Dog cat Stories - 95


I love to nap and play. I have a brother and a sister. I am the youngest. I just wanted to enter for fun.
Ginger is 4 months old and loves all people and animals. She is a rescue from Georgia and is 20lbs of pure sweetness.
Shes stumpy
Mittens is 2 weeks old , my daughters dad left us and mittens is to keep her company
My name is Nanuk Desna Teal my name means polar bear cause I looked like a chubby polar bear when I was a puppy. I am a mutt breed born from an Irish setter and love my mom so much. I follow her everywhere! Even the bathroom. I hate thunder and love treats and new people. My favorite things to do is car rides and cuddling or barking at mom.
Hunter was rescued by myself at 4 weeks old. He was being thrown out by a Women, whom put a post on Facebook… saying if someone doesn’t come get this pup, I’m throwing him out in the cold! I couldn’t let that happen. I went to get him, he was filthy & the ladies home was beyond filthy as well. Hunter is very happy & so spoiled 🥰 He protects my family & follows me everywhere❤️ Hunter loves playing outside, Homemade treats, his sqeeky toys & most of all car rides. He’s my baby
Small but mighty, River really lives up to his name and truly loves everything about the water. From boating to swimming to fishing and sunbathing!
Sweetest boy. A great companion and so loving. Recently passed ❤️ Always in our hearts. The best dog we could have ever asked for.
Baby Girl
She loves her squeaky toys and her quiet time. ;)
He loves his mommy and his toys soooo much. :)
The coolest, most playful, and cuddly guy you’ve ever met!
Milo is almost 5 months old and he is a very good boy.
Miya is the most perfect, laid back princess. She loves her squeaky toys, eating treats, and taking 6 naps a day lol.
Smokey is extremely fiesty an full of life, he loves running crazy through the house and hiding in his empty boxs and trying to secretly attack our legs and feet when we walk into the room😊he also loves to snuggle and sleep on any soft blanket he can find.
He loves his baseball and basketball. Also loves carrots and he is a very loud burper!
Lilly loves snoozing, eating, playing. She’s 10 weeks old! Very spoiled and loved!
Callie Cat
Callie is very vocal and loves to demand your attention and wet food of course lol. She loves to sunbath (on my table) and is very unbothered by my attempts to move her :) She is my best friend 😻😽
Lucy is just as sweet as she looks. Her hobbies include napping, snuggling, and yelling for food.
Mortimer is a man about town, he's that geezer down the pub. His best friend is Little Pearl and they are inseparable.
Sadie loves to give kisses and cuddle, play with her toys , and watch over everyone she loves
Dozer has been sick for the past couple of weeks. Two blood tests and we still don't know what is wrong. She will be on another round of antibiotics and then have another blood panel done. Anything dozer wins will go towards her medical bills for the upcoming weeks. Dozer is 4 years old. She has no eyelids and no teeth!! She helps me rescue more special babies like her!! We got her when she was 3 weeks old...would have been euthanized for her deformities if we didn't take her. Thank you for voting for Dozer!! Dozer helps Mama help other special kiddos!! We have been hit hard with medical kitties this year, and anything Dozer wins goes to help the other kiddos in our care!!
Lady Doris
Lady Doris is a Fluffistacrat, she loves the finer things in life. King prawns, comfy sofas and dreaming.
Chantilly is a pretty, shy girl who exhibits some feral behaviors. We fostered her for 3 months before deciding she just needed to become one of our fur babies. She's affectionate with us (on her terms), but visitors usually never even catch a glimpse of her. She had severe stomatitis, so had a full mouth tooth extraction, but she eats soft and hard food and chewy treats just fine. Chantilly is FIV+, but we expect that she will live a full, healthy life as an indoor kitty.
Kalli is such a lovey sweetheart, but she also loves to grab anything she can get her paws on and play for hours and then hide said object. She's a little hoarder. Sweetest baby ever.
Pearl is a toe biter, she loves to play and never backs down in a fight.
Reilly is our constant companion. He follows us around, greets us at the door, and invites us to play. His favorite games are fetch, wrestling, and catch the feather wand. He has allergies and asthma, so needs daily medication. He is a purrfect combination of wild man and sweeti-pateetie. ❤️
Kū enjoys beach days and belly rubs! He loves doing tricks for treats. He’s always down for road trips and adventures with mom. Kū is a gentle teddy bear and loves to cuddle !
Khabib is named after the UFC fighter, but to be fair he's far too lethargic to fight. He loves his food and the ladies love him.
He has been the best dog I have ever had. He's 15 and still acts like a puppy, even though he can't see anymore.
Shylee is a Pug , Pekingese mix. Shes 4yrs old. We live on a farm and she loves to run around. She is a house dog and we love her dearly. She has a stuffed duck and lambchop that she loves .
Meet my beautiful cocker spaniel puppy Marlow. He loves lazing about all day long and is my daughters best friend. He like eating cardboard which definitely keeps us on his toes but isnt he scrummy !!
Rooster's feral mother abandoned him in my backyard around 5 weeks of age bc he was extremely ill. I adopted this little orphan and with a few trips to the vet he has made a full recovery and is living his best kitten life. He loves to climb trees, run through his tunnel and he's even learned how to sit on command.
Tiger LOVES to sleep and eat lol. He is a very vocal cat and will let you know if he is hungry as well! We love him dearly, he just showed up to our house one day and we fell in love with him!
Leo is a gorgeous, social boy who "talks" to us and plays fetch! He loves a good massage and rolls over to show his appreciation for the special attention. At mealtime, he's a little pig/poacher and one of the main reasons we got Sure Flap microchip feeders for all of our cats. 😹
Chiquita Bella
Chiquita is my little girl. She is like my child since I cant have anymore. She is layed back also a apit fire of a guard dog who thinks she bigger then what she! Love her like no other!
Mush is a gentle boy who feels like a plush stuffed animal. His green "owl eyes" have a perpetual surprised/worried expression, and when a treat is coming his way, he bobs his head back and forth in anticipation. So cute and so sweet! We love him so much!
Brownie is a sassy old lady that loves cats, she is NOT sweet to people she don't know but she is sweet💕
Code Dode loves drinking water at an outdoor restaurant patio during the summer. He is waited on just like any other customer. Bring on the meal with the flaming cheese. Opa!
Aki loves to sleep all day and throw stuff off things to get attention. She loves to cuddle and get kisses. And occasionally be an asshole to her mom.
Loves naps, playtime, & following me around the house. Raw fed & thriving
I recently rescued this sweet girl. She is by my side 24/7. Sylvie is trusting and loyal.
Thomas Omalley
O’Malley is always looking for an adventure but loves to start and end his day with all the cuddles ❤️
Ma beauté Théo. Il est très doux et câline avec un petit caractère bien trempé ❤️
Janet is a hot mess, ridiculous, perfect kitty. She loves crying for water out of the faucet. She needs eye drops everyday because she was born with an eyelid deformity. She plays fetch, sits, and chews shoes… like a dog. Her favorite thing is tormenting her kitty sister who never asked for her.
Hey! My names Baxter and I'm a 5 month old American Shorthair. I enjoy long naps and snuggling with my favorite human! Have a purrfect day!
Layla was rescued from a garbage dumpster. She is my heart . She is a emotional support animal now. She goes everywhere with me. I am lost without her. She is the smartest dog I have ever had. I did a DNA TESTon her vote for her and I will tell you about all of her breeds or breed ! Have fun voting.
Hi! I'm Booker, and I love eating my toy fried chicken and wrestling my brother Baxter! My mom was a stray kitty and was taken in to have a safe place to live. A few months later I was born! Some of my other hobbies include drinking water out of cups and sleeping everwhere possible! Have a good day!