Dog cat Stories - 96


Im garfield, i havent been with my family long but i love cuddling up to mummys neck and using her as a climbing frame 🥰
Hi, my name is Kai 😊 I’m a super fluffy, and cuddly boy, who is the king of softness and affection 😊 Please vote for me, as my cuteness is worth the attention 😊 Thank you 😁
Bella is the most talkative, fun and playful dog. She loves her chewy sticks, and loves to hide her toys! She loves to sleep on her back and anywhere she finds comfortable! When Bella wants to say something, you’ll definitely hear it!
Kai is a wild child but the biggest love bug around
King Luckymew
He is 24, loves face rubs,and I rescued him from an elderly woman who was senile and beating him...I have had him since he was 8...He is my SugarMew
Charlie is a lover and loves attention from everyone!! Everytime I come home from work he runs up to me and lifts up on his hind legs to give me a hug. The cutest thing in the world. He loves his brother Nicklaus (my son) so much, they are forming a great bond. Charlie loves to catch his toys and bring them back to me. He also loves to jump on the trampoline...hehe
Moose is super playful. He does this cute thing where he backs up a little before he takes off running 🥰 he picks up sticks and carries them around the yard, plays tug a war with anything he can put in his mouth his rope even your finger playfully sometimes 🤣 hes cute and he knows it and is super smart also.
Leo was supposed to be a yorkshire terrier, but he has grown up to be a heinz 57 and is the best boy. He loves his bed and his dinner.
Hi! I’m a brave boy! I love food. and I love to play with socks!! Please vote for me! Would love it so much!
Fifi is an imperial shih tzu she enjoys cuddles and playing with her toy carrot 🥕
Vera likes walks but doesn’t like other dogs she likes to play and have a pamper day and paws rubbed and loves attention and lots of hugs and hates people on their phones
Milo passed away this month and I came across this and thought I would enter him for a chance to win $2,000 for his medical bill and cremation service that I owe. He was my baby and I am still heart broken. Winning would be amazing because I feel like it would be a little tribute to how amazing and loving he was.
Penny Sue
Penny sue is a 2 1/2 old miniture pinscher, she is wild and rambuntcious she loves to play with her toys and if you dont watch her she will chew everything up
Misty-Rose is a doll face Blue/cream Persian. Very gentle with her humans and loves to play with the red dot.
Nico is a maine coon and is currently trying to be trained to take walks and be a trained pet. He loves soft blanket and to cuddle and most of all take off woth his toys and hides them.
Chloe was saved from a dog fighting home back in 2012 she came to use with little known. Now she is in a wonderful home and is known as a cuddle bug.
Roman is a warm, gentle laid back good looking dog, that loves his family, has many friends, and will welcome anybody into his home.
Sophie is a sweet, loving, polite little lady. She loves attention and we love her dearly. Since she has been a part of our family, she's always been by our side, she's never been left home alone.
Ball of sass, loves monkey toys and cuddles
Lucy loves snuggles but, after my 15 y/o dog passed away in June, she and I grew inseparable. It's as if she was in mourning with me and both of us were helping each other get through tough times. There isn't a moment when I'm home where she not trying to hold my hand or be by my side.
Loves to play, loves to drink and play with water in the sink, knows how to ring the bell when he wants to go outside
Cosmo is one cool cat!
We got tigger from the animal shelter at 7 months old. WILD CHILD!!! But we just kept working with him and now at 3 years old he finally does tricks and follows most commands! He’s come a long way!!
Tydeos James
Tydeos James is a wonderful boy! He's my emotional support animal. I found him on PetFinder. Shortly after his first birthday his first family gave him up to the Saint Paul Animal Humane Society. I fell in love with him right away. He loves to play with his sqeakey balls, sleep on my big king size bed with me, and do zoomies in the backyard while chasing squirrels.
Hi! I’m Nova, I’m very sweet and I love to cuddle. I think that everyone is my best friend and I love to play.
crazy loveable funniest member of our family 💙
Fun fact! name,(drum roll pleaseeee ) means Dog Star! It’s actually the brightest star in earths night sky. Preeti cool right! Whose bright star are you?
Pepper is an energetic crazy kitten who loves her big sister Daisy the Dachshund. He also love to sleep and eat treats 😂🧁
Daisy is a playful, caring, loyal Dachshund who loves to sleep and eat treats 😂🧁
Hi I’m little Pumpkin! My ma named me because I’ve my dark orange tones. I am quite timid around tall beings, but once I’m comfortable I’ll come and make you jump! Sleeping in ma’s big bed is so cozy, I spread myself right out!
Chester is the friendliest Chihuahua you will ever run into, he will welcome you he'll kiss you to death he is a people pleaser and brings joy to everyone that he encounters.
Odin likes cuddles and watching the birds out the window! He is so curios and figuring out the world and looks cute doing it!❤️
She passed away and we love her
Just the most adorable, loving playful pup
This is Oreo he is a male cat 💙 that’s such a sweetheart he’s so alert that you’d think he’s a dog in a cats body he very smart he’s very easy to train the longest he’ll take is 1-2 weeks to understand the difference between right and wrong 💕 he’s a hunter! don’t sleep on cats! Their amazing 💚
Bailey loves to give kisses and snuggle. His favorite thing to do is play fetch. He is always up for play time.
Fancy Sprout Nissen
My name is Fancy Sprout, at heart im fiery and playful. I live with my favorite humans, pouncing around the house and sun bathing.
Lilo is a super playful and sweet pup she loves long walks,treats,toys,and her family she is super playful and crazy !!💞
Elvis is a sassy and loving boy with a passion for socks and bananas 🍌
Playful pup that just keeps growing! Doesnt realize how big he actually is but gives the sweetest hugs and nuzzles.
Zola was born on 31 July 2020. She is very lively and playful but also LOVES a snuggle! She has been with me 1.5 weeks now and settled in brilliantly!
Hulk is the sweetest boy, but just like the marvel character he can switch and be crazy. He definitely fits his name! I always say he’s a pit bull on the outside 😂
Pumpkin was a stray with lots of wounds and now she is spoiled rotten and loves to cuddle at night
Shadow loves taking walks by the water and in the park. He loves the water so much that he runs right into the lake! He has a silly, goffy personality. He always sleeps on his back.