Dog cat Stories - 97


My first adopted baby girl...loves people! Shy but playful, protective and a bundle of joy!!
Smokey is a 9 year old with beautiful blue eyes. He loves his naps during the day. He also loves his treats, he knows exactly where they’re at. He will go straight to cupboard and beg for them. He is very curious and likes to check things out.
He likes to play with those balls all day long.
I was found abandoned as a kitten in a local park. My Moms friend found me and nursed me back to health and my mom fell in love with me immediately and took me home. I am so happy now.
A mommys boy
Ozzy carries him shark everywhere with him
Zephur Blue
Zephur Blue aka Zephy loves to play and enjoys chewing his Nyla bones. He enjoys relaxing with his special squishmellow and blanket. Zephy is a former shelter dog with lots of love and kisses to give. He is super spoiled, his favorite food is a good boy cheeseburger from McDonalds.
She was a feral kitten now being domesticated!, Lazy butt but loving❤️
Oscar is a cheeky boy he is 3 years old he is so fluffy and lives to be brushed, he loves to curl up on the sofa or my bed but i dont mind he keeps my feet lovely and warm
Adi is 8 years old i adopted him and his sister from a rescue home when they were 12 weeks old , hes a friendly boy he visits my neighbours houses all the time and everyone loves him
Darcy is a beautiful girl shes 8 months old and loves to curl up on your lap
Milo is my cheeky boy he loves to jump up on you and loves his fuss
Gizmo is 10 years old he loves to grab the cushions and holds them in his mouth on the sofa hes a beautiful boy and loves a cuddle
Cassie is a lovable girl she likes her ball and loves plenty of fuss
Alfie is a cheeky chappy hes just like a human he loves to give you a high 5
Half Scottish Fold, Half Scottish Straight— Silver Point with Blue eyes🤍 but her ears came out straight🐱 5 month old bougie little girl from Queens, NY💅🏽
Lemon was a sweet Manx kitten that was born with disabilities. She had a bright, wonderful personality, and filled my heart and home with so much love! She was in my care from December until February of this year when she suddenly passed away due to health complications including mega colon and mega esophagus. We would like to win this contest so that I can further help other kittens and cats that need rescuing in her honor.
Hewo my name is Grim. I am a 4 year old chihuahua mix with a big heart and a small body. I like napping and taking long walks with my hooman.
Lizzie was rescued 1 year ago and is becoming quite the bird hunting dog, and loves to cuddle in her spare time! All winnings will be donated to the shelter Lizzie was rescued from!!
He is mommie's side kick and little handful but he is the best
Barry loves to take pictures! He is super friendly and loves to play with his furry friends.
Miss Cat
Miss Cat was born on valentines day so the name her original owner gave her before she was adopted by us was Valentine. My little boy decided that baby cat was a better name, until she grew up to be as big as our dog. After she was grown my son decided that Miss Cat was better, we call her Miss or Cat for short. Miss is a lot like a dog. She's only allowed outside because if we went out without her she'd go to any window she could see us from, sit in it, and cry. Since the first time we let her come outside she's stayed by me no matter where I go in the yard. My friends laugh and call her my dog cat because she's always within 5 feet of me outside. She plays 'chase the dog ' inside the house with our dog. Everyone thinks it's hilarious when they play because it is.
When he gets excited he does what we call the dolphin dance
This little guy flew from Alabama to Florida to meet his new human papa! His papa always dreamt about having a Border Collie and now they are inseparable. "Noctis" is latin for "night" and that is surely when he is most active! Our little guy loves to play during the night time and loves his feline siblings! Dont let the bowtie fool you, Noctis is a silly boy, especially when you show him treats.
Copper is a french bulldog and miniture pincher so we've been told he's a french pin. His favorite thing to do is to have a cuddle. He really is a mans best friend kind of dog. He follows me EVERYWHERE I go. In fact he follows me so closely sometimes that he steps on the backs of my slippers! He's good friends with our cat, although she gets kind of mad at him when he barks in her face when she doesn't feel like chasing him around. Yes, the cat chases the dog around. It's a game they seem to like to play...
Vote for Jaxon cause his win will be donated to animal rescue!!! A cutie that loves to run and play!!
Princess Annabelle
This is Jaxon. Loves hi hoodies and running around the house. Very cute!!!
Rosie is a sweet puppy that love treats and snuggles! She will follow you around and loves to be picked up! She enjoys car rides and loves new people!
I am a Siberian Blue Tabby Cat. I love to talk and playing with all types of toys. I have been told I am smart and funny “Meow.”
I got her to be my dog then she ended up being my husbands dog she loved him so much she helped me take care of him, she was there to the day he pass away and now she helps take care of me!
Roscoe Mooshie
Roscoe Mooshie is the biggest lap dog ever and loves to play and protect his Human Simon. He is so full of energy and the sweetest doggie ever.
Ball is life!
hi I’m storm ! I’m 3 months old and I love making messes . I also love going to the park .. Im so cute I can’t walk down the street without someone telling my mom and dad that I’m cute 🤩. I’m gonna have a baby sister in less then 7 weeks . I love attention and I WILL ATTACK YOU AND ANNOY YOU , if you don’t give me attention ! 👿
Freya loves to sunbathe and terrorize my mom’s dogs until they wanna play, she loves to cuddle up on your neck. Yes she can be stubborn but just her personality wants to make you smile. She loves new people,Her best friend is my moms 9yr old Boston terrier.
Duke is the sweetest mama’s boy. He loves lettuce and shredded cheese. He also loves to let you know he just ate dinner by gently burping in your face. Don’t even think about trying to curl up in a blanket, without him burrowing his way into it too!
my name is chief 🧸 I’m a lab - terrior and I’m 13 weeks old 🥰 I was found when I was just 1 month old , I have a loving family and home now ! I love popsicles , fluffy and noisy toys , and love to play in the hose ! Please vote for me 🥺
Bella loves looking like Elton John
Bleu is a loving dog and very handsome x
Koba is my oldest he’s my special one a lady had left these puppies on the side of the road i rescued him an his brother that my friend has koba is my calm chill go with the flow dog he’s very stubborn I got him an I knew I had to have him! He loves to cuddle he’s a daddy’s boy hands down he thinks he boss
Mack is my pocket American bully he’s my emotional support dog I got him not knowing We would bond the way we did he’s very energetic the biggest baby ever Mack has helped me with Covid 19 my anxiety and depression I have a stomach disease I can’t predict when I’m sick an Mack helps me a lot with dealing with it till I can in an figure it out Mack is my biggest supporter he loves his mama an loves to annoy his older brother
He sets, lays down, shakes my hand, he high fives, he catches the ball in his mouth and he loves to chase it around the room, and when he plays tug-of-war if he's not winning he will fall over on his side and let me drag him across the floor it's the most adorable thing ever
Shiva loves the outdoors and bringing back many prizes . He is very ambitious and loves to play .
She loves treats and always following my wife around. She is so friendly lovable. Fendi went viral on Snapchat with 500k when she got her first haircut when she turned 1 years old
Thor is a fun loving one year old who we just adopted almost two weeks ago 😍 he is so beautiful his pictures don’t do him justice and everyone that meets him falls in love with him immediately ❤️ He is so well behaved and just an all around great dog 🥰