Mia is my baby. Mischievous and pure sweet at the same time.
Wren loves to go in the bathroom and have me turn the sink on so he can stick his cute little face in the water
Nahla-Gray is a sweet and sassy laid back Calico cat. She loves to cuddle an play with her cat siblings.
She's only 6 weeks still with her momma an siblings 2 more weeks an she will be home . She is the leader of the pack first to open her eyes an she's the chunkiest out of 9
My name is Livvy, and I like warm hugs!
"Kisses, mama?"
This is Tiger..... I have grown up with cats my entire life and he has the most personality I have ever seen in a cat.. he has the biggest heart, he is so caring, makes sure I’m ok every chance he gets.
He very lovable , spoiled , playful and meows when he wants a can food snack ! Big beautiful blue eyes !! Loves to be petted!!!
Hunter loves Sonic ice and his fave treats from FurBabies Bakery. He likes to snuggle, play and give kisses. He's a protector and helper for his human momma. He like to have his favorite pillow and play in the blankets, as you can tell from his pics.
Nova Leigh
Nova Leigh is a very active Old English Bulldog. She is so sweet and loves to snuggle yet has the speed and energy to keep up with any dog friend. She is content sitting in the flower garden on a bench or swing with family!
Marvin is a very sweet and energetic puppy. He loves to be outside and run as much as he can
Oogie is an amazing kitten and loves to play with his moms hair elastics. He also has a crazy obsession with food and will steal food any time it’s unattended. He may only be six months, but is all ready the size of your average cat. He loves snuggles and to be carried around the house like the prince he is! Lol
She is a rescue and she loves to cuddle,mouse and sleep 💤
I like to nap a lot. I will borrow into blankest so you have to search for me. I just turned 10 last year.
Loves to play outdoors but loves to snuggle more!
Vendetta is a special lady. The first to greet you when you come home and if you pet her, you will have a friend forever.
Storm is a little stinker! Don’t let his cute face get ya! If he isn’t soccer balling his balls under the couch he is wrestling with his brother and sneaking up on the dog. 😂
Ming is such a joyful girl, she greets everyone as she is so excited to see people. Ming will wiggle her butt when you ask her.
Sirius is a very needy cat who always wants to be petted and fed and likes to have his zoomies 😊
Beanzy is the best ‘ole girl! Her momma’s name was Jelly, so we named her Beanz. That turned into Beanzy! She understands everything we say and we understand everything she tells us! She’s always sitting right beside me on my chair!❤️❤️❤️
Hey My name is Taz and I am 12 years old! I got my name honest, I am fiesty yet a big cuddle bug....
He’s always been the most affectionate boy! He is the Leader of our crew and does it well! He reminds me a lot of Eeyore though….. he’s always a little mopey.😁❤️❤️❤️
Someone dumped Rog at our driveway about 15 months ago. He has just turned out to be the most loyal, sweet baby! We’re so glad that someone didn’t want him! ❤️❤️❤️
Hi my name is Annie I’m sweet and well behaved. I love to cuddle and give hugs. I love to play chase and run around the yard. Enjoy going for walks and playing with the kids. ❤️
Topanga is a 12 week old puppy girl , her breed is chihuahua Boston terrier mix she loves to play ball and sleep.
This Guy!!! Always so animated! The happiest and sweetest boy ever♥️♥️♥️
Loves to be sassy and dramatic. Loves to talk all the time!!
Such a Diva…. She uses this laptop as her Tanning/Warming bed😂🥰😂
This is Garfield he is an indoor outdoor family cat. He is very lovable and laid back almost a year old. He loves playing with his toy mouse and just laying around.
Hazel is a sweet, sassy, playful and cuddly cat. She loves her treats, and the funny thing is hazel sits when she wants a treat. She loves car rides and attention from anyone that comes to visit at our home. She will wait at the door when someone comes home and loves her food. She has such a cute meow and loves the outside when its nice out
Benjamin is a big name for a little guy! He loves his people to the moon and back, loves walks and playing soccer. He knows his toys by name and loves his snacks! At the end of the day his favorite place is in bed, in the middle of mom & dad getting all the lovins!!
His always on guard but always trying to play and wants to be friends with everyone... a extreme sweetheart to other animals
Lrusty N Rinnah Lay
Rusty and Rinnah are some special Babies. They Love to run, play and stretch their legs outside. Always curious about everything but Love everyone. They Let be going to church and are a complete joy to be around everyday. Always brings smiles to everyone’s face. They are truly gifts from God!
Cyrus is a 7month old golden with loads of personality!!
She is a loving cat .
Blue is a outgoing puppy who loves playing outside and he loves kids.
Laci is the sweetest dog! She loves any and everyone.
Barker is a 9 month old full blood Redbone Coonhound. He is notorious for stealing whole loaves of bread from the table ….and eating all of it before someone can get it from him! Bless his heart! ❤️❤️❤️
Major is such a sweet boy. He loves belly rubs and being outdoors, He also love his snacks(lol). He’s a Shih Tzu/Yorkie Mix
This sweet girl has the elegance of a princess but tramsforms into a huntress at the slightest sound.
Kazuto Kirigaya Wiley
Kazuto is a adorable fur ball who love listening to sword art online music. Playing with his yarn 🧶 and looking outside the window. He love cuddling and love chasing laser pointer. He very active.and he a foodie 😂🥘and kazuto loving gaming with his mommy ❤️😊
Queen of the house has to follow me everywhere I go
Hello!! Im a pro at cuddling and giving all the love🥰🐕
I am a sweet and well behaved Calico. My nick name is “Sissi cat”. I am 6 years old. My human and I found each other 3 years ago at a shelter where I was considered a chronic hider. I never hided since my human and I met! I love to spend time outside but I decided I am an indoor cat I like and prefer when my human serves dinner to me. I trained my human pretty well and I get all attention I need when I want!! 😻 what I win in this contest will be donate to a cat/dog shelter for seniors in need. My donation will be in memory of my friend dog Frank on the day of his bday!!! 😻 🐶
Shes a wild child during the day, and a cuddle bug by night