Dog cat Stories - 99


My name is Dory, I’m 1 and my mummies tell me I’m a big girl now. I love doing zoomies, stealing anything I’m not allowed when I can and doing what I want (I don’t like being told what to do). My mummies tell me how cute I am and I know it, they say that’s how I get away with everything 😁
CoCo is our adorable 2 year old chi mix. She weighs just a little under 6 pounds, but her sweetness is beyond measure! She loves socializing, meeting new people and new dog friends alike! CoCo is always ready to go bye-bye with mom, and her favorite place to go is to the coffee shop, where she is always greeted with smiles, and gifted a treat! She loves to snuggle under the blankets with Mom and Dad. And is always up for a game of fetch and/or tug o war with her favorite toys. Coco is actually expecting her first (and only) litter of pups! Yep! Coco is almost 6 weeks pregnant! Her projected due date is Valentine's Day!!!
Cuda is a Chorkie, chihuahua and Yorkie mix. He is the biggest lover ever, greets everyone with kisses. He pushes my husband off the couch if he lays in “his” spot!
Rocky is a loving friendly but crazy Frenchie, he is such a character, and is always jumping around. He is super cute 🥰🥰🥰
Poppy is a patterdale terrier she is only a baby she’s 14 weeks/15 weeks🥺 she’s a lil heart breaker 🥰
Bug is my LIFE AND INDEPENDENCE as an Epileptic person. Bug is an Epilepsy Service Dog. He not only "alerts," me before an impending seizure but he ALSO goes to get the closest human, to help! I couldn't even shower without my lil lifesaver!
Rocky is crossed with a frenchie. He likes to be always on his feet,such a hyper dog. 1 year old
Stevie Beans
Stevie Beans loves blankies, springs and treats. He enjoys going outside on his harness, perching on his tree, and hiding in his tunnels. He loves people and greets everyone with a somersault onto their feet.
Quartz is the most wild but cuddly kitten , she greets you by climbing up on your leg and giving you snuggles. She likes to hang out on shoulders and watch movies with us as well as beating up her older brother
Rosie is a very outgoing girl , her favorite thing to do is snuggle under her heated blanky and be a warm potato. She never leaves moms or dad side
Daddy's boy. Loves water cuddling soft blankets and playing with shadows.
Mama's girl. Loving chasing her little toy mice. Hates not having food or water in her dish even if she is done eating. Such a cuddler
Full of energy, you can find me chasing my tail or tossing my toys in the air
Babos the sweetest cuddly boy , he loves doing big bunny hops and playing fetch for hours and he’ll become friends with anyone !
Hi my name is panda I love to play with my little human boy I’m very outgoing very feisty and very bold I also love chewing on things Especially my mom’s headphones and I love bothering cats and playing with them
Hi , My name is squeaks I love to get petted by my humans and I love i’m going outside early in the morning and watching the birds fly around and maybe try to catch one or two and I love and enjoy the beautiful air and I also love to sit/lay in the window to watch what’s going on in the world
5yo Siamese / guard cat who loves dressing up and belly rubs 💕
9 weeks old. He loves chewing on everything and frolicking around the house. He dreams about going outside. One day soon..
Captain Hook
The Captain is known as the “goodest of boys” and is very attached to his mama. He loves snuggles and playtime with his lambchop.
ZoZo has A LOT of energy. When she isn’t playing or sleeping she likes to strike a fierce pose.
Archie is a 6 year old Pug. He loves long walks, playing with his toys and cuddling up by the fire. Archie is extremely loving and loves fuss from other Dog walkers. He also loves to play with other Dogs whilst on his adventures. Archie holds a very special place in all of our hearts and he is very loved.
This is Mollie i found her my garden bush when she very little. she was very cold and wet so i took her in. she is a very happy loving lil cat now.
Tango was rescued as a puppy and is almost 13 now. He is a corgi/beagle mix. Does lots of tricks and will do anything for a treat. Carrots are his favorite.
Doctor Mew
Named after Doctor Who. He is the first ginger Doctor Who incarnation.
Willow LOVES the lake/beach! She already goes running in & it’s freezing cold right now in Ohio/Lake Erie
Lulu, is sweet, smart, very compassion, sassy and gives that side look that makes her look hilarious. She is the baby of the house, we feel blessed to have her.
His name is Lucifer like lose his fur. He enjoys piggy back rides, playing hide-n-seek and chasing his own tail. He does tricks for treats and gives the best cuddles.
Baby is a cute & adorable 3 month old American short hair Tabby mix kitten. She is 3 months old, very playful and loves everyone. She also loves to eat & cuddle😍 Kindly support Baby with lots of votes, she appreciates you meowry much. 😍😍💕💕
Someone once told me ‘cats with big ears are always naughty’, they weren’t wrong... but he’s so damn cute.
This is my baby girl 🐾 Diesel 🌸 She loves to chase my kids and get into everything lol but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I waited so long for her. She’s amazing and so smart.
Hiya, my name is Sapphire - with me you get a bit of Silver and Gold, the purrrfect treasure. My hoomans treat me like the princess I am, I can’t complain really. I show them how much I appreciate them by clawing at the sofas, digging up mamas house plants and scattering my toys everywhere... and I mean everywhere. I once put a toy mouse in the bath, they must really love me, I’m always giving them presents. Anyway, I should get back to my snoooze and go seek some cuddles off my hoomans, they must be missing me. Meow Purrrr🐾
Bodie is a loving family dog. He loves being around anyone that will give him lots of hugs. Bodie is a resister therapy dog...loves being around children especially. Bodies favorite activity is hunting and playing on the beach.
Dougie is an important member of the family - Dougie got lost five years ago for almost nine months - and thanks to the power of Facebook we got him back - and we are so grateful. I think he is too - he is the most affectionate cat I have ever owned and yes, sits like an old man!
Athena is a cute 3 month old German Shepherd.She is giant for her age.She is also a cuddly love bug who loves praises and being called a good dog.She gets jealous whenever I pet the cat.She attacks people with love and kisses whenever she sees strangers or family.No one is safe from her excited licks and puppy pawing.❤️🥺
Luna brings magic and fun in my life.
Hello guys! My name is Carmen and I’m the most happiest dog friend to have. I love to cuddle and play in the park with friends.
Bernard loves swimming, adventures, and is very food motivated!
Penny loves playing fetch and doing tricks for treats.