Thor was a Christmas gift from my husband after we had just lost our other dog Axle. I was so depressed after losing Axle and Thor just brightened my world. It was like he was my own little hero… that’s how he got his name Thor. Thor loves playing with other dogs. If he could play with other dogs all day he would. He loves the dog park and playing fetch! Thor is definitely a very handsome and sweet little guy!
James Hustle Hill
Sweet boy! my shadow! Loves long naps looking out the window! Favorite pass time eating Temptations and drinking Rain water on the patio🙃
Simba is our first little fur baby. Absolutely crazy and so loved and spoiled
Dante is a 4 month old Australian Shepherd who loves anyone and anything! His favorite past time is running with his friends Lucy and Bo :)
Though Penny has recently passed, I have made this profile for her to thank her for all she did for me. Even though she mainly lived at one of my relatives' house, whenever I would go over there she'd play with me. She also slept a lot! There is no need to vote for her as I am just doing this for fun, but Penny was a very fun cat, and I'm happy to enter her in this contest!
Jasmine is a sweet and sassy little girl who bring such joy to our lives
He is the one that is the most talkative out of my cats and is the one right under foot he is Gracie kitty
Dobby is 5 years younger than his brother, but looks 10 years older! He is huge with gigantic paws and he likes to be the boss of all other cats (and foxes) in the area. But is respectful of and intimidated by his smaller yet older brother - all he wants from Smudge is a little affection (which Sludge is not forthcoming with). He loves a kiss and a rub, but on his terms - you don't decide when to love him, he decides when it suits him!
Smudge is the King of the house. He says when he eats (every 5 minutes), when he sleeps (21hours a say), when he is to be let out and when his brother is allowed near him. He is also the most cuddly, friendly and loving King you will ever meet 💙
Apollo loves watching me. I was doing dishes and making dinner and he just observes.Loves to cuddle and make biscuits. He’s such a joy to have along with his sister. Brother and sister also love playing in the bathroom and in the tub
The funniest kindest softest doggy who hasn’t yet found his bark which his human is very greatful for 😂
Artimus aka Arte is my pretty Princesa, she is also my nutcracker,firecracker. She is always ready to play and so observant like her brother always watching and following me everywhere. So so loving!
I gave him this name as i searched for a dog that looked like my deceased dog of 2yrs.i prayed and cried for 6mos for his spirit to come back to me.spirit likes to play with his toys and snuggles in bed with me,just like my other dog did..he doesnt have the attitude towards people like he did,but thats ok.i love him so much.
nopi loves cuddles, long walks, chasing squirrels, car rides, and feeling included in my daily activities.
Zarrah loves her belly rubs and loves her humans :)
Jonny is my furry best friend. She's actually half corgi/half dachshund
Im a hap pee happy dog
Ooo i like it... I dont know what it is but i wants it
Boo is very cuddly and has a wonderful ability to know who is in need of cuddles. He also enjoys LOUDLY complaining about coming inside… or outside… or inside… or outside… or… He’s determined to do what he wants when he pleases, and has become quite the talented escape artist. He loves catnip but every time I pull out the laser light he looks at me like I must be stupid for thinking he’s stupid 😂😂 But, no one ever accused Boo of having no personality and we love him for it!
Moxxi is the newest addition to our little family and the trouble maker of the house. She loves playing with her kitty brother Oreo as well as taking naps with him. Moxxi loves any toy she can get her paws on. One of Moxxi's favorite things to do is watching the birds outside fly by the window n chatter at them. Moxxi got her name from her owners favorite video game Borderlands and with the sassiness shes got and how much she loves causing chaos she truly is a Mad Moxxi♡
Bam Bam
Bam Bam AKA Diddy AKA Squiddy AKA Didford AKA Bammers
Hey I’m Ralph! I’m my mummies first boy and very loved. I like cuddles and playing with my little hooman brother.
Oreo is a domestic long hair that ive been blessed to have in my life for 8 years so far. Dont let his age fool ya he still acts like a youngin' til this day. He loves playing with his kitty pal Moxxi at home as well as taking naps in our bed. His favorite toys are his sparkly glitter balls. One unique thing about Oreo is he knows when it's bedtime for his humans. He will meow at us and follow us around the house til we go to bed. The minute we get into bed he will make sure he gets right in between both of his humans to cuddle followed by happy pawing us both. Oreo is definitely one of a kind. Hes not only my bff but also my emotional support pet as well. Me and him have been through so much together. I'd be lost without him!
Eva is intelligent, playful, an avid believe that water should be used for absolutely no reason at all except for drinking, she’s the fastest dog I’ve ever seen lol, and she has been described as hilarious. She’s so sweet, and she is ALWAYS under my feet lol
Capone is an American Bully! ❤Hes one of a kind! He loves going on car rides especially the ones that lead to the pet store. When he gets there he even picks out his own toy and lets us know which ones he likes and dislikes. He will turn his head away to the ones he dislikes when we hold them up and will grab the one he likes and carry it around the store til we buy it! When he gets new toys as a surprise he happy dances around it. Capone loves his treats especially his pupcups! He knows many commands & tricks such as; sit, lay down, stand, come, shake, high five, roll over and spin. He loves taking naps on the couch or on his favorite fuzzy blanket! Sometimes he will even snuggle with our cats and they will nap together. When he sleeps he sounds like a piggy. 🐷He snores pretty loud😂 He loves to play and go on walks! His favorite toys are any stuffed animal, even tho they dont last long! 😂When he gets bursts of energy he will run around the house and bounce off the side couch like a goof and go at it for about 10 min until he gets tired and will stop and literally spin and flop onto the floor. He loves people especially mom and dad, and will lick your face off with kisses! Hes definitely very loved & very spoiled❤ We would be lost without him!
Spyro is a very particular kitty, we rescued him as a kitten 😸 and he is very much the pampered cat 🐈 x
She is my best friend in the entire world. I’m mostly just here to show off how adorable she is. on Instagram if you want to see more of her!
Barney is a happy chappy who loves to snuggle. He loves jumping, digging and playing with his sister
Rebel is absolute love of my life. He's truly my soulmate on four paws!! He loves his walks, trips to the Dog Park, sleeping in my ar snuggled up on me. He loves blankets and will even tuck himself in so I never have to worry about him being cold!!
Archie loves to play with his doggy friends at home. He is independent, loves to eat and his most favorite place to sleep and relax is his cat tree. He loves looking out the window and people watch. He loves mommies hair ties and stealing them from her. He also loves the bath tub (when it’s not wet of course). He hates road trips. He enjoys being at home when everyone isn’t home, he loves having the house to himself.
She is our protector. She likes to cuddle and sit on laps. She likes playing in sticks. She loves the outdoors. She is just a rainbow of fun.
Peanut almost 1 years old is a cross between a bischon frise and toy poodle. He’s the happiest most playful little boy. He’s also the biggest bed hogger and gives the best cuddles.
Zoey is very playful! She loves to play with straws and strings. She is a laid back cat. Zoey also has 2 back dots on the center of her stomach that I call her buttons. The moment I saw her I just fell in love with her bc of her split color face. Her color pattern was just so amazing to me!
Me and my sister Sasha are the reason why our human mom doesn’t have nice things
Kittles is the most amazing cat friend ive ever had. He loves to play, loves to cuddle, and loves his catnip 😺 One of mine and my two boys favorite thing to do is watch kittles chase the laser pointer and run up and down his cat tree! I dont have a dog to greet me when i get home from a long day of work, but i do have a very vocal and excited cat ready for some love! But some treats first ;) haha. Please vote for my furry friend! God bless :)
She like hugs. Star will come to you to get picked up and when you pick her up she puts her head against your head and paws around you neck. She is the best cat.
Silly girl loves food and her momma ❤️
Chico loves his daddies, Alaskan winters, and, most of all, cheese.
Blue Merle, blue eyed Aussie
Nova is a outgoing good boy who loves to snuggle and play! He spends most of the days laying on the couch watching tv and his nights chasing his tail!
Baby is three months old and loves to snuggle at bedtime and very playful and rowdy and will bark at you when you talk to him and loves riding in the car and really loves playing outside.
Henry is 7 month old seal point ragdoll. He is the sweetest little floof ball. More puppy than kitten. Loves cuddles, kisses and play times.
Gracey is 8 yrs old and I adore her! She is a good cat who still loves to play but she can be sassy and stubborn! She loves to snuggle and lay in the sun.
Poodle Dude
This lil dude was a stray who stole our hearts!
Karen And Kyle
Karen is the Bengal and Kyle is a Maine Coon......the two of them have been inseparable since i rescued Karen when she was just a few weeks old. Kyle immediately assumed the role of Big Daddy
Ada was a tiny kitten that walked right in our front door one day…literally. She was so malnourished and covered in fleas that we didn’t think she would make it. She is now a little over 2 years old and has the most amazing personality. She loves to wear clothes and hates when she is without an outfit on. She has her own wardrobe closet with over 30 outfits.