Kenji is a DLH Tabby/ Main coon mix that we rescued almost 1 year ago. He loves to snuggle and is super sweet.
Kiki is the sweetest dog you’d ever meet. She always looks you in the eyes like she is in love with you😂. If you stop petting her she will pat her paw on your arm till you start petting her again.
Snow flakes loves boxes ,bags anything that he can fit in , he loves eating of are spoons ice cream oatmeal and he loves playing with sibling and Chasing all time of insects I never any of them in my house then more then one day he meets us at the door when we get home and wait for us when wake up he is one of kind love my baby boy aka crazy cat
Nala is ten weeks old and likes creating havoc with her brother Alpuss
She's my guard cat. Live bug.
Felix is 3mths old. He is a spunky, mischievous, playful kitten, who brings lots of smiles and laughs to our family. Felix loves ice cubes, ruffle potato chips, and dog jerky. If he isnt hanging out in his window hammock napping, or running wild playing, you might find him in the cat tree watching, or hiding in the bathtub.
She was my dad's hunting partner. The runt of her litter but did her job very well.
Formally named Dave, she was very attached to Quinn.
Teddie Bear
Teddie Bear is a golden retriever who just turned 1! She loves going on runs through the woods and playing hide and seek.
Hi I’m Suzzie
Riley is from the humane society where I am the trainer and he was a foster fail at my home. He is amazing with kids and dogs. We think he’s mixed with Shetland Sheepdog and he has half a blue eye. He came up to Illinois on transport from Tennessee and was heartworm positive. His treatment has been successful!
He's a sweet boy. Loves cuddles.
Diesel came from ohio at 5weeks old with his sister and they almost died at 5 weeks old after their mom stopped producing milk. Now to this day diesel is a lovable pup that loves to play and interact with people. Diesel is a love bug and is registered as an emotional support animal.
he's just a goofy little fella
This is toby who is 5 months old
Snowball is quiet but funny and very fluffy
Peanuts is a gentle, kind spirit. He was 6 years old on July 4th and is one of four boys from the same litter. Peanuts loves to play "fish on a stick". Peanuts brother, Charlie Brown had to have emergency surgery in July. This took a big toll on mom's finances so any funds won through this contest will go toward Charlie's vet expenses.
She love to take walks and she always has to stop and smell every flower she sees. She loves everyone she meets. She's always trying to get someone to give her lovins. She's my best friend, my soul dog.
After recently loosing our baby girl Heidi boo due to a road accident the house was left feeling empty her death affected everyone in the house and nothing felt the same! So with a heavy heart we decided on getting a house cat so here is our kitten Saphire, she is 11 weeks old and is a blue point ragdoll she is very playful and loves to pounce on you when least expected. After a few hours of madness saphire will come and lay with you on the sofa where she expects constant cuddles 😍 saphire lives to play with her toys Such as her lazer light or rolling around with balls, saphire will pick her toys up in her mouth and carry them wherever she wants to rest😍 PLEASE VOT FOR MY LITTLE SAFFY❤
Kitty was brought to me by mom son she was rescued by a vendor at my sons work her mama was shot and killed when she was 3 weeks old and the owners were going to feed her to a dog so my son brought her home. We had to bottle feed her and now she is my princess!
He loves to play fetch, he loves his mommy, he loves to give real kisses, and he loves to be pet by mostly everyone!!
Elsa has 3 sisters and a brother
Hes a bit odd
Senna is very playful and loves sitting on peoples shoulders like a parrot. Quite often found lying on his back looking for his next belly rub
Ryder is just a goofball that loves being outside except at night he’s scared of the dark
I love cuddles with my mum and dad and love playing with my toys 💙
Ethel is a little fire cracker , she loves her big bro’s Pugs & Blu ,
Diamond is a very adorable and smart cat she knows when mom wakes up (me) its time to wake the kids up for school so she goes and wants to jump on the bed and run around to wake up my son also when dad talks to her she will talk back. She loves eating and doing parkour and looking outside of the window diamond should get picked kus shes one of a kind .
Timmi is a lovely and a loving cat and likes to play with his owners
Peppa is a beautiful dog age 6 she had been locked up in a cage most her life, till we was lucky to have her we think she is schnauzer cross terrier she loves playing with her toys ,walks and lots of cuddles and kisses . Such a beautiful loving dog to have
Meet Dulce!! Rottweiler/Husky mix! Beautiful bright ice blue eyes and she thinks she's a lap dog lol Personal space has no boundaries with this loveable, playful, affectionate baby girl!!!
This is simba he is 2 years old ever so playful he loves cuddles from his mummy and loves plastic bags and boxes he is the cutest cat ever!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy guy full of character and toots
Sox is such a gentle soul and every morning has a routine of giving me head nudge kisses even climbing on my back to do so.
Coco loves being cuddled!!!
Nemo is our handsome, cheeky and very mischievous Corgi. We love him so much that this summer we took a graffiti class in Barcelona and painted a wall in his honour! (Check it out in my gallery 😁) He's a worldly dog and has even visited France 🗼 Nemo loves to get out and about ..but there's nothing better than a long nap.❤️
Kingston is the baby of our little family. He has brought so much life to us, we got him at just 4 weeks as a rescue because of the condition he was living in and bottle fed him, he is now 14 weeks old and has the biggest personality! He loves snuggling his bear (the first toy we ever got him) and loves playing with his squeaky toy! Little man gets a little bigger everyday and we couldn’t ask for a better puppy to be raising!
Willow is just a baby at 6 weeks old. She's already got a funny way of making me smile and laugh. She's always running around playing with her many toys jumping up in the air when you walk by. So so cute ❤️❤️
🐶 Freddie 🤎 Chocolate and tan, short haired miniature dachshund 🐾 2/7/22 📍 Bucks
If you throw a ball for him he is your friend for life 🐾 My handsome boy has one green eye and one bright blue, always a hit with the ladies .
We have found her under our deck. Just bones, no tail, scared and in horrible condition. After 3 days of feeding her, she trusted us enough to come closer. We took her to the vet immediately. She was about 6 weeks old and weight as much as a 4 week old kitten. Due to the injuries in the back, she was unable to hold her poop for a while. Unfortunately, that gave her the name poopy. We decided to keep and love her. This was 3 weeks ago. She is doing so much better already and this little girl stole our hearts.
Flint was an abandoned kitten along with the rest of her brothers and sisters, from coming from a harsh start to her life, she is now the most beautiful kind hearted soul imaginable
My baby girl LOVES ice! I can’t fix a drink without her hearing and running to the kitchen for her treat! She’s SO nosey, she thinks anything and everything is for her. She’s a sock thief, if she sees them she takes them! My brother puts them in his pockets to get ready in the mornings so she won’t steal them! She loves being outside and chewing on branches that are bigger then her. She’s so precious and soooo sweet and lovable. She’s the loudest snorer I know, she sounds like a human! Love my baby girl❤️❤️
Smokey is the best cat I've ever had, he loves everyone and loves his Fancy Feast
Nikkie Lips
Nikkie loves cookies i have to hide Them or she will sit right next to them until i give her more. She also gives paw for treats.