Dog cat Stories - 99


Twinkle is lab/pitbull mixed. She is a girl who loves to play and cuddle and sleep with you
Piper is a very independent cat. Thought she does show me she loves me by giving me random run away kisses!
Smokey is full of life with so much personality. He is almost 1 and we have enjoyed him since we brought him home. He is a little spoiled but it's ok.
Hi! I’m Charlie. I love stinky socks and eating anything I can find.
I’m scared of the sound of bacon cooking, but I love eating it 🥓
Phoenix is a tabby kitten and he is 11 months. He likes to play with his toys and he enjoys eating cake (especially the fresh cream). He is very playful and he enjoys bouncing on the beds and sofas. He brings lots of joy to his family of 11.
Mack came home to us as our son's therapy pet. Our son has fragile X syndrome and Mack has been his savior since day 1! Mack sounds like an Ewok when he grumbles and this brings on the deepest giggles from our son! He sleeps on a pillow next to our son and his favorite toy is this frog that croaks!
Joey is special for so many reasons. I waited over a decade for another Mastiff. 2020 and the pandemic have been horrible for the world. I am lucky to have my job, as a nurse, and lucky that we received extra “covid pay” on our work days. I saved all of it and figured all considering, why wait any longer. His name is special too. When my first dog I adopted as a teen, was starting to take a turn, at 18 years old, every day a new co-worker made a point to ask how he was doing. Many months later, passed away and she cried with me. I thought wow this lady doesn’t even know me and she asks every time she sees me. It was so touching, I thanked her one day when we got to know each other better. Told her it meant a lot bc she didn’t even know me. I found out this co workers son passed away so i told her if I ever get another dog I’ll name him after her son. Many years passed by, different jobs, different careers. Then I messaged her on fb so she would be the first to know and she remembered the promise! Joey has brought so much joy to so many. He’s a hit at the pet stores . He is so playful and happy and drooly !!
Little One
When Little One was a little over a year old she got attacked by a wild pig and had to get her eye removed!
1 year old french bulldog absolutely love to play, love going on adventures and I also love food🐶
Roxy Brooke
Roxy Brooke is a Rottweiler mixed with lab. She loves playing and chewing on everything! She's very spoiled by her father. Anything that he's eating she has to eat. If her dads not around she throws a fit. She's pretty much a actual child. She does nothing but, sleep, eat, and play. We are in the process of teaching her a few things. She has log fluffy hair most people have never heard of a Lab or Rottweiler mix have long hair! We would greatly appreciate it if you could take 5 seconds out of your day to vote for our baby!
12 weeks old patterdale who loves to play with his toy sloth 🦥
Gost is a runt puppy who loves to play and bite ankles he’s the most loving puppy anyone can meet
She loves taking naps under covers, so we have to look before we sit😄 She loves her treats and giving kisses to her human family.
Pippin was a shelter cat we adopted at 8 weeks old from Ohio. He is the oldest in our family. He loves to be brushed and is incredibly intellegent.
About Murphy: He is a fun loving, friendly, happy go lucky pooch who loves the simple things in life like running and fetch. He’s my little ESA and helps keep me sane in this upside down world.
Saige was my stepdads emergency support dog. She is the best girl in the world and is very smart. She has become my emotional support baby💕
Charlie is the most fun, loving puppy in all of Manchester. He loves to cuddle and take long walks, meeting and greeting all of the other pups in the park. His fur is soft as silk and his smile is the cutest little smile around.
JoJo is a very playful little thing. She weighs about 3 pounds and she is 3 pounds of cuteness.
Bandit is a poser alright. She loves to cuddle and lay in the sun. She also enjoys playing with her big brother Bengi.
She loves to muffle her nose in your hand and she's very loving. She so adorable and loves to be brushed. She positions her paws up telling you I want to rub my belly. She's a rescue from the Humane Society since 2012. Can't believe she's 10 years old already!! I've had her since she was 1 year 8 months old. I used to Volunteer there and was great about not getting attached to all of the cats, but when I saw her I said you are coming with me. She rescued me as well :)
Biscuit was a rescue. He loves to play ball and retrieve if you throw. He’s extremely fast with this!! I think he could herd sheep!
Jessie is a 20 week old cavachon. She loves chicken, watching tv and a trip to the vets. Jessie hates the wind and rain but cuddles make her feel better!
Zelda is 7 months old. She is an Imperial Shih Tzu. She is a little diva, interested in everything, and very sociable. Zelda is a companion for our older Shih Tzu, Alfie. They are best buddies. Zelda loves nothing better than going on a big hike, whatever the weather. ❤️🌈✌️
Miaa is the Black Cavapoo she loves to treats and to play with her ball and she loves cuddles shes so fluffy an cuddly and Tia is the beige Cavapoo she will lick you to death an loves attention she loves treats and playtime she is so fluffy an curly. Leah is the Alaskan malamute she is so big but like a mother to Miaa and Tia ahe sheads alot so hair everywhere and she is a big fluff ball who loves playtime with teddys in garden. Cavapoos are cross with poodle and king charles spaniel Alaskan malamute is full bread and is made to pull sledges in the artic she can run extremely fast.
Walter is a super cheeky chap, always looking to play with his mouse. He loves head pats and snuggles in his favourite blanky 💕
Russell is the sweetest, most goofiest dog you’ll ever meet. He enjoys snuggles and naps. He is also VERY talkative and has random bursts of energy. His favorite thing in the world is spending time with his family
Milo loves chasing squirrels, acting tough in front of other dogs, and finding chicken bones in the street.
Muggsy usually sleeps at the foot of my bed or in the headboard - ONLY after he positions himself just right to cuddle and get his bellyrubs - and ma falls asleep to the beat of the musical purrrrrr... The app 'CALM' should put a constant purrrr as a choice for meditation... When 'we' get up to go downstairs in the morning; and if I take a detour into the bathroom, Muggsy comes in and waits for me until both of us can walk downstairs together, ok - he skedaddles, I walk - aint that special?... He stands wiith his front paws on my knee when I rattle the cat treats, but when I telll him to say please he puts a paw on my hand and takes the treat out of my other hand or lips. Half the time he'll meow when I tell him to talk to mama; which is silly, I know - but my cats are my only kids... And Muggsy has to be up in my face if I'm using my phone ~ how dare I not pay attention to him??? My cats are NOT spoiled ~ I'm just well trained...
Maxx loves his chew toys, he loves dressing up and striking a pose. He is only 6 months old and loves adventures.
Tuck is part german shepherd and part bull mastiff! Tuck is an out going little dude who loves to play with stuffed monkey, very intellegent, and is definitely a Mommas boy!
Oscar was adopted from Fredonia Pound Pals. Hims was born in the shelter where we adopted this cutie pie at 8 weeks old. Oscar has the best personality and loves everyone he meets. His mom was pit bull, dad was beagle cross terrier, which makes for a huge personality with little short legs ❤
This is Narla☺️But also the devil other times but she can be a good kitty when she is at her food bowl😅. Narla likes many things like her food, cwtches, kisses and definitely her play time but Narla also never stops and you never know what she might be up to next but always sleep with one eye open because this not so little kitten loves to sit on your head or think you are a punch bag when it’s time to sleep. We love our little Narla and it’s never a dull moment just beware of the devil cat😂❤️
Shadily Lopez
SHADI is 4 1/2 months old living the California dream she gonna be a movie star..
Sue rescued herself by running into our open garage wearing only a flea collar that was for an extra large dog, which resulted in a severe rash and loss of hair all over her body. We don't know where she came from but she was severely malnourished and neglected. Luckily, she was not microchipped or reported lost so we were able to keep her. She is such a photogenic dog and always looks like she is laughing. Her favorite game is to play "throw and no give backs" which means we throw the ball, she retrieves it and either goes inside or to another room of the house to prevent the ball from being thrown again. Her nicknames are "Lazy Susan" "Piggy Sue" and "Sueby Dooby Doo" plus numerous others. She probably would enjoy long walks on the beach, but unfortunately, has yet to visit one. She does enjoy going on "smells" in the neighborhood. They are called smells because there is not a lot of distance achieved. She is too busy smelling everything around her. I think she suffers from a severe case of fomo. Please show her some love. We are not expecting her to win. She just needs the confidence of knowing that non-family members think she's beautiful. 😁
Hi my name is Kaimi! I met my mom my mom in my dream! I was sound asleep when she sat down next to me. I love scratches and to chase anything that rolls. I love soft treats and playing in my water bowl. I am very mischievous but that’s okay; my mom says I just like adventures. 😉🐾❤️
Hi! My name is Kai! I found my mom at a shelter in the middle of no where. My mom walked in and I felt safe in her arms. We are partners in crimes now; she hide my treats and I help her organize her closet. I love to snuggle up next to my mom and watch crime tv; when I’m not training for the Indy 500 of course! 🐾❤️😊
Peanut is a emotional support animal that brings love and compassion to every living soul she meets. Fighting the pitbull stigma one fight at a time with lots of sloppy kisses! She has a big heart filled with tons of love to go around... Don't let her old age fool you she is still a pup at heart that loves to adventure new places.
Thor is an 11 month old rescue. He is such a smart and loving boy. He loves his toys and being outside.
Espe loves chasing mice and playing with her doberman sister Mila❤ when shes not playing shes the loudest purr boat and cuddler!
Ellie is a baby still! She is a Siamese Manx who just loves to play! You can usually find her zooming through the house or running circles around the 3 other cats.
Hi, I’m Milo, a toy sheltie, I absolutely love playing in the sprinkler and running in the muddy puddles created by the sprinkle. I love to walk about 2-3 miles everyday with my mama. I love loves to play fetch but, mostly I love spending time with my mama and giving her lots of love snd kisses.
Copper And Sandy
Sis and brother! Love to play and snuggle!❤️
My name is Sprinkles. Dont let its cuteness fool you, I am mischevious as they come. My mom is my human and I follow her anywhere and everywhere. My fave spot to hang out is in a box or any type of bag.
Duke is a goofy, sweet, loving, and loyal guy. He loves to be around people and cheer them up if they're feeling sad. His favorite toy is his Kong filled with peanut butter. He's a HUGE cuddler. He's my best buddy and I don't know what I would do without him! Follow him on Instagram @dukethegoldenretrieverpup
Buttons is a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix. She loves carrots & playing with rocks!