Ozzy is definitely my middle child haha, he loves to start the fun with his brothers Elroy & Bowie. He shows lots of love but not with cuddles simply just with his presence, he loves to watch momma do the dishes.⚡️🧡🥰
Darwin is my baby. He is very sick and I just want the world to see what a unique and amazing boy he is. He loves with his whole heart and acts more like a human than a cat. I couldn’t love him more.
This sweet boy is my chill dude & always makes sure to look after his little brothers Ozzy & Bowie, talk about precious.💚💫🥹
He is a polydactyl & absolutely loves to snuggle. Along with that he love to “make bread” with all twenty two toes. 🖤✨😊
Fat Max...spoiled ruler of the house...but how could you not love that face!?!
💜💙💚Appreciate everyone who is voting for Spatz & Mikey.💜💙💚 👑🐈👑 Spatz is back, let's give Spatz a royal welcome. 👑🐈👑 Spatz is only trying to place decently in this round as I'm still swamped with work stuff and projects. ***** Spatz is officially running for cutest cat in the world. His platform is a fish in every cat bowel and guaranteed daily 3 hour nap in the afternoon for every mouser. Spatz is originally a rescue who loves looking out of the window, getting cuddles and pettings. He will always give his input on everything in soft meows as if he's speaking to me. Though naturally shy he's grown very close and become my lap cat. He misses his buddy Joe who passed on in July of 2021. Spatz's favorite foods include Friskies wet pate food and Friskies dry food. As treats he loves Fancy Feast Dry food, Friskies Party Mix treats and lunch meat (especially Bologna) as well as Chicken. The cutest thing he'll do is dip his foot into the water bowel and then drink the water from it or playfully splashing with it. He's both very mischievous and very smart and has been known to open doors. Spatz, though a housecat, proved himself an excellent mouser! We have a field behind the house and occasionally a mouse gets in only to meet Spatz. Kingpet is a perfect place for this royal kitty as he hopes to serve as a positive role model to inspire us to be global citizens to care for humanity and our planet. Help him win by voting for him :). I'm open for limited, small vote exchanges up to 100 - 120 votes, and advances of the same type. Just a few though as I can only do 10 votes 4 - 5 days a week on average.
Shiloh is my big boy, he's 9lbs of pure love. He loves long naps, eating and climbing my curtains, lol.
My charlie. He's so opinionated and lovable. Loves his sunbeams and cat treats. He's my best friend and knows when I'm feeling down
Klohe is a raccoon but not a normal one! Klohe is my baby my everything she is about to turn 3. She loves to nap and her favorite snacks are marshmallows 🤗 klohe is a unique pet but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s the most known animal in our small town, everyone loves her!
Hi my name Luna, im obsessed with ball !!i love going on walks and hikes with my human and i love to show off my cool jumps especially if you have a really nice toy
Hi, I am Miller my mother named me after the place they found me, Millers Ale House. I enjoy sleeping and basking in the sun. I don't like when my sister gets within 5 ft of me.
Jasper loves climbing and being mischievous! He loves treats and has to smell everything on his humans plates
Beatrice May
Beattie looks like an angel 😇 but shes a little devil in disguise. She loves climbing curtains and sitting on the top of the TV
This is mittens the little bugger.. she is a tuxecdo kitty wearing a bikin and ahorts lol and her cute little mustache. Shes now 8months old and likes to be everywhere.. she loves to play fetch, hide and seek and do a mission impossible up my curtains. You cant eat without her giving you kisses and putting her paw out to share with you. Shes a beautiful soul with a wild side..
Puss N Boots
Puss n boots lives for attention. Loves to be laying with you
Hi everyone! Meet Nala! Shes a very quiet sweet girl who loves her mommy a lot. She spends every moment she can with me ever since i rescued her a few months ago from humane society. I have reason to believe she was neglected in the past. With a little love and patience shes thriving. She loves to play fight, play fetch, chase toys and moew at me when its time to get up and play. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to vote for her because she deserves it!!
Noodles, almost 3 years old now had her from a kitty sanctuary.. shes very energetic, loves her mousse and some catnip to roll in and plays fetch.. black and white with some incredible markers, i call her bat cat as she looks though she wears the mask.. i think she may be bipolar since having our kitten so she can be hard work but she also completes the family.. Her favourite thing is any food she can get her mouth around. She loves to adventure up your back to sit on your shoulder..
Hello! My name is Nika, my favorite color is yellow. I love my mama and my toys.
Oreo likes to cuddle, gives hug's. Play ball
Cutest little chunk you’ll come across. Loves climbing trees and is Always full of energy.
Flop is around 10years old, she is my best friend.. she loves to sleep beside me or nap next to me for a tummy rub or chin tickle.. she has an outburst of energy at random times which is quiet funny as she is often a lazy cat. She stick by me when i was really ill for 8months by my side everyday and night. She is a beautiful chocolate and black fluffy cat not sure if ahe is a tiffany cats as she has all the traits.. she is my first love of cats and ide be lost with out her..
Reggie, AKA Reginald, will come up to you at least twice a day carrying a stuffed toy, which is called a "ball" no matter what it actually is. You then must smack his butt and call him a good boy. That is his love language.
Tito was found in a box with his brothers and sisters in mid-February of 2021. He enjoys tacos, borrowing under any blankets he can find, and laying in the sun. He truly is one of the kind, and is absolutely smitten with our 14-year-old pug... Talk about liking older women!!
She is the sweetest little kitty and is very loyal. She will follow you around and loves to sleep with you.
My mum says i am very loveable and affectionate and give the world best cuddles, I love to play and cuddle with all my stuffed teddies and even though I’m so small I like to think I am really big.
Loves the fire and chasing her mum Aika around the house. We rescued both Aika and Luna when Luna was only 10 weeks old and Aika was 1
Loves to explore outside, boxes or just sleep. Also tries to keep her kitten in check but that's hard work when she's still basically a kitten herself! We rescued both Aika and Luna when Luna was only 10 weeks old and Aika was 1
Pretty Girl
As the only surviving kitten in her Litter including her mother we adopted her at a very early age. She was people raised & bottle fed. Pretty girls favorite activities include Chasing leaves,& playing with any ball that makes noise ! As well She is a mother hen to her Adopted brothers(as well sets the rules) She's a people person who cannot get enough lovens & cuddles. She loves belly rubs & giving kitty kisses🩷 She knows she's the Queen And wants to prove it to Everyone by winning
Dante loves to meet new people and is always friendly. He loves hugs and kiss and playing.
He was not my litter choice but ended up being the unchosen one. 5 weeks old we started our journey life together and he will be 5 next month. He very quickly became the therapy cat I was hoping for. He is very much my cat and I his pet. As you can see he loves the camera. Very photogenic since day one. He may be receptive in person but he sure will appreciate your votes. Thank you in advance.
Ms. Kitten
I found ms kitten living under my house she was so scared of people but for some reason she always kept her eye on me so I started feeding her everyday and I would go out and sit with her and give her treat and try and get her to come closer and closer and now after 2 months she is going inside and outdoor cat she loves to play on her cat tree in the house and stare out the window she loves treats she's always playing and doing Zoomies all through the house you she is still nervous of people she will only come out in the open in my house when me and my boyfriend are home if anyone else is here she pretty much stays hidden if she does come out it stays close to me I am about the only one that she will let pet her I am the only one that she will come to completely and get on my lap and lay there and purr and want to be petted she really came at the right time in my life I was in a depression when I first saw her outside and then when I started feeding her and stuff she gave me a reason to get out of bed everyday
Eddie is very lovely, she dribbles a lot when she’s happy and her tail gets really fluffy. She’s 11 years old and she’s been with me nearly all my life
Mr. Frank N. Beans
Mr. Beans joined our family when he was 9 weeks and 3 days old. Our family watched him grow from birth, by receiving daily pictures and updates and several visits to his maternal home; before his homecoming day. Mr. Beans loves hanging out close to Mommy, and is always her protector. He has stood between Mommy and strangers, and stays close by while she sleeps. He loves homemade wet food, and comes running whenever he smells vegetables cooking. He loves chasing squirrels out of the garden, and watching the birdies in the backyard. Mr. Beans enjoys going into the garden to smell the flowers, lilies are his favorite! He is fiercely protective of his baby sister Freyja, and on the second day after she came to live with us he ripped up the carpet to try to open a door when they were separated. Mr. Beans is one of two surviving kits from his mother’s first litter, and Freyja is one of the kits from his mom’s second litter. They only met once, before the day that she came home. Freyja is Mr. Beans best friend and favorite snuggle buddy. He is always a gentleman to her and waits until she is done eating or playing with a new toy, before he takes his turn. Dressed to impress in his finest Tuxedo, this young man is a gentle giant with outstanding manners and gorgeous eyes.
Abby is 9 years old, she love sitting in any window and watch the birds… He can be very lovable to her mama and daddy, she has her own Personality… She also loves having coffee with me .. never seen a cat who love coffee, But she is my baby
Bella loves playing with her mousey toy, carrying around her baby bear, and cleaning her baby bean toes. She's the best cat in the world
Harley Runt
Harley Runt is named because she was literally the smallest out of all her brothers & sisters 🥰 she can be fiesty though which is why her name is Harley (like Harley Quinn) ☺️ she loves to play & gives lots of kisses 💕 she is such a joy to have !
Misty loves cuddles and loves making biscuits
Eva has her own facebook page as she is known as the bus stop cat. She has many followers, bith online and in her hometown
Xena Warrior Princess
Xena is 21 years young! Needing to be bottle fed, Xena joined our family at 2 weeks old; when she and her 3 siblings were found in a backpack in the local school playground. As she has grown, she has been loved by many people and been a friend to many other fur babies who are no longer with us. 4 years ago she experienced the adventure of a house fire, and moving into a new home; she’s had an exciting life! Although she has been in kidney failure for 3 1/2 years, and requires daily treats that encourage her to stay hydrated; she is still spunky and full of life. Although Xena never had kits of her own she adopted a bouncing baby boy 6 1/2 months ago and last month she adopted one of his baby sisters, she enjoys their company and often lets them lay with her. She loves snuggling with her people, especially if there is a warm blankie or computer on their lap! She still enjoys playing with tennis balls and watching birdies on tv or in the yard. She loves getting brushed, and enjoys drooling over a good catnip. Xena loves bacon and ice cream, and will beg for treats as good as any dog can! Xena is a sweet girl and a great companion.
Only 4 months old! Always wakes up meowing for attention, follows me to the bathroom lol, loves her treats and her sleep!
Riley James
Riley is an extremely empathetic boy, he loves to make people feel better when they’re crying by hugging and kisses. He is one year old, and his favorite words are “dog park, daycare, river,” and “pup cup”. He’s got an annoying little brother attitude, but he’s the sweetest doggo ever❤️
Lexie is my best friend.. she is so smart and so funny.. she loves to cuddle with u and loves for u to play ball and tug a war with her..
Pumpkin is 12 years old. She is loving. She loves to just sit on your lap. We just found out she has cancer so we are making her days as good as possible.
Oakley is a mini poodle.. she loves to play outside and tug a war.. she is so sweet and gives the best kisses!!
My Simba passed away almost a year ago at only 5 years old, I miss him so much. He had the best crazy personality, he acted like the king of the house. I trained him to do high-five, spin, and more.🧡
Mario has successfully completed 3 training.classes he likes toys chicken jerky and playing outside
He is playful smart loves going on rides and like playing with cats