Dog cat Stories - 9


Milo is very affectionate and follows me everywhere. He loves to play with his little gray mouse. He will eat anything! He loves scrambled eggs and ham!
Bella is 8 weeks old and very high energy! She is learning obedience training and just loves making her human mommy and daddy proud!
Muffin has human eyes and knows what we are thinking at all times
Loves going to breweries
This is a one of a kind dog very spontaneous very loving nothing can replace her
Im a puppy cat im a cat who doesnt no im a cat i sleep and eat all day i think im a dog
Hello there! My name is molly I am a one year old chihuahua pincher mix, currently I enjoy laying with my mom and dad and playing with my brothers shadow and buddy. I love to go on walks and I am my moms ptsd support dog. I love attention so please give me a like 👍
she runs the house and queen of my life!
Salem loves cuddles and licking just about everything!
Lunna is a fun adorable little girl, who loves to cuddle, play with the dogs, and watch cars go by in the window.
She is super cute and quirky. Kinda stinky ngl 🥰 and she looks like Steve Buscemi
Hi! This is Milo and his Bestfriend Miley! He loves to play and pounce around. A very active boy full of love.
Savvy is really sweet. He enjoys cuddles, fetch, and going for rides in the car. He is very protective over his momma lol. He is very funny as well. When he is playing with his toy he will throw it in the air himself and catch it. And when he eats he likes to play with his food. I got Savvy after my last best friend died in a car wreck we was in. So i got Savvy to help me get through loosing my last dog. He is very special to me. I pretty much think he is my soulmate lol
Kilo Ferrer
Hello! I’m Kilo Ferrer. I’m albino and deaf. I’m an aspiring model! I love to play and sunbath, even though I get sunburned really easily😅. I look mean (to a lot of people) I’m actually super friendly with other animals and people! I want to win this competition to be able to afford stuff to become a model. If you think I’ll be worthy of becoming famous, vote for me! My Instagram: @Kilo.Ferrer
Snow is a ragamuffin he is very energetic loves salmon and loves to cuddle and eat
Mr Bear
Mr Bear is a 3 month old yorkie with a lot of energy however I never heard him bark. He looks to play and attached himself to your pant leg when one walk down the hallway. Loves his toys.
I like cuddles with my mommy my favorite fast food would have to be chicken Nuggies. I’m my mommy’s favorite fur baby
She have loads of love for everyone, she love food and sleep.
Zeus love play and he start to jump everywhere,he love sleep aswell
Mookie is a very clam and quiet loving little girl 💕
Ducky is super playful and loves to zoom around the house and meow at you. He will never let you have the last word!
DiNozzo is our chunky little boy who loves to cuddle and play 💕
Gibbs is a very loving and affectionate little ball of fur!! He loves to play fetch with his daddy! He also loves what we call blankey time!
Poke is a lazy pitty that loves to cuddle. His favorite activities are sleeping, begging for treats, and tractor rides.
Well hello there! My names Major! I’m a super independent and outgoing boy. I have energy for days and I absolutely love herding. I am a very athletic and fast dude! I can run for miles without falter, in the words of Forrest Gump “if they saw me I WAS RUNNING!” My favorite things to do include herding chickens, eating anything, watching movies and cuddling with my mommy!
Hello! I’m Azula! I’m the piebald grey and white kitty! I’m super rambunctious and LOVE to play! I’m a happy little jumping bean and I get into everything I can! My favorite things to do include chewing up phone chargers, chasing the laser, climbing EVERYTHING, and making a toy out of almost anything!
Amara is an absolute stunning being. From a very small age she’s been my best companion. I remember rescuing her and how she would lay her head in my hand and sleep and how she’d follow me everywhere. Even now 3 years later, she’s the definition of kind and sweet. She’s the absolute sweetest feline friend I’ve ever had. Her favorite things to do is eat, chase her sister, kiss people and hugs. Something that sets her apart from other cats is her ability to understand and love kisses, if you get close enough pucker up cause you’re getting ready for a kiss!
This is Cashu. He is a 1 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound / Lab mix. He enjoys barking at bicycles and going for long walks with his nose stuck to the ground. He's a spotty, funny, sassy little guy and his goofy attitude is so unique. He loves to be the centre of attention, show him some love ♥️
Castle is 5 months old and only has one eye. He loves to stare at birds and is working on his fear of vacuum cleaners. We aren't sure what breed Castle is but Embark categorized him as a "SuperMutt". He loves to play football and cuddle with mom!
Murphy is 8 weeks old we just got him, and thought why not put him up for the kings pet photo contest. He likes to snuggle and play tug-a-war. His little growl is the cutest! 🐾💙
Chase likes to eat slim jim's and mcdonald's french fries 🍟, loves out doors, and to be picked up like a 🍼 baby
Roman ( roro ) is a 3 year old half boxer pitt goof ball! He loves to play allll day and looks for attention allll day as well. He’ll bark at you for a bit till he’s over it. He can sit, speak, shake, lay down and all sorts of other things. He’s really loveable! I mean look at that face
Blanco is a full blooded Siberian Husky, currently 1.5 years old and about 71 lbs. He has a great personality and likes to assist with everything we do, he’s very well trained and responds to all commands without being disciplined. He does have a natural prey drive as well as active natured so he’s on average in the yard 2-3 hours daily. Blanco is a very vocal dog in forms of howling and or alerting us of his needs, visitors and etc. the most notable thing blanco displays is constant love and a desire to ride along anytime we leave our home, thanks to whom ever reads this, and we’d appreciate your vote! #Blanco #SiberianHusky
Big Luna
Big Lunas name fits her she is so goofed funny but a big sweetheart and she loves to play with sticks dig and hide rags yes any kind of a wash rag she loves to hide and her favorite thing to do is lay in the sun and play with her 12 year old Rottwelier sister 💯❤️🐾 Luna is very precious and smart that’s for sure so please pick her you won’t to disappointed 💯❤️🐾
Walle is 11 years old, but thinks he’s a puppy, he is a gentle giant who wants to befriend everyone. His favourite time is off the lead running at the park, he will roll around in happiness & say hello to everybody!
Smokey is a 1 year old border collie. His favorite hobbies including going on boat rides, swimming in any body of water, and playing fetch. He also enjoys quite time out on the patio and the watching birds and helping mom water the plants. After a long day he loves to cuddle up for some belly rubs!
Milo is a very energetic dog and loves to play with his cats, he is very loving and cuddly
My name is Roycie and I’m 8 years old! Sometimes I get lost in the bathtub and I cry.
As a kitten, I was quite skittish after being rescued from the streets. Now I enjoy my days by happily tormenting my sister, purring as loud as a Harley but still meowing like a kitten while also playing fetch! My favorite toy is an old mousie my sister kitty no longer plays with. You know what they say, another (wo)man's trash is another man's treasure!
Halley is a mixed breed cat that loves attention. We think she is part American Shorthair and Maine Coon (or Ragdoll). She can often be found being cuddly and overall adorable, and would really appreciate the votes!
Ember LOVES tennis and soccer balls! She’s a big dog in a tiny body, and she thinks she’s boss!!! She loves chasing chipmonks and squirrels, and going on walks!
Quigley is a rescue that stole our hearts! He loves to play frizbie and chase squirrels! Love's to lay in the sun.
Brodie is just the cutest most loving dog ever! 💙🐾