Prince Patches
Our handsome, curious and playful boy is our family greeter. His favorite thing in the world are feather yoys!
Hey there! I am Duke, I am a chocolate Goldendoodle and will get upset if you mistake me for a Labradoodle! My dad is a chocolate poodle..yes there are chocolate poodles! If you've seen Dutchess' profile you will know we are trying to get our mommy a good birthday present this year, so any vote is appreciated! If you can also help our brother, Bruce! Check me out at Pinterest @doodlesdukie and dont forget...I'm a chocolate Goldendoodle!
Meow! Hey there I am Bruce, I was named after Bruce Wayne...when I look down at my shadow I gasp, 'Oh my..I'm Batman!'. Anyways, my best friend is 13 and running low on meow-ny and we really need to stay together, she pampers me SOOOO much I don't think anyone else will pamper me as much as her! Please help us stay together! 😻 Any vote is appreciated, I will exchange votes! Please help my brother, Duke and my sister, Dutchess! Thank you, any vote for any of us is genuinely appreciated ❤️ Thank you! Meowwww 😻😻
This is Coda one of the best dogs you could ever have. He's loving and cuddly and the sweetest thing ever. Also he barks when people fight or argue because he doesn't like it. He's a peacemaker in our house lol.
This is Primrose my baby. I love her with all my heart, and despite her being sassy sometimes, I believe she loves me too.
Frankie loves to play with the big dogs
Ranger is a chocolate lab! He is the biggest lover ever! He is smart & a big goofball at the same time ;) His favorite things to do include being outdoors adventuring, swimming in just about any body of water & getting pup cups from Starbucks!
Mabel is a black lab! She is the most fun loving dog there is! She is spunky, sweet & super smart! Her favorite things to do include playing ball, going on the boat/swimming & getting her pup cups from Starbucks :)
Bentley is a 8 year old boxer that is so sweet and protective of his family!
Lucy is short for lucifer because she’s a little demon but she loves to play with her older sister neko and she has lots of energy
Hey furriends! I'm Pax and I am the friendliest feline who loves her hooman minions. Some things I like... CHICKEN!! I love chicken treats. In fact, I'm gonna go bug my meowmy for some right now. I also love to sleep!!! I mean, who doesn't? A girl needs her beauty sleep, 24/7. I enjoy birdwatching too. And I'm super duper floofy! If u want, check out my Instagram! It's @paxiiieeee (can we make it to 400 followers by the end of this week??) And that's 3 i's and 4 e's. Please VOTE FOR MEEE!!! I LUV U ALL!!! 🥰😘❤️
Zeke is a one of a kind.Hes part dachshund and part Jack Russel.He has a attitude all of his own and loves playing ball
Loves playing eating best of all loves water
Betty Brian And Lottie
Betty (tortoiseshell) is a very loving little cat but quite aloof! She likes lots of alone time and often goes adventuring and exploring, but when she’s finished she loves to come back and have a fuss and lots of strokes, she also likes to take naps in a hanging basket on the wall! Brian (middle) is very noisy, he’ll never fail to let you know he’s around, in fact, he wants everyone to know. He also loves some fuss but not not as much as Betty, he can actually be quite grumpy at times but always comes around when you give him treats :) Lottie (left) has a lovely nature, she’s very quiet and more reserved, you’ll mostly find her with Brian. She likes fuss and stokes from time to time and is very loving and cuddly. She’s much quieter than her brother, but loves her food just as much!
Bear’s absolute favorite thing to do is go swimming in the pool, enjoys his walks and playing fetch.
Peach Blossom
Peach blossom loves to give kisses to everyone. She loves to ride in the car. She lives to okay with her toys and loves to eat cheese. She is my everything in life to live for. I love her with all my heart. She is my little baby girl.
Lucky is a very cute dog who likes to play a lot and is very playful with strangers.🍀
Whaler is 8 months old and he is the sweetest most gentle boy! He is so well behaved for being 8 months old. He loves to go for boat rides, gives kisses, trips to the dog store and mostly loves to cuddle!
Lucky is a super sweet kitty who we rescued from an elementary school with his sister. While he is still warming up to us, he loves to play with anything and everything! He often has dirt from my potted plants decorating his body somewhere!
Bear is my best friend. He is a Labsky ( Husky lab ) He's my big 🧸. He loves going swimming at the beach, jumping the waves.
Mollie loves to talk and loves to play with hair bobbles!
Selena is a very playful loving 5yr.old mix chihuahua/pekingese... I adopted at 8 weeks old ...Whom loves her fur Mommy & Daddy & She enjoys her morning & late afternoon walks. As well as her treats not to forget getting her manicure & pedicure every so often. Selena is such a clean & smart Girl ...She also loves her clothes & loves to pose for the camera!! She is spoiled & such a wonderful 💕baby to me & (Her Daddy)
Bandit is a badass. He fights snakes, hogs, lizards, hawks, eagles, anything!
Moose loves to play fetch, lay out in the sun and make silly faces! P.S. don’t leave your socks unattended he will steal them!
Luka is my world iv had him since the day he was born a proper little mummy’s boy so affectionate and fun
Antonio was found as a sick 4 week old baby! After putting on his “cape” and getting TLC…..he thrived and is amazing!
Pooh Bear
She loves treats and she loves getting her photo taken. She loves to play with other dogs and cats!
Lucy- lu is just the sweetest pup ever. She loves to snuggle, go for walks, and most of all belly rubs! She just loves everyone and everything. She does what we call the wiggle-bum dance when she's excited and loves to smother you with kisses.
Teddy Bear
Teddy's the newest edition to our family and just a total love bug. When he's not playing with his pup sister. He's flipping his toys around, rolling in the grass, or being daddys little shadow.
Xena is a two year old brindle Labrador Retriever mix. She is gentle, sweet and playful. She likes to go to the dog park at our apartment complex and play with her bones and toys. She was abandoned by her previous family so she is extra attached but I love it!
Hi my name is Lovell I love to play with my sister Neytiri and nuzzle on peoples faces
Hi my name is Neytiri i love to sleep on peoples shoulders and play with my brother Lovell
Hi my name is Xena I love to play with everyone and I always get the zoomies when I hear the word “outside”
Such a great cuddly dog! Very playful, loves all the attention he can get! He even barks when there’s someone entering the front door!
He is a purebred pitbull 50% bluenose 50% rednose got him about a few weeks ago he’s been nothing but a big sweetheart loves attention and playing with people and other dogs.
Training books by the fire, attention, plush turtles, socks… piles of them, & all the tennis balls the world has to offer.
Hi I’m Reggie I’m 15 weeks I live with my humans and my new fur brother Ty, we go on lots of walks I have been to the beach, I’m going to try swimming in a doggy pool with my mum human will put a picture up once I’ve been ❤️
"HisNameIsBob" is the most Awesome Cat I have ever known. He is Super Friendly and his Chill Level is Greater than Any pets I've ever seen.. He is My Best Friend. 😎👍🏻
Popeye The Sailor Pup
Popeye the Sailor Pup,Lil Man,Mr Fuzzy butt,Boopers, some of his names we call him. He is my little Chessador.He's my little 2 year old,that is never going to grow up. He has help us in last year. Not sure where I'd be at the time.
Cooper absolutely LOVES playing with bubbles. I was trying to get some shots of him in the air catching them when he missed the landing on this one. Not exactly the most flattering photo but its gotta be my favorite picture I've taken of him
Zoe is a beautiful fun loving animal that has brought tremendous joy to me and my family. She loves to play hide and seek with my brother and loves cuddle time
Mr Kitty
Mr. Kitty is my baby boy, was found outside during winter months, hes deaf, (born that way) all white blue eyed handsome boy that just loves his spoiled life. 😸
Mr Mister
Mr Mister was a feral cat, that adopted us about a year ago. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat and this tree is one of his favorites to nap in, or just hang out.
Grady is a rescue. We think he is about 4 months old. He was crossing a highway and a semi rolled right over him but never touched him. A Good Samaritan saw this and took him to UCAPS and I was immediately in love after having to put our mini Schnauzer and mini Aussie down a few months ago and only a month apart…we were not having anymore in the house but..Grady changed that 🥰
Rocko is a 4 month old mix breed of chihuahua and possibly terrier. Rocko is also a rescue puppy from our local humane society! Rocko loves snuggles and kisses and loves to dance for his treats!
Luke or ‘the dude’ is his family nickname. He’s an old man been with us for 16 years! He doesn’t act 16 though he acts like he’s still 4! He’s a very family loving cat and a companion to the whole family. He’s definitely a great cat to snuggle with you on the couch or on your bed. He gives you wet kisses and loves playing behind the living room curtains with his ping pong/crinkle balls.
Marie is a very proper cat! She sits in very different positions such as a proper princess and a loaf! She loves playing with socks, string, and loves to sleep on the very top of her tower. Marie also loves to snuggle as long as the other cat Luke is with you as well.