Lucky was the only out of 4 kittens to survive at birth. He was very sick and needed full-time care from me after his mom passed away after giving birth. He is such a sweet and loving cat and loves to spend all his time with me. He has not left my side since the day he was born. I'm truly lucky and blessed to have him. Hints his name Lucky!
Biggie Smalls Jagger Johnson
“Jagger” loves looking out the window and watching his bird and squirrel friends. He likes to attack you when you least expect it and loves being in the middle of all the action. He knows when it is bedtime and finds his spot in the bed every night. His favorite thing is getting in the shower in the morning and taking his morning bath
Lucy is almost a year old! Her favorite activities include going for daily walks, swimming in the lake, and going on adventure with her mom! She is the sweetest girl who is the best snuggle bug at night!
I got my big boy at 12 weeks old and he’s been my best friend since day one! I have since then had two babies who he has loved and adored since the moment I brought them home! Along with being a couch potato he knows how to sit, shake with both paws, lay down, roll over, and crawl! He absolutely LOVES to snuggle, so much that he has to sleep under the blankets every night. This dog is my rock, he’s been through thick and thin and has always made sure my crown has stayed on, literally if my heads down he nudges it back up so he can give me love and remind me I’m still here and needed. Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend lied! The kids and I love our Lexington Robert!💚💚
Charlie loves sitting on her porch looking over her "kingdom" while making sure to greet any new friends as they pass by 🥰😍
Furry little ball of energy. Loves his brother Kai (the big dog he loves to lay on) and giving kisses.
Fritz loves to play outside,watching my hamster he’s a very unique cat he has thumbs unlike most cats
Meet Jax! He’s a long haired dachshund mixed with a black lab. He enjoys attention! He’s such a good boy and loves everyone
Scooby Doo
He is a wonderful boy ,very loving,very loyal,good with kids and loves loves loves walks rain or shine ….. scooby loves to play with anything he is full of energy and seems to be able to go and go never tired …
She is my foster fail from a rescue. She loves to run outside and see how many sticks she can collect.
Jazzy knows how to brighten anybody s day If there having a rough day
Hi my name is puss i love snacks an fish an laying in the window vote for me
Mia Claire
Mia Claire is my saving grace. She was 1.3 lbs. When I got her from a kid at a convenient store who was bragging on getting her stoned. I bought her for $5.00 but to me she is priceless and the most beautiful girl in the world. I rescued her but she saved me.
Stinky was adopted Aug 2021. He had one hip removed but doesn't hold him back. Loves attention, stroller rides, and bird watching.
So sweet and loves to cuddle. Favorite place is to lay on top of the cat tower in front of the window and let the sun shine on him.
Nala is super affectionate. She loves to sleep by my head at night after she has a little crazy/psycho few minutes of playtime. She loves being brushed and also loves a good tummy rub
My name is Mylo i am almost 2 years old I love to be a mommas boy , and get treats. I love to be the center of attention and when I don’t get it I Start pouting. I hate when mommas go to work and I have to go into my cage . But at least I get a treat before they leave
Luna was 21/2 month old when she was rescued from being neglected the moment we laid eyes on her we fell in love she will be 4 months shortley she loves to play hide and seek and pic a boo, she loves playing with balls long strings with different toys, she runs and hide in different places and she knows she gets a lot of TLC and when she gets tired she loves to cuddle with us and her brother or anywere thats comfortable 💖
Cassie is the sweetest! Her nickname is Cassie Christmas, because she chose us at Christmastime. She loves playing with her toys, doing parkour around the house, and cuddling.
Cody is the reigning king of putting squeakers out of their misery (at least in our household). In 2.5 seconds he can annihilate a toy with a squeaker in it and kill the squeaker before it can even squeak. It is Cody's dream to wake up in a room filled with nothing but squeakers and tennis balls!
Maya loves to flip around and play very love able cat maya loves to play fetch with her toys
Waffles is a sweet dog we rescued from Austin Pets Alive! She always has to be near us, and loves it when company comes over. She can get pretty nuts! We love her so much!!!
I’m a lil Ruff 🐶
He may be a fluffy treat thief, but with those baby blues it’s really no wonder he gets what he wants!
Cierra Nicole
Cierra Sadly Passed Away Monday Apri 18, 2022 At 549pm. Had to put her down due to cancer. She was 15yrs old and we were her only parents.
Luca was adopted from an animal shelter, we fell in love as soon as we seen him! He’s a wonderful family member that loves to play and snuggle!
Moon is a sweet girl she like looking out the window at the scenery outside an she like treats in the morning with her brother dog ....she also like her catnip toys ...
Pika The Witch Kitty
Pika is the most cuddly, friendly kitty ever. She knows when im sad and always does her best to cheer me up. She is my emotional support, and my best friend. I wouldn't be here without her
Bandit loves to brush his hair and his teeth!!! Look at him with his toothbrush! He also enjoys fishing and catching lizards.
Star is a loving dog she enjoys playing outside with my kids loves to spend time with the family loves eat 🍓🍓🍓 and 🥦
She's so pretty lovable and playful !
My name is Nova Grace. I’m an AKC wooly Siberian Husky. My owners drove 14 hours to pick me up in total. I’m 5 months old! I already know how to sit, lay, shake, dance, and stand on two legs. My mommy tells me I’m a very good dog. I would love if you voted for me. My favorite treats is my bed time treats. My mom gives me a peanut butter bone for before I go to sleep.
Koda is a very unique pupper. Shes a mix of a Australian Sheppard and a Corgi. She also has some lab in her. She loves humans and is getting use to other dogs. She gets to go to the dog park weekly now and is looking for some friends! Please follow her on Instagram @koda.beartheauggie !
He's very playful and likes to bite me.Hes very handsome!
He tries to sneak people food like noone is going to notice. I live with him not the other way around. Sleeps on my legs everynight better than a weighted blanket!
Big brave lion. Big fluffernutter. Super affectionate
Our 2nd daughter
Bootsie is a love bug she love's to lay on blankets and bags
Lola,s adopted from shelter she was abandoned on street she love to play she’s so sweet and adorable everyone loved her,she love to sit next to our bird cage and watch our birds,also she love to play hide and seek
He chases butterflies in his head. Super carefree
He is an amazing fur baby loves his kids lol very active happy and sweet. He acts just like our kidos we have had him since he was 5 weeks old. We could never ask for a better fur baby 🥰🥰
Rocky Blu
He loves to give company to his most loved ones. He enjoys the company of big dogs and feels like he’s the boss of them. With his 10 months of age he’s able to listen, sit, paw, lay down, heal, run, stay without a leash, bring it, drop it and many more tricks. He loves to choose his clothes and to get showered.
Welcome & Thank You All For Showing Love To Our Precious Baby 💙🐾🐈‍⬛ Boy Sylvester! We are very proud parents to our fur baby because he truly is such an amazing, smart,loving but very unique member of our family. Sylvester is one of a kind & he definitely leaves his presence known and he isn't scared to show all his favorite tricks,including carrying a baseball with his mouth and bringing it back to his parents so we can play catch,yes catch with our fur baby cat we play daily. Sylvester is one of a kind and he enjoys naturally taking different poses daily for his parents camara too.