He loves to throw and fetch and he loves being outdoors
Eleanor is a sassy little meatball.
Lucky likes to sleep and eat all day she’s very adorable 🥰 and loves cuddles
Hi im Rocko fun loving dog with humans n other animals
We rescued him and he is such a love dog. So smart my 12 your old has him to where he sits when you tell him to.
She is a rescued stray who wondered into our home one day. Been with us ever since. She loves attention.
This is gizmo he is about 2 years old we got him in July 2020 after we lost our beloved family cat he has such a funny quirky personality and he just fits right in with our family 🥰🥰🥰
Sammi loves to cuddle and to be covered up with her blankets. She loves laying on mom and getting all her attention. Her favorite toy is bracelets, Yes, plastic bracelets that we throw and she catches and brings it back to us. Overall shes the sweetest girl and is the queen of our castle
He is Amazing,he's the only boy of a liter of 4 and he is the oldest of the but the baby boy!!
Frannie is the sweetest little French bulldog/pit mix
I am a long haired mini dappled dachshund. I am currently ten weeks old and love belly rubs and naps! Love you all ❤️❤️❤️🐾
Maya Mae
Maya Mae loves the lake, camping, car rides, her basketball, and her mommy ❤️ She’s very well behaved and very loved by her family.
Leo is a loving 5 month old Pitt/Lab mix. He’s full of energy and very affectionate. Full of energy and personality. He is also very intelligent and knows how to knock and open doors.
Binx is a special breed called nebleung. He is very social, he enjoys spending alot of his time outdoors with his human brothers, climbing trees and being very vocal. He even goes to the bathroom outside like a dog! He loves car rides! Vote for Binx today💙
Bentley is very fun and smart he does a lot of tricks and very attentive to my kids he loves the girls!!!! He cries when the kids cry lol
This is Arlo💙 he’s always getting into trouble with his crazy personality! But I wouldn’t change it for the world!💙 Please vote for my baby boy Arlo💙
I got Storm about 3 days ago, and she’s already getting used to our schedule and our animals. Still needs training but other than that she’s the best girl.
You should vote Lola because she's good
Hello i’m Reeve. i’ve had a tough life but that won’t stop me. i have a back defect and can’t walk well but i make it work!
Uahi is a rescue from a shelter in Georgia. he is a very loving boy who just wants to play and cuddle.
Cookie is a great dog she is now 14 years old she has had a great life very happy and still going loves to play with her toys!!! Live strong!!!
Hi! I’m Winston, aka the Winston Pup. I’ll be 5 in June. I LOVE going to the park. It’s basically what I live for. I MUST go twice a day or I will destroy all your things. I struggle a bit with anxiety but no worries my parents help me out with it a lot! So does my vet. I love my vet but I enjoy scaring all of her vet techs and giving them a hard time. Oh and if I see you on a motorcycle or skateboard I will scream like a wild banche and scare the daylights out of you.
Roxy is the best dog I’ve ever had she the most loyal and loving. She loves attention and loves to sleep in bed with us. She learns very quickly. She loves to sunbathe.
Cinnamon is the most sassy yet caring cat you will meet. Loves to play outside with chickens and sleep
Hazel is a 7 month old female frenchton (French bulldog/ Boston terrier) shes constantly full of energy. loves playing fetch and tug of war with our other dogs, however, she mostly loves to sleep and cuddle.
Syd is a very friendly cat who loves being taken for walks in the garden and sprinting around the house like a maniac.
Chloe is a service animal 🦮, she is a yellow lab of 6 years. She is a fun loving, playful, energetic, goofball. She is a dedicated companion to her daddy and watchful over her family.
Chance was rescued by me when he was 6 months old. From the age 8weeks to 6months old the previous owner chained him to a 4ft / 4ft pourch all day and night. She put him for sale and I offered an amount and he was safely brought home to our family. He's gotten all his shots , dna , APB papers , has had 16 babies and living the dream! He just turned 3 years old and the sweetest cuddle bug ever. He's my service dog As well for My MS , Fibro and Cancer. Best pitty ever!! He lives with his wife and their daughter plus his human mommy , daddy ,brother and 4 sisters!!! He loves to run free on our 26 acres of fun!! Loves being rocked like an 80lb gods gift !!
Snowy loves growling and fighting with her brother Syd and begging everyone for food.
Specter is a cuddle bug. I found her in a gas station dumpster when she was a few weeks old. She was so small, sick, and weak i thought she would die. Im an RVT and took her to work with me and spent weeks nursing her back to health. She is now happy, healthy, and thriving
Zombie is a spicey girl who loves my 8 year old daughter and will play dress up with her, sleep with her, and cuddle with her wherever she wants.
Nala is a queen and she demands to be treated as such ! Loves treats and lap naps 🙂
Piete is a rescue cat they we adopted he is full of life. The only cat that i know that think hes a dog and likes to fetch and bring things back and put at your feet so you will throw it again, he sits on command. He has come along way since when we first git him he was timid and scared
Reggie loves playing with his lamb chop toy. I have to keep buying them because he keeps busting them ooen.
Thackery Binx
Thackery Binx is a Maine Coon Kitten and was named after the talking cat in Hocus Pocus. He is a hellion of course, always hyper and full of energy. Loves his mama isn't afraid to say no more petting and loves his fuzzy balls (toys, mind of the gutter pls) Loves to give kitty kisses and forever curious
King Henry Rolo
King Henry Rolo, First of His Name, is a ragdoll mix who has some of the best characteristics of the breed while also having a large personality. Henry's greatest loves: cuddles with his human, taking long walks around the block, eating "special supper", and performing his repertoire of tricks (for treats). Henry loves to give high fives to his buddies and greets you at the door so you can pick him up and hug him. He is very vocal and is a live music lover, sitting next to his human when she plays piano and dulcimer. This good boy is a ham and loves posing for pictures, and always comes to sit with you when you whistle him a tune. Henry only ever does what he wants to do, but luckily, all he wants to do is get attention and love.
Belle is a loveable pet.she is a Chug pug and Chihuahua She is cuteness in 6 lb package .. she just lost her mate.. she is sad but everyday is a better day.. she loves walks and play time with her chicken 🐔 .vote for me please 😁
Milly's baby
Ziggy's mommy
Chewy is a mini Aussidoodle. He loves being outside and grabbing every stick he sees. He loves to play and cuddle. He is the most adorable puppy.
Luna is one of a kind with her extra toes on every paw, and the 22 pounds she carry’s around with her😝😝
Spike is a very protective of his territory but he also likes to play a lot. He is a very loving cat but he can also be aggressive to the family people that he doesn’t know because he thinks that he always has to protect me. He is a mama’s boy!
He is scared of everything.
Flynn is almost 4 years old, a top class couch potato who also loves to zoomie! Loves to lay under the duvet and cuddle💙
This little lady has no fear. She may be small but is mighty and is not afraid to do things that her bigger brother cannot.
Captain Gizmo loves to kayak! And he loves being near his udda mudda, thats me!
Simba just loves to sleep and go on an adventure in the night time