Dog cat Stories - 94


Buddy momma was not able to care for him. So i became his momma the day he was born. Buddy loves playing with Miss Daisy the cat. He loves being petted and loved on. He lets you know you are not done petting him when you stop he paws your hand to remind you he is there. Buddy has a unique personality. He loves his toys and does not like to share them. He also loves to take papers of the desk and shreds them! He truly brings so much joy into our home!!
Sophie wants to be everyone’s best friend—even little children!
Dubs is a cuddle bug! Such a sweetheart and will follow you wherever you go. His favor activities are running, dead grass rolling and sunbathing. Nothing is more handsome than that snagged tooth, those big brown eyes and those wacky ears.
Baby Scar loves to play outside and he is a super loving playful kitten!
Merlin is the sweetheart. Purrs as soon as you walk in the room. Majestic and suave wherever he may go. He loves cuddles and a good scratch under the chin. Such a lovebug.
Hi Folks, I’m Mabel, an 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog who was born and raised in Utah! I am super happy. I love my hoomans, dogs, and most of all... kids! I also love hiking, exploring nature, and playing in the snow!
Baxter thinks he is a dog in every sense- he is obsessed with water, playing hockey with ice cubes, and tries to sneak outside any chance he gets. He’s his mom’s shadow and loves to cuddle ❤️
My blue eyed American Eskimo dalmation. She’s the sweetest and loves loving on everyone she meets ❣️
He’s a wild one but loves everyone as if they were family home is not home without him and his furry sister.
Sweet cat most cuddly cat you could ever meet small indeed but with a huge personality.
Blast is a feisty, playful cat who never lacks affection for his family. He is very loving toward his seven year-old best friend and enjoys playing in water! He enjoys taking out his cat toys all by himself from his small storage basket and even knows how to play hide-n-seek!
Virgil is a sweet, fat cat that loves to snuggle (when it’s his idea) and eat treats. He doesn’t like human food, though. He gags at everything.
Dressed in her best as a tuxedo kitty, Chie is a therapy cat for my high functioning autism called Aspergers. She lets me know when my blood sugar is low for Diabetes. (She can smell the Insulin in me. Because cats have up to 14xS the sense of smell than humans. She scratches her scratching post to alert my husband and I.) She's a very excellent cuddler. And my favorite subject to draw! (When she can stay still!😂) And she loves going for walks and adventures outside too! She's the cutest gym ever!
Jonah is very sweet and loves to snuggle and be brushed. He loves to eat kitty treats and play with his toy mice. He is my best buddy.
Stella And Murphy
They are siblings, Murphy has the dot on his head- he likes to cuddle. Stella has lots of energy. She the leader in this duo ❤️
This big monster just wants to be a Lam ... give him your vote
I am a very lazy little dog! But I do get into my very very hyper play modes! I love to cuddle up with my owners and our other dog "Kiwi" I am also on youtube and I just love the photoshoots so so much! Unlike our other family dog Kiwi, I can stay still for them! Check me out if you want at: The Adorable Duo. Thank you!
Cash is 25% Chihuahua and 75% Dachshund. She is the youngest of 4 rescue dogs. Her interests include stealing/chewing on shoes and taking naps in the dirty laundry hamper.
Sammy loves to play and has a lot of energy!
LuLu is a 7 month old English Bulldog, she loves to sleep with her tongue out, snore very loudly, play, run around, eat, and cuddle. LuLu is very funny and we call her our little shark.
Thuggie is an American Staffordshire Chinese Shar Pei Mix, he is 11 wks old, almost 12 wks. Extremely energetic and super sweet. He loves playing with toys and wrestling with his mom Jojo.
Anubis is so sweet and just like a little human baby. So soft and lovable! He loves his blankies ( washed in dreft baby detergent) and his favorite treat is tuna!
Simon loves snuggles and to make lots of biscuits.
Callie is a polydactyl cat I rescued from a shelter!❤️
Mowgli loves to cuddle, chase after sticks, and join us for water sports!
Did someone say treats?😋
She has 2 diff color eyes when they glow
Spec is a bit boss eyed and constantly looks cautious. Although she always looks cautious, she loves cuddles, having her belly rubbed and playing with her sister.
Remy is the sweetest, smartest pup! He likes to read books, go to school, and do puzzles!
Echo is all about the ball life, she is full of sass and always has jokes... knows exactly how to push boundaries but will make you laugh at the same time. She’s a cuddle bug and enjoys yelling at tree runners. She just turned 6 this week.
Stormi Blueberry
Bad B*tch, killing it since 2020 ⚡️ She’s has the best personality and she’s always ready for a big treat !
James is a very whiny boy, he loves to walk past his ball toy and spin it once and walk away. He loves so much!
Bagel is our 11 week old Beagle mix. He is the sweetest little guy who loves to sniff and explore nature with his natural hound instincts. He is not only a handsome boy but also a very smart and snuggly one. Bagel is a friend to all including the mail lady! hahaha
💜💙💚Appreciate everyone who is helping me : Mom & Mikey won 1st in the world. Thank you sooo much for all of your help with voting for Mikey.💜💙💚 👑🐈👑 Spatz is looking to give advances for Sept or Oct of 2021 👑🐈👑 If you'd like an advance, please let me know. I can only do limited exchanges in this new contest Spatz is officially running for cutest cat in the world. His platform is a fish in every cat bowel and guaranteed daily 3 hour nap in the afternoon for every mouser. Spatz is originally a rescue who loves looking out of the window, getting cuddles and pettings. He will always give his input on everything in soft meows as if he's speaking to me. Though naturally shy he's grown very close and become my lap cat. Him and Joe (our other cat) are inseparable and will often nap in the same cat bed together. Favorite foods include Friskies wet pate food and Friskies dry food. As treats he loves Fancy Feast Dry food, Friskies Party Mix treats and lunch meat (especially Baloney). The cutest thing he'll do is dip his foot into the water bowel and then drink the water from it or playfully splashing with it. He's both very mischievous and very smart and has been known to open doors. Spatz, though a housecat, proved himself an excellent mouser! We have a field behind the house and occasionally a mouse gets in only to meet Spatz. Kingpet is a perfect place for Spatz as he's an official royal kitty too; serving as the Hanian mascot for a tiny micronation project. There he hopes to serve as a positive role model to inspire citizens to care for humanity and our planet. Help him win by voting for him :).
Ryuu,loves to run around and play he loves to go outside and roll in the grass
No one really knows this sweet boy’s history. We just know we’re grateful that his journey led him to us.
Penny is a sassy little pup! She loves to dress up but when she gets tired loves to cuddle. Give Penny a vote ❤️
Tazz is crazy. He loves running at the park, and loves his dips at the beach. When it’s time to cuddle he is the sweetesttt !
Gigi was rescued on Valentine’s day and has since been the most loving, loyal friend, and all-nighter study buddy to her human mom. Fun facts: she loves belly rubs and won’t eat unless the bowl is full.
Mr Whiskers
Mr Whiskers is a rescue from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. He came to my life through a friend that would take care of abandoned cats on the street. He was just 6 months when I brought him home. He loves cat nip, eating and getting rubs on his chin.
Zeus is very active. He likes playing in the stream and destroying any chew toy he can find! He is a cutie-pie!
She's just a very affectionate kitty that loves chasing her laser toy and running through here time tunnel!
Elvis was a 16 year old Chihuahua. We just had to put him down yesterday but will always remain in our heart ❤️
We call her Mar Go Go!! She loves holding your hand, cuddling and being right on top of you!
Sisko spends his day laying around with his “baby” (alpaca), getting the zoomies and begging for treats 🤓
Blossom is a very shy cat but beyond loving when it comes to us.. she cuddles us and will pur a storm.. she loves treats.. wet food treats specifically and hates it when we close doors(NO CLOSED DOORS) or even shower 😹😹 she will scream at us if we are showering.. she also loves heating pads and warm blankets.. also she probably loves her daddy most 💕 We found her on the streets as a kitten near a college WKU.. her mom was also a Russian Blue and had her kittens around that area.. the first time we laid eyes on her it was meant to be.. we caught her and now we have her! The best decision we ever made! We owe all to the Russian Blue of WKU~ LOL I’ve wanted to say that for a while
Mochi loves treats, to play and cuddle! We add pictures of him as he grows up❤️