for walks. His favourite food is chicken and he will do any trick you tell him to get a piece. He enjoys playing with his toys, and his favourite toy is dads slipper. He loves every dog and person he meets and loves to play with his friends. He is super friendly, loves a cuddle and always manages to put a smile on everyone’s face. Vote for Logan!
Whiskers will drop kick you and is better then all of your ugly ratty chlamydia cats
Meeko wandered into our yard when he was 4 months old. Whenever is he hungry and waiting to eat he sits like this and gives me this look until I feed him!!
Amadeus is the mate of tigress and the father of Aphrodite and stardust he's a very loving Siamese male whether it be his kittens or a different kitten he's very loving and very intelligent
Violet is very sweet and loving. She loves to walk backwards and bend her hands. She loves to play catch with her ball.
Tigress is a Siamese female she is a mother of Aphrodite and stardust
Binx loves to cuddle and ply with her duck and mouse toys
Mars And Moon
Mars and Moon are 4 month old Domestic Short Hair kittens! Identical twins from the same litter! They love to play all day, and cuddle when it's nap time. Mars specifically loves food. Anytime he hears his bowl rattle, he comes running to check it out. He's a good boy! Moon is a sweet loving girl! She chases her own tail and loves face rubbin’s! We love our kitties!
Ava is a half yorkie/Pomeranian mix. She loves spending time with mom & dad, playing with her toys, and playing with other dogs. Her tongue is her signature 😋
Junkins is not your typical dog. Born in France, he is a bilingual goofball obsessed with tennis balls. You can often find him playing with his hundred of toys or running along for a bike ride!
Luna is a Newfoundland cross with German Shepard. She is 10 weeks old and loves to play.
This gorgeous piece of blue eyed soul is the sweetest, (sometimes naughtiest), most affectionate and loving little hound dog EVER (well not so little at 63 pounds!). He's brought more love and laughter into our lives then I could ever have imagined...
Yuki is a very playful companion who enjoys a good cuddle and snoozing in your lap. With her cheeky side glowing through her adorable face, she loves an adventure around the house and playing hide and seek.
Coulson is an adorable Chihuahua puppy who loves to cuddle up with his dinosaur and always has everybody at the vets swooning!
Galaxy is the smartest cat in our bunch! She loves to fetch hair ties and is always looking for some to steal and hide away lol
Pepino is the sweetest little boy! He purrs the second you make eye contact with him 😸
Mila is a loving cat who loves cuddles and likes to follow her human around every where
Kiki is a black and white peekingese, he loves to play with his toys and loves taking pictures, please vote for him ❤
He loves his treats and his laser toy
Pants a lot, loves bones, and is a funny dog. He is 12 years old!!
Mazikeen is a 10 month old kitten. She loves outdoors and will stay in our backyard tree all day. She has a brother and sister (dogs) that she loves very much. Much more than her own mommy. :)
He funny 😐😐
Honey Jack
She chill as fuck
Mocha is the wildest torbie. I met her when she was feral and I still believe she is a wildcat. She runs like a monkey (with her tail curled underneath her) extremely fast for no reason and likes to make a lot of noises. She is also the sweetest cat. You can pet her whenever and wherever. 99% of the time when she is awake, she is purring. Her way of playing is hugging arms or wrists and biting on them. She also likes to scare people by unexpectedly jumping at them with her signature chatter.
"Rux" came to us from RAD Rescue, Inc. He is a German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix and he is the love our lives. He is so floppy and cuddly!
Harley is just a little cuddle bug she refuses to go outside until she gets her morning pets. She loves to go outside and play in the snow, the rain, or the sunshine in anything and with anything really she just all around is one big sweetheart. She has yet to meet one person she doesn't like she just doesn't have a mean bone in her body.
El Chapo
My big boy. Lovable, friendly, and protective . Simply said El Chapo. ❤️🐶🥰😍❤️
Bucks favorite thing is to be around his people all he wants is plenty of treats and plenty of loves. Despite his massive size he insists on sitting in the same chair as us no matter how uncomfortable it is for us or him. He loves to go out to run and hop around and he would never give up a good game of game of fetch
Luna Is a big cuddle bug she has not met a dog she doesn't wanna play with and she always wants attention she has the biggest personality and is always going in fact I don't think she can tire
Bri is a energetic lover who doesn't know how to stay still and is just a big ole lap dog who doesn't seem to understand how big She really is
Oreo is a playful baby who loves pictures and different poses! His blue eyes will be the daylight to any stormy day!
Orero Michael Osborne
He loves to be held
Irma is the best thing that happened to me God was looking after my husband and I when Hurricane Irma hit saint Augustine FL we was homeless living in a camper van and the night hurricane Irma hit we was parked in a campground in saint augustine florida when a tornado went right over top of us and torn our vents off of our van and we tried to take shelter but didn't make it ended up laying on ground next to our camper and after it hit down the way my husband and I heard a kitten meowing and looked over towards our camper van she was on top of our tire on front passenger side my husband grab her and we was soaking wet from rain and went in out camper van I was holding her and drying her off while my husband was trying to fix our camper van raining inside soaking everything we owned he fixed it and he looked dover at me and said what. Should we name her I said Irma and he said god sent her to us and said name fit her love her so much she's a sweetheart and presious and happy that she is in our lives