Dog cat Stories - 91


Loves to play with kids, gets along with all animals and very lovable!
I adopted this shy guy, or so I thought about a month ago when he was four months old and lets just say after his first night home its been non stopping chase him around as he explores every inch of our apartment including the most random things like the inside of the table lamp. He loves cuddles and hiding his toys in places he can barely get them out of, all in all he has helped me through my depression and although he’s a wild boy I love him more and more everyday!
Koda is loving, playful little teddy 🐻 he loves playing and loves. He loves to snuggle and watch movies he's the sweetest little boy.
I’m a super energetic dog that loves to run and play! My all time favorite things to do are eat and snuggle with mom!
Herman was rescued from the street and herman favourite snack is salmon.
We rescued cosmo when the storm from Ida hit and he was separated from his mom. We have taught him to poop, eat, snuggle and play! (not in that order)😂
Full of spunk and cuddles
Onyx is a sweet girl who loves hanging out and playing.
Yoda is a rescue kitten I found when she was 7 weeks old on vacation in Oklahoma. She’s now 10 weeks old. Yoda is the most sweetest loving kitten ever. She loves cuddles, especially going under the blankets. She gives tons of kisses. She absolutely loves playing with you and her toys as well.
He is my 5 year big baby. He loves everyone, he loves his brother Twilight.
My three-year-old baby is a bit of a loner and I am the only one he will let pet him. He loves his big brother Garfield and loves to sleep in the sun.
Cj Callie Jo
Cj is a 13 week old standard Australian Shepard. She spoiled and such a busy bee.
He's a Shorkie with LOTS of character. Stubborn, playful, loving and tiny.
Hello, my name is Roscoe. I am a super adventurous and loving pup! When I'm not on an adventure or hiking with mom and dad I enjoy relaxing on the couch watching Netflix or laying in the backyard chewing on my Kong ball (especially when mom puts treats in it). I really hope you vote for me! Have a paw-some day!
Lucci loves to fetch an old sock 🧦 His favorite treat is peanut butter bones 🦴 He loves playing with his baby sister and napping with mommy 💕
Benson loves to play catch with a ball or his toys. He loves people….🐶
I love to cuddle in bed with my family. When I am not napping I am playing with my favorite balls. I spend my days chilling in the sun on the patio.
Mercedes, is a little finicky but she loves to play with her dog Brothers and she loves to sleep and she loves her milk and her little toys she's a sweet little Siamese girl that is dear to my heart.
Ricky is the cutest little Maltese puppy. Full of love and loves to cuddle. He is very friendly and playful. I think i should have named him Cuddles.
Kilo is a 4 yes. Old lab mixed. Born on the 5th of Sept. He is a very. Vocal dog. I just know one day he's gonna really talk to me.
She loves blankets and her toy fox. She loves kids
Maeva Nirvana
She was a feral that was abandoned in our greenhouse by her cat mommy. When we first found her, she had a sibling. When we checked on her again, the sibling was gone so we took her in with the intention to foster until a forever home had been found. We didn’t realize we were going to be it for her. At the time, we were preparing for our oldest daughter’s high school graduation. The thought of my oldest baby leaving the nest left me feeling a desire for a little baby, but can’t due to difficulties with my 2nd pregnancy. Maeva has definitely filled that wanting to have a baby “baby” and indulges my obsessive need to dress her like the little princess of my heart.
Minno was a wild Kitten in the Oroville ca area. We got him at roughly 7 weeks old he is now 9 weeks old. He was shy at first but now is the sweetest boy, he even gives me kisses. He loves his cat tree and especially his hammock, his favorite toy is a ball with a bell inside. He loves to climb up on my shoulders and sleep.
Nova was found on a corner of a busy street. Took her home just for the night. Of course with this adorable face, the night turned into forever! She is a wild, but sweet kitten! She loves her treats and toys. She also loves doing zoomies around the whole house.
Marvel is a 7-year old American Bulldog/Pit mix. He chose us 3 years ago while part of a rescue fair in front of a PetSmart. We were told he had never had a permanent home 😢. Though it took some time he has learned that he loves being loved. He makes us laugh every day with his quirky personality. It has taken more than two years for him to realize he will not be strongly reprimanded if he makes sounds, “talks”, to us. Though he is still a bit apprehensive about ‘talking” at times, when he does his wonderful, throaty conversations are beautiful. He has a strength, devotion and love that overflows from him. Overall he is simply amazing!
Lovely Cat with The Softest Fur
Hi human friends! I’m Harvey! Contrary to my alien appearance, I am in fact a feline. Though everyone tells me I act like a weird looking dog, whatever that means! My favorite things are snuggling under my human friends’ shirts and climbing on to shoulders so I can be the tallest guy in the room! I also love to steal his mommy’s food when she’s not looking, because she doesn’t like to share- but I make up for it by sleeping on her face at night, she loves that 😹 You can often find me shrimpin’, either on the couch or on my uncle’s bed- he has the BEST bed- or under a fresh-out-the-dryer pile of laundry! Mommy wants to raise money to get me a brother or sister, so vote for me pretty please!! 😻😻
Bailey Bailey Bailey
His name is Bailey Alexander Clementine III, but he answers to Bailey Bailey Bailey. Bailey is the kind of kitty that disproves all the bad stigmas about cats. His hobbies include cuddling, playing with doggos, and meowing until you cuddle him.
Missy loves sun bathing , running around the doggie park and eating any human food she can find
Macho Man
Macho man loves to lay in his mommys lap and eat delectable treats! He's my amazing big boy!
Gizmo is one of a kind to me. He was a baby when i rescued him he is so loveable and loves to snuggle and be pampered.
Norman is a friendly dog who has never met an animal or person he didn’t like. Can usually be found playing fetch or trying to get his neighbor Milo to come outside and play
Junior is your best friend and he is a lover not a fighter. He doesn't like drama, and he has selective hearing. He likes to play and he goes at his pace, he is like the saying goes a cool cat.
She is very playfull and loving.
Hello world, my name is Lola and I am an adorable Shih- Poo puppy! I love bunny hopping in the grass and snuggling with my Mom the most!
Dolce Vita has been ruling our home for almost six years now. Since she was a kitten, she has been the boss! She’s a little lover! Loves to cuddle and loves to play! She has welcomed our other baby Toby into the family with open arms! Couldn’t be more lucky with her!
Pierre is a sweet boy who will climb your legs to get the attention he deserves. He is always down for a snuggle session and will insist on belly rubs.
Beau is a little love bug just as his name states. He has a great personality and thinks he is one of the big boys. He loves fruit, giving kisses and running around the dog park.
Mr. Brucey loves to flip on your feet and snuggle above you head when you sleep. Forget all the toys his parents buy, he loves playing with twist ties
Kitty Face
Shes a feisty calico and yes the world does revolve around her and she knows that.
Jade is the best girl in the world! I love her more than all the red jelly beans in thjs world!
Koda is a 9 month old Red Nose Pitbull and Siberian Husky. He is full of energy and love. He loves to eat his meals at the dinner table (Yes! in a chair) with his family. He loves to hug everyone in the house each morning and give kisses before going in his crate every night. Blueberry facials keep him so handsome and the Sun Room is 100% his domain…couch, tv, toys and all🤗
Pale Ryder
Hello my name is Pale Ryder. I like playing tag and hide and seek with my human mom. She rescued me without knowing a thing about me. The place i was born was not a nice place my tail got broken and my ear was bitten off. I'm trying to help my human mom pay to get spade and to get my shots. So please vote it's free. Thank you
She is a German Shepherd and Border Collie mix. She loves to run and play with her soccer ball.
Rhett is a very, very friendly dog he greets every one with a toy and a huge smile to anyone that comes his way. He is very polite and gentle to kids. elders, and smaller/younger animals. Tug of War, Hide and seek are his favorite things to do but most of all its swimming. He should be a good vote because he is a protective, loyal dog and if you see him you can not fight the urge to pet him.
Hi my names blue! I love to be silly and meow randomly and take baths and showers with my owners. I am very adventurous and a playful cat. Once I get older my owners want to take me on adventures to the beach and everywhere else, I can’t wait! Sleeping and cuddling with my owners is my favorite time of the day. Ever since I was a kitten I’ve always slept with both of my moms and can’t sleep with only one, has to be both otherwise I will wait to go to sleep. Meow, voting for me would be meowsome!
Hello my name is Leo, I was adopted by these two beautiful women who brought me into their home and gave me an awesome big brother and best friend for life ! I love to play, and stand on my hind legs, I eat lots and lots of food and even steal my brothers sometimes but he doesn’t mind. I’m a big cuddler and get the most love I’ve ever gotten before. I love chicken and kneeding on my favorite blanket. I’m kind, sweet, loving and so happy to have my forever home !