Dog cat Stories - 95


Hello my name is Pykan(pecan). I was found in my mommy’s shed when I was about 3 days old. My mommy stayed up day and night to care for me. I love to play with my crinkle toy and I love to chase my own tail. My mommy has me spoiled! Thank you everyone who votes for me!
Smokey is a cuddle and loves to play
Lady loves squeaky toys, She’s a goofy girl but her love is endless, she loves snow, she loves attention, she’s a great girl all in all.
Archie is a 14 week old border collie who loves his monkey bear and playing with other dogs.
Born on the streets and decided to follow me home one spring night. He has made himself at home and is a great buddy to his sister Zoey and mouse finder.
This is Sloan. She loves her bed and her bandanas.
I love to play with the laser pointer and my little fuzz ball toys. I don't like being picked up too much but I love to cuddle. I love to eat almost anything.
Liam loves to play with his toys, eat, and sleep! He loves laying with us when we watch TV and is always my #1 supporter while I do homework. Always purring, such a happy kitty!
Bennie is a feral cat/kitten that was trapped so he could be neutered however he didn't make the weight requirements so he came to my house until he could reach the weight goal! We fell in love with him! Another foster failure 😸♥️💋
Poohchi loves to where his mask because he knows hes going out.every time he runs on the grass he limps because when he was a puppy he had a keawe thorn stuck in his paws when he was running in the grass so he remembees that .
We named Junior after his stud of a dad Remington Steele aka how we came up with Junior. Junior is a ball of energy and the most affectionate pup! He goes to work with his owner and loves all the treats, hugs, and kisses from fellow coworkers. (Listen to Remington by Granger Smith to hear a perfect description of our beloved Remington Steele Junior!) Juniors on Instagram too at Junior_SilverBullet
Chico is an Applehead Chihuahua..he's all of 2.5 lbs and a spitfire!
Piper The Papillon
Hello my name piper they call me pipey I’m a papillon and I’m a solid 5 pounds. I love to play ball and curl up and take naps. I also love when my mom dresses me up and takes me shopping. 💗
Ghost loves to chase squirrels, play with his toys, and snuggle up to his mommy and daddy. He is a bit silly but makes your heart smile none the less. He enjoys the company of his sister Kizzie and his bearded dragon sister Little Miss and bearded dragon brother Merlin. He is a rescue and came to us not even knowing how to chew a bone because he never had one. It made me cry the first time we gave him a toy, he got the happy tail and started rolling on it and gave that pittie smile. Ghost would love your votes!!
Suki is an extremely wild girl. She loves to play, run, and spend time with her family. The energy level is unmatchable, but so is her love and compassion.
Nova is a sweet little girl of 18 months. We rescued her in March 2020 along with a brother of hers. Nova loves to play in the bathtub and catch the drips of water. She'll sit there for hours staring at the faucet waiting for it to drip. She also loves shadows. She'll attack the walls if she sees shadows. She's a spunky little girl with so much love to give. <3
The name Loki could not fit him any better. He’s brave, bold, and fearless. He thinks he is most definitely the main character. Wild by day, and snuggles with mom at night.
Vito is a very happy playful and loveable puppy nothing gets him down and he is very protective of his mommy!!!
Kami is quiet, and keeps to herself. However, she loves to get into things when nobody is around. Her hobbies include: finding ways inside my cabinets, resting on the TV box, warming up on the heat vents, and cuddling with her boyfriend.
Bruno is a sweet pup he started out so small and quickly grew he loves you go outside and jump and bite the tree branches and hang from them.please vote for bruno
Have you ever seen a dog that looked and acted like a fox? She prances in tall grass, snuggles in a ball, digs at blankets etc. Shes technically a Pomeranian/Sheltie mix, but you would definitely think she had a wild side. On the contrary, she’s the sweetest and most gentlest dogs you’ll ever meet.
Akira is feisty reincarnated. Talkative, judgmental, and a bit arrogant. But can you blame her with those eyes? On the flip side, she’s loving and adores you if you give her a soft blanket.
Lackadaisical and carefree, loves to be close to his humans and will do ANYTHING for a bite of your food.
Jacques loves to run and play on the beach! Very friendly to everyone. He loves to cuddle and is a 60 pound lap dog! Playing fetch is his favorite thing to do.
Bella Ophelia
Bella is the Sweetest dog! She loves tummy rubs and loves to give lots of kisses. She loves to go swimming in the summertime! She loves her treats and will do all kinds of tricks for them! Bella can jump 5 ft high!!!
Kenai Blu
Hi my names Kenai Blu! Please do me a paw-vor and scroll down to see my full picture! I love to help my mom and dad cook my favorite treats! I love to play with my tennis ball (I could run for hours!). I like to help mom and dad with my little sister Kelsea too (7 month Borde Collie). I am also my moms service dog, and I enjoy every moment being by herside!
Dejay is a Frug (Frenchie/Pug mix) who loves to play with other animals regardless of whether they like him or not. He also likes to play with his toys and take selfies on his Furbo.
Boisterous, affectionate golden girl-loves hugs, tug ropes and swiping from the laundry basket
Oliver is as goofy as his looks. He is a Berger Picard which are known for herding. The only thing he herds or should I say hoards are his toys. Just because you can't see his eyes doesn't mean he isn't always up to something. Digging in the garden is his favorite hobby.
Toby is a squirrel chasing, ball playing ball of energy. He loves his humans and is very protective of them. He loves his belly rubs and to snuggle.
Chi Chi
We adopted Chi Chi as a baby and she stole our hearts. Shes our first indoor animal and she has made our family complete. My husband wasnt even a cat person and how she is his baby!! Her favorite thing to do is fetch a paper ball :)
Gizmo was rescued as a stray, she is a diluted calico munchkin who loves belly rubs and turkey treats. She’s a fighter that’s for sure! But once she’s done being a bullet train she enjoys her naps in the “throne”. Vote for Gizmo! This is her first contest ever.
Franki is full of energy and loves her socks! The absolute queen of Cuddling and begging for treats. She loves her daily adventures at the dog park too!
Bear was born an only pup. Bear is 4 years old and loves to go on adventures!
Kizzie is a go getter in life she loves to play with her ball and make her stuffed toys snow in the living room. She is one of the nicest dogs you'll ever meet! Please keep her in mind while voting!!
Moon loves sleeping on her perch by the window, looking out to the backyard. She was rescued as a kitten from the local creek and is very happy to have a forever home!
Merlin is more like a small dog than a cat. He loves to follow me everywhere and is constantly trying to help me with all my tasks. He loves to sit in the sink next to mine when I’m brushing my teeth and insists that I run the water for him as well so that he can take a mini bath
Baby faced prankster, popcorn lover, big time snorer
5 months old Australian labradoodle. She is a loving affectionate high energy pup. She loves food, long walks and to play hide and seek.
She is a very energetic and happy pup she is 6 months old. She loves going for bike rides and prefers running with instead of sitting in her basket. She is a cuddle bug and is very very attached to the people she loves.
King is loyal, kind, and the very best snuggler, yet fast and fearless enough to be an excellent protector. His favorite food is a sweet potato treat!
Ben came to us broken and a puppy. With lots of love and time we discovered we could not fix what had been broken, all we could really do is love Him. Not hard. He is truly every bit a loveable lab.
We adopted Tinker at a very low point in 2019. I insisted on a cat because they make me laugh and I needed laughter. This little fluffball make me laugh daily. I am so glad we got her.
Betty was adopted from a cat rescuer and weighed 1.5 lbs when we got her, along with ringworm. Spent 5 weeks in isolation. She is a perfect, elegant member of the family.
Olaf (Ollie) is a totally pampered and spoilt boy.. he is extremely loving, well mannered, never hisses or fights, doesn't destroy or trash things.. He is extremely clingy to his mamma.. he loves going for walks, car rides, vacations.. He is jealous of males but is a real ladies man 🤣.. He loves playing hide and seek, peekaboo, tag and is very vocal and opinionated.. Olaf is the love of his mama’s life🥰
Chad is a typical Working cocker spaniel, he loves attention and anything wet and muddy.