Here’s my fluffy girl Daisy! I am putting Daisy back into the competition to raise funds for another local cat rescue. The cat rescue is little tinkers. Thank you all for your votes
Luna is a mummy's girl she brings random toys to play fetch. Luna is such a snuggle bum
Noodle Claudia Quiggly is a blue eyed, snow spotted Angel. She loves to listen to piano music and dislikes the other house cats! ♡
Lulas an old girl but that doesn't stop her carrying Alexander simples around
Sadly Atlas is no longer with us he passed on the 2nd of January! He was the happiest little cat you’ve ever met even though he was unwell his wee short life! He loved food especially chicken & he ate a slice of toast every morning, my little soux chef! He is dearly missed but when we think of him or see pictures it makes us smile
Zoomer is our beautiful Scottish Fold kitten. He thinks he is part meerkat and part squirrel, always looking for the next adventure and what to jump off of next, hence his name. This little dude has a personality representative of his breed. He is loving, super into cuddles, outgoing, adaptable and very attached to his human family. With triple-fold ears lying right on top of his head, big eyes and the cutest expressions, it's easy to fall in love with him.
Diesel is an alaskan malamute he is 9yrs old he loves to play and loves goin for walks and loves to be fussed alot hes my big fluffy baby 💙 🐕
Tommy is a very playful but sweet, and affectionate cat! He loves to kneed my pillows on bed like they are bread especially my basketball stuffed pillow, eat a lot of food, and chase his toys around like he's a bouncy ball himself as he is very energetic! He loves to rub against everyone & purr like a motorboat too! Finally, when he sleeps, he reminds me of a little kid how still he is, and can put a blanket over him like 1 too! I adore him to pieces!
Bonnie has such a beautiful heart her brother Buddy had to be put to sleep two days after Christmas last year she was like his carer ,whenever we would be on our daily walk Bonnie would keep her brother safe and fetch him if he was lagging behind . Her confident has been knocked a bit since this so I've been taking her in to the day centre that I work in for adults with mental health and learning disabilities this cheeres everyone up including Bonnie she makes everyone smile she allows everyone to pet and cuddle her she dosent bark shes so calm and loving .I Think she is special dog with a hidden talent. She'd be a wonderful therapy dog although shes never had any training shes just natural a beautiful soul . Loving mama x
Simba will be back February 26th. Simba is a very special cat. He loves to play with his stuffed carrot. He will play fetch with it. His nickname is turkeybutt. I adopted him from the local humane society back in 2015. He is very photogenic and spoiled. He is 8 years old. He loves to play in boxes and eat turkey. He lives with three other cats named Amelia, Arwen, and Summer. He is the man of the house 😝 He is a very loving cat and loves attention. I appreciate all votes made for Simba.
Emmy is named after Emmy June, who was tragically killed by our neighborhood dogs. She is my son, Bridger’s favorite kitten! She is inquisitive and loves to chase her play toys and gets into my plants. Emmy is friendly with our other kittens and our three dogs, Cody, Rancher and Jessie May!!! She also loves my son, Declan. Please vote for Emmy! I will exchange x 10 after my free votes. Let me know in the comments!!! Thank you ⭐️💯❤️🐈‍⬛💯✝️💙💞😊
He loves snuggles and playing. He’s full of love and energy.
Lucy is almost 3 months old. She was born 11/14/23. She is so cuddly and adorable. She is our little tiger !! She loves to play with her toys and older brother. Latest thing, she plays fetch... If we throw any toy she will run and grab it bring it back to me in her mouth and she is proud of doing it too! It's amazing!! She loves also watching videos on mamas cell phone. Please vote for Lucy.. Thank you!! Meow 🐅🐾
Mickie is 18 weeks she so lovely just like a baby he loves to feel my baby kick inside me and he loves playing
hi, i’m chai! i love to play fetch and chew my sister moomoos legs. i’m the favorite and i know it.
summer is such a a grumpy bum but has a goofy personality whilst secretly enjoying a good cuddle, the way to his heart is through some cheeky dreamies & will always know when you're sad for a little snuggle 🌱🌷🌙
lily is such a a sweetie with a lovely personality, she will always be up for cuddles & whilst she sleeping upon your lap has a tiny snore. whenever she is picked up, she'll let out a little "no" when nussle into your shoulder 🌱🌷🌙
She loves swimming.🫶🏻
Lightning a very happy and loving little boy, loves human contact, very energetic hence his name he just loves playing with his toys, and is very photogentic he seems to love the camera on him :) and poses everytime!!
Hello! I’m Goku I grew up in a farm but for the last 4 years I’ve been enjoying my life indoors! I love being cuddled and hugged, especially on a cold winter day we can cuddle in bed all day long.!
Dyson can sing if you have a treat for her she will sing to you
Jacki Danielle
She loves playing soccer, going for walks, playing at daycare with all her friends, eating treats and showing off every chance she gets. You meet her once, you’ll never forget her!
Raven is my snuggle bug. I rescued her when she wasn’t even a year old. A few things about her. She likes to nap of course, and she enjoys eating from my plate. As a treat I give her a part of my unseasoned egg. She’s emotionally there for everyone who she lets in her circle. She will bless you when you sneeze lol. She’s very in touch with everyone around her.
She loves cat toys and her cat tree and she love catnip and she loves cuddling and she loves her best friend our dog his name is mittens
Known as the most photogenic cat ever, Mario is the best! He’s playful and curious, social and cuddly. He’s a great mouser, too! But make no mistake, if you’re eating tuna or crab, he’ll help himself to your plate!
Bonnie is an all black fluffy cat with cute orange eyes. Bonnie is super fast cat who loves to run around all over the place as she loves her siblings especially Casper. She is with Casper every single day she is like her shadow she does not leave her alone. Bonnie is two years old. She is in very good health and is thriving. Please vote for Bonnie 😺😺😺
Born twice her real name is mireyah but is often called tyga her name mireyah means miracle in Spanish as when she was born she went back inside where she remained only to be born again 5 days later but with her eyes wide open and ran to her teat 😄 she is shy, quiet and independent but loves to play. She lifts her paw up to look cute when wanting food.
ORICLE is active, smart, independent, vocal, friendly and cheeky. She gets up to all kinds of mischief. But gets away with a lot when she pulls her guilt trip face at you. She loves riding on her mamas shoulders and loves going for walks. Brave and determined. When she meows and isnt let out she will do a pitty cry.
Isaac is 9 months old, and a complete punk of a cat. If he can knock it over, climb it or flop on yohr face to purrr at 5am he will. Hes also completely loveable and loves chasing rolled up empty crisp packets.
Noodle is currently fighting Fip and is half way through his treatment...Any money he wins will go towards buying him some more medication x
She's a pitty who loves new people friends and giving kisses. She loves sleeping with people and loves to complain.
LYNX is very cheeky he loves running around, he loves being brushed and chasinv things. He spins around in each direction till he goes dizzy or gets bored 🤪 he also plays dead and s Enjoys skateboarding. He also enjoys waking his grandma up every morning by biting her feet. He is very vocal but shy.
Update, 6 Dec 2023: Binxsie was just diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. We are absolutely devastated. Any winnings he may get will be used for vet care, fluids, and meds. Please keep him in your prayers/ send good thoughts his way, he is my special little bebe and holds my heart ♥ Binxsie was rescued at the tender age of 6 weeks. He was all by himself in a neighbour's yard, malnourished and unable to stand. The vet said that he has a "neurological deficit", which made it hard for him to get around. Now he is 1 year old, and although he is still a little wobbly, he can run (sideways) and climb (with his claws). He's a very special boy, and goes to the babysitter's when his human family is at work. ♥ Update in June '15- Binxsie can jump on the couch without having to hang on! He still "sashays" when he walks, but he has come a long way :-)
My name is Freddy and my mum originally fostered me and I chose her as my mum and she made the decision to adopt me. I’m very playful and mischievous as I like to open all the doors in the house. My favourite things are cuddles with mum all the time and playing with my laser tag and getting treats!
My name is Bone Cat. I am 4 years old. My favorite thing to do is make biscuits, sleep and play with my toys. I’m a tortie with some tortietude!!!
Kitty is 14 years old now and is known as the ‘queen of the house’ always getting what she wants, when she wants it. She is loved with no end. My little best furry friend. She has grown over the years to become calmer and more loving with a more gentle temperament in her older years. As a kitten she could have been described as wild! In the past year she has become more of a lap cat but favouring my husband’s lap over mine most the time.
Presley was just a baby kitten when she showed up in our carport where she had been sleeping inside of a box that we originally made for the ferral cats to keep warm. She loves to talk and makes different sounds depending on what she wants. She is very affectionate but only to the people she knows. She loves to sleep on me and cuddle up to me. She gets crazy when she wants attention. She will grab her toys and start running around the house so fast that she runs herself into walls and doors. She is also a rare breed. She is an "Egyptian Mau, black smoke" cat. She has two layers of fur. White underneath and black on top.
Rico is a fun loving silver lab, who is sad when he watches us pack to go somewhere. He loves everyone and cannot get enough attention from anyone and everyone!
Oreo is a social boy who loves his humans and adventures with his family. 💕
Piper is a very energetic pup, she loves long walks and of course going to the dog park to play with her pals.
Skye has a huge personality. She is so funny and sweet. No one can resist her
Oliver is a sweet, smart and loving dog. His day is made with walks, treats and snuggles.
Little miss Lilith, we found her at 6 weeks old we think someone abandon her mom when she was pregnant sadly her mom was hit by a car. My moms dog actually found here and her siblings. shes a bit spicy and loves to bother our older kitty. She likes to spend her days in the cat tree watching the birds fly by.
He is our big adopted boy. He likes to curl up under blankets and purrs like a mad man. He is currently still stuck at the vet due to complications of his neuter. We are hoping to bring him home soon. Please pray for our baby!
He was born on January 1st 2020. He is a very loving funny boy.