Winston is remi best friend. Winston enjoys lounging in the sun, eating biscuit and adventuring in the woods.
Daisy Mae
She loved sleeping just like this, against her big brother Levi.
Bubba is a gentle giant. He is so lovable. He is 1 year old and weighs around 95 lbs. He has a Staffy sister from another mother. He is so gentle with children and elderly. He is very in tune with everyone's needs. I think he would be a great emotional support animal.
Bailey likes to play, nap, and is a true water dog!! She loves sticks, treats, and nature walks
Miller, aka Mr. Handsome Pants was found as a kitten in a tire after hurricane Irma. He recently underwent a PU surgery and has been a bit of a mess since but he is still as hansome as ever and he definitely knows it! He loves to play fetch with any type of ball, preferably one that crinkles.
She is very funny to watch. She had her own little quirky ways.
Maggi Moo
Maggi Moo is my sweet baby . She’s so adventurous, she’s always on the move, even if it’s after a bug or anything . She spends most of her time looking out the window chirping at birds . She’s the sweetest girl and I would appreciate it if you’d vote for her 💓
Kinsey is a 7 year old boxer. She is extremely affectionate and loves to snuggle.
Alakai is quite a character. He is a great pyredoodle. He loves to be decorated and the attention it brings him.
Nova was bought by a neighbor at 8 weeks. She was left to fend for herself and it took me months to gain her trust. Finally brought her in and she wasn’t sure how to be a dog. I’ve had her for 3years now and she is super happy but still has things she is afraid of.
Allie is a 4 year old English bulldog. She is laid back and easy going. Her favorite thing is laying on the cold floor, sleeping and snoring very loudly.
Gus is a chuck of love! He loves to share food and drink without permission from me. He loves to cuddle and make biscuits when ever possible!
Blake is a 3 year old labradane. He was our rescue from the local humane society. He is adored by all but his best buddy is my 9 year old son.
Lilly Maye
Lilly is a one year old maltipoo. She is the smallest in a house of 4 other dogs but she rules the roost!
Quincey was found as a stray and a very poorly puss. Now she has grown all her fur back and is a big and strong girl
He is one of a kind cat, he loves hair very protective over everyone including our new puppy loves to lick everyone, he can sit on the ground and as soon as you pat your chest he can jump up into your arms, his a calming kitty and loves cuddles his best friend a husky/Great Dane past last year 😔 but that’s not stopped Charlie from still being a loving fur ball and a best friend to many he actually massages dogs
My oldest daughter found Daisy eating out of a dumpster last year and brought her home to me,and she has been a very loving and playful kitty, she loves to cuddle and play with us all the time 🐱🥰
There is not enough words to describe him. He is my best friend and just the best companion, he has made some of my worst days and moments just disappear by cuddling up with me or by doing something silly. He also is very talkative and beats to his own drum.
Koba brings new meaning to man’s best friend such a sweetheart!!!! Loves to wake you up with kisses and snuggles…………she will also preform any task or trick for a nice treat!!
Smokey has become my Best Friend❣She LOVES to take Baths 🛀🏼 with Me. When she has to BM/Urinate, she goes Outside. She will only use the Cat Litter Box Once, before she consides it "DIRTY". After that, she will HOLD IT and go Outside. If I don't let Her out, She will pull the Window 🪟 open Herself. I took the Screen out to prevent further damage and She jumps right out of it. Smokey's Favorite "People Food" is Taco Bell Tacos 🌮 with "Extra Sour Cream". She also has her "TACO PASS" for the Month of April 2022.
Tucker is 8 months old and came from the local animal shelter. I believe he is a runt but has more energy than that of ten cats. He’s definitely a lover and plays very well with our dog. His favorite thing to do is looking out the bay window watching the birds. He’s such a joy to have!!
Jasper is about 3yrs loves belly rubs wet food treats big baby loves sleeping with me. He is my husband big baby
Pixie loves to snuggle all day.
Kiah is a Blue heeled/Catahula mix and has a a sweet disposition. Loves to play ball & loves the water and is super smart!
Julius is a polydactyl 1 year old cat who loves to cuddle
Duke is an English cream golden retriever puppy. He is so sweet and so full of energy
Talulabelle is a fetch loving, cuddle bug who is very photogenic!
Millie was abandoned by her mom at 2 weeks old. We had to syringe feed her and keep her warm. She is truly a miracle! She loves to nibble your chin when you pick her up!
Sasha is an easy going dog and from the photo it says it all. She is willing to do anything as long as she is with her master. She is my support dog
Charlie Boy
This sweet soul was rescued along with his litter mate's someone had dumped them out on 122 degree pavement left them to die! He's the only Survivor! And yet he holds no Ill will against humanity even after suffering at the hand's of humans! He's not my pet or dog he's my faithful companion best friend gaurdian councilor healer and great protector all in one! He's a very special sweet soul that's given me more then I could have ever expected
Harley is a friendly 15 year old pug who loves to cuddle and enjoy the sunshine when it’s nice outside. He’s a little lazy sometimes but is always up for adventures and going to new places.
Hello I’m fez! Im a shepherd/lab mix I’m a puppy that is full of energy and love to play outside!
Jingle Jangle
Jingle jangle loves to sleep. Hes very lovable and he loves giving kisses by licking your nose. He climbs in bushes and when u walk by he like to jump out and scare you. He is very playful
My name is Rico My favorite human food unknown yet My dog food is dry and wet food Best friend mom and dad My biggest fear unknown yet Favorite thing to do play eat and sleep Favorite place to sleep next to my momma and daddy I like car rides My job giving loves
This is our rescue Buddster. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was returned already 4 times at 8 months old. He’s the sweetest little doofus you’ve ever met and instantly makes best friends wherever he goes <3
Dexter is a very silly and vocal cat! He loves to snuggle with me on the couch and sleeps next to me every night. He’s spoiled and loving. Dexter is great with dogs, as well. He has a Yorkshire Terrior best friend.
Colt Forty Five
Colt 45 is a rescue kitty rescued from the HOV lane of 45 South. We love him so much. He is a crazy kitty though that likes to sneak outside, wrestle his older kitty brother, and eat all day !
Beautiful loving little kitty that likes to talk Definitely different 🥰 She’s more human than cat ♥️
She loves to play with her mousey. Will play fetch like a dog with it even! She is not a peoples cat. Loves to be left alone and nap
Cali Girl
She is the best cat she is my best friend always there for me .
Oreo is going to be 2 on May 17th. She is Angels sister. Oreo is a rambunctious beby, she loves to bolt around or lay around and eat plants. She dosent like many but after some time she may like you. She also loves the color blue, and sushi! Thank you for all the votes in advance we appreciate them.
Ita Bit
He is a sweet kitty 🐱 loves his treats here he is waiting patiently for them he also has 6 toes on each foot
Fluffa Roo
He is a old soul follows me like a puppy when ever I leave the room or sit at the table for dinner he waits for me and greets me at the door when I come home 🏡
This upcoming May will be Phoenix's first gotcha day as I adopted him May 9th, 2021 🧡
Bella is a 6 month old Australian Shepard that loves to play!!
Milo loves to act like a dog by playing fetch with his favorite ball, and try to eat table scraps! Dont leave the butter out, milo will devour it haha
Kit Kat
Loves to be outside or cuddling her dogs ❤️ Full of energy and with Kit Kat in the house you don’t worry about bugs. MUST come into the bed at night every night to cuddle🥰