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Wow! Teenie won! Really enjoyed this contest and being able to see where all the votes were coming from...Poland, Great Britain, and all over the US. Prize was delivered promptly too.

Diane C., Dog Contest

Diane C., United States, 5 months ago
1st Dog Contest · Jackpot: $1,079

The prize goes to feeding feral cats! Thanks KingPet!

Michele Turner, Other Pets Contest

Michele Turner, 2 months ago
1st Other Pets Contest · Jackpot: $443

There are so many opportunities to add votes & received payment quickly.

Tammie P. M., Cat Contest

Tammie P. M., Birmingham, 5 months ago
9th Cat Contest · $30

I like the friendly competition and my prize

Jenna G., Cat Contest

Jenna G., United States, 2 months ago
8th Cat Contest · $30

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