BeBe is a recue that i got from a convenient store across from where i lived. He was in rough shape skinny hungry and a little banged up. So i decided to take him home. Cleaned him up feed him good and keep him conforable. He got better and healthy and he made himself a forever home and made friends with My other cats. He a very sweet and loving boy. Always sitting next to me in my chair loving on me and giving me kisses. He loves and takes care of the other cats and little kittens and even lets them suckle on his teets like he's nursing them and he just lays there.
Hes 15 weeks old very smart. He can sit,speak,lay down, leave it and give me a high five. Hes potty trained. He helps me emensly with my depression and my anxiety. I cant wake up in a bad mood with him in my life!!! I love him Hes the lil guy i never had. My son
My name is Mina, I am 4 months old. I love cuddles, belly rubs, and love love love treats. 🐶💕🐾
He loves playin in bags, he lays in bags and runs in circles playing lol
Diamond is another reacue. We found her hiding inside the motor of a car. When she was first introduced to our home, there was 1 other female and 3 male cats. She stayed isolated. She has made a total 360. I took her and River with me when I moved out. She is now so friendly and loving. She is also the only female cat. She loves to play on the cat tower and tease the boys. She will play with certain stuffed toys, when she feels like it. She is definitely the Queen of my cats.
Big Big Puppy Finn
He should win because he gives everyone h3 meets so much joy, he os such a lovely boy. I got him after my old dog died of cancer, he helped me get through some bad times during school and after deaths of fameily
I had just moved into an apartment by the river. This boy kept showing up when we were sitting outside. Others told me that someone left him behind. One day he appeared and had been in a fight. I brought him in, bathed him and healed his eye. He stole my heart, he is a huge lover. His happiest time is when he is snuggled with me. He likes to play with balls, and some stuffed animals. He is very clingy.
Jackson is 2 yr old rescue collie and didn’t have the best start in life, but now he’s living the best life.
This picture was taken when jade was a puppy. This was after her first bath after we took her home.
Stitch Fabio Jackson
Stitch is a very outgoing, beautiful, loving kitten he is only 6 months old about to be 7months old. I named him after my favorite Disney character which is Stitch, his middle name after a good friend of mine named Fabio Jackson who is a famous TikToker, & of course Jackson after my favorite artist Michael Jackson. He loves his plush stitch, he loves to chase his tail, he loves cuddles, & he is a very smart kitten I love him with all my heart ❤️
Winnie is a young energetic Bengal cross. She has a beautiful balance of crazy and caring. Playful but loving… daring but cautious
Red is 3 and is still a puppy at heart he loves to cuddle everyone and is such a water baby❤️
She love to hunt! She also loves snow and the rain 🫶🏽
Karma is a funny loving puppy she loves going to McDonald's for chicken nuggets. She loves spending time with her mom and she enjoys pup cups.
She loves getting attention, loves play fighting.
Bella is a goofy lovable soft sheppy who just loves tummy rubs
Coco likes to sleep and sit on laps in her old age. She also likes a snooze in front of the fire and prefers not to venture outside in any inclement weather. She has claimed her own armchair which anyone else sits on at their peril
Winston is an English Bulldog Chow Chow cross. He loves walks on the beach and playing with friends 🐶
Jolene is extremely sweet and loving. She loves to give kitty kisses and rub her face on your face.
Larry showed up in our yard 2 years ago the same way Bobby Whiskers of the Kitty Mafia did. He let us get close to him pretty much right away and let us pet him. He was dirty but pretty healthy looking and he would roll around in the driveway while we rubbed his belly and get dirtier, so I named him Dirty Larry after Crazy Mary, dirty Larry!
💕Lily the Great💕
Bronson is a big cuddle bear, he loves to snuggle down under a blanket or loves a long walk or a long car ride, he will try and get into anyones car just for a ride.
Nico is a sweet, innocent, curious playful kitten. He is 10 months old. He meows Mommy when time for dinner. He'll high-five when Daddy gives him treat! He wakes Mommy up in the morning with his cute gentle paws! ❤ Please vote for me (Nico). I will vote you back in return. 💗💗💗
Betsy is loving crazy little bundle of joy, she is a 3 year old English bulldog cross French bulldog. If she's not snuggled up she's runing around like stitch!
She loves rides and her favorite treats she is 8 year's old and is my registered service dog. Loves everyone she comes across
Monster is a 7 month old chihahua/corgi cross,but has the personality of a human 110 percent. He has been my best friend through so much already,he's behaved so well during week long hospital stays and he's been my buddy going hiking and is just my constant shadow living day to day life. He was stolen from me once already and I don't ever wish that pain on anyone,ever. He's been back at home now for 3 days and I can honestly say I don't ever want time apart like that ever again.
Khalessi is the goofiest puppy you will ever meet and extremely energetic.❤️ She loves to run around and dig in the sand.
Smallest cat with the biggest attitude. At 6 lbs her nickname is the forever kitten. She might be small but she will smack the chicken tender out of your hand mid bite.
Rogue is the silliest, sweetest and most snuggly dog ever. When you look into her eyes all you see is love. She loves to play with tennis balls and balloons. Unfortunately she is sick with kidney issues and won’t live much longer, so we’re giving her the best life ever!
Oliver loves playing with strings, typical cat, except he will jump VERY high to catch the strings! He purrs very loud, the loudest I’ve ever heard! Oliver can be snuggly but only when he wants to, you don’t get to decide!
Sky is a spunky little girl that loves to play and trys to look her best doing it.
Gypsy was my baby and I had her since she was born. She crossed over the rainbow bridge 2 years ago. She loved cuddling and pizza Pringles.
He’s one of the funniest and sassy cats I have ever met. He lovessss sleeping and being outside he also loves cuddles!!!
Toffee is King Charles cavalier who loves running on the beach and loves bacon
This is Olive! She’s super sweet and lovessss food! Don’t let her tiny body fool you! She loves playing fetch with her toys and she loves to sit at her window and watch the squirrels come up to her!
Scarlet (Scar Bunny) is our beautiful ten year old, fluffy little girl. She’s a treat motivated, salty/sweet, snuggle bunny, with big emotions, who loves her mommy.
Maggie is sweetie and loves a cuddle.
We’ve had bear for 3 weeks! He’s spunky, rowdy but so lovable! His favorite toy is a gumby squeaker toy!
Carlito Chavez
His name is actually "Monster", he is a wonderful tuxedo cat he gives my boyfriend a hug everyday he used to unfortunately our boy passed away but he was he was my boyfriend's like son he would give him a hug every day literally he was an awesome cat awesome cat I open the door I'd whistle for a dog and he'd come running
He has a cool natural furdoo and he likes giving kisses.
TAZZY, is loving and playful, she likes to go for walks on her leash and watch her cat T.V. shows. She is a cuddle bug in the bed and loves to sleep on my pillow.
Penny is 6.5 years old. She is my shy girl. She gets scared easily. It takes her awhile before she lets people get close to her but when she gets to know them she's sweet. Especially if they give her treats. She stays pretty close to me. If I sit down she gets in my lap. She even follows me to the bathroom. She's my girl for sure. I have a special bond with her. She was the runt of her litter and I had to help her momma by bottle feeding her. Vote for my baby and i will vote for yours. 😻
Oliver and Gunner are brothers that just love each other more than anything.
This is Umi yelling at us to throw her ball. She is obsessed with fetch!
Mamas is the most loveable kitty 💖
Arceus is a blue red heeler mix. He is approximately 12 weeks old. He is extremely smart and was very easy to train. His favorite toy is his sharky.
Hello! My name is Luna but my nicknames range from Luna-Tuna to Lunatic! My favorite toy of all time is a straw :)