Rocko has been the son I never had! I have had him since he was 6 weeks old and it’s just shy of a year by two weeks or so. I can’t believe the transformation of my lil boy and the journey we’ve had along the way! I love you rocko! Please vote for my babyyy thank you !
Daisy is 3 years old! She definitely has her own personality! Very chilled, loves to snuggle! She is a Bronze Egyptian Mau. My brother rescued her from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Jupiter is a very beautiful cat. He has a little white mustache and cute little mittens. He is very lovey and deserves all the votes and treats.
He is very spoiled and runs the house !! loves hugs, kisses and his toys !! He loves to eat and snuggle with mommy !
Bella is a year old Black and Tan Coonhound. She came to Wisconsin from Alabama. Despite being mistreated early on, she shows such happiness and has a playful personality! She is a true hound and is extremely active and VOCAL! Her favorite thing is digging giant holes everywhere in the yard and hiding bones. Although it took awhile for her to trust, she is now a Cuddle -Bug. She gives the best hugs and doggie kisses.
The most vocal cat ever. So sweet and plops down right where he wants even if it's on top of your back like in this picture lol he's amazing
Baby Kitty
Baby Kitty loves to play with her siblings she doesn’t like her sister Vada which is a 41 lb Pitt. She loves to go outside and sit at the window with it open
He has a heart shape on his forehead because he is full of love! He is a shoulder cat but only my shoulder will do.His favorite thing is his doggy pal and toy mice! He likes to wake you up early in the morning to make coffee but thats only because he wants his purrson every moment of the day.
Itzy-Bitzy just had her second birthday. She’s a mischievous cat model scamp, that likes to cuddle and eat Asian food. She is a lucky cat.
Daisy is a 4 month old Cockapoo who enjoys meeting other dogs and playing with her toys, as well as playing with sticks that she has found when on adventures! She loves all the attention that family and friends give her, as well as every passerby on walkies! She is such a loving dog that is loved by everyone!
I am a fun loving, Energetic, Mischief little boy. Im almost 2 years old. I love you to play with toys and laser lights
Fluffy was my mother-in-law’s cat and we inherited her when she passed away. She loves to cuddle and wear shirts.
Charlie loves destroying squeeky toys and barking at squirrels through the window.
Little Guy
He is a Maine Coon, he’s just a little guy 😂 that’s how he got his name😻 He is the sweetest, most gentle cat you’d ever meet.
Harley is a major snuggle butt who loves to smash his cute little nose and bury his face when he snuggles up on your chest.
Bentley loves going on walks and playing with his numerous toys! He’s got eyes that you can never say no to when he asks for a treat or snuggles and a personality that keeps you laughing! 🥰
She likes to play fetch , she likes her belly rubbed
I'm a deer head Chihuahua and I am 6 years old. I live with my nana. I love taking walks in the park an long naps.
Lil Miss Cali
Lil Miss is a very loving and playful cat. She likes paying with her sister’s and brother’s and sleeping on our bed
Skye is a cockapoo who loves everybody, she enjoys walks and chewing everything!
Karma is the most loveable rottie you will meet. She loves anything that has to do with food or water. And she loves being with her family at all times! If they leave she cries for a little while
I love to play and cuddle with my fur brothers and sisters. My big brother likes to pick on me but I can get him back most of the time. I go to alot of baseball games with my family and love car rides.
Miss Priss
She is a diva for sure. We rescued her from an animal shelter which in turn she rescued us. She brings us so much joy and love. She weighs 14 pounds and will only eat a certain food which is sometimes hard to find due to the shortage of cat food at times. She will walk in front of you and just stretch out her back legs when she walks. So that is why we named her Miss Priss.
I found Ares one night after work in the parking lot. He’s the most affectionate and curious animal I ever owned. He is always getting into mischief. He has brought so much love and laughter to our home.
Hamilton goes to work with me all the time and is loved by both employees and customers alike. He’s a service dog in training and truly is so smart, he picks up on things so fast.
She helps me with my anxiety
Scout loves to burrow and cuddle but also loves to play.
Arturo is so sweet, he always knocks on the bedroom door in the morning and the hugs your arm so you will stroke him coming down the stairs. He loves his belly stroked and likes to like the tip of your nose. He also loves to share breakfast with yoh in the morning.
Hi everyone I’m Tesla and fun fact I use the toilet to go potty and I love to play fetch like a dog 😊 I also have my own tiktok @whipatesla2022 😊
Willow loves to sleep on humans and absolutely despises other cats, her favorite toy is the laser!
Rune is a two year old husky x German shepherd. She is full of energy and love, but very gobby. She just won’t stop barking. Her favourite thing to do is to wind up her big brother Loki.
loves to play fetch with pom poms
Cooper loves to play and is such a sweet puppy
She loves to play with cats. She loves being out and finding sticks
Mai is is a very sweet girl who is 1 and 1/2 years old. She loves to sit in the high chair like a human. She is cuddly and playful and soooo cute
She loves to watch tv. She loves her naps and playtime.
Milo is a 1 and 1/2 year old kitty who loves good cuddles, playing with toys, and being a goober. Show my baby some love!!🥰
Jake loves to play chase around the house. He loves his food and his naps.
Monkey is a sweet quirky kitty who loves to play fetch and be center of attention , she's very vocal unless chasing a fly in her house
So sweet and loving
Sassy, spicy, Queen B, lover of wet food, deli meat and strangers.
Shes a playful loves out doors and is very smart loving dog and spoilled rotten
Hi im Snowflake Im a miancoon mix I love play with running water in the sink I love belly rubs I love helping with my humans homework I love snuggles I love being lazy I love sleeping in boxes or tubs i can't fit in
Super loving, goofy, destroyer of all things.
Tilley loves playing with her brother and sister as well as making a splash at the beach. She lives for treats and licking mommy’s lotion off every night. She’s very energetic and will melt your heart with her eyes as big as Texas💕
Bella is 10 months old, she loves to cuddle and play with her squeaky toys. She doesn’t even mind getting dressed up to go bye bye.