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Contest over
Simon finished 3711th in the Cat’s contest which ended 9 years ago.



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Fernanda Aguiar Duplouy
Fernanda Aguiar Duplouy vote for my girl maria eduarda please Maria Eduarda thakns
Vicky Wilson
Vicky Wilson please vote we will return Dave
Darktiger Ryoken
Darktiger Ryoken 73 - 74 - 75 +3 Symba
Darktiger Ryoken
Darktiger Ryoken 79 - 80 - 81 +6Symba
Darktiger Ryoken
Darktiger Ryoken 82 - 83 - 84 +9 Symba
Darktiger Ryoken
Darktiger Ryoken please return
Martine Balleux
Martine Balleux 2054 2055 2056
Martine Balleux
Martine Balleux 2051 2052
Martine Balleux
Martine Balleux 2050
Amanda Regan
Amanda Regan 2047/48/49 please return to Poppy, dog 8 thank you
Martine Balleux
Martine Balleux 2046
Mick O'Keefe
Mick O'Keefe 3 votes from Team Loki Loki O'keefe
Simmi O'Keefe
Simmi O'Keefe 3 votes from team Loki xx :)
Darktiger Ryoken
Darktiger Ryoken 25 - 26 - 27 +3 please return Symba
Darktiger Ryoken
Darktiger Ryoken 31 - 32 - 33 +6 please return Symba
Caro Caro10
Caro Caro10 +3 votes de Jules
Caro Do
Caro Do +3 votes de Jules 4-7ans 4ème
Coralie Boulanger
Coralie Boulanger 6244 :) please return to Bijou Bijou
Priscilla Bagur
Priscilla Bagur oooh whaou ! Simon it\'s really beautiful ! I love ! +3/10 from Mathéo in web french Baybee
Mary Lane
Mary Lane Here he is in all his glory, sleeping in his favorite position!
Jennifer Jaspersen
Jennifer Jaspersen Pretty boy!!
Mary Lane
Mary Lane Simon is a beautiful cat. He's a great outdoors man who loves to chase rabbits and squirrels. When he wants attention, he will seek out a lap (must have a pillow near by for him to sit on) and will purr and head butt your hand until he gets his cuddles. H