Hulk is the sweetest boy, but just like the marvel character he can switch and be crazy. He definitely fits his name! I always say he’s a pit bull on the outside 😂
Pumpkin was a stray with lots of wounds and now she is spoiled rotten and loves to cuddle at night
Shadow loves taking walks by the water and in the park. He loves the water so much that he runs right into the lake! He has a silly, goffy personality. He always sleeps on his back.
Sometimes I go by a few other names: Therman, Thorbin, Thorbinator. I really like so many things, but my favorite things are sticks and balls... I love balls so much that I seem to find them everywhere I go. I also really like playing hide and seek, playing chase with my family, and going for ice cream. I do not really like wheels, sudden loud noises, or when my furry sister is getting one-on-one attention and please do not even get me started on going outside in the rain. I love to eat steak, carrots, scrambled eggs, and basically anything mom and dad eat! My main things I do every day that I like are having zoomies throughout the house, walks with mom, hanging my head out the window on car rides and letting my ears fly; mom says it makes the car more arrow dynamic.
Huck is a cock-a-poo. He loves walks and watching tv. He is a very loyal dog and understands everything you say. He is loving and cuddly. He loves cheese and ice cream. 100% the best dog ever.
Julius is an excellent cat! He loves to play with his toys and loves to cuddle. He is my best friend and I love him to the moon and back
Oliver is a super happy, fluffy boy! He loves cuddles and potato chips!
Loki aka Mr. Handsome Pants, loves playing with his frisbee and sisters. He is very energetic and is a social butterfly. Loki also loves puppy massages and snuggles.
She’s named after flower from Bambi, and she absolutely loves to kiss ❤️
Harlie is a hot mess. Dont let her little sweet looks fool you, cuz she is one fiesty little girl. She loves to be held while sleeping. Give her cuddles and a warm blanket and she will be yours forever!
He has a personality that i have never seen in a cat he loves his toys and he loves to act like a dog. And he loves to snuggle.
Grant will be 3 yrs old Oct. 18th! We rescued him from a shelter and he couldnt be a better addition to our family! He is vey active but loves to play fetch and tug-of-war with the kids! He knows to sit, stand up on 2, lay down and stay when he is given the commands. He loves to run extremely fast and love love loves his treats!
Kittah is a barn rescue. I got him at a young 5 weeks. He had a severe respiratory infection when he came into my care. He is now 2 years old and very vocal. Based on his coloring and the rest of his litter we believe him to be a mix of Siamese and Maine coon. He frequently will cry/howl when he is looking for his people. We will just call out his name and he will come running to our embrace. He does have a “wild” side and will commence to zoomies. He loves his brothers and sisters both human and animal. We thank you for your consideration!!! 🐾💕🐾
This little mite was born on 28th August. He hasn’t had the easiest start in life, but he has now landed on his feet.
Maximus is one big goofball or energy, max loves to go for walks, chase squirrels, play with any ball for hours. His favorite though is doing zoomies down the hallway and cuddling with his mom and dad. There is never a dull moment with max!
Peanut is a four pound bundle of joy with the attitude of a 400 lbs dog. He loves his mom and bad guy as well as his three die siblings and two cats! Can’t imagine life with out my peanut!!!!
My little girl has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which means she can not walk. Don't be fooled though she moves and plays all day! She has a brother, Simon, he has no teeth but boy can he eat! I am trying to win California to help with their medical costs!
A puppy that loves her toys, and by toys I mean newspapers, feathers, bottle tops and cardboard...
This is poppy is she a sprocker, she is 2 years old and loves going for walks🌲💕
He loves the movie, The Neverending Story, because he thinks he Falcore. 🤣😂🤣😂
Bobby is a hydrocephalus kitten who is blind. He loves to snuggle and be your best friend!
Smokey is our adopted baby, he is scared of almost everything but loves his sister Cheeto almost as much as he loves to eat
Cheeto is a very playful girl. She loves her brother Smokey but loves poofballs more than anything
She is a Persian longhair kitty
This is Rayna ! We picked her up from Tennessee. She’s a playful , smart, and energetic puppy who loves chasing leaves, digging holes, fetching sticks and most of all playing with her basket full of toys 😊
Can't tell here. But this is my 130lb Dutch Shepard. She literally followed me home one day and has been mine ever since (yes i tried to find her owners before she became mine). Turned out to be the best dog ever. So sweet and patient..unless you mess with her family. Loves kids and other animals...exept birds (they torment her). Scared of sprinklers and hoses but loves the rain and to play in the mud. Has bad habit of stealing toys from the dog park.
Skye is a beautiful soft loving samoyed who as you can see is a total poser, she sees a camera and strikes her pose, shr can sleep anywhere and anytime even standing up, she's an amazing pup and she loves her bestie Ash the pug ❤
Poor little Traxx. Was found at a train yard, thats how he got his name. Weidest colored cat I've ever seen..not quite orange or brown. Has a foot fedish.
Briar Rose
Weimeraraner/Pit bull mix. Prettiest little puppy...pain in the but teenager. Loves to antagonize her sisters but also lives to cuddle.
Peppa Pug...sister to Pig Pug. Loves to sniff flowers...before she eats them. Even though she is the youngest if all her sisters, she is the bossiest.
Tucker is a rescue pup. He was rescued from Kentucky and brought to pa by cross your paws rescue. He’s been my best friend and wingman since he was 11 weeks old
Hello, I’m Sassy and I live with my mummy in Hertford U.K. I really love to play with my shiny scrunchy foil ball toys, and knocking over vases of flowers. Mummy says when I’m a big girl I can play in my garden, but for now I’m happy watching from my window 🌸
Mazikeen is a sweet girl! She loves to play and she’s very brave! She is a great addition to our family.
Can't put any type of bag on the floor or he will be in it...even if it is a Sunny D bag. Loves to cuddle.
Bella Is very loving and playful
Simba And Soot
These angels came as strays. We were able to catch them, their mother, and the litter of kittens the mother had after them.
Pig Pug
Her real name is Mazey but from day one, she rooted and snorted just like a pig, and the nickname stuck. She is only Mazey when she is in trouble. Loves to pose and have her picture taken.Total bed hog.
Pharris showed up one night on our doorstep with an injury to his tail that unfortunately required amputation. He loves our family with his whole heart and embraces his differences.
He has a favorite toy.. a stuffed monkey. Doesnt sleep without it
Lilly is fun, sweet, and a very adventurous kitty.
Haunt came to us as a outside stray and just never left. She loves feathers and strings.
Geo is a rescue, we are his 3rd family. And his forever family. Rescued at 3 years old after being returned to the shelter 2 times. He's so loving and never leaves my side. Decides to play at midnight of course. And is the king in our house. We are so lucky to have him in our family.
Mowgli is my sweetheart! He loves to cuddle with his human mommy and he is always full of playful energy! He will do anything to play a game!
I’m deaf but hear with my ❤️
she loves to run and look for squirrels