Denis is a 7 year old dog who likes cheese 🧀 ,is very lazy ,is cute (sometimes) and has 1 tooth 🦷he is also very very short .
Ripley is a GORGEOUS purebred Heeler pup! She enjoys Hiking,Swimming, and cuddling up on the couch
Loki is currently 18 weeks old and he is a pedigree Sable German Shepherd. He loves being around other dogs and having lots of fuss! He is crazy about food and his squeaky ball and is just a loving crazy ball of floof!!
Max is a little cutie pie who absolutely loves his morning cuddles and walks. He loves playing football on the garden.
Dougal is the most loving little guy you could ever meet. He is a rescue dog my family rescued him as he was badly abused in his old home I know all these votes would mean the world to him
Luna loves to play ball, loves to swim and loves being around the family, she is the sweetest girl ever. Look at her face lol why wouldn’t you vote for her.
Tilly a 10 year old tabby/torti. She has the personality of a saint as she has helped me raise and hand read 33 neonatal kittens, she loves cuddles more than anything and welcomes any animal i bring home to her with open paws 💞
Desslok enjoys shoulder perching, canned food, staring out our window and talking to the quails. He is a sweet heart, and still a playful kitten at heart who bombs up and down the staircase when he has the zoomies.
No words needed , that face!
Apollo is 5 months and he loves to play
Blue Scottish Fold Nyla 💗
My world was changed when he drifted into my life. As it was when he drifted out. I’m just doing my best to keep his memory alive.
Bentley is my 8 week old grand pup! He loves cuddles and playing with his toys. Car rides are not his favorite but he loves a Starbucks pup cup to make it worth while. He likes to play rough with his Tata and chase my grandson around the house. He likes to test his aunties patience and adores his mama. He likes to snuggle in his dads beard and give lots of puppy kisses! 🐶 vote for Bentley!
She is the most sweetest dog. Loves cuddles. Thinks she’s a lap dog. Still has her puppy energy. All around the best dog in the world. I love her to death.
My lil Bruno is a lover and a rescue I rescued him from a homeless field fire
Piglet likes to watch Garfield cartoons! He sleeps most of his days and plays at night. He steals toys from my grandson and likes to throw his crunchies around before he eats them. He’s an indoor cat but loves to visit with the neighbors cat “Kelli” thru our front door. He’s afraid of the outdoors and hates car rides. He bites when we rub him but purrs for attention. He always knows when someone is sad or not feeling well and will snuggle or stay close. This sweet and sour kitty is our favorite 😻 please vote for him!
Pickles is a totally different cat. He enjoys water in the sink, running around with a chair cushion on his head, and terrorizing kids lol
Ember is what we call our "water potatoe" lol she LOVES water. LOVES mud! And is our every day farm dog. Shes friends with a chicken named wendy and loves walks!
Story was found running the streets, I picked her up and she has been nothing but the best she's going to be a great SD one day she is a Great pyrenees and German shepherd
Luci Purr
She is extremely active very vocal loves to play fetch and loves her sister dog, Sasha
She will be 5:00 this August she's a sweet girl who's part Jack Russell part Chihuahua and absolutely loves playing with her Kitty sister, Luci Purr
OZ is a Fantastic ,Funny ,Loving ,Gorgeous Dog
Rocky loves toast🍞give him a vote if you love toast too❤️
He’s an odd little duckling , vote for the odd ones
My spookey happy in the sun
He gives hugs and kisses
Freddie is a lovely fun and very loud dachshund please vote
nala is my 8 week old puppy who is very energetic loves hugs and kisses and loves meeting new people and new dogs
I am a 1 year old mini springerdoodle who loves to be outside and run around in the yard. My favorite game to play is keep the tennis ball away from my brother Nikko. I carry the ball in my mouth and he chases me around the yard but I’m too fast he can never get me! I love to snuggle after a long day and I love belly rubs and treats!
Loki is very active cat and love’s to chase Pixel around the house! Which she doesn’t like 😂 He’s very lovable sometimes and likes his treats also! Unlike Pixel he does not like it when it’s cooled and wraps up in my blanket!
My name is Norman and my mom loves to take photos of me , I love playing with the laser and torture my older cat siblings , I’m fun , loving , and sometimes wild. I love making a mess in the bathroom sink when mom turns the water on for me making her have to clean up after me .
Zoomie loves walk, playing with her herding ball and snuggles (lots of snuggles)
Meet Annie! Our sassy, hand-reared kitty💓
This is Bo he loves belly rubs and he is an English bulldog. He loves walks in the park.
Honey Bear
A service cat she taught herself how to bring my phone when I have seizures and she doesn't like anybody but me so she'll attack people and if I leave her home alone she'll attack my roommate
Hello my name is Guera I am a Maltipoo almost 2 years old. I love car rides when I hear those keys I am the first one in the car. I am lovable but don’t think I don’t stand my ground though and let my cat sisters know I run this house.
Our beautiful gentle snow leopard Bengal.
Crazy loveable springer Spaniel who likes walks, socks, and ice cubes
Danny Boy
Danny boy is a 2 week old cavapoo/poodle beautiful colouring.. adorable cuddly fur like a teddy bear
Tiny is a beautiful natured little fur baby .. very quiet ... well behaved
Miracle is a beautiful little fur baby beautiful natured happy little soul
She loves belly rubs and walks and loves going on car Rides and looking out the window we just recently found out she could be paralyzed
Tinnie is a cavapoo very good natured little fur baby ..
Banana is the most rambunctious little toy Aussie. She loves to bounce around the house and play with my other mini Aussie. She also loves to eat my couch and sleep on tables. Everything an Aussie should be doing 😂
Sapphire Starlight
Sapphire starlight is a 11 week old little cute fur baby pug . Her little personality is very adorable
Hii, I’m Simba a red fox lab! I’ve just turned one on the 31st march💙 I love pigs ears and messing up the house, I’m very friendly but I don’t realise how big I am, please vote for me!!!
Norah is a six month old cavapoo. Like most puppies, she’s an absolute lunatic, but cuddles from her make the world feel like a much nicer place!
Pixel is a very Photogenic cat. She’s shy but will growl at the door when someone knocks and run away!! She loves the porch especially when it’s cold out! And she really loves her treats . She is my baby and I love her! Please Vote for me!!❤️😻