She likes chasing rags on a string and helps me dig in the garden - her holes are larger than mine!
Chase And Mittens
Chase and Mittens were found after they fell from a 15 foot tree that their mom put them in. These two boys have been through a lot and are the best!
Hi my name is Zeus, I’m 2 1/2 years old I love my parents an I’m full of energy. Going on car rides is my all time most favorite thing to do.
Gintoki was abandoned at a week old. She is such a good baby. Loves cuddles and her bottle.
Hello everyone, I am Coco and I am really lucky to have two daddies. They are love me so much. I love to play with them. Throw me a small green spring and I'll chase it up the flat... maybe I'll bring it you and let you play with me. I love sneaking into bedroom during the night and sleeping next to their heads. Who's heads you ask?!? I'm not telling you might want to steal my two silly mumbling humans from me. No, they are mine and I'm theirs.
Star is a very precious little dachshund. Her mom is Precious and Star still believes she is a puppy. She loves her mama very much and lays all over her. I don't think she will ever grow up. I love her very much
This is comet. Comet is a red colored dachshund. He loves to sleep and play. He’s very shy and quiet and minds his own business. He has his own personality. He’s a lazy butt. But we love him oh so much!
Precious is one of the sweetest and smartest little dachshunds I have ever met or known. She was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and today she is cancer free after a lot of treatments and a lot of love today she's going strong. She has her own personality, she is very smart I will let you know when she wants something or does not want to do something. She is one of a kind
Ava Marie
Hello This is Ava Marie. She is a long hair red brindle dachshund. She loves being outside, playing with toys. Chewing on her brothers ears very playful puppy. She’s 7 months old. She’s so sweet and loving and so precious. Also loves playing in the dirt and bring things to the porch to tell us she has a prize or gift. Our family just loves her so much.
Lola is a kitten, who loves to get up to all sorts, she loves playing with teddy bears, also loves climbing and knocking everything down. Best thing Lola good at is giving her humans and little humans cuddles ..
Tink is a loving friend and he talk to u
Tassey loves to jump in the air!!
Tiggy is a hyper cocker spaniel puppy who loves to bite and carry her own ears around in her mouth. She has won an award for the waggiest tail in our county’s dog show 🥰🐶💜
“It’s a Noodle world and we are just living in it!” Noodles is a chonky ol’ lady saved from the shelter, living her best life in the ‘burbs. She may be a senior but she still enjoys catching birds (and bats!) and cackling at passerby's. Living out those golden years like the true queen she is!
Gizmo is such a lovely cat she loves her chew sticks and she follows me around our home and if she sees that im getting ready to go out she will get on my lap to try stop me from going out she was born 4 years ago and i had to hand feed her from when she was born as toffee her mum wouldnt let her suckle and it was very nerve wrecking as i thought she wouldnt make it but im so glad she did because she is such a lovely cat and has many funny and cute lovable characteristics she greets me when i wake and when i come home i will sometimes wake up to find her sat on my back or she will wake me by tapping my chin with her paw i have three cats and i love them all
Super friendly, loves belly rubs. Meows at you for attention constantly
Very shy boy that never found his meow
Reggie knows the word ‘dreamies’ and will give kisses
Salty is a sweet and super loving short hair who is almost 1 with the most beautiful eyes!
Simba and his sister Athena were both rescued off the street we rescued Simba from the street as a baby and he has his attitude like a teenager but he is always looking out for others. He would always run to our bedroom window and Athena would always be in it and he would always make us feed her and it lasted about a month and we ended up bringing her in. We took her to the pound because she was really sick. The pound called us a few months later and said she was adoptable so we ended up keeping her as well for him. So Simba is a great big brother to her he is very caring and compassionate but does show his attitude when he wants too. I hated cats before him but with my accident and with having ptsd and anxiety and depression he has helped me tremendously.
Loves playing and snuggling
Hi, my name is Pickles.. i’m 10 weeks old and i love sleeping all day and keeping humans up all night playing with my jingle toys lol
Sandy is a Calico cat and She sweet and loveing
Taz is a little troublemaker! She is the funniest, sweetest little kitten that loves to cause havoc! She never forgets meal times, and will often wake me up by yanking on my hair if I oversleep.
Kuma is a human disguised as a shihtzu!!! She is a super Diva!! Lol.
Myla is a Pomeranian and dachshund Mixed. Myla loves walks and loves her toys she a beautiful ball of energy. Myla is a sweet girl with a big heart for anyone who gives her love and attention
Cant imagine them to be seperate.Together they make so much fun.Love them lot
Jed loves to chill and is living the cat-life dream.
He’s the sweetest little baby in the world, loves so much to cuddle and cuddle but he will not give sugar!
Papas calls food “wows”. When we get ready to feed him, we will ask him if he wants some wows, to which he will eagerly respond, “Wow!”.
Sullivan is named after a character from the film Monsters Inc, His favourite film! He has a teddy of Mike wasowski and knows to get him if i say ‘wheres Mike’!
Lovely playful kitten loves playing with our two boys.
Henry is a 12 weeks old cheeky little cavapoo, an absolutely handsome little boy
There crazy all they get in too alot an like eat cable cords
Doris is a very funny intelligent girl. She loves to cuddle and play.
Stormy is 12 weeks old. 8 weeks in this photo at his first vet visit which is where he discovered his favorite snack…cheese whiz. He also loves to run around the house with his toy mice.
50% Pug 37.5% Labrador retriever 12.5% Chow makes up this goober-girl that identifies as a toddler.
Chi Chi
Chi Chi is a shy girl when she sees strangers she’ll hide. She loves to nap with me or on me. She loves to sun bathe by the window or patio door.
Treats,toys,snuggles,humans and watching out the window at wildlife.
Hi my name is Coco😊Im a 10 weeks old Labrador Retriever girl who loves playing in the garden with my mini human brother 😊❤️love the feeling of the the soft grass and garden is my favorite place but of course i love my house and my super soft bed where i can just stretch out and enjoy my naptime. Love my cuddles and lots of play time love playing catch with my little human😊❤️please vote for me 😘😘😉thank you
He is the best so lovable
Rosebud like meet new people. And she in train by me to become a service dog and she appreciates your votes
She’s a cutie, my bestie. Has a fetish for licking your ear lol
Ninja is only 10 weeks old and is such a lovely affection kitten. He loves his food and if you stroke him he will lay on his back so you scratch his belly. You can hold him like a baby as long as you scratch his belly!