I’m the sweetest boy who can’t stand to be apart from my people. I just have so much love to give ❤️
Monkey is a sweet rescue, she had no home no food and was only a few months old. My daughter has taken to her like it is her child. She spoils her with treats and lots of love! She is asking for anyone and everyone to please vote for her cat monkey. She wants to see her win for her birthday and monkeys second birthday
Jill loves cookies and praise!! Always likes to cuddle with people.
She is an amazingly intelligent dog that loves her family and loves to play, and pose!
Koda Faye Russell
She is the sweetest GSD, she has a heart of gold, she's EXTREMELY intelligent, & she trained for search & rescue!! Please vote for her!
Ronin And Jaeger
Ronin and Jaeger are brothers and the best of friends. They love snuggles and stealing whatever they can find to play with, socks, stuffies, etc. they love laying in the sun and chasing anything that runs or flys.
Tink is a very special cat. She has a sweet cuddley personality. She loves to eat. She spends a lot of time in her window perch sleeping and watching the birds. Tink has come along way to where she is today and she’s the best and most loyal friend anyone could ever have.
Chippy loves to cuddle and play fetch with her favorite mouse toy! She is a rescue and will be a year old at the end of May.
I am getting old but that doesn’t stop me. I enjoy sleeping, bullying the cat, playing with chickens and going for short walks (or I will lay down so my human can carry me)
I love slippers, and morning cuddles 🥰
He’ll be 7 months old on the 2nd of May. He is a Pit/Lab mix. He loves to play with his oogie boogie stuff toy and play fetch.
Atreyu is the most amazing dog. I've had him since he was 6 weeks and he's now 12. He loves to play tug of war, no one is allowed to touch his orange chuck it ball, & a dinosaur that he will chew on for hours.
Max Syed
Max is the sweetest little guy ever! He has a little bit of a mischievous side but he loves to lay on the grass or play baseball alongside his older brother!
Hercules likes to dig holes and eat my pizza when I’m not looking 😝
Klaus Meowkaelson
Don’t be fooled, love. I’m the devil in disguise!
Ms.Maggie moo is the sweetest lil girl ever, she loves to play with her older brother, and loves to bird watch🥰🥰
Cedar is a Chocolate Mini Heeler. He likes to play and hates fries
She loves to sit on the roof of our garage and summons all the neighborhood strays over to play.
Maxie is 6 weeks old and came from a rescue centre. He has such a huge personality. He's still on formula and loves his fancy feast. At night he puts himself to bed and doesn't wake till 6.30 in the morning , he's very loved and gives lots of kisses.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Millie is a little adventurer, she is brave kind & extremely vocal - also her tongue is like a cactus 🌵😹
Chewy is a sweet loving baby! He luvs his mama the best. He loves curling up underneath lots of blankets!
I used to be scared of dogs but somehow I’ve been comfortable with him from the first day. Even thought everyone makes fun of his name, he is the most amusing but also loving dog you will ever meet. I wouldn’t change him for the world.
Teddy Bean
Teddy loves to walk around town. He loves to play with his little brother and run around at the local dog parks, he’s the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet!
Benjamin came into my life when he was eight. He desperately needed a new home and I was nervous since I hadn’t had a pet in years. Ben was petrified of change but settled in and quickly won my heart. He loves watching birds, greeting me at the door and begging for treats. Thank you for your vote.
Snoopy is 4 years old and LOVES snuggling up to mom the most. He thinks dad is just ok. He will turn into the perfect loaf anywhere and is the sweetest boy 💕 He has 3 other siblings and loves playing with them and his favorite crinkle toys!
Theodore "teddy" bear is a moderate CH (cerebellar hyperplasia) cat, he was rescued at only 3 weeks old and he does not let his disability slow him down. He recently disovered he loves cat nip and does not like to share. Like many cats he doesn't like the belly rubs but loves to appear as the cutest bear trap ever 😍
Pooh is very playful kitty and loves to cuddle , he loves his cat toys , food, and cat treats he is a very spoiled boy he loves people . He loves to get attention and get pets and scritches under his chin vote for my beautiful baby
Evie is full of personality and love. She loves her mama so very much! Thank you for your vote!!!!
Clifford’s favorite activity is lounging on the deck enjoying the sunshine. His favorite treat is a spoonful of whipped cream after dinner while mom does the dishes.
sleeps 24/7
Romeo is a very shy boy but he loves snuggling with his mommy and he is such a good loving boy
She loves being outside and sun bathing. She’s the best❤️ She is a pitbull.
Franky is a sweet loving boy who loves attention and loves to look out and talk to the bird's.
She likes rides, playing with her sister, loves her toys ! She has a lot of energy
Hi my name is Sushi, Im new here, I can be Shy and goofy sometimes depending on my mood . Weaknesses: -Catnip -Meaty treats -Cuddling -Brushing -Random stuff out the window ( especially birds and my neighbors cat) -Vacuum cleaners 🙀 Special abilities: -Makes toys out of anything random on the floor including bread crumbs - sleep sleep sleep -rolling on the floor - defeat laser light by siting on it -arguing with the vacuum cleaner when it's off for not giving me a heads up to go up stairs
I didn’t like cats , i never liked them until i meet him and i get instanly in love with him … he is happiness and lazyness. He is drop of love in our lifes. And cheeky off course …. every time gets what he wants. 🤭
Luna loves cuddles and long walks, and will stop for every single person on a walk to say hello!! 💫 Her favourite thing to do is run back and forth from mum and dad and get them to chase her around the house!
This is Charlie or as I like to call him Charlie chuckles as he brings me so much happiness and laughs he's so playful and cuddly mummy's big lad. I took him as a stray 3 years ago when he was small skinny and malnourished
Oakleigh, is the smartest dog i have ever seen, she is full of energy, loves to play, loves people especially children.
Hi! I’m Carlee but mom often calls me “Bug”. I’m 4 years old. I’m told that I’m sassy. Just feed me and I’m happy.
Hi! My name is Luna. I am 6 weeks old and I love to play with any toy. But my favorite things to do are sleep and eat.
Chance is a mixed dog that we got 4 year's ago as a rescue but now he is our baby, he's very smart and just loves people
Zuri, she's 3 she loves to play, headbutt
She is a sable german Shephard and loves to swim and be with her family. She is spoiled rotten lol she is scared of everything lol when she's acting up we just touch the vacuum and she runs like a baby lol
Hi I’m Mordred - I was found on the streets of Australia and adopted. I am deaf, don’t have many teeth left and a big scaredy-cat. I now live in London and my hobbies include cat-ching things, hide and seek and modelling. Mostly I love a cat-nap. Thanks for voting for me! Follow me @mordred.meow
Meet Apple Pie, the newest member of our family. She is now 1 years old and quirky as ever! She never lets me snuggle her, but my son can carry her all around the house.
King Noah
Noah is a great cat! Blind but gets around good. Playful! Goes for long walks on leash. Loves being outside!