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Russian Blue · Lexington

146th World and 5th Tennessee ranking in the Cat's contest which ended 17 days ago.
Prize won: 400 votes

I adopted him at a rescue shelter in Gallatin, TN. I drove a couple hours to get him. He is the sweetest yet moodiest cat! He weighs 15lbs. one cute thing he does is reach his arms up like a baby to be picked up… also addicted to temptation treats! Need this win for his 12 step program to get him of...



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Ericka Skalski
Ericka Skalski Eill vote for him when I can☺
Alliesdogs voting when I get a freebie, i love him!
Alisha C.
Alisha C. Thank you so much!!
Cynthia V.
Cynthia V. Grayson is awesome 😎😎😎
Alisha C.
Alisha C. This young man is a character. I adopted him two hours away from my home in 2016. He loves being held and petted but his mood changes in a split second. He’s addicted to temptations treats and will lightly graze your forehead or shoulder to wake you when he’s just gotta have them! We need this win for his rehab fees. Lol!