Sir Marz
I’m a VIP ..Very Important Puppy… I’m a Dog Therapist to All.. I like to play w my friends and family ..I am 8 months old. I love bring peace on earth.
My little Black Buddy Bear! He's into music. Specifically Metal. The band Gojira gets him wound up.
Mason is the sweetest shihtzu ever. He is extremely friendly and loves to get dressed he is also quit the charmer when he hears the camera ❤️
Lucky is king of the castle, a lover and cuddler by heart, and a protector of his humans!!!
Hi , my name is Ellie I’m a five month old husky , I love my little teddy bear my mom calls baby I can’t sleep with out baby . I’m a very friendly girl . I love to try to drag my mom because I get to excited . I love treat and also my toy duck .
Miss Kitty
Hi , I’m miss kitty , I love to chase the other cats around and eat cat nip . I also love fuzzy blankets . I have such a beautiful , funny personality . I love anyone who give me attention ❤️
Jayce loves any squeaky toy you give him , he’s a five month old shepherd mix and would love for you to vote for him !
Rambo loves snacks, watching the birds and squirrels, pets, long cat naps and chilling on the couch
He’s very protective of mom and dad he has to be touching mom and dad all the time lol
Very playful and smart. Loves to eat and play with his toys
Snoopy is a mini pocket beagle. He is 4 months old. Loves too play fetch.
She is very affectionate and loves to lay on warm laundry.
Peanut Checking Out Brutis Tee
Peanut is a chiwenie, she is the boss of our 2 bigger dogs, you see one in this pic, his name is Brutis. She is pretty easy going until she gets mad than she thinks shes the boss, she loves kids, our cats, and potbelly pig, she is 5 years old
Hi I’m Loki I am 9 months old. I am into everything just like a toddler. I love to play with my toys and pick on my doggy brother. My mommy is my favorite person ever I’m always wherever she is. Water is very interesting to me until it gets on me then it’s not interesting no more.
Hello, I’m Oscar. I love to go outside and take walks. My favorite thing ever is to hang out with my mommy and daddy (sometimes my cat brother) I am a very loving and feisty little boy and I am 8 years old.
Jack is a mama boy. He's goes where mamas goes. Jack does leave mama side. Jack is black & white has a lighting bolt across his face. He's 16 yrs old. He loves his treats....
He's full of energy
Sally Mae
Sally is an emotional support friend. She loves to play! She knows exactly when it’s playtime and when it’s time to give and receive love. We found her abandoned under her house. She is one of our greatest gifts!
Eskiya means Mafia in Turkish. He is so cool and so tough. Definitely a Tabby cat but I fell in love with the sweet things he does. He is loving even with that rough wild cat exterior.
Hello! My name is Mozzy I am a 7 month old corgipoo. My favorite activity is doing a puppy puzzle. I love eating bananas and any food put in my bowl. My favorite thing to do it look out the window and untie all of my rope toys.
I think you’ll agree that Ivan is a handsome boy. His littermates were all girls so you know who got lots of attention. Ivan hasn’t toasted up yet, but he appears to have the coloring of a Flame point Siamese. He just turned four-months old. Ivan has beautiful blue eyes. His mother, Cali an orange DSH, used to be a stray that a neighbor took in. His father is a feral Lynx point Siamese. They call him Bubby. I’ve added a few baby pics to his album.
Maverick is super fluffy and loves attention. He loves to drink water from the bathroom sink. He’s very curious around the house, always finding a new hiding place. He’s very friendly and loves his toys. Will jump high in the air to catch his toy and also plays fetch! He’s an awesome boy and I’m so lucky to have him!! He will be 2 in October 2022.
Larry loves people and loves to purr. He smiles and makes everyone smile.
We found Cookie under our steps and then finally caught her in our bushes when she was about 6 weeks old . She is now about 8 months old and is the sweetest softest girl you would ever want.
Charlie was abandoned and i found him 2 months ago so skinny and injured so i decided he needed help and lots of love so i took him home and to the vet he is truly the most lovable snuggle bug ever even after him fighting for his life for over 6 months
Halo Josh
Halo loves it when his toy box is open and he can play with his favorite things. One of his favorites is Mr. Bill.
Cress is a really chilled cat. She likes he naps!
Mollie is a 7 month old pekapoo she is so friendly loveable and so sweet she's our baby
He is actually a catahuala bulldog. He is very active during the day and then he cuddles with momma every night. He is a very loving, sweet, and funny dog. That is why we gave him his nickname" Gubber Butt".
Trooper is a rescue puppy who was brought to Big Bones from Oklahoma, so he and two siblings could have a better chance at getting adopted. Trooper is such a sweet 3 month old, he loves to play with toys, especially his stuffed cow, cuddle and play with his two legged brothers.
Sophie, my explorer and first born grand-kitten. This sweet and loving girl is full of energy and excitement. She means the world to me and has been my emotional support along with her brother and mother. She brings happiness and joy and is my fur-baby for life. It would mean so much to us if you give vote for us.
Gizmo Quandale
Gizmo is my cat, he loves to go outside and he attacks our goats.
Sooty is 18 months old. She Is a rescue cat who has been with us for 2 weeks. She’s come out of her shell, and loves to bring us her favourite toy to play with when she wants attention
This is NJ. He’s 2 and loves kisses! He was traumatised as a kitten and now has to live with vision only in one eye as you might be able to see in his pictures. He deserves all the love anyone could give
Oso is a super sweet, loving, affectionate 4 month old Maltipoo. He absolutely adores people and wants to snuggle with everyone he meets.
Lola is an Old English Bulldog. 7 month old and is an absolute joy! She is so playful, loves people and dogs and is coming along amazing with her training
Dobby is an 11 week old mischievous puppy who has found a love for soil and shoelaces and has very quickly worked his way into our hearts ♥️
Chloe is 16 years old. She loves to cuddle and nap. She is super soft. Sweetest girl and still plays with her favorite doll.
Snowy is such a beautiful calming cat, she has a way of calming our autistic son, or if you are feeling unwell she makes you feel better... she has a beautiful soul ❤️
Ella Rea Huysman Garcia
Her nickname is “Sweet Girl.” She’s so gentle and loving. She came into our lives when we needed her the most. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She’s a happy girl and always smiling!
Delila Huysman Garcia
She did not like celebrating her sister Ella‘s birthday but wore the birthday hat anyhow! She a feisty girl with a lot of attitude. She’s also super duper loving!!
Daisy Mae
Hi I am daisy! I am a f1b mini GoldenDoodle :) Instagram : @daisythedoodleee
Cubby is was born in June to my other two pugs, Pixie and Ziggy. He has an older brother named Ruger who he loves to torment! Sweetest little baby ever!
Salem is known as the “ cat with no eyebrows”. As you can see he has no whiskers above his eyes on one side, since he was a baby this has been true. He enjoys toilet paper shredding, swimming in the toilet, and quesadillas.
Shadow Salem Augustus
Shadow Salem Augustus is a very cheeky chappie. He loves to play especially with his toy mouse. He loves to have cuddles and always greets me with a kiss when i get home from work.. His favorite food is sea bass, cooked by his own personal chef who is also his joint best friend 😊. Shadow is full of love, kindness and mischief, & he is there for me when i need him