Dog cat Stories - 9


Devin loves to cuddle and eat.
Moose is very energetic. He loves to play and pounce. He is super loving and sweet. When he's not taking award worthy naps he enjoys playing with his best puppy galpal Starburst.
Tucker is quite sad that coonhound isn't an option in the breed list 😢 He loves (to chase) critters, is scared of hardwood floors, and hates the UPS man 😁
Just a six-toed queen who loves her toy mice!
He is a loving and spunky cat he loves to play with his dog brothers and enjoys his best life! Baloo The Russian blue say hello 🙃
Sylvia was a rescue I found 3 years ago and it was love at first sight. She is definitely a princess in our household and gets everything she wants. She loves to sun bathe, get pets and go bye byes with mommy. She’s 100% the sweetest chihuahua you’ll ever meet.
He is so silly. He fetches like a dog. He’s such a love bug. I just adore him.
Sadi loves to snuggle, go for walks. Plays with her toys. Sadi loves attention!
We rescued Nahla two years ago. She was abused when she was younger so now she only has half of her teeth. None the less it doesn’t stop her from eating all the food she can get. She likes to sit in our bay window like a cat and she is a very loving dog.
Runt Pocket Bully Fun to play with He likes belly rubs And loves pup ice cream
Punky is my little tortie kitty! She is very quirky! Whenever it’s dark her eyes glow!!! She has lots of sass and tortitude! She is totally a sassy pop star! She is very feisty and sassy. She loves and protects me with fierce loyalty 💖She loves to look outside the window at the stars with awe and wonder 🌌 she has big, magical, sparkling✨ green eyes that you can easily get lost in🤩
Leo And Yogi
These are two loving brothers who were a rescue that were rejected from their feral mother. They are the sweetest babies. 6 months old. They love to play, give lots of snuggles. They love to play fetch, and are the best hosts when company visits, by giving lots of love to whomever they come in contact with. They are all Love! I am grateful for these two sweetest blessings! 💜
Mini pocket hippo with the biggest personality.
Hi! My name is Lady Bailey and my mommy says I'm the feline embodiment of a rainbow ❤ My mommy and daddy are convinced that I'm the absolute sweetest cat on the face of the planet! Before they knew me, I was a rescue cat. I used to live on the streets when I was young, and I had two kittens when I was less than one year old. The trap and release program had tried for many months to catch me, but after I had my kittens, they were finally able to get hold of me and both my kittens. As you can see, I have a little notch out of my ear because they had planned to release me back onto the streets as they normally do with feral cats! I'm far too sweet and loving towards pets people though, and they noticed that I seemed to want to stay inside and around people... So they put me up for adoption! My kittens found a loving home with a little girl to coo over them and my new mommy and daddy adopted me. Now I live with my brothers Iggy and Sir Brina in our home with so many catnip toys, scratchers, treats, and even my own kitty castle! I even have a special super power: I can sense whenever my mommy or daddy is sad, so I immediately go over to them to be their "Comfort Kitty" 😇 If you vote for me, my prize money will go to help my mommy and daddy take care of my brother Sir Brina, who is diabetic and needs special medical care. I hope you have enjoyed reading my story! ❤
She loves playing with her toys and having cuddles
Very playfull cuddly boy allways flopping his big paws around playing with his toys and some times just flop over on his side and lay there to be lazy🥰
Scarlett was dropped off at my door step as a puppy. She had never seen grass and had no idea what love and care was. We quickly changed all that and she is now the best dog anyone could ask for. She is the protector of my children. When we walk through the creek she never lets the kids go without her and she never leaves our sides. She is my husband's emotional support animal as well.
Little Pep Pep was the runt of the litter. She was so scared when i brought her home that i went back and got her sister Nat Nat (Natasha) to make her feel safe. Ever since they are the sweetest and most loyal dogs. They love to go on walks to the creek and they never leave our side ♡
Just an old dog living life one day at a time. Rescued from an abusive situation, yet found light in the end. 12 years old, going on 13 next year.
Leo loves treats and a good nap whenever is best. He also loves to learn tricks, and show off. He can Sit, Stand, Lay, and Rollover like the champion he is!
Julie is a Calico cat. She is 15 years old, sweet, smart and very friendly. She never been in any contest before. Needs your help. Please vote.. thank you
Pumpkin is a silly , energetic, clumsy, and playful cat. She loves Halloween toys and she has many outfits/costumes !
Miss Maybelline loves to bask in the sun, cuddle on your lap, and accept all the pets you can possibly offer.
Kianu is the cutest and most lovable cat. We chase each other and play everyday. He is a big boy that still drinks his baby bottle. ❤️
Simba loves belly rubs, he loves to play fetch and especially loves sitting by mommy’s foot while she works, as her little guard dog. He is the sweetest and you can’t help but love him once he locks those blue eyes with yours!
Palidin Jett
He is loyal,loving, hard worker, loves his family.
Panda is a sassy, loving, and amazing kitty! She loves he walks on a leash. She rides in the car everyday and loves her Origen cat treats and sitting outside waiting for a birdie to eat.
Leo Chantilly Deller
Leo is a playful and funny cat. He likes exercising in our yard with my son. Loves following me to the local shops for a walk, without a leash, and waits for me whilst I shop, than follows me back. He is very proud of his hunting skills and occasionally brings his pray into the house 😀. Anything he wins shall be donated to "In Plovdiv - without home", three brave ladies taking care of stray cats in Bulgaria.
Marshall is very energetic and lovey. He loves to dart out the door for some fresh grass but also loves catnip and bacon. He takes lots of loves and belly rubs.
Mama Oreo
The sweetest kitty who runs up the stairs when I call “where’s my kitty girl?”
He is a bundle of energy love everyone. He loves kittens and is super gentle and will lay with them while mom is away to protect them.
Bella is a Rescue kitten. She was left by herself at 2 weeks. She is very independent and very playful.
Cocoa is the cutest little fluffball ever!
We rescued Remy in May from Milton, De after he was transferred up the coast from South Carolina. He is an avid hiker, constant play mate, super cuddler, and child fanatic. There is not a mean bone in his body. He clings to my diabetic brother and it is just so precious. We hope you love his smile as much as we love him!!!
Jack is a cute cat and is playful. he shy but loves to play when his brothers are around and him and his brother have a seeing problem. not sure if it's cause their eyes are so close together, lol or if its just the way they are and that is what makes them so unique and him and his brother are also rescues.
Barney is, lets say, an oversized cat. weighing in at 25 pounds. he wouldn't hurt a fly. he is the most nicest cat you will ever meet and watch we have watch out when he sits on us, he kind of big. he loves back rubs and loves his cat nip and loves people and loves to be outside.
Angel is a rescue. so darn cute. she is a feisty one. we rescued her. She was in middle of road with her baby brother and unfortunately, he wasn't as fortunate as her but my dad did save her life and she's been a handful ever since. loves to run around and climb and knock stuff over. agressive but friendly.
Elias is a fireball. he is cute as a button. he likes to wrestle with his buddies, sometimes he can be a little too rough and likes to have things his way and is the alpha male of the group, without a doubt. cutest cat i've ever had.
Stella is a icon in Rhinelander wis shes at Home Depot the liquor store, Taco Bell and Tracker Supply shes a diva of the community
Groot was rescued from the British Virgin Islands and they call them coconut retrievers! He’s the most loving, cuddly, goofy puppy
Pumpkin is my part feral and bobcat mix. My wild child, his meow is like a cackle and chirp mix, completely different from my other babies. He is timid around people that he does not know and it is like he chooses that one person that is his. I didn’t adopt him ,he adopted me.
Bast has been through a lot along with her twin brother Artemis. The neighbors dog killed their mommy and I found them at a week old cold and going stiff. I syringe and bottle feed them, they barely made it. Bast is a lovable cuddle bug ( when she wants to be) she is a momma hen, if I bring other babies in to help. He fav past time is messing with and chasing her twin brother lol.
Artemis has been through a lot along with his twin sister Bast. The neighbors dog killed their mommy and I found them at a week old cold and going stiff. I syringe and bottle feed them, they barely made it. I have a really strong bond with Artemis, to him I am his mommy he would only let me feed him. And loves me like crazy, he thinks he is my chest ornament. Lol
Iris is my little nurse, and my delicate flower. She is the sweetest fur baby, I say she is my nurse because, when I am hurting she comes to sit with me and usually either lays on me or next to the body part that is hurting. She is not a hold me kitty just when she wants you too lol.
Chunky was born half the size of his siblings with hardly any fur. His mommy had her hands full with 6 others and didn’t think he would make it, so at 2 1/2 weeks old she set him aside to die. My son found him and brought him to me. He was the first kitten I bottle feed he will be 5 years old this next month.
Chunk is a 3 month old boxer puppy. He loves to learn new tricks and play in the yard, fetch sticks, and chase his toys
King Louise
King Louise is exactly that . He is a very large cat . Picture does no justice . He’s the most loving sweet boy . Loves to be held . He usually wears a custom made gold chain we got for him . Will update w those pics as well thanks please vote for him!!!
Tank is a Pure Bred Lab, who is so fun! He’s going to be a hunting dog-retrieving birds and geese! He loves to cuddle when he’s tired, loves all kinds of foods, and loves to play for hours on end!