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I appreciate it

Frankie B., Dog Contest

Frankie B., United States, 23 days ago
10th Dog Contest · $30 Cash

I love KingPet

Vanessa Hopf Alabama, Other Pets Contest

Vanessa Hopf Alabama, Jasper, 2 months ago
6th Other Pets Contest · $30 Cash

I like being able to help rescues and animals in need

Shelly Hoernicke, Other Pets Contest

Shelly Hoernicke, Canada, 14 days ago
2nd Other Pets Contest · $70 Cash

It's a way for voting groups to give to charities without having to come out of our pockets to be charitable.for instance , I just sent my winnings to Rikki's refuge, s( 501-3-c )who desperately needs donations to exist and help critters.

Brian Hayes, Other Pets Contest

Brian Hayes, 2 months ago
1st Other Pets Contest · Jackpot: $421

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