Dog cat Stories - 97


Princeton is such a character hes silly and such a mommas boy. Hes very energetic and his favorite snacks are pawpsicles
She's loving and playful. My chikdren adore her. Her favorite thing to do is go into the backyard with my kids and play and run around.
Lulu is a great cat, she lovess to sit on my chairs and space out on them aswell sometimes i dont no shes there.
Her favorite thing in the world is my sister and her Frisbee
Venus is the sweetest little cat. She is strangely obsessed with water and loves to splash it around, and walk around the house soaking wet. She also is incredibly athletic & can jump from the kitchen counter all the way to the dining room table! Her spunky and sweet personality helps her get away with a lot — mostly when it comes to being on the kitchen counter and wanting more water & treats.
She is very vocal, very active and playful, likes to be her own boss but loves her siblings, and so affectionate with those she trusts xx
Oden is my son’s best buddy… He is the king of our house:) Strong Hold Kitty 👊
Nala lives for snuggles, thinks she’s a guard dog but is secretly scared of everything. She’s mommy’s (big) little princess. 3 y.o.
Kane never stops giving kisses, it’s his go to. As a Pitbull Terrier/Rottweiler he’s very protective and loyal. He only leaves his dads side to play with the ladies!🔥 2 y.o.
Charlie is a rescued dog from Moreno valley Ca. He loves everybody and everything. Can go and do anything. Does not bark at anyone or anything. He doesn't beg.The thing he likes most is riding in the car and going for walks.
Dougie loves to be outside, he loves to play with his tennis ball, and he loves being outside. If he could be outside all day he would, but it’s to hott at the moment and he doesn’t like that it’s to hott.
My name is Ruger. I am a pitbull terrier that loves everyone. I am a Certified ESA. I enjoy going to the Bark park with my sister and getting a Dunkin’ Donuts Pup Cup when my mom gets a coffee. I am a curious pup and have to explore everything! My nose has a little heart shape on it and my mom swears it’s because I steal everyone’s heart that I meet! #dontbullymybreed
My name is Roxy and I am a pitbull terrier. I am a certified ESA. I enjoy going on my daily walk and playing with my brother, Ruger. I am loving and gentle. I love going to Dunkin’ Donuts for a pup cup while my mom gets a iced coffee. I am the best girl and I love everyone. Please vote for me! #dontbullymybreed
Callie is a blue eyed blue merle aussie who is very cuddly and loves to play with her human siblings! She's only 10 weeks old and has a very playful temperament.
Myah loves long walks and plenty of play time. She also loves learning new tricks and tasks. Very energetic, curious and affectionate. Tug of war is her favorite game to play.
Buggie And Stella
Biggie is a rescue mutt and Stella is a Boxer nut!
Layla is a Frenchton! (Half Boston terrier half frenchbulldog) and is the sweetest, smartest little 10 month old puppy who loves laying in the sun and chewing on ropes!
Kamir Squirrel Jones
I got in WAY late on the voting!! Let's see if my girl can pull ahead!❤️❤️. She is the sweetest ever!!
Tinks likes to watch fish and have cuddles. Tinks loves a good belly rub but is scared of new people. ☹️ She’s so friendly and adorable she’s my love 😍
Meet my sweet babygirly Jojo. She has spent the last month extremely sick fighting parvovirus. It’s been nonstop hospital/vet trips and hourly medicine on medicines, but let me tell you.. She is one tough little cookie. We are so lucky to have her back home with us again and we were finally able to reunite her with her big bro Mojo. 💖🐷👼🏽 Come say hi! @mojo_n_jojo 🐣🥰
Our new baby is 5 weeks old. The only boy in his litter. He is super playful, loves snuggles and cuddling his sisters at night.
Zeus; aka Kitty Meow-Meow is the most loving and attentive cat… he loves to work with me on the farm… Chickens, cows, goats he loves all animals. I think he was a herding dog in his previous life;)
Mojo here! 🐷 Just a thicc little pup living in California. I have a little sis Jojo who drives me bananas… but I lubb her. I also love long romantic strolls to the fridge, peanut butter, naps, being carried around like a real baby, peanut butter, and SNACKIN! 🐷🐽👅 Come say hi @mojo_n_jojo 🐣🤗
Thor is very strong and stoic… but he loves his family and will never pass up a good belly rub:)
Lizzy likes to pop up out from under furniture, boxes, and corners and surprise us. She enjoys looking out a large window upstairs and watching the deer and wild turkeys, but when she has the opportunity to go outside, she is not fond of these wild animals.
Thor is the most loving kitten i have come across, hes very playful and loves doing zooming around
Chelsea is fun and loving. I think shes intune with peoples feelings and wellness. Shes always there for her humans and extremely loved 😍
Moe is a giant ball of fluff at the ripe old age of 16/17 years old. He loves to cuddle and make biscuits while drooling on your lap. Moe is the BEST fly catcher, so there is hardly a need to own a fly-swatter. He always greets me when I get home and yells at me to shake his food dish because if there’s a “hole” in his food, my goodness he’s going to starve!!! He enjoys his toys and chasing crickets but especially loves his long cat naps in the sun. Vote for Moe!
Meet Lucky!!🍀 Lucky is the cutest, most loyal and friendly little guy in the world. We honestly do not know what we would do with out him!! He loves rolling around in the sun, playing with his toys, his favorite toy is the one he got for his first birthday a little elephant named Ellie ☺️. If you ask him to “go get Ellie” he is on his way!! We mean the world to him but honestly we would be lost without him.
Ori is a female tabby cat she is very affectionate and loves sleeping on the end of the childrens bed
he is the cutties baby at home love cuddling and he wants all my atention, when we go outside with him he is afraid of noise and wand to hide and to cover his eyes.
Hi My Name Is Starr I Am A Pomeranian & Papillon Dog Mixed So That Makes Me A Paperanian, I Will Be 3 Years Old This Year November 11th 2021 ,I Love Kids ,I Love To Run Around Outside ,I Love To Play ,I Love To Have My Belly Rubbed & I Also Love Slight Kisses On My Head , Another Thing I Love Doing Is Comforting My Mommy When She Is Feeling Down Or Sad MY MOMMY & DADDY SAYS I AM THE BEST! I And I Wouldnt Ask For Any Better Parents 😁🥰🐶🍼
Miso is mad chill. Does not bite, hiss or scratch. You have to constantly give him affection like cuddling, holding and petting or else he’ll follow you around the house meowing until you do. He’s great around kids and people too. Very obedient. He loves water, surprising for a Persian cat. When we brought him home he didn’t hide at all or was shy… he dived right into his new toy. He loves when you hold him… even strangers
Look into my blue eyes and tell me I'm not the cutest cat you've seen
Hi everybody I’m Jedi! I love people especially my mommy and daddy. I like to sleep with my daddy on his chair and make it and play with my toys. I can be sneaky but I always get caught. I hope you vote for me!
Bugs is a female, short- hair tortoiseshell cat with a lot of energy and love. She enjoys sleeping and resting on the deck and looking at birds. She is 1.5 yrs old and the cutest cat you’ll ever meet. Her eyes are big and captivating.
Neena is a true foodie. She loves food and traveling especially in Daddy's truck.
She loves asparagus and avocado and her dad.. and that’s it 🤣
I love to give kisses!
She’s practically human. She loves fetch though, but travels right along with me.
Simba is a big boy weighing 15lb! He’s super playful and sometimes moody. But the most lovable boy ever and the most handsome cat in the world.
Woody has just recently passed away at only 1 year old. His brother Theo is lost without him. Any money won here will go.towards adopting a new playmate for Theo as the other cats in our home are senior and unwilling to play with young Theo.
Ollie is our sweet little boy, he will be one next month! He’s so loving and so so goofy. He’s our daily entertainment, he definitely keeps us laughing. He’s a protector of our 10 year old daughter, every where she goes he’s following; we say he’s her shadow.
Zoey is a rescue baby that completed our family! She loves to play and sleep! Her favorite spot in the house is this landing on our stairs because she can see out the front window to see anytime we have a visitor!
Nova is my sweet, snuggly female cat who is also the most sassy cat I’ve ever met. You can always find her lounging around or with her brother Simba!
River is a german shepard/mini pit mix! She loves roaming free to play and loves other dogs! She is going to be 2 years old this year. She loves cuddling up and she especially loves any kind of food!