Flint was an abandoned kitten along with the rest of her brothers and sisters, from coming from a harsh start to her life, she is now the most beautiful kind hearted soul imaginable
My baby girl LOVES ice! I can’t fix a drink without her hearing and running to the kitchen for her treat! She’s SO nosey, she thinks anything and everything is for her. She’s a sock thief, if she sees them she takes them! My brother puts them in his pockets to get ready in the mornings so she won’t steal them! She loves being outside and chewing on branches that are bigger then her. She’s so precious and soooo sweet and lovable. She’s the loudest snorer I know, she sounds like a human! Love my baby girl❤️❤️
Smokey is the best cat I've ever had, he loves everyone and loves his Fancy Feast
Nikkie Lips
Nikkie loves cookies i have to hide Them or she will sit right next to them until i give her more. She also gives paw for treats.
Willow is 4 months old and a little character loves playing with the toys and swinging from the curtains and sleeps in the fruit bowl at times (cute)
She loves to play ball and cuddle and with people
Pandora is 12 week old beautiful tebitian terrier.shes a little scamp but always makes us smile.🐾
The big boss loves sleeping
Holly Mae
She is my feline daughter. She has given me a reason to smile again
Tinkerbell is so naughty but so cute
Mickey is a beautiful Chinese crested powder puff, he is 4 months old and an absolute nutcase, he has such a quirky personality and loves everyone he meets
Max Boardman
Max is a house cat, he loves to be with people. He follows us round and loves to sit and watch water.
Orbit loves playing fetch and being with people.he loves hoing on adventures like the beach river woods . He is a great companion and loved by everyone that meets him.
Ariel loves cuddles and playing with her tail.
He loves snuddles!! He runs outside and comes back, he definitely knows his home. He was rescued from a bus exhaust pipe. My bus driver let me grab him before we started moving.
Theodore loves to annoy his mom and dad every night and every morning by meowing very loud right next to us
Simon loves to play with toys an cuddle with his dad
I am a hopeless romantic kitty with no boundaries with my owners that include showering and watching them toileing. I am so curious about everything there is to life. I love to travel in the car and boy do I love to play, and fetch with toys. My hobby is napping... like alot.🤣🤣🤣
Bella is a 4 year old dog who loves to run and play with my fiance and I's dog Rosey She loves squeaky toys and She loves to swim as well
Rosey is a loving 9 week old puppy who loves to run and play with my fiance and I's dog Bella. She loves squeaky toys and her favorite is a fox that squeaks from the tail. She loves to swim as well
Aruth is a very good. Boy and he love to. Bark and hug people and sleeps and eat and watch moives and he love to ke to play ball, sleep, eat and being outside and he loves His mama very much and lays all over her. And he say vote for us cause we need food and clothes for him and me and my family we are poor!
Doodle is 5 years old. She is a sassy, loving diva that demands attention -- especially kisses!
Sadly Tiger has passed away this year at the age of 13 but I wanted to share him with the world. I got tiger when I was 8 and he was there through everything with me. He loved everyone that would give him attention and I loved showing pictures of him to everyone and hearing them say he was a big boy. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. He wasn’t a cat that would play with toys or care about the cat towers, but he sure loved to cuddle. I hope seeing pictures of him will put a smile on your faces because he sure puts a smile on mine. There will forever be a void in my life without him. He truly was the best ❤️
Moose is a Pembroke Corgi and loves chasing kids, animals, including his brother. Moose is 6 months old and loves his food and sleep. He is such a handsome young pup and loves his people🐾
He is very cuddly and loving and just an all around beautiful cat
Hi my name is Rosie and I am 6 and a half years old. My mom rescue me and spoils me. I’m a big baby even though I’m a pit bull. I’ll lick you to death. I love to go on car rides. Water is my favorite activity. Any other time I’m being lazy around the house. Love to sunbathe and look out the screen door and watch.
Professor Bj
Professor BJ is a part time educator at Cat University. If he’s not teaching kittens about hooman control then he’s usually playing with his toys, updating his Instagram account or sleeping for most of the day. Professor BJ is an adorable and funny floof ball. His repetitive facial expressions, flat face and famous mustache will surely make you laugh. He’s very charming and knows how to pull at anyone’s heartstrings 🥹❤️
Dasha is a pugalier so a cross between a pug and a king Charles cavalier. She is the most loving dog and just loves affection and cuddles.
Smart and stubborn, I like a challenge
Howie Homefry
Howie was adopted on July 2, 2019 after he was rescued from an animal hoarders house. He and his family were found in a wall. No one was adopting him as he wouldn’t leave the litter box and was so stinky. My daughter, boyfriend and I fell in love instantly. He’s a King who sleeps on a satin pillow and clearly chillaxes amongst his stuffed animal friends. He’s full of energy and loved so very much! He has two Maine Coon big brothers who welcomed him with open paws.
She is a maincoon mix torti she is extremely fluffy and lovable. She loves making biscuts and this money will go towards her and her adoptive sister lucy who is my gray tabby :)
Ivy is just strange
Nonnie loves her belly scratches and cuddles! Yes belly scratches lol. She loves to play and fight out dog🙂
Merica is a life saver. I got her 3 weeks ago. She is quick at learning and is very loving.
Levy - the goldendood. Loves to play fetch and go on long walks. Never a dull moment with that huge personality!
Meeko was rescued at 5 weeks old! But, who rescued who? He is the most loving cat I’ve ever had! He loves to be held and loved. He purrs very loud and has the most wonderful personality! Meeko is proof that not all angels have wings.
Oakley is a pure bred chocolate Labrador who is extremely lovable and Loyal. Extremely intelligent, Loves water, long walks and hikes. He is going to be my road dog for years to come!
Macy likes alot of attention and loves her beds.
Koda is a very talkative, playful and super agile little boy
Bella is an American long hair who in her free time enjoys rolling around in the sun. Cleaning her brother Stanley and meowing for attention.
Smokey is such a sweet boy! So playful and just loves on everyone! Such a super good boy..
She likes chasing rags on a string and helps me dig in the garden - her holes are larger than mine!
Chase And Mittens
Chase and Mittens were found after they fell from a 15 foot tree that their mom put them in. These two boys have been through a lot and are the best!
Hi my name is Zeus, I’m 2 1/2 years old I love my parents an I’m full of energy. Going on car rides is my all time most favorite thing to do.
Gintoki was abandoned at a week old. She is such a good baby. Loves cuddles and her bottle.
Hello everyone, I am Coco and I am really lucky to have two daddies. They are love me so much. I love to play with them. Throw me a small green spring and I'll chase it up the flat... maybe I'll bring it you and let you play with me. I love sneaking into bedroom during the night and sleeping next to their heads. Who's heads you ask?!? I'm not telling you might want to steal my two silly mumbling humans from me. No, they are mine and I'm theirs.
Star is a very precious little dachshund. Her mom is Precious and Star still believes she is a puppy. She loves her mama very much and lays all over her. I don't think she will ever grow up. I love her very much