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Cute pets & yes i am happy
36th · Summer ☀️🌴 Contest · 8 days ago
Yes thank you so very much
33rd · Dog Contest · 3 days ago
We are very happy with all the prizes my pets won and the new friends I've made and talk too.
16th · Dog Contest · 26 days ago
Prizes are great, payments come through very quickly. Mini game is quite fun too.
20th · Cat Contest · 2 days ago
I love getting to meet others and their cute cats/dogs! We are very happy with our prize and it came quickly. Thank you!
9th · Summer ☀️🌴 Contest · 16 days ago
Yes very happy with prize
25th · Summer ☀️🌴 Contest · 26 days ago
Love KingPet and sharing my Kittens milestones
55th · Summer ☀️🌴 Contest · 21 days ago
I was surprised how quickly Molly’s prize money was deposited on our PayPal!
2nd · Cat Contest · 10 days ago
Love the fact that Norbert’s fans can vote for free to support him
37th · Summer ☀️🌴 Contest · 24 days ago
Kingpet is a great contest. We can make the extra money so many of us need who are struggling to make ends meet.
34th · Summer ☀️🌴 Contest · 27 days ago

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