Dog cat Stories - 98


River is a german shepard/mini pit mix! She loves roaming free to play and loves other dogs! She is going to be 2 years old this year. She loves cuddling up and she especially loves any kind of food!
Buddy Butler Berry
Buddy is my loving friendly basset, he has a smart mouth and will let you know how he feels about it. Haha he never wants to be outside but loves going outside. He loves getting dressed and he is always up for a nap! If there’s a rabbit close i have to turn into a trackstar those little legs move fast!
Meet Archie! He is an 11 month old Aussie. His favorite things include: walks through the woods, the beach/pools, and he LOVES kids. He’s full of energy and one of the sweetest boys!!
Hi I’m Bear and I love to play with my mommy and pick on my sister!!
This is our beautiful Blaze, he loves cuddles😍 His favourite food is chicken, he loves to run around on the cat wheel and play with his toys❤️ He’s a sweet little boy, my favourite😻
Kimbo is a 3 1/2 year old love-a-bull 🤍 He loves meeting new people especially kiddos, loves cuddling, car rides and adventuring! 🐾
Such a cuddly cute friend found as a rescue and is my best friend
Boujee Sushii
I have mood swings #hotpupsummer 🤪 Looking for work 🍂 “Credit required” or else 🐾 IG: @Boujeesushii
Onyx is a ESA Dog. He loves hangin around the garage while we work on cars. He is a protector of his close family. He will bark at you until he knows you are accepted into the pack. Onyx loves his rope toys and chasing flys and his tail.Onyx can always put a smile on your face!
Hes part maine coon hes cute in his own way hes very fluffy he acts like a puppy
Harvey is a 3 year old cattle dog mix. He loves to snuggle with his Mom and Dad. He keeps busy by rolling around in the grass, spying on the neighbors, and playing with his toys. Harvey loves car rides and spending time with Grandma. Harvey may be little but he’s a true adventurer!
Hey guys please check this out and give my cat a vote he is the sweetest and smartest cat there is.
She is a sweetheart and she is my little guys best friend. We got her to help my little guy with the loss of his grammy. She is the best snuggle bug and she has the bigest smile.
My sweet little girl! Look at her little face. Very gentle and loving kitten. Absolute babe ❤️
Booger is a Maine Coon and is the sweetest boy ever! He loves to call for "mama"and obsesse over getting into grocery bags, boxes, baskets, big purses anything he can get into! Anything new that comes into the house he has to inspect it and then lay on it. ****VOTE FOR BOOGER!!!****
Wrangler is a 15 week old Frenchie. He loves playing fetch and snuggling with his lambchop
I saved him from being hit by a bus twice when he was a pup, soo decided his owners were not the right parents for him and now he’s all mine and spoiled beyond belief ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brutus is an Australian Shephard Husky mix, very loving and energetic, loves kids and playing.
Kush is just 5.9 lbs Has an insatiable appetite for playing with her friendly roommate a giant german shephard coyote named Art. She gives all her toys undivided attention and dedication to their destruction. She will run around a sofa like a rabbit at the track. Kisses are her favorite pastime.
Hi everyone I’m Coconut 🥥 I’m 1 years old from Russia. I currently live in Florida 🌴 Im only 3 pounds but I have the heart of a lion 🦁. I have soooo much energy my momma doesn’t know what to do with me 😭 I love going to the dog park and playing with other dogs. Thank you for your votes 🎉
Miles And Cooper
Miles and Cooper are best buddies. We only adopted Cooper a couple of months ago but they already love each other
Gertie Lou
Gertie Lou is my very best friend… she loves snuggling, belly rubs, and the occasional fortune cookie:) Gertie Lou is my sunshine ☀️
Shadow is fighting for a chance to win a prize. Not for himself but to support a very ill girl which we trying to bring in to her life. If anyone would like to support us please be our guests. All money collected will be paid directly to a charity account to wake up our girl. Thanks for the reading and your support
Levi loves to zoom around the house, do wall parkour, and chirp. He also greatly enjoys cuddling and being close to his mom. Levi escaped the house a couple years ago and went on an adventure for 6 days because he wanted to chase another cat off of his property. He’s very territorial!
Jin was born and adopted from a neighborhood house with over 24 cats in 2017. He went blind in his right eye due to head trauma and got it removed a year later. He loves to play and follow people around the house. He is very sweet and cuddly.
At this time, I am not able to give further advances due to a turn for the worse in my health. I am undergoing tests (scans, biopsies, and potential exploratory surgery) to determine what’s going on. Your kind regards and prayers are graciously accepted 🥰🤞🙏
I know how to sit and speak! Mommy and daddy have to give me baths sometimes because my butt and tail are like a dust buster, but I take them like a champ! Once I’m all shined up, you can usually see me wearing a bow tie or a bandana to match the season.
Sassy Pants
Sassy earned her name honestly. And one of her nicknames is Mz Piggy.
Oreo is very loyal, very lovable. He's a blessing to have in this family. He's been hurt buy a neighbor dog. But thank God he's alright. (He's a survivor)
Luna is a one year old rescue cat who had a very traumatic kitten hood. She was very scared when she came to us a few months ago but has become an absolute joy and we love her her dearly. She loves playing with her many toys as well as having outdoor adventures. She gives us so many smiles.
HI EVERYONE, WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE BUT WE WONT BE ABLE TO ENTER MONSTARR IN CONTEST ON 1ST SEPTEMBER DUE TO MY SON HAVING SURGERY THE DAY BEFORE, HE WILL NEED MY FULL ATTENTION. I HOPE YOU CAN ALL UNDERSTAND AND AGAIN I'M SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Hi this is MonStarr, she is a beautiful girl who loves her little boy, she is super protective of our son and barks at us when he gets in trouble. Since my husband has been in a wheelchair she has become his protector, if he is in pain she goes right to his side and put her head on his legs to try comfort him, she truely is a beautiful girl. Please help support our girl by giving her a few votes, a like or even share our page, we would greatly appreciate it.
She is 14 years old love her ball always in her mouth a dad's girl LoL
Cheyenne was adopted from the shelter when she was 13wks old, we figured out she can take a water bottle, unscrew the cap, tip it over and drink the water, she quickly became my helper on our ranch and stays with our 9 goats and guarding them and us, I tried to keep her separate from the goats but she found a way to be with them, so she is where she wants to be!
Hi my name is Beamer and I love to take long walks and car rides those are my favorite. I love to also play around with water bottles, I have fun taking the cap off doesn't matter what size. My favorite treat is gravy milk bones. I always try to be a good boy and listen so my mommy and daddy give me one. I love to play around and give kisses & lastly I love to sleep. I get tired after walking and playing around.
Chunk is our beautiful ALPHA AND RUNS THE HOUSE!!! We have 29 furbabies and two Pitt bulls and they all love each other!!!
He Loves playing fetch and hiding in boxes, he loves water.. odd right? He’s very vocal and super energetic, the sweetest cat I’ve met ❣️
Hello everyone!! Frimousse is not on the contest it's only for achievements ;) Thank you again for all the support gifts xx Frimousse will be back by November & if you owed advanced votes kindly return them before my contest ends ..... Thank you for your support!! Frimousse is the sweetest fur baby and she's turning 8 yrs old this year. She came into our family in 2013. My niece saw her at Kijiji for sale, it was love at first sight for her then the family decided to bring her home. Everyone in the family fell in love with this little furball She was very tiny & cold. She prefers to sleep in our bed at night and loves being snuggled.
Mellow was given to me by my boyfriend as a birthday present this year, she is feisty, loving, sweet, playful, protective, and a perfect crazy bundle of joy!
Cute, adorable, furrocious
Her birthday is June 5th 2020 and she loves cuddling, fuzzy warm blankets, naps, and playing.
Mia'S Luv
❤️PRECIOUS ANGEL🐾 training to become Therapy Dog for those in need of Chi Love❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾
Hi my name is Luna, I’m a white boxer. I love going for walks and being petted all the time by people who’ve never seen a white boxer before. I love to run around and chase after things. I hate swimming but I love baths. Vote for me!
Mars is the sweetest. I just got him like about a month ago and it feels like we’ve known each other forever. He tries to comfort me when I’m sad and he’s the only one that ever watches me play video games because, my partner is not much of a gamer. My parents in law are not really into cats but they’re in love with him and treat him as their grandchild. I never thought that a kitten would make such an impact in my life. Mars and I are just here for fun but if you decide to vote for us, thank you! Good luck to you all (:
Steven is the sweetest and loveable cat. Loves to eat and play with my makeup.