Marcusa is a young karakachan who we adopted from Bulgaria, she loves the beach and running in circles!
She’s a sassy queen and she knows it👑 Smitty is a people kitty and loves being around everyone and enjoys cuddles🥰,getting her photos took📸and especially food🤍
Bailey is a beautiful stubborn little drama queen 😊 she loves to play and is so friendly with dogs and humans! She always makes us smile and loves a cuddle! She is very clever and can be really stubborn 😂 one time she ate a whole sock right in front of us 🙈 we lovingly call her our little hoover ❤️
Sammy is so adorable. He loves his mummy lots and loves going to meet all the children at school. He brings lots of joy to the children he sees and they all love him lots. He is very mischievous and loves pinching socks 😂
Raya is a hand-reared puppy who came to us very poorly, her brother unfortuantly didnt make it but this one never ever gives up. Full of personality and probably half of the sofa cushion, she loves to play fetch and loves to give kisses. Seriously, so many kisses. She lives wirh her adopted grandparents, a 17 year old lab/collie and a 15 year old bearded collie as well as 5 other cats ( not going through all the animals, we will be here all day ). Her favorite toys and there are many, are.... a bat, an ibone, an orangutan, teething keys and her tennis balls.
Tillymay is very playful loves her cuddles 😍
Rambunctious and a trouble maker. His favorite things to do are trip people when going up/down the stairs, a raging fanatic about staring at bugs, invisible or not- and having extreme late night zoomies.
Hi! Im Hex! A trainee medical alert dog, i enjoy bouncing around on the beach and love when my mummy gives me treats, im only 5 months old and seen and learned so much already, please vote for me!
Fat Man
As his name tells, he is the chonkiest man!! He enjoys sunbathing, treats, and a good snooze with his favorite toy, carrott!!
Shiloh American bully🔥#puppypower Loving family dog trains on a daily climbing rocks keep up with Shiloh to watch his progress in up coming months #beast vote for Shiloh 👍
Oreo is a shy wee guy, but he’s the coolest dog on the block. Loves his ball and ball is life. It’s as simple as that.
Woody is not your typical Ragdoll, he loves being outdoors and lying in the sun and hunting. He’s a loveable friendly cat and sleeps beside us all the time.
Ozzy is a sausage dog cross Jack Russell, he’s like a shadow and will follow you everywhere. He loves a cuddle and he’s around 11-12 years old.
Teejay loves to give kisses and sneak into the big beds. He a pooch that goes crazy for a walk and will always bring his favourite toy of that day. Whenever this softy gets a new toy he’s keen to bring it right up to you and show you. But his favourite thing by far is a cheaky sausage roll
Tiger is a orange cat that loves outdoor, people and eating. Tiger is never aggressive since i have ever owned him.
Dori is a shelter rescue she is my baby, she also came with me through my divorce, she is my best friend for sure
Billy is a bundle of joy, the most well-behaved and calm cat you will know . He gives the best cuddles and kisses , takes away all your stresses, and he’s just beautiful inside and out. I don’t know anyone who has not fallen in love with him after meeting him. ❤️
Spencer loves to play, nap and loves chicken and going walks❤️
Bella is a 4yr old Bengal cross. Shes very active, and enjoys being outside. She very often gets zoomies and will find her running around her home!
Woffie is a momas boy. He loves car rides playing in the Creek. Ive had him since he was 4 days old. He was and always will be my heart!! He passed away Oct. 2022 very suddenly. Im lost without my baby. I miss him so much. These pagents are my way of keeping his memory alive.
The clingiest cat in existence, Missy also loves to cuddle in to my arms at night. She loves a good belly rub and has a loud but extremely relaxing purr when she's anywhere near me.
Tobi is super soft and very communicative with what he wants. Loves to hunt for treats and lets you know when he needs something. Loves meeting new people and lives in an RV full time with his humans.
Just look at this face she’s now 5 months and is such a character
Sadie is one of the sassiest little girls I’ve ever met. When she wants something she’ll get it even if it means using a little tricks.
shes a tough wee cookie who once managed to get lost 200 miles away when she found her way to the airport in a hire car. Shes a very lucky girl we were reunited 16 days later.
Honey is cute she loves her meat she's cheeky she loves her toys and the sun and she sleeps a lot she's good on her walks she loves other dogs and gets excited to meet people good with children
Absolute lush dog, had tons of energy and paws to knock you out but lover her to bits ❤️
Craigery Roy
He’s the sweetest most tolerate docile handsome love stud muffin ever
We rescued Shorty. Now he lives with his true family. He loves to fetch. Howling with you is absolutely the bomb lol. He loves road trips, fishing and camping, and loves to visit the beach.
Bonnie is a 6 year old Chihuahua with a lot of personality. She is a very polite pup and doesn't bark much. She has a tendency to steal others whiskers because she thinks she is the only animal allowed to have them. Bonnie loves everyone and just wants people to be happy.
He is lazy in the sun
Evie like to play peek a boo a she really goes by eeeeeevviiee!!! Lol
Pip is a goofy boy. Likes to look grumpy but sweeter ever. Oh loves his bacon lol
Spencers a chunky who loves to eat. Loves cat nip and playing with his brother
Hi I’m shadow I love to run around and chase things I see on the floor I love eating sleeping and most importantly I love cuddles please vote for meeee
Baylee is a 21.5lb beautiful Turkish Angora, with heterochromia...She loves to talk, purr, snuggle with her humans, and give long teddy bear hugs! She also loves dinnertime!
Brandy looks laid back in this picture but don’t be fooled. She’ll take a bite with no hesitation
Otto was a rescue I found when I first started looking for a cat to raise. He had been by himself for 6 months in Petsmart due to an eye infection no one wanted to treat. I knew right there and then that I had to take him home. The day we got him home he jumped up into bed and curled up right next to me and since then has become a lifelong companion. I was told he wasn’t a talker but after a week of settling in he became the most vocal feline i’ve seen. His favorite “trick” is jumping up on the counter and giving kisses to everyone. His favorite activity is laying on the coffee table and watching TV with me.
Willow Grace
Willow Grace loves to snuggle with me every night. She will greet me at the door everyday when I get home from work. Who says cats don’t like to snuggle has never had a kitty like my Willow Grace!!!
Angel is a 1 year old pitt Bull mix loves tennis balls and loves to go for walks. She will do anything to bribe u for a bacon strip but most of all she loves to hug and give kisses .
Panda is a Borgi she is extremely intelligent she knows her basic commands and she has been playing fetch sence she was 6 weeks old she loves car rides and her daddy
Danza Lee
She is so loving. Everyone she meets she loves, she will jump up for hugs and kisses. And when your down she will give you so much love you will laugh.
Max loves to play and run and has lots of energy
beatle loves to lounge on her cat tower and spend time with her siblings. She loves to play with springs and straws *especially the ones you’re using at the moment* she loves to lay in the laundry or under the blankets and bird watching from her tower is her favorite hobby