Fin Is Another Cat Rescued from the Outside that I Let In For My Daughter. I’m Not Sure Of His Age. He Loves Nap’s and Avoiding his Sister and Toys 💙
Willow is a one year old mix of maine coon, siberian and long haired domestic cat. she’s the queen of the household and loves bugging her older brother - Harley, snacking, doing zoomies and watching for the pesky birds that enter the garden
Buttercup is such a loving loyal cockapoo. He loves kids, to give sugar to anyone that will let him but he is very protective of his momma. He his very loyal to his pink teddy bear girlfriend that he won't trade for nothing.
Finley Buck
Finley is a very clingy, territorial boy…his older sister Hazel keeps him in line but he definitely likes ALL the attention!
Paisley is my white beauty that I waited for, for years and I love her so much she is my smart,prissy,sassy,and all about herself kinda girl. Vote for this baby girl
Hi my name is Lily. I am a British Shorthair, currently 7 years old. I am boisterous at times when I want to play around, I enjoy playing and scrapping with my brother Blaze. I'm not a fan of dreamies but I sure do love milk treats. Please please please vote for me, thank you in advance xx
Hi my name is Blaze. I’m a loving, caring, 8 year old British Shorthair. I’m a lazy cat who suffers with asthma. But I love my cuddles and most of all treats. Please vote for me 🙏
Hi my name is Izzy, I’m a 9 year old British Shorthair who enjoys being left alone. I prefer to be stroked as and when I like it and I love stick treats.
Stryker follows me everywhere! He is super loving!
He’s just a little wiener trying to make it in the world
Minnie Pearl
Minnie is a silly girl. She is sweet , rambunctious ,with the most outgoing personality that you have ever seen in a chihuahua. She has 3 besties : Felix , Foghorn, and Monk (cats) . She loves Christmas and wagon rides with Clydesdales. She also loves to bark at boats on the shores of the Ohio.
Chloe is definitely a goofball…loves to eat, play and get into everything. Both her and her sister are double trouble lol 😂
Daisy is the sweetest cat…loves to hide under blankets and I call her my Daisy bug 🐞❤️
Gadget was born on Valentine's day, she loves her humans and her kittens so much!
Reptile is such a lover whom all the girls like!! His 2 lady feline housemates clean him all the time!! Every night he curls up to my head and purrs!!!!!
Boone is 5 months old and such a character. He loves napping on the shower floor, playing ball, and sporting his bow ties.
He’s a gentle puppy! He’s 8 Months old! Very loveable
Our family calls her Nia for short and boy is she a spunky loving lady!!! She loves to jump up to the counter every time i make taco salad and munch on some lettuce!!! She is so loving on your legs its hard to walk and loves laying on our chests for loves!!!
King Tut
Tut is the wildest crazy dog. He could go from chill to zoomies in 2.5 seconds! He just recently had surgery and poor baby can’t leave his cage. He absolutely loves people and will run up to anyone for some lovins!
Hazel loves stuffed animals and rough housing with me. She's three years old and is a very sweet dog.
Skyleigh is a Teddy Bear breed. She is 4 months old . She is friendly, playful, and very loving .Skyleigh is a Emotional Support Pet .
Oh my dear, dear Danny is aging fast with me. July he will be 17. We love our Danny . I have always had him, he was born here at home Princess and Brady were his parents. Danny has always.been a ball of fire. He was always digging for rats with his bff Trigger. He has always been a good boy and not afraid to show love and friendship. My bff is slowing down and has lost a little weight but he is still happy and loves to give kisses. Silky Terriers are the best. Their little souls shine with such love, pride,friendship, and so much more. Definitely a great little dog and friend
Lucy Hugs Strong
Lucy is the smartest,kindest pup,we got her at six weeks from an add stating she was ugly and untrainable.Simply not true she is the smartest and loves all people and animals .thank you
An absolute bundle of excitement who loves bubbles and belly rubs almost as much as treats!
She’s a fun and playful puppy . She loves taking naps at your feet while you play video games . She gets along great with kids and other dogs
Boone is a sweet and loving boy who loves his humans more than anything. He has a goofy smile and loves to chase his tail and play fetch for hours. He’s clumsy just like his human mama and keeps me laughing everyday! Please vote for my handsome boy!
Tiz is very chill. He literally is never fazed by anything unless you brush him he will stick his butt out lol. He likes to also speak to you, and cuddle. He also has very pretty eyes, and golden fur!
Cookie is 18 month old, Cockapoo. Turns into Chubacca when looking out car window. She gives so much love and joy
Riley is a 2 year old Cowboy Corgi who loves life & people! She's a lovable ball of energy who likes to play fetch, loves her squeakers, & loves playing Tug-of-war.
He is a wonderful cat. He found me out in the yard behind my apartment. I wasn’t supposed to have two cats so i kept him as long as i could, then my cousin had a friend with a rescue. They took Pedro in knowing i would be back for him hopefully soon. Unfortunately two months later, my 3 year old Felix had to be put down due to his urine crystallizing. Two days later, i went back to get my Pedro. He has been with me ever since. He cuddles me at night and watches me. I have diabetes and we are trying to get it controlled. The days I’m laying in bed not well, Pedro is right on my shoulder licking my earlobe(he did that when i first brought him inside) and hasn’t stopped.
Nala Smith
Nala is a short haired Magpie kitten she is full of spunk and love.. She was rescued at 6 weeks old as the runt of her family. She loves to nibble on your nose and give kisses. Nala enjoys standing in the shower and playing in the water
My name is toby and I am nearly 4 years old, I love playing with my frisbee, having long walks and even having a splash in the water. I love love love playing with my doggy friends.. Murren, Shadow and Rosie. I knows lots of tricks, my favourite is twirl and ill do it over and over again until I get dizzy.
Ruger Bean
Ruger Bean is the fastest aussie around…he sure likes to show off his zoomies late at night when his parents try to sleep. He is the goofiest guy even after having a rough patch when he was a puppy. He had seizures as a puppy but outgrew them once he was taken care of properly & loved the way he should be. We don’t know what we’d do without our Rugerbean! We are so happy we found him and that he is now a part of our family !🤍
Young Boy
Hes a fun out going energetic puppy hes friendly and loves kids he loves to run free and play with varieties of toys
Nikko was Rescued at two months old from a person who couldn't sell him,so he tried to kill Nikko by abusing him and depriving Nikko of food. I really don't know if I rescued Nikko or if he rescued me.Nikko is so happy,loving,caring of all animals people,brings a smile to everyone's face. I have alot of health issues,Nikko knows when I have good days and bad,stays by my side
He loves to cuddle
Lola is goofy,funny and loves to jump and loves kids and people. She LOVES playing dress up! She’s just to cute! Her personality is just to die for!! She ALSO really loves selfies!! I love my Lola girl!!
Toby is the sweetest cat In the world and so gorgeous
Tinkerbell is 12 weeks old and thinks she is a dog she fetches which is very funny to watch
Poppy favorite things are laying in the window picking on the dog and play with his toys his favorite treats temptations
He loves to give kisses.
Definitely not you're friendly cat, only cares to have love from his dad, and original look alike for Stephen king's Church. 🤣🥰
Nula is 9 weeks old in this photo. She is a beautiful, happy bundle of fun with amazing markings.
Hes very loving and eats everything thay moves lol