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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

So far it's been great, they rewarded us said and always responded to any questions. Thank you

Colleen G., Other Pets Competition

Colleen G., 2 months ago
9th Other Pets Competition · $30

Yes I'm happy with the prize I gotten.

Tammy G., Cat Contest

Tammy G., United States, 1 Month ago
9th Cat Contest · $30

King Pet was a fun experience....our sweet Tinkerbell won 3rd place out of 8000 other cats & our prize was delivered quick....Thanks King Pet!

Michele B. R., Cat Contest

Michele B. R., United States, 12 days ago
3rd Cat Contest · $70

I love all the adorable pictures of the Kingpet contestants' pets and how I can meet other fellow pet/animal lovers in the chat rooms. People, like me, on Kingpet are friendly and our love for our pet(s) - dog, cat, or "other" - is proud and true, through and through! We respect one another for the devoted love we have for these special kind of darling friends!!! I am happy with my prize but I believe it should be of a little more value. I am also happy that my prize was sent to me so quickly and that Kingpet is a site I can trust!!! :)

Martin B., Cat Contest

Martin B., United States, 4 months ago
6th Cat Contest · $30

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