Darby is a rat terrier and loves to play and cuddle and I think she is the cutest and happyiest puppy. She has her quirks. And has the sweetest personality and how can u say no that cute little face of hers
Our little Foxie is deaf - but nothing stops him.
Peach is a queen. 15 years old and hides in the cabinets.
Milo loves catching mice and slow worms his very cuddly but very cheeky
Wishbone is a Bernedoodle, a mix between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. Our dog Luv is her sister. They were born on valentines day! She is often called “Isa” or “Isabone”.
Luv is a Bernedoodle, a mix between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. Our dog Wishbone is her sister. They were born on valentines day! Luv is also much chubbier than Wishbone.
Sir Meows A Lot
Sir Meows A Lot is very jumpy, he wasn’t treated correctly before we got him, he had gotten him on his first birthday, he loves cuddling up to people and purring, he also loves to eat!
Hi I’m Storm, I am nearly 6 years old 🥳 I love my squeaky balls, and my new splash pool! And also loving vanilla ice cream in this hot weather ☀️ I am a foody I love everything my human wants to eat so not fussy 😁 I love chasing chickens and long runs in the field thanks for your vote 🐾
Kira is a love bug who loves people and cuddling! She loves treats and sleeping.
Spencer Tracey
Spencer is a big needy baby. He loves cheese & ham & ice cream best! Very picky eater! He loves car rides & walking adventures & getting in the water! He enjoys cuddling, & prefers playing with rags rather than his toys.
Chipper is a very fun loving puppy, is part german shepard/hound. He is 7 months old, a survivor of Parvo, and loves his share of attention. He is always seen with his cousin, Bruno (as in picture), with some food in his mouth, or laying upside down taking a nap!
She is the best dog! She never parks and loves cuddles. She will reach out one paw to tell you she is ready to be petted. She was just diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12 1/2. She is a ray of sunshine and truly one of the family.
Captain is 10 years old. We rescued him when he was 4 weeks old. He is a Catahoula Leopard dog.
August Rebel is a toy Australian Shepard, and is only 1 years old. He is so curious, loving, and absolutely spoiled!!!
Jackchi rescue, licks constantly and full of love
Bumble is just what makes anyone fall in love with cats she’s a loving kind cat and if your ever down or worried bumble is there by your side and she’s just so fluffy!
Patches just loves to play with his sister Baily and gives lots of snuggles
Hi im bella! Im a 2 year old rescue dog who was abandoned and tied to a lampost! But now im happy with my new family x I love toys and chasing balls while also loving a good snuggle on the sofax
Meet Riley. The most loved cat in our whole town. Riley enjoys great love and attention. He is the opposite of shy, he will always come to you and play with you. He even follows people home and sleeps in their houses! Riley loves to sleep now he is starting to retire, but that doesn’t mean his age will stop his georgous looks!!
Meow Meow
Meow Meow is 16 years old and living her very best life. She is so loving and always wants attention. She knows how to get what she wants by being vocal. She is the best at relaxing and watching movies with her people.
Ashes is my sweet angel baby. She is my best friend. She passed away on February 1 2022 at almost 16. Ashes loved racoons and she also loved to drink milk out of peoples cups and stick her paw in it. She had such a feisty attitude along with an affectionate personality. Any money I may earn I am puting it towards to find a new best friend.
She loves to bark
I love to play ball I eat sleep n dream about tennis balls and I'm happy n love to run in parks and I'm very sweet and I can clean a face pretty good
Little Girl
Vote for Little Girl because she’s going to have kittens soon!
Sky’s a fierce spunky mushy lil lady🐾❣️She’s so smart, loves being the center of attention, and is absolutely hysterical to watch❤️
Sweet, silly and snuggly.
Hi, I'm Prince I am a male muchkin cat. I have short legs six toes and Blue eyes, And I like to play with kids and other pets.
He may look like a sweetheart, but boy is he the most ornery kitten I’ve ever met!
This handsome boy has been through a lot! A friend of mine rescued him as a pup. He was getting abused bad. They took him in and after a few months they both started working odd hours and always on call. We took him in for a present for my hubby. Doesn’t he love Bo. He’s a little rambunctious and hyper but he’s a male pup it’s expected. He’s a very good boy and I’m so happy we took him in💕
Ginny Sue
I picked her, she was my baby since day 1. Unfortunately at the time I couldn’t have her because I couldnt take care of her. My mom took her instead. I always took her and spoiled her and let her hang out with Daisy. Last year Dec. 28th 2021 I lost my mom and Ginny was there and was laying with her until they took her body away. She was traumatized. I took her and she wasn’t the Ginny I had remembered. She’s been through a lot medically and mentally and she’s still the most perfect girl ever 😔💕
Garfield loves to snuggle and loves giving kisses (he will literally kiss you on ur lips if you say kissy)😂 he loves food loves it! Has a very big personality he is a dog in a cats body some days he acts human. He loves to sit in the recliner like a human and watch tv with you! He also loves watching football! Anyone who says cats don’t got a personality they lie! My cat is my Best friend! We would appreciate your vote!
Boots is 5 yrs old. He loves to cuddle. His favorite game is fetch the mousie!
My baby Kylo likes to play on the grass and eats a lot lol 🥰 he’s 2 months old
She love to play with her big sister destiny, and she loves kisses and cuddles ❤️
Angel likes to sleep
Hes a funky lil guy, roughly 3-4 years old and has a really cool pattern on him. He's a goofy lil guy.
She very playful she very loveable and she loves to give kisses and loves to cuddle
Cally had the best personality for a cat and she loves her momma she follows me everywhere I could be planting or watering and she's right there she is defently a pertector and she really gets into it when she kneeds on the bed to get comfortable she is a sweetheart and when she had her first litter she was the best momma cat I have ever seen she was all about her babies
Rosie is my Romanian rescue, roughly 3 years old. She’s gorgeous and affectionate but my favourite fact about her is that she literally has a boyfriend. He is owned by a neighbour that lives in the road behind us. Every day they meet up and go around the neighbourhood, every evening I call for her to come in and they both appear at the door. Sometimes her boyfriend will APPEAR at the window and wait for one of us to find Rosie and let her out. According to her boyfriends owners, she does the same this at their house too!! Honestly the most romantic and successful relationship I’ve seen, between two rescue cats!
Reese’s loves her wet cat food and she is a 1 year old tortie cat
I am a loveable adorable playful puppy who enjoys being my owners and having lots of fun with kids
Molly was just adopted two weeks ago AND just celebrated her 1st birthday with us.
I Hop
I Hop loves toys don't share well but until life with me never had his own. He is a clown loves to talk never shuts up. Lol adopt a disabled rescue undying love.
Hunter is the most loving cat in the world he loves to be held by anyone and everyone and will be held all day. He loves cuddles and will sleep with anyone. He is the perfect cat he is my everything
Gizmo is a beautiful energetic kitten 😍 he is the most sweetest cat, very loving, loves to play can be abit cheeky but he is amazing with my 4 young children, he has made our whole family so happy, he brings so much joy to us all, we are so lucky to have him, he deserves to be sooo spoilt as he is just amazing and the most beautiful boy.
Ronnie is our first ever family dog, and had been the best addition to our family we could possibly ask for! He's crazy about chicken, salmon, cucumber and cuddles, and loves his squeaky pet octopus! He's a very clever pup, and has learned a lot in the 3 months he's been with us. He also has huge paws and lot of wrinkles and chunky skin- we think he's still got a lot of growing to do!
Nala is a crazy houe cat. She loves bubbles and watching guinea pigs run round the garden. Nala loves taking her humans for walks and napping in the sun. She's always feline fine.