This is our beautiful adopted little furbaby darcey. You have brighten our lives up in the darkest hours and we could not be more grateful for this. You are the best you are possibly between 3-5 years we think. He is mad, crazy and loving and kind and affection. Just a lovely cat all around, wouldnt be without him.
Tucker loves his couch and bringing home sticks from his walk. My fiancé is his best friend, and he enjoys laying in the sun. Tuck is the most lazy dog we’ve owned, but we love him the same! We would love to buy him new toys, since his puppy sister keeps ruining his.
She’s very tiny but thinks she’s bigger then a Rottweiler but she’s just a little love!
Butch loves to walk and run around the yard. He loves to chase deer. He hates to get a shower or have his nails cut! He is a very loving part of our family. He loves to be our lap dog!
Lyle tries to act like a cat but has dog tendencies. Likes to play with his big brother Norb (2yr old Goldador).
She is the best little lap dog and snuggle buddy!
This is Bandit, a goofy, smart, loving 2 year old boy who is a rescue from Georgia. He absolutely loves being in the water and eating all the snacks 💕 He is my pride and joy!
Harvey is a gorgeous boy. He’s still full of energy, and loves a good run on the beach. Harvey enjoys a snuggle, and definitely enjoys a good meal!
Bella is a cuddly little girl, full of love and affection. She’s always very excited to see people and other dogs.
Marley became my emotional support dog without knowing I needed one. He helped me in every emotional crisis & showed me what unconditional love is 🫶🏼
King Peppy
King Peppy is a Special Breed. He is a Biewer Terrier. He loves treats , bath and plat time! He is my best friend and has been by side 💓 I am currently in Recovery and I couldn't have asked for a better companion 🤧❤️
She is a really sweet baby who follows me around like a puppy. She has 2 brother and sister goldens whom she loves. She was really sick last year and couldn't eat so I had to feed her through a feeding tube and also added medication. She pulled through, so it just goes to show ya, don't ever give up. Miracles do happen. We would really appreciate your votes if you have a chance. TIA
wild is the silliest cat you will ever meet. he loves attention and will meow and roll on the ground until you give him love. he will run up to you and rub his face to yours. he loves being held like a baby in your arms and will fall asleep to you rocking him in your arms. in total, wild is full of energy and love and will not fail to make you smile even in your worst moods.
Mochi is a cuddle bug who loves playing with toys. She is 12 weeks old and super energetic. Her favorite thing to do is eat eggs for dinner, bark at 3 am, and visit her pup friends (and boyfriend).
Grizzly loves to play ball and loves to fetch sticks. He loves to chase squirrels. He is very sweet natured. He sits and shakes and loves dog cookies❤️
Daisy Belle
Daisy is a cheeky 10 month old wire haired fox terrier. She loves to play with her squeaky ball and chase brooms. Life is never boring with Daisy around. She makes us laugh every day.
Tucker is a 9 year old Chug (Chihuahua/Pug). We will consider daily exchanges. (Looking for a couple more exchanges on littlemissbeauty, lullapanda, and
I'm a cute boy I am. I was as sweet as I was cute. I say "was" because I crossed rainbow bridge two years ago. You see, my mommy still misses me so much, she always said I was a handsome boy. I was polite and good. On my final car ride (which I loved) mommy stopped and got me ice cream. It was so good I was getting old and tired and mommu knew it. She did the best thing she thought for me, it was hard for her As I laid in her arms and went to sleep, she cried. I tried to comfort her but I was just too tired. Iff she would have known about kingpet then she surely would have entered me. Well maybe now I can earn an angel trophy and make her proud.
Summer is the best friend anyone could want. Cuddles and kisses as often as you'd like.
Bakey is a constantly hungry, chunky, three-legged tabby cherub. He had a rough start in life losing his leg and his family (who wanted to put him to sleep), but is now a spoilt, overconfident furry Prince after being adopted and spoilt by the nurse who looked after him in hospital. He is the sweetest little boy and if he has the chance he eats everything - including body butter and fish food
Jake is a 3 year old Labrador retriever mix. He loves to play fetch and tug of war with all his toys, lol. He loves his peanut butter and apple treats. Jake loves going for walks and is the most sweetest dog to my daughter.
Scar loves to go and visit marine animals, go to Disney, and he loves to show people that any breed can be a service dog!
Smokey is 5 months old, he loves cuddling, sneaking up on his sister and watching the birds from the window.
Hi my name is Jake I am 19 years old. I love to drink out of the bath tub. I just found out that I am diabetic and now on insulin but i'm doing so much better now.
Xena is a cute little girl that loves playing with her Labrador and staffie sisters.. she loves chasing them around and facing asleep between them both
Chanel is a playful 6-month-old kitty that is purrfect! She is so affectionate and entertaining. I'll find her looking out the window or leaping off her cat tower and she loves attention!
Thor came into my life when I was at my lowest and he's shown me unconditional love. He loves being outside. He loves temptation cat treats. He will sometimes grab my leg then take off running wanting to play. He's so very sweet and loving ❣️
Daisy Smith
Daisy is a little over a year old now but smarter than most people I know by a long shot. She loves to figure things out especially when I tell her not to do something. She has lots of energy but will stop at any given moment from her hyper active life if she notices I am having a hard time. She is so sweet & so very soft that just her fur passes can always cheer me up. She’s the best.
Daisy Mae
Daisy is a very playful, sleepy, talkative kitty. She loves to watch birds out the window, she will find the most unusual places and ways to sleep, and will talk your ear off when it's dinner time.
Meet our beautiful baby girl Dolly. She is a calico Ragdoll and just 8 weeks of age. She loves nothing more than a cuddle, just the most precious girl . Thank you for voting for Dolly x
Treble is a huge sweetheart who loves to sleep and eat snacks. Her most favorite toy is a catnip rainbow.
She is very loving dog. She loves laying on the back of the love seat looking out the door. She loves the outdoors. She can stand up on her hind legs and walk backwards and forwards. She can jump up on anything just like a cat does. She loves to give lots of kisses. She loves laying on the corner of the back deck in the sun.
Bubba is a very timid dog. He has been hit kicked and thrown out of the car but he's very trusty with humans. He loves babies won't leave their side. He is very protective of his mommy and daddy. He loves to play with his toys go for walks and giving kisses. There was an incident one time where I passed out and hit my head on the table and I was out for 40 minutes and I woke up to him licking my face trying to wake me up. He is precious and loved unconditionally. He plays well with dogs big or small. He is very protective and loving.
Gunner is only 6 months old , he loves long walks, he loves to play in the creek, he very lovable. He will definitely steal ur heart when you meet him.
She is a momma now she just gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens I’m so in love with her and them I just can’t help but love her even more since I been with her she’s been my whole world. She loves to sit and watch movies with me she loves bird watching she loves to love that’s why everyone loves her.
Rupert is not only cute, he is a wonderful emotional support to my daughter who has a diagnosis of autism and ADHD. I have recently undergone surgery and Rupert has been our little hero throughout the recovery. He loves cuddles, playing with his toys and long walks in the countryside. He is very loved.
Cooper is a handsome boi. He love to be outside to watch the wildlife, it makes him feel like a big kitty.
Stanley is a one year lurcher heoves running, hoopers and his obedience classes.He is super intelligent, and loves hide and seek, He has lots of doggie friends and likes nothing more than a play in the field with them. He loves his family.
Olaf was a farm dog bred for Guarding or herding large animals. He is a fluffy bundle of love and energy.
Willow is 10 wks old and a present from my daughter .she is a typical puppy chewing and fill of fun. I have 2 older pugs and they arnt amused with a new puppy in the house lol
she loves to grab our shoes and leap over us on the couch, and place the shoes on the windowsill where she lovingly relaxes with them on either side of her.
Luna is a sweet and lovable cat. She loves to sit next to me and do biscuits and just lay down and take naps. We just love her so much.