Cario joined our family for my daughters 22nd birthday. She has wanted a cat since she was 5 and the agreement was- only when you keep your room clean. Cario is loving all the attention and has settled in so well. He is her baby and my grandchild. 😍
I feel like im a dog trapped in a cats body lol i love to cuddle ,eat, play catch and definitely love to cuddle with my humans
Puddin is my sweet , lovable baby girl. She is almost 12 years old and spoiled rotten!
River is my wild child as she loves to play with her big brother.
Max is a sweet boy! He loves to play & snuggle!
Sandy is one of two boys. He loves his brother. they play fight, they love to run around outside. He also loves treats.
Oscar is the sweetest cat in the world. He has had a hard life before coming in to my life. He has survived from being abandoned by his first owner. And found eating out of the trash. They it was later discovered that he had been hit by a car. He has a hip fracture that healed on its own and he isn’t letting it stop him. He is now living life to the fullest and as happy as he can be. He would like to thank all the people that didn’t give up on him and have gave him a second chance at life. He loves you all!!!
Hazel is a 4 year old Lynx point cat with extra toe beans! Hazel loves window watching and playing fetch. 💛
Krony favorite spot to sleep, He’s nothing more then a love bug an looks forward to spending time with his favorite neighbor!
Wonky is a special cat, he has CH/wobbly head syndrome. He doesn't walk properly.... very loving little boy.
Loki is our lovely rescue boy that loves to talk, yell & get everyone laughing. After a horrible start hes now a spoiled baby that loves attention & snuggles.
Callie is a very playful and sassy Calico who has a very close bond with my son. If she’s not playing then she’s cuddling up with him. She’s such a gem and a big part of our family ❤️
Beau loves his Mr potato head chew toy, chasing shadows and of course...MUNCHING! Born on valentines day last year and he's been stealing hearts ever since. He has a huge character and is incredibly loving, demanding cuddles with his irresistible cuteness!
Nala is a 13 year old Tabby cat. When I got him as a kitten I was told he was a girl, and then later found out that wasn’t the case, hence the name Nala :) By that time it was too late to change his name. He is very affectionate, loves attention, and is just a giant meatball.
Wei-wei Sue
Quest is a jackrussell cross he is 22 weeks xxx He has a 12 year old sister called evie
Sharpie was 13 years old here, showing off her sexy model pose. She died on October 26th 2023, after 16 years of love and companionship. I miss her
Bailey And Junior
Bailey is 2 year old Shih Tzu and junior is 7 year old, they love going for walk down the beach and love being in car 🚘 they dislike cat and love cuddles and hate bath, Bailey junior love Sunday dinner and they love to have daft five min before bed and they have friend in garden called Henry the hedgehog
Buggsy was a stray kitten 😸....he's such a playful boy
Zena is one of 13 puppies. She's so gentle. Shes like a service dog for me.....taulluah is zena's Auntie.
Melody is 6 months old and she is really good dog. Please vote for her. She loves to go out for a walk and riding to different places. Melody and her nickname is moo moo and diva
Prickly princess. She hates everyone and everything. But wens she in a good mood she gives the best hugs
This is Don Vito Corleone AKA The Catfather 🖤🩶🤍 He is absolutely adorable, loves to play and loves lots of cuddles! 🥰
Binx is a beautiful, loving and playful cat. She is mum to 4 gorgeous kittens.
Fox is a British shorthair blue cross amber tabby. He’s 9 months old and already 5kg. He’s going to be a choke boy.
She has an amazing personality she talks and take treats like the dogs . Very lovable
Buddy came from a not so nice place before I got him, he came with lots of fear and anxiety but eventually turned it around to becoming the best boy ever. He loves his walks & napping all around the house. He’s a sucker for toys and treats & Ofcorse he loves his humans the best ❤️
Hi, i’m lexi bean. 1 year old little baby girl! i love you, and jumping on you! you’re my favorite ❤️
Shes a bundle of joy . Frm the minute taulluah wakes up shes on the go
Dash is the cutes most loving dog in the world he has the personality of a Saint
Mr Fluffy
Mr fluffy loves his photos taken as you can see 😍 hope you all love him as much as me,
Axel Taz is my name and being pawfect is my game!! Energetic, happy doggo with so much sarcasm! Loves peanut butter, long walks and watching mom panic from afar, oh yeah and my stuffed Dino.
He is a very unique cat 🐈 at 9:15 every night he sits on my knee. We have the same routine of him tapping the bag of treats, followed by tapping my hand to say he would like one. Loves drinking out of a kitchen sink tap and his best friend is Coco the hedgehog who moved in to the garden to hibernate for the winter.
Casey is a very strong and macho cat. He acts like a typical man, we should have called him Hank instead of 'Casey'. He does go outside (no power could've stopped him), and if you ever bump into him outdoors, you'll notice how majestic he looks in his element. He has specific standards, for example he won't sleep on his same bed sheets two nights in a row, or eat leftover food (even organic ones). He's also a very good hunter (despite his size). You cannot satisfy Casey, he will eat all he can. Our household grocery bill is primarily the Sheba wet food. He loves his own space, gentle pets and voices (which he quickly takes advantage of to beg for more food).
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea loves to cuddle. She has the most beautiful eyes. She loves playing with toy mouse's. She is a munchkin and has short legs but keeps up with our other fur babies.
Oakley is a 4 month old Cowbory Corgi and Lab mix. He's the sweetest pup who loves to cuddle. He loves playing with his squeaky ball and Mr. Potato Head plushie.
Rollo loves living out in the country where he plays with his mom Izzy, half brother Biggie, and sister Gypsy. He chases the horses on the farm, watches over the chickens and has the occasional nap in the sun, rain and snow- he’s not picky. He loves to eat the scraps his human Brother and Sister drop on the floor for him. Rollo is one of a kind!
Sky a lovely friendly little girl loves being round people and othe cats
She is 13 years old yet she can still keep up with the young ones . She loves the water and swims to catch sticks or balls she is very friendly and affectionate .
Lily is a gentle goofy baby lover <3 she loves to run with a stick and chase my daughter <3
Angel is a tough girl. She is a pitbull in a chi body. Angel loves car rides, and sitting on her moms lap. Angel likes to play with her stuffed hippo, unicorn , and ball. Angel does not like vegtables of any kind.
Hi, im diamond im hyperactive i love my treats and if i dont get my own way i like to chew on door frames until i win
Goofy fur ball, that the moment he sees you, you are his new play toy. He’ll nibble, give you a new hair style and help rearrange you socks.
Otis lived in Egypt for a little over a year, until a lovely Italian couple from London decided to give him a new home 🏡 Otis is extremely friendly, loves to play and cuddle. Otis loves good company and he certainly knows how to make himself heard as he is very much a vocal cat 🐈
Thank you each and everyone of you for your support and kindness means so much 🫶 Still i see lot's of people not doing full 10 votes 😔 it's very upsetting to be honest I take hours to vote for people but i have noticed i am not getting 10 votes back from a few it's unfair to me and Zorro please only say you will exchange if your 100% sure you can return as this competition is to raise money for my mums headstone. Thank you all who have supported us means so much ❤️🐾🐕‍🦺🐾❤️Please post your votes on my wall otherwise i do not know who to return too thank you all for your support x x x At last I'm back hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year I am happy for exchanges just post on my wall i return daily can do 10 votes a day. Please if you voted for my zorro and you want return votes post on my wall i always return every day. But when your name not there i cannot know if you have or not thank you 😁👍 And thank you all so much for voting we appreciate every single one of you. I wish to thank everyone who has stuck by us voting daily we always vote back ❤️🐾❤️ . Love making new friends along the way thank you all who voted one step closer to making my mums resting place beautiful.I lost my mum this year and its the worst pain I've ever felt Zorro has been my saviour through this he doesn't leave my side i owe him as his been there when I've needed cuddles.He is just an amazing pup his amazing with my autistic son and his brother they've all become best friends his a GERBERIAN SHEPSKY. Dad is german shepard Mum husky. He just is such a friendly lil character wants to be everyones bestfriend x if we win all money will be going to my mums headstone and surroundings so thank you too anyone who votes ❤️🐾❤️ as it will mean so much having my mums final resting place beautiful 🕊❤️🕊 so again thank you for any votes 🫂
Hawkeye is a true gentleman. Sweet. Loves carrying anything. He is Also a Grand Champion. He has many obedience and hunting titles. He Has. HIS CGC. ( canine good citizen. He is my service dog. Loves food. He thinks he is a lap dog.
Ace loves long walks specially if it includes water! Loves a fuss ♠️
Hi! I’m Kali! Im such a good and happy girl! 🐾