Dog cat Stories - 91


Sunshine is a 5th month old calico tabby kitten. She is very playful and loves to give cuddles and kisses. Vote for sunshine because she is truly the sweetest cat I know
Hello! My name is Tobi! I am very lovable! Also I Love playing fetch with anything haha, Like my owners stuffed animals she doesn’t like that but she still loves me. I’m always with my owner wherever she goes I go also, like the bathroom, I can’t stay away from her; and when she leaves to go into town I miss her like crazy and I get so happy when she gets home and I give her so many kisses. I love car rides as well! Please vote for me so my family can have some money to go on vacation and ofc buy me a bunch of toys so I don’t tear up my owners stuffed animals! I love you all!
Hoppy and her sister were left at the shelter. Hoppy is a tripawed and gets around great. She is super sweet and protective of her sister Daisy who has tiny front legs she can’t use. I love these sisters so much.
Whiskers loves to take pictures she watches t.v. and loves to be center of attention. Whiskers loves to cuddle up and hug her sister, she loves to eat vegetables and rice, I would vote for her because she's a beautiful cat
Titan will be 5 human years old next week 😭, is a Brindle Pit & a big brother to a feisty Mini Pin, a diva Bully & a red nose Pit. Titan is what most would call a "teachers pet," he's quick to alert us when his siblings try to do something they are not suppose to 😁. Titan has the biggest heart, loyal to the fullest & is our chipilon (Spoiled baby) 😁💙 He is definitely a special pup & deserves all the bones & treats in the world ❤️
Rosie loves her boy to death and cant leave his side and she loves to cuddle an loves ppl
She really love to cuddle next to my son and loves to follow him that her baby and loves pepperoni sticks.
"Hanging out with my friends, come find me.”
Ernie is a sassy old man who loves to guard the house from the windows but sleeps on the job a lot and his passion is leaping over stuff to look cool. He takes no crap and doesn’t apologize for who he is which is why we love him. Always welcomes treats but that’s not a trade off for pets. He’s sweet to a select few. He was rescued in 2007 and is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian/Rat Terrier mix
Khaleesi's favorite thing in the world besides Mom dressing her up is food!
K’nuckles loves long naps by the window, plopping himself on the floor, and catching mice & giving it to us as gifts. His favorite snacks are Temptations and licking Mayo off a spoon.
Coco Chanel
Coco is literally my best friend & we are adding to the family because I’m very much PREGNANT ! Help our family by voting for Lil Miss Coco Chanel 🙏🏾🥰
She absolutely loves the snow she starts hopping like a bunny in it then tucks her but n takes off running as fast as she can if she dnt trip herself.😆
Shy Bree jumps for swing toys
Zoey is 3yr old pomsky, she loves to ride on the front of my kayak and will go fishing with me for hours. She a bit sassy sometimes but very smart and obedient
Zeus Thunderfluff
Hi! I'm Zeus and my favorite snack is chicken nuggets!
Hello! My name is Kamper! *PIT MIX* My most favorite thing to do is hide my toys in weird places! I am a rescue pup and love to offer emotional support!
Delilah better responds to her nickname “Princess”. She lives with her baby sister Coco, in Kent. Delilah enjoys nothing more than an intense back massage, which she duly requests every evening, without fail.
11 year old cavapoo lulu, is full of fun, goes on ever adventure with me, happy and healthy, the lovely little dog you’ll ever meet 🥰♥️
Perpetua is a young, funny, lovable, chatty, playful epileptic cat. She can be a brat as well too with lots of character. She loves to play with any small-sized toys only. Especially the noisy ones, but she prefers balls the most, or play that game “come n’ chase me” as she calls it. She’ll even play that sneaky game by hiding under your bed, so she can smack your foot whenever she sees you pass by, right before you’ll know. She also likes people, and dogs, but hates cats. Whenever she sees them she’ll start hissing at them, and she’ll hold grudges until she sees them out of her site, because she knows she’s 👑 She was rescued on a coldest night of November 4, 2020 while she was malnourished, covered with fleas/ticks & missing patches of fur all over her coat when she was found. Then she got a flea bath after that, her coat came out all nice, and shiny like silk ever since and her fur started to grow looking like she was never a stray cat. Despite of her chronic medical condition, she knows that nothing will ever stop her from living a happy, loving life. 💕
Honey Maru
Honey is 9 months old she is so active can't stay still for 5 seconds. She loves to play and do laps around her yard and house. She is A Bugger when she want's to be.
Bessie is the most adorable loving funny family pet she’s the baby she loves her ball games and her cuddleys ....she loves her fresh veg ...she’s has the best character
Bear by name Bear by nature . Sometimes a grizzly but mostly a Teddy .
7 year old pepper is an amazing dog, very loving, loves to have cuddles, always playing so full of energy and fun ♥️
Bruce is a very enjoyable dog , very goofy and loving baby please take the time to consider him as one of your votes , thank you
Oliver is our Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is very lovable, playful, and has such a wonderful personality! He is 10 weeks old as of today (01/21/21). He loves his squirrel toy and loves to cuddle.
Doc Holiday
Doc is 4 months old and very playful i love to be outside and im full of spunk
Zena is hyper,silly and so cute!!! She's also very playful.
Issac And Carlos
They are as sweet as they look❤️
Moose is a sweetheart by nature.. although if you mess with his people he won’t have a second thought about bringing those beautiful claws out.
Alfie is 12 years old, he loves cuddles with humans and will follow us everywhere just for attention. Unfortunately Alfie has termainal cancer and isn’t expected to live past 3 months. But he currently remains his beautiful happy meowing self at the moment 🥰
She is 4 pounds and full of energy. Loves playing with other dogs and kids. Always steals the show in public for how cute she is.
our beautiful girl loves cuddles, loves to twirl and give her paw for treats! 🖤🖤. please vote for her!
My little Macky is 3yrs old. She is a crop dusting pug that is always learning new tricks; and has a fun and spunky personality!
Zeppy is very outgoing, he will go up to everyone. He also doesnt leave my side.
Mr. Liam loves his belly rubbed and to play with his toys! He wears a bow tie since he acts “fancy” and very “classy!” Mr. Liam is such a good boy and we are so lucky to have him!
Lunar Moon
Our gorgeous little baby loves cuddles and treats 🤍
Angel in a 4 year old Border Collie German Shepherd rescue! She loves attention and cats. She enjoys long hikes and a nice swim on a hot day!
Such a happy boy!
Kilo’s a lover and his mama service dog 🐕‍🦺 he loves playing with his girlfriend kitty 🐱 and he loves kids 🧒 he’s a great family dog and an amazing protector! Check out my Instagram for more great pictures of kilo @tdaisys ❤️
Baxter loves to play ball. If no one will toss it, he throws it up & chases it himself. Most of the time he gets me to play, it's hard to say no to this. Agree? Vote please for Baxter!
Sue loves to look out the window, standing on her back paws. She also loves to help her dad work by laying on his keyboard
Gus is a friendly dog who enjoys the company of any person or animal . Gus thinks he is a human an wants to always wear clothes. He is my best friend he is always by my side he loves riding w me in the car. He is the best dog anyone could ask for
My name is Dory, I’m 1 and my mummies tell me I’m a big girl now. I love doing zoomies, stealing anything I’m not allowed when I can and doing what I want (I don’t like being told what to do). My mummies tell me how cute I am and I know it, they say that’s how I get away with everything 😁