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Yes I am happy with my price, even though I believe second place should be half of the jackpot. I like that you can share your animals with others.

Amber H., Cat Contest

Amber H., United States, 15 days ago
2nd Cat Contest · $200

I must say that this is the third time when I receive a prize from KingPet, and that being told, I already have quite an experience with this website. Well, one - quite obvious - thing that I do like about it is the fact that I can promote my own pet (or an animal I grew fond of) and thus earn some money for a good cause. It is also fun and interesting because by using this website I get to know people and make new valuable contacts. And, - who knows? - even make new like-minded friends! Another aspect that I have to notice about this website is that, by contacting their help team, is quite easy to solve any potential problem that you may encounter. I know that I kind of had a small problem with my documents - causing a payment delay - but eventually this was successfully solved and, with this occasion I thank the KP team for it. The fact that the KingPet team can be contacted not only via the contact form but also via the FaceBook chat is a real plus and, in my opinion, allows a very straightforward communication with the users. Thank you KP!

Cristiana N., Other Pets Contest

Cristiana N., Caracal, 5 months ago
7th Other Pets Contest · $30

Received the prize so fast!

Leanna M., Cat Contest

Leanna M., Sherwood Park, 2 months ago
5th Cat Contest · CAD40

I received my prize on time. KinPet are very professional. I also had fun on my pet competition.

Lianet B., Dog Contest

Lianet B., United States, 30 days ago
1st Dog Contest · Jackpot: $726

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