Dog cat Stories - 89


Sofia is a little girl that has a standard poodle for a best friend. She can play with the best of them. But she also knows all about big big lovies with mom.
Storm is an 8 month kitten. We just contacted one of my friends and picked her up, this picture was taken the morning after we brought her! As you can see she looks very comfy and happy that she’s in our home! She is every active, quite funny, and she loves to play with everyone! She follows me everywhere and meows at the bathroom when I close the door and she is very small but long! She is very smart and she loves Turkey wings!
Luna is a very tiny 2 pound toy poodle puppy! She’s very sweet and absolutely loves it when a person picks her up. She likes walking by the lake, playing with her toys, and bumping into your feet :)
She was born to model
Coco love play hid and play with her ball
Rio Avocado is a 7 month old brown Bengal Cat. He carries the glitter gene so when exposed to the sun, his fur has this shimmer that gives him a huge confidence boost. He enjoys sitting in the screened in patio, helping mum with the dishes, posing for photos, performing tricks and obedience commands to chicken thigh pieces, going on adventures with his hoomans to the river and the park, walking on a leash, sunbathing, jumping as high as he possibly can while playing with toys, catnip, and sitting on his mum’s keyboard while she is on conference calls working from home. Rio is very charismatic, sociable and talkative. He lives in the city with two black lab sisters, Coco and Luna.
Nova Ray
Nova, was an unexpected addition to my life. Yet- I found her at the perfect time. My light in the dark my, my little Nova Ray- she is an E.S.A in training and a perfect fit to my life. She is so well behaved even before without training, I’m blessed.❤️‍🩹
Snowpuff is a very outgoing cat! He loves to play, snuggle, and he's always by your side! He likes going to the river, and listening to music! Chasing grasshopper's are his favorite! "Puffy" is an all around awesome cat who loves adventures.
Gracie is an 8 week old cavapoo. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and poodle mix. We just got her and this picture was taken the first night we had her! As you can see she looks very happy she’s in our home! She is a pure joy to all n loves everyone! She follows me everywhere and is very tiny! Her head is actually the size of a tennis ball! She is very smart and likes to please you!
Pandora is a peanut butter lover. She is very active for her age (11) and never will pass up the chance to play ball or tug a war. Pandora is very protective of her family when she needs to be and LOVES giving kisses! She is one of a kind ❤️
Lola Loves Food and loves to play with her toys and sleep 💜😄😄😄
Doobie is a crazy wild boy he loves to eat and play all day
Jughead is the sweetest boy ever he is deaf but that doesn’t stop him at all
Rollie loves cuddles and drinking lots of water
Willow is the sweetest girl. She takes playtime 100% seriously (especially playing soccer with ping pong balls). She runs to the door every time I come home to greet me with head rubs and a pick up hug. We love Willow!
Georgia just turned 1 March 31st. She likes to play with her brother and sister Milo and Cheyenne. But what Georgia loves to do is RUN!!! She’s very fast and runs until she falls over. LOL She’s a very good girl.
We’re donating half of our winnings to the Allegheny Humane Society! Maui is a 9 week old Frenchie! Her mom passed away shortly after giving birth and i bottle fed her and her brother from just 1 week old! She’s a Pittsburgh dog who loves her walks around Shadyside and Oakland. Her favorite chew toy is an elk antler and her favorite time of day is bedtime. Thanks for voting!
The spookiest kitty I know, Suki takes off zooming first thing in the morning and doesn’t stop until she crashes and has to recharge. She loves eating, causing chaos, and lasers.
I have had this sweet boy since birth and he is just so sweet, playful, loving and curious lol! He is definitely like one of my children and he is such a joy and brings lots of happiness to my life! He is probably one of the most loved and spoiled fur babies I know and he absolutely loves going to the lake and loves rides!!
Oliver is so fun and sweet. He is an older cat so his days of "zoomies" are few and far between. He loves his little play mice, treats, and scratches under the chin. He is ornery and will headbutt you or tickle your nose if he can see the bottom of his bowl.
Lilly is the sweetest kitty in the world. Loves to snuggle with mom and dad, her favorite toy is a Christmas hat. She is silly 24/7 and loves to play.
Foster Kitty Still Needs A Name
He is one of my foster kittens that loves to snuggle and take pics. He loves his brother and his mama. They are almost ready for adoption.
This, beautiful girl pinky is a daddy's girl she loves to dress up in her pretty clothes she's pretty cold nature and loves the sun she's laid back full of energy and a little conceited @ time's and I see why is she not just beautiful.
Binx and his brother adopted us 4 years ago. He's a love bug
Freckles was the best dog I ever own. She loved everyone. All she ever wanted in life was the be loved fed and to have her butt scratched! She went to rainbow Bridge on 08/27/2021. I loved her to pieces and I want everyone to see how beautiful she is!
Mila is a bubbly over friendly female french bulldog that is loved by everyone from family members to strangers.
Brutus loves bully sticks he is really cute and really nice and he knows how to sit and paw and he is really smart
I am full of energy and have lot's of love to give💕
Luna is an indoor/outdoor cat, and although very smol she is fully-grown. But don't let her size fool you, she's highly intelligent with strong instincts, making for a cat with a very powerful aura.
Button loves having lots of attention and hugs. Button can also become a bit feisty if someone try’s to touch her food or toys. But she also has a very big heart, as she can tell when I’m is feeling upset, and will try and give me hugs to make me feel better. Button also loves sleeping next to me or one of the other cats, as well as having her night time hugs and fusses, before she gets comfy to go off to sleep. 🐱❤️❤️
Millie is 11 years old, her favourite things to do are play, have treats, lay in the sun, have cuddles, watch the birds and to be brushed. Millie is a really happy and loving cat that always puts a smile on my face no matter how i'm feeling.
Miley is 9 years old and is a very vocal cat who loves her food, sleep and treats. She loves to wake me up early every morning by jumping on my bed, climbing on me and meowing in my face till i get up and feed her, she really likes to talk to you.
Miss sadie is a community stray that loves just certain people. She jas actually took up with my family and has blessed us with having her babies at our house. We put a dog door in just for her. Sadie is about 5 years old and is known for being the dollar general dog. Everyone that is regular customers knows that her favorite thing to buy her is slim jims. Her barbies are a week old now and already spunky like she is.
Cleo is a fun loving teacup yorkie whom loves to play, love and cuddle with everyone
Katucha is a sweet girl. She's 18 months old. She gets along with her cat siblings. She doesn't really like being picked up but does love to be petted and and twirls her body all over to get more love. She is certainly a love bug!
Junior, was my best friend he went everywhere with me. He liked to help me when I was driving the tractor on the ranch
Dexter is a teacup Yorkie from Brazil whom loves to cuddle and be with friends
Dempsey is new in our home and he has big brother Jasper with who he plays and bite's in the big fluffy neck, plays non stop little happy soul. 🤩😍
Shadow adopted us about 4 years ago while living in Italy. He is full of energy and loves bread.
Charlie and his brother adopted us. He was fierce at first but has turned into a loving lap cat and loves his cuddle time every morning.
Bat Dog Slick
Loves Chew toys, car rides, and long walks at the parks.
Vote for me if you think I’m a cutie! WE ❤️EXCHANGING VOTES so don’t be shy!
Zeus loves to ride in the semi with his daddy and eat slim jims as a snack!
Hes a character just like a human, he loves to play with his toys and enjoys sleeping with us humans.
My name is ETA. I am a spunky and full of life 3 month old Rottweiler/German Shepard Mix. I know I will be a big dog one day, so I act like I am now. I really enjoy playing with my mom and dancing with her - Loco is my favorite song. I really like it when my mom gives me🥕 , 🍎 , when we are training (it’s tiring after we break and play). I also love dinner time (who doesn’t like dinner time ☺️), my mom sneaks a special treat in for me…every time I pass the sit and wait test. (She doesn’t know this, but I do it better at night, because the nighttime treats are the tastiest.) I am currently getting used to my brother, and when I am not playing with him, I enjoy playing with froggy and my teething bones - these teeth are really annoying sometimes. *Before I forget, I am really starting to get the hang of grass on my paws. I didn’t like it at first. But now, it’s not to bad.