Hi I'm Psy. I am 2 1/2 years old. I love my family. I love taking naps. Most of all i love my brother Milo.
Vega loves just about anything in the world whether is playing with other pups, cuddling an orange, or laying around with her toys. How could anyone say no to those eyes!
Hi my name is Harley. My breed is a snowshoe. I love my mommy very much, and I guess I just tolerate everyone else. I definitely have a very different personality then most cats. I do not get along with any other animals, because I feel like I am enough for my family. I love taking baths, and watching videos on my mommy’s phone of squirrels and birds. I also love running wild at 4 am, when my humans are trying to sleep. But, they love me, and I get away with everything lol
The name says it all.❤️
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She loves to play with her sister Minnie cat she happy family and my best friends how makes me laugh everyday
Patrice is a silly sweetheart. She is smart and derpy all at the same time.
Jack is a 4 month old male shih tzu puppy. To us, he is our child. He loves to be held and sung too. He loves to play with his rope ball and his Mr. Bunny. They are his favorite toys to play with... besides us. He looks forwards to treat treats. So he goes out of his way to try to earn these. He spends most of his day on his daddy or mommys laps. He is really a low key, well mannered puppy. He finishes his day, you guessed it.... in bed between mommy and daddy under the covers.
This sweet boy came to me very sick. $400 later and he is healthy and loves to go everywhere I go. Soft as can be and a lover not a biter. He is about a year old.
Oscar is a Trucker dog rides with his daddy all over he has been daddys co pilot for 16 years
Nothing he would rather do than be outside with people. He’s always up for an adventure and his personality is unmatched. Not to mention he has the cutest face! Follow us on IG for more!
Bear is the dog version of Benjamin Franklin (just look at him) 🤣. He loves being grumpy, telling his brother off for stealing his treats - whilst stealing his brothers, he loves adventures, being in the car, being warm & squished in bed with his mamas, singing (he sings to Sam Smith - Promises), he loves stealing your seat, Bratwurst sausages, calcium chicken bones & a good cup of English tea! 🐻
Nero is a very happy, fun, crazy, excitable puppy, he loves his big brother Bear, pulling fluff out of his toys, nibbling fingers, kisses, running, adventures, duck fillets, chicken dumbells & sleeping on his mama’s heads 🖤
Natalia just turned 1 april 21st and has the most energy INSIDE & doesnt show it when we go OUTSIDE 🤣 but loves to play with toys & her brother 🖤
Rogue is a goofy and loving dog. He loves to snuggle up and be by your side. He’s full of energy and loves a good toy.
Chevelle is a very playful cat, but is also very skittish. She also loves to cuddle if she likes you enough.
Black cats usually have a unique personality & Loki is one of them. He is the most unique cat I've owned & also the most loving. He loves to be held upside down, he loves to sleep beside me, he likes to hold my hand while I watch tv, & he enjoys going outside. Yet that's not all, he sleeps with me every night and he'll paw at the door for hours if it's closed at night.
Momma Kitty
Proud Momma of Comit, I lived outside most of my life but then I got pregnant. I had a full tummy but because of winter most of my babies didn't survive, but I still was able to keep one alive.
Lionel is a lean, mean huntine machine! He is a born bobcat and doesnt let his nub tail stop him from catching all of the field mice... when hes not hunting down small prey he can be found sleeping on his queen size bed or snuggled up in his cat tower.
She loves chicken jerky
She Is Lovin And So Beautiful ❤ She Luvs To Play N She Luvs To Cuddle ❤
Reese is a complete goofball and is such a cute puppy. She’s four months old and already so big.
Vinny loves people, cuddling, shoes and running!
Lilly is a rescue baby; weighing only 2.3 lbs. when we got her. She's still a tiny little girl; but she has an enormous personality!
Rylee is a sweet 6 month old pup who loves everything and everyone
John was named by daughter (3) when we went to vets turned out John was a girl. We kept the name as she answers to it. John loves playing and always find him Curled up in the beds. She’s more my 4th child likes to join in everything even chasing footballs in garden no fear John 😁
Vada is a 17 week old loving Pitt she loves to go outside and play ball. She also loves her stuffed animals that she has. She likes playing with the cats.
Bella D Rivera
Bella is a very happy dog she love dressing up she loves going out to the dog park and loves making new friends. Bella loves to dance and her favorite thing is racing Bella loves to race people. But the best part I love about Bella is when she knows that you are feeling down or not feeling well she will come right next to you and cuddles with you and make sure you are ok she will stay with you until you feel better. I thank God every day for my Bella.
Maverick or Mav is our newest addition to our family. His favorite thing to is sit on your shoulder like he is a parrot, jump off things, eat pecans out of the yard and nap with his human dad. This sweet yet onery boy knows we cant stay mad at him to long cause he is just to cute. He was born with one blue eye and one brown, this trait runs in his family, he was the only one in the litter who received this trait and the thing that drew us to him. His place will always be with us.
Lizzie loves her screaming chicken. She will fight you to the death if you go near it. She misses her older brother Spud, she loved picking on him. She also loves sitting at the tables with the family when we’re playing card games or board games.
Maizey And Luna
Maizey and Luna are sisters and they are a couple of sassy, sweet and cuddly girls!
Tody is a fun, loving cat. He loves his daddy and he snuggles him.
Darcy is a long haired german shepherd who loves to play and go for car rides (she has to ride shotgun). Her favorite toy is a any type of ball.
He's a big baby, really goofy, enjoys the beach, loves to play soccer, enjoy the rides everywhere I go he'll be ready to go too, always wanted to get 100% attention, he understands his commands Spanish and English.🤭
Bailey is a playful,mischievous yorkie. He loves to eat and loves to be outdoors.
Smokee is the most cuddly little girl in the world. I have a lot of kid siblings and they all loved grabbing her and hugging her and she just loved it. When I became pregnant she grew very fond of my stomach and when I had our daughter they became the best of friends.
Maggie is a loving, playful, cheeky frenchbulldog who loves attention and treats! She has been in our family for 3 years now and we would not change her for the world!
My whole name is Emberleena Ballerina Flupster Pupster Coco Widget Wooly Mammoth Cat Dog Cow Rabbit Bat Buffalo Prairie Dog. I LOVE licking candy canes! I like bringing my ball to the top of the steps and dropping it down so my family can through it back up. I love hunting squiralls and chipmunks even though I cant catch them. I love snuggling up next to my family too! I also love treats and bones to chew on even though my family says that I'm getting chubby. :D
michelob is the silliest and sweetest dog i’ve ever met. i picked him out the day he was born and new since then he’d be my bestfriend❤️he is so beautiful!
Max enjoys playing with all his toys, eating ice cream with me, going every where I go, watching over me and taking care of me. Playing with his brothers and sister, running around crazy outside...I love you bunches max!!
First of all look at those green eyes. Laid back, with spouts of energy. When he joined our family he picked up on sit and paw within the first few attempts. Rarely barks(for now). 10 week old sweetie💙 that loves his Kong chewie toy we call Mr.Peanut butter.
Dinkydoodle was technically pregnant for eight years took her to the vet just before covid started only to find out she needed emergency surgery on her uterus once inside they found a "stone kitten" from her only pregnancy 8years ago. It was an expensive vet visit to say the least🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
She's my protective little sidekick. I don't ever feel like I'd need saving but ik if I did I can count on her. She's extremely intelligent, and beautiful, but def not graceful. We are both extremely accident prone so I guess it fits. She loves duck jerkey and pretty much anything I cook for her. her favorite toy is her purple squeaky ball, and anything of mine she can chew up. She's a best friend for sure.
Scar Bear is a very fluffy dramatic boy, very loving and loves cuddles!
Atlas loves to run and play with his ball!
Bark! Hi I am Dexter! Wanna go run in the backyard?? I’ll tired you out for sure, I am a Australian Shepard! I love my toys, and my Milk Bones! Their delicious. I even know how to play fetch at least my Own way! I am very active, after all I am still a puppy! 🐶💗
Lexi loves dancing and running the garden with her sister. She has one specific toy she loves to the point where we have to replace it with the exact same toy each time it broke
Eva is the sweetest diva! She loves to run really fast, explore all of her surroundings and play with all of her brothers and sisters. She is extremely loving, climbs on her family to get kisses and cuddles on her mommys chest to fall asleep. Eva hates being left alone and will meow for help until she has someone with her 💓