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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

Very happy with the prize, it will buy Ossi loads of toys

Ingrid M., Cat Competition

Ingrid M., London, 2 months ago
6th Cat Competition · £ 20 Cash

Maxwell's prize was added to my PayPal account right away! Thank you Kingpet!!

Carol Molnar, Dog Contest

Carol Molnar, Bath, 1 Month ago
8th Dog Contest · $30 Cash

I'm happy with my prize thank you so much...And have a new friends here..Goodluck!

May Castillo, Other Pets Contest

May Castillo, United States, 1 Month ago
7th Other Pets Contest · $30 Cash

happy that there are a wide range of choice with the prizes

Amy B., Other Pets Competition

Amy B., United Kingdom, 1 Month ago
3rd Other Pets Competition · £ 20 Cash

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