Cali will follow you around and not want you to leave her alone, she loves the company and has amazing looking eyes, she's on a very strict diet after getting a food allergy, but it's a much healthier diet too now.
Zena is a very loving fluff ball of fun, always up for playing with her favourite toys when she isn't running up the curtains, when she's tired herself out she'll curl up with her sister on your lap for a cuddle.
Little Cat
silly kitty found as a sick baby on a rainy day, loving, sweet, and affectionate
Mini Me
Mini-me is 4 year old Boxer she is very bouncy & loving. Her favourite thing to do is give us all sloppy kisses with her very long tongue.
Buddy plays fetch, and his favourite toy no matter what we buy him, will always be a fruit shoot lid.
Hey friends! I am Sushi, and I am a 7-month-old kitten. I like to play with 🍂 and plastic bags. My parents buy me toys, but I am not a material girl 😅 I have a dog-sister and I love her. Please vote for me.
I rescued Pixie and her brother during lockdown. She loves cuddles.
Shitty Booty Baby
Very full of mischief. Very active. Very loveable.
Luna loves chasing leaves on a windy day
Tinker is very playful and loving, she nudges you so you put your arm out so she can sleep with her head on your arm. She has her mad moments where she dashes around the house making so much noise
Winston Vader
Winston inherited his middle name because he’s always into something. He loves being inside my dollhouses
Me very new still getting used to big old world im bruce my mum is angel may and my dad is bailey that me just started to go for my walks outside now love my toys love my big bed i share with my mum and dad as they like my bed too lol i love running up and down stairs thats my favourite thing and i keep owners on there toes im very hyper but they love me as much as i love them
Hey my name is bailey a dad of 4 we got to keep one of my pups his name is bruce i love him so much and bond with him am never away from him i also love my toys i do try take the others toys tho from angel may and bruce but i also share i love toys sleep and running around love going out in car and love my walks
Lexie is a treewalker bluetick coonhound. She is a sweet loving puppy that loves to play!
Angel May
Hey my name is angel may im a mum of 4 puppies my mum owner let me keep one his name is bruce i love my toys and food and i am a good doggy my owner loves singing to me and i fall a sleep in her arms im aloving dog love my cuddles and kisses
Jax is a goofy but super laid back cat. Super sweet and always happy to see you. He welcomes the belly rubs and attention. He likes to cuddle by crawling into your shirt.
Munchie loves standing on her hind legs and gazing out the window
Maisy is a sweet kitty. She loves to pay feather and mouse! She sleeps in the crook of my arm every night. She loves her treats and will let you know when it’s treat o’clock. She has also been a great foster momma kitty to the two littlest ones, Piper & Jerry.
She is proof that dogs are angels without wings. She is so amazing, no words can accurately describe how much!!
Jerry was the sweetest kitten. I heard him before I saw him. I opened my porch door and there was this skinny lil kitten, sweet as could be. Just wanted love and food, lots of food! I Woke my husband to take him and try to find a home. We have 4 already. Took him to the vet for a health check, pretty sure he was going to join the crew but by the end of the night we decided to keep him. He loved to play feather and fetch and cuddle. Oh and eat, he loved his snacks! Although he was only with us for about 6 months he brought us so much joy. We lost him to FIP. We helped him cross the rainbow bridge 3/14/22. We miss him terribly!
Piper is a lovey kitty. She does not like cat treats. She likes to steal blueberry muffins if they’re unsupervised.
Chevy Liam
Chevy loves his stuffed toys especially his favorite stuffed moose, he takes him everywhere with him. Hes a Miniature American Shepard. Hes loves to swim and run super fast. Hes been a great friend and companion.
She is a troublemaker. She loves people, and has more friends than her human. She pesters her sister in her free time.
She’s a sweet girl who enjoys the company of her humans, and is annoyed at the presence of her sister.
My miniature black panther. More dog than cat and such a sweet boi ❤
Zailee is so sweet and loving! She loves her treats and fur friends
Nayla is a super sweet girl. She loves giving kisses and cuddles. She’s very loyal and protective of her favorite humans.
Daytona is 14 and sassy! She gives the best cuddles & LOVES her treats. She is the queen of the house🤎
Nala is one of my youngest. She was found next to a trash can near a creek with her two brothers. Tigger is one of those brothers the other my daughter took in. She is so precious and those eyes 👀.
Theo loves treats, cuddles,and his sister Callie🤎
Loves to sit on the back of the couch and watch what is going on outside on the farm! Rambunctious puppy loves to chase the ball around the room!
Taz is a fun cat. He travels on road trips, bike rides and the beach. He is a perfect buddy and always by our side. He loves his treats and going on his walks exploring.
He loves cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes. Enjoys knocking things off the table and hates to be picked up
She's very sweet loving little girl her full name is Coco Bean she loves play with her toys and loves to play outside she's only 5 months old she loves to meet new people please vote for her 😘❤️💯
We rescued Buddy just over a year ago. He was being abused, not clean, was malnourished. Most of his teeth had rotted and or fell out. We rescued him,but he saved us!! He is my everything. Can.t even remember what life was like without him ❤️
Milo Loves to cuddle n snuggle, take naps and eat treats. We live in his house, he is the boss of all of us and we’re all ok with that
She's queen and knows it
My nickname is Unicorn because, well... my ears lol. I love learning new things, meeting new friends, and chilling at home with my human mom.
Reed will be 1 at the end of April! He’s very active! Loves to play with his toy mice, fetch toys, and eat snacks!
Shadow loves his window time almost as much as dinner time. He’s a big softie who likes to hang out on a lap or in his box. :)
Melo Yelo is a pure breed German Rottweiler with the sweetest smile. He is an angel and would love for you to vote for him💚. Lots of puppy kisses 💚Melo
Spartan is a beautiful service cat to me and I love her very much because my mother gave her to me to help with anything of some sort, plus she’s open to my mother, me and some of my family members
Lemon, 4, Hates smiling for photos, long walks on the beach and any kind of exercise. Insists a balanced diet is a taco in each hand.
Silly boy who loves to play and snuggle with his mamma. Always wants to hop in the car no matter where it’s going because he just loves an adventure. Rusty is such a smart baby too, catches on to new things so fast and loves his daily routine.
Mischievous Momo is a teeny tiny girl with a big personality! Weighing in at 8 pounds and standing 8 inches tall, she is the cuddliest kitty with a super cute and tiny meow! She loves feather toys and will hold onto her ‘prey’ and growl!
O. T.
O.T. is a rambunctious little dilute torbie! She loves doing circles chasing the infamous red dot! She loves to sit in the window and soak up the sunshine! She makes the cutest little chirps and nibbles on elbows when she wants pets! The key to her heart is Churu!!!
Wooly the Ragdoll is 12.75 pounds of brains! Wooly is a gentle giant who loves to explore outside on a leash. He is the fastest air prey catcher around!!!! When he’s not hunting, you can find him at the Biscuit Factory in Dreamland.