Buddy is 12yrs old and is my best friend
Mochi is a sweet old lady now, but back in her prime she was a vine star! She adores attention from people and will sit for hours for a scratch.
Im Ollie the photogenic British short hair! and Im on a mission to be lazy. I am lazy enough to not care for votes. Just chilling here to support my fur-friends and to have fun. Love Mr Lazy Ollie!
I get into some trouble but my mom still loves me. Even when she finds rocks in her bed because I like to collect them
Binxy is a very goofy and adorable kitty, she loves to take her toy balls everywhere she goes and love to eat bacon 😆
Domestic kitten from Manchester. Loves playing with toys and climbing curtains 🥰
Hazel definitely is something else every morning with out fail she comes in for morning cuddles and then plays, she always is running around and is best friends with my dog
Loki is an Arabian Mau who was abandoned alone in a box at approximately 5 weeks of age in the UAE. He now lives with his adopted big brothers in the UK and is a cheeky, happy, loving boy
Dixie has tons of energy. She is 2 years old. Loves to jump, and play with her toys. Her fave is her rawhide bones.
Rolo loves cuddles and playing with certain toys very affectionate prefers to sleep on people rather than in his basket
Love's outside, mommy baby, loves to sleep
Marley is a playful kitten She likes to climb on picture frames and break things for fun.
Callie Jo
Callie is energetic, loves to run and is happy all the time! She's attached to her humans, especially her little cousin!
Named after a Harry Potter character Love dreamies and fish
Phish is my 13 year old female orange tabby :) my fiancé and I adopted her when she was 7, her interests include sun bathing on our balcony, screaming at high volume, ONLY drinking water from the faucet, and catnip stuffed bananas!
Lakey is a boisterous puppy that loves digging in the garden and chewing any shoes he can get a hold of. He gives the best cuddles and fits right in to the family
Sebby is a amazing little dude with the most compassionate personality. He loves snuggles and loves to play. He’s a big snuggle bug and we love him bunches. He loves to eat everything but dog food lol just kidding he eats whatever. He’s the best!💕💕💕
Kobi is a Huskita. He is nearly 7 months old. Loves his food. Like to steal people's tea 😆 but loves being around people, loveable and playful
Hugo is an old Tyme English bulldog, he loves going for big walks through the woods, hugo also love coming for snuggles on the sofa and will try make friends with everyone he sees ❤️🫶🏼
Teddy is the greatest dog so awesome with kids. He's very smart too and a bit of emotional lol
I’m a 5 month old cuddle bug who loves my mommy! I love all my toys but especially my ball!! I’m an earth shaker and a heart breaker!
Suki is our 1 year Calico. There is never a dull moment…Suki is full of energy and constantly ready to play and “attack”. She has remodeled our carpet and christened all of our plants. She also truly enjoyed HER first Christmas Tree. Check out just a few pics of Suki…you’re bound to either relate or get a good laugh!
She’s sweet and loving enjoys car rides and laying in bed beside me.
Charlie is a gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy who loves walking, running, mud puddles, snuggles, and farting unapologetically. His main goal in life is to be best friends with everyone he meets (much to the chagrin of our neighbour's cat)
Lucifer lives up to his name but can also be a softie and loves a fuss
He's a nosey kinda cat and follows you everywhere. He pokes around in all your business. Loves to cuddle and likes attention so much he winds up right in your face, literally.
She's a chubby corgi that is soft ,cute ,and friendly.
She is a sprocker so a mix between a cocker and a springer spaniel she is 100 miles an hour and loves to chew carrots as if she is a rabbit 🥰
Skye is the loveliest puppy on the planet, a crossbreed between Maltese and a Toy Puddle, she loves to pose to pictures, has a lot of patience for children, loves to play and go for walkies but really appreciates cuddles and her sleep time. She loves people and loves being around people, she isn’t shy and want to get to know everyone she sees ♥️
So far he loves everyone and the animals he's come into contact with. He's just a big ole baby with a great personality.
Moo Moo
Moo moo loves treats and cuddles. He’s a gorgeous blue eyed baby with such a affectionate nature 💙
Bugsy loves to protect his family, he loves his squeaky toys and going on walks. He looks scary but he is the biggest softy at heart.
Bella is the most smart, always curious, loving little girl. She's always ready for a good game of fetch/ tug of war. Such a blessing to own her.
Ravioli is my grand-kitty. He is the sweetest boy who loves cuddles, sunshine, his Momma and loves sticking out his tongue!
He’s a One year old saluki that likes stomping his paws for attention and he’s a very energetic boy who loves to just play all day
A very soppy, cuddly and affectionate little guy, loves to spend his time curled up next to me or generally playing and running around, also has a weird obsession with drinking from my bath water even though he has water bowls everywhere
Wesley loves toe sausages in any form. His favourite thing is a roll of packing foam and he loves to dig my flower beds.
🐶🐶Abby Ruu is my sweet 8 month old fur baby who loves to cuddle, & play with her toys 🏐🧸, chase birds & rabbits but she especially loves her treats lol🦴🥕🍏 it's never a dull moment with this one!!🥰
My little princess loves to me outside all the time so living and friendly
My little baby, loves cuddles & loves her hoomans
Luna its such a Beautiful cat. Luna is just over a year old now and is great with Children and she helps with my Anxiety Luna is both mine and My Daughters Best friend we would be lost with out her
Very naughty but also very passionate🥰
Luna loves cuddles & is super smart!
Ashton is a certified PTSD Service Dog to assist with my illness from the past
Smokey is 8 weeks old, such an affectionate little boy💙