Kitty loves playing football and stealing from my dinner plate
Bubba loves his toys and running in the yard. He also loves swimming and treats ❤️
Just got him and Wilbur love to play and love to sit on laps
Just got him an Orville both brand new babies kittens. They love to play and love to sit on laps.
Midnight is my Lovable Black Panther, he loves to give kisses and cuddle. He such a good boy.
Peko is a mixed terrier, she loves her lamb toy .. shes 4 years old .
Kitt is 15 years old who loves boxes and snuggly rugs! she shares a house with Millie who always sneaks onto Kitts best snuggly rug and tries to look cute to get the best treats!
Milo is a boxer he is the best and cutest dog in the World and he loves belly rubs
Ruby she is a 14 month old cane corso super playful loves to lounge also
Rusty is a lovely cat who likes his tunnel, curling up in his bed and playing with cable ties
Odie is a year old, mastiff x rottweiler. Well behaved with a little mischievous side. He loves my sons socks ( not sure why 😁). He has become a huge part in our family.
Zoey is a sweetie pie always. Loves her 4 paw sisters and goes crazy when gramma comes over. She loves car rides and long runs at the sandpits to play fetch. She also loves being a couch/bed hog :).
Peanut is a Shippo. She's such a cuddler. Loves attention
Rambo is my goofball. He is a lover, has to cuddle all the time! When he gets excited he runs around and makes his own fun, including soundeffects. He's pretty entertaining at times.
Keke is an amazing girl who I got off a couple who couldn't care for her.
The most trusting baby I’ve had you can see it in her beautiful face
Big Betty
A couple gave up on My Tortie I named Big Betty, well months later u see why....Big Betty gave birth 2 weeks ago to 7 kittens....whom i named the 7 dwarfs!❤️
Meet Ruby, the adventurous 13-year-old feline from Canada with a palate as unique as her personality. She delights in munching on pop rocks and bacon.
Bailey is a fun loving dog who loves going for long walks and cuddling with her favorite human and her sis Tess
Sushi is extremely inquisitive and makes everything her home, from her 7ft cat tower, to boxes and bags. She keeps us on our toes as she performs her zoomies then calls out for us when she's ready to cuddle up on our laps.
Rosie is awesome she is loving and even though a cat she does many things a dog does. She runs to the door when someone comes over, and she plays fetch.
He is a friendly people dog..loves lots of cuddles and loves a run in the car exploring different places
Walter is 4 months old ,mixed breed who loves cuddles and pouncing up onto Televisions,he is a young cheeky trouble maker of a kitten
Pluto loves his family and his best friend tunia. He also very much enjoys being outside! He has such a big smile as you can see in some of his pictures! 💕
Azzy Bea
Azzy came to us as a tiny little black ball of fur from a dear friend who was trying to find a home for some abandoned kittens whose momma had disappeared with three but left the others. She was skittish and hissy and quite nippy in the beginning. She loves me spouse and mostly only seems out his attention. From the moment they met she curled up in his chest and fell asleep. Been love ever since. She is not great with other cats or much for people but as she has gotten older will now come out and seek some attention before getting annoyed and running away or biting to let you know that's enough. She loves to cuddle in my lap and purr but only if I am on the potty. She loves to play fetch up and down the stairs with paper balls and enjoys a good laser chase followed by a long nap in the sun on her window perch or a chat with the birds in the backyard from the glass patio door. Her favourite thing in the world is being brushed especially her cheeks and if she hears the brush bristles she comes running. Azzy is her name but she darts around like a bee to flowers, hence her nickname of Bea.
Luna Looney Buna
Luna came to us in a box on the side of a trail with her sister Nova. Luna has a very busy and crazy personality. She is obsessed with playing beach ball and carries fuzzy mice or fuzzy balls all around the house. She loves to sleep in the sunspots on the cat condos in the window or on the warmth of the heating blanket with Nova. She is very picky about when she wants to be pet and cuddled but will eventually come and sit with you and purr and chirp just like her sister. She also believes the bathroom is a great place to have a drink and play. She especially loves to climb the shower curtains and chase her tail at the bottom of the empty bathtub or play under the towels. She always takes care of her smaller sister and guards her when our other cat bothers her. When she gets the zoomies she is a nut hence her nickname of Looney. Unlike her sister she has one orange paw and one black paw in the front and a white mustache on one back paw. She is truly unique.
Bob is a 5 year old rescue. His name should have been Garfield,as he loves food🐾🐾
Jasper loves eating long spaghetti noodles with sauce on it we hold it up in the air and slurps it down
Missy Moonshine
Hi there! I started life as feral. I feared everything and trusted nothing. I lived in the woods at the back of my adopted mum's home, she gave me lots love and food. I now sleep in a comfy bed with my human, and even let her cuddle me, I've come a very long way from where I once was ....Life for me is purrrfect now :-)
Nova No No New
Nova came to us in a box at the side of a trail with her sister Luna. They were extremely hard to tell apart at first now they have their own distinct personalities. Nova is a smuggler and a lap cuddler and a real purr machine. She is also a bit of a scaredy cat and gets spooked easy. She loves to play with paper balls and fuzzy little mice. She chirps and chats and meows for you or her sister if she is alone in any room. She likes to fall asleep on the heating blanket or draped across your chest or neck. She thinks the bathroom is her own personal watering hole and will insist on drinking from the tap or come running when she hears the bath or sink. She gets into alot of mischief. Hence the nickname No No.
She loves head rubs and ears tickled,but beware, you take your life in your hands if you touch her tummy when she rolls over.!!
Arnal, he is a 17 week puppy who is starting to find his feet in the big wide world. Pay time is definitely his favourite time
technically he’s a brittany spaniel mixed with pointer but basically just a mutt, he’s the sweetest dog i’ve ever known and loves everyone!
Bella one years old and this little girl is a ball of energy and definitely a little diva and sassy she loves her toys her treats love to play and make muffins when she is actually laying down loves to look out the window and get some sun and loves to watch Mickey Mouse club house I added more pictures so you can see Bella as a baby and now as she one years old if you think I’m cute please vote for me
Axel two years old and He is a very loving and caring dog and always knows how to put a smile on your face he loves cuddles walks outside and loves snacks and movie times even though most of the times he falls asleep 😊 if you think I’m a cute nugget vote for me
Remi one years one and this little cute is very lovable loves attention kisses cuddles walks outside loves the beach she also loves to look outside the windows at the cars and birds and is full of spunk she loves to be with her family and definitely loves her food and snacks and never misses a thing ☺️if you think I’m a cute nugget please vote for me
Diesel is a lab/pit bull mix and is always ready to play. He will chew anything you leave on the floor. But he’s also wants to climb on you and cuddle all night long.
Cleo is an inquisitive little bundle of joy! She loves to play with her brother, Pixel, and she absolutely adores people. She’s always the first to venture downstairs and greet guests, and she even likes to play fetch with her favourite ball when she’s feeling playful!
Pixel is my little buddy! He’s such a loving cat and is never too far away from me, always following me around or hitching a ride on my shoulders. He loves to explore the house with his sister, Cleo, and to cuddle up on the sofa in the evening, and he especially loves having his treats before bed!
I am Chia's person lol. She loves licky licky on me. She is always beside me or sleeping on my legs. She's a quiet siamese most of the time but when she wants extra attention, I'll hear her lol.
Betty Boop
Her personality is just like the cartoon character she’s named after.
He loves to play fetch
Shes a real good girl never scraches nothing but her scrach post and walks on a leash and. Ilove her to the moon and back
Shadow has the most amazing eyes! Its like looking into another galaxy. He's the most loyal and best friend ive ever had. He follows me everywhere and helps me along with everything im doing, and especially loves to garden, digging in the freshly turned dirt and rolling around in it like a dog. Hes also the best guardian of the whole property, running off and intruders no matter big or small. I've seen him attack, and or stand down dogs of all sizes. Yet hes the sweetest cuddle buddy to sleep with every night as well.
Pippa loves to chat and fetch a soft ball brings it back to me
She grew up with her brother, a Pomeranian and has learned a lot of his antics, thinks partly like a dog