Prue was homeless, a street cat that had been abandoned by his previous family. My neighbor feeds the strays and that is how we heard of him so my daughter went to help him. My daughter fell in love with him. They had a strong bond he would go up to her and be so affectionate so my daughter knew she had to take him. We took him to the vet cause he had fleas and eye infection. So had those issues taken care of and had him fixed and shots and chipped. He got professional bath and groomed. He is super spoiled now and is so lovable with the quirkiest meow. My daughter and him have the most beautiful bond, he follows her everywhere anytime she leaves a room he’ll follow right behind her. Always waits for her wake up and immediately darts to her at the slightest sound. We got Prue over a year ago. He is funny. He opens the cabinet to get him treats. He loves to play with his toys. He sleeps in bed with my daughter and he is funny he sleeps with his head up on pillow and stretches out. Sweet loving guy. He loves watching our turtle Timmy swim in the tank. He has the quirkiest meow. We love our fur baby so glad he is ours. He can cheer you up at anytime.
Bailey is 13 years old, loves adult company and has learnt tricks. He makes us laugh with his different facial expressions
Naughty little boy loves to be carried around 😅
Playfull kitten loves to destroy things 😅
Justice is my best friend I got him at 5 weeks old he started off in my pocket grew out of that a sat in my lap everywhere till I couldn’t steer anymore now he’s my cocaptain he goes everywhere I go he’s my ESA loves kids an is spoiled to the bone he’s the biggest 94 pound baby you’ll ever meet has to be under the covers when he sleeps and has to be on my heels 24/7 i don’t know what id do without him show so love everyone
Rosie is 21 years young this year. She had a tumour (none cancer) removed last year but has 2 more which the vets are leaving. She is going deaf a little but still loves cuddles and a short play spurt x
He’s the sweetest little cat ever he loves attention he loves his treats and he loves going out he likes to play with his toys his favourite thing is to go to sleep
Rolo is a very cute little boy he loves water and socks and carrier bags! Any chance he gets his in the washing machine or dishwasher. Rolo is a Persian so his very fluffy and he loves nothing more the a cuddle or playing with his toys
Here is Snowball. She is 5 years old and adores treats. She loves attention and hugs and loves being picked up if she is in a good mood aha. Vote for Snow to support her!
Buddy is 4 years old and lives with his litter sister. He is a big ball of fluffy love who enjoys his food, being groomed, snoozing and playtime!
He loves playing with our lab puppy sometimes but other then that a chill guy :)
Our beautiful rescue kitty! She’s so unusual looking, she has four white socks, she’s mainly tabby coloured but has calico markings around her neck and face 😍
Gracie is 1 year old. We rescued her 2 months ago. She is so loveable and has made our home so complete.
Bella was born at the shelter where her mother had been abandoned. She was only 2 weeks old the first time I saw her and I knew instantly she would be mine. While at the shelter she contracted ring worm from her mother and lost a lot of her hair. When I did finally get to bring her home she was diagnosed with a severe case of kennel cough and had to be on antibiotics for over a month. Bella has been through a lot but today she is a happy,healthy, active 11 year old cat.
Daisy is a chilled cat. We rescued her so unsure of her age. She loves cake and playing in the sun whenever she can.
Koby loves to sit by the window and chirp at the birds and is always ready for some cuddles
Millie is a very affectionate, laid back cat who loves to sit on your knee for cuddles or a nice warm bed to sleep on
Bailey is a 5 month old Cockapoo she loves walks and getting dirty. Shes a very happy bouncy girl who also loves loads of cuddles 💕 🐕‍🦺🥰😍🩷
Ollie is the sweetest, luvving cat I've ever had. He luvvs his treats and likes to play with his bigger brother.
Jess likes to lie in the sun or go out and wander , loves to sneak upstairs to lie in my daughters bed , likes her comfort
Little gentleman just forgets his feet belong to him
Loving young lady full of mischief but a face like butter wouldnt melt
Drake loves to hunt even his own shadow
I’m an independent puss, but I also love to come for pets. I’ll meow in your face and until you know I’m hungry. I’m a vocal puss and my humans love me for that. I love roast beef and to maintain my beauty regime. You can find me sat like a human grooming away and nibbling at my fur
I’m a beautiful fluffy baby. I love to roam outside and walk with my legs straight making my bum wobble. I’m the centre piece of my home and make my human very happy
Kylo is the most loving boy!! He loves attention and is very energetic 🤗 of course he loves eating and he loves his humans
Marley is a Cockapoo who’s 4 months old . He loves beach walks and trips out in the car. He follows me everywhere and very quickly became my best friend! He’s a greedy pup and tries his best with eveyones food but the biggest bundle of joy you ever met!
Ricksen is a 2 year old malshi he loves playing with his toys & snuggling into mummy. He loves playing with the grandkids he plays on the swing goes down the shute & even on the trampoline i dont think he knows hes different to them lol. He also loves taking zoomies round the garden.
cookie is cute,playfull and loving,Id say shes the cutest 😻💜
Dakota is a mix breed between a St. barned and Rott. but she is so sweet and has the coolest personality for a dog of her breed. Everyone that meet her loves her and even people that see me walking her fall in love with her. She will win your heart.
Luna Mae
Luna Mae is the cutest miniature dachshund who enjoys belly rubs and lots of attention. She loves to be the centre of attention and enjoys being the main character 💅🏻 👑
When I first met my husband, I didn’t like big dogs as I was terrified of them. However, him and Marley were a packaged deal. I met her and immediately fell in love! He had rescued her in CO as she was the one that had been in the shelter the longest. The shelter was skeptical why he would want her as she had stomach issues. That just made him want her more as he felt that others that could potentially adopt her, would just send her back as soon as they experienced a couple of accidents. Marley went through a lot with my husband. She SAVED him when he was at his lowest and decided to move back home to his parents for a fresh start. That’s when we met. Marley’s ice blue eyes seemed terrifying at anyone’s first look, but it was not long when you realized that she was just a big baby. Marley stayed by my husbands side until she passed almost 3yrs ago. I wanted to post this in her memory as I will always be grateful for her and my husband’s bond. ♥️
Vince is 2 1/2 months old currently. He loves sleeping on people’s shoulders (like a cat parrot) and his toys.
She likes open doors when they’re already shut, she steals human food when people are not looking she’s very sneaky. She’s very talkative to people and make little conversations and she’s always here for cuddles and kisses.
Cocoa is a loving cat . Playful and sometimes mischievous. He likes to watch his twin Luna misbehaving . He likes his grub . And he likes to pose like a meerkat
Charlie is an old boy now . He is very loving . He enjoys his strolls in the garden and his cuddles
This is our fur baby Diesel, hes just turned 4, hes a big boy and weighs over 8st, he thinks hes a lap dog though. Hes a gentle giant and people stop us so they can say hello.
Lucy loves everyone,she is the best dog ever she is super smart she can sit stand lay down she looks both ways b4 crossing the street ,she knows the diffrence between the toys of hers that she is allowed to tear up and the ones she is not.lucy is superfunny at the vet .when they go to clip her nails she gets so dramatic and is afriend to every cat and dog ,she wants to play and the neighborhood cats are so untrusting lol lucy simpley has to live forever,of my grandaughter and i will be crushed.lucy has the longest name lucy hugs puppy daisy coconut wubanub strong.thank you please vote for our super cutie
Remi is a playful ,smart and loveable pup. His favorite toy is a Mickey mouse and a bone squeaky toy. He love to fetch . He is a Mama's boy. He's very special. He is almost 6 months old
This is Moxi, she's very quick and quiet but once she gets to know you, she'll always want to sleep on you or in front of you. She's very loving and playful. She loves to bump heads with people she's familiar with too :)
Gilbert is a fun loving, affectionate, rolling kitty!
Oreo is a sweetheart. She's highly intelligent, affectionate and talkative. She'll talk to you all day. She loves to play and look out the windows.
Booty is the best family and service animal this family could have ever asked for!!! He’s the sweetest boy there is!! He’s so handsome and has such a huge personality!!! We are getting him into shows so the world can get some joy from this amazing pup 🐶 he deserves the world to see him!!! (Stud service’s) 🥰
Lil Homie
We found Lil Homie little over a year ago under my sons car. I saw her and fell in love. She’s great emotional support. Any time I’m upset, anxious or frightened she will come to wherever I am in the house and sit in front of me if I’m sitting and she nudges me to pet her because the softness of her fur calms me down. When she was a baby we took car with us almost everywhere we went she love the car rides. Now she doesn’t really like outside but that’s ok. I love when she takes a nap with me. She’s the best.
Nala is named after the lion king. She is such a loving, funny, active and adventurous dog. Nala loves to cuddle with her two mommies, run around and play tug a war.