Dog cat Stories - 88


Jellybeans is one of the Stray kitties that I rescued! I feel in love with him and now he is my world! He is smart, funny , and the best friend I could ever have!💯🔮💜🧙🏻🐈‍⬛🧹
He loves his sister, they are so bonded it’s the cutest thing. He had a big heart and cuddles with any one that needs love.
Saint James
Saint James is names after his owner’s native town/country in Jamaica 🇯🇲. Saint is an fun, aggressive little puppy full of love and energy training to be a service dog 🐕‍🦺 for his Pet Mom.
Princess Zabra
Zabra loves to pose for pictures. She does her little turn on the cat walk'...
Jax is 5 mos. old . One of his favorite things to do is grab his fishing pole toy with his mouth and run with it around the house while the other cats chase the toy on the end of the string. It's hilarious.
Spoiled girl with the most bubbly personality 💕
Loves cat toys. Tiny yet fierce. Brave yet shy. Loves cheese, bottle caps and chasing her brother Toby.
Josie loves to cuddle, nap and play with our ferret ♥️
Loulou aka the sad dog.
Hi, this is my dog Jackie (the smiling dog) He is a German Shepard mix and is also a very happy dog.
Tommy is a very playful cat and loves to fight.
My cat name is Molly, she love to sleep on my mat.
Penny was a baby when I found her abandoned in a park, scared and low energy. Now, she’s almost 1, full of life and love. Penny is my best friend and is always ready for a new adventure.
Aaron is the loveliest, sweet soul. He is a fuzzy bundle of joy and loves all people, including kids and other animals including dogs and other cats. He loves eating tomatoes and pumpkin purée. Aaron thinks he’s a dog and fetches hair ties. He is also very good boy, in fact he is the best boy ❤️
Lola is an indoor dog she is a chico Chihuahua mixed with beagle she is 7 years old what she most likes to do is eat and sleep
I am the biggest 12.5yr old baby youd ever meet! I am my mommys best friend and shadow! She cant even shower without me 🤭🤭 I am a father of a litter of 15 babies who are all grown up now! In jan 2020 2wks before my bday i lost my life long love and mother of my babies 💔 i still cry for her every night 🥺 Mommy always tries to make me feel less sad so she gives me pretty much everything i want since i have always been such a good boy and always give her about 1000 kisses a day cuz i know its her most favorite thing ever 😁👅💕
Gma calls me her Stitchy-pooh and i act like im her dog but she doesnt mind cuz she wuvs me! I am the BEST tear licker in the world and i love to give people hugs when im happy!! Onyx is my daddy, hes a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and my beautiful mommy was an American Staffordshire, so im a perfect mix of the 2 best doggies there are(hes in the photo contest too ☺️) and he belongs to gma but we love living together even tho i Always need All the attention ☺️ which is why I am now in the photo contest too 🤣🤣
Willow is 9 month old brindle chiweenie that gets lots of attention every where she goes. She loves people and car rides. She is loved very much, sweetest dog you'll ever meet!
Zoey is a happy 5 month old Lab/German Shepard mix. She is very vocal and lovable. She loves to cuddle. But most of all she LOVES her stuff puppy, which she carries it everywhere
Angel loves to be with her humans and loves to chase butterflys ❤️
He loves Cuddles and loves to steal the remote 🥰😂
Toby is our newest addition to the family and it’s been amazing introducing him to our home. He gets along so well with our other cat and is a complete lover! Loves cuddles right next to you and enjoys all the attention!
Hi, this is my cat Tyga. She look like a tiger when she’s outside walking freely in a tall grass.
Trixie is my baby girl. She and her sister Lexie who is 9 yrs older,both Tabby kitties enjoy keeping each other company, even though not biological sisters. She also likes to come with me early in the morning in bathroom, waiting for her breakfast as she sometimes headbuts my hand. Trixie once cault a mouse that got inside once and also ,saved me from a bat that got in from fireplace few years ago.. never got anywhere close to it..but she was so brave and let me know it was there. Loves to play with laser light , drag toy mouse on string around the house. Even likes to rest her foot ( paw ) against my feet. Another thing ,Trixie, just recently had a kitty cold, respiratory infection and is finally back to herself now. Just goes to show yea, i would do anything for this cat. She is my baby. 🐈💕
I call him Ror. He is the softest, sweetest, cuddly kitty.
Skeeter is a 12 week old pembroke welsh corgi he's full of energy loves to play & loves meeting new people!
Oreo Cookie
I love this dog bc prior to me, she had no home. She was one guard about every thing and everyone. Oreo is such a blessing. She trusts me, loves me and listens to me. I love her to the moon and back. I’m so thankful she has found herself into my life!!!!
Mufasa was born behind my washer and dryer when his mama got pregnant from escaping out the house. He was my favorite out of the litter and I had an attachment to him since day 1. He is a big baby and love to cuddle and talk. He likes to drink water out the faucets and play all day with his brother axle. He loves his mom so much they will cuddle and sleep all day and they take turns cleaning eachother. He is my big boy about 18 pounds bout that doesn’t stop him from anything. He does a lot of birdwatching and sunbathing in the windows but his favorite thing to do is eat food and treats. Vote for Mufasa so he knows that big boned kitties get love too 💙
Scratches and playing with toys
Smokey is an energetic and playful 1 y/o cat. Super friendly and always ready to eat! Loves to hangout in the window, even if it's raining and even if he gets wet! Not to mention he's so fluffy!
Axle is a rescue kitty, he was found in the engine bay of a Ford Mustang and held on for a day or two till being found(figure his name axle.) He was so tiny and scared until he got to his new home where he was a bolt of energy. He loves water(playing in the tub, toilet,or sink), plays fetch, loves to hold a conversation and make sure he’s noticed. He is just a very intelligent cat and understands commands like no, get it, come, responds to his name, and plays fetch by himself by throwing whatever he has to play with that day around. He is like a raccoon sometimes and will take stuff like jewelry, clothes (socks and undies), rags, and blankets (no matter the size). Please vote for Axle so he can finally know he a special kitty.
Brody is almost a year old. He is an American Bulldog/Blue Heeler Mix. He loves his humans and has a adventurous personality. He loves riding on the 4 wheeler. He loves going for rides in/on anything that moves. Hes been a blessing to our home and to me. Hes loved so much
Henley is the smartest and cutest lil pup. She loves digging in mud, and chewing on everything. She loves people and her baby blue eyes will melt your heart!
Hazel Mae
The most cuddly puppy you will ever meet. If ever lost look in the flower bed first probably taking a nap there
Miss Heidi is very protective of her family. Likes to be silly and play with her toys or ball. She likes cuddles and likes her cheek or top of the head kissed! She is well behaved and is gentle when taking walks on her leash. She is a Blue Healer and is always checking on her family. Very loving always!
Hi I'm Tucker! I'm a miniature dachshund living my best life! I'm a total mama's boy and love snuggling, sunbathing, and playing with my favorite ducky toy! Thanks for the vote!
Leena was placed in foster care when her owner passes away durring covid. We where very blessed to make her a part of our family. She's is an indoor cat with an inclosed patio. She loves lying in the sun and talking to all the neighbors who go by. Though not a big cuddler she always excited for us to get home from work and makes a great alarm clock coming  every morning coming in to be pet. She love to help with laundry, watering the plants and any floor projects like painting or sewing.
My beautiful Siamese mix. Hes identical to my little man I lost in 2020 of 16 years. Hes purrfect in every way and just mels my ♡
Sprocket is a 8 year old Russian Blue. He is a fun loving cat. He is full of energy and loves to play. He does get rough sometimes but we can't fault him. His favorite place to sleep is on the foot of the bed. He loves life.
Smokey aka Mr. Paws is a very long cat with big paws. When he is not playing with his brother Ash you'll never know where you might find him lounging around.
Tidius is an 13 year old Beagle/Chihuahua mix. He loves to run and jump like he is still a puppy. 2 years ago we thought we were going to loose him. He was attacked in his own backyard by 2 pit bulls. He was in the animal hospital for 4 days but as you can see he is back and better than ever.
Found in a hay bail, I love to go outside, cuddle before bed, and any type of food you can think of!
Ash is always playing with his toys or with his brother Smokey. He also has a little mischievous side that sometimes gets him into trouble. He loves to give kisses but don't let that fool you.
Mini Australian Shepherd! AKC Registered!
Hi my name is Bugsy. I love humans and cuddling I also love treats, and playing with my owner, toys, I also like to sleep.