Dog cat Stories - 92


Bruce is a very energetic, loyal, protective dog he loves walks with his ball and adores his family such a gorgeous handsome boy
Luna is a feisty little Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix. She loves spending her days sleeping, eating, and chewing on mom and dad’s hair! She’s a sweetheart, and loves sleeping right by our heads every night. 💛
Simba is now 10 weeks old and loves to ride in the car,play indoors and outdoors, and cuddle in the bed. He is very loveable with everyone including children. Simbas favorite toy is his red lobster,he loves to sleep on bed but also has his own therapeutic bed that he snuggles in as well.
Loves to hunt for squirrels
Joker loves to chill out with people. He's calm and sweet. He also loves being outside and comes when his name is called. His favorite spot is sitting in chair on the porch basking in the sunlight when its nice out.
Mouse loves attention, and when she purrs she sounds like a little motor boat. She loves to chase bugs and believes like all cats if she fits she sits.
Chonky is a happy dog. He has great deep, big barks and giant feet. He is a good boy and sleeps on his mom's feet when she is cold. His best friend is a little goat named Brownie. Chonky always comes when he is called because he looks for any chance to ride shotgun in the truck. Bath times are a lot of fun too, and Chonky loves a crazy bark and romp after a bath.
Bentley is the best cat in the world he loves his rubs and tickles! He loves to chase his lasers! He also loves to sunbath on the deck in the hot sun ☀️ he will wake up for treat anyday anytime
Zahra is 8 weeks old. She is fun to be around. She love to play. Very chill and just too cute.
Charlie is my little monster a irishdoodle! He loves to go on walks he loves cat toys more than dog toys! He is the most loving dog I’ve had! He loves his pup cup from Starbucks 🖤
Loki is a very independent personality! But he loves kittens and he loves taking care of them. He’s almost 7 years old and is very active
JIG-SAW is a rescue since, then he became King of the House. He enjoys sunny days at the beach and Loves car rides. Most of all JIG-SAW is My Loyal companion.
Diva is a pugzu she is loving friendly and enjoys belly rubs
Poppy is a 10 month old Doberman mix. Within her 10 months of life, she was placed in our local shelter twice. She was adopted by a family who kept her for five months then returned her to the shelter after a death in the family. We suspect the family abused her because she has anxiety and can be quite skittish. We just want to spoil her rotten and make up for the trauma she has endured so far.
Pretty Girl
Half Siamese half tortoise shell calico . She enjoys watching from the window and cuddles . This year she will be 13 years old !
Bernese/Huksy Looks Bernese but acts like a Husky. Too smart for his own good!
Bentlay born 11.04.2020 Came from Poland to new home UK. Vote for me word reward I give to charity 🥰 Welcome to follow Bentlay Zapraszam do polubienia bloga na FB
My name Arya or mama as my family calls me. I love laying in windows and my favorite toys is anything on a stick
Harley Girl
Harley Girl keeps me company while Daddy is away. She is so smart and playful. She is compassionate, licks me all over when i cry. Loves to walk and play with others.
Heart likes to give me kisses. He got named this way because he's got a heart on his nose as you can tell. If you vote for him he'll send you a kiss <3
Jitterbug is a very frisky kitten, who enjoys attacking his cat siblings and eating dog food.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee She So Sweet! Honey Bee is 6 months, she is sweet and loving, she loves to cuddle up with you or run around outside. HB, loves people and kids, she is a real diamond! #bringmesomehoney
Beckham’s a long coat German Shepard! If you saw him on the street he’d almost snap his leash to come say hi to you! He has the waggiest tail I’ve ever seen and he’s beyond friendly! He loves the spotlight and getting everybodies attention! We’ve been calling him Houdini since we got him cause he always slips his head out of his collar and he very recently learned to escape his crate smh. His nickname is Becky which we were very against at first but it’s really stuck, we’re the luckiest puppy parents in the world!
Nikita is the sweetest girl that is completely unaware of her size. She loves to chew on everything including her own feet and tail just out of boredom. She has a habbit of bouncing up to you and then flopping on top of you to ask for a belly rub. She is also a massive bed hog and thinks the house is all hers.
The sweetest, funniest dog you will ever meet, he loves his sister haven- misbehaven!
Apple is polydactyl, a Bengal & Tabby cross and was fostered as a kitten as she was feral and very scared in the rescue centre I work at. I of course ended up falling in love with her and all of her toes! She has come so far and is now so attached to me, she is so loving and cheeky!
Jax is a very energetic, playful but loving baby. He may be small but he doesn't take any mess from his 2 older dog brothers.
Sisi boy Aka Joy 🤩 I love to scratch my humans🙀
Isabelle has short legs and a chubby round tummy. I call her Belly for short. She was taken in from the outside about 8 years ago. She likes to cuddle and sleep and is always there when you need her. She doesn't like the sound of a soda bottle opening. She always manages to smell good and her fur is super soft. ♡ She says, "Please vote for me because I'm super cute and I'll love you fureverrrrrrr!"
Maggie Malone
Miss Maggie Malone is a Service Dog in training for a medically retired US ARMY Veteran.
General Thaddeus Ross
General Thaddeus likes playing fetch with his toy raccoon, Rocket. He loves broccoli and snuggling. He is deaf, so he is always exploring with his other senses. He has never met a stranger!
Silly pug
Daisy is a spoiled rotten Basset Hound. She’s a little princess and the love of my life.
Cookie is Daisy’s new adopted sister. She is quite the love bug with a ton of energy. She loves to hug and give kisses
Jaxson is a Miniature Pinscher
Gypsy loves to crawl up behind my neck and sleep on my shoulders. She has never met a stranger - dog or person alike! We can’t go anywhere without people stopping us and wanting to meet Gypsy!
Malley is a very mellow 5 year old cat that was adopted from the Humane Society where he had been for 2 years. His favorite toy is an interactive flopping fish that has a compartment to add catnip. He also likes to chase shadows, including his own. He is a great emotional support animal.
Hi I am yoshi I am a very playful energetic cat and I like to wake mommy and daddy at 4 in the morning . I love playing with my toys and I love chicken
Sam is the sweetest dog. She is full of energy and loves everyone, especially kids. She participates in this contest to help Ștefan, a little boy from Romania who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. All the prize she wins will be donated to this cause.
Hi my name is Northie and I love food
Hi everyone my name is saint ! I am a husky/ retriever mixed . I love going to the beach with my family and love getting belly rubs when I first wake up ❤️
Ceceila is a 3 year old mischievous boxer who loves steal things .
Bobbin is a rescue staff who thinks he's a tiny little lap dog who can easily jump on your lap for cuddles no matter what you're doing or how big he is! 😂 He LOVES being outside and exploring new places. He makes us laugh because he wags his tail all the time because hes so happy, but sometimes he catches his tail out of the corner of his eye and it startles him! He doesn’t have a clue it's attached to him and he's the one wagging it!
Thir is a very energetic Pomskie. He has the beautiful blue eyes and great markings
This little guy has a larger than life personality....he a comedian...a little snuggle buddie....very attentive....he doesn't know a stranger!! And hes not happy till hes able to give whoever he meets or already knows a wet!!! Seriously!!! Thats his way of saying hi!!! Hes a god sent for me...his human!! Im a survior of stage 4 larynx cancer.....and this little guy rock. Hes never left my side...literally!! He loves everyone but he'll just give them a guick hello and come running back to me. My love!!!! Extremely loyal! And this is so much fun being able to share this precious face with all y'all!! THANK YOU......and PLEASE VOTE FOR NEECHY!!!
Jellybean aka nickname jelly is a 1 year old tuxedo cat he is very spoiled he loves the farm and he also loves to be petted. He is a indoors cat and outdoor he loves climbing them trees. He will be 2 April 14
Riko is such a character, even though he’s only 7 months old he can already open the back door to let himself out! 🤣 He loves his squeaky toys, especially the blue ones and loves going on his daily walks with his Mummy and Daddy 🙂🤗🐶💙