Dog cat Stories - 97


Phoenix is a 2 year old Staffordshire Terrior X Akita. I rescued Phoenix from a shelter and I didnt know anything about her history. As soon as I brought her home I knew she was going to change my life, she’s playful and silly and is always being sassy! Phoenix loves being affectionate and is the most loving dog you could meet. I’m so thankful for my little bunny x❤️
Mochi loves treats, to play and cuddle!
Laila is a beautiful Rottweiler/beagle mix. She’s loves going for rides but loves swimming even more. Want a dog to cuddle she’s your girl !
Skippy was rescued from an abandoned litter and he loves to play fetch. He also loves to steal your food!
Duma was born (delivered by my son) on April 1, 2017. She and her sister, Gidgette, were the best April Fool’s joke ever 😹. Duma means”cheetah” in Swahili and my little girl zips through the house chasing little treasures she rescues from the trash bin or my jewelry box! She loves anything that crinkles, sparkles, or wiggles. She is not very brave, and startles herself constantly-running straight to hide next to me. She was certified in August as an Emotional Support Animal and is learning service skills through training and emulating Pippin Rose. She is very affectionate and sweet and designates herself as guardian of my bed. Like a cheetah, Duma chirps instead of meows. Since I am an amputee and have a brain tumor, she is an amazing little friend. Any money won helps with medical bills, vet bills and pet food.
Hi I’m Stark and I am a 6 month old blue heeler. I have a lot of energy, but love cuddles when it’s bed time. I love giving hugs and am very friendly with every person and dog I meet. I hope you all give me some love and vote for me! 🤗❤️
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie is middle age cat with photogenic genes. She loves sitting on the cable box for warmth and bullying.... I mean keeping the dogs in check. She loves picking up new hobbies modeling is one of them but sleep is definitely her favorite by far.
Brigitte came to us about five years ago, by the age of two she had already had four homes, we were her fifth home, she has found her forever home with us, she is my heart.
Booboo is a 12 year old senior cat. She is very loving and affectionate. My wife rescued her when she was still a kitten from an abusive home. Her favorite thing to do is to lay on her mom and play peek-a-boo. She's traveled a lot because we are a military family. My father-in-law was in the Air Force. Now, my wife and I are in the army. She's a traveler.
Honey is a rescue tabby from a animal hoarder, shes very loving and friendly, loves to play with laser pointers. Honeys nick name is honey bunny cause shes got big bunny ears and hoops around.
We adopted Puff this year and he's just the sweetest cat I've ever met! He loves to cuddle and have his chin scratched.
Hi again everyone! It's me, Ralph! ☺️. Hope you are all staying safe and well and had a lovely New Year🙏💖. Momma has entered me again into the competition as we are trying to raise funds for her cousin's boy who has osteosarcoma. If we win, Momma would like to give 50% + to him, and save some for my arthritis treatment. Every vote will help no matter how big or small and we thank you in advance for all your love and support. Sending love and smooshes to you all, Ralph 💖🐾☺️xxx A little background about me : I will be 15 soon. I'm totally deaf and blind but that doesn't stop me loving life 😊. I feel the cold easily so Momma got me some snuggly jumpers to keep my fluffy butt warm which I love 😍!. Momma says I now have a better wardrobe than she does 🤣😂. Momma only adopted me 2 years ago.I am so happy that she did though as she spoils me rotten. I love the sunshine and fresh air so when it's nice Momma takes me to the park or beach in my Ralph Mobile 😊
Hi everyone I’m Ollie ! My mom and dad found me on the side of the road on a busy street and has had me ever since! I love toys and playing all hours of the day! And I love food fooooddd is life!! I love sleeping on mommy and cuddling is my favorite thing to do!
Hemi is the sweetest cuddling Furbaby! Pitbulls get a bad rap, but he couldn't be sweeter. He is protective, but playful. He loves being close and cuddling with everyone who crosses his path. He brings love & happiness to all who don't judge him based on his breed.
Buddy is a 1 year old cockapoo that loves being naughty!
Cookie is a very lovable pup, shes always happy loves food, loves to play and chase children around, Cookie favourite food is steak, cookie loves a than and her ears rubbed/cleaned, cookie loves getting groomed and is also very good with babies, Cookie loves to jump on our bed in the morning for morning snuggles every morning without fail she jumps onto our bed for cuddles makes us spoon her woth our arm around her, loves to sit on daddys shoulder, all round such an cute doggy. Please vote for cookie.
Rambo is a Persian chinchilla girl, her previous owners thought she was a boy when a kitty. We adopted her after the couple couldn't keep her anymore due to allergies and we couldn't be happier! 😊 She is a very sweet-natured and loving cat and loves to play a lot. She is very small, only 2 kg, the vet said she is petite. This makes us be even more protective of her, to make sure she is always happy and trying to give her the best food.
Chihuahua is a survivor, a fighter, a warrior, and a very loyal best friend. At only 2days old chihuahua was rescued along with 173other chihuahuas. Chihuahua was the only girl in her litter and she had 2brothers. Chihuahua when home with her family at only 3days old. Chihuahua is no dog to her family she is human she is family! Chihuahua loves her family she is a very loyal friend and she is loved way more than she will ever know
Daisy is a mini dachshund who loves cuddling and chewing on fingers 😆
Dotty is adorable, cute girl.😍🐕Maybe she is small but with big❤
Rocky is a cute and friendly dog, Crazy🤪😁 but also he is the best 😍friend which always will protect his family❤️🐕💪
Snickers has been our cat for the past three years! She’s four years old and is the sweetest girl! She loves to cuddle and she definitely thinks she’s a princess. We named her Snickers because she different colors and looks like she has chocolate on her face, so we thought it fit her nicely. :)
Rosy is a very cute maltipoo,she is clever and very friendly. Her favourite snack is a carrot 😄🐕😍🥕
Molly loves “baby time” laying in your arms like a baby 👶
Reece is a playful girl and loves to be mischievous! She is growing so fast and I have been measuring her growth rate on the wall.
Ichi loves treats, car rides and walks around the lake to see the ducks.
Garfield is a sassy cat who loves his food!
Mr. Moo
Mr. Moo aka Moobear aka Mooface was found crying under a deck and was taken in by a foster home. We adopted him and he’s an angel. He loves making air biscuits and flipping like a fish for belly rubs. We haven’t had him that long but he’s adorable and super friendly
Maisey is a 2-year-old fluffy Corgi who loves her cat siblings (even if they don’t feel the same way), attention, and literally all food. Her favorite place to be is at the fence saying hi to her neighborhood fan club.
Rubi is a 1-year old standard goldendoodle pup. She is full of energy and loves to cuddle! Follow her adventures on IG @reallifeofrubi🥰
Jax is a playful & sweet pup! He enjoys snuggles, biting toes, taking naps and walks through the neighborhood.
Rossy is a sweet, sassy, loving baby. She loves to play and most definitely loves to cuddle! She loves playing with her big human brothers and the rest of her family. She loves everyone and any animal she meets!
Remi And Cali
Remi and Cail are two days apart they are each others bestfriend
This is Charleigh, she is a 3 month old German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever and Pit-Bull mix. She is sweet, loving and energetic pup!
He is the most affectionate dog ever .He sure shows you he loves you. Playful and very vocal
Koda is a five month old Alaskan Malamute. She LOVES any toy that squeaks and loves her playmate Gypsy (cat). She is super smart and loves to get treats when you tell her sit, high five, shake, and lay down.
Simba is one years old and loves toys going for long walks
Hi I’m Chibi. My name means short, big head, and cute. I love carrots and apples. I love to model my maws sewing designs. When she takes my picture she gives me lots of treats. I also get lots of carrots when she blow drys my fur. I’m a good boy during bathe time. I just don’t like when she cleans my eyes. I need extra carrots for that. Lol. I love when she puts my hoodie on because that means we go for a walk. My favorite time of day. I love new furiends. I am kinda shy in the beginning but if your patient with me I’ll be the very best furiend you’ve ever had.
Teddy Bear
Teddy has a lot of spunk. His favorite past times is fetch and tug of war! He loves his family, children, toys and the occasional tummy Rub.
Rescue pup , loves belly rubs, cuddles with his family, his bow tie !, and snacking on treats on the streets of NYC
Theo is a fun kitty who loves to play and sleep!
Eres was adopted in March 2020. Her adoption card read that she was a street cat. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me but I was up for the challenge. Fast forward to now, she is so sweet and loving. No longer aggressive. She has the sweetest face ever!!!
I first saw him in the shelter, hanging upside down in his cage. He was a cute little monster when i first saw him, so I knew the devil wings would be purrfect for halloween! Side note: he is not so little anymore
Farrah is a loveable pup full of energy. She’s got a heart of gold, timid but playful . Farrah also enjoys the outdoors & peanut butter! Her eyes are the real prize :-)
Malachi was half blind he was a rescue and he saved my life
Hi I’m Dave I’m 7 months old, please vote for me! I love cuddles, baths, treats and my humans 🐾 🖤