She's a sweetheart, love's people and giving kisses.
Souffle, a shelter rescued cat, loves to show off her cute sleeping positions and is just the perfect cat and should be voted for because she is the best kitty a family could ask for. Souffle doesn't care what anyone thinks, and she will tell you by meowing very assertively. she loves to take naps on your lap and have her chin scratched and belly rubbed, and she purrs like an angel. Since we lost our golden retriever to bone cancer, Souffle has become very close to us because she misses her friend.
We call her the Pillow as she cuddles everyone
Half Tabby/ Half Siamese ! This chunky boy is sure to win over your heart! Absolutely loves long naps laying next to you and his favorite toy is his avocado squish.
She likes to go under the couch. She's the calmest and the most sweetest cat you've ever probably seen! We actually found her in our garage one night and we're adopting her until we find her owner, if she has one that is. (comment on my page if you own her, just in case). So yeah, if you find her pls let me know. Thx! And thx for all the votes, too.
Alpha may be 14 years old and enjoying her retirement, but she still loves playing with her many cat toys!
Shadow’s favourite hobbies include: parkour, chewing on paper towels and hanging out with his rabbit siblings!
Asher is a playful pup who loves to run around with his friends at the dog park. He’s 8 months old and a cuddle bug.
Tu-tu is Garfield in the real world. His life is consumed by lots of naps and plenty of snacks/meals. He drinks his water by laying on the floor and dipping his paw in the bowl and licking the water from his paw. Same with eating, he will lay on the floor and scoop out a few kibbles at a time to eat. Not because he cannot stand, but because his level of laziness is extreme. He was even that way as a kitten. He has always been the most laid back cat we have ever seen. Other than his name, he knows 2 words: Treats and Turkey. Regardless Of where he is in the home, If you say either of those words, he comes running. He’s honestly the best cat we have ever had. Very loving and laid back.
Gingernut is a grumpy boy at times and likes to have a good moan than other times he’s super sweet and becomes my purrfect boy
Socks is a handsome 6 month old kitten he loves his food and playing with his favorite toy mouse
Our little Bean is quite the hunter. She keeps the family in check even her older brother 🥰 she is our Sweetie Bean and we adore her so very much.
My cockapoo boy Elvis Loves digging holes and playing with the tennis ball! Full of mischief but loves his cuddles 🥰
Shikira is a super loving cat that loves cuddles!
Got this wild hissing, full of fleas furball from a bad place... he needed love and care and we needed a bigger family! It was a rocky start but after all the cuddles, treats, warmth, catnip... he finally opened up and became a purring machine who adores his big brother Billy!
He loves kids, he is half human!! Best dog I have ever had!!
Stormi likes treats, avoiding snuggles at all costs, and stalking mom and dad. Almost exclusively responds to the pseudonym “Chicken”.
Looking out the window, playing with her shoe lace,a good amount of attention.
Noelle is the sweetest cat. She loves attention, taking naps, treats, and flowers!
Baxter is very loving happy energetic 3 yr old, Baxter loves snuggling and play with his favorite toys.
Wonka is the most happy go lucky cat ever, tail is always wagging.He loves to play soccer and creating his own games.He looks out for me.
Ted is 2 years old, on a routine PDSA check up he escaped his crate and he was missing from January until July... In July we saw a post, he'd been visiting a gentlemen in the area for a daily portion of dreamies and a sunbathe. We got him back the same day! Within an hour he was curled up on his usual corner of the bed as if he'd never left.
Don’t let my sleepiness fool you. I can chase a ball for two hours and still have energy to go on walks. I am currently learning to heard sheep and once I accomplish that I am moving onto cows.
Leo is the newest addition to our family! I rescued him from one state over when I saw his picture and just knew he was meant to be ours. Leo is a domestic medium hair with a spunky personality. He’s a bit wacky - he’s constantly meowing, running up and down the halls, jumping at the windows, walking backwards, etc. He always gets us laughing! At the same time, he’s the sweetest, most sensitive boy. He always checks on his siblings and makes sure his momma is okay. He’ll follow me anywhere and everywhere, sleeps with me every night, and makes sure I never feel alone. Leo is my soul cat. He loves to snuggle, sunbathe, play with his favorite ball, and wrestle with his big brother Kylo.
Precious likes to play with her toys and loves to give kisses. She may be small but she will play with the big dogs with no problem!!!
He loves playing outside on a leash and smelling flowers
Rockie absolutely loves getting kisses! He loves playing with his teddy bear and squeaky bat toy. He gets his toys out by himself. He loves running around with the other dogs and loves people.
Rae is my sweet & spicy domestic longhair. I rescued her and her brother, Kylo, in April of 2021. They are undoubtedly two of the best things that have ever happened to me. Rae enjoys spending her days curled up on the back of our couch - on her special blanket of course. She’s a true lady and has to have everything in a particular manner. Rae doesn’t meow, she simply squeaks. She loves to sunbathe in the window, roll around on our rug, and ignore the chaos caused by her two brothers.
He is one off my female kittens had him since birth, he is a doppy lad, lets my 5 year old handle him beautiful he is honestly a fluff ball ❤️
Tazer is the only brown, black & white Chinese powder puff /Bichon Frise he is 5 months has a beautiful nature & fun personality
Kylo Finn is my sweet & sassy domestic longhair! I rescued him and his sister, Rae, in April of 2021. They are undoubtedly two of the best things that have ever happened to me. Kylo is a momma’s boy who loves to snuggle - on his own time of course. He has no problem telling you how he feels - he’ll talk your ear off! His favorite thing in the whole world is chicken. He loves getting the zoomies with his brother Leo, putting the dog in her place, and playing with feather toys. He’s also our certified mouse catcher!
Shasta was born January 25, 2022. She is a full bred husky. She is very vocal and full of life. She loves going to dog parks and playing with her friend Dior
I've had Magnum since he was 9 weeks old. He's fully embarrassed indoor living. He will jump on your lap by HIS request and enjoy a good brushing. He loves to attack all his toys around the house, but he's also timid, and will run away if his toy moves without his own prompting.
Tammy is a cat OAP now and just live to sleep and relax, after having radiation therapy for over active thyroid a few years back she made a great recovery and is just loving her life
Cream Puff
Cream Puff is a 8 month old Maine Coon. He has an obsession with water and loves stealing from moms squishmallows collection ❤️ The sweetest boy
Maddie Jean
I am cute cuddly and oh so much fun.. i love my mommy and daddy.. please vote for me.. tyvm..
He’s very personable, energetic and loving. He loves treats and finding new spots to hide and climb in the house. You should vote for him so he can get new toys and future.
Tig come to my door in 2016 when i took him in, he is such a mommy's boy and very playful.
Rory is our wee Red Cockapoo hes just 12 weeks old and he is bonkers but we love him ❤️🤍💙
He loves biting chasing and eating
Buddie is the most precious little girl. She has cerebral hypoplasia.
Teal loves a cuddle & a sploot. She loves everyone and everything but especially her two little humans 🤍 She’s so placid, doesn’t bark, doesn’t howl. She loves a photo & is the most amazing pup we could of asked for 🐾👑
Crystal is an overweight cat due to medical issues she has. She loves wet food and dreamies and can get them out the bag herself. She loves to sleep loves cuddles, she has a rare breed in her like a Cornish Rex
Oscar loves to play with his favourite toy balls. He loves to climb, and stretch, he has the adorable way he likes to be scratched and cuddled
Juno’s favourite thing to do is to go for big long walks that has any sort of body of water, it could be a lake, it could be a waterfall, and it could very well be a puddle! She’s not fussy! Unfortunately she has had to calm down a little bit due to having her hip replaced before she turned 1! She was like a brand new puppy again after a successful surgery… However, she is not having much luck and sadly has to have two more lots of surgery before we can go back on any big long walks (and swims!) Please vote for Juno - help her get back on her feet (literally!🐾)