Kimbo is a one year old, mischievous and loving cat. He loves to sit in the window and watch the birds, squirrels, and bunny rabbits. He has loads of energy and loves to play with golf balls, balls of paper, lasers, and random household objects. Sometimes I believe he is half dog; he loves tummy rubs, sleeping on his back, chasing balls, and being a goofball. He is the sweetest baby ever and I love him lord <3
Stinky knows tricks and walks on a leash and open cabinets and drawers and steals his treats 😹
She loves cuddles! ❤️
My nick name is roly poly because i love to roll off couches! I love pretty much anything that i can fit in my mouth and i can run for hours on end and then some more 🐶 oh and i love to pick on my big sister, more than anything!
Henry is a very lively cat who loves to torment the dog, and has a constant case of the zoomies. He loves to walk outside on a leash, and is very spoiled.
Smeargle's nicknames are "Moose" and "Smee"! He's a dork, and major cuddle bug. He loves to stretch out across your lap, and lay his head on your chest while you're sitting down. He adores digging in the dirt and chasing birds. Definitely a mama's boy. ❤️
Bella girl loves to play outside and cuddle with her mama 🤍 she’s a sweetheart
This is Smokey. He is so loveable. His favorite things are loves and food. He just lays on whatever I'm doing because he wants all the attention lol. And while everything is quiet, he will just start meowing and won't stop until someone gets him and gives him loves 😁 he's such a precious baby. Please vote for my baby boy ❤️🥰 P.S. He waddles his tush while he walks 🤣❤️
Rocky is a pit bull beagle mix. He is full of love and energy! He loves snuggles from mommy! He loves to lie in the blankets just like mommy! His favorite toy, is the volley ball. He absolutely loves to play tug a war, and his belly rubbed! Rocky’s favorite trick to do is to “freeze with his paws up!” He thinks clean bedding on the bed is for him, he will push you off the bed if you even try to climb in. He will be 9 years old this year!
This is Bella, she is 15 years old. She has a 4 year old daughter too called narla she is also on my account. Please vote for us
Riley loves to snuggle but it has to be her idea.
Narla is always full of excitement and we are also accompanied by mark as mum who is not 15 years old! Please vote for narla it will mean the world 🌎 💙
- She has a love/hate relationship with water. -Loves her little sister (our daughter) -Loves going on walks and trips to Dairy Queen
Luna is the sweetest girl, she’s a pit lab mix. her favorite thing to do is going on car rides and going outside to play with her tennis balls. She’s spoiled and always wants attention, and loves to get her belly rubbed.
She's a great dog!! She loves outside and her sisters. Love to play with her toys and just a good dog all around!
Hi I'm only 2 years old, I enjoy running, playing, lounging in the window and cuddles. I love my tasty treats but I'm very picky, any type of bag is immediately mine, my parents just take way too long getting their crap out, and the best is teasing my big brother Saint
Skye was given to me by a complete stranger, who was trying to find her a home outside of my work, Walmart. She is a very petite girl, and she loves lounging and big stretches! She loves cuddling next to me every night and when I call her, she comes to me right away
Our Mr. Purrcy came to us 3 years ago. His favorite toy is a grey mouse with orange ears and tail. He talks (meows) to us. He is a Flame-point Siamese with gorgeous blue eyes.
Havoc is a purebred Catahoula, who unfortunately is the result of backyard breeding causes him to be deaf and limited sight in one eye. Fortunately that doesn’t stop him, he’s an absolute ball of fire with top dog mentality. He LOVES beating up anyone that comes in his way especially his cat best friend, Boogs, but he’s also a lover (only when he feels like giving love though)
Turbo and his brother Nitro came to be my forever pets in 2006. The two were never separated until 2016 when Nitro became ill and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He became my constant companion never wanting to leave my side. He loved car rides and hogging the blankets on my bed! Saying good bye was the hardest thing.
Little Baby
Hello my name says it all..I am 1.8 yrs of age and my mommy is a chihuahua and daddy a Pomeranian that makes me a Pomchi..Yah.. Yes I am a little bit on edge due to my small frame and big attempts to take control but feeling as if nobody pays me any mind..I might be small but I’m intelligent loyal and I run the house bc I do pay the bills and all..Anyways I have been with my mommy and daddy since I was 1 day old yes you heard right and not bc of anything bad it’s bc I still reside with my mommy and daddy and I was the lucky one who got to stay while my brothers and sisters went to there new happy home but rest assured human people I still see them and we still play together so that makes me happy.. Anyway I can do tricks and have been in several contests and won..However had I not won or just been second that would been just fine with me bc I’m not a sore loser.. Anyway gang vote for me and I’ll do a trick for you don’t make me beg so come on over and read about me and place your votes bc I’m cute you know I’m cute and I know it so what’s the excuse not to
Shadow is the sweetest boy and loves to play fetch. He is a super hyper boy and loves treats and new toys. He loves everyone and always wants to be everyone's friend. He always really enjoys belly rubs.
My Bruiser is the calmest and sweetest boy. He doesnt jump on anyone and he NEVER licks. Bruiser has the most awesome smile... But, he is still curious. Got a box stuck on his head
Olive Ariel
This is olive ariel she is 2 years old and is so loving and friendly, she loves spending time with her mammy and daddy and her 2 brothers smokie Eric and monty Sebastian
Smokie Eric
This is smokie Eric, he’s 2 years old he’s so funny and thinks he’s human as you can see
The biggest snuffle bug in the entire world. He must be on top of me at all times of the day including while we sleep, during the day he must be leaning his 180lb body against my waist knocking me over. He is super Jelous, if I give either of his sisters (also Great Danes) any attention even if it’s just a pet for 2 seconds and I just spent an hour playing tug with thor, he gets Jelous and uses his 20lb head to push my hand away, he also likes to give hugs (that’s right, this big boy will put his front paws on your shoulders ONLY if you ask him to) and give you hugs and kisses. I truly have never met a more clingy and loving dog than my baby boy. And he is my entire world. I pray he wins, not for the money but just so the whole world can see my beautiful baby boy so I can tell him how much the world loves him. He deserves everything 💕 🌎
Popcorn got his name when he was gifted to us for my daughter. She said she wanted to name him Popcorn and told me what his name was and we couldn't eat him because he wasn't really Popcorn. Popcorn is a pain in the butt but also a terrific mouser and a cuddle bug. He sleeps in my daughter's bed when she's at her mother's house.
Smokey is a crazy but loving kitty, she loves to sleep in our dresser drawer, loves to cuddle our new kitten and her stuffed animals😁
Sonic is a very important part of our family! We got him when he was 7 weeks old and sadly a month later he got sick from parvo. I missed work at both of my jobs and took him to multiple vets and thankfully was able to nurse him back to health! My kids named him because they like Sonic the Hedgehog and at first we didn’t think the name fit him because he was very calm and cuddly, but now he zooms all over the place and he lays on any of us when we are sad, sick, or just needing some puppy loves. He loves going outside and eating shoes and shredding toilet paper everywhere! 😅😂 He’s not even a year old yet, but he’s still such a good dog. He loves MilkBones and his family! We are 100% lucky to have him! ❤️
Bailey Rose
Bailey Rose is an outgoing, lovable, cuddling service dog! She loves to go to the dog park and her favorite Custard Place , Abbott’s of temple terrace💗
Sienna is a playful, silly little thing! She LOVES sand, toys, other dogs, and her family! She’s roughly a year old and is a rescue pup from Mexico :) Super affectionate, sweet, and EXTREMELY loyal.
damon loves chin scratches and loves sleeping right next to your head and has beautiful eyes
I will be making advances for a future contest. My girl's and I rescued Oreo from an abusive situation. He is the sweetest and most laid back cat, I have ever met. He brings us happiness and makes our family complete. We love him so much.❤️💕😺. Looking for Exchanges in: Pageant Dog, Baybee France and Miss Princess
Angel is a two year old wimeriner she is my emotional support dog she helps me through alot. We are willing to exchange vote's with anyone who would do same for us
Murray is Purebred Black Lab he is very smart and requires lotssss of love
She is 3 months old and loves to play tug of war.
Kuro is a domestic short hair kitten, we took him in when he was 4 weeks old he was also the runt of the litter. What he loves most is his Pokémon plush and loves cuddles from his mom and dad. Funny thing about him when he was younger if you complimented him “handsome, cute, etc” he would get easily offended but in a cute playful way.
Bocephus Duke
He is a cream dapple dachshund. He is an extremely huge momma’s boy who loves to sing when he misses me. He’s such a big snuggler, he’s always cuddling with me and his Doxie sisters.
Emma Lou
She is a beautiful semi long haired dachshund. She loves giving hugs & kisses and meeting new friends even though she is a huge momma’s girl. She loves wearing her dresses & shirts and has the cutest little gurgle & playful growl lol.
Nova is a two month old blue pit. She is a sweet little girl and is super adorable.
Nelli is almost 2 this year! She likes to fish and run around. She loves to cuddle and tell me all about her day! She is definitely my best friend!❤️
Our girl is full of energy and so much love. Her favorite person is her momma and the feeling is mutal ❤
Zeus is a huge cuddle bug. He loves to play with his toy mice, lay up in his cat tower. And bird watching on our porch..
Tucker is a sweet boy we found at a city rescue. He loves to run, chase toys and sleep like he is in a crime scene. 🙀🙀😽
Shelby is the light of my life. I found her at a cat only rescue a little over 3 years ago and we connected immediately. Although she looks like a NFC, she has a Ragdoll personality. Ragdoll flop and all. She takes care of me when my arthritis is bad and she is polydactyl. Please vote for her, my best friend!!
Leo is a very social boy who loves attention! He’s also very vocal and loves to talk, especially when he wants affection :)
Milo was found outside at only three weeks without a Momma Cat! He is the runt of the litter but that doesn’t stop him! He is super fast and can jump really high, sometimes doing backflips for his toys. He loves playing and suckling on his human Momma